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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png A really great Summoner's Spell to have on Shen. It serves as a reliable escape, a gap closer to finish off dying enemies and, most importantly, as an invaluable way to reposition yourself in fights to taunt multiple enemies. Moreover, allows to play the infamous shenshadowdash.png + 4.png, which i'll explain later.

14.png My second favourite Spell. A really big issue when playing Shen is your relatively low kill potential on your opponent. This makes you a low threat both in teamfights and in lane. Know why Shen is considered an EASY lane in most guides? Because most Shens consider themselves ulting/taunting bots, capable only of soaking up damage.
I don't want you to be that bot. I want you to fuck your opponent up, to make him regret laning against you; ignite helps you do it.
Know what's great about Shen? You already got a TP in your kit, you can afford going ignite while having map pressure. It's almost like having three summoner's spells!

12.pngA really powerful spell to have on Shen. With it, your map pressure will be over 9000. However, it makes you a relatively low threat in lane. I want you to be smart about it: don't just pick it because "You need to go back to lane". Nor you should because your challenger teammate tells you to (unless he threatens to troll... just for the sake of being superior to that kid, consider changing it). That's a waste. Now, if you want to have more map pressure,or you have 0 kill pressure on your opponent anyway, then go for it! These are good reasons to grab it over ignite! GO FORTH APPRENTICE!

6.png I hate myself for saying this... but it's viable. I tried it, and it DOES work. However, Flash allows for faster and better actions (see Taunt-Flash inside the How to Taunt section) and is far more reliable as an escape. Ghost has a shorter cooldown, and higher chase potential. Overall, i'd never take ghost over flash, and Flash + Ghost looks like a waste to me.

3.png Are you going support, or up against a team filled with assassins? Your ADC will kiss you for grabbing Exhaust. Just hope he's not 96.png.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top


Standard mastery tree for Shen. It gives you nice survivability, utility and helps you be the tank your team needs.
CoC vs Grasp is pretty arguable. CoC helps you a lot in teamfights, but it's definitely weaker in lane than grasp since it has a long cooldown. Moreover, against champions like Vayne/Kayle/Olaf, who you don't really taunt, it's pretty ineffective early on.
I usually run CoC, since it helps keeping up with other tanks mid to late game.


Right now, not a really good page on Shen. You don't have enough damage to make good use of warlord's, and Fervor's new AD buff doesn't synergyze well with the Ninja.

18 0 12.jpg


  1. Fury
    Take always fury, Shen scales godly with AS.
    Switch recovery and unyelding depending on how much sustain you need early game.
    Wanderer is the default choice, grab Savagery if you're running Penetration runes.

  2. Feast/Expose Weakness
    Grab Feast in difficult match-ups where you need sustain. Expose weakness gives more after laning phase. Fresh blood only against early pushovers like Nasus/Jax.
    Explorer/Tough Skin/Siegemaster
    Tough skin is useful against ranged champions in lane and champions like Yasuo. Siegemaster is good only when you know you'll be shoved under tower constantly. If none of the two, go for Explorer; this actually does something after laning phase.
    Assassin/Secret Stash/Runic Affinity
    Top -> Assassin. Support -> Secret Stash. Jungle -> Runic Affinity

  3. Natural Talent
    You scale both in AD and AP. This mastery is made for Shen.
    Runic Armor/Veteran's Scars
    Runic Armor is stronger later considering Veteran's Scars gives now a flat amount. Take Veteran's only if your opponent has quite the burst early on or you need to all-in him at early levels.
    I know mana Shen is always oom but i don't know think meditiation can do much about it...

  4. Oppressor 
    Oppressor is better than Bounty hunter because it's pretty unlikely that your going to kill all the champions in the enemy team. That's because as Shen you *should* leave kills to others in your team, and your kill potential is not the highest.
    I'd always take Insight simply because Taunt + Flash is crucial in my playstile. However, since Q's sustain removal taking Perseverance is fine too.
    I don't think fearless is that good of a mastery. I wouldn't pick it.
    Bandit/Dangerous Game.
    Against someone like 75.png, who can be freely AAed every few seconds, bandit is good since helps you building a better lead.

  5. Swiftness/Legendary Guardian
    If the enemy has many CCs, take Swiftness.
    Reaching 45% CdR is quite useless, you would only benefit from your ult since your energy is limited.
    Piercing thoughts
    Better if paired with Magic/Hybrid pen. runes.

  6. Grasp of the Undying/Bond of Stone/CoC
    Since Q changes, Grasp of the Undying is really good on Shen just for the fact that helps you trading in lane. Grants you sustain and a little bit of damage, which is always welcomed. However, CoC is definitely stronger later in the game, though in some match-ups is less useful than others. For example, CoC is pretty useless against some ranged champions in lane, or guys like Olaf who you never taunt to engage. It's a tradeoff for a stronger late game.
    Bond of Stone had kind of fallen from the pedistal; it's not an horrible mastery, it's just outclassed. I'd pick it only as support, but even then... i'd probably go for CoC. 
    Thunderlords Decree
    Gives you a lot of burst. Better if the enemy laner is someone squishy that you need to pressure early on with short trades, like 24.png. Grasp of the Undying is usually better considering the new kit.
    Fervor of Battle
    After the changes, fervor is no longer that good on Shen. Both CoC and Grasp are better choices.

Abilities Back to Top


Ki Barrier


After using an ability, Shen shields himself from 52 - 120 (based on level) (+ 14% bonus health) damage for 2.5 seconds. Abilities that successfully affect champions reduce Ki Barrier's cooldown by 4 - 7.5 (based on level) seconds.
Shen's power manifests as a Spirit Blade that he can control with abilities.

Comparable to your old Feint but stronger. Activating it through Twilight Assault will make the shield appear once the blade is on you. By using Shadow Dash, at the end of it.
In lane Q-Shield (activating it through your Q) is the best way to farm against ranged opponents and trade with melee champions.

All in all, great passive.

Twilight Assault


 ACTIVE: Shen recalls his Spirit Blade to his location and deals bonus magic damage on his next 3 basic attacks within 8 seconds. Enemies the blade collides with are slowed by 35% when moving away from Shen for the next 2 seconds.

If the Spirit Blade collides with an enemy champion, those attacks each deal 2% (+ 0.5% per 100 AP) of target's maximum health bonus damage and gain 50% bonus attack speed.

Empowered attacks against non-champions deal additional damage, but their damage is capped.

Your primary trading skill. Consider the sword like Orianna's ball; quite the same, but you can only call it back to you. So, imagine this skill as if it was her orianaredactcommand.png.
Now, when you call it back you gain three empowered autos that deal 3 to 5 %hp bonus magic damage to your target. If the blade collides with a champion when you call it back, the %hp damage is 2% more for each of the three autoattacks, you gain 50% bonus AS and you slow the target if he's running away from you.

Making sure that the blade collides with the enemy champion  is really important to learn. You need positioning for this, and maybe to call the blade in a position ahead of your minions beforehand.
Taunting and calling the blade back is also a really effective way to be sure to hit the enemy champion with it.

Spirit's Refugee


ACTIVE: Shen primes his Spirit Blade for 2 seconds, causing it to project a protective zone around it for 1.75 seconds if he or an allied champion move nearby, granting allies in the zone 100% dodge chance.

Probably the most difficult skill to use well of the new kit. It works kind like Jax's jaxcounterstrike.png, but is AoE and doesn't block everything. However, like Orianna's orianadissonancecommand.png, only works in the place where the sword is. Two things you need to remind: 
  1. If you call the blade back with Q, and you activate this skill, the blade WILL STOP moving. This can be either good... or really really bad if you forget it.  
  2. Just to remind you... it works ON THE ALLIES, not on the enemies. Example: if you place this skill under the enemy's adc, he'll still auto anyone outside the W range. If you place it under your ADC, AAs directed to him won't affect him for the duration of the skill, unless he steps out. Btw your dodge doesn't affect allied minions.
Using it effectively can turn the tide of a fight. You practically make almost useless champions like 24.png and 157.png for the duration of the skill, so use it well.

Shadow Dash


PASSIVE: Shadow Dash's and Twilight Assault's damage recovers 30 / 35 / 40 energy.

ACTIVE: Shen dashes in the target direction, dealing physical damage to all enemy champions he hits and taunting them for 1.5 seconds.

Your most important skill in teamfights. Enemies you hit will be forced to attack you. It's almost like a second flash you have, it can surpass uncrossable terrains and it's the only CC you have, great both for peeling or chasing. Each point you put in this skill reduces its cooldown and damage, so i'd max it second when i can.

Stand United


Active: Shen channels for three second, granting the target allied champion a shield that lasts up to three seconds.

If the channel completes succesfully, Shen blinks to his target, placing himself between them and the nearest visible enemy champion.

This skill needs no explanations; you know what it does, this is what defines Shen! You shield an ally, and teleport to him if he doesn't die and your channel isn't stopped.
This is why to play Shen is required Godlike map-awareness, and that's the reason i think he is the best champion to grab if you want to learn to watch the minimap.
When your ult is up, the fate of your allies is in YOUR hands. If someone dies, and you didn't notice it until the commentator finally says it, it's YOUR FAULT.
This is the skill that separates Bad Shens from Good Shens. I've seen a lot of Shens winning their lanes and never ulting away... guess what? They're bad Shens.

Max Spirit's Refugee or Shadow Dash second?

Fast answer: Shadow Dash
Both get reduced cooldown, but Shadow Dash is more versatile, gives you more mobility and has added damage at each additional level.
Consider maxing Spirit's Refugee only against a team that heavily relies on autoattacks (and even then, think about it twice*)

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Great against Riven, Renekton or if you are new to Shen. It's less punishing than Doran's shield if you make a huge mistake lv 1, as you have lots of potions to help you.
    My new standard start after the rework. It boosts your passive early on and grants you some good health regen. Best against champions like Jax/Yasuo, or with flat true damage like Olaf. I'd advice you to buy this item only after having learned how to abuse your passive/W in lane.
    Good in easy lanes and when you need to pressure someone early like Nasus. Perfect with AS runes, but viable only if you don't need much sustain.
    Viable against some AP champions with skillshots i guess... but really, it's very situational.
    When you need to pressure someone early on and you need sustain (Vladimir).
    Not really worth. After the last nerf to the health it gives back i wouldn't even consider it anymore.

Core Items

    Sunfire cape is your core. No discussions about it. You need it to push. If you're against an AP laner, you can either take Bami's Cinder first and then Mr, or just rush a Visage. Upgrade T2 boots right after.
    Especially in this meta, not having Randuin's Omen on Shen is quite bad. It slows attacking enemies AS, and reduces incoming critical damage. Moreover, the active is really useful. I usually take it as Second item if i don't need Mr, else third.
    Example of late game build against a team with a lot of magic damage and CCs.
    Full AD team? This will make them cry. (trinity can be fine too*)
    Effective against squishy teams with high burst and mixed damage.
    A split-pusher build. You'll deal a lot of mixed damage while still being fairly tanky. Pretty situational; teamfights are not really in your favor if you go for this build.
    Mercury vs lots of CCs/magic damage Tabi vs autoattack reliant's champions/comps Swiftness vs lots of slows

Situational Items

    I usually buy it over randuins if, and only IF, there are no AS reliant champions on the enemy team. For example, if the enemy ADC is Lucian and the rest of his team doesn't have AS as a primary resource.
    I usually buy it as last item if i have no idea whatsoever of what to buy. Against poke teams is good due to the extreme regen; so it's if the enemy is heavy AP reliant and you already got a lot of Magic Resistance.
    Not really good anymore, no. It just needs a lot of time to stack, and doesn't really provide you any sustain/tankiness bonus.
    Right now there are better choices. It MIGHT be ok against a team filled with Hp stacking champs, but i wouldn't recommend it. Take hybrid pen reds and AS quints if you plan to build it.
    If the enemy has some heavy engage/burst, banshee is better. However, visage gives you CdR and has great synergy with botrk.
    Probably the best offensive item to get right now. I usually take it when i don't need any more tankiness (titanic is better if that's the case) and the enemy team doesn't have an heavy AP comp.
    If you plan on building Titanic, take Tiamat as soon as you can (when you are in no need of other tanky items). Sit on it, and upgrade it when you see it fit.
    You plan building a titanic or Sterak's? Stack it before upgrading it if you can help it; the health gained is passed upon the item.
    The cheapest offensive item you can get on Shen. The on-hit magic damage is really good, and the fact that steals magic resistance makes it even better. Against heavy AP comps this item is really good.

Essential Items

The so called "Core". These are the items you'll always get, unless in some VERY specific situations i explained below. The reason why you take them is because they either cover some of your weaknesses (wave-clear in case of sunfire) or grants you insane utility/survivability (Randuins).  

