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2 years ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

What do i choose for my summoners spells ?

There's two choices of summoners spells on Shaco. The only one that I play is Ignite/Smite. The second one is Exhaust/Smite. You don't need to know why you need the smite, it's obvious that you need it since you are reading a jungle Shaco guide.
The reason why i never take exhaust as my second summoner spell is that it reduce your plays capacities in early game. Let me explain this.

Your 1v1 potential is strong if you take ignite, if you gank, if you invade, your ignite always gives you extra damages that can surprise the ennemy jungler or a laner when you burst him down.

You can easily bait the player that you 1v1 by making him think that he will kill you and tadaaaaa ! Ignite on your face ! Oh **** !"flash but too late". First blood ! And it's done.

Exhaust is a really strong summoner spell but the problem is that it doesn't give you the necessary damages to do risky invade, cheeses. It reduce the damages of your target, slow him, but he doesn't care since he certainly have a flash in his summoners spells. Ignite will kill him or make him flash when exhaust will simply make him flash and you used a summoner spell that is usually meant to make someone not killing members of your team. Attention ! This is a situation when you are level 2 or 3 and when you early invade the ennemy jungler, when every damages abilities are worth to use to kill the oponent. YOU are the invader, and YOU piss on him, so take the ignite and get those easy kills.

Don't forget that Shaco only have one true damage spell, his E (well placed box (W) can do the job too), ignite is necessary then if you want to grab easy kills in early game.

Shaco is an assassin, and the assassin objective is too kill his target as fast as possible so the target can't react in time.

I'm not using flash because i think that this summoner spell is not good for you to learn the way to play Shaco, the thing is that every player are counting on their flash to get out/in of different situations. And i believe that playing without flash makes you better. 
Shaco don't need a flash because flash or not, he is dead 10 times if you fail your move, so taking the ignite make you learn how to play shaco without the flash, but with the ignite, and it's a complete new world of agressive poisibilities and the more you'll play him without flash the more you will play smarter, because you will know your limit easier.

How to use my ignite ?

Yes you need to know how to use your ignite. You need to make your target think that she won't die or kill you. So make sure to cast your ignite when the ennemy is under 25-15% health (in early game, i'll explain for mid/late after) so you only have to auto him and the last ticks kills him. Let's say that you only needs to land one or two auto's to kill him when you ignite him so he won't have the time to react, use a potion, flash in time to not die after flashing at the last second (it happens really often, that's really sad for him).

In mid game, your ignite is mostly used to burst down an important target with your allies/alone, but try to not cast it on support because you have a lot of other possibilities to kill him an other way so don't waste it to win some seconds and keep it to kill important targets.

In late game, use your ignite to counter life-steal items that adc will build (bloodthirster, malmortius (passive), and other items like this) or to counter a champion that have a lot of regen by their spells like Dr.Mundo, Vladimir.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

There is different choices for Shaco masteries and every trees are good to build on him. The one that i often do is the 12/18 tree. Remember that if you are going on a tank shaco or a hydra/jung item then full tank, thunderlord is not that strong because he scales with AP and AD.

12/18/0 tree : This tree is played to maximise your damages.

Ferocity :

I take Fury, you are an auto attack dealer, not a nuker. Better clear, better 1v1 potential, you must take Fury.

Double Edged Sword is the best choice on Shaco, you want to deal extra damages, feast is really bad because the cd is 25s and you don't face a laner, and boxes can tank for you. Expose Weakness is not that good on Shaco because youre gonna do a lot of 1v1.

Vampirism or Natural Talent ? It's a great question and i'm still not sure if should take one or the other. Both are good. Vampirism makes your sustain easier and can save you when you are fighting an ennemy (yes it can, don't think it can't !). Natural Talent gives you AD and AP that will scale on your spells so it's great too. 

Bounty hunter or Oppressor ? I always take Oppressor because you just always deal 2,5% more damages since you perma slow your target with your E passive and the active. Bounty hunter gives you 5% more damage, it's not bad, but you need to kill the 5 champions that you face, so good luck before you can deal 5% extra damage. The 2,5% are a direct buff to your damages, you don't need to kill someone to deal more damages.

Cunning :

I Like wanderer and savagery, it's really up to you for those masteries, boths are good and help you the way you want to play Shaco, easier early clean or faster ganks.

I always run Runic affinity, because 15% more on your monsters buffs is just super good, your red/blue is up 18s more. it means that your mana will regen a little longer and your clear/ganks will be easier with your red buff ! Even Nashor/5th dragon buff are considered by this mastery. 
Secret Stash is not good on Shaco, you don't need more sustain since you are not taking a lot of damages on your camps clear. 
The Assassin mastery is not that good on Shaco because theres often an allie near to you when you gank (yes it's better to gank when your allie is here). But you can still do it if you plan on taking down a target that is farming alone on a lane.

Always go Dangerous Game, I don't know how many times this mastery saved me in a difficult situation. Don't forget that the less life/mana you have, the more you will regain hp's/mana (the regain is calculated on missing health/mana). So when you have 800hp base and you take an assist/kill when you have 50 hp's (so you have 750 missing health), you regain 38 hp's directly, which can save you from a last ignite tick or an auto (so lucky !). And I didn't count other stats that can increase this 5% regeration. 
Bandit mastery sucks in jungle (0 benefit). 

Precision is really strong on Shaco because both magic/physical PEN will increase your spells damages and your auto attack damages. 
Intelligence is not that strong on Shaco, you are not here to spam your spell and having 5% more cdr in early game won't make you a stronger duelist.

Heres comes the debate ! Stormraider or Thunderlord ? I really prefer to go for for Thunderlord because it gives you an important burst in all game phases, early, mid, late, it's always usefull !
The problem with Stormraider is that it's really hard to deal 30% of the max health target within 2,5s in early game, so the mastery will only be usefull after you get some stuff and Shaco wants to deal as much damage as possible early in the game. For Windspeaker, i don't think i need to explain how bad this mastery is on Shaco.

0/18/12 tree : This tree is played to face hard match-ups but still weaker than 12/18/0 tree.

0.18.12 pussy tree.png
Same for Cunning.

Resolve :

take Recovery, it's far better than Unyielding because youre not made to tank for your team mates, so 2 extra hpregen/5s is good.

Take Explorer, 15 bonus MS is really strong, even if it's only in river and brushes, it permits you to escape, chase and gank faster . Tough Skin is not that good since the boxes will tank a lot of damages in your jungle clears.

Runic armor is far better than 50 flat hp's, why ? Because all forms on regen are concerned with this mastery. The mastery says "on you", it means that allies heals, shields, works too. Even dangerous game works with this mastery, so what are 50 hp compared to 8% ?

insight is super strong because your smite cd is reduced too, your ignite too. Perseverence is not bad, but 15% on summoners spells are far better.

12/0/18 tree : more dedicated to tank Shaco
12.0.18 tank build

18/12/0 tree : for a BloodRazor Shaco

mastery 18.12 razorblood build.png


Abilities Back to Top


What to max ?

Your lvl 1 spell must be Jack in the Box, without it you can't clear your buff early and you will lose a lot of health. When you hit lvl 2, you can take your E or your Q, depends on what youre gonna do. Invade or clear ? If you invade take Q, then take E if you continue your route (i'll explain later in the guide for routes/invades).

You must max your E first for the damages and the slow percentage. Honestly i always take my E at lvl2 because lvl 2 invades are really hard now and are not giving you a lot of advantage and makes you vulnerable to the top/mid/bot lane back-up.

After you must max your Q for the bonus damages on your crit auto. remember that the crit only does 140% of your AD at the first level, so it's not a real 200% crit, but it deals 220% when maxed, so it deals more than a normal crit, which is really strong.

Then max your box in last. Maxing it in second lower your damages and you don't want to deal less damage that you could do.

Take your ult at lvl 6, 11 and 16 of course, it deals a lot of damages (don't underestimate your clone damages !).




Always use your passive when you clear jungle camps, make your box take the hits then hit them in the back.

Same when you gank, always strike in the back.

When you lasthit under a turret, backstab minions so you won't leave them with 1 hp.

When you push, use your passive to be faster.



Your  deceive.png is your gank, escape, brain, damage, dodge tool. You can pass over a lot of walls with. The way to use it properly is really hard. A lot of shaco players always use it to gank, but it's not an obligation. You can show yourself on the lane, simply attack your ennemy, and use your  deceive.png to finish him if he flashes.

Use it to dodge an important skillshot of an enemy to win your 1v1.

Don't forget that you deal an extra damage crit after you used your  deceive.png

A good trick to brain your ennemies is to naturally go towards a wall when you escape, but you will use your teleport (Q) to the other way to back in a brush or take distance on ennemies. Like gromp wall, then back in the small bottom lane bush instead.

You can also use it when you are chased to run behind the guy you chase to find an other guy that may be easier to kill or a guy that you couldn't kill, then run away and sometimes you will see this guy following his mate chasing you then you can finish it. Don't think that it never happens, sometimes you the guy that you want will stay low farming or following his mates just because he greed and he will never pay attention to the fact that you can easily come back on him.

