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Singed Statistics for Church of Tiamat

Author's performance with Singed compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png12.png Flash is Flash, everybody has it. It's better than Ghost because it is instant and thus, better at gapclosing. Ghost isn't that bad either, but if you're going to die 1v1 at, say, level 2, only a Flash will save you from the opponent's Flash.

4.png14.png Unsealed Spellbook start. You can easily get kills before level 6 with these. Feel free to change Ignite with anything that suits your playstyle throughtout the game, though you're better at just sticking with Teleport after laning phase ends. 

Other Spells

6.png makes you go fast but only after 2 seconds, plenty of opportunity for enemies to flash and kill you
3.png im 15 and i main rengar gasai yuno 4 lyf <333
11.png If you get autofilled as Support ;^)

New Runes Back to Top


Aftershock is the most reliable Rune on Singed because makes you a big tank after you Fling someone (it doesn't proc by any other means). The other two choices are just bad because you're not with someone in lane and you don't auto often, if at all. Don't forget that Aftershock deals damage to champions only.

Bone Plating and Second Wind are literally mandatory on every single champion that wants sustain in a lane.
You can take Chrysalis instead of Second Wind for lanes where you have to snowball.

Revitalize gives you even more sustain, especially when you're low on Health (just like Second Wind!).

Go for Inspiration second tree so you get 130 HP.

Future's Market helps Singed buy very early boots and/or Dark Seals since he will be recalling a lot at early game.
Time Warp Tonic for even more healing and speed from Potions. Insantiy Potion's healing is not increased, but its speed is.


Aery makes your damage insanely high at every stage of the game. If you can stick to enemies real close without being kited, Aery will easily proc multiple times. If you definitely need to win lane I recommend taking Aery instead of Aftershock.

Aery, Ultimate Hat and Celerity are your bread and butter. Scorch helps you get early kills. You can always go for Gathering Storm, though the game has to be over 40 mins for it to be noticeable. Waterwalking is incredibly situational so it's simply not worth taking.

Go Resolve for secondary tree.
Take Bone Plating for damage reduction.
Take Chrysalis so you either get the full stats of a Sorcery or a Resolve tree. You'll be tanky when needed (early game) and have damage when needed (mid and late game).


High risk high reward. You start the game with Flash Ignite and try to get a lead ASAP. If you definitely need to win lane not because you can, but because you must, I recommend taking Spellbook instead of Aery.

Perfect Timing is preferred over free boots because Singed needs boots before 10 mins.
Future's Market helps Singed buy very early boots and/or Dark Seals since he will be recalling a lot at early game.
Time Warp Tonic for more healing and speed from Potions. Insantiy Potion's healing is not increased, but its speed is.

Secondary Tree is Sorcery for 22 AP (notice how it's better than Sorcery first and Inspiration second). 
Celerity for extra Speed and Scorch is the best early game rune you can take.

Watch Dong Huap's video about this for more information 

Abilities Back to Top


Get fling.png at level 1 if you are invading and sure that your team will get a kill.

It's really simple. poisontrail.png is the reason you play 27.png, max it first.
poisontrail.png alone may not do much if the enemy isn't behind you, max fling.png second for more scaling HP damage and snare duration.
megaadhesive.png is a one point wonder. Ranking it no longer increases the slow amount, just the mana cost and reduces 1 second off of it. You might as well just put one point into it and not rank it again.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Best start. Dark Seal(s) makes your Refillable Pot heal more and is sold for 60% of its cost. Refillable Potion may be sold for only 40% of its cost but all the healing you'll receive from it throughtout an entire game will be well worth spending 150 gold for buying it and only losing 15 upon selling it.

Core Items

    Always buy tier 1 boots and at least 1 Dark Seal on your first back. This will make your early game very strong.
    If you have to rush Tier 2 boots, have up to 4 Dark Seals in your inventory. As the game goes on sell Dark Seals to open up inventory spaces for your big items.
    Boot choices. Ninja Tabi is good vs auto attack reliant champs, Merc Treads is good vs heavy CC and Swifties are best against Gnar.
    If you don't necessarily need Tier 2 boots, have 3 Dark Seals and get a component of your first item (RG or Rylai).
    RG gives you insane chasing power. Also gives HP Regen and a lot of good defensive stats. Unless you're going for absolute lane domination vs the likes of Nasus, RUSH THIS EVERY GAME.
    Rylai rush is for the permaslow. This will win you most Hard matchups for sure. It also makes you a huge threat for the enemies. The only downside is that since minions will also be slowed, proxying an entire wave can take longer because the minions will be too slow to be caught in another Poison Cloud so you may have to run through them twice as opposed to once.
    If you went for RG, one of these two will be a good second item. They both give HP regen, movespeed and pushing power. Buy Banner if the enemy also has their own, or you are vs a champ that can stack endlessly from ZZrot minions (GP, Nasus, etc.). Otherwise buy ZZrot because its splitpushing power is greater than Banner's. ZZrot gives you movespeed near itself, so in a teamfight you can place anywhere you'd like for the movespeed. Not only that but you can Teleport to ZZrot minions, or ZZrot itself.
    If you went for Rylai, buy at least one of these for more damage. Liandry's burn is doubled vs movement impaired enemies so it's quite the bruiser item. Combine Liandry and Abyssal Mask's percentage damage boost and you'll be a very formidable threat for the enemy.
    After you build your core items listed above, build cheap tank items like these to increase your durability. Warmog helps vs poke and Gargoyle active helps vs burst.
    Armour item choices. Thornmail is good at shutting down ADCs and the likes of Trundle. Randuin is good vs champs like Tryndamere and Yasuo. FH is good against all AD champions and DMP is for those games where the enemies just don't focus you at all.
    Magic Resist choices. Spirit Visage's increased healing passive is really cool. But what's cooler is Adaptive Helm's damage reduction. Buy Adaptive Helm when the enemy has champs that rely on DoT or one low-CD ability (such as Kog, Rumble, Cassiopeia, Syndra, Singed, etc.).
    Support items. They are too cheap and will protect your carries.

Situational Items

    Upgrade a 10 stacked Dark Seal to Mejai if you're hard carrying. You'll lose the increased pot healing passive. Sell it after you die.
    If Malzahar or Skarner won't stop ulting you.
    If Zed won't stop ulting you.
    extremely cheap movespeed boost
Inferior Items That Should Not Be Built, Ever

  • 3070.png rip old passive
  1. Singed has mana issues at level 2 only.
  2. You won't upgrade it because you absolutely don't need 1400 mana.

  • 3027.png muh galio build
  1. 3010.png is good.
  2. Building it into 3001.png is better.
  3. Being able to buy 3379.png is much better.

  • 3152.png
  1. The dash takes longer than casting 4.png.
  2. You can't use abilities while dashing. The bolts don't slow either, unless you have Glacial Augment for some reason.
  3. Completely useless on a tank.

  • 3117_32.png Boots of Bronzility
  1. "Wow it is so cheap and gives a lot of movespeed!" 
  3. 3009.png gives more basespeed + slow resistance for the same cost.

  • 3056_32.png oxymoron
  1. Buy a better item that builds from 2053.png.
  2. Why would a tank need to disable turret damage anyway

  •  3023_32.png 
  1. You have better alternatives for catching people.
  2. You have better alternatives for slowing people too.

  • 3152_32.png2041_32.png
  1. lol

Matchups Back to Top

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  • Zed



  1. Rush 3047.png and/or 3076.png.
  2. megaadhesive.png after he uses his slow. Then he will jump on you. fling.png him now. Congratulations, you won the lane.
  3. Afer that start helping your teammates because there is no way an 266_64.png is going to die to you. Alone, that is. Ask for ganks if you'd like.
  4. Flinging him when he is about to drop off is a must. No knock ups for 266_64.png means he is a lesser 23.png.
  5. aatroxq.png is uninterruptible.
  6. His ult increases his range. Aatrox can attack over walls with that.



