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Summoner Spells Back to Top

If you bothered to read my introduction, you may have noticed that im talking about Shyvana as a powerspike-reliant champion and not a very well scaling one.

Ignite is a summoner spell that brings nothing but pure damage to the table. Damage is required to kill enemy champions and if you stack enough damage to kill someone, you have a window of opportunity to exert pressure, take control of the game and ultimately use your powerspikes. Ignite allows you to do all this earlier, safer and stronger - why would you not want this?

As for Smite, every jungler is basically forced to pick this summoner spell but since season 5, this is actually more of a blessind than a curse because you can upgrade your Smite to be castable on enemy champions too, so it works as an effective combat summoner. 
3715.png grants you Challenging Smite which reduces damage taken by the target enemy champion by 20%  and grants your autoattacks against that champion a mini-ignite - even more damage.

Now instead of having a mobility summoner spell like flash and a useless smite, you have two extremely strong low cooldown combat summoners that allow you to dominate the map even harder. Even tho Challenging Smite can be somewhat countered by the enemy also buying it, no one uses it as well as Shyvana as it is perfectly designed for her natural Fighter playstyle.

Many people ask me why i dont run 3.png Exhaust.
The answer is surprisingly simple: Exhaust helps you not getting killed by a strong damage-dealer. Sounds good right? Wrong!

As this Video perfectly showcases, exhaust is only a substitute for effort. Achilles shield is exhaust, which blocks a portion of the enemies damage (the first spear) but he simply dodges the second one. If he can dodge spears like that, he would not have needed exhaust to survive but then he uses 14.png Ignite to instagib his enemy. If you have mapcontrol (which shyvana strives to have) you can pick the fights and positions you want. Exhaust makes up for mistakes - just dont make any in the first place.

The same thing goes for 4.png Flash. Its a bit better than ignite because it can be used offensively but because it has no synergy with any of shyvanas abilities, it doesnt directly increase her damage potential, thus making it worse than Ignite.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

This is as much damage as you can get without losing your reliability. The 12 points in resolve give you plenty of clearingpower in the jungle and Insight gives you even lower cooldowns on your allready low-cooldown summoners so you can use your powerspikes even more frequently. 

Its a little sad to not have "merciless"  and "assassin" from the cunning tree for even more damage but this is as much as you can afford. i used to run 12/18/0 for a while since its the utmost maximum of damage Shyvana can deal but its not solid enough and since Shyvana is all about solid reliable power, it wasnt worth it in the end.

Abilities Back to Top


R > W > E > Q

The only somewhat unusual thing here is that i max E over Q and even tho Qs early levels got nerfed recently, i find the +40 damage per level on E very worth it. thats just my personal opinion and you can max Q second without losing out on too much. tho it might be optimal to bring E to level 3 and then max Q.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    no pots
    Rush this for an additional combat summoner spell

Core Items

    highest damage / utility and biggest powerspike shyvana can possibly have

Situational Items

    fill up your inventory with this

I probably dont have to talk about neither devourer nor swiftness boots, so lets adress trinity force - the item you are all wondering about.

why trinity, why not titanic hydra or blade of the ruined king (botrk). 

well, trinity got reworked in season 6 so that it has more stats that fit shyvana. its a really nice item for her now that gives her not only damage but also excellent utility combined with minor tankyness. the movementspeed and cooldown reduction go hand in hand with shyvanas champion design and powerspikes, there is no better item for her no matter what stage of the game.

in season 5, titanic hydra was the best item for her as it is a really strong item and it was really cheap. in season 6, they first increased its cost which allready made trinity the superior item but then they even nerfed its damage drastically so there is really no excuse to buy this item anymore. it does give some nice health but no utility at all. in addition to that, it has a horrible build path that is void of all powerspikes. rito please. also, the only real reason titanic was so good on her is because titanic was good on everyone due to being fucking overpowered.

botrk has been nerfed too but that aside, it was always a really bad buy on shyvana. in season 5, i was the first shyvana player to frequently buy titanic hydra while everyone was like "omg y u no buy botrk, its so gud on her!". now everyone is like "noob pls shyvana needs titanic, its core!"
im pretty sure, by the end of the season people will start using trinity more and cry about me building that much better new item.

basically here is the breakdown of why botrk and titanic are not good on shyvana:
botrk is an item for chasing and auto attacking in extended engages. shyvana has so much brute power that she will never be in a scenario like that pre 3-4 items. she has so much damage and so much speed that no one can match her power and no one is nearly tanky enough for botrk to outdamage trinity. in addition to that, it has 90 seconds cooldown whereas trinity has no cooldown.

titanic hydra does give a nice burst of damage due to its true-autoattack-reset mechanic but to unfold its entire damage potential, shyvana has to stand still and fight. even tho this is exactly what shyvana wants, this item doesnt HELP her doing so. we allready invested in standing-and-fighting power in our runes, masteries and summoner spells - we cannot afford more. Now Shyvana needs more options to apply her overwhelming power. 

trinity gives the speed and the CDR to maneuver around the battlefield and fill in shyvanas weaknesses without relying on cooldowns. if you go titanic hydra, you might be able to apply your power really well if you run chilling smite and flash/ghost but is it worth it paying with one or even two summoners for a slightly higher combat efficiency? not even close. thats why titanic hydra is the inferior item by far.

