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2 months ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png - 
Absolutely mandatory. Flash is the best spell in the game. This spell lets you dodge skills, reposition, escape, chase, go over walls, and outplay your enemies. 
Take 100% of the time.  

11.png - 
Mandatory in the jungle. Let's you buy jungle items and secure objectives.

New Runes Back to Top


The most common page and the one I take.  
Aftershock Aftershock.png?width=32- One of the best keystones in the game, as it gives you insane tankiness for engaging and soaking damage in late game teamfights, as well as extra durability in the early game(since it gives FLAT 70 resistances), which allows you to win 2v2 skirmishes and not get abused easily by early game champions such as Lee sin or Xin Zhao.

Bone Plating Bone%20Plating.png?width=32 - Great rune that comes in very handy in early game ganks and fights.  
Essentially this combined with Aftershock.png?width=32 and your passive, make you very safe in case a wild Lee Sin/Xin Zhao jump on you, you are extremely tanky.  
In skirmishes and ganks this gives you extra extra durability which can be a key facor to survive close fights.

Conditioning Conditioning.png?width=32 - This is a late game rune that gives us a ton of stats. Since we are tanky, the 5% armor and mr we get transitions to plenty. Also this scales with our passive!  
If you feel like the early game is gonna be a bloodbath you can take Chrysalis 5abd57da0f30230001f3edd9?width=32 instead, but I don't think it's necessary at all, and scales worse.

Unflinching Perseverance.png?width=32 - Fantastic rune. Especially great when the enemy has some annoying CC that is not enough to justify buying Mercury Threads, because you still need Ninja Tabi for their AD threats.  
To use it effectively, make sure to smite an enemy whenever you fight.

Fleet Footwork(Healthy Clear)

This is a rune page that focuses on giving you a healthier clear in the early game.  
Personally I do not like it as you lose the massive benefits of the Resolve tree, but it's viable.  
If you're the only tank on your team and the main initiator, I would strongly advice against it.  
However if you have an Alistar who can engage first or a top lane Maokai, then you can consider.

Secondary Runes

Here you have a lot of options, everything works and is a matter of preference.  
If I had to pick 1 I'd go for Precision, because the tree alone gives you 9% Attack Speed which is great for your clear, where as the other trees give you AP and AD which aren't very useful.
I'll cover the best choices for each tree.  

Sorcery -  

Celerity.png?width=32 - Celerity gives you 3% movespeed which is extremely valuable as a jungler. One of the best secondary rune      choices for junglers. The other choices in this tree are not as good.

Waterwalking.png?width=32 - Waterwalking, similar to Celerity, gives you great movespeed and is just better than the other choices.  
Also it helps winning skirmishes in the river with the enemy jungler.

Precision - 

Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=32/Legend%20Tenacity.png?width=32 - Legend Alacrity is generally what you wanna go, the Attack Speed helps your clear.  
If the enemy team has CC, then Legend:Tenacity can be taken instead.

Triumph.png?width=32/Presence%20of%20Mind.png?width=32 - Triumph/Presence of mind are pretty good to take here. Triumph lets you survive longer in fights and kill the enemies 1 by 1, while Presence of mind will

Inspiration - 

Magical%20Footwear.png?width=32 - Free 350g with extra movement speed. This is a great rune however I will only recommend it in passive games. This blocks you from buying boots early, and if the laners fight a lot(Riven, Draven, Yasuo) or the enemy ganks very often, then you will be late to the party and it can cost you the game.

Futures%20Market.png?width=32 - This is essentially free money, since you can end the game with debt. The purpose of this for the jungle is to give you better backs early on, which leads to a better early game.  
Getting your jungle item finished + boots instead of sitting on components can make a big difference. 

Biscuit%20Delivery.png?width=32 - I personally don't think this is necessary but you can definitely take this over Futures Market for a healthier early game. 

Cosmic%20Insight.png?width=32 - This rune gives us some nice stats. CDR is important for Sejuani as we want our R to be up to be useful.

Time%20Warp%20Tonic.png?width=32 - Very underrated rune. If you take this and buy Hunters Potion 2032.png on your first back, you will have a permanent 5% movespeed boost(Better than Celerity!) AND the sustain from hunters potion(solves your early game issues).  
I personally really like this one.

Domination - 

Zombie%20Ward.png?width=32 - Zombie ward gives you insane vision control and is extremely useful. Use it to get deep vision in the enemy jungle, ward around objectives, and against jungle ganks for your team.  
This is even better if you're playing in a premade party and can count on your team to carry while you provide them utility and vision.

Relentless%20Hunter.png?width=32 /Ingenious%20Hunter.png?width=32 - Relentless Hunter is one of the best runes for junglers, as the movespeed it gives is essentially mobility boots. Ingenious Hunter however is also an option as it improves your vision control(Reduces trinket cooldown), and makes you more useful if you purchase items such as 3143.png3190.png3193.png.

Abilities Back to Top


Skill Order

You wanna start with your E level 1.  
Since you start on your buffs, you want the skill that gives you the most single target damage.
Your E is also pretty good for invades if you decide to go for one.  
*Start W if you're starting raptors instead of a buff(however you shouldn't be doing this).

Level 2 you take W, as it lets you stack up your E faster, and knocks back jungle camps(makes your clear healthier because it cancels their AA).  

Level 3 you take Q.  

After that, max W first for the reduced cooldown and base dmg increase.  
Next, we want to max E, for the increased stun duration.  
Lastly we max Q. It works as a great 1 point wonder so there's absolutely no reason to max it earlier.