74_64.png can go top. So why not 268_64.png?
  1. His poke is too much for every melee champion to handle, including you. Buy 1054_32.png on first back.
  2. Like how Riot says: "Try to think of Sand Soldiers as fire. Don't stand in the fire."
  3. Proxying won't help you much, he can still poke and chase you for hours.
  4. You'll get better results proxying than you'll ever get laning, however. 
  5. If you want to all in 268_64.png you'll have to bypass his wall, slowing soldiers and a single soldier dash which grants him a shield if he hits you while diving his own turret every single time. You can get stuck between azirR.png and a wall so beware.
  6. You should focus this guy before he spams his soldiers onto your carries.
  7. azirpassive.png is free gold.
  8. You can disrupt azirE.png with your fling.png
  9. You can't fling.png him with you when he casts azirR.png.
  10. megaadhesive.png prevents Azir from using his E. Though it requires another ability, his W, to dash; the ability does nothing on its own, unlike Jarvan's abilities.



You can freely pick Singed into Camille. There is absolutely no way you can lose.
  1. Take Aftershock runes.
  2. In early laning phase, go for the minions when she isn't going for them. camilleq.png is an auto resetting spell that can be cast twice so you'll get dicked in a second at level 1 if you're not careful.
  3. camillee.png has 2 dashes. If you see Camille using that on a wall, IMMEDIATELY place megaadhesive.png under her so she can't cast the second dash at all.
  4. Literally everything that Camille can do vs you is spamming camillew.png and hoping that Comet kills you (hint: it doesn't).
  5. Rush 3047.png (optional).
  6. Use fling.png only for kicking her out of her ult.
  7. Don't fling.png her when she procs her passive. That shield is huge.
  8. Activate insanitypotion.png as soon as she activates camiller.png.
  9. If you push lane don't just sit in front of her, but don't proxy either. She heals a ton with camillew.png and if you get hit by its edge you'll get slowed, 164.png gets healed and gains attack speed.
  10. megaadhesive.png prevents Camille from using Hookshot and her ult.



  1. Start 1054.png and try to rush level 2. She can run you down if she reaches 2 first.
  2. 69_64.png can't initiate constant trades before she buys 3070_32.png.
  3. The later the game the more powerful she becomes. This is why you should rush a MR item very early. 3194.png is a gift from above.
  4. Focus her first on teamfights or she'll kill your whole team, one by one.
  5. Run away from 69_64.png whenever she approaches you. You may never know if they are scrpiting or not.
tsm at msi 2015 lul



  1. Just try to farm the lane out. Even if you build offensively he'll eventually outscale you.
  2. Only go for trades if he uses vorpalspikes.png for waveclear.
  3. No trades at all past level 6.
  4. Go ham when you see him ulting a minion.
  5. Try to peel him away from your carries. You can only "try", you can't exactly prevent it.
  6. Focus on their 157_64.png if they have one.



  1. If you want to main Singed you should ban Darius every game.
  2. Take Spellbook runes.
  3. Summoner Spells are crucial in this matchup. Your Ignite will define the outcome. So will his Ignite and/or Ghost.
  4. You win at level 1 if he started W and expected to cheese you.
  5. You win at level 2 regardless.
  6. Here's the important part: When he charges dariuscleave.png, cast Fling right before it deals damage. This way he will be midair, on top of you and you will only take the damage from the handle, which prevents Darius from healing. This will probably be hard to do every single time, and is straight up impossible if you're slowed by his W beforehand.
  7. So long as you have enough HP regen you can stall for ganks after a failed all-in after level 6.
  8. Don't tilt when you die a lot. It happens.





Dr. Mundo

  1. Take Aery runes.
  2. Go proxy early. If you mess his early it takes a very long time for him to get tanky.
  3. If you can't, do not engage in trades. He can kill you starting at level 2!
  4. After 6 this lane should have a clear winner.
  5. You can build 3076.png to send a message.
  6. If 36_64.png catches you, you will mostly likely eat a few more cleavers.
  7. 36_64.png won't care about you post 6. 3165.png is your only way of dealing with him past that point and it's just not worth buying for most of the time.
  8. If your ADC does not build 3123.png spam the Surrender Vote every time.
  9. Most of the time you both will farm and gank lanes.



  1. FACT: 245_64.png IS MELEE AND HE HAS TO BASH YOU WITH HIS AUTOS TO SHOW HIS REAL POWER. Just don't let him auto you; his spells deal no damage anyways.
  2. Now you can ask "But ekkoE.png is a double dash, how can I dodge that?" and I can say you should just fling.png him and keep running. Just be careful if he hasn't used his ekkoQ.png before that.
  3. Stay behind your minions and only go farming when he uses his ekkoQ.png to push.
  4. Keep him pinned at his turret at early levels, go proxy after he finishes an item and isolate him from his team (or isolate his team from him) then you'll win every teamfight. 245_64.png has "63_64.png Syndrome" after all. (Symptoms include being able to deal an incredible amount of burst damage upon target(s), being unable to escape from an angry 27_64.png and getting Flung onto the enemy team while dying in "Seconds".)
  5. And finally, please don't die. Don't ask for ganks either. Take no risks. Thank.
  6. If he is diving you hug your tower so that he just may use his ekkoE.png onto the tower and not you. 
  7. If you Snare him he can't ult.



  1. No Health or MR item will save you.
  2. Rush 3111_32.png.
  3. Hide in brush to lose her eliseW.png aggro.
  4. Kite Spider Form 60_64.png.
  5. Go proxy. 60_64.png sucks at chasing.
  6. You can disrupt Spider 60_64.png's Q with your fling.png.
  7. If the enemy is going to turret dive you activate whatever you have and run all the way back to your base. eliseE.png deals no damage so she has no turret aggro while you are stunned. Also, Rappel.



hashinshin was right
  1. Rush 3047.png and 3076.png.
  2. Play around fioraq.png all the time.
  3. Force Fiora to proc a Vital behind you so that your minions start attacking her.
  4. Don't EVER Fling. Make her waste Riposte every time.
  5. If you get ulted stick to a wall and run away or stand still and fight.
  6. fioraq.png can be disrupted by fling.png.
  7. If you lose lane, always expect 114.png to come to the lane you're splitpushing. Run away when you see her because she will kill you if you're behind.



  1. He wins in every single trade thanks to fizzseastonepassive.png and he can end any bad trades with fizzjump.png.
  2. Be very passive early, he will deal a lot of damage before you can realize.
  3. Activate insanitypotion.png when he lands fizzmarinerdoom.png on you.
  4. The only ocassion you can try to kill him is when you complete 3116.png and he overextends without much mana.



  1. galioq.png almost never one-shots your ranged minions so he will have to walk towards them. This is where you try to force a trade. Basically go all-in every time after he uses galioq.png.
  2. galiow.png slows him so it really helps you more than it helps him. Be careful of a 4.png play though.
  3. galioe.png makes him go a little behind, then dash forward. If you're on top of him he can never use this to escape.
  4. galior.png buffs his ally BEFORE 3.png finishes landing.
  5. Do not towerdive. Galio almost always maxes galiow.png second so it gives them a lot of damage reduction. More than your ult gives at any stage of the game.
  6. Obviously you can disrupt galioe.png with fling.png but standing on top of him is way easier.
  7. Reminder: Galio has the highest Base HP of all champions at level 18.
  • galioidolofdurand.png just putting this here for nostalgia.



Klepto and Gangplank ruin the game.
  1. Rush Tabi to have a slight chance of staying in lane.
  2. He will always somehow return with a 3057.png on first back. The later you delay that item from him the longer you'll win this lane.
  3. His barrels are hard to destroy for a Singed because he has a bad AA delay. Don't even try.
  4. Proxy screws him up HARD as he can't tank minions properly and removescurvy.png costs a lot of Mana.
  5. Don't dive him, alone or with allies, if he has gangplankr.png.
  6. 41.png can 1v1 anyone and he LOVES beating tanks. Work with your team to shut him down.
  7. Focus him first in teamfights all the time. A single barrel can win the game for his team and it's not your responsibility to attack the barrels.
  8. If he went tank or full Lethality, even Randuin can't save you.
  9. He can removescurvy.png out of your snare.
  10. Learn to play Vlad to shut Gangplanks down in your future games until GP stops being meta.



