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2 years ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Spells and Shaco

11.png14.png: Offensive jungle

This is what I and most other people run on Shaco in general. Shaco is infamous for not needing a flash, so I make it easier for me to get kills and get into the game with a bang. I'm not going to sit here and say this is the only way to run Shaco Spell wise, but it's definitely what I'd recommend for newer players to help them secure kills.

11.png12.png: Split-push scumbag :)

Shaco is very good at split pushing. He can get to a lane, get a few towers, and get back once the enemy lets their guard down with teleport. Personally, I think ignite makes it easier to fight his opponents when they come to stop him (AND THEY ALWAYS DO). On the rare occasions they don't stop you, you can take their towers, inhibs, jungle, dragons, do your taxes, hit the gym, grab some dinner, because they're obviously not looking at their maps.

11.png4.png: Stayin' alive, stayin' alive

Taking flash on Shaco is usually seen as sub-par by people who have no idea what Shaco does. For those who are adept at the clown, ignite isn't as vital for picking off victims since you know how to manage boxes to do the job. Notice that Shaco is extremely easy to kill, and getting caught out by a pink, or enemy assassins means you die, simple as that. Now, if you're confident in your ability with Shaco, then take flash for the safety. Nothing is more discouraging than an 11/0 Shaco escaping after he doesn't have his blink.

11.png3.png: Counter the counters

First picking Shaco in draft? Going up against a Lee Sin? Wondering how am I going to fight this monk who ironically reveals an invisible champion while blind? then take exhaust! Yes exhaust is the answer to almost everything annoying about playing against Lee in the jungle. All jokes aside, Lee and other Shaco counters are a problem. Early game,I'im pretty sure Nasus could out duel the mad clown

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

A clown's set of skills:

Gentlemen, I know you may be expecting Warlord's because of the normal crit build on Shaco, but I had a bit of an epiphany while on surrender at 20 looking through the PBE changes. There I saw the next overpowered strategy, guarantee. That little mastery that no one payed attention too is getting a buff, even though it's already a hidden gem for assassins who can dependably get in, but not get out. I speak of course, about Stormraider's Surge. The proposed buff is to give Stormraider's 75% slow immunity. This is absolutely monstrous, and I find it hilarious when I see people hopping from warlord's bandwagon to fervor bandwagon, to grasp of the undying bandwagon, and to the current OP with thunderlord's. This is going to be huge, so lets just prepare ahead of time, and it works for both AP and AD.

Abilities Back to Top


Using your Shaq-fu:

latest?cb=20130929123232  Passive: Backstab

Backstab gives Shaco a 20% damage increase when attacking from the back. What qualifies as the back, however, is about as constant as TF2's backstabs. The good thing is that it's very easy for Shaco to get to someone's back with his infamous blink. Crits do increase damage with backstab, which also increases your heal with Warlord's Bloodlust. Backstab is the one reason league rule #3 exists. Just like you should never chase singed, NEVER RUN FROM SHACO. Running from Shaco is how you get killed by him, you can't escape him, your best bet is to fight because during the mid game, unless he's fed or you're behind, you'll probably win.

latest?cb=20130929123234  Q: Deceive

Deceive is, in my humble opinion, the best spell in the game. It's a blink and stealth that gives a guaranteed crit. Use it defensively, offensively, or even to piss off the enemy team, it rolls how ever you want. Shaco's Q is what lets him do what he does so well, he's incredibly hard to catch or escape. The obvious application of this spell is to get at least one proc of backstab, and at that point you have enough damage to make them run or win the fight. Of course you can use it to blink over walls, or do what Shaco is famous for, invade the enemy jungle. One important thing to note is that  the crit on deceive is that at the first 3 ranks it deals less damage than a normal crit, the normal amount at rank 4, and 20% more at rank 5. The only other thing ranking it up does is decrease the mana cost, no real reason to max it first. 

latest?cb=20130929123236  W: Jack in the Box

How does one begin to describe how useful this spell is. Not only does it give vision, but it also provides Shaco's only form of hard CC and decent magic damage at high ranks and early levels. Jack in the Box is one of the most infuriating spells for the enemy to deal with, but its soooooo fun to pull off plays with them. Put them down on your way into an invade to cover your escape to the dismay of the enemy jungler as they watch you walk away while they can't move to stop you. Or, put one down before you start your assault out of stealth, by the time they react, the box will have them feared, leaving them to you and your clone's mercy. For AP Shaco, these things are an automatic go home button. They run into a couple of these while they chunk the poor fool down to half HP.