3068.png The item you'll always get. No exceptions. The reason why you take Sunfire is because you got nothing in your kit to push waves. It gives you sustained damage, armor and health: everything Shen loves. If you grab 3748.png, consider selling sunfire for 3742.png at end build.

3143.png AoE slow to help your team even more. Armor. Health. Crit damage reduction. Passive AS slow when attacked. Really, this item is very important to grab on Shen. The more the AS reliant opponent, the sooner you want to get it. Prioritize 3068.png and, if needed, some magic resist.


3111.png Perfect against teams with lots of CCs, be them slows or snares.

3047.png Really useful if the enemy team has someone like 157.png or two ADCs.

Defensive Items

3102.png Perfect if the enemy has either an hard engage like 54.png, or a lot of burst like 7.png. It gives a lot of health and mag. resist. Don't take it together with 3065.png; if you want more mag. resistance i'd suggest taking 3091.png. That's because i don't find worth at all grabbing two Mr tanky items.

3065.png Standard defensive choice when you need mag. resistance. Especially if paired with a botrk, it synergizes really well with Runic Armor's mastery. As above, don't pair it with 3102.png.
3211.png If i'm in need of some kind of Mr item, but the enemy AP laner isn't that strong to threaten me, i really like sitting on this until later.

3742.png Gives you a lot of burst on your first autoattack if you manage to stack its passive, and makes you even more mobile while it lasts. Moreover, the tanky stats are similar to the ones of Randuin's Omen. Against comps who don't rely on AS, is better than omen. Otherwise, you can pick it against full AD comps. 

3110.png Mana is wasted and doesn't give health, but there is a particular situation where you might opt for buying it: if the enemy team has at least three AS based champions (like 67.png + 24.png + 23.png) you can grab it for the debuff aura. The purpose is team utility, you wouldn't be able to split-push against them aniway. However, first ask if your support/jungler can build it, the only thing that matters is that someone gets it.

3026.png If you're particulary fed, you might opt for this. The purpose of Shen is getting hit in place of his teammates, and this item kind of somewhat forces the enemy team to change is focus. However, if your damage is too high because you're fed, you'll have to be focused, and even if they manage to kill you you'll return from death... while your allies are unleashing havoc.It doesn't give health, and that's sad...

3083.png Decent, but there are often better option. I would buy it only against REALLY bursty teams or AP comps... maybe even against poke composition, as the health regen can come in handy. Care if someone who is targeting you bought 3153.png.

3053.png Great item to grab against champions with %hp true damage or a lot of burst like 238.png, since the shield helps you survive them. Moreover, considering Shen's high base AD, it's really amazing when paired with 3078.png.

3512.png Pretty decent, as it helps pressuring the side lanes and gives you both armor and magic resist. Don't build it against 75.png/45.png.

3075.png Full AD enemy team? Enemy ADC out of control? Take it and watch them cry.

3190.png I'd rather have your support take this, but if the enemy team is filled with AP and your support doesn't want to build it, grab it. Yeah, feel free to pair it with 3065.png/3102.png.

Offensive Items

As a tank, your primary role is being focused down; to soak up damage for your team. Well, this can't happen at all if the enemy can just walk past through you since you got no damage! That's why it's important to grab some kind of damage even as a tank. However, many asks the smart question about "When to buy an offensive item". The best answer is: it depends on the situation. If you're really fed, you can grab it sooner than later. If you're behind, you should hold onto it until last item. But to give you a more helpful advice, i'll tell you this: always get your core first. Magic resistance can be skipped if not needed, but have AT LEAST Randuins, Sunfire and T2 boots before grabbing a damage item. That's because Shen is not as naturally tanky as a lot of other champions, and if you grab it before you'll find yourself too squishy to play your main role: the meat shield.

3078.png The best offensive item to get on Shen right now. Consider this as your standard offensive choice. However, in some particular scenarios it might be better to skip it for the options below. 
3077.png Right now, with its old passive restored, sitting on this item is really effective. If you are fed or you don't need other tanky items, take it. Your split-push will get insane.

3091.png The old school shen's offesive item! It steals 5 Mr from your target at each AA, up to 5 times, while doing 40 damage on hit. Really loved this item before Shen's rework. It's still really good; take it against double ap comps.

3748.png Titanic is considered by many the best offensive item to grab on tanks, maybe along Frozen Mallet. I don't agree with that, at least not on Shen. I only build it if i find myself too squishy for my job, but i feel like i might need a little more damage. Usually, that happens when i'm up against full AD teams, since the more i survive, the more my Thornmail can be useful. It's fine even if you plan on building a lot of pressure on the side lanes. 

3153.png Used to be my favourite offensive item on Shen, but nerfs hit it hard. I'd never take it anymore.

3124.png The cost is high, but it wouldn't even be that bad if you could stack it up faster. Unfortunately, this item usually starts rolling too late for it to be useful. It's not horrible but... it just doesn't keep up with the other items you build on Shen.

3146.png Attack speed right now synergizes better with Shen that flat ap/ad; Before, with your old passive, this item could have worked, since it would have granted a lot of burst. Now? Not really worth.

3001.png Honestly, it could work... but even not. If you build this, someone else on your team will probably build it too if he hasn't already. The passive does not stack, so you're better off building something else.

3022.png Quite bad to be honest. It surely grants a lot of Hp, but 0 AS. You don't scale with AD. Consider taking it only if the enemy team is stacked with high MS champions without dashes, to help your ADC kite them (102.png +27.png + 106.png... ). 3143.png should still be enough for the job though...

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  • Darius
  • Ekko
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Despite what you might think, you actually have some kill pressure over him during the early game, before he finishes his first item. However, the only way you can actually kill him or zone him is if he makes a mistake.
Said shortly, if he plays over-aggressive against you, you might be able to win. Shen should be able to get ahead on most trades at this point, provided he shields Aatrox's aatroxE.png and dodges his aatroxW.png.

Anyway, don't trade blows with Aatrox after your shenvorpalstar.png wears off, and never start a trade if your shenfeint.png is not available.


Lv 1 is a good point to fight him, but you need to be somewhat careful: if he started aatroxW.png, wait for him to waste his empowered auto on a minion, then go in with your passive up and withdraw before the third strike. If he leveled up his aatroxE.png don't get poked down, use your passive if you can't dodge it.

Lv 2 is heavily in your favor if you leveled up your shenfeint.png. You can force trades, but care for ganks if he leveled up his aatroxQ.png (btw activate your shenfeint.png if you can't dodge it). As before, and for the rest of the laning phase, don't get poked down by his aatroxE.png.

Lv 3 to lv 5, before he gets his ult, you should come out ahead during trade. If you can, zone him from autoattacking the way, else he'll out-sustain you.

Lv 6 he starts to get the upper hand: if he ults shenshadowdash.png away, you can't win. Don't engage with your shenshadowdash.png if you can't kill him. Care if he has his aatroxQ.png up, as he can chase you.

A point of note: always remember his passive, which revives him when his resource bar is red.

3143.png and 3047.png are great choices against him.




Pretty simple match-up early on. Borders with medium after 6.

A good Akali can be boring to play against, but as Shen you shouldn't have problems to fight her early on. At 6 she gets a huge power spike, so don't all-in her when she's healthy. Other than that, pre-6 you should be able to trade quite easily. 
Just play your three empowered autos, put your spirit blade behind her wave and shenvorpalstar.png it back when she tries to farm.
shenshadowdash.png if you have the chance when her akalimota.png is not on you, or to force her out of her akalismokebomb.png
shenfeint.png her empowered auto when you're marked, try disengaging before she procs it.

If you get a lead, she'll be forced to farm with her akalimota.png. Threaten to fight her if she does not and comes close. Considering many are playing this new akalishadowswipe.png-max 3068.png akali, it will make her farming pitiful.


  • Try denying her early on, before 6. She doesn't provide much gank pressure, but care using shenshadowdash.png if you don't have vision.
  • Keep your blade behind her wave.
  • shenfeint.png her autoattacks when you're marked by her  akalimota.png.
  • shenshadowdash.png her when she places her akalismokebomb.png or if you find the chance. Try not being marked before-hand.
  • Obviously, don't get poked around too much by her akalimota.png. Many max akalishadowswipe.png nowadays, and rush 3068.png (never seen one rushing 3065.png so far, neither i know if it is worth). Whatever, you rush 3211.png against her. Consider sitting on it and going 3068.png if she went for the tanky route.
  • Her 6 is quite strong, definitely stronger than yours if she has all three akalishadowdance.png stacks. Don't get too cocky, unless you're very far ahead. You have greater map pressure, and she can't stop your ult, so make use of it.
  • Call MIA if she leaves post 6. You don't want Akali to get fed off ganks.




Hard lane if your jungler doesn't gank you. There's pretty much no point in the game where you can fight him; don't try to unless he is low or you can kill him. Focus on farming and making plays with your shenstandunited.png.

A warning: never. EVER! Have your shenshadowdash.png cancelled by his dariusaxegrabcone.png. You. WOULD! Die.

Match-up description

Lv 1 and 2 you want to stay as far away as you can. Just farm. Start shenvorpalstar.png and take shenfeint.png second.

Lv 3 you can trade with him if he forces, trying to shenfeint.png his AA + dariusnoxiantacticsonh.png + AA combo. Start walking away when your dodge is about to end, and shenshadowdash.png if he dariusaxegrabcone.png. NOT BEFORE. Anyway, avoiding fights is preferable as it's really tough to out-trade him.

Lv 6 you have a lot of map-pressure with your ult so make good use of it. He doesn't take towers fast, but his wave-clear is dfntly good so be quick in whatever you do. Don't try to fuck with him 1 v 1 at this point.


  • Ganks. Ganks. Ganks.
  • Seriously, ask for ganks. He is free.
  • A gank never hurts. Unless he gets a double.
  • Golden tip: Darius is weak to ganks.
  • All right, i'll stop saying ***ASK FOR GANKS***.
  • His dariuscleave.png does more damage and heals him if it hits you on the tip; either dodge it or get hit by the handle.
  • His bleed does insane damage: don't trade in extended fights. Even better, don't trade at all.
  • Dodge his AA + dariusnoxiantacticsonh.png + AA combo. 
  • Lv 6 his ult is incredibly strong. Be careful. 
  • shenshadowdash.png away only after he pulled you with his dariusaxegrabcone.png.
  • Take 12.png.
  • Ask for ganks. 




Ekko is quite the strong lane bully; his ekkoQ.png pushes lanes pretty fast, and his ekkoW.png passive makes him really strong against low health opponents. Moreover, any third hit hurts a lot. 

Fortunately for you, Shen can actually withstand his constant harass, though you'll have to be quick with your reflexes to shield his ekkoE.png. Drop your shenfeint.png as soon as he jumpes on you, so he won't be able to proc his third hit on you. 

Play pretty passively until your first item, which should be Specter's Cowl. Even after that, Ekko might be able to win trades if he procs his third hit on you, since he'll get a short MS boost that will make him escape your combo.
Other than that, don't ever find yourself inside his ekkoW.png, neither near his shadow after he is 6.

Overall, he sets up the pace in this lane. Considering how difficult it is ganking him without first baiting his ekkoE.png, the best thing to do is out-sustaining his mana pool. If you can hang on until he is oom, you are great to go.



Uff... explaining this match-up is really difficult... too many variables.

A good Fiora si difficult to play against no matter the champion you picked. Shen makes no difference, but he provides a decent counter to her fioradance.png with his shenfeint.png + shenstandunited.png.
Ultimately, Shen can stand his ground early on; after lv 6 Fiora should beat him in straight up fights, if given the chance. At least that's how it should go, if even skilled.

You don't want to let the lane go passive, but neither you can afford to play stupidly aggressive. Play it slow and smart, and don't get poked down.

Good Fioras will pretty much just poke you with fioraq.png early on. Don't get freely harassed; use your shenvorpalstar.png-shenpassive.png to soak the damage.
Try forcing short trades when you have your empowered autos up, either when she comes close to minions or when her fiorariposte.png is down by shenshadowdash.png forward. Care doing so when her fiorariposte.png is up.
shenfeint.png her second fioraflurry.png, or as soon as she puts her fioradance.png on you.

Late game you can't really split against Fiora, don't even think about it. Honestly, try to end the game sooner, as she becomes a real beast at this point. If not, just keep your carries safe, shenfeint.png her marked target and taunt her.


Fiora's level 1 is quite good if you let her poke you. Don't let her. Keep your vitals in a difficult place for her to hit. Try to force trades when she tries to farm by throwing one or two empowered autos. Other than that, play passively.

Lv 2 you should take shenfeint.png, unless you can cheese her. Dodge her fioraflurry.png, if she took it; if she got fiorariposte.png even better, she can't really parry anything. Other than that, abuse only the windows she gives you to autoattacks her, don't chase her in her wave or anything.