  1. fling.png 86_64.png all day every day. You can fling.png him right before he silences you so you can escape from garenbladestorm.png.
  2. Always sneak autos after trades so his passive will delay.
  3. Exit lane if you are low on health. Stop laning if you are marked as the Villain.
  4. 86_64.png will win every trade after he finishes 3071.png. Deal with it.
  5. You should force 86_64.png to garenjustice.png you constantly in teamfights so your carries will be safe. Take one for the team.
  6. Proxying doesn't work. Minions don't stop his passive.
  • The reason everybody hates 86_64.png ult is that people knows when they are dead. And garenjustice.png simply executes their already known death with an obnoxious scream and a flashy effect. We get it 86_64.png, we got caught.



  1. Mini 150_64.png early has no damage to pose a threat for you, and Mega is too easy for you to trade. So if you go all-in as his Mega Bar is almost full, he will probably die.
  2. This matchup is hard simply because Gnar can chase you forever if you don't have 3116.png and/or 3009.png. Before level 6 you can stomp him completely.
  3. Disengage with fling.png when he jumps on you as Mega.
  4. Avoid staying near walls if he is Mega.
  5. You can disrupt gnarE.png (both forms) with your Fling.
  6. You can Fling Mega150_64.png while he's casting his ult.




What drugs were you guys on when you made this champion?

  1. Mofo has innate sustain and too much damage. Early game belongs to him.
  2. Him using gragasdrunkenrage.png means he wants a trade. Hide behind your minions.
  3. You can't fling.png him away when he gragasbodyslam.pngs on you. Even if you do it doesn't knock him away, it just deals damage.
  4. I suggest constantly pusing the wave. Guy runs outta mana very quickly.
  5. Proxying would work too I guess. Just don't give him free kills.
  6. Get early 3211_32.png if you messed up.
  7. In teamfights fling.png him away after he uses gragasbodyslam.png so his gragasexplosivecask.png goes to very wrong places.



  1. The very early phase of laning will be a nightmare only. As time passes you'll win everything.
  2. Rush Tabi.
  3. If he wants to poke he has to use gravesmove.png. Punish him for doing that by Flinging him.
  4. Ganks ensure a kill, especially post 6 since he can't escape you at all.
  5. fling.png disrupts gravesmove.png and graveschargeshot.png's dash. 



(secret dialogue taken from Riot Games HQ)

*10 minutes later*
+ D:

  1. 120_64.png's hitbox is too damn large to CS with autoattacks but thanks to your poison you won't have much problem unlike other melee champions.
  2. Avoid trades with him because of his high heal-per-second hecarimw.png if he has Thunderlord /spammable hecarimrapidslash.png if he has Fervor.
  3. If you succeed in killing 120_64.png you will force him to buy an early 3211_32.png or even rush 3065_32.png, which will delay that 3078_32.png spike a lot and make him run oom fast.
  4. Neither of you will be killed when ganked.
  5. Use 12.png to follow 120_64.png to where he goes.
  6. Be a bitch. Always stand in front of him after finishing 3116_32.png to counter him in fights.
  7. Recall immediately if you are low on HP. Don't try anything stupid.
  8. This one is really hard to pull off but you can fling.png 120_64.png as he casts hecarimult.png. Give your carries breathing time.
  9. 120_64.png can negate your fling.png's displacement with hecarimramp.png.
  10. hecarimramp.png targeting has a stupid mechanic so if he is trying to dive you under a Tier 2 just run around the tower and he'll most likely kill himself. That's only one of the many bugs that skill has.



  1. Proxy. Heimer is useless without minions and h28gevolutionturret.pngs are not known for tanking minions.
  2. This way you will force him to rush 3060.png. It will be hard for you to deal with that minions but he can only summon it every so often.
  3. Don't bother diving him. Just don't.
  4. Either focus him while his turrets are away from him or focus him first in a teamfight before he sets all 4 of his h28gevolutionturret.pngs.
  5. Pick Sion next time. Max E and watch as hilarity ensues (for you).



  1. Just run around like a madman as you dodge her tentacles. There is absolutely nothing else you need to do to beat her.
  2. Rush 3047.png. You have just won the lane.
  3. She has no escapes so if you isolate her in a teamfight she has no option but to ult. Be extremely careful or you might throw the game.
  4. You can disrupt illaoiW.png with your fling.png.
  5. You can NOT disrupt her when she initially casts illaoiR.png.
  6. You can always 1v1 420.png. Your team, can not.



I hate Irelia so much.
  1. Expect a jump on yourself if  39_icon_64.png reaches level 2 first.
  2. CAN'T STOP THE 3078_32.png RUSH
  3. 39_64.png will lose a little HP from minions and stun you when you return to lane with full health. Avoid situations like that and you'll be fine.
  4. Activate ult after she uses hers.
  5. 3047_32.png will reduce a lot of damage.
  6. Just like 114_64.png don't ever try dueling 39_64.png if you reach late game and/or if 39_64.pnghas 3022_32.png
  7. You can disrupt ireliagatotsu.png with your fling.png.


Jarvan IV

  1. Take 4.png. This probably means you gotta buy 3800.png to be fast and that also means you gotta build full tank.
  2. Getting hit by his jarvanivpassive.png proc'd autoattacks are OK but get hit by one jarvanivdemacianstandard.pngjarvanivdragonstrike.png combo and you'll lose a chunk of health.
  3. Get 3047_32.png to win lane. Get 1031_32.png if you fail.
  4. fling.png him out if he uses jarvanivcataclysm.png on you. 59_64.png will always jarvanivdemacianstandard.pngjarvanivdragonstrike.png and then jarvanivcataclysm.png so his skills will be on cooldown. He will wait outside like a vulture.
  5. Deny his dash with fling.png. He is unstoppable while ulting.
  6. megaadhesive.png only prevents him from ulting. Since jarvanivdemacianstandard.pngjarvanivdragonstrike.png are not dash abilities on their own, and they "synergize" with each other, he can use that to escape.



I guess 27.png and 24_64.png are bros since they both get buffed for no reason constantly by Riot after some nerfs that was ages ago. But Riot loves Singed more than Jax.
  1. Take Aftershock runes. Your secondary tree can be Sorcery if you'd like.
  2. Rushing 3047.png is a good idea.
  3. Jax is a monster with his damage and splitpushing power in lategame. Singed is also a monster with his damage and splitpushing power in midgame. Build damage so you can close out the game before Jax destroys everything.
  4. If he jumps on you then activates jaxcounterstrike.png just kite him away. If he jaxcounterstrike.pngs and then jumps, Lock fling.png him (just buffer Fling or spam it on him so you cast it the moment he gets in range) so that he can't attack you when you are stunned.
  5. Your ultimates both grant resistances and yours last longer. Kite him with your ult if he uses his then try killing him when his ult ends.
  6. You'll know a 24_64.png is good if he can freeze the lane. A bad 24_64.png would die to you early and try to rush 3211.png.
  7. jaxleapstrike.png can be disrupted with Fling.
  8. Peel Jax away from your carries in teamfight. He will always activate jaxcounterstrike.png before jumping so you'll know when he is going in.



  1. 126_64.png has insane snowball potential on you so try not to be poked.
  2. Don't let him dump his entire combo on you early on. Use megaadhesive.png so he doesn't jump on you in melee form. Because if he does you're probably dead.
  3. Early game is all yours fortunately. You can even get First Blood if he is careless.
  4. Rush 3047_32.png. Get 3076.png too if Tabi alone doesn't work.
  5. Proxying DESTROYS him, if you manage to start proxying, then don't leave until they bring 2-3 people to stop you.
  6. You can and should fling.png him when he jumps on you to knockback.



