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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Smite is a summoner spell that you always have to take when you are jungling. Smite deals true damage to jungle monsters or minions scaling from 390 to 1000 true damage. The team that has a jungler with smite is able to fight for objectives such as buffs, baron and dragon, simply because you got 1000 true damage to secure the objective. If you want to main jungle you should learn to smite the objectives properly so that the enemys can't steal them.

Ignite is a very good summoner spell on Shaco because it allows him to do a lot more things. Your ganks will become stronger and scarier because you got extra damage from ignite plus the heal reduction if they have any sort of healing ability/item. Ignite will also allow you to have a easier time fighting ADC's, the healing reduction will basically cut their lifesteal into half and the damage of time hits pretty hard on squishy targets. 

Exhaust is a situational summoner spell when the enemys got a lot of burst damage (for example: Zed, Riven, Rengar). Exhaust will make it easier fighting those enemys because Shaco is very squishy if you don't buy any defense on him, especially in the early game where u want to get some damage items. Exhaust is also a very powerful summoner spell when you are splitpushing because it's easier for you to fight the enemy that is trying to stop your splitpush.

Note: Ignite for more early pressure and heal reduction lategame, Exhaust for early pressure and lategame utility.

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Masteries Back to Top

This mastery page gives everything a Shaco player needs. From the ferocity tree he gets some alright attack speed, increased % damage which works well with your passive, scaling AD and AP for your autoattacks and abilities and lastly; oppressor because your E gives a permanent slow which will result in a free 2.5% damage increase.

From the cunning tree he gets some more damage on jungle camps which helps his clear out a bit, the assassin because it's Shaco duhhh.., merciless is also really nice because it helps you burst low health targets much easier, dangerous game will save you in situations where you almost kill a enemy but get ignited the hp you get will barely save you sometimes, the scaling Magic and Armor Penetration are really good on Shaco because he utilizes both damage sources. Lastly we have Thunderlord's Decree, this mastery will give your ganks a LOT of power because of the unexpected early game burst. You can gank a lane with Q > autoattack > E > autoattack (thunderlord's proc) > ignite and with followup of your laner you will get the kill most of the times

Q: What about Warlord's Bloodlust ?
A: This mastery is okay on Shaco, although I wouldn't recommend it because Shaco isn't the best sustained fighter (unlike someone like nasus, tryndamere, etc). Maybe if you go for a tankier build with Titanic Hydra and Sterak's Cage I could see this work somewhat but even then I find Thunderlord's supreme on Shaco.

Q: What about Strength of the Ages ? 
A: This mastery is really meta for most junglers right now, but I feel like if you take this mastery on Shaco you lack that tiny bit of burst especially in the early stages of the game. Shaco isn't a good jungle farmer anyway so you wouldn't get this mastery to 300 stacks anyway like other junglers but if you go for a Titanic Hydra build I could see this work out decently.

Q: What about Fevor of Battle?
A: This mastery is bad on Shaco if you want to burst people, because you simply won't be able to make full use out of the passive and stack it to 8 autoattacks because by that time you are probably already dead. But it's really good if you go for a tanky Titanic Hydra build and dps your enemies with this mastery and the red smite upgrade, most of the times your enemies will be surprised by your damage output. 

Abilities Back to Top


You start every single game by taking W as your first ability, this is because you are able to stack these at your jungle camp for a faster and healthier jungle clear. If you were to take Q or E as your first ability you would have a really bad time because you wouldn't have the Jack in the boxes there to tank the jungle creep hits for you.

Your second level-up depends on what you wish to do; if you want to invade the enemy jungler level up Q. I'd advise you to start gromp or redbuff then (depending if you start top or bot), also if you start gromp be sure to smite it too for it's passive because it will increase your dueling potential. If you want to have a safe start of the game level up E secondly and farm jungle until you reach level 3. If there are any available lanes to gank, gank them as soon as possible (for example an overextended midlaner with <50% hp or an overaggressive botlane). If not keep on farming for level 4, then base and purchase your jungle item. If you reach level 4 I'd recommend you to level up E again because it will increase your slow which will make your ganks more powerful. Also the slowincrease will make it easier to land your Jack in the box fear, because they won't be able to run out of the fear range when you keep autoattacking them. I prioritize level E above W and Q because the slow utility and attack speed reduction of the monsters and jungle camps and increased damage. And lastly E is guaranteed damage, you can't miss the ability unless u accidentally miss click it on a minion or something, whereas W can get killed by enemy long range and AoE abilities and for your Q damage to work you need to jump in their faces which sometimes can be suicidal against fed enemies.

When we reach level 6 we ofcourse want to level our ultimate because it's one of Shaco's signature abilities. You are able to do so much with this ability, you can splitpush, avoid damage, juke enemies, peel, solo objectives, etc. Whenever possible (level 6, 11, 16) I would put a point into this ability because the explode damage will increase by 150 magic damage. After having prioritized leveling E, then prioritize leveling W for a longer fear duration and for increased magic damage. I prioritize W above Q because if you max out Q first your W will be useless by the time you maxed it out. Enemies will be able to oneshot your Jack in the boxes which will nullify their damage and utility. Lastly max out Q, by lategame you will have a lot of AD items and the crit will deal a lot of damage (especially combined with shiv, the crit will be guarenteed then). Most of the times you will be able to one-shot marksman or ap mids when they don't get any defensive items with; Q burst with shiv proc > Hydra > E > Autoattack > Ignite.


Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard jungle start for Shaco, gives your more damage on jungle camps with the needed sustain.
    A jungle start for the more expierenced Shaco player, it allows you to build hydra faster but you will lack sustain
    An oldschool jungle shaco start which allows you to skip your jungle item and build hydra faster.

Core Items

    You should have this around your 2nd to 3rd back, it gives you mobility for ganks, sustain for jungle clear, lifesteal on camps and mana regen in the jungle. Stalkers blade gives you some burst and and slow to catch up to enemies.
    You should have this around your 2nd to 3rd back, it gives you mobility for ganks, sustain for jungle clear, lifesteal on camps and mana regen in the jungle. Skirmirsher's will allow you to have better 1v1 fights with the enemy jungler
    Choose any of these boots based on preference and on the games situation. Look in the authors notes for a in-depth explanation.
    If you went Stalker's Blade I recommend that you follow this build path. It gives you a lot of burst with the smite, hydra active and shiv passive proc. The downside is that you will be squishy following this build.
    If you went Skirmisher's Sabre I recommend that you follow this build path, it allows you to have great 1v1 fights thanks to the smite and health from Titanic Hydra. The downside is that you will have a lack of burst.
    Swap out your Totem ward for a Sweeper so that you can clear wards and then upgrade it once you are level 9 so you can spot Stealthed champions.
    Good items vs anything that deals physical damage, decide if you want to go defensive after your core build or if you want to go offensive.
    Good items vs anything that deals magic damage, decide if you want to go defensive after your core build or if you want to go offensive.
    Good items to help you deal more damage, decide if you want to go offensive after your core build or if you want to go more defensive.
    Example of a balanced build, providing you damage as burst and survive ability.
    Example of a balanced build, providing you damage in dps, survive ability and tankyness.
    Example of a shaco build with draktarr combined with defensive items for survive ability.
    Example of the best burst shaco build, you could also swap boots out for Draktarr.
    Example of a sated shaco build, this gives you a lot of on-hit damage.
    Tank shaco build, works pretty well because your clone and you will be able to soak a lot of damage.

Situational Items

    Always buy this item against burst mages, or when the enemies have 2 or more mages. It's really good right now thanks to its passive which gives you a lot of survivability.
    You build like an assassin but still have survivability thanks to this item, it is really good because it gives damage and health and the passive will save you many many times.
    Optional upgrade from refillable potion depending on the current game situation and based on personal preference.
    If the enemies have no stealthed champions you can also buy this at level 9 so you will have more wards on the map because they won't disappear unless they get destroyed.
--- Starting Items and upgrades

-- Jungle start
Hunter's Machete, Refillable Potion & Totem Ward
These are the starting items you should be getting every single game, hunter's machete will help you clear jungle a bit faster and refillable potion is there to heal you up when you need to. Most of the times you won't even use the Refillable Potion because your Jack in the boxes will tank most of the damage

Hunter's Machete, Bead & Totem Ward
You could go for this start if you wish to get Hydra as fast as possible. For example you can get Titanic Hydra faster combined with the Skirmisher's Sabre upgrade and later upgrade it with the Warrior stone. The downside of this start is that you have no Refillable potion so you need to manage your Jack in the box tanking really well.

Longsword, Refillable Potion & Totem Ward
It used to be a good start, because it would allow you to skip your jungle item and let you build Ravenous Hydra really fast. But in the current meta the Warrior enchantment is really strong because it gives you 60AD for not a lot of gold. I don't recommend to go for this start anymore.

-- Trinkets
Totem Ward
On the start of the game always buy yourself a Totem Ward because you will be able to ward your jungle entrance and see if the enemies invade you. I suggest you swap it out after your first back unless you are constantly being invaded and counterjungled, because then the ward is useful to spot enemies entering your jungle

Sweeping Lense
On your very first back I would recommend that you swap your Totem Ward with a Sweeping Lense, unless you get invaded on by a Nidalee for example then I would highly recommend to keep the Totem Ward in order to ward your jungle entrances

Oracle Alteration
When you are level 9 you will be able to purchase this item in the shop. I would only recommend you to buy this item when:
A) Your team doesn't have any sweepers and when the enemies ward a lot, but the wards won't get cleared
B) The enemies have stealthed enemies
C) All of the above

Farsight Alteration
I usually upgrade to this item after I reached level 9 for many reasons. Firstly the wards don't expire, so if enemies don't clear them they will stay there forever. Secondly you don't have to stand close to a bush in order to ward it, sometimes enemies might be hiding there and with this trinket you won't get caught when they do.

-- Refillable Potion Upgrades
You can upgrade Refillable Potion in some situations, as I will explain below. Although I wouldn't recommend it because I feel like you don't have to upgrade your Refillable Potion because you are throwing 250G-350G away that you could spend on your item build.

