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3 weeks ago

Shaco Statistics for Dumbledore Bot

Author's performance with Shaco compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Shaco doesn't need flash since his Q is basicly a free flash, because of this having exhaust and ignite maximizes the chances of getting kills on bot lane. Some Supp Shacos prefer TP over exhaust, it can certainly work. Having tp means that your gonna have some global pressure.

I can recommend taking TP if you are up against really unfortunate lane, you can use TP to make plays elsewhere.

If the enemy team has lots of CC, taking flash is fine. When you take flash take either ignite on kill pressure lanes or exhaust if up against difficult lane. 

New Runes Back to Top

Frozen Augment

Glacial augment allows you to max your decieve after fully maxing out your Jack in the box. This keystone effectively makes it nonsensical to max E anymore since that keystone's slow is so strong. Obvious downsite to this is the fact that your dagger throw won't be dealing much damage. Frozen augment needs to be paired with twin shadows to be utilized to it's full potential3905.png. Frozen augment works on both AP- and Tank Shaco.


Shaco's boxes are now able to proc Aery. This is a huge buff to AP-Shaco.  Aery is excellent option on AP Shaco for a bunch of reasons. Your boxes now proc aery, and your two-shiv poison throw is able to deal a bunch of damage with aery-scorch combo. In fact, running aery makes E-max poke shaco viable once again for the same reasons why W-max Janna is a thing, it can seriously hurt opponent carries.

Kill-lane Shaco

This rune page is suitable when you are playing against really squishy bot lane. You are able to deal huge amounts of burst when engaging to your target. Also thanks to relentless hunter, when you are done dominating bot you can roam to mid lane to continue your spree of terror.

Unsealed spellbook

This keystone has incredible potential. You can swap one of your summoner spells onto one-time use summoner spell every now and then, which is honestly really cool. I haven't tried out this new unsealed spellbook yet but it should be a really good option.

Abilities Back to Top


This is currently the best ability order right now. Boxes give you huge lane presence, and maxing Q next allows you to roam and iniate better. This ability order is ideal for Tank Shaco.

This ability order works when you need to maximise your box damage and fear duration. This order is great against tanks and heavy CC comps. Boxes will keep enemy tank supp on their toes since they deal great amounts of damage if they get too close to your boxes.


Opponents find it really hard to engage due to lengthy fear duration and high box base damage.

Boxes will chunk squishy carries.

More points on invisibility means lower cooldown and higher invisibility duration.

Excellent lane bush control.


Multiple points on W means that combat which occurs outside of your boxes is probably not gonna end well, less reliable damage.

Since invisibility is maxed next, E is barely able to deal any damage unless using it on low health targets.

Jack on the box max is generally great when you are facing a tank support since these boxes will harm them severely if they are dumb enough to iniate on you. Boxmax also increases your bush dominance, they are forced to take noticeable amounts of damage if they decide to go onto a bush.

Altnernate ability max routes

ability order.PNG

This is how i used to max on pre-E nerf AP Shaco. It's pretty similar with E-max order but having one early point on boxes makes them deal slightly higher damage on fights. Having more points on Two-shiv poison makes Shaco really bursty during fights when opponents have low health, but otherwise poking full-health enemies is not very effective.


Your poke damage is bonkers against low health enemies.

Your auto attack slow ramps up really fast.

You can kill low hp enemies with Q E ignite.

Great powerspike when Luden's echo is bought.


If you are completely careless on how you use your E, your gonna run out of mana really fast.

Boxes no longer deal much damage, you rely more on fighting and finishing the fights with high-damage E on enemy champion.

Since you are so reliant on spamming E and the fact that you max this ability first, that 5 extra mana cost per rank starts to become noticeable.

If you take spellthief, low early gold income.

If you start with spellthief's, rush frostfang and follow up with double dorans rings, they will help you with your mana issues and they greatly increase your damage.

Ability Explanations


Innate: Shaco's basic attacks and Decieve  Critical strike icon critically strike for 130% AD (+ 40% AP) when hitting enemies from behind (increased to 200% AD (+ 40% AP) against monsters)

Backstab cannot happen on the same target more than once every few seconds.

Your passive now has a 40% AP ratio, basicly your AP increases this ability's base damage. This ability's cooldown decreases with your CDR, thus when you got your 3 core items, this ability is up most of the time.  Stay glued to your opponent's back and you are gonna deal decent amounts of physical damage while building AP.


Active: After a 0.125 seconds delay, Shaco blinks to the target location, temporarily becoming Twilight Shroud invisible and causing his next basic attack within 2.5 seconds to deal bonus physical damage and reduce Deceive's cooldown by 2.5 seconds.

Decieve's invisibility is not removed when Shaco casts hallucinatehallucinatefull.png, while casting Jack in the boxjackinthebox.png causes him to shimmer without removing it.

10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 (+ 70% bonus AD) (+ 30% AP)

Deals damage, once again. This is a huge buff to support Shaco. You can now max this next instead of E for extra invisibility duration and damage. However since a portion of your CC is on your E, i recommend using glacial augment if you wish to max Q after W.

jackinthebox.pngJack-in-the Box

Active: Shaco summons a box at the target location that stealths after 2 seconds, lasting up to 60 seconds. Jack In The Box can be damaged by champion basic attacks for a third of the box's health and are instantly killed by turret shots.

Flee duration: 0.5/0.75/1.0/1.2/1.5

If an enemy springs the box, it opens and causes surrounding enemies to Fear icon flee while attacking nearby enemies for up to 5 seconds. Boxes deals 50% reduced damage to turret.

This ability is your bread and butter, and the reason why Shaco can be played on support role. They are your only peeling tool, but potentially really powerful when you place them on right positions.
  • They last for 60 seconds + 1 sec per each of your 20 AP and their attacks have 20% ap Ratio. If they successfully attack all 7 rounds of darts to it's target, this ability actually has a huge 140% ap ratio.
  • These boxes Chunk health really fast if there's multiple boxes shooting at the same target, you can line boxes next to each other to make them both spring when opponent walks close to them.
  • These boxes have the ward health system, if they are attacked 3 times including autos and spells, they will break.
  • When destroyed, they grant 10 gold to it's killer.

twoshivpoison.pngTwo-Shiv poison

Passive: While Two-Shiv Poison is not on cooldown, Shaco's basic attacks Slow icon slow enemy units for 2 seconds.

Slow: 20 / 22.5 / 25 / 27.5 / 30%

Active: Shaco throws a dagger at the target enemy, dealing physical damage and Slow icon slowing them for 3 seconds.

When this ability is ready to be used, your autos have a noticeable slow which lasts for 2 seconds, when thrown it applies this slow to the target lasting for 3 seconds. It used to have extremely high AP scaling and base damage but they nerfed them big time, currently this ability has 75% ap ratio. This Your autos have a pretty noticeable slow attached too, this slow increases as you max this ability.

This ability no longer has that juicy missing % health damage, instead this ability's damage increases up to 50% as the opponent get lower on health.


Active: Shaco vanishes for 0.5 seconds, then creates a clone of himself that lives for up to 18 seconds.

The clone explodes upon death, dealing magic damage and spawning 3 mini-Jack in the Box.png boxes that trigger simultaneously, dealing damage and forcing nearby enemies to Fear icon flee. These mini-Jack in the Box.png boxes share the same health.

