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Summoner Spells Back to Top

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11.png A must have for all junglers
4.png By far the best secondary summoner spell for Sej. A 4.png+sejuaniarcticassault.png or 4.png+sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png can be game changing.

Just a short illustration of how we can utilize 4.png. In this instance, we end up losing the game anyway but to even stand a chance we needed to kill either 28.png or 134.png. In addition with our sejuaniq.png, I manage to make the pick that would otherwise be impossible. 

Another example is by using input buffering, which is when you cast your ability by predicting the enemy's movement rather than by reacting. Its a little complex, but if you fool around in Practice Tool on a target dummy, you can get the hang of it. For those of you who are more interested, check out one and two (this is not my work). 

This is an example of it in game. Though this particular one is not game changing (in fact its overkil, I just saw the opportunity to add it to my guide), look at how little of a reaction time there is for 18.png to dodge sejuanir.png.

Why We Don't Take 

6.png Provides some mobility, and we do have sejuaniarcticassault.png as an escape but its easily interrupt-able. The opportunities 4.png gives us is much better.
3.png  Helps with peeling and ganks but we lose the mobility of 4.png

14.png Not worth taking an offensive summoner spell (SS) on a tank, and giving up mobility. 

12.png Not good on junglers, and the only time I see it is when 11.png tries to split bot and 12.png to baron

New Runes Back to Top

Reasoning for Rune Choices


With this path, I take Aftershock.png?width=32Demolish.png?width=32 or Font%20of%20Life.png?width=32 or Bone%20Plating.png?width=32Conditioning.png?width=32 - Overgrowth.png?width=32 or Perseverance.png?width=32Presence%20of%20Mind.png?width=32 - Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=32 or Legend%20Tenacity.png?width=32. The runes here are more defensive or support based, with the standard precision runes. The thing I don't like about this is we have 65hp + 9% atk spd, but due to 3083.png passive being raised to trigger at 3000hp, it is nice that we can get it significantly sooner (level 12-13, ~21min). 

Resolve-Inspiration: We get +130hp and take Magical%20Footwear.png?width=32 + Time%20Warp%20Tonic.png?width=32 or Cosmic%20Insight.png?width=32. The issue is that our clears suffer early, but comparably speaking, we only have 9% less atk spd. Extra health, boots that turn on later, and higher sustain or CDR; for those who want to be very tanky, its a good option. 

Resolve-Domination: Gaining the benefit from 8120.png?width=32+Relentless%20Hunter.png?width=32 is nice, but the bonuses are weak. Again, our clears aren't great, but a good thing, however, is that these runes are useful, since we can move around faster all game and we can keep some vision. The biggest issue though is that not only do we not get our bonus atk spd, we don't even get extra health. We get no self-help early game, but our utility ramps up later. This is possibly the worst early game set up that's realistic for Sej, which is sad since this was by far the strongest rune setup in preseason and arguably patch 8.1. 


With this path, I take Glacial%20Augment.png?width=32Magical%20Footwear.png?width=32 - Futures%20Market.png?width=32 - Time%20Warp%20Tonic.png?width=32 - Presence%20of%20Mind.png?width=32 - Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=32 or Legend%20Tenacity.png?width=32. We get +20% atk spd, slows on our AAs, an item which saves us 400g and gives us extra MS, a rune which allows us to buy items that we currently don't have the gold for (more useful than expected), a rune which gives us additional healing and +5% bonus MS, which is much more helpful than you'd think (though we do have to invest in 2032.png to make this really effective), mana back and several seconds of  sejuanir.png cool down refunded on takedowns, and either more atk spd or tenacity. 

Inspiration-Resolve: Its fine, but the additional health is probably not as effective. I feel if you wanted the benefit of resolve, often times the Aftershock.png?width=32 keystone would be more effective anyway.

Inspiration-Domination: Not so good. This can be an issue since, despite its nerfs, Zombie%20Ward.png?width=32 is still good, just not great, and I like the MS from Relentless%20Hunter.png?width=32. Since we lost 3711.png, we will be using Zombie%20Ward.png?width=32 less and making the cost for taking this route even higher. To top it off, the secondary effects with Inspiration isn't good, at all. 


With this path, I take Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=32Presence%20of%20Mind.png?width=32 - Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=32 or Legend%20Tenacity.png?width=32 - Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=32 - Magical%20Footwear.png?width=32 - Time%20Warp%20Tonic.png?width=32. The keystone actually helps us a bit. It does provide the utility in healing and its bonus MS. We only get 18% atk spd as a seconday effect which isn't as strong, and the runes are very similar. When we have our Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=32Time%20Warp%20Tonic.png?width=32 working, we get a lot of bonus MS and remain very healthy throughout the game. 

Precision-Resolve: Similar to Inspiration, resolve is a fine secondary. The issue here is that our atk spd gets cut in half in exchange for 65hp, while still taking a precision keystone. If we're going to invest into a tanky secondary, we might as well have a tanky primary instead.

Precision-Domination: Now the split occurs like resolve does. We get +9% atk spd and 10 AP. So we lost 9% atk spd for 10 AP, god that sucks. In addition, since we are warding less with 3711.png being removed, we won't be utilizing the benefit of Zombie%20Ward.png?width=32 as much. Tbh, I think the domination tree has, like almost been terminated as a choice for Sej. We get worse clears, less damage throughout the game, harder to stack sejuanie.png, and now less utility. Even from a professional standpoint, it will certainly come at a higher cost. 


Ultimately, I believe Aftershock.png?width=32 to be our current, ideal choice. The game is trying to shift tank junglers away, being that taking Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=32 or Glacial%20Augment.png?width=32 is risky. With bruiser junglers starting to rise, us becoming some fake squishy tank style does not cut it. Its safer to just go full tank. Additionally, I feel the Precision tree is not very valuable as a primary. All we really need are Presence%20of%20Mind.png?width=32 + Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=32 or Legend%20Tenacity.png?width=32, and 9% atk spd is enough. For Inspiration, it does give benefits, but the Glacial%20Augment.png?width=32 slow doesn't stack with our sejuaniw.png, which makes its duration shorter. Before, Inspiration gave +20% potion/elixir duration and +20% atk spd or +140hp. Those were great. But now, the +20% is a rune and we can't afford to invest in that much atk spd anymore. Like Precision, its choices are better suited as primary now since the primary tree benefits aren't as useful. This means we really only need 2 of Magical%20Footwear.png?width=32Cosmic%20Insight.png?width=32, or Time%20Warp%20Tonic.png?width=32.
I think the primary choices are clearly Resolve>Inspiration>Precision

For those who want a further analysis of each rune choice, see below 

With the new runes, we take one primary path that allows us access to its keystone and to take one rune from each tier. We also pick a secondary path, taking two runes from their paths, no keystones allowed. However, we are not allowed to pick two runes from the same tier! 

This will explain Primary path options, secondary path options, then which rune paths are best.

Primary Path Options

 I'll go through which keystones to take if you choose them.


1) Grasp of the UndyingGrasp%20of%20the%20Undying.png?width=32- I like how it increases our max hp but we won't be triggering it often as a jungler.  
2) Aftershock Aftershock.png?width=32- Similar to CotC except we gain resistances for CCing people and our shield blows up dealing a % of our max hp, which will be high. 
3) Guardian Guardian.png?width=32- Provides a shield for people we cast spells on (we can't) or people we're nearby. Not that great since we won't use it much sitting in the frontline. More of a tank support spell.

Grasp%20of%20the%20Undying.png?width=32 is nice, but it's a laner's keystone. When do we ever interact enough as a jungler for us to use it's effect consistently? Guardian.png?width=32 is okay, and it serves our purpose of being a tanky peeler/support, but once again, it's more suited for a support or someone that consistently interacts with another champion. Aftershock.png?width=32 Has to be our best choice. Unfortunately, in patch 8.2 this got adjusted. The % scaling resis got changed to flat and its damage was decreased. A healthy change, but since sejuanipassive.png gives us more resistance than anyone else, it was a nerf on both ends. For those of you who are curious to the math, I referred to a game from patch 8.1 and compared the results of what it would be like if it was patch 8.2. The results are here! As of p. 8.15, this is undoubtedly Sej's best keystone.  

Aftershock.png?width=32keeps Sej tanky. This is for the people who want to play Sej as a full tank. 


1) Press the AttackPress%20the%20Attack.png?width=32 - After three consecutive AAs onto the same target, deal 40-180 adaptive damage (based on level). Afterwards, the target takes 12% increased damage from all sources, excluding true damage. Considering Sej doesn't really care too much about three AAs, I don't see why we'd take it. It helps that it exposes the target to make them more vulnerable, but aside from that, not very useful.

2) Lethal Tempo Lethal%20Tempo.png?width=32 - Damaging a target starts a 1.5s timer. After the timer ends, gain 30%-80% attack speed (based on level) and removes the attack speed cap for 3s. If attacking, this cap is removed for 6s. Once again, Sej really doesn't care much about attack speed. This is specifically designed for hyper carries.

3) Fleet Footwork Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=32 - Moving energizes you. Once at 100 stacks, your next AA heals you for 3-60hp (based on level), 30% bonus AD, 50% bonus AP, and gives you +20% MS for 1s. This is actually a bit interesting. Its nice that while roaming we get stacks and when we go to our mext camp or gank, we gain some hp and a bonus MS to help land sejuaniw.png. This is small, but considering how many times we travel from camps to camps, it adds up. After doing some testing (5 normals), I averaged 2,563.2 healing, which sure isn't as useful as the game goes on but is early. 

The choice is obvious. If we choose to take Precision as a primary, we should be taking Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=32. Unfortunately, with the Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=32 nerf to 7%, I don't find it that useful. Its not bad, but considering we're settling for a rune in our main tree, it kind of sucks. 

Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=32is for people who like to be aggressive and aren't fond of tanks.  


1) Unsealed Spellbook Summoner%20Specialist.png?width=32 - You have the ability to swap SS during the game, and after its usage, swap back to your original SS. This may be useful? But we'd have to be really careful of when to swap out a SS. 
2) Glacial Augment Glacial%20Augment.png?width=32 - AAs slow the opponent for 45%, increasing to 55%, for 2s, every 4-7s. When using an active item, we shoot a freeze ray, creating a 60% slowing field for 5s. The slow on ganks helps, which carries later for peeling. As far as the item effect, I haven't seen it yet but I feel this is probably our best keystone.

3) Kleptomancy Kleptomancy.png?width=32 -  After using an ability, your next AA against a champion for 5s and/or has a chance to drop a consumable. This just got nerfed and is only really strong for laners since I don't believe its given off neutral monsters. 

Glacial%20Augment.png?width=32 feels good but may not be as strong as it once was due to the inspiration nerfs over the past few patches. 
This is for a heavier gank style, but this tree may give us the most gold value. 

Secondary Path Options

I'll go through every path, explain each rune and its effectiveness towards Sej. 
If you want the tl;dr then skip to the bottom. If you want a summary of the path, skip to the bottom of the path!
Note: They are in the same order as the client: Precision, Domination, Sorcery, Inspiration  

The Resolve tree now has split benefits from each path, these include:
Precision - +15-135hp + 9% atk spd
Domination - +15-135hp + 10 AP
Sorcery - +15-135hp + 10 AP
Inspiration - +30-270hp

The Inspiration Tree also provides unique benefits, these include:
Precision -  +20% atk spd.
Domination - +22 AP
Sorcery - +22 AP
Resolve - +35-300hp

The Precision Tree also provides its own benefits, which are:
Domination - +9% atk spd, +10 AP
Sorcery - +9% atk spd, +10 AP
Resolve - +9% atk spd, + 65hp
Inspiration - +18% atk spd

This is interesting because it also impacts our choices before taking runes into consideration. When just looking at these benefits when taking Resolve, we're most interested in either Precision or Inspiration. When taking Precision, we lose +9% atk spd for AP (which is awful) unless we take precision. When taking Inspiration, we're interested in Precision and Resolve. 

People take Precision for the healing + MS of Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=32, as well as the atk spd. With Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=32 getting a slight nerf again, I'm finding picking it as a primary less attractive. Inspiration gives more atk spd which is interesting. Though I think taking Inspiration-Resolve may be too far into the tankiness early, but Inspiration-Precision with its atk spd may help us quite a bit. Besides, the keystones for Inspiration are great too. 

Though it's a bit difficult to rank our secondaries without considering our primaries, it does appear that

Is that the end of the story? Not at all since we have the runes themselves to take into consideration. 




1) Demolish Demolish.png?width=32 - When near a tower, charge up for a strong attack. After two months of playing with resolve, I find myself taking this rune when my ADC is an early game one. Though it's practically useless when behind, it can certainly accelerate a game.  
2) Font of Life Font%20of%20Life.png?width=32 - Impairing movement of an enemy marks them. If an ally attacks them, they heal for a flat 
amount + 1% of our max hp. It's very similar to what Xmithie did with Bond of Stone and 3504.pngAfter doing some testing (six normals), I found that I average 1,493 healing per game. I take this rune when I have a hyper ADC. 
3) Bone Plating Bone%20Plating.png?width=32- After taking damage, the next three spells or attacks we receive negate 20-50 less damage. Duration 3s, 45s cooldown. So I thought this was only a laner rune, and while I think it is due to its long cooldown, it still can be used since it does negate X damage. The issue I still don't like is that while its being used, we will likely still have sejuanipassive.png active, or for most of it anyway. So if its negating those small amounts of damage, how much would our passive negative itself? Its a bit unlikely that we'll take a hit, then wait 2s. Its not bad, but I still think on Sej, its not as useful.  

Out of this tier, I take Demolish.png?width=32 when my team is more early game focused to help close it out or, Font%20of%20Life.png?width=32 when my team is more late game focused to help keep them alive in team fights, or Bone%20Plating.png?width=32 if I want to be even tankier. 


1) Conditioning Conditioning.png?width=32 - After 10min, gain +8 armour/MR and increases both by 5% (once again, I'm not sure if it will work with sejuanipassive.png). So the additional 3 armour and MR, rather than 5 of one or the other, is nice, especially a 5% increase, which is 5 of each per 100. In most games we get ~250 of each, so ~20 armour and MR come 30min. 

2) Chrysalis 5abd57da0f30230001f3edd9?width=32 - Start the game with 60 additional health. After 4 takedowns, gain adaptive bonus damage of 15 AP. The health isn't bad, but we don't need the AP. 

3) Second Wind Second%20Wind.png?width=32 - After taking damage from an enemy champ, heal for 4% of missing hp + flat amount in 10s. Since this requires an enemy champion to activate it, this is certainly more of a laner's rune. Once we do start taking damage, it'll be post lane phase when we have 3083.png

Conditioning.png?width=32 Gives us bonus resistances as the game progresses. 5abd57da0f30230001f3edd9?width=32 is gives some health and AP, while Second%20Wind.png?width=32 is more suited for laners. I think Conditioning.png?width=32 is still the best, but it is possible 5abd57da0f30230001f3edd9?width=32 can be substituted for it. 


1) Overgrowth Overgrowth.png?width=32 - Permanently gain 0.2% max health for every 8 monsters or enemy minions that die near you. 
2) Revitalize Revitalize.png?width=32 - Heals and shields are increased by 5% and by 10% on allies who have <40% hp. I'm going to assume this works on Aftershock.png?width=32 and Font%20of%20Life.png?width=32 ? Unfortunately, we don't do much of either so probably best for support.
3) Unflinching Perseverance.png?width=32 - When we use a SS we gain tenacity and slow resis. While on CD, we gain some as well. Could be useful when flashing since it makes us harder to kill and still provides some benefit with it being on CD. With3711.png being removed, we will be using smites more often in combat. I tested the tenacity gained from having 3111.png+Legend%20Tenacity.png?width=32 with both SS on cooldown and I have 55% tenacity. 

After doing some testing (six normals), I've found that Overgrowth.png?width=32 gives me an additional 230hp on average, which will then be amplified to 276hp with cinderhulk enchantment. I've even reached as high as 476hp without counting amplification. I can't see the 5% shield increase outweighing this as hp contributes to our damage as well. However, with us taking a smite that has a charge that is useful in combat, if we need a lot of tenacity, it is possible that Perseverance.png?width=32 may be the preferred rune. Its debatable, but certainly a viable option. 


So strength has a lot of options and Overgrowth.png?width=32 is possibly the best rune for us. Because of this, I typically take something from strength (either Demolish.png?width=32 or Font%20of%20Life.png?width=32) and Overgrowth.png?width=32 or Perseverance.png?width=32 if I absolutely need the tenacity. 
If we go resolve secondary, we get hp or atk spd/hp, as well as either the ability to accelerate the pace of the game or heal our hyper carries, as well as getting bonus hp or tenacity. 
Though the health is a debatable trade off for the atk spd, the health and support style of this tree still makes it good!



Overheal Overheal.png?width=32 - Excess healing grants us a shield. We're only going to get this from supports and since we're a jungler we won't see them often. Not very useful. 

Triumph Triumph.png?width=32 - Takedowns restore 12% of missing health and give us an additional 20g. Well, we do like to have high kill participating (kp) and restoring health in a fight can be a lifesaver, let alone 15%. Not a bad rune.

Presence of Mind Presence%20of%20Mind.png?width=32 - Takedowns restore 20% of your max mana and decrease sejuanir.png cooldown by 10% of its max cooldown. This rune isn't active pre 6 and doesn't do much later (as we don't need the mana and we'll still get our sejuanir.png once per team fight) but it is best in level 6 - 14. Having mana come back is a nice benefit and I notice that sejuanir.png is up sooner. 

Currently, I am leaning towards Presence%20of%20Mind.png?width=32>Triumph.png?width=32, but both are good picks. The mana back is nice, I don't see to have as many issues as other players but I do know people will enjoy this aspect more than me. The big deal is the reduction in cool down for sejuanir.png and though Triumph.png?width=32 has saved me a few times, overall, I think Presence%20of%20Mind.png?width=32 is more impactful. 


