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4 months ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

i take 6.png.. with everything it is just a lot less clumsy than flash and allows you to drag further with your Taunt

14.png+6.png for Top lane.
3.png+6.png for Supporting
11.png+6.png for jungling ofc xD

But you can also use Flash in place of ghost. i do take flash occasionally but i perfer ghost still.

New Runes Back to Top



Also take Legend%20Tenacity.png?width=32 instead of Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=32 if you feel you will need more tenacity (they have heavy CC team) 


You can take either Guardian.png?width=32 or Aftershock.png?width=32 Really. both work just fine as a support.  

Abilities Back to Top


Start Taunt and max Q instantly if you are supporting. Your Q maxing will allow you to poke your enemy adc/support Out of line while leaving your adc to free farm.Starting taunt will allow you to really make someone regret trying to come invade or for invading them ^_^

if you are Top/mid/adc/jung ur skills should be like thisShen Skills.PNG
taking Q first allows your early Farming and poke in lane and you wouldn't need your taunt in case of jungle ganks till 4 because normally you are ahead of the junglers and they dont gank till 3-4 unless they level 2 gank with red.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Support Shen Start
    Top Shen Start
    Jungle Shen Start

Core Items

    First Back Support Shen
    Core Items for Shen top/mid Support (after Face of the mountain)
    Jungle item based on personal preference and team comp
    Full Build Top lane shen
    Full Build Jungle Shen
    Support Shen Full build
    Personal preference i normally take the blue one tho
    They have a champ like teemo? cassio? or anyone with magic damage DoTs? GET this over spirit visage
    Only get this if your team really needs a big target for the enemies
    Awesome item. i tend to get it after Armor item instead of spirit visage if i 100% don't need the hp from SV

Situational Items

    Over Randuins if enemy team has heavy CC over TriForce on support shen
    High attack speed AD champs? get this
    Heavy AD/AP team.. cooldown boots if they are balanced team
Item's and how nice they are to have on shen 

3068_32.png ~ Sunfire Cape is an AMAZING item on Shen. You will be rushing this in about 70-90% of your games depending on who you are fighting. The AOE burn/health and Armor packed into one item is all Shen could ever want. It brings in a lot of DPS and Survivability in one item..

3065_32.png ~ Spirit Visage is a very nice item to have on Shen. It boosts his Sustain in lane from his Q, Allows you to use skills more often and reduce damage taken from pesky Magic Damage top laners like Vlad or Teemo. Normally 2nd item on Shen for me

3143_32.png ~ Randuins Omen. The bane of ALL marksmen, this item slows the attack speed of anyone that hits you,gives you a decent amount of health and armor. The active is amazing on Shen because you can taunt in and use the active instantly to slow the people around you for your team.

3075_32.png ~ Thornmail. This is an amazing item to counter people with high attack speeds like 11_64.png,67_64.png,222_64.png,29_64.png just about any Marksman. Thornmail is just amazing after the changes to it. actually has health on it and the grevious wounds addition is awesome

2045_32.png ~ Sightstones. You're supporting with shen you buy this item no exceptions.

3401_32.png ~ Face of the Mountain (FOTM). The bread and butter of support shen, with this if your ADC ever gets into trouble you can use the FOTM shield+ULT to give a massive shield ( best done after taunting enemy adc) or half way across the map use your ult and when you arrive use FOTM.

3111_32.png Mercury's Treads. Best boots as they give you magic resist and tenacity Good vs CC heavy comps
3047_32.png Ninja Tabi. Buy these if the enemy has an AD middle laner like 238_64.png and an AD top laner like122_64.png/107_64.png etc

Builds in Order

1054_32.png2003_32.png3340_32.png >>> 1029_32.png2031.png>>> 1031_32.png1001_32.png >>> 3068_32.png3111_32.png >>>  3211_32.png >>> 3065_32.png >>> 3748.png >>> >>> 3075_32.png OR 3102_32.png based on situation 3078.png if you really want extra damage (replace thornmail or Banshee)

1039_32.png2031.png3340_32.png >>> 3706.png>>>  3709_32.png1001_32.png >>> 3211_32.png3111.png >>> 3065_32.png1011_32.png >>> 3143_32.png >>>1011_32.png3364.png >>>  3075_32.png OR 3102_32.png based on situation.


3302_32.png2003.png3361.png >>> 3097_32.png1028_32.png>>> 3401.png2043_32.png1001_32.png >>>3111_32.png >>> 3751.png1029_32.png >>> 3068_32.png >>> 3211_32.png2043_32.png >>> 3065_32.png>>3748.png >>>3078.png  

Zz'rots portal

ok..i have played shen with the item already and i like it.. it give you the opportunity to Ult down to mid/bot lane While leaving pressure in your lane.. and you can safely place this by your portal

DO NOT BUY THIS ITEM VERSUS 75_64.png OR 45_64.png

Matchups Back to Top

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Aatrox is an easy one. Poke him in lane with your Q when he decides to Dive onto you use your taunt to drag him backward (towards your minions) and if he doesn't run away start hitting him with your Q as often as you can use your W when u can as well ..