Skill Usage and Tips

sejuanipassive.png - Passive(Fury of the North) 

Sejuani's passive gives you a ton of free resistances when out of combat for a while, as well as slow resist.  
This allows you to start fights and tower dives and tanking a lot of the enemy damage for free.  
Make sure to pay attention to your passive, and if it's down, consider waiting an extra second or two before engaging. It can be a huge difference between losing and winning the fight.  

The 2nd part of the passive says that whenever you stun an opponent, your next AA on them deals bonus damage.  
This is extremely important and you should definitely make sure to take advantage of this in teamfights.  
Also note that this works on jungle camps, and epic monsters such as Dragon and Baron.  
Using this smartly together with smite is one of Sejuanis biggest strengths - Securing objectives.

sejuaniq.png Q(Arctic Assault)  

This is your ONLY mobility skill. It's a dash that lets you go over walls and close a large distance.  
During your jungle clear, I advice AGAINST using it. Sejuani has mana problems early on and it costs a lot of mana(70), so unless you're just about to recall or have blue buff, don't use it.  
Also, it has a 17s cooldown, so if you just used it and a fight erupts next to you, or the enemy Xin Zhao decides to invade you - you're screwed.  

When ganking, you don't want to use it prematurely if the enemy still has Flash or mobility skills up.  
Ideally you just want to walk up to them from behind and then use your Q to follow up their flash.  
In teamfights, use it to position yourself in the face of their carry for the extra CC as well as point blank ult(cannot miss), or alternatively, if you're peeling for your ADC, save it until the enemy Talon jumps in.

sejuaniw.png - W(Winters Wrath) 

This ability has 2 parts, Swing and Lash. Both apply a stack for your E stun.  
It's important to hit both of them and is best used when the enemy is stationary.  
This is the most important skill for your jungle clear as it knock backs camps.  
For raptors, krugs and wolves, try to align it in a way that hits all monsters.  
Use it when the camp is about to AA you - the knock back will cancel the attack.  
Correct usage of W is the difference between a good and a bad clear.

sejuanie.png - E(Permafrost)

Braum passive that can be procced by melee champions only.  
This is our most important skill except for R.  
Early game, ganking for your melee champions is very easy, because they can help you proc the E stun almost instantly for a guaranteed kill.  
It applies for jungle camps too so it helps your clear, and the first scuttle crab can be cleared instantly with this.  
In teamfights, pay attention to targets who are have stacks to proc E on them, and try to attack the same targets as your melee champions to stun as many enemies as possible.  
Last but not least, this skill lets you secure neutral objectives(Baron, Dragon). When the baron is low, use this skill together with your smite to execute and avoid steals.

Note that targets that you already stunned, cannot get frost stacks for a while.  
This also applies to your ult, and so, if you don't have to engage with your R, getting your E passive first will let you CC the enemy for longer.

sejuanir.png  - R(Glacial Prison)  

Sejuanis iconic skill. This is a long range skillshot that stuns the first target it hits, while at the same time creating a mini Anivia ult around the target, that slows the enemies inside.  
Note that the stun duration DOUBLES(from 1s to 2s) if thrown from over 400 range.  
Since this skill only stuns 1 person, we wanna make sure that the guy we hit is a priority target.  
This means that we usually have to flank and/or use our Flash/Q to pass the enemy front line and reach the carries.  
Check the tips and tricks section below to see how to do it.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Blue buff start, fast clear. Cannot do raptors on your first clear with Machette. Take when you want to 3 camp and gank.
    Healthier clear, but slower. Allows you to full clear your jungle including raptors without running out of HP and MP.

Core Items

    Red smite cinderhulk EVERY GAME. We don't need blue smite since we already have plenty of CC. Red smite makes us tankier and helps dueling.
    Ninja Tabi - Vs heavy ad teams. Mercury - Vs heavy CC teams. Pick one according to the game you're playing.
    Get 2nd-3rd item. Scales incredibly well with Sejuanis passive and Aftershock. HP is necessary to make use of the resists you have.
    Support items for your ADC and your team. Get them after your warmogs. Locket scales with HP so you don't wanna get it early.

Situational Items

    Randuins - vs Crit(Gp, Yasuo, ADC). Thornmail - vs Heal(Draven, Fiora). Deadmans - Generally good item if the other effects are not needed. Gives you MS to catch people off guard.
    MR items. Get adaptive vs Syndra, Ryze, Cassiopeia, Kogmaw, Kayle, etc. Otherwise get Visage.
    Great as last item or if you don't need anything specific.
Starting items can vary depending on the game and your preference.  
Machette 1041.png gives you a faster clear but you cannot do raptors, and you will be low on mana and health.  
You can take it if you're on purple side, and start blue buff with your bot lane leash, where your intention is to 3 camp and gank or counter gank an aggressive early jungler.  

Talisman 1039.png has a slower clear but healthier. You can take it when you're in no rush and you want to full clear.  
Some people just take it every time because of the sustain.  
I encourage you to test and see what works best for you.  

On your first back you usually want to get your jungle item 3715.png to help clearing the jungle and getting the red smite for combat.  
Depending on your gold, 2032.png and 1001.png are also items you want to get rather early on.  
Don't forget to purchase 2055.png everytime you back - vision wins games!  
Next, you want to finish your 1413.png and 3047.png or 3111.png, depending on the enemy champions.  

Once your cinderhulk is finished, if your team is winning hard and your ADC is fed, consider getting 3109.png, hug him at all times, and just get carried.  
Otherwise you usually wanna go with Warmogs 3083.png. This is because you have a ton of resistances from Aftershock and Passive already, you need to get HP.  

