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Summoner Spells Back to Top

I am playing 102_64.png  without 4.png because her W and R are in my opinion enough to escape enemies.

With 6.png or3.png you can catchup enemies easier and it will make your ganks more effective.

I prefer 3.png, because its easier to gank with it and fight enemies, aslong u dont have a item with a slow.

You can try it with 12.png, too. It`s the easiest way to help a lane in my opinion.
Example: You are farming in the top jungle, but the botlane gets ganked, if they placed a ward you can react fast and help them (you can teleport on a minion, too).

But you have to be careful, because you got less escape abilities, if you get caught by enemies.

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Masteries Back to Top

I am playing 102_64.png 18/12/0 at the moment, because its easier for me to farm and my ganks are strong.
Dont underestimate Thunderlord on shyvana! Why? Here are some points about the tree:

T1: faster jungle clear

T2: increasing the duration of the redbuff is always good, makes your ganks stronger.

T3: easy to get squishy targets below 40% hp, so u can get the 5% more dmg really fast against them.

T4: very nice for teamfights, you will get assists anyway with your aoe dmg.

T5: She is dealing hybrid dmg (~66% magic dmg) so Precision is very important on her. The armor penetration and the magic penetration helps her alot.

T6: Thunderlord
is great for shyvana, it has a low CD and the dmg is surprisingly high. you will get the 3 stacks usually in the same second with your spells E+W+Q. nearly every champ will flash when you combo them and procc your thunderlord in early game, because of the high dmg output

But you can also play with other masteries, every player got his own playstyle and should try to improve it by testing.

Abilities Back to Top


You always have to max your W with 102_64.png first in the jungle, because it`s your best spell to farm fast and it gives you movementspeed. You should max your Q always atleast, because the dmg difference is not that big and the cd is not important, because you can reduce it with every autoattack. ^.^

Patch 5.11: The W got finally buffed. Now does 25% of Burnout's AoE damage per basic attack for the duration (still does AoE magic damage per second).

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    standard start items for shyvana
    Good option to play safe, doesnt matter if you go counterjungle or farm in your own jungle. you can help lanes with it, too.
    good choice for duelling and ganking. smiting the enemy champs will reduce their dmg on you by 20% and reduce enemy defense + true dmg
    Good choice if you want to farm and gank, the slow with smite is pretty useful for shyvana if you dont have exhaust or any slow items at the beginning. my favorite
    useful if you need wards in your own jungle or if you want to ward the enemy jungle. vision wins the game in the most time

Core Items

    rush bloodrazor + boots. the next item depends on you. i usually take titanic hydra after it

Situational Items

    Example #1: standard bloodrazor build (Bloodrazor is extremely strong! best option in my opinion for solo q)
    Example#2 bloodrazor with botrk build, but still tanky. expensive build but the dmg is insane.
    need magic resist? I prefer banshees and spiritvisage. supports usually build locket
    Need dmg? Never rush dmg items if you are behind.
    need hp? frozenmallet is nice if you team doesnt have cc
    need armor? thornmail can turn a hard game if enemy ad champs are fed
    Depends always on enemy team, but the most time, i play with MR boots cuz they are good against cc
    these items are scaling on shyvana too, but i dont recommend them, only if you want to troll or have some fun in an easy game
    i love this elixir. makes you survive for a long time in fights

My standard build:

The build is always optional and you have to think every game what you are going to build against the enemy team, it always depends on the situation!

The most important Jungle-Items for me with Shyvana are3709_32.png & 3718_32.png .
both are the best items to clear the jungle and also to duell enemies.

A good first item after the jungle item for Bloodrazor-Shyvana is this one 3068_32.png(IT DOESNT STACK WITH CINDERHULK !!!). Its tanky and it deals a little bit aoe dmg if you stay next to enemies. It got nerfed little bit, so if you think you cant handle the enemy AD champs build 3143.png or 3742.png.

Cinderhulk-Shyvana players should take as first item one of these: 3143.png3022.png3742.png
Because they give you movementspeed / slow, armor and hp which scales well with cinderhulk!

I usually build only 2 dmg items.
The first one is my jungle item  and the second one is in the most games 3153_32.png or 3748.png.

The next item I usually take are these 3111_32.png.
Shyvana is easy to kite, thats the reason why you need it to get the enemies after you`re slowed.
If the enemy Adc is fed you better take 3047.png, but the problem is they will kite you if they have champs with cc.