(also, AP Shaco should max this second instead of Q.

latest?cb=20130929123237  E: Two-Shiv Poison

Here we come to Shaco's E, his throwing knife. Shaco throws a shiv at a target, slowing and dealing magic damage to them. I'm describing this spell is that you wouldn't really know by just the name alone. A shiv is a knife, yes, and you do hold two of them, and they may be poisoned, but how are you supposed to know you can throw them? Regardless, E is one of his most useful spells. Being able to slow your enemies is vital for being able to chase them down without deceive, and the passive slow while off cooldown is incredibly useful. The magic damage on this is also insane, scaling at 100% AP AND 100% AD. No matter how you build, your Shivs will compliment it. In the jungle, the passive slows, and decreases the monster's attack speed by up to 30%, helping the red menace stay alive in the jungle longer.

latest?cb=20130929123235  R: Hallucinate

Shaco's ultimate, oh hallucinate, where do I even begin. Hallucinate makes Shaco untargetable for a short moment and then spawns a clone of Shaco that copies his MS, AS, deals 75% damage, and receives an extra 50% damage. Using this clone properly can make you an untouchable god on the rift, this is the sole reason that Shaco's damage output can get to astronomical levels. The ability to have the highest DPS in the game is no joke( adn the clone's auto's scale off AD, just like yours. If the clone gets killed, or lasts for 18 seconds, it will explode dealing a base 300, 450, or 600 magic damage, but that's not the best part of the explosion. This clone's final farewell scales with 100% of your AP, making upwards of 1000+ damage explosions. One shiv, one clone, one box, and they won't survive. Even if not going AP, Shaco's clone gives an already slippery Champion the ability to play mind games. Here's a scenario, you're chasing a Shaco; you've finally managed to catch him out after he blew his Q and he's as good as dead. He stops and ults, one Shaco starts running, the other starts attacking in place. Since this is a Shaco guide you might say its a trick, but in game 9/10 times you go after the one running away, only to see it explode in a flurry of knives and the one that you left alone has killed the one person who stayed behind and got away. This kind of thing is common fold for a decent Shaco, but the best Shaco's (so no not me) are masters of something called clone shuffling. The gist of it is that you send your clone away while you run towards a bush, your clone can only go so far before it teleports back to you, you duck into a bush and stealth as your clone teleports to the bush. They don't see the clone tele, so they think it must be you. What you do after that is up to you. Look up shaclone or sivHD for some examples.   

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    The shop in game will try and tell you to get the new jungle talisman for mana regen, but without the lifesteal and extra damage on monsters, Shaco won't last long in the jungle. Take this as a very cost efficient replacement for your 2 pots. The refillable potion pays for itself like grandma's soup in the Wind Waker.

Core Items

    By mid game, you should be gunning for your upgraded jungle item, as well as the ravenous hydra. Zeal and your finished boots will make sure you get the crits to abuse Warlord's. As for the enchantment on your stalker's blade, we'll get to that later.
    Full build Shaco.... good god just look at what his monstrosity of a joker ripoff can do. The first 3 items are in order, after that build the others at your discretion. This build lets Shaco hit like a truck before the enemy can fight back. If they try and fight, its too late, if not, you have back-stab to keep the damage up. With Shaco's crits from Q, and IE adding damage, Warlord's is going to heal for a staggering amount, if you have thunderlord's, then you have the AD to make that sting like a yellow jacket on steriods. If they build armor, last whisper makes sure they can't hide behind it.

Situational Items

    Some alternate options for Shaco. BotRK is infamous for ripping through HP tanks and chasing down fleeing targets. Black cleaver provides the phage passive and nice HP, if you go for this I'd replace the Last Whisper. Tri force is an older Shaco option, but surprisingly good because of sheen and phage. Guardian angel is self explanatory, if you want to stay alive over going all in for offense, grab this.

All right, all right enough stalling. I owe you readers an explanation for why I never said outright which enchantment to take. It's time for the first installment of....

1400.png Warrior         Vs.       Devourer1403.png


As the enchantment most people grab on Shaco, Warrior has more notoriety to it's name when talking about the red-clad killer. I will give warrior credit in that it's much friendlier to Shaco's mid game, giving him early burst damage with a decent amount of armor pen and AD. To be fair, burst is one of Shaco's strongest strategies. Q in, kill the squishies, lay down a box for escape, and Q away to the dismay of the person currently seeing the game in gray-scale. The downside is that warrior is outscaled in the long run, and Shaco isn't in his prime in the early to mid game, he's probably one of the weakest early game champions ever (this is debatable, but in my experience). Despite this, warrior is a great option if you want to be relevant earlier than the devourer.