Hunter's Potion
You can upgrade your Refillable Potion into a Hunter's Potion when:
A) Your blue buffs keeps getting stolen, Hunter's Potion will give you enough mana sustain (and health sustain).
B) You fall behind and struggle to catch up because you can't afford items to clear jungle and are forced to back every 2-3 jungle camps.
C) You want to afk farm jungle and not get low on health and mana.

Corrupting Potion
You can upgrade your Refillable Potion into a Corrupting Potion when:
A) You want extra sustain while jungling but you're not planning on afk farming the jungle.
B) You want more damage during your ganks, ps: be sure to pop a potion before you start your gank.
C) You are fed 

--- Core Build
The core Build will consist of:
A) Jungle Item + Enchantment
B) Boots
C) A core item which will determine the rest of the build

-- The jungle upgrade
We have 3 options when we want to upgrade our Hunter's Machete: Stalker's Blade, Skirmisher's Sabre and Tracker's Knife. Each one has lifesteal on jungle camps which is useful for sustaining, mana regen within the jungle area and each one has a different smite upgrade. I will explain the differences below and why and when you should/could pick a certain upgrade.

Stalker's Blade
Really solid upgrade from the Hunter's Machete, it gives you a tiny bit of extra burst when you smite someone. It can also be used to close a gap between you and your enemy, it also serves a purpose to slow someone whose trying to escape from you. Be aware though that when you smite during your Deceive stealth you will become visible. I would suggest this upgrade almost every game.

Skirmisher's Sabre
This smite upgrade is good versus tanks because of the true damage on autoattacks that you get. It also has some utility because you will get a slight damage reduction, which can sometimes be useful against champions like riven or leblanc. I would suggest to upgrade to Skirmisher's Sabre when you build a bit of tanky so that you are able to make full use out of the smite active.

Tracker's Knife
This smite upgrade is kinda mediocre on Shaco but it can be useful in certain situations, such as playing teamranked and you wanting to ward for your laners so they can see the jungler coming. It can also be used to ward your own jungle against counterjunglers so you can spot them before they enter your jungle. This smite is purely utility and won't offer you any bonus damage so I don't recommend this for soloq below diamond 1.

-- The jungle enchantment
Once we have selected our Jungle upgrade we can go for a jungle enchantment, this enchantment will determine what kind of build we are going to go. I suggest only 3 enchantments; Warrior, Devourer and Cinderhulk, so not Echo's because I think AP Shaco jungle isn't that reliable to play than AD Shaco Jungle.

1400.png 1412.png 1408.png
Warrior enchantment is the most solid upgrade you can get, because it gives you a lot of AD early game. The AD difference between having Stalker's Blade + Caulfield's Warhammer is HUGE. The item is quite cheap and I would recommend to go for Warrior almost every single game. Your damage output will be very high especially when you get Hydra after Warrior.

1403.png 1415.png 1411.png
Devourer can be a fine upgrade when your team is lacking lategame damage, so for example you don't have a lategame marksman and your midlaner doesn't deal reliable damage lategame. With Devourer you need to opt for a more farm oriented gameplay and get Sated as fast as possible otherwise the item is quite weak.  Combined with on-hit items you will be able to deal quite a lot of damage in the lategame phase.

1401.png 1413.png 1409.png
Cinderhulk can be a fine upgrade when your team is lacking a reliable tank, you can become quite tanky with cunderhulk and a few items so that your team can freely deal damage while you disrupt their marksman. I would only suggest to go Cinderhulk if your team is ahead in the early game, because you will be useless as a tank when your team isn't able to deal the damage.

-- Boots for snowballing/utility
Boots that help you snowball an early game lead because you will most likely be able to catch the enemies by suprise. Later on in the game they won't be that good so you can swap them whenever you like.

Boots of swiftness
These boots are really strong at the moment because of the 60MS and the resistance against slows. I would suggest to get these almost every single game because you will be able to travel so much distance during your Deceive. Shaco's base movement speed is already high (350) and with these you will be faster than anyone without movement speed buffs.

Boots of Mobility
If you really want to snowball your lanes you could go for these boots, you will have to sacrifice jungle farming though because you need to focus heavily on ganks. The 115MS bonus is really huge especially when you get them fairly early on in the game when everyone only has tier-1 boots. But the boots do have a downside, because when you get caught it will be very hard to escape.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity
Ionian Boots of Lucidity are fine for more utility due to the cooldown reduction. You will be having more Jack in the boxes when teamfights happen, your E will have a low cooldown so you can use that to peel for your adc for example and your ult will have a lower cooldown so you will be able to make more plays. I don't suggest getting these unless you want to have more utility and prefer to build CDR (though items as Black cleaver are better for CDR).

-- Boots for increased damage
Berserker's Greaves
Berserker's Greaves are quite nice for Shaco because he scales off of Attack Speed quite nicely. These boots will give him an edge when fighting enemies because everyone prioritizes Boots of Swiftness right now. Get these if you are fed and wish to deal more damage to your opponents.

Sorceres Shoos
Shaco has 3 abilities that deal magic so getting magic pen will be quite useful because it will allow you to deal more damage. Usually marksman don't get that much magic resist so you will almost be doing true damage to them with your abilities.