This ability is great. It now spawns 3 mini-boxes when your clone dies, these boxes can grant a huge aoe-fear on teamfights if nobody focuses on these boxes which is unlikely. You can take objectives with this ability and bot lane fights are literally 3v2s when this ability is unlocked. This clone has your two-shiv poison slow on his autos, which means that you can send him to slow down aproaching opponents or slow down fleeing opponents.

If you are going Tank Shaco and you got font of life, your clone's attacks won't apply this mastery on opponents. However if clone attacks opponents which has been marked by your font of life, he actually gets the healing effect. If you have ardent censer, he amusingly enough also gets the attack speed and on-hit bonus.

When your clone dies, it grants 25 gold to its killer, if they are able to kill one of the miniboxes they grant 30 gold to their killer. It is recommended not to use this clone carelessly, it should be used only if you can bust out valuable spells from enemies, take advantage of clone's auto attack slows or to successfully get him to harm opponents with explosion.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Refillable Potion is usually your starting item, since your mostly gonna avoid taking harass. If against a poke heavy mage support, take hp pots.
    Even after the coin nerfs, coin is still the best starter for Shaco. this item grants the highest amount of gold income when compared to other gold items. Blue coins now grant you less mana back, but you are still pretty safe from running completely out of mana unless you spam your spells mindlessly.
    Since Shaco is melee, he can execute minions with this item. However when you use your clone, the real shaco has this item's fireballs.
    Spellthief's is now viable if you take Aery-scorch on your rune book. Your dagger throws can seriously hurt your opponents due to sheer amount of damage those two runes can deal. You are still pretty broke when running spellthief's edge.
    Every gold income item works on Shaco to some extend, i have listed pros and cons of every one of these gold income items underneath this section.

Core Items

    I did a bit of experimenting by getting 2 early dorans rings to help with mana regen and it seemed to work with surprising results. These rings grant you a nice bag of stats. 2 doran's rings allows you to harass opponents endlessly when combined with spellthief/frostfang.
    Thanks to the latest change to support items, sightstones are now free. You can now freely buy components on your first back. Buy lost chapter and ionian boots on the first back if going AP. Buy kindlegem instead of codex if you are going tank. Remember to upgrade your gold income item at some point, preferrably early on to be able to ward.
    AP Shaco core items. Getting max cooldown is necessary. NOTE: After buying fiendish codex and ionian boots and T2 gold item, i usually rush luden's echo right after those three items and Twin shadows right after. Luden's greatly increases your bursting potential.
    Tank Shaco core items.
    Try to keep one control ward on the map at all times. You can try to bait opponents onto box traps with it if you want to try out something cheesy.
    When the end game arrives, buy one of these. Elixir of sorcery is obviously better for AP Shaco, your boxes will ocassionally deal true damage and luden's echo deals extra true damage to enemy champions hit by it's active. Elixir of iron is preferred for Tank Shaco, it's a good investment to survivability. It can work on AP Shaco too if you need to stay alive longer in fights.
    Choose the rest of your items from this list of situationals.
    Twin shadows is back from the dead. This item is now AP Shaco's core item, it allows you to scout areas and catch opponents in bad spot. If you pair it with glacial augment, you get a really powerful slowing freezeray for only 2400 gold.
    Rylai's is your core item when playing tank Shaco. This item causes your box attacks to slow opponents down by 20% and each box attack reapplies the slow on them. This item is also viable when playing AP, if opponent divers have duskblade or sweepers, this item is still a viable option.
    Upgrading sightstone items is a really bad choise early on. Upgrade it only when you got nothing else to buy later on.
    My patented speed manipulator Shaco build. You need glacial augment to get that juicy freeze ray. With this build you can massively slow down opponents and scout areas and speedup your allies. Rest of the items are tank items.

Situational Items

    Decent support buys a sightstone, excellent support buys mejais. Since shaco's Q is on decently low cooldown, you can remain relatively safe.
    Shaco's boxes proc this item's slow. Extremely good item in kite comps. Really good item if you got font of life rune, since box autos constantly apply font of life mark.
    If you got font of life rune, this item becomes a viable option. That rune procs this item when your allies attack branded target. When you have font of life, you also get extra attack speed and on hit damage when your allies and your clone attacks champs with font of life mark!
    Game changing active effect, mediocre stats. This item's healing has been nerfed heavily, it's only viable now if you are playing Tanko and you already have ardent purchased.
    This item is only optimal if you are building Tank Shaco since this item's shield scales with its user's max health. If you pair this with ardent, Ardent censer can buff your whole team (including clone) if you activate your locket on the right place.
    Extreme luxury item. If you managed to get plenty of kills, buy this in order to look good in the eyes of others.
    Much less effective after they made Shaco's two-shiv poison to deal physical damage. It's still a decent way to increase your box damage if opponents are stacking MR.
    This item causes nearby opponents to take 15% more magic damage. Your clone also applies this item's aura. If you can bait opponents onto your boxes while staying close to them, it can boost your box damage output.
    This item's active is really nice. This grants you another way to escape and iniate fights. It also boosts your allied movement speed. It also grants a small bit of extra movement speed, health and AP.
    If you are going to build Tanco, this item is really good. 12% of damage dealt to marked ally is dealt to you instead but 12% of their damage is converted to your health. However if you ult and you have an ally marked with this, you have this effect which points onto your ally. Your clone doesn't have this effect which makes it easy for your opponents to tell which Shaco is the real one.
    This item is really good on Shaco, it grants you good amount of resistances, movement speed and a bit of damage. Your Q invisibility allows you to proc this item's crushing blow with ease.
    Couple of other viable tank items.
    This item is now a mage item. Buy this if you need magic resist, AP and a helpful spellshield. Your clone also gets a spellshield if you ult while you have spellshield on.
    Tank Shaco's sheen item. This item grants a nice chunk of armor, and it grants you a nice AOE-slow everytime when you use a spell and auto attack someone.
    AP Shaco's sheen item. It greatly increases your burst damage but it requires you to get to melee range in order to proc it.
    If opponent team has 3 or more auto attack reliant champions. Your clone also has this item's aura.
    If you are getting focused, you can buy one of these items. Zhonya is generally superior, it grants you more armor and AP which makes your boxes last longer and deal more damage. GA is a bit lackluster since that AD is mostly going to waste.
    In case if your team has Orrn, you can upgrade one of these items. Generally upgrading them is uneffective unless you already have full build.
    An offensive variant for knight's vow. Since Shaco's ultimate is on such a low cooldown, you can activate this item really often.

Starting item Statistics


Spellthief's Edge 3303.png

+Small bit of AP, mana regen and more gold per 5 seconds.
+A little bit of more damage when you poke enemies with E and autos.
+Frostfang now grants 10% CDR.
-Because of the fact that you rarely get gold when starting with spellthief's, it takes way too long to finish spellthief quest.
-You are completely broke on lvl 1 since it's generally best to start with W, this also delays your frostfang purchase.
-Low income.

Ancient Coin3301.png

+Grants early cooldown reduction.
+Everytime when minion dies, there's a chance of them dropping either a gold coin which grants 25 gold or 40 if you got nomads, or blue coins which grant 6% of your missing mana back.
+Nomad and it's upgrade now grant a small bit of movement speed.
-No longer grants health regen, nomad's and other upgrades have passive health regen though.
-Doesn't grant AP nor health to help you in trades, you rely solely on your base damage in early trading.
Recommended starter because it grants a reliable way to regenate gold and mana.