Since patch 3.10, I build 3065_32.png . The increased lifesteal + hp regeneration are good and you dont have to go back so
The 10% CDR is not a musthave but its nice to have.
Magic resist and 400 hp are great for fights to tank enemy carries.
If the enemy team has strong cc, i build 3102_32.png. I hate it, when someone interrupts my ultimate, but with banshees i can block one ability of the enemies and jump on them without getting interrupted.
3102_32.png and 3065_32.png are having nearly the same stats and both are good on shyvana.

The last item is optional and depends on the your team set-up.
Sometimes I build 3022.png, when my team lacks of cc.
If I need more tankiness i build one of these: 3143.png3742.png3075.png3190.png.
But if I need dmg, then i take: 3091.png
(When I want to troll in an easy game i take: 3151.png and 3116.png)

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its not hard to counterjungle him, but I wouldn`t fight him 1vs1 if he has full life.
I take sometimes Executioner's Calling, if an Aatrox gets too strong.

good items against him:
randuins, botrk, executioners calling

good summoner spells against him:
ignite, exhaust




He is slow in farming and it`s really easy to counterjungle him, but in fights he is very tanky and he won`t allow you to catch the carries. His ganks are deadly cause of his good cc, but the most people dont play him in jungle.




Easy to counter him in the jungle till level 6. Camp him early game in his jungle and take him out of the game. Dont forget to use wards and be careful when ss. In fights try to interrupt his stun with your ulti and push him away.

Banshees is a good item against him.




Slow at farming in the jungle. Easy to counter him at red or blue buff and it`s easy to outfarm him. I wouldn`t fight him 1vs1 if you`re not fed, cause his cc is annoying.


Dr. Mundo


You can counterjungle him and fight him 1v1, but be careful if he gets lvl 6. His
life regeneration is amazing. I prefere Blade of the ruined kings against him, because
the most Mundo`s build full hp




Not hard to counter her in the jungle, but her ganks are effective and her dmg is strong as well. try to avoid her stun if you fight her.




I always fight Evelynn players in her jungle, because Shyvana is early game stronger.
but always be careful if you dont have full life in the jungle. I would set a pinkward at the buffs to see her, when she wants to counterjungle you.

Useful summoner spell against her:


Good items against her:

Randuins, Botrk, Witsend.




Early game really slow at farming and easy to counter him. try to destroy his early game. His fear sucks in fights so be careful if you 1v1 him in his jungle. his mates can react as long you`re feared.
Teamfights against him are very hard because of his ulti, better you run if you see his ulti coming.

counter items: banshees, mercury boots (against fear, silence)




Its hard for fiora to farm at the beginning in the jungle. You should be able to kill her in her own jungle. But be careful if she is full hp, she can deal strong dmg. Her ulti got nerfed little bit, but dont think she is weak.

good items against:
Randuins, Thornmail, sunfire cape

Exhaust (super effective to make her ulti weak)
Ignite (heal reduce is nice against fiora, cuz of her strong life regeneration)




He is fast at farming. I would only farm in his jungle, if you see he is ganking on a lane.
I wouldnt fight him 1v1, because you are equally strong.
He opens mostly teamfights, so try to avoid his ulti and use after it your ultimate on his team.


Jarvan IV


Dont try to counter a good jarvan in his jungle, because he can easily flee.
You can outjump his ulti with your ulti, so dont waste your ulti, if you fight him 1v1.
His ganks are deadly, try to countergank on lanes. I prefere inlane ganks with a pinkward.
Jarvan is mostly the champ who opens a teamfight and catchs carries with his ultimate. Try to push the enemy team with your ulti away to save them.




he is one of your  hardest lategame counters, but you are in the early game stronger. You can try to counterjungle him and try to kill him, if you see him weak enough in the jungle. his ganks are strong, so try countergank him, if you know he will gank on a lane. Save your mates with your ulti, if jax jumps on them.

Randuins Omen and Blade Of The Ruined King are good items against Jax to fight him

Exhaust is a great summonerspell to win against a jax


Lee Sin


Dont counterjungle a good Lee sin player. He can easily flee and in early game he is stronger than you. Be careful, lee sin is good at countering enemy champs in their jungle. Place always a ward at your buffs. Slow him down with your botrk / randuins / smite / exhaust in teamfights if he jumps on your carries.

useful summoner spell against him:




Extreme slow at farming. easy to counter him in the jungle early game. Try to camp him in his jungle and destroy his early game. His ganks are strong, especially at lvl 6.

