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2 years ago

Riven Statistics for TasteOfFURY

Author's performance with Riven compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

You can take teleport ignite if you want but i use flash.

4.png14.png For Kill pressure and snowballing, take these when you know you can kill your opponent or when you are facing 266.png 106.png 8.png 36.png 50.png 

11.png12.png If your Name is 0kills or want to do a camp and TP back to lane and cheese your opponent.

3.png4.png  For lanes that can kill you very fast (like  58.png  ,  23.png  or 58.png)

1.png4.png If your opponent has a lot of CC and/or ignite ( 85.png58.png24.png45.png58.png)  or the enemy teamcomp has lots of CC, really situational and up to preference.

12.png4.png If you want to have more map pressure, make your roaming easier and make TP plays. Also works in lanes you don't want to stay because they are dangerous (58.png) or when you have to TP follow your lane opponent so your team is not cleaned up (85.png)

11.png4.png For jungle Riven.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

These are the masteries I use in mostly every melee match-up, whether it be a tank or another bruiser this provides Riven with a very strong laning phase to bully her opponent. The Ferocity masteries for Double Edged Sword or Feast are purely based on preference and Oppressor is just a bit of extra damage to add onto your combos, Vampirism is my preference over Natural Talent since Riven can utilize both life steal AND spell vamp, whereas AP is absolutely useless on her (Unless you want that sick 1.5 extra damage on Thunderlords @ level 18).

As for the Cunning tree, Wanderer is my preference since you only really need Savagery if you need some help getting those last hits and Wanderer gives you a bit of extra map mobility in between dashes. Bandit/Dangerous game is also a preference pick too since Bandit actually gets you a little bit of extra gold against any melee top early game where as Dangerous Game could potentially save you in some mid-late game skirmishes.

Precision and Intelligence are also more of a preference pick, Intelligence is generally good in match-ups where you know you need the extra CDR for a safer laning phase and a boost to your mobility, however Precision gives you a significant damage increase across the board and makes you a bigger threat to any low armor target so it's definitely a good pick up if you're looking to maximize the amount of damage Riven can do.

These are also a good set-up to run, you give up a very little bit of damage but your laning phase becomes a lot healthier and safer. This pretty much should be used for any ranged match-up or when you're against a Renekton, either masteries are a preference though since the Ferocity tree focuses on your early game a little bit more while the Resolve tree is more versatile for any stage of the game and gives you the advantage of lower summoner cooldowns.

Abilities Back to Top


Maxing Q over W and E over W.

The reason I max Q is that it provides 2.3x the amount of damage of her W if you land every hit at max rank, and it makes an excellent trade tool. Her W would be a good option but the damage will not stick to top laners as hard if they have some form of sustain (Which most top laners do have nowadays.) I max E second because the shield makes trading even easier, having a shield for 260 damage (Not including AD from items) at max rank every 4.65 seconds (22.50% CDR from Brutalizer/mastery/runes) is a lot more powerful for trading. The fact that is has a cooldown 1 second lower than her W allows you to upkeep your passive more often.

However in every ranged match-up I will grab E first to negate as much harass as possible before level 3.

Tips & Tricks

Ulti+Spell Combos: Casting your ultimate and then quickly pressing W will cancel the ultimate animation and start the W animation; this allows you to execute your combo a lot faster. You can also activate the second part of your ultimate and press E at the same time. This causes Riven to cast both spells at the same time, which extends her ultimate cast range from 900 to 1125 in theory. (The E+R combo is extremely easy to do with smart casting)

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Best way to start
    Going against heavy ad?

Core Items

    Best first back choice.
    Best build #1 in order

Situational Items

Start Paths


Fairly decent start, it's good to use when you don't have much experience on Riven or you're just against a match-up where you need to sustain in the long run, can be bad sometimes though if you can't afford a 3133.png but is otherwise fairly safe.



If you're still learning Riven I'd grab this against extremely powerful early game champions such as 122_64.png/86_64.png/58_64.png/107_64.png. If you're a bit new to the lanes, you'll have to play a bit safely around the 3 minute mark until you see the enemy jungler elsewhere, otherwise you may be caught off-guard by a gank and put behind for quite a while. You can then upgrade this into a 3047_32.png later on or just go with 3111_32.png depending on the amount of CC/AP the enemy team has.



I recommend this start if you've played a decent amount of games (at least 50) with Riven, by now you should have gotten the basic combos down and have some experience on match-ups that will help you out. This start is a little more stronger than 1055_32.png now simply because the nerfs to it have made the sustain kind of crappy early on for risky trades, the 3 potions should keep you in lane long enough to outplay the enemy laner or farm enough CS to buy a  3133.png for your first trip back. Longsword is the most flexible start also since you can pretty much build it into a 3155_32.png for an AP match-up you're unfamiliar with, otherwise you can just stick with 3133.png in every scenario.


Item Choices

I don't really aim for 1001_32.png early on since Riven doesn't really need it until after your first core item (3071.png).

In most cases you are just going to finish up your first 2 core items before even buying them so it's not too big of a deal to hold off on them for a little bit.

