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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png is a good way to suprise the enemy by E + Flash combo on the adc or an entire team.
6.pnghowever lets you enter a fight, get out, then re-enter because of the movement speed and u can also land E's very easily.

I usually take 14.png over 12.png because of the kill pressure it gives me in lane but 12.png is also good because you can ult down bot to help them and then 12.png back to lane and not miss many cs.

3.png For playing support shen :p/ Also good for some matchups (107.png,  58.png,  11.png,  64.png,  92.png,  122.png)

11.png  4.png = Obv what else would u take for jg (F is for flash)

New Runes Back to Top

Abilities Back to Top

Always max q as it is your all in tool and gives you the damage. If u are expecting your jungler to gank early (lvl 3 jungler'ish) then take E 3rd if not just take another point into Q. If facing ranged top lane max w second.

(Ofc getting points in R at 6,11,16 )

for jg         
q,w,e first then max q then e                       

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Always start dshield with pots ALWAYS
    U need this for the dmg as if u take the other u have more sustain but no dmg.

Core Items

    These items will give u some dmg and make u really tanky which is what u want. Choose boots depending on matchup THIS IS YOUR CORE
    Usually your core when playing support shen just sit in back, peel for adc, and ult in fights ezpz.
    If u want to do really nice dmg while being a little tanky. U can get a black cleaver witht his and do stupid dmg. Get tri around second item if u want bc first
    My new Season 7 Build, TANKY and you deal good dmg
    What full AD team build should look like. Can switch last item for Hydra/Tri-force/anything u want/ delete all items and 6 warmogs if u want up2u
    Full AP Build, HELLA sustain and really good split push with zzrot
    Pick one, doesnt matter which one but pick your preffered one.
    Core take whatever u want first. Sunfire can help jungle clear with the aoe dmg but dead mans plate gives u mobility with its passive.

Situational Items

    These are all situational Tri-Force if u are hella fed and this will make u 1 shot adc's Banshee's if vs all ap teams thornmail for the stupid a$$ vayne players botrk if they have a lot of tanks
    BoTRK is better than Tri-Force as it gives attack speed AND LIFESTEAL and plus tri-force is expensive af. Hydra gives good waveclear but no lifesteal (this gives hp and the cone which is better)

Usually i start 1054_32.png and 2003_32.png which is the normal start and start Q.

If the matchup is even or ahead rush 3068.png it will give u tankiness, waveclear and survivability.
if u want even more dmg (i would stop with the dmg here and get some tankiness) then get 3748.png/
Tanky items depend on the enemy team they have more ad than ap? 3143.png more ap than ad? 3065.png.
If they are all balanced then just get a 3083.png.
Eventually you'll get all 3 but the buy order depends on matchup/who's fed

Buy order usually looks like this: 3742.png > 3143.png or 3065.png > the one u didnt get before > 3083.png  > boots
(if they have a 67.png substitute 3083.png with 3075.png (aka the vayne killer)

Matchups Back to Top

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Pretty easy lane, just poke him with shenvorpalstar.png, then its easy lane. Just freeze lane. Care for his all-ins it will demolish u if u just stand there and auto him. Your shenw.png blocks his autos so that can be a good bait if your jungler wants to gank. CARE HE CAN INTERRUPT YOUR ULTIMATE




She is melee. shenvorpalstar.png her everytime she goes to last hit. If u see her auto something shenq.png + Auto. Your shenw.png blocks her q + auto proc so you can negate a lot of dmg there, care for her 2nd auto as it does more dmg. She cant block your ult




Annoying as hell but with 1054.png atleast you have some sustain, ask for a gank as she has no mobility, ez kill with flash + shene.png or just walk up and shene.png her.




His sustain is stupid and he can interrupt your ult many ways. I advise to just stay at tower or dont pick shen in this matchup anyway. But after 20 minutes u start to beat him and u can just taunt him.





With new buffs he is stupid op don't even get close to him just farm under tower and leave him alone. He truly does have basketball skills and will break your ankles if u get close to him. Your shenw.png can block his W but he will still demolish you with his 360 Windmill Dunk.

Proceed with regular build. CAN STOP YOUR ULT 


Dr. Mundo


Talk about a wet noodle fight? Just farm and match with his sustain u won't really do anything this lane but farm and help team with ults. 

Rush Spirit Visage First then get Sunfire
If u dodge his cleaver it will be easy lane



Pretty easy, just rush thornmail and its an easy matchup. 
Don't let her proc her passives cuz they sort of hurt but once u get a thornmail they start to tickle.
Rush Thornmail then Sunfire.




