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2 years ago

Riven Statistics for Fergus Raeser

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png Flash is mandatory on Riven. She needs it to be able to have some impact in 90% of teamfights, and it's a reliable escape and gap closer. Never play without it.

14.png We welcome you back, oh dear Ignite! Riven is a snowbally champion, capable of taking on even 2/3 opponents when fed. Ignite helps her reaching that point, and gives her even more lane presence. Opponents WILL fear you twice more if you have ignite. It's also a good way to reduce the healing from lifesteal or champs like 36_64.png or 8_64.png.
A point of note: no, TP is not necessarily better than ignite against ranged champions (unless you're facing 133.png). You defeat a ranged opponent only by all-inning him and, guess what, ignite helps you do it.

12.png Nerfed. Still a good pick in difficult lanes like 58_64.png where you just want to survive and you don't think you can get a kill. It's quite decent even if your bot lane has someone like 22_64.png and 89_64.png, or412.png/53.png, where if you tp in you're sure you'll take some kills and objectives. Keep in mind: the higher your ELO, the better teleport gets vs ignite. Plat+ i'd always advice picking tp.


take 12.png if you think you can have some impact on the rest of the game, you don't think you can win your lane or you mean to splitpush a lot mid/late game while being able to join teamfights. Take 14.png if you think you can snowball your lane, or you're fighting against high healing rate champs.


Other viables SS for Riven

3.png is actually a more than viable SS for Riven. Can turn the tides of many ganks, or fight characters with great damage like 23.png or 238.png with ease. Moreover, scales great into late game, and makes you win any fight against any ADC. Consider this in tough match-ups or against a full stacked team of assassins. Downside? You'll be seen as a pussy...

1.png Great summoner's spell to have when playing Riven, being her greatest weakness CCs. However, i rarely to never pick it top, as i find Tp being overall more important. I usually pick it when i play her mid against a champion or a team with undodgeable CCs, or some really pesky ones like 45.png's veigareventhorizon.png in the late game.

6.png Pls no... why would you need it anyway, you got all the mobility you need with your skills.

21.png I'd say no. Pick Exhaust at this point.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Pretty great tree when up against tanky teams, as it gives its best in sustained fights. Black Cleaver is a great first item, and CdR is definitely your rush, as Fervor gives a lot of free AD and just needs to get stacked. CdR and tankiness help you do it.



New Courage of Colossus is pretty busted. If the enemy team is filled with assassins or high burst damage, going for it is a great idea. To get the best out of it, however, you might want to go for a tankier riven build. Btw, if lv 1 you land your third Q it's like having E already leveled up... pretty solid.



The 45% CdR Tree. Great against high mobile teams, but not the best against tanky ones. It's pretty useful in ranged match-ups.
I ALWAYS pick this tree when i find myself against really squishy teams, as it adds a lot of burst in my Flash combos.


  • Where to put the 12 points?
    I always put them in the resolve tree; the health reg. is arguably important early on, and i honestly love Insight. Greenfather's Gift, however, it's a really great mastery when up against melee opponents (Better in easy lanes).

  • Tough skin vs Siegemaster vs Explorer?
    Tough skin is pretty bad tbh. Take siegemaster in ranged lanes where you'll probably find yourself shoved under tower often.

  • Feast vs Expose Weakness vs Fresh Blood?
    Feast in difficult lanes; expose weakness otherwise. Fresh blood might work against early pushovers like Nasus, but the thing is that scales poorly and even early on is not that good.

  • Assassin vs Bisquits?
    Up to preference.

  • Runic Armor vs Veteran's Scars?
    Veteran's Scars >>> Runic Armor early game. Runic armor is better later. If going for CoC, veteran's scars all the way.

  • Fervor vs Warlord's?
    I wouldn't pick Warlord's anymore.

  • Stormraider's vs Thunderlord's?
    Honestly, whatever you like more. Stormraider's is really bad when you're behind, but gives you a great kiting tool when ahead or during late game. However, Thunderlord's gives you more raw damage at all stages of the game.
    TL:DR - Stormraider's needs a good Riven player to be useful. Thunderlord's is a player-friendly skill.

Abilities Back to Top



Runic Blade

Riven's abilities charge her blade for 5 seconds, causing her to do 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 % of her attack damage as bonus physical damage on her next basic attack. Riven can store up to 3 charges, and can only expend one at a time.

A strong passive that scales on all of your attack damage, one of the few that are still strong late game. Each time you use a skill, be it your R, one of your Qs, etc. you'll earn a stack of your passive, 'til 3 of them. When you autoattack, you consume one of your stacks and deal a percentage of your total AD + the damage of your AA. That's why to play Riven it's required more than just smash your keyboard. Usually it's a good idea to try AAing as most as possible while doing your combo. Since these autoattacks require times, and slow down by at least 1 second your combo, animation cancelling is a good trick to learn to execute your combo faster.
The damage of this passive gets higher at Lv 6, 9, 12, 15, 18.


Broken Wings

Riven steps forward and lashes out in a series of powerful slashes, dealing  10 / 30 / 50 / 70 /90  ( + 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60% AD)  Physical Damage to all enemies within 112.5-range. Broken Wings can be cast two additional times within 4 seconds, with the timer resetting after each.


All three strikes deal the same damage, with the third damaging enemies within 150-range and knocking them up. Riven will target the unid under your cursor; if no targets are present, Riven will simply strike the direction she is currently facing.It has 13 secs cooldown at all ranks.


This skill is what makes Riven so mobile, and deals a decent amount of damage at higher levels. It can be activated three times, within a 4 seconds cooldown between each activation. The total cooldown of this skill starts at the FIRST activation, and at max CDR is inferior to the max cast time of all three parts of Broken Wings. So, if you hold on the second and third activation, you'll be able to cast your Q again as soon as you land your knockup.
Another important thing to say is the different interaction the Q has depending on where your cursor is. If you're pointing a target with your mouse, be it a champion or a minion, Riven will stay still on him while using her Q. Else, she'll dash towards the direction she is looking at.
It's really important to know for cancelling her Q animation.

Your third Q allows you to jump through any wall that has less than twice your last Q range.


Ki Burst

Riven's sword emits a burst of runic energy that shocks enemies in a 125 range of distance, dealing 50 / 80 / 110 / 140 / 170 (+ 100% bonus AD) physical damage and stunning them for 0.75 seconds. It has 11 secs cooldown at rank 1, while reducing of one second at each level.

Pretty self-explanatory, you stun all enemies around you, while dealing high damage. The total damage of Broken Wings is higher, that's why I max this skill later though is stronger compared to a single slash.



Riven dashes towards the cursor and gains a  90 / 120 / 150 / 180 / 210(+ 100% bonus AD) shield that absorbs incoming damage for 1.5 seconds.

This skill is what makes you sustain the damage you take early game and scale so better into late game, along with your passive and your ult. It's the only shield in the game that scales of attack damage, that's why Riven is so strong when building ad.
A piece of advice: early game Riven has no lifesteal, so any damage she takes will stick to her. Learn not to shield while your opponent is stunned, or stunning him right after you activated your shield, as you'll waste much damage reduction. Good Rivens are those who know how to manage well their shield, not only those who can cancel animations faster.
Since late game your E has less than 4 secs cooldown at max CDR, you'll be without shield only for a bit more than 2 secs. That's why Riven scales far better with resistances than health.


Blade of the Exile

For 15 seconds Riven's sword is reformed, gaining 20% of her total AD as bonus attack damage and 75 bonus attack range (200 total range).
Broken Wing's first and third area of effect radius increase to 162.5 and 200 respectively and Ki Burst's area of effect increases to 135.
For Blade of the Exile's duration, Riven can use Wind Slash once.

A long lasting ultimate that makes Riven's 6 so frigthening. While the AD gained remains the same at all ranks, the cooldown gets reduced from 130 to 95 to 60, and the damage of Wind Slash goes up. The cooldown is quite long at rank 1, while later on is pretty short, especially CDR capped; that means that you have to be far more careful at how you use it in lane, because i have a secret to tell you: a Riven without her ultimate sucks. That's why you don't want to teamfight without it, so tell your team to wait if possible when it's on CD.


Wind Slash

Riven unleashes a 1600-speed wave of energy in a cone, dealing 80 / 120 / 160 (+ 60% bonus AD) physical damage to all enemies hit.

The damage is increased by 2.67% for every 1% of an enemy's missing health, capping at 200% bonus damage (300% total damage) against enemies with 75% or more missing health, for a total of 240 / 360 / 480 (+ 180% bonus AD) physical damage.


The reason why everyone says "Don't fight Riven when you're low Hp".

That's why you want to wait as most as possible to use this skill: the lower the enemy hp, 'til 25% of their max hp, the higher the damage. Lv 6, your damage is almost unmatched with this skill.

Since the nerfs it's become far easier to miss, so take care. Try stunning before releasing it. It has a range of 900.


Lv 1 

Take Q if:

  • You can force trades/zone your opponent
  • You're against someone like 157.png with yasuoE.png, who can just wait out your shield and go on you right after.

Take E if:

  • your opponent can outdamage you (122.png)
  • your opponent is ranged
  • your opponent has poke and/or high lv 1 damage (41.png/80.png/86.png)

Don't ever start W.

Lv 2 

Take Q if:

  • you haven't before

Take W if:

  • you can CHEESE your opponent (see "Early game & cheesing+trading below)
  • your opponent doesn't have enough damage to threaten you
  • you have balls

Take E if:

  • you're under your opponent's tower
  • your opponent is ranged, and you can't lv 2 cheese him
  • Your opponent can out-damage you
  • Your opponent can damage you, and outsustain you
  • Your opponent has important skills to bait (58.png/39.png  stun)



Take the skill you didn't level up before. Have ALWAYS all your three skills lv 3.




Max Q if:

  • you can pressure your enemy.
  • you rely on the early game to get a lead (39.png/75.png/24.png...)
  • you are snowballing.

Max E if:

  • you're against an half-decent 133.png
  • you want to play passive, and wait for mid game.
  • the enemy is a strong lane bully (43.png/80.png)
  • the enemy is ranged and you notice you can't really have anything done.
  • you like mobility over damage.
  • The enemy requires an hit&run approach.


Maxing W over E

I don't really like it, but it's viable. E has a default shorter cooldown than W, and at max rank you'll still have it up more often than it, but most important, E makes you more mobile and durable and what makes Riven so strong is her high mobility while being tanky. You won't need your W if you can't reach the enemy ADC, and E helps you do it. E is even better for split-pushing as it makes you more slippery.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard Riven start, it offers sustain and pretty high damage early game.
    Safer start, when you just want to survive the lane or sustain during trades.
    Used to be a good start for Riven, but not anymore. It simply doesn't offer enough sustain for a melee champion with low HP5 as her.
    It's recommended against someone like Yasuo or VS ranged AD lanes, but i don't really like it. If you get a really bad trade a single potion and the HP5 it offers won't be enough to avoid getting zoned. I like cloth 5 far more.
    Viable start for champs with little to no mobility. Riven is not one of them. You're actually losing lane presence for something you already have in your kit.
    Never. You heard me?? NE-VER. You start damage in easy lanes to SHIT STOMP them. You grab damage/cloth in difficult lanes to KEEP UP with your opponent.
    I have mixed feelings about this item. On one hand, it limits you to use only two potions; on the other, it's cheaper than buying them constantly. I'd suggest taking it at your first back if you want it, as having 3 potions lv 1 is pretty important.

Core Items

    Good way to cap 40% CdR right now without taking CdR glyphs. The more AP the enemy team has, the best this is.
    One of these is needed to sustain. Hydra procs only on Autoattacks, Death's on all physical damage dealt but for a lesser amount.
    Just a basic example of a Riven's like build with CoC. YOu got way less damage than with Fervor, but still enough to make squishy tremble. Moreover, Solaris + Sterak's shield, along with death's dance sustain, will keep you alive for ages. Ps. you need 10% cdr glyphs in runes to cap, otherwise you should switch either steraks or solaris for Malmortius/Ghostblade.
    Pretty standard end game Riven build against teams filled with CCs.
    Tanky Riven build vs full AD comps. Swap Randuins for Deadmans if the enemy team is not AS reliant. Take 10% cdr glyphs.
    Glasscannon Riven. Good when snowballing hard. Boots can be swapped for GA. Good even for split-pushing if no one can 1 v 1 you.
    Good anti AP build. You're trading Ghostblade's mobility for visage's tankiness and sustain. Better against immobile champions like Vlad/Ryze. Swap Malmortius for Mercurial if CCs are a problem.

Situational Items

    Amazing tanky item to get on Riven. It grants armor, health, an active slow and passive AS debuff, and protection against crits. Probably the best item to get in this Crit Meta.
    Really strong if you can sustain through fights. Even more effective if paired with a Visage, or a tanky item to survive burst.
    Quicksilver is strong when the enemy has many CCs, or ults/snares like Lissandra's and WW's. Mercurial scimitar now grants 10% lifesteal, which is a lot.
    Stronger than before. Helps you survive the enemy AP burst. When upgraded, if the shield is activated it grants lifesteal and spellvamp. Since the shield scales with bonus MR, this item works best when paired with another MR item.
    Not even crits anymore. Trash. Completely.
    Once was decent, but Crit Riven sucks like never before now. Take it in normals if you want to have fun.
    Now it's a pretty bad item to get on Riven, as one of the passives is wasted. Dfntly better choices out there.
    DON'T LEAVE THIS GUIDE! Right now, it's a really solid item to pick on Riven: it offers both mr and armor, and grants you a huge shield when activated. Paired with GA makes for a really tanky Riven style
    I think it can be a really great item on Riven against the right champions, it's just that there are a lot of better choices and quicksilver does pretty much the same thing. If you find a good occasion to grab it, do it
    It's still a solid item on Riven, but lethality sucks and it doesn't grant AS anymore so... yeah, pretty situational now. Best vs mobile teams.






3071_32.png Whatever mastery you choose, whatever build you like, let me tell you straight that you always grab Black Cleaver at one point. It's the only item that you should always have, as it offers Armor Shred, mobility, tankiness, damage and CdR.


Ionian Boots of Lucidity

3158_32.png Since CdR is so easy to obtain, i'm not finding myself taking these anymore. It happens usually when CCs are not really concern and i just want my 40% CdR asap. 

Mercury's Treads 

3111_32.png Thank God they've been buffed! Effective if the enemy has too many CCs, or undodgeble ones.

 Ninja Tabi

3047_32.png Great against two ADC team comps, or vs champions like 23.png157_64.png5.png and 24_64.png. Help you a lot surviving 58.png/80.png early on.


Situational Items

Doran's Blade

1055_32.png I haven't grabbed this item in ages. The only time i MIGHT consider taking it is if i'm planning to take a lv 1 all in, since health > sustain in all-ins. You DON'T take this against an 266.png, who has sustain. You DON'T take this against a 67.png, who has poke. Got it?


3077.png A wonderful item to have on Riven: it lets you push faster, does AoE damage and adds A LOT of burst into your combo when you learn how to use its active.

 The Bloodthirster

3142.png The nerfs hit this item so hard i'm rarely if ever taking it as of now. It's not just because of lethality being shit, it's because the active got robbed of the AS buff. The only situation i MIGHT consider grabbing it would be against high mobile teams.

 The Bloodthirster

3072_32.png Gives you a lot of lifesteal and damage. Paired with the new lifesteal items, this item makes you a great duellist late game if you can sustain through fights. Be sure you'll be able to lifesteal though, or this item won't be worth.

Mortal Reminder, Lord Dominik's Regard and Last Whisper

3033.png The grievous wounds is a lot useful against Heal and Lifesteal, and makes champions like 36.png USELESS.

3036.png If going for a Titanic Riven build, don't grab it. Other than that, against champions like 58.png/75.png/14.png and such, who have tons of health, it's a really great item to get.

3035.png The changes made this item A LOT weaker than before, but a lot cheaper too. It only ignores BONUUUUS ARMOR, so it's USELESS against champions who haven't built an ARMOR item.

 Randuin's Omen

3143_32.pngYou don't usually go full Glasscannon Riven unless you need to carry an entire losing team by making miracles. This item gives you good tanky stats, an active slow and stronger fight against ADCs. Moreover, the 10% crit damage reduction comes really handy.

 Death's Dance

3812.png Since the nerfs to Ghostblade i'm liking this item a lot more. It's one of the many ways to get 40% CdR, but grants you sustain and a lot of damage. If, for example, you got Black Cleaver + Hexdrinker and you need 10% more CdR, you can complete Death's dance and either sit or straight up complete Malmortius.
If you go for CoC, and you take Titanic Hydra, Death's Dance is a must buy to get some sustain.

Duskblade of Draktharr
3147.png Not completely shit on Riven, as disabling wards can be somewhat useful, but pretty close nonetheless. Made for invisible champions.

Spirit Visage

3065_32.png Good Item to get against double Ap comps. It grants CdR, health and MR, while amplifying healing effects on you. It's better if paired with a BT, a Malmortius or other lifesteal items.

Now the passive is based on ALL healings sources, so it's a good item to take when you got an healer on your team (Blessed be 16_64.png)

 Maw of Malmortius and Hexdrinker

3155_32.pngGreat early/mid game item against an Ap laner or Ap teams. Sit on it until later, as upgrading it early on is not that worth.

3156.png This item has become quite stronger compared to before. It gives you lethality, as well as lifesteal + spell-vamp once the shield activates and until you get out of combat. To make it an amazing buy, however, try pairing it with either a 3065.png or a 3139.png, so that the shield (and heal) you get is stronger.

Banshee's Veil

3102.png Decent item, but it has a somewhat long cooldown. I'd take it against someone like 1.png, so that you don't get surprised by a stun burst damage.

Mercurial Scimitar and Quicksilver

3140_32.png When you see a 19_64.png or a 90_64.png, that's what you aim to get as soon as you can. It will make them almost useless against you. It's even REALLY effective against champions no skillshots reliant with high CCs, like 127_64.png or 1_64.png.

3139.png If it wasn't before, now this item is almost a core on Riven. Other than the active, it gives 10% lifesteal, 75 AD and 30 mag. res. Problem is, it costs A LOT. Complete it later in the game.

Guardian Angel

3026_32.png Really strong item to get if you're fed or on your way for an important teamfight. The resistances it gives you scale well with your shield and its passive allows you to resuscitate. Once you got this item and flash you can initiate a fight for your team if you see an opening in the enemy team comp. Care not to fuck up though, or you'll be in trouble...


3075_32.png I think this item CAN BE good on Riven, provided you take it with a little more tanky build (like with a 3143.png and a 3071.png). However, in this new meta, i think going for a tankier route is less effective on Riven. But if you wish, feel free to try something like 3142.png + 3074.png/3072.png + 3158.png + 3143.png + 3075.png + 3071.png if you're against a full ad squishy team.

Dead Man's Plate
3742.png I consider it on the same place as Randuin's Omen, just against different tipes of comps.
VS AS reliant champs? Randuins.
VS AD casters? Dead Man's.
Then again, i still think Randuins is usually slightly better just for the active AOE slow.

Tear of the Goddess

3070_32.png Actually a better item than you may think. It's OP if you're going Mana Riven build, since she needs it as Mana Riven is always oom, or if your team made you cry after stomping a lane :D


Blade of The Ruined King

3153.png This is probably my second favourite offensive item after hydra, but unfortunately works really badly on Riven. That's because Botrk is designed for durable and tanky champions like 102.png, who have skills that gets reduced cooldown at each AA they do. Riven is not one of them, she can burst people down, and she needs to withdraw once her skills are on CD. Moreover, the slow on her is not needed.

Trinity Force

3078_32.png Trash before the crit's removal, trash now. Don't. Take. This. On. Riven.

Frozen Mallet

3022.png Let me tell this straight: frozen mallet is bad on Riven. Period. You want more tankiness? You take a tanky item. You want more damage? You take a damage item. This item is only good on champions who can't stick on high priority slippery targets, and even then is often avoided. Riven is not one of them: once you cap. 40% CdR the only champions able to escape from you are those like 7.png and 245.png or the ones who have flash up. Guess what: frozen mallet does not help you against them.


3083.png Your shield does not scale with health, and warmog grants only flat hp.


3068.png Kind of obvious why not, but whatever: sunfire is made for champions meant for split-pushing but who lack wave-clear (98.png98.png98.png), or for those high base damage champions who find themselves against an opponent where they have to build tanky against. Riven is none of them.

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Fervor vs Thunderlord's. I'd decide which masteries to take more by thinking about his team than he himself. Riven can handle him whatever her masteries, usually.

- Wait a sec...? Fervor!? You always say 'Fervor for extended trades' - Doesn't Aatrox love extended trades!? Wtf Fergus o.0
- Yeah, he does; but late game you should still be able to 1 v 1 just because of your lifesteal and crazy damage, let alone your rivenfeint.png. Early on it doesn't really make that much of a difference, so don't worry.


Really easy match-up for Riven, and for most top laners in general to tell the truth.
There is only one thing you should be careful about: his aatroxQ.png. It can cut off your disengage, and deals some decent damage too.

Lv 1 is really one sided, like the rest of the lane:
  • If he started aatroxW.png just wait for him to waste his third hit, then jump on him with your full riventricleave.png.
  • If he started  aatroxE.png zone him from creeps. Spamming it hurts him, and the early cooldown will definitely make him lose some CS. Fight him balls deep with riventricleave.png if he steps too close to you.
Lv 2 remains the same. You can take rivenmartyr.png if you wish, just be careful if he has aatroxQ.png.
Other than that, do like before: dodge his aatroxE.png, wait his third aatroxW.png then fight him.

Lv 3 it's a really one sided lane until much, much later. However, it's really important that you zone him from autoattacking the wave: his aatroxW.png grants him amazing sustain if he can abuse it.

Lv 6 doesn't change much, really. He can't tank your full combo, so just all-in him everytime you can, being careful that he doesn't just aatroxQ.png away when you ult.
As a point of note: if you can CC him during the flight, you'll cancel it.
Btw, don't ever have your cooldowns up when he ults; his aatroxR.png will demolish you.


  • Really easy lane. The best thing an Aatrox can do against a good Riven is just farming with aatroxE.png, hoping she makes mistakes.
  • His aatroxQ.png can be really punishing if your cooldowns are up: dodge it.
  • Lv 6 his ult is really strong in extended trades, but he isn't able to tank your combo. Just all-in him, you'll win.
  • Zone him from the wave! If you let him autoattack with aatroxW.png, he'll win by sustain.
  • Don't fight him when he has his empowered third aatroxW.png up.



What does the fox say!?


The thing with Ahri is that she's very mobile after lv 6, and Fervor won't really help you much against her at any point of the game. What you want to do when you reach her is just bursting her, and thunderlord's is the way to go on that matter.


Quite the even match-up, but you get stronger as the game goes on. However, her roaming is as scary as yours, and she's definitely a powerful assassin in the right hands.
Your first priority should be never letting her roam. If she does, she'll snowball her team. Other than that, you got kill pressure on her for the whole game, but a good Ahri will hardly die to you in lane.

Lv 1 just start rivenfeint.png, shield her harass. Whatever she started with, ahrifoxfire.png or ahriorbofdeception.png, you should never get hit by her skills.

Lv 2 she'll probably have her ahriseduce.png. If she has never used both ahrifoxfire.png and ahriorbofdeception.png, assume she does. If that's the case, keep playing passive; though you can juke it with a quick rivenfeint.png, it's not really worth going on without your rivenmartyr.png.
If she doesn't have her charm yet, you can look to do your combo and get out if she gets too close.

Lv 3 you start becoming fearful. If she ever wastes her charm, that's a good occasion to jump on her; it has 12 seconds cooldown at rank 1.
A good Ahri will hardly step too close to you, so just be passive and try to push a little if she's playing like a bitch.

Lv 6+ this becomes a skill match-up. You should really have your 3155.png at this point, as it helps a lot. When it comes to who can kill the other, you definitely have the edge if even, but it's not an easy fight to go for. The funny thing is: her ahritumble.png is a lot more versatile than your ult. She screws up, she dashes away. You screw up, she dashes to you. So take care. Dodge her ahriseduce.png and you'll be fine.