Lv 3 you can start getting a bit more aggressive: use your shenshadowdash.png when she puts herself in a bad spot, or if she wastes her fiorariposte.png (over 20 secs cd lv 1). Your three autos do a lot of damage, and should be able to chunk her decently if you abuse the windows you find.

Lv 4+ are in your advantage, but don't get cocky. Play like before.

Lv 6 gets difficult: never ever dash towards her if you can't kill her and her fioradance.png is up. You can't soak all that damage. Keep playing in small trades; before she finishes Hydra you should be able to stand your ground.


  • Tough if she's good. Don't play passive, but pick your fights carefully.
  • shenvorpalstar.png-shenpassive.png her fioraq.png-vital proc.
  • Keep your vitals in a difficult spot for her to reach. The best is towards your tower. If you get a bad vital, just get out of her sight until it drops, then come back.
  • shenfeint.png her second fioraflurry.png or as much as you can of her fioradance.png. In teamfights use your shenfeint.png and shenstandunited.png to her marked target, if you can/needed.
  • Be smart about your shenshadowdash.png: use it badly and she'll fiorariposte.png it, either stunning you or avoiding your only disable. NEVER engage with it after 6 if her fioradance.png is up and you can't kill her.
  • 14.png can help you to stand your ground against her early on.




If you're looking for a champion to deny the Pirate, Shen is not who you want. Fighting Gangplank is not really an option as the Eye of Twilight because he can cancel your shenshadowdash.png with his removescurvy.png; moreover, his parley.png harass, combined with his raisemorale.png, is really painful to endure in the long run.

Overall, you can't really deny him and he shouldn't be able to kill you before he gets a couple of items. However, don't ever think Shen is stronger than him at any point of the game.
Care lv 6, when he gets his cannonbarrage.png, as he can set up dives pretty easily or turn around your shenstandunited.png around the map.


  • You can't really fight him at any point of the game, unless you're fed as fuck. Call your jungler, as he is pretty easy to gank if you got a CC other than your shenshadowdash.png.
  • Shield his parley.png
  • Dodge his raisemorale.pngshenshadowdash.png away if necessary.
  • Be careful after 6 when you ult away, as his cannonbarrage.png can turn the tides of your gank.
  • Late game he becomes a beast, capable of splitting against you and killing you with ease.



Pretty simple laning phase, but he gets stronger than you by mid game in 1 v 1 fights. Overall, he can't kill you pre-6, you can't kill him at all.

Honestly, this match-up starts pretty easy and gets harder once he grabs his garenjustice.png, reaching the pick of difficulty when his  3071.png is completed.

It should go a bit like this:
  • Pre-6, trades should always go to you as your shenvorpalstar.png out-damages his garenbladestorm.png by far, and because your shield completely negates his garenslash3.png
  • Lv 6+ he gets kill pressure on you since his garenjustice.png does magic/true damage based on your missing heath.
  • After 3071.png he'll deal insane damage with his garenbladestorm.png.
Anyway, your kill pressure on him is limited since his passive grants him too much sustain. If you manage to bring him low but you can't finish him off, don't worry: it's still worth, as you'll have him zoned for some time, giving you a nice window of time to get ahead in CS.

After 6 don't stay low in lane; focus on snowballing your team, and peel Garen off your carries later on. He's a joke to taunt, so do it: if he manages to spin2win your carries, you're probably screwed.


  • Start 1029.png.
  • Your lv-1 destroys his. Look for trade opportunities, and shield his garenslash3.png with your passive.
  • Before 3071.png your shenvorpalstar.png outdamages his garenbladestorm.png by a fair amount. Don't let him bully you! Fight under it like a man, he can out-trade you only if you run from it.
  • Care from 6 onwards, especially if you're the villan; don't stay ever at low health around him.
  • shenfeint.png only against his garenslash3.png if your passive is down. Else, save it for after his garenbladestorm.png has ended.
  • Peel him off your carries! If he reaches them, he'll probably spin2win on their corpses!




One sided lane. Gnar is a strong lane bully who actually scales amazingly into late game due to his high base damage, tankiness and utility. His weaknesses are early aggression when in Mini Gnar's form and fights when he just transformed back from Mega Gnar's. 

As for Shen vs Gnar, he is a pretty decent pick against you just for the fact that he scales as good and situationally even better than you into late game. Moreover, his range and wave clear can really make ulting away difficult, as he still takes towers pretty fast. Aside from that, in Mega Gnar's form he has better teamfight utility than Shen. 

Early on, pre-6 to be precise, it's actually a little bit better for you to fight him when he is in Mega Gnar form, provided you play it well. shenshadowdash.png through him when he tries to stun you, shenvorpalstar.png-shenpassive.png his Rock and shenfeint.png his autos. Meanwhile, start moving back to your wave. You should be able to win the trade, provided you manage to disengage after. 

Best way to counter Gnar later on is to force fights when he has just transformed back in his Mini form, as he brings far less teamfight utility. Try forcing him to come top to stop you, then coordinate with your team to try and force a fight when he is in Mini-Gnar's form.

Now, like for Vayne, Gnar's gnarW.png procs on every third auto when in Mini Gnar's form. It's pretty good against you, as the damage is based on your max health, so either shenfeint.png/shield or stay back until the red cicle on you drops. 


  • Pretty difficult mach-up if he is good. He is all-around better than Shen late game in fights when in Mega Gnar's form, and can make difficult for him ulting away early on.
  • Don't let him proc his gnarW.png on you.
  • You can fight him pre-6 when he is in Mega-Gnar's form if you can juke his stun. shenshadowdash.png is an excellent tool to do so.
  • He is pretty difficult to gank when in Mini Gnar's form. Especially pre-6, though, he is an easy target when in Mega Gnar's form. Coordinate with your jungler.
  • Late game, the basic strategy as Shen is to force Gnar's to deal with your split-push, then ulting away when he has just reverted to his Mini form. If he manages to engage on your team, you'll probably lose the fight.







It's an hentai match-up, and that means you have to be afraid of two things: tentacles, and where your hand goes, as you may become blind. Luckily, just watching Illaoi's face should prevent you from harming yourself.

Seriously though, she has kill pressure at any point of the game if you let your guard down. 
Don't fight near her tentacles and dodge her illaoiq.png. It doesn't matter if you have shield up, she regains health each time one of her tentacles hits, so DODGE.

Two things you really need to watch out for (not the same as before):

  1. Her illaoie.png. Toxic skill, use your minions as cover. If she hits it you'll almost surely become a vessel. That's why you don't want to let her shove you in. Counter push as best as you can, 'cause under tower it's pretty simple for her to hit you with it and illaoiq.png.
  2. Her illaoir.png. God, it does so much damage and makes her so tanky. Your taunt is your only way to get out of that damned ult, so never use it to engage. If you do and she uses it, you're done for.


You can win trades pretty easily lv 1, so force as many trades as you can before lv 2. Illaoi is at her weakest right now, the only skill she got is her illaoiq.png so DODGE IT and go ham with shenvorpalstar.png.

Lv 2 she should have her illaoiw.png, which means: stay away from her tentacles. Take shenfeint.png if you're getting shoved in to try to freeze out-side tower, else consider  grabbing shenshadowdash.png and forcing a few other trades. 
Tip: you can dash through her with your shenshadowdash.png to make her miss her illaoiq.png.

Lv 3 starts becoming a nuisance. Her illaoie.png is a really toxic skill to face, so use minions as cover. If she hits with it and you can't retaliate, get out of range to avoid free damage.

Lv 6 avoid taunting aggressively if her ult is up. Other than that, stays pretty much the same, but you should have far more map pressure than her. Make good use of it, as you probably won't be able to fight her anymore at this point.


  • Beware of her tentacles: each time one hits, she gains back health.
  • Don't get shoved in, as she can harass you really easily under tower with her illaoie.png + illaoiq.png.
  • Don't taunt aggressively post 6
  • If you happen to get hit by her illaoie.png and you can't retaliate, just back off and play safe until you've destroyed the tentacles.
  • Ask for ganks, especially before 6. She is really free.


Jarvan IV


Not really hard, but underestimating his damage output will cost you a lot. You both got 0 sustain in your kit, but he can out-trade you easily if you play bad trades. Moreover, his jarvanivdragonstrike.png does pretty high damage and reduces your armor by 10 to 26%.

Now, two rules: 
  1. Avoid his jarvanivdemacianstandard.png + jarvanivdragonstrike.png combo, or at least shenvorpalstar.png-shenpassive.png it. 
  2. Don't fight him while being debuffed by his jarvanivdragonstrike.png if your shenvorpalstar.png-shenpassive.png or shenfeint.png are down.
After 6, have always either shenshadowdash.png or 4.png available to escape his jarvanivcataclysm.png.




Let's assume the Jax is good and let's put him medium.

Before he gets to 6 this is actually quite a simple lane. You both are AA reliant champions, but your trade potential early on is far stronger. The only thing you really need to watch out for is his jaxcounterstrike.png. Other than that, try to make the most out of your own dodge, and don't fight him when your Q is down.

After 6 short trades are mandatory as his ult, combined with his passive, is too strong for you to handle. Try trading with him as soon as he wastes his third hit, and turn your W on when he has his empowered AA.

After he got an offensive item, he'll probably be stronger than you if you haven't got a nice lead.


Lv 1 he can out-trade only if you trade under his jaxcounterstrike.png. Bait it out, and fight him right after with your empowered autos.

Lv 2 take W if you can't cheese him. If he is going to stun you, turn on your dodge and trade right after. If his jaxcounterstrike.png is down, try to dodge his AA + jaxempowertwo.png + AA combo.

Lv 3 take E. Play as before, but taunt aggressively when his jaxcounterstrike.png is down and defensively if is up and he turns it on.

Lv 6 don't fight when your dodge is down, as his combo out-trades yours. You should still be able to fight him before he has his first offensive item completed. 


  • Trade only with your FAST Q up.
  • Q-shield or W his AA + jaxempowertwo.png + AA combo.
  • Don't waste your Q empowered autos on his jaxcounterstrike.png
  • shenshadowdash.png defensively if his jaxcounterstrike.png is up to dodge it. If you're good, taunt back on your sword and activate W, in case he jaxleapstrike.png back on you. shenshadowdash.png offensively if it's down and you're in position to trade.
  • Lv 6 gets tougher the least your lead; dodge with your W or shield his third empowered hit, and especially now don't play in long fights.
  • After 3124.png, he destroys you in all-ins.



karma always catches up to you

Really good Karmas (few out there) might be medium match-ups.

Karma is a strong lane bully who has good utility and poke. It's pretty unlikely you'll ever be able to grab a kill off her due to her mantraed (does this word even exist??) karmaspiritbond.png, which heals her a ton the lower her health.
Where do i want to get by saying this? Exactly. Take 12.png. There is no reason at all for you to go for an aggressive lane; after your first item you should be like a rock against a nice breeze. Moreover, after 6 you'll provide so much map pressure that Karma should find herself vs a fed team, so just farm what you can. 


  • Just farm. She doesn't have enough damage to threaten you much, unless you give her the opportunity. Might be boring before your first buy, but after a 3211.png should be really simple.
  • shenvorpalstar.png-shenpassive.png can help withstand her karmaheavenlywave.png damage.
  • shenshadowdash.png away when she karmaspiritbond.png you.
  • shenfeint.png can help reducing some of her AA harass when farming. That's really good, because her ult has reduced cooldown each time she lands one off.
  • An early gank should do the trick.
  • Take 12.png and focus on snowballing other lanes along with your shenstandunited.png.




Boring match-up. Many are having difficulties with it, from what i've gathered. All right...

First: take 12.png. Chances are you're not gonna kill him if he's anywhere decent. Moreover, it's not like killing him will make you capable of snowballing, and due to his ult he can be as behind as you want and still be useful.

Now, Malphite is a rock. Literally, and he is as tough as one. Killing him is a pretty challenging thing to do, and tryharding to do it will probably get you killed, either by a gank or by underestimating his damage. Oh, another thing: his teamfight is better than yours if he gets a great ult.

So, what's your goal in this lane?

Pretty much you want to outfarm him and being more useful during mid lane by using your insane map pressure;TL:DR make your team snowball. 
However, to win lane you don't really have to kill him; just drain his mana, then push him under tower. He is pretty bad at CSing while OOM, and he won't be much of a threat in that state.

Wait a second: FERGUS! WTF, how do i drain his mana without dying??? Hisabilitesarerapingmyanus!
- Don't worry, i got you: time your Ki Shield well. You... remember what that is, right? The big shield...
Srsly, just call your blade each time he tries to seismicshard.png you from afar (bad malphite), or when you trade. He'll probably play his landslide.png at least, and you'll have soaked all its damage. Even if he seismicshard.pngs you after he'll have lost the trade and the damage he did to you won't be much.
And never EVER trade without your passive.


