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Summoner Spells Back to Top


1. Flash is basically your only escape if you are in danger
2. If the enemy got flash as well you can follow up with your own, which is pretty important if you want to assasinate someone
3. Even if you dont have your ultimate up you can just flash into the enemy team and deal a ton of damage 


1. Since you are the jungler you need to take smite. There is no way to jungle without smite

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

  • Sorcery increases your spell damage (w and e) which is your main damage source ( ok not e but still)
  • Double Edged Sword is just a core mastery on every meele damage dealer
  • Natural Talent increases your aa damage slightly and also a bit of ap, it is not much but still a bit more damage, Vampirism is also decent because it improves your early clear which is not very good on ap rengar but I simply prefer having a bit more damage     
  • Bounty Hunter lets you snowball quite good and you will probably kill at least 4 people of the enemy in the game, the reason i dislike Opressor is if you do your combo you usually dont even use your e before you deal your main damage and if you jump into the enemy team on your own it wont procc at all on your AoE damage but Bounty Hunter does
  • Savagery increases your clear speed, Wanderer is also viable for better chasing with your ult and just over all more move speed but I prefer to have a better early clear
  • Assassin is just as core as double aged sword, you will go in alone a lot or catch someone with your ult so its active all the time
  • Merciless is simply more damage
  • Dangerous Game is nice to heal up in team fights if you dont die instantly
  • Precision is very strong on you because you benefit from magic-and armorpen
  • Thunderlords Decree is just more burst damage , but some players are that crazy and play Stormraider´s Surge to jump into a team fight kill an easy target and just run out instantly, this can work and looks pretty fun but its usually not as good as Thunderlords 

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Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    i always start this way you could go 3 pots instead of refillable but you will save a lot of money if you go this way

Core Items

    This is your early game core try to get Aether whisp on your first back, i usually dont go for the smite upgrade anymore since it doesnt increase your exp gained per camp After jungle item buy boots or go for sheen if you can buy it instantly but fnish boots after, only go for sheen if you can instantly buy it never buy the mana cristal After you got this you will deal alot of burst damage After you got Hextech Revolver you can instantly delete an adc in under a second
    Next item you want to finish is the Hextech Protobelt, with this item you will be able to completly 1shot someone because this damage if this item is just insane if you hit at least half of the rockets, your next item should be Rabadons or Voidstaff depends on how much mr they are buying if 3 or more already bought some mr or are about to then go Voidstaff if not go Rabadons

Situational Items

    If you reached your full itembuild you can sell your boots for Zhonya's Hourglass, simply to have an Hourglass and get more ap But if the enemy or your team is like almost full ap ( 4 ap and like Ezreal or Corki adc) you can buy Abyssal aswell to get some tankyness and to increase your AoE damage After that you can sell your jungle item for Luden's Ekko cause its just a better version of Runic Ekko but you will loose the red smite but thats fine ( at least to me)

Matchups Back to Top

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  • Alistar
  • Kha'Zix
  • Kindred
  • Lee Sin
  • Nidalee
  • Poppy
  • Shaco
  • Twisted Fate




Alistar is also rly anoying to play against cause he can just kick you out of the fight or interrupt your jump and cc so you will just die without doing a thing

it helps to run in from behind ( sweep your places) if you wanna fight so he is in the frontline and cant cc you, always look for pinkwards in his inventory




Kha´s early game is not very strong aswell but its still better than yours, he will be likely to pressure more or even invade you early ( not very likely) just try to farm and get ahead of him since he is weak to counterganks and in mid/late game you will win 1v1 against him

The Hunter is on!

You have to win this event, if not you have a problem 

This even appears if Kha is lvl 16 ( got all 3 revolutions but that is 16) and if you got at least 12 stacks on your passive ( bone tooth) and in addition to that all 10 players need to alive at the same time ( this is usually around min 35)

If you win you will get a higher sight range when inside of a brush and you passiv will be at 20 stacks ( but it usually is already at 20 after 35~ min) so this is quite weak.

Kha gets his 4th evolution which is a huge power spike to him since he will get his R upgraded ( sometimes its W but most players don´t evolve R)

So you rly need to win this otherwise he will be rly strong, but even if you win your buff is not that strong in-fight, its more utility ( thats why i dislike this event) 




Kindred is very likely to invade you while or after your first buff cause of her strong early game, if she invades you while your buff try to run away a bit till she gets aggro of the camp and then all in her if she is around halflive if not then just run away and dont die to her
her ultimate is also quite anoying but you can delete targets that fast that she wont be able to ult but that depends on her and your reactiontime

just dont die to her early and its fine


Lee Sin


Lee is also rly strong against you because of his strong early game and the high early pressure, he can almost 1 shot you if he is lvl and got his 1408.png,

