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2 years ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

I don't need to explain what 12.png14.png or 3.png do and serve for in detail, everything depends on what you want to do in game when you check the opposing team:

- 12.png for Map Pressure. You already exerce lots of pressure for what concerns your Q deceive.png deceive, adding the fact that you can also go from bot to top in a matter of seconds will make your opponents be more defensive.

- 14.png for easier kills

- 3.png to be sure nobody escapes

NOW... why 4.png ?

- I use 4.png when I play AP Shaco and only in that situation. I find that AP Shaco doesn't have the burst he once had and that he's more vulnerable to early invades, having 4.png as a second resource for escaping is in my opinion a must, not to mention, AP Shaco needs more strategy than AD, since you (or better I) play more around carefully placing your W jackinthebox.png Jack in the Box.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

  • Ferocity Tree

Fury : Think triggering shacopassive.png Backstab (Passive) more often
Feast : For sustain

Natural Talent : Quite obvious, gives you more AP and AD and Shaco scales well with both

Opressor : Due to E twoshivpoison.png Two-Shiv Poison's Passive Shaco's targets are slowed therefore making Opressor the mastery to go.

Bounty Hunter is also a good choice but it depends on the orientation you'll give Shaco, if you think you'll be the carry taking this mastery point is a good choice if you'll manage to get the kills that empower this mastery.

  • Cunning Tree

Savagery : If you know how to read you'll understand why this Mastery is a must, you already have lots of mobility so Wanderer becomes obsolete for Shaco

Assassin : Because if you want to Shaco, you'll notice that you have immense counter-jungling potential, passing more time on your opponents jungle becomes a curiosity you want to take full profit of. Finding a low enemy jungler is an opportunity you can't pass by, 1v1, is the reason you must pick this Mastery

Merciless : Pretty darn obvious... you don't the need mana regen since you'll buy the 2032.png and all in all you have more mana regen when in the jungle.

Dangerous Game : To help you in teamfights and when ganking

Precision : Need a drawing?

Thunderlord's Decree : This Mastery is KEY... its gives you the outstanding burst you so desperately need, it is outstanding the burst dmg it gives you, adding TD to Assassin and Precision, will help you burst the enemy jungler for a First Blood with some ease.

Abilities Back to Top


  • Backstab - You want to trigger and abuse this as much as you can as it'll give you 20% bonus dmg when you attack an enemy from behind.


  • Deceive (Q) - You simply disappear for 3.5 seconds which represents an eternity in League. The next AA within the 6 seconds that follow is guaranteed to Critically Strike. It's due to this ability that Shaco exercises the laning pressure he does, it is also his gap closer since he teleports Shaco for +/- the same distance as 4.png does. Deals 140/160/180/200/220% damage.


  • Jack in the Box (W) - This is Shaco's Bread and Butter and what makes him a very strategic champion, you can use it to ward, to fear, to block projectiles (Jinx's & Cait's R, Ryze's Q, etc...). DealS 35/50/65/80/95 (+20% Ability Power) Magic damage.


  • Two-Shiv Poison (E) - The main source of damage. It's passive allows you to slow enemies (10/15/20/25/30%) for 2 seconds and, if you attack minions of monsters, reduce their AS (20/22.5/25/27.5/30%).
    The active deals 50/90/130/170/210 (+100% bonus Attack Damage) (+100% Ability Power) magic damage to target enemy and applies Two-Shiv Poison for 3 seconds.
    All in all this is why you put 1 point on Opressor, use and abuse this passive, it'll greatly help you and your team.


  • Hallucinate (R) - Shaco vanishes briefly and reappears with a clone that lasts up to 18 seconds. The clone deals 75% of Shaco's damage and receives 50% increased damage.On death, the clone detonates, dealing 300/450/600 (+100% Ability Power) magic damage to nearby enemies.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    In my opinion the best items to start with

Core Items

    Rush these, the potion is always optional, I upgrade it always so I have mana at all times.
    I rarely take Warrior, only when I see that our team will roll the opponents easily. I usually build a full damage Shaco with Warrior
    This is my main core items, the build I go for most of the times and which imo makes Shaco late game viable, you'll be the sort of tank who can deal a good amount of dmg, splitpush and peel a bit
    Full AD build, if I feel way ahead I wont even buy Guardian Angel.
    Choose one. Black Cleaver is my favourite for a full AD Shaco. !!! Careful with Youmuus , trigger it before using Deceive (Q) as it will uncloak you otherwise !!!
    I prefer swifties for the mobility they offer but Mercury are very useful in case the opponents are AP dealers Alacrity for extra speed

Situational Items

    20 pinks is more or less to give you the idea that you should have a pink with you at all times regardless of the point you're at in the game, if you have inventory space and spare money buy this.
    Getting this at LvL 9 is primordial since Shaco's worst enemy is vision, if they can't see you, you can deceived them better

I prefer to play an utility semi-assassin Shaco, which will allow you to (out) duel your enemies and still burst down that pesky adc.