  1. Stay with your minions all the time or be forced to juke his bombs every second.
  2. Run away if he uses his wallofpain.png. It is a perfect gank setter.
  3. Rush early HP and MR and you'll be fine.
  4. If he ever tries to fallenone.png when alive fling.png him at all costs. fallenone.png has 3 min cooldown at early levels.
  5. His late game is gonna be enourmous so be sure to shut him down with your team.
  6. Buy 3105.png if necessary.
  • If 30.png buys 3285.png/1402.png and he ults, do you know what happens?
    Only the first champion that your team picked in Champion Select gets the proc. For example your team's first picks is Top and he picks 4.png to swap with his midlaner. If the 30.png has that item, every single time he ults 4.png will get the proc, if available. If the 4.png was dead while 30.png was ulting, then the second champion your team picked will get procd. And so on.
  • Same happens with a 16.png with 3174.png. For all other champion interactions, the closest target gets procd.



  1. Shove the lane 24/7 so you force him to use skills to waveclear. Kass players have a thing for not using nulllance.png on minions.
  2. Avoid trading autoattacks with him as 38_64.png will regain a lot of mana if he hits a champion with netherblade.png.
  3. Don't be afraid to toggle poisontrail.png on and off, it doesn't affect his forcepulse.png.
  4. After 6 with a gank you can dive 38_64.png any time you want. Just be sure your ally comes up behind 38_64.png so that he won't be able to riftwalk.png away from you, or his outer turret.
  5. You can disrupt riftwalk.png with fling.png. But sometimes you just do its animation and laugh, without any damage or actual CC, and sometimes it goes on cooldown and sometimes it doesn't.






  1. Take Spellbook runes.
  2. You win absolutely everything before level 6. 
  3. judicatorrighteousfury.png will not be active all the time so play around its cooldown and you will EASILY destroy Kayle.
  4. After she finishes 3115.png she will have judicatorrighteousfury.png on forever. Either try proxying or forcing her out of lane.
  5. Buy 3194.png. Reduces her E damage.
  6. After you finish an item you should try to go all-in. Bait judicatorintervention.png beforehand. It only lasts for 2/2.5/3 seconds. insanitypotion.png lasts for TWENTY FIVE.
  7.  10.png cannot kite you for the full length of insanitypotion.png, only the first few seconds will be hard because of judicatorreckoning.png and judicatordivineblessing.png but that's about it.
  8. She is invincible late game due to her items (usually something like this 3115.png3124.png3116.png3091.png). Unless you catch her and she dies without ulting, there isn't much you can do in teamfights.
  9. If Kayle has 3116.png either buy your own or 3009.png.
  10. Reminder: Kayle has the 3rd highest Base HP of all champions at level 18.



  1. Either ban 122.png or 85_64.png every game. Keep in mind that more people play Darius than Kennen.
  2. Rush boots. Tabi or Merc, depends on what he's building.
  3. Try to push your wave all the time because he will eventually outscale you in every aspect.
  4. Ask for ganks to go all-in, especially post level 6.
  5. If he has 3022.png he'll chase you forever, but he won't be able to kill because he does not have a constant speed boost and a dash like 150.png.
  6. fling.png him to your team even if he has ult, he will melt.



  1. poisontrail.png is no longer coded as a minion so be careful not to be isolated LUL
  2. No sitting under his turret. Either proxy between inhi and 2nd turret or freeze lane.
  3. No proxying if you died to him a few times.
  4. No fights near bushes.
  5. No more surprising bursts. Get 3047.png/1031.png if he deals too much damage.
  6. No dead carries. Disrupt khazixE.png with your fling.png.
  • It's been three years since I wrote this matchup. He even got reworked but eveyrthing still holds true.



  1. He is only annoying in lane. He has absolutely nothing useful in a teamfight, especially against your power.
  2. Don't stand near your minions as 240.png will always Q them because that's his only way of waveclear until he gets 3077.png.
  3. 3047.png shuts him down.
  4. Lock Fling on him if you ever take his passive down so that he can't Q away.
  5. 3116.png will make sure 240.png never gets to activate his W.
  6. fling.png doesn't help shit as he can cast his dash twice if it hits you. His ult makes him CC immune too. It at least disrupts dismounted Q.
  • Kled ult can't be toggled off at will so it will always try to hit your allies. It can even charge all the way to your base.


Lee Sin


So much mobility in one champion and Riot decided it would be a good idea not to remove the Blind Monk idea and make him a champion because of few players begging so years ago.

  1. Dodge all the shit he throws at you.
  2. Ward your lane.  64_icon_64.png can easily set up a gank and kill you whenever he pleases.
  3. At least 64_64.png is a very very squishy champion and you'll outscale him eventually. Everyone does.
  4. If you get hit by a blindmonkqone.png expect a full combo from him. Try to fling.png him while he is flying at you to gain time to react.
  5. Deny him from farming if he is maxing blindmonkwone.png like a wimp.
  6. Try not to delay 3116_32.png so you can actually try catching/kiting him.
  7. You can fling.png him if he is ulting you and 64_64.png will come with you.
  8. You also can fling.png him if he is trying to dash via his blindmonkqone.png or blindmonkwone.png.
  9. Snare him at every chance you get.



  1. This matchup is Hard because 127_64.png can escape you easily just by using any of her skills. Her kit is literally made to shut you down.
  2. Just farm and push so that 127_64.png won't be able to harass you with lissandrapassive.png in a frozen(heh) lane.
  3. Rush 3111_32.png for VERY obvious reasons.
  4. You'll find peace in proxy. Do it.
  5. Stand like a vulture outside lissandraR.png if she casts it on herself. 
  6. You can prevent 127_64.png from running with her lissandraE.png by using fling.png her at the right time.



  1. Lucian players either freeze or shove lane all the time. There is no inbetween.
  2. Start 1054.png and rush 3047.png.
  3. Play around lucianQ.png all the time, and hope he wastes his mana for minions only.
  4. fling.png disrupts lucianR.png.
  5. 236.png can always take you 1v1 at any stage so work with your team to kill him.



  1. Stand behind your minions so that lulupassive.png won't hit you.
  2. You still have a chance to juke her luluq.png. even with lulue.png used on you before.
  3. 117_64.png sucks at pushing waves since %90 of the time she'll luluq.png on you and that thing doesn't deal full damage on all minions.
  4. A single MR item will make sure 117_64.png can't touch you. Nobody builds Magic Penetration here on Top Lane. Go %40 CDR and buy 3027.png. That's how AP Top works.



  • 54_64.png almost all the time maxes landslide.png for waveclear and winning trades. Since attack speed doesn't affect you he may want to max seismicshard.png to win trades, which means he will have very low waveclear.
  1. He'll 100% go for 3751.png and 3211.png so you'll never be able to kill him, and he'll earn a little more waveclear.
  2. If you think he is maxing seismicshard.png going proxy will force him to max landslide.png. His first +5 skill would be delayed.
  3. Buy 3211.png for yourself if you can't go for a proxy and he is being annoying.
  4. Don't think about tower diving him unless you have more than 1 ally with you.
  5. Focus on their 157_64.png if they have one.
  6. Never go on a trade if he has 3025.png.
  • ufslash.png dash speed scales with bonus movespeed. Beware of 12.png flanks.



  1. His passive is annoying because you can't start trades with fling.png which means you have to autoattack or poisontrail.png him.
  2. He can't help pushing the wave. His entire kit is designed for that. Ask for ganks often and he will die every single time.
  3. Post 6, avoid staying near him if you lost lane.
  4. Buy 3140.png. He will be so tilted if you're not the only one buying it.
  5. You should be the one to answer his splitpush, he can't run away from you and you clear minions fast.
  6. Get 3009.png because he will most definitely buy 3116.png.



  1. poisontrail.png doesn't interact with his Passive.
  2. fling.png him away after he uses his maokaiunstablegrowth.png so he can't follow up with his combo.
  3. You can't fling.png him midway through his maokaiunstablegrowth.png as he becomes untargetable.
  4. Feel free to proxy. 57.png can tank minions but it wouldn't be much of a problem. This lane is a big farm fest anyway.