Just Dodge his Q's and if u get hit sustain back up with your Q heal. This matchup is usually pretty easy and more like a damp/moist noodle fight.

Consider Spirit visage first.

Can interrupt shen ult with galio ult




While vsing Illaoi dodge her illaoiQ.png and try to stay away from her tentacles because she will w onto u. If she w's onto you and nowhere near tentacles all in her, you deal much more dmg if u dodge her q. If she uses illaoiE.png on you and no where near tentacles smack her a couple times so your spirit will go away, otherwise just walk out of range and become a Vessel and destroy 3 tentacles (they are really easy to dodge). Illaoi does a lot of damage and has tons of sustain after her items be careful taunt her and let your team kill her, ban her fck this champ.

My build order:
1054.png 2009.png 3340.png -> 1031.png 2009.png -> 3068.png  -> 1001.png 1037.png -> 3077.png 1028.png 1036.png -> 1028.png 3052.png ->3748.png -> 1011.png1031.png 3047.png -> 1029.png 3742.png -> 1011.png 3082.png -> 1031.png 3143.png -> 3075.png




Hate her so annoying. Her true dmg chunks you and she can kill you anytime in lane poking her does nothing, just sit at tower and take it.





Stay away from walls so she cant stun you, dodge her q as the second explosion as it slows and 5% of your health again so try to dodge those and you are fine. Late game peel her off from your team




Survive renekton early, and pressure map hard If he pushes you up taunt him into tower all of his abilities are melee. 3047.png.  Take sunfire first and he can do less dmg. Be careful when he has red fury bar as he will try to W, your shenw.png blocks his W so if u can time it right you can win a trade easily. 

Side note: Exhaust could be really good in this matchup as u could smash him easier and can shut him down easier.




Everytime he tries to jump out of bush and hit a minion just Q,AA him and it will hurt him. Do this everytime and he will get pretty low for u to just kill him. Dont take free damage from rengar and watch out for his fully stack Q combo.

This matchup can be easy or hard depending on the Shen player.




God i hate this champion. Just farm at tower and whenever she tries to get a minion taunt her and let her take turret damage >:D.

 DO NOT FIGHT HER SHE WILL DESTROY YOU... If she is good that is,
 obv rush sunfire





When he uses his flamethrower back up immediately, even tho Shen is sort of tanky it will still hurt u. Once he gets Rylais/Liandries one of those don't even try and fight him.

During laning u generally want to just farm with q and go in when he overheats for some poke.
Rush Spirit Visage first, you can also rush 3194.png 




Sigh this stupid champ, All lane pre-6 just farm and poke with shenvorpalstar.png while u can becuase after 6 will be hell.  Farm as much pre-6 as u can then after 6 get the f*** away from him. He will RYZE to the top.... heh sry it had to be done. Care for gank





Kind of easy-medium depends on how you play it. Just q auto him when he goes for a minion, if he tries to fight you u can just shenw.png auto attack him a bit then shene.png away when your w is done.

If he walks up to tower just taunt his ass under tower and he will be forced to back off.




Sort of annoying, at lvl 9 u can start healing his poke and with a spirit visage he sort of does nothing to you.

Everytime he walks up to u just press w and it negates all his dmg.
14.png is a must

Item Build (IN-DEPTH) Back to Top

          If team has no Tank and want Tanky Shen

First off u should always get 1054.png. DShield now gives good sustain when they try to poke you since it gives 6 hp every 5 seconds and the 20 hp over 10 seconds after taking dmg from a champ.

1st item varies.
VS an AP champ like 69.png always get 3065.png first item as it gives MR, I'd buy 3751.png first then rush 3065.png.

If ur facing an AD champ then pls RUSH 3068.png this is his core dont rush anything else, the 200% dmg bonus to minions on the passive is huge for people pushing you in
2nd item is pretty much what u didn't get 1st.
If u Bought a 3065.png first then buy a 3068.png second as u obv did not need the armor from Sunfire.
3rd item u would most likely get a 3742.png since it will give u a shit ton of survivability and some mobility since shen is like a regular tank and moves really slow so this is main reason i get this item.
4th item
u can either get a 3083.png3075.png or a 3053.png U can possibly buy 3025.png (Tanks to Eli for bringing to my attention)
If u are already tanky enough and don't want a warmog's cuz they have a vayne u can get a 3075.png for those stupid vayne's. If they dont have a vayne and u dont want to get 3083.png still just get a 3053.png and laugh in their faces. 3025.png Spam q/Shield and auto on them and they cant get away from u
5th item
Usually u would finish boots already at 2-4th item if not buy it 5th
6th item
Get whatever u want and have fun! To deals Tons Of DMG obv get 

