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A great combination for top lane Riven. It allows you to have pressure around the map during the laning phase and through late-game if split-pushing. It also allows you to teleport back to lane if you get an unfortunate gank by the enemy jungler. This can be a mediocre choice in lower elos (Bronze to Gold) because you team is less likely to ward bot lane deep for teleport ganks. Still a viable choice for split-pushing in the late-game. You can pull attention to yourself and force the hand of the enemy team to make a mistake on the map.

I like taking this combination in the mid-lane. It gives you kill pressure over your lane opponent that you wouldn't have with teleport. It is also really good against some champions that need to use their healing abilities in order to win duels. I only take this combination if I believe that I will need it in order to win fights against my opponent. A good example of a champ that I will almost always take Ignite against is Swain. It is really hard to fight against him and win a duel without this spell.

This is the combination that you will want to use while jungling Riven. Yes, jungle Riven is really good. She is a really good ganker and she can clear really fast. She also takes minimal damage in the jungle if you use her abilities right to cancel jungle creep's auto attacks. The reason you don't see it that often is because Riven needs gold to do what she does and if she doesn't snowball from the jungle, you don't get the gold you need to carry. My hypothesis is that if you are not snowballing on Riven in the first place you are doing something wrong.

This combination is really good against champions that have to go all-in in order to kill you. When used perfectly, it can shut down a champion's damage or ability to make plays. 

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Courage of the Colossus Keystone

Take this keystone if you plan on going tanky because your team lacks a tank. This mastery makes you pretty tanky while being useful in lane. Your Ki Burst and Third Wind Slash will proc the keystone. If you take this keystone and decide to not going the tanky bruiser build, it may be a good idea to go Titanic Hydra and Death's Dance/Bloodthirster instead of Ravenous Hydra

Ferocity: Fury, Fresh Blood, Vampirism, Double-edged Sword

Resolve: Unyielding, Siege Master, Runic Armour, Fearless, Legendary Guardian, Courage of the Colussus


Stormraider's Surge Keystone

Take this keystone against ranged matchups or against champions like Nasus, Olaf, and Tryndamere. This mastery is extremely powerful at providing utility. Practicing procing the keystone will grant you some amazing trades. You go in on the champion, burst them by 30%, then run away with 40% movement speed preventing any damage in return.

Ferocity: Fury, Fresh Blood, Natural talent, Double-edged Sword

Cunning: Savagery, Secret Stash, Merciless, Greenfather's Gift, Intelligence, Stormraider's Surge


Fervor of Battle Keystone

Take this keystone against melee matchups. This keystone gives you 64 extra AD at level 18. That is like almost having an extra B.F. Sword and Longsword worth 1650 gold! You can stack this very easily with your Fast Combo. Spells and autoattacks give 2 stacks each which means you get full stacks from just your Fast Combo. The only reason I don't take this in ranged matchups is because it is hard to autoattack and get stacks on ranged opponents. You also don't get the free disengage from Stormraider's Surge.

Ferocity: Fury, Fresh Blood, Vampirism, Battle Trance, Battering Blows, Fervor of Battle

Resolve: Recovery, Tough Skin, Veteran Scars, Insight


Thunderlord's Decree Keystone

This keystone is still good to use. Go this keystone if you just want to instaburst your enemies. A good example for going Thunderlord's Decree is if you are smurfing or the enemy team is really squishy. Otherwise, it is outclassed by the other keystones.

Ferocity: Fury, Fresh Blood, Natural talent, Double-edged Sword

Cunning: Savagery, Secret Stash, Merciless, Greenfather's Gift, Intelligence, Thunderlord's Decree

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skill order.png
Riven's abilities make her the champion that everyone either comes to know or comes to hate. Her abilities give her the style of a street fighter character in that she uses her abilities to combo her opponents to death. Below is her abilities and what they do while explaining the inmportance of being in Riven's kit.

Runic Blade
Runic Blade

Riven's blade gains a charge for 5 seconds every time she casts an ability, stacking up to 3 times. Each of her basic attacks consumes an available charge to deal 25% - 50% (based on level) ADbonus physical damage.

Runic Blade allows Riven to gain additional damage in her auto attacks. If you weave autos within your abilities, you gain a significant damage increase on your opponent. This is why learning some of Riven's combos is very important in learning how to play her effectively.