Good items against him:
Banshees, Botrk, Witsend.




slow at farming. easy to counter him in the jungle early game. Try to camp him in his jungle and destroy his early game. His ganks are not weak, but easy to avoid with some wards. Dont stay in his circle if he uses his abilities. His dmg is strong, I always try to slow Maokai to help my carries to stay alive. It`s up to you how you want to fight, you can also try to kill his carries, but its not smart to let his teammates die, especially his carries.

Good Items against him:
Banshees, Witsend, Botrk

Ghost, Exhaust


Master Yi


Fast in the jungle, not weak early, but Shyvana is stronger in 1v1. You can easy counter him at one of his buffs. If he gets fed, just build thornmail and destroy him with hydra or botrk. If he tries to heal hisself, push him away with your ulti to interrupt it.
In teamfights I would focus him, cause he wants to kill your carries and he is not really tanky, so he is an easy target to kill.

good items against Master Yi:
Randuins, Thornmail, Sunfire Cape, Frozenmallet

Exhaust, Ghost (to catch him if he tries to escape)




Nautilus is slow at farming, so u can counterjungle him and try to kill him at his second buff. Nautilus players usually dont counterjungle, but they gank alot, cuz his ganks are deadly. he is a strong tank and will always try to stick on your carries. You can try to slow him with frozenmallet, randuins or botrk. Dont flash or waste something else if he used his ultimate on you, you can avoid it if he marked you. but you can always avoid his hook.

good items against him:
banshees, botrk, randuins

good summoner spells against him:
exhaust, cleanse




Nunu is a fast counterjungler. Use wards to avoid his fast creep-steals.
He can easy kite you with his E and W aslong he has mana. His ganks are deadly cuz of the strong slow but his dmg is not that high. Dont fight him when there are creeps next to him, so he cant eat them to heal hisself.

You can interrupt his ultimate with your ultimate. Jump on him when you see he is using his ultimate.

good items against him:
banshees, witsend, mercurys treads, botrk

good summoner spells against him:
flash (to dodge the ult)




Pantheon is slow at farming and u can counterjungle him and kill him at his second buff. but be careful, he is strong in 1v1 cuz of his combo. be sure he wont expect you to get the suprise advantage. His ganks are deadly. his ultimate needs time land it and you can interrupt it with your ultimate if you see he is using it.

good items against him:
randuins, thornmail, banshees

good summoner spells against him:
exhaust, ghost (to catch him up after a stun), cleanse




Some people say, he is a strong counter against champs which are played on ad. But not for shyvana. If I get a Rammus as enemy, I play AP with liandrys and rylais. you won`t have any problems against him.
He is not fast at farming, but he has much movementspeed. I always counterjungle a rammus, because its easy to destroy his earlygame and outfarm him.

good items against Rammus:
blade of the ruined kings, wits end, randuins omen, frozen mallet

good summonerspells: Exhaust (to slow him when he tries to taunt your carry)




Strong enemey. has nice dmg and is tanky. It`s hard to catch him, because of his abilities. the best way is to not waste time on following him if you dont have a teammate with cc on your side. His ganks are strong, you should always react fast when he is ganking one of your teammates next to you. You should be able to 1v1 him, aslong he is not ahead.

counter items: botrk, randuins, frozen mallet, banshees

summoner spells: teleport(to counter gank), exhaust (to slow him down)




Shyvana is usually stronger till level 6 in 1v1, but after it be careful, rengar his dmg is insane. His ganks are strong aswell. Be careful if you want to counterjungle him. Use always some wards and place some at your buffs. In teamfights he will try to shotdown your carries, react fast and focus him, because the most rengar players build full ad.

good items against Rengar:
randuins omen, frozen mallet

useful summoner spell against him:




Annoying Champ in my opinion. You can counterjungle him, but he is tanky and can flee easily, if he gets in trouble.I prefere counterganks inlane against sejuani, if you know she will gank on a lane, hide yourself in a bush and wait for his opener and suprise his mates with your ulti. always try to avoid his ulti in teamfights, he will try to stop you with his slows, if you try to catch his carries.

good items against sejuani:
botrk & witsend (to deal dmg against her), banshees




Not really strong early game in my opinion. you can 1v1 him always aslong he is not fed. the problem is if you want to fight him, he will flee, if he gets in trouble, so grab always a pinkward and place it if he goes invis.