A point of note: don't ever lose pressure on your lane against her after 6. You don't want her to roam.


  • Dodge her ahriseduce.png.
  • If she maxes ahriorbofdeception.png, it's really easy. If she maxes ahrifoxfire.png it's actually more annoying.
  • Her ahritumble.png has 20 seconds less cooldown than your rivenfengshuiengine.png.
  • Don't let her roam.
  • 1.png is really good against her, though not necessarily needed.





The removal of the pink ward, and this new *teleport smoke cloud*, actually make this match-up medium.

Let's start by saying that:
Akali can't stand Riven's hit&run playstile
Riven can't stand the damage of Akali's akalimota.png and second passive. Moreover, her sustain is annoying.

That leads to say that Riven has the upper hand lv 2 to 5. Around this time, this is a painfully easy match-up, though you should never fight an Akali when her shroud is up.
From lv 6 onwards, she gets insane damage and mobility, and if she zones you her sustain will make her win lane. Luckily, your all-in is just too much for her to bear; however, since she is no longer revealed inside her akalismokebomb.png, it actually gets tough.

Lv 6+ you got two options to win the all-in: you either use 14.png, as it kind of reveals where she is now, or you switch to your red lens (CARE ENEMY JUNGLER THOUGH!). Get one of them, don't have your ult juked and you win.

- Lv 1 is pretty even, but definitely in her favor if you make the trade last too long. I'd suggest to chill at this point, or just wait for her to waste her akalimota.png. If she started akalishadowswipe.png it's a little easier.

- A simple riventricleave.png + rivenmartyr.png + AA + riventricleave.png + AA + rivenfeint.png away it's a really easy way to chunk her without getting damage pre-6, provided you pull it off decently fast.


  • Even lv 1 - Riven's favoured lv 2-5 - Riven's slightly favoured lv 6+
  • Harass pre-6, all-in after. Care: your rivenfengshuiengine.png has way less cooldown than hers.
  • Either ignite her pre-combo or swap to red lens to have some kind of vision of her inside her akalismokebomb.png.
  • Max rivenfeint.png or riventricleave.png? I honestly always max riventricleave.png, as it damages her while inside the shroud. Never tried maxing rivenfeint.png, so i'm just assuming, but it MIGHT work, provided you shield well most of her combo. I'd max riventricleave.png though.
  • Don't be hit by an auto when her akalimota.png is on you. It hurts.






Match Description

Playstile: Smart. She scales better than you into late game, but her being a strong lane bully requires you to play passive waiting for your window of opportunity.
Start: 1036.png + 3 + 

Rush: 3155.png
Recommended SS: Ignite
Care for: Poke, Stun, Tibbers and burst after 6

Tough match that can go both ways, but she has the advantage. Hard if Annie knows what she is doing. It’s a killable lane at all times provided you manage to get to her, and the first one to get an advantage will probably snowball. 


Start E, farm 'til lv 3. Don't fight her when her stun is up, bait it if you can but don't get any chances as she does really high damage.


After level 3, start looking for opportunities. You want to kill her and get an advantage, since she scales well into late game. It's difficult that you'll be able to deny her much except by killing her. Bad Annies will farm with their Q and waste their stun, or miss a bunch of minions trying to farm without. Good Annies won’t have this issue, and often the only time they’ll lose their stun will be when you try to attack them or to chunk you when you can’t retaliate.


If she gets too close to you without her stun, dash at her and punish her. Kill her if you can, but don't get baited by a stun-burst.


Lv 6 you can both burst each other, but her range still gives her the advantage over you. Be careful of getting stunned badly, you might regret it. Hexdrinker is required at this point. Since Tibbers is a skillshot, you can try to avoid it by flashing or E + Q away, but requires good prediction and luck.


  • Farm up until lv 3, don't get poked down. Watch out for her stun.
  • Play passive, but watch out for opportunities. Aim to have something done while her stun is down. Call for ganks if you can't.
  • 3155.png to survive her burst is required.
  • Try last hit her Yogi if you have the chance as it gives a pretty decent amount of gold. Careful though, as both her and him do high damage.


Passive – Pyromania
Stun: 1.25 Lv 1; 1.5 Lv 6; 1.75 Lv 11 ( +9%AP)

Q – Disintegrate
COST: 60/65/70/75/80 Mana
CD : 4
Magic Damage: 70/115/160/205/250 (+85% AP)

W – Incinerate
COST: 70/80/90/100/110 Mana
CD: 8
Magic Damage: 70/115/160/205/250 (+85% AP)

E – Molten Shield
COST: 20 Mana
CD: 10
Armor and Magic Resist: 10/20/30/40/50
Magic Damage: 20/30/40/50/60 (+20% AP)
Duration: 5 seconds

R – Summon: TIBBERS!!
COST: 100 Mana
CD: 120/100/80
Initial Magic Damage: 175/300/425 (+80% Bonus AP)
Magic Damage per Second: 20/30/40 ( + 20% AP)
Duration: 45 seconds





AD: 52
Armor: 19.04
Health: 524
Health Reg: 6.92
Mana: 350
Mana Reg: 6


Passive – Shurima’s Legacy
CD: 180

A passive useful later in the game to zone the enemy team by rising a tower on the ruins of another.

Q – Conquering Sands
COST: 70 Mana
CD : 10/9/8/7/6
Magic Damage: 65/85/105/125/145 (+50% AP)
Slow: 25% for each soldier that hits.

Azir’s orders his soldier to dash towards a point, dealing damage and slowing enemies they hit. The damage does not stacks anymore, but the slow does.

W – Arise
COST: 40 Mana + Sand Soldier
Recharge Time: 12/11/10/9/8
Bonus Attack Speed: 20/30/40/50/60 (+85% AP)

Strong skill that lets him summon an untargetable unit for 9 seconds, to attack who Azir AAs with its range. Moreover, it passively grants bonus attack speed.

E – Shifting Sands
COST: 60 Mana
CD: 19/18/17/16/15
Magic Damage: 60/90/120/150/180 (+40% AP)
Shield: 80/120/160/200/240 (+15% Bonus Health)

His disengage ability, the one that screws you up before his 6. This skill makes him dash to one of his soldier, dealing damage to those it passes through. However, keep in mind that if a champion is hit, he gains a shield and stops.
It has a long cooldown early game, if you can abuse it.

R – Summon: Emperor’s Divide
COST: 100 Mana
CD: 140/120/100
Magic Damage: 150/225/300 (+60% AP)
Wall Duration: 5/6/7

A really strong ult. It summons a barrier of soldier to knock back enemies and then acting like a wall. The biggest problem is that you can’t dash or valor through this wall. It will knock you back again. You can only flash it or walking it sideways. I’m not sure if Riven’s third Q can jump it like a wall, it shouldn’t.
Now, your ult has 30 secs less coldown than his at lv 1. Jump on him as soon as yours is up again.


Match Description

Playstile: Push and Roam.
Start: Long sword + 3, either E or Q lv 1
Care for: Poke

Extremely boring lane... the problem is that he can play passive all he wants, and if he does you'll never be able to kill him. Period. That being said, he even outscales you HARD to make things worse.

You can start Q and try to chunk him lv 1. He isn't that strong at this point, but if he doesn't steps out of position avoid. Lv 2 you can make something happen, and so lv 3, but after that it will be hard as his W damage will start getting strong.
Lv 6 is ult has a 30 seconds cooldown higher than yours. Keep this in mind.

Either rush CdR or a tiamat and push him under tower; roam or take a camp afterwards. Honestly, not much else you can do. Try to make your team snowball, as there's no way you'll be able to kill a decent Azir. Aim to get your CdR as fast as you can.



  • Boring lane. The bird is a really safe laner, and trying to reach him will often just get you chunked. If you notice that you can't kill him, just aim at making snowball your bot/top lane, and take camps whenever you can.
  • He outscales you hard, and late game he is a far bigger threat than you if capable to poke your team down.
  • His lv 6 is quite strong, especially if you underestimate it. However, before that he shouldn't have much kill pressure on you unless he gets a gank an.
  • He is forced to start W lv 1. You can attempt an early lv 1/2 cheese by starting Q or pushing for level 2, provided he steps out of position.





AD: 57
Armor: 21.9
Health: 508
Health Reg: 5.4
Mana: 326
Mana Reg: 8


Passive – Blaze

Each enemy hit by one of Brand’s abilities gets ablazed, receiving 8% of its max health as magic damage over 4 second. Moreover, other abilities against the same target are empowered.

Q – Sear
COST: 50 Mana
CD : 8/7.5/7/6.5/6
Magic Damage: 80/120/160/200/240 (+65% AP)
EMPOWERED: 2 seconds stun

His stun. It’s threatening only if you’re ablazed, and even then it’s not that difficult to juke often.

W – Pillar of Flame
COST: 70/75/80/85/90 Mana
CD: 10
Magic Damage: 75/120/165/210/255 (+ 60% AP)
EMPOWERED: +25% damage

His main pushing ability. It has a somewhat decent cast time, so it shouldn’t be an issue dodging it.

E – Conflagration
COST: 70/75/80/85/90 Mana
CD: 12/11/10/9/8
Magic Damage: : 70/105/140/175/210 (+ 55% AP)
EMPOWERED: conflagration spreads to surrounding enemies

The only point and click skill he has other than his ult. It has a decent damage, but alone it shouldn’t bother much. The real problem of this skill is that it surely sets you ablazed, thus dealing an additional 8% of your max health as magic damage and empowering other skills that hit you.

R – Pyroclasm
COST: 100 Mana
CD: 105/90/75
Magic Damage: 150/250/350 (+50% AP)
EMPOWERED: Pyroclasm’s next bounce prioritizes enemy champions

An ult that is far stronger in teamfights than duels, however it musn’t be underestimated. It does quite the decent damage if it hits you two times. That’s the reason why you want to fight Brand away from your minions, and maybe allies too.


Match Description

Playstile: Smartly aggressive. It’s definitely a lane where you have high kill potential, but getting hit by a round of his skill will get you chunked or killed. Making him go OOM is pretty simple, as all his skills are really expensive.
Start: Long sword + 3, E lv 1
Care for: W all the time, Q if ablazed, fighting near allies/minions after 6, poke for his decent base AD

Actually even easy, but a decent one can be boring.


Lv 1 he can’t stun you, but he has a somewhat decent base AD so starting E might be a good idea. You can dodge his W fairly easily, but not his AAs. You can start Q if you wish, since you should even have one potion more than him, but it can be risky.
If he uses his W to push you, like he’ll probably do, take Q or E and consider asking for a gank. He is a piece of cake for your jungler.


Lv 2 is the best moment to fight him. He doesn’t have his E, so as long as you avoid his W he can’t stun you.  If for any reason he grabbed W + E, rush on him as soon as he AAs a minion and kill him/force his flash. He won't be able to retaliate.


Lv 3 he'll probably conserve his Q + E combo for when you try to engage on him. Try rushing at him whenever he use his W, jackpot if he wastes even his Q/E, and try to chunk/kill him. You should never be hit by his pillar unless you're AFK.


His lv 6 damage is quite decent if he hits you two times with his ult. Try fighting far from your minions and allied champions. However, if you are both full health and you dodge his Q, he stands no chance against your Blade of the Exile.



  • Pretty straight-forward lane where Riven has the advantege due to her shield and mobility, Brand ever-lasting bane.
  • Dodge his W, this is easy, and try to juke his Q if you're ablazed.
  • If he tries to push you with his W, just let him do it. He'll be oom in a second and open to a gank.
  • Lv 2 is the best moment to fight him.
  • 3155_32.png is a decent buy if you're even, as lv 6 he might kill you if he stuns you without it.
  • Try fighting him far from your minions/ally champions at level 6, he'll always lose. HARD.




I'll update the match-up once i get more experience at it and players gets better at her.

There are two things you need to watch out for: her camilleq.png, which does insane damage if it hits you with its true damage form, and her camillee.png, which can screw up your disengage pretty badly and stun you if it hits you. Your full combo is enough to chunk her, but her short trade can make you cry as well.

Two basic advices are these: stay at the center of the lane, since her camillee.png works only on walls. This should give you enough time to rivenmartyr.png her and stop her dash, or to juke it.
Second: rivenfeint.png her second camilleq.png.

After 6 it's still a skill match-up, but if her jungler comes you won't really be able to escape. If you got an advantage before, you can just burst her 100-0. But so is the other way around.
Don't feed her. If you do, you're going to find yourself in a world of blades- *cough* pain. 

Mid game i kind of see her like an Irelia: she destroys anyone. Late game, though, that's a complete different matter, and she shouldn't be able to stand a chance 1 v 1 against you at this point.




You can stand your ground against him quite easily early game.

Start Q, zone him from minions, force him to farm with either Rupture or Feral scream. If he starts with his E, vorpal spikes, and tries AAing the minion punish him and chunk half is hp off him.


Lv 2 take E if you can't cheese him. it will make easier to avoid Rupture, and you'll be able to keep up with his sustain by not receiving damage.


Lv 3 just engage him every time you can. Be sure not to get caught by rupture though, and do your best to predict and shield his silence.


He is easily killable level 6, but he'll start getting too big right after due to his own ult. Try getting an high lead on him by then, so zoning him off the farm won't be an issue.

Pressuring him under tower is really risky, so it might be better to freeze the lane.

As a side note, his Rupture is invisible if you don't have vision on him when he casts it. Be double careful when he enters in a brush, try warding it.



  • Cho has one of the highest base AD in the league; face him lv 1, but be quick and disengage fast.
  • He has natural mana/health sustain, but only when he kills minions/units. Try zoning him off the wave.
  • Has really high mana costs.
  • Pressuring him under tower is risky due to his silence. He can easily snipe you a rupture after silencing you if he is good, and if you got tower aggro you might even die. Try freezing and zoning him, as under tower he'll just sustain all back.
  • Lv 6 he has good burst, and starts becoming too much for you to handle. Take care, and know that at 6 he easily killable if he has no stacks. Anyway, try building a good lead before that point.
  • Mercury Threads reduce his silence duration, so are decent vs him.
  • His Rupture is invisible if he is in a brush... be really careful to this troll action, it can fuck your lane.




New Darius is by far weaker than before, at least in lane and against Riven. That's why i decided to change the difficulty from HARD to MEDIUM.

First, Darius is still weak to ganks. As of now you shouldn't need help fighting him, but if you do ask for a gank. He is a free kill each time he walks past half the lane.

Second, his Q does far less damage than before, but most important it has quite the decent delay now, and as Riven that's really important, and screws him over completely.

Third: he got a lot stronger in extended trades, as if he pulls off 5 hemorrage stacks on you he gains a lot of free stats. However, you can disengage enough easily if you have at least 1 skill up for when he pulls you.

Lv 1 it's safer to start E, but not needed i think. You may attempt to wait to level up any skill, and try to bait out his Q. If you can, level up Q and punish him. If he started dariusnoxiantacticsonh.png i'd chill out. Else, just take E and farm up level 3.

Lv 2 i wouldn't fight him unless you can cheese him. That's because he has the power to cut off your disengage, and if he does while your skills are on CD you're pretty much screwed.

Lv 3 you can jump on him with your shield once he starts charging his Q. It's even better if you manage to juke it without using your E. Keep either W or one of your Qs to escape him if he pulls you. DO IT OR YOU'LL DIE, PERIOD.

At 6 if he went for damage he'll just die 100-0, i assure you. If he went tanky he might be tougher to deal with, but nothing so bad as long as you don't get 5 hemorrage stacks on you without having a single skill up. Pretty much just play like before 6 and you'll have little to no issue.



  • Darius AAs deal damage over time. Don't fight him in long trades, especially now that he gets stronger once he has 5 hemorrage stacks on you, he'll rape you.
  • His Q does more damage at its highest range. Your shield is enough to completely negate its damage though, and since it has a delay now it's actually easy to shield it or avoid it.
  • Lv 6 your bursts are alike, but you are faster.
  • Save your W for when he pulls you, even your E or one of your Qs if you can.
  • Don't let him get 5 Hemorrage stacks on you, ever.
  • His bleed deals physical damage now, and has damage reduced. Pretty.
  • His base ult damage has been reduced by a decent amount.
  • His Q heals him if it hits you or a champion, and by even a decent amount, 15% of his missing health. However it shouldn't be too significant, as you can avoid it pretty easily, or ignite him in an all-in.



She sure won't see the sun again after today!

Quite the easy lane, Diana's early is quite weak, while Riven's is really strong. Beside that, she is AA reliant as she needs to hit three time to proc her passive and has decent mana costs, especially if she spams her Q/W.

Wait to level up your first skill. First try to understand what she started with. If she started dianaW.png, don't fight her lv 1. She'll win the trade, as you'll hit her shield while getting damage from her orbs + AAs. Take rivenfeint.png.
If she started dianaQ.png, take riventricleave.png and fight her, if possible after having avoided it.
Like Aatrox's match-up, wait for her to waste her empowered AA and jump on her. You'll win the trade easily.

Lv 2 your rivenfeint.png + riventricleave.png full combo does more damage if she has not her empowered autoattack. Wait 'til she wastes it on a minion. If you're scared, you can go for a mana cost strategy, baiting her shield and disengaging.

Lv 3 you're far stronger, keep waiting for her third AA, then fight her. She'll soon go oom, and then you'll be able to just kill her.

Lv 6 your burst is far higher. If you don't get ganked and you're even, you'll kill her.


  • Pretty easy match-up. After level 1 force her to farm with Q or force trades when she's just wasted her empowered AA.
  • Level 3 and 6 she gets some good power spikes, but so do you, and yours are far better. Just be careful if you're low, 'cause she can kill you easily.
  • Care for ganks: she can set them up quite well with her E, especially after 6.
  • Don't make her snowball! If Diana snowballs, she'll be a force to be reckoned...
  • 3155.png is important to rush. Raw stats are pretty good against her, so an early 3812.png or 3074.png should do the trick. If she rushes 3191.png, as she should, consider 3071.png as first.


Dr. Mundo


Probably the easiest lane you'll face as Riven, either you kill him or not you'll probably be ahead and he'll be almost useless. Ignite counters him completely.

Take Q lv 1, zone him from minions and force him to last hit with his cleavers. Engage him if he dares AAing them. Don't get too cocky though, as his base damage is high and he has the power to chase and kill you if you're careless. Try not to push the lane too much, but even if you do it's not going to be much of an issue, he is really easy to pressure under tower.

Lv 2 take W only if you think you can kill him, else E and shield the minions he tries to last hit. Face him if he steps too close to you. 
Rinse and repeat.

If by level 4/5 you managed to take a kill, or a pretty significant CS lead, feel free to try maxing E as i like to do against him. This way, you'll be able to shield any minion he tries to to hit. Since he'll be so much behind, the Q damage you'll lose won't actually be that significant. If he tries getting close to you, your full combo will chunk him regardless. Your call, i'd suggest you try it.

Either way, rush 3071.png and consider taking 3033.png later on if you don't have ignite with you. It will make him useless all game, i promise.




  • Zone him from creeps, try to freeze the lane as he is item reliant and a shitty roamer. Shield the minions he tries to Q.
  • He has a crappy early game but pretty decent base damage, hit him hard, hit him fast.
  • Ignite his ult if you think you can kill him.
  • If you overextend, ward or don't overcommit. He has the power to chase you and kill you with his jungler if your abilities are on cooldown.
  • New 3033.png is God against him. It will make him useless all the game.



Tank Ekko is pretty boring right now... if the Ekko is good and has decent reflexes you may have some problems early on. If he plays pretty passive, waiting for you to engage just to juke you with ekkoE.png and re-engaging right after, play passive yourself.

Max riventricleave.png if the Ekko is bad, rivenfeint.png if he knows what he's doing (jukes you).
Now, if he goes tanky he'll probably have the edge over you early on due to his high base damage. Stay even until you have your 3071.png and 3155.png, you should be able to fight him easily after.
If he goes AP rushing 3155.png is fundamental. You have the damage to kill him if you get him, but so has he.

Start rivenfeint.png lv 1. You can negate his ekkoQ.png harass this way, and you don't really want to face him at this point with just Q anyway since three of his AAs hurt quite a bit.

Lv 2 be careful not getting juked by his ekkoE.png, the two dashes. If you manage to unload your full combo on him you should win the trade, but if he dashes away just disengage immediately.

Lv 3 plays like before: if he jukes a piece of your combo, you back in your wave. However, be wary of his ekkoW.png; he stuns you, you're in for a HUGE chunk or worse. It's usually easy to predict for all but the best Ekkos, so it's often pretty easy to juke. Anyway, if he procs his shield just disengage, no sense wasting damage on it.

Lv 6 is pretty even: his ekkoR.png counters your bursty kit and does a shit-load of damage if it hits you. However, your all-in should be stronger if you manage to unleash your full combo. But if he is good and jukes you, you're in for a tough match...


  • Pretty boring lane. Ekko should wait your engage as his only way to win trades against you pre-6 is juking your combo. Don't have your rivenmartyr.png juked by his ekkoE.png, and don't waste your shield trying to engage on him. If he farms with ekkoQ.png let him do it.
  • Tank Ekko starts pretty strong and falls off 1 v 1 against you after you have completed 3071.png and 3155.png. If he goes AP the match-up is more snowbally, so the first one to get a lead will probably have the edge on the other.
  • You can start trading from level 2, but best waiting for lv 3. rivenfeint.png or dodge his ekkoQ.png, don't get juked by his ekkoE.png and don't fall for his ekkoW.png.
  • Don't bother fighting him once he procs his shield, it's just not worth.
  • Early CdR, and an 3155.png, are great choices against him.
  • Ignite si pretty good against him, as you can negate his ult heal.




Riven is actually quite decent against ezreal, but finding one in lane will make a boring laning phase. Nothing too hard however, he is actually quite manageble.  All said, he is a ranged champion with a toxic poke, so maxing E is a decent idea. Aim to get some fast CdR, so rush 3158.png and 3133.png; a 3142.png first item is a solid idea.

Ezreal's kit is filled with skillshots. As Riven you can shield and avoid a pretty decent part of it while draining his mana. Care for his passive, as if he lands some skillshots he'll have boosted AS. Shouldn't be too significant, but you never know. Other than that, many Ezreals go tear first item. Like for Jayce, this significantly weaken their laning phase, so show them Riven's early game strenght.

Lv 1 rivenfeint.png, the standard for all ranged match-ups.

Lv 2 he'll have ezrealarcaneshift.png, while you'll have your riventricleave.png. Don't bother fighting him now, if you make a mistake you'll get zoned til' you recall. Dash on him only if he steps out of position, bait his disengage; after that is down, you have a 19 seconds cooldown window to cheese some serious damage.

Lv 3 stays the same, but you won't be passive anymore. Force him to ezrealarcaneshift.png away then jump on him. You'll either grab his flash or a kill.

Lv 6 is easy as before, maybe even more. His ult is simple to dodge, and yours outdamages it anyway. Play like before; the second you reach him with your rivenfengshuiengine.png he dies.


  • Not really a threatening match-up, just a little boring. Ezreal's early game is quite weak, especially if he rushes tear. Just don't get poked down.
  • Max rivenfeint.png, you don't really need that much damage to kill him.
  • Play passive 'til 3, unless he really misplays.
  • Bait his E, it has a 19 secs cooldown early game. The only way he can survive the lane against you if you play it right is either maxing it, or playing so safe to give up a lot of farm.
  • Dash to the side when he is channelling his ult.
  • 3142.png + 3158.png are solid items to get in this match-up.




Not many fiddlestick laners nowadays, but if you see one he'll be an easy target.


  • Keep either your third riventricleave.png or rivenmartyr.png to stop his drain.png.
  • His terrify.png has 15 cd lv 1, so if you can bait it out abuse it.
  • Don't get baited into his ult.
  • rivenfeint.png lv 1, max riventricleave.png.
  • He has high mana costs, and can't really shove without wasting a lot of it. Pushing him is a good idea.
  • 3140.png is really effective against his silence/terrify.png.