Broken Wings
Broken Wings

ACTIVE: Riven dashes towards the target nearest the cursor or in the direction she is currently facing, and lashes out at all enemies in front of her, dealing physical damage. Broken Wings can be cast twice more within 4 seconds, with the timer resetting after each cast.

The third damages all enemies around Riven in an expanded radius, Airborne icon knocks them up, and can also be used to pass over certain instances of terrain.

Each cast of Broken Wings resets Riven's autoattack timer.

Broken Wings is what makes Riven fun in my opinion and makes her play like a street fighter character. Riven hops around the battlefield while weaving in auto attacks in order to combo her foes. If you use the ability while mousing on a target, you will Broken Wings in place. Not placing your mouse on a target will move you through the target when using this ability. The third Broken Blades can cancel channels with the knock-up. It also has a pretty big radius of knockup so you can cancel some dashes with the right timing. Using your ultimate will increase both the travel distance and the damage/knockup radius.


Ki Burst
Ki Burst

ACTIVE: Riven's sword emits a burst of runic energy that shocks nearby enemies, dealing physical damage and Stun icon stunning them for 0.75 seconds.

Ki Burst is your AOE stun and trading ability. Using this ability will also stun you for a little bit if not animation canceled. When used correctly, you can trade with your lane opponent without them getting any real meaningful damage traded back. The radius of this ability is pretty short however your ultimate will make the radius a lot larger than normal because of the range it gives you.



ACTIVE: Riven dashes towards the cursor and gains a shield that absorbs incoming damage for 1.5 seconds.

This ability, Valor, is the main reason why most people hate Rivens. "You just will not die" will be the response you get all the time in all chat from the enemy team. Utilizing this ability to maximum potential will separate the good Rivens from the great Rivens. Great Rivens will sheild at the correct time to block and damage that comes in as a counter trade. This ability also scales with AD, so we can get away with prioritizing AD over tank stats. Late-game your shield will be so strong that you will kite in and out of the fight, baiting the enemy to tunnel onto you only to you living with minimal health. Using Valor with your ultimate will give you a larger shield with the bonus AD that it gives. You can also use Valor to cancel the animation of your ultimate.


Blade of the Exile
Blade of the Exile

ACTIVE: Riven transforms her sword for 15 seconds, gaining 20% AD as bonus attack damage, gaining bonus attack range, and increasing Broken Wings.png Broken Wings and Ki Burst.png Ki Burst's radius.

For Blade of the Exile's duration, Riven can use Wind Slash.png Wind Slash once.

Wind Slash
Wind Slash

ACTIVE: Riven unleashes a wave of energy in a cone, dealing physical damage to all enemies hit, increased by 2.67% for every 1% of target's missing health for a maximum 200% increase at 75% of target's missing health.

Riven's Ultimate is what makes her an absolute terror to play against. Blade of the Exile grants Riven with Bonus AD and range. With our high AD item build, Blade of the Exile will give us a ridiculous amount of AD. With 45% CDR, this ultimate is up every fight if not up twice a fight. There is a cast animation of Riven pulling out her sword when you activate the ability. That is why learning to animation cancelThe second part of the ultimate is Wind Slash. While Blade of the Exile is active you can cast an AOE cone that does insane damage to anyone with low health. 


Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    This is the general items you will start with.
    Use these item if jungling.
    Use cloth armor against really hard lanes like Renekton and Quinn.
    Use this start if you went TP. When you get 1950 gold, go back and buy another Doran's Blade, Phage, and a Pink Ward then TP back to lane. This gives you a lot of combat stats and a ward for vision control.
    I usually go this against heavy AA champions. Go back and buy Ninja Tabi.

Core Items

    Always go Black Cleaver. It is Riven's core item. It gives Riven everything she wants: CDR, AD, Health and mobility. Buy Death's Dance Next unless you built Hexdrinker early, then go Maw.
    Buying Tiamat grants Riven extra Combo power.

Situational Items

    This item is for champions that kite you a lot. You can also implement this into your core build too if you like it that much. Only build it after Black Cleaver.
    See below for guide on items. Not every game is the same and you'll need to change up your build based on the current situation.
    These are all good items for Riven to build. Every game is different and build according to what you need for a particular game.
    This item is good against a lot of heavy CC teams or against champions like Malzahar, Warwick, Skarner.
    This is a good item if you are getting 100-0'd by mixed damage and what to have a chance to fight back.
    Do not be afraid to buy defensive items in a game especially if you are behind and your team doesn't have a tank.

starting items.png




A universal start that basically works in every situation. Gives you 3 potions to work with and makes trading more forgiving. No delays in rushing core items and builds, a great start. This start is really good for inexperienced Riven players.