  • Take 12.png
  • Definitely tougher than it used to be, but still nothing too bad. Your goal is not killing him; is outfarming him and making your team snowball.
  • To deny him you want to play the smart guy game: drain his mana, and push him under tower. This way you'll even prevent him from teleporting around. Killing him is a bonus, but.... that's not really gonna happen if he is decent.
  • He has no lane presence, nor damage, once he is OOM.
  • Time your shenvorpalstar.png-shenpassive.png right. If he tries to poke you with seismicshard.png, you'll prove he is bad because he'll just waste mana. If he is smarter than that, and only landslide.pngs you when you trade, just force some short fights and shield it.
  • Be very careful: extended trades are NEVER in your favor due to his AS slow + obduracy.png, but before 6 are not that dangerous. After he gets ufslash.png, never ever ever try to force a long trade. He has the damage to kill you.
  • I like to sit on 3211.png and then going for sunfire. If you get behind, or the enemy mid laner has a lot of magic damage, just complete your 3065.png. Despite your decision, grab at least cowl.
  • Oh btw, activate your shenfeint.png when he activates his obduracy.png. Even sooner if you wish, the trade shouldn't last long if you play it correctly.




Honestly, a really boring match-up. Treat it like a malphite's, but a little harder. He out-damages and out-sustains you at any point during the laning phase and ends up being a lot tankier than you later on. your only advantages over him are your AoE shenshadowdash.png and map pressure.

Unfortunately, he has two skills to stop your shenstandunited.png, and he pushes a lot faster than you.
Farm up for a 3065.png or an early 3751.png into 3211.png. You might even opt for an early 3077.png, if you're confident he won't drive you out of lane after-wards.

Before he gets too tanky, you can call for some ganks. Afterwards it gets pretty useless.


Don't fight him lv 1-2: he out-damages you by a lot if his maokaitrunkline.png is up. YOu can aim to trade later on, but it's far easier for him to push you out of lane than the other way around.
Avoid trading with him when his maokaitrunkline.png is up and always use your shenvorpalstar.png-shenpassive.pngshenfeint.png after he used his maokaitrunkline.pngshenshadowdash.png away after you played your combo. 

Lv 6 his maokaidrain3.png prevents him a nice chunk of damage and deals a pretty decent one too, so shenshadowdash.png away if he uses it and his maokaiunstablegrowth.png is on cooldown.


  • Focus on farming as he out-damages and out-sustains you. Focus on pushing yourself, as he'll try to keep you under tower.
  • Either juke or shield his maokaitrunkline.png, and avoid traiding into it.
  • Lv 6 he can stop your shenstandunited.png with his maokaiunstablegrowth.png/maokaitrunkline.png.
  • Late game he is a better tank than you. Try to put your team ahead before this point, and land as many shenshadowdash.png as you can.




If your jungler ganks this is a super free lane, so be sure to call him. Otherwise, it will become a farm feast under tower. You can't kill Mordekaiser because of his stupid mordekaisercreepingdeathcast.png sustain + passive shield, and he can't kill you because his only threatening skill is his mordekaisermaceofspades.png, which is dodged by your shenfeint.png. You can kind of slow his pushing, but in the end you're the one who'll get under his own tower. His mordekaisersyphonofdestruction.png and mordekaisercreepingdeathcast.png are not enough to push you out of lane, so his poke shouldn't too difficult to handle. Just miss the least CS you can.

After 6 he'll get even more sustain, and you'll want to avoid dying if you're ulted as you'll become his bitch. Despite this, he can't stop your ultimate. Keep in mind though that he pushes fast and takes towers at an average speed. Do what you must and come back fast.

Late game he can't really kill you on his own just as you can't kill him, and if the enemy team sends him to stop your split-push you're great to go as your team will have the advantage.


I wouldn't advice trading against morde just because you can't really aim to kill him on your own. However, trades should be pretty straight-forward: you shenvorpalstar.png-shenpassive.png in, he activates his mordekaisermaceofspades.png and puts down your shield with the first auto, you activate your shenfeint.png and shenshadowdash.png away as soon as it ends. if he wasted his third hit, you can keep fighting him if your shenvorpalstar.png is still up, else just leave. Anyway, he'll probably get all his health back in a matter of seconds and thus have won the trade. 

Lv 1 just avoid trading with him if he has mordekaisermaceofspades.png (he should). He'll destroy you.
Lv 2 take shenfeint.png if your jungler is not coming, shenshadowdash.png only if you're overextended.


  • Farm lane. He can't kill you if your shenfeint.png is up and you can't kill him, but you offer much more map pressure after 6. He can't really get to your carries if you do your job later on, so pretty easy lane overall.
  • He can't stop your ult.
  • Don't die if his ult is on you.
  • shenfeint.png his mordekaisermaceofspades.png and rush at least 3211.png.
  • You can't kill him because of his mordekaisercreepingdeathcast.png sustain, don't waste health trying to unless your jungler comes.




Early on this match-up is really easy, i often like starting 1055.png against him. The Cane has a really horrible laning phase, and his damage comes solely from his siphoningstrikenew.png, which needs time to get strong. As Shen you shouldn't have too many problems denying him a bit early on, provided you play smart against him.

Two important advices though:

  1. Smart = smart. Against Nasus most players like to mindlessy push, which is fine if your jungler comes to towerdive him; however, especially in solo que, this scarcely happens. Don't push too much, try to freeze lane outside of your tower for your jungler to gank and fight only for the minions you can defend. Be sure to remember this too: he has sustain, you don't.
  2. If your goal is simply denying Nasus, pick a champion that is not Shen. Though i said you can potentially deny him, there are far better characters who fit better the job. Level 6 your priority stays the same: snowballing your team, so you can end the game fast enough for Nasus to never be relevant. 
Late game depends on what Nasus does: if he plays teamfights with his team, should be a lot easier as you can peel him without problems for your carries. However, if he goes for the split-push Nasus and you can't find a way to initiate against his team, it's hard.
And no. You can't even hope to splitpush against Nasus at this point.


Lv 1 place your shenvorpalstar.png behind his wave, so you can call it through him when he tries to last hit a minion. Play your three autos and leave, try not to have your shield broken. You want to stay as healthy as possible, for you have no sustain compared to him.

Lv 2 you can either take shenfeint.png or shenshadowdash.png
shenshadowdash.png is better if he is low on life or you got lv 2 sooner, so you can cheese him, either grabbing a kill or chunking him hard. Obviosly, is a must if your jungler is coming to gank for you, or a good pick even if you're overextended.
shenfeint.png makes for a far safer pick, allowing you to pick longer fights. His siphoningstrikenew.png is dodged completely, so it's a really great skill against him.
As Shen his spiritfire.png doesn't really concern you as long as your passive or shenfeint.png are up, so you can hold on to withdrawing until they wear off. However, don't bother trying to fight while you're debuffed by his wither.png. Start leaving as soon as he places it on you, unless you can kill him of course. You just chunked his mana pool by a lot.

Lv 3 stays like lv 2.

Lv 6 is where you start losing your pressure in lane against Nasus. Good news is: all that pressure is earned back as map pressure. It's really hard to push Nasus out of lane at this point, let alone killing him, so focus on snowballing your team. If you succeed, trust me: nasus won't matter.


  • Smart trades are mandatory against Nasus. Don't push the lane, keep in mind that he has sustain while you don't and be wary of ganks because of his wither.png.
  • You shenfeint.png cancels Nasus siphoningstrikenew.png if he lands it on you. It won't, however, dodge it for your minions, as they'll get hit anyway.
  • Don't trade while under his wither.png. As long as your passive and shenfeint.png are up, his spiritfire.png shouldn't concern you.
  • Lv 6 your goal should be snowballing your team. If he built magic resistance, you won't be able to fight him anymore.
  • 1055.png is a good start against him. Take 3068.png after, at most delay 3751.png to avoid pushing him early on. Trust me, it's pretty much useless to rush a damage item just to deny him, focus on your team not on killing him. At that point, he'll be able to solo you anyway unless you're massively ahead, but you'll find yourself too squishy to be the tank your team needs.




Borders with medium, but if he is good you'll have an hard time.

Olaf has pretty much everything you hate: sustain; true damage; amazing all-in; chase potential; CC's immunity.
You used to rely on your Vorpal's Blade sustain and your ability to poke/farm at distance to farm this lane, but now is not an option anymore.
Ultimately, the best way to trade with him will still get you out-traded, and his olaffrenziedstrikes.png sustain will crush you.

Your best bet to keep up with him are lots of ganks pre 6. Mid game, he'll be stronger by far 1 v 1 if even. Moreover, he takes down towers pretty fast, so use your ultimate wisely.


Lv 1 and 2 are pretty close, you might even out-trade him if you get your fast Q off. If you're on your own, this is pretty much the only moment you can kind of fight him.
Take Q lv 1, fight with your shield up and possibly only if the blade collides with him.

Lv 2 shenshadowdash.png if you managed to get him low, else take shenfeint.png. Trade only if your shield is up, wait for it to drop and then use your shenfeint.png to dodge his autoattacks.
Now, a good Olaf will olafrecklessstrike.png right when you shenfeint.png, since the damage goes off anyway, and activate his olaffrenziedstrikes.png right after. If he went olafaxethrowcast.png, he'd have overall more damage, but you might have some kill pressure.

Lv 3+ if he is anywhere good won't lose to you. Like before, trade with your shield and possibly fast Q, activate W either after he olafrecklessstrike.png'd or as soon as your passive wears off. Disengage a moment before your W ends.

Don't ever shenshadowdash.png aggressively unless he is in kill range. If he chains you in a olafaxethrowcast.png lock, shenshadowdash.png away immediatly.

Lv 6 this is a one side lane. Ganks won't be as effective anymore too, which is really bad for you.


  • Harder than pre-work, but you have some kill potential lv 1-2. If you can grab a kill in these first levels, the lane might become a little easier.
  • Trade with your shield up and your Q, W right after it wears off or as soon as he activates olaffrenziedstrikes.png. Disengage a bit before your dodge ends.
  • Taunt away immediately if he locks you in a olafaxethrowcast.png chain.
  • His olafrecklessstrike.png goes over your dodge.
  • Rush health for his true damage. Farm with your shield up if he can olafrecklessstrike.png at you.
  • He can't stop your ult, but he'll get your towers fast if you leave.
  • 12.png. Absolutely. You can't really hope to kill him unless he screws up HORRIBLY, and since he pushes fast you'll want something to come back to lane if your ult fails.
  • He can't stop your ult.




Honestly, this match-up isn't too hard... but take it lightly and she'll wreck you.
Poppy's damage comes solely from her poppydevastatingblow.png, and by a small portion from her autoattacks, which you can dodge through your shenfeint.png. You are stronger than her in extended trades if you can avoid her poppydevastatingblow.png. Don't waste your damage on her shield.

Her poppydevastatingblow.png does a shit-load of damage, especially at later levels, and gets stronger the more health you have; it has two activations, so simply walk away before the second one strikes or shenshadowdash.png through her to avoid it.
Now, dodging the first activation is far more difficult. Be the one to force the trade; don't get poked by it. shenvorpalstar.png your blade, which you should try to position behind the wave, and go in hard, possibly without taunting. Your shield should save you some damage; activate your shenfeint.png right after she's used poppydevastatingblow.png.

That's about it. Her poppyheroiccharge.png can stun you if you are close to a wall; other than that is just a basic gap-closer. Her poppydiplomaticimmunity.png provides a good knockup or disengage tool. shenshadowdash.png her if she's charging it.

Be very mindful about your shenshadowdash.png. Her poppyparagonofdemacia.png cancels it, and if she does you're up for an horrible time, both in team-fights and lane.


  • shenvorpalstar.png-shield her first poppydevastatingblow.png activation, move or shenshadowdash.png to avoid the second.
  • Poppy's lv 1 is pretty weak if you can avoid her second poppydevastatingblow.png. Fight her when your shield is up.
  • Try positioning the blade behind her wave only if she doesn't try to stop you.
  • Her poppyparagonofdemacia.png cancels your shenshadowdash.png.
  • Don't stand near walls; her poppyheroiccharge.png can stun you on them.
  • Rush 3068.png.
  • Her poppydiplomaticimmunity.png and poppyheroiccharge.png can both stop your ult. Take care.




Renekton is quite a strong lane bully, and his early sustain makes really difficult winning trades, let alone killing him. However, he is a real threat only if his rage bar is filled at 50% or more. Moreover, you have the power to dodge his renektonpreexecute.pngcompletely. Let's be clear, a good Renekton will hardly fall for it, but that doesn't mean using your W won't give you a nice window of time to fight him before using your E away.

All in all, this match starts quite difficult and becomes easier and easier as the game drags on. If you managed to stay even with him until sunfire, you can pretty much say you won lane.