Try to stay away from him and farm alot, you will outscale him pretty hard
tell your team to play save and dont force that much things cause if he counterganks you have a big problem




Nidas early pressure and clearspeed are way to high for you, you cant rly compete with that but she gets alot of damage while clearing so if you invades you at lvl 2 you might be able to kill her if she isnt 75%+ health but you might need to flash a spear on order to survive and kill her

just farm alot and dont force things to much, in mid/late game you are stronger and you will be able to delete her in under a second




Poppy overall is very annoying cause she is very tanky so you wont be able to kill her, but since she does quite some damage she will be able to kill you pretty fast and her W can even stop you from jumping into the enemy team and you will die cause of it, that sucks

Same as for Alistar try to come from behind the enemy team ( sweep your place) and wait until she engages or something and moves away from her backline




Shaco is a rly rly rly anoying and hard matchup because of your weak early game and his is soooo strong, he will likely invade you and you will fall behind there isnt that much you can do about it

To counter him try to invade with your team and destroy his boxes so his clear is slower and he will get more damage otherwise you can change the route you are taking and skip all buffs ( would reccomend that) and just take the camps and let him the buffs or you start at your buff and then run streight to the other buff and do it real quick so he cant trouble you while doing them but either way you will be a bit behind which is quite anoying


Twisted Fate


This sounds a bit stupid but TF is really good against rengar, yeah you will be able to kill him without that much problems mid/late game but he will pressure sooo much with his ultimate and there isnt that much you can do about it and if he ults people can see you while your ult

If you see tf going botlane and you are topside try to do  riftherald or something with your toplaner, or push mid just try to never let his ult be unpunished and lategame you can instantly delete him

Why would you play AP Rengar? Back to Top

First of all he is a cute cat, that is enough of a reason to play him,so if you dont like cats you dont need read any further :3 chbi_rengar_fa_by_silverfox5213-d81p092.

The thing Rengar is known for is his very high burst damage and being able to assasinate someone very quickly, the same is for AP
The main damage source of AP rengar is his W (170/250 + 0,8 AP) even if this sounds like it wouldnt deal that much damage it will do alot because you are basically going to use this spell 2 times at the same time and this doesnt even require CDR even if you will cap at 40% with this build.

AP Rengar starts shining if you begin to group and teamfight because of his strong AoE burst.
If you get fed as AP Rengar  early its likely that you will be able to just solo carry the game because you snowball rly rly rly hard, but on the other side you are pretty useless if behind until you reach 2 - 3 items.

The best thing about Rengar ( doesnt matter if ap or ad), at least in my opinion, is if you see an enemy adc on the map ( like farming in front of his tier 2 turret ) and you just use your sweeper, ult and 1shot him. To me thats the most fun about this champ, its also very likely that adc's will flame you for playing this champ but that makes it even more fun.

- Very high damage mid/late game
- Can instantly delete an ad or ap carry
- A lot of AoE damage
- Can solo carry a game if fed and played correctly
- Ganks after 6 are like 90% chance of a kill and if not then you'll get at least some summoners 
- You can catch out people very good with your ult

- Pretty bad early clear/game
- Very squishy even with your w and 
- Needs quite some practice to pull of all  combos without struggling
- Not that good if behind
- Not that good against tanks

Jungle Route Back to Top

In this part I will explain how und why I use this route
I am starting botlane like 99% of the time because you need quite some help to get through the jungle without having problems as AP Rengar. Doing a full clear on rengar is the best thing you can do.
I prefer playing on the blue (left) side because the Krug buff( every 6th aa against a minon or monster will stun it for 1s) is way better on you than the gromp buff (10 + 5% bonus health over 3 seconds) cause the Gromp buff is actually just 10 damage over 3s and the Krug provides you a better clear cause you will stun the jungle monster alot with your Q as aa reset and the attackspeed from empowered Q .
You should always reset your aa timer with Q if its ready and obviously cancel your aa animation after the damage I done and kite a bit to improve you clear but thats kinda basic for most jungler. Until you get your Runic Ekko you always wanna use your Empowered Q cause it deals more damage than w or e and the attackspeed you get makes you clear very fast ( especially if you are using the mastery Savagery) only use your Empowered W if you dropp rly low and need the health to do the camp.

This is the route I take almost every game on the blue side: 

blue side clear.jpgAfter red buff you can kill the Crab quite easy cause of the stun so you dont need lvl for the snare with your bola, if the enemy botlane plays very agressiv you can even go for an cheesy lvl 2 botlane gank ( it works quite often) with redbuff but be prepared to loose your blue buff or even more in your top jungle so its not worth if you dont get any kills out of it or give you botlane alot of lane presence. Otherwise just continue to jungle, if you are scarred of the enemy jungler smite wolves ( smite should be at almost 2 charges) if not then use smite on the blue buff to simply clear it faster. Don't smite Gromp since it is not very usefull rather use it on Krugs after your B.