Drop 14.png on him to counter his sustain




Akali is a Little harder. Make sure you have a 2043_32.png if you plan to fight her. Pre 6 you win lane use your W to counter her Q poke and use your Q to poke back feel free to taunt her and damage her as much as you can pre 6 because once she hits 6 it gets harder.

After 6 make sure u have a 2043_32.png for when she Uses her Ult to try and kill you.. taunt her backwards (towards the minions) and start hitting her with Q+autos. use your W whenever you can.. Drop 14.png on her if you think you can kill her




This is just a Sustain lane you guys wont kill each other at all without jungler help but Spam Q's on him and try to shield any damage u can with your W and call your jungler to help with the kill (Force him under the turret to counter his sustain)




DARIUS BUFFS.. like mad.. Keep Close to him dont let his AXE hit you when he Q's. take the Handle and Shield as much as you can. poke him down with your Q and you should be good solong as he doesnt get to heal much with his Q


Dr. Mundo


% Health damage cleavers can be a REAL pain.. don't let them hit you at all if you can pop your W to help stop some of the damage from his Q, and if he come in to hit you with ult all u can do is back off he will just regen too fast unless he was already low to begin with. If he was you can 14.png to counter his ult and try to kill him

(If you are near turret and he trys to dive you.. run around the turret in circles spamming your W until he trys to run then taunt+14.png him while he is still under turret you should get the kill




This can either be easy.. or hard depending on you.. Spam your Q's on her in lane, try to farm. Keep to your minions to dodge her following spider. if she goes into spider form and rappels to you have your taunt at the ready for when she comes down ontop it will cut her damage down a bit (50%) get an early 1033_32.png it will help




Use your W. Q poke her in lane, Predict her W she will most likely use it after you Q+run at her to activate the passive so bait her W then taunt towards her and start your offense 14.png when shes low enough to die




GP will try to Q you. just W every time he is close enough to do so, eventually he will realize its pointless and just farm (keep poking him with your Q and taunt him after his Oranges are down) 14.png and ghost to chase him down if you need because hes fast




Garen can be medium but the fact that you can completely neutralize his Q with your W makes it an easy lane. Spam your Q on him, don't let his passive get up.

Pop your W, Taunt him then use your Q+Passive hit on him and chase him off to his turret

MEDIUM if you are the villan. dont let him get you low




The living breathing Beast of the top lane he is hard.. Not only can he poke u from range but he also is deadly up close making it a very hard lane for you

Poke him with Q.. dont let his Slow get you.. Make sure you W the Third hit of his Passive eventually you will beat him down if he dives you at your turret with mega Gnar Taunt him INSTANTLY and start running circles around your turret spamming your W and Q when they are up drop the 14.png and he will die.. you might as well depending on your health.

Rush 3068_32.png it will help ALOT




Hecarim is a tough one.. His Q can hurt early on, i recommend rushing Sunfire's Cape instantly you will need it. Try to avoid his Q and poke him with yours use your W if you cant avoid it well. Wait till his AOE lifesteal aura is off before attempting to taunt him, Taunt him throw a Q and passive then back off he will use his Q 1-2 times but your passive 50% damage reduction from taunt should fix that easily enough.

he will try to dive your turret once he is 6 if you are below 35% hp. IF you still have your 14.png And 6.png you can try to fight him off by Taunting INTO his ult Or to the side so he misses it. (if you taunted through him you would have taken damage making the turrett hit him. if the turret starts hitting him pop your 6.png so he cant catch you and kite him around (Use your W aswell as much as u can over your Q so you dont run out of stamina).




True damage. RUN when her blade opens up into a X formation. when its out of the X formation you can begin your brawl until its back up.. Harass her with Q .. if she uses Bladesurge to minions land a taunt+Q /passive to deal good damage




His Dodge has basically no effect on you as you poke with abilities and a passive hit that he can only dodge the physical part of your passive auto attack 14.png him and go HAM when he is about 50% hp (pre 9) and he should die or flash out




Poke with Q.. shield with W (try not to get hit by his shockblast+gate combo that hurts without a sunfires cape.. if you cant reach him farm with Q, If he comes in with his hammer taunt him back towards your minions so they also hit him then start your brawl (he will knock you back) run back to him and continue (until either you get low or he dies) . make sure to dodge his shockblast combo




Kennen is a Really annoying Lane to fight. Depending on his build will decide if you rush 3068_32.png OR 3065_32.png. Make sure you dodge or use your W to block his Q and dont let him get his stacks up high on you.. if you get 2/3 back off and let them wear out then go back to farming/poking him

Kennen has no Early Sustain so pre 9 is your best bet to kill him in lane without jungler help. Once his Lightning dash is down Taunt in on him and Q+passive auto hit instantly (W when you can) make sure you 14.png him if he gets to atleast 35% health so a passive+Q+2-3 autos can finish him off before he realises

if he Ults Taunt away from him quick (unless you have enough magic Resist to take the hits if you do.. brawl him)

Call for your jungler if you really need help Harass with Q when u can otherwise farm