-- Boots for defence
Mercury's Treads 
When the enemies have a lot of crowd control you should buy Mercury's Thread because otherwise you will get CC'd in teamfights and you will most likely always die. The Magic Resist will be quite nice aswell versus any magic dealing champion, so consider buying these whenever the enemies have a lot of CC or magic damage or both.

Ninja Tabi
When the enemies have a lot of autoattackers you should consider buying Ninja Tabi's. It will help you fighting them because it lowers their autoattack damage by 10% which scales quite nicely into the lategame. Also it gives bonus Armor which is nice against any physical damage dealers (including jungle creeps)

--- Items after junglers upgrade

-- Offensive Items
Ravenous Hydra
If you went for Stalker's Blade I would recommend that you buy Ravenous Hydra straight after it because it offers you a great deal of burst, sustain and a realy nice active. I find this the best item on Shaco because it makes your ganks so much more powerful, you can Deceive > AA > Hydra > E (which scales a 100% with bonus AD) combined with ignite and followup from your laner and you will most likely get a kill.

Titanic Hydra
If you went for Skirmisher's Sabre I would recommend that you buy Titanic Hydra straight after because the syngergy between both items is really good. If someone commits to a fight smite them and use your ultimate, now you and your close (who also makes use of the AoE attack passive) will deal great damage against your enemy. Titanic Hydra offers you good heath, nice AD, an active ability and a passive that scales with your health.  

Statikk Shiv
Statikk Shiv for the Crit, AS, MS and Passive ability (OP!).

Infinity Edge
You could go for Infinity Edge when you are really fed and want to instakill squishies.

Trinity Force
You could go for Trinity force when you are really fed and need more burst to kill enemies.

Youmuu's Ghostblade
You could go for  oumuu's Ghostblade for the AD, CDR, ARM Pen and Active ability.

Duskblade of Draktharr
You could go for Duskblade of Draktharr if you want to burst enemies down, this item is also kinda bugged on Shaco because the clone also procs it, so in fact you'll have the passive 2 times.

-- Optional Offensive Items
The Bloodthirster
You could go for The Bloodthirster if you want a lot of Lifesteal, AD & a shield passive.

Blade of the Ruined King
You could go for Blade of the Ruined King when facing a tanky team because of the %damage.

Death's Dance
You could go for Death's Dance if you are able to make use out of the bleed effect.

Phantom Dancer
You could go for Phantom Dancer when you are facing mobile comps because of the MS.

Rapid Firecannon
You could go for Rapid Firecannon if you want more range on your Deceive.

Mortal Reminder
Mortal Reminder is a very good item versus tanks and healers, for example a Dr. Mundo top or a Soraka support. Mortal Reminder will really cut into their healings and it will only make it easier for you to kill them. I would only suggest to get this item when the healing is a big treat otherwise you might want to go for different offensive items.

Lord Dominik's Regards
Lord Dominik's Regards is a okay item if you want to deal more damage against the enemy tanks. Most of the times you will have a lower health pool so you will make a lot of use from the items passive. If would recommend this item if you go for a burst build but still want to kill tanks.

-- Defensive Items
Dead Man's Plate
You could go for Dead Man's Plate if you want to have tankiness but also damage and a slow.

Randuin's Omen
You could go for Randuin's Omen when facing a AD comp that like to build crit.

You could go for Thornmail when facing a heavy autoattack composition.

Sterak's Cage
You could go for Sterak's Gage when you need more health and survivability.

Maw of Malmortius 
You could go for Maw of Malmortius when you face a bursty mage for survivability.

Mercurial Scimitar
You could go for Mercurial Scimitar when you need the Cleanse effect from its active.

Banshee's Veil
You could go for Banshee's Veil when facing a AP poke heavy team composition.

The Black Cleaver
You could go for The Black Cleaver when you want have more utility because of the CDR.

Zz'Rot Portal
You could go for Zz'Rot Portal for more defense and splitpushing power.

Guardian Angel
You could go for Guardian Angel if you are hypercarrying and don't want to die.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Aatrox
  • Amumu
  • Diana
  • Elise
  • Evelynn
  • Gragas
  • Hecarim
  • Jarvan IV
  • Jax
  • Kha'Zix
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  • Nocturne
  • Nunu
  • Pantheon
  • Rengar
  • Skarner
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  • Vi
  • Wukong
  • Xin Zhao




Like Shaco, Aatrox is a mind champion. While he is squishy and hard to use, his massive healing W and his reviving passive can hurt the mind of your allies and yourself, making you think you can't duel him. Grab an exhaust instead of an ignite to destroy him and camp his jungle. If he tries to jump on you either Q or R in order to dodge it, then decide if you want to fight him or run away. If you want to fight him place a Jack in a box under his feet and keep autoattacking + throwing E's at him, if he ults instantly exhaust him (if you fight him pre 6 just exhaust him when you know his Q is on cooldown so he can't run off). If you run away however be sure not to get his by his E slow.