Legend: Alacrity Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=32 - I'm not exactly sure how this works but essentially you get stacks for killing monsters and takedowns and receive attack speed. Though it is not very useful in the early stages, it will contribute to sieging, more damage on ganks, helps a little in the jungle but by the time we get enough stacks it's not as necessary, and helps with objectives. 

Legend: Tenacity Legend%20Tenacity.png?width=32 - Similar to Alacrity but it's tenacity stacks instead. This is very useful for tanks!
Legend: Bloodline Legend%20Bloodline.png?width=32 - Similar to the ones above but ts lifesteal. Something we don't need at all!

Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=32 Actually isn't that bad, but I don't find it very noticeable either. The tenacity from Legend%20Tenacity.png?width=32 probably outweighs it. After testing Legend%20Tenacity.png?width=32 (six normals), I've found that I average its max stacks (20% tenacity) at 15:00 and Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=32 was around 14:50, which makes sense. Not bad since team fights are around this time, about halfway into an average game with this current meta. These runes are viable, though I'm not sure which one is better. Legend%20Tenacity.png?width=32 when you are against high AD or CC comps, Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=32 if you are not. 


Coup de Grace Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=32 - Deal 7% more damage to enemies <40% hp. Takedowns also grant additional adaptive damage for 10s. Well, the 10% damage to enemies can be okay, but the increase in AP isn't going to be used. This is more like 6331.png in the old mastery and we didn't take it then either. 
Cut Down Cut%20Down.png?width=32 - Deal increased damage to champs who have more max health than you. This is probably the worst rune in the game for us because its unlikely that any of the enemies will have higher health than us! 
Last Stand Last%20Stand.png?width=32 - Deal +5%-12% damage when you are <60% hp. Similar to Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=32, we don't really care about that. 

So, what's the lesser of 3 evils? I suppose Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=32 would be the choice but I wouldn't want anything from this tier. 


Which leaves us with either Triumph.png?width=32 or Presence%20of%20Mind.png?width=32, and Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=32 or Legend%20Tenacity.png?width=32 as our rune choices. While testing in six normals, Triumph.png?width=32 was hit or miss. The more takedowns you participate in, the more effective it is, especially if you're still fighting later on. In the six normals, I had two games I hit 3000s, two I hit 1000s, and two I hit '00s; feast or famine it seems. Presence%20of%20Mind.png?width=32 Gives mana and reduction on our sejuanir.png which is always great. As for the other two, Legend%20Tenacity.png?width=32 received buffs in 8.7 and I think this much tenacity outweighs the benefits of Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=32. Both are good options, but I prefer tenacity since we receive some atk spd from the secondary path bonus and we're a tank.

If we take Precision, we get 15% missing health back on takedowns or 20% of max mana + cooldown on sejuanir.pngand some AS or tenacity. 
Due to its attack speed for clearing and sejuanie.png, on top of healing, this is a great secondary!




Cheap Shot Cheap%20Shot.png?width=32 - Deal 12-30 bonus true damage on impaired targets, 4s cd. Very low damage and since we only impair targets with either sejuaniq.png or either sejuanie.png or sejuanir.png, since the cd between them is longer than 4s and if we go sejuanie.png then sejuanir.png that will be less than 4s; we won't make good use of this. Not to mention its only really impact early game on ganks. 
Taste of BlooTaste%20of%20Blood.png?width=32 - Heal 18-35 hp when you damage an enemy, 20s cd. This is so low and since we can't use it off monsters this is a bad rune for us.
Sudden Impact Sudden%20Impact.png?width=32 - Gain a burst of lethality and magic pen after using a gap closer or leaving invis. So only when we use sejuaniq.png we gain this and when we gain the magic pen, we don't care much. Yikes!

I don't like any of these runes. They're all champion based, which sucks since we're a tank jungler, and don't provide even decent benefits. 


Zombie Ward Zombie%20Ward.png?width=32 - Scoring a takedown on a ward empowers your next AA on a champion by 30-90 magic damage. If the bush where the ward tht is getting destroyed has an allied ward already in it, gain a zombie ward in your trinket slot that can be placed anywhere within the next 30s.  As of patch 8.4, with the removal of 3711.png, we will be using this rune less. It sounds much better for supports who consistently trade in lane, but overall I still believe its meh and not even close to what it used to be. 
Ghost Poro Ghost%20Poro.png?width=32 - After entering brush, a small channel occurs that swaps your trinket for a Ghost Poro (you can move while channeling. You can then drop the poro in a bush for vision, which lasts up to 300s. If somebody walks into the brush, the poro runs away and goes on a 60s CD. If either you or the poro are on the enemy's half of the map, gain 5-20 AP. Alright so this got switched up in p. 8.14. Its overall better than it used to. It gives about 1/3 the sight of a ward, lasts up to 5min, and grants negligible amounts of AP if on the opponent's side of the map. I'm still not that convinced its great, but its at least viable now.  
Eyeball Collection Eyeball%20Collection.png?width=32 - Takedowns and killing wards gives you an eyeball(s). Eyeballs give you .6 AD or 1 AP each, adaptive damage, and at 20 stacks you gain and additional 6 AD or 10 AP. Not so great in general I feel but definitely not for us! 

We went from a zero rune tier to a meh two rune tier. It comes down to either Zombie%20Ward.png?width=32 or Ghost%20Poro.png?width=32. I think 8120.png?width=32 now gives us more because it can last longer, while the zombie ward is just an empowered AA.


Ravenous Hunter Ravenous%20Hunter.png?width=32 - Gives us 2.5% healing from using abilities and additional 2.5% healing per unique takedown. Once again, we don't really care about the healing aspect.
Ingenious Hunter Ingenious%20Hunter.png?width=32 - Gain 10% active CDR plus 6% per takedown. The max is 10%+6%(5) = 40% active CDR. This could reduce 3190.png to 90-.4(90) = 54s or 3193.png to 92-.4(90) = 55.2s, assuming you have 5 stacks. It's cumulative so you don't have to wait until you reach 5, but I wanted to show it's maxed capabilities. Once we get 5 stacks it will probably be around mid-game, when team fights happen more than every 90s. Because of this, I'm not a big fan, but it's not bad. 
Relentless Hunter Relentless%20Hunter.png?width=32 - Gain 8 out of combat MS plus 8ms per takedown, for a total of 48 out of combat MS. MS is always good for us when roaming around to get to lanes sooner, especially in solo queue. 

I think Relentless%20Hunter.png?width=32 is the best because though both active CDR and MS are hard to build, I find the bonus MS, even early game, is more useful than active CDR for us. Our actives are only used exclusively for team fighting and not picks or duels and with those rarely happening within 1.5min of each other, which is why I don't take Ingenious%20Hunter.png?width=32


The MS from Relentless%20Hunter.png?width=32 is nice and I feel I don't have enough active items early enough to justify Ingenious%20Hunter.png?width=328120.png?width=32 is now better than 8136.png?width=32
If we take Domination, we get some free vision and bonus MS. 
Since our runes are mediocre, the bonuses from this tree do not outweigh the others. Thus, I don't really  recommend Domination as your secondary!




Nullifying Orb Nullifying%20Orb.png?width=32 - When you take magic damage that reduces your hp <30% gain a shield. Not too useful since not everyone deal magic damage and the early game would see almost no use of this.
Manaflow Band Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32 - Every 60s, your next ability is free and you gain 8% of your missing mana. Those Sej doesn't have a bunch of mana, unless I'm in a very extended siege, I don't find myself running out. I'm noticing this is popular on the KR server and I haven't tested it yet myself but I don't think its very necessary.
Nimbus Cloak 8275.png?width=32 - After a 1.5s delay, after casting your sejuanir.png, grants 100ms for 2.5s, decaying over the last second. So this is worse than Ultimate Hat for us. I mean we get 100ms, sure, but if we're throwing our sejuanir.png, we probably don't need anymore MS to get up close and trigger it. MS is always good to have, but I don't this being specifically useful for Sej.

So its down to Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32 or 8275.png?width=32. As I said, I haven't tried the former, but maybe the the latter is best because the MS is at least useful? I don't notice a want for having more mana, but I don't think having a rune for a 1.5s MS buff is really worth taking. Its the lesser of two evils. 


Transcendence Transcendence.png?width=32 - Gain 10% CDR at level 10. Each % of CDR over the cap is converted into adaptive damage. So the CDR is nice but level 10 is way too late in the game for that. Yes CDR is useful at any time but as Sej, we would want the CDR early for better ganks. It's nice to have lower CDs for our abilities and I did notice a difference, but considering we have to wait for more than half the average game to receive the rune, its too long for me.

Celerity Celerity.png?width=32 - Gain 1.5% MS. Gain bonus AP equal to 16% of your MS, and gain bonus AD equal to 9.6% of your MS. Sej's base MS is 340, without including boots that's 5.1 additional MS (to put this into perspective, recall that Relentless%20Hunter.png?width=32gave us 8MS and 8 more per takedown). This rune got nerfed pretty good in p. 8.12. 
Absolute Focus Absolute%20Focus.png?width=32 - While above 70% hp gain adaptive bonus up to 24 AD or 40 AP. Well, I mean usually we are above 70% hp more than most champions because of our high resistances but taking a situational rune for increased damage? No thanks!

One rune takes too long to kick in, another gives us some MS but we don't use the damage and the other is not helpful to us at all. By default we would take Celerity.png?width=32.  


Scorch Scorch.png?width=32 - Your next ability deals 30-60 magic damage, 20s CD. This is meant for laning. The rune gives us very light damage each gank. 
Waterwalking Waterwalking.png?width=32 - Gain 25MS and adaptive bonuses up to 18 AD or 30 AP when in river. This actually isn't awful since we go into river to get scuttle, contest neutral objectives etc. But once again, Sej's damage is primarily from her max health so we'd only be gaining 25 MS when in river. 
Gathering Storm Gathering%20Storm.png?width=32 - Every 10min gain AD and AP (its a long list). Not an awful rune since it scales but most games last 30min and since our AP scaling is so ridiculously low that it wouldn't even matter anyway since we aren't dealing much extra damage anyway. 

I guess I would say Waterwalking.png?width=32 is best since we can use the bonus MS while in river but  I would never take this. 179.png


The only real benefit out of this path is The%20Ultimate%20Hat.png?width=32Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32 may be more useful than I'm giving it credit, but even if it is, then the two best runes are in the same tier, which leaves us just settling for half of our runes, meaning that the path probably isn't too good for us. If we had to choose it would be Celerity.png?width=32
If we take Sorcery, we get CDR for our sejuanir.png and 3% MS. 
Though I don't use this, I actually did notice a difference in CDR from The%20Ultimate%20Hat.png?width=32 and Celerity.png?width=32 does give some MS. However, Sorcery should not be taken as a secondary! (more detail at the bottom)




Hextech Flashtraption Hextech%20Flashtraption.png?width=32 - While flash is on CD, you get Hexflash. Takes 2s to channel but will blink you to a new location. This doesn't sound that bad. You have to stand still to channel it which is unfortunate but the killer is, from what I've heard from several people, is that on the scoreboard, you can see the Hextech icon where your 4.png is suppose to be, letting everyone know without a doubt whether you have 4.png up or not.
Magical Footwear Magical%20Footwear.png?width=32 - You are not allowed to buy boots until 10min. Once 10min arrives, you receive slightly magical boots, which give 10 MS more than 1001.png and reduce the price of boots 2 by 50g. Additionally, each takedown you participate in reduces the 10min timer by 30s (so 1 takedown gives you them by 9:30, etc). I'm actually really liking these. Out of eight normal games, I average buying 1001.png at 8:30. Realistically, we have at least a few takedowns by 10min so we actually receive Magical%20Footwear.png?width=32 by 8-9min at no cost, while saving an additional 50g and getting +10 MS. Not only that but when doing tests in twelve normals, I average buying boots 2 at 11.5m, while with the rune I average buying boots 2 at 11m. We get boots around the same time, get boots 2 slightly sooner, while saving the 350g on boots 1, getting a 50g reduction on boots 2 and an additional 10 MS. This rune is great! 

Perfect Timing Perfect%20Timing.png?width=32 - Get a free stopwatch. The only useful thing this builds into is 3193.png, but if we use it then we can always sell it if we feel the need to buy other items. This issue here is that its gold for sale got reduced and it doesn't turn on until 10min. 

 Hextech%20Flashtraption.png?width=32 could open up good opportunities but I'm not fond of letting everyone know of my 4.png CD. Magical%20Footwear.png?width=32 is a super strong rune, and Perfect%20Timing.png?width=32 has been getting nerfed consistently. 


Future's Market Futures%20Market.png?width=32 - Enter debt to buy items. The debt limit is 150g/5min and the fee is 50g, though this does not become lendable until 2min. I have tested this rune recently and it's actually pretty good. Our first back is almost always a great buy and we can purchase items that we are a few hundred gold away later on in the game. 

Minion Demineralizer Minion%20Dematerializer.png?width=32 - Start the game with 6 stacks. Use a stack to kill a minion, allowing you to do more damage to that specific type of minion throughout the game. I'm fairly certain this only applies to lane minions, so it's probably one of the worst runes we could take. 

Biscuit Delivery Biscuit%20Delivery.png?width=32 - Free biscuit every 3min for the first 12min. Consuming a biscuit permanently increases your mana by 40. So we don't really need the biscuits since we always have 2031.png, but sustain would be fine and getting the 160 mana wouldn't be too bad.

Futures%20Market.png?width=32 is actually a strong rune. Minion%20Dematerializer.png?width=32 should be avoided. Biscuit%20Delivery.png?width=32 is okay, but doesn't compare to Futures%20Market.png?width=32.  


Cosmic Insight Cosmic%20Insight.png?width=32 - 5% CDR, 5% Max CDR, 5% SS CDR, 5% Item CDR. Well, the 5% CDR is nice, we won't use the +5% max CDR, 5% SS CDR is nice and the 5% item CDR, alright. Considering we don't cap our CDR, 5% doesn't seem too exciting. After testing this rune (six normals) its actually pretty good. I don't notice it too much, but sometimes I realize that whatever play just happened wouldn't have occured without the CDR and having it on many things is quite helpful. 
Approach Velocity Approach%20Velocity.png?width=32 - Bonus MS towards an ally that is CC'd or an enemy that you CC. We don't really need bonus MS towards an ally that is CC'd. It may save someone's life is we're walking by and they get ganked and we can assist earlier, but the second half is very situational too. If we can stun them, then that means we're in range to land our sejuaniw.png, so we're close enough that we can either walk or sejuaniq.png to be in AA range. None of our CC is very long range. I tested this recently in a few normal games, it is very ineffective. I don't suggest this at all! 

Time Warp Tonic Time%20Warp%20Tonic.png?width=32 - Gain +20% duration on potions and elixir, while having +5% bonus MS for its duration. Essentially, the old Inspiration primary tree passive but with bonus MS, which really helps get us around the map faster, helps us dodge more in fights and land our sejuaniw.png

Well, the first rune is good, the second is not useful and the third is good. I used to always pick Cosmic%20Insight.png?width=32, but Time%20Warp%20Tonic.png?width=32 is actually better than thought. I think Time%20Warp%20Tonic.png?width=32 is worth buying 2032.png making this the ideal rune in this tier, but if someone is against buying it, Cosmic%20Insight.png?width=32 is a fine choice as well.  179.png


The first tier isn't the best, but with Perfect%20Timing.png?width=32 getting repeatedly nerfed, Magical%20Footwear.png?width=32 is superior.  Futures%20Market.png?width=32 is the only viable rune in its tier and though Cosmic%20Insight.png?width=32 is good, I really think Time%20Warp%20Tonic.png?width=32 with 2032.png is best. 
If we take Inspiration, we get bonus MS, 400g reduction in a core item along, ability to go into debt, +20% pot duration and +5% bonus MS.
This path a strong option!



For people who are consistently keeping up with this guide, if any, bear with me changing my opinions constantly. 

Precision is strong. It can give good healing from Triumph.png?width=32 and either tenacity or AS from Legend%20Tenacity.png?width=32 or Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=32 respectfully. It now gives +9% atk spd which is nice and I'm becoming more of a fan. 

Domination is okay. The increase in MS from Relentless%20Hunter.png?width=32 is great, but we don't have much lasting vision with Zombie%20Ward.png?width=32. Its still an fine rune, but it feels underwhelming since it was nerfed by 2/3 of it's duration and now even worse since we don't have 3711.png. Probably more suited for 5v5s or competitive matches. From what was definitely our best secondary is now something I feel I may not take for a while. The benefits and runes from the other trees are superior.

Sorcery is outclassed. I have such a big report on this that for anyone looking for more info, keep scrolling. 

Inspiration is strong. The utility from Magical%20Footwear.png?width=32 is awesome or the early buying power of Futures%20Market.png?width=32,  and the pot duration and bonus MS from Time%20Warp%20Tonic.png?width=32

 It comes down to your style of play. Resolve has tanky options (Conditioning.png?width=32Overgrowth.png?width=32), supportive choices (Demolish.png?width=32Font%20of%20Life.png?width=32) or increased tenacity (Perseverance.png?width=32),  Precision offers rewards for combat (Triumph.png?width=32) or enhances your combat effectiveness (Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=32Legend%20Tenacity.png?width=32),  Domination provides increased MS (Relentless%20Hunter.png?width=32) and vision (Zombie%20Ward.png?width=32), while Inspiration offers either opting for speed (Magical%20Footwear.png?width=32Time%20Warp%20Tonic.png?width=32) and/or selfish utility (Futures%20Market.png?width=32Cosmic%20Insight.png?width=32). 

Sorcery Vs. Inspiration

Alright, so you've scrolled this far into why I believe we should practically never take Sorcery (at least in this patch) and it's because Inspiration outclasses it.

For those who want the shortened version:



Side Notes


+5% on R, +2% each use up to 5 times

CDR on one ability that maxes at 16-20min (1/2-2/3 of a game)


+5% on all abilities, SS, item actives and max CDR.