Lee Sin


This guy is a little bit hard because its hard to catch him but once you do you can easily brawl him a little. Poke him with your Q (when his w is down) if he Q's to a minion Taunt him and hit him with all your got (not ignite).. use ignite when he gets low




A battle of the Tanks Farm lane. If he is AP however it will be a little bit harder USE your W to block his Q.. Use your passive auto attacks to take his shield down.. only throw your Q's at him when his passive shield is down and you should be fine in lane




Sustain.. OP passive shield.. and all around brutal. try to hit him when his shield is down.. if he tries to go in on you.. go in on him with your taunt+W Q him after your passive auto attack (DONT fight around your minions or he can charge his shield a lot faster) 14.png to finish him or counter his sustain if he buys spellvamp




He cant kill you.. you cant kill him.. Force the minions under his turret so his farming is slowed. Buy 2044_32.png's for the river often because keeping a nasus pinned down brings out the junglers




she is a bit tougher up toplane.. Dodge her Spears and try not to step on traps. IF YOU DO step on trap/get hit by spears and she gets ready to pounce on you? TAUNT towards her to stop her Q and cut her damage down by 50% afterwards just spam ur Q 




True damage.. Rush health side of Sunfire cape dodge his Q , he will try and land that on you FIRST before going in on you POKE him with your Q to make him use his mana on his W to sustain himself. (USE your w to stop his True damage E) keep poking him eventually you will have denied him the lane.. even better if you kill him before 6




his Passive shield is op and most pantheons always rush armor pen so it makes it harder for you to lane. Poke him with Q.. Autos to farm use your W to completely block his Q after a while he will be too low to fight and the jungler will come try kill you.. if you think u can kill.. Pop ghost, 14.png panth try kill him or burn his 4.png ignore the jungler (if he is full) if he is low .. pop ghost and 14.png the jungler and kill him first




Spam Q's.. use W when he dashes in to block his Q+Stun combo rush Sunfire cape ( he will build armor but that wont help him) if u want to try kill wait for him to double dash.. then taunt him backwards even further and have your minion support start the damage on him Q+W when u can when brawling.. 




Riven is a Tough Cookie to fight. Her Q and E is what you need to keep your eyes on. early poke will win you the early fight but after level 6 you wont be able to beat her easily and you will need to rely on your jungle ganking for you. Ignite properly and use your minions to your advantage. when she autos you they will hit her so invite her in to get a free auto on you (MAKE SURE YOU W IT or dont let her at all) also only around your range minions)

Her Q has a Cooldown of 13 seconds at all ranks and activates 3 times.. it is easily seen (she spins and makes a heyuh sound twice) AVOID HER 3RD activation.. she flips knocks you up if you are near her.. resulting in you getting Stunned after and losing alot of health in that fight (see more at last part)

Her Shield has a cooldown of 10 seconds at rank 1 so when its down you are free to poke her as often as u can for 10 seconds.. if she uses her Shield and then Triple Q combo to try and get you.. TAUNT her towards your minions/tower.. and unleash hell on her. if she drops low and you are sure that you can kill her feel free to ignite and chase the kill, otherwise back off. Forcing her to B is just as good as killing her because you get ahead in levels/farm

If her STUN is down (it has a 11 second cooldown at rank 1) you can TAUNT into her minions and hit her she will not be able to activate her shield until the taunt is over. it would look something like ( Taunt > Q >Passive Auto attack > W and back off).

Avoid her 3rd Q because your W can take up the first 2 early on. if she gets the 3rd Q she will activate Her Stun and auto you twice costing you a lot of health.




In all seriousness.. shen VS shen is a real bad lane lol  use your W to  block his Q.. he will W to block your Q Shen is the perfect counter to shen.. just focus on farming until sunfire.. then brawl (build an early MR item if you want to be an ass)




SUSTAIN CROWS OF DEATH (DO NOT even attempt to fight swain at level 6 when you both get 6 in lane) just dont Call your jungler.. try to poke him down.. and Sustain as much as u can on minions 14.png is recommended alongside 3065_32.png




TEEMO!... This guy has insane Mobility compared to you (that damn W of his).. he will poke you and run.. then poke again.. then run.. there is nothing you can do in this lane but GO straight in on him.. his weakness is being Brawled up close.. he is a squishy one but if you miss taunt you are more than likely to die. 

Taunt in,Drop your Q, Pop your W, Try to auto him with your passive hit 14.png him when he gets 50% hp and pop 6.png as well. do what you can

REMEMBER where he places shrooms and dont fight there (trick is to avoid as many as u can to avoid the additional Liandrys burn)




Spam your Q on him Pre level 6 (if u can if not use it to farm) he will spawn his pillar and try to go in and bite you. make sure you W it because it can chunk your health early on

after level 6 DO NOT brawl him.. he will ult you and gain some of your Armor/MR and start the constant life leech you can bait his ult then run away with your taunt.

if he tries to turret dive you taunt him backwards (towards your turret) and fight him under your turret if he becomes too much pop your ghost and run.. the turret will finish him off.... an 14.png will secure his death if he tries to turret dive you.. (assuming he isnt fed)