Master Yi

  1. Sitting in brush will prevent alphastrike.png from hitting you.
  2. Or you can bait him to use it specifically on you, and then move backwards to fling.png him back to your turret.
  3. If you reach level 6 first activate insanitypotion.png and kill him. Literally. He can't do anything.
  4. 11_64.png will eventually outscale you so hard that your team will have to peel him away from you, instead of the opposite.
  5. Use insanitypotion.png if he is charging at you with highlander.png and 3153.png active. Remember to say your prayers.
  6. Never ever let him meditate.png in front of you.
  7. 3124.png is broken. You lose the game if Yi builds it.
  • Remember when alphastrike.png used to hit you if and only if you turned your back? Those were the fun times.




Putting this Honorable Mention here because I love Morde so much.

  1. He will constantly push the wave, regen both HP and Shield, and poke you while doing so. Asking ganks early will make sure he never dares wandering outside his turret ever again.
  2. But be careful while you are ganking him, 82.png can easily, VERY VERY EASILY 1v2 you guys.
  3. Don't ask any ganks post level 6.
  4. After you get 3116.png you pretty much make him useless for the rest of the game. Run with your carries so 82.png never catches them.



"Morgana applied to be the drummer of Pentakill, but couldn't perform at the audition because her snare is broken."
  1. Don't stand in tormentedsoil.png.
  2. But keep a distance between your minions not to get snared.
  3. Going proxy will result better as you won't get poked and 25.png players can't be bothered to aim a darkbindingmissile.png on a fast target so she will happily tank minions and you two will farm happily ever after.
  4. Buy 3111_32.png no matter what. Her snare is deadlier than a 4 AD team.
  5. End trades after she casts blackshield.png. Do not use fling.png in a trade.
  6. She has quite a lot of AD for a ranged champ so avoid getting autoattacked. Her Attack Range is short though so that can help you reach her faster.



  1. Take Aery. Buy Rylai first item.
  2. nasusq.png is an autoattack. If he EVER uses it on you, fling.png him to your minions. He will take a lot of damage from them.
  3. If he decides to farm, then you Fling him to your minions just as he is moving in for the last hit. Do this multiple times and you'll start to annoy him. 
  4. You should try freezing the minions throughtout the entire laning phase. Only push when you're ridiculously ahead or when he recalls.
  5. If he uses E at any scenario he will chunk his mana. This will benefit you in the long run. Also don't just stand on it, that thing reduces your Armour.
  6. Nasus is one of the only matchups where I won't recommend rushing 3800.png. Rush 3116.png instead (and 3151.png then3001.png too if laning didn't end by then). He'll try to rush 3194.png if he is smart so you should build more damage (Some Nasus players mistakingly ignore your damage and build random CDR items that do not benefit him at all). If you directly go tank he'll just lifesteal through the minions, you, and all of your teammates.
  7. If he bought Sheen be mindful about your Health. Obviously since you built damage you can kill him in an extended skirmish but you'll just die if you go all-in with %50 HP. 
  8. Past level 6 "try" to towerdive. Just Fling him and if he is low HP enough, he will have no choice but to ult. After forcing his ult, just run away. After his ult expires he'll gain that base HP but you can safely dive him now! Enjoy your free kills!
  9. Just don't forget to buy 3800.png. Not rushing it doesn't mean never ever buying it.
  10. DON'T. EVER. PROXY. If you don't bully him and don't take his towers he will come back 30 mins later with your team's scalps on his belt.
  11. Reminder: nasusr.png HALVES nasusq.png's cooldown. If you can't kite him he will run through your team.
  12. Don't buy 3512.png. He'll stack through it.



  1. Rush 3111.png.
  2. Watch him die as he dies to ganks because he can't stop pushing minions.
  3. Don't do stupid stuff and you won't die to one of the worst toplaners at the moment.
  4. He can't reach your team after you complete 3116.png. If he does, stand in front of your carries so he doesn't point-blank nautilusanchordrag.png to get an extra hit.



This matchup is Hard because 76_64.png is invincible under her turret, splitpushes like there is no tomorrow and is almost uncatchable.

AD 76_64.png
  1. Avoid getting hit by her spears early; she'll jump on you and take you to half HP if you don't.
  2. Rush 3047_32.png.
  3. Don't chase her, you'll hardly ever catch up.
  4. She will only poke you in human form and go all-in in cougar. 
  5. Be very careful if you are getting ganked while 76_64.png is in front of you.
  6. Avoid trades with her, you'll never be able to kill her alone.
  7. Don't towerdive 76_64.png.
  8. You can catch 76_64.png mid-Pounce with your fling.png.
AP 76_64.png
  1. Avoid getting hit by javelintoss.pngs.
  2. Don't stay near her and her cougar form will be totally useless.
  3. Go proxy early; AP 76_64.png is bad at pushing unlike AD 76_64.png.
  4. Don't chase her; you'll hardly catch up.
  5. Don't carelessly step into her traps.
  6. Don't towerdive 76_64.png.
  7. You can catch 76_64.png mid-Pounce with your fling.png.



  1. I don't like 56_64.png for one reason. All of his skill visuals are black. I can't see anything.
  2. Get fling.png at level 2 if he got his nocturneunspeakablehorror.png. Get megaadhesive.png if he has nocturneshroudofdarkness.png
  3. 56_64.png runs faster towards Feared enemies. And the source of that Fear doesn't have to be him. Beware of 9_64.png120_64.png and 35_64.png ganks.
  4. Not much to say, most of the time laning phase will be about farming and often a failed all-in attempt by him.
  5. You can proxy far far away (like, 19_64.png kind of far far away) to prevent him ulting you.
  6. You can't disrupt Nocturne while he is dashing via nocturneparanoia.png so you should be a peeler for your carries to shut 56_64.png down. Just make sure his nocturneshroudofdarkness.png doesn't block your fling.png.



+ What does Nunu do late game?
  1. 20_64.png sucks at pushing.
  2. Getting early MR will win you the lane since 20_64.png really can't kill you in any way and there is no way he can take your turret first.
  3. The only thing you gotta be careful about is that 20_64.png can freely channel absolutezero.png under your turret without getting aggro. (ABSOLUTE ZERO TURRET AGGRO)
  4. Interrupt absolutezero.png no matter how late it is. It reduces its damage and slow drastically.
  5. -obligatory ap nunu snowballs so hard joke-



  • If the enemy picks Singed before you do, I suggest you to pick Olaf into it.
  1. Don't underestimate your level 1-2 damage. Sure Olaf deals a lot of damage too but if he misses a single axe he will lose the all in. Or he will keep laning with half HP and no Mana.
  2. Force him to use axes for waveclear. Never let him pick them up.
  3. Just run away from every trade after he finishes 3071.png. You might wanna go proxy to farm so ward the enemy jungle.
  4. The one who loses lane will be removed from the game entirely. Don't worry though, you both will be useless in lategame :)
  5. Remember that olafragnarok.png reduces his resistances by 20/30/40 but grants him AD (and a speed boost).
  6. Your ult lasts longer than his by a very large amount. Bait his ult with yours, run away, then catch him.
Fun Facts about Ragnarök!
  • 2_64.png can't cast it when airborne, or hit by bardR.png.
  • His AD is still reduced if he gets hit by mockingshout.png or trundleQ.png.
  • sejuanie.png can still be used for damage.
  • 22.png won't be able to crit.
  • He can pass through the initial cast of every ability that counts as a wall. 



  1. Respect his poke. Don't just mindlessly poison the creeps at levels 1-3.
  2. Your minions will be aggro'ed from his Qs and Ws so ward brushes to make the minions attack him.
  3. Never take full damage from pantheon_heartseeker.png.
  4. Don't fling.png him if he hasn't used pantheon_leapbash.png or you'll lose the trade.
  5. Get 1029.png on first back. This means his 3134.png will have no value early on.
  6. Do Sky Autoattacks very often. (Pressing A and leftclicking to a place near the target you are currently using fling.png on to land a free autoattack on the target.) If you can get his pantheonpassive.png down in a trade first you will win.
  7. Save your fling.png for pantheon_grandskyfall_jump.png. That's his only way of escaping from you.
  8. Disrupt his pantheon_leapbash.png mid-air with fling.png. Save people.