Next, it's time to look at the game and see which item you need next.  
3190.png3193.png are generally good items, but consider investing more into Armor if most if the enemy damage is AD, and MR if the fed enemies are AP.

Sample full build against a heavy AD team - Fiora Top, Graves Jungle, Ahri Mid, Draven ADC, Soraka Support:

Sample full build against a heavy AP/AoE team - Maokai Top, Zac/Reksai/Random Jungle, Cassiopeia/Ryze Mid, Kogmaw ADC, Zyra Support

Sample full build against mixed threats - Rumble Top, Graves Jungle, Talyah Mid, Tristana ADC, Janna Support
1413.png3047.png3083.png3194.png3190.png 3143.png

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Amumu
  • Cho'Gath
  • Evelynn
  • Gragas
  • Graves
  • Ivern
  • Jarvan IV
  • Kayn
  • Kha'Zix
  • Lee Sin
  • Master Yi
  • Nidalee
  • Nocturne
  • Nunu
  • Olaf
  • Rek'Sai
  • Shyvana
  • Skarner
  • Trundle
  • Warwick
  • Xin Zhao
  • Zac




Amumu is a champion who cannot duel early on, is heavily mana gated(relies on Blue), and post 6 he's reliant on a long cd ultimate.  

The only thing you have to worry about is him getting a 4-5 man ult in the late game and not fight in choke points.  

Look to invade him in areas you have lane priority in, and put high emphasis on denying his blue buff.  
As you are a tank and not a carnivore jungler, you cannot punish him as much as you'd want to, but as long as you pick fights when his ult is on cooldown, you will be much more useful than he is.




Cho'gath is a tank jungler who scales nicely into the late game, however he doesn't have much pressure early on.  

In this Tank vs Tank matchup, jungle interaction is basically non existant, just do your own thing and track him to make sure he doesn't counter gank you.  
In the late game keep in mind that his ult is nasty for stealing/securing objectives, so don't start baron/dragon when he's around!




Evelynn is a weak duelist before lv 6, and her ganks are subpar.  

Unless you have immobile overextended laners, or the enemy team has a lot of gank setup in their lanes, you have nothing to worry about.  

Post 6, however, Eve gets her invisibility and things get a little more tricky.  
You need to make sure to keep deep vision, ward her camps and it's your job as a jungler to keep track of her at all times, and possibly even counter gank her.  
She will look to snowball at that point and her invisibility is a pain for your laners.  

In teamfights, make sure to hug your priority targets and pay attention when you see her W mark on top of someone.  
She will usually try to flank from behind so placing a Control Ward behind your team can counter her.  

*Note that post 6, if she gets ahead, she can kill you with ease. Her W gives her a free void staff.




Gragas usually goes for 3 camps into a gank, as his Lv3 ganks are extremely strong.  

Make sure you match him and counter gank.  
His strength is in skirmishing both pre6 and post6, but if you show yourself to fights you should be fine.  

Tank vs Tank so jungle interaction between you guys is little to non existent, it's all about playing around your laners and making sure he doesn't snowball his.




This matchup can be pretty tough.  

Graves will usually full clear.  
He clears fast and healthy, and so he outpaces you.  

You cannot duel him at any point in the game, so don't try to contest things like scuttle.  
Make sure you ward up before you facecheck the river early on.  

He might try to invade you, especially if you get ahead, make sure you know where he is and worst case scenario, let him take a camp but don't die to him.  

Luckily his ganks are pretty bad, unless his laners set it up for him, so as long as you play to your strong sides and don't skirmish with him early you should be ok.




Ivern is an extremely annoying champion.  

Lv1 or Lv2 he can and he will try to cheese one of your buffs.  

Against Ivern you want to protect the jungle entrances and ward the buff you're not starting at, or alternatively ward his buff to see where he starts.  
Then you go straight from buff to buff, or if you spot him at your buff, just go to his and break even.  
Sometimes the enemies will be smarter and collapse on you, if that happens then just cut your losses and leave.  
It sucks but not worth suiciding for a buff.  

Besides that Ivern is pretty much Janna in the jungle. He is only as good as his carries are, so if you manage to gank and set the enemy carries behind, Ivern will be less effective.  

Make sure you get to your buffs on time, because it only takes a second for him to steal it, and believe me, he WILL try to do so.


Jarvan IV


J4 is problematic because of how good his early ganks are.  

He comes online as soon as he hits Level2, and can destroy immobile laters with his E->Q, and he only becomes better at Lv3(W slow) and Lv6(R).  

His typical route is Buff -> Lv2 gank or Buff->Camp->Buff->Lv3 Gank.  
Against him it's extremely important to counter gank and match his route.  
He's not that great of a duelist and is not a threat to you in the 1v1 matchup, but he is a huge threat to your laners.  
Counter ganking is his biggest weakness because when he ganks he fully commits with his E->Q, leaving him vulnerable.  
If you show up when he used his cooldowns, he either has to blow flash, or die, every single time.  

In the late game J4 will look to E->Q->R your carries/isolated targets, and you should look to peel if your carries are fed.  
You can Q/R him to interrupt his dash and kill him instantly.




Kayn is pretty weak before he gets his form.  

He is not a threat to you.  

Kayn usually wants to farm early on and counter jungle(your raptors) while looking for free ganks.  
He's not really a threat to your laners unless the enemy laners have some cc to set him up, or your laners are stupidly overextended with no vision. So don't worry too much about his ganks.  