Poke him with your Q.. when his rage bar is full he will start to try and poke you down with his E And auto attacks (he has 35% crit chance at level 1 with a full rage bar so be careful). if he spins towards you taunt him towards your minions pop your W and Q and start hitting him if he gets low pop an 14.png and he should go down pre 6..

after 6 he starts getting some damage and his 5 seconds of unkillable. he will try to turret dive dive you if u have 50% or less hp (no problem) once he spins in Taunt him under turret pop your W instantly after that.. 14.png HIM  and RUN be it circles around your turret or towards your inner turret.. the goal is to make sure he cant hit you.. use 6.png if you have to




gotta give urgot credit.. his following Projectiles are kinda annoying. Poke him with your Q for starters. Try to avoid his poison cask or he will start his homing missiles (if he gets it on you try to W+Sustain on minions with your Q).

After 6 he will try to ult you.. if he does.. TAUNT into him after he does the placement swap.. and brawl him.. he will get low before you get below 40% hp.. Drop your 14.png and he should die




VAYNE TOP.. she will kick ur ass if you let her get her true damage on you often try to avoid her 3rd hit.. if you cant try to shield it with W (DO not brawl vayne at all) focus on farming+ Sustain and Call your jungler you will need the help.. when you jungler comes in Taunt her Q her 14.png her and hope she dies.. once you are ahead of her the lane becomes easy

VAYNE ADC.. (you are support shen)... She will still kick ur ass if you let her get true damage hits on her. but unlike top shen.. YOU want to brawl her with your adc.. Communicate to plan your attack once you agree on it.. TAUNT HER+ 3.png instantly.. Drop your Qs and let your ADC pick her up (that is if your adc followed up...) vaynes support will have little to no time to react if you can just Dive onto vayne with an adc like236_64.png Or 133_64.png etc



14.png14.png14.png14.png14.png14.png14.png14.png <-- yes.. you need these. Poke vlad HARD as you can until he gets his Revolver for spellvamp..  after he gets that poking wont help you. Farm up.. and use your W to try and block as much damage from him as u can.. (Call your jungler if he gives you too much trouble) Rush a 3065_32.png in this match up . sunfires burn wont help u with his sustain.. Once you feel like he doesnt do enough damage to kill you in a Brawl.. Taunt in and give it all u got. (he will use his pool to run) leaving u the choice to kill him by chasing him.. or backing off (normally back off since vlad can normally heal himself 200-300 at once by surprise)




Poke him with your Q and taunt into him as often as u can once his passive is down and he trys to farm.. Taunt in Q+Passive hit.. Drop the 14.png and start hitting...

He will occasionally try to flip you into the turret.. if he does (and it doesnt target you) Taunt through him outwards and throw a Q at the end of ur taunt (it makes em mad) when they realize that flipping you into the turret has no effect .. (DONT TAUNT him while he is using his Q.. he will flip you before u even taunt to a direction




He will use his E+Q harass combo.. save your W for that poke him with your Q and dont fall for his Decoy (watch for the animation reset on his stand still) after 6 he will go all in alot and you will have the choice of Fighting him.. or taunting away from him (after he uses his ult to knock up) 

Spam your Q Use your W. if he gets low 14.png + chase him down to keep throwing your Q




This guy is easy just Build a sunfire and watch his ghouls cry..

In lane Spam your Q on him and use your W whenever he gets in rage to spawn the red/green ghouls to take minimum damage Throw your Q's onto the Red ghoul to kill it as fast as you can to stop him healing if u can kill his red ghoul as soon as it spawns he will lose lane due to no sustain vs You.. 14.png him and finish him off when hes low (below 35% hp)




Poke him with your Q and Taunt him after he flies towards you with his slingshot (STEP ON HIS BLOBS before he does). keep throwing your Q on him throughout the lane.. if he gives you any issues buy a3211_32.png or 3065_32.png Early to shut his damage down when he ults you to try and all in Taunt him after he lands on you once to cut the damage down from the last 2 hops by 50% then chuck a Q+passive auto hit on him and he loses the trade if he was low and the ult was desperation surprise him with 14.png and take him out




Poke him with your Q and Dodge his shurikens he has no sustain till he gets a vamp scepter so you win the lane easily versus zed after he gets 6 its get a little tougher but you should already have atleast a1031_32.png by then to stop his damage (so his Ult cant proc a high Magic hit) when he gets low and his ghost (w) is down drop 14.png and kill him

Why Would you pick Shen? Back to Top

Well, Shen is a highly Situational champion and can fit into ANY role Top/jungle/mid/adc/support (depending on how you play). He has great brawling potential and high survivability but Slightly Low damage unless you Build Bruiser type builds like Triforce+Tank items

The Pros of Shen.

- High Sustain.
- Great Kit for Supporting.
- Teleport as an Ultimate.
- Good lane harass.
- Can Carry teamfights if team follows your taunts.
- Good Peel in teamfights with a taunt than can hit all 5 if they line up

The Cons of Shen.

- No AOE damage.
- If supporting requires an aggressive Marksman.

