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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Flash - For engaging plays and leaving situations you probably shouldn't be in

Ignite - For most matchups 99.png8.png38.png30.png

Exhaust - For harder matchups that you can still snowball  238.png80.png105.png245.png

Teleport - For games where you need to snowball off of other lanes 112.png10.png

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Precision over Intelligence because 6 lethality per level is gonna be much more impactful. Thunderlords because if you double cast QW while your R is up, your windslash can proc the damage. This allows your deleting ability to be as fast as possible. Secret Stash not only makes your early survivability easier but in increases the duration of pots/elixers by 10%.

Abilities Back to Top

In order for this guide to work, you need to have solid Riven mechanics. 
I'll say that again. 
In order for this guide to work, you need to have solid Riven mechanics. 
Got it? Good.

I always max Q first for the damage and I prefer maxing shield second because
1) It increases your capability to survive
2) It allows you to more easily secure kills if your target uses 4.png6.png
3) If you master your mechanics, 1 stun gives you enough time to delete your target

Firstly I recommend looking at your in game settings and
1) Selecting "Quick Cast All" (allows you to minimize time spent on your abilities for faster damage output)
2) Check the box that says "Cast the pressed spell upon pressing another spell." (allows you to double/triple cast more easily)


It allows you to delete your targets faster and get you out of sticky situations. Keep in mind that this clip is one run through of her abilities aka why lethality is important.

So theres a lot of ways to explain it but really you just have to practice it. The key to a successful fast combo is that you click any space on the ground AS YOURE IN THE MOTION of using your Q. So its always  Q -> click


rivenfeint.png -> rivenmartyr.pngriventricleave.png 

After you press E you wait a fraction of a second then use W -> Q ALMOST simultaneously. If you actually try to press them at the same time you only end up doing 1 of the two abilities and its pretty much the same with the other double casting combos

rivenfeint.png -> rivenfengshuiengine.png + riventricleave.png

 rivenfengshuiengine.png + rivenmartyr.png

(Windslash) + riventricleave.png
(Windslash) + rivenmartyr.png

There may be more but really there's no set way to do your combos. You should always make them optimal for whatever situation you're in.


rivenfeint.png -> rivenfengshuiengine.png -> rivenmartyr.pngriventricleave.png

Allows you to unexpectedly start your delete process. Probably one of your most important combos because if you master it, theres literally 0 room for counterplay. Be careful here because you have to time them like double casting- you can only press keys in a certain order withing a certain time limit so you can complete it successfully.

rivenfeint.png -> (windslash) -> 4.png -> rivenmartyr.pngriventricleave.png The Taiwanese delete combo

(windslash) -> rivenfeint.png -> 4.png ->  rivenmartyr.pngriventricleave.png My usual delete combo

I prefer the second one because
1) It looks so sexy (I think it's called the sexy combo?)
2) If done correctly, you double cast on your target before the wind slash hits them and procs thunderlords
3) I made a club with the tag [sxy] (message me in game once you can do the sexy combo)
4) It allows you to land your wind slash 100% of the time (possibly on multiple targets) and you CHUNK before you even use your first rivenpassive.png
Heres a clip of me doing it on drag

So what happens when you also get to proc thunderlords and do it on the enemy bot lane?

So although beautiful you cant always do that specific combo, but you can mix them up in other ways. It always depends on the situation but I usually prefer to use my wind slash between my 1st and 2nd riventricleave.png so you can get damage off faster in an more unpredictable order (so its harder to dodge) and because your riventricleave.png can actually be double casted after your wind slash to delete the animation.

This is all the info you really need to UNDERSTAND what Riven can do in different instances, and it lets you create combos on your own on the fly for whatever situation youre in this clip. (I was actually behind for most of this game and this double kill made me 6 in 4)

But theres some seriously impressive stuff you can put together with Riven. This is the Taiwanese player that inspired me to start one shotting. 

And finally, this is my preferred youtuber to get all my latest Riven intel from:

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    if you feel confident or if you know you wont have much trouble after your first back
    if your lane opponent relies on healing, get this item for the early game and switch to Lord Dominik's depending on how fed you are & what the enemy team comp is like
    If youre new to lethality riven or you feel youll have a lot of trouble

Core Items

    20% CDR core
    CDR alternatives
    try to get at least one of these
    alternative boots
    get 2 lifesteal items if you need them but never get all 3

Situational Items

    If you have scaling CDR
    situational items
    vs mostly AP
    vs mostly ad
    balanced build with ninja tabi
    balanced build with merc treads

Here are your 3 basic build paths

3134.png -> 3671.png -> 3133.png -> 3158.png -> 3142.png -> 3814.png3072.png3036.png + Situational Items 

(These next two are made for the alternative rune page)
A slash in between the items represents you should only choose one of those items when purchasing
3155.png -> 1001.png -> 3134.png -> 3133.png -> 3111.png/3047.png -> 3142.png -> 3133.png -> 3812.png3156.png -> 3147.png/3814.png -> 3156.png/3812.png + Situational Items

3123.png -> 3134.png/3133.png -> 1001.png -> 3134.png/3133.png ->  3047.png/3111.png -> 3142.png -> 3133.png -> 3814.png3812.png3072.png + Situational Items

All of these builds can end up differently depending on the player and their game

If you just keep racking up kills without dying then try out the ultra delete build aka


The reason I never get a 3071.png is because it only shreds after auto attacks and although the CDR is nice, it takes a lot away from your burst

Here are some examples of some end game builds


3072.pngcan be replaced with 3074.png but only when
1) The enemy team has a lot of squishies (3 or more)
3) You built a 3812.png (but with a 3072.png you heal 35% every AA and since you heal from abilities with 3812.png, it lets you overheal into your 3072.png)
2) You know how to consistently use it in your combo

This is because 3072.png you get 20% lifesteal (8% more than hydra) and this is its other passive
UNIQUE: Your life steal overheals you, converting the excess healing into a shield that absorbs up to 50 - 350 (based on level)damage and decays when out-of-combat for 25 seconds.