Lv 1 is in your favor only if you can unleash all your three empowered autoattacks on him without getting kited in your wave.
I.e. he is stupid and trades autoattacks with you. Not many Renektons will be so foolish, they'll pretty much just AA + renektoncleave.png you.
Play around that by Q-shielding in to safely farm; try to dish out an empowered autoattack if he tries to harass you, but don't over-commit. He has sustain, you don't.

Lv 2 is in your favor if he grabbed renektonsliceanddice.png. Take shenshadowdash.png if that's the situation, and proceed to taunt him if he tries to harass you. Call back your sword right after, and punish him fast. You should sustain the damage he did with your Grasp of the undying.
If he went renektonpreexecute.png it's a little bit tougher. Take W yourself, and if he tries to trade activate it. If you dodge his stun, you're golden and you can keep trading, else back off as soon as your W is about to drop. Honestly though, you'd rather not fight him at this point.

Lv 3 play as you would have if he took renektonpreexecute.png lv 2. What's different?
  1. If he stuns you before you activate your W, taunt him after if you're in position to.
  2. If he wastes his stun on your W, taunt him immediatly and destroy him.
  3. If he does not waste his stun on your W fight him until the dodge is about to drop, then walk/taunt away.
All of this while trading with your Q obviously.

Lv 6 he gets his ultimate, but you should be on your way to sunfire. This should start getting easier, but care for all-ins. That ult does actually some surpring damage while making him fairly tanky.


  • Safely farm lv 1 with your shield. Good Renektons won't trade autoattacks with you, and will just poke with renektoncleave.png.
  • Be really careful when he has rage.
  • Your W dodges his renektonpreexecute.png.While good Renektons will hardly fall for it, this gives you a nice window to trade with him using your Q. Disengage right after if he still has his stun, taunting away if needed.
  • Do your best to Q-shield his renektoncleave.png when trading.
  • This lane should become quite simple after sunfire.




Completely in your favor. Not only you counter him in lane due to your shenfeint.png and build, but you also indirectly counter his playstile with your shenstandunited.png

"How" You may ask. Simple: good Rengar's players constantly search for ult opportunities around the map. Shen can deny his gank-potential while still putting pressure top lane. Moreover, he can't really kill you unless you screw up at like lv 1-2.


Lv 1 a Rengar main will probably try to "Move" the wave towards the brushes, so he can have free mobility. If he manages to do so, you might find some problems, especially if he is good. Just play safe 'till lv 3, and don't trade if he has 4 stacks.

Lv 2 you should take shenfeint.png, as it dodges his rengarQ.png, his main damaging skill. Trade with your shenvorpalstar.png-shenpassive.png, activate your W as soon as your shield drops; if he falls for it and wastes his rengarQ.png, you won super-hard. Otherwise, just back-off a little before the dodge ends.

Lv 3 you have your shenshadowdash.png. If he chains you in a Brush-jump you can't win, just dash away. If he tries to fight you after your dodge dropped, maybe by going near a brush, dash away. If he is low, dash to him and kill him.

At 6 you should have at least a piece of sunfire finished. At this point, he should pose no threat to you, but don't let your guard down: experienced Rengars can turn the tide of a fight in amazing ways when near the brushes. Care if he's MIA; pay careful attention to your map as he'll probably be on his way for a gank.
His empowered rengarE.png can stop your ult


  • A good Rengar can be boring early on but less experienced players should be pretty easy lanes. Anyway, be very careful at early levels, and before your first buy in general: he can dish out a lot of damage.
  • Standard combo:  shenvorpalstar.png-shenpassive.png + shenfeint.png. If he wastes his rengarQ.png, feel free to keep the trade going a little longer. Else, back off a moment before your dodge ends.
  • 14.png is viable, as you have some kill pressure on him. 12.png allows you to make his life even tougher though.
  • After 6, if he is MIAO, pay good attention to your map as he's probably going for a gank somewhere.




Stays medium. Easier than before, but more punishing if you make a mistake. How you trade is crucial in this match-up. Taking 1 or more armor quints will make for a really simple lane against all but the best Rivens.


  • Being quick with your shenvorpalstar.png-shenpassive.png can save you a lot of hp.
  • Different Rivens manage differently their combo.
  • If she engages with rivenfeint.png or rivenmartyr.png you immediatly, activate shenfeint.png right after and shenshadowdash.png right away.
  • If she leads with riventricleave.pngrivenmartyr.png when you shenfeint.png and disengage with rivenfeint.png,  shenvorpalstar.png-shenpassive.png should be easier to pull off. shenshadowdash.png her immediatly as she comes in to trade, activate your shenfeint.png when the taunt ends and kite back in your wave.
  • It's better if you don't take the initiative in this match-up.
  • Try not to waste your Q damage on her rivenfeint.png.
  • shenshadowdash.png her back if she has all her skills down, unless her ult is up.
  • Be really careful once she gets her ult, and never dare fighting a Riven with 3071.png unless you're massively ahead.
  • 3068.png is really good against her, as armor screws her completely. 3047.png are of the utmost importance, unless the enemy team has a lot of CCs.




You stand a chance in the early levels, before he pumps up his rumbleflamethrower.png. Before lv 3-4 you should be able to win straight up trades if you don't eat freely his poke, but a good Rumble won't fight you so soon. After he grabbed 3136.png you won't stand a chance unless massively ahead.

Magic resist glyphs are good against him. When trading you want to be sure to have your shenvorpalstar.png up along with your shield, to soak the most you can from his rumbleflamethrower.pngshenshadowdash.png when his rumbleflamethrower.png is down/almost over, so that he doesn't damage you with his flames.
Throw your shenfeint.png when he is overheated, or even sooner if he is far from reaching it.


Lv 1 you are stronger in a straight up battle if you didn't start shenshadowdash.png. Unfortunately, you can't really reach him, while his rumbleflamethrower.png will be able to hit you from distance.
Farm with shenvorpalstar.png+shield, land your AA if he stays still, and keep going like this.

Grab shenshadowdash.png immediately if you got lv 2 sooner than him, and taunt him. you should be able to chunk him hard, maybe kill him, provided he didn't expect it.

Lv 3 consider putting a second point in your shenvorpalstar.png. Keep going like before.

Lv 4+ depends on how much advantage you got before in terms of health/kill. Trade sshould start to go even now so abuse the windows of vulnerability he has: overheated; rumbleflamethrower.png cooldown. Be extra careful when he has over 50% hate.

Lv 6 he gets his rumblecarpetbomb.png, you get your shenstandunited.png. Don't fuck with him if you haven't got a really good advantage before hand, and never stay on his ult.


  • Get an advantage in the first few levels if you can. Avoid him after lv 5 if you are even.
  • He pushes the lane fast, especially after lv 4. Call your jungler, he is really free.
  • His skills do more damage after 50% heat. Try to avoid fighting him at this point.
  • Weave around when fighting him to avoid some of his rumbleflamethrower.png damage.
  • shenshadowdash.png in if you are positive that you'll win the trade, possibly when his rumbleflamethrower.png is down. Remember: you can't get out once it's down, especially against his rumblegrenade.png.
  • shenfeint.png when he is overheated.




Not really that hard of a match-up, but he still has a few advantages over you. 
First of all he is ranged; however his range isn't that high, and if he wishes to harass you he'll open himself up for a shenshadowdash.png.

Second, he has an instant root, his runeprison.png, which can really screw you up if you end up in a bad position.

But you're Shen; a rock. Ryze is known for sucking a lot of mana, and you're known for being unkillable. If you can survive long enough, he'll quickly become a meal for your shenshadowdash.png + shenvorpalstar.png.
That's what you wanna do: rush 3065.png; play aggro when he is far from reaching his passive by shenshadowdash.png at him and shenvorpalstar.png through him; farm well and try to push him under tower if you can. He is pretty bad at CSing under it. Viceversa, if you're the one pushed under tower, call your jungler. Trust me, he is free all game.

If you get an advantage, this lane should become really simple as he won't have the damage to put you in trouble. You can grab 14.png.


  • Don't let the lane go passive. Either push him or try to force some trades with your shenshadowdash.png + shenvorpalstar.png when he is far from filling his passive or is oom.
  • Call for ganks.
  • Don't get freely harassed by his autos.
  • Rush 3065.png.




The match-up is not hard per se. Shyvana is a decent laner, hands down on that, but you can actually win trades if you make good use of your shenvorpalstar.png-shenpassive.png and shenfeint.png; moreover she lacks sustain early on.

The reason why Shyvana was, and still is, so good against Shen is her shyvanaimmolationaura.png. That skill pushes like hell, and she can literally take all top lane if you ult at the wrong time. As if that wasn't enough, after some sustain you won't be able to do anything to her.

Honestly, better not to pick Shen against Shyvana. However, if you happen to find yourself against one, take 12.png.
14.png is probably the only way you'll ever be able to grab a kill off her, but it's really not worth it.


If you play it well you should be able to win most of the trades. Golden rule: don't keep fights long. Passive + shenfeint.png down? Run.

Lv 1 is in your favor because of your shenvorpalstar.png-shenpassive.png, provided you keep the trade short. Force fights when your passive is available, but don't play it too long. After your shield gets broken, go away.
If she started shyvanaimmolationaura.png she might be tougher to deal with. Nothing to be afraid of; she'll push really fast, so call out your jungler.
If she started shyvanafireball.png try to juke it. if you fail, no problem: just keep the trade really short, or she'll destroy you.

Lv 2 you should be able to out-fight her pretty easily, provided you  shenvorpalstar.png-shenpassive.png her shyvanaimmolationaura.png and shenfeint.png her autos. As already said, leave after you they're down or all your empowered attacks are played.

Lv 3 stays the same: her shyvanadoubleattack.png won't mean much if you use your shenfeint.png well.

Lv 4+ her shyvanaimmolationaura.png should start to hurt a bit, but if you keep trades short and  shenvorpalstar.png-shenpassive.png it won't matter much. 

Lv 6 her ult can stop yours. Dragon form makes her a bit stronger, but shenshadowdash.png her if the opportunity arises shouldn't scare you too much. Don't do it if she has 3144.png and you're far from your tower.


  • One of the few match-ups i would rarely pick Shen into. She's not a counter because of her damage, but due because of her insane split-push potential. One bad ult will cost you a lot.
  • She does a lot of magic damage; pick at least 3211.png as first item. 
  • Trade only when your  shenvorpalstar.png-shenpassive.png is available, and keep the fight short. Your passive will mitigate some of her shyvanaimmolationaura.png, but don't fight on it for too long. Kite back in your wave once your shield drops. shenfeint.png her empowered shyvanafireball.png autos and her shyvanadoubleattack.png.
  • You won't be able to out-fight her anymore once she has completed one or two items.
  • Take 12.png. Despite having some kill potential on her by running 14.png, it's not really worth losing all top lane for a little advantage.
  • Her shyvanatransformcast.png can stop your shenstandunited.png.




Of all the unkillable tanks match-ups you can find yourself into, Sion is probably the worst (gnar excluded). I actually think, and that's my humble opinion, that Sion is actually quite a good pick against Shen.

"Why?" You would ask. Well, Sion does fairly well against Shen because of three things:
  1. Mixed damage.
    His enrage.png does magic damage, and it's a really annoying and easy to land poke ability. His deathscaressfull.png too, if he manages to proc it on you.
    On the contrary, his crypticgaze.png is a little bit harder to hit but is AD, like his cannibalism.png
  2. Insane waveclear. He's likely to push you under tower right from lv 2-3, and keep you there all early game, making difficult for you using your shenstandunited.png.
  3. His cannibalism.png. Splitting against him later on will prove difficult because his engage is scary to say the least. Moreover, since he pushes you under tower constantly, he'll be able to gank other lanes with ease, though your shenstandunited.png should help you in that matter.
First of all, don't expect to win insanely long trades before you got at least a mr and an armor item, especially after 6. His low cooldown skills beat your shenvorpalstar.png.
Second, counter-push him as best as you can and try to avoid his crypticgaze.png/enrage.png.
3068.png is a great first item against him, followed by 3065.png. As for the boots, both 3111.png and 3009.png can work; see how many CCs his team has, or if AA damage is an issue.




Toxic match-up. Literally. If he goes AD well... cya nerds

First thing you need to understand is that you have no kill pressure at all over him, unless you are receiving a gank or you taunt him under tower. Focus on farming; your dodge should help you with that.

Depending on his build, he might be in position to take towers really fast. Be conservative with your ult if that's the case. Other than that, his kill pressure on you is limited if you avoid acting stupid and give up a few CS.

A point of note: his blindingdart.png is not dodged by your shenfeint.png, thus both the damage and the blind will go over it. However, his basic autoattacks can be dodged, and the poison won't apply.


  • Ask your jungler for a couple of early ganks. Before 6 is really easy to gank a teemo, especially with your shenshadowdash.png.
  • His blindingdart.png is not dodged by your shenfeint.png
  • Avoid playing aggressively: he'll win long trades, moreover his movequick.png + bantamtrap.png are perfect tools for him to kite you away, and his blindingdart.png completely negates your damage.
  • Abuse brushes. Care after 6 as you might find a surprise in them......
  • Rush 3211.png, no matter his build. Go for 3068.png after if he's going AD.