And this is the route I use most of the time on red side: 

red side clear.jpgOn this side you need to do wolves ( get lvl 3 ) to clear the crap without taking ages doing it but if you are low live you can do it to heal up a bit but you need to care for the enemy jungler ( the best way is to attack the crap from the direction of the midlane so it walks to botlane all of the time cause the enemy jungle wont come from that way). With this route you shouldnt do a lvl 3 botlane gank cause you will be behind in XP if you do but you can still do it, after  Redbuff, which you should smite to get HP back and fasten it up, or Krugs, which you i reccomend smiting aswell to improve your next clear, i like doing a toplane gank but only if im healthy enough or got stacks to heal up and maybe bait the enemy toplaner. If you plan on smiting Krugs its better to do them after your toplane gank so your Krug buff is longer in use.

Combos Back to Top

Rengar got some nice combos and you need to know when to use which empowered spell, thats the most  important thing about your Passiv.

The combos you are going to use most of the time are these 2:

1.If you are at 5 stacks and you want to gank a mobile (ahri,lb etc.) champion with your ult
rengarR.png--> Empowered (midair)rengarE.png-->rengarW.png-->rengarQ.png-->rengarE.png

After this spell rotation you will be at 3 stacks but gaining 1 stack per second for the next 5 seconds ( cause of your ult) with this you can use another empowered spell and you need to decide if you wanna root them again or use a W to finish them of.

2. This is your 1shot and teamfight damage combo
     To do this you need to be at 3 stacks

rengarR.png-->rengarQ.png-->rengarW.png-->EmpoweredrengarW.png-->3152.png and afterwards rengarE.png to generate a stack so you can use your Empowred W a bit faster.
This is the combo you will use most of the time and from the moment on you got 3145.png you can completely 1shot and adc in like 0,2 s- 0 5s ( depends on how fast you use your spells).

How to play AP Rengar Back to Top

Early game

you wanna farm a lot and dont rly force things to much, its fine to do some early cheese ganks or counter ganks if you are around but dont try to gank alot just focus on farming until you got your 1414.png, after you got this item you will deal quite some damage which is almost equal to AD Rengar with 1 item but you got more burst and less DPS

From the moment you reach lvl 6 you rly want to keep your ult cooldown all the time and focus on lanes which will very likely die if you ult ( mostly botlane but you can gank any lanes except tanks, thats not very usefull most of the time)
After you finished 3100.png you can start doing a lot cause you will be able to 1v1 the enemy jungler if needed ( if he isnt that fed but that changes from matchup to matchup) 
Since you are that strong now try to get a nice toplane gank of ( or at least force him to go base) and get the Rift Herald ( ofc you take it yourself) this will give you a huge powerspike for the next 20 mins and your single target burst will get ridiculously high. 

Mid game

you wanna try to catch out people with your ult, if you see someone you're able to kill is alone somewhere you can walk in this direction, use your sweeper use your ult and then kill him ( if you see more enemy through your ult vision you obviously need to decide if you still wanna do it )
You can also group up with your team and ping your team to engage and use your ult then, they will see your ult then engage if that happens you jump into the backline ( try choose someone in the middle of the backline so you hit all of them) and 1 shot your target or at least deal alot of damage, if you are fed its likely that a squishy support like nami, janna etc is going to die from your AoE if you jump on an adc next to them.

Late game (lvl 16+) 

you will just play like the midgame except 1 difference you wont look at the map and look for someone alone, you can just walk in the jungle, use your sweeper, ult and then search an enemy you can kill cause you will get a lot of vision with your ult and it will last 12s ( if you got 12 stacks till then what should already have happened)

About me Back to Top

I started playing this game somewhen in Season 2 but the moment i started playing a lot was the in middle of Season 3, I never rly had a main, it changed from month to month and Season to Season.... but then last year I played Rengar and ohh my god I had so much fun playing him and enjoyed it so much ( and I still am) so he became my favorite champion and my main.
I am basicly a jungle only player, its the role i play almost all of the time 
I actually played AD Rengar most of the time but I saw a video with someone playing AP Rengar and thought that I could try it out aswell...       and now we are here

Last Season I reached Platinum with Rengar and right now im Platinum 4 ( yeah yeah I know not that high elo) but im on my way  to climb to show everyone how great my AP Rengar is :3

I will further update and improve this guide but for now that's all I've done so far :3
Oh and please excuse me  if my english isnt that great

If you have any questions or you wanna discuss something feel free to add me
ProxerWaffel (EUW)

About the Rengar rework Back to Top

I saw someone playing AP Rengar not so lang ago and it seemed to kinda work so I will test a bit more, I will let you know what the outcome is

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