Both Thunderlord's and CoC are great options.
Thunderlord's gives you a nice chunk of damage to keep her at bay early on, and since short trades are mandatory it's a great mastery against her.
CoC is really good because there is only one counter to %health true damage: shields. It makes really difficult for Fiora trading against you early on.

I feel like fervor isn't the best mastery against her. Early on it doesn't grant as much as the other two, and late game she'll probably win regardless, unless you can outplay her.
Moreover: Fervor = extended fights; Riven vs Fiora = Short trades.


What's the goal?

Taking a lead pre-6, and even a bigger one pre-9.
Her true damage poke is an issue, but as Riven you can shield it, which most other champions can't. Use this at your advantage.

Lv 1 start riventricleave.png, don't take the initiative. It's actually in her favor, as if she procs a vital on you and follows up a bit you'll lose the trade. Fight her near your minions, or if she dares fioraq.png at you. This way, you'll outdamage her. If for any reason she took fiorariposte.png, fight her balls deep but care not having your third riventricleave.pngparried.

Starting rivenfeint.png is ok, but she'll 90% sure take lv 2 sooner. Don't get cheesed.

Lv 2 is interesting. You can take rivenmartyr.png if you chunked her, or if you can cheese her. 
She'll either have fioraq.png + fiorariposte.png or fioraq.png + fioraflurry.png. If it's the latter, her slow + crit does a shit-load of damage, so aim to shielding it and don't dive her in her wave. If you took rivenmartyr.png, you should come out ahead.

If she hasfioraq.png + fiorariposte.png, it's pretty simple to win the trade. Just don't have your rivenmartyr.png/third riventricleave.png parried (this applies all game long).
A point of note: it's really easy for an experienced Fiora (or a smart one) to parry your third riventricleave.png. The best thing to do is to bait it out before using it, or keep it as a disengage tool.

Lv 3 you have a small advantage, as long as you don't screw up. Don't get harassed, and don't have one of your CCs parried and you'll be fine. Be smart, and look out for her mistakes.

From lv 6 onwards a single mistake can cost your life, despite being a little ahead or not. Play safe, all-in her when she's out of position or her ult is down. Be very careful to not waste your ult, as she can just dash away and wait for your rivenfengshuiengine.png to drop.

Since removal of Armor pen. this match-up has become a little harder. I don't really think 3071.png is an optimal first item against her unless she rushes 3047.png. I think that grabbing a 3133.png, sitting on it and taking a 3077.png + 1029.png before finishing your 3071.png is a better choice.
Why the cloth armor? Because Fiora's fioraflurry.png does a lot of damage despite hitting a vital, and her fioraq.png has an high AD ratio with a decent base damage, considering the low cooldown.
Point of note: CdR is of course useful, but not as much as in other match-ups. Raw damage > CdR in this match-up.


  • Don't get poked down by her fioraq.png on your vitals. Shield it.
  • Take a look at where your vital is: is it in an easy spot for her to hit? Go back, off her screen, 'til it drops, and get back in range afterwards; you'll get a better one.
  • Don't have your third riventricleave.png or rivenmartyr.png parried.
  • Abuse her fiorariposte.png cooldown (23 lv 1).
  • Don't ever get caught in her fioraq.png + fioraflurry.png combo when your skills are on cooldown, especially after 6. You'll die.
  • Maxing rivenfeint.png is, in my opinion, a trap. Harassing her is not an option later on, and you won't have the mobility needed to escape her until late game.
  • Prioritize raw AD more than CdR in the early game. You can't keep up with her mobility after lv 6 before late game, just aim to burst her 100-0.





His new fizzseastonepassive.png does a lot of damage, but you should be able to out-trade him lv 1 and especially lv 2. After lv 3 you get the lead all the way until lv 6. At this point, care for his fizzmarinerdoom.png, which can set up some nice ganks and does a shit-load of damage if it's landed from a far away distance. If you get an advantage, this lane becomes a piece of cake.
Don't have your combo juked by his fizzjump.png and fizzpiercingstrike.png though!

Rushing 3155.png is a must!


  • Trade will always go to you pre 6 as long as you actually shield something of his combo and your W/third Q doesn't get juked.
  • He has disgusting mana costs. Use it to your advantage,
  • Hexdrinker is God against him.
  • Care lv 6, if he lands his shark he can burst you as fast as you can burst him. However, if he doesn't his damage will be pitiful.
  • Pretty snowbally match-up, try not to give him any kills or you'll regret it...
  • At rank 1 his fizzjump.png, the skill that makes him untargetable, has a long cooldown, 18 seconds. You can bait it and jump on him as soon as your riventricleave.png is off cooldown for major damage.




You don't see Galio very often. That doesn't mean he should be too much of a problem for the Exile.

Reasons why Galio is an easy target for Riven:
  1. Galio is an anti-ap champion. Guess what? Riven's got no AP damage, so his passive is completely wasted on you.
  2. Galio is melee, despite his ranged skills. That means that he either has to come close to you to farm or waste mana trying to (smart move). Whichever he chooses, you win.
  3. His skills are easy to shield. Honestly, you can see them from a mile away.
Despite this, you should focus on getting an advantage prior 6. Your ult is far stronger than his 1 v 1, but just like a lissandra he has the power to lock you up for his jungler.

Get an early 3133.png for damage and CdR, then rush a 3140.png. This way he'll pose absolutely no threat against you.


  • Lv 1 starting rivenfeint.png is fine, but if he gets a little too close to you levelling up riventricleave.png first can be a smart choice. He can't win trades where you land your full combo on him.
  • Shield his galioresolutesmite.png. It does crazy amounts of damage, trust me, but is not that difficult to avoid.
  • If he farms with his skills, focus on draining his mana pool. He'll quickly go OOM, then you'll just be able to deny him.
  • 3140.png is an important item to take. Play safe at 6 if you don't know where his jungler is. Btw, his ult has 20 seconds longer cooldown than yours, not considering CdR. Another reason to grab 3133.png first.



He's gonna need bigger oranges!

Even after the update, Riven is still quite strong against Gangplank. The only things you really need to watch out for are his parley.png and raisemorale.png.

Tricky lv 1, don't dare fighting him as he'll kill you. Take E, shield his parrrrrrrley, wait lv 2/3. Try not getting hit by his passive ignite at this point, as you have no way to respond.

Lv 2 you can start fighting him. Care his barrels if he got them (probably), just shield in and break them. He'll either waste mana destroying them on your shield, or you'll get 10 gold.
Don't get baited near a brush. He'll have a surprise ready for you. 100%.
2nd: care if he has a barrel almost dead, as he'll be able to place another one under you and cheese some damage.

Lv 3 his removescurvy.png heals him a bunch, especially if low on health, and can cleanse your stun. 14.png him when all-inning him, and don't get baited.

Lv 6 you're far stronger, even after the changes his ult is not the burst type. Just ping your team he is 6, and kill him everytime you have the chance.

He gets an important power spike after his 3078.png, so try getting a lead before that point. Shielding his barrels damage won't be much rewarding once he gets it...


  • Easy lane. He has sustain from oranges and can cancel your stun, but nothing so scary.
  • Shield his Q harass, don't fight level 1.
  • Ping when he is 6.
  • Care of his barrels, now these are his primary damage skill, especially if empowered by his PARLEY. Shield in and AA them to obtain gold or let him waste mana for his Q (and the much he lost placing the barrel before-hand). Disengage if he places one under himself and your shield is down, you should have the time.
  • Depending on how he'll play, you'll be able to kill him easily or not. If he tries to push you out of lane, he'll die. If he just aims to farm, it'll be boring and he might actually be able to survive. However, you'll be able to zone him out without too much problem.
A thing to note: if he has like 2+ barrels stacked in the same place, don't worry. The damage does not stacks, just shield in, take the gold from 1 of them and see how he wastes the other/others  on your shield.





Hard to kill, does illegal damage after putting some points in his E. All in all not so bad, but quite boring. It's actually an easy match-up for an experienced Riven, at least early on. ***anyone who says garen counters riven never played the match-up right***

Start E lv 1, shield his silence and throw an AA at him. He'll even get minion aggro probably, dealing a minimal but effective damage.

Lv 2 take Q, keep shielding his silence. When he spins2win you, let your Riven balls out and face him head-on. Unload your full Q combo and chunk him. You'll win the trade, but he'll sustain it back up if you fail to stop his passive when it comes up. Still, you'll have him zoned from the minions for some time and it will put you ahead in farm, which is actually pretty decent since he is early game reliant.

Lv 3 he'll get tankier or will do more damage with his E, neither is too important. Rinse and repeat as before.

If you haven't killed him before 6, he'll become really dangerous (he'll still be even if you DID kill him, but you won't need to fear him). Don't EVER get caught by his silence without shielding it, as a good noxian scum you'll probably taste the Demacian Justice and die.

After level 6 he'll become too big for you to kill, and he'll probably just spin2win with sunfire cape. His E will do enormous damage now, so avoid trading with him under it.
Late game he falls off, though his silence and free armour reduction from black cleaver will stay a pain in the ass.


Here's the thing: new Garen is actually a bit more useful late game, while being less tanky early game but having a bit more damage in his E. Moreover, if you get the Villain status, he deals 1% of your max health as true damage to you with any of his skills/AAs.

The match stays pretty much the same, but unlike before he has a scaling armor stat on his W, which procs when he kills a minion. You can still fight him early game, but avoid him after 6 if you're the villain and you haven't got a lead.

Trade with him from level 2 onwards, shield his silence as before, and rush 3071.png.


A good nerf: you can't become anymore the villain for killing him, you can gain the status only by killing his mates. That's really good for you, as if you get a lead should be simpler to keep it.


  • A long feared Riven opponent, and for good reasons. He has sustain, tankiness, damage and mobility. Don't let your guard down, but know that you can trade with him quite well in the first few levels.
  • Shield his Q. ALWAYS.
  • Try hitting him when his passive is up. He'll recover all the health he has lost really fast if you're unable to.
  • He'll push the lane with his E. Ping your premade jungler to come and save your ass, so you can rape his. Try baiting his Q, else he'll just run away while spamming /Laugh.
  • After he got his sunfire, you won't kill him anymore, unless you're fed as fuck or it's minute 25.
  • Care his 6, he is probably stronger if tanky. if you fail to shield his Q even once you'll probably die and cry in all-chat...
  • If he goes black cleaver first item as some idiots do against Riven, rape him.
  • His ult, E and AAs do true damage if you are the villain. That's really, really bad for you, as even if you manage to beat him, he might become stronger than anyways... If that happens, he'll have got some tankiness while still having damage. Yeah, a good time to say "dafuck dude?"... however, good news my friend, you can't get the villain anymore for snowballing on his corpse.




Quite simple if you play passive, but challenging if you try to kill him and he is good; if you make a mistake against him you'll either die or suffer deeply.

Lv 1 grab rivenfeint.png, aim for a lv 2 cheese or your lv 3 power spike. If you get the chance you might try a riventricleave.png cheese at this early point, but it's quite risky if you fail it.

Lv 2 don't get three stacks of his gnarW.png, it will hurt a lot. He'll probably transform now, or lv 3, so be really careful at his red bar.
If you manage to juke his stun when he is in mega-gnar form before lv 6, you can trade with him. A single one of your riventricleave.png dashes is enough to get out of its range. Be very careful of his rock, it does high damage.

Lv 3 if you make a mistake you die. His gnarE.png is a powerful tool to punish your mistakes or to disengage, and your only window of opportunity to fight him is when it's on CD. It has 23 seconds cooldown early game, aim to bait it and then go in if you find a chance.

Lv 6 he gets his ult only when in mega-gnar form. Don't ever dare trading with him while he is transformed or near to at this point, if he stuns you on a wall you'll die 100-0.

Once he gets his 3044.png/3022.png, the match becomes tougher. He'll get tankier while being able to kite you forever if you make a mistake. 


  • Boring match, even if you kill him you probably won't be able to snowball off it. 
  • Maxing rivenfeint.png is quite decent.
  • Even if you do manage to zone him, he'll just farm with his boomerang.
  • Before 6, you can stand your ground against mega-Gnar if you can juke his stun and, possibly, his Q.
  • At 6 stay away from walls, and do your best not to trade with him while he is in mega-Gnar's form.
  • Bait Gnar's E before all-inning him.
  • Avoid him mid game if you didn't get an advantage.



He is just a pony!!!

Not actually difficult if you don't screw up. His level 1 is quite strong, but you can outdamage him with your Q if you manage to juke it a bit, or you can just shield it. Care, his base AD is far higher than yours.

Lv 2 he'll push you out each time you face it. Attack him after having juked/got hit by his Q, try shielding his charge. he'll be in your wave if you positioned correctly, so you have creep advantage to fight him and burst him.

Lv 3 he starts having sustain, but nothing so scary as his mana pool is limited. Keep playing like before, and don't fight in his W. You can burst him faster than he can.

Lv 6 you should still be stronger but be careful once he got his Trinity/Sheen, as he'll burst you really fast. I'd try my best to take a good advantage before this point.

Late game you're stronger 1 vs 1, but he'll have more teamfight presence than you.


  • He has a pretty strong poke, but limited mana pool. Play a war of attrition if you can't burst him.
  • Lv 1 is close, but he has high base AD. Don't get hit by his harass, or he'll outdamage you.
  • Lv 6 be very careful to his TP homeguards ult. Before sheen/trinity you're stronger than him.
  • Try have your jungler ganking him, and bait his charge so he'll have no escape.





Extremely boring lane for almost anyone, you'll probably never be able to kill him due to his healing passive and his towers. Whatever you do don't get hit by his grenade, if he stuns you you're going to suffer tremendous damage, maybe even die.

Once he has completed his Zhonya's you'll never kill him again without dying, unless you manage to clear his towers out with Hydra fast enough.

I'd ask for an early gank, maybe even two, so you may try to shut him down. If you get ahead this lane *might* become quite simple. Care though, as he might be able to pick a double kill off you and your jungle if you two play badly.

Rush Hydra, you need sustain to survive. Don't bother going Hexdrinker before it, as it won't matter if you shield/sustain his damage.

Mercury are a good choice against him and maxing E is probably a good idea.

My opinion of him is not so high. After lane phase he'll be useless against any competent team.
"Solo Que" *Cough Cough*



  • He'll win lane without jungler help, unless he horribly misplays, then you might kill him. Even then, he'll prob. take you with him.
  • Maxing shield and rushing Hydra are both good ideas. 
  • Dodge his grenade at all costs.
  • Don't bother harassing him, he'll heal all you do to him due to his passive. Either all in him, or farm.
  • Focus on farming, not much you can do on your own. If your team doesn't fight in his towers (and it shouldn't) mid/late game he'll be just meat for your sword.




Tough match-up, but you can kind of fight her early on. However, there are quite many things you need to watch-out for...

  1. Her illaoiQ.png. It's her primary harassing skill, but the passive is the worst part of it. It heals her for 5% of her missing health each and every time a tentacle hits you. Guess what? Her illaoiQ.png is considered a tentacle. It's quite easy to dodge.
  2. Fighting near her tentacles. They will attack each time she uses a skill, and if you get hit by both her skill and the tentacle she'll sustain a bunch while raping you like an hentai doll. So, stay da fk away from walls!
  3. Her illaoiE.png. This is the skill that makes this match-up so toxic. If you get hit by it, illaoi will grab your soul. While damaging it, she'll be damaging you too, and if she kills it or you run you'll become the vessel. That means, tentacles will spawn around you 'til you kill her, or you kill three tentacles or a minute is passed.
  4. Her illaoiR.png, the ultimate. It makes a tentacle spawn for every champion it hits. disengage once she uses it, or burst her. 
With this being said, Lv 1 you can start riventricleave.png. You'll win the trade hard if you avoid her illaoiQ.png. Start rivenfeint.png if you're not confident.

Lv 2 you should have the advantage. You can grab both rivenmartyr.png or rivenfeint.png. She'll either take illaoiW.png or illaoiE.png, neither is too important because you'll outdamage her provided you don't get hit by tentacles. If you get the vessel status, that's fine: just chill out for a second, if you chunked her you're good to go.

Lv 3 you still have the advantage 'til lv 6 if you can avoid her tentacles. Try side-stepping to juke her illaoiE.png when retreating.

Lv 6 it gets harder. As soon as you see her ult, run, you don't want to fight her inside a tentacles field. If you get hit... look at your health dropping from 100 to 0.

If you fail to get an advantage, she'll get too tanky for you to deal with while still doing absurd damage. She has more team-fight presence than you by default so... bad trade.


  • Juke her illaoiQ.png. Don't fight near her tentacles.
  • Do your best to juke her illaoiE.png. If you have your cooldowns, or she is near other tentacles, just run away and become a vessel to avoid more damage, chill out 'til it drops.
  • Retreat when she ults.
  • Maxing rivenfeint.png is good for juking, but you'll lack a lot of damage. 
  • She is insanely weak to ganks before lv 6, and after if you two play it smart. Ping your jungle to come top for free kills.




A pretty common skill match-up nowadays. It's listed hard purely because i think Irelia has a slight advantage over Riven and a single mistake can cost you the lane, especially after 6. 

Anyway, this match-up will probably be won by the one who knows his champ better. Remember:

If you know yourself and you know your enemy, not even in 100 battles you'll find yourself in danger. 
Sorry, i couldn't resist!

The match relies heavily on her stun, by both sides: if you can bait it on your shield, you win, else you lose. A pretty simple strategy is just going in with your Q, stun her, AA her and shield backwards. Bad Irelias will probably E on your shield, and you'll be able to jump in again. A good one will see it coming though, if not the first time the second, and will be tougher to bait... hell, she might even just jump on you once your shield is down, that's why you need to retreat in your wave, so you won't lose if she doesn't fall for it. Just to be sure, try not having any low health minions nearby when disengaging, else you'll cry... trust me.

Pretty much like Jax, she'll get tanky while doing more damage than you can take. End build she'll probably have even more teamfight presence than you normally, unless you manage to stun and delete her ADC and, possibly, even her APC.

I hear people saying lv 1 is in Riven's favor; let me tell this straight: it is NOT.
I'll assume she started 
ireliaequilibriumstrike.png, because that's what she should start with. If she didn't, crush her.
Anyway, if you can unload your full riventricleave.png on her, you win the trade if minion's damage is even. However, a good Irelia will just ireliaequilibriumstrike.png + AA then withdraw in her wave. If you follow her, she wins for minion damage. If you don't, she wins for poke.
Care at this point, upgrade rivenfeint.png if you're not confident. 

Lv 2 and 3 she has no way to retaliate against your aggression. Try shielding her stun; if you do, punish her mistake and chunk her. She has just lost the trade. Hard.

From level 4 this becomes more and more difficult. She'll be probably maxing ireliaequilibriumstrike.png, so when she stuns you you'll be locked for an hour. If you shield it, you're golden.

Lv 6 if she has a sheen and you misplay once without having a good lead, you die. She has the power to bring you from 100 to 0 if you fail to shield her stun. Moreover, her ult has 20 secs less cooldown than yours.

If by level 9 you haven't got a decent lead she'll just destroy you all the way to late game. At this point, you should be able to fight her again, provided she didn't build to counter you.

If you got an advantage, you'll just burst her as she won't be able to survive your combo. Still watch out for her stun though, 'cause she might be able to burst you anyway if you're careless.



  • Similar to Jax, but with a stronger early game and weaker late. Her W grants her passive sustain at each AA. Lv 1 you are pretty close, might be good starting with shield if you're not confident.
  • Lv 2/3 you just have to watch out for her stun, she has no way of fighting you.
  • Lv 4 onwards the match becomes more and more difficult. Don't fight when she has W on. If she maxes E, Mercury Threads are highly recommended as soon as you can afford them.
  • All the match relies on her stun. If you can bait it on your shield, you win.
  • She has good burst at 6 with a sheen, even stronger after she's completed her trinity. Moreover, her ult has a shorter cooldown than yours, and heals her for any enemy (minion included) it hits. Watch out, fight her away from minions if you can, and use ignite at the beginning of your combo if you have it.
  • Maxing rivenfeint.png makes really difficult for Irelia to kill you, but so is the other way around; if by lv 6 you haven't got a lead, you'll never be able to kill her 1 v 1 until much later. If you max riventricleave.png this becomes an all-or-nothing lane: make a mistake -> you die. She makes a mistake -> she dies pre-9.


Jarvan IV


He has good damage and he's naturally tanky, but nothing too hard.

Fight him lv 1 with riventricleave.png, possibly while you're not debuffed by his jarvanivdragonstrike.png. His first AA on you does enormous damage, so once you go in do your entire combo balls deep, or it won't be worth.

Lv 2 it gets tougher. Don't get hit by his knockup combo, if you do just disengage as he'll win since you're debuffed. Engage if he misses his Q, or even better his knockup combo, he'll lose hard. Shield his first AA.
Rinse and repeat, after lv 3 you can even stun him if you ever get hit by his combo and AA him before disengaging. If he activated his shield, don't bother AA him as obv it will be useless.

Lv 6 he has good burst, but if won't matter if you don't fight him while debuffed. You can dash or valor out of his ult.



  • Fight level 1 when you're not debuffed.
  • Care his combo. Don't fight him if you're debuffed, unless your 100% sure you can burst him. He'll do insane damage.
  • If he ever misses his knockup, punish him... maybe you'll even kill him, as that's his only escape other than flash.
  • He has a shield just like you, but if you're not debuffed it won't matter.
  • If you get a lead, you'll be able to zone him and deny him, making him useless.
  • His mana pool isn't so small, but if he spams his combo he'll quickly go oom. use this at your advantage, as once he is oom he is a joke.




Who Wants a Champion in Pieces?

A good Jax can actually be Hard. Start riventricleave.png + 1036.png. 14.png is pretty good.

Lv 1 he is really strong, but you can still come out ahead on the trade.
If he took jaxcounterstrike.png keep one of your riventricleave.png dashes to get out of its range, and get back in as soon as it's off cooldown. If you get stunned, he wins the trade.
If he grabbed jaxempowertwo.png, be sure to land your full combo on him, don't get harassed, then back off in your wave.

Lv 2 take rivenfeint.png, unless you can cheese him, try shielding his jaxempowertwo.png harass, or use it to escape his jaxcounterstrike.png if you fail doing it. For the rest, stays as lv 1. You should come out ahead easily at this point.

Lv 3 gets even easier. As before, bait his jaxcounterstrike.png. If he ever shows balls and tries to jaxleapstrike.png at you in your wave, try stunning him before he stuns you and kill him with your minions support. 

Lv 6 he gets a HUGE power-spike, both in damage and defence. His ult will make him deceptively tanky, and will let him do a bunch of damage on his third hit. If you are even you'll start getting out-scaled, but it's not yet too late to kill him. Aim to shield his empowered auto.
If you're behind, you're screwed. Try to farm, if you can, and cry to your jungler.


  • Pressure him hard early game. Max riventricleave.png. Bait his jaxcounterstrike.png, then go in once more as soon as your skills are up again.
  • Don't trade blows with him while your skills are down. His base AD is 62 while yours is 56. Moreover, his passive makes him attack faster the longer the fight is, so you'll just lose.
  • Try shielding his AA + W combo, as it does quite a bit of damage.
  • He is easy to pressure under tower. Care not getting stunned though, or you'll die.
  • Level 6 you can still beat him, take care though as his ult makes him tankier and his third AA does insane damage. Don't ult badly, he can Q away and just wait after its over... then he'll rape you ez.
  • Once you got an advantage, you might want to freeze the lane as if he tries to farm you'll just kill him 100 - 0 without his items.




Annoying match-up, even quite hard if he is good, what makes him so tough to face as a melee character is his ability to poke while having a strong all-in and a skill to disengage.
As for any ranged character, starting shield is the best way to go. Even maxing it might be a good idea, even just for having the chance to farm decently, as his poke is insane.

Lv 6 you get by far stronger than him, and even if you're a bit behind you have a chance of killing him. However, his disengage makes him really difficult to kill despite your mobility. Don't have your ult baited.