You literally overheal, and you already do SOOO much damage with lethality so try to use 3072.png most of the time
This build doesn't give you many defensive stats & you're a bit more squishy so try to get the optimum amount of defensive stats from offensive items


3036.png can be replaced with3814.png or 3147.png if they have a lot of AP or squishy targets
if you don't need 3026.png then consider  3072.png/3074.png for its synergy with 3812.png or 3053.png for its synergy with 3156.png

3047.png3142.png3812.png3814.png3072.png + 3026.png/3139.png/3147.png

So theres not a crazy amount of variation but youll always do a ton of damage

3026.png If they really dont like you
3139.png If you keep getting locked down and you die before you can escape
3053.png If you or your team needs a bit more beef
3193.png I havent personally tried this item, but I've seen some streamers do it and it almost acts like an AD Zhonyas
3512.png If they can't really kill you but you could use some MR/Armor & this item provides free map pressure

Lastly these items are currently in the top 20 highest win rate items as of 5/10/19

3026.png (#3 @ 63%)
3072.png (#4 @ 62%)
3139.png (#5 @ 62%)
3812.png (#18 @ 59%)
3053.png (#19 @ 59%)

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

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  • Anivia
  • Annie
  • Katarina
  • Xerath



Start rivenfeint.png
Her abilities aren't too hard to dodge
Play safe early and youll be able to assassinate her once youve got more CDR
Look to roam

Start 3123.png if you know the matchup otherwise start 3155.png 
take early CDR runes

Follow up with 3134.png -> 3158.png -> 3814.png -> 3142.png -> 3812.png if you started 3123.png

Follow up with 3158.png -> 3142.png -> 3156.png -> 3814.png if you started 3155.png




Easy to dodge her skills

Try to zig zag if you go to trade
Dont forget about Eggnivia
Focus on farming up until your damage starts getting deadly
A farm lane until when you start having more kill potential between levels 9-11

Start 3134.png and scaling CDR runes
I suggest following with 3158.png3814.png3142.png3140.png 



Start rivenfeint.png
Play safe until you have all 3 abilities
Make sure you wait for her stun to be used before you go in
Try to go behind her while youre trading with your 2nd Q

Start 3155.png and early CDR runes
You can follow up with either

 3134.png -> 3111.png3142.png3156.png3812.png 


3158.png3156.png3142.png -> 3140.png -> 3814.png




You can trade at level one once she uses katarinaq.png

If you all in at level 3 you'll either get a kill or force her to use pots
Make sure youre ready to cancel her katarinar.png with your 3rd riventricleave.png or rivenmartyr.png
You burst faster than she does

Start 3155.png and early CDR runes
I prefer following that with 3158.png3142.png3156.png3814.png




Start rivenfeint.png and wait till level 3 before you attempt to trade

Wait till he uses his xeratharcanopulsechargeup.png before you go in
Try to dodge xerathmagespear.png as you zig zig & go behind him
You can win a fight easily after 6

Start 3155.png and take early CDR runs
Follow up with 3158.png3142.png3156.png3140.png3814.png

Preface Back to Top

I know lethality got nerfed but that doesnt stop this build from having the most damage out of all the other Riven builds without sacrificing CDR & lifesteal in the process. Riven's potential is determined by the creativity of the player using her. Using Riven with the regular 3071.png builds is nice because it gives her more survivability and you can play her like a bruiser and take some more damage for your team. This build on the other hand requires you to think outside of the box in terms of teamfighting and playstyle in general. This build also requires that you understand the more discreet Riven mechanics instead of just knowing her com.bos. It brings back Rivens edge to make quick plays and punish your opponents tremendously. I personally believe that's what playing Riven should be like so you can have an easier time doing things like this.

Roaming Back to Top

Simply stated: Always keep an eye on the minimap. Riven is a god at skirmishes so everytime you roam and get a kill, you get more gold for your team while you put the enemy team behind allowing you to carry games. You can roam at any point in the game but I prefer waiting until you have your ult so you can secure kills much more easily.

This is a skill thats gonna take some practice, but it's crucial for this guide because it allows you to snowball which in turn allows you to nuke carries even harder, and makes it easier for you to carry games. It can sometimes give your team a fighting chance to turn things around.

Teamfighting Back to Top

In team fights, your main goal is to use your CC effectively and help your team come out on top. I recommend waiting for some of the enemy CC to go off before you dive in because Riven becomes much less impactful if she gets locked down. The thing that will help you most in this situation is quick thinking/timing.

This is a play where I utilized my small window so my team can come out on top

When going in alone, always remember to focus on the champions doing the most damage so you can secure your quadra.

Practice Tool Back to Top

I think this is the most important part of the guide because if you dont use it, this is what's gonna happen

I was devastated to say the least, but after the practice tool I ended up doing this

and this

So its like most things really, you get out what you put in. Here are some key things to practice: Fast Q, engage combos, flash plays, and using items.

If you've read this far, then this next video is the most important one in this guide

Updates Back to Top

5/10/17 - Basic guide to start deleting. More information on match ups after I do some testing.

5/11/17 - Fixed primary rune setup and re optimized itemization options. Added a few matchups along with creating the Preface section. Added guidelines for the Taiwanese combo. Added a video in the Roaming section and changed the second video in the Teamfighting section. More info on match ups later.

7/24/17 - I'm honestly amazed at how much damage you can still do, if not more than before.

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