I prefere counterganks inlane against Shaco with a pinkward on the lane, to see him, if he tries to flee after a fail gank.

good items against shaco:
randuins, thornmail, frozen mallet




Haven`t played against many skarners before, but its now rly annoying in patch 4.10. You should be stronger till lvl 6, but then Skarner gets stronger.

good items against skarner:
Botrk (to duel him), Banshees (to avoid his spells), Randuins (to slow his attackspeed / movement down), Mercury boots (against his cc)




I wouldn`t 1v1 a trundle. He is stronger then a shyvana. You can counterjungle him, because he is not really fast. Try to countergank him, if he gank on a lane. In teamfights he will try to slow you down, so dont forget mercurys treads.

counter items: Randuins, Botrk

summonerspells: Exhaust




Tryndamere is slow in farming in the jungle in my opinion. You can counterjungle him or fight him till lvl 6. When he hits lvl 6, you better dont fight him solo. his dmg is strong and he can slow you down, till his teammates are there to help him.

When the enemy Tryndamere gets some kills and I see he will get fed, I always build randuins or thornmail (sometimes both).

Tryndamere will try to catchup one of your carrys in teamfights, so dont forget to slow him down with randuins or frozenmallet.




Strong enemy. Dont fight him 1v1. his stuns and dmg are annoying and if he cant fight you, he will flee. Its just a waste of time. I prefere to gank lanes instead of counterjungle him. Try to protect your carries in fights, because Udyr will focus them.

good items against Udyr:
randuins omen, blade of the ruined kings, frozen mallet

btw I hate udyr and all udyr players.




Shyvana is faster at farming in the jungle and she can counterjungle her, but dont try to fight her 1v1, if she has full life.
Her ganks are strong, try to countergank, if you know she will gank a lane.
In teamfights push her away with your ulti, if she finished her ulti on one of you carries.
dont jump in her way when she is ultying, it will interrupt your ulti.

good items against Vi:
randuins omen, blade of the ruined kings, frozen mallet




Slower then Shyvana at farming. You can counterjungle him.
If he builds full hp, just get botrk. His ganks are strong because he can throw his enemies behind him and he can dive easily turrets, cause of his passive.
Never focus him in teamfights, if he wants to catch your carries, stop him, because he will throw them behind him and his team will kill your carries.

good item against volibear:
blade of the ruined kings




warwick is a champ with a good selfheal, but he cant farm so fast. Try to steal one of his buffs if you can and counterjungle him, but I wouldnt fight him. he can be a dangerous enemy in the jungle, too.
Warwick has no slow, so you can escape in the most of the time till level 6.
The most warwicks dont gank till they are lvl 6, so use the time and try to gank your lanes to give them an advantage.

Warwick will try to ulti one of your carrys. Try to push him away with your ulti and slow warwick down with frozenmallet or randuins, if he tries to stick on them.




Early in the jungle little bit weaker then Shyvana and slower at farming.
But dont fight him 1v1 at lvl6 if he has full life. His ulti counters shyvana hard and interrupts your ultimate.
Dont stay next to him in teamfights, if he uses his ulti. Push his teammates away, if wukong engages in teamfights, it will give your mates a chance to survive, because wukong cant kill them alone.


Xin Zhao


Shyvana is faster at farming in the jungle. It shouldn`t be a problem for her to fight him at the beginning in his jungle, because she deals usually more dmg.
His ganks are strong and effective, because he can knock someone in the air, after he jumped on an enemy.
Be careful with your ulti against him, if you jump on him or his carrys, he can throw you away with his ulti, you should wait till he used his ulti.

good summonerspells against him:
exhaust, ignite




you can counterjungle him, because Zac is slower then Shyvana at farming. But dont 1v1 him in his jungle, it would be a waste of time, cuz of his passive. his mates will come and help him in his jungle.
Dont focus him in teamfights and dont stay next to him if he uses his ulti, because he will knock you up.
If he dies and he splits in 4 pieces, try to smite one of it.
try to stomp his "body parts" if they fall apart, so he cant heal hisself with it.

good items against zac:
blade of the ruined kings, wits end

good summoners against zac:

Pros, Cons & Tips Back to Top


  • Shyvana is fast at clearing the jungle and can help her team in a short time
  • her damage is always fine even when she is building fulltank
  • she has no mana, so she can spam her spells
  • strong in Teamfights, because she is tanky and she deals aoe dmg on enemies
  •  her ulti doesn`t have a real CD, its easy to max her wrath
  • Can kite enemies easy with R + W
  • good at pushing lanes and destroying turrets, because her Q deals dmg on turrets