Overall he is a great and fun champ to play

Shen's Abilities Back to Top

Ki Barrier

After using an abilityShen shields himself from 52 - 120 (based on level) (+ 14% bonus health) damage for 

2.5 seconds. Abilities that successfully affect champions reduce Ki Barrier's cooldown by 4 - 7.5 

(based on level) seconds.

Shen's power manifests as a Spirit Blade that he can control with abilities.

Twilight Assault
RANGE: 200
COST: 140 / 130 / 120 / 110 / 100 ENERGY
COOLDOWN: 8 / 7.25 / 6.5 / 5.75 / 5
Twilight Assault

ACTIVE: Shen recalls his Spirit Blade to his location and Twilight Assailt Weak empowers his next 3basic attacks within 8 seconds to deal bonus magic damage. Enemies the blade collides with are Slow icon slowed by 35% for the next 2 seconds when moving away fromShen.

If the Spirit Blade collides with an enemy champion, the empowerment is Twilight Assault Strongenhanced, dealing 2% (+ 0.5% per 100 AP) of target's maximum health bonus damage and gain 50% bonus attack speed.

Empowered attacks against non-champions deal additional damage, but their damage is capped.

「 MAGIC DAMAGE: 3 / 3.5 / 4 / 4.5 / 5%(+ 1.5% per 100 AP) of target's max. health 」

「 ENHANCED MAGIC DAMAGE: 5 / 5.5 / 6 / 6.5 / 7% (+ 2% per 100 AP) of target's max. health 」

「 NON-CHAMPION BONUS DAMAGE:30 / 50 / 70 / 90 / 110 」

Spirit's Refuge
COOLDOWN: 18 / 16.5 / 15 / 13.5 / 12
Spirit's Refuge

ACTIVE: Shen primes his Spirit Blade for 2 seconds, causing it to project a protective zone around 

it for 1.75 seconds if he or an allied champion move nearby, granting allies in the zone 

100% dodge chance


if there is no ally within the zone, it will not activate for 2 seconds or until an ally comes 

into its range.Spirit's Refuge moves with Spirit Blade if Shen uses Twilight Assault.

Shadow Dash
RANGE: 600
COOLDOWN: 18 / 16 / 14 / 12 / 10
Shadow Dash

PASSIVE: Shadow Dash.png Shadow Dash's and Twilight Assault.png Twilight Assault's damage recovers 30 / 35 / 40 energy.

ACTIVE: Shen dashes in the target direction, dealing physical damage to all enemy champions he hits and Taunt icon taunting them for 1.5 seconds.

  • PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 50 / 85 / 120 / 155 / 190 (+ 12% bonus health)

Stand United
RANGE: Global
COOLDOWN: 180 / 150 / 120
Stand United

ACTIVE: Shen channels for 3 seconds, granting the target allied champion an Stand United Minimapabsorption shield that lasts up to 5 seconds.

Upon completing the channel, Shen and his Spirit Blade Stand United Shield blink to the ally's location.

  • SHIELD: 250 / 550 / 850 (+ 130% AP)

Shens Ultimate can be stopped by CC that stops channeling examples like
3_64.png Ult galioidolofdurand.png
16.png   E  infuse.png

Shen goes well with what Marksmen (SHEN SUPPORT) Back to Top

Shen Goes well With Marksmen that have Good Early Damage (pre 9) to go with early lane harass 


Shen Does OK with


As Shen you look for Marksmen that are overly aggressive the ones that Try to go in and all crazy like to deal all the damage they can. they have to follow up your taunt with their burst or high damage or can add onto the "hold time"

Example of Combo. Shen Taunt+Jinx W+Jinx Traps to hold their Marksman down LONGER to allow MORE poke/damage to be delt to them. one of my faves is jinx (when i queue with my buddy) he takes his Traps on jinx at level 1 and i have my taunt.. as soon as we see the enemy Marksman its complete lockdown and they have to flash away My taunts+traps

You need Coordination with your Marksman to Shut down the whole enemy lane and make them fear you in lane. If you stand in the bush closest to their turret (and they are at the turret while minions are in the middle of the lane) 70% of the time they will keep under turret missing out on farm because your Marksman is last hitting to freeze the lane.. and if they try to come out from under the turret.. you go in on them with your taunt.. and your Marksman Follows up shoving them Back under the turret ( Marksmen with longer range are good at that example cait Q/Jinx W/Trist W to get closer etc) 

It doesnt matter if you Blow your 6.png or 3.png IF you take the enemys Flash..  their flash is worth more than one of your spells you're a shen you got all u need in your kit.. (E)

Shen Supporting 101 (how its done) Back to Top

AS SHEN support?