Relic shield 3302.png

+Small amount of extra sustain and survivability.
+Decent amount of gold income.
-Doesn't grant any mana regenation.
-When you use your ult, Real Shaco has these fireballs circling around him, making it easy for opponents to notice which one is the real one.


Early game:

Early game is highly matchup dependent, usually you should harass enemies by placing offensive boxes, on few unfortunate cases where opponents have champs like Leona it's also a good idea to have one or two boxes nearby as a safe space for your carry. Early game is about how well Shaco can use his cheese tactic, if opponents keep stumbling onto your boxes you can engage on them to secure kill with ease. Against smarter opponents it can be more difficult to do right. Still, just by placing down boxes on bushes gives you dominance, they will avoid walking onto spots where you have placed boxes and they will generally avoid bushes as well.

Keep vision on bushes, use boxes to create safespace for your carry, use offensive boxes to poke enemies on early game. Most importantly, try to keep one box on tribush and trinket on dragon pit to keep vision on opponent jungler's movements.

Mid game:

This is the part where you should have full cooldown reduction and a sightstone, and you might have finished rylai's or luden's depending on how well did the laning phase go. You can roam really easily and gank with your decieve. If you are heading to bot, you can put offensive boxes and iniate on enemy bot laners if they are caught by box fear, this tactic is generally only good if opponents have mage support and you got your exhaust ready atleast. If fighting against tank supp you can make box traps and attempt to lure them onto them, you should be able to bust down any tank with 3 boxes shooting at the same target.

Late game:

This is that part where your damage is starting to fall off. At this point, do whatever your team does. This is the part where you need to focus on making as many kitepoints as you can to make sure that your carries get their peeling. You are still able to give superior vision thanks to your boxes, which have a very short 9 second cooldown. (8.8 with cosmic insight)

To sum it up

Support Shaco rewards tactical thinking when placing down boxes. Place them to locations where opponents are likely going to stumble like lane bushes and at river entrance to prove dominance and to limit their movements. If they stumbled onto a box on that specific location, they will very likely avoid that location on the next time.

Matchups Back to Top

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If you are able to place defensive boxes on just right locations while taxing his health pool with bush/offensive crates, this matchup is easy. If he tries to headbutt onto you or your carry while you stand close to a box, he gets feared thus making it impossible for him to do his W Q combo. He has plenty of CC so if you get W Q E combo'd, you are probably dead if his carry is able to follow up so keep your defensive boxes up. Ask your carry to stay close to your crates too.  I recommend to use a mix of defensive and offensive box placement.

  • You can use your Q blink to dodge his W Q iniations on you with good enough reflexes.




You can Q away if you are trapped by her wall. She is super squishy and relies alot on Qing from bushes, use boxes on bushes to tax her low HP pool. If her passive pops and she is about to revive in few seconds, try to time your box, so that she gets feared when she comes back to life, not when she is on her eggnivia form.




Really squishy champion, tax her health pool by keeping boxes on bushes. Avoid her powerful level 6 stun tibbers all in, you can try to bait her onto using it on your clone. If you fail your bait though, you will very likely die since her damage output is so high. 

-She has no CC outside her passive, engage on her or her carry whenever she is stacking her passive.
-She is really squishy, she is a sitting duck if she stumbles onto a box while she has no passive stun up.




Pretty easy to deal with, when she hits 6 stay ready to Q away though. This matchup is a bit support reliant though, if she has a tanky all in support with her like Leona, you should use defensive box placements and avoid using too much mana to make yourself able to Q away if they iniate on you.




He pops like a balloon, but his auto attack harass still hurts and he can sustain some of your harass. You can try to do some cheesy Q auto E combos to his carry while he is roaming to force him to return back to lane.

-Bard really likes to use bushes to apply pressure on the lane, ruin his day by putting boxes on bushes to tax his low health pool.
-If you really wanna prank Bard and his carry, keep his shrines up whenever possible and add multiple boxes nearby.
-Bard is excellent at setting up ganks thanks to his ultimate, keep your vision up. If you suspect that opponent team is premade, buy an early sightstone.




Shaco counters blitz decently if you can handle shaco's kit. You can use your boxes to block his hooks, and even if he hooks you, you can just q to safety. Take Q at level 2 so you can eat his hooks since your carry only has his flash. Always keep boxes on bushes. This matchup is one tier harder than Thresh because Blitz has a knockup on his E which makes you vulnerable for a total of 2.5 seconds if he lands his hook on you.Taking full tank runes might be wise if he has a high damage/good followup ADC.

  • You can use your boxes to block his hooks with good predictions. This is generally the recommended way to dodge hooks because his hook + powerfist really hurts, especially if his carry gets to land autos on you.
  • He is actually pretty squishy for a tank, keep boxes on bushes to tax his health.
  • Eat his hooks for your carry. When you get your ult, you can use his hooks as an engage. As soon as he pulls you at him press your ultimate and decieve behind him and place a box behind him.



He has extremely powerful harass, but he lacks CC. Stand behind his minions if you have his passive stack on you and try to force him to use his pillar of flame to your minions, thus pushing the lane for you. Control lane bushes with your boxes, try to bait him onto using his pillar of fire on you and Q away before it lands. 




He can use his shield to block your box attacks and your daggers. Braum can iniate skirmishes decently during laning phase. Keep an eye on his movements and put boxes on locations where he tends to walk often, and keep a couple of defensive boxes. If they have a strong all in after they unlock ults, changing to defense placements can be wise after he unlocks ult. Clone lure trick probably won't work since he knows that you can just Q away before his ult lands.



Thank god she is pushed out of meta.

Very obnoxious to deal with, she has a very long range, thus she most likely won't be feared by your boxes + its really hard to poke her. Support dependant matchup, if she has an all in tank supp, use defensive box placements. If she has a mage support, use hybrids. Just survive through the laning phase and you are probably gonna be just fine.

  • If opponents pick Caitlyn, it's probably not a good idea to pick Shaco unless you want to play cheesy tank Shaco.
  • Keep an eye out for her traps.
  • You can use your clone to dodge her ultimate, keep that in mind if she ulted your carry and you think you got enough time to position your clone between carry and Caitlyn. Of course, you can also use your ultimate's vanish to dodge an ultimate which is directed at you.




Same with Ashe, just watch out for his Q, it reveals you while you are cloaked.




His damage alone makes this a tough matchup. Since you lack any armor you can be wrecked really hard if you get caught. Support dependant matchup, Use defensive box placements if he has a tanky all in supp with him, if he has mage support use hybrids. He is pretty easy to lure onto traps since he relies on using his bloodrush when engaging on target.




Same with corki, except he doesn't have that annoying Q which reveals you on stealth. Sadly he is a bit harder to engage on due to his phase shift but when that ability is off cooldown, he is easy prey.










Jannas tend to harass enemies with her autos, use boxes on bushes and other spots where she might move if she tries to poke. You are forced to play passively since she can negate all box damage with her shields. Your best bet is to ask for your jungler to gank early, you can get some cheesy early kills with your ignite exhaust combo. Avoid fighting with her after she gets her ult, its not gonna end well.