Skirmisher Cinderhulk : Gives you immediate early tankiness and passive dmg. The active is awesome since it denies dmg you receive while offering you True Damage against the smited enemy, the AoE dmg also helps clearing camps faster.


Ravenous Hydra : Bread and Butter on Shaco, wave clearing AoE LifeSteal, and main burst damage item on Shaco


Thornmail : Reflects 15% of the physical damage taken (+25% bonus armor) from basic attacks and on-hit effects back to its source as magic damage. The description is rather explicative.

If you add Thornmail+Cinderhulk+Gromp (Smite) passive and you'll be dealing so much passive damage your opponents wont even know where the damage is coming from xD


Maw of Malmortius : This item is a bit situational but its stats are way too good to let it pass. Gives you AD, MRes, ArmPen, LifeSteal and a Shield.


Dead Man's Plate : More than self-explanatory. Mobility, Tankiness, a little slow and some damage (unique passives). The stats are awesome but what makes it even more awesome is the fact that its passive is only discharged on on-hit basic attacks which means you can use deceive.png Deceive (Q) without losing the passive of DMP ;)


Boots of Swiftness (alacrity) : I like to run lots of speed on Shaco, so I can either escape or hunt more easily, these boots are a must if you want to split-push effectively. Regardless of the boots I get, I always buy alacrity.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Aatrox
  • Amumu
  • Diana
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Ekko
  • Elise
  • Evelynn
  • Fiddlesticks
  • Fizz
  • Gragas
  • Graves
  • Hecarim
  • Irelia
  • Jarvan IV
  • Jax
  • Kha'Zix
  • Kindred
  • Lee Sin
  • Malphite
  • Master Yi
  • Nidalee
  • Nocturne
  • Pantheon
  • Poppy
  • Rammus
  • Rek'Sai
  • Rengar
  • Sejuani
  • Shaco
  • Shyvana
  • Skarner
  • Teemo
  • Trundle
  • Udyr
  • Vi
  • Volibear
  • Warwick
  • Xin Zhao




I find Aatrox an hard champ to play against, he has lots of sustain and are usually built with AS Runes. I advise you to counterjungle a lot so he can't farm up to Sate his devourer. Pay lots of attention to his Passive Blood Well.

By my experience with Aatrox I try to take his camps as much as I can and help my lanes get ahead.




Avoid his curseofthesadmummy.png




Dodge her dianaQ.png so she can't dianaR.png twice and burst you down instantly.
Be aware of her combo dianaQ.png>dianaR.png>dianaW.png , as soon as she uses her dianaQ.png be prepared to pop yourhallucinatefull.png to avoid her ult's damage.


Dr. Mundo


You need to be very present in his Early game to have the upper hand, as soon as he builds some tankiness he'll outsustain Shaco straight away, you'll have to build a 3153.png if you'll want to have a chance at dueling with Mundo.




Dodge his ekkoQ.png and watch out for his stun ekkoW.png .

Other than that use your strong early game to make Ekko useless.




Dodge her eliseE.png and you've already dodged her worst counter on you.
Be aware that she doesn't have an ult but she has a a 6 spell rotation in which three of them are nuke spells both her spider and human Q's and her Human W while the other spells grant her lifesteal and AS.

Always noticed if she has CDR items that will allow her to make faster spell rotations and when engaging, notice the form she's in, if she's in spider form she'll change to Human staight away to try to stun with eliseE.png and then release her human Q and W switching back again to spider form and gap closing with her Q and AS steroid with W.

Control her power through conter jungling her and having vision on her blue at all times.




She's either really good or bad ... try to always be on par with her, by counterjungling and denying farm. She becomes a beast when she finishes smite and Frozen Gauntlet so you better dedicate your game to snowball your lanes or counter jungling Evelynn and every possible moment.




Use your jackinthebox.png before he use his terrify.png or drain.png.