Don't forget too that enemies can see you using it because of the orange smoke, but most of the time, they won't see you coming, because all players are focused on lane and minimap, sometimes they will see you just because you are in their vision or you used your deceive when they were fosused on a point on their screen, like the top brush or the zone behind mini walls, but don't think that diamonds, master, challengers, can't be ganked by a Shaco, they're like all other players, they focus on lane phase and mini map, but they can't be focused on all deceive spots, lane phase and minimap.

Don't play the masked Shaco skin (In my case, i don't care, i have 5 Shaco skins :D), because the deceive smoke is much brighter than other Shaco skins.

Here is a map with all the wall you can pass by. Small walls like river ones are obviously easy to pass:

LolMap 1.jpg



jackinthebox.pngIs your clean, vision, gank, trap tool. You can do differents starts with this usefull box.

JitB can also tank a skillshot while she is visible (so 2s), like a Blitzcrank/Threshrocketgrab.pngthreshQ.png , an ezreal  ezrealmysticshot.png

Remember that only single target skillshots are blocked by the box, so spells like Zed  zedQ.png and Ezreal  ezrealtrueshotbarrage.png won't be blocked, but the damages of those spells will be reduced since their deal less damages by units hit before you. Ezreal use  ezrealtrueshotbarrage.png on you but you place your JitB and the box is touched before you, it results in a ult that will deal less damages (same for all spells like Ezreal ezrealtrueshotbarrage.png, the one that deal less damage everytime they touch an unit).

If you don't need your JitB to do a camp, gank, counter jungle, use it as a vision tool, just place it in a brush or in a route that is used a lot to gank, like top brush, red buff brush, ect. If you engage the enemy jungler, he can walk in a JitB that you previously placed, and he is dead then (it's great if they flash in too, it make them rage a lot).

As your  deceive.png, JitB range isn't the reality, you can place it over a bigger wall than the indicated range and it will appear on the other side of the wall. For example, you can place a JitB in the topred buff brush by beeing on the other side (behind the red buff).

JitB duration is 60s and when it's activated, 5s, it means that it will be destroyed after 60s, but if it procs at 59s, JitB will attack for 5s, it means that the total duration of a JitB is 65s.

JitB can tank 3 red/blue buff hits when the monster are lvl 1 (so your first clear).

How to maximise JitB utility when i clear my jungle camps ? 

I'll explain how to clear your jungle camps faster, and for each one (when you are not doing your starting route)

Krugs : 

Place your box behind the bigger krug and focus him. Give him a hit so he begins to attack you, then place your box and tank one more hit, then back off and let the krug hit the box. In this case your box will do full damage for 5 seconds instead of beeing destroyed in 2-3 hits.

Red buff: 

Place your box behind the biggest one and do the same think that you did on krugs. Tank some hits then let JitB tank the last seconds she will attack without beeing destroyed. 

wraiths/razors : 

There is an other way to do this camp, because the smallers one deals more damages than the bigger. You have to place your box at the center of the camps, between the 4 monsters, but nearest to the smaller one who is out of the camp, so the first ones that will be focused by the box are the smaller monsters (you have to tank some hits too of course)


Wolves :

You have to place yourself behind the 3 wolves before hitting them, then place a box behind the bigger wolf, tank some hits, then let the box takes the aggro. Like this :


Blue buff : 

Same as red buff, place your box behind the bigger one.

Gromp : 

Same as Red and Blue.

River monster :

Attack him in the back before placing your box in front of him, the box will fear him and he's gonna take the other way, you can do this monster and not moving a single meter for it, it's really easy to do and you are not taking risks by doing it near a non-warded brush.

Dragon : 

It's really difficult for him to kill your box so use it at an advantage, place it so he will focus it then you can backstab him for free.

If you do what I explained there, you won't take lot of damages and your jungle clear will be much easier.



twoshivpoison.pngis your second gank tool. Let me explain something really important.

How to use TsP when I gank ?

DO NOT use TsP as a damage spell, first able, you have to maximize TsP passive which is a free perma slow(not high,10% at first lvl then 30% at max lvl, but still a perma slow). wait your ennemy to be out of range to finally use your TsP. In a lot of cases, the ennemy will forget that you still have your active TsP, he will use his flash, and die by the active.

In jungle do not use it as a normal spell, it reduce monster attack speed, so their damages will be less important and the boxes won't suffer to much. 

When you plan on oneshotting someone, just use your TsP when you are still in the back of the ennemy, so you won't waste the 20% bonus damage. 

If you are sure that you won't kill the laner you gank, just land some autos, then your TsP, then leave, bravo, you dealt 200 dmg for free without taking any risk.



hallucinatefull.png is your ultimate duel, objectives spell. 

You can dodge a lot of spells with this spell, like Karthus fallenone.png  (use it at the last second), Caitlyn caitlynaceinthehole.png  (makes it bug completely), Twisted Fate gold  pickacard.png, Taric  dazzle.pngand a lot of other spells.

Your clone can apply on hit effects, like Statikk passive, or Steraks one. He is considered as a champion so he can be revealed by Warwick  bloodscent.png when the clone's low, and it's really fun when you see the guy that plays Warwick ults your clone.

Do not hesitate to use your clone to push a turret faster.

Use your clone to tank abilities, you can also make him stay with you when you fight and when a champion that use AOE spells like orianna use his spells on you while you are hitting her, the clone will die faster due to the increased damage that he take (50%) and the poor champion will die by the clone explosion.

If you plan on doing solo Dragon, make your clone tank for it by placing it on the dragon, so he is focused and you can backstab the dragon.

It's easy to kill someone at lvl 6 if he face check the brush you camp, just place a  jackinthebox.png , then  hallucinatefull.png, then the fear procs and you can easily destroy him.

Remember that you are untargetable while you use your  hallucinatefull.png , so you can't be targeted by Pantheon  pantheon_leapbash.png  or  pantheon_throw.png , for example

After you used  hallucinatefull.png, it will take some time for the enemies the know how is the true Shaco and who is the clone, sometimes, they focus your clone, it's really fun and they rage a lot when they used a summoner spell or a long cd ult for it c: .

Do not hesitate to use your ult as a defensive tool, when someone greeds too much on you, use it directly instead of waiting the last second, simply because he will kill you, clone or not. If he see you using your ult, he will be happy because he made you use a 1 minute cd ultimate and because he is stupid :3. And he will also hesitate to go in.

If you can't dodge a control, like Leona leonasolarflare.png, use your ult right before the stun hits you, and while you won't be targetable, the stun duration will continue and the time you will be vulnerable will be reduced.

Q or E at level 2 ?

We're gonna talk about when you should get Q and when you should take E.


Deceive is a spell that gives you mobility and stealth, plus extra damage on your next auto. 

You take it if you want to :

Do a lvl2 gank or a lvl2 invade. It's kinda risked, if you fail your move, you have high chances to die because you can't escape, the second move you can do is ganking mid lane, which is not risked, the enemy jungler won't have the time to react and counter gank, so it's free damages on mid laner, you can also burn 21.png3.png7.png4.png  , he will lose experience if he must back. It's a pretty good move to give the advantage to your mid laner.

You will think, but why aren't you doing that every game ? You have to consider the enemy jungler, his counter jungle and duel potential. It's really risked to do this move against a 64.png   because he will beat you in your jungle, so think a bit before doing it.


E is a spell that gives you a perma slow on champions (not really usefull at lvl2) and attack speed reduction on neutral monsters, which is strong, you take less damages and sometimes monsters do not attack you for 2 seconds because their attack speed is reduced. It helps you to do your camps faster, so keep in mind that you are useless before your lvl3.

Q or E then ?

Personnally, i do like taking my E in second to rush lvl 3 and gank/invade, also i don't lose time on my experience. Sometimes you will lose to much time and will be behind at lvls for the whole game. If the enemy mid laner doesn't have natural escapes, then don't hesisate to take your Q lvl2, if you don't feel it, then take your E then continue your jungle clean.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    "Must have" start.
    Best smite on Shaco, works with thunderlord, chase high mobility targets.
    try to buy long sword asap to be stronger for ganks and duels and jungler clear.

Core Items

    good items to buy in early game, one gives you a better jungle clean and the other one gives you better ganks.
    I do at least two of those items every games and all of them when i'm fed, it permits me to duel everyone.
    It's a good item with hydra and Statikk if you don't want to build BC but still want a good dueling.
    If you face AP threat early in the game.

Situational Items

    Against a magical damage team.
    Against an AD team.
    You can do this item if you stomp the enemy team as a 2nd core item or if you need both resistance in your game.
    Example of Assassin build.
    Example of a survivability build.
    Tank/bruiser build for AD threat.
    Example build for an AP threat.


Assassin /DPS items


Statikk Shiv gives you 35% AS, 30% crit chance and 5% movespeed, it's a really good item that gives you good stats on Shaco, then there is Hydra, that gives you 75AD and 12% lifesteal and an active to push faster.