This fucking guy. Not many Jhin players know this, but his jhine.png is basicly sweeping lens, he can clear your boxes with it. Thankfully he is super vulnerable while he is reloading, you can then Q auto E him for some free damage. Support reliant matchup, this matchup gets pretty hard if he has a great engager support. 

  • If he knows about his E-reveal trick, you need to use defensive box placements since he can just reveal and then auto attack your boxes until they die.
  • If he doesn't know about this trick, use offensive box placements and a combination of defensive and offensive if he has an engage support.




  • Her ultimate has a really strong execution damage, be mindful of that when you are standing on the lane with low health.
  • Her auto attack range increases when she has her rocket launcher out, she might try that to poke you.
  • She is really unmobile unless she gets a kill or assist, or if she gets to destroy a building.




She is considered medium because she can have a pretty scary synergy with some supports. I recommend using hybrid box placements to cause some damage on her while maintaining some peeling power.

  • Avoid prolonged fights with her, her E causes lots of damage.




Bloody obnoxious, thank god she has been nerfed to the ground (i feel bad for her though, i used to play her alot before this forbidden idol healing and shield increase nonsense) On top of that her W grants her true sight to you if you use your decieve. She can also eat your boxes with her shield. Play early game carefully and try to keep an eye on what's going on mid or jungle and try to roam instead. Keep boxes on bushes to limit her poking and maintain defensive box placements. 

  • Her W reveals you while you are stealthed.
  • She can eat your boxes with her big shield.
  • Very dominant early laning phase which scales off when the game goes further. On mid-lategame all she does is press R+E.
  • If you wish to fight her, engage on her when her ultimate is on cooldown.




She can negate your damage with her heal and she has some really powerful long ranged harass. Dont even try to fight her after she gets her ulty, she is just gonna win the trade with it. On laning phase put boxes on bushes to limit her harassing power. Her heal costs lots of mana.




One of the easiest lanes ever, you can bully him with ease with offensive box placements.

  • He outscales every other ADC's, make sure that he is gonna have a bad time when he tries to farm.
  • He is incredibly unmobile, engage whenever he positions himself poorly.
  • This lane matchup can get very opressive if he has a shield utility support like Janna or Lulu, they can negate your box damage and make it really hard for your team to kill him. 




You are generally safe VS Leona, your boxes will keep her away from bushes and you can place defensive boxes which neutralizes her all in attempts. 

  • Keep boxes on bushes to make sure that they tax her health away.
  • She can take out your arming boxes easily with auto-Q-auto combo, be mindful when placing boxes.
  • It's generally recomended to have a couple of defensive boxes as a backup plan if he tries to engage on your carry.
  • Because of her high CC, it's generally recommended to have a mobile carry against her.




Pretty generic ADC, not much to say about him.




Potentially threatening, her E reveals you while you are invisible.

  • After she gets her ultimate, she is great at denying kills from you since in the current meta, windspeaker's is a preferenced Lulu mastery and Ardent censer is OP strong right now.
  • She is really squishy, force trades on her on early game.
  • If she rushes Ardent censer, ask your jungler to camp. You can engage on her decently.




She has lots of poking power, just make sure you avoid her binds. Use offensive placements, her shield is really lackluster and thus she is defenseless against your boxes.

Respect her level 6 powerspike however. If you get rooted, you are very likely blown to bits since you are really squishy. You can however use your ultimate's vanish to dodge her ultimate.




He literally doesn't do anything.




Thankfully he has been pushed out of botlane with his recent small rework. He is still relatively powerful autofill champion and a decent counter against Shaco, Atleast his voidling spawn has a much smaller summon range which makes it really hard for him to trigger your traps.

  • He deals unreal amounts of damage on all stages of the game.
  • His passive blocks box fear completely, and it also makes poking with two-shiv poison harder.
  • You cant stop him from channeling his ultimate, it takes 2 seconds for your boxes to arm themselves so when you place it underneath him its very likely that the channeling time is over already and your carry lies dead on the ground, drowning in his own tears.
  • It might be a good idea to get TP and keep an eye on other lanes, roam elsewhere to assist others. Bot is very likely screwed anyways so may as well give a helping hand to others.
  • When your ultimate is up, you can try to make him bust out his ulty by moving your clone around playing like that clone is the real one. You might be able to go all in at that point. Know that this trick probably works only once, so use this wisely.

He can be outplayed on early levels if he stumbles onto a box while his passive is on cooldown, but when he gets his ultimate you really don't want to avoid him. In other words, you need to snowball to beat him. Keeping him on low health with boxes is generally enough to make him unable to go ham with his spells.


Miss Fortune


She is a real pain in the ass. Your boxes take 3 hits to kill, well her first auto counts as 2 autos so she can instakill boxes with one auto and Q. Her whole kit in general is annoying, her Q poke is really powerful, her ultimate wreaks havoc on teamfights and it's an excellent kill secure tool. Thankfully she is unmobile and thus weak vs ganks and well cordinated all in. Since she takes out boxes so fast, you should keep that in mind when placing down boxes.







You can dodge her Qs with ease, but she can use her black shield to negate your box fear completely. She can also ult you while you are on your Q. Her Qs are really slow, you can block them with well timed boxes. Her ultimate goes through your stealth and reveals you, avoid going too ham on early. I recommend to try make her use her ulty on your clone.




Shaco kinda struggles against sustain lanes, Nami is also able to poke decently. This matchup is reliant on her carry, but you should use hybrids most of the time, use extra boxes on bushes especially since she likes to abuse them alot. 

  • This matchup gets hard if she has a dominant ADC with her like Draven or Caitlyn.
  • When she is about to heal herself or her ADC, stay away since her heal will flow at you and deal a bit of damage.
  • She is a sitting duck when her Q is on cooldown.




He is extremely tanky, he can eat your puny boxes with his bulky shield. I recommend using defensive box placements and keep boxes on bushes, he likes to Q from unwarded bushes. If you got godlike reflexes, you can use your boxes to block his hook. I recommend trying to make him bust his ult and abilities on your clone.




Usually something you only encounter on low elo. Her spear poke is potentially devastating, but thankfully she relies on staying on bushes which can be controlled with your boxes. You can dodge her spears with your Q with ease and you can even make your boxes to tank them by placing one while they are flying towards you. You can outplay her with ease, if you walk onto her trap or a Q lands on you, stand close to a box and wait as she lunges onto box fear. Nidalee supports are usually low elo players, they rarely get sightstone, tell your teammates if she doesnt build one since that means your team can take objectives easily.




He can eat your boxes before they even arm themselves. Know that fighting him and his carry can be lethal without proper box placements because his blood boil drastically increases his carry's attack and movement speed.




Orianna support can be either easy or medium depending her playstyle,

Easy Ori is the one who pokes strongly at early, effectively making her to run out of mana. Her autos are still able to deal good damage, i recommend using offensive boxes vs her.

Then there's medium utility Ori, she plays relatively passive by maxing E and W, shielding all the damage and making her adc really tanky. She can also help the junglers pretty well be shielding them from long range and granting them speed boost. Not much you can do on this lane since she is gonna be behind her carry like some sort of Cyborg Janna.






Pyke excels in: Catcher support, hooks, camoflage, AOE-stun, execute ultimate, lane sustain

Oh look, an assassin support. Show him who is the one and only assassin support in league.