3302_32.png2003.png3361.png >>> 3097_32.png1028_32.png>>> 3401.png2043_32.png1001_32.png >>>3111_32.png >>> 1011_32.png1029_32.png >>> 3068_32.png >>> 3211_32.png2043_32.png >>> 3065_32.png>>3748.png >>>3078.png  

Full build :3143_32.png3068_32.png3065_32.png3050.png3111_32.png2303.png as shen support

Or3401_32.png3143_32.png3068_32.png3065_32.png3050.png3111_32.png build 2

How to do it

Start with your Taunt and go to your lane (HELP jungler with Gromp/blue if he starts you can be kind and take 1-2 hits from the creeps if u want.. right after you want to head to your lane and EXECUTE the lowest health minion so your MARKSMAN doesnt lose a minions worth of gold ( kuz he couldnt auto it in time) this happens kuz normally i leave the gromp camp first etc. 

and land your first taunt once u have the minion advantage and they have to b (thats when the real fun begins) you would want to stand in the bush closest to their turret while your Marksman farms near the middle of the lane (freezing it). and if they try to come close you TAUNT THEM and your Marksman messes em up

Just an example of the move where you deny the farm due to freezing+kill them when they try to get close to it O_O

WHEN YOU Q to sustain yourself MAKE sure your executes are (empty) and Q on a Full health minion+auto it once if your passive is up.. or twice if it isn't so u don't kill it. so your Marksman gets his farm.

IF you ULT to your MARKSMAN make sure he goes back in.. nothing sucks more than an MARKSMAN running away with your BIG shield on him also his running took you away from their MARKSMAN so you cant taunt/hit or anything towards their (this goes for every team mate really) i sometimes ult to top/mid and instead of going back in they let the enemy escape with less than 50 hp x_x and they ran so far that i cant go pick it up myself lol

General Tips and gameplay for Shen (SUPPORT) Back to Top

Early Game Support Shen

As a Support Shen you begin with 3302_32.png2003_32.png3340_32.png for items. Take your taunt (E) at level one and go help your jungler out if he starts (gromp/krugs) depending on what side you are, if you feel generous enough take a few hits for your jungler (you will regen it anyway just not too many) and head to lane. Execute one minion (the closest to death if your Marksman isn't in range to last hit (be sure to have one ready for the cannon minion that comes out 2 waves later). Keep to your bush (the one closest to your turret) and taunt the enemies if they come close to your Marksman or the bush you are in. Once you have your Q you can start using it to sustain yourself/your Marksman (make sure you have no executes remaining throw a Q on a minion and hit it once (if you have passive) or 2-3 times if you don't have your passive up (so you don't take the CS from your marksman to save you getting harassed by your marksman for taking 1 CS (it happens a lot). Focus on Poking the enemy champions down with your Q and Taunt them whenever you get the chance (it is key to winning).

Mid Game

You should already have your 3401_32.png and should be working on your 3068_32.png. At this point keep constant warding because enemy team will be roaming a lot. Key Ward Locations in another Section. Watch your team mates health on the bars (to the right of your screen) if they start getting low ult (if they are still fighting) be sure to ping  to be careful to your Marksman if you do decide to ult away to save someone (default hotkey : V ). If your lane is still in the laning phase and they still have their turret focus on getting a taunt landed on their Marksman or support if its not a tanky support like 89_64.png and 412_64.png etc and kill them. If you can kill one you might be able to force their turret down ending the laning phase and allowing you to roam freely towards mid and top lane if needed (DO not be afraid to take a few turret hits to get the kill you are Shen you don't fear turrets, turrets fear you.

Late Game

At this point your build should be nearing finish and your team would need to team fight to take their base down without a hitch. Engage a team fight onto the enemy Mid laner or Marksman using your 6.png And taunt to make sure you get to them Use your 3143_32.png active right after entering the fight and landing the taunt  to prevent running unless they flash/dash away. DON'T forget to use your 3401_32.png active on your Marksman or Mid Laner depending on which is taking the most damage. Ult to your Teammate (if he has enemy champion attacking him) or your mid laner and Taunt them off to allow your team mate to escape or gain some range from the enemy proceed to damage and Peel for your carries and win the fight and the game in the end of it all

General tips and gameplay for shen (TOP/MID) Back to Top


Early game you would start with your Q with a 1054_32.png. Early on focus on poking your enemy down with your Q  auto them if they are melee you should be fine. if they are ranged buy a few extra 2003_32.pngs they will help A LOT in lane. continue poking with your Q and farming with autos IF you are needed to ult somewhere ult fast and while channeling type to your jungler to cover top. Help out your jungler if he plans to invade either with your ult or go with him in person. You want to be trying to give your team an advantage ANYWHERE possible early on so when mid game comes you win teamfights.

Mid Game you should already have your 3068_32.png3065_32.png and are working on your 3748.png. During the mid game your focus should be towards making plays/Team fighting if the enemy group up. Try to initiate with a Taunt onto their Marksman or their mid laner you want to take their damage out first. (IF they go towards your backline ULT  onto your carry that is being hit even if you are in the middle of the fight. The shield will help them a lot if you manage to full channel in the middle of the fight Taunt the champs on your carry letting them back out a bit. by that time the other 2-3 team members should have killed one if not both of their carries and you win the fight

Late game if you get this far you should already have your 3748.png and working on your last item 3102_32.png Or 3075_32.png or 3078.png depending on their team. At this point Baron should be open to your team, try to kill atleast 1 of their team members or force them to go back to base. After that call baron and pick it up fast and group push top or mid (if your bottom minions are advancing) if not go back to base and buy to finish up your build and push as a team if they attempt to stop you fight them (like described above). End the game after winning fight