Devourer is the enchantment that most people look at me building and decide to report me, even if I go 11/2/6. I truly don't understand why it's frowned upon with Shaco, and I'm prepared to defend my logic with fact, and possibly a shotgun. Shaco has the possibility of having the SINGLE MOST DPS in the the game. My thought process is that why not go with the late game Shaco and get sated devourer, which needs no introduction here. Just imagine you have a clone out, and someone gets feared by a box near you and yourself. Now imagine that you have a sated devourer, what you do is you invis out of the bush and sic your clone on them, they fight and you pop up behind them, they panic and both of you are beating them down with sated enhanced attacks. The damage per second is reaches insane amounts and they either flash or try and run, neither of which works 100%. The problem is that until you get sated, you're not very threatening, unless you get ahead with other items.

Other Options:

Yes, yes indeed. It's time we dive once more head first into the other builds for Shaco, none of which I really recommend this time :). Just keep an open mind and take comfort in the fact that I always support things with fact. (at least fact that's relevant at time of writing *cough* preseason *cough*)

AP Shaco:

Shaco has surprising scaling on all but one of his spells, which has led to AP Shaco being fairly common and accepted. The premise is to whittle people down with two-shiv and use boxes to kite people down to nothing. Your clone usually has enough damage on explosion to kill any low targets, leading in hilarious triple kills and a baron steal all at the same time (yes, it happened to me once, no I was not recording cause idk how, yes I was the Shaco). You can take this mid or jungle, but if you take it mid, grab a doran's ring for a start.

Full build:

1314.png3089.png3135.png3157.png3116.png1402.png: Alas, its so close to being an AP blue build, but no cigar (sorry graves). This build should provide the damage needed to burst down opponents or make them regret face-checking a bush. 3 or 4 boxes all attacking one person means they die, I don't care how fast they try and react, they can't move while these boxes gun them down. If they start building MR then void staff and boots will make sure they still feel the pain. If things get hairy, pop your Zhonya's and wait for Q's cooldown.

Other options:

3151.png3146.png3025.png3285.png: You want more burst? Get ludens. You want more sustained damage? Get Liandry's. You need to stay alive and stick to your victims easier? Get Iceborn, and finally, you want to heal off your insane burst? Grab hextech. You want to have some extra cash to buy groceries and pay the water bill? Stop buying RP.

Burst down Shaco:

I know that the normal build on Shaco is made to burst down quickly too, but this is made to maximize the amount of damage you can do in one or two attacks versus a sustained chunkfest from you and your clone on a feared target. I'm not going to say I came up with this build and I'm sure someone else has done it, but I have yet to see someone take these items.

Full Build:

1412.png3031.png3147.png3074.png3078.png3117.png: This is what will give you the insane amount of burst to kill squishies, and get out with stormraider's. The amount of AD you end up with is staggering, while you have plenty of lifesteal if you HAVE to get in a slap fight with your clone and boxes. Duskblade with your empowered hit on Q on a backstab with sheen means you are going to chunk the target right off the bat making that and sheen the two items I rush immediately after my jungler item

Other options:

3091.png3071.png3036.png: Wit's end may seem strange, but the magic damage on hit and Magic resist offer a very interesting niche. As for black cleaver, AD heavy comps can shut this build down completley, this just helps the process with a few daggers. Lord Dominick's Reminder can help take down the ever present HP tank like Mundo,

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Aatrox
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  • Cho'Gath
  • Diana
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Ekko
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  • Kha'Zix
  • Lee Sin
  • Master Yi
  • Rek'Sai
  • Rengar
  • Tahm Kench
  • Xin Zhao




Aatrox is kinda in a bad spot right now. He's been nerfed to the ground and shunned to the jungle where he can abuse his lifesteal, but he can't escape his frailty. As Shaco, you can hit him hard on his first clear when he's weak and might not even have his passive. He is nothing but fodder at your shanks, feast off his fragility.




Late game, he's extremely tough to fight unless you're ahead. Early game, he's fragile so that's when you counter him. In teamfights, he shuts you down hardcore, his curse of the sad mummy keeps you in place for the enemy to blow you up. Play safe around him and go in for picks on low health targets.




Why are you fighting level 15's? All jokes aside, Bard jungle is a thing sadly, most likely a joke or a troll which I do find enjoyable from time to time I'll admit it, but it's so pathetically easy to kill him early and late its not worth concern. Just watch for his ult and his tunnel leading you into traps.