Pyke's hook is really easy to predict and block, it's really easy for you to place a box down before he attempts to hook you or your carry. He also gets slowed alot when he starts channeling his Q. Even if he manages to hook you, you can Q away.

Pyke also has a dash on his kit. You can try to bait him onto dashing to you or your carry when there's boxes near you or your ADC.

Pyke needs to be unseen by his enemies in order to get his health regen. He may attempt to go to lane bushes to get some health back. Put some boxes there to cause even more damage on him.

When he gets his ultimate, be very cautious because he can execute you if you are low enough.







Dodge. Rakan is undoubtedly the best support pick against Shaco since his W cannot be interrupted by your boxes. Rakan is basicly a support with Assassinlike mobility. He has shields, he has sustain and he is really good at setting up fights. R

  • His knockup requires him to dive at his opponents, with defensive box placements you can counter his iniations
  • Avoid getting hit by his Q, he needs to land it in order to heal his allies.
  • He has a stronger version of Lee's safeguard shield, he can also cast it twice on top of that. This shield can negate huge loads of damage.










He can yell your boxes right back at you, his E + Q all in is really powerful. On top of that your boxes wont stop him from ulting. Keep vision up on lane bushes since he can try to di sneak Q attacks from bushes. Use defensive box placements, he is reliant on going ham and snowballing.

When he ults, you can use your clone to bodyblock it. If he is gonna hit you for sure and you can't Q away, place a box on his left or right side where your gonna collide, if Sion is greedy he is gonna channel his Q for 2 seconds which is enough time for your box to arm itself and fear him.




Low ranged and weak early game, only issue is that she can use her spellshield to block your fear.




Another really obnoxious support to play against, she can negate all your damage with her heals. She is however super squishy, you can try to all-in her if she walks onto a box on early game.

  • She is extremely squishy and he has no CC pre-6, force trades on her early.
  • Offensive boxes tax her low health pool down really fast, her heal costs lots of mana.
  • Watch out for her level 6 powerspike.
  • Avoid getting too close to her, her passive enhanced Q chunks.
  • If possible, ask your jungler to camp. You can kill her really easily.




She is just gonna heal her carry over and over again. Stalemate lane. Use offensive box placements to limit her movement.

  • Use offensive box placements and Q onto her if she triggers one. Mobile carries can follow up and you are probably able to get a cheese kill.
  • Don't bother trying to poke her carry, she is just gonna negate all your damage.
  • Taking deathfire touch might be a good idea, your shivs will deal more damage to her.


Tahm Kench


God, this guy. He can eat your boxes and spit them back at you. He can also displace them to push the lane for him. If his carry gets caught by your box, he can just eat the carry and move to safety.




She is medium on certain conditions. If you are supporting an unmobile carry like Ashe or Varus, she can use her seismic shove to hurl your carry away from your boxes. With normal carry she is easy, control bushes, win laning phase and carry game.




he can sustain your box damage with ease with his shield and heal, carry reliant matchup. If he has a carry who can follow up his E with ease like Lucian, use defensive box placements.




Shaco is a great Thresh counter, he can't use his death sentence from a bush which is full of boxes. Even if he lands his hook you can just Q away to safety. I recommend taking Q at level 2 to avoid his feared level 2 all in, even if it means tanking death sentence for your carry. He really likes to abuse bushes, keep multiple boxes on bushes to tax his hp pool.

  • When your clone is ready to be used, try to make thresh to use his Q to your clone. If he is dumb enough he is going to go ham on that clone, probably causing him to waste exhaust or ignite.
  • Keep boxes on lane bushes, he is forced to take damage if he tries to zone you with bushes.
  • If you get hooked by him, Q away when his stun expires. If he goes full tryhard, use your ultimate first to dodge his flay and then Q away, just avoid getting hit by his Box.
  • Always eat his hooks if he tries to hook your carry. 
  • Thresh's hook has a decently long animation, with good predictions you can actually block his hooks with well placed boxes.




Generally avoid fighting too long with her since her stacked E is really strong. This is a bit reliant on your carry, if you have a high CC/Damage carry, you can use mix of defensive and offensive placements and force small trades when she steps onto a box fear. If you have a low early damage carry like Ezreal or Twitch, it might be the best to use mostly defensive boxes and hope that she is dumb enough to rocket jump onto a box.




You can Q away if he traps you with his cold weiner. Generally best to avoid fighting him, he is a fighter support who deals really good damage even without any damage items. He can use his E to displace your arming boxes, however this is probably not gonna happen often since his pillar costs lots of mana. Defensive box placements are good idea if he has a high cc/high damage carry.




Really weak early game but he scales really hard on mid late game,  just keep exh ready for him on mid late game. Although Twitch is generally seen having a bad early game, his early damage is deceptively high. Try to have short bursty trades with him and avoid prolonged fights.







His harass is extremely annoying but he is really squishy and unmobile.




She has really short range and weak early game. If her support steps onto your box you can all in that supp with ease since her damage on early game is so low, she can't do much to save her support. She becomes a really big threat on mid late game though, i recommend to keep your exh ready for her on mid-lategame fights.




You can Q away from his event horizon, he is super squishy. You should be able to all in him on early game if he steps onto a box. Avoid fighting him when your on low health, his ultimate deals more damage based on how low you are.




He is really squishy, his weakness is opponents which stick to his multiple-eyed face. He only has one hard cc, which will help against assassins and other close and personal fighters. This ability is on very long cooldown, 16 seconds at first rank and 12 at rank 5 but its really unlikely that he is gonna max that ability first. Force trades when he steps onto a box, know that he is still probably gonna keep poking since his Q range is crazy.




She is generally really annoying to deal with due to the fact that she has really high damage and good zoning.

  • She can pull her feathers back to her, if 3 feathers hit you or other champion, they will be rooted for 1 second.
  • She is really unmobile.
  • Her ultimate makes her briefly untargetable. Featherstorm summons lots of feathers, you are going to pop like a balloon if they all hit you at once.




He outscales you in utility. His biggest weakness is falling behind, make sure he walks onto every single box and tax him with shivs when he is low, try to all in if he walks onto a box with low hp. On 2v2 skirmishes tell your carry to focus him first, if you focus his carry he is just going to revive him.

Know that his ultimate stasis lasts for 4.5 seconds, you can put a box underneath target's feet to quarantee a fear when they revive. During laning phase if you are hit by his bomb, move close to low HP minions. This will make him push the lane for you and deny enemy ADC's farm. If you have a carry which has a dash, you can inform him to do the same.





She is super squishy, but her damage is extremely high. Keep multiple boxes on bushes since she tends to harass from bushes often. Her damn plants trigger your boxes. Her root has a lengthy CD, if she walks onto a box while its on CD you might be able to kill her with Q passive E ignite. Potentially only way to beat this lane is by waiting for her to step onto your box and then going all in on her.

  • Thankfully she is not meta anymore.
  • She can use her plants to activate your traps.
  • Try to force trades early.