When he uses drain.png your hallucinatefull.png disrupts the ability. Same with jackinthebox.png.
Fiddle is very weak early game so punish him hard. Like most AP junglers he's very Blue dependent.




Fizz jungle isn't as strong as the laning Fizz, have that in consideration for starters.

Your abilities counter what I think are his most valuable abilities, fizzjump.png and fizzmarinerdoom.png.
Your jackinthebox.png can be used to lock his fizzmarinerdoom.png since it's not a very fast projectile, with some reaction you can pop the box in time, other than that your deceive.png and hallucinatefull.png can do the trick but I rather save deceive.png to dodge his fizzjump.png.

Always pay attention to the CD on his ult.




First thing to be aware of is which way he'll build, you can make a prediction by looking at his key mastery. TLDecree means he has some initial burst damage, so be careful when engaging at early levels since his gragasdrunkenrage.png reduces the damage he takes and at the same time might nuke you down along with his gragasbarrelroll.png and gragasbodyslam.png stun.

If you notice he's taking Strenght of the Ages, you can engage since he wont have as much initial burst.




Dodge his gravessmokegrenade.png and gravesclustershot.png  and you'll be fine. He has little to no escape and if you build armor pen, you'll send him to oblivion, be aware that he has high base damage so try to attack him when he already used his gravesmove.png to recharge a bullet.




EZ GG. Even though I love Heca a lot I cannot deny how weak his early game is.

Punish his early game by counterjungling him to rage quit. Not only is Heca easy to kill early game, he needs blue to sustain the mana usage of his hecarimrapidslash.png his sustain ability hecarimw.png as a long cooldown.

Whip that pony as much as you can.




Avoid... she's naturally tanky, she has inbuilt lifesteal, gap closer and stun.

She'll run you over like a hot knife on butter.
Even with my main build outduelling Irelia is hard.

Dedicate all the time you have to snowballing your lanes.


Jarvan IV


BS jarvanivgoldenaegis.png shield and low dmg early game, he's too slow for you, clean his camps and deny him farm, force him to gank lanes so you or your laner can get double kills.

I don't know if it is the fact that I am low elo and that I play with low elo players that make J4 an easy matchup for Shaco. I personally think he's strong but very easy to play against.




Jax is a real danger with this jungle meta.
Deny him farm and delay him from stacking his Devourer, build a 3110.png to counter his AS.

When dueling Jax remember that his jaxcounterstrike.png makes his AD go up to 100% since he gains 20% bonus damage per dodged attack. So in order to avoid making this ability boost Jax's damage don't plant a jackinthebox.png on the sides or behind Jax, plant it behind you so when he jaxleapstrike.png jaxcounterstrike.png to prevent the box from attacking during jaxcounterstrike.png and fear him after.

I find this matchup easy for early levels but very hard late game when Jax will already have at least Devourer and Guinsoo's .




Use your strong early game phase to hinder kha zyx... remember your jackinthebox.png and your hallucinatefull.png counter kha zyx passive, use and abuse from kha zyx weak early game and you'll find this matchup extremely easy.




Didn't play against many Kindreds yet so I dont have any precise insight on them.

Kindred is like an adc therefore being squishy, try to sneak on their jungle and until she uses kindredW.png , attack as soon the ability enters cooldown.

Be careful for post-6, try to remember the cooldown, and engage freely if you know the ult is down and you already have some damage or form of sustain.


Lee Sin


I love playing against Lee Sin's, they say it's Shaco's worst nightmare, I find it one of the easiest matchups.

Even playing against higher elo's, I always had the upper hand with Shaco.

First of all dodge Q, you can a well timed jackinthebox.png so lock his ability, you have deceive.png and if you get marked wait until he flies to you and pop your ult hallucinatefull.png when he's almost reaching you.

You can also interrupt his blindmonkrkick.png with your hallucinatefull.png not only at the moment he triggers the ult but also after he kicks and sends you flying, if you pop hallucinatefull.png mid air it'll instantly stop you there.




Check his build, if he goes AP try to stop him from building a 3027.png he wont be as tanky but he'll deal much more damage, his landslide.png has an AS slow which is very harmful for Shaco, when he reaches LvL 6 his ult becomes a very dangerous weapon, engage if you know his ufslash.png is on cooldown, if you don't know be careful and don't use your hallucinatefull.png in case he tries to ult.

ufslash.png is very unpredictable since it happens so fast especially if you're 1v1, on TF he'll ult from afar giving you enough window to pop your clone.