Horrible match-up: be wary of picking Shen into the troll. He has sustain, a lot of damage, an AS and MS buff and a pillar to cut your disengage. Moreover, his ult makes you squishy as fuck, and he EATS tower. Use your ult wisely and ask for lots of ganks.


Lv 1 stay away. His trundleQ.png alone can crush your shield, and his enhanced autoattacks will destroy you. Farm what you can; don't trade before lv 2.

Lv 2 it gets a little bit easier up until lv 6. If he tries to trade shenvorpalstar.png-shenpassive.png his trundleQ.png and shenfeint.png immediatly after; disengage right after, especially if he dropped his trundleW.png. Care if he took trundleE.png, as it can make disengaging quite hard.

Lv 3 simply play like before. Don't force trades, just fight back. shenshadowdash.png away if he drops his trundleE.png.

Lv 6 it's horrible; all ins will always go to him, and his ult will crush you both in team-fights and lane. Moreover, his trundleE.png can stop your shenstandunited.png, and if you leave he'll take your towers better than a fucking catapult. Ask your jungler to cover if he is near.


  • Take 12.png. No point going 14.png as you have no kill pressure on him.
  • Shield his trundleQ.png and shenfeint.png right after. shenshadowdash.png away if he trundleE.pngs. 
  • Be careful ulting away: he takes towers really fast.
  • His trundleE.png can stop your shenstandunited.png.




Borders with hard. Tryndamere is a real pain in the ass to deal with, and if left alone he'll just take all top lane without trouble. I wouldn't advise picking Shen into the barbarian; but if you do, know that you should be able to keep him at bay early on, before he has his first item completed.

The golden rule against him is the one you have to follow in most match-ups: trade with your empowered autos; disengage right after your dodge has ended. Never trade without your shenfeint.png. Your passive is not required to trade, but will buy you the time to throw one or two more autos before having to dodge.
If he tries to extend the trade by slashcast.png at you, shenshadowdash.png away. Never taunt him after 6 or if his red bar is half+ filled.


lv 1 focus on zoning him the best you can from autoattacking the wave. Your shenvorpalstar.png should hurt him a lot more than your old Vorpal, so it should be a little easier. Stay back if he manages to fill his red bar. 

Lv 2 take shenfeint.png. Follow the standard shenvorpalstar.png-shenpassive.png + autos + shenfeint.png combo, then disengage. Care if his red bar is filled, as he can still slashcast.png at you without you being able to shenshadowdash.png away.

Depending on how much health and resources you lost before, Lv 3 to lv 6 this match can be pretty easy or difficult. Anyway you should still win pretty much all trades if you play the combo right, even if he managed to "Trynda-cheese" you before. Just shenshadowdash.png away if he slashcast.png at you when your shenfeint.png is down.

Lv 6 it gets boring, but he shouldn't have that much kill pressure on you unless you are behind or overextended, at least before he gets one or two items. However, you pretty much lose all the kill pressure you had on him before.
Anyway, this is the point where tryndamere gets most useful against you, because he'll be able to take down your towers really fast when you ult away. This is why i'd suggest to take 12.png, so he can't just demolish all your lane.

Late game he'll kill you really easily 1 on 1, so just focus on forcing team-fights or ending the game fast; you can't really stop his split-push at this point.


  • Care lv 1 and 2 if his red bar is filled. Zone him from autoattacking the wave if it's empty.
  • Standard combo: shenvorpalstar.png + shenfeint.png and away. If he slashcast.png at you to extend the fight, shenshadowdash.png to escape.
  • You have limited pressure on him if he is decent; ask for some early ganks.
  • Use wisely your ult as he can crush your towers while you're gone.
  • 3047.png and 3143.png are great items to counter him.
  • Care after 6: he has 5 second of invincibility, so don't stay with low health under tower and don't get baited in stupid all ins.
  • Take 12.png. You have limited kill pressure on him at any point of the laning phase but, most important, he can crush your towers in a matter of seconds if you ult badly.




Honestly, this match-up can either be PRETTY EASY or REALLY PAINFULL.

"Really easy? Cya Fergus, your guide sucks dicks."
Wooh calm down buddy. I'm not saying you can have anything done on your own against her.
It all depends on your jungler. Vayne will almost surely push the lane, thus opening herself to a gank. If yours is an aggressive jungler, with at least a gap closer and a bit of damage, she is free all game. Viceversa

Hey! You're banjaxed!
Hey! You're screwed!

Anyway, this match-up is actually better now than pre-rework, since your dodge is really good against her. The bad news is that she has a free pass on the scaling if your jungler doesn't help you out.


Lv 1 just aim to take the least damage possible. You have neither your dodge nor your shenshadowdash.png to help you out against her AA + vaynetumble.png + boosted movement speed, so calm down your horses.

Lv 2 shenfeint.png. She'll have vaynesilveredbolts.png at this point, which means big troubles at any third hit. Honestly, not many advices i can give if not shenvorpalstar.png-shenpassive.png + shenfeint.png to farm.

Lv 3 the problem in being aggressive is that she can vaynetumble.png away from your shenshadowdash.png if she's fast enough. Otherwise, you might get some little damage off if she overextends, but honestly... Oftentimes it's not worth.
If she expects your taunt, maybe because your jungler is near, consider taunting + flashing.

Lv 6... well, she gets even stronger. Focus on your team rather than trying to fight her.


  • You can't really do much on your own against her, but she is pretty vulnerable to ganks. Just hope your jungler comes.
  • Don't get stunned on walls by her vaynecondemn.png.
  • Don't let her proc her third hit on you. Abuse the time you earn from your passive and shenfeint.png.
  • Her vaynetumble.png can be used to avoid your taunt. If she succedes, you're in a lot of troubles.




Can either be medium or hard depending on his playstile. If he pushes you under tower like crazy it's pretty hard. If he keeps the wave towards the middle it's ok. 

Now, you can't counter-push him no matter how hard you try; his vladimirtidesofblood.png does a shit-load of damage. You can't even aim to fight him either, as his vladimirtransfusion.png heals him a TON and his vladimirtidesofblood.png slows you if charged. 

So... where am i going?
Well, if you have a jungler with damage, ask for some early ganks. Else, farm up the best you can for your 3065.png. After 6 your goal is making the rest of your team snowball as hard as you can. He pushes like crazy, but luckily he takes towers pretty slowly.

Now an important thing to understand: his new vladimirtidesofblood.png can be blocked by targetable allies, so use minions as cover in lane and human-shield your squishies in teamfights from it. That's why if he pushes you under tower gets harded, because you won't be able to get a cover.
I'd suggest running 12.png as your kill potential on him is pretty damn low if he doesn't suck, but if none on your team has 14.png you might opt for it.


  • Being aggressive early is not really smart anymore after the reworks so avoid doing that. Ask for early ganks or just farm up the best you can.
  • shenvorpalstar.png.shenpassive.png his vladimirtransfusion.png, it's pretty telegraphed when he starts walking up to you. When his bar becomes red, get away or at least rise your shield: his next vladimirtransfusion.png will do a shit-load of damage.
  • His vladimirtidesofblood.png can be blocked by allies: abuse your minions, and shield your squishies later on if you can.
  • 12.png is recommended, but if noone in your team has 14.png you might take the latter.


Xin Zhao


It's a really simple match-up if you pay attention to his insane lv 1 and lv 2 cheese. However, never end up in an extended trade against him. Fight only when your dodge and, possibly, passive are up.


Lv 1 do everything you want but stay away from him. It's really important not to trade against his xenzhaocombotarget.png, as you don't have your dodge to answer. Careful not getting cheesed by a lv 2 xenzhaosweep.png + xenzhaocombotarget.png.

Lv 2 starts getting easier, but play safe until lv 3. If he is smart, he might try to bait out your shenfeint.png by activating his xenzhaocombotarget.png and backing, just to re-ingage with his xenzhaosweep.png once your dodge drops. Don't be fooled.

Lv 3 should be really easy. If he ever baits you like above, just shenshadowdash.png away as soon as he xenzhaosweep.png at you. 

Lv 6+ it stays the same. Care as he can stop your ult and can take towers quite fast. 


  • Care lv 1/2.
  • Ask for ganks. He is almost as free as a Darius.
  • 14.png is fine but not really needed.
  • Never ever trade without your shenfeint.png.
  • 3047.png and 3143.png are op against him.




A good Yasuo is a pretty rough match if your jungler doesn't help you. A bad one is a joke, plain and simple.

Honestly, fighting yasuo as Shen isn't one of the easiest things to do: his yasuoQ.png out-ranges you; his yasuoE.png grants him a lot of mobility; his yasuoR.png grants him bonus arm. pen. However, if you manage to shenshadowdash.png him inside of your wave or if you happen to throw one or two empowered autos when his shield his down you'll notice how much squishy he is.

With this being said, avoiding trading with him lv 1 and 2, since these are the points where he is at his strongest during laning phase. After that, play passive until you find an opening.

Hang on 'til 3068.png+3047.png and he'll have no way of stopping you until his  3031.png+3087.png are completed.




Another boring lane. Killing a decent Zac is quite tough so that's not your goal in this lane. Treat the match-up somewhat like Malphite's, with the difference that Zac is resourceless and has sustain but lacks sustained damage, the shield and the AS debuff. 

A good Zac will probably try to push you under tower with his decent wave-clear. Don't let him do it: counter-push as hard as you can if he tries and aim to keep the wave near the brush closer to your tower. If he manages to push you under tower it will be pretty simple for him to land his zacQ.png, and it will be tough for you to stay healthy while CSing.

When trading with him you want to have your passive up, as you want to take as little damage as possible in return. You out-damage him with your three autos + your shield, but don't try too hard to keep the trade on if his minions are targeting you. You can fight even if your shenfeint.png is down as long as his wave isn't too big.
Remember to step on his blobbles if you're in position, to crush his sustain.


Lv 1 you want to force trades with your shenvorpalstar.png-shenpassive.png, as he has little to no way to respond at this point. Try dodging his zacQ.png, step on his bubbles if you can, and care to minions damage. Don't let him push you under your tower; if he tries, use your shenvorpalstar.png when you can't trade with him to counter-push.

Lv 2 take shenfeint.png if you're getting close to your tower, so you can hold the wave or avoid some of the minions damage. Else, take shenshadowdash.png.

Lv 3+ keep counter-pushing, trying to stay near the closest brush to your tower. Force trades when your passive is up and you are in position to do it. If he gets a nice advantage in health stop and just do your best not to get shoved in.

Lv 6+ it gets even more important to counter-push him, as he has all the tools in the world to stop you from ulting away. If you got an advantage it should be really simple, as he won't be able to harm you, else it might be tough.


  • Boring match-up, but not too hard if you can avoid getting pushed under tower. Counter-push as hard as you can if he tries.
  • Step on his bubble to chunk his sustain. Obviously, only if you are in position to do so.
  • Force trades lv 1 when your passive is up.
  • Dodge his zacQ.png; it's not that hard, unless you find yourself under your tower.
  • Ask for ganks pre-6 if he is over-extended. His zacE.png is his only escape, but your shenshadowdash.png should be fast enough to stop him.
  • Lv 6 it's vital not to get pushed in. He doesn't take towers fast, and that's really good for you, but he has two skills to stop your ult.
  • If he goes AP or it's even, rush 3211.png. Else, you might go for 3751.png right away.
  • Like against Malphite, take 12.png. Killing him is tough, unnecessary and doesn't make him useless; he'll still be a walking CC no matter how behind he may be, so putting more pressure on the map is more effective than crushing him.

About me and Shen Back to Top

Hi, Fergus Raeser here. I'm an EUW platinum player who mains Riven, Shen, Renekton and likes to play a few other champions. My goal here is to teach you how to get better at Shen and the game. If you want to know even more about top lane or another favourite of mine, 92.png, rush to this page!

Shen Strenghts

  • Durable fighter and laner - "You'll never kill a good Shen"
  • Still able to dish out great damage while being tanky due to his new Q
  • AOE dodge for him and his allies!
  • Insane map pressure after 6, and ability to save an ally with his ult
  • Energy Based champion
  • AoE Taunt
  • Strong Late Game
  • Interesting kit after the update

Shen Weaknesses

  • Finds trouble fighting champions with lots of sustain in lane
  • Weak to Waveclear
  • Requires a lot of Map Awareness
  • No 1 v 1 ultimate
  • Low energy regen without Q up. 400 energy, but still basic energy regen.
  • No in-kit sustain anymore
  • Base stats a little low

Shen In The Current Meta

Shen is actually really strong in the current meta. That's because Armor penetration has been hit hard, and this makes tanks a lot more durable, and the most important thing of all:

12.png has been nerfed.