Read this before you lock onto Shaco Support first time Back to Top

Shaco is not your ordinary traditional support, he is designed to be a cheesy early pressure jungler. In order to play Shaco on support role successfully you need to understand Shaco's playstyle and thus understand his strengths and weaknesses, and how they transfer onto botlane. Thus, i recommend you to play him on couple of normals (preferrably on AP top since that playstyle and build is very similar with supp shaco) to get a basic understanding on how he functions. Due to his natural high damage he is probably going to killsteal a bit so dont be surprised if you end the game with multiple kills, this is a bit of a double edged sword. You are going to be able to snowball harder and you have much higher roaming/kill potential, but on the downsite denying kills from your carry means that your late game might suffer.


Shaco Support's Pros and Cons Back to Top


jackinthebox.pngUnique vision control only rivaled by teemorcast.pngjhine.pngzyraw.png

Excellent at securing kills with his 14.png3.png combo.

His boxes deal really high damage on AP build, people underestimate their damage.

AP Shaco deals great amounts of damage on mid late game, great at killing low HP targets because of two shiv poison execute twoshivpoison.png

Tank Shaco is excellent at using stoneborn pact, his box fear can proc stoneborn onto multiple opponent champions. Shaco's auto attacks also slow which means that he always applies it on opponents as long as his two-shiv poison is ready to be casted. And if you buy rylai's, every single box auto slows opponents and thus brands opponents with SP on every attack.

Tank Shaco fits onto current enchanter meta since stoneborn pact mastery procs Ardent censer.

Has a frozen mallet passive on his E, his auto slow for 30% on E's max rank.

Great at setting up kills.

Since Shaco is not seen on support role, enemies have no idea how to play against him.

Extremely satisfying to play when you outplay your enemies with your boxes.

He can control bot lane bushes with his boxes and thus keep enemies from harassing or engaging to your carry, always abuse this fact.

Doesn't need sightstone on laning phase.

Shaco is exceptionally good at taking objectives with his team. His boxes and clone damage towers, and he can use them to tank dragon's attacks.

Annoying laugh and dance spam.


^This is probably the reaction of your ADC when you lock onto Shaco^

Really Squishy.

Really high skillcap, takes lots of practise to master.

No reliable hard CC, mostly relies on his boxes to do peeling and majority of his damage.

If you took 3.png14.png, setting up ganks can be dangerous. When your decieve is on cooldown, you can's turn back.

Some early mana issues. (Doesn't apply if you started with ancient coin)

His boxes grant 10 gold when killed, his clone grants 25 gold and killing his clone explosion's box grants 30 gold.

Tends to depend on boxes to do harassing and peeling, his other harass tool is his dagger throw which deals lackluster damage after they gutted its base damage and ratios.

Shaco players have a bad stereotype on them, they are generally seen as toxic players who are generally not teamplayers.

This stereotype and the fact that ADC's usually go full meta police when they get a nonmeta supp might make them think that you are a troll.

AP Shaco or Tank Shaco? Back to Top

In this section i am comparing the upsides and downsides of these two Shaco builds since they tend to have different kind of playstyles.

Tank Shaco

Playstyle: Supportive backliner, peeler, decent amount of utility with items.

+Relatively sturdy backliner. Being tanky makes Shaco's gameplay much more forgiving as well.
+Rylai's boxes are ridiculously hard to push through.
+His tankiness makes his clone tankier as well.
+Building tank means you can buy utility items which are less efficient on AP-build (Locket, knight's vow)
+Shaco has excellent early game damage on his boxes. Building tanky doesn't hurt his box damage output early on to mid game.
+Scales decently to lategame with his utility.
+Shaco is usually really squishy champion and taking exhaust ignite makes his engages pretty risky, being tanky increases your chances of surviving and pulling off successful engages.
-His damage scales off big time on late game.

This build is currently the most efficient way to play Support shaco. Shaco's early game is still strong enough and he can deal decent amounts of damage. This build is also much more forgiving than AP-Shaco which makes this much more friendly for newer players looking to play Shaco support.


Playstyle: Nuker, decent at getting picks for your team, specializes in opponents over-extending to your traps, really high mixed damage.

+E-max causes his Two-shiv poison slow to ramp up really fast.
+Decent poke with E-luden's combo.
+Having relevant amount of AP makes your boxes deal extremely high amounts of damage.
+Powerful mid-game powerspike when he has max-cooldown and luden's.
+His E deals some serious damage when he uses it on low-health opponents.
+AP makes his boxes to last longer. (each 20 AP grants one extra second of activity)
+Decent amount of mixed damage since Shaco's boxes + clone explosion deal magic damage, his passive, Q and E deals physical damage.
+Really high damage output on lategame.
+High box damage makes him a great backliner, boxes will severely harm everyone who try to dive at your carries.
-If you fall behind, you are going to have hard time getting back to the game.
-In late-game it becomes really hard to stay relevant. Shaco becomes extremely squishy at this point which means bad positioning and bad desision making will cost you greatly.
+Being squishy, opponents will more likely get really greedy if you manage to use your clone right, they know how squishy you are so they will gladly try to kill you. This makes it much more likely to lure opponents to engage to your clone.

AP-Shaco is generally a high risk-high reward kind of thing. You are able to deal really high amount of damage with your abilities but you are extremely squishy. This squishiness gets even worse during late-game. AP-Shaco is generally recommended for more experienced Shaco-players.

ADC Synergies Back to Top

E.P.I.C Tier (Eternal partners in Crime)

202.pngSerial killer bros. When you got enough points on your W/lengthier fear, lotus trap + box trap combo is poetry. Fear is gonna keep them on lotus trap while that trap explodes, thus resulting in opponents taking lots of damage. Also your boxes trigger his W passive, fear slow makes it easy for him to land his W.

18.pngTristana is really bursty, when the enemy steps onto a box she can rocket jump and start stacking her E onto enemies and then finish them off with her ultimate. This matchup only gets better if you are playing Tanco with ardent censer.

51.pngReally dominant lane combination due to her beartraps + your boxes. She has fallen out of favor thanks to constant nerfs, but this lane is still pretty powerful.

Spectacularly Lethal-tier

429.pngKalista thrives in this current ardent censer meta which is why she is a great partner if you are playing tank Shaco. When she ults, you got some time to place a box underneath enemy feet while they are knocked up. There's also some potential for some hilarious cheese. When kalista is alone on lane and opponents have vision of her, decieve close to her and she can then throw you at them, they never see it coming.
236.pngStrong laning partner overall, he can pursue, proc his passive and Q to deal really good damage to feared enemies.

498.pngShaco and Xayah are both excellent at zoning out opponents. She tends to be a bit unmobile before she gets her ultimate though which can make it harder to play with her against engage bot lane. However thanks to her high damage, if opponent tank dashes on her and triggers boxes you might be able to kill the tank.


29.pngTwitch Shaco is a special kind of cheese. You can ambush bot lane and even other laners with your invisibility moves. Twitch is also one of those champs who love it when you play Tank with ardent censer.   

222.pngAnother pretty fitting maniac lane. If the enemy steps onto a box she can place her chompers behind to target to close their escape.

119.pngHe deals lots of damage, he can easily go all in onto enemies if opponent steps onto a box trap. Draven tends to get ganked alot, you can keep early vision better than other supports by keeping a box on tribush 24/7 and ward on dragon pit.

22.pngHere's a bit of a risky lane but potentially powerful. Shaco excels at kiting with his defensive box placements and ashe has her permaslows which make it harder for opponents to catch up to her. On top of that if enemy squishy steps onto a box she is quaranteed to hit her ult on the target. She can also iniate fights with her arrow, Shaco has plenty of time to lay down a box on opponent laner while the target are stunned by Ashe's 3.5 sec lasting ult.