Both items are good to build in a single game, but sometimes you are looking for other item that are better to do in a situation. So i'll explain when you should get stattik or hydra and what playstyle those items are fits for.

Stattik Shiv is an item that gives you better DPS, just because you can crit and attack faster, plus the passive gives you more damage on your first auto. So this item gives you a mini burst then a better DPS, your damages don't fall that much when you do this item cause of the crits and the attack speed.

Hydra is an item that gives you a HUGE burst in a really little time, so if you build this item, you plan to 100% - 0% a target as fast as possible and your damages will fall really hard after some seconds (1-2 seconds). If you don't kill your target or set her too low so she can't 1v1 you, you will have hard time to finish her. If you're fed, you don't really care because you are ahead in lvls and stuff, but if you are not, hydra won't make you a good duelist.

So if you are feed, you can do both items then 1v1 anyone in the enemy team. If you want better 1v1 potential in a long time fight, take stattik, then if you want to deal a huge burst, take hydra. Both items are good for splitpush, hydra gives you faster big wave clear then stattik makes you push the turrets faster and gives you a good wave clear, but the hydra is better. But i repeat, if you feed yourself really fast, don't hesitate to build both items after your jungle item, it gives you insane wave clear and insane burst.


Youmuu's Ghostblade is an item that gives you 60 AD, 10% cdr, 20physicalPEN and an active that gives you 20% MS and 40% AS for a low CD. The reason why I could take it in my game is the active to engage/chase/escape faster. Stats aren't bad, they're good, but i really prefer to have some resistances and hp's over a third damage item that will only gives me more burst than I need to OS a target that I can OS without it.

But if you want to do a full damage build to kill a target in one auto attack, take this item, you will need it. As a Shaco, you will build 2-3 damage items, then boots and 2 tank items (I include 3053.png and 3156.png as tank/bruiser items).

You can include this item in a penetration build or a build with hydra and statikk if you really want to take easy kills.


Honestly, i like this item and build it sometimes, it gives me a lot of damages (more than needed imo, you can easily kill someone without it), it guarantee you a kill and it don't cost that much for 75 AD, 5% MS and 10 brut PhysicalPEN (3250 golds). So if you don't now what to build after your core, do this item, it's pretty good, but if you search for resistance, don't do that of course, it is not a core item for Shaco, a good item, but not a core item.


After patch 6.11 changes on trinity, trinity have now 40% AS and 20% CDR, you are looking for stats like that, but the problem is still the same. You don't buy trinity for the stats, but for passive and Shaco can't make a good use of trinity like Jax, irelia or ezreal could do. You don't have a low cost/cd ability to use and you don't have auto attacks steroids like Jax W or Irelia W, neither auto resets. It's too expensive for a passive, 40% AS and 20 CDR. It's really good for Jax or Irelia, but very bad for Shaco. 

And you don't need that item for splitpushing, turrets are made in sugar, Hydra/statikk take them fast too. 3733 golds are not worth an item that you can't benefit at his maximum.


Bortk is a good item on Shaco, yes it is because with that item, you can face bruisers like irelia really easily because of the passive, chase targets that have a lot of mobolity like Ezreal. It's a great item for 1v1, but don't build it for 1st or 2nd item, take it later after you did your core build.

Build that on a BloodRazor build.


Infinity Edge gives you 65 AD and 20% crit chance and make your crits deal 50% more damages. Just let me say that this item is just really really really BAD on Shaco. Why ?

This item cost 3600 golds, it's a lot of golds. You will say that hydra cost 3500 golds, but IE do not give you an op sustain, easy waves clean, life steal that saves you most of the time from an ignite, you can't sustain when you 1v1, ect.

And you can't build two items that cost that much in a row, you will benefit faster of a statikk shiv that cost 2600 golds than an item that cost 3600 golds.

The passive is really bad on Shaco because in reality, your next attack after  deceive.png (when maxed at lvl5) deals 220% of your damages, when IE will give you 270%, so you don't benefit that much from the passive. For 20% more than usual, i don't think it's that worth. With BackStab, which is a multiplier, you will do a 324% crit.

Don't build this item at all (or just if you are going for an OS build Shaco for fun).



Sterak's Gage is a good item on Shaco, i mostly do it when I face a team that is composed mostly of AD. It also gives you a good amount of AD and a good amount of HPs, but the best thing in this item is the passive that protect you form ANY burst, you can't die instantly with this item in your pocket. Your clone also have the shield, and the AD buff, so by taking this item, you make yourself AND your clone stronger.

But I don't build it in every game. This item isn't an item to deal more damages, so when i don't face huge burst enemies or mostly AD team, i don't build this item. I really prefer to go for an hexdrinker or an other AD item that fits more for the game.

So you want to build this item to survive a huge burst then do something before dying.


Black cleaver is an item that gives you 300 HP, 50 AD, 20% cdr, one passive that reduce the enemy armor 5% per hit (6 stacks max, so 30% max) and movespeed when you hit or kill someone. This item is great to face bruisers, tanks, but it's really bad on carries, because it takes time to hit six times a target without letting her escaping. As a Shaco you want as much damage as possible in a short time, and this item isn't made for it.

For 3100 golds, it's a really good item to build in a penetration/survivability build.


This item gives you 75 AD, 10% CDR, the same passive than 3146.png  and 15% of the damages that you take are dealt in DOT (Damage Over Time). On the paper it's a good item, but the problem is that there is too much good items on Shaco and only 6 slots. You are looking for AS, some crits, AD. If you want to survive, you better take 3053.png  or 3156.png .

It's really good on cdr builds or penetration/survivability builds, but not on classic builds. It's really broken with an hydra build, so you can give it a try.


Mercurial Scimitar on Shaco gives you a lot of AD and MR and a great active to survive from heavy controls, like Sejuani sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png . With a 3139.png , you can't die from an AP carry, that's all. The MS buff also permit you to recapture your target. But do not build it if you don't face hard stuns like leona  leonasolarflare.png  or Morgana  darkbindingmissile.png / soulshackles.png. Only do it if you can't catch priority targets because there is too much controls.


Only if you face two or more magical damage champions and if they are dangerous, buy this item early in the game, as your second core build item.

Tanks items


Zz'rot gives a lot of Armor and MR (55 both), and the passive makes you faster when you are next to towers (destroyed towers too, 20% MS bonus). With an HP item, you can tank a lot of damages and be a MAD PUSHER SHACO. Honestly, Zz'rot is just really strong in this meta and you can pressure a lot by placing a Zz'rot top lane and push bot with your clone. But i don't do this item a lot because he arrive for my 5th or 6th item and sometimes i prefer an other item that will gives me more survivability.


I really find that item strong now, for 2400 golds, you have a revive, this item is really strong in early mid game as a second item after jungle item and a core item like hydra. You can get this if you are dominating, the dives are a lot easier because you can take all the damages and revive to finish low life enemies.


You can build that if you want to be tanky early in the game and IF the enemies are not building magic resist.


You build this item if you are against crit champions like Yasuo and ADCs, but you can't build a Sunfire with that, it's too much, it's better in combination with Thornmail.


If you face only AD team, it's a nightmare for them, they can't duel you at all.


If you want to be resistant a bit and if you want to engage fight easier while stealth.


If you face an AP team, with Malmortius and a Hydra plus a Death Dance, you are unkillable.

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  • Dr. Mundo
  • Ekko
  • Elise
  • Evelynn
  • Fiddlesticks
  • Gragas
  • Graves
  • Hecarim
  • Jax
  • Kha'Zix
  • Kindred
  • Lee Sin
  • Master Yi
  • Nidalee
  • Nocturne
  • Nunu
  • Olaf
  • Pantheon
  • Rammus
  • Rek'Sai
  • Rengar
  • Sejuani
  • Shyvana
  • Skarner
  • Udyr
  • Vi
  • Volibear
  • Warwick
  • Wukong
  • Xin Zhao
  • Zac




Aatrox is an easy match-up, he can't counter jungle you, but you can, his sustain is not that strong in his first route, so you can invade him at his second buff and makes his passive proc/kill him/makes him flash.

Just make sure to make his third auto bug by using deceive.png before he autoattack you, then backstab him.
You can use yourdeceive.png to dodge his aatroxQ.png and his aatroxE.png.
You can dodge the control from hisaatroxQ.png by using hallucinatefull.png at the right time, just before he touch you.
Make sure to have 14.png before 1v1.




Amumu will just give up if you steal his blue buff. They will often start at blue so you can't invade him but you can invade him on his second buff and ask your mates to camp his jungle so you will always prevent your mates to be ganked by amumu when he gets lvl6, which is horrible if he manage to give his team a double at bot lane.

If youhallucinatefull.png when he usecurseofthesadmummy.png, the control will not be nullified but he can't see you when you cast it (you disappear), so you can't be focused and escape easily, or just kill him.

use yourjackinthebox.png to make him grab it with his bandagetoss.png.




You can destroy her before she's lvl 6, but if you don't snowball that much, she will just destroy you. But if you are feed, she can't duel you. It's a pure vision and skill match-up.