You know what this means? His ultimate is now actually a unique ability again, and he is allowed to bring ignite again top. Both are pretty great things, aren't they? 

When to pick Shen

Shen is a wonderful pick whenever your team needs a tank with global pressure and some kind of Crowd Control. Especially if AP is needed, Shen is the perfect tank for you. As Shen, you're perfectly fine in just surviving lane and soaking up poke, and that makes him really strong against champions like 80.png.
Now, i usually pick Shen when my team has plenty of damage but at least some form of hard engage, like 11.png/121.png/... jungle and 111.png/53.png/89.png... support. That's because i can look to snowball them early on through my ult, and keeping them safe later while locking up key targets.

Dodging (not que) Back to Top

By dodging i mean using the new feature added in the rework: Spirit's Refugee.

Now, this is a really awesome skill but is somewhat difficult to use properly, primarily because the dodge is applied in the area around your sword. 
The reason why it's tough to use effectively is basically this: you need to have good awareness of where your sword is, you need to call it back right after if it's far and you have to activate your W at the right moment as it stops its movement. Moreover, this means that your dodge will be delayed by a lot if the sword is far, and you absolutely CAN'T help another teammate if your positioning is incorrect.

Said shortly two things are needed above anything else in order to learn how to use this skill: awareness and positioning.

In Lane Use

Using your dodge effectively in lane can, along with your shield, save you many hundreds of Hp, and give you the potential to trade or outplay some opponent.
There's no need to tell that this skill is far more effective against some champions rather than others, in particular the AA reliant ones and those who have special on-hit skills like 58.png's renektonpreexecute.png.

So let's write everything down:

Try not to waste your shield by using your dodge at the same time; you want to make the most out of both, considering you got no sustain in your kit.

The main purpose of this skill is to AVOID damage, so it's frankly quite a waste to use it to activate your shield. Ideally, it would be preferable to activate first your shield by using your Q, despite its position, then turning on your W when it drops. 
If the enemy is autoattack reliant, this combo will avoid you a huge amount of damage.

Use it to safely farm

When against a ranged opponent, this skill is a life-saver. Activate it each and everytime you autoattack the wave if he puts your shield down. This little time you get is really useful to farm and prevent the wave from going directly under your tower.

Try to dodge important skills, or activate it right before a stun so that you're covered from additional damage while disabled.

 If for example the enemy is someone like 39.png might be preferable to activate it either before she stuns you (you can't dodge it btw) or right after she activates her ireliahitenstyle.png.

Hold the wave, or trade inside the enemy minions

This skill negates COMPLETELY the damage of minions. Keep that in mind, and remember that you can fight the enemy in his on wave for a limited amount of time if you see the need.


Here things gets tough. As said before, positioning and awareness is fundamental. And another thing is really important to have... a wide vision of the team-fight, and i'll explain what i mean down here.
Ideally you'd prefer to cover anyone who is focused by an autoattacker, but this is often impossible. You need to prioritize.

Ask yourself these questions, in order of importance, and act accordingly:

  1. Who are the enemy targets your dodge affects? 
  2. Who is being targeted by these targets?

  3. Who is most important protect?
    By important i don't mean strictly the one that is vital to keep safe, but the one that needs more help. For example, if your ADC is the priority in your team, but he has either another peel or is perfectly safe dealing with his opponent, you might prefer to switch priority to that poor little 32.png who is being focused by that big bad 67.png. This way, you'll deny the enemy ADC and Amumu will feel loved! That's an happy ending!

  4. Who can you help?
    Don't try too hard reaching the other side of the teamfight if you're not in position to help the most important target. Fast thinking and fast acting is the key more often than not. Help the ones you are in position to help.
    I take this chance to explain what i meant before by "Having a wide vision of the team-fight". Everything still comes down to your and your sword's positioning. Compared to pre-rework, you actually HAVE the power to affect two different places at once, ult aside.
    You can taunt in one place and activate your dodge in a completely different one! For example, you can taunt the enemy ADC while activating your shield for your backline. You won't have much damage, but you'll make up by bringing here astounding utility.
    This is really advanced material, incredibly difficult to pull off and that requires a good piece of coordination with your team too, aside from luck. But trust me, manage to do it even once and you'll feel like the hero of the game.

Taunting Back to Top

How to Taunt (step by step tutorial)

  1. Get out of home.
  2. Find someone.
  3. Tell: wat da fuk do ya wan', candy?
  4. Get beaten up to death.
Congratulations! You've mastered the art of taunting!

Now, apply point 3 and 4 in League of Legends by writing in All-chat.

Congratulations! You've earned 5 reports for negative conduct and 4 for feeding!

Now, if you have all-chat disabled, or for whatever reason you don't want reports, press E.

Congratulations! You've learned how to Taunt as Shen!

Taunting in lane

I honestly feel like writing this. That's because i've seen a lot of Shens not knowing how to taunt in lane, and that's really bad AND dangerous. Here's what they would do, and why and how to correct these mistakes:

  1. Never use it.
    Seriously, that's the worst thing you can do. It's a skill, and an energy based one. It has a lot of potential if you use it at the right time: you take 50% AA reduced damage while the enemy is taunted, while you keep damaging him at the fullest. Plus, he gets minion aggro, which is additional damage.
    If you're getting harassed by ranged poke, or someone is coming for a trade you can't win, use it to get out of range.
    I'm not saying to spam it, but look for the right moment to use it. 

  2. Only use it to escape or to assist the jungler.
    Again, wrong. These are the bots i was speaking about, the ones that exist only for teamfights and ults. They get freely harassed, because they are afraid to retaliate. I don't want you to be one of them, i want you to have balls and be a bully. Learn to taunt when that 92.png is escaping laughing.

  3. Engage at the wrong moment.
    If you do this, it's because you are a bit like me: overly aggressive. You need to realize, like i did, that as Shen you got no escapes once your taunt is down (aside from flash). And after 6 you need to remember that you got no 1 v 1 ultimate; many champions will be stronger than you in all-ins.
    Engage with taunt when you know the enemy won't be able to all-in you right after, when you know you won't get punished hard if you miss it.

Basicly, here are my advices for when to taunt your opponent in lane:

  • When you have a big wave to fight by your side. 10 minions do a lot of damage early on, they'll hurt more than yourself.
  • Your jungler is ganking.
  • When the enemy can't retaliate, either because you're fed or they have precious skills on cooldown.
  • To disengage.
    You just played all three empowered autoattacks on that 39.png but she turned her true damage on and your W has dropped? Dash away if your wave isn't big enough to fight her. Now, when taunting away i want you to be able to do a specific thing when is possible: taunting your opponent too. This means: you taunt backwards while taunting the enemy too. By doing this they'll enter in your wave or lose CS, plus you'll add your taunt magic damage to your combo. It's not necessary to be behind your opponent to hit him, it's enough to be really close to him, almost as if you two were colliding.
  • To counter-engage.
    The most basic one. That 92.png just wasted her cooldown. She is laughing DON'T YOU HEAR HER? Well, i do. Taunt her if her ult is down or you're near your tower. You'll hurt her a lot.
  • To taunt away under the enemy tower.
    Before you get sunfire, when you have a pretty big wave under your enemy's tower, you can just taunt him away. If he hits you before, he'll get a lot of damage from minions. If he didn't, he might still lose a few CS.
  •  To taunt your opponent under your tower.
    Well, that's obvious isn't it?

Taunting in Teamfights

That's really important! The second most important skill you need to have as Shen is pulling off good taunts in teamfights! If you miss, you have just wasted 180 energy, and one of your allies might die for it. Or an enemy might escape.

Now, the general rule is: you taunt more enemies you can at once. If you can taunt at least three enemies in a row, you just pulled off a really good taunt.
However, it's not always that simple.

Let's say your 222.png is fed as hell... but so is the enemy 238.png.
Well, your goal at this point is peeling for your jinx if no other in your team can. If you can keep her alive, you should be well and fine.

But if it's the enemy ADC the one fed, and you need to shut down his damage, yeah. Go for the back line if you can reach it, you don't have to solo it but just soak their damage.

Another one: your team is behind. Your carries are useless, theirs fed. What to do as Shen?
My friend, that's the worst case you can find yourself into, the reason why people say you can't carry as Shen. That's because you rely on your team to do actual damage... you can't just solo the back line usually.
At this point, if you're forced to fight, just peel. Try taunting as many as you can, possibly hitting the key targets. That's all you can really do, other than ulting someone you think can still do something. But honestly, good old Shen split-pusher is often better in these situations, if your team is smart at least.

Taunt + Flash

Now, that's a favourite of mine! Have you ever seen a Shen doing it? Looks cool as fuck, and it can be really useful.

The title says everything. You taunt, then you flash during it. You'll stop dashing, but you'll still taunt those who are near the place where you drop.
Pretty simple. 

Why doing this, instead of just flashing + taunt? Far easier, isn't it Fergus?
Yeah. But:

  •  it's even easier to react, like flashing right after you flashed. Or that 92.png might just dash away. That's the first reason, the SURPRISE.
  • You can change the direction of your taunt. First rule: you dash FORWARD. No exceptions. But if you taunt + flash, you can then change your direction to the one you flashed to. Why doing this? See next point.
  • You can taunt multiple people. Let's say you're in a teamfight. Two opponents are lined in front of you, the other is a bit far away, maybe to the left. You can taunt the first two, then flash to the other if you can reach it. Three men taunt instead of two, plus it looks cool and you'll feel like a boss.
  • You will find yourself ON the enemy. When you taunt, even if it is at max distance, you'll lose some precious moments walking backwards to reach your target again.  Flashing on him while taunting won't waste a single moment of your 1.5 secs taunt.

How to Stand United Back to Top

In being a good Shen surely matters how you play the laning phase, the taunts you pull off... but the most important thing is how you use your ultimate, Stand United.

To become a good Shen you need to learn how to use Stand United effectively, and that means that you need:

  1. Map Awareness.
    You kill a minion -> you take a fast look at the minimap.
    You walk in summoner's rift with a drink and a chick -> you keep watching the minimap.
    Note: you know that BIG SQUARE on the side of the SKILLS BAR? That's the minimap. Most players don't even know what that is, but now you do!
    You. Are. Welcome.

    You see the health of a teammate dropping low? Switch the visual to him.
    You see two portraits colliding on the minimap, one of an ally and one of an opponent? Switch the visual there.
    You see the enemy jungler in a lane? Switch the visual to him. 

  2. to Analyze the Situation.
    When you turn the visual on the action, you have but a few seconds to realize what's happening.
    In those few moments you got, i want you to ask yourself some very specific things:

    - How healthy is everyone?
    - Can i turn the tides of the fight if i join?
    - Who should i ult?
    - How much damage does the enemy have?
    - Will my ally live with my ult?
    - Is it worth to potentially/surely lose my turret for what we might potentially gain?

    Now, it's not a matter of " If you can answer all of these questions... ". If you take Shen, you have to be able to in just a few moments. Train and train more, learn to stay calm when under pressure and you'll get faster.

  3. to Ping you're Coming!
    This should be obvious, but not doing it might ruin a great occasion and waste a flash.
    I want you to ping 10 times in a row you're coming in! Use G + Right Mouse Movement to be fast, and keep spamming it.


  • Zero Map Awareness = Lost occasions
  • Not Analyzing the Situation = Wasting ultimate, time, resourcess
  • Not pinging you're coming = See above
Master these three things and you'll be able to write in all-chat this:

"The power over Life and Death is in My R"


If you want to master Stand United you need to change your way of thinking. 
Making really great use of your ultimate is not ulting when there's trouble nearby, no... to master Stand United you need to

 Make Things Happen

What does this mean? If you see the enemy jungler at his blue and yours in the river, ping your buddy to go there and that you'll come. This way you might grab a kill, secure one part of the enemy jungle and a buff and put some  wards around the place.
I made my point, have i not?

2nd example: you ping your 89.png in bot lane to go ham, telling her that you'll ult her. You're now forcing a fight bot lane, good job.

Often, the best ults you can think about are made with the help of your jungler.
Now, I want you to go in a game right after you finished to read this guide and see how you can force ults around the map to grab an advantage for your team.

Ult at the right moment

That's the most difficult skill to master. It's about waiting 'til the enemy overcommits before ulting, but to do this you need to be really aware of the damage your opponents do.
If you ult too late, your ally will either die or be too low to fight by your side.
But if you ult too soon, the enemy will just run away.

Master this, and you'll be a worthy Eye of Twilight.

Abuse other champions skills

Last thing you need to learn to master Stand United. This is simple, really. It's about using other champions skill to surprise the enemy and find yourself where you want to be.