110.pngTechnically Ashe with more poke and damage. He can easily pin down opponent laners with his ult if they stumble onto Shaco box.

42.pngCorki has greatly fallen in favor, he is more played on mid lane right now. However he can valkyrie if the opponent carry walks onto a box and press E to get close and personal with opponents. You can also follow up really well with your decieve.

Has the potential to Work just fine-tier

81.pngEzreal is on pretty mediocre spot right now, he is actually finding more success on jungle role right now. You both have dashes which makes you two really safe partners, you both mostly rely on harassing and farming on early game.

67.pngLaning phase is the only bad part but after that it should be fine.

Impending Disaster-tier

96.pngKog'maw requires way too much CC in order to work, Shaco can't offer it to him.


I am listing a couple of nonmeta ADCs in this section and theyrocrafting how their kit would synergize with Shaco. If you feel like duoing with a friend to completely confuse your enemies, here's a bit of those combos which might work on paper. I am not responsible for any loss of elo if you are testing out these duos.

17.pngHilarious trap combos, Teemo can also position his shrooms defensively when playing against heavy all in lanes. Lane bushes are officially owned by your team.

Shaco Tips, Tricks, Counters and how to deal with them Back to Top

Beginner Tier

  • When you engage on enemy players, place a box behind them. If they start to flee or remain on the same spot, this box will fear them afterwards. Only way to avoid this box is by moving towards Shaco, thus forcing them onto really bad spot.
  • Hallucinate is on 50 second cooldown when you have max cooldown, its basicly up everytime when you are doing objectives like taking dragons, nashors and towers.
  • When you have max cooldown and your mana items ready, you can lay your boxes on jungle entrances and routes. Your boxes have 8.8 cooldown with 45% reduction, just make sure that you arrive to your location in time with this ability ready.
  • Towers will prioritize attacking your boxes first. However if your teammate, super minion or tank minion is tanking tower shots, you can place a box next to enemy turret to make it attack the turret.
  • When a new minion wave is coming and on sight, don't place boxes. As soon as they see those visible boxes, they are all gonna swarm on them, thus triggering them and making the lane to push. Instead place boxes when minions are fighting each other.

Cheesy tricks

  • Pretend that your going to roam to mid or somewhere else and leave your carry alone, enemy bot will engage on your carry. Use Deceive to get behind enemy bot laners, you are most likely gonna kill them. This trick is really advanced and a bit hard to pull off right, i only recommend doing it if your carry has multiple boxes behind him and summoners up.
  • When you are on low HP, you can go out of sight, preferrably really close to your tower or lane bush and ult.  Move your clone to lane and try to move your clone around as normally as you can. Bait enemies onto iniating on your clone, potentially making them waste their exhausts, ignites and ultimates on him. If you got enough mana to Q and E onto enemy players, you should tell your carry about your plan and advice them to go ham if opponents are fooled by your clone.

Shaco's counters

  • AOE spells and autos are nightmare for Shaco because they can harm his boxes while they are arming themselves. Tiamat 3074.png3748.png items on champs with high attack speed like Jax are the worst because tiamat cone will harm poorly placed visible boxes in fights. When dealing with tiamat wielding champs place your boxes behind them in teamfights, that cone attack is not going to harm your boxes anymore unless they stop focusing their target and start hitting your boxes.
  • 3364.png It no longer disables your boxes but it activates them, thus making them attack anyone nearby. This is still really good item against Shaco. If you really need boxes to do peeling, buy Rylai's3116.png since that makes your box autos to slow.
  • 3147.pngInstead of disabling it now reveals nearby traps and disables wards, so your boxes are still able to attack this item's wearer. Rylai's3116.png is great item when dealing with duskblade users, since they are slowed heavily if they charge through your field of boxes.
  • 2055.pngControl wards won't reveal you when you are invisible, but they will spring your boxes. A well placed opponent ward can be risky to take out. However, you can actually use your clone to destroy opponent wards now. Very few people actually know about this, so you can actually bait enemies onto attacking your clone.

Leashing as a Support Shaco & Early game cheese Back to Top

(Staying at Gromp after jungler takes his blue is not actually recommended, i promised Nida a godlike leash if she just gave my supp shaco a chance on lobby)

Supp Shaco's leash is one of a kind among supports. You can use your boxes to greatly speedup your jungler's clear, thus granting an advantage over opponent jungler. Giving this special leash is noticeable if enemy team has a jungler with slow jungle clear like Warwick. These boxes will tank monster's attacks which usually results in your jungler taking no damage from leash at all. Note that when you are leashing your jungler's red buff, advance to his krugs after 2 boxes and place 2 boxes on big krug's position and one on smaller krug, otherwise you might accidentally steal his small krug.

Sometimes when opponent bot lane is poke reliant, another aproach is to leave only one box at 00:41 and going to botlane early to leave boxes on lane's sides, when opponents come to lane they have a high chance of stumbling onto these boxes and thus taking lots of free damage.



If you started at Red side and opponent bot lane leashes their jungler, you can also try to do this following trick.

Control ward trap Back to Top

If you are feeling rich or if your carry purchases control ward, you can bait enemy melee supports onto a box trap which might force him to flash, or maybe even end up in him dying. Here's a map which clarifies how it should be done. This trick is less effective against ranged supports.


Mindset behind box placements Back to Top

Box placements are the main reason why Shaco can fill the support role. They provide peel for you and your carry, they grant vision for your team, they can be placed to hit enemy carry while he tries to last hit. When placing boxes you should know what purpose is that box going to have, is its job to peel for you, is it there to deal damage to enemy or is it just there to grant vision.

First on the list we have offensive boxes, which are generally mostly used on laning phase, they are placed on spots where enemy carry or support are gonna stumble as they attempt to last hit, their main job is to harass them during laning phase. Placing these boxes are a bit more challenging to manage since minion waves can accidentally activate them. Using offensive boxes outside of the laning phase is a bit more tricky but possible, their main job is to crowd control enemies while your team follows up to collect the kill. This requires a champ with good cc, like Ashe, Sejuani or Nautilus.

In this picture i have highlighted couple of those offensive box placements.Boxes with star symbols are the ones which will collide with next opponent wave if caution is not taken, however chances of opponents stumbling to them is high. They can be used to make the lane push and to zone opponent bot laners.


Defensive boxes are basicly safepoints for you and your ADC, you put them behind minion wave or really close to your carry to maximise their peeling power. These placements are generally used when enemy has a tank support like Leona. Here's a map which clarifies on some of these spots which are generally far enough from minion wave. If you decide to use defensive box placements only, you should probably max your W first since your job is to maximize your peeling and your box damage early.

Know that if you place defensive boxes while your lane is pushing, they are going to freeze the lane for them, thus exposing you to ganks. This is fine if you are able to keep vision on tribush and on drag pit.


Finally, there's the utility boxes. These are left on jungle routes and tight places to gain vision of those places and to hinder roaming mid laner and jungler with darts. When you roam or ward, you should always be leaving these because those boxes are all what Shaco support is about. Laying them down before grouping to take objectives is especially effective since it can greatly slow down opponents from interfering.