Try to dodge herdianaQ.png with your deceive.pngso she won't reset herdianaR.png.
You can't dodge her dianaQ.png with your hallucinatefull.png.


Dr. Mundo


Mundo is pretty easy to kill in early, just because all mundo thinks they can't die cuz they're mundo. I'm joking but yes he is not that hard to kill in his own jungle with 14.png.

use your hallucinatefull.png to tank hisinfectedcleavermissilecast.png.
Make sure to have your 14.png when he gets his sadism.png.




When you face him, try to know what spells he used before you rush him, if he used his ekkoW.png and his ekkoQ.png to clean/tank jungle camps, it's free food.

If not dodge and try to temporisate his ekkoW.png by not entering in and try to dodge his ekkoQ.png with deceive.png.
Don't underestimate Ekko damages, if he stun you, you are dead, but if you dodge it, you can't easily win the 1v1.




I consider that Elise is an easy match-up. She can't 1v1 you in early if you place your jackinthebox.pngto fight her.

14.png her early in the fight if he plans to kill you (if he don't run).
You can easily dodge hiseliseE.png with your deceive.png or your hallucinatefull.png.

You can easily counter gank since all Elise players are using all their spells to try to burst down really fast the target.
Don't let her farm her jungle and get lvls and vision.




Evelynn is really easy to kill, she can't invade you and you you can invade her and kill her easily, she clears her jungle really slow and lose a lot of hp's, so invade her after youn placed some wards on her buffs and it's free kill.

Don't let her gank lanes, if she is 1-3 lvls behind, just continue to invade her and gank sometimes when you see she is farming or failed a gank.




Fiddle is really dependant of his lvl4, so before he simply can't gank.

Make sure to have 14.png and place a jackinthebox.png to cancel hisdrain.png.
Don't let him gank, if he intends to gank just go on him, he will run back in his jungle.




Gragas have too much controls, damage reduce and slow for you, so don't invade him, do counter ganks and try to feed yourself on laners.

You can dodge hisgragasbarrelroll.png, hisgragasbodyslam.png and hisgragasexplosivecask.pngwith your deceive.png or your hallucinatefull.png.
If gragas is behind, he won't be able to 1v1 you, so make sure to ruin his early ganks and it should be easy to win.




medium/hard match-up, don't even invade him, to much wall for his gravesclustershot.png and his gravessmokegrenade.png will make him unkillable.

You can dodge his gravesclustershot.png by deceive.png behind him.
If you manage to dodge hisgravesclustershot.png, just all in him, use all that you have(twoshivpoison.pnghallucinatefull.png14.png).

After the nerfs he took, Graves is a bit weaker, but still dangerous at the first level, he have a lot of damages in melee, he have a dash to create distance between him and you.
So be sure to have the damages to kill him and to have your red buff if you plan on a lvl 2-4 early duel.




Really squichy in early game, it makes an easy target for an invade.

Dodge hishecarimult.png by using your deceive.png on sides.
Easy 1v1.




Jax isn't hard to kill in early, but he will just destroy you if he gets to much stuff, so make sure to destroy your opponent before he gets to strong.

You can dodge his jaxcounterstrike.png with deceive.png and hallucinatefull.png.




Your jackinthebox.png makes his bonus khazixQ.png damage not working.

He can't 1v1 you in his jungle since your hallucinatefull.png makes his khazixQ.png useless too.
Use 3364.png when he usekhazixR.png.
if you use a 2043.png, his passive won't refresh when he khazixR.png.




Kindred damages are higher than Shaco ones in early game, so don't try to 1v1 him when he's not jungling. It's an easy kill if he uses kindredW.png or kindredE.png on monster.

Never 1v1 him when he havekindredR.png, after healing, he will just kite you.
You can surprise him and burst him down before he can kindredR.png. If not just run.


Lee Sin


Totally depends on skill. A lot of players thinks that lee is a hard match-up for Shaco, but it's 100% skill.

Just dodge his blindmonkqone.png with your deceive.png and he will lose a lot of damages.
You can dodge his blindmonkrkick.png with yourhallucinatefull.png (it's just a bug that won't make the spell casted, the cd isn't going on, so he can recast it).
yourjackinthebox.png can interrupt his blindmonkqone.pngwhile he flies.
Just care that Lee Sin won't invade you when you are on your 1st buff (after getting gromp/krugs) and your 2nd buff. If he catch you when you are lvl 2 without your deceive.png, you are dead.

I highly recomment you to start directly at a buff (red/blue), do a camp at the opposite side, then do your second buff. At this point of the game, he will try to steal it or he will think that you invaded his own buff.
my route when I face a Lee is the following : I start red directly, i don't smite it, then i go for my wolves, i smite it, then i take my blue and river monsters.


Master Yi


Master Yi will destroy you when he will have some items in his pocket, so make sure to destroy him before he can snowball on your team.

Use yourjackinthebox.png to interrupt his meditate.png and to welcome him when he usealphastrike.pngon you. Also use yourhallucinatefull.pngto welcome him too.
He is really easy to kill when he usealphastrike.pngto gank your mates. Then focus him hard and run if you can't face the other ennemies. If not rush them too.




you can dodge all her spells with your deceive.pngand your hallucinatefull.png.

Use your14.png to destroy her because she is really squichy in early game.
build 3155.png.




Temporisate his nocturneshroudofdarkness.png (1,5s), so he won't block your spells. If you manage to not make the shield proc, he won't gain AS.

Temporisate hisnocturneunspeakablehorror.png with your hallucinatefull.pngwhen the fear will proc.
If he ults on you, just usehallucinatefull.png and jackinthebox.png and destroy him with all your damages available.




He can't invade you that easily and he can't 1v1 you.

use your jackinthebox.png to cut his absolutezero.png.
you can dodge hisiceblast.png with your hallucinatefull.png.
If he's too greedy, punish him with your mates, he's gonna stop after getting killed 1-2 times.




Just don't invade him, he does to much damages for you.

You can win a trade with 14.png. don't let him retake hisolafaxethrowcast.png.




He can block your auto attacks, stun you and his spells does a lot of damage? So don't try to much against him.

If you manage to counter gank a Pantheon, it will be hard for him without his buffs.




Don't invade him/1v1 him. Hispuncturingtaunt.pngdefensiveballcurl.pngpowerball.pngand tremors2.pngjust destroy you, you can't face this guy.

Try to feed your laners so Rammus won't be able to support their damages.




She can see you with hisreksaiW.png. So the brains are a little bit difficult. It's a mechanic counter.

In 1v1 you can face her but be sure that theres no ennemies around.
Use her lack of vision when she's underreksaiW.png by not moving to surprise her when she is near to you.




Easy to 1v1 in his own jungle.

Dodge his 5stacks rengarE.png when he jumps on you with yourhallucinatefull.png and burst him down.
He can see you when youre underdeceive.png when he rengarR.png so be carefull.




be carefull, she deal a lot of damages with her spells and her red, buff she really lacks of sustain in early game and lose a good amount of life in her jungle, so you can make her 4.png or kill her.

If she is under 50% while she's jungling, just go for her.
Make sure to build 3139.png against her.




Really hard to out damage.

If you manage do dodge her shyvanafireball.png and place a jackinthebox.png to fight her, you can kill her.
Be carefull of her summoners, some shyvanas are playing 3.pngsometimes, so invade her with your mates and you should kill her easily.




he can't outdamage Shaco, but be carefull of his damages when he is lvl 4 with double buff.

Dodge his skarnerfracture.png with your deceive.png.
Use your jackinthebox.png and try to make him fight in.




Impossible to 1v1, don't invade him and countergank.

Feed yourself on laners, you can't kill him.




Well, Vi is a same thing as Lee Sin or Pantheon. You can piss on her super hard like she can piss on you hard. It really depends of what happens on the game and how you engage/fight her when you see her (invade/counter gank).

But if you take the advantage on her, it's pretty easy to win after because she can't defend her mates as she can't go in to engage yours, so free win if you play better than her in early game.

  • If you choose to invade her, try to dodge her viQ.png because of the damages it deals first, and because it knockback you a little, and she can follow it by auto attack thenviE.png, then viW.png procs and you took like 300/400 in your face, which is a lot, and you can't react when she does this. If you dodge it she lose a lot of time due to the traveling time, so take the advantage on it and hit her in the back (with passive).




he can easily know who is the real Shaco just by using volibeare.png, the clone will be feared.

Make sure to have 14.png before trying any 1v1/2v1.




you can make hisinfiniteduress.pngbug with yourhallucinatefull.png.

Use 14.png to counter his regen.
If he gank with hisinfiniteduress.pngjust go for him and kill him with your mate.




Squichy champion.

Go on him when he used his monkeykingnimbus.png, so he don't have his AS steroïd.
If he goes on you, just burst him with all the spells you have.
You can easily kill him in his jungle so ward it and wait him to use his spells.


Xin Zhao


Xin zhao is really hard to kill in his jungle but he is really squichy when he ganks and vulnerable, so just counter gank him and it's an easy kill.