Less CDR but on everything in the game that starts immediately


Movement Speed

Side Notes


350 MS at level 1, 376 MS at boots 1, 385 MS at boots 2

+5 AP which is useless due to our awful scaling.


340 MS at level 1, 370 MS at boots 1, 390 MS at boots 2

400g savings by 10-12min every single game

For those who want all the details:

Out of what we can use in Sorcery, we found that Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32The%20Ultimate%20Hat.png?width=32Transcendence.png?width=32 and Celerity.png?width=32 are really the only options someone could make a decent argument for. Well, I've already said that mana isn’t really much of an issue on Sej for me. Though it can be a bit tight, as long as I manage it well, I only run out of mana when I’m overstaying a team fight or a gank so we don’t really need it. Well The%20Ultimate%20Hat.png?width=32 lowers our CD on sejuanir.png for our ganks so it's more useful. Next is Transcendence.png?width=32and Celerity.png?width=32Transcendence.png?width=32 simply takes 1/3 of the average game to turn on for 10% CDR. I can’t afford a rune to give me zero benefit in the first third of a solo queue game. That’s usually the most crucial time so to waste a rune there really sucks. Celerity.png?width=32 at least gives us additional bonus MS and a negligible amount of AP. The +14 MS at level one makes this rune have a noticeably impactful from the get-go.

So our final options are The%20Ultimate%20Hat.png?width=32 and Celerity.png?width=32. Let’s really break down the two of them.

The%20Ultimate%20Hat.png?width=32 gives us +5% CDR on only our sejuanir.png, so we won’t see any use of this rune until level 6, or roughly 7-8min into the game. But let's assume a good game scenario where we hit level 6 at 7:00 and we get to use our sejuanir.png the second it comes off CD, every time (which is highly unrealistic). We also gain +2% CDR each time we use it, capping at 10%. Well our sejuanir.png rank 1 CD is 120sx.95 (minus the 5% cdr) and we have a level 6 sejuanir.png CD of 114s. We use it immediately and now the CD is 114sx.98 = 111.7s (1). We use it again, 111.7sx.98 = 109.5s (2) and again, 107.3s (3) and again, 107.3sx.98 = 105.15s (4) and again, 105.15sx.98 = 103s (5). Now The%20Ultimate%20Hat.png?width=32 has fully served its purpose and granted us the additive +15% CDR on our ult (120sx.85 = 102s, 1s off calculation so excuse my rounding errors). 

In the scenario where we hit level 6 at 7:00, we can add the total time from when we first used our ult to when we got the 15% CDR. 111.7+109.5+107.3+105.15+103 = 536.65s/60s = 8:56+7:00=15:56, which is almost 16min into the game. Keep in mind that lane phase ends at about 10-12min into the game, so the odds of us using this ult consistently to engage fights up to the 16min mark when the average game is 30min is unlikely. Besides, after this, our rank 2 sejuanir.png is 100s so who cares if our sejuanir.png post lane phase is down to 85s (100x.85)? Like is the 15s really going to matter when it comes to team fighting? By this point, fights happen no more than every ~2min and though the 15s may come in handy, most of the time it won't. Now I’m missing some numbers like +10% CDR from 3083.pngwhich would make the sejuanir.png timer even lower and by this point, we’d have even less of a reason to get it because why would we now want it to be 76.5s? (85x.90 when includes 3083.png CDR) I already said whether it was 100s or 85s wasn’t that big of a deal, so now we’d be arguing whether 90s (100x.90) or 76.5s is a big deal? Yes the 13.5s can be game changing, but these scenarios are few and far between. 

Which leaves us with Celerity.png?width=32. We get 8% of our bonus MS, which is the MS from boots (+25 at boots 1, +45 at boots 2) and the 3% bonus from the rune itself. Sej has 340 base MS so that's 340x1.03 = 350 MS. When we buy boots 1, we end up with 376 MS and at boots 2 we have 385 MS. We also get 8% of our additional MS bonus which is about 5 AP with boots 2 (400-340 = 60x.08 = 4.8); this aspect basically does nothing.

So what's the conclusion? We narrowed our useful options down to four runes: Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32The%20Ultimate%20Hat.png?width=32Transcendence.png?width=32, and Celerity.png?width=32. From there we chose our optimal options The%20Ultimate%20Hat.png?width=32 + Celerity.png?width=32

Now we’ve fully analyzed the usage of these two under almost ideal conditions. Well, why don’t we compare the two runes from our Inspiration tree: Magical%20Footwear.png?width=32 + Cosmic%20Insight.png?width=32

Magical%20Footwear.png?width=32 gives us 1001.png at 10min, but realistically 8-9, an additional +10 MS for its boots 1 and our boots 2. We get 1001.png for free, which is 350g, and save 50g on boots 2, which we get every single game, for a total savings of 400g. Considering we’ll finish our boots 2 with 390 MS (340+45+10), this is a -10 MS from Celerity.png?width=32 but we save 400g pre 10-12min when gold is most valuable. As of Patch 7.24 celerity provides 3% instead of 4%, giving even less MS. It was clear to me before that celerity wasn't as good, but this killed it indefinitely.  Magical%20Footwear.png?width=32>Celerity.png?width=32.

Now for Cosmic%20Insight.png?width=32. It gives +5% max CDR, which is going to be useless almost, if not, every game. +5% SS CDR which is small but we’ll be using that on 11.png and 4.png for sure. +5% on item actives which likely won’t play a factor at all in most games but we do gain the +5% CDR on every spell from the moment we level them. Our sejuaniq.pngsejuaniw.pngsejuanie.png, and sejuanir.png sees these benefits (and possibly sejuanipassive.png). We know that The%20Ultimate%20Hat.png?width=32 gives us +10% CDR on our sejuanir.png around the 16min mark (in an ideal scenario), but it’s only +10% of one ability, while this will still give us +5% for each one. I would rather have +5% CDR from when I unlock each ability than the same CDR on one ability that gets reduced by 2% each ability cast up to 10%. Yes, the difference grows each time we use it but even in the first 10min the 2% or 4% for one ability still isn’t mathematically worth it. So when is it ever a good time to take Sorcery? I don’t think there is. We took it’s two best runes for Sej in this patch and found that Inspiration has similar runes that do the same things but they do it better. So if we ever want to take Sorcery, we might as well just take Inspiration.

This is why I think Inspiration should be taken instead of Sorcery. We are giving up a scaling CDR on one ability for multiple flat CDR on every ability, SS and item, while trading off 10 MS + 5 AP for 400g early game.  

Abilities Back to Top

When starting on a buff, I recommend taking E first, but when starting on a camp, take W first. 

sejuanipassive.png Fury of the North sejuanipassive.png

Frost Armor: Sej receives Frost Armor if she hasn't taken damage from champions/large monsters in the last 12s. Once damage is taken, the buff persists for 2s. Bristle also receives Frost Armor, allowing Sej to become immune to slows and gains 20/70/120 (+100% total of armour/MR) at levels 1/7/14 while the buff is active.

Icebreaker: If enemies are stunned by Sej, they become frozen. While frozen, Sej's next AA or ability against them breaks the ice, dealing 10/15/20% of their max hp as bonus magic damage, or 400 against minions/monsters. 

Frost Armor is strong. Walking around with this buff at any point in the game gives you confidence, even into your weaker matchups. 64.png blindmonkqone.png doesn't do much when it first lands, and if they use the second part quick enough, it actually negates most of its damage. This can extend to 254.png viq.png76.png javelintoss.png etc. It also helps a little when you first start camps, giving Sej a much-needed assist in her early game clears. Late game this thing becomes very strong. The only counter I can think of is 48.png trundlepain.png which will literally destroy you since you've now given him way more stats that he'll keep for longer. 

Icebreaker is great. The % of max hp you deal is high, even though sometimes it doesn't feel like it. It also helps you jungle faster and because of this, Sej probably has the fastest time for Scuttle kills. 

sejuaniarcticassault.png Arctic Assault sejuaniarcticassault.png

Active: Sej charges forward, knocking up all enemies she charges through and dealing magic damage. The charge stops after colliding with an enemy but can affect multiple enemy champions if they are close together. 
Range: 650
Cost: 70/75/80/85/90 mana
Cooldown: 17/15.5/14/12.5/11
Magic Damage: 60/90/120/150/180 (+40% AP)

This is our primary escape/gap closer and the only CC we have that is not affected by tenacity. This ability is great for ganking, but also can be used as a pick or in team fights to dash, giving our ult a clear shot at their back line. It says it can affect multiple champions but I can't recall one instance of this. I guess they'd both have to be literally the same amount of pixels away from you. 

sejuaninorthernwinds.png Winter's Wrath sejuaninorthernwinds.png

Active: After a .25s delay, Sej swings her flail in a cone towards any direction, dealing AD and knocking back all minions/monsters. After a .75s delay, she then lashes out her flail forwards in the same direction, dealing AD and briefly slowing all enemies hit. 
Range: 600
Cost: 80 mana
Cooldown: 9/8/7/6/5
Physical Damage on first part (cone/knock back sweep): 20/25/30/35/40 (+20% AP)(+1.5% max health)
Physical Damage on second part (straight flail): 30/65/100/135/170 (+20% AP)(+4.5% max health)

This remains our go-to spell for clearing, but it has a nice mechanic. Replacing our old AoE/AA reset, Sej can kite camps similar to how Graves does with his AAs, constantly knocking the monsters back but make sure to move slightly towards them to land the second half of this ability. This also applies stacks of frost onto opponents for each part of the ability. A good combo while fighting is AA, sejuaniw.png then AA, giving us the 4 stacks we need for sejuanie.png. Since patch 7.10, the cooldown starts after the spell ends, extending its true cool down by about 1s. 

There's one more thing about this that we have to discuss. While sejuaniw.png is being cast, you cannot use your sejuanie.png or sejuanir.png. Yes, so that total cast time of 1.5s has to be carefully used in fights. Sometimes I see a great opportunity for my sejuanir.png but the chance disappears because I'm swinging my flail around. It feels as if there's a global cooldown on your abilities while its being cast since sejuaniq.png is the only thing we can cast on its duration. Be aware of this!

sejuanie.pngsejuaniwintersclaw.png Permafrost sejuaniwintersclaw.pngsejuanie.png

Passive: Winter's Wraith, Sej and nearby melee allied champs basic attacks apply frost to an enemy, stacking up to 4 times. 
Active: Sejuani points + clicks onto an enemy, throwing a mini bola that deals magic damage and stuns the enemy. If sej uses an AA or ability, the effect is consumed, but deals damage based on max hp (see Icebreaker in passive). This effect cannot be used on the same target again for 10/9/8s. 
Range: 1,000?
Cost: 20 mana
Cooldown: 1.5s
Magic Damage: 20/30/40/50/60 (+60% AP)(+30% AP)
Stun duration: 1/1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4

The actual passive is fine since our team doesn't usually have too many melee members in this meta anyway (usually top, not often mid, rarely support). The active is fine as well. This spell feels a little clunky to me, as I keep thinking the cast time is instant but there is a small delay. As of patch 8.8, the stun stun duration got hit pretty hard and I actually max this last because of it. In lane phase, this is our primary ganking tool and in team fights with many melee allies, it can become difficult to keep up with deciding on which ones to follow up with. 

sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png Glacial Prison sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png

Active: Sej throws a true ice bola in a line, dealing magic damage and stunning the first champ it comes in contact with for 1.5s. The bola's base damage increases based on the distance traveled and can stun up to 2s if it travels far enough and makes contact with an enemy champ. Once the bola connects or reaches max range, it shatters, creating a storm for 2s, slowing enemies by 30%. After the 2s, the ground shatters, dealing magic damage and slowing all enemies in the storm by 80%
Range: 1,175?
Speed: 1,350
Cost: 100 mana
Cooldown 120/100/80
Magic Damage: 100/125/150 (+40% AP) - 150/250/350 (+80% AP),  

Well, this ult got gutted. We went from having arguably one of the best ults in the game/best engage to a single target stun + AoE slow. Though it is still a fine ult, I find being the primary engage for a team more difficult, as I do not want to stun a single front line target. If you can get a flank with a 4.png or sejuaniq.png it can work too, but keep in mind it's very easy for an opponent to block for their backline. Also, the damage on it is extremely low for an ult. We lost both CC and damage. A few notes about this: Sometimes ulting the front line can work since the ground becomes AoE, squishies will have to flee it and then wait the 2s + ground shattering before assisting, which can make it more of a zoning tool than an engaging tool. It is also more forgiving if you miss since the old ult would shatter and cause a debuff that you'd have to run up and E, this new one creates the AoE. Personally, I think 80% is too high of a slow for the size of the ult, but I'm not expecting it to be changed. 

Now, the major issue and the biggest reason I dislike this ult is that it sort of counts as your sejuanie.png. If you throw it and connect, you have 1-2s to land an ability or an AA to trigger it or you have to wait for the unique cooldown on the target to reset. The stun from your sejuanir.png and sejuanie.png DO NOT stack when the ult is thrown first! Yes, if the ult lands, you cannot use your sejuanie.png, but if you manage to sejuanie.png first then the sejuanir.pngcan be used as chain CC. This is useful for ganks as you can layer the CC, but in team fights that Sej is famous for, you'll almost always use sejuanir.pngfirst. So now your ultimate is basically a flying sejuanie.png for that one target, who is usually the most crucial one, with an AoE slow afterward. 

Note: Notice how low the AP ratios are? .40, .30, and .40-.80 depending on the distance traveled. This is the reason AP Sej is not very strong, especially as a front-liner.
sejuanipassive.png is great, but be careful not to get it poked down too easily before a team fight. 

sejuaniq.png never changed. 

sejuaniw.png actually introduces a cool mechanic, though it's hindered by the fact that you cannot use it and either sejuanie.png or sejuanir.png which is a huuuge pain. Earlier, It's fine once you get used to it, but it still sucks that you don't expect it since its only one ability that negates two others and it gives no indication that it has this secondary effect.

sejuanie.png is strong early, fine late. I mean having a stun rather than a slow really helps our early game ganking power, but since it doesn't synchronize with our W or R anymore, our team fighting is debatably weaker. It's not as effective late game (excluding the damage from the passive), and there's definitely times in team fights that I'd rather have my 70% slow than a stun that gets shared with my ult.

sejuanir.png Well, of course this couldn't remain as powerful, but the fact that it shares the same effect/cooldown as your sejuanie.png sucks. Your ult is now actually your E with a skill shot, plus a decent AoE slow afterward. Maybe for new Sej players it's not so bad, but man for any old Sej mains reading this it feels like we went from having one of the strongest ults in the game period to a mediocre tank ult.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Ideal for Wraith start or heavy farming
    Ideal for Buff-Buff-Gromp path
    Always get these each back. Vision is paramount in league, and also very useful against invaders.

Core Items

    The types of smites are situational, but always buy the cinderhulk enchantment.
    Which boots am I wearing today?

Situational Items

    All sources of armour, reasons for each below!
    A bit of knowledge will be needed to make the right choice.
    About all of the good choices we have for offense.
    These support items have their niches!
    My competitive go-to core.
    Take this after you have six items or if you feel a game changing fight is coming up!



1041.png outclasses 1039.png in everything but wraiths start. In the current meta, however, wraiths are rarely a good starting choice. If you do decide to add wraiths in your initial clear, I'd take 1039.png. If not, 1041.png every time.  

2031.png is better than 3 2003.png start because Sejuani's first few clears need 2 pots, saving you money in the long run. 

3340.png is best because providing early game vision is very important as there aren't many wards to justify 3341.png




1413.png Well, with no 3711.png I think this is our standard choice. With less vision being available, we're more likely to face check and run into trouble. If trouble is there, having the 20% damage reduction can be life saving. 

1401.png is best if you're ganking frequently or if they have important/slippery carries. This allows you to stick onto them while fighting, and the extra damage early game is a nice plus.  



3111.png are strong for tenacity + MR. If the team has numerous forms of CC, or 2+ APs, this is your pair!

3047.png are strong for heavy AD teams. If the CC is lacking and their team is like 104.png+64.png+238.png+51.png+16.png, these boots are the ones! As a general rule of thumb: If the solo laners are AD, Ninja is the way to go.

3117.png are one of the cheapest pairs, and should be bought early if it is going to be purchased. This is typically the "My team is getting wrecked, I need to be omnipresent." These boots really give Sej strong early game presence, which is something she lacks. However, I would sell these post lane phase/before team fights because when in combat, they provide the lowest MS and give no combat stats. 

3158.png are useful for reducing our sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png and 4.png. However, you lose combat stats. Its a bit awkward because its not a tank item, and we don't get as many ganks off as we can with 3117.png. I use to argue that once you hit level 6, using these boots to perma camp bot with sejuanir.png was the best way to go. Since our ult is now a single target, we don't have to feel guilty about using it to gank solo lanes, which opens up more flexibility in our games. We receive strong defensive stats from our passive, and the CD is nice.




3143.png is what I used to pick up as a 4th item. As of patch 7.14, this item is going back to being built from a 3082.png and 1011.png, and got buffed by 50hp for no extra cost. While its nice to see the item being built from what it was, its still 100hp less than what it was originally. Riot nerfed the item and is slowly reverting it back to what it was before, though I still do not think its a good buy. The only reason to buy this item is the reduced damage from critical strikes. Its works, but I'd only consider purchasing it if they had two or more sources of crit (Say an adc with a 41.png or 23.png top)

3075.png  Though I prefer the old version, it's still incredibly useful. Buy this item when you need to reduce life steal from carries or want only armour. If you need a mix of resis, buy 3193.png. If you just need armour, buy this. 
3110.png is a very specific buy. The armour is nice, the CDR is great, but it doesn't provide any health (and as you now know, Sej loves health!) This item should only be purchased if their team has 3 or more champions, or few extremely fed ones, who rely on attack speed, such as 266.png114.png104.png24.png203.png126.png11.png133.png23.png, and 19.png. If you're against any of these two champs as an enemy top/jungle, plus an ADC who builds attack speed, such as 51.png222.png429.png18.png, or 29.png, then you can purchase this item, and even then only if your support cannot. 