  1. Push lane for level 2 so you dont get poppye.pngpoppyq.png'd for half of your HP.
  2. 78.png gains bonus Armor and MR thanks to poppyparagonofdemacia.png's passive. If she drops below %40 HP, that bonus is doubled. Don't attempt a die if you guys aren't sure if she'll die. She doesn't for about %90 of the time.
  3. I recommend proxying if she has a complete Magic Resist item but no 3751.png. She will run oom after 3-4 waves.
  4. Try to dodge poppydiplomaticimmunity.png in teamfights, or if you can, just fling.png her while she's channeling it.
  5. You can disrupt poppyheroiccharge.png with fling.png but it sometimes may still stun the target. 



  1. Lose. I previously said that you can Lock Fling when 133.png casts quinnE.png so you can throw her behind you right? Well quinnQ.png now removes your sight so you cant click on anything while she casts quinnE.png.
  2. There are 2 methods you can lane without getting rekt : By heavy camps (you gotta take 4.png though) or by heavy proxying (starting from level 1).
  3. Legit nothing you can do alone. Start 1054.png and rush 3047.png.



  1. Until you rush 3047_32.png avoid trading with her.
  2. Go proxy so that you can destroy her tunnels. They give 5 gold.
  3. fling.png her when she is about to Unburrow so she can't hit you.
  4. Dealing damage to 421.png will disrupt reksaiR.png. She makes a really weird voice so you'll know when she begins channeling it.
  5. If you manage to find out which tunnel she ulted ping it to your teammates.
  6. You can fling.png her while she is burrowed. Nothing special happens if you're wondering.
  7. She can go over ANY wall. Beware of surprise ganks.
  • She can know the place of stealthed allies while burrowed but she can't reveal them.
  • If your team is trying a sneak attack from a brush don't move. Stand still and 421.png won't reveal any of you.
  • She can cast reksaiR.png on a Tunnel that you are standing on as it gets destroyed.



  1. Dodge.
  2. If he has Conqueror that's more of a reason to just go proxy. Otherwise you'll just int
  3. Don't allow him to renektonsliceanddice.png a minion to reach you. He'll stun you, unload his combo and then dash back to safety and there's nothing you can do about that if that happens. 
  4. You can disrupt renektonsliceanddice.png with your fling.png but that won't help much because he can dash twice.
  5. Don't pick Singed into Renekton.



  1. Don't wander outside of your outer turret until minions spawn.
  2. Be extremely careful when attempting a tower dive. rengarW.png may heal more than you'd expect.
  3. Constantly push your wave or go proxy so that 107_64.png will never use the bush advantage.
  4. Avoid staying near bushes if 107_64.png freezes lane. 
  5. Avoid getting hit by rengarE.pngfling.png him away if you do.
  6. Don't be tilted if you die a lot early, this means you're worth no gold and Rengar is worth a fortune. You can totally 1v1 him after you get a few items.
  7. You can disrupt his jumps with your fling.png.
  8. If you are getting ganked while proxying escape through the lane or the path with the least amount of bushes.
  9. Friendly reminder that 107_64.png can jump from the red buff bush to the golem camp. Be very careful when you see him trying to ward that place.
  10. Put megaadhesive.png on brushes and laugh hysterically. Because he won't be able to leap.



27.png is the ultimate counter to 92.png. You've heard it here folks.
  1. Force 92_icon_64.png to chase you with her riventricleave.png casts. All of them fall for it. That's her only way of poking you after all.
  2. fling.png her away if it's her 3rd riventricleave.png cast. Now she'll be even more aggressive since she needs to get your health low or she'll lose lane.
  3. A single auto attack breaks her rivenfeint.png shield. Make her eat the poison ticks.
  4. You can disrupt any of her 4 dashes with fling.png. Not that you'll need it though, as megaadhesive.png prevents her from casting them.
  • If you snare her she can't cast rivenfeint.png.
  • If you see her running at you while proxying at early levels turn OFF your poisontrail.png while trying to get executed. If 92_64.png blocks damage with rivenfeint.png and that target gets executed 92_64.png will get the kill.






  1. Rush 3111_32.png so he will have to 4.png if he wants to kill you when you're low on HP.
  2. Stay away from your minions all the time. It doesn't really matter whether 13.png is maxing spellflux.png or overload.png first.
  3. Go proxy between the inhi and middle turrets so that he doesn't desperatepower.png there before level 11. He wouldn't be able to chase you anyways.
  4. Focus him in teamfights because 13.png's mere presence tilts ADCs. He may get a big ass shield thanks to 3040_32.png active (and maybe from his Q ) but that's about it.



  1. Push lane 7/24, proxy to your heart's content.
  2. megaadhesive.png prvents him from using deceive.png.



  1. Try to rush level 2. He will try to do it too.
  2. Force trades constantly because this is the only phase of the game where you can 1v1 him.
  3. You can easily get First Tower gold if he decides to exit lane to help his team.
  4. Disrupt shenr.png with fling.png. If you failed, try to Teleport. If you don't have Teleport, ping its cooldown. If your team flames you for not helping then mute them.
  5. 98_64.png cannot push without 3748.png or 3751.png so feel free to proxy.
  6. If your team can't kill Shen then you better finish 3151.png.
  7. Don't try to fling.png Shen if he already taunted someone. The taunted allies may walk into the enemies because of it.



  1. kite kite kite
  2. Finish your boots first.
  3. Slow her down every time she decides to run at you. fling.png her if she succeeds.
  4. shyvanatransformcast.png is uninterruptable.
  5. If you lose lane and can't afford 3047_32.png, you are going to be forced to build both 1031_32.png and 3211_32.png for defense.



  1. Mirror his every move. If he is walking to you he wants to fling.png you, or leave a poison cloud in front of your minions.
  2. You two can fling.png each other at the same time. Do it.
  3. If he is proxying, so should you.
If enemy picks your 27.png in ranked I suggest you to pick a bruiser or a tank. Olaf can slap a Singed 7/24 and Sion just won't care at all. You can always rush Adaptive Helmet by the way. Or if you can play Yorick, pick him!



TANK 14.png
  1. You MUST take Bone Plating so that his Comet damage is reduced heavily after sione.png hits you. Get Second Wind too if you're taking Aftershock.
  2. There is not much you can do alone until Riot fixes his E's hitbox.
  3. You can never kill him when he gets MR. And if you get hit by his abilities consider yourself dead.
  4. Proxying is a better result as he can't chase you. He will just gamble if he ults.
  5. Escape through the most curvy parts if caught proxying so that he won't ult you.
  6. Let him push under your turret, if he tries charging crypticgaze.pngfling.png him immediately, he will deal a small amount of damage since it got cancelled, but because he did deal it the tower will attack him.
  7. Don't fling.png him to disrupt crypticgaze.png otherwise; he will be able to cast it after 2 seconds. So your best try in dodging crypticgaze.png is running sideways. 
  8. Don't towerdive.
  9. Don't ever buy 3512.png. He'll farm HP through it. 
  10. Buy 3060.png, especially if he has his own.
  11. sionpassive.png sucks at chasing. 3116_32.png alone will ensure he'll die without doing anything. 
  12. Keep a track on your Nexus if its turrets are destroyed.
  13. Please fling.png his corpse away from your teammates.

FULL AD 14.png (don't try this at home, play 80.png instead)
  1. Rush your lane and wait for him in the farthest bush. If you don't he will sneak to the middle bush and hit you with a full charged crypticgaze.png which will cost half your HP at level 1.
  2. You will get slapped hard at level 1, but if you can manage to fling.png him you will win the trades.
  3. Let him push under your turret, if he tries charging crypticgaze.pngfling.png him immediately, he will deal a small amount of damage since it got cancelled, but because he did deal it the tower will attack him. It's up to you now if you want to kill him then and there.
  4. Rush boots ASAP to dodge crypticgaze.png.
  5. Proxying is recommended because 14.png goes oom fast.
  6. After you kill him 1-2 times you can do whatever the fuck you want. No need to buy Armor specifically for him.
  7. Please fling.png his corpse away from your teammates.
  • 14_64.png can cast cannibalism.png while Snared, his speed will increase but he won't move until it wears off.
  • cannibalism.png damages turrets. Just sayin'.