Zac can't 1v1 you, his auto attacks are really slow and it's hard for him to escape with his zacE.png when you use your jackinthebox.png to cancel it.

Pros and Cons Back to Top


- Shaco is a great champion to climb elo, if you play him well of course.
- An assassin that can destroy a carry really fast
- Stealth, really strong for early ganks, shaco is the only champion that can't be detected (evelynn too, but she is revealed when she's approaching enemy champions).
- His kit permit him to be versatile, you can play him as an assassin, a bruiser, an offtank, and he will always destroy squichy target.
- You really have fun if you play him well.
- Even if he have no skillshots, you can do sick plays with Shaco, it's all in the deceive.png and the hallucinatefull.png.
- Best early game ganker.
- Perma slow when he gank.
- this feeling when you destroy an OP meta champion.


- Shaco is an assassin, so if you do one error in teamfight, if you misscalculate, you are just dead, it's not like Zed, you can't back off safely after failing your move, so be sure to think before attacking your target.
- Shaco is a champion that can make you tilt.
- Hard to understand and hard to play, double shot !
- Hard to manage teamfights if you don't play him a lot
- really bad in 1v1 when you are not lvl 3.
- The greed ! Don't fall to much for that and farm your jungle instead of trying permanently to ganks lanes, if your laners can't follow well the gank, or can't go in, just FARM your jungle, so you won't lose your time, or die trying to take kills, experience is much important than taking a kill sometimes.

Early Jungle Back to Top


Before the game starts, you must do something, check the ennemy team, which champion are played, the lane they are on, summoners spells. After this fast check, you decide which lane you will camp the more. Of course, you choose the lane that is easier to snowball. If your mid laner plays Talon mid against Lux, do not hesitate a single second, and camp your Talon, he will snowball as hell and Lux is an easy gank for you since she doesn't have escape in her spell kit (i don't count flash, she will use it at your first gank). There is no benefits to camp an allie that plays Lulu top against Nasus for example. Of course you can gank Nasus, but the follow-up with Lulu is not easy. Then you have a Braum/Thresh/blitzcrank for support, do not hesitate to camp a lane like this too, if the control hit the target it's a kill for sure. Gank lanes that have crowd control and can snowball hard, it's much easier to lock and burst down a target than ganking a mate that will farm his lane most of the time. If the mate that you decided to not gank is in trouble, you can make a fast visit to the ennemy so he won't feel so free to do whatever he wants. Keep in mind that you need sometimes to show yourself on lanes to say : "I'm present, so don't play too risky, or i will backstab you". It's called having presence on the lanes to maintain a pression on the ennemy team so she won't play the same way. When you gank, be sure to ward the river to be sure that the enemy jungler won't come to help his laner. Don't forget to help your laners destroy turrets, it gives you more golds, more experience and the map control. If you take too much time to destroy the turrets, the game duration will increase really hard.

How to gank ?

Top lane

In my opinion top lane should be ganked in early when the enemy is pushing too far, if you kill the top when his lane is pushed, he will just teleport and freeze and your top will be ganked after and won't snowball the game. So check the waves before ganking. 

Getting a kill doesn't mean that your top won. Farm is important too. But if the top laner is a free kill, feel free to camp him. there is two situation where your top laner can really snowball. You give him some kills in early game and he continues to solo kill his opponent after and push like a mad kid and the second one is that he freeze his top lane and let his opponent really easy to regank. 

If your mate have too much minions to farm do not gank him ! let him farm his wave then kill the opponent, the waves are equal then your laner can back, buy some stuff and come to his lane without using tp and without loosing CS/experience. Then you can regank and kill again the top laner and it's the end of the game for him, he lost a lot of minions, experience and now his jungler will try to gank him.  At this moment ask your top lane to play a bit safe so the jungler will lose precious minutes. While he lose time, you are on an other lane.

Mid lane

Mid lane is a really good lane to gank first, because a lot of mid lanes don't play with teleport and prefer defensive summoners spells, so they can lose a lot of farm really fast if they must back. Plus, a lot of them simply don't have an escape in their spells kit so they will often burn their flash early in the game. 

It's really easy to dodge mid laners wards. I recommend to smite razors buff so you can destroy the ward then gank after 5-10s, even if you don't kill, flash are really easy to burn at the mid lane. Then camp, camp, camp and make him rage with his 0/5 at 15m. The benefits to camp mid lane is that you can siege really easily mid lane and bot lane with your mid laner since the other mid laner can't depush as fast as your mid do it. It's a 4v2/4v3 (with ennemy jungler) situation if you decide to roam bot with your midlaner, the other mid laner will be useless for a long time. 

Staying in the bot side of the time allow you an easy control of a big part of the map, dragon, and the first turrets then second turrets. Generally, when you snowball mid lane, you can easily take turrets then control the map to snowball even more.

Bot lane

Bot lane is a good lane to gank first because you can easily burn exhaust/heal/flash and fast push the first turret then take dragon. It's a high snowball potential lane because adc are generally really squishy and you like free kills. If you have some engage and follow up like Alistar, Braum or Thresh, ganks are really easy and you have to abuse of that. 

You make two enemies completely useless and you can push mid laner after then roam on all lanes, take vision, then take objectives like rift herald. You can put a constant pressure on all the map with your support.

How do I use my spell to securise kills/summoners ?

Most of the time, you will arrive on the lane under stealth. Then you must ping the target you want to kill to make a fast kill. If you and your mates begins to focus 2 different targets (in case of bot lane), the gank is aborted, because you will never kill one of them (if they are low you don't care just insta the first one that you can hit and the second after). 

this is really important to focus one target because it's 100% a kill if you are 3vs1. When you gank other lanes make sure to ping your mate so he will be ready to follow you. Don't ask your mid or your top to rush his opponent, the attitude changement is too obvious, just ping him to go in when you are in auto range.

Be sure that your mate have all his spells and the good ones. This is useless to gank a lvl 2 Talon that didn't took his teleport (E) at lvl 2, or a lvl 1 bot lane that plays Alistar, let them lvl up to the lvl where they can easily go in then do a good amount of damages to secure an easy kill.

Let's talk about you now, how do you play when you gank with Shaco ? You come under stealth with your  deceive.png , then you attack your target and YOU DON'T USE your  twoshivpoison.png . Use the passive to slow your target to maximize your damages, then let her flash/dash, then land your dagger to finish her with an 14.png  if the damages are not enough.

I drew on summoners rift map the places where I use my  deceive.png  to gank someone, and when I am out of vision (a ward sometimes, the turret vision for some spots and the champion/minions vision range for other spots). You have to keep in mind the vision range of turrets, minions, champions, and know where the wards are.

LolMap 3.jpg

Jungle routes

You can start both sides, depends where you want to gank first or invade the ennemy jungle.

My preferred start is to do 2 buffs in a row then go for the last to take lvl 3, then check the ennemy jungle or gank.

If you start red side (here's the blue side, but it's the same placement on red side), you have to place your first 2 boxes on the indicated black point. The first one at 0;42s, the second at 1min.


Then place your last boxes (2) on the black point so the boxes won't attack the buff because they are too far.

start box.png

After you placed your last two boxes at 1;32/35s, you have 5 seconds to come back on your krugs then smite it (ask your mates, if they are here, to give 1-2 hits MAXIMUM and to leave, don't hesitate to spam ping back, some of them are really slow in their mind and will take the experience cause they stayed to much on your buff. The range needed to steal the experience is really little, so they really have to be sticked to the mob for stealing some of the experience. If one of your mate steal it, just don't tilt and tell him gently to go on his lane so he won't ruin the 2 following boxes your pre-placed (I got an alistar that wanted to help me too much, he stole my krugs experience then wanted to help me on red and ruined my last two boxes, so I know what i'm talking about c:).

After getting those 2 camps, go for your red/blue buff and do it (if you start the other side, do the same thing, place 2 boxes first behind gromp then place your 2 last boxes at a reasonable distance of the blue so the boxes won't attack it).

After getting your lvl 3, you have 3 possibilities :

gank a lane (bot/mid/top).

invade the ennemy jungler (if he's slow, he might be still on his third camp). Try to know where he start before you do a move as an invade, so you won't be surprised.

continue to farm, do the krugs/gromp with your smite then take the river monster for the vision, place a ward for your mates so they'll know the ennemy jungler position.

After your first back, you must farm all your camps, do all of them in a row, try to see if there is opportunities to kill a laner or the jungler, if you can't, then continue to farm until you find a possibility (it's really rare that you can't gank before your lvl6, in this case, you see nothing or your allies just perma push their lane, then counter gank to take the advantage).

How to invade and when 

Remember that invading the enemy jungle is always risked, if you use  deceive.png  , you have to wait 11 seconds (without cdr) before using it one more time so be careful.

You must be aware of ward position, timers (after 3 minutes, there's high chances that the enemy jungler is in the opposite side where he started), where the jungler started and lanes, because if you invade and for some reasons (a ward that spotted you generally) other enemies are on you, then it's hard for you to survive if you don't have your  deceive.png up and 0 allies around to help you.