Do remember that his W obduracy.png and E landslide.png are AoE abilities which might render your boxes jackinthebox.png useless. Plant a jackinthebox.png only after Malphite uses landslide.png since it out-ranges the radius at which you can plant a box and then yes plant jackinthebox.png. obduracy.png has a small AoE radius.


Master Yi


Yi is a very biased matchup, he's extremely easy to deal with early game but after he builds devourer and and other AS items he becomes way too hard for Shaco to deal with by himself.

Since he's squishy and depends solemnly on AS, impeding Yi from stacking devourer is a good solution but only if your team can hold its own and win their lanes fast, if you allow Yi to enter late game, your chances of winning fall drastically unless you have a heavy CC team comp .

When he tries to heal with meditate.png, plant a jackinthebox.png to fear and stop ability.







Nocturne works a lot like Yi, relies on AS to trigger his passive as often as possible.

As usual a well timed hallucinatefull.png negates the damage of his ult nocturneparanoia.png if Nocturne doesn't engage with ult, your ult also interrupts his nocturneunspeakablehorror.png and so does a jackinthebox.png but you'll have to plant it straight away since the box activation time is the same as nocturneunspeakablehorror.png .
Nocturne's nocturneshroudofdarkness.png only procs with one your abilities which is twoshivpoison.png the only point and click ability on Shaco's kit, so be thoughtful about when to use it.




Medium to easy matchup when played against in the jungle. Be aware of his passive, when you reach LvL6 you far surpass Pantheon with this build, his passive becomes obsolete since you'll be attacking from 3 different sources, yourself the clone and the box.

Just like every other champion if Pantheon is ahead be careful .




Avoid like as if it was the devil itself. With the new patch Poppy got nerfed so I don't really how these impacted her game in the jungle .... will update as soon as possible.




Late game champ, needs to go tank to be useful, slow clearing time so use that to your advantage and take all his camps, kill him in his jungle.




Counters you from afar due to her tremors thing when burrowed (sorry I don't know all the names of abilities embedded to champs). It means that your deceive.png becomes useless, sneaking on her is next to impossible.

Then she has a knock up and AS boost, deceive.png over walls to escape might prove useless since Rek'Sai can reksaiE.png under walls ... so yh ... the fact that she also deals True Damage with her un-burrowed reksaiE.png is not that for Shaco.




I love kitties but kitties don't like clowns this is why you must teach them a lesson. 
Rengie Wengie is quite easy to deal with, all you need is your red buff, to ward and wait at this blue, if he's already there just hump his ass. If he dies, great for you and your team, if he doesn't, you'll leave him too low, if he does back like a good kitty just clean all his camps and proceed.

Use a pink or red trinket to counter his ult rengarR.png or troll him by buying 3102.png which in case you don't know counters the vision granted by his ult, Nocturne's nocturneparanoia.png and also Twisted Fate's destiny.png . 3102.png is also a really good item for Shaco overall.




I consider Sejuani to be a hard matchup do to her tankiness and CC.
The fact that she's able to be tanky and deal a decent amount of damage makes it very hard for Shaco to deal 1v1 with her.




Epic battles ... which I never had, but well I supposed and having in mind both Shaco have the same level of expertise, that it would be a very hard fought battle ...
The cunniest of Shaco's will win.




Like Sejuani but more versatile, while Sejuani has to forcibly go tank to be useful, Shyvana can build bruiser, be hard as hell to kill and deal incredible damage.

Avoid confrontation help your lanes




You're much more mobile that he is ... but he get way tankier than you do, he can stun you, pull you into the enemy and if you meet him inside his crystal radius you have absolutely no chance against him.

Attack him while he's not yet a tank.

Nobody plays Skarner(my second go-to jungler) , apart me and a few others.
When I see other Skarner's, they are built with damage...which makes them more bound to die and less mobile.

I build Skarner full tank with 1306.png and 3742.png which gives him tons of mobility with the Crystals and all that. Always be aware to how a Skarner is being itemized ;)




Use a god damn red from the beginning... I only played once against a Teemo jungle but christ I never felt so counter jungled before, at every camp I did ... he was there stealthed wait for the last moment to steal or kill me... (I wasn't so knowledgeable as I am now) .

But well the best way to counter a Teemo is to act exactly like him, wait for him and kill him in his wards and red trinkets always deny his stealth




Careful when engaging, he has high sustain and AS boost




Steal his camps and avoid 1v1.




Hinder her early game and delay her power spike, her W viW.png is very harmful and when she goes tank it becomes very hard for Shaco to out duel her.