Not as much countered as you may think. Early AP amumu isn't a joke nowadays, lategame he is a beast, and with the new jungle items and Hunter's Potion he can farm freely even if you steal his blue. What can you do here? You try to kill him on his jungle over and over. Focus on clearing his big monsters so he cant farm and get levels, also try to take every single dragon whenever possible. If you occur in a fighting situation be sure to dodge his Q with your Q or R because if he lands it he will be a pain in the ass post 6 because he will instantly ult you and burst 400hp off your health bar. I also recommend you to buy a Hexdrinker for the shield and survivability.




Epicly weak in first minutes. Try to kill her at lvl 2 on his red/blue (second buff) because she won't be able to do anything. Then just camp her jungle over and over. She can't clear drake fast, so be sure you secure it too. Is very hard for a Diana to get back into a game if behind, so keep camping her and ward her jungle. Be sure to buy a hexdrinker somewhere along the line to survive her post 6 burst. Always try to avoid her Q's because if the hits it she will most likely try to engage on you.




Used to be kinda weak after a hard nerfhammer. Now she is strong again with the buff to her Coccoon stun duration. Be sure to evade it with your Q or R (QSS could also work) and you should be able to burst her down with your clone earlygame. I would suggest going ignite and try to catch her before she gets her second buff. It also works well to countergank an Elise because she will most likely have Cocoon on cooldown. Also be sure to buy hexdrinker against her early on in the game.




I hate her more than lee sin. Not because she is epicly strong, but because she can ruin your whole game if she wards your jungle and follow you to countergank. You can kill her on his second buff if you are smart and you get her low. But careful: If her lanes come help you may be in serious trouble. Be sure to rush hexdrinker against her and try to put a pinkward in the bush above red buff. Tell your laners to play safe and buy pinkwards. She will also most likely gank botlane when she reaches level 6 so keep that in mind.



He deals tons of damage, has mobility, has CC and is tanky. Luckily enough he is easy to invade earlygame, so you can get fed by invading him and killing him after he engage the camp he is clearing with his E belly dash. If you try to jump on him and he has E he will just get away unless you try to block him by standing infront of the direction that he is trying to go to. You can countergank him easily though if he has already used his E. Be sure to buy a hexdrinker and avoid getting hit by his ultimate by using Q or R.




Good early damage, dont 1v1 him. The fact he don't have any real jump until level 6 makes him so predictable. Ward his jungle, clear his camps and if you can kill him when he is low on mana he will have a hard time trying to get back into game. The only thing you can do it try to avoid his E damage by waiting in stealth and avoiding his R by ulting or deceiving away. If he commits to a fight ignite him so he won't sustain that much from his W.


Jarvan IV


Always dodge his E>Q combo with your Q. If he ults you when your Q is on cooldown try to get through his wall by using your R. It is very easy to countergank Jarvan since he has to commit to a gank with E>Q, if you catch him there he is a dead man 99% of the time.




Jax is so strong, early, mid and lategame. You can kill him on his jungle if you see him using his E to farm or to avoid damage. Make sure he doesn't get kills early. Countergank him and push lanes a lot to get as much gold advantage as possible. Try to close the game as early as possible and avoid fighting him at any time. If he E's try to Q away before he stuns you cause that will get you killed. Also don't try to splitpush against him unless you are really fed.




Skill Matchup. He can snowball so hard if he gets few kills early. Try to get your lanes fed so they can fight him. You can kill easily on his red at lvl 2, since he will probably take E + Q skills and won't have the jump ready yet. IMPORTANT: If you place a Jack In the Box when duellign him, he won't see you isolated, so the damage you will receive from his combo will be much less! If he is fed try to avoid fighting him alone because he will murder you with his Q.


Lee Sin

The most known counter due to reveal and countergank power. However this is a double-edged counterpick. If they pick lee sin to counter you (so after you pick), you can outplay him. If you find him on his jungle when he just used Q + E to farm, he's dead. A good lee sin can destroy your game, so ban him if you have bad experienced against lee sin. If you fight against him it's a must to block his Q with your R because otherwise he will Q>R>Q bursting you down to almost no heath. 


Master Yi


So easy to kill earlygame. When ganking him, save your jack in the box because you will need it to stop his healing. Also if you place your Jack in the box too early he will alpha strike it and he will one-shot the box. Try to set him behind by farming his creeps and killing him over and over. A well farmed devourer Yi can be a problem lategame if your team has no cc. Try to stack boxes under tower and in the middle of the lane before teamfights happen.




Skill matchup. If she freefarms lategame, you'll be in trouble. But if she freefarms while having a Shaco on enemy team, Shaco is doing something wrong. Ward her jungle and steal her buffs, keep counterjungling her because she is weak early game and you'll have the advantage over her. If you let her farm however you will outlevel you and if she gets a few good ganks of she will win the game so don't let that happen. Also be sure to buy a hexdrinker against her otherwise she will deal a lot of damage to you. 




Don't try to 1vs1 him, even if he misses Q. A shield to block your Shiv and increase his atk.speed, a fear to CC you, high damage with his passive and a nuke that increase his AD. This guy is strong. If you're ahead you may consider killing him if he misses the Q and you dodge his fear with your ultimate. You can also try to kill him when he walks into a bush with a Jack in the box. But mainly focus on gank lanes and making your team get ahead.