              Season 7 Top Hype Train dmg build

1st item
U will still go with the traditional 1054.png2009.png and 3340.png
2nd item is still traditional tank item
3068.png or 3065.png depending on matchup like usual, pick up some boots in between buuilding/
3rd item is where the fun begins
3748.png for that wave clear and hp, also really good for dmg.
Shen needs this waveclear because he has no really good waveclear all he does is Q minions all day.
4th item
3053.png for the hp and dmg synergizes well with sterak's 
The passive works also really well
5th item 
Still need the 3742.png for survivability and ms from it's passive, 3068.png or 3065.png isnt enough so u need this
6th item
3078.png for that Tons of Damage. all of these stats are good on shen. Gives shen's ult bigger and all stats are good.
Leave for 6 items because it costs so much
Item Build Order (From a R5 game with Team SSj) 1054.png2009.png3340.png -> 1001.png1029.png2031.png -> 1031.png (if have enough 2043.png) -> 3068.png1028.png -> 3077.png,  3052.png -> 3748.png,  3052.png -> 3053.png1011.png -> 3742.png -> Then Phreak's favorite item....3078.png TONS OF DMG or if not then if they have a ton of AD/Fed ADC buy a 3075.png, Thorn is now a better option now that it applies Grievous Wounds and gives HP, but you can also build a 3143.png if you want to replace steraks because they have a lot of AD.

Glossary of LoL Term's for Solo Q Back to Top

This guide is for players of all skill levels. I don't want to make any assumptions about how much of the game you already know, so here is a list of common terms or abbreviations used while playing League of Legends that are not strictly obvious. (ALL CREDIT GOES TO g07h4xf00 for letting me use this in my guide check out his singed guide