If his passive is up don't you ever dare to think or dream about engaging.
If the passive is down it shouldn't be hard.




He outsustains you and basically every other jungler in the game so be aware of that and don't let him get ahead. Even with the recent nerfs WW is still a force to be reckoned with once he gets some form of AS or added Lifesteal.

Profit from your stronger early to keep doggie in his cage


Xin Zhao


Meta champ, due to the recent changes on itemization Xin Zhao became really strong, don't let him stack devourer and build Guinsoo.

If he gets to late game Shaco is not match for his AS and LifeSteal and damage.

Mentality Back to Top




Shaco is not your usual champion and actually searching for his strength on itemization or in the ratios of his abilities means you're searching in the wrong direction. I'm in no way an outstanding Shaco player (look at my elo xD) but I've been playing him for quite a while already to get to know his strengths and his limits.

First, have in mind that you can't have it all, if you build full AD or AP you're going to fall off late game, which means you need to be of instant impact early game to end the match at the 30' mark. TF's for full AD/AP Shaco are like water for cats.

If you go full tank you deal no damage, you don't get to be enough of an impact as a jungler to help your lanes.

Like I said Shaco is not your usual champion who you can make OP through itemization, what makes Shaco OP is your head.

Shaco has all the tools to allow your cunning into the game, the more clever and perspicacious you are the best Shaco you will be and the most you'll profit from this Clown.

You can't use a Shaco thinking you're going to make 20 kills, you need to use Shaco through lane pressure, through being a constant presence on the enemy's jungle and lane. Not knowing where you are makes everyone play more defensively allowing your laners to farm with more ease.

Looking at the matchups, do notice:

  1. These are based on my experience
  2. A matchup is only hard if you make it hard, high sustain or tankiness are harmful to Shaco and if you notice most of the champions I deemed as Hard for Shaco are mostly tanky champion

  3. As I said Shaco is mental champion who's only effective if you manage to be cunning and perspicacious enough to profit from his kit which means you should be able to outplay every champion in a way or another, the potential is all in your head.

    Every Champion has a weakness of its own, no summoner is perfect, every moment is an opportunity, you must understand where that opportunity is and seize it.

Jungle Routes Back to Top

Jungle Route 1

jungle route 1.png

This is my favorite Jungle route with ganking opportunities, ALWAYS be on the look out for ganking opportunities.
The blue circle next to red is where you should place a ward is order to see when the  jungler is coming.

1. Don't smite blue!! Place 4 jackinthebox.png behind blue (so he'll turn around when the boxes activate so you can profit from your passive)
By the time you finish the blue camp's big fella your jackinthebox.png must be almost out of CD, place one box straight away behind of the little minions while finishing the other one, go away straight away even if the box hasn't YET finished the minion, Upgrade deceive.png and move to the enemy's RED straight away, deceiving over the drake's wall.

TIP : RECALL STRAIGHT AFTER YOU PASS THE WALL, It'll bring deceive.png into CD right away!!!
Ward where the blue circle is, place a box and smite red straight away so it'll be fresh for Krugs. You'll get LvL 3 from it

This route gives you high First Blood Potential whether the enemy jungler is at Red or not, if he is at Red you can smite steal his Red and run away or finish the jungler.

PS - I didn't add the river crab for 1 reason, once the enemy jungler noticed you reaped his Red he'll rage into your Red to get you and the Red with it ... the Crab takes way too long to get and you'll be like half HP making you a very tasty and vulnerable target.

Jungle Route 2

jungle route 2.png

Well this route is very aggressive and high-risk high reward, it is especially good if you have Nida or Rengar for enemy jungler. The method follows jungle route 1 mechanic don't smite Red.

  1. I skillfully made these two red arrows for the fact that you can deceive.png hide on bush (no pun to Faker intended) plant a jackinthebox.png smite his Blue and First Blood or you can plant a jackinthebox.png before deceive.png to start the cooldown countdown as fast as possible, to give you vision, and to decide what course of action to take.

    This works much better with squishy to not-so-tanky early junglers.

    You might have noticed but I didn't draw any sequence after 5, it's on purpose because think about it:

  2. You already screwed the enemy's early camps which means that the he'll be going to his red side, since he'll have no gold he won't be able to buy anything else other than a potion, and if he has a refillable potion he wont have money to buy any empowering item (careful that he might buy a pink, and that will require that you ward before he gets there), hide on the bush between drake and red.