Do you have a 56.png? Well, you can ult him once he ults, so you can make a 2 v 2 bot lane a 4 v 2 in the blink of an eye.
Do you have a 32.png? Ult him once he's grabbed someone; you'll find yourself in the middle of the fight, right where you want to be.
Do you have a 107.png? You can ult him while he is invisible to have your ult invisible too, then he'll jump on a carry and you'll appear right as his side... oh, and the kitty will have a huge shield on him btw.

Tricks and Tipps

  • You can ult an ally by putting the cursor over his portrait, and pressing R.
  • Learn to use F2/F3/F4/F5 to move the visual immediately over other champions.
  • Always start walking backwards, possibly under your tower, when you see an ult occasion.
  • If you only need to give your allies a shield, but you don't want to leave lane, just be sure your opponent is in a position where he can stop you easily: he will if he has a CC.

Early Game Back to Top

Early game as Shen really depends on who your opponent is and his playstyle, but there's one thing i always expect from you: never die.

I say never die because you got all the tools you need to survive early game, and in every Shen Match-Up of every other guide you'll see written "You'll never kill a good Shen". I agree, and i want you to be that Shen... but since i'm greedy, i'll ask you to be even a bit more: a threat.

"Invincibility depends on oneself; vulnerability lies with the enemy"
Sun Tzu

Bronze to silver/gold, the most aggressive player 8 times out of 10 wins. From Gold/plat all the way to challenger, laning phase becomes a matter of knowledge, of when and how to fight, when to play passive and when + how to be aggressive. As Sun Tzu said, it's a matter of both knowing yourself and the enemy, making yourself unattackable waiting for the right moment to strike. Knowledge is the key to unlock this opportunity.
What i mean for "Being a threat" isn't to trade mindlessly just to get yourself killed; is about finding an opening: waiting for the enemy to expose his weak spot. When you go in because the enemy screwed up by not respecting you because you let him think you were weak: that's how you kill an enemy; that's how he realizes you're a threat. When he considers you a threat, you get control of the lane. When you have control over the lane, you set up the pace; he'll stop forcing things and will just answer to your actions.

First of all, during the laning phase reading your opponent's playstile is really helpful. 
Aggressive players eventually get overcocky and make mistakes, and open up themselves for ganks; make yourself invincible ( strengthen your defence ) while waiting for the enemy mistake. Answer the fire without putting yourself in danger to get burned, fight at the right moment and they'll learn to fear you.
Passive players are more difficult to read. It's your time to play the aggressive part, but keep in mind the lines above; don't leave openings yourself. If it's high ELO, it will cost you.
Keep this in mind, and let's move on.

First of all, your three empowered autoattacks, together with your shield and situationally your dodge, can really chunk the enemy laner without hurting yourself too much.  Keeping the trade going after is usually useless, often doing more harm than good. This is the basic playstile you want to pursue against opponents who love long trades, like 39.png.

Unfortunately, some opponents strong in long trades like 266.png will laugh and sustain at this poke. What you want to do against them is getting an advantage through ganks or fights in the middle of your wave. If they try to dive you in your wave, or you have a lot of minions nearby, taunt them and go for the all-in. Ignite helps a lot against many of them.
Else, just play the Farmville game and make plays with your ult.

Against AD casters without much sustain, like 92.png, is about shielding and juking all the damage you can while using your three autoattacks to chunk them hard; usually, you are stronger than them in long trades, so don't be afraid of cutting their disengage with your taunt if you're still healthy enough to do it. 

If instead you find yourself against a ranged champion, you want to abuse brushes, your Q-shield and eventually your dodge to farm safely. Look at your minions and go melee to farm when some of them gets low, so your opponent will have to last hit them or attack you and lose a CS. If he oversteps, and either he can't retaliate or your wave is big enough, shenshadowdash.png him; you'll often chunk him. Just be sure they can't punish you afterwards though... and whatever you do, don't miss your taunt plz.

Now, once 6 is reached you should begin to act a little less aggressive in lane and concentrate more about what's happening on the map. Your goal is making your team snowball; i don't care if your opponent is 75.png. By selecting Shen you agreed to put your team over yourself and your lane. That being said, i don't want you to ult needlessly, so read "How to Stand United"s section and learn how to become the Eye of Twilight.
If you're forced to stay under tower because your opponent is pushing you constantly, call your jungler for help. If he doesn't, that's when you find how good you really are with Shen: realizing when is good to ult away when you're under pressure is an important skill you have to improve when playing him.

Mid Game + Grouping + Side Waves Management Back to Top

Mid game starts as soon as the first teamfights happen, and usually the bot lane joins to the middle; not a rule of thumb, but often ends up like this.
Before this phase you should have ulted probably at least once or twice, and that's why i'm not exaggerating by saying that you can make or break the mid game for your team.

Now, Shen's role in the mid game is usually the split-pusher: ideally, you should be able to trade with your opponent and put pressure over top lane while being in power to join your team in a 5 v 4, or even better a 5 v 3.
In reality, things are rarely that easy. Either because you're behind or because the enemy laner outscales you hard (39.png/24.png/23.png......), your pressure against your enemy laner should start dropping off, unless you're like against 80.png or such.

Despite this, you should be fairly tanky at this point and able do dish out a respectable amount of damage even without offensive items. Usually you should be able to solo most ADCs, except 67.png and the fed ones.
If you're fed (good CSing and like 2/3 kills) killing ADCs and tanking damage shouldn't be that hard; moreover, your tankiness allows to soak A LOT of damage before going down, so force teamfights as much as you can, or draw the enemy pressure top lane if that's not an option.

Now, a free tip: many players believe that grouping is the solution to each and every problem. Let's make it clear: grouping CAN make your team win the game as much as it can lose it, and it's often not really the idea behind it that's wrong... it's HOW the team groups that is wrong. 
I'm sure it happened to you to group mid and stay there for 5/10 minutes without accomplishing anything, seeing the enemy team clearing wave after wave. That's one silent and innocent way to throw leads.

Let me tell you this: 

You group when the side waves allow you to. 

Your giant wave is near the enemy tower? Someone will have to defend it, so you'll either find yourself 5 v 4 or ready to ult to join the fight. 
The enemy top/bot wave near your tower? The one with tp will back to defend it, unless there is no objective to contest. (You are the one with tp) cough cough*.
Your wave just resetted under the enemy tower? That means two things:
  1. The enemy wave will push towards yours, killing EVERY SINGLE minion it finds. TL-DR, the enemy team will lose all that farm if no one of them pushes along the creeps.
  2. The enemy team will gain pressure, because YOU KNOW that YOU'LL HAVE TO go back to defend your tower eventually... from that HUGE BIG ENORMOUS wave top.
So, point 2 is bad and point 1 is good? No, both are good if you can make use them.
Point 2 CAN BE good too because you'll get some free time to push/join your team/..., and you get ALL that farm if you get back in time for it.

Smart creep wave management can win games as much as any mechanical skill you should possess. Remember this.

Late Game Back to Top

Honestly, late game (35/40+ mins) is something you never want to reach unless your team is behind.

"Shen is a late game champion, wtf!"
No, he is not. Or better, his effectiveness highly depends on both teams. If he can draw the enemy attention on the side lanes, then ult in a 5 v 4, he's all right. Likewise, if he or his comp outscales the opponent he should still be ok.

However, there are some things to note at this point: champions like 57.png and 14.png have all better late game than you. They can tank a lot more than Shen will ever be able to, dish out far more damage and initiate for their team. To be relevant against them you either need: 

  1.  Someone like 67.png/96.png and peel for her/him, as they'll shot them easily with their anti-tanks kit.
  2. To draw their attention on the side lanes and joining your team in a 5 v 4 or 5 v 3. You can't kill them and they can't kill you, but just keeping them busy will do the trick. 3512.png and 3748.png are wonderful items to pull off this strategy. 
However, other late game beasts like 114.png and 24.png  completely screw you over. The latter takes towers really fast, and despite the fact that he'll need a damn long time to kill you, that doesn't mean you can put pressure over him. Fiora is an interesting case: she doesn't take towers as fast as a Jax or a Tryndamere does, but she'll burst you. Yeah, BURST, with her insane true damage. Dare not even SHOWING in front of her if your team doesn't have your back. You know what's horrible about them? They both have decent teamfights at this point.

You can do NOTHING against them at this point; not because they can out-fight you or you can't split against them, but because a Shen can't really initiate for his team unless he gets a pick or an amazing taunt (Like 3/4 men taunt, carries included). If your jungler, support or mid laner can initiate it can work, otherwise... well, hope the enemy makes a mistake.
If you end up in a team-fight against them, you HAVE TO peel them from your carries. Luckily, your shenfeint.png is a god-like ability against them, and your shenstandunited.png counters their burst.

Always remember that you got a 850 hp shield to give one of your allies. Don't allow the heat of the moment to make you forget about it.

Team Comps and Shen's Role Back to Top

Aight, Shen's role in a team highly depends on the comp he finds himself into and the opponent's. We've already said that.

Let's first introduce the various comps, their strenghts and weaknessess.

Poke Team


TOP -> Jax
JUNGLE -> Gragas
MID -> Azir
BOT -> Ezreal/Janna


  • Terrifying poke
  • Strong engage through Gragas or Azir initiation
  • Amazing split-push with Jax.
    God-like disengage
  • Wave-clear and siege
  • Jungle fights (268.png's wall, 40.png's tornado)


  • Really weak early game, though very safe. Objectives are to be secured before 268.png and 24.png start rolling out.
  • Well focused hard engages. 
  • Instagibbing 268.png/81.png through mobile assassins (238.png/7.png vs 81.png if Azir has Zhonyas). A 45.png can prevent 268.png initiation by blowing him up immediatly.
  • Forcing baron or dragon. Poke teams excel at sieging, but, especially this one, finds more difficult fighting in wide areas.
  • Weak 1 v 1, except for 24.png.

Playing AGAINST this team as Shen

Shen's role is making his team snowball during the early/mid game. Incredibly important objectives to secure are:

  • Ocean Dragon to sustain their poke.
  • Mountain Drake. If they get it, they'll get everything off your enemy map in a matter of seconds.
  • Fire Dragon. Their poke is already incredible, adding damage to it will literally make it so strong to melt anyone.
  • Baron. If they get baron, any chance to stop them blows up. Viceversa, they can't abuse their wave-clear as easily against minions buffed by baron.
There are little to no chance of fighting a team like this late game if a good advantage isn't achieved before-hand. If it comes to that point, Shen's role is soaking up poke for his team, waiting for the initiation of one of his team-mates. In extremis, if no one else can deal with Jax's split-push, he can keep him from taking towers and eventually joining up with his ultimate if a fight breaks out.

Key items to counter the enemy team: 
3083.png - to sustain poke

3512.png - to slow Jax's split-push


Playing WITH this team as Shen (instead of Jax)

Shen's role is acting as a split-pusher while his team sieges the enemy's. It's probably one of the most effective comps to play Shen into, as he can draw attention away from his team and if someone gets enough close to assassinate 268.png/81.png, which is already really difficult, he can just give them an 850 hp shield and peel for them once he comes.

Shen's goal before is just making sure that his team reaches this god-like status, keeping them safe with his teleport before that and ult after. He doesn't need to snowball his lane, he just has to keep his tower up the longer he can so that the other top laner can't help his team too early.

Other teams W.I.P

Hybrid Pen. vs Magic Pen. Marks Back to Top

All right, i didn't want to put them on the runes section simply because i wanted to keep it short and simple.

I'll just put a few images of my last games as Shen, all with hybrid pen. runes.

shenvise gamgee 1.jpg

shenvise gamgee 2.jpg

Magic and physical damage is pretty close. That's why i'm positive Shen synergizes far better with Hybrid Pen. than Magic.

Now, let's compare the damage of these two images with the damage of a pre-rework Shen

Shenvise gamgee old.jpg

Well, the ratio between magic and physical damage goes up by a lot, as you can see. I've even seen a game where my physical damage was 3k and my magical was like 18k, just to make an example.

The reason behind this is that before you used to rely on your passive for damage; it gave A LOT of burst, and pretty much all your damage came from there. The remaining was from your old Q. Now, Shen traded burst for sustained damage, and the magic damage you do is based not anymore on your health but on the enemy's.
Physical damage is more important the lower the max health of your target; viceversa, the tankier (in health) your target, the higher your magical damage. Hybrid pen. helps keeping the damage high in both fronts, making you better both against squishies and tanks.

Conclusions Back to Top

Hey guys, i'm happy you read my guide and hope you liked it! Be sure to give me feedbacks if you didn't, so i can improve it.

Personally, i've learned a lot about Shen by watching some Dyrus games. The rest, i've learned it all by myself.

You can contact me via E-mail to:

If you got questions about the guide or the game in general, write a comment below or feel free to add me in league. My summoner's name is "Fergus Raeser", english is required.

I'll keep updating as new things come up, be sure to always have one of your Eyes of Twilight focused on this guide! Stay tuned! :D

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