His path is dynamic and you should probably ward to track him.  
He can do:  
- Raptors/Buff -> full clear 

- Raptors -> Red -> Blue -> Your raptors -> Your golems(Either start talisman and take your raptors, or ward, don't lose them for free!) 

- 3 Camps into gank if he has an easy one.  

Early on in this matchup you should try to figure out which form is the best for him to take.  
If your comp consists of 3+ melee champs he will most likely go red form and try to pick fights with you.  
This isn't to kill you, but just to get his orbs going faster.  
If this is the case, you should AVOID fighting him unless you have to.  
If your comp consists of mostly ranged characters, he might want to go blue Shadow Assassin.  
In this case, you actually do want to force fights with him.  
This will give him orbs for the wrong form and might screw him over(although red form is really good too).  

Kayn comes online when he gets his form and this is where he becomes a monster.  
If he is a Shadow Assassin(Blue) he will look to flank through walls and 1 shot your carries.  
Pay attention to it and cc him.  
If he is red form, he will be a bruiser and actually becomes harder to deal with, but he can still be kited and cc'd.  
Note that he can dodge your R with his R!  




Hard matchup.  

Khazix is an assassin who focuses on picking Isolated target(like yourself) and his invisibility makes him hard to deal with.  

His pathing is typically Buff->Wolves->Buff->Scuttle/Gank/Invade/Continue clearing.  
Against Khazix make sure to chug your potions and secure your buffs early to avoid invades.  
Going buff->wolves->buff is fine.  
Make sure you WARD and pull the buff close to your escape route, AND save your Q to escape if necessary.  
If he shows up and you are low HP, just give him the buff and cut your losses.  
Dying is NOT worth it!  

Needless to say that you should not try to contest scuttle or even facecheck the river level 3.  
You don't want to meet him in the 1v1.  

Other than that Khazix doesn't have really good ganks, so he will try to look for laners who are immobile, and for lanes his team has CC to set him up.  
Make sure you know where he is and don't let him snowball.  

At level 6, the real problems begin.  
Nowadays Khazix usually goes R evolve with Mobility Boots.  
This allows him to move a great distance without being spotted.  
This is where you have to help your team.  

Get Control Wards, and use your trinket to get deep vision(carefully!).  
Good ward spots are wards straight on his camps.  
This way you will definitely spot him.  

Make sure you let your team know of his location, and match him.  
Try to be present in every fight and when you see someone alone or overetended, you can be sure Khazix will pay them a visit.  

In teamfights, remember that his strength is isolation, and his weakness is CC.  
Hug your fed carries and make sure to save your cc for him. This will make him useless.


Lee Sin


Lee Sin is a chamion who's extremely strong early game, but falls off hard late game.  

His strength lies of his power to execute ganks on his own, regardless of what his laners are.  
He has it all - mobility, damage, CC, and his clears are rather quick and healthy, and on top of it all, he is resourcelss(no mana) so he can stay on the map for quite a bit and pressure.  

Typically his path is Buff->Wolves->Buff into gank or invade.  
In this matchup, THE MOST important thing is to match his route and counter gank him.  
If you make sure he cannot snowball lanes, you will simply outscale him and be more useful than him the longer the game goes.  

You should ward to see where he starts and do a 3 camp clear similar to his to mirror him.  
Make sure you don't get invaded on your 2nd buff, so ward, save your Q, use your potions, and pull it to a save position.  
Once you're level 3 be VERY careful not to facecheck the river or contest scuttle.  
Take a look at the laners around you and see who's vulnerable to ganks.  
Start setting up vision and carefully scouting for lee sin, while potentially looking for gank opportunities yourself.  

Follow him around if he goes to the other side and keep countering him.  
Even though he's strong, counter ganks are surprisingly effective against him, as he has to use all of his mobility skills when he ganks.  

If he manages to Q you, or a target next to you, you can Q him while he dashes to stop him(and his damage). This requires perfect timing, but when executed properly, extremely effective.  

If he gets ahead he might try to invade you a lot, and if that happens, it's ok!  
Just give him a camp or 2 but DON'T DIE!  

Come late game, he is gonna try to insec your carries by either flanking or using a flashy play.  
You should be aware of this, and if your carries are fed, hug them, and be prepared to interrupt him with your Q and R.  
If you cc him when he has blown cooldowns and is in the middle of your team, he is 100% dead.


Master Yi


Master Yi is a selfish 1v9 champion.  

Early on he will try to farm up while looking for ganks that are 100% where his laners have cc to set him up, but most importantly, he will look to snowball himself and get as much gold and exp as he can.  

He's ok in a 1v1 so there's not much reason for you to fight him, but at the same time he's not a real threat to you, or your laners, unless he just comes to clean up or his team has CC vs your immobile characters.  

His biggest weakness is when his enemies snowball and destroy lanes before he comes online.  
As Sejuani, try to look for ganks in snowbally lanes such as Draven and Riven and take tower after tower before he can react.  
This isn't always possible of course, but you should try.

If you're purple side, a lot of Yi players will do Their Red -> Your wolves and try to cheese you there.  
If both of you are Level 2, and he has red buff, he WILL win the fight, so ward, save your smite to secure the wolves, and pull them towards mid tower.  
Don't risk dying and losing early game tempo.  

Other Yi players sometimes know that you start bottom side, and with that knowledge they will try to do your camps on the other side, make sure you defend jungle entrances and ask your team mates to ward.  

Throughout the game, he will keep full clearing his jungle, so make sure you don't fall behind in exp.  

Note that he can solo dragon if he wants after his 1st or 2nd recall so make sure you ward it.