Jungle Route 3

jungle route 3.png

This is Shaco's safe Route, place yourself on top of the black mark and place 3 jackinthebox.png behind the Krugs and another 1 in front of Red far enough to avoid it triggering on camp spawn.(In this case lvl twoshivpoison.png second). Go to red after finishing Krugs with smite and kite it until the box activates, profit from the fear to place yourself behind Red and pop another jackinthebox.png.

Do Wolves without smiting and go to Gromp, smite gromp to get the its passive and then decide whether you want to finish blue or go back to buy 1039.png and 2032.png, carry on to blue and ganking or making hell of the enemy's jungler (if possible).

Ganking 1 on 1 Back to Top


Ganking with Shaco is not as straightforward as you might think, why? :
  1. (Pink) Wards
  2. Red Trinket
  3. In sum, VISION

How to deny this ?

  1. Communication with your Teammates: 
Through pinging, Through asking your teammates to ward their lanes, the support to get himself a red trinket and killing wards

2.You can get yourself a Red trinket and kill their wards

3. Through using hard to ward spots:


  1. When you're ganking remember that to proc your passive you need to attack from behind;
  2. Place a jackinthebox.png in a way it'll avoid any escape from the target;
  3. Use your twoshivpoison.png to slow and kill the target.

Hallucinate the underrated Ability Back to Top


This ability is so underrated it hurts, there are so many uses for it, whether offensive or defensive, that every time you play Shaco you'll find a new use for it, but here are so general uses for it, (do remember this is a fairly low CD ability):

- You can use it to scout the enemy's jungle;
- Use deceive.png  to reach out for your target and pop hallucinatefull.png around the target he won't know who's the real Shaco,
  (the clone also procs your passive shacopassive.png );
- Since the clone also procs your passive shacopassive.png use this to your advantage while doing drake and baron;
- A well timed hallucinatefull.png can counter all projectiles and timed point and click abilities(like Cait's Ult), some examples:
  • Ult's:
    Karthus fallenone.png, Jinx jinxR.png, Cait caitlynaceinthehole.png (this one you don't even need to wait, from the moment you see the mark, hallucinatefull.png straight away and the mark will disappear), Zed zedR.png, Akali akalishadowdance.png, Malphite ufslash.png (this one is extremely hard due to its unpredictability), Nocturne's nocturneparanoia.png.

  • Abilities:
    All those that are non AoE skill shots, some point n click abilities that are not instant damage dealers, like Malphite's Q
    seismicshard.png , Ryze's E spellflux.png , Xin's E xenzhaosweep.png or Nocuturne's E nocturneunspeakablehorror.png and some directed movement abilities (if I can call it that way...) like Rammus Q powerball.png or Udyr's E udyrbearstance.png .

- hallucinatefull.png also allows you to jump through walls, this is extremely useful, when you're trying to escape and deceive.png is on CD, just run along a THIN wall (yes thin wall because this doesn't work everywhere, imagine it as a super short flash), while running along the wall pop your clone and instantly press on the other side of the wall, your clone with stay on one side and you'll be teleported to the other side of the wall.

- This one I learned it only a few days ago through Jeremy' "Gaming" Curious youtube channel:

  • SO it happens that if you reach level 6 in the jungle and the enemy has no vision on you, you can send your clone and it'll show to the enemy the last lvl they've seen you with. This is perfect for trolling the enemy laners:
    Imagine you were last seen level 2 and then you go unseen until you reach 6,, throw a clone to the enemy laner who'll think you are only a level 2 noob trying way too hard, since it shows lvl 2, they'll think that it is the real Shaco and attack straight away a presumably low level champion !! ;)

Credits Back to Top

This guide wouldn't be possible without the help directly or not of other Shaco players in which I inspire my gameplay:

- Shaclone, the reason for the Red Bruiser Build;
- Pinkward, for his plays and outplays
- Jeremy "Gaming" Curious, for the tip on Hallucinate.

To all the summoners I played against and that in a way or another made me a better Shaco player.

About me... Back to Top

My name is BauzenRaptor,

I was once Challenger in Korea playing only Shaco but then I woke up and fell off the bed.
Just that, there's nothing else to add, I like playing League of Legends a lot, especially in the jungle and bot lane.

I love playing with my premades and to troll a bit while trying new things, items or metas, but still keeping my competitive focus on winning.

If you want to add me feel free to do it, if you have tips to give me leave a comment or teach me in-game.

Criticizing is expected, but please use your head while doing it.

Ta Da!!

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