trinity force gives shyvana everything she needs and fills in her weaknesses really well while supporting her strengths. the only other viable option is to run a very tanky setup and skipping additional damage items for a while. randuins second is very good if you have a high damage team and good teamplay (i.e. 5 premades)
also, the less you are ahead (the more you are behind) after buying devourer + boots, the better it is to go randuins or spirit visage before more damage.

lets say you bought trinity: you are fast, you are extremely lethal but you are still squishy. whats the best way to become more beefy? if you used your powerspikes well and are ahead as you should be by your champion pick alone, the best item to buy is steraks gage as it synergizes GREATLY with not only trinity force but also your passive. if you can finish it quickly after trinity, this is your greatest powerspike and if you teamfight now, there is no stopping you anymore. godmode activated.

if you are not super far ahead, randuins omen third is very good as it has a better buildpath than steraks gage and... well thats really the only reason. randuins has an excellent buildpath while steraks has the worst one in the game together with rageblade, so if your gold income stagnates half-way through the item, you are fucked. only go for steraks if you know you can complete it within a reasonable time, otherwise go for the safer options.

against alot of AP (ap mid, ap top, ap jungler, ap support), it is possible to go devourer -> hexdrinker -> locket/spiritvisage. very situational build.

Matchups Back to Top

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everyone else is np

Jungle Back to Top

Basic Jungling

First Clear Route: Kruggs -> Raptors -> Wolves -> Gromp (or the other way around) -> buy skirmishers sabre

Second Clear Route: Kruggs -> Redbuff -> Raptors -> Wolves -> Gromp -> Bluebuff -> either gank/invade or recall to buy 2 Daggers and a pinkward. also, change your trinket to sweeping lens.

Third Clear Route: Kruggs -> gank with level 6 powerspike or clear all camps again and then gank the other side of the map.

Powerspikes Back to Top

Shyvanas major powerspikes:
1. upon buying challenging smite /BIG
2. upon buying double dagger /Medium
3. upon finishing devourer /BIG
4. upon buying swiftness boots /BIG
5. upon buying components of trinity force /Small 
6. upon completing trinity force /BIG
7. upon buying steraks gage /GOD
8. why is the game not fucking over yet. no more powerspikes available to shyvana no matter what you build.

About CoNteMpT / Shyvana Back to Top

Why even play Shyvana?

My name is CoNteMpT and im going to answer this question for you. I am a Master Tier Shyvana player from Germany. I have the most mastery points with Shyvana in the entire world, which means i have played her the most out of all players. If you are interested in watching me play, check out my stream:

In this guide im going to share the knowledge i gathered in my many games with you.

102.png There are alot of misconceptions about Shyvana. Many people believe her to be a Tank, a Diver or a very well scaling lategame 'Carry'. She is infact none of these things. Shyvana is the pure essence of a Fighter, which means that her purpose is to stand and fight like a true Warrior. She doesnt want to dive past the enemy frontline, she doesnt want to split up from her team to assassinate someone and she doesnt want to flank or even isolate targets. What she really wants is to stand united with her team and fight together. Basically you could change her model to Pantheons because she is exactly how Leonidas would have been.

Also, Shyvana doesnt scale well into lategame or at all. What does "scale" even mean? It means that by gaining more levels and/or gold, a champions power curve grows faster or higher than other champions. 
For example: Champion A and Champion B both have 1 full item. At this point, Champion A is stronger because he has higher base stats and probably a more suited ability-kit for earlygame dueling. 
Now a bit later on in the game, both champions have 2 items and suddenly Champion B is stronger because he works better with a higher number of items. He "outscaled" Champion A.

Shyvana certainly is not Champion B in this scenario. She has basically no scaling at all. Her abilities barely scale on buyable stats and she has only one ability that somewhat scales with the enemies strength, which is her E - Flame Breath. If you hit an enemy with it, each one of your autoattacks additionally deals 2,5% of the enemies maximum health as magic damage. 
All her other abilities are entirely built around base damage and very little around scaling. 

Now with that being said, lets get back to the original question - Why even play Shyvana?
If Shyvana doesnt scale very well, this means in scenarios where she has the same amount of items than her opponent, she most likely isnt the stronger/more useful champion but here her secret power kicks in - no one will ever have the same amount of items as her by default. 
Shyvana farms very fast and makes good use of cheap items and cheap parts that boost her strength early on. This grants her reliable and high powerspikes over other champions which she can use to extend her lead. The powerspikes will decline if not used and eventually she will get outscaled and become useless. Though if used properly, she can jump from one powerspike to the next and skip through many weak phases by doing so, effectively always staying one (or multiple) steps ahead of her enemies. 

Shyvana is a dominator. She sets the tone of the game and controls the map. She doesnt rely on her opponents to make mistakes in order to "snowball" and she has few to no counterpicks/counterplay that involves only one champion. To deny Shyvana her strength and stop her powerspikes, teamwork is required and even then its very hard and barely cost-efficient. This allows her to actually play the game - something that many champions can only hope for.

I like playing League of Legends, thats why i play Shyvana.

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