In other cases when against an AP match-up you're having trouble with, you'll hold off on buying your 3071.png and instead focus on grabbing your 3133.png first after a 3155_32.png, then start working towards it afterwards.

3035.png is usually a good pick up against a beefy team (or as one my first 2 items in certain match-ups) since it's incredibly strong when the enemy has quite a bit of armor stacked up, however it's a lot more efficient to go 3026_32.png if their team is full of high burst champions like 91_64.png/7_64.png/107_64.png/134_64.png OR you don't have any major level advantages (2-3 levels ahead of the highest leveled enemy). No point in being able to deal insane amounts of damage if you can't live past the first second of a fight with your lack of resistances. The armor pen isn't really needed against a team full of Assassins at around 25 minutes of a game anyways, they'll still be building damage themselves rather than going for defensive items.

It's also extremely easy to rack up 3071_32.png's armor reduction since Riven's kit has great synergy with it. This is great a great first core item for Riven because it gives her everything (Armor Reduction, AD, CDR, Mobility, HP) she loves except for lifesteal.

I hardly grab 3143.png anymore since the AD stacking meta got nerfed pretty hard, but if you do come across it or a fed ADC, Randuin's will make it a lot easier to protect your ADC with it's insane active, as well as making you a scary off-tank in the process that can get in an ADC's face without as much worry. In the case that you are extremely fed and are completely stomping your lane with a huge level advantage, you can hold off on the Guardian Angel until your 6th Item and just build another Bloodthirster instead to even further extend your lead.

I usually grab 3139_32.png over 3156_32.png when facing a team full of AP champions if I get ahead in lane since they usually have a significant amount of CC, Merc Scimitar gives you a free cleanse on the go so you don't get stuck and bursted down. It can also be used to turn around an Amumu ultimate and dive straight onto their unsuspecting ADC easily. However Maw is significantly stronger if they don't have as much CC since the 2 passives on it allow you to deal a lot more damage and tank quite a bit more.

However if you're still learning Riven, you can grab 3155_32.png in AP match-ups such as 68_64.png/8_64.png/85_64.png/60_64.png and 27_64.pngas one of your first items since it can go a long way in helping you snowball against them in lane because the shield is way too valuable against them to pass up on the chance. I'll just grab a 1036_32.png or 1033_32.png(or both) on my first back, then you can just upgrade it to a 3156_32.png as your final item for even more AD, MR, shield strength, and some armor pen to add on to it all.

3142_32.png is actually a pretty good item on Riven because of the fact it makes you even more mobile, making it one of the best items for Riven to use when ahead. It makes it much more difficult to escape her just because of the fact it adds a solid MS boost, which allows you to keep constantly auto attacking the enemy laner as they try to run away from you in between your abilities. The attack speed also makes you a strong duelist since it'll make your attack animation a little bit faster, allowing for you to execute your full combo sooner. I almost always grab this over 3812.png whenever I'm significantly ahead in lane since it also helps in teamfights and makes it that much harder for the enemy team to kite you.

3072_32.png typical final item I use on Riven since it provides an extreme amount of AD and life steal along with an damage absorbing shield to go along with your 3074_32.png and 3812.png (if you have it), granting a total of 150 AD and 22% lifesteal together (215/34% with 3812.png) . This will allow you to easily sustain in fights with a fairly powerful shield that synergizes with your Valor and gives the damage to kill their squishies with ease as well as dent their frontlines quite a bit with your hefty amount of AD. It's highly impractical to go for 3072_32.pngthough if they have a tremendous amount of armor, so just stick with 3036.png since 3033.png isn't as practical for a burst AD caster like Riven.

Boots Choices

Boots aren't really a good rush on Riven anymore since 3158.png is overshadowed by the fact there's a lot of cheap AD/CDR items for Riven to utilize now, 

The only times I'd suggest to grab 3111_32.png early on would be after 3071.png or 3155.pngif the enemy team has an enormous amount of CC/AP.

3047.png isn't too big of a deal, it can be useful against heavy AD teams that lack CC but otherwise you won't really need to grab these immediately.

Buying 3242.png early on is really just a matter of preference, it's pretty much always a great idea to buy this though if you're ahead so feel free to buy it if you get a kill or two in between your core items.

Why Hydra over BT first?

As you can see in my build I grab Hydra over Bloodthirster and I'd like to point out a few reasons why I think it's better. 
  1. Stronger sustain, the HP5 it provides and the fact it has a passive that makes the life steal work with the AoE passive and active makes it so you get more health when dueling an enemy champion under their minions.
  2. Stronger wave clear, this is pretty simple, I can push to their tower a lot faster which means I can force the enemy jungler to come top while my team takes dragon or I can roam to mid really fast for a possible free kill before they push it back to my tower.
  3. Stronger burst, combine the Hydra's active with your full combo and you get a slightly stronger amount of burst than you would with the Bloodthirster, it's pretty great.
  4. Stronger teamfights, pretty simple as well, the AoE active spreads out your damage if you get into the middle of a fight, and the fact that it works with the 3071_32.png passive is great too.
  5. Cheaper component parts, as well as being 100 gold cheaper to buy it a little bit sooner than BT.

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