  1. Hilarious damage output. If he misses his snare (his E, swaine.png) he's most likely dead.
  2. Be careful when recalling at low health, swainw.png may kill you.
  3. Stand behind minions so his main damage source, swainq.png doesn't hit you. It pierces through dead minions though.
  4. Just walk away when he ults lol
  5. If you screwed up, buy 3194.png.
  6. Fling him away from your team when he charges in with his ult on.
  7. Diving Swain is hard, bait his ult first and then go for an all-in.


Tahm Kench

  1. Avoid getting hit. This includes (but are not limited to): His Glacial Augmented autoattacks, tahmkenchq.pngtahmkenchw.png.
  2. Avoid diving 223_64.png unless he doesn't have his tahmkenchE.png.
  3. Do nothing aggressive or stupid in general.
  4. 3140.png will take you outside his stomach but you WILL take the damage.
  5. Ask for ganks often.
  6. Go proxy to increase your chances of being useful.
  • If he saves an ally of his who you need to catch in a teamfight you can still fling.png 223_64.png on your team.
  • I hope your team doesn't lack damage if he somehow manages to tahmkenchW.png you. Imagine getting skarnerimpale.pngd under gravessmokegrenade.png and it lasted for 3 whole seconds. Damn.
  • 223_64.png can tahmkenchW.png his ally 9.png 85.png etc. as they deal damage and CC with crowstorm.png and kennenshurikenstorm.png
  • nautilusgrandline.png will chase down the target even if 223_64.png eats him. Moreover it will knock 223_64.png up. The initial target won't be damaged but 223_64.png will (the explosion one).
  • If 223_64.png eats an ally that has braumpassive.png stacks on him, the stack amount will be shown below 223_64.png but won't affect him. When he takes his ally out, then they will get their stacks back. (Which means you have to wait a little bit before you hit them for the stun.)
  • Any sort of damage taken will interrupt tahmkenchR.png.



  1. Take Spellbook runes.
  2. Try not to get poked too much before level 2. Starting from level 2, you can go all in if he doesn't have movequick.png.
  3. Like Darius matchup, your summoner spells are crucial in winning this lane. Track your (and his most likely) Ignite cooldown.
  4. 3194.png ruins Teemo.
  5. So do ganks.
  6. Post level 6 you should try to pin him to his tower by proxying so he does absolutely nothing whole game.
  7. If you see him building 3116.png go for 3009.png instead. He won't kite you forever like a Kayle so don't really have to buy Rylai.



And I thought 4.png6.png 10.png top that BMs often would be the hardest matchup.
  1. Try not to die.
  2. Die.
  3. Buy 3047.png and 3076.png in embarrassment.
  4. His level 1 is the strongest in the game, can even beat the likes of 98.png.
  5. 48_64.png wins. There is absolutely nothing you can do.
  6. Ask your jungler to camp you.
  7. Use everything in your power to kite him away. If you fail and have low HP due to this, recall.
  8. My best advice would be dodging or full proxying.
  • trundlecircle.png deals 1 true damage. If you got hit by it while proxying early you have to wait 13 more seconds to get executed.



  1. Take Spellbook runes.
  3. Reminder: Tryndamere has the highest base HP of all champions at level 1.
  4. Avoid any kind of trades with him. Do whatever necessary.
  5. Don't ever let him get close to you, your team, and your turrets throughout the whole game.
  6. Rush 3047_32.png. Get 3076.png too at some stage.
  7. Don't leave him splitpushing for too long.
  8. You can disrupt slashcast.png with fling.png.




Urgot is a joke.

  1. Even though Urgot is ranged, he loses to you easily. Here's why:
  2. If you dodge his Q he can't trade at all.
  3. His main damage source is his urgotw.png (his W). It gives him a shield and lets him attack very fast. If you dodge his Q, this ability will only hit the closest thing. If you don't, then it will hit you ONLY.
  4. Even though urgotw.png is his main damage source, he will have to max Q first. So he won't deal any damage at all until level 13!
  5. btw that W of his slows him by a flat amount but grants %40 slow resistance? You don't even need 3116.png to deal with him. 
  6. If he gets fed somehow, buying 3047.png and/or 3076.png will still give you the advantage. (Urgot doesn't die to Bramble passive, he takes reduced damage from it just like how he deals reduced damage per hit from W)
  7. You can't buffer Fling as he dashes on you. Because Urgot has a mini stun before he collides with something, then he flings them. So you Fling him after he uses that dash, because he will definitely use urgotw.png right after it.
  8. His ult is stuff of nightmares though. Get hit by one and you'll have to disengage immediately. Also try to tank it for your carries, if you do then try not to die. Or kill Urgot first somehow (definitely not recommended) and your team will be free.



  1. You must establish a lead early. 67_64.png will outscale you eventually so you have to abuse her weak early and mid game.
  2. Rush 3047_32.png and buy 3076.png.
  3. Hide in a brush or go far away from 67_64.png to force her attack to a different target and clear your vaynesilveredbolts.png stacks.
  4. Do not be afraid to go all in after you finish a few items.
  5. After laning is over do not overextend. She'll simply kill you.
  6. In a scenario where you both use your ults 67_64.png is faster as long as she is chasing you.
  7. You can disrupt vaynetumble.png with your fling.png and you can Fling her with you when she uses her knockback. The latter won't work if you are going to get stunned.
  8. Just drop megaadhesive.png on her in teamfights and charge. That way, she can't vayneinquisition.pngvaynetumble.png instantly to play mindgames.
Don't pick 27_64.png into 67_64.png.



  1. Always keep your distance. 254_64.png will wreck you if she ever catches you in melee range.
  2. 254_64.png likes building Armor Penetration so much; get 1031_32.png.
  3. Don't let her auto attack you. Ignore other things she throws at you.
  4. Don't towerdive 254_64.png.
  5. You can disrupt her viQ.png but you can't stop viR.png.
  6. Focus on their 157_64.png if they have one.





  1. Rush a Magic Resist item. 3111.png does not count.
  2. Flinging Vlad while he is channeling vladimire.png makes him release it early. You'll still get damaged and slowed (if you couldn't interrupt his channel under 1 second) however.
  3. Feel free to ban him next time.



  1. 106_64.png will most likely start with 1054_32.png or 1028_32.png so he will have a lot of HP on early levels.
  2. 106_64.png is a champion that relies on his high base damages to beat you. A Full Tank isn't a problem for you hopefully.
  3. He can only start trades with volibearq.png. If you can successfully outrun him or fling.png him away he won't ever be able to touch you.
  4. Don't start a trade by yourself too. He will win anyway.
  5. It's mostly a farm lane as you see.
  6. Use your fling.png when he charges at you and you'll throw each other at the same time.



  1. At early levels try to force 19_64.png to 4.png away by Flinging him to your turret. Next time he'll understand that he has to use warwickq.png better.
  2. 19_64.png has huge sustain and starts with 1056.png so you'll have to heavily rely on proxying. Proxying pre-6, especially if 19_64.png has a weak jungler, works wonders.
  3. If you're below %50 HP exit lane. Do not recall in the bush closest to your outer turret, as Warwick will sense it, passively or actively, and you may get ganked for it.  Recall next to a turret so they won't try risking a dive.
  4. Don't try an all-in until you get 3116.png. Especially at late game, where 19.png can stall 1v5 while he's below 50%/25% Health.
  5. Buy 3076.png at some stage of the game.
  6. There is a faint chance that you will both channel your skills (warwickr.png and fling.png) at the same time. If that happens warwickr.png won't work and will instantly go on cooldown. Don't try to rely too heavily on this though, as Warwick is unstoppable while charging.
  7. warwickq.png can follow your 12.png if timed correctly.