Run hide, tell your team to ward, hide your children. Honestly this is a game of warding and knowing what will happen and how to respond. Invade and being invaded is the name of the game. Get 2 buffs or try and steal or kill him as he’s doing it. Ask your team for help too and pray that they will help you kill nunu.



Watch for the passive to go down then go in, because otherwise he will block your autoattack, stun you, and block another autoattack. Try to ulti his stun and move behind him while you ulti to evade his E. Remember to run from his final crit. If he commits to a fight place a box under him and ult so he might attack your clone.



Skill matchup. Strong assassin and duellist if he has everything up. Kill him when he uses his 5 fury charge to heal up on his jungle. Make sure you upgrade your red trinket so he doesn't use ultimate to escape. You can only catch him on low health and fury because otherwise he'll probably kill you. Always avoid getting E'd because he will root you and him and his team will followup and kill you.




Hybrid Damage, high speed and tankyness make Skarner a though enemy to fight. You can't win 1v1 against skarner, but you can win his against lanes. Ward the ganking paths so you avoid his counterganks post 6.




OP. His early duelling power is one of the best of the game, if not the best. Don't even consider invading him: He will chase you (and runs faster than you), cc you (and he has more cc than you), attack you (and he deals more damage than you) and ignore your damage (he has a shield while you don't). If I didn't main Shaco, I would probably main Udyr. Try to abuse the fact he can't jump walls: kill him with your midlaner on his jungle, and always stay away from him. Instead try to win against his lanes and be sure to ward his jungle.




Easy matchup. Epicly easy to kill on her jungle (she uses everything earlygame to farm), squishy early after his shield goes off, you can evade his ultimate with your own and she doesn't have a true escape mechanism. If she tries to use punch charge (Q) to escape, Deceive in her path so she can't advance. She is also so easy to countergank if you and your lanes ward a bit. at lvl 6 she has amazing ganks though, so be sure you spot her everytime he leaves base.




Be aware of the monkey. I set a little advantage against him because I almost won matches against him. However, post 6 (so after min 7-8) he will be incredibly strong at ganking and skirmishes. How to beat him? He has zero sustain on jungle earlygame, doesn't has a true escape apart of decay, he's incredibly squishy before lvl 6 and you can kill him easy after he uses his E + q to farm. Bringing an early red trinket is a good idea against him.


Xin Zhao


He's an early champion like you. His burst earlygame is so strong, but after he uses it he is kinda weak. Try to catch him on jungle camps after going all-in on them for fast clear, and you will score for sure a kill or a flash burn. If he E's onto you exhaust/ignite him, place a box under hit feet and ult, try to kill him before he kills you.

About Me Back to Top

Hello everyone and welcome to my very first guide here on LoLKing!

Hi I'm Hateful, an Diamond 1 solo queue player and I have been playing League of Legends since the release of Vi, my first champion that I really liked was Shaco because of his funny character and his skillset. I'm currently 18 years old, I live in the Netherlands and I love to play League of Legends. I can play every single role in the game but my most favorite role will always be the jungle. I love making in-depth guides, because I like teaching people and I love theorycrafting. If you enjoy my guides please give is a thumbs up and you can follow my stream if you want to see more of me!




Game Opening Back to Top

When you start off a game as Shaco expect to be invaded at least double the amount of times, in fact, triple the amount of times as other junglers. This is self explanatory because, except for jungle nidalee with trap start and maokai with his saplings, you’re the only jungler that needs protection of your boxes to ensure a decently timed clear. That being said there are precautions to take when starting the game, thus you must master the following.

Buy immediately and leave the base. To do this, as soon as the game starts at 0:00 right click towards the direction of the buff you want to go. Press a key on your keyboard to open the shop, I prefer to press P for shop. Buy machete, refillable potion and totem ward as fast as you can, it's preferred to make item sets for this.

Then place ward as either the top or bottom side of the map depending on what buff you are starting. If I’m starting top side on I will put it in top tri-brush or river brush and same thing for bottom side of the map. This is to check off the side invades.

Next rotate through your jungle around to the side behind your buff and watch this area for early invades.
Place your box on your buff on 41 seconds then ward over the wall if you’re starting red buff to see if they are invading (as you cannot walk back in blind).

If you’re starting blue buff then walk around and ward the banana brush from a distance outside of skillshot/hook etc range.

Stack boxes and do the buff and continue your game.

Post Invade: When you get invaded it happens in variations so lets cover what could happen.
They could have triggered your side box, thus you move back behind the buff or away into the wolves or brushes and box purely for area. This means it can be outside of the buff range but is also better if you can drag the buff later in the box if its not used. Spread out your boxes while moving safely.

They could have walked through your banana brush before you got to place your ward down meaning you are already dead if you face checked, which you didnt. Drop your ward somewhere useful like on your buff before you run and look to drop boxes while your team joins. Alternatively you can circle to your other buff.
Your ward saw them and you’re now watching them walk into your jungle, box in the buff bush and wait for them to enter with your team for a fight.