Once Yi gets going with a Rageblade, he becomes extremely strong and the ONLY way to stop him is hard cc.  
Make sure he is your PRIORITY target and don't let him run it down on your carries.  
Note that he can dodge your Q and R with his Q, so don't get outplayed!  

If your team has a lot of ways to peel him off, he will try to split push.  
When he does so you and your team should try to force a 5v4 fight with your hard engage, or look to contest an objective on the other side of the map.  
Be careful with who you send to defend from him, because he is able to dive and kill in the late game.  

Since he deals partly true damage, there's no itemization that can completely stomp him, but Frozen Heart that reduces his Attack Speed is not bad.  

Post 20 minutes, Yi can duo baron with his ADC, so make sure you have vision control and you are not bot side at this time.




Nidalee is an early game monster that will look to snowball and stomp.  

You outscale her and if she doesn't stomp, she usually loses.  

Nidalee's strength are her mobility, damage, and fast clears.  
Early on she might try to hard bully you in the jungle.  
She can do Buff -> Lv2 invade you, or 3 camps and Lv3 invade you.  
She can also do Buff->Buff->Lv2 gank or invade.
She will clear faster and will be healthier than you, so fighting her 1v1 is not an option at any point.  

Your goal as the tank scaling jungler is to survive the early game.  
Play it safe, chug potions, save your Q to escape, pull the camps as close as you can to brushes and escape routes, and ward.  
If you get hit by a spear or see her trying to contest, try to collapse on her with your laners, but if you can't just let it go.  
Dying is not worth.  

Nidalee will usually out level you and it's fine, but remember she is squishy and is not as useful as you are in a 5v5 setting.  
Play around your strong laners and avoid areas where your laners are pushed in.  
If you have a Vayne vs Caitlyn, she will try to invade you on that side, as Vayne is not able to help you early.  
Same for Gp, Nasus, Kassadin, and other scaling laners.  

On the other hand if you have a Draven/Caitlyn/Talyah who push their lanes, Nidalee cannot invade safely as she will get collapsed on.  
Instead she might look to gank your over extended laners, and this is where you come in - track her and try to counter gank.  

Another thing is that Nidalee is good at poking and sieging.  
With her long range spear, she will just throw it over and over again until it lands.  
Try to block it for your carries, but more importantly, if the enemies siege on you as 5 men, look for a chance to engage with your R.  
The longer you let Nidalee be in the sieging position, the more she is able to poke your team.




Nocturne is a jungler with very little map pressure early on.  

All he wants to do is farm for his Level 6 and gank with his R.  

Early on he's not much of a threat to you/your team, so you have nothing to worry about, but once he hits level 6, he will start terrorizing your bot lane or other immobile/overextended lanes.  

Your job is to track him and always know which side he's on.  
Then, you can set up counter ganks because his ganks are usually very telegraphed...  
Your bot is pushing? he will ult them.  
Once he goes in he cannot go out, so if you are there, he is dead.  

Once he gets ahead it becomes a huge problem because he will 1 shot someone everytime his ult is back up, and there's very little you can do about it(your ADC will die by the time you react).  
The key is timing his ult and tracking him since the beginning to avoid his snowball.  

Mid-Late game make sure to group and don't let your carries be alone, or else Nocturne will hunt them.  
If you're grouped with your team he will have a hard time going in without exploding.  

Pay attention to his Spell Shield(W) before you R.  

Also note that when fighting for neutral objectives, nocturne can R and deny your vision, while he steals/secures the objective. 




Similar to Ivern, Nunu is an annoying champion that will try to cheese you.  

Level 1, defend your buff entrances and ask your team to ward.  
He will try to take one of your buffs at Level 1 or 2.  
Either path from buff to buff, or if you spot him, just take his buff instead.  

If his team warded and collapse on you while doing so, just cut your losses and run.  
Losing a buff sucks but it's not the end of the world, however, dying and losing all early game tempo can definitely be terrible.  

Aside from that there's not much interaction between you and Nunu, since you are both tanks and can't kill each other, but he likes to counter jungle and if you leave your camps open, he WILL do it.  

As soon as Level 3, he can solo dragon, and this is his biggest strength, so make sure you ward and screw him over.  

His ganks are pretty non existent so you shouldn't worry about it too much, and you are a more useful champion.  
The only way in which he is more useful than you is when his carries are actually strong and he just W's them.  
That being said, he is just as good as his carries, so if you set them behind he will be irrelevant.  

At 10:00 he can solo Herald, and at 20:00 he can duo baron with someone on his team with ease.  
Make sure you WARD and don't let him take objectives for free.  

Note that his Q + Smite can secure objectives from almost 2k HP, so you should definitely respect his steal potential.  

In teamfights you can use your Q to cancel his R channel, but other than that you can pretty much ignore him and go for his carries.  
If you R a carry who he has used W on, Nunu becomes useless as well.  
2 birds in 1 stone.




Olaf is an extremely strong early game champion, with good 1v1 and good ganks.  

In this matchup Olaf is way stronger than you early on, he can essentially do whatever he wants.  
He can invade you, and you can't really facecheck him in the river or try to contest scuttle.  

You should do a Buff->Wolves->Buff clear to secure the buffs, while warding, saving your Q to escape, and paying attention to the minimap.  
If he comes to contest your buffs, it's fine, just let it go and don't die, you can't fight him.  

Olaf's strengths is in the early game, however he needs to snowball his lanes as he is not a late game hyper carry.  
Your job is to match his route and counter gank him.  
He will usually focus immobile lanes such as Diana, Viktor, Ashe with his Predator rune.  
If you manage to stop his snowball early, he will be extremely useless later on.  