General tips and gameplay for Shen (JUNGLE) Back to Top

YOUR Route Gromp(Smite) > BLUE >Wolves > RED(Smite) >Raptors > Gank or Krugs if can't gank

Start 1039_32.png+2003_32.pngs and Head to Gromp (Take your Q at level one) Smite gromp take your W at level 2 and head to blue. use a 2003_32.png if you get below 60% health Use your Q and W as much as you can when clearing camps. After blue head to Wolves and kill them. Head to red and smite red buff once you get low (last hit it with smite to give yourself a big heal) VERSUS RAPTORS KILL THE SMALL ONES FIRST TO TAKE MINIMUM DAMAGE, KILLING THE BIG ONE FIRST IS A NOOB TRAP THE SMALL ONES ARE THE MAIN DAMAGE

Once you finish raptors go back to base and pick up a 3715.png or 3706_32.png based on what you prefer. When you gank you want to be able to taunt them so the best routes are normally behind the enemy. If you fail your taunt when you gank dont worry, you probably took their flash/heal/exaust or just made them back off back to their turret allowing your team mate to farm a little more than the enemy. Its not about the gank, its about sending a message that you are there and you will be back.

keep a ward on dragon (easy way to do this is to buy a pink and Drop it INSIDE dragon so they cant click it) "IF YOU EVER SEE ONE OF THESE? use attack move to kill it. YOU can kill them without agroing dragon but not many people know about that xD.

Key Warding Locations. Click links for full image set (7 images each side) for wards+vision gained by them Back to Top



Gives GREAT vision of the blue side jungle so you can predict the enemy jungler and See their team when they move through the jungle. If your team can act quick enough they can easily catch them and kill



Great vision of enemy Red side jungle allowing you to set up swift ganks if needed and see Dangers Coming from the jungler.. like the enemy jungler O_O

Zz'Rots portal (this item gets it's own section) Back to Top

Zz'rots portal

ok.. LoLking hasn't updated the Portal icon for the item yet O_O but i have played Shen with the item already and i like it.. it gives you the opportunity to Ult down to mid/bot lane While leaving pressure in your lane. This item is also GREAT for split pushing they can easily deal high damage to minions & turrets based on your Armor/magic resist. which on Shen you will have a lot of.

DO NOT BUY THIS ITEM VERSUS 75_64.png OR 45_64.png because they can stack their Q's on the voidlings that come out of the portal

i would buy this item instead of the Thornmail or Banshee (but get it early like after sunfire) even before if you want and are confident enough in your skills

THE ideal positions for the portal are

THE GREEN LINES mean that the voidlings will reach the turrets from the placement area while the red means they will die before arriving there. (sorry bout the mess) a Reddit user made a map just like this and inspired me to make one with the portal placements i use O_O (Ty to Reddit  Chimpso)

THE picture is Outdated the Voidlings Go further than shown but the positions will still be good

READ the Author Notes for Abilities (the ones that show what you should level) for the other leveling orders Back to Top

^ Title ^_^

About Me Back to Top

I'm magjake, a Shen main with 1438 games played as Shen. I've been playing Since season one and i fell in love with Shen's kit and play style so i started playing him.. a lot xD since then i've been helping others play (mainly my friends that i play with and wanna learn) in season 3 i decided to make a guide. but i didn't back then because i was silver (i don't play ranked often enough to rank up) and here at the end of season 4 i made one because i didn't climb in S3

Keep in mind that This guide isn't 100% done still needs a few tweeks and Features (Like Play examples) but i will get to work on stuff like that once i get a proper recording setup/Hard Disk space to do so. I will update this regularly when my feel of Shen changes with items/masteries and i will read all comments and Reply to them within 1-3 days.

Enjoy a Shen Montage ^_^ (some fade to black too soon first video xD)

Closing up : i hope this guide can help you learn and play Shen a little better even if its a little it makes me happy because i can help people play better. makes me happy inside 

Updates Back to Top

Patch info that have a few changes towards shen

Patch 5.2 : Giant's Belt now Builds out of Ruby Crystal without harming the total cost of the item.. 

patch 5.3 : Health Regeneration from Spectre's Cowl boosted from 100% base regen to 150% base regen

Patch 5.4 : Fixed a bug with Dorans shield that made it not blocking 8 damage from single target spells

Patch 5.5 : Added the CinderHulk jungle enchantment and buffed Righterous Glory's health to 650 from 500

Patch 5.6 : nothing

Patch 5.7 : Shens ultimate got a Cool Down Buff From 200/180/160 to 180/160/120

Patch 5.8 : Shens ultimate now places you between the ally you ulted and the closest enemy to your ally to make it easier 

Patch 5.9 : Cinderhulk was changed to constantly deal damage like sunfire but has 100% bonus damage to jungle creeps

Patch 5.10 : nothing

Patch 5.11 : Shen now gains magic resistance per level (1.25 per level) and his base damage was increased to 32.1 from 30. Shen's Ki Strike has it cooldown reduced from 9 seconds to 9/8/7 seconds at Champion levels 1/7 and 13 respectively. Ontop of that, Shens Shadow dash got its old Reduced stamina cost on level up back. it will now cost 100/95/90/85/80 from 100 at all levels!