3068.png is an interesting choice. You ask "Well we already have a 3751.png from 1401.png1413.png and since they can't stack, why buy it?". If you are very late into the game, past six items, you can debate about selling Cinderhulk for this. Check your health/armour, sell your jungle item and then buy 3068.png. If you don't like the health for armour trade off, just undo it and get your gold back.

3742.png A solid item that I used to be in my core. It's a bit expensive, 2,900g, but provides good stats and a nice MS buff which is really helpful early. Though the item is good, it's in an awkward spot. As the game progresses, DMP losses its value. The health and armour is nice, but the passive is primarily for ganking and getting around the map in the earlier parts of the game. Now I feel like 3083.png as a third item does a better job. Maybe as a fourth item it could work, the stats it provides are still useful, but I feel it's too far into the game to invest that much money into an item with a mediocre passive. It's still a good item, but there are better options. 



3001.png  So in this patch, 8.6, this item received a tweak. Its potency has risen while its range has decreased. This means that it really is only going to be useful if you're diving or peeling with the AP champions on your team. Its stronger when you need it, but its become useful in fewer scenarios. 

3065.png is very useful for its health/CDR, with a mediocre passive. Each of these three MR items gives us 10% CDR, but this item gives us +125 more hp than the other two. Unfortunately, this seems like our only main MR item for most games. 

As of Patch 7.14, 3001.png and 3065.png are really our only two options for MR. Personally, I like 3065.png better, but I'll give you the knowledge of the math and let you decide how you feel.

For general knowledge:
1 hp = 2.666g     1 MR = 18g     10% CDR = 266.67g     1%hp regen = 3g       1 mana = 1.4g

450hp = 1,200g
55 MR = 990g
10% CDR = 266.67g
+100% hp Regen = 300g
Total: 2,756.67g 
2,800 - 2,756.67g = 43.33g for it's passive (Increasing all sources of health regen by 30%)

350hp = 933g
55 MR = 990g
300 mana = 420g
10% CDR = 266.67g
Total: 2,609.67g
2,900g - 2,609.62g = 290.33g for it's passive (15% of damage taken is also gained as mana. Spending mana restores hp, up to 25hp/cast. Also makes enemies take 10% more magic damage.)

While both items are good, 3065.png is way too efficient and it's passive is helpful when we buy 3083.png, which is usually bought before it in most games.  However, as I said earlier, if you feel like you need the mana or have a fed AP team, 3001.png is a great choice. 

3194.png  This item is a good choice against people that deal successive magic damage: 268.png69.png42.png or champion's who build rageblade: 96.png110.png. My examples aren't limited to just these options, but think about if someone is going to deal magic damage over and over in a short period of time. If yes, buy this. 

                                                        OFFENSIVE ITEMS

3025.png is very strong early game. If I get a couple of kills and there is another off tank on the team (such as a tankier support or top lane), I like to buy 3057.png for the extra damage. This item also transitions well into team fights as you can stick onto carries well or help peel for your backline.

3151.png This is the item for Sej late game. I usually get this if we have some off tanks, or if our opponents have high amounts of health, as it gives us health (woo!), AP, and a passive that burns enemies we damage for 2% increased damage, up to a max of 10%. This isn't bad. Not something we really care about but the damage is nice. The good thing about this item is that dealing spell damage deals an additional 1% of their max health and is doubled if they are hit by soft or hard CC (and when won't they?). Unlike 3025.png this offensive item gives us health and most likely the highest damage since our AP scaling is quite low. However, it comes with a price of 3,100g. Basically, I only buy this item if we have a tankier team and they have one as well.



3109.png Costs 2,200g, provides 250 health, 40 armour and +10% CDR (whereas 3742.png is 425hp and 60 armour for 2,900g). On top of the 40 armour, you gain an additional 20 armour when you're near the target, which you will always be in team fights and if you ever get knocked away, you gain 15% bonus ms to quickly catch back up. Should only be bought if the carry is worth investing in. With patch 7.18 hitting, it actually lost 166.66g value (100hp = 266.66g, but price reduced by only 100g). I'm not sure how big of a hit it was, but it's funny to see that I made a comparison to it and 3742.png when it's health was at 400hp, and now its only 250hp. 

3190.png As of patch 8.7, its passive got nerfed, hard. Probably not worth having two on the same team, so coordinate between you and your support. With its health scaling for the shield being nerfed, its likely not something we need to build anymore. It still gives the most MR out of any item, but I doubt we'll get it if our support wants to.  

3383.png With 516.png being released, he brings only one item upgrade we care about. For 500g, we get an additional 15 Armour (+300g) and MR (+270g). This upgrade saves us 70g but doesn't do anything to the passive. Due to the fact that the 500g could be invested in completing another item, t's better to save this upgrade until you aren't desperate need of anything else. 

3512.png I gotta admit, I never buy this item. But, other highly ranked Sej players do, so I'm going to include it. I think we all know it spawns the purple minions, but the first and every fourth minion gain additional health based on your max hp (15%) which makes this portion of the item really synergize with Sej. It means that yours can push faster than others. I don't want to promote the idea of buying it often, especially since its 2,700g, but there are situations where it could be useful. 

1) If they have a very strong split push or just a fed top laner, buying one can push their lane and that gives them the choice of hard engaging or dealing with the split. If they hard engage, try to peel/ kite back and if they deal with the split, your sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png can pretty much start and end a fight before they can 12.png in.  
2) Both teams have a strong 1-4 split comp and you want to make them have a 1-3-1 comp. By placing a 3512.png in the unattended lane, you either deal damage to the turret over time or force them to become a 1-3-1, which gives you a man advantage to engage upon. 

3) They have a strong 1-3-1 comp. This becomes tricky because one 3512.png isn't going to handle a split pushing champion like 98.png27.png, or 23.png with 245.png or 8.png. But, if you don't have a second member who can handle the split well, the 3512.png can aid the weak responder to it, allowing you to comfortably engage on the 3v3. 

3800.png It is actually the most gold efficient item I've ever seen since buying this item essentially pays you 153.07g for its passive, which is a big MS buff towards an opponent followed by a 75% AoE slow for 2s, which can help with our engage. Provides us with health, mana, armour, hp regen and CDR for 2,500g. All the stats add up, the passive is good and the price is great, so why am I not buying this? Because I somehow feel it's still lacking, bear with me on this. As Sej, we want a lot of health, which it gives a good chunk. But often times I just find myself wishing "Man, I wish I had more hp: 3083.png" "I think I would've lived if I had more armour: 3075.png" "If I invested into damage for my early snowball I could've killed him: 3025.png" It's as if it does everything okay but nothing great. I mean, where is it gonna fit in the build? We go: 1401.png->3047.png and then if I get it third, it helps with ganks but I find myself less independent. If I do get 3800.png third, I'm desperately rushing to finish 3083.png afterwards. If we get it fourth, it's not so bad but I need tank stats now, the 30 armour isn't cutting it and 3083.png gives nothing, so I grab a 3075.png or 3193.pnginstead. If there's strong AP, I'd have to buy 3065.png or 3193.png. Now this item is our 5th and there's just better choices by then. I don't think sejuanir.png is a great engage tool anymore, but me charging in isn't going to make it that much better. The item is cost efficient, has good stats, but personally, I always feel it's underwhelming.



3083.png So from anyone reading my guide prior to the midseason update, I actually proved 3083.png to not be a worthy item for Sej. Now, however, things have changed. The idea of getting a great deal of health, CDR and a stupid amount of regen are attractive. Often times I find myself feeling weaker when I don't buy this as my third item. 

3193.png Builds like old GA, but it has a strong effect. 
If 3+ enemy champs are nearby, gain 40 armour/MR (which then doubles when sejuanipassive.png is on). The active: for 4s, grow in size and gain bonus health, equal to 40% of your max hp, but reduce your damage given by 60%. If this item's passive is active, you gain bonus hp equal to 100% of your max health. 

Basically, the item itself is good defensively, but then it synchronizes even more with Sej. We want to fight, we want to stack health, and some games my passive gives me 400 armour + 300 MR, and then I use this and get 7K+ hp. It's a 4s steroid sure, but it's an incredible one that is too good to pass up. All of our items have health in them anyway, and adding 3083.png to amplify this effect makes this duo a great pair. Despite the recent nerfs (7.18), I still believe this is a strong item for us. 



Since the midseason, it seems everyone has become a Sej main or apparently was one before. I've seen a video where they theorize this item works well with the reset AA for the extra stack. In a 1v1 scenario, sure, it would be useful. But to sacrifice an item slot for an AoE item that gives +35 AD, +100% hp regen and +450hp for 3,500g?! Where the hell do people get all this money from? We aren't farming lanes and with zero AD scaling abilities, it's pointless to invest that gold into this item. Hell, I could probably argue a second 3083.png would give more damage since it increases our max hp and we'd still have 650g left over. Yes, the extra AA reset is nice, but I'm not going to spend 3,500g + an item slot to get an extra proc off our mark when I have teammates who could probably do it for me. 


This was just purchased in the NA LCS 2017 summer split semi-finals by Xmithie in Game 2 of IMT Vs. CLG. Why would a Sej buy an item that builds from 3114.png and 3113.png when she has low AP scaling? I can only theorize, but I think it has to do with him taking 6263.png. By dropping a mark that heals an ally who attacks the marked target, they now gain bonus attack speed and enhanced healing. With 12.png being his support, they swapped items with each other, Xmithie taking 3504.png and Olleh taking 3800.png for his stronger engages. The bonus MS is nice, and amplifying the heals off of your keystone is an interesting idea. However, as far as solo queue goes or even competitive 5s, I don't think this item will ever be optimal, especially since the game was played pre 3504.png nerfs. As a side note, this most likely does mean that 3800.png is not a great purchase for Sej.

So whats an average build look like for me?

1413.png, 3047.png, with  3083.png. Then I pick 3193.png because one item gives a huge amount of health, and this item compliments it by making up for the lack of resistances. You can also go 3025.png instead of 3083.png as your third item, but I build more defensive than offensive unless I am really fed. Afterward, you can build into anything that is situational. As a go-to/cookie cutter build: some type of cinder hulk, some type of boots, 3083.png and 3193.png.

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  • Amumu
  • Diana
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Ekko
  • Elise
  • Evelynn
  • Ezreal
  • Fiddlesticks
  • Gragas
  • Graves
  • Hecarim
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  • Jarvan IV
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  • Kindred
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  • Xin Zhao
  • Zac




He just wants to get blues, farm and try to gank an easy lane with his bandagetoss.png. Try to ward for these lanes but be careful of falling behind in levels. 




Nothing to see here. She's very weak pre 6, and this is one of the few match ups where you have more early game map pressure. Watch out for her level 6 power spike though, as she can dianaarc.png+dianateleport.png+dianateleport.png and if done correctly, she can use dianavortex.png to cancel your sejuaniarcticassault.png. My advice is to dodge dianaarc.png, either by walking to the right, or straight forward and let it go around you, then simply walk away or sejuaniarcticassault.png out. 


Dr. Mundo


Easy, but very annoying. He won't kill you, even if he lands a infectedcleavermissilecast.png you can just sejuaniarcticassault.png away. But he'll love to steal your camps. Be mindful of your buff timers! 




So with the buff to his damage to neutral monsters, I think we'll be seeing more of him. He's not too big of an issue if you are even. He can't burst you because of sejuanipassive.png. You can escape from his ekkoe.png with sejuaniq.png but be careful of him using ekkor.png if you try to sejuanir.png when he's low. Watch for his 'past self' or shadow that follows him around to see if it's up. Still too early to be definite about this, but I don't think he'll be an issue.




She can't counter jungle well, and she typically won't be invading you for blood. If she does, it'll usually be on your second buff when you're vulnerable. Also, be careful when you roam river. If she's close enough to elisehumane.png don't be afraid to sejuaniarcticassault.png away, as that cocoon opens up her burst combo. She does much better early game than you, but you're miles ahead in team fights/late game. If you do 1v1 for some reason, but aware that her rappel can dodge sejuanir.png!




Not too big of a deal. She'll have much more presence than you early, though her initial clear isn't too great either. Buy lots of 2055.png and place them in the brushes in river. She out damages you but due to oursejuanipassive.png  its hard to take us by surprise. If she catches you, simply sejuaniarcticassault.png over a wall and you're safe. In team fights, you're much tankier, but having a 3364.png isn't a bad idea. Be cautious only because of her invis, but don't be afraid! 

UPDATE P: 7.20 - Haven't played against her but I imagine she won't be hard. Assassins don't do well against sejuanipassive.png




He's recently got nerfed, but he's one of the more difficult medium rated champs. His level three power spike is way stronger than yours so be careful of contesting early scuttles. If you find him healthy with double buff just turn away immediately. His ezrealarcaneshift.pngcan keep up to you sejuaniq.png and you'll be eating ezrealmysticshot.png the whole game. As time progresses, he can't burst us, but its usually a rougher early game. 




He doesn't counter jungle, or invade you. He'll gank often and if you find him, the terrify.png + fiddlesticksdarkwind.png is annoying, but you can use to your sejuaniarcticassault.png to dash away or to cancel his drain.png



Both are similar in farming and aren't too big of a threat to one another. I often struggle in this matchup as long as the opponent is good. Its best to not bother duelling him since its a waste of time/resources. Both you have a dash, sejuaniq.png and gragase.png and can secure objectives with your sejuanie.png and his gragasq.png or gragasr.png. Be careful around objectives since he can swoop in and have an equal chance to outsmite you. Also, he scales well so this headache/power struggle will persist all game as long as its even. 




Can be a real pain. He farms hard, does strong damage throughout the game which can be a big problem. If he gets fed early be careful, his snowball potential is eons ahead of yours. He usually won't counter jungle, but be aware that he can out duel you. On counter ganks, it becomes a toss up. Both of you have lots of AoE. You provide more CC, but he brings more damage. Be aware of the utility of gravessmokegrenade.png.




Both junglers have weak early game. He prefers to farm his camps and get nice ganks with hecarimramp.png. If you're ever in trouble, he usually can't follow your sejuaniarcticassault.png. Just be aware of him getting fed, as he snowballs pretty hard. 




Ward the entrances to your jungle constantly, as he can instantly steal a buff. If you catch him invading, ping for help and chase him down. He can't kill you, but you can CC him long enough for your team to follow up.


Jarvan IV


He has weak jungle clear/sustain, so he probably won't be counter jungling/invading. However, early game roams or counter ganks are scary due to his jarvanivdemacianstandard.png+jarvanivdragonstrike.png combo and strong early game damage. In team fights, you're better as his  jarvanivcataclysm.png is very weak and you can sejuaniarcticassault.png out of it. 




He's becoming more popular. He can beat you 1v1, but he can't really chase you if you don't want to fight. He can follow your sejuaniarcticassault.png with jaxleapstrike.png, so save it until after he's jumped. His snowball and scaling is great so try to think about who is currently stronger and play from there. 




His chase potential is good, so odds are you won't escape if he's found you isolated and you aren't tanky enough. His kaynr.png  can dodge your sejuanir.png and removes all your stacks of sejuanie.png. However, when he's in a wall with kayne.png, your sejuaniq.png or sejuanir.png, and most likely sejuanie.png, pulls him out of it. His damage is good and with the gap closer on kaynq.png he can be incredibly annoying to evade or land the second half of sejuaniw.png. His snowball potential is insane so be very cautious. Early game with your passive he typically isn't that bad, but if he has a decent chunk of gold above you, beware. 




He usually won't counter jungle, and most players don't invade but if he sees you in river, his isolation damage is unreal. To an experienced jungler, a kill will give him a strong enough advantage to win almost every counter gank. He can roam in your jungle with hiskhazixr.png very easily and his khazixe.png can follow your sejuaniq.png. He typically isn't as big of an issue but currently, be very careful of him! 




Very tricky. Like 121.png, shes squishy and can easily be beaten in a 2v1 with your CC. However, when alone, she can use kindredq.png three times in kindredw.png to follow your sejuaniarcticassault.png and will use her kindredewrapper.png to slow you afterwards. Her damage output is high early so ward often and only contest her marks on safe scuttles/when your jungle is marked. 


Lee Sin


I considered him Sej's hardest counter. Now, I don't think so but can still be dangerous. He'll often invade to kill you, rather than counter jungle, but can do either well. This is a game occasionally for 1409.png as you want to know when to leave your jungle if he walks in. His blindmonkwone.png to a ward or if he lands a blindmonkqone.png is enough to follow up on your sejuaniarcticassault.png. Early game, if he lands a blindmonkqone.png, a good player would wait for your sejuanipassive.png to wear off then follow up. If they don't, there isn't much to worry about and you may be able to win 1v1. Due to 64.png's outrageous popularity, almost nobody plays him effectively. 


Master Yi


He's a good duelist, and will invade your jungle often. If you can't sejuaniarcticassault.png at a safe distance (i.e. he surprises you when you were farming) then wait for him to use alphastrike.png because if you sejuaniarcticassault.png first, his Q can follow yours, neutralizing your escape. 




This is possibly as close of a mirror match that can happen. His nautiluspiercinggaze.png gives him higher sustain in the jungle, but he won't be invading or dueling. However, if you see him acting aggressively in the river, be careful of his nautilusanchordrag.png because he usually has enough CC to hold you down for his teammate to follow up. 




She can out gank, out duel and out roam you. Her aspectofthecougar.png is way more mobile than your sejuaniarcticassault.png. She will also lay bushwhack.png in your jungle so enter brushes from the sides, not the center. I am currently much more afraid of 76.png than anyone else as the champ is very strong and due to her current unpopular status, people who play her are often experienced. 