If you don't see the other jungle, he can be :

Back : yes, some junglers have a hard start, they do the first 3 camps in a jungle side then back and do the other side.

On an other camp : sometimes jungler do an other camp before they do their principal buff (red or blue).

What you have to do if you don't find him on his buff his checking the other camps (normally you can see the razors/gromp in the same time as the blue/red), so keep a ward to use it on wolves and krugs, sometimes they finished their second buff and are on it or they prefer to do it before second buff. If you don't see him just start the buff ASAP and don't wait the enemy jungler to come it's a waste of time. If he see and, he will hesitate first and will try to contest the buff, then you just have to take it and escape ASAP before his mates come for you.

What you want to do is stealing their camps, so keep your smite and do not use it before attacking, there's high chances that the enemy jungler keep it for the second buff. So attack him, he will try to trade you/run/flash, and here you can steal his buff since you are lvl 3 and him still lvl2 (in case of a slow jungler), if he is lvl3, he have the choice between die after trying to finish his buff or flash after he got it or not (in this case you got the buff with your smite or he outsmited you). You're always a winner in this situation because he lost hp's and he must back (if he's greedy, punish him), and you can steal other camps while he's back. At this moment you must check the lanes constlantly to see if you have missing enemies and some back-up from your allies. You must prepare your mates to help you so ping the buffs, the enemy jungler so they will react faster and come to help you (some laners are really slow to react when enemy laners are here 15 seconds before and it's really hard in this situation).

When you invade, generally the lanes are ungankable, if the lanes are, don't waste your time invading, you can do it later in the game. 

Mid/late game and Splitpushing. Back to Top

Mid game/Late game

If your early game is a stomp in your favor, then you don't need to do special things, just push alone or with a team mate when the rest of your team push the sides lanes. Be careful to never be too far of your mates so you can rejoin them fast if they are engaged/chased. Then your next objectives are the inhibitor turrets which are not that easy to take when you play Shaco. If it takes too much time, try to catch someone then do Baron buff and it should be easy to take those turrets after. Be careful to always push ALL the lanes so the enemies will split to protect their base and at this moment, you have an advantage. There is different solutions in this case :

If you see an overextended enemy, you just rush him and kill him before his mates can help him, it gives you a precious advantage to siege the enemy turrets. 

If they stay in their base, it's a free Baron or a free trap because there will always be a guy that rush the Baron to try to do something, then you can kill him easily while the rest of the team is still in base depushing or coming to Baron. Then you have two solutions, if the enemies aren't dangerous, do the Baron, if they are, kill them then if the game can be ended, just go for it or do the Baron buff, back, then go for their base and finish it before you or your mates throw the game then lose stupidly. 

Shaco isn't that strong in team fights, so try to not team fight. Catch alone champions is far better, but if you have not the choice, it's generally trade kill in team fights, you back stab a carry then try to survive to the others, and your team mates should finish the job by helping you to finish the last enemies.

You can come in the fight later when both teams are fighting, not too late, just  deceive.png  in and kill the carries. Generally, they are focused on other enemies and won't see you coming behind them, and here it's a carnage.

When can I split push and when ?

You must split with Shaco at a moment in the game, because you want to finish your core build faster by farming, get turrets for your team and split the enemy team to kill an alone player. 

But sometimes there is an unique occasion to get a free turret (mid/top/bot) when your team is fighting the enemy team and keep her occupied. For example, your mid laner come bot with your top laner to do a 4v4, 4v5 and you are too far to come in time. 

Don't lose your time farming your jungle, just push the lane where you are and take as much turrets as possible (without dying of course, they can do free objectives after, and you don't want them to do that), you are a really good pusher, don't hesitate too to use directly your  hallucinatefull.png  to push faster, in 18 seconds, you can take a second turret if you have the time, check regularly your enemies death timer, if they are still fighting your allies and if they are spotted. By doing that, you know if one of them is coming for you or not, and you can abort your push or not.

An other thing you can do after pushing turrets on a lane is to move on an other lane to push the remaining turrets. 

This is a good move that will force the enemies to choice between trying to finish your allies or abort the fight to defend their base.

You need certain items to splitpush, Black Cleaver is certainly not a good item for splitpushing so do the right build for this type of strategy.

Objectives as Shaco Back to Top


Turrets are the most important things in LoL, you must try to get them down as fast as possible to have more map control, more map pression and global golds, don't be afraid to stay on a lane early in the game to destroy the turret, it help all your mates and you can rotate and take the other turrets, then you can concentrate on other objectives.


Dragons are important too, but you are looking for special types of dragons. The dragons you want as Shaco are the fire one and the Earth one. Yes the Earth dragon make the push and other neutral monsters (herald/nashor/dragon) a lot easier. Water/Cloud dragon aren't necessary and aren't worth to early solo when you play Shaco. So don't rush the dragon everytime you can. If there is a gank opportunity or a turret to take, go for it.

If the fire dragon is the first to appear, try to rush it when you are lvl 6, take the vision and you can solo it (buy a pink). It's a priority for you. If it's a earth dragon, you don't need to do as for the fire dragon, just do it with your team before you push 2nd tier turrets.

Water and cloud dragon are not worth a turret, so do it when you've got nothing to do but this.

Rift Herald

Rift Herald is OP on Shaco, try to get it between the 12th and the 19th minute, so you won't waste to much time doing it, it's really hard to do in early game, so don't do stupid things. Also if you are not feed (it happens), give it to one of your allies that can do a better use of it.


A good objective to do between the 20th and the 25th-30th minutes, above it's not that gamebreaker. It gives you the keys of the game, this buff is really strong when you do it before the 25th minute, do it when you won a teamfight and you can't push an inhibitor (an enemy didn't died or there is no wave that can tank for you). Always remember that an inhibitor is always worth before a Baron because it's really easy to do the Baron when someone in the other team must protect his base from super minions. You take low risk to do it. Also try to push all the lanes, so the map pressure will be even stronger and you won't face resistance while you do the Baron.

Ancient Dragon

This buff is made to finish the game. Imagine three fire dragon buff then this one, the dream, huuuummm. Do it if there is no threat like steals, enemy engage, things like that, it gives you the keys in late game. With Baron and this buff, you CAN'T lose.

Boots choice with Shaco Back to Top

Someone talked about mobilities and why i don't build it on Shaco. The first question is, what do YOU need as a Shaco in the game that YOU play. It's really important. You need mobility to catch faster ? You need CDR to escape faster with Deceive ? You want to 1v1 a dangerous AD dealer ? Or you want to be free of controls ?

I'm gonna explain why i build mercuries/tabis/ionian/switness and why i don't build berserker/mobility boots.


Mercuries are really simple, if you face AP threat, you won't take these boots, but if this team have to much controls, do not hesitate to take them. there's always an Alistar, a Bard, a Thresh, a Braum in a game and they all deal magic damages (Braum deals less but still) and they all have heavy controls, what do you win by taking these boots, you win damages on them, because they won't control you as much as they could do to you without the mercuries, that's all, you can't restart fighting/chasing/escaping faster.


Tabis are not that easy to take. You won't take them if you face a fed ADC, when the rest of the team is AP with a lot of controls. You want to take tabis when you face for example an AD mid, or a top like Tryndamere, Riven, Irelia. It's not worth to take'em if you simply want to reduce the adc damage while the rest of his team destroy you, it's not rational. Also take it if you plan on facing a lot of times the same AD champion, to push his lane, or to get him out of the fight when he is not in (pushing his lane alone or moving to his mates, it increase your chances to win the trade).


Ionian boots are taken in a particular situation. If the ennemies do not have heavy controls, or a lot of slows, take it, but only if you are fed enough. It's useless to spam your spells on Shaco if you don't have enough AD to scale with E and Q. You have a reduced smite so it's good too.


Swiftness are a good choice on Shaco if you are fed too, the enemies can't escape from you, literally. It's also good to chase champions like Ezreal or Gragas. and if you lack of tenacity, simply take the potion, and you will be a god chaser/runner.


35% AS might be worth on Shaco, if you lack of attack speed in your itemization.


Mobilities are bad too on Shaco, because it only gives you +25 base movespeed that increase to +115 when you are out of the fight. But take a single hit from anything and you lose this movespeed buff. Swiftness gives you +60 basic movespeed, so it's 35 ms more than mobilities and slow are reduced by 25%, so in final if you take a slow with mobilities in your stuff, you movespeed will fall under 350.

Can i skip jungle item ? Back to Top

Imo, you really should take the jungle item because for the blue one, the smite can be used to activate thunderlord, to reduce the distance between you and your target and the red one is usefull to win hard duels. Also, the item is cost efficient. You have mana regeneration too.

If you really want to skip it, stop after you bought the 1041.png(for the bonus experience). You can do that if you want to rush your core items and if you don't have a lot of golds in early game. For example, you rush tiamat after machete instead of taking your jungle item.