Youre getting late invaded,  your bot might be able to hold them off but don’t be afraid to try and smite it down for 390 dmg with box auto attack dps and then kill the weakest small wraith to hit 2. Skill Q ASAP and Q over the wall and run away. If you get this off then you’re in a good spot, go to his closest buff and screw with the other jungler because of his cheese. Control all the buffs and the map and take over the game.
If you die at any point, default to madred builds unless you think you can still compete with the other jungler.

Jungle Starts Back to Top

This section is exclusive to what types of plays can be made in the first 5 minutes of the game. However, I will point out my preferences and explain why I feel certain strats are at fault in solo queue.

Misconception on Straight Invades
A straight invade is when you put your boxes to do one of your buffs and then finish it to go directly into the opponents jungle nearest to you and do that buff. The clearest problems with this invade is that it requires vision to do safely for the following reason. The straight invade makes the assumption that the buff you are heading towards will be up so the assumption is the other jungler started cross map or invaded your jungle on the other side. However, doing this without any vision or knowledge of where the other jungler started is stupid because it leaves you to check a buff that might already be done. Thus this play is only valid in my opinion when vision is established and knowledge of where the other jungler started is known (In solo queue this vision generally won’t happen). A play could be to use the blue trinket to scout the buff before you go however even if you do get a steal off the other jungler could just steal your buff and it would be a 2 for 2 trade, nothing to be proud of. More often than not this strategy relies on your opposing jungler and team to be stupid and not ward defensively or start there. I would not recommend this strat as it assumes your opposing team is idiotic.

The Double Buff Clear
The double buff clear is a team reliant strat that has been around since the dawn of Shaco. It involves boxing up one of the buffs, typically the bottom side buff since your bot lane has 2 people and then Shaco would run to do his other buff and get level 3 then invade. However, exp has changed in such a way that level 3 is impossible to get this way. Thus, getting level 2 and invading/doing a camp to get 3 is the simplest way. This strat abuses boxes as a source of dps so Shaco can get the buffs from across the map. I would not use this strat is solo queue as it requires immense preparation and protection of both buffs with vision control. It is also prone to mistake if your team is unfamiliar with the strat.

Special: A variation on the double buff strat that I would do if I'd ever use it is one that gives exp to the lane. It goes like this: Box up your first buff, walk towards your second buff, do it with smite, but let your bot/top lane stand inside the buff you started and take exp, the reason for this is two fold. First, bot lane/top lane should get to lane ASAP to get their advantage, by leashing so hard it cuts into their lane automatically making your team lose an early lead. Thus, the tradeoff for this strat is giving them exp to give a surprise and get into the lane. Second, you get level 2 off of both buffs anyway so the difference is minimal and only manifests itself in the fact that you need 2 camps instead of 1 to get level 3. However, you are probably invading anyway so that shouldn't matter to you too much.

Clearing Your Jungle 
The most standard thing to do, and I like to play standard and minimize risk, is to do both of your buffs and then another camp to hit 3 or maybe do the 3 wraith trick in between. Blue to red to camp or other way. The only thing I will say is that if you do red then the 3 wraith trick then blue you should have 1 mana pot in your inventory (unless you started long sword) to clear faster. This is because you use it to Q over to the 3 small wraiths for a faster clear.

Clear Your Jungle Invade
Doing both your big camps, either red to blue or blue to red then invading the nearest buff gives a chance of punishing the other jungler if they're greedy. This is because if they did their buff then a camp in between you will arrive at their second buff as they are doing it. First make sure that the buff you are invading is the other junglers second buff. Next, avoid wards in the invasion. Lastly, execute the invade.

How to Gank Back to Top

Lets be real here. 
Its not that hard, but for those of you wanting a more structured guide, heres your checklist that you should memorize.

1. Make sure you have enough mana when approaching for the gank to at least Q in. Q shiv is better, Full 300~ mana for full combo is optimal.
2. Find an area to Q from that wont be noticed by your smoke.
3. Make sure the area is cleared with a pink, sweeper or knowledge.
4. Make sure to account for counter gank threat otherwise you might get screwed.
5. Q over the area and walk as deep as you can towards where you expect the other champion to be 3.5 seconds from now when you are revealed.
6. Keep walking till 3.5 seconds is up, no really, get as deep as you can.
7. Box their escape route and ultimate and begin autoing them and commanding your clone to do the same.
8. Kite them with you right clicking towards their escape route and your clone as well. This may take some practice to kite with both characters.
9. Ignite ASAP to get maximum efficiency from stopping their regen.
10. Proc actives such as Youmuu, Hydra after one auto for a reset.
11. Throw your shiv once you know they're out of range for any autos to get there to slow them.
12. Keep chasing if you think that your Q will come up soon enough to get a crit to secure the kill.

The Tower Dive: More often than not a gank make entail a tower dive where the minions are pushed to the enemy tower. Please follow steps 1-4 from above then:
1. Begin walking towards the enemy under tower and decide whether or not you or your laner should take aggro (support taking aggro is good).
2. If you are taking aggro you may walk up to them and ignite/auto until you need to get away in which you will shiv and Q out of tower range.
3. If you are not taking aggro, wait for your teammates move and you may Q in or save it, ignite/auto and shiv as you need to finish them.