Not too bad. He want's to power farm to level six for nocturneparanoia.png, and will usually only gank once on a very easy lane pre-6. He can steal your camps quickly and if he invades, either dodge or use sejuaniarcticassault.png to avoid his nocturneduskbringer.png as he is a great duelist. In ganks, skirmishes and team fights, remember that his nocturneshroudofdarkness.png can counter any ability, even yoursejuanie.png or  sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png




Just a pain. He'll spam laugh and throw iceblast.png when he sees you, but apart from that, there's no real threat, especially when you have your sejuaniarcticassault.png up. He will often invade and use consume.png, though due to the newer jungle gold/exp, the solo kill on the large monster isn't as rewarding. When in ganks/team fights, your sejuaniarcticassault.png interrupts his absolutezero.png




Quite dangerous. He'll out gank you, and his olafragnarok.png negates your sejuaniarcticassault.pngsejuanie.png and sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png(sounds fun eh?). He can power farm well with blue buff, but he typically doesn't invade as his olafaxethrowcast.png spam without it drains his mana. If you see him in river don't worry. He has the damage to kill you, but even if hit by olafaxethrowcast.png, you can usually can just  sejuaniarcticassault.png to safety every time. 




Basically just a gank fest. He doesn't farm as well as you do, and he can't control scuttle or objectives as well either. He'll out gank you but that's about it. Neither of you really counter jungle and aren't interested in fighting each other. Nothing to worry about!




Not bad. Typically won't invade or counter jungle. She has strong counter ganks in most cases, so watch out when ganking. Her early game ganks/dueling is stronger than yours, but much weaker at team fighting. Be careful when she burrows under, as it can dodge your sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png.




He's seen stronger days but still deadly. His rengarq.png spam + rengare.png slow/stun is enough to lock you down and his empowered rengarw.png can break your sejuanie.png. His snowball potential is very high and if he's fed, expect him to bully you. Word to the wise, be very careful contesting early scuttles vs him. His damage is significantly higher and with so many bushes around for him to use rengarpassive.png, unless you sejuaniq.pngback into your jungle, he can be hard to escape from 




Unlike Mundo, he will come into your jungle looking to kill you. Watch where he starts. If he starts at the same buff you do, he'll probably come over to invade your other buff. He doesn't want to counter jungle, only to kill you so buy 1409.png and ward up your jungle entrances. If you see him, just leave, as he usually walks away. If you do fight him, be cautious and spam ping for help while trying to hold him. He'll usually have a jackinthebox.png in a bush, can also slow you with twoshivpoison.png and follow your sejuaniarcticassault.png with deceive.png so once a battle has started, its hard getting out. I'd advise not fighting unless your have mindful laners and an hp advantage. 



36.png+35.png=102.png. She likes to invade your jungle and steal camps, but unlike Mundo, has some bite. A good 102.png is a nightmare for Sej. She can walk in and instantly be the boss of your jungle. You cannot duel her and she can follow sejuaniarcticassault.png with shyvanatransformcast.png. In team fights, you can easily peel her off and this is where you excel. Try to group up when against her. 




He farms fast and has his sustain, when on his spires. He can gank early with skarnerfracture.png and can easily kill someone with skarnerimpale.png. He can't invade too well unless he has a spire in your jungle, which is a big red flag saying "I'm here!" If he does, walk into his jungle and take his camps, or ping to catch him out. You can sejuaniarcticassault.png over a wall if he's using skarnerexoskeleton.png. Fighting him isn't a bad decision as he can't burst you down, but he'll kill you if you fight too long. Don't be afraid to sejuaniarcticassault.png onto him in the river if you have help but don't fight on his spires. 



He clears pretty well after he rushes 3077.png. He's not one to try to duel either, since his trundletrollsmash.png steals AD. If you can sejuaniq.png over a wall it's best, but if not wait to use it over his trundlecircle.png. An issue here is that he can trundledesecrate.png and catch up with you. If he's fed: AA, sejuaniw.png, AA, sejuanie.png while you got sejuanipassive.png up then sejuaniq.png away. It sucks to use so much many but he can do a lot of work. A 3715.png isn't bad if he gets fed early and is very aggressive. Come team fights, be very careful of him using trundlepain.png on your sejuanipassive.png as he becomes nearly an extremely tanky bruiser.




Nothing to worry about. If you catch him early game, he can't kill you very fast and if someone follows up, your CC + his squishiness will get him killed in seconds. Just be aware that he'll gank much more than you and want to take your red buff. Keep that warded with a 2055.png as the game goes on and you'll be fine. Also, he often starts red and immediately (level 2) ganks mid, warn your laner!




Nothing scary. He farms well, can counter jungle you and can apply more pressure than you early game. He usually has enough jungle to supply himself with and doesn't look for fights too often. If he runs at you with udyrbearstance.png, you can sejuaniarcticassault.png. Force team fights or small skirmishes as you have enough CC for him. 




Not bad. She doesn't usually invade or counter jungle. Her viq.png is similar to your sejuaniarcticassault.pngexcept she has to charge it and it knocks back. Early game she puts more pressure onto the map and fighting her is ill advised. She's a very strong diver with vir.png so prepare to sejuaniarcticassault.png her right after it. 




Very similar to you in the fact that he wants HP, has CC and likes to engage. He'll gank often, but don't expect him counter jungle much but with his enhancements in patch 8.4, his volibearw.png provides some bit with additional CC from volibeare.png that will pop your sejuanipassive.png. He still can't follow your sejuaniq.png, but just be aware that he is significantly stronger than he used to be. 




Most likely won't invade. He'll farm up and try to out gank you. Be careful of the second part of his warwickq.png and the tankiness/CC of warwicke.png. His warwickw.png will give him a trail towards you so don't overstay in a ganked lane or farm when low hp. His warwickr.pngcan be blocked so stay in front of your carries when he counter ganks!


Xin Zhao


Very dangerous. He doesn't mind counter jungling  and can kill you if he finds you. Look out of the distance between you two. Similar to 11.png, if you can sejuaniarcticassault.png before he uses xenzhaosweep.png, do it. It's better to be safe than sorry in this case because if he follows your sejuaniarcticassault.png with his xenzhaosweep.png , you have no escape. His knock-up on xenzhaocombotarget.png and bonus attack speed from xenzhaobattlecry.png is enough to kill you early game. 




He doesn't care about counter jungling much, dueling between you two is slow/not productive and you're both very similar champions. Both have mobility with sejuaniarcticassault.png and zace.png, displacement/stun with sejuanie.png and zacq.png, AoE AP damage with sejuaninorthernwinds.png and zacw.png, and AoE AP CC ults with sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png and zacr.png. This and 111.png is about as close as you can get to a mirror match. He can out pressure you early, and still has strong team fighting as well. Ward deep for your lanes, and make sure they don't disrespect the distance he can travel with zace.png.

Pros &amp; Cons Back to Top


  1. Strong follow-up
  2. Brings a lot of CC for one champion
  3. Has some mobility and good pick potential
  4. Can synergize with many champions
  5. Great in skirmishes
  6. Good team fighting 
  7. One of the best jungle peelers in the game
  8. Very strong ganks for a tank jungler


  1. Can be bullied by bruisers/assassins early
  2. Mediocre engage (compared to old ult)
  3. Low-Medium damage jungler
Sej's engage with sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png is way worse than it used to be, but its still okay. She has a dash that knocks up and a single target stun. Many champs work well with Sej's team fighting, such as: 157.png who likes your sejuaniarcticassault.png61.png who can very easily use orianadetonatecommand.png after sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png, supports like 267.png and 201.png who can chain CC with namir.png and braumrwrapper.png; the possibilities are almost endless. Due to her strength in sejuanie.png for ganks and controlling Scuttle, Sej has a stronger presence in the early game that puts her closer to her early game bruiser rivals. 

Laners/Synergies Back to Top

Speaking of synergies, you want people with AoE damage/CC that can react fast to your sejuanir.png or have good engage for you to follow up on. I used to call this tab just 'Synergies', but its transformed into analyzing some popular laners you may have as teammates too! 

*Champs are listed alphabetically

Top lane

84.png You'll have to initiate the gank as she can only assist with akalismokebomb.png. Start with AA + sejuaniw.png if possible. The great thing about this lane is that its 1) very snowbally and 2) after 6, both of you can follow up any escape with your sejuaniq.png + akalishadowdance.png. If an opponent is over extended or plays aggressive, it is worth giving attention to this lane. 

164.png Not like what she used to be but still good. Weaker early but has a good mid game power spike. Let her engage with camillee.png then follow up quickly with sejuanie.png. After she'll camillew.png and with sejuaniq.png + camilleq.png they should be dead. 

122.png He can initiate with dariusnoxiantacticsonh.png and pull them back with dariusaxegrabcone.png. In addition, his AA apply your stacks, allowing for an easy sejuanie.png. Use your sejuaniq.png after their 4.png and with his early game damage, its pretty much a guaranteed kill. Also, he snowballs so try to help him out at least once. 

41.png He isn't the best laner to gank, but his gangplankr.png can help land your sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png and if you do, he'll follow up with some good damage from gangplanke.png.

150.png  He brings little CC with gnarq.png but a lot of mobility due to gnarw.png + gnare.png. If he goes mega, he has way more CC and his AAs help your stacks. Try to wait until he's near mega, let him land the slow, then start your CC. Hopefully by the time yours ends he'll transform and continue the chain. 

104.png Good AoE damage with gravesqlinespell.pngand graveschargeshot.png as well as being able to gravesmove.png to the back-line and deny vision of multiple people with gravessmokegrenade.png.
420.png She's a bit weaker in her earlier levels but once she gets illaoir.png she becomes a different champion, as well as when she buys 3071.png. Ganking her early can help this snowball, but the best scenario is counter ganking when she's six. Your CC allows her an easy illaoir.png and I kid you not, idk what it is about her but she can solo carry games, hard. Defs be looking to help her out with either warding or ganking early. 

39.png Situational CC with ireliaequilibriumstrike.png but strong damage with her ireliahitenstyle.png and can ireliagatotsu.png to assist you when you sejuaniq.png. She has a very strong mid game so try to get her fed before hand.

59.png Though you don't see him top lane much (or anywhere for that matter), ganking with a double knock up/stun is very strong. He brings the early game damage too and snowballs well so try to camp his lane early. In team fights he can easily set up opportunities with his jarvanivdemacianstandard.png+jarvanivdragonstrike.png or jarvanivcataclysm.png

24.png Weak in lane but snowballs well. Help him if you can and in team fights he'll to jaxleapstrike.png to the back-line and continue your CC with his jaxcounterstrike.png.

126.png Could've put him mid but I see him top more. He's worth a few ganks. Really strong with the lethality buffs, has strong damage, some CC and when in melee he can add to your stacks then switch to range if the opponent dashes away. 

85.png Usually built on-hit nowadays and tries to split rather than team fight. Not as useful if he's AD. Help him out a bit to get the split going. 

240.png If your top can play this guy well, camp this lane as much as possible. He snowballs beyond belief and most mains are extremely aggressive which is great for solo queue. His kledq.png + klede.png makes him a good laner to gank for and his kledpassive.png baits people at all elos. 

80.png Pretty good combo. Usually assist with ganks or counter ganks because of his early game damage and snowball potential. Feeding him will allow your weaker early game to be easier. Set up the gank with his pantheonw.png, get your sejuanie.png off shortly after and save sejuaniq.png for their escape. 

516.png Good CC and decent damage but usually I leave him alone. He's a tank, I'm a tank, its not too exciting for a gank unless his laner is somebody we need to shut down. Since we both become naturally tanky and he's a good laner, I don't mind leaving him alone.

58.png The ganks are great with sejuanie.png + renektonpreexecute.png especially since renektonpreexecute.png resets the AA attack. Your sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png gives him a great chance to renektonsliceanddice.png into the back-line, renektonpreexecute.png his favourite target (RIP ADC) and deal AoE damage from renektoncleave.png+renektonreignofthetyrant.png

92.png Similar to 122.png. She brings good CC , rivenmartyr.png, mobility, rivenfeint.png, and all three with riventricleave.png. She also snowballs pretty well so I'd definitely help her out at least once as well. 

68.png I feel like there was another AP Yordle who was already on this list. His rumblecarpetbomb.png is great as he can use it to set up an easier sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png or vice versa. If he ults first, it gives him to time to rumbleshield.png in and use rumbleflamethrower.png.

98.png Not the best lane to gank. He brings great CC/mobility with shene.png and shenq.png if used properly. However there are better lanes to gank. Once he gets shenr.png, I strongly advise not ganking his lane to make full use of it's global range. 

14.png Can start a gank with sione.png or sionq.png and helps with stacking your sejuanie.png. Once again, save sejuaniq.png for their escape and you'll probably get a kill if they're not near their tower or fed. Afterwards, he can start or help with engaging by his sionr.png but typically won't be a strong snowballer. I only gank his lane if its easy or if his opponent is someone who snowballs easy in hopes of preventing it. 

27.png Not the best for assisting in lane with ganks as he prefers to run in front of his opponents than AA, but the combined CC from megaadhesive.pngfling.pngsejuaniq.png, and sejuanie.png does make up for it. Post lane phase is when this really starts working. Singed can 4-1 split, which makes your job easier with engaging/peeling, and can even aggro more people if he's fed, allowing you do an objective. Thanks to sejuanie.png, Sej is a fast at taking objectives... from an AP Tank jungler's perspective.

17.png Not really much to do here. He usually pokes and doesn't burst, he can't help with applying sejuanie.png and he's a strong lane bully. So I often let him do his thing, win lane, use teemorcast.png to prevent ganks and then let him split. 

62.png This is a very strong duo for Sej. He can follow up on your engage with a cheeky monkeykingdecoy.png+monkeykingnimbus.png+monkeykingspintowin.png for even more AoE CC. His early game damage is crazy if he gets fed so try helping him out!

157.png He brings good mobility and damage, and snowballing him is great. He has a decent lane phase and is actually strong late game. His yasuorknockupcombow.png can be triggered off our sejuaniq.png and he adds stacks for our sejuanie.png so there's a lot going for us here. 

Middle lane 

103.png Not exactly the best, but she's so good overall it can work. She has ahriseduce.png if she can land it and good damage. After six she has the mobility and does well in all stages of the game. I wouldn't prioritize this lane but it isn't bad if you want to camp it. 

268.png Not too much to do here. He can trade well and is good once he gets azirr.png but other than that, there's not much to be said. 

1.png This may be overkill, but your sejuanie.png or  sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png followed by infernalguardian.png is a combined 3.5s stun, not including the AoE damage her and the rest of the team will provide. She also sets up easy ganks!

69.png Strong mid laner to apply pressure that discourages invades. She can lay down cassiopeiaw.png behind them after your sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png, then you cansejuanie.png, making them near immobilized. Oh, and she also has cassiopeiar.png.

42.png Though an ADC, in this meta he's seeing more light as a mid laner so I'm adding him here. He can poke well, missilebarrage.png, but really isn't a good mid laner for us. He always wants blue and doesn't follow up well with us on a gank. He's not a pure team fighter so we don't synergize post-lane phase either. But when he has the package he can gank with us pretty well. Time your ult and his package spawn and try to make a play together. 

38.png Weak pre six but then gets stronger. He snowballs like mad so try to help him if you can. You two don't synergize very well but its worth getting him ahead or at least not falling behind. After six he'll roam a lot so buddy up with him.

55.png Snowballs well, has great damage early and good mobility. I'm usually a little hesitant to gank her lane because I don't trust the player and they usually outplay themselves, but since its a good lane give it at least one chance! 

7.png She has great mobility, damage, and CC. Strong in lane and when fed she practically one shots any non-tank champs and is slippery. Help her out and she'll pay dividends later. 

127.png Who says these two ice queens can't get along on SR? Your sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png sets up her lissandrae.png into lissandrar.png+lissandraw.png+lissandraq.png combo. Unfortunately, I don't see many Liss players, but it works very very well. 

99.png She sets up ganks pretty well, and with her slow on luxprismaticwave.png which will allow you to land an easy sejuaniw.png, slowing them even more. Once you get sejuanie.png, her luxlightbinding.png can chain it, or vice versa, and they should be dead. Outside of lane phase she provides utility and good damage for team fights. Definitely a good mid laner to have!

61.png My favourite synergy and not just for mid lane. The amount of games we've been losing and the sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png +orianaizunacommand.pngorianadetonatecommand.pngorianadissonancecommand.png is possibly the dumbest combo I've ever seen. It clearly is no where near as powerful as it was pre mid-season, but its still strong. I can't tell you how many games 61.png players have said how easy it is to play with a Sej because you have basically taken the difficulty of landing her orianadetonatecommand.png. You stun them when they're close, she pulls them together, then slows them with orianadissonancecommand.png

13.png One of my favourite combos and my duo partner and I use this all the time. Ryze can set up good ganks or apply mid lane pressure to distract the enemy jungler. Once you use sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png, he can ryzee.png+ryzeq.png which does an incredible amount of damage late game. Oh, and if they're some survivors, a nicely placed ryzer.png will clean it up.

134.png This is a pretty good gank post six. Her syndrae.png, your sejuaniq.png + sejuanie.png followed by her syndrar.png is pretty much a kill every time. Apart from that, the quality of the gank is reliant on her syndrae.png

163.png This can turn out really well. You both bring good CC and moderate damage. The combination of taliyahe.png + taliyahwvc.png + sejuanie.png + sejuaniq.png pretty much kills almost every laner, regardless of 4.png or an escape. After the lane, she becomes more utility based with taliyahr.png and can help in ganks. I still try to camp this lane for the strong early game gold which helps us out. 

4.png Not sure why he's seeing a rise in popularity, maybe because of Apdo. He can set up a gank quite easily with pickacard.png but can't follow up too well. He doesn't help with apply stacks and he's not a strong laner which hurts us since our early game is weak, leaving us open to counter jungling. On the plus side, he ganks extremely well with destiny.png so try to time both of your ults to be up simultaneously for a bot ganks + drag or top + RH.