If he managed to snowball, however, there's absolutely nothing you can do to stop him.  
His ult negates all of your CC, and he will just ignore you and destroy your carry.  




Rek'sai is an extremely strong early game champion, who is resourceless and has sustain so she can stay on the map for long periods of time and pressure.  

Reksai typically does Buff->Camp->Buff into a gank invade, and her strength lies in her ability to set up the gank by herself with her tunnel mobility and CC, as well as the damage she has to finish targets off.  

Another core part of Reksai is the unique gank paths she can take.  
On blue side, Reksai can gank bot lane over the wall behind them.  
On red side, she ganks top lane over the wall behind him.  
She ganks mid lane through the raptor camp.  

Her weakness is 5v5 setting, since she usually goes AD build, and late game.  
Reksai really needs to snowball her lanes and to get ahead early, because post 25 minutes she isn't very useful.  

As Sejuani, you cannot fight her early on, but she cannot really kill you either.  
She will definitely chunk you if you facecheck her combo, so be careful when going to the river.  

Lv3 Rek'sai will look to invade you on your 2nd buff.  
You should be very careful because she clears faster than you and will be full hp.  
Against her you can try to do a Buff->Buff->Camp clear to avoid the invade.  
Even after Lv3, always be prepared for her invade.

Other than that make sure to track her, set up vision for your team, and counter gank her early on and match her pathing.  
She will inevitebly outpace you but as long as she can't get too many ganks off she is gonna fall of extremely hard.  

In teamfights, Reksai will try to flank and flash on your carries, and then dodge incoming cc with her R.  
if she is fed, she deals a LOT of damage so try to peel her off of your carries.  
Just a little cc and she explodes.




Similar to Master Yi, Shyvana is a selfish carry jungler that will focus on clearing and only going for ganks that are 100% where her laners can set it up.  

Her first clear is quite unhealthy, so it's unlikely she will gank.  
All she wants to do is to get her 2 items and start destroying everyone.  

After the first clear, however, she will clear faster than you and outpace you.  
This means that she will get levels before you, and will arrive to places before you do.  
This is fine and just how the matchup works, just make sure you don't fall behind too much in exp.  

After her first recall, as soon as Level 4, she can solo dragon.  
A lot of Shyv players will look to do this as it helps with her Passive, so make sure you ward and not give it for free.  

Once she gets Red smite she becomes a good duelist, and you should not try to 1v1 her, ever.  
With 2 items she actually becomes a monster, however her weakness is how kitable she is.  
If you stand in her face, cc her, and block her way to your carries, she won't be very effective.  

Late game you should note that she takes objectives really fast.  
She may try to split push, or duo baron with her ADC.  

The matchup is not really hard, it's just that you can't really stop her from getting big as Sejuani.




Skarner is the Malzahar of the jungle.  

His existence alone requires your carries to purchase a QSS and be on the watch.  

Early game he usually wants to clear his jungle and rush level 6.  
He clears really fast and healthy and he outpaces you.  
Skarner is also an exceptional duelist at all stages of the game, especially inside his chrystals.  
So you shouldn't ever attempt to 1v1 him.  
That being said, he can't really kill you unless you stay and fight him.  

Early on you don't really have to worry about him, but make sure to ward and track him for your team.  
His Predator allows him to gank immobile lanes extremely easily, and you want to help your team avoid that if you can.  
So if your brand mid is shoving his lane, hover his side and put some vision to scout for skarner.  

Once skarner gets 6, things get scary.  
He will look to pick people off and if your team is uncoordinated it can really turn into a disaster.  
Make sure to play around your fed carries and peel him off them by CCin'g him so the carries can kite and kill him before he reaches to the back line. 




Trundle is a counter pick for tank champions like yourself.  

His early game is pretty good. He clears REALLY fast and healthy, and his dueling power is better than yours.  

He cannot clear raptors efficiently early on so he typically goes Buff->Camp->Buff into Lv3 invade or gank.  
Be careful because he clears fast and he can definitely invade you on your 2nd buff.  
His ganks are also not bad at all so matching him and counter ganking is good for your team.  

After Level 6, things only get worse, as he will ult you and not only will get tanky, but will also leave you with NEGATIVE stats if he does it when you have your passive and aftershock.  

At no point should you ever attempt to 1v1 him.  
It's a really touch matchup but you can still be useful in teamfights and cc the enemy carries.  
Consider taking Fleet Footwork instead of Aftershock in this matchup.




Warwick is a powerful early game jungler who snowballs extremely well but falls off later on.  

WW players usually go for a Buff->Camp->Buff clear in to a Lv3 gank or invade.  
At no point in the game should you attempt to 1v1 him.
Remember that the lower he is, the more attack speed he has, and don't forget he heals a lot.  
So don't get baited to fight him when he's lower HP than you, you still lose.

WW excels at dueling so contesting river/scuttle vision is a big no no for you.  
He might invade you at your second buff so you might want to secure vision, save your Q for escaping and play it safe.  

Early on he will try to gank and snowball.  
Try to match his route, track him and counter gank.  
Remember his Q can follow dashes and flash, so hold onto them until his Q is on CD.  

His W allows him to move extremely fast to your low HP team mates, as well as join fights and counter gank.  
This means that when you/your team mate is low, he WILL show up, so make sure to not greed and overstay, as well as let your team know and possibly be ready to counter gank him.  
This also means that ganking without knowing where he is can be extremely dangerous, as he can counter gank you with ease and destroy you.  

If he gets a lead he will be an unstoppable monster that will try to abuse you in the jungle and also spam ganking your lanes.  