  • Tough lane where a single mistake can have you killed. Aim to survive if you see he is good, as a good Jayce will make your life a living hell.
  • His all-in is actually really strong, if you're under 50/40% hp and he has ignite up he can actually kill you.
  • Maxing shield is a good idea. Remember though that despite many says Riven outscales Jayce hard, and that's true in 1 vs 1 fights, his poke make for an excellent addition in some teams.
  • Avoid his empowered Q at all costs. No, don't shield it, avoid it. It will hurt a lot. Always.
  • His usual build path includes often an early 3070_32.png. That's really good for you, as his damage will get severely crippled for all lane phase. Keep this in mind.
  • Early CdR really help early game. So try grabbing 3158.png3133.png and a 1053.png if you're behind.
  • Lv 6 you're by far stronger if even, and that's the best moment to fight him since he has no real ult, but don't have yours wasted on his disengage. 
  • As a side note: he is stronger than you only when he can disengage from you, and can only be done in melee form. When he switches from melee to ranged his switch gets a solid 6 secs cooldown for you to capitalize on, if you're fast enough. That's the best moment if you wish to all-in him, as he won't be able to retaliate.




A good Karma will ruin your day.

Why is Karma so good against Riven?

Because she has everything Riven hates. Strong poke and high damage, a shield that buffs her with high mobility; a snare, and OP sustain when she Mantras it, regenerating 20 % of her missing life immediatly as she casts it and once again if she does snare you. I spammed her for some time, even against some decent Rivens, so i know what i'm speaking of.

Now, all in all it's not one of the worst matches, but it will still be tough. It's listed hard purely because few play Karma, and if you find one in ranked she'll probably be good.

Level 1 take rivenfeint.png, shield her harass and her karmaheavenlywave.png. Farm. Don't get freely AAed, her ult cooldown will get reduced if you do.

Level 2 she'll probably take karmaspiritbond.png, don't fight her even if she comes near you as she will win the trade hard if she snares you and sustain all the damage she took.

Level 3 is not so much in your favor either, as her karmasoulshield.png lasts 4 seconds and makes her really hard to catch. If you try to reach her, she'll run away or juke you out and snare you, then destroy you. However, her mana costs are actually decents, and if you can make her waste her skills she'll quickly go OOM. Abuse this at your advantage if you notice she is good.

You have a chance level 6 if she gets too aggressive, as your ult damage might be too much for her to handle. If you took 14.png, you might be able to kill her even before, but always only if she misplays. Bait her ult, karmachakra.png, first.

You outscale her hard, so maxing shield and just playing passive is more than viable.



  • Play passive until you're 6, and be careful even then.
  • Take care, a good Karma knows well how to bait you, so if you see her acting strangely don't be so sure she is making a mistake...
  • She has OP sustain, bait her karmachakra.png or 14.png her before all-inning or she'll probably survive with her empowered karmaspiritbond.png and maybe kill you while your skill are on cooldown.
  • You outscale her hard, max E if you wish to play passive even after 6.
  • An early Hexdrinker is a blessing against her, and Hydra will allow you to sustain her damage and push her out of lane.



Come sing with me your final song

Pretty much one of the easiest lanes of the game for Riven. He needs to land his bombs to do damage to you, and he has a barrier to slow you (and that removes Mr from you). Riven has all the mobility to counter him, and her burst is too strong for his Defile to make any difference. Moreover, his mana costs makes him really easy to go oom early game.


  • One of the late game beasts. Shut him down, or in teamfights he'll destroy your team.
  • Tell your team when he is 6.
  • Grab CdR, it will help a lot.
  • Hexdrinker for his ult is usually a good buy.
  • Late game this becomes stupid. The best way of fighting him in teamfights is waiting him to go oom, then engage and KEEP him alive. If he dies, and you don't back off, you all die.




Kassadin is an anti AP assassin champion. Now, Riven is really strong against assassins and champions who have a bad early game. Kassadin makes no exception. However, after 6 he'll become really difficult to kill, as he'll just ult away to escape.

Lv 1 take rivenfeint.png, shield his nulllance.png.

Lv 2 you can start fighting him. If he took forcepulse.png, rush him while he has it at 0-2 stacks. After that, either wait 'til he wastes it, or for lv3, or if he Qs a minion and he's in position to get attacked as you'll just shield the damage. Since he starts often with flasks, might not be so worth getting more damage than needed.
If he took W, he'll practically have an AA reset who has decent, yet not so high damage. However, his passive buff makes trading AAs with him not rewarding, as he'll probably out-trade you.

Lv 3 you'll win every trade despite when you engage, as long as you don't waste skills reaching him. However, he'll probably play really safe, so just watching him farming with Q and losing a bunch of minions will probably be enough. But if he dares to W a minion in a position where you can fight him,make him pay doing so.

Lv 6+ becomes more boring, however his rank 1 ult has 6 secs cooldown. If he AAs the wave with you near, you can still ult and kill him if he has flash down.
Even at this point, he shouldn't be able to kill you, though he'll roam better than you if you allow him.


  • Easy lane. Zone him and fight balls deep after lv 3.
  • Shield his Q poke.
  • Early CdR is key here. 
  • After 6 he becomes a lot more difficult to kill, so don't waste your ult randomly. However, he will still have to play safe against you, as his rank 1 ult still has a decent cooldown.
  • Trading blows with him while your skills are down may not be so rewarding, as his W buffs his AAs.




Violence solves anything.


 Skill match-up, maybe slightly in favor of Riven.
The way i see it, the first who makes a mistake dies.

Now, lv 1 is kind of a weird spot: your full riventricleave.png out-damages her katarinaq.png if she doesn't spin on you. Don't get poked by her katarinaq.png, which does quite a bit of damage, and stay away from her dagger.

Lv 2 i feel like is the hardest part of the lane. First of all, don't get cheesed: it's really easy for her to kill you if she gets lv 2 before you.
Other than that, i kind of feel like this is a point where katarina can out-damage Riven. I'd play safe and take rivenfeint.png if i can't cheese her.

Lv 3 becomes a pure skill match-up. Stay away from her daggers, shield her katarinaq.png and don't be its last target, as it will fall beneath you for a easy passive proc. Don't waste cooldowns  chasing her.

Lv 6 you have the advantage in all-ins, but care of her outplay potential: it's really easy to miss your windslash if she has katarinaewrapper.png up. Other than that, keep one of your CCs to stop her katarinar.png, and never ever show up against her with your cooldowns.


  • You won't kill a good Katarina. Period. Don't do stupid things trying. You can still outfarm her and make her unable to roam, and that's what matters and makes you so effective against her. it's a bit like Shen's lane, only simpler.
  • Don't let her roam, and force her to farm with bouncingblades.png. A piece of advice: don't ever be the last target of her katarinaq.png, as it will make the dagger fall really close to you. Remember: it now bounces three times.
  • Picking up her dagger makes her spin and resets her shadowstep.png cooldown. Don't have your disengage cut by it, and use it at your advantage to understand where she'll probably shadowstep.png to.




Another Angel Down!

Not too hard, but you'll get pushed and poked a lot. Abuse brushes, shield her Q and the most AAs you can. She'll eventually get too cocky, and step a bit too close to you. All in her, chunk her or even kill her, and show her you're a threat. Engage only if she's in reach of your E + Q, else you'll lose the trade and possibly die. Once you're ahead, she won't be a threat to you anymore.
As a side note: her Q consumes actually a pretty decent amount of mana. Bait it as much as you can, but never get hit by it.

Remember: her E at low levels has a cooldown, a short one but present. Keep your mouse on her, see how long is before it wears off. Bad Kayles won't manage it well, and step towards you/the minions as soon as it wears off. That's a good moment to engage on her.


  • Kayle has strong poke, sustain and nice MS. Start E, play passive until you see an opening. When she gets too cocky to harass you, punish her.
  • Don't try of harassing her, as she'll sustain all back while chunking you hard. All in her, or farm.
  • Keep track of her E's duration, and use it at your advantage. It HAS a cooldown at early levels.
  • Rush Hydra and Brutalizer so you can outpush her and sustain her damage. Get Hexdrinker if she's going Lichbane. Ionian's build is a good option.
  • If she's oom, rush at her without thinking twice about it.
  • Lv 6 don't get baited, and most important don't waste your Wind Slash on her ult. You should be able to beat her in any all in if you're even.
  • Shield her Q, especially if she's going burst Kayle (lichbane build) since she'll be maxing it.
  • If you have ignite, wait for her to ult after lv 6, or you'll lose precious damage.
  • Maxing E is not so bad, but it's not even needed. Your call if you wish to be more passive.



A great Kennen is an impossible match-up for Riven; his poke is unbearable, and his all-in after lv 6 scary to say the least. However, if you're in low elo where people don't know how to position, this might just a medium match-up.

Start rivenfeint.png, and max it. You need it not only to farm, but even to soak up his damage in all-ins.
Lv 1 and 2 you can actually beat him if he steps too close to you and you have riventricleave.png up, but if he is good he won't make this mistake. Anyway, lv 1 he can't really stun you.

Lv 3 it's the same as the levels before: you farm, farm and farm. If you go in now, you're just going to get a bunch of damage for free, as he is just going to kennenlightningrush.png away, stunning you in the process.

Lv 6 he either needs to be in melee range for you to all-in him or you have to outplay him massively. If you just charge in like an Iron Bull you're gonna have a bad time. Remember that now his ult has less cooldown than yours at rank 1.

Work towards your 3155.png right away, then rush your max CdR as fast as possible. At CdR capped you should be able to win, as your rivenfeint.png will be on a far too short cooldown for him to abuse it.


  • Especially after his buffs, an impossible match-up if he is good.
  • Max rivenfeint.png, its mobility and the shield it gives you will help you a lot.
  • Lv 6 he has the advantage. If he stuns you twice while all-inning him you are most likely going to die.
  • Try getting an early gank when you're under your tower, it really helps.
  • Hydra, hexdrinker and mercury Threads are great items for this lane.
  • Keep his character bar on, so you'll know when he'll have his next empowered AA.
  • With rivenfeint.png maxed and some points in your riventricleave.png, if even, you should come out ahead in all-ins. At this point you should have 40/45% cdr and at maybe some sustain.
  • He has better teamfight presence than you normally. Avoid teamfights if possible.




After the brutalizer removal this match-up has become a lot more boring than before to play. Anyway, Riven can hold pretty decently against her, as her shield can negate a huge portion of her damage.

She'll start with her jump. You can try starting Q to chunk her hard from level 1 if she overextends thinking you started E; without her mark she is a joke.

Lv 2 take E if you can't cheese her. if you shield when she casts and consumes her Mark, she'll do pitiful damage to you while losing A LOT of mana. You can jump on her right after. If you're marked and your shield is down, stay back and wait for it to wear off.

Lv 3 stays the same, but care of her chucles. If you're healthy and your skill are up, when she hits her E you can think about fighting her. If she doesn't jump away, you'll chunk her hard. If she does and she hasn't broke the chain it shouldn't matter too much anyway, as she won't be able to do that much damage to you.

Lv 6 your kill potential drops a lot. You win easily straight up fights, but she has the power to make you waste your ult really easily. Don't get baited.
Really, a good Leblanc will probably never die to a Riven at this point.


  • Shield when she tries to consume her mark. It's often a matter of reflexes. She'll quickly go oom.
  • If you run Ignite, use it before she is under 40 % of life when all-inning. This way, you'll know who the real leblanc is after she gets her clone.
  • Lv 6 try not to fight her head-on when she has ult, she might be able to juke you. It has a solid 40 secs cooldown at rank 1 if you can bait it.
  • Don't stay ever low in lane against her.
  • Rush Hexdrinker.


Lee Sin

Snowbally match-up. If you give him an early kill, you're fucked.

Lv 1 start riventricleave.png, stay behind your minions.
If he is started blindmonkqone.png just don't get hit by it, fight him if he misses it or withdraw in your wave if he gets you.
If he started blindmonkeone.png try not getting freely harassed by it.

Lv 2 is a bit in your favor, if you can avoid his blindmonkqone.png. If you do, you can fight him and win the trade.

Lv 3 is where you really find who is better at his own champion. He'll use is blindmonkwone.png to juke you and shield part of your combo, while getting in position to hit you with his blindmonkqone.png. Be careful about it, and try not falling to his mind games. Use minions as cover.
Remember that his blindmonkwone.png will grant him life-steal and spell-vamp. Don't let him freely autoattack the wave with it, or he'll out-sustain you.

Lv 6 is... in favor of the one who got ahead. Really, it's difficult to say: the biggest problem here is his blindmonkrkick.png + blindmonkqone.png, against which you got no way to retaliate. It does a shit-load of damage, and if you're the one ahead will make him disengage quite easily. Keep in mind: it has a lower cooldown than your ult.


  • Avoid his blindmonkqone.png. If you can, the lane is easy, else you'll probably lose.
  • He has sustain, try not letting him AA the minions.
  • Lv 6 he gets really difficult to kill, 'cause he'll just kick you away whenever you try. Moreover, his burst gets 100 times stronger.
  • I think maxing rivenfeint.png is more effective a good Lee Sin, as will help you a lot outplaying him. Maxing riventricleave.png is better if you notice he is bad.
  • CdR is your friend. Early armor, like a 3082.png, will help a lot, trust me.



Not really hard, just pretty annoying. Don't expect to kill her if she's good.

Lv 1 start rivenfeint.png, her lissandraQ.png does quite a bit of damage. Don't stay behind minions, as it will get even stronger. 

Lv 2 take riventricleave.png, try to fight if she comes close. She'll probably just lissandraW.png you, but maybe you'll have a lucky trade or be in position to follow her afterwards.

Lv 3/4 she'll become too slippery with her lissandraE.png disengage, but you may be able to cancel it. If you do, she'll die. Period.

Lv 6 this lane is a shit, since she has good burst, good disengage, many CCs, and can pretty much set up a gank and kill you anytime she wants.
But here's the tip to find your way to happiness: grab a 3140.png. Yay, i just saved your life and make her almost useless against you.


  • Annoying lane. Warned you.
  • Maxing riventricleave.png is fine, but since she'll get so slippery after a bit i feel like rivenfeint.png is better. However, you'll lack quite a bit of damage if you went for a 3140.png.
  • Try fighting her at Lv 2, you might get a good trade off.
  • You can cancel her disengage by stunning her if you're quick enough.
  • 3140.png is mandatory. Take it right after some CdR, like 3133.png.
  • 3111.png are a trap against her. They don't help you fight her, except for the mag. res.




Boring match up where she'll just spam skills at a safe distance. She shouldn't be able to kill you tough.

Lux scales decently into late game, and so does Riven. Max either rivenfeint.png or riventricleave.png depending on your playstile.

As with most ranged match-ups take rivenfeint.png lv 1. I wouldn't start Q, as if you get hit by her luxlightstrikekugel.png she'll AA you and do a lot of damage. I'd just play passive 'til 3.

Lv 3 if she tries too hard to kill you she'll put herself in a bad spot. Wait for it, as normally you won't be able to reach her. Like Ahri, juke her luxlightbinding.png, the bind. If you can, she'll probably die. It has 14 secs cooldown early game, bait it and see if you can abuse it.

Lv 6 becomes more difficult as getting binded will probably mean getting chunked or killed. 

3155.png is fine but not needed, as you have the mobility to avoid her skills. 3158.png and 3133.png will help a lot more.


  • Boring lane, probably will end in a stalemate if she's anywhere good. Play passive 'til lv 3, then fight her when she misplays.
  • Juke her bind.
  • Lv 6 her luxmalicecannon.png does high damage. if you get binded you'll suffer. Period.
  • Early CdR helps a lot.
  • Late game you are both useful, but in different ways. I actually think Riven outscales by a bit Lux, especially in 1 vs 1 fights. Moreover, she's an easy target for you as she lacks a significant escape.




Not an hard match-up, but he is a rock... how do you think Riven broke her sword? 

Malphite has high combat stats, and does pretty high damages while being as tanky as fuck. Don't fight him head-on unless he misplays, focus on draining his mana by harassing him and shielding his Q. The debuff on his E is actually pretty significant, as his AAs do a lot of damage. Try to juke it. Ask for help to your jungler if you can, before 6 it should be easy.

Start E, if he tries to harass you shield it and laugh at how he has just wasted 1/4 of his mana.

Level 2 harass him, juke his E if you can, else just back off. No reason taking more damage than you can do to him. Try to keep his shield down once you break it, though it's easier said than done if he is smart...

Lv 3 You're stronger. Try getting an advantage before 6 if you can.

Lv 6 if he has ignite becomes a really terrifying opponent, and will be able to burst you if you have more or less half hp. That's your last chance to kill him, afterwards you'll not be able to stop him anymore before finiscing Lw, Hydra and possibly Black Cleaver.

He won't be an issue if he goes AP malphite, though you'll want to buy an Hexdrinker to survive his burst.


  • Malphite has high base damages. Don't underestimate him, take E lv 1 and make him waste mana.
  • If he started flask, you probably won't be able to kill him if he doesn't misplay.
  • Try to juke his E, don't fight him if you're debuffed. You're going to lose the trade, as your combo will be slower and his AAs do a lot of damage early game.
  • Hydra is good at forcing him to farm under tower, so he'll lose minions and will waste mana trying to cs. However, it will make you in an easy spot for ganks, as malphite with ult can set them up very well.
  • Lv 6 is your last chance of killing him. Be careful, he has good burst at this point, and he'll kill you if you're careless.
  • Last Whisper and Black Cleaver are really strong first items to get after some sustain if you're ahead, so that you can keep killing him without pushing too much your lane.
  • His team fight presence is stronger than yours. Fed or not, try keeping him top so he won't be able to engage against your team. Obviously, don't do it if your team is losing anyway as you'll need to go help them out, unless you're confident you can bait some other people top.


Master Yi


Pretty simple match, Riven is designed to beat champions like Yi.

This match-up goes heavily in your favor, but there are some things you need to watch out for:
Lv 1 he is stronger, so you don't want to take the initiative. Take Q, but just farm and fight him in your wave if he gets too much aggressive. Don't take E, as he'll just Q to reach you once its down and he'll hurt you alot.

Lv 2 it should be even i guess, but i'd still suggest waiting for level 3, where he has no chance of trading with you. Feel free to take W in this match-up, so if he Qs you you'll stun him for major damage, or for retreating.

Lv 3 you're stronger all the way 'till the end of the game, unless he is already ahead or fights you with his ult during your cooldowns. When you trade with him you want to shield as much of his combo as possible, or when he Qs you. Other than this, don't have your W juked.

Lv 6 your ult is stronger than his, as his burst is nowhere so high, however you never want to waste all your skills, as he'll kill you before they're up once again. Oh, and don't have your ult juked ofc.

If you take even a single kill in this lane, you'll snowball out of control as he won't be able to trade in any way against you afterwards.


  • Don't fight lv 1 against him. Take Q, but play passive.
  • Like Aatrox and alike, wait for him to waste his double attack, as it does scary damage. Try shielding it if you can't.
  • Stop him from curing himself if you can, don't use both your third Q and W when trading with him if he has it up. It has like 30 secs cooldown at rank 1.
  • Lv 6 your ult is stronger, but if he catches you with your cooldowns you're done.
  • Tabi are a wonderful buy against him, and so is brutalizer and a later Omen.



Mordekaiser... easy... YOU'RE DRUNK!!


The difficulty stays the same, maybe even easier top lane. Mordekaiser can win trades against you only if you make two major mistakes: 
  1. fighting him near your wave. This will make him build his shield, and make your combo do pitiful damage.
  2. Eating his Q combo. This will chunk you really hard, even kill you, and it's something you want to avoid.
Other than that, his E now is easier to shield and avoid, and does far less damage than before. Its range is quite low too. His shield stop decaying at 25%, but it's not really that significant if you don't let him build more during trades. The only real problem is that he scales even better than before, so you want to shut him down hard. Btw, he is still weak to ganks, so if you find yourself in danger don't esitate.

Lv 1 it really depends on what he started with: if he started E, you can fight him if you're far from your minions (and he doesn't have too many of his around). 
However, if he started Q you'll just want to avoid trading with him before lv 2, as he'll chunk you hard. Aim for a fast lv 2 if that's the case.

Lv 2 you can fight him without much problem. What you should aim to do is zoning him from the wave by standing at the top of his wave, and keeping him back. If he dares coming near the wave just to E a single minion, you'll chunk him hard.
When trading with him, his Q is a really powerful tool to damage you, but your shield can cover a large portion of it. If you're fast with your Q combo, you'll leave without getting any other AA damage as Mordekaiser's Q problem is that he can't follow you up if you disengage.

Lv 3 it's even easier. You should keep doing what you were at lv 2, zoning him from the wave, however with your shield and your two CCs he should never be able to hit you.

At 6, his ult is still quite significant, but yours outdamages his. Igniting him will help a lot. Don't ever die while his ult is on you however, as you'll become his bitch.

In teamfights he is even scarier than before now, and his passive makes the dragon his toy. It's your job to deny him as much as possible. Brutalizer is a great choice against him, and so are BC or BT if you want to freeze on him. 

A thing to note: like before, positioning in this match-up is really helpful: if you keep him between you and your minions, he'll have to choose if hit you, and attempt to damage you, or hit them, and taking the shield. A smart one would choose the latter.


Not really sure how much this will affect him, but i don't think too much. His base armor has been reduced to 20 from 24 but now gets the ability to use his W, the only skill that grants him some sustain. I think it shouldn't be too much of a problem, play like before and you should be ok.


  • A surprisingly simple match-up, just don't fight him near your minions.
  • Another important thing to note: his only important damage comes from his Q. If he can proc his third AA on you, you'll have lost the trade. He shouldn't be able to do it if you don't misplay however.
  • He is squishy if he is unable to fill his shield, you'll burst him no problem.
  • He is weak to ganks, and Riven can set them up easily. Ask nicely to your jungler for some help if you're in trouble.
  • Don't get freely harassed when you're forced to play passive because he is near your wave, or just face him with while keeping him between you and your minions, so he'll have to choose between damaging you or taking shield.
  • It's easy Top lane, medium Mid Lane. With a gank, he'll be no problem anyway.
  • At 6 use your ignite to counter his ult healing. It's actually really strong. I'd recommend to take ignite against him not only for this reason, but even because it should be simple to snowball against him if he tries to farm.



You'll fall even deeper after i'll be done with you

I don't think you can kill her if she doesn't misplay, but you can survive and out-push her without problems.


  • Pretty simple lane with low killing potential by both sides. Just out-push her. If you're mid, Morgana's goal is push you and roam. You can deny this to her, thus winning your lane. If you're top, you'll avoid her to Tp away.
  • Overall you might want Tp if you're top, as you probably won't be able to reach her if she's good.
  • If you want to try to kill her, try baiting her bind. If you succeed, you might be able to.
  • Lv 6 she has strong burst and CCs. Don't underestimate her.
  • Mercury Threads or QSS is core in this match.




Simple laning phase, but difficult to kill. I'm actually not a fan of Riven for this match, as all her skills push the lane and she gets outscaled (IN 1 VS 1 FIGHTS) quite fast...

Your goal is denying him stacks and farm while killing him if you can. No matter what you do, he'll become stronger than you if the games drags too long. Aim to end it before.
Now, you might think i'm mad by saying this but the real problem isn't Nasus. The real problem is the rest of the game. If your team is winning, you'll be able to stay top and deny him or just join them and end it, else you'll just have to go down and help your mates. If your team gets an early advantage, Nasus won't be much of an help if you did your job, and you'll be able to end the game fast probably.

Lv 1 take Q, let him stack a minion so he won't hurt you with his siphoningstrikenew.png as you have far less sustain than him. Unload your full combo right after.Don't push the lane if you can help it, zone him from minions.

Lv 2 take E if you can't cheese him. Aim to bait and shield his Q, so he won't use it on minions. Keep not pushing, his AA sustain will make him hard to chunk under tower no matter how hard you pressure him.

Lv 3 rinse and repeat. At this point if he EVER gets too close to you, he'll die. Period.