Patch 5.12 : Defensive masteries were changed up a little but still viable! (even better really)

5.13 : Spirit Visage had its healing change from 20% bonus to your self healing to 20% of ALL healing applied to you. (hello soraka)

5.14 : nothing much Zekes  harbinger might be worth a shot (if you are a support shen) will test soon

5.15 :  buff/nerf to Zekes Harbinger

5.16 : added Dead mans plate and Titanic Hydra, buffed Warmogs if you are tank shen, Buffed Spirit visage , zzrot portal cheaper items

5.17 :NERF to shen sustain on his Q

5.18 : Nerf to zekes Harbinger.

5.19 :  Fixed a bug with shens taunt, taunting enemies now actually reduces the damage you take

5.20 : nothing this patch

5.21 : nothing

5.22 : MANY Tank item changes and price/stat adjustments Shown here xD

Defensive Itemization

5.23 : Shen is 10% bigger O_O and bond of stone is made weaker

Patch 5.24 : Dead mans plate lost 100 HP changes to the mastery Trees.. nerfs to bond of stone, veteran scars and unyielding. bug fix for iron skin and buff for explorer

Parch 6.1 : Sunfires got 5 armor, Bond of stone no longer doubles when near an ally and Strength of the ages now heals you 6% of your hp when a nearby siege minion or large monster

patch 6.2 shen update and a few other changes

patch 6.3 : sunfire buffs.. randuin buffs.. dead mans plate nerfed warden plate is cheaper

Patch 6.4 : Taunt now effects Jungle Camp and Mercury treads got more tenacity

Patch 6.5 : Shens ult was finally made more visible! hopefully team mates will run away less when you ult them. Devourers only gets 2 stacks from rift herald now instead of 5

Patch 6.6 : Tiamat got its Hydra cleave effect on every auto attack back. Titanic hydra lost some AD not that big of a nerf. ZZrots got a nerf on its health. still worth it though for support/top 

Patch 6.7 : nothing

Patch 6.8 : nerf to grasp of the undying

patch 6.9 : a whole bunch of changes see here

Patch 6.10 : Ghost got lower Cooldown

patch 6.11 : buff to ninja tabi

patch 6.12 : buffed grasp of the undying damage but lowered its heal, not a big deal really

patch 6.13 : changes to Executes for support shen build. scales with level now

patch 6.14 : cooldown pings!

patch 6.15 : a nerf to shens base health regen from 10 to 8.5

patch 6.16 : nothing much

patch 6.17 : nothing

patch 6.18 : Passive and Q nerf

patch 6.19 : nothing

patch 6.20 : nothing

patch 6.21 : nothing

patch 6.22 : assassin update.

patch 6.23 : armor and health per level got buffed woot

patch 6.24 : nerf to colossus 

patch 7.1 : zz'rots portal changes

patch 7.2 : lethality changes...Q_Q

patch 7.3 : nothing

patch 7.4 : fearless mastery nerfed a little

Patch 7.5 : changes to bond of stone and exaust.

Patch 7.6 : Nothing

Patch 7.7 : Nothing

Patch 7.8 : Shens Q took a nerf vs minions but gained damage to champs. he also has better jungle damage with Q. His taunt now costs less stamina and has a wider radius and his ult now scales with the allies missing health (meh)

Patch 7.9 : a whole bunch of tank items changed.. read here

Patch 7.10 : new quests for the support items and a nerf to spirit visage Q_Q

Patch 7.11 : nerf to tabi , buff to banshee

Patch 7.12 : doran shield costs more again >_>

Patch 7.13 : adaptive helm buff

Patch 7.14 : Thornmail Changes

Patch 7.15 : Nothing

Patch 7.16 : Relic shield bug fix. and skin splash portraits!

Patch 7.17 : Bug Fixes

Patch 7.18 : Nothing really

Patch 7.19 : Few changes to the Thornmail Line of items

Patch 7.20 : Few changes to steraks.

Patch 7.21 : Frozen heart got a bit of extra armor

Patch 7.22 :  Shen got +9 armor to make up for the loss of runes and 15% more attack speed at lv 1 few item changes too

Patch 7.23 : Nothing really

Patch 7.24 : nerfs to shens Q.. rippy, Sunfire got buffed though!

Patch 7.24b : -2 lethality on items. yay

Patch 8.1 : Some changes to the runes.

Patch 8.2 : a little nerf to hp ratio on aftershock but buffs to its resists.

Patch 8.3 : Nothing

Patch 8.4 : Wits end is buffed. and Bone plating is released. ftw

Patch 8.5 : Warmog buff and aftershock cd nerf

Patch 8.6 : Ignite got buffed and bone plating got a duration nerf

Patch 8.7 : Nothing

Patch 8.8 : Nothing

Patch 8.9 : Nothing really.

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