  1. AA - Auto-Attack aka Basic Attack - What every champion does when you right click an enemy in range. It's the most basic way to deal damage in the game. All auto attacks deal physical damage81_64.png mains are incapable of doing this for some reason. 
  2. AD - Attack Damage - a stat that increases AA damage and certain abilities. AD Champions are champions that primarily build AD or deal mostly physical damage. Everyone's favorite type of champion, for some reason. 
  3. AFK - Away from Keyboard - when a player stops playing the game because they left, disconnected, or simply stopped controlling their champion. Probably report. Only ever happens on your team.  
  4. AP - Ability Power - a stat that increases strength of spells. AP Champions are champions that primarily build AP or deal mostly magic damage. My personal type of champion.
  5. ARAM - All Random, All Mid - a 5v5 game mode played on the Howling Abyss where there is a single lane, all players go into that lane, and all players have a random champion.
  6. AS - Attack Speed - a stat that determined how fast you attack, usually good for AD Carry builds or builds that rely a lot on on-hit ability procs.
  7. B - Back, or Recall - Get back from where you are, or use the 'b' hotkey to make your champion recall to base.
  8. Bait - To urge enemy champions to follow, attack, or engage on you to lure them into a trap like being outnumbered or ganked by your team. Salty opponents say this in all chat as a justification for why they died. 
  9. Big - When a champion is strong from having a lot of money from farming or kills, relative to everybody else.
  10. BF - B. F. Sword - 1038_32.png. I'm pretty sure this stands for Big Fucking Sword.
  11. Blue [Buff] - The 3-minute buff granted by slaying the Ancient Golem on either side of the map. Exclusively belongs to your mid laner after 2:30. If anyone else takes it your mid laner can justifiably AFK for breaking the rules. 
  12. Blue Build - any champion build that relies on 'blue items' that involve on-hit abilities, increase CDR, or increase mana pool / regen on champions. Made popular by builds on 81_64.png. Sample Blue Build items: 3025_32.png3057_32.png3035_32.png3004_32.png3043_32.png3070_32.png3153_32.png3158_32.png3508_32.png. Usually the #1 reason why your carry does no damage.  
  13. BoTRK - Blade of the Ruined King - 3153_32.png.
  14. BRT - Be Right There.
  15. Brush - Bush, same thing. Garen's natural habitat. 
  16. BT - Blood Thirster - 3072_32.png.
  17. Buff - A boost in ability given in the game by items or objectives. Also, Buff could refer to a balance change in the game due to a recent patch that made a particular champion or item strong relative to other champions or items.
  18. Build - Order of items purchased or the primary item composition of a particular champion. Most players get this wrong .
  19. Carry - To be the primary reason for winning fights, objectives, or the game. Always expected of you in every game.
  20. Camp - Usually when a jungler or allied lane champion heavily favors ganking or staying near another lane to help that lane with fighting. This will happen to you 100% of the time. 
  21. CC - Crowd Control - Any ability that impairs or debuffs champions' abilities or basic controls (like movement). What your team always lacks and your opposing team has infinite amounts of. 
  22. CDR - Cooldown Reduction - stat reduces cooldowns on abilities, increasing the frequency of when you can use them again.
  23. Comp - the composition of a team. It's always better for the enemy team. 
  24. Creep - any enemy that is not a structure or a player character.
  25. CS - Creep Score - the number of enemy minions or jungle monsters you have killed (last hit) since the beginning of the game, denoted by the number at the top right of the screen. This number is always higher on the enemy ADC than your own. 
  26. Dcap - Rabadon's Deathcap - 3089_32.png.
  27. Deny - Prevent an enemy champion from last hitting or farming by being an active threat to their lives because of long-range attacks or abilities. Also known as "ruining the fun."
  28. DFG - Deathfire Grasp - 3128_32.png. RIP.
  29. Disengage - Avoid a fight by some form of impairing ability, CC, or simply running away. What pussies do. 
  30. Dive - When a champion quickly enters an area of high danger (like turret range) to kill an enemy champion and leave before there can be retaliation or they themselves die. What real manly men do. 
  31. Dodge - Leaving champion select before the game starts to avoid playing, usually results in a time penalty. Always happens when your team has an amazing comp and never when your team has a garbage comp. 
  32. DOT - Damage-Over-Time - abilities that inflict damage over a set period of time rather than instantaneously.
  33. DPS - Damage Per Second - The damage output capability of a champion.
  34. Drake - The incorrect term for Dragon used by European players and other people who don't know how to play the game.
  35. Duo Q - Duo queue is when two people queue for ranked together. It's also how people hold champ select hostage and your team's ability to FF. 
  36. ELO - The pre-Season 3 way of determining relative skill and rank overall. The higher your elo, the better you are ranked in the game. Divisions correspond to ranks now (Diamond 1 ~2.5k elo, Plat 3 ~ 2k elo, Plat 5 ~ 1.8k elo, Gold 5 ~1.5k elo, Silver 5 ~1.2k elo).
  37. Elo Hell - See Solo Q, below.
  38. Engage - Having both teams commit to a fight usually by initiation. What manly men do. 
  39. Face Check - To physically send a champion into a brush under fog of war to gain vision on the area of that brush. What you should never ever do. Use shit like 3342_32.png if you really want to know what's in there. 
  40. Farm - as noun: kills on creeps that give you gold; as verb: to kill creeps to obtain more gold for items.
  41. Fed - Adjective form of 'feed'.
  42. Feed - to give many kills to a champion thereby making them strong due to them being able to purchase more items, may be intentional or unintentional. Everyone on your team does this except you. 
  43. FF - Forfeit - To surrender the game after the 20 minute mark by typing '/ff' in chat. Your team never knows the correct time to do it. 
  44. FFS - For Fuck's Sake - Usually said when team refuses to cooperate or help each other, or when stupid things keep happening.
  45. FH - Frozen Heart - 3110_32.png.
  46. Flip - To land a flipping ability to displace a champion backwards like 27_64.png's Fling or  106_64.png's Rolling Thunder.
  47. Focus - having multiple players on your team target a similar enemy or commit to the same strategy. Never happens in Solo Q. 
  48. FotM - Flavor of the Month - The most recent most popular champions to be played based on the latest patch or balance changes.
  49. FP - First Pick - The first person to pick in Champion Select. The "God" player of your team who bans the wrong champions and will instalock their main and immediately get countered. 
  50. GA - Guardian Angel - 3026_32.png
  51. Gank - When a jungler goes to a lane unbeknownst to enemy champion(s) and helps the allied lane champion(s) to win a fight by outnumbering them, usually resulting in a kill. Always happens against you, never happens for you. 