Box placements Back to Top

2050.pngIlluminati trap2050.png


Ah the illuminati trap, AP Shaco's trademark trick. Basicly you make a triangle of 3 boxes, if opponent players decide to run through all 3 of them, these three boxes are gonna chunk their health down really fast. Illuminati trap is generally a defensive formation, really good at busting iniating tanks like Leona and Sejuani. It can also be used as a major obstacle, if your team is taking baron you can put this to somewhere on jungle route where enemy champs are most likely gonna walk when they notice that your team is taking baron.

Generally you want to make the distance between these 3 boxes as small as possible, if someone stumbles onto this trap they generally are feared towards the other box and thus triggering both boxes at the same time. Too lengthy distance between boxes makes them unable to attack the same target, but they will cover a bigger area for your teammates to fall back onto if fight turns badly.

Artist's painting Brush

This one is a pretty basic box placement, it's basicly just a line made of boxes. Great thing about this formation is that you can make triangles and other wicked formations from this. This formation is great at kiting, having multiple boxes behind you means multiple spots where your teammates can flee onto. They will also halt enemy minion wave's movement, which makes this formation great at pushing.


                                                                         Classic URF Boxnest

This one is well known from URF-gamemode. You put all your boxes on one specific place, they are all gonna trigger when somebody comes close to them, thus dealing crapton of damage. Making a box nest takes a bit of time and its usually used to severely harm enemy jungler, using it is recommended if enemy team has a squishy jungler or if enemy team has atleast 4 squishy champs since the chances of them stumbling onto this trap is high. If playing against tanky jungler, it might be recommended to do a line of boxes instead since that formation is going to keep him away longer while your team is taking objectives.

Usually 2-3 boxes on same chokepoint is enough to halt enemy squishy from entering.

The art of roaming Back to Top

Roaming means leaving the lane to make plays elsewhere. It can be a risky tactic but when executed right, you can win jungler or mid lane skirmishes. Before you roam, you should think about how your ADC is going to do without you peeling for him/her, and are the opponent laners able to engage on him/her when you are not around.

Shaco's roaming is pretty mediocre. Support Shaco specializes in fighting on his own turf with his own terms, going out to make plays elsewhere can only work if you got your exhaust and preferrably ignite up. Failroam rate is also much higher since Shaco doesn't have an escape outside of his Q. However if Shaco has glacial augment and Twin shadows, this greatly increases his roaming potential. He can utilize the freezeray to gank unmobile midlaners really easily.

Things to consider before roaming
  • Is your ADC going to be fine for a while without him/her dying or losing to much CS to opponent bot lane?
  • Are you absolutely certain to be able to get your teammates some kills when roaming?
  • How much experience are you going to lose if roaming when opponent bot laners are still on the lane?

When to roam
  • Generally the best ocassion to roam is when opponent bot laners have recalled or if they died recently, or even if your own carry died and you still got health to try to make plays elsewhere.
  • If the lane has frozen underneath their tower.
  • If your carry has a long range or dash, for example Caitlyn or Tristana.
  • If your midlaner or jungler are fighting nearby and you can get there sooner than the opponent bot lane.
  •  Opponent midlaner has pushed the wave to your midlane tower.
  • You got vision on the opponent jungler who is taking a nearby jungle camp, you can go there with your jungler to kill them.
  • If your bot lane got stomped, you can try to roam to make plays elsewhere to ensure that your other teammates can carry you.
Risks of Roaming
  • If your roams won't succeed or if you roam way too much, you can fall behind in experience.
  • There's always the risk of something bad happening which might result in you dying, this makes you fall really behind in experience.
  • Your ADC might die against bot laners if you aren't cautious.

Useful sites and Streams Back to Top

If you are interested in watching AP Shaco streams or videos, i recommend to take a look at pink ward's twitch  and youtube channel, he is probably the most well known AP Shaco player on league. He also ocassionally plays support Shaco. Here's one of his support videos.

Pink Ward's stream

Pink Ward's Lolking Guide

Patch Notes (7.20) Back to Top


Ancient coin's mana regen has been reduced to 6% and it now grants at least 10 mana per blue coin pickup. This item is still the preferred option for Shaco since it just works better on Shaco when compared to other income items.

Ardent censer buff!

As if ardent wasn't bad enough already, riot actually buffed the damn thing. Also, always ban Janna on this patch.
Instead of giving lifesteal, ardent now grants extra on-hit damage and attack speed which scales with ardent owner's level.

Since Shaco's clone is considered a different champion, everytime when he attacks a champion with shaco's stoneborn pact on them, both Shaco and his clone get the extra attack speed and on-hit damage. This makes shaco able to deal decent enough damage during combat. Also this buff refreshes everytime when allies proc Shaco's stoneborn pact.


Bunch of interesting tweaks were added, Shaco's E now deals physical damage and it also has higher base damage. It also deals more and more damage based on target's missing health, up to 50%. These E tweaks make it harder to play against AP Shaco, he deals most of his damage with his boxes which deal magic damage. This change makes it a bit harder to play against one.


Zeke's herald got reworked, it no longer grants AP and it's new active ability synergizes poorly with Shaco. No longer a viable situational item.

More nerfs, assassin and AP Shaco nerfed although bruiser shaco is dominating soloque.


Your Q no longer deals any damage whatsoever and it's cooldown is increased. Shaco's passive now has that 40% AP ratio. This nerf takes a huge chunk of AP Shaco's reliable damage away. Now you need to be really attached to your opponent's back in order to deal damage.

They finally nerfed duskblade and oracles. When your box gets revealed by duskblade, control ward or oracles/sweepers, they activate and fear nearby enemies. Since oracle's range is so high it still remains a great item versus ap shaco, but atleast those boxes are able to shoot charging opponents, that's better than being disabled as long as oracles is on their area.

3364.png3147.png2055.png No longer disables boxes but activates them.

Nerfs: jackinthebox.pngJack in the box targettable hitbox area is slightly bigger.

 Apparently Shaco was performing way too well on AP build, so they made a quick hotfix patch to implement nerfs on him. His Deceive AP ratio is now 0.4 and two-shiv poison's both AD and AP ratio is gutted to 0.75 and ult damage is reduced.

Technically this doesnt affect AP Supp Shaco much, his two-shiv harass and Q iniations deal less damage but honestly, his two shiv poison was already pretty weak to begin with. Also Q iniations won't happen too often on laning phase neither. Only thing which affects negatively is reduced ult damage. It no longer deals crapton of damage on teamfights when it blows up, and it makes splitting a bit harder.

Selfmade Support Shaco videos Back to Top

Ending Credits Back to Top

Hello, i am Dumbledore Bot, D5 flex pick support main. My specialities are unconventional supports, favourites are 10.png61.png35.png

Shaco support is undoubtedly one of my favourite characters in the game. That feeling when you outplay your opponents with boxes is really the best feelings in the game. I am however probably not gonna take it on ranked as it might be just too tilting for my team to handle it, but i have actually encountered one Shaco Supp main during one of my ranked games, so it really is something which is picked ocassionally.

Here's one pretty informative Support Shaco video guide:

This guide has been featured here on Lolking! Truely amazing time to be alive.


Here's my list of other Support guides i've made in the past.

Featured Zilean guide
Featured Support Kayle Guide
Support Shen guide

Guess that just sums it up, we'll see you on the rift, and dont dodge if i play my off meta support please.

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