  • she is easy to kite by enemies with slow / cc
  • she is in my opinion not as tanky as  Rammus / Shen / Malphite
  • doesn`t have an own CC / slow / healreduce
  • doesn't have defensive skills to activate like shield / heal, only the passive which gives her armor & magic resist
  • getting at lvl 1-3 more dmg from creeps in the jungle as other junglechamps
  • weak against enemies with cc in fights


  • if there is another tank in the team, let him start the fight and then engage with your ulti to hit everyone in the enemy team
  • if you get some kills in early game rush Wit`s end/ (hydra) / Botrk for strong ganks + push , if u dont get kills early, get  tanky items
  • try to use your E at the beginning of fights on enemies to deal more dmg with your autohits and your Q
  • if you gank:
  1. try to give the kills the carries. assists and your junglefarm should be enough for you
  2. the other reason is, shyvana is not able to carry a game like an adc or apc (but shyvana is still strong)
  3. try to gank inlane. ask your team to clear enemy wards and hide yourself in the bush, till the enemy team starts to fight your team and engage hard on them. they won`t expect you, aslong the wards are cleared.     

Teammates Back to Top

Shyvana is a champ, which needs a team with cc.
I don`t want to list all good champs, but here are some of them, which are good with Shyvana:

His ulti and Shyvana her ulti are strong in teamfights.
One of the champs, which I really want in my team every game.

His slows are great and his speedbuff makes Shyvana really strong. Ganks are the most time pretty effective on a lane with Nunu. Nunu is great in teamfights as well.

Great midlane Champ to make a wombo combo. She gives you the shield and you just have to engage on the enemies with your ultimate. orianna will use her ultimate when you were able to catch the enemies with your ultimate.

Her engages and her stun are very usefull. You can try to hit everyone in the enemy team with your ulti and deal hard dmg on them.


Many champs can make a wombo combo with lulu. You just have to engage with your ultimate, if you caught enough of them or if you are in trouble, lulu will use her ultimate on you to knock them up.

Shen is a strong tank. He can use his ultimate on you and at the same time you should engage on the enemies. When Shen his ultimate was succesful, he will try to taunt the enemies. At this time you should try to kill the enemy adc & apc.

How to fight Back to Top

There are many ways to fight as 102_64.png. It always depends on the situation, but here are some ways to fight with her.

First way:

  • Start with your R and jump on your enemy
  • activate your W instant
  • debuff your enemy with your E
  • attack enemy with your Q

Second way:

  • Start to walk to your enemy with your W
  • jump on him with your R and burn everything in the way you flew
  • debuff your enemy with your E
  • attack enemy with your Q

Third Way:

  • Start to walk to your enemy with your W
  • debuff your enemy with your E
  • attack enemy with your Q
  • if your enemy tries to flee, catch him with your R

Counterjungle Rules Back to Top

Many people in Bronze - Gold are failing when they try to counterjungle the enemy.
Here are some counterjungle rules you should never forget:

  1. always buy some wards and place them in the enemy jungle
  2. leave the enemy jungle when someone in enemy team is missing
  3. never try to kill the enemy jungler two times at the same place, because he will be prepared for it
  4. always kill the big creep in the camp and let always one small creep alive
  5. use the red trinket, if you think the enemy jungle is warded and leave the place after you cleared the ward, because they will probably try to catch you, when they see it

The New Jungle Back to Top

I have made this list because I thought it can help players which stopped playing season4 and want try to jungle in season5 again. I hope its useful and you like it:

Crimson Raptor:

Dealing strong dmg because they are 4, especially in early game, but Shyvana can handle them with her W. You shouldnt try to kill them if you dont have smite ready or not enough HP. Smiting them will give you a buff, which allows you to find wards next to you. they got nerfed a little bit, but dont underestimate them!
Respawn time: 1,40 min

Greater Murk Wolf:

Dealing strong dmg, but easy to kill nearly for every champion. Smiting him will give you vision for a short time in the part of the jungle where you smited it. Smiting enemy wolf can help your teammates to see enemy jungler to avoid ganks.
Respawn time: 1,40 min

Ancient Krug:

Tanky creep with 12 armor but its still easy to kill for the most champs, because they dont deal that much dmg.
Smiting them will give you a buff which allows you to stun jungle creeps after a few autoattacks (i guess it was 5).
Some junglers are starting with the ancient krug or the gromp at lvl 1, it depends on you, but i prefer the gromp, because he is next to the bluebuff. I take the redbuff last because i want to use it for ganks not for farming in the jungle.
Respawn time: 1,40 min

Rift Scuttler:

Getting more and more tanky everytime you kill him. Killing him will give you a vision for a short time. he is wakling along river, so you have to be careful when you try to kill him, because the enemies will try to kill him, too to get vision at drake.
Respawn time: 3 min


It is tanky and his dmg is strong, but its only one target, so its easier to kill for some champs, which doesnt have aoe dmg. Smiting him will give you a buff which will deal dmg over time (dot) on creeps & minions. Many junglers are starting with Gromp at lvl 1, but for shyvana it doesnt matter if you start with gromp or the ancient krug.
Respawn time: 1,40 min

Blue Sentinel:

The blue sentinel is pretty tanky but it doesnt deal that much dmg in the short time.
Smiting him will give you a percentage of mana, but shyvana has no mana, so its useless in my opinion.
I am staring always with the Gromp and then I take the bluebuff because i want to use the redbuff for ganks, not for farming in the jungle.
bluebuff: increased mana regeneration, cooldown reduction
respawn time: 5 min

Red Brambleback:

The red brambleback has 200 hp less then the blue sentinel, but he deals little bit more dmg. Smiting him will give you a percentage of your HP back. The redbuff is the most important buff for shyvana in the early game, dont lose it! I take the redbuff last because i want to use it for ganks not for farming in the jungle.
redbuff: dealing truedmg on enemies and slowing them when you autoattack them.
respawn time: 5 min


Tanky creep in the jungle, one of the most important things in this game to win. Some champs can kill him solo early, but in my opinion you shouldnt try it if you dont have some hp items. Smiting him wont give you a buff, but killing him will give you and your team the buff "Dragon Slayer". You can stack the buff 5 times, every stack level has another special buff for your team. You cant stack it more then 5 times. You should always try to get the drakes!
respawn time: 6 min

Baron Nashor:

Tankiest creep in the jungle, one of the most important buffs in this game to win. You will always need your team to kill him, you cant solo it. Smiting him will only deal dmg on him. Never allow the enemy team to get this buff!
Dont forget to ward it. Even a "lost game" can be turned with a baronbuff.
increased AP + AD, reduced channel time by 4 sec, gives your minions a aura (makes them stronger)
A successful recall restores 50% of your champion's maximum health / mana and grants +50% movement speed for 8 seconds (
respawn time: 7 min

My music playlists for gaming Back to Top

I am always looking for some new good music on youtube,

because i am loving it to listen to music while i am playing some games.

I hope you enjoy it.

My favorite genres are:

DnB, Drumstep, Dubstep, Glitch-hop, Grime.

1. Playlist: Dubstep, Drumstep, Glitch-hop, Trap:

2. Playlist: Drum and Bass (most of them, but not all):

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Usual Jungle Route:

1. Start where your botlane is. that means: gromp or krug. The reason is, your botlane can give you better help at killing the first creep. if you warded well it shouldnt be a problem, when you smite the first creep at the beginning.

2. You should be level 2 now. Walk to your first buff which is next to you and kill it. dont forget to use pots!

3. Go straight to your next buff. You are still level 2, because the buffs doesnt give more exp. like in seasons before, but your smite should be up now. This time you smite your buff at the end. Someone could invade you, sometimes its smart to pull the creep into a bush, in the most times, invaders are hiding in the bush.

4. You should be level 3 and you should have doublebuffs. let's start ganking. the highest carry potential is in my opinion on the midlane, if you help the midlaner to get firstblood, he should be able to roam all lanes. if the midlane is pushed and you cant gank, just gank the toplaner. many players forget to help the toplaner. toplane is an important position, because the toplaners are playing with teleport and can do great ganks with it!

5. After your gank, if you are not low hp you can do another gank or gank another lane to get level 4. If you are low hp just go base, its important to play safe and not to die. Especially the jungler can get killed fast in the early game in his own jungle by invaders, because the creeps are dealing a lot of dmg.

6. Now repeat it: gank a lane and kill a jungle camp. You should never forget, that its important to clear your jungle camps, too. Ganking alone wont give you enough experience to get a level up.

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Here are some of my good games.
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