  52. HAM - Hard as a Motherfucker - Going all-in or balls-deep committed into a fight or engagement. What manly men do. 
  53. Hard CC - Any form of CC that completely disables a player's control over their champion for some amount of time (stun, knock-up, displacement/knockback, fear). What your team always lacks and wastes on useless targets. 
  54. Hook - To land a disabling skillshot like 412_64.png's Death Sentence.
  55. IE - Infinity Edge - 3031_32.png.
  56. Initiate - to start a fight, usually by some spell or CC ability, encourages the other players to engage in the same fight.
  57. Invade - When a team goes into the opposing jungle area at the beginning of the game to either steal a buff, kill an unsuspecting enemy, or startle enemy champions enough for them to waste one of their summoner spells. Always gives the enemy team first blood no matter who invades who. 
  58. KDA - Kill/Death/Assist - The score of how many kills, deaths, and assists a player has. Getting this really high is the only way to win games, who needs to kill Nexus when you can kill champions. 
  59. KS - Kill Steal - to purposely wait to last-hit an enemy champion for the kill thereby denying allied champions the kill gold. Basically what every player on the team does who is not the ADC. 
  60. Lane Gank - Ganking through the lane brush, taking advantage of fog of war and minion wave positioning.
  61. Leash - To assist the allied jungler with killing jungle creeps, usually the large monsters. 
  62. LoL - League of Legends.
  63. LW - Last Whisper - 3035_32.png.
  64. Map Awareness - Having good knowledge of what's going on in the game outside of your own field of few or particular lane. This usually relies on checking the minimap often. What nobody on your team has. 
  65. MIA - Missing in Action - When an enemy champion is no longer in vision and may be roaming, when enemies are not located warning your allies to be careful of where they may pop out. It usually means you need to stay the fuck back because you're about to get ganked. What your mid laner forgot to say about his opponent. 
  66. MMR - Match Making Rating - A number used internally by the LoL client to pick teammates and opponents to play with, is similar to ELO but not quite. It's always higher than everyone's actual rank / elo, apparently.
  67. MR - Magic Resistance - stat used to reduce magic damage by percentage. The formula for determining the final damage amount is damage × 100/(100 + MR).
  68. MS - Movement Speed - stat for determining how quickly your champion moves.
  69. Nerf - a balance change in the game that makes a particular champion or item weak relative to other champions or items in the game. Always happens to FOTM champions and other champions you like playing.
  70. NL - Needlessly Large Rod - 1058_32.png.
  71. Objectives - Anything ranging from enemy structures, jungle creeps, or major boss battles (Baron or Dragon) that give the team a direct advantage from a gold bounty to a temporary buff. What your team is allergic to getting. 
  72. OMW - On My Way - to where your allies may be or where they want you to be.
  73. OP - Overpowered, something that is unfair or imbalanced about the game and its design. Typically a champion on the enemy team that has a lot of kills. Or the champions that are always picked/banned in every game. The excuse everyone makes when they die or lose. 
  74. PD - Phantom Dancer - 3046_32.png.
  75. Peel - Keeping an allied carry or squishy champion alive by using some sort of CC ability on them or the enemy champions pursuing them. What nobody ever does for their ADC. 
  76. Ping - The delay between your computer and Rito's servers. What you complain about and despise all the time if you play on the East Coast. 
  77. Poke - Abilities (usually in the form of skill shots) that may be done from long range and damages enemies without fully engaging or necessary retaliation. The least fun aspect of the game since it can be done from entire screens away with little to no counterplay. 
  78. Proc - Trigger an effect, like 3057_32.png3100_32.png3116_32.png3151_32.png3078_32.png passives that need to meet certain conditions before activating.
  79. Pull - To land a grabbing skillshot like 53_64.png's Rocket Grab. Also means to aggro the Dragon and have him chase you towards the edge of the Dragon pit. 
  80. Rambo - When a champion unnecessarily gives away a kill by running into enemies while clearly outnumbered and overwhelmed. 
  81. Red [Buff] - The 3-minute buff granted for slaying the Elder Lizard on either side of the map. What exclusively belongs to the ADC after lane phase. 
  82. Rito - Pls.
  83. RoA - Rod of Ages - 3027_32.png.
  84. Siege - When multiple team members stay outside of an enemy turret range trying to poke down their enemy champions or attack the turret without taking much damage themselves. 
  85. Soft CC - Any form of CC that partially disables a champion for some amount of time (slow, silence, root).
  86. Solo Q - When one person queues for ranked 5v5 by themselves. The most anti-fun and frustrating experience that every player needs to suffer through if they want to be recognized by high-ranked teams. Aka the real Elo Hell, where everyone you get matched with is terrible and toxic. 
  87. Split Push - To split up the team and push all lanes in an effort to either avoid team fights or re-group later in one lane while applying pressure to the other lanes.
  88. Squishy - The opposite of tanky, a champion with low amounts of HP or defense that is relatively easy to kill.
  89. SR - Summoner's Rift - the primary 5v5 map in League of Legends.
  90. Tank - To soak up or block most hits from abilities or attacks by having a very defensive or healthy build.
  91. Teeto - Satan -  17_64.png.
  92. TF - Team Fight - To engage in a (usually full) 5v5 fight between the two teams. Could also be Trinity Force, 3078_32.png, the most slot-efficient damage item in the game. 
  93. Tower - another name for a turret.
  94. Toxic - When a player has a negative attitude, verbally abuses other players in chat, or actively uses swear words or racial slurs which hinder the enjoyment of other players in the game. Toxic players should be reported after the game. See Solo Q. 
  95. TP - Teleport - Using the 12.png Summoner's Spell or a global teleportation ultimate like 4_64.png's Destiny or 98_64.png's Stand United.
  96. TT - Twisted Treeline - the 3v3 map in League of Legends.
  97. Wave Clear - The ability of a champion to quickly kill a wave of minions, usually via AOE abilities by a mage. Your team always lacks this so you lose quickly and the enemy team always has this so you win slowly. 
  98. WOTA - Will of the Ancients - 3152_32.png. Don't buy this item ever it sucks, unless you're 8_64.png then it's just stupid. 
  99. XX:XX B or XX:XX D (ex. 10:20 b or 20:10 d) - The objective timers for when the next major objective (Baron or Dragon) will be up. B is for Baron, D is for Dragon.
  100. Zone - Preventing an enemy champion from properly positioning by posing as an active threat to them in a particular area.
Again full credit to g07h4xf00 for letting me use this