A very powerful all-in item. Running Fervor (18/12/0) when you start this, you can look to all-in your opponent early or farm up for a quick back and teleport to lane. Typically you only start this against melees that you are sure to extend trades against.


Works in every situation, like Long Sword, but I find it much more reliable and useful. It's really very powerful and I recommend it to everyone. Exceptionally good against single-target damage champions (e.g. Fiora, Cassiopeia, Irelia, Ryze, Teemo, Pantheon). The passive flat damage reduction can be seen as flat resistance and that's extremely powerful early game.


Only buy this in a lane after the first buy, otherwise you will be punished for lack of sustain early.

core items.png





CDR, AD, life steal, Effective HP, all in one item. Good components and upgrade cost. Life steal exceeds BT's if all spells are landed.

Visibly less of a powerspike damage-wise compared to other Youmuu's and Hydra.


Nice powerspike in terms of damage, dueling and mobility. Grants catch and escape potential. CDR and lethality in one item. Great build path and affordable upgrading.

No sustain. Not very good early game due to how lethality works.


Gives a lot of life steal and a shield to prevent burst. Components are very strong for all-ins.

1150g upgrade cost not very ideal. No CDR. Not worth rushing early game as shield scales with levels, Death's Dance is a better buy early.


A lot of burst and damage with active. AOE amazing for multitarget fights, great waveclear to stop minion aggro, also life steals off surrounding units. Good item components.

No CDR. Upgrading from Tiamat doesn't grant that much utility.


Hexdrinker is superb early game due to the raw magic shield it gives. Maw active is insanely good. Decent upgrade cost. CDR.

Only efficiently used vs mages/heavy magic damage dealing tanks (e.g. Sunfire Cape + Thornmail, also magic damage abilities like Shen/Mundo/Tahm).


Cheap upgrade cost. Gives AD, life steal and MR.

Only bought in situations where you can't afford to be CC'd and focused down in teamfights, otherwise other items are better. No CDR. If you're behind in gold, this is really bad because it's expensive, and QSS is a 1300g gold sink that is inefficient for the stats it provides, and buying it means you're just playing to survive and shutting down any comeback potential.


Huge powerspike upon purchase. 20% CDR, AD, HP and movespeed passive. Amazing sustained trading and dueling, anti-burst with the HP. Cheapest powerspiking item.

Phage is pretty underwhelming. No sustain.


Destroys any tanks there are in the game when combined with Black Cleaver. Very cheap and is very good to work with if you're in a gold starved situation and the enemy has a fed tank.

Only useful in one situation (aka when enemy has at least one dedicated full tank, since you more often than not have more HP than the enemy). Item passive is countered by Black Cleaver's HP. Only ever useful mid-late game.


Grievous Wounds' nerf reversion has made this item great. It's an extremely powerful item that cuts any champion's sustain and also provides a fair damage boost for its cost.

Not that great of an item if enemy isn't stacking armor or if they don't have many regenerative abilities.



Don't buy this on Riven. You don't reliably go out of vision as often to make use of the passive.


Banshee's Veil in an offensive item. AD, MR and lethality all for 3100g.

No CDR. No sustain. Not very good early game due to how lethality works. Active has to be used preemptively as it cannot be used in combat.


Best bruiser item. Active is extremely powerful. Provides desirable stats for the CoC build. Components are nice to sit on for survivability.

No sustain. Active is on a pretty long cooldown. No CDR. Not that much AD. Active can be pretty hard to incorporate into a full combo rotation if not used to how it works (it's an auto attack reset, so AA-Titanic).


Anti-burst item with damage soaking shield that scales off max HP. Extremely cheap and very effective to use.

Shield scales off max HP so it's not very effective unless you plan on stacking HP. Not very useful against poke/kiting teams that just hit you with periodic damage that wouldn't accumulate to proc the passive. Stops you from buying Maw due to the unique passive.