It's not a good idea to skip this item imo, but you still can, you won't lose any bonus experience since the second tier version and even the last doesn't increased bonus experience you earn by doing monster camps. I always do it as a Shaco bruiser, it gives me the burst i need in early game, it means that my power spike comes earlier than doing machete>tiamat>hydra, because the jungle item cost lower than the ravenous hydra, which impact a lot your power spike. And it's even better if you get kills in early game. Each camps gives you between 70 and 100 golds and kills gives you 300-400 golds, so if you farm enough and get enough kills in early game you can finish the item before the 10-12th minute, which makes you really strong.


What Shaco needs to win easily ? Back to Top

What do YOU need as a Shaco player ? Shaco do not have controls in his spells set, so he NEEDS to have a team composition that setup his ganks. Don't be afraid to ask your team mates to pick champions that can have any controls to setup your ganks, you can't snowball easily in early game if you can't get fast kills on lanes. I rather prefer a Braum, an Alistar because they can control target very easily and for a good time. If you get a Janna, you can cry my friend, it's useless af with Shaco. Even a Trundle top is good with Shaco, because it permits you to reach your target faster, a Fizz mid is also good, even if he doesn't have controls, he have a slow and deals a lot of damages. 

All that you need is controls to make sure you will apply a good amount of damages, it makes the win a lot easier and skirmishes are easier when you can fast control a target, get her down in 1 second then benefit from it. 

My Shaco secrets to feed myself even more ! Back to Top


This section is about how I play in different situations to take more kills and finish the game faster (or to have more fun).

When I engage a gank then kill someone and get chased by his mates because i'm low with my mates, when i'm out of vision (in a brush, behind my turret) and there's a low ennemy, I always back in, my target is always farming creeps behind, don't back in a safe position, or just follow his mate to help him, it's a FREE KILL, after you killed him, if you can switch on the other enemy, place a box between you and him then cut his retreat. If you can't kill the other enemy, just place a box to cover your escape by the opposite way. By doing that, you can give your mates even more kills (even if you die, your mates can finish the enemy that used everything to kill you) and snowball even more.

After an enemy used his flash, i usually gank him a second time some seconds after, they always greed for farm if they're aren't too low, then it's a free kill. This strategy works really well in low diamond (after I don't really know, played against mid/top diamonds in normal games and it works well too, but less than plat/gold/silver). 

After killing an enemy, do not hesitate to stay in the brush with your allies to kill him a second time after he's back on lane, if you kill him again, he will lose a lot of experience, farm, and in the best situation he will be lvl 4 when your bot lane is lvl 6.

How do I unlock a situation by doing a risky move ? Sometimes, when I want the game to be faster and when enemies depush lanes, i go in with my  deceive.png  then kill him fast. You think that this is a normal move, yes it is, but I also do it without vision on the enemy. Let me explain. You don't have the vision on the lane, but YOU KNOW that someone is on the lane farming to push your turrets. Then you  deceive.png  in to check the lane, 100% approved, you will find a tasty adc/mid laner/support, alone or grouped with an other allie, it's 100% free kill approved, since you are feed and not them. 

Remember that this move is a suicide move in first, so if you find too much enemies or a fed enemy don't be stupid and back off.

Aaaaannnnnnnnnnd MY MASTER PIECE, i called it the "Pink Trap". It only works when you are out of turret vision (it's possible to do it under turret but you will be spotted and also be easily killed). 

It's really easy to do and it only cost 75 golds.

Step 1 : buy a pink ward for 75 golds.

Step 2 : go to bot/mid/top/enemy base.

Step 3 : place your pink out of the enemy vision (if they see you doing this weird move, they will smell something, but usually, they're stupid), the best way to do it is placing this in teamfight and they won't see it coming.

Step 4 : Wait a tasty target to come to destroy it, it's easier to do this at bot lane when the adc comes to take the waves, he will ALWAYS try to destroy the pink.

Step 5 : Deceive in.

Step 6 : "HELLO THERE", backstab, E, Hydra, auto, "cya nerd :)".

Patch effects on Shaco. Back to Top

[ Patch 6.5 ]


Jarvan IV have been buffed : 
  • His jarvanivcataclysm.png now deals damage to all the enemies in the area of effect.
  • His jarvanivgoldenaegis.png now have a 12 second cd instead of 20/18/16/14/12.

Imo it doesn't change something for Shaco, jester still piss on Jarvan 1v1, in his jungle, his DPS is more important that Jarvan IV one. The cd shield is less important but you don't care since Jarvan's jarvanivgoldenaegis.png sucks. 

Hecarim have been buffed :

  • Now his hecarimramp.png knock back is based on distance traveled.

An interesting buff that will sign up the return of Hecarim, but it's not an hard match up for Shaco.

Pantheon have been nerfed : 

  • His pantheon_heartseeker.png now deal 80/130/180/230/280 (AD bonus ratio 3) from 80/140/200/260/320 (AD bonus ratio 3,6)
  • Other changes are not important since you can't exactly know if he cancelled his ultimate.

Huge nerf that will make Pantheon really weak in 1v1 late in the game and a bit less strong early/mid. It's good for Shaco because Pantheon can totally destroy him early/mid game.

Sejuani have been buffed : 

  • Her sejuaniwintersclaw.png now deals 80/105/130/155/180 from 60/90/120/150/180.
  • Her sejuaninorthernwinds.png auto reset is faster.

Well you don't really care, those changes to Sejuani just impact the rapidity of her ganks (faster auto reset) and the damages she deals early game. She still can't 1v1 you.

Vi have been buffed :

  • her viE.png now deals 10/30/50/70/90 from 5/20/35/50/65 and cost 40/45/50/55/60 mana from 60 mana at all ranks.

You will have to care of this changes because Vi is not that easy to 1v1 when she catches you. It will also make her camps clear faster so care when you invade. 


  • Devourer 1403.png have been nerfed : Herald now gives only 2 stacks from 5.

This is a really little nerf that is not enough in my opinion, i think more nerf are incoming in the following patched, but it's always better than nothing. Devourer champions just destroy you when they finished to stack it so it's good for Shaco.

This patch is not really important, he just try to make some champions more viable like Jarvan IV, Sejuani, Hecarim, Vi and nerf champions like Pantheon that are too strong. So it's a good patch for Shaco. No core items nerf, neither buff or nerf (what a surprise, Shaco is a forsaken champion in patches). 

[ Patch 6.6]


Master Yi have been changed a little bit :

First impression : He will have to build AD to deal more damages than simply going devourer, bortrk/guinsoo and full tank and doing stupid damages without taking a lot of risks. It's good for Shaco, you don't want your opponent to be too tanky.

So after some time, i changed my mind on Yi changes. It change nothing at all, titanic hydra is not that strong now that AD have been nerfed, but Yi is still really strong and builds do not change too.

Nidalee have been nerfed : 

First impression : finally this cat have been nerfed, and i'm sure her pick rate will decrease a lot just because the passive won't immobilize any more neutral monsters, and you know that Nidalee first clear is a bit hard, and now, it will be impossible, or she must back after 2 camps, which gives you a lot of things to do.
I just didn't faced a single Nidalee since the new patch have been set live, i'll update match-up when I find one.

Shyvana have been nerfed : 

That's a good nerf for Shyvana early, you should take her on a 1v1. with the titanic hydra nerf, her core item will not be that strong now that it only gives 35 AD from 50 AD before.


Tiamat have been changed :

Damages have been lowered to 20 AD from 30 AD

Passive have been changed to the previous one, it now deal permanent aoe damage each auto attacks (like before so). It's REALLY GOOD, now you can clear your jungle really easily, do not hesitate to rush this item after your first back or after you took your stalker blade (if you don't have the golds for the tiamat).

I looked the changes for this patch, and i think we will see more Kindred if the champion isn't nerfed, and a lot of Gragas, they are not impossible match-ups, but be careful. I think that Nidalee can still be played, but really hard in early cleans, Yi is still the same and maybe stronger in mid game when he have some bonus AD. 

[Patch 6.7]

This patch is an other one that makes shaco stronger.

Kindred have been nerfed :

  • kindredW.png heal have been lowered in early game.

  • kindredpassive.png can't be casted on allies now, only on him

It should change the way Kindred fight in teamfights, and you can punish missplays from Kindred allies easier. And you should have a better advantage in early game when you duel him. But those nerfs doesn't change a lot the way Kindred do her duels.

Nidalee have been nerfed :

  • Herbushwhack.png (cougar form) damages are lowered again (buffed in 5.6 and lowered again now that she is still too strong). 

Imo it's still not enough, the principal problem of this champion is that he have almost everything in his spell kit. Nerfs are hard to choose and to apply. The damages she deals with few items are still too important.

Poppy took an enormous nerf :

  • poppypassive.png range have been lowered and no longer reset auto attack timer.

  • poppydevastatingblow.png damages have been lowered too.

  • poppyheroiccharge.png range have been lowered.

Those nerfs are really big, now poppy can't burst you how she were doing it the last patch, like :

- Auto attack/Q/passive auto reset in one second.