Lv 6 becomes tougher when he has his godofdeath.png, as it does amazing damage while making him tanky as hell. From level 7 onwards if you haven't took a good lead he will start getting too giant for you to kill...


  • Take Fervor of Battle.
  • He is a giant dog, hard to kill, with passive lifesteal and high base AD. Don't fight against him in extended trades as he will out-damage and out-sustain you.
  • Try freeze your lane, don't push him under his tower or he'll free farm and sustain your harass while waiting for a gank. Rush 3071.png.
  • Don't eat his Q. It hurts. Bait it and shield it if you can, you'll win the trade hard, or fight him after he stacked a minion and zone him while he is chunked.
  • Force him to farm with E. If he does, you're winning your lane. It will push hard, so call your jungle for a gank.
  • Careful fighting when you're withered or under his E, are actually pretty significant debuffs.
  • Ward well the area, The Dog can set up ganks really well if he baits your skills and then withers you. Don't fall for it, as he'll free farm on your corpse and you'll cry.
  • USE YOUR HEAD! You won't win by denying him a SINGLE stack but by denying him MANY stacks. Don't get greedy, don't get careless. You WON'T be able to deny him all his stacks, don't let him bait you into pushing your lane for trying to, or out-trade you 'cause your trying too hard to kill him.
  • As i've read in another guide before, you stand NO CHANCE beating a Nasus in lane if you can't FARM. Aim for the max CS when laning against him, that's how you'll get a massive lead since he'll have to lose a lot against you.
  • Take Ignite if you wish to have more chances of killing him. Take Teleport if you wish to try to end the game fast by helping your team.




You don't see Nautilus top often, but if you do it shouldn't be such a problem. He'll build tanky however, so make use of your early game to get an advantage. He is even quite weak to ganks, so call for one if you need it.

Take rivenfeint.png lv 1. There's no really point in fighting him at this point, as he'll just stun you with his empowered AA, nautilussplashzone.png at you and win the trade hard. If he started nautiluspiercinggaze.png, you'll do no damage on him anyway while taking minion aggro. Yeah, start rivenfeint.png

Wait for lv 3, just farm passively 'til then. At level 2 you can cheese some damage, but don't over-commit. If he uses nautiluspiercinggaze.png, back off.

Lv 3 gets easier. The only thing you need to watch out for is his empowered auto; it's really slow to play, so you should be able to rivenfeint.png it really easily if you are careful. Remember: Nautilus has a decent initial damage, but it falls off really hard in terms of dps; moreover, his nautiluspiercinggaze.png has 18 secs cooldown lv 1. If he uses his all combo, do yours and STAY ON HIM to make him pay. He can do NOTHING while you are bashing his face. Just be careful of minions damage!

Lv 6 your ult is by far stronger than his in 1 vs 1 fights, provided he isn't already tanky as fuck. Care of ganks though: he can set them up really well, and if he does you're screwed.

Rush 3071.png


  • Play passively 'til lv 3. No point fighting him before, as he'll win the trade.
  • Shield his empowered auto.
  • He has a limited mana pool.
  • His shield's got an 18 secs cooldown lv 1. Abuse it.
  • His lv 6 is good more for ganks than damage; 1 vs 1, you should come ahead if he isn't already really tanky.
  • Don't waste your ult! He can ult you himself and nautilusanchordrag.png at a nearby wall to escape, so use it smartly!
    Your rivenfengshuiengine.png has 10 secs less cooldown than his at rank 1. If he doesn't have cdr and you do, that's even lower... cheese him.




A good Nidalee is even hard, as her AA poke is really strong, she has a good disengage and in case strong burst. Moreover, she has sustain, and she's difficult to gank.

Maxing E is a good idea, and so it's an hexdrinker.

Lv 1 take E, shield as much of her harass as possible. She'll either have started spear or trap, either way dodge both.

Lv 2/3 stays the same, you rely on her mistakes to kill her. If she gets too close and she isn't on a trap, you can all in her, else just passively farm. You never ever want to have the hunted debuff on you, if you do and you're not in a really good wave at lv 3+, just back off immediatly.

Lv 6 the lane should be easier, as you have your ult while she gets almost nothing.


  • Tough lane. Start E and consider maxing it. Abuse brushes.
  • Don't get hit by her spears, and don't step on her traps. If you do, just stay back and wait for the "Hunted" status to go off.
  • While in cougar form she is a threat to you only if you're "Hunted".
  • You can dodge her pounce by flashing or Shielding away if you're fast enough.
  • Lv 6 you have the advantage if even and if you're able to force an all-in.
  • She has good disengage in cougar form, and if you're hunted she can jump on you and then jump back.
  • If you engage her in close combat and her Q is up, she can throw it on you and hit you almost surely, debuffing you with the hunted trait. The Q itself won't be too much of a problem, but the debuff is. Keep this in mind.




I've seen him and played top from time to time. He is actually a pretty strong laner in the first few levels, and again once he gets his botrk, and scales really well into late game.

You don't want to fight him lv 1 inside his Duskbringer trail. It does damage if it hits you, and gives him a pretty significant AD buff (15 rank 1, 55 rank 5) while granting him the ability to chase you if you attempt to disengage. He'll kill you if you underestimate his lv 1.

Lv 2/3 you should be stronger, but keep avoiding fighting him when he is on his Q. Watch out for his E, but it should be easy for Riven to get out of its range. His W can block one of your skills, so take care, try not to have your W/third Q shielded.

Lv 6 you're stronger than him by a far amount, but KEEP staying away from that black trail. If he went tanky and fights you on it, you might lose. Btw, if he manages to spellshield your ult write in all-chat "GG I SUCK". Do it please. I would.


  • Easy lane if you don't fight him head-on. Never fight him on his trail.
  • He has high mana costs, and he'll have to spam his skills to kill you. If you play smartly, he'll go oom by level 3/4, and will make for an easy kill.
  • He can spellshield one of your skills. At 6, don't have your ult blocked. Pls, don't...
  • Care to his E, he'll make you cry if he manages to fear you.
  • More than him being a strong trader, what you need to be careful at is yourself. The only way he can kill you is if you underestimate him.




A boring match. He has sustain, a skill that makes him AA faster and raise his MS, and another one to damage you while slowing you. However, he has quite the limited mana pool, so aim to deplete it.

Lv 1 take E, just shield his troll ball. It's not worth to fight him at this point, as he'll sustain right through after.

Lv 2 take Q, you can start to trade with him. Keep shielding his ball, and disengage in your wave so he can't follow you in. Try not to push the wave, as he'll AA freely the minions under tower. Why is that a problem? Because his passive grants him the power to use a skill without mana cost every 5 AAs. Free Qs on minions means free sustain... and you don't want this.

Lv 3 it's like before, but you have a stun now. Use it once he activates his W if you can, then disengage if you weren't before.

Lv 6 you are stronger if he is not too tanky. His ult is a channeled skill, so keep your W to stop him, and you'll have 0 problems.
Care of ganks for all lane phase, as with your cooldowns you are just a meal for him and his jungler.


  • He has sustain with Q, and every 5 AAs he can use a spell without using mana. Keep pressuring him so he can't freely harass the wave and sustain as he wishes.
  • Don't fight him lv 1, just take E and wait for lv 2.
  • Shield his E.
  • DO your combo quickly, and stun him once he activates his W (his hands start glowing). Retreat in you wave right after.
  • Lv 6 keep your W or third Q for his ult.
  • Ward well around, and try not to push your lane. He can set up great ganks with his E and W.
  • Both 14.png and 12.png are good choices in this match-up.




Horrible match-up. I'd advice against picking Riven into this guy. Ask for ganks, he is weak to them.

Olaf is really strong against Riven because of 2 things: his olafaxethrowcast.png, which negates your retreat, and his olafragnarok.png later on, which makes him completely immune to your CCs. Moreover, he's got a lot of sustain due to his olaffrenziedstrikes.png, which is enhanced the lower his health because of his AS passive boost.
TL:DR he hard counters Riven.

Lv 1 is the hardest part of the lane: he can chase you down with his olafaxethrowcast.png, so start riventricleave.png and play passive. DON'T trade against him at this point, he'll most surely win and kill you.
Take rivenfeint.png if he started olafrecklessstrike.png; if he wastes it on your shield he'll lose the trade, as it hurts him everytime he uses it.

Lv 2 rivenfeint.png/riventricleave.png.
Don't push the lane. If you find yourself overextended against him, a single landed olafaxethrowcast.png might ruin your day. Don't take the initiative, and only trade back near your tower. If he has olafrecklessstrike.png, shield it.

Lv 3 short trades are mandatory, and only near your tower. Play around his mana pool more than around his health, as he can take it back fairly easily with his olaffrenziedstrikes.png. Don't ever waste all your skills just to hurt him, keep always at least 1 riventricleave.png and either rivenfeint.png or rivenmartyr.png to disengage.

Lv 6 he is stronger than you if full life, even if he went for damage. Your all-in triumphs his only if you managed to bring him down at least at 60% hp beforehand.
Honestly, if you haven't got a lead... well, that's going to be a rough game for you. Care, he can dive you easily if he is ahead.

The only way to kill him is by bringing 14.png with you and maxing riventricleave.png. However, i'd suggest grabbing 12.png and maxing rivenfeint.png, as you'll be able to shield his poke and have a chance to escape if he Axe-chains you. Honestly, against a good Olaf you can only farm and ask help to your jungler.


  • Don't fight Olaf lv 1. 
  • Maxing rivenfeint.png negates any kill potential on him, but helps you surviving laning phase. Viceversa, maxing riventricleave.png might give you some kill potential lv 4/5, but will make your post-6 a lot harder if you failed at grabbing an advantage.
  • Don't push against an Olaf. If he freezes lane, cry to your jungler.
  • Shield always his olafrecklessstrike.png.
  • Dodge his olafaxethrowcast.png, or shield it if under tower. Not only does damage; it slows you too, making really easy for him to cut your retreat.
  • Mid game if you haven't got a really decent lead and he went tanky, he'll wreck you.
  • Did i mention *STAY AWAY FROM OLAF LV 1"?




Tough early game, but you outscale him pretty hard after 6 if he isn't fed. You want to avoid trading with him before that point, unless he is oom, then you'll be able to kill him easily as he his a spell-caster, just like you.

Lv 1 take shield, survive his spears harass. If he started flask he'll probably never go oom, else just endure. Hang on 'til lv 6, where you can actually fight him.

At lv 6 he has no ult, so it's a good chance to face him if you're pretty much even. You can engage with an E + R as soon as he throws a spear at you if the lane allows.
Careful, as if he gets a lead he'll just build damage and burst you.

Ping like crazy after 6, as his ult will often snowball his team.


  • A match-up where you just want to survive 'til 6. Maxing E makes a lot easier to farm, maxing Q makes your combo do more damage as his passive chunks off your damage.
  • Start E lv 1.
  • His mana sustain in this meta is really limited. Just endure.
  • Never fight him before lv 6 if he has mana, unless you see a really good trade option. His stun and his E, 2 spears in one combo and AAs inluded outdamage yours at any point of the laning phase.
  • From lv 6 onwards he should be an easy kill, as long as you're even or just slightly behind and you have your ult. Never fight him without it though, unless you're REALLY far ahead.
  • After he is 6 and he is MIA, ping like crazy, as his ult often snowballs his team.



Not like this!

Pretty simple match-up early game. Try getting an advantage before she gets tanky.

Lv 1 is your best time to abuse her, since she doesn't have her poppyparagonofdemacia.png passive yet. Grab riventricleave.png, trade with her anytime her shield isn't up.
Watch out for her poppydevastatingblow.png second activation. Either walk or dash away, but don't get hit both times.

Lv 2 feel free to grab rivenmartyr.png. If she took poppyheroiccharge.png, don't stand near walls. If she took poppyparagonofdemacia.png, don't have your third riventricleave.png cancelled when trading.

Lv 3 keep trading with her, but care for ganks. Her poppyparagonofdemacia.png cancels one of your dashes, so keep that in mind.

Lv 6 you should be stronger, but be really careful not getting stunned into walls. If you do, she'll CC you to death. Care after some tanky items are bought, she will get stronger than you.


  • Simple match-up early on. Force trades lv 1, where she is at her weakest.
  • Don't fight when her shield is up.
  • Try shielding/juking her first poppydevastatingblow.png activation, dodge the second.
  • Don't stand near walls.
  • Her poppyparagonofdemacia.png grants her a lot of free resistance, especially if she's under 40% hp. It actually counters your ult decently, so don't get baited and use ignite after she drops down this value.
  • She can cancel one of your dashes. Ward well, and don't have your third riventricleave.png cancelled.
  • Lv 6 you should still be stronger, but don't get stunned into walls or you'll be CCed to death.




Go afk

Well, to be honest this is a far more manageble match-up now, but her roaming is dangerous.

Start cloth as it'll be REALLY difficult to survive with a long sword, take E lv 1.
Farm as best as you can. 
Her lv 6 isn't as strong as it used to be. Ping MIA each time she disappears from your screen.

Ask your jungler to help you out, quinn is quite easy to gank. But if you're paired with someone who can't gank you, just silently cry under tower.

Late game she falls off a bit due to her low range, but depending on her build she'll still be able to burst you easily if you misplay.



  • Still a really annoying match-up, but not anymore the worst. Just aim to survive and farm, as it's difficult for her to end up in a position where you can kill her due to her dash. Don't give her kills or she'll be unstoppable.
  • Ask your jungler for help as she is weak to ganks.
  • Max rivenfeint.png, grab 12.png. I don't care if it's ignite meta, grab da fking tp. Exhaust is fine too.
  • Always shield her passive, the AA when you have the target on you.
  • Grab life-steal and early CdR,maybe 3047_32.png later since you'll probably be against two ADCs. An early 3082_32.png and 3143_32.png later is a good idea.
  • Late game she shouldn't stand a chance anymore against you.




High damage and high sustain. This lane is really difficult for Riven, as Rek'Sai can knock her up, trade with her while her shield is down, chunk her and then sustain all the damage she did. Even after the nerfs this lane stays tough.

HOWEVER! As always there are some small windows of chance Riven can catch to grab an advantage.

Start with long sword, as cloth won't be as useful anyway since Rek'Sai's E does true damage when her red bar is full. You MIGHT go for it if you just want to survive and play passive, as it will still reduce the rest of her damage and help you sustaining it. If that's the case, just max shield.

Level up Q, fight her level 1 if she took long sword + 3 potions. You won't win a long fight, but you'll still chunk her pretty hard if you disengage quickly, winning the trade. If she went cloth 5, avoid fighting her now, or even at all. You'll never kill her. She'll sustain all the damage you did level 1 while you'll be forced to waste 1 of your precious potions...

If you fought her, you'll probably have her zoned from minions, and she won't yet have the option of sustaining with Borrow. This way you can reach level 2 sooner. If she's been conservative on her potions, try cheesing her by taking W, if you succeed the lane will be far easier.
If you know you can't cheese her, take E. Your goal now is taking as less damage as possible when trading against her. Not trading at all is also an option, but she WILL try to fight you as a good rek'sai knows Riven is weaker at this point.
Try avoiding her knockup, if you do it you'll be able to shield her q combo while chunking her hard, especially if she dived you in your minion wave.

Level 3 don't trade with her when her rage/fury is full, shield her E if you do or you'll be the one getting chunked hard now. If you got her at a critical point and took Ignite, use it when she borrows, so she'll not sustain much and you'll be able to kill her right after or force her back.

Rinse and repeat 'til 6. Trade cautiosly, don't take unnecessary damage.
At 6 you have a much better chance of killing her, as she has no 1 vs 1 ult. Try waiting for her to engage on you with Unborrow, so she can't just escape as soon as you ult her. 

You'll slowly outscale her, but she'll be a pain in the ass all mid game if you failed to get ahead...


  • Try fighting her level 1 if she started with long or a doran's. You'll probably zone her 'til level 2, and maybe cheese her if she's been conservative with her potions and let her guard down.
  • From level 2 she'll have too much sustain for you to handle. Try avoiding her knockup, you'll win the trade if you succeed and won't take too much damage from her.
  • If you bring her significantly down, Ignite her when she burrows, so she won't be able to sustain and will either have to back or get zoned. Don't do it if she has potions left obviously.
  • Lv 6 is a good time to fight her, as she lacks a fighting ultimate.
  • You'll outscale her in 1 vs 1 fights by mid/late game.
  • Hydra is good against her, as you'll need lots of sustain to keep up with her.
  • If you take Ignite you'll have far better chances to kill her, but if you take Teleport you'll be able to follow her if she goes bottom/mid. Remember that she'll probably ult back top once she's done,(unless she has already ulted, though it's difficult that she'll have tunnels outside top)  so try to have the lane pushed, or kill her if you can.




Who wants a new pair of boots?

The croc is probably the most known and feared match-up of Riven. While i think that there are more difficult match-ups than this, a good Renekton WILL make your life hell. Hands down on this. He has high sustain, really high base damage when his fury is 50%+ and decent tankiness. Remember: Renekton is designed to win lane, so it's ok falling behind a bit, but whatever you do don't feed him or... well, you'll get butchered.

1029.png + 4 2003.png is a great start in this match-up. It will let you sustain his harass and avoid you from getting bursted by his empowered renektonpreexecute.png.

Lv 1 is a weird sport in this lane: your full riventricleave.png destroys him at this point, and this is the best point to win your lane, but a good Renekton knows this.
There are two ways he can start with: 

  • renektonpreexecute.png, which negates your combo and deal a shit-load of damage to you. However, it has the same cooldown of your riventricleave.png, so if you can bait it or he wastes it you got a nice window of chance to beat him up a little. Honestly though, better stay away from him if he started this.
    NOTE: if he has CoC you can be 99% sure that he started renektonpreexecute.png
  • renektoncleave.png, which is considered the "Bad way" to start against a Riven. A good Renekton who starts like this will poke you in his minion wave, and proceed to kite you in it when you unleash your full combo. It has a shorter cooldown than your riventricleave.png, so if you're running back and he chases you he'll hit you again with it. However, away from minions, Riven shits on him.

Lv 2 is in your favor if you can bait his renektonpreexecute.png on your shield.
So, bait his renektonpreexecute.png on your shield when trading with him, like you would do against 39.png. Ping your jungler to gank him before lv 3, as he'll be really vulnerable without his renektonsliceanddice.png.

If he took renektonsliceanddice.png however, you can take rivenmartyr.png and fight him balls deep.

Lv 3 this lane gets really problematic. Riven can out-trade Renekton if she lands her full combo on him, but the problem is his renektonsliceanddice.png. He'll get his damage off, then proceed to withdraw with it. However, there's a window of opportunity for you to capitalize on: early on, this skill has 18 secs cooldown. If you can bait it out, you can jump on him right when your skills are up again for major damage.

Many says Riven's 6 is stronger than the Croco's if even... i don't agree. His ult will make him insanely tanky, while damaging you and making him generate fury. If he manages to juke even a single piece of your combo in an all-in, you're dead. 
So, my advice is either playing completely passive or getting a lead before this point. Whatever it is, you'll be able to 1 v 1 him after a pair of items + 40% CdR. 


  • Tough lane, one of the most difficult. Start 1029.png/1054.png, it will help a lot.
  • Bait his renektonpreexecute.png on your rivenfeint.png.
  • Maxing rivenfeint.png is fine, but not needed. That's because his abilities are difficult to predict, and extra mobility won't help you so much.
  • Care when he has 50% fury or more. He hurts a lot.
  • Abuse his early renektonsliceanddice.png cooldown. Don't have your ult baited or a piece of your combo juked by it when all-inning.
  • This lane gets a lot more difficult once he gets his 3077.png or 3047.png. If you're trying to fight for the lane, get an advantage before 6 and before he gets one of these items.
  • Late game you are stronger in any way. Congratulations for coming this far, Summoner!
  • REMEMBER! DON'T BUY BOOTS! IF YOU KILL HIM YOU'LL TAKE A PAIR FREE (actually not, but it would have been fun... )



NOT UPDATED FOR REWORK! (-i'm not sure how the w changes affect this match-up; i'll update once played it)

Truth be told, this lane is actually REALLY easy unless you're facing a REALLY good Rengar.
Good Rengars will make the wave move near their brushes, so they can jump in and out at will. Ask your jungle to start bot, and don't let them do it as you'll be zoned 'til level 3 if you're smart.

Lv 1 he has the power to kill you if he can juke you in and out the brushes. Be careful if he is near them, or if he is going towards them while you're attacking him. At that point you just want to back off.

Lv 2 take E if you can't cheese him. He has sustain while you don't, so you don't want to take much damage from him. Shield his Qs, those hurt a lot. You might even want to level up W if you're confindent, as you can stun him as soon as he lands on a minion...

Lv 3 onward he shouldn't be a threat to you at all. Just be careful of the brush strategy, zone him from taking cover in them.

Lv 6 you are like a dog for the kitty. However, Rengars will often go bot/mid looking for kills. Don't let them, shove under tower, force him to ult in lane (that's really important!). PING LIKE CRAZY IF HE'S MISSING!!!! I hate when a shutted down Rengar goes bot and takes double kills.


  • Be careful at fighting him near the brushes, he'll kill you if he's good.
  • He has natural sustain, which gets higher the less his life. Don't get baited.
  • If you don't get juked this should be an EASY match. Riven hard counters Rengar from lv 1 to lv 18, as she's just stronger in any possible way.
  • He is really AA reliant. Tabi are good against him.
  • Lv 6 ping like crazy when he is MIAO.
  • If he goes bot, do like against Shen and take all top lane. You might even want to take tp if you want to follow him.
  • Careful late game against him: at this point, the one who catches the other will win, as your bursts are enough to destroy the other before he can retaliate. The problem is: he becomes invisible and gets free vision. You don't.



Since you're reading this guide you'll be, quoting Fiora, ONE STEP AHEAD!

Don't waste skills, the one who can make the best of her shield and unload her combo faster will prob have the edge.



A match that can go both ways, though there are really few good Rumbles out there. You should have the advantage at lv 3 and 6+ if even.
Now, Rumble is a strong lane bully, but so is Riven. The things you need to watch out for when trading with him before 6 are two: his flamespitter. That thing does a shit-load of damage if you eat it all and will kill you really easy. Second: his harpoons, or whatever they're called. If those hit you while you're disengaging you're in big trouble, as he'll reach you and kill you.

lv 1 i'd start E if he started Flamespitter, as most start cloth and will outsustain you if you try fighting him at this point. He'll push you under tower, so call for a gank or just safely farm. If he started doran's or boots, or leveled up harpoons, feel free to face him.

Lv 2 you can trade against him, but i'd suggest waiting for lv 3 as it's pretty close.

Lv 3 you have a pretty big advantage, as his flamesplitter is still quite weak while your full combo can chunk him so hard that he'll cry. You want to force trades at this point, as it's the best time to fight him before 6.
Now, from this point onward there's a specific way you should face him: his flamespitter can't damage you if you're not getting hit by it (cpt obv. is here). So, play smart; weave around with your Qs to get behind him so it doesn't hit you, stun him when the flames are not touching you and use E to shield the damage you can't avoid. That's what you want to do against him.

Lv 6 the match becomes easier as he gets a really strong ult against low mobility champs... but you're not one of them, while you get a buff to your AD and an execute. As long as you don't face him head on on his ultimate you should be fine if even.

Two things to note: you outscale him hard in 1 vs 1 fights, as he'll stand no chance once you got a couple of items... don't play a teamfight in the jungle though, a good ult by him often leads to an ACE. Second: if you get a small advantage in lane you'll just bash his head no problem for the rest of the game. A gank should do the trick.


  • Skill match-up. Few good Rumbles out there, so it won't be a problem most of the time.
  • He is weak to ganks, especially since your skills are not affected by his slow and you have two CCs.
  • Your 6 is far stronger than his if you don't stand on his ult.
  • Lv 3 is a good moment to trade against him.
  • If he is silenced, you want to force a trade with him.
  • Careful getting behind: he'll kill you 100-0 each time you come in lane if you do.
  • Stun him when his flames are not hitting you, weave around him with your Qs to avoid some damage.
  • Care of his harpoons while disengaging, those can ruin your day.
  • This is one of the lanes where experience in the match means everything, a bit like tryndamere's.