101.png Long range to harass, can help CC with xerathmagespear.png and does good damage. He's not great to dive with but he can pick them off with xerathlocusofpower2.png.

238.png Its nice to have a laner who also adds to your stacks. He has good damage, zedq.png, mobility,  zedw.png, and a slow from zede.png. Once he hits six, I've found its really hard for a laner to survive your gank. You CC them long enough that even if they escape, he'll pull off a quick tower dive to finish the kill.

115.png Strong early game to dominate the mid lane, preventing their jungle from safely counter jungling you. He sieges well, pokes hard and brings an unbelievable amount of AoE to follow up on. Land you're sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png and the combinations he can do makes him probably one of the best. The whole front-line is slowed and he wants the back-line? He'll hit them with ziggsq.png.  Wants to add an extra slow after your ult? ziggse.png. Feels you landed a good ult on their carries/squishies? He'll drop ziggsr.png

142.png Well, what can I say? Atm I find this champion ban worthy but if she somehow slips through, watch out. zoee.png is strong and usually lands which you can chain CC with sejuanie.png which makes zoeq.png guaranteed to land. You can follow escapes with sejuaniq.png and if they use 4.png, she can follow with zoew.png.

ADCs (Marksmen)

22.png She can start to help slow with volley.png and can engage with enchantedcrystalarrow.png. Not the best ADC for Sej because, like 202.png, she'll need peeling for the whole game. So if she doesn't get off on the right foot, its not worth peeling her, which means your ADC is probably dying every fight until they catch up.

51.png She works fairly well. Has great sieging (which you don't) and you can peel for her very easily with her long AA range and caitlynentrapment.png. She's also good late game so this combo works at any point that's not during her mid game lull.

81.png Not the best lane to gank, I mean this guy really doesn't contribute anything unique/useful. The best part of him is that he has ezrealarcaneshift.png to help himself. 

202.png In lane his jhinw.png can help, as well as his jhinr.png to finish any survivors who managed to escape underneath their tower. Outside of lane phase he'll probably need peels for the entire game if their ADC isn't worth diving. 

222.png Works well with her purchase of 3085.png. If you get a squishier target stunned, she'll almost be guaranteed to kill someone and proc her jinxpassive.png before they can actually move. She'll help out with ganks by using jinxw.png and jinxe.png. Make use of this by feeding her early so that she's worth peeling, because she'll need it.

429.png Can slow with kalistaexpungewrapper.png but don't count on it early. Start the gank normally but you must save your sejuaniq.png if possible. Once they 4.png, your knock up will give her time to rip the spears out, slowing them. 

96.png Though he's not necessarily the best partner, he can do significant damage in your sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png and you can peel their divers forever with sejuaniarcticassault.png,sejuanie.png, and 3025.png.

236.png What can I say about this guy? Has everything but CC, which is why you see him in every lane. Can move well with his luciane.png, deals ton of damage and has a good lane phase/scaling. Worth ganking, and he's easy to peel. 
21.png This combo was great. Her slow from missfortunescattershot.png and your sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png sets up her missfortunebullettime.png. It's nowhere near as powerful since pre-season but still good. 

18.png I'm a fan of hyper carries because tanks scale well with them too, especially Sej, who can peel for her. Her laning is okay, but be aware she shoves lane after because of her tristanae.png. This means she's vulnerable to ganks so make sure you ward for her, even in the jungle rather than just river because it gives more time to see the jungler. 

29.png He's really good. His twitchhideinshadows.png gives bonus attack speed and should be used right before you can ult (if possible). He can twitchfullautomatic.png the slowed team from a safe distance and if they somehow get too close, he can lay down a twitchvenomcask.png and rely on your sejuaniq.png + sejuanie.png.

110.png His varuse.png in lane can help your ganks. With your sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png  he can add varusr.png afterward. Also, due to his low mobility, he'll require peels, which you should be happy to provide. 

67.png I don't think there's a champ she doesn't sync well with. She has weak early game, but come team fights, she has really good self peeling with vayneinquisition.png+vaynetumble.png+vaynecondemn.png. She's strong enough at any point in the game past two-three items because of her true/% health damage with vaynesilveredbolts.png. Once late game comes, literally peel her every single fight. Her damage is enough to undeniably win any fight, unless you're against a 96.png

498.png Has good MS with xayahw.png, can snare with xayahq.png and has xayahr.png which means she's independent in team fights, to some degree. She's a better lane to gank, scales well and has the emergency self-save rather than some ADCs that have no backup plan which helps us with peeling. 


12.png Can either follow up or engage with his headbutt.png + pulverize.png.  He'll use alistare.png so that when you land sejuanie.png he'll stun them again. Though it's primarily a one person combo, its a free kill without having to use long CDs unless they 4.png right away, which is worth for you since you'd invest only a few seconds and no resources. 

53.png Has great engage with rocketgrab.png then powerfist.png. It's basically a free gank as long as they can land it. Also, whenever he's in your game, don't surrender because the rocketgrab.png is a game changer. 

63.png Very strong since more of his abilities are AoE. He'll throw down brandw.pngbrande.png, toss out brandr.png and land brandq.png for an additional 1.5s stun onto a target while also procing his brandpassive.png.

201.png Essentially the male version of Sej in terms of ults. His braumrwrapper.png works very similar to sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png and can be used together to chain CC. Also, he's another tank, letting you build more freely!

40.png Can assist in ganks with howlinggale.png and indirectly by jannapassive.png. Unless she makes a clutch reapthewhirlwind.png then that's about it. Not bad to gank but really nothing special. Her biggest pro is in team fights with the peeling. Between you and her, its extremely difficult to get the ADC so I'd advise a hyper carry if you can

43.png Pretty good support. She has the karmaq.png for slow, the chase with karmasolkimshield.png and CC if she lands karmaspiritbind.png to help with ganks, and can poke or help peel the ADC in team fights. 

89.png She sets up another AoE 80% slow or stun for 1.5s with leonasolarflare.png. She can then follow up onto a target with leonazenithblade.png+leonashieldofdaybreak.png and using leonasolarbarrier.png onto their team. She is also a good fit for being able to dive while you can peel, and having another tanky teammate allows you to not have to build as tanky. Note: If their team has a ton of mobility, let her engage and you follow up, as leonasolarflare.png has a shorter CD than sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png and is easier to land effectively due to the strong slow. 

117.png Great utility with her luluq.pngluluw.png, and later with lulur.png. Though you'll have to engage, she has the ability to follow up nicely. 

25.png Can make some easy ganks with darkbindingmissile.png . Also, she can get in a good position forsoulshackles.png, land an easy tormentedsoil.png, give blackshield.png to another diver and pop 3157.png when she needs to. 

267.png She can help early ganks with namiq.png and really strong ganks/team fights with namir.png. She can also help peel if you have to dive mid game. Though her namir.png can be difficult in team fights if used first since everyone runs to the sides, so you should be engaging with sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png.

497.png Has the potential to land an amazing initiation with rakanw.png or follow up with rakane.png + rakanw.png. His rakanr.png can be great as well. Despite his recent nerfs, I think he can make great plays if you give his lane the attention. 

37.png Early game, the bonus MS from sonae.png may help out, but its not a big deal. The important thing is her sonar.png, which can be used as a 4.png+sonar.png and have you follow up with sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png. This works in two ways. If she lands it, you wait and sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png after her stun is over. If she misses, she's now a super easy target because her 4.png is down. If some higher priority targets jump onto her to get the 'free' pick, as more than one will probably want her dead, you can then land a free sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png to save her. 
16.png She slows with sorakaq.png, silences and sometimes roots with sorakae.png. She can be a good to assist in other lanes and with dives due to her sorakar.png. Not a bad support, but typically she won't lose lane so you have flexibility if you want to gank or not. Typically depends on if you want your adc fed or not. 

412.png I mean the utility of this guy synergizes with everything. Need engage? threshq.png. Need them to be re-positioned or interrupted? threshe.png. Want a surprise gank? threshw.png. Prevent them from moving? threshrpenta.png. He's spiking in popularity again but honestly, he'll always be near the top in solo queue.

161.png This guy works well in the mid lane too. The idea is that after you sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png, he can throw velkozq.png+velkozw.png and use velkozr.png while procing velkozpassive.png, as well as landing an easy velkoze.png on sejuanie.png opponents.

143.png She can help with ganks by using zyrae.png and post six/team fights with zyrar.png which is really nice. Her damage is also quite high, and between the two of you, they usually have to pick up some type of MR item, even with an AD top/mid. 


Anyone who can deal AoE usually is a good teammate. The only issue is that most of these combos require your engage, which means you need to land your sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png effectively in order to see any good results. This is the risk playing as Sej, since some champs like 25.png40.png, or 157.png can negate some or all of it, as well as having sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png be a long range, medium speed skill shot. 

Counters Back to Top

I've already discussed the counters for junglers in the Matchups section so I'll be focusing on non-jungle champs. 


40.png Very difficult. She's usually in the back of the team around the carry, making an sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png that lands on her almost impossible. If you sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png her frontline, she could howlinggale.png or reapthewhirlwind.png your follow up, neutralizing your engage. When ganking bot, these same problems occur, and even pre-6 her howlinggale.png+sowthewind.png  is a pain. However, due to our sejuanie.pngshe has become easier to gank. At level six or higher, trying to use your sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png to get first tower or drag is hard. She makes getting a strong lead early challenging and then continues the headache throughout the game.

44.png Literally just lost a game due to his taricr.png. It takes 2.5s for it to land and lasts 2.5s, but if he can start it as your sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png is flying, it can be quite problematic. Also, if they have engage of their own, he can start it as they charge in, making you have to run or take their engage and then making them invulnerable for a period of time after the CC wears off. At this point, your sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png is going to be used for disengage. 

223.png He can tahmkenchw.png the carry you are trying to focus. You'll probably still get the stun off on him, but I don't recommend trying to sejuanir.png a carry near him, let alone any type of sejuaniq.png or 4.png + sejuanir.png combo. 

Hard Counters

201.png Using his braume.png can block your sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png. If he uses it early or doesn't have fast reactions, a sejuaniq.png or 4.png can have a chance at landing it. 

41.png His gangplankw.png will make ganking/killing him a bit tricky. During ganks, be patient and try to get him to burn it on something other than sejuanie.png since you won't get the damage unless you damage him during the stun.  

25.png Probably in our top 3 biggest counters. I feel like I'm playing 72.png again. Our AoE stun ult turned into a single target, which fits perfect for her  blackshield.png . Its not as bad as 201.png since he negates the whole thing, but she can also negate sejuanie.png, which makes ganking her or an ally very hard.

15.png Did I say something about Janna negating your bot lane effectiveness? Here's one that might do that job even better, her sivire.png40.png is bad, but you could still manage to get a double kill or kill her if she goofs up. 15.png on the other hand is the one you want to kill, but is near impossible if she plays well. You have to either burn it with your sejuaniarcticassault.png, or fake her out and delay usingsejuanie.png to pop it, then sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png. Its very discouraging to gank bottom when she's playing well and often time I focus a solo lane instead. 

48.png He's not too big of an issue because he'll often be split pushing, but if he 12.png in or is able to use trundlepain.png while you still have sejuanipassive.png before a fight or while you are ganking, he'll be tankier than you since trundlepain.png lasts longer than your sejuanipassive.png

498.png I haven't had this matchup too often, but be aware that a good one will be waiting to use xayahr.png to dodge your ult. I suggest trying to sejuaniq.png her if possible in hopes that she uses it then, if not, it'll become a mind game between the two of you on when to use your ults. 

157.png Was our biggest counter, but still, his  yasuowmovingwall.png will completely negate our sejuanie.png or sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png. Early game it's not so bad, as it's small and you could get around it. The mid/late game, however, the wall is almost the size of their entire frontline, which makes your engage very, very tough. Most 157.png players in higher elos have fast reactions/mechanics, and seeing a huge bola flying into your team at medium speed is rarely going to work. You have to 4.png+sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png, or make him burn it some way. 

3102.png This of course isn't a champion, but I felt the need to add it. Not too often will people buy it to counter your sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png specifically, but just keep in mind if their front-line has it and their team positions well, it almost entirely neutralizes your sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png. You can't hit the back-line because they're too far/well positioned, and you can't engage on the front-line either since it won't work. Let your teammates try to pop the bubble and engage within that time window.

3140.png+3139.png Once again, not a champion but these items can be used to escape your sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png. Although most ADCs won't buy this specifically for you, it is good to check to see if they have it. Sometimes I can get a good sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png onto their back-line, but I decide not to because I see they have one of the two items. If they do have one, you'll have to switch targets or communicate to your team that you can let them 3140.png your sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png and they can follow up with their CC or vice versa.


The biggest take away from this Counters tab is to be very careful when picking Sej early into the draft, as either a 25.png and/or 157.png can be devastating. These two have skills that can absolutely neutralize your kit and will make the game extremely difficult if you are the only source of engage. 

General Pathing/Jungle Knowledge Back to Top

General Pathing

When starting on a buff, we take sejuanie.png first. Although we prefer to start where our bot is for the stronger leash, sometimes we have to consider that our opposite buff may get stolen if we're against someone like 427.png or 35.png. If you're still paranoid, ward the other buff. 

Note: Don't use 11.png on your first buff/level 1 because it heals a flat amount + % based on max hp.
Currently, I do not have videos of clears, so bear with verbal descriptions. 

Blue Start 

If you're top side of the map and start with your bot lane leashing, I like to go Blue-Gromp-Bottom Rift Scuttle-and either wolves or red. If I find my opponent at bot scuttle, odds are we cannot win and I run to the top river. The objective is to get a scuttle and both buffs secured quickly. 

Red Start

If you're bot side of the map, start with your bot lane leashing. Typically, since we have red buff, we aren't bullied as easily (assuming they started blue). my path is Red-Top Rift Scuttle-Blue-Gromp-Wolves. The objective is the same. 

Farming & Ganking Efficiency

Most often people think jungling is just farming and ganking; it's not. It has numerous duties that must be fulfilled. Though those aren't the only two, when they are synergized properly it can quickly propel you to be beyond the enemy. A jungler's biggest job is to be efficient and learning to not waste time is crucial to climbing. 

I get a decent leash from 17.png and 412.png. When clearing the Wraiths, do the smaller ones first. I wanted to kill Scuttle to get extra sustain, gold, and vision and since we don't fear 72.png, its safe to face check. However, I see that 13.png is over extended and decided to gank. It doesn't go as planned since 72.png shows up, but since he's easier to kill we focus him. We get the kill and run from 13.png. Keeping your options open when farming and planning a few steps ahead is a critical but underused skill. I got my level four and went into river. Getting Scuttle is something to do that occupies my time and still benefits me/my team. Also, if something happens between the lanes, I can leave Scuttle and help the situation quickly. 

This is literally a continuation of where we left off in the video above. I recalled after the gank on 13.png and went straight to Krugs since I knew that Gromp wouldn't be up for another minute since that's where we finished our last clear. I do Krugs->Wraiths->Wolves->Gromp->Scuttle. When doing Scuttle, I took 72.png skarnerpassive.png. This gave a signal on their mini map but 92.png still extended herself because of the ult advantage with her rivenfengshuiengine.png while 157.png is only level 5. I knew I would get sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png off a minion dying but 157.png gets yasuorknockupcombow.png as well. 92.png bites on an obvious bait so we follow and end up killing her. 

This particular example is almost the most efficient pathing that could've been humanly possible. We did 5/6 camps and ganked that netted a kill on 72.png. We recalled and rushed straight to Krugs. Did a full clear, killing Scuttle and then got level six while ganking 92.png and used it right away, only sitting on it for a few seconds. 

Jungle Knowledge 

Neutral Monsters/Camps

Going to give a brief summary of what each monster looks like and what they grant you when you kill them. These camps give experience based on your level to the overall level of the jungle, though I'm going to state the experience gained at level one/first clear as its less likely to have a big variation that early. 

Red buff.jpg
Red buff: Named Red Brambleback. It has negative armour, which makes it weak to AD based junglers. Slaying it gives you red buff which provides a slow on each auto attack, applies a DoT that deals true damage as well as health regen when out of combat. Because of this, buffs are harder to kill than regular camps. It provides 100g + 115-180exp when slain. Because of the offensive traits of this buff, focus on ganking when you have this buff.

Blue buff.jpg
Blue buff: Named Blue Sentinel. It has negative MR, which makes it weak to AP based junglers. Slaying it gives you blue buff, which provides increased mana/energy regen, and 10% CDR. It provides 100g + 115-180exp when slain. Because of its secondary source regen, focus on farming when you have the buff.

Gromp: Named Lord Grompulus Kevin Ribbiton of His fighting style is weird since he starts off with a 100% attack speed buff that decays as the fight progresses. He gives 86g + 115-190exp. 


Wolves: Named Greater Murk Wolf, with two Murk Wolves. The Greater Murk Wolf camp grants 68g + 65-107exp while the Mruk wolves grant 16g + 25-41.5exp. When doing this camp try to circle around the wolves, constantly causing one to be chasing you rather than always attacking you, it'll save a few AAs worth of damage. 

Raptors: Named Crimson Raptor with five Raptors, though commonly called Wraiths by veterans of the game. The Crimson Raptor provides 62g + 20-33exp, while the Raptors provide 9g + 19-31.4exp. When counter jungling, taking all five Raptors will be 175exp, though only 45g. Despite it being less gold, the huge loss of experience will usually set your opponent back a bit if you can consistently take these. Like Wolves, try kiting them around when you're clearing. Typically one or two have to be constantly running around to catch up rather than AAing. 

Krugs: The biggest one is called Ancient Krug, the medium sized ones called Krug and the smallest ones called Mini Krug. Veterans of the game may call these Golems. Like the wolves/wraiths, kite these around. Its very easy to focus on one of these, preferably Ancient Krug, and walking around it, while the Krug runs around trying to attack you. When you kill an Ancient Krug, it splits into two Krugs. When you kill a Krug, it splits into two Mini Krugs. Mini Krugs die in one AA, or very quickly by AoE spells. Ancient Krug gives 81g + 100-165exp. Krug gives 10g + 35-58exp. Mini Krugs give 10g + 7-12exp. 