Remember that his R is a skillshot.  
You can stand between him and your carries to block it!  
Also, if he does hit a skillshot, CCin'g him with your Q/R will stop the channel.  

Later on when people start grouping 5v5 he becomes less useful, just peel him off your carries and you should be fine.  
I suggest getting Bramble Vest against him, to reduce his healing if he decides to attack you.


Xin Zhao


Xin Zhao is an extremely strong early game jungler, with almost unmatched Level 2 and Level 3.  

Early on he usually goes for Buff -> Lv 2 gank or Buff->Camp->Buff -> Lv3 gank or invade.  
Sometimes he can even go Buff->Buff-> Lv 2 gank or invade your 2nd buff.  
He's a lot stronger than you so definitely do not facecheck river or try to contest scuttle.  
You can try to go Buff->Buff as well to secure them from him, but if he comes just leave and cut your losses. Most importantly don't die.  

He might try to abuse you early or spam gank.  
As long as you don't die and match his route to counter gank him, you should be fine.  
If he can't get his snowball going, he won't really be useful later on.  
You outscale him and after Level 4 - 6 you will already be a much more effective champion on skirmishes and teamfights(unless he's ahead)




Zac is a tank jungler who has a rather bad first clear, slow and unhealthy.  

You cannot punish him too much because you're a tank too but your advantage in this matchup is that you come online at Level3, while he needs Level4.  

Note that since he deals AoE dmg he can steal your raptors early on, so either do them or take that into account.

Zac's strengths are his unique ganks and good teamfighting.  
He will usually look to gank immobile laners as they have virtually no way of escaping his massive CC.  

Early on what you want to do is ward his jungle and know where he is.  
Your laners will usually ward river brushes which is not enough, you should assist them with warding his raptors(He can gank mid from there) and over walls in top and bot lane, in the areas the blast cones spawn(he can just E from there).  

In teamfights you should know that your Q can cancel his E engage.  
Waiting for him to go in and timing it is a KEY FACTOR to beating zac in teamfights.  
Once you cancel his engage and use your own R to cc their carries, you should be in a good spot.     

Pros and Cons Back to Top


  • Very good ganks, especially for melee champions.
  • Good skirmisher. Aftershock, red smite, and your E gives you a really good 2v2's.
  • Cannot be killed in the jungle due to his passive.
  • Despite being a tank, has the ability to pressure as soon as Lv3.
  • Scales well into the late game.
  • Extremely good team fighting.
  • Can tower dive pretty well with Passive + Aftershock to tank for you.


  • First clear not very healthy, and rather slow. Can be invaded lv 3. 
  • Can be outpaced by other junglers such as Graves, Nidalee, Shvyana in terms of clearing and ganking
  • No damage, reliant on the carries. If your carries cannot do their job, you lose.
  • Somewhat R reliant to be useful. You need to make sure your R hits a priority target.

How to: Early Game and Pathing Back to Top

The early game is Sejuanis weakest point.  

This is because our clear is slow and less healthy than other junglers such as Graves, Nidalee, Elise, Rek'sai, Lee Sin, Xin Zhao.  
As a result, we can get invaded and lose our buffs, and our team can die to enemy ganks before we finish our clear.  
If our team falls behind early, there's not much we can do, as we need carries to back us up.  
The last thing we want is that someone snowballs out of control before we can get our items.

First and foremost - when the game loads, look at the champions that are being played.  
Are there early game champions who wish to fight? (Draven, Riven, Yasuo, Leona)  
Are there champions who want to shove their lanes as hard as humanly possible?(Caitlyn, ASol, Talyah).  
These are usually the lanes that will have most action.  

The first type of champions will fight 1v1/2v2 non stop, and it is crucial to be there before the enemy jungler.  
By pressuring these lanes you assure that your team has the numbers advantage and will not lose fights.  
Also you need to make sure the enemy jungler doesn't pressure those lanes and snowballs.  

The 2nd type of lanes won't necessarily fight 1v1, but they will push hard.  
This means that the enemy jungler will look to gank them, and you absolutely have to protect them by tracking the enemy jungler, putting some wards, and counter ganking.  

Against strong early game junglers who may gank early, you want to make sure you match them and start on the same side.  
This is because you outscale them all, and all you need to do to win is make sure they don't get ganks off and snowball.  
By being on the same side of the map as they are, you will be in a position to counter gank.  
Since they do Buff -> Camp -> Buff into ganking, you should do it too, and ward for your overextended laners before farming your other camps.  
Against junglers like Zac and Shyvana, you can be more greedy with your clear.

Lastly, you need to make sure you are not getting invaded.  
Against aggressive junglers, warding and tracking them is the key.  
Check the matchup section above for details on how to path vs each jungle matchup.

How to: Teamfights Back to Top

Teamfights are your biggest strength. Let's go over how to play them out correctly.  

First thing you have to do, is identify your goal/win condition.  
Do you have fed backline carries? Cassiopeia, Talyah, Azir, Viktor or a fed ADC?  
Do they have any threats from the enemy team? Threats are champions who can dive and kill them(Jax, Zed, Akali, Irelia).  
Make sure you peel for them and cc their threats.  
In that scenario you will have to hug your carry and wait until someone jumps on him before you use your cooldowns.
Sometimes they already have peel from their support and sometimes there are multiple threats that the support cannot take care of alone.  
You have adjust yourself to the situation.