Here's the thing: the only really threatening thing about his kit is his runeprison.png. Shortly said, the snare. The only problem is... his passive. Now, that thing grants him a shield based on his mana and makes him able to cast his skills almost with no cooldown. Since this means that he'll lock you up for ages, you need to watch out for the number of stacks he currently has. His passive activates at 5 stacks, and he gets one each time he uses a skill. You can see how many stacks he has by looking at the circle under his feets. When he has low stacks, you go in.  
Other than that, his damage is quite low early game, and this gives you a window of opportunity to shut him down and snowball off him. Moreover, his limited mana pool makes him go OOM quite easily at early levels, especially if he abuses his passive.

Oh, do i have to remind you that he is really weak to ganks?

Lv 1 rivenfeint.png is better, unless he puts himself in a position where you can jump on him by using 1 of your riventricleave.pngs. At this point he doesn't have his runeprison.png yet, neither has the chance of activating his passive. If you find a good opportunity, take it.

Lv 2 Q/E depending on what you started with.
Now, there are two kinds of Ryze:

  1. the ones that try to pushing you out of lane
  2. the ones that just aim to farm.
If the Ryze aims to push you out of lane he'll make himself vulnerable to ganks... but most importantly, especially now that that his Q has been reworked in a skillshot, trying to push you out of lane is actually quite the challenge unless you screw up. Against these Ryzes you just avoid their Qs, shield their AAs, abuse brushes and wait for a good occasion. They'll either step out a bit too close to you or W you just to harass. If you have enough health and your cooldowns down (and his passive isn't up), that's the moment where you go in and kill them. Ryze is REALLY squishy early game.

However, if the Ryze is smart and just aims to farm, what you do is what you would do against a Mundo. You can't really kill him, but you can shield his Qs at the dying minions. So, you put yourself near the dying minions and shield them whenever he tries to Q them. His AA range is quite short (400 less than his Q), so if he tries to AA them everytime you'll easily find a good moment to engage.

Whatever you do, try predicting his W and shielding it with your E as you would do with an Irelia's Stun, thus shielding both his Rune prison damage and a portion of the incoming. 

Lv 3 stays the same. That's the best moment to fight him i think. W when you get to him, try chunking him as much as you can before he Ws you. As always, do your best to shield it. If he manages to W you before you did some damage to him, he'll either have good reflexes or you went in in a bad moment. Whatever, as long as his passive is down it shouldn't be too bad, he'll have just used a decent portion of his mana pool.

Lv 6 he'll start to get too big for you, as his ult grants him sustain, has a low cooldown, his passive will be quite easy to activate at this point and will be more effective, and lastly his mana pool will be bigger. Sooner or later he'll have his tear completed too, and that's bad.
If you got a lead, you should be able to burst him down without too many problems, but if you didn't this lane will become tougher as he'll just avoid any of your all-ins while sustaining all the damage you did with his ult, and once the time is right he'll all-in you with his passive up.

Remember that most Ryzes rush a frozen heart against Riven right after their tear, and that's really smart. Get a lead before that point, or you're done.


  • Killable before he gets his frozen heart. After that, you'll have to wait for later if even.
  • Care his passive at all times, stay back if he has enough stacks up.
  • His Q is now a skillshot, thus a bad harass tool if not used after his W. Moreover, if he stays back and tries to farm with Q, you can shield it and making him lose farm.
  • Bait his W, the snare, on your shield. If you can, you'll cover a decent portion of his damage.
  • He has high mana costs early game, and is weak to ganks.
  • His ult grants him spell-vamp. Be sure to have the burst to kill him fast after 6, or the good old 14.png. Facing him away from minions helps.
  • 3111.png and 3155.png are important buys. You can avoid the latter if you got a decent lead.




I feel like after the rework Shen has become a tougher opponent to play against as Riven. His new shenq.png is quite effective against champions with low sustain like her, but it works only because of his shenw.png: the dodge. Problem is, if you disengage he can cut off your retreat with his E, and if he hits you you're going to suffer a lot of damage. If you keep fighting in it you'll lose. Be really careful playing this lane if he has ignite.

However, he lost his Q sustain. That's really good for you.

Lv 1 is quite even if his Q is on and he shields a piece of your combo. However, if his sword collides with you or he got armor quints you will lose the trade hard.

Lv 2 he should take shenw.png as it can really mess up your combo. Take rivenfeint.png, and trade while being careful of taking the less damage you can. Before he gets his taunt shouldn't be hard. 
At this point play the match-up a bit like Jax's; wait for him to dodge, then retreat and go back on your when your cooldowns are down. His shenw.png has 18 seconds cooldown early on.

Lv 3 gets quite difficult 'cause he can cut your disengage with his taunt. try side-stepping it, if it hits you you're in for a really bad trade.

6 he doesn't have a 1 v 1 ultimate but he can really screw up your team if you allow him. Best strategy is to keep him pushed under tower, and take all his towers if he leaves. If you have TP, you can follow him.
If he taunts you far from his tower when you're healthy and even, ult and kill him.

Rush 3071.png, and take fervor of battle as mastery.


  • His three empowered autoattacks do a shit-load of damage if you eat them. Don't trade blows with him, play your combo as fast as you can and don't have his sword colliding on you.
  • Play like Jax's. Bait his shenw.png and go in as soon as your skills are up again.
  • All-ins at 6 should go to you if you're even and his taunt is down.
  • If you see him ulting, stop him. Flash if you need, it's worth.
  • Do your best to avoid his taunt; if you're disengaging and you get hit, you'll lose the trade.
  • Ward well. Shen's taunt makes for really good ganks.
  • Ignite or Tp against him? Your call buddy, i have faith in you. I guess it's up to your bot lane: if you think you can win a 3 vs 3, take Tp. Else take ignite.
    Ignite is a really underestimated ability to bring against him. Why? Many complain that you should be able to follow him.
    WHATDAFAKMAN... having ignite means that he won't be able to outpush you, and often even taunt you back when disengaging. That's because you'll always have the chance of turning back, igniting him and killing him.
    What does this mean? It will be a joke to keep him under his tower, unless he brings ignite too. If that's the case, nothing changes and you'll still push him, and he'll have to be even more careful about ulting.



Beware! Beware! The dragonborn comes!

After all the buffs Shyvana has become quite more difficult to face. Her base AD is 61, far higher than yours, and her passive makes her tankier, but that's not what makes her strong against you.
Why is Shyvana strong against Riven? Because all of her kit allows her to go for a tanky route and still wreck your ass. And i mean, REALLY rape you.

Now, early game, before she buys some tanky items, you can stand your ground against her, though she has the power to chunk you HARD if you allow her.
What you need to watch out for when playing against her are:
  1. Her flame breath. While doing a decent but not so high damage it applies a debuff on you that allows her to do 2.5% of your max health as bonus magic damage at each AA. You musn't shield it, you must AVOID IT. Else, stay away from her 'til it wears off, that thing is really strong.
  2. Her burnout. This skill does 20 to 80 mag. damage per sec., while empowering her AAs. Each of these ends up doing 25% of burnout damage as bonus magic damage while her W is active. Moroever, burnout lasts longer the more AAs she manages to do, starting from 3 seconds but being able to reach 7 seconds. It has quite the long cooldown early game (12 seconds), so if you manage to bait it  you can capitalize on it if you have your Q back fast enough. Remember though that its cooldown starts at the ACTIVATION, not once burnout ends.
Now, level 1 she'll either start W or E. If she started E and you avoid it, you can chunk her easy, so starting Q is a good idea. If she started W, levelling up E is actually pretty useless, as she'll chase you and damage you after the shield is down. So, take Q lv 1, and fight her only if she wastes it.

Lv 2 isn't such a good time to fight her either. I'd suggest waiting for lv 3, but you can try to cheese some damage if you wish. Just don't fight her on her burnout, you'll lose the trade. Bait it, or disengage as soon as she uses it.

Lv 3 is a good moment to fight her, though you should never face her when debuffed by her E. As always, don't stay on her burnout, stun her and retreat as soon as she activates it, and jump on her when your skills are up once again.

Lv 6 becomes difficult. Your ult should be stronger than hers, but the problem is that she has both the power to cut off your disengage if you lose a trade, or run if you ult her. Moreover, it doubles her passive armor. If you still haven't got a lead you're going to lose 1 v 1 against her all the game. Avoid her once she got a tanky and a damage item, but burst her if she rushed Hydra/Botrk.


  • Exciting lane to be played. You both have 0 sustain and the power of killing the other, but she gets stronger than you by mid game if you haven't got a lead.
  • I actually think you have the advantage during laning phase, but you need to make use of it. Before she goes tanky she needs to be very careful at you, as you can burst her.
  • Don't get hit by her E; if you do, avoid fighting her 'til the debuff is gone.
  • Don't fight her on her burnout, as it does a lot of damage and makes her AAs stronger.
  • Care when disengaging, her burnout makes her really fast.
  • At 6, she has the power of running away from your ult or cutting your disengage. At this point you must pick up your fights even more carefully.
  • A good item to rush is hydra since her sustain is equal to 0 and she pushes the lane really fast, followed by a black cleaver to out duel her mid game. Pick brutalizer when you prefer.



Take your Revenge!

You won't find a Singed who doesn't think Riven is a bad match-up for him. While it's true that he is a pain in the ass no matter what champion you're playing, Riven does better than many.

Start Q, long sword + 3 pots. He'll start with poison, he has to. Come in lane along your wave, so he can't proxy.

Now, level 1 try not to get hit needlesly by his poison, though it shouldn't do too much damage at this point. Singed's AA are strong, a LOT, so don't fight in extended trades. Chunk him, then back off.

Lv 2 take shield if you can't cheese him. He'll try to fling you on his poison. Since HE'LL do it, shield it, then Q combo and back.

Lv 3 is the same, but easier as you've got your stun. Try waiting for him to fling you before stunning him, but if he's scared of you take the initiative. Keep shielding his fling, so you'll shield a portion of his poison too.
At this point you need to be careful at his mega adhesive. It can cut off your retreat, and you'll get stunned for ages if you get flinged on hit.

Lv 6 is your last chance of killing him. His ult's mobility, paired with his health tankiness, will make him unkillable.
As a side note, don't ever chase him.


  • Boring match, he'll troll you half the game if you fail at killing him early.
  • Shield his fling, don't chase him on his poison.
  • His Mega Adhesive can cut off your disengage and stun you if he flings you on it.
  • Come in lane with your wave to avoid him from proxing. If for any reason he manages to do it, cry to your jungler and farm under tower. Don't try to stop him, you'll get behind in gold/xp.
  • CdR will help you a lot at sticking to him.




Borders with easy. Despite this, making mistakes can really put you in trouble in this lane, so watch out. Remember: you both got 0 sustain; you have way more damage overall early on, but he gets a lot tankier and has a lot of CCs to punish your mistakes or help his jungler. Good thing about Riven is that she can stop his crypticgaze.png pretty easily by rivenmartyr.png or third riventricleave.png him, or dodge it by simply dashing away. Moreover, you got all the mobility you need to escape his charged cannibalism.png.

Lv 1 is pretty even. He probably started deathscaressfull.png; if you fight, be sure to put it down, as it does pretty decent damage when it explodes.

Lv 2 is when the match-up starts getting pretty easy for you. If he grabbed crypticgaze.png, you can easily stop it with rivenmartyr.png. If he leveled up enrage.png, better to take rivenfeint.png and just shield the damage.

Lv 3 is just a piece of cake. However, you must never get hit by his charged crypticgaze.png; it will deal absurd damage while knocking you up.

Lv 6 can either be a joke or a real pain in the ass. If you failed to take a lead, he might start getting too tanky for you to deal with, while having enough base damage to ruin your life; but if you're ahead you can simply engage anytime he goes for a CS. Try putting yourself ahead of him if he can't kill you to avoid him from ulting away.


  • His harass is quite decent, but your shield should be enough to withstand it easily. 
  • Don't get hit by his charged crypticgaze.png; either stun him or juke it.
  • His deathscaressfull.png does a lot of damage: put his shield down or get out of range asap.
  • Lv 6 he has enough CCs and damage to set up a gank or kill you straight up if you're behind. Take care.




Actually close to hard. I'd take flat mag. resist glyphs, as you can't avoid his harass.

Swain is quite the bully, and his damage is pretty decent, but is only after 6 that he becomes strong against you. That's because he gets sustain throug his ult, and his damage in sustained fights beats yours. That's why you want to bring ignite with you, as his ult will be a lot weaker. Moreover, lv 6 you can still kill him, as your burst is higher than his, especially if his sustain is crippled.

Lv 1 take E, as his point&click harass and AAs actually hurt a lot. Shield and get out of range of his Q, or just shield his E depending on what he started. Play passively.

Lv 2 you want to wait for his mistakes before jumping on him. If he gets close, you attack him. Now, if he leveled up W, the snare, you need to watch out for it. It does high damage, and immobilizes you for a decent time. Keep either your shield or a Q dash to avoid it. It has an high mana cost, so if you can juke it you'll have prob won the trade hard.

Lv 3 force trades, always care for his W. Shield his harass, and try to make all-ins asap, as you can't nullify his entire damage. Another really good strategy is pushing him under tower, then taking a camp or roamiang. He sucks at farming under tower, and pressuring him under it is really not worth. That's another way you win the lane against swain.

Lv 6 his ult has an horrible high mana cost, and like 10 secs cooldown. Force him going oom, face him during the cooldown or use ignite to fight him.
Head on fights mid game will go to him if he's ahead, take care. Late game you are stronger once again.


  • Swain is a lane bully, with strong harass and damage, but decent mana costs. However, his passive grants him a bit of sustain on this side.
  • You want to play passive 'till lv 2/3, then try forcing trades or pushing him under tower and roaming.
  • After lv 6 he becomes a beast, and his sustain is great.However, his ult has a great man a cost, and like 6/8 secs cooldown. Use this at your advantage.
  • Don't get hit by his snare, it will ruin your day.


Tahm Kench

Lv 1 his tahmkenchQ.png does quite a bit of damage, but you should be able to out-fight him. Be really careful not getting hit by it when you have three stacks of Acquired Taste on you, you'll get stunned and rekt.

Lv 2 the match is easy if he took tahmkenchE.png, medium if he got tahmkenchW.png. If you can avoid getting stunned/eaten, you should be fine and you'll eventually kill him or force him out of lane.
Feel free to grab rivenmartyr.png if you feel like it, even if you can't cheese him. 
The important thing is that you ALWAYS withdraw if he has 2 stacks or more of his passive on you, or you'll lose. Stun him and walk away, or E away, or Q away, but GO THE FUCK AWAY.

Lv 3 stays the same, but you have a lot more mobility and he has a lot more sustain. Keep avoiding getting three stacks of his passive on you and you'll be fine.

Lv 6 he gets free AA damage, and even more on W, but you get your ult. Poke him down a bit, then all in him. Remember that his shield can cover up all of his health if he didn't get poke down or he doesn't die before activating it. It lasts 6 seconds, while slowly decaying, keep that in mind.


  • Hit&Run playstile. Don't have three stacks of his passive on you, never.
  • Lv 1 fight him and just be very careful not to get stunned. If you do, at least be sure not to be in his minion wave.
  • Don't get eaten, once you have two stacks do whatever you can to escape him.
  • He is simple to pressure under tower, but don't get devoured + regurgitated under his tower.
  • Lv 6 you should be stronger item-less, but as soon as gets some tanky items he'll get too giant for you to deal with, unless horribly fed.
  • Mid game he can kill you really easy, as he'll have some tanky items to resist your damage. Late game he can't 1 v 1 you if you have 3071.png.




Since the removal of his silence this match-up has become a piece of cake. He is designed to kill squishies, not 1v1 fighters like Riven. Your entire kit counters him.

Lv 1 you can either start E or Q, your call. He'll start W, his only ranged harass. His damage is not that high at early levels, but it still has an high mana cost.

Lv 2 you can take either W or E. He'll have probably leveled up Q. Whatever, he can do nothing to out-trade you, just be careful at minions damage.

Lv 3 becomes even easier, the only thing he can do with his E is using it on a minion to juke a piece of a combo. If he uses it on you, he'll just suicide.
Now, the only thing you really need to watch out for are ganks: Talon's kit is filled with slows, so if he gets you during your cooldowns with his jungler he might kill you.

Lv 6 his ult is useful only as an escape ability against you; take a pink, or upgrade your red trinket, then kill him.


  • A really easy match-up. Like wukong, he can't out-trade you at any point of the game. Make him farm with his W, it'll deplete his mana pool.
  • At lv 3 you can kill him 100-0. Zone him from the wave, but make sure he doesn't roam. At this point, and especially at 6+, you can rush on him even if he tries to W the wave to farm.
  • His talonrake.png has a pretty huge delay now, so shield or get out from the second part
  • If he ever talonnoxiandiplomacy.png at you from afar, he is either wishing to die or his jungler is nearby... or you screwed up really badly and you're donezoooo! 
  • Ignite before he uses talonshadowassault.png, so you can kind of see where he is.
  • His taloncutthroat.png makes him a capable roamer: ping mia when he is out of lane.



Such an evil squirrel

Boring match-up, but now that Fervor of Battle has been nerfed is manageble.

Lvl 1  rivenfeint.png. Well, unless he turns away his invisibility two steps from you and he has toxicshot.png... but if that's the case, you don't even need to read this guide and ou can just straight up kill him.

Lv 2 you always want to shield his blindingdart.png. If he is good he'll AA + blindingdart.png, which does quite a bit of damage. Don't get harassed needlesly, give up a few CS if you have to.

Lv 3 here's the thing: a good Teemo will play really aggro against you, but always using his blindingdart.png to blind you either when you're all-inning him or when you can't really retaliate. If you all-in, after using blindingdart.png he'll just pop his movequick.png and proceed to kite you endlessly.
Unless he steps up too close, possibly after having wasted his blindingdart.png, play passive.

Lv 6 keep in mind where he places his mushrooms, and either take a pink or red lens to spot them if you're all-inning him. Hexdrinker is important if he goes AP.
At this point you should be stronger than him in all-ins, if mostly even, but he's the one who has to screw up for you to be able to all-in. If he doesn't, keep playing chill, you'll eventually outscale him. Remember: if you all-in badly and your cooldowns are up, chances are you're either going to die or to suffer greatly.

If he goes AD, this might be tougher, as he can shred you while you're blinded.
SO: take hexdrinker if he goes AP. Raw damage and CdR if he goes ad.
Maxing rivenfeint.png is fine, but having damage on your riventricleave.png is really good since he can blind you.


  • Teemo makes for a fine bully, but you can stand your ground against him. Always shield his Q, or his poison in case he didn't follow up.
  • He is susceptible to ganks before 6. Ask for one, you'll surely have it. Eveyone hates teemo.
  • Lv 3 you can kill him easily if he wastes his blind in a position where you can engage. Good Teemos will know this though, and trust me: they'll only use blindingdart.png when they know you won't be able to jump in.
  • Lv 6 you must be careful of his shrooms, as they deal a shitload of damage, while slowing you and making you an easy target to kite. Don't get baited in a mine field.
  • Hydra is a good item to take, as he got no waveclear and you get tons of sustain. Hexdrinked if he goes AP.
  • Most teemos run 14.png lately. If you're up against one of those, cry to your jungler. Trust me: poison + ignite is deceptively lethal.




Pretty difficult match-up. He has sustain, damage and is able to cut your disengage and hunt you down through his trundleW.png. As Riven, you can't find yourself in a position where your skills are on cooldown and he has the power to chase you. Keep trades as short as you can, shield his trundleQ.png and disengage right after.

Lv 1 is really a one side fight. His AA + trundleQ.png deals a bit of damage, but what truly wrecks you is the AD buff he gains while chunking yours.
Don't trade with him lv 1 if his trundleQ.png is up.

Lv 2 you can take rivenmartyr.png if you managed to grab lv 2 first. However, keep in mind that his passive grants him a lot of sustain whenever a unit dies near to him. Be very careful to his chase potential: despite what he leveled up, trundleW.png or trundleE.png, he'll be able to make you pay having wasted all your skills.

Lv 3 gets a little better since you gain access to all of your skills, but it stays hard. Having all your cooldowns up against a good Trundle will get you killed, so always keep 1-2 dashes to run away.
Disengage as soon as he trundleQ.pngs you, don't dare fighting him on his trundleW.png.

Lv 6 is a tough fight for Riven. His ult will make you a lot squishy and will damage you, moreover combined with his trundleQ.png you'll have no way to outfight him because of his buff and your debuff. If he went for an offensive item first, you MIGHT stand a chance but honestly... it's really a difficult fight for Riven, as if she fails to burst him he'll kill her. 14.png immediatly as you go balls deep, it might make the difference.


  • Tough match-up. His trundleQ.png buffs his AD and debuffs yours for half the amount. Disengage as soon as he has used it.
  • His passive grants him sustain whenever a unit dies near him. Worst thing is: you can't actually do anything to stop it.
  • His trundleW.png buffs his healing, MS and AS. Don't fight in it.
  • His trundleE.png can cut your disengage pretty badly. Don't ever try to run near a wall, if he places it well you might be screwed.
  • Shield his trundleQ.png. Always have at least one riventricleave.png or your rivenfeint.png to run if he tries to follow you.
  • If he went for a tanky item first, avoid him. You might stand a chance if he went offensive and you're even.




Actually, this is a REALLY HARD MATCH if you don't know how to play it.
Two rules: 

  1. Never end up in a position where he can all-in you and you can't disengage.
  2. Don't let him build up his fury.

Ask your jungler to start bot. If you give him a leash and tryndamere starts building his rage you might be in trouble...

Lv 1 is probably the most difficult spot before he gets his ult. You should try to zone him from autoattacking the wave, but keep in mind that this is the point where most Rivens get cheesed by him. Don't be one of them, assume he'll get lucky crits by jumping on you and act accordingly; don't be too aggressive.
Other than that, a good Tryndamere will play the AA + 
slashcast.png away combo; don't get freely harassed by it and you should be fine.

Lv 2 can either be a piece of cake or quite difficult. It really depends on who grabs it first, and how filled Tryndamere's bar is. If his rage is low, feel free to take rivenmartyr.png as he'll have little to no chance to fight you. Consider rivenfeint.png if his fury is high.
His bloodlust.png grants him sustain based on how much fury he has. When all-inning before 6, 14.png him immediatly.

Lv 3 you get really hard for him to deal with until much later, if even. That's because a well played Riven can unload her full combo on him while getting autoattacked next to never and shielding at least one hit.
If he spins to you to counter-engage in your wave, might mean two things:

  1. He is stupid. 14.png him and kill him.
  2. You screwed up. 4.png away immediatly if you can survive.
Anyway, try not blowing your shield to engage when fighting him, you might need it to escape.
One point of note: his mockingshout.png chunks your AD, and slows you if you're running away from him. Keep that in mind. It has 14 seconds cooldown.

Lv 6 is pretty much the same as before, just pay even more attention to all-ins. 5 seconds are really long if your skills are on cooldown... you don't really need to rush anything, over-commit only when you are healthy and he is already chunked, or if his ult is down. Keeping him zoned is a good trade too.
14.png him 3 seconds after he ulted, he'll die no matter what.



  • Pretty simple lane once you get the hang of it. Riven is one of the few champions that don't have to be afraid on him being lucky after lv 2 (care before), if she plays the match-up right. Before lv 3, don't overcommit and just go for safe trades when his fury is low.
  • Don't let him build his rage. He'll be no issue at all without it. Zone him from AAing.
  • Without rage his sustain is almost 0. He will still consume it if he needs it to take back life though, so it's not an horrible trade.
  • Lv 6 keep staying on your feets, don't all in him like crazy as he might be able to kill you while your skills are on cooldown.
  • A good Riven can avoid almost any damage at all when trading with him with her fast Q combo + stun + shield.
  • If you took ignite use it 3 secs after he ulted, he'll die.
  • His ult is a tough skill to use. You can try to burst him with yours before he activates it by surprising him.
  • 3143.png + 3047.png. You'll thank me later!
  • 3.png is really good against him, and might allow you to fight him even late game if he doesn't take 3140.png.