Now she won't catch you that easily and she won't dive you at lvl 6 when you come to take top lane farm. The top lane meta will also be healthier.

Rammus have been nerfed : 

  • tremors2.png have been nerfed, the cd is no longer 60 second at all levels, it's 100/80/60 seconds.

That's good, now he won't use it at every single duel you will do against him. But try to not duel him at all, he's still broken and have no counter play.

Udyr have been nerfed :

  • udyrphoenixstance.png damages have been lowered.

Imo Udyr is now officially a dead champion , i would place him in tier 2. Items nerf, and now one more stance nerf, it is too much imo but let's see how it's going for Udyr the following days/weeks.


3156.png have been nerfed, mr have been lowered and the passive no longer gives you AS when it procs.

Well deserved nerf, because it was too strong on ad carries. But it also nerf Shaco, but not that hard. You can still do it in a statikk build and an hydra build (you benefit more of the Malmortius passive with AS). I think malmortius is still really strong but it is now a situationnal item.

Again a good patch for Shaco players, Malmortius nerf is sad but it is normal.

[Patch 6.8]

This patch is not really important and big, it just change some champions like Ekko (tiny nerf) and Graves (more a change than a nerf, you need to build crits if you want to do more damages). So the patch do not have an impact on Shaco gameplay and way to play.

[Patch 6.9]

Kindred nerf :

Q cd up to 4/3,5/3/2,5/2 seconds from 2 seconds at all ranks.

W up for a faster jungle clean.

Nidalee nerf : 

It's an early nerf for her Q, now the additionnal damages up with her ultimate ranks.

1%/1,25%/1,5%/1,75% from 1,5% at all ranks. She needs to be lvl 11 to have 1,5% now.

devourer enchant disappear, it's a huge nerf for champions like Master Yi, Shyvana, Jax. Also the guinsoo change too and it's also a nerf for Master Yi and Co.

3071.png huge up for this item, becomes really good in situationnal Shaco builds.

(I added a section for dragons above).

[Patch 6.10]

This patch change some things to nerf and buff champions, so it's not really big.

Master Yi have been buffed, it's normal imo, the champion took thousand of punchs then leaved in garbages lol.

E true damages have been buffed to 15/25/35/45/55 from 12/19/26/33/40

W ap ratio have been buffed to 0,25 from 0,15.

Shyvana (W) and nocturne (Passive) AP ratios have been added to benefit from AP gains like guinsoo or nasho/dragons buff.

[patch 6.11]

Not a lot of changes that will impact Shaco jungle, even Trinity force (I explain that in trinity force section). 

[Patch 6.12]

Something changed on Shaco, now you clearly know if you hit with passive or not (bonus damage by passive is separated from damage indicator). Now Shaco is op.................. No ok he's still the same.

Natural Talent now gives a small bonus of AD and AP and gives AD and AP per lvl, like before. I think it's stronger than vampirism, your early stats are better.

Veterans scars now give 50hp from 45hp, still not worth :).

Not a lot of things again, worlds are coming and patch are not important, it's just little buff and nerf to make the game balanced.....................LOL THIS IS FUN, THE GAME ISN'T BALANCED AT ALL.

[Patch 6.13]

Jarvan IV buff :

Now his shield (W/Z) is stronger if you touch a lot of enemies with it but is weaker in the last points if you just cast it randomly without touching someone.
The radius is also buff to 600 from 500

Imo it won't change a lot of things but since some patches, J4 is having a lot of small buffs that could make him back on the scene. Still not strong enough to be scary against a Shaco.

Kindred huge nerf :

Now her basic armor is 20, from 27 basic armor

It's a huge nerf to kindred early game, now you can take duels more easily Imo, but you still should care because she is a really strong duelist at 3.

Volibear nerf :

W damages got nerfed for early/mid game, noticable for the 1st lvl and the 2nd, but after it's the same, and the attack speed boost from it got nerfed for the early/mid too.
It should be easier to take the advantage on a duel in early lvls now, remember that voli is still dangerous if he gets some kills in early game then go for hps, he will smash you if you are not fed.

[Patch 6.14]

Lee sin have been buffed on his W :

The shield is more important in late game. Not really important since a Shaco/LeeSin match-up is about who will stomp the other, so the mid/late game part isn't really important, it's in the early game that you have to make the difference.

Rek'Sai have been nerfed on her W passive :

The detection refresh have been increased to 1,5 s instead of 0,75 s. For me it's a nerf that need to be noticed because Rek'Sai detection is a huge threat for Shaco, especially when you are under stealth and you are moving, you can easily be waited when you make out of your invisibility and here, with this nerf, it will be harder for your ennemies to know exactly where you are.

The Wind Dragon speed boost have been increased : 

Since your ennemies can't attack you (so they don't break the MS passive) when you are under stealth, this bonus is really strong imo. Imagine having more than 500 MS when you rush a separated target or when you chase. It's not bad at all, i hardly prefer a MS bonus than a water dragon buff that won't save me if I fucked up.

[Patch 6.15]

Hecarim have been nerfed : 

His basic attack have been lowered to 58 from 61,37 (weird number lmao).

His Q damages have been lowered by 10 points at all levels.

A tiny nerf, but a nerf, hecarim match up is really hard when the late game comes, especially if you don't have armor penetration and attack speed, or a Botrk. It won't change the fact that Hecarim is still really weak in early game for neutral camps clean and duels.

Jarvan IV have been buffed :

His attack speed (passive/AOE active) on his E have been increased. It should give to Jarvan a better early clean, but it won't make him a Shaco d3stroy3r, if you dodge his combo, he's fucked up.

Nidalee have been buffed : 

Her minimum and maximum damages have been increased for the four first levels and the same foe the fifth level.
Her minimum and maximum damages have been increased for the first levels then lowered for the last levels.

It should make her stronger in early game, still easy if you manage to dodge her spear and to not walk on her trap so she won't apply bonus damages on you.

[Patch 6.16]

Nothing interesting there, maybe expect the new champion Kled. I don't see him really strong in jungle, principally because his jungle clean isn't strong, you can't control his mount (a raptor ?), i mean that you can't stop skaarl from running away and it sets you in a tricky situation when you lose it too soon ot when you gank (the spells kits are really different, one to attack and one to temporize the return of skaarl.

the following patches won't be important too, the worlds are coming soon.

[Patch 6.17]

Gragas nerf on E : CD increased to 16/15/14/13/12 seconds from 12 seconds. Now Gragas can't use twice his E when he duels you and it's really enjoyable.

Rek'Sai nerf on Ultimate CD : Increased to 180/140/100 seconds from 150/110/70. It should be really harder for her to control the map, aswell for the E CD nerf, increase to 26/24/22/20/18 seconds from 20/19,5/19/18,5/18 seconds.

A tiny buff for Vi. It won't change the fast that you can't duel her in early game due to her high damage. You can still try if she's fighting a neutral camp, it's your best chance to kill her a lot more easier.

Video Section (empty, wip) Back to Top

Actually i'm not playing a lot of League so i will update this part when the motivation will come back.

Thanks for looking at my guide ! Back to Top

Yeah i know it's a really long guide and it contain a lot of faults for sure (approximative english sorry c:), but i'll continue to upgrade it, change/add match-ups information, add some images and all the stuff needed to do a complete guide for that Toxic Shaco guide !

Why "Toxic" ? Well i have a friend who say " this champion toxicity is so high daaaaaaamn !".

if you liked this guide, please like it, so other players will find it easily when they search a complete guide for Shaco, and i also appreciate it :). And if you don't like, because there is always peoples that don't like what you've done for their own reasons, leave a comment of what you disliked in it and i'll check that, if i did an error or something like that.

About me Back to Top

My name is PURlPURlPRISONER, i'm french and i'm playing since the end of season 2, I started playing Shaco in season 3 and enjoyed it, still enjoying it, played him mostly in normal games then in rankeds. For the information i'm not a Shaco OTP, i'm a jungler main, so I play a lot of champions in. I'm actually platin 1 and i'm going for the diamond this season.
Feel free to add me if you have any question about Shaco or suggestion for the guide or if you are not agree with something in the guide. Don't hesitate to leave a comment too, really appreciate feedback :).

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17/03/2016 : 

- added and finished to write all items explanation.
- changed some errors on all sections, text color, an image in "how to gank a lane" section, and content in all sections.
- added "LOGS" section.
- added "pros and cons" section.
- added "Ravenous Hydra" section.
- changed Nidalee match-up to medium from easy (with the nerfs incoming (well deserved imo), i will rechange it in easy i think).

18/03/2016 :
- added a "boots choices with Shaco" section.
- added vision stuff and elixirs in item section.
- added Master piece secret to feed yourself in "My Shaco secrets to feed myself".

23/03/2016 :
- added patch 6.6 changes on Shaco.

30/03/2016 : 
- changed some things in patch changes.

07/04/2016 : 
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08/04/2016 :
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- updated "deceive" section.

18/05/2016 : 
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31/05/2016 :
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- added [Patch 6.12]

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