Does the enemy have a backline that is stronger than yours?  
This is when they outscale(They have Vayne/Sivir/Jinx/Tristana/Twitch and you have Lucian) or when they are fed.  
Try to be in their face and cc them.  
Even if they don't die, the more they are zoned by you the better.  
Sometimes you will have assassins in your team that will take care of the enemy backline and other times you will be the only threat to their ADC.  
In that situation you want to look for a flash engage on their adc, hopefully to kill him before the fight even begins.
Make sure to identify the situation correctly.

Combos and Mechanics Back to Top

In this section I'll cover a few Sejuani specific tips, tricks, and combos that can get your gameplay to the next level.  


1) Q + Flash. Allows you to extend your range. Use this to surprise engage on your enemies.playbutton.png
*videos in this section are NOT made by me.

2) R + Flash. Similar concept to the above, extend R range and cut the animation by flashing quickly.
3) R + Q. Cuts the R animation which helps masking it, but does NOT extend it's range!
4) Q + R. Throw R in the middle of your Q flight animation, extends R range.
5) W + Q. W can be cast during your Q animation.
6) W can be cast backwards. This allows you to kite when you run away from your enemies. Simply cast W in their direction while running away.


1)  Q + W + AA + E + AA  
This is your bread and butter combo for ganks and skirmishes.  
This is the fastest way to stack your E stun.
Sometimes it's better to walk instead of leading with Q if your enemies still have their flash up.

2) Q + R + AA + switch target + W + AA + E + AA 
Teamfight combo.  
You engage with Q + R, and then switch targets(you cannot E stun someone who was just stunned by your R), and apply the normal combo of W + AA + E + AA.  

3) R + Flash + Q + W + AA + E + AA  
This is for when you don't want the enemies to react, or when the enemy carry is protected by a front line.  
Use flash to flank from fog of war, or to skip the enemy tanks and R the carry.  
Then either Q out to safety, or continue CCing the carry by Qing him.  
Afterwards you can switch targets and use the W + AA + E + AA  combo for more cc.  

*These are examples for the most common combos, but you can be creative and find even more! 
What's important is not to remember the combos by heart, but rather to understand your goal - a CC tank that needs to be in the face of the enemy fed carries, or if your carries are ahead, a peeler that cc's anyone who tries to kill your carry.

[Bonus] Improving and Climbing SoloQ Back to Top

"OMG this bot lane"
"They are feeding AGAIN"
"Please report my team"
"How can I win when I ALWAYS win lane with 10/1 KDA and my bot is 0/10?"
"Rito the MMR system is broken I deserve better"

Do these sound familiar? If the answer is yes, then you've come to the right place.

First thing you should know is, you cannot win every single game.
Unless you're far outplaying your enemies(like master playing in gold), there is not much to do when everything collapses by 10 minutes. You should not focus on these games and tilt, but instead focus on the games where you fail yourself and fix those mistakes.
Oh, and believe me, you(and I) make mistakes EVERY SINGLE GAME.
If you play consistently well, despite losing those games(and EVERYBODY has those), you will eventually climb.

Now let's get to the point.

Focus on your own game

When playing SoloQ, the best advice I can give you is to just ignore your team mates mistakes completely.
It is necessary to avoid tilting and to keep calm when things are going badly.
This means that when your laner misplays and you missed the kill, instead of blaming him, think of what you could've done better to secure it and just move on. 
Yes, sometimes it IS someone's fault, but that wont help you climb.
Even when you win or ace the enemy team, sometimes things can be done better, for example, deaths could be avoided if you saved your skills for a certain person, or positioned yourself differently, etc.

Don't use chat unless NECESSARY

Seriously, don't.
Now I'm not saying don't communicate, just don't overdo it. Here are the guidelines I personally follow:

1) Mute all chat by default. 
It doesn't serve ANY purpose but tilting the enemy team, or worse, your own team.
Think about it - the only things people say in all chat are:

"Easy noob"
"Lol can't 1v1 me? cry more for ganks"
"Please report mid he's boosted"
"**** You lucker"

You don't need to read any of that. It only makes you lose concentration.

2) Don't EVER be negative in chat.
Remember your goal? You want to WIN THE GAME.
In order to win, you have to make sure your team mates don't tilt and stay calm so they can perform better.
You might be thinking to yourself, "yeah but I never flame, like, I never curse"
Thing is being negative is not only cursing. It's about the general atmosphere of the game.
This includes:
"GG" - After your team died 2-3 times in 5 minutes.
"Ty for giving my laner double buff"
"I'm done"
Spamming surrender votes

This also includes calling out people for their mistakes. People play the way they know. 
They won't immediately change because a random SoloQ guy said they did something wrong.
Don't type ANYTHING and move on.

3) Mute if someone is toxic.
You must never focus on chat.
Your main goal is to win the game, and thus you have to focus on the game. 
If someone is negative, or just spamming, I mute him right away.

Pings are your friends

When you want something to be done, pinging once is not enough.
Ping the objective at least 3-4 times.
Ping every time you can, don't be shy.
Use it when you need help, when you're coming for a gank/from base, when your enemy is missing, when you see the enemy jungler.
Spam pings to communicate.

About me Back to Top

Hello, my name is Arik and I'm a multi season diamond level player, maining jungle since Season 6.
Season 5 - Plat 3.  
Season 6 - Diamond 3.
Season 7 - Diamond 4.  
Season 8 - Peaked D2, currently hold 2 Diamond 3~4 accounts.

If you liked my guide, make sure to check my other guides as well.
If you want me to make a guide on another champion, feel free to request.

Feel free to give constructive criticism and/or discuss about Sejuani/Jungle in the comments.

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 09/05/2018 - Guide was created.

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