Twisted Fate


Twisted fate shouldn't have kill potential on you unless he gets a gank or you misplay hard. However, while you have kill potential on him, if he is good and pulls out the gold card (cit*) you probably won't be able to kill him.

If you notice he knows how to play TF, and you don't think you have kill potential, follow the standard strategy against mid laners. Push him under tower then roam or take a camp.

Lv 1 wait levelling up a skill, try finding out what he started with. If he started wildcards.pngyou can take riventricleave.png and fight him if you see an opening.
If he started pickacard.png, grab rivenfeint.png and farm or riventricleave.png and push him. Your call.

Lv 2 depending on what you and him started with and if you can cheese him, you might considering taking rivenmartyr.png. If he took pickacard.png lv 1, and you know it's not on cooldown, i'd take rivenfeint.png. Else, if you find an opening, rivenmartyr.png, and you should at least burn his flash.

Lv 3 stays the same, if he is good will just stun you and run away. You can look to kill him when he wastes his pickacard.png to pull off a blue/red card though.

Lv 6 that's what will happen: if you don't push him, he'll ult and roam bot/top. If you push him and roam yourself, he'll push out a bit then ult and join you.
Before he is level 6 i'd advice you to get at least a successful gank bot, so your team may have the advantage in 3 vs 3 fights bot lane, as 2 vs 2 top lane shouldn't be a problem usually.
If you are not able, just be quick and careful with your lv 6+ ganks. Make sure that when he comes you have already won the fight, or it might be problematic.


  • A stalemate if he is good. Push him and roam before lv 6 if you can't kill him.
  • When he uses his blue/red card, rush on him and chunk him, or kill him if you're able to.
  • Dodge his Q. Shouldn't be hard for Riven.
  • Lv 6 he has better roaming than you while his ult is up. You'll either want to stay in lane and keep him under tower, or be quick with your ganks so that he can't tp in.
  • His passive grants him extra gold whenever he kills a unit. If tied in farm you'll actually be behind, though it shouldn't matter too much.
  • His E grants him AS and a 4th empowered AA. Shouldn't matter too much, but keep this in mind.




Uh... the ugly version of Bayonetta...


Pretty difficult match-up where you rely on her mistakes. No-where as difficult as Quinn, even though Vayne scales much better than her into late game.

Lv 1 take E. Try not getting poked to death by her AA + tumble, as it does pretty high damage lv 1. Abuse brushes.

Hang on 'til lv 3. From level 2, do your best not to proc her W as it hurts. A lot. Shield it if you can't avoid it.

From level 3 onwards, try baiting her E before all-inning. It has really high cooldown and decent mana costs. If she gets over-confident and steps too close to you, jump on her once you're Qs is off cooldown and her E is down. 
Careful while being near a wall, she'll ruin your day if she manages to stun you.

Lv 6 she becomes a great duelist, and far more difficult to face. If you get stunned on a wall you're 100% dead, so take care. Either ignite her when you all-in her or use red lens, as else she'll beat you with her invisibility.
Don't take chances: if half your Q's is on cooldown and she's still far away from you just back off. As before, try baiting her E before all-inning her.

I thought maxing Q was good, believing you needed damage to kill her, but i think i was wrong. She is really slippery, and maxing E will make even easier baiting her E. By maxing Q, and failing to bait her E, esp. after 6 you'll get in a really bad spot where she'll be able to all-in you and kill you, due to her passive MS boost.



  • E level 1, start long sword. She'll push the lane probably, do ping your jungle to come kill her. She is weak to ganks at any point of the lane phase.
  • Maxing E is really good, as she's really slippery and will help you baiting her E, or withdrawing if you fail.
  • From level 2/3 her third hit on you will do bonus damage. Don't let her proc it, unless you're trying to bait her into over committing and you plan on turning and all-inning her. You should still try to shield it though, as it makes cry anyone.
  • Level 3 try baiting her E. It has high cooldown and mana cost. If she gets too cocky you can all-in her as soon as your Q's up again.
  • Vayne players are often greedy, and over-commit a lot. Watch out for good opportunities, she is really squishy.
  • Get a pink for level 6 fights, so you can see her when she tumbles.
  • Late game she'll be a beast, try your best to shut her down.
  • If you get a lead, she becomes a joke to kill until she gets a couple of items (don't get stunned though).
  • Trying to escape a Vayne with all your skills on cooldown is a lost cause, as her passive makes her really fast. When you all-in, be double sure about what you're doing, as if you fail you'll die.
  • Since you'll be against two ADCs, 3047.png and 3143.png are good.
  • I'd take ignite, as you only have THAT chance to kill her. When you all-in her. After that, she'll probably kill you if you try to run away. Playing passive in my opinion is not good as she scales really well into late game, so i wouldn't take teleport unless i'm sure i can have an impact on the rest of the game. However, that's really up to you.



DON'T LAUGH!!!! I'M EVIL!!!!!!

Such a boring little champion... however he should pose no threat to you early on, especially since his rework.

Lv 1 take E, no reason taking unnecessary early damage.

Lv 2 take Q. He'll almost surely grab his cage. Jump on him any time he steps too close, his cage has high mana costs and has a delay, and you can shield or avoid his Q without issue.

Lv 3 try not getting hit by his dark matter, or whatever is called, as it does quite a decent damage. It can hit you only if you get stunned on the cage, so just be careful to this and you'll be fine.

Lv 6 he gets decent burst, especially against AP champions. You're not AP, you're Riven. You have a shield. You have mobility to avoid his cage, and the damage to kill him as soon as you reach him. Just DO IT.


  • If you're mid, 1.png is a great spell against him, as it helps you a lot against him, more later than early usually.
  • Don't get freely harassed, and care for ganks. If he gets you in his cage while his jungler is near you, you'll probably die.



The only blood you'll be able to lick will be yours

A good Vlad can be pretty hard to kill/force to back, but bad ones are meals for Riven. Now, you got a lot of advantages over him: mobility, damage and a shield. Pretty much everything he hates. Viceversa, his range and sustain can make your life a little difficult early on. 
Remember: Riven's full combo out-damages Vlad's by a huge amount; if he gets too cocky and comes near you, make him pay.
The only exception is when his charged vladimirtransfusion.png is up (The bar turns red). It does insane damage, especially if followed by a thunderlord's proc, and heals him a ton. Be aware of that, and abuse the time it's down.

Lv 1 either take riventricleave.png and push him under tower or just take rivenfeint.png and play passive. Unless he is really is melee mode, forcing fights at this point even if he comes a little ahead is not so rewarding, as it's pretty difficult to keep up with his vladimirtransfusion.png sustain. Best option is playing passive until 3.

Lv 3 should be pretty straight-forward: if he gets too close to you, you go in and chunk him hard. If, however, he play like a pussy, there's not much you can really do yet, as your cooldowns won't let you stick to him. Wait for openings, if that's the case; try not letting him push you under tower, call your jungler if he manages.   

Lv 6 he becomes a bit stronger while you become an Highlander. Crush him, and shield his later ult damage if your rivenfeint.png is up.


  • Pretty easy lane. There are very few points in the game where he can fight you, and only if even or ahead.
  • 3155.png is insanely good against him. The resistance, plus its shield, plus YOUR shield will make his life hell.
  • Maxing riventricleave.png against bad Vlads is fine, but against good Vlads maxing rivenfeint.png to stay close to them and shield their damage is recommended.
  • Don't get hit by his charged vladimirtransfusion.png. Ever.
  • Don't waste your ult on his pool... pls, don't.
  • 6, especially after Hexdrinked and some CdR, is a great moment to fight him: your rivenfengshuiengine.png outclasses his 1 v 1 by a lot.



Wukong is a good champion with a strong early game trade potential and godlike teamfight presence. However, he can't out-trade Riven because of her shield, and she can cut off easily his disengage. Moreover, he has really high mana costs.
Riven is stronger than Wukong from lv 1 to late game. There is pretty much no point in the game where he can fight her 1 vs 1.
You might want to be careful at 6, though he'll be bursted before he can burst you.


  • Riven is way stronger than wukong pretty much all the game. He might have better teamfight presence though...
  • Has high mana costs, and his disengage is quite useless against Riven. Moreover, she can hurt him even while invisible due to her AoE damage.
  • Lv 6 he becomes trickier to fight, but he'll be an issue pretty much only if he gets a gank.
  • If he goes full-AD late game you'll have to buy Randuin's Omen, as he'll burst you with his ult before you can retaliate, unless you can juke it.


Xin Zhao


Even if he is good, once you've learnt the match he'll stand no chance. He is even REALLY susceptible to ganks before 6. Care to his W and high base AD though. Like Tryndamere's this match-up is REALLY HARD only if you don't play it correctly, else... piece of cake. Care of ganks, if he gets a lead you're screwed.

Don't fight him lv 1, he'll destroy you. Start E or Q, your call. E is safer tough, and will avoid you any damage from him.

Lv 2 just disengage once he charges at you, he'll deplete his mana pool and you won't receive too much damage by it.

Lv 3 just stun him and disingage when he charges at you with his Q activated; wait for it to wear off then punish him. Rinse and repeat. He has a mana pool, he'll go oom soon enough even if you fail at kill him.

Lv 6 you should be a bit stronger if even, but still care to his Q. Facing him head on will probably get you killed. His ult makes him tankier and does really high damage btw, so watch out. Once he uses it, just back 'til it wears off.




  • He's got sustain and high base damages, but a limited mana pool and escapes, esp. before 6.
  • Don't fight him before lv 3, as he'll out-trade you and maybe kill you.
  • From level 3 onward don't fight him when he has his Q activated, disengage and wait for it to wear off, then attack him.
  • His ult does high damage and makes him tankier. Once he activates it just disengage. You don't really need to fight him at this point.
  • Tbh, this is one of the few lanes where you don't want to take the initiative. He'll try to kill you, as he knows you'll out-scale him quite decently, so wait for it. If he doesn't and just plays passive you may try to do some damage to make something happen, but always have an escape route when he'll E at you.



There is a reason if Yasuo and Riven are rivals... Riven walks the Road to Redemption, Yasuo the Road to Ruin. Show him the way.

A bad Yasuo is a joke. A decent Yasuo quite easy. A really good Yasuo is tough despite the champion you're playing, but it makes for a really funny match. I put him medium because HE IS YOUR RIVAL AND DESERVES RESPECT!!!

You can start either cloth, shield or long sword. Personal preference, i usually start long 3, if you play smartly i don't think you need a def. start.

Lv 1 to 3 play passive. He outdamages you thx to his shield. Don't get poked down, give up a few minions if you have to. He'll push, so if you're tryharding you can ask for a gank, he is very weak to them.

If he took Q level 1 take E. Don't get poked down by him. You can't out-trade him lv 1 due to his shield, and you'll get a bunch of damage even for trying to put it down.
If he took E start Q, as without it he'll harass you as much as he wants once your shield is down.

Lv 2 take E/Q, never W unless your jungler is coming to gank (and you've leveled up your Q lv 1 of course...). As before, just survive and don't get poked. You can try to fight him if his shield is down and you see an horrible misplay by him, like if he fights you in a giant wave of minions, and even then think twice about it.

Lv 3 you start rolling. What i like to do is waiting for him to Q at me, shielding it by dashing towards him and AA him to let him drop down his shield, then just retreat and wait for my cooldowns. You may even stun him if you wish, it's more or less the same as long as you don't get followed while disengaging.
When his shield is down fight him as hard as you can. The only thing you need to be careful at is not to having your W/third Q juked by his E. If you land your W he'll get a bunch of damage, as while stunned he can't do anything to escape you.
Remember: clean engage and even cleaner disengage. Like a Fiora, a good Yasuo can make you pay trying to fight him if you're not careful, and minions won't be as much helpful to you this time...

Lv 6 your ult is far stronger than his: fight him head on, trying not to get hit by his. But whatever you do, DON'T HAVE YOUR ULT JUKED BY HIS E OR WINDWALLED!!!


  • Quite the simple match if the Yasuo is not really good, one of the most easy. Riven has the advantage against him from lv 3. Play passive 'til then.
  • Before all-inning him put down his shield. A single AA is enough. Don't ever all-in him when it's up. A simple E + AA when he Qs at you should do the trick.
  • Don't have your W or half your combo juked by his E. You'll feel stupid, and he'll win the trade or even kill you.
  • If you can, try fighting him far from your minions like you would do against a Mordekaiser, he'll surely die.
  • He is REALLY squishy. If you stun him, he'll most surely die or get zoned 'til he backs.
  • Once you're 6 he is a walking kill. Just all-in him whenever you have the chance and your ult is up.
  • Late game you should still be able to 1 vs 1 him easily unless you get massively outplayed, but his team-fight presence is far higher than yours if he gets a good ult. Take note of that.




Pretty straight-forward match-up: yorick is a champion who needs his zombies to do damage. Where am i going by saying this? Exactly... chill out when his minions are up.

Lv 1 you should just wait for him to use his yorickspectral.png, then go in. It has 7 seconds cooldown lv 1, enough for you to capitalize on. 

Lv 2 gets even easier. If his minions are up, you stay away; else, you go in. Try to dodge his yorickravenous.png, which does a lot of damage and makes his minions target you.

Lv 3 onwards his yorickdecayed.png can screw you up really badly if he traps you inside it and hits you with yorickravenous.png. The good news is that you can dash away from it with either your riventricleave.png or your rivenfeint.png; keep one of them up when harassing him and you should be fine.

Lv 6+ the match-up should still be in your favor. Don't fight him when the Maiden is up, always have a way to escape if he summons it and you can't burst him. That thing does a shit-load of damage, and he'll do %maxHp magic damage if he damages you.
However, he can't really escape from your lv 6 all in, and if his ult is down he is pretty much a free meal.

If he builds tank, like he should be doing, rush a 3071.png. Otherwise, ghostblade to stick to him and deny him that base armor he's got.



There is no point in the game where zed is stronger than Riven. This being said, a good Zed won't die to you. His zedQ.png is an excellent tool to farm and harass safely, and his zedW.png a perfect disengage or juke tool.  Moreover, he is probably the best champion to farm under tower with.

Lv 1 take rivenfeint.png if you're not confident and shield his harass. Else, take riventricleave.png and force him to play passive. Care if he brings you under 50%, his empowered auto does a shit load of damage.

Lv 2 rivenfeint.png if you can't cheese him. No point levelling up rivenmartyr.png as he'll just stay far away. Keep him far from the minions. If you get 2 before him, or he has just used his shadow, jump on him. Without his shadow he's really weak.

Lv 3 stays the same, but now you have your stun.

Lv 6 he starts getting a bit of kill pressure on you. Don't ever find yourself with your cooldowns if his ult his up.
Other than that: rivenfengshuiengine.png if you didn't before when he ults, stun him as soon as he lands, shield out and avoid his skills. 
As before, first try to bait out his zedW.png.


  • This match revolves around Zed's zedW.png. Once it's down, you can jump on him NP.
  • Don't get freely harassed by his shurikens, they hurt.
  • His empowered auto does a shit-load of damage. Care being brought under 50% hp.
  • Lv 6 try not fighting him with his zedW.png is up. He can't change places with his shadow anymore for 1 second after he ulted, thus he's an easy kill for Riven. He can still flash away though, consider this.
  • You can abuse him under tower pre 6. After 6 don't do it, as he'll kill you while your rivenmartyr.png and rivenfeint.png are down.

About Me Back to Top

Hi, i'm Niko though i like to be called Fergus online. I'm an EUW Plat player who really likes playing Riven, Shen, Fiora, Renekton and other bruiser-like top lane champions. My summoner's name is Fergus Raeser, and i started playing league frequently in the evenings during season 4.
Winning streak.jpg

I got quite experienced with Riven over time, and with Top lane fundamentals in general. I'm often able to stand my ground against far more experienced players than me when i play top and with my mains, despite if they're playing their mains or less.
I'm no-where an expert player, especially when it comes to jungling or playing ADC, but my experience with Riven and Top can be useful to newbies with her or the lane. I'll even look into some advanced mid/late game strategies.

I hope you'll like my guide, and give me feedbacks to improve it if you don't!

Why/When pick Riven Back to Top


High Mobility

High Damage

Shield that Scales of BONUS AD


Probably the Most Funny Champion to Play

Capable of Cool Plays

She Can Stand Her Ground in Any Lane


No Natural Sustain

Tons of Armor Screw Her

Very Weak To CCs

Needs to be Really Good at Her to be Effective

Really Difficult to Play When Behind, as She Needs to Build Damage



A good Riven player tends to go along pretty well with her in almost any team comp he might find himself into, except when there's need of a Tank/Ap.
Considering the enemy team, Riven is actually good the less CCs there are, as she excels at destroying squishies, or at denying really bad early game champs that scales great to Mid/Late game. Anyway, she can usually stand her ground against ANY kind of team and match-up, as she is an unpredictable and resourceless champion.
The general rule is: the more disorganized the enemy team is, the stronger Riven becomes.

When playing Riven, all that matters is your experience at her, the game and the team-comps you find yourself into, as you'll have to play differently and adapt any situation. Consider all these things, and you'll understand when it's better for you to pick her or not.

Early Game & Cheesing+Trading Back to Top

What's the goal?

As Riven, that really depends on who you're up against. 
  • If you're against someone like 75.png, who has a TERRIBLE early game, is to beat the shit out of him, to make him useless all game and freeze the lane.
  • If you're against someone like 114.png24.png or 39.png, who have good late game but are also decent/good at trading with you, is to grab a great lead and then split-push on their face before they get tanky. Do whatever it takes to win the lane.
  • If you're against someone like 98.png, who gets unkillable after some levels and has good utility for his team, is to keep him under his turret, out-farm him and split-push against him.
  • If you're against 133.png or 58.png or 80.png, who can fight you and often out-trade you early game, is to play safe, DON'T DIE and stay as much even as you can with them, while watching closely for their mistakes to fight them.
But whoever is the champion you're playing against, once you get an advantage you want to KEEP IT and USE IT. This is done by freezing if against 75.png or alike, and pushing against the others.
You push for three reasons:
  1. Making your opponent lose CS under tower, and damaging it.
  2. Having the chance to roam, while making him lose his.
  3. Taking the enemy jungler attention.


Trading with Riven early game, and with all champions in general, is all a matter of knowledge and skill. Trading means exchanging blows with your opponents, if you don't know.
Before you trade you want to know:

  • How much damage you can do, and how much you can receive AND sustain.
  • How much damage he can do, and how much he can receive AND sustain.
  • Both champions cooldowns. Which skills you two have available when trading.
  • How many minions you have to back you up.
  • How many minions HE HAS to back him up.
Then, it's about knowing how to trade. As Riven, the most crucial thing is how you use your SHIELD. If you can block or juke an important skill with it, you're often golden. Right after, there's how you use your stun and how you play your combo, which btw leads to how you disengage, the third important thing.

Now, dealing a lot of damage while receiving the less you can as Riven is CRUCIAL to winning trades. If you end dealing as much damage as you receive to a 58.png, you've probably lost the trade. That's because Riven has no natural sustain, while he has a bunch.

If you max your rivenfeint.png, know that you'll have much more harass and mobility, but less damage overall. However, you'll be able to engage with your shield and disengage again with it. So it's quite safe and effective. Your all-in potential will be less against some champions like 58.png, whom early game you need to burst before they burst you. Pretty important to remember: when maxing shield, your early levels are quite shitty. It starts getting good after like 3-4 points in it, so by lv 5/7.

If you max riventricleave.png you'll have a lot more damage, but no additional advantages. If your opponent is stronger than you in all-ins, maxing Q is actually a bad choice 'cause it will be actually quite difficult to harass him.


One of the most commons ways to pick up kills as Riven is CHEESING. Cheesing is the act of jumping on your lane opponent as soon as you hit a level before him, like you get lv 2 and he is still lv 1. If your opponent gets surprised, he'll either die or waste flash 90% of the time, as Riven's cheese is one of the strongest in the game.

Now, to cheese someone you try to "PUSH" for a level, so that you can reach it before your opponent. For lv 2, this is achieved by staying near 6 minions that die in lane. At the 6th minion, you level up. By AAing the wave you can kill them faster, thus "PUSHING" for lv 2. Try not to push too much your lane, as if you get under his tower you won't be able to do anything.

When a single minion is needed to level up, kill it either with an AA or your Q and jump on your opponent while leveling up the skill you want. Crucial to surprise your opponent is being FAST; learn to level up using the CTRL shortcut.
You usually take W when cheesing, as you just need to do as much damage as possible. You take E pretty much only if you need to reach him or you find yourself under his tower and you can't burst him, but if the latter happened you did the cheese wrong.

Cheesing can theoretically be done each time you level up, but the most effectives are Lv 2, lv 3 and lv 6, as you get each time a new skill.

Mid Game Back to Top

What's the goal?

  • If your team has the advantage, the goal is to increase your own lead, to avoid the enemy from taking objectives while you grab them all. If you are able, end the game.
  • If however your team is behind, the goal is pretty much just holding off, stalling, hanging on 'til the enemy makes a mistake (it's solo que, they always do. Throws are real).
Now, mid game usually starts when the first team-fights take action and the laners leave their lanes.
Depending on how early game went and on your team-comp and the enemy's, you'll either want to force team-fights or split-pushing. You need to analyze if your team CAN win a team-fight, and how you can be useful.
  1. You think you can't play team-fights because you would instantly die and your team would lose? Splitpush.
  2. You think your team has a better teamfight than the enemy's, but your team-mates are not grouping? Let them know, and group.
That's said shortly, there are a lot more things to consider but you'll get them in time. But what i want you to do is this:

Be a Man

Yes, i said this. I want you to write in chat what you think your team should do, i don't care if you're behind. Lane phase may go badly, but you still have a brain and you CAN be useful.
Analyze the situation; find out who are the most dangerous targets and what you can do to stop them; check your team weaknesses and theirs and come up with a plan. But whatever you do

Make your team KNOW

It's a team game. You are not playing alone, you can't. So, do what you think is better, but always let your team know. Tell them what to do. If they protest, listen to their opinions, and if AND ONLY IF there's reason in their words FOLLOW THEM. It's not about always being right... it's about improving and winning the game.


Act like a Leader but be Willing to Follow

Late Game & Team-fights Back to Top

What's the goal?

To end the fucking game.

Most games should end by the 30-40 minutes mark. If this doesn't happen, you reach the stage called "Late game". Now, most people say that any lead you got pre-late game means nothing now, but you know what? That's a lie.
Late game depends heavily on how mid game went, how many objectives you got.

  • Who has the most dragons? How many? Which? Who has control over the Elder now?
  • Baron. Can you force it, or at least contest it? IS IT WARDED?
  • Towers and inibs. Who has the most towers? Where? How many inibs are free/down? Are nexus turrets still up?
  • Who has the strongest late game team-comp?

That's the kind of questions you need to ask yourself to understand who is winning. Elder dragon and baron are what matters the most at this point; since both teams are pretty much end build, these allow to have the edge and win the game. No matter how strong a team comp is, finding themselves against a team with baron and elder dragon often means game over. Then, you need to ask yourself how many inibs you got/lost... if you have three inibs down and they have none, chances are you'll lose. That's because you'll have less than 0 map pressure, you'll give up barons and dragons and you'll have to deal with super-ultra-mega-angry minions. Feels bad man.
Last in importance is the strenght of the team-comp, and the champions the teams are playing.

Now, what's Riven's goal late game?