Boot choice:


Enemy team has


Abundance of CC (e.g. stun/snare, KNOCKUPS DON'T COUNT)


Full AD comp/multiple AA reliant champs (e.g. Fiora or Irelia top, Kindred or Shyvana jungle, Zed or Fizz mid)


Abundance of slows/mobility but not much hard CC (e.g. Blue Ezreal, Janna)


Weak early game champs, buy CDR boots for easy snowballing (e.g. Fiora, Yi)

other items.png





vs hybrid damage melee duelists

PD has a broken passive, and the only situation where I'd ever buy it is against powerful melee duelists like Shyvana, Xin Zhao, etc. It severely gimps their damage and allows you to beat them at 6 items even if they have reliable gapclosers and 40% CDR.


vs crit stacking teams

Instantaneous 10% damage reduction against crits. Even stronger with Tabi as most crits are classified as autoattacks.


vs pick/hard engage

Late game item, stops Malphite/Hecarim/Alistar/Bard hard engages. Also serves as a safety helmet for hard engaging on the enemy team. Edge of Night exists though, this isn't really needed.


stacking life steal vs magic damage

It's great to have Ravenous + Bloodthirster + Scimitar for insane sustain in fights, and then to top it off with Spirit Visage's passive, it's even better. However I don't do this anymore, not ever since Morellonomicon got buffed and Mortal Reminder spiked in popularity.

My team doesn't have a tank and I'm not snowballing help!!!!

If you are not snowballing or are behind and your team does not have a tank you need to fill that job. Go a more tankier Riven build. What I like to do is build Black Cleaver. I then build Lucidity Boots into Titanic Hydra, then go AD and HP items. You have good initiate and still do decent damage with this build.

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  • Darius
  • Gangplank
  • Garen
  • Gnar
  • Jayce
  • Kennen
  • Quinn
  • Renekton
  • Teemo
  • Tryndamere







Skill Priority


Gangplank relies on harassing his opponents in lane and kiting them around in order to kill them. In this match-up you max shield and rush cooldown reduction in order to block his harass. Also rush a Ghostblade in order to maintain the mobility in order to catch him and kill him.

Your Level Spikes:

Level 2; Level 3; Level 6

After Level 6 you should win the lane.







Skill Priority


Gnar relies on harassing his opponents in lane and kiting them around in order to kill them. In this match-up you max shield and rush cooldown reduction in order to block his harass. Once you have Black Cleaver you should win trades. USe your mobility to dodge his cc.

Your Level Spikes:

Level 2; Level 3; Level 6

After Black Cleaver you should win the lane.



















Skill Priority


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tips and tricks.png
Riven is a champion based around successfully pulling off combos. When Riven first came out, I thought she had a lot in common with the fightning games that I play. Learning combos on Riven unlocks a brand new champion that caual Riven players never get to expereience. Riven has one of the highest skill caps of any champion in the game. Successfully learning how to pull of these Riven Combos will greatly improve your game.

The Fast Combo:

riventricleave.png>rivenpassive.png>Movement Command>riventricleave.png>rivenpassive.png>Movement Command>riventricleave.png>rivenpassive.png>Movement Command
This combo is Riven's Bread and Butter. You need to and should learn how to do this if you want to master Riven.

The Doublecast:

You have to press Ki Burst and Broken Wings at almost the same time. You can also fit in an autoattack between the Valor and Ki Burst.

Ultimate Animation Cancel:

This combo will cancel the windup and winddown animation on your ultimate.

Movement Combo:

Use this to move around the map A LOT faster!

Tiamat Combo:


The Tiamat animation can be canceled with your Broken Wings or Ki Burst. You can also cast Tiamat during your Valor.

The Engage Combo:

rivenfeint.png>rivenfengshuiengine.png>4.png>3rd riventricleave.png
This allows you to long range engage with ult activated. A must learn combo for Riven.

The Lock-down One Shot:

rivenfeint.png>rivenfengshuiengine.png>4.png> 3rd riventricleave.png>rivenpassive.png>rivenmartyr.png>3077.png> Windslash rivenfengshuiengine.png
This is a high damage engage combo to lock-down one or more opponents while doing massive AOE damage.

AOE Engage Combo:

rivenfeint.png>rivenfengshuiengine.png>4.png>rivenmartyr.png>3077.png>Windslash rivenfengshuiengine.png
This engage combo is like the previous one only it does less damage but is faster and easier to execute.

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Surrender@20 for Riven's ability images
Banners and Headers by OwentheAwesomer
Help from r/Rivenmains community on Reddit!

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