The Tower Defense: When your teammate is getting dove you might have to help to defend. Your teammate is getting dove when they are low and it seems obvious that a dive will occur such as them being oom or low on hp or no summoner spells. Box behind defensively out of vision range in hopes it will defend them and wait for the dive to occur. Once it begins Q in and auto the one chasing your teammate and slow them with your E passive and shiv. Pray they stay alive and kite the divers.

The 3 min 2v2 Top: You know that feeling when both junglers are level 3 and going to gank top because its a toxic lane, well as Shaco you have a couple more options. First, because of your quick clear you can actually get there about 5 seconds faster than other junglers. This time allows you to gank a bit faster and maybe collect your kill/pressure faster than the other jungler would be there to counter it. Additionally, you can Q into the lane brushes and set up boxes in them. I prefer to lane Q into the first bush and put the boxes at the edges. Then I'll move back so that they cannot see my smoke then Q to the 3rd bush and put a box at the end of it.

Special: The 3 small wraith trick has been popular for a long time but has been getting steam in the most recent of solomid guides about Shaco. I’m not currently aware of the writers name but he's popularized a section about this. I discovered this trick on my own and am in no way attempting to steal his work. The 3 small wraith trick is simply mathematics. First, a blue or red buff will give 260 exp each. Next the small lizards from the buffs give 20 exp each. Lastly, the small wraiths give 20 exp each. Looking on LoL wiki you would see that to get level 3 you would need to get 660 exp. Doing the math~ 260 x 2 + 20 x 4 would be the 2 bigger camps leading to 600 exp. Thus the remaining 60 exp can be received by doing the 3 small camps. Hence the trick is to do both camps and do the 3 small wraiths to get level 3 rather than doing 3 full camps. This competes with doing 3 full camps by saving 10 seconds on your first gank and trading off the gold and exp from the big wraith/big wolf exp. Note that the small wolves give 25 exp each therefore 50 would not be enough. Lastly, a variation would be to gank and get the 60 exp from the lane cs which is 2 melee minions or 1 melee minion 2 ranged minion or 3 ranged minions.

Check Where They Started Back to Top

There are a few indicators to figure out where the other jungler began.
First and clearest are any wards or vision found out about where they began, whether it be a trinket ward or your teammate walking in to see them.

Second would be checking the direction of where the laners come from, is top lane late to lane, bot lane, did mid come from left or right side at 1:40, these are clear indicators of where the jungler began. But be warned, some junglers will ask for a fake leash to throw you off.

Third and most importantly are missing hp or mana bars. Perhaps top or bot lane tanked a shot of the jungle camp when leashing telling you immediately that they went for that buff. Or perhaps their bot lane Vayne used tumble to leash the camp as well as the Morgana pooling. Noticing these are key to figuring out where the other jungler started.
Note that the other jungler could have invaded your second buff had you not warded it or asked your teammates to watch.

Additionally, the other jungler could have just not asked for a leash and knew that that was the highest chance of not knowing where he began, sometimes you just dont know.

How to do jungle monsters efficiently Back to Top

To do a camp at full mana look to Q towards it if you wanna use the mana, either over the wall or closer to it, place the box behind the biggest camp there, for example behind the big wraith, then begin an auto on the big camp, shiv, then continuously auto while kiting out to make sure the box takes the damage. Because the camp has turned to the box you have backstab damage now. Lastly, kite back in to make sure the box doesn’t die to maximize dps. Camps like wolves and wraiths have a variation in the damage while golems and big camps will take 3 hits to kill the box. On buffs you may place the box behind the target and kite in and out to make the buff turn. This creates times where dps is not done by the buffs, it takes practice tho. Try to put the box down auto, move in and out while consistently autoing. Some will argue to wait for the box to trigger but the 2 seconds of wait time is rarely worth the 2 seconds of time you could of spent to use it elsewhere.

To do dragon be level 6 and either have Madred's/spirit stone, Doran's Blade or Long Sword. Make sure its clear with a pink or red trinket then begin either by Qing in or walking into it. Throw down box and auto with a backstab, then let the dragon begin his auto attack animation onto you and then ultimate to dodge the auto attack. The dragon will now turn to the box but turn back if you are in range. Take the first auto because it will use your regeneration stats. Then, kite out letting the box take a hit, kite back in, let the clone take a hit, then let the box take the last hit before it dies. Continue on and let your clone take all the damage until one hit will kill it, then you tank. Finally, but the box down again and let it tank only 1 hit, then tank the remaining damage and let the box die at the end by tanking a hit. Use your smite and then Q out to do your buffs or heal at base.

As Shaco you can solo baron in many ways. A variation of Feral with 15~ stacks, Blade of the Ruined King and Hydra or Feral with 15~ stacks, Blade of the Ruined King, Tiamat and Spirit stone, treat the baron like dragon except it 1 shots boxes so you wanna tank it the majority of the time, use your lifesteal stat and Q always to avoid baron knock up and increase damage per second. Always go back to the objectives ASAP and clear them if the opponent doesn’t have timer, always prioritize objectives over kills/farm. You have the option of clearing it of wards a minute before and starting to set up boxes the minute before. Do the same for estimated timers on opponent buffs and always be on time for objectives. Obviously playing the vision war is helpful but you have to rely on your team for that.

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