He wrecks you, he has a silence, knockup, and tons of damage. This is everything Shaco hates. You can't kill him before he kills you, he's too tanky, he has too much CC. Don't try and fight him, just look for squishies.




This one really depends on the length of the game. Late game both of you are going to pop squishies no problem, the problem is you are more squishy than she is. You can usually win an all out slap fight with your clone and red smite, but if it's about who can be the better assassin, she will pop you faster. I would say invade her if you're confident with ol' hand Heath Ledger


Dr. Mundo


Well, in the advent of Mundo buffs, this guy wrecks. He doesn't have the CC to stop you from doing your job, but trying to fight him is clicking the banners on the sides of facebook kind of risky. If you really want him dead, make sure you have ignite.




Ekko has been making his rounds and has been annoying assassins the entire time. He has several tools to render you as a clown moot including the dreaded untargetability. The more you burst him in his AP form, the more he heals and deals with his ultimate. More common as of now, is tank Ekko meaning there is no way you can kill him before he can take you out UNLESS you catch him with low HP.




She has high DPS, like you. She hates pink wards, like you (seeing a pattern here?) Evelynn and Shaco are both very similar concepts, but Shaco pulls it off better in my opinion, however, she's easier than he is. If you get the drop on her on her first clears, she goes down easily, but later on she's going to be harder to kill than you by a long margin. Not as hard to catch, but much tankier. Shut her down early to get the advantage, and push it hardcore.




Graggy here is quite a pain to deal with as Shaco. He has his body slam to chase you over walls, he has percent HP damage and he can displace you in teamfights. Even on his first clears its risky to fight him. Don't risk dueling him unless you know 100% you can win because a fed Gragas is a nightmare.


Jarvan IV


Honestly this could go both ways. He can destroy you in no seconds flat if he gets the drop on you, but on his first clears he's going to get low. That's your opportunity to strike him down. If he gets the advantage, he will win the fights. If you get the advantage he's still more useful to a teamfight than you are.




The preseason has been good to Kha and with buffs on the way (at time of writing), its going to be important to note that if you don't shut him down early, he's going to shut you down late. His isolation damage can reach insane levels, but in the early game, he's frail. Later on you can get the drop on him and take him out if he's low, but alot of Kha's (myself included) build somewhat tanky, especially with black cleaver.


Lee Sin


The classic counter for Shaco. 2 forms of vision, his one form of great CC, 2 dashes, he's just a great champion. If you're playing draft, try to get this guy banned, if you can't don't play Shaco against him. With experience, Lee becomes not nearly as terrifying, but no less hard to fight. Your best option is to invade him on his first clear when he's weakest if you want to risk invading him at all.


Master Yi


Early game, he's weak and you can fight him. Late game, he can essentially 2 shot you. Nothing is worse than seeing a Master Yi carry a game after going 3/7/0. Although I will say that since he can't be slowed during highlander, if he gets feared, he runs all the way back to base. Its hilarious to see a Yi respawn, use highlander, homeguards, ghost, youmuu's, and charge out to kill anyone left in the base, only to get feared and, since he can't be slowed, run AAAAAAALL the way back.




She can see you while you're invisible, and reveals you to her team. She has more damage unless you get fed so don't fight her without teammates. She stays fairly healthy in the jungle sooooooo don't pick Shaco into Rek'Sai.




Well this one's unavoidable, especially after preseason. His ult directly counters you, it reveals you even if stealthed. Not to everyone, but only to the one person who matters, Rengar. He has the damage to take you out before you can do much to the enemy. It's so annoying to go in for a perfect assassination, only to be jumped on by a lion and killed in less than a second. Don't fight him if he has some AD, he will win.


Tahm Kench


Well, in all honesty he's more useful than you are, and he's incredibly hard to kill late game. However, he can't eat what he can't see, and with his low mobility he can't run if he's caught out. Not to mention how weak he is on his first clear, so that's your opportunity to steal his buffs and his life.


Xin Zhao


He's not really the hardest champ to fight, but if he gets the drop on you he can kill you easily. His damage at all stages of the game is kinda stupid, and of course he has a knockup and a ridiculous heal every three hits. Unless he has devourer, then its every two hits. So why isn't he hard? He's not scary unless he gets farmed or fed, so shut him down early.