Rift Scuttler: Is female and commonly called Scuttle or bug. When she receives any damage, even from 3751.png, she gains +100 MS and flees from the source. When she receives any type of CC, it lasts twice as long as normal and she takes double damage. When killed, she gives a small amount of health, 70-140g + 115-230exp, but more importantly runs into the center of the river, in front of baron or dragon, and provides vision/MS buff. This MS buff is obtained by walking over it, which can make escapes into the river useful if you have Scuttle killed, and dangerous if they do. This vision/buff lasts 75s.  

Buffs, Wraiths and Wolves spawn at 1:40
Gromp/Krugs spawn at 1:52 
Rift Scuttler spawns at 2:25

What ones can you 11.png? Any large neutral monster. This includes: Red Brambleback, Blue Sentinel, Gromp, Greater Murk Wolf, Crimson Raptor, Ancient Krug, Krug, and Rift Scuttler. Smiting these monsters also grants a heal, which can be useful when fighting someone (11.png a monster for health if you don't have blue/red enchantment or prioritize extra health) or keeping your health up during clears. It heals based on a flat amount + a % of your max hp, which is why it's best to smite after level one. 

Living Jungle

Is what Riot calls the three plants that spawn at certain locations on SR. They will grow into a seedling 30s prior to becoming a plant. You will only have mini-map icons for plants you have vision of, so your minimap will not update their icons while it's in the fog of war. (Unfortunately, these plants' respawns/positions are extremely confusing and is unnecessary information at most elos)
  • Blast Cone: A plant that gets triggered by an AA and will blow up from its center, pushing you directly back and over any walls. It respawns every 4-6 minutes.
                                               Blast Cone - LoL.jpg

  • Honey fruit: A plant that gets triggered by an AA and will burst into six pieces of fruit. Walking over these fruits heal you and your secondary resource (mana, energy, fury etc.) but slow you. These respawn only in the river, first between 6:00-6:30 and then every 4.5-6.5 minutes after. No more than two plants on each side of river, top/bot side, can be active at the same time. The Rift Scuttle will eat any leftover fruit!
Honeyfruit - LoL.jpg
  • Scryer's Bloom: A plant that is triggered by an AA and will scatter pollen to reveal enemies and wards. They respawn every 4-6 minutes. (Note: You can look at the minimap to see which direction the pollen will spray, based on your position to the plant). Be wary of hitting these plants when you want to gank, as a gust of wind appears on everyone's minimap when they're struck by anyone.
Scryer's Bloom - LoL.jpg

Here are the locations of all the plants' spawns. Blast Cones are red, Honeyfruits are green, and Scryer's Blooms are blue. (Any circle with an 'L' in it stands for late game spawn points, and any circle with an 'S' in it stands for starting spawn points)

Plant Spawns - Lol.jpg

Ganking Back to Top

How to Gank

This section is going how to set up a gank as Sej specifically, not including the avenues of ganking. 

When a gank opportunity pops up, in most cases, the laner(s) will not be near or under their turret. Try to start the gank from behind, in between them and their turret. Use sejuaniw.png to get stacks, and when you reach four, use sejuanie.png. Now, the opponent is stunned but when you use an AA/ability, it will break. It's important for you to re-position if you have to. Save your sejuaniq.png for their escape or 4.png. If you use it to engage, they can still have a way to run away without you catching them. Since you're supposed to be coming from behind them, there shouldn't be a need to use it as an engaging tool anyways.

34.png is shoving her wave into 126.png and there's a chance she may go in for some poke or feel safe enough to push. I creep around the outside wall so that when I arrive into her lane, I am directly between her and her turret. 126.pngleaps in and since he's melee he starts adding stacks. I land both of my sejuaniw.png and pop sejuanie.png34.png uses 6.png but realizes she has to 4.png. This is where saving your Q is important. I follow her escape with my sejuaniq.png, get the knock up and finish her in while she's in egg. If I used sejuaniq.png onto her, she could of 4.png over me to escape. 

Other types of ganks can be lane ganking, especially if you have sejuanir.png. Ideally, since sejuanir.png consumes sejuanie.png always try to use sejuanie.png then sejuanir.png just before it expires so you have 2-4s stun. However, we can't always do this and sometimes its best to just sejuanir.png if you feel they may escape before you could get sejuanie.png off. 

6.png is way over extended and takes strong poke from 69.png and doesn't back off quick enough. I go in to gank rather than farm Krugs. I should have used my 1409.png to ward the push for a free AA, but due to my inactivity I wasn't quick enough and actually started with sejuaniw.png instead of landing an AA first. After he 4.png over cassiopeiaw.png, I follow with sejuaniq.png. I wait and see if cassiopeiae.png kills him, if not then I would've used sejuanie.png. The point is to show another example of how saving your gap closer for their escape nets kills. Had I warded the bush and started with sejuaniq.png, it's unlikely we would have killed him and only burned his 4.png, instead of both. 

Counter Ganking 

This is a type of gank where you counter the opponents gank. This requires knowledge of the enemy jungler's path and more advanced thinking. For example, getting deep wards in the jungle can show you where they are. With this information, you can try to predict where they are likely to go (just think "If I were them, what would I do?). Ex.  you see the opponent is at a camp near a lane that is over extended; odds are, that jungler is going to gank that extended lane shortly. If you think you can effectively counter it, you can go and wait. However, without vision, it's much trickier as everything now is based on guessing, but I found an example of it: 

55.png and 105.png trade and I see 105.png gets the worst of it. He has a jungle 28.png which is hard to track, especially less then six minutes into the game. Despite him being low on hp he stays near the minions which gives me a red flag. Why would a weak mid laner that's being pushed to their tower stay at the minions when they aren't weak enough to last hit? Maybe he's a bad player, but I'll invest several seconds just in case (also, this is another reason why you watch your laners while jungling. I never originally played on ganking mid, I was just strolling by). 105.pnggets a level up but continues to try to shove the lane out, possibly to reduce the wave for when he engages. I sit just outside of his range of vision, but in the correct spot that if 28.png does walk by I'll spot her. I see her and use sejuaniw.png, but have to use sejuaniq.png early to re-position or else I'll miss the second swing. The fight ensues and 55.png comes out with a double kill. I shove the lane to deny the experience, hit the tower a few times and go to wraiths. 

This time my ward enables me to make this happen. I see 5.png is top and there's no jungle for him to take. Top lane can't be ganked but mid can be. I opt out of going to for farm and instead wait to see if he'll go mid. He does, and my warding + judgement pays off. 

How to Win + Early, Mid &amp; Late Game Back to Top

How to Win

As with any champ, you want to identify the win conditions of them and how to get there. This means, finding out what your champ is good at and how to make more opportunities for them. 

Sej's strong points are:
  1. Fights that are at least 2v2
  2. Has a strong level six
  3. Has strong team fighting
  4. Has strong objective control
  5. Good ganking potential 
So you want to be: ganking early and often, and farming and kitting camps with sejuaniw.png. With Sej's new sejuanie.png, we can gank solo lanes really well. We have a knock up, stun and do damage based off their max hp. Before, our sejuanir.pngphenomenal for ganking bot, now it's just good. Since it's now single target focused and has a lower cooldown, try to use it on the solo lanes too. When drags are up, be bot side more. Look for plays that can secure the neutral objective and ward or sweep around with your 1409.png+3364.png and 2055.png

You could take it one step further and find what's bad about her, and avoid those things: 
  1. She's a poor-mediocre duelist
  2. Low defensive stats early (When sejuanipassive.png is down)
  3. You'll be invaded often
Since the midseason update, we can jungle better, walk around healthier and can deflect initial damage against an invader when sejuanipassive.png is up, but other dueling junglers like 60.png,121.png, and5.png can still cause us trouble. Avoid fighting 1v1 against one of these types of champs and if you're worried about a counter gank, drop a ward in the river behind you when engaging. 

Early Game (1-7)

You already know the jungle routes, so I'll move onto the macro play. Look at lanes that have high damage. A top lane match up of your 54.png versus 39.png will be difficulty, as she could ireliagatotsu.png away or use ireliaequilibriumstrike.png. Her ireliapassive.png also helps with the CC you guys bring. If she's extended/weak it could work, but there's not much damage. Its typically not worth your time to gank a hard lane to feed a tank. Since we have great CC and good damage, look for a lane that provides great damage, like 69.png119.png114.png,  etc. 

Mid Game (8-13)

This is when Sej starts becoming exciting. A lot of grouping should be taking place. Keep vision on objectives like dragon/baron or buffs when they're coming up and group around them. Sej's strength is fighting grouped targets and her weakness is repeatedly finding individual targets alone. Always be with your team unless you're incredibly fed. When a team fight breaks out, you have to be debating what you should do: 

  1. Which target is the highest priority? 
  2. Can you sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png them or is their positioning too good? 
  3. If you sejuaniarcticassault.png or 4.png could your team follow up? 
  4. Should you be diving or peeling? 
To determine who the highest priority is, look at their items. This will tell you how much damage they can provide and see if your carry matches up. You also have to take into account champion specific abilities that have effects, such as 67.png vaynesilveredbolts.png. It may sound weird to be debating diving versus peeling as Sej, but if my 62.png is 5/1, with a 0/4 81.png, I'm going to be diving their 3/1 119.png with 62.png. I'll offer damage, a source to soak up their damage/CC rather than it being just 62.png and Sej's CC allows your divers to stick to their carries easier.  

Late Game (14-18)

At this point, you'll be full build and should be able to survive through most team fights. Your focus should be on peeling your carries (unless they have a weaker late game due to their kits). Keep vision around you, group often (1-4 or 1-3-1 splits can work too, depending on the comp) and focus on finding routes to sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png their carries. 

Small Skirmishes &amp; Team Fighting Back to Top


The video above doesn't showcase much, it's just a demonstration on how you can use you sejuanir.png to secure a kill rather than as an engage. 126.png starts aggressively fighting 34.png and even dives her while in egg. 60.png and 122.png come to back her up and 126.pnguses 4.png. I sejuaniq.png 60.png, rather than sejuanir.png because I know it can be used for later, to knock her back and the rest of my team follows up. 114.png flanks and kills 60.png, so we turn onto 122.png. 34.png sits way too close so I use sejuanir.png and sejuaniw.png to finish her. I turn around and use my sejuanie.png on 122.png and we push to end the game.

Just illustrating the benefits of saving your ult when necessary, but more importantly, the role of a tank in a fight. 

*More videos coming soon!*

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So after doing some other reviews for some real-life friends, whether through discord, skype or simply uploading them to YouTube, I got feedback saying it was very helpful. So I thought why not put it on a guide where I'm trying to help people? In the future, I may do live commentaries, but it's hard to break things down and narrate while I'm team fighting for example. 

This is my first one, and it's long (unfortunately). Try watching it while you're eating or something if you don't have the time, or do it in chunks. I think its pretty informative, but it's hard to make a short video (<20min) without sacrificing the information or unless I do a lot of editing. The problem there is I don't know how nor do I have much time. For now, I hope this will do! 

This one is a normal. Once again, it's long and I apologize but I think there's some really good information in there. Mainly testing patch 7.21 changes and luckily enough I got the three champs that experienced significant change as well: 245.png3.png, and 6.png. Enjoy! 

This one is for Preseason 8. Focuses primarily on the role of a tank with shot-calling and engaging rather than Sej micro play. I tried to make this quick so I wasn't as in-depth, its <40min, but I'm not sure how much I'm liking that style. Also, excuse the drained voice as I did this literally right before I slept which I will try not to do again! 

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When an update happens, people would have to search through my guide to find each thing that was affected by the update to see what I think. This sounds inconvenient so I figured I'd add a very small section where you can just come here and see my thoughts on what happened in the most recent patch.

Nothing really happened. Some junglers got buffed but, overall the changes to champions or items do not affect us this patch. 


- Early game drags on longer due to less experienc
- Scuttle becomes more precious early, but since we're a weaker dueler we do not like this. 

Overall - Disadvantageous for Sej

- Lee/Kindred got buffed, Graves/Kha'Zix got nerfed. Fleet got nerfed, Nimbus Cloak replace Ultimate Hat. 

Overall - Some matchups got better, some got worse. Fleet we don't use anyway, nor Sorc tree. Nothing changed.

- Elise, Kindred, and Lee got buffed. Tali got nerfed, Sej receives AP ratios, Celerity got nerfed. 

Overall - More matchups got buffed than nerfed, we receives AP ratios, though I almost never build anything AP (but at least the champion is diversified a bit more for those who want to go AP based builds), and Celerity got nerfed hard. Considering this was one of the reasons we'd ever think of taking Sorc secondary, I think this tree is official dead for us now. 

- Kindred?, Grag, and J4 get buffed. Cam, Mundo, Nunu, and Yi get nerfed.

Overall - Better patch for us since Mundo, Nunu and Yi are a pain. 

-  Elise, Rek'Sai, and Vi get buffed. Mundo and Sej get nerfed. Lane minions grant less gold to junglers if you have the most gold in the game. Ghost Poro and Zombie get changed. 

Overall - Poro is a viable rune option now. More of our matchups got worse, while Sej's ult lost 1/4th of its stun. Also, if we're snowballing, we're now limited by getting more gold through holding lanes. Not a good patch for us!

- Olaf got buffed, Kindred got nerfed, Lee got nerfed early but a bit stronger later. Lane minions grant less gold when you have highest CS instead of highest gold.

Overall - Not that big of a patch. The change to prevent gold funnelling is nicer since its highest CS and not highest gold, which is less likely than the later so its less of a chance that this change affects us. 

The differences for Sej in the past 6 patches:

Current meta? I think ADCs are slightly returning but melees are still common, nice for our E.

Contesting Scuttles isn't very easy, so its a bit tricky to play tanks. Pathing is altered but I don't think it's too bad. 

No real mechanical change (only her E, which isnt bad) and no item changes. Ult got shortened

Current Status: Likely weaker than before. E sounds stronger, but R is weaker and the meta doesn't seem to favour her lack of power early. I'm sure pathing is wonky early and she can be bullied, but as a tank with loads of CC, she'll always have potential to carry with engages and will be good in a team environment. 

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Since the guide is about how to play her, I figured I might as well add a section about the character herself. 


"Sejuani was weaned on hardship and reared on barbarity. Where others succumbed to the harshness of the Freljord, she was tempered by it until pain became power, hunger an encouragement, and frost an ally in culling the weak. Through her ordeals, she learned that to thrive in the endless winter, one must become just as cold and unforgiving. In Sej's eyes, her followers either have the mettle to endure or the right to die. Once she has conquered the Freljord, she knows that hose who survive will form a nation to be feared.

As a child, the leader of the Winter's Claw watched her tribe's numbers slowly dwindle. Cold and starvation took all but the most resilient. She was the only one of her siblings to survive to her tenth year, leaving Sej sure that she too would die in misery. In desperation, she sought spiritual counsel from her tribe's mystic. But the seer did not foretell Sej's death. Instead, she prophesied that Sej would one day conquer and unite the divided tribes of the Freljord.  

Armoured with absolute faith in her destiny, Sej pushed herself to extremes that would have killed anyone without her will to endure. She walked into blizzards without food or furs and trained while frigid winds raked her flesh. She clashed with the strongest warriors of her tribe, one after another, until her legs gave out beneath her. When she assumed leadership of her tribe, Sej commanded her warriors to follow her example. Under her rule, the tribe grew stronger than they have ever been. 

In the end, it was an offer of peace, rather than an act of war, that began Sej's campaign of conquest. On the first day of winter, envoys from Ashe's tribe approached Sej's camp bearing a gift of Avarosan grain. Ashe's intent was clear: if Sej united with her tribe, the Winter's Claw would never go hungry again. To Sej, the gift was an insult. In Ashe's tribe, she saw men and women, slight and soft, who preferred to farm instead of fight. Her contempt for them as absolute. 

Sej gathered her people and set the grain alight. She proclaimed that Ashe's  offer of charity would bring only weakness. Stripping the envoys of their supplies, Sej sent them back with a message: the Winter's Claw would prove to the Avarosan that only the strong deserve to survive in the Freljord. As the grain burned behind them, Sej rode out with her war band to inflict the first of many painful lessons to come."

Pretty heavy stuff. She's basically a cut throat woman who wants nothing but a clan full of elite warriors ruling the north. Her main rivals are 22.png and 127.png22.png wants peace among the north, while 127.png is a witch that just wants to corrupt the north with dark magic. There's a pile of people related to this war. This either directly or indirectly relates to 34.png201.png63.png,20.png,2.png23.png48.png77.png, and 106.png but they could easily pull several others into the mix, though this list would get out of hand pretty quickly.  

Essentially, 22.png127.png, and 113.png all want to be queens of the north, but they disagree with each other and despise one other for it. 

22.png Clan, Avarosan, 113.png clan, Winter's Claw, and 127.png clan, Frostguard, are presented by these icons respectfully:


Back in April, 2013 (a third into S3) there was an event to get these icons. All icons were available, and if you won 10 games on SR (normal or ranked) you permanently unlocked the icon. However, if you swapped the icon before you won 10 consecutive games, your counter resets. This means you could only ever have one icon. Here is a graph showing what each region took with the icon on the top right of the graph showing the most popular clan:

The picture is too big and shrinking it makes it hard to read 

The only region 113.png won was BR, with KR being our lowest. At the time, I swear 22.png had a 70% pick ratio in NA because that was all I saw and I'm surprised 127.png is so popular throughout the world. 

There's also a great, really short video Riot made summarizing each clan's beliefs, motives etc. It might have been better for me to just put this video here instead but I already wrote everything out by the time I found it so, here you go:

Another post for those interested, a link to the official website that allows you to explore all of their lores. 