About SSj Samurai Back to Top

Hello my name is SSj Samurai/Tony and i main Samurai's. (Was SSj Ninja)

I love ninjas and i started maining them in the end of season 3-Pre-season 4 and hit plat 3 during pre-season.
During my placements in Season 5 i placed gold 1 and easily got plat.
Now i am Diamond trying to hit Masters. If any questions or friend requests feel free to add me :D
Will add champion match-ups as i face more and more. 
Feel free to ask me questions in the comments.

and subscribe to his youtube channel and follow his twitch (starting to stream daily!)

EDIT: I hit diamond
EDIT: Added In-Depth items
EDIT: Will start updating my guide as of Patch 7.15

Early Game Back to Top

Early game is generally the most boring part. You just cs and poke with Q + Autos whenever u can, depending on the matchup you will have to play early game differently. Most of the time u want to poke with Q if its a melee matchup or cs with Q if vs ranged matchup depending on the champ. You want to try and get lvl 6 as fast as possible so you can help team and roam.

If vs a ranged then you're gonna have to use Q to give yourself the shield to cs but with 1054.png atleast it gives some sustain 

Mid Game Back to Top

Mid game is where u start to become strong with your tanky items and your ult roams. U want to split push a little then group up with team. If they engage then u can ult on them and help team with your ult. At this stage of the game you should be fairly tanky with a little bit of dmg. 

You can split push when your shenr.png  is up and since you have 3748.png and 3068.png your wave clear is pretty fast the only problem is your auto attacks tickle the turret. 

If your behind you're just gonna have to turtle and baby sit your team.

Late Game Back to Top

At the late game you should be really tanky and take 0 dmg. You want to stick with team and pull E + Flash combo's to catch people out (see the Combo's section so see a demostration). You should also be peeling for ADC if they try to dive on them. At this stage u take no dmg but you are great peel for adc.

If team has engage:
Stay near adc and just taunt anyone who tries to hurt her and keep your shenq.png near her so you can shenw.png to block any damage.

If team has no engage:
Then you're gonna have to either wait for them to engage (if behind) and peel your adc
(If ahead) you can flash taunt to engage or let assassin jump in and give him your shenr.png shield.

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Combo's Back to Top

Regular All-In/Poke combo is E + q + aa + w | You press shenq.png while you are taunting as it will follow you and when you taunt it will land with you and still give you empowered Autos

The general Catch combo with Shen is E + Flash to catch them off guard and u can also catch multiple enemies and its a good engage tool.
Video Demonstration:

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