Pros and Cons Back to Top

So you may be asking yourself, why would I ever play Shaco if other champions do what he does so much better at much less risk? The answer comes down to personal choice. If Shaco's pros strike a chord with you, and you like the idea, then go for it ya crazy kids. If he seems too unreliable and not enough payoff for playing well, then that's perfectly fine too. the beauty of this game is what each different player brings to the table. That said, heres my Shaco pros and cons.

shacopassive.png Pros hallucinatefull.png

  • High DPS mid to late game

  • Abilities that allow him to make clean assassinations and getaways

  • Extremely Satisfying escapes

  • Mind games for days

  • Stealth and blink is a deadly combination

  • Actually viable AP alternate build

jackinthebox.png Cons twoshivpoison.png

  • Extremely Squishy

  • Near useless if behind

  • Not the fastest clearer until mid game

  • Very high risk

  • Countered with a 75 gold item

  • Very little dependable CC

Jungle Start Back to Top

Normal routes:

Starting camps:

Grab your boxes first and take down the Blue buff with them. Start placing them at 41 seconds in, since they last for one minute, you should be able to get the 4th one in in just enough time. This is where the split happens.

VV If invading VV--------------------------------Clear Blue buff------------------------------VV If Farming VV

Save smite and take Q.                                                                                   Use Smite and grab E

Take their red or their lives if possible                                                Go to wolves then smite red

-------------------------------------------                                                                           -------------------------------------------

Secure your red and raptors                                                                   Grab wraiths and krugs

if healthy enough, get krugs--------------VV                         VV--------------Farm until low HP

First Back

Your first back should include your stalker's blade and a hunter's potion (possibly boots and a sword)

Invading tips and tricks Back to Top

If you're picking up Shaco, it's probably because you've heard of his legendary ability to invade the enemy jungle. However it is imperative to know when to and when NOT to invade. It's embarrassing when an allied Shaco attempts to invade something like a Warwick and feeds first blood, then gets behind and can't help as WW goes on a legendary killing spree. So here I'll try and give some general, but not 100% constant, tips to knowing when to invade.

When to invade:

If the enemy is a squishy champion with weak early game, they are prime victims for invade. Going immediately from a smiteless blue (which can be done by putting boxes behind the blue buff at exactly 42 seconds into the game and positioning yourself so the golem aggros on the boxes) to the enemy red buff. If you know for a fact they won't take red buff until they back, go ahead and take it. If not, put a box in the bush near wraiths and take it quickly. IF you catch them in the middle of taking red, smite steal it and try to kill them; you'll either force them out of the jungle or kill them. While invading keep one thing in mind. YOU MUST KEEP EYES ON THE ENEMY LANES, if the enemy jungler calls backup, you'll either die or lose valuable time for farming. A behind Shaco is near useless.

When NOT to invade:

Are they tanky? Are they strong early game? Are they Lee Sin/Udyr/Shyvana? If you've answered yes to any or all of these questions, DON'T INVADE. Invading could be detrimental if done poorly and since invading isn't your only option, it's better to save yourself the loss. A strong jungler is near impossible for Shaco to invade, so just farm like normal and don't fight them.

Early invade route:

Here is a more in-depth route that I briefly mentioned above, but didn't expand on until this.


1. Grab blue buff with no leash and no smite

2. Rush the enemy red buff and possibly get first blood

3. Steal enemy krugs

4. Look for a gank top lane

5. Return to your jungle and take wolves (Keep everything warded, the enemy will probably be mad at being invaded and will be looking for payback

6. Secure your red buff with smite

7. Look for a gank mid

8. Check the enemy blue buff and gromp for a steal

9. Gank bot lane if possible

(This is an optimal route, this is probably not going to happen without you needing to back and make alterations.) 

Closing Statements Back to Top

Thank you all for a third time for joining me on an expedition in missed opportunities for clown jokes. This guide was alot of fun for me, cause I got to rethink some past Shaco highlights, and had an excuse to play Shaco for "research". Definitely one of my favorite champions for just having fun. Instead of having a specific song for you guys (though badministrator's Shaco tribute and "Real Slim Shaco" are both great options) I have a couple videos.

Kshway shows us the true meaning of terror as ronald Mcdonald runs around with butcher knives and burgers in boxes to give people cardiac arrest.

I've actually learned how to do this through another video, its amazingly funny and gives a good tip as to another strategy for clone mind games.

As for the killer clown thats all for now, I'll be keeping my eyes on the patch notes and updating as needed, but until then, this is Dark Echoes signing out.

Change Log Back to Top

Changing up the masteries in preparation for a new stormraiders buff. It was originally 100% slow resistance, but it was reduced to 75% which is still crazy. Added a new item build to complement this need for insane burst potential.

Riot hasn't changed much about Shaco, but the items and meta around him have changed. Added a couple more champs to the matchup section as well as making a minor change here and there specifically to item builds (duskblade and all that).

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