Depends on yours and the enemy's composition. At this point you just need to reach an ADC to 100-0 him, but chances are your opponents won't let you.
Usually your targets are the carries, the APC and ADC, but sometimes it's not possible/worth to reach them.
So, what you must do is analyze yet again what your team can do. Here some examples:

  • Your ADC is, say, 67.png but the enemy team is filled with assassins? Peel for her. You need no other damage than hers. As long as she is alive, you are winning.
  • Their ADC is 96.png? If you're the only one able to, try and find an opportunity to kill him, you have to or he'll crush your team. He is REALLY reliant on protection, so just wait for your chance while coordinating with your team. However, if you really can't reach him, just protect your carry and hope for the best.
  • Your ADC is someone like 222.png  but does not need a peel, the enemy is not filled with CCs and it's quite tanky. If the carries stack near each others, you can just flash and kill them. Your team should be able to follow you and clean-up, even if you die.
  • Your ADC needs a peel. If you think he is good, or if you can't reach the high priority targets, just protect him.
Split-pushing late game in solo que is actually really risky, especially if you don't have TP. If you're up against a split-pusher like 24.png, who can solo you easily at this point, just tell your team to force team-fights. If you're unable to, you'll probably lose.

Split-Pushing & Red Trinket Back to Top

As said before, Riven is really strong at Splitpushing. Once you've taken the first top tower, the pressure you'll generate as you go deeper towards the enemy inner towers will significantly increase, especially if you're fed.
However, since you'll find yourself in enemy territory, you'll NEED to place wards, else you'll get ambushed and die, or you won't know if your split-pushing is working. Period.

You need informations, and wards can give them to you.

Said shortly: you don't split without vision.

The map shows the best places to ward.
  • Green circles around the wards = useful places to ward, but usually not needed.
  • Yellow = important places to ward, but situational. You ward them when you know someone will pass through it if he wants to come for you.
  • Red = essential places to ward.SPLIT WARDS.jpg
The two pink wards are for the Red Buffs. Are decently difficult to spot, and have a really important utility vision. Try to place a pink in that spot if you're splitting there.

Now, when you splitpush your core is always 3142_32.png, plus anything needed to cap 40% CdR. The bonus mobility from Ghostblade is actually really useful while splitpushing, and can often make the difference in you escaping/killing someone.
3077.png is a pretty useful item to grab if you want to push faster.

Remember: your goal is to draw the enemy team attention on you, forcing it to make a choice: to come and stop you, giving up objectives, or leave you be and lose towers.
However, if your team isn't pressuring any lane/objective, you should avoid splitting. You'll just risk needlessly your life, and earn probably nothing from it.


Since green wards are out of the game, you don't want to take red trinked anymore. That's because, unless it's team ranked, you're giving up your OWN VISION to deny the enemy's. And denying enemy's vision while not having your own is almost USELESS.
There are some exception when up against a few champs, like teemo or others, who have their traps denied by red trinket, but for the most part yellow > red.

Middle Lane Riven Back to Top

Mid lane Riven's Goal

Mid lane is actually a lane much different than Top. When top lane, the goal is often solely based on defeating your opponent or outscale him, then split-pushing and drawing the enemy attention or roaming and forcing team-fights. 12.png is usually the only way to join your team early game. 

Said shortly, your choices mid game will often depend on how the other lanes went.

Riven's job as mid laner is quite different, though shutting down your opponent should always be pursued. When you go mid your focus is not necessarily drawing the enemy attention on you; no, mid laners usually aim at three things:

  • Out-farming their opponent.
    Middle lane is a pretty boring lane when it comes to 1 v 1, because is more difficult to ward than top and your opponent is often an AP carry with range. If you can't kill him, don't try to be boxbox; just farm and push him, or at least stay even in CS.
  • Roaming and making their team snowball.
    That's the key aspect of mid lane: its position, right in the center of the map (tip: that's why is called MID). When you are playing Riven mid, you are in charge of putting pressure on the rest of the map, along with your jungler. Push your opponent under tower, don't let him roam and, most important, gank the other lanes yourself; if the enemy is overextended you'll probably take at least a kill off.
    Riven's specialty, if i might say. Though now many mid laners are capable of pushing waves fast, Riven can still keep up with them, especially when it comes to champions like 55.png or 84.png, who excell at roaming and picking random kills around the map.

Said shortly, you take the responsability of SETTING UP the mid game for your team.

So you usually do this when you're mid lane as Riven...

You push the lane no matter what, look for ganks options top/bot, or do a camp/pressure your opponent under tower if there aren't.

Mid Lane Ward Coverage

Now, mid lane is an awkward place when it comes to ganking...
On one hand, you have 4 dashes to escape in a relatively short lane.
On the other, it's much more difficult to ward properly compared to top, and, considering that most opponent will have range over you, it's not hard to believe that you may have your skills on cooldown when the jungler comes. How do you deal with that then?

First things first, let's see where to gank:


Yeah, i know it sucks. I'm sorry, but that's the best i thought about. I'll have another one made better asap.

  • BLUE is for the BLUE TEAM
  • PURPLE is for the PURPLE TEAM
Now, you put the yellow trinket on their birds (or whatever is called now) camp, so you know when the jungler is doing it, or if he has already done it. You usually put a CONTROL WARD on the central bush on the opposite side of the map.

If you only have one ward available, be smart: place it on their wolves camp, and stay on that side of the lane. If the enemy jungler comes from the opposite side of mid lane, you'll have a way out; if it comes from the place you just warded, you'll see him and just be able to withdraw to your tower.

Manipulating the Wave Back to Top

Manipulate the wave means managing the minions, and making them do what you want them to, in possible limits.
Early on, minions do A LOT of damage. Respecting it and knowing how to use it at your own advantage will make you come out ahead in trades early on.

To manipulate a wave you must know how to:
  • Push towards the enemy. This means that your wave will go towards your enemy tower. You can do this by killing and damaging your opponent's minions til your side is stronger.
    There are two ways the lane can push, either fastly or slowly. Usually, you push fast when the enemy is out of lane, so you can reach his tower before he comes back and make him lose CS while damaging the tower. While slowly pushing you get minion's advantage; you'll have more minions than your opponent, so he'll have to respect your damage and theirs.

  • Reset the lane. Just make sure your minions die under the enemy tower. This way, the lane will either start slowly pushing towards you or return at half lane. Make sure you reset your lane when overpushed, or you'll put yourself in position to get ganked.

  • Letting a lane push towards you. Many players, even at plat., don't know how to make a lane push towards themself. You can do this by:
    1) making the enemy wave group before reaching lane by tanking it a little. This way, the wave will already be in "Formation", thus it will kill your creeps faster.01 TANKING WAVE.png2) Resetting the wave. 
    3) Just last hitting, so you don't weaken the opponent's wave too much (don't hurt the minions, just give them the final hit).
    4) Having less minions than the enemy's. Keep in mind: if the wave is on your side of the lane, you must consider that enemy minions will arrive later then yours to fight, thus giving your side the number advantage for a short period of time.WAVE PUSHING.png

  • Freeze the lane. You do this by tanking the enemy minions outside your tower range, so the lane doesn't resets. You take damage trying though, so be careful. As Riven, you don't have sustain other than pots, so be sure to use your shield to soak as much damage as you can, while juking in and out the brushes.
    If you successfully freeze, your opponent will have a stronger minion's support, but he'll be far from the safety of his tower.
    Note: you can't freeze anymore once you get 3077.png.


Wall-ups Back to Top

Riven third Q can surpass uncrossable terrains like walls and towers. This helps her move faster, escape, catch running opponent or surprise enemies. That's why fighting in the jungle as Riven is actually really good, and by ambushing you'll feel a bit like this:


The general rule is that you can wall-up any terrain that is long no more than twice your Third Q Range. I made a map of some (not nearly all) crossable terrains:


To help you jump over a terrain you might want to E + third Q over it, since your E makes turning Riven easier. However, i've found that this trick often doesn't work when trying to jump some of the more difficults walls, like the one opposite to the red buff. I think that's because your E doesn't bring you as much close to the wall as a precise click would, unless you're already in that exact point.

Now, becoming an expert at jumping uncrossable terrains as Riven is really important, as this is often the only way she can cover enough distance to kill a ranged opponent. So, practice it everytime you can. In teamfights or when chasing, always look at where the carries are, and see if you can reach them through a wall-up. 

A point of note: for some strange reason, if you have your cursor on a enemy target while trying to jump a wall, the wall-up will fail. It has probably something to do with the way Riven's Q works when your mouse is on a target. However, it's important that you know it.

Cancelling Animations & Combos Back to Top

Animation's Cancelling

Probably the skill that separates good Rivens from Great ones. Knowing how to cancel her animations makes her combo a lot faster, allowing her to pull it all off 1/2 seconds faster. It's an important skill that's also really hard to master.

Standard Riven Fast Q Combo

For now, this video will do.

The Riven's fast Q combo is probably the most difficult thing to master about her, yet is even one of the most rewarding. Simply said, it allows to play out her Q combo a lot faster than normally, like 1/2 secs faster. Often this makes the difference in you surviving and feeling like a boss, or dying and feeling shitty for the lost chance.

There are two ways of pulling off Riven's fast Q combo:

  1. The simplest yet less rewarding way to do it:

    AA + Q as soon as it lands the AA + rinse and repeat.

    Said shortly, you Q as soon as the AA lands. Since Riven's autoattack animation continues even after the attack hit, you just Q to cancel it. Simple as that, it's quite easy to do and still decently rewarding. However, you're just cancelling your AA animation, not your Q, so it's still quite slow compared to the second.

  2. The most difficult way... the infamous:

    Q + move + AA + rinse and repeat.

    Same as the first one, but you need to click anywhere on the map while your Q animation is on. This will cut the animation of your Q, making your combo A LOT faster.
    REALLY important to remember is that you need to Q ON THE TARGET, so while pressing Q your cursor must be OVER YOUR ENEMY. 
    Now, this is really difficult to master, and making a mistake will lead either to cancelling one of your AAs (or worse all of them if you lose the momentum) or moving where you don't want to. However, once mastered allows you to pull off your combo so fast to be able to win almost any usually close trade early game, and making plays while being low life later on.

Using Valor to Cancel Animations

The most common and widely known way to cancel Riven's animations is using your E, the shield, followed by one of your other skills. This trick is especially important with your R, as it completely cancels its cast time. You 90% activate your ult while using your E.

The combos are:

E + R

Cancels your ult cast time. Really important to do, as otherwise you'd be vulnerable or enemies would flee. You pretty much activate your ult without using your E when you're not seen, or in really other few situations.

E + Q

Standard engage combo in lanes where the opponent can't really retaliate effectively. This trick allows you to cover far more distance than with your Q alone, and that's really important to surprise your enemies or reach a ranged opponent that stepped out a little too close. You never ever want to engage like this against someone like 39.png, as you need to shield something of the combo (in this case, the stun). Other few examples where you DON'T WANT to engage like this unless far ahead are 58.png when his W is up, 24.png when his counter strike is up, 122.png if he has his Q up and many others.

E + W

It allows to cancel your rivenmartyr.png animation, which is really long btw. This trick can be used when chased, to stun quickly while moving, or to make your combo a lot faster by covering your stun animation with one of your riventricleave.png. However, you need to realize that using it EVERY TIME is kind of bad... that's because you stun your opponent while your shield is up, wasting some of the damage absorption it gives.

Ravenous Hydra animation's cancelling

One of the reasons Ravenous Hydra is so effective on Riven is because its active can be cancelled like with most of your skills, adding a lot of burst to your combo. So you can:

E + tiamat + AA + W + Q

E + tiamat + AA + R + Q 




Tbh... a funny thing about Riven is that combos are not your bread and butter. Those not related to cancelling animations are mostly useful only in 1 v 1 fights. More than combos, it's about mixing your skills together with your mobility to create a lethal dance that the enemy won't be able to fight.

Lv 1 standard Q combo

AA + Q + AA + Q + AA + Q + AA/run

Lv 1 Q combo, for when you have a stronger or even lv 1 and more or equal sustain. The AA before Q is often situational obv. Running or AAing at the end of the combo really depends on the match-up, and it values even for all other combos though it's not written.

Lv 2 Cheese

Q + AA + Q + W + AA + Q + AA ( Ignite if needed )

Standard lv 2 Riven cheese. The most effective way to do it is hitting both your opponent and the last dying minion needed to level up with your first Q, then level up W and unloading the rest of the combo. However, even just autoattacking the minion and then Qing at your opponent work, as long as it's fast enough.

Long Range Engage Without Ult

E + Q + AA + Q + W + AA + Q + AA

Effective way to trade with your opponent when he can't really retaliate and he is a bit distant from you. When paired with the fast Q combo, it allows you to shield the first enemy's AAs and not receiving others by CCing him.
Why not autoattacking after E and second Q? If you're in reach of your opponent after using valor feel free to AA after using it. 
AAing after your second Q is often not worth imo because that's the exacly moment where your shield ends. By stunning right away, you avoid taking damage.

Basic Long Range All-in With Ult and Tiamat

E + tiamat + AA + R + Q + AA + Q + W + AA + R + Q + AA 

Not much to say, for when you can reach and kill your opponent. The number of AAs in-between the skills, and when you activate the second part of your R, depends on how much damage you need and how fast you have to pull off the combo.

Short Range All-In With Ult and Tiamat

AA + Ignite + 1 + R + W + AA + Q + AA + E + AA + Q + AA + R + Q + AA

All-in combo when the opponent is at close range and can be bursted in one round. Difficult to find a good occasion to do it, as few will be so brave to stay that near you when you can pull it off, but you never know. As before, the number of AAs in-between the skills, and when you activate the second part of your R, depends on how much damage you need and how fast you have to pull off the combo. Like before, the AA after E and W slows the combo alot.

All-in Tower Dive With Hydra and Ult

AA + Ignite + 1 + R + W + AA + R + Q + E + Q away

Pretty straight forward combo to burst someone with low hp under a tower and have an escape ready. When doing this, you usually aim to make your opponent waste the CC/escapes he may have before attacking him, like 39.png's stun. The tiamat can be delayed 'til your second R activation, but if you do don't AA at the beginning as it will make you waste a lot of time while getting tower focused. Even so, the AA is situational as always.

Champions good with Riven - TEAMFIGHTS Back to Top


Riven goes along pretty much with any team that has the power to create possibilities. For possibilities i mean engages, fights, counter-engages or all those situations where you can go into a fight and unleash hell, as her team-fight is really good if she's able to.

Consider that i haven't included a section for 2 vs 2 fights, but there would be a lot more champions that would be more than great with Riven (105.png for example). These sections are simply for teamfighting and splitpushing utility.



The ultimate wombo combo. If the Orianna is good (and you know what you're doing!!!), your team becomes a force to be reckoned with no matter how behind it may be. Moreover at her side your scaling into late game becomes FEARFUL, as you'll be able to engage on the enemy team at any point of the game, glasscannon or less, as once her ball is on you and her ult up you're pretty much a God.


This little girl is one of the most feared champions, and for good reasons. Her engage and burst are just scary to say the least, and can lock the carries down for you to finish them off if she gets a good ult. When you both have flash up, the enemy team will regret having played the game.


Morgana goes along well with pretty much anyone. Her ability to engage/counter engage, to lock someone down for almost a century and her black shield makes you two a good pair.


Quite good. She offers a great engage to lock a carry, more than decent damage and an impair. With you at her side, your team can instagib anyone she locks down.


May he be top or mid, you two make for a really good wombo combo. He has great burst and AoE damage, and so have you. He is AP, you are AD. He has an AoE stun when his ult is up. Trust me, Kennen + Riven is scary to say the least.


Holy Molly! Not much else to say. You together will make anyone cry with your damage and her engage potential.


Simply amazing duo. You can engage freely on the enemy team with her ult as a back-up.


Not the best, but decent. You are both anti carries, you both have good mobility and if she gets a charm on the right target you two can just blow him up and carry the fight.


Actually not that great compared to other choices, as your team will need an AP jungler or will be pretty much full AD, but still your third knock-up can win a team-fight 100-0 if his ult is up and you get at least their carries. Moreover, if you both snowball the game is pretty much yours for the taking. Rivals or not, these two can be scary when they join arms, and almost unmatched in 2 vs 2.


Not many will agree with me, but i actually think Riven is decent with him. They are both feared anti carries, and when together they can pretty much just instagib the enemy back line if they find an engage/opening.


Same as Zed, but she is AP. After the nerfs, she has become much less viable though...



I don't know how many will agree with me, but everytime i play Riven i love having a decent Vayne on my team. Why? Because she has everything you want from and ADC, except for range. Damage, mobility and the ability to peel for herself. You are not her babysitter, and that's good 'cause you have the chance of killing the enemy backline without having to worry about her. Else, you can just peel for her if you wish, as she'll just destroy the enemy team (TANKS INCLUDED) 100 - 0 if you can keep her safe. Late game, the damage you two have will be unreal. Overall, i think Vayne + Riven makes for an umpredictable and fearful team.


An utility carry with a good engage if she finds an opening. Moreover, allows for a really easy lane to gank and that's something you really like, as taking tp 99% of the time will lead to a double kill for you/her. Her problem is that she needs a peel when she finds herself against assassins with gap closers.


Pretty much like Ashe, but his ult makes for a poor first engage.


If you don't have to peel for her you two make for a good pair. She has range, damage, an execute, wave clear and crushes towers. Her team-fight is one of the best, if not the best. Quite decent.




You want an engage, she's got plenty of, tanking 5 champions while spamming /laugh in the process. Pretty much one of the supports you prefer to have if you want to team-fight. Makes for a simple lane to gank btw, so taking TP when you have her in your team is a good choice.


Pretty much like Leona, but with better counter engage and a passive that makes you stun your enemy target.


This champion with Riven is so funny! You get in a bad spot, he'll eat you and save you! I think he is good if you have a jungler that can engage.



You want to team-fight? You want the mummy. He'll lock anyone in place just for you to jump in and kill him, while either offering a good AP damage or a really great meat-shield of tankiness. Overall, Amumu is your friend, and probably the best jungler for you if you want a TF.


Good damage, nice ult, a knock-up and tanky as fuck. You like her almost as much as you like the mummy.


He'll lock the ADC or someone just for you to kill him, and he'll be so tanky that no one will ever be able to put him down. 


A good engage, good tankiness... pretty much like the others.


Now, there's a champ that is actually a beast, especially in the mid game, when he has good damage and possibly is fairly tanky. You and him are meant to crush your enemies, as he has a great team-fight where he can knock-up anyone just for you.


He has good engage/counter engage if he gets a good ult, and if he does you'll be able to follow him and unleash devastation in the teamfight. Moreover, he does really great ganks paired with Riven, as his fear is too stronk.


Not the best, but if one of you snowballs the other will catch up pretty fast. She has great damage and tankiness, and a fairly decent engage. You are scary to say the least in mid game.



His great ult is the perfect example of ENGAGE. With him, you have the train to enter the teamfight.


I think it should work, as he has a good team-fight and is tanky.



I guess it works great, as if he lands a rupture on the carries you can just flash and kill them. Moreover, he'll be tanky as fuck, no matter what he builds.


Three words. Time for reckoning.
You both are amazing back line distruptors, and she has a stun that lasts for ages while dealing true damage. You and her together make for one of the most amazing mid games of the league of legends. Really, i think Riven + Irelia stomps hard, and their late game is still more than decent. They might lack AP damage though...


If for teamfighting, this pair can work wonderfully. His ult allows you to engage on the enemy team, moreover he does magic damage (late game even a decent amount), and he is tanky as fuck. His taunt btw gets multiple enemies close to each others, allowing you to easily stun and burst them. 
However, you MUSN'T be the one to split-push, as he is the one with TP. Wait with your team, coordinate with him for a good ult and engage when you see an opening (you are at least 4 vs 4 and the carries are close).


Should work decently.

Champions good with Riven - SPLITPUSHING Back to Top


You can split-push only when your team is able to do some specific things, such as:

  1. Clearing waves, so having a good wave-clear. This allows your team to create pressure on the enemy team under tower, or sustain sieges. 
  2. Good disengage. When engaged, they can repell the opponent and just back off to safety.
  3. Good poke or hard engage. This leads to having the ability to do damage, so creating pressure, or threaten your opponents, thus if they come for you they'll either get engaged 3 vs 4 or followed and killed.
More than "Are good with Riven", i'd say this section has champion that are good FOR splitpushing in general...

Consider that i haven't included a section for 2 vs 2 fights, but there would be a lot more champions that would be more than great with Riven (105.png for example). These sections are simply for teamfighting and splitpushing utility.



Few champions can poke and disengage as good as her. Be it support or mid, this girl is a pain in the ass once she gets a couple of items if she isn't hard engaged. She has the ability to give more movespeed to herself and her allies btw, which may lead to good engages if two come for you. Moreover, you like shields, and hers is really strong. She is good with Riven. Period.


She has good wave-clear, and her charm makes for a good disengage if used smartly and against a single engage team (malphite for example). Moreover, she can engage on her own really easily with her ult if two come for you, which is really good for your team. And as said in the above section, you two make a good pair.


Her wave-clear is unmatched, and has decent poke. Once she gets a few items, she becomes really strong. Her wall allows her to give some time to her team to disengage btw, cutting off half of the enemy team. Moreover, she has a stun and creates a good battlefield for you to fight in, in case you have to team-fight, or a good wall can save your ass in the jungle if you're escaping and she comes.


One of the best poke champions in all the game, with good damage, reliable disengage and quite the useful and flexible ult. He lacks only chase power.


Good counter engage, if anyone engages on her he'll cry and get stunned. Moreover, she has good poke.


Good wave-clear and disengage, amazing poke (morgana not so much). Orianna being the more risky of the three, and lissandra the safest.


Late game he has godlike poke and wave-clear. However, he lacks a reliable disengage...


Good escape and poke if he is AP.


For obvious reasons



Easily the best ADC if you aim to split-push or poke the enemy down. His Q and R do amazing damage, he has good wave clear and his E keeps him relatively safe all the time. Moreover, your stuns make easy for him to land his skillshots, and he does not need a peel usually. He is good with Riven in many situations.


Her late game range allows her to stay safe without issue. Moreover, thx to her skills she has good waveclear and disengage (ult + jump).


The queen of poke. Her range makes a good caitlyn significant all game, especially in poke compositions. Overall, one of the best ADCs if you aim to split-push.


Her ult is great for running or chasing, and her wave-clear is really good. Moreover, her spellshield can help her avoid getting caught up. However, if she gets locked down, she's done for.



The queen of disengages. The best champion in all the game to have in a poke composition, or to answer at hard engages.


Like janna, but a lot more tanky.


Her silence allows for clean disengages, and her sustain grants her team a poking ability unmatchable. By rushing coin she has even better disengage, or chase potential.


If he knows what he is doing, yes. He is really good at poking, chasing or escaping.



Good disengage or engage with his ult. What else?


His ult is really a great disengage tool, or a way to engage if he knows what he is doing. Moreover, he is one of the best junglers to play with Riven simply because the two of them are so unpredictable and strong. A good champion in overall to have when using Riven, as their 2 vs 2 is great and allows for easy early ganks.


His ult can be a decent escape method i guess... he'll be useless 'til it's back up though...


I guess she is all-right, but not nearly one of the bests...


He doesn't have wave-clear, but he can escape easily with his clone and engage when the enemy comes for you, or ult to make your team gain some precious seconds. Not horrible, not even a bit.


She can disengage or chase. Not the best, not nearly close to the worst.



Conclusions & Contact Me Back to Top

This has been my first guide on a champion ever. I hope you liked it, and if you didn't that you'll give me feedback on how to improve it! Riven is a great champion, personally the best of this game, and i hope i've helped you getting at least a bit better at her or at laning!

If you're interested on another favourite of mine, the one and only Eye of Twilight 98.png, or The Rekton 58.png, take Bard's magical portal-link towards their pages!

A thing to note: no, i'll probably never add a jungle section. I played Riven in jungle and i think she is great, though her first clear is shitty... however, i'm not a jungler and i suck at jungling, so any information i might give could be inaccurate.

Please stay tuned! :D

If you wish to learn even more, i'd suggest watching Boxbox videos where he explains Combos, mechanics and wall-ups, or watch other Riven mains like BestRivenNA and LordMasterKing.

Contact Me

I'd really prefer you guys to write a comment below, as the most of the messages are sent there and thus i often forget to look at the e-mail address (found a couple of old e-mails i didn't replay; i'm sorry), but if you really wish you can send me an e-mail to:

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