Now, this guy is a particular case that fits on a personal level with 113.png. His backstory is similar to those of the real Vikings, where they fight all day and seek glory and everlasting life through battle. 2.png wants to be remembered as a powerful warrior and die in battle to get admittance into heaven. He puts himself into dangerous scenarios but always lives, despite wanting to die. To find strong challenges, he fights Winter's Claw by himself. After slaying numerous troops, 113.png herself dueled him. The combat drew to a standstill but 113.png promised him that if he joined her clan, she would personally find him the glorious death he's been longing for. Accepting this 2.pngbelieves he will be remembered as the fiercest warrior in the strongest clan and still get his perfect death carving his legacy into the Freljord itself. 

Battle for Freljord

Is that something occurs between 22.png127.png and 113.png. It can only happen when there's only one 'queen' on each team and they must have been involved in a total of 20 kills (includes kills/assists). 

When this happens, a secondary quest pops up and whoever is involved in killing the other queen, whether actually killing them or assisting, gets a buff (that does nothing) and has a crown over her head for the rest of the game (persist through death). Only one quest can be completed per game and its a pretty rare occurrence since it requires each team to have one queen, and then with 20 kills involved, and usually happens by 40+min, again, not many games go that long.  Its very similar to 121.png versus 107.png in their 'The Hunt is On!', though their buffs actually do something (121.png gets a fourth evolution point and 107.png gets a sixth stack of his bone-tooth necklace).

Here's a picture of what the crown looks like if you win. Also, notice our icon becomes the buff with the text:
"Weakness has be purged from the Freljord. No one challenges Sejauni's rule." I did kill Ashe for this, text may be specific to whichever queen you killed.

 Sejuani Crown 2 (2) 3.png

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Future Plans

*In no particular order

Add more videos to Small Skirmishes & Team Fighting tab

Guide Stats

     Summoner Spells – 129 words

     New Runes – 5,787 words

     Abilities – 1,631 words

     Items – 3,247 words

     Match ups – 2,608 words

     Pros & Cons – 162 words

     Laners/Synergies – 3,316 words

     Counters – 912 words

     General Pathing/Jungle Knowledge – 1,488 words, 11 photos, 3 videos

     Ganking – 1,035 words, 3 videos

     How to Win + Early, Mid & Late Game – 641 words

     Small Skirmishes and Team fights – 121 words, 1 video

     Commentaries – 256 words, 3 videos

     Current Patch Thoughts - Decided not to include this. It can be a good chunk but it changes often

     About Sejuani - Though I write a bit in here as well, most of it is copy/paste due to their Lore

     About the Author – 330 words

     Edit Log - Though a lot is written in there, it's like posts for records of my edits

Total: 21,333 words, 11 photos, 10 videos *As of Dec 2/2017

About the Author Back to Top

Hi everyone. My name is Simphoria and I've been a jungle main since mid season 2. The highest ranked I've achieved was pre season 8 at Diamond III, 66lp, and previously was in S3, Diamond III 38lp. Sejuani is one of my favourite junglers since she excels when the player has strong decision making and macro knowledge.

Other notes for people interested:
  1. I made my account in S1 but only played a few bot games. I started consistently playing in between the release of 106.png and 103.png, December 2012. 
  2. I've mained Shyvana/Sejuani jungle since S2
  3. I climbed from Silver IV 0lp - Diamond III 38lp in S3, almost exclusively through solo Qing
  4. I have weak mechanical skill for my elo, so I don't play junglers like 64.png76.png, or 104.png
  5. Was relatively inactive for most of S4 (April-Oct.), S5 (April-Sept.), and S6 (May-Sept.)
  6. I am familiar with junglers like: 31.png60.png59.png57.png, and 111.png, but main: 427.png,113.png, and 102.png.
  7. On January 8th, 11th and 13th, 2017 I was #10 for best Sejuani player on the NA server
Personal notes:
  1. Born in Toronto in '93 (24yrs old)
  2. Still live in the area ("I'm still here dog")
  3. Other passion is boxing, which I train regularly and also coach
  4. Enjoy physical activities when the weather is nice (any sport, running, swimming etc) which probably explains my inactivity for spring/summer
Guide Notes: 
  1. Initially worked on it from Dec. 16th - 26th 2016 with new additions occurring after. So far this has totaled up to ~265hrs.
  2. The guide is approximately 18,290 words, 10 videos, and 13 pictures 

Whether you read/watched everything or just skimmed through it, I hope you learned something and I want to say


Thank You!

For taking your time in reading my work. 

Good Luck on SR! 

*100K Views on May 21/2017
*Top Sej Guide on July 16/2017
*200K Views on July 18/2017
*500K Views on Dec 02/2017

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August 08/2018 - Modified exp given for camps in the General Pathing/Jungle Knowledge tab
                        - Temporary update to pathing in the General Pathing/Jungle Knowledge tab
                        - Updated for p. 8.10
                        - Swapped Ultimate Hat for Nimbus Cloak in New Runes tab 
                        - Updated for p. 8.11
                        - Updated 8234.png?width=32 in the New Runes tab
                        - Updated for p. 8.12
                        - Updated for p. 8.13
                        - Changed 8136.png?width=32 & 8120.png?width=32 in the New Runes tab 
                        - Updated for p. 8.14
                        - Updated Sej's ratios and sejuanir.png time in the Abilities tab
                        - Updated the Current Patch Thoughts tab
                        - Updated for p. 8.15
                        * 3 months is the longest I've gone without an update. Sorry for the inactivity! 

May 02/2018 - Modified Summoner%20Specialist.png?width=32 in New Runes tab, updated the Current Patch Thoughts tab

Apr. 28/2018 - Just modified changed Triumph.png?width=32 to Presence%20of%20Mind.png?width=32 in my secondary rune option in the New Runes tab

Apr. 19/2018 - Updated ability max order in the Abilities tab 

Apr. 18/2018 - Updated for patch 8.8
                   - Updated my opinion on Presence%20of%20Mind.png?width=32 in the New Runes tab
                   - Updated Current Patch Thoughts tab for p. 8.8

Apr. 09/2018 - Just slightly modified starting items in the Items Tab

Apr. 06/2018 - Added Blue-Wolves-Red pathing to the General Pathing/Jungle Knowledge tab
                   - Swapped secondary rune choice from Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=32 to Legend%20Tenacity.png?width=32. Both are good options (testing Presence%20of%20Mind.png?width=32)

Apr. 04/2018 - Patch 8.7 day
                  - Updated sejuanie.png scaling in the Abilities tab
                  - Updated New Runes tab with resolve split changes 
                  - Updated 3190.png and finally 3194.png in the Items tab
                  - Updated Current Patch Thoughts tab 

Mar. 30/2018 - Updated New Runes tab
                    - Updated 3001.png
                    - Updated Current Patch Thoughts tab

Mar. 11/2018 - Tested Resolve-Inspiration/-Domination, updated New Runes tab
                    - Updated opinion on Bone%20Plating.png?width=32

Mar. 09/2018 - Still updating little bits in the New Runes tab

Mar. 08/2018 - Did 5 games for each keystone, Glacial%20Augment.png?width=32Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=32, and Aftershock.png?width=32. Updating New Runes tab 

Mar. 07/2018 - Updated a lot of the summaries in the New Runes tab
                    - Updated the 1041.png 1039.png in the Items tab
                    - Updated 121.png107.png, and 106.png in the Matchups tab 
                    - Updated the Current Patch Thoughts tab
                    - Removed the Questions tab and added the link to the Summoner Spells tab
                    - Moved the donation option from About The Author to the Summoner Spells tab. Time/money is tight
                    - Deleted some text in General Pathing/Jungle Knowledge tab, will upload a Blue-Wolves-Red path 
Feb. 27/2018 - Slight clean up in New Runes tab. Testing Time%20Warp%20Tonic.png?width=32

Feb. 23/2018 - Grammar/spelling edits

Feb. 22/2018 - Patch 8.4. Updated 3151.png in the Items tab
                      - Removed 3711.png and updated 3715.png in the Items tab
                      - Updated the New Runes tab. Riot keeps changing this and I have to keep editing so much of it -.-
                      - Updated Current Patch Thoughts tab

Feb. 11/2018 - Updated the CD of sejuaniq.png in the Abilities tab 

Feb. 10/2018 - Wesbite updated and allowed me to modify the runes

Feb. 9/2018 - Gave my opinion on Sej for patch 8.3. Haven't tested anything but I think my views are accurate. 

Feb. 2/2018 - Minor formatting edits in the New Runes tab

Feb. 1/2018 - Added more information on the Reasoning for Rune Choices in the New Runes tab

Jan. 28/2018 - More updates to the New Runes tab. Still have to test Summoner%20Specialist.png?width=32
                    - Made the full rune path choice the starting explanation for it to be easier to read

Jan. 26/2018 - Finally finished most of the writing and reformatting in the New Runes tab. Summoner%20Specialist.png?width=32 is left!

Jan. 24/2018 - 8.2 Patch day. Partially updated New Runes tab and Current Patch Thoughts tab, will do more later!

Jan. 22/2018 - Slight edit in Questions? tab

Jan. 21/2018 - Added the Questions? tab
                    - Added a video in the Summoner Spells tab

Jan. 11/2018 - Updated the New Runes tab for the secondary effects of resolve tree split in 8.1

Jan. 10/2018 - Added a video by Novo Amor to the General Pathing/Jungle Knowledge tab
                    - 1041.png start is superior to 1039.png
                    - Updated the Current Thoughts Patch tab, testing will need to be doing on the resolve tree split

Jan. 06/2018 - Added some videos to the Summoner Spells tab 
                    - Minor edits 
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Jan. 03/2018 - Just format editing 

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Jan. 01/2018 - Nothing major just spelling/grammar edits. Happy New Year!

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Dec. 11/2017 - Updated for patch 7.24

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Nov. 25/2017 - Updated Celestial%20Body.png?width=32 and Cosmic%20Insight.png?width=32 in the New Runes Tab

Nov.23/2017 - Changed the Commentaries tab to Reviews tab to more accurately reflect what it is
                   - Current Patch Thoughts tab got updated

Nov.22/2017 - Minor edits on New Runes tab
                   - Added About The Guide tab. Hopefully, somebody is a bit interested in those topics covered

Nov. 21/2017 - Finally cleared up the Precision path in the New Runes tab
                    - Edited my opinion on the Sorcery path and redid the entire summary of each path and conclusion
                    - Trimmed the Side Notes section and added a Theorycrafting section in New Runes tab
                    - Added multiple rune pages
                    - Added a ~1200 word section on why we shouldn't take Sorcery path
                    - Modified some other sections in the New Runes tab to update it with my evidence 
                    - Patch day! But nothing notable this patch.

Nov. 19/2017  - Cleaned up a bit of the Sorcery tree in the New Runes tab
                     - Provided some statistics for Magical%20Footwear.png?width=32 in the New Runes tab

Nov. 18/2017 - Finished testing Precision. Updated the New Runes tab with my opinion
                     - Added comments to the summary in the New Runes tab 
                     - Added a section within New Runes tab called Side Notes, commenting on specific high elo paths

Nov. 15/2017 - Withdrew my initial opinion on Precision. It requires more testing

Nov. 14/2017 - Erased and modified outdated content in the Ganking tab
                     - Made a few updates to the Abilities tab on personal views since midseason
                     - Added a few reasons in Pros & Cons tab 

Nov. 13/2017 - Added the third video in the Commentaries tab
                     - Updated New Runes tab. Making it look clean/easy to read and added more info to Resolve.
                     - Wrote/formatted 3,152 words in the New Runes tab illustrating my beliefs on the Secondary Trees
                     - Added 99.png to the Laners/Synergies tab
                     - Removed outdated content in the General Pathing/Jungle Knowledge tab

Nov. 12/2017 - Updated New Runes tab for Conditioning>Iron Skin 

Nov. 11/2017 - Did testing (six normals) on the Resolve Runes for my theories. Thus, I modified the New Runes tab

Nov. 10/2017 - Some grammatical corrections in New Runes tab

Nov. 09/2017 - Finished updating the runes. Everything posted is theory but I went in-depth in their explanations 
                     - Added notes to Current Patch Thoughts (7.22) tab

Nov. 08/2017 - Patch 7.22 (preseason 8) day! 
                     - I cannot test any of the new changes atm. Everything is tentative and is based on theory only! 

Oct. 28/2017 - Added a second video in the Commentary tab
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Oct. 12/2017 - Updated guide for 7.20. 28.png should still be fine, nothing really happened this patch.

Oct. 09/2017 - Added a Commentary tab and uploaded the first one. We'll see how this goes. 

Oct. 1/2017 - Just updated some mastery icons in the Mastery tab and slightly changed the About The Author tab

Sept. 17/2017 - Updated 141.png in the Matchups tab 
                      - Updated 3109.png and slightly added to 3193.png. Cinderhulk is still necessary. 

Sept. 2/2017 - Had to correct a point in the talent tree

Aug. 31/2017 - Just modified the first point in the talent tree for 6211.png

Aug. 26/2017 - Updated for Patch 7.17
                     - Added icons in the Masteries tab
                     - Modified 1413.png3075.png3109.png1039.png and added 1041.png3383.png and 3504.png in the Items tab
                     - Modified a few champions in the Matchup Tab
                     - Slight edit in the Pros & Cons tab

Aug. 12/2017 - Updated for Patch 7.16. Not much changed, Cinderhulk increased by 75g but we need it anyway.
                     - Grammaticalled corrected the entire guide 

July 28/2017 - Grammatical, spelling, sentence structure, and formatting errors. 

July 27/2017 - Updated 3194.png and 3109.png for patch 7.15

July 22/2017 - Added two videos to the Ganking tab and one video to Small Skirmishes & Team Fighting tab
                    - Updated 28.png and added 48.png to the Matchup tab
                    - Added two videos to the General Pathing/Jungle Knowledge tab
                    - Fixed a spelling error
                    - Erased a lot of content from the Small Skirmishes & Team Fighting tab

July 20/2017 - Fixed some grammatical/spelling mistakes
                     - Added a video about counter ganking in the Ganking tab

July 18/2017 - Updated 3190.png and grammatical/formatting errors in the Items tab
                    - Updated the Ganking tab

July 17/2017 - Added new pathing and updated descriptions in the General Pathing/Jungle Knowledge tab

July 16/2017 - Added 28.png + 33.png to the Matchups tab 
                    - Added several Mid champions to the Synergies Tab
                    - Changed the Synergies tab title to Laners/Synergies for clarity/accurate reflection of content 
                    - Added several ADC champions and updated some previous descriptions in the Laners/Synergies tab
                    - Added numerous support champions and updated others in the Laner/Synergies tab
                    - Added 223.png to the Counters tab
                    - Updated 60.png and added 141.png in the Matchups tab  

July 15/2017 - Added 10+ champions in the Top section of the Synergies tab, as well as modified pre-existing ones. 

July 14/2017 - Updated glyphs/quints in the Runes tab, adjusting explanations on various masteries in the Masteries                                   tab and modified my average build in the Items tab. 
                    - Added some more info on certain items, grammatical clean up and updated 17 champions in the                                           Matchups tab as well as adding 79.png.
                    - Updated the Pros & Cons tab
                    - Added several champions to the Synergies tab
                    - Added 3742.png (how was it not already on this?) and 3800.png in the Items tab.

July, 13/2017 - Updated 3068.png in the Items tab

July, 12/2017 - Updated for Patch 7.13 and 7.14. Biggest changes happened in the Items tab

June, 26/2017 - Updated the background photo, 3109.png, and 3190.png in the Items tab for patch 7.12

June 1/2017 - Grammatical edits in the Items tab

May 17/2017 - Updated the Abilities tab for Patch 7.10 

May 9th/2017 - Updated the Abilities tab - deeper explanation into how the abilities synch and personal opinions 

May 8th/2017 - Updated General Pathing/Jungle Knowledge tab 

May 7th/2017 - Updated Abilities tab due to hot fix 
                      - Updated info on MR items in the Items tab

May 5th/2017 - Updated Ganking, and How to Win + Early, Mid & Late Game tabs 

May 4th/2017 - Updating for mid-season (patch 7.8)
                   - Updated Spells, Masteries, AbilitiesItems, Matchups, Pros & Cons, Synergies, Counters and General                      Pathing/Jungle Knowledge tabs 

Mar. 24/2017 - Updated for Patch 7.6
                   - Removed 3.png from the Synergy tab due to rework
                   - Added 3109.png + 3512.png into the Items tab

Mar. 09/2017 - Updated for Patch 7.5

Feb. 15/2017 - Updated for Patch 7.3 (No major changes for Sej) 

Jan. 31/2017 - Added 28.png to the Matchup tab 

Jan. 25/2017 - Updated for Patch 7.2
                   - Added information on the General Pathing/Jungle Knowledge tab 

Jan. 18/2017 - Added 18.png to the Counters tab
                   - Edited 121.png in the Matchup tab
                   - Added 240.png in the Matchup tab 

Jan. 15/2017 - Updated General Pathing tab
                   - Added Farming & Ganking Efficiency subsection
                   - Added Neutral Monsters/Camps subsection
                   - Formatting/grammatical edits 

Jan. 11/2017 - Changed patch number in title
                   - Edited the General Pathing/Jungle Knowledge tab
                   - Added a new link and 2.png lore into the About Sejuani tab 
                   - Added 3.png into the Synergies tab 

Jan. 09/2017 - Added new route in General Pathing/Jungle Knowledge tab
                   - Minor spelling/grammatical corrections throughout the guide
                   - Fixed two videos about 157.png in the Counters tab, again
                   - Added a new video in the Know Your Limits section of Small Skirmishes & Team Fighting tab

Jan. 07/2017 - Added Edit Log tab. 
                   - Added 3140.png+3139.png to the Counters tab
                   - Added About Sejuani tab
                   - Fixed two videos about 157.png in the Counters tab

Dec. 29/2016 - Added more 157.png information on the Counters tab

Dec. 27/2016 - Release of guide

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