  1. 62_64.png players LOVE tryharding. Expect many dives. Dying to him is only normal but don't overdo it.
  2. At early levels you gotta activate poisontrail.png the moment he jumps on you, so that he can't just spam his skills and get away. You will lose if you can't react to his burst.
  3. Don't Fling the decoy. It is really embarassing.
  4. Get 3047_32.png to not get slapped in lane.
  5. monkeykingspintowin.png doesn't knock the same target twice.
  6. You should fling.png him away from your team as he ults. You can also fling.png him while he is dashing. You really must stop him from slapping your carries or you will lose teamfights.


Xin Zhao

  1. 3047.png and/or 3076.png. Bramble is better as most Xin players just buy every single lifesteal item in the game.
  2. Try to dodge xinzhaow.png as it's his only way of poking you. 
  3. Either drop W so he can't cast his charge, or Fling him when he uses it on you.
  4. Xin still takes full damage from your abilities even after casting xinzhaor.png so don't feel intimidated.
  5. You can disrupt xinzhaoe.png  with your fling.png. You can also fling.png him with you if he can knock you away with xinzhaor.png.



  1. Auto attack him to destroy his yasuopassive.png then harass him with poisontrail.png while he moves to charge it.
  2. Rush 3047.png.
  3. If a Yasuo sees you he will try to Q you. If you can dodge that thing constantly then you're fine. If you get hit by one, fling.png him to your minions and he will DIE.
  4. If he is building tank you have to buy 3116.png and 3009.png. Hope your team can kill him, because you sure won't be able to.
  5. yasuowmovingwall.png doesn't effect you in any way. Spam laugh if he uses it.
  6. Stay in brush when he has his knockup ready.
  7. Use your ult if he uses his. Reduce as much damage as possible.
  8. BUY 3143.png.
  9. You can disrupt his dashes with your fling.png. He won't be knocked back while in yasuorknockupcombow.png statis.
  10. megaadhesive.png prevents Yasuo from using his E or R.
  11. Save teamfights by Flinging him at the right time so that he can't press yasuorknockupcombow.png when your teammates are in mid-air by another champ's knock up. fling.png disables for approximately 1,5 seconds (up to 3,5 if you can Snare him). I won many games because of this. So can you. Focus him.



  1. 83.png is one of the ultimate Singed counters. If you lane he will kill you. If you proxy he can farm without having to tank minions. Or going oom.
  2. Rush 3009.png or you'll be sorry about it. You can never get out of yorickw.png on time, or dodge it entirely without swifties.
  3. If 83.png can't resurrect zombies with yorickq.png, it's okay to get hit by yoricke.png as it does nothing on its own.
  4. Once you get a few items you can try to kill him though. He isn't 122.png.
  5. I suggest picking a champion with good sustain, waveclear and maybe an auto reset such as 58.png31.png or 164.png. Not 36.png though, trust me.



  1. 154_64.png will just kill himself if you safely step on his chunks.
  2. A shadow appears in the exact place where 154_64.png will zacE.png. Dodge it and he won't be able to chase you.
  3. Stay away from your minions. Force him to stay away from your minions too.
  4. You can disrupt him with your fling.png or megaadhesive.png when he is channeling his zacE.png.
  5. You can't fling.png him away after he already casts his ult.



  1. Dodge his skills as often as possible and rush 3047.png; keep in mind that only zedW.png has a slow.
  2. Activate insanitypotion.png immediately when he ults you. He will probably recall, most likely die, after failing to kill you.
  3. Bait his shadow and ask for a gank. 238_64.png lacks escapes without his shadow and zedR.png is no escape material. Feel ashamed of yourself if you get outplayed.
  4. 3157_32.png can be nice if you messed up heavily. Not recommended.
  5. If going all-in, try not to go for a direct Fling, just because you have a slight chance of you catching him mid-dash does not mean you must count on it. It doesn't work all the time. Use W first.

Early Game and Laning Back to Top

You enter the rift and start laning. 

  • Try to rush level 2. This is very important.
  • If you have Unsealed Spellbook and Ignite, you don't even have to wait for level 2.
  • The flow of laning will be decided after both of you reach level 2. Minions will either push to one side or stay in the middle.
  • Against Easy matchups you get to control the minions waves. Try to freeze them fight near your tower, but not directly under it. This way you'll force the enemy to take unwanted trades just to get 1-2 CS.
  • Against Medium matchups both of you will just clear the minions, so there won't be much freezing. If one of you dies to the other, then that person wins the lane.
  • Against Hard matchups you will either be proxying full time, or literally sitting under your tower. Focus on the farm and try to Fling the enemy under your tower if he is careless.
  • If enemy is melee you should go in front of your low HP minions and drop a single cloud of poison to "harass" them.
  • Do not be afraid to pop Ghost to force enemy's Flash. If you do, you might even force them to base and use Teleport to return to lane.
  • You may have less CS than your opponent, it's fine. It won't matter after you finish 3116.png.
  • If you get ganked pop your insanitypotion.png first. You'll see which side is taking more damage. If it's you pop 6.png and run away immediately. If it's them charge back and enjoy your double kill.

Mid Game and Teamfighting Back to Top

This is the part of the game where your team decides if they want a Late Game or not. 

  • Don't participate in any teamfights and keep splitpushing until you complete 3800.png and/or 3116.png.
  • Immediately pop everything that makes you fast and run straight to their carries. If they try to escape use your W. You should be able to catch, Fling and maybe even Snare them at this point.
  • If you are low on HP but still have 6.png and fling.png charge at a low HP enemy and fling.png to your team as you run away. You are not a support so your plays when low on HP will not result in death.
  • Your main method of killing enemies is picking them off guard at this point.
  • If you catch an enemy overextending but you're alone, try to pop 3800.png only to all-in him. If he is unable to escape, then use your ult and just kill him.
  • If your team is winning teamfights without you, focus on taking turrets. This way you will force the enemy to make a decision: Put the toplaner against you and lose more teamfights, or go 4v5 while sacrificing the towers that you'll take.

Late Game/Splitpushing Back to Top

This is the part of the game where dying alone makes you regret everything. 

  • Always place wards before you splitpush. At this part of the game nobody cares if you are faster than them.
  • If your team is taking Baron, wait outside the pit to slow down the enemy. Your damage is nothing to a Baron unless you have 3151.png, even then the enemy would take more damage than Baron.
  • Try to use every speed boost you have to catch an immobile champion off-guard. It can win you the game.
  • Always save 12.png for a situation where you need to backdoor. If you don't have 3512.png don't even bother unless your minions are already hitting that Nexus (then you might want to buy stuff like 2139.png3060.png3057.png to hit that Nexus harder).
  • Your main method of killing enemies is forcing them to make mistakes at this point.
  • You should put fling.png on smartcast at this point if you already haven't. Because you may do something crazy exactly like this Rammus dude over here: 

Pros and Cons Back to Top


  1. He is a great harasser and zoner.
  2. He kills minions extremely fast. You can even do it with two waves at the same time.
  3. He can peel an entire team which makes him have a big effect in teamfights.
  4. He can go extremely fast so enemies won't have much time to counteract against you.
  5. He is a rare pick so people do not quite know how to deal with him. 
  6. Notice that in some guides for other champions you may see different starts and runes just against Singed. Forcing enemies to take precautions and most likely changing their playstyle is one of Singed's main jobs.
  7. You're backed by Riot. Singed will never be heavily reworked and he has the highest skill curve of ALL champions!


  1. Singed's playstyle is shared by no other champion so learning him will not help you get better at learning another champion's kit. (I guess you can start to like 2.png and 120.png simply because they are also too fast.)
  2. Extremely item reliant. Jarvan or Camille may not need flashy damage items to go big but Singed absolutely craves them.
  3. Kite comps ruin Singed hard. You may find yourself dodging games because of that.
  4. Splitpushing by yourself is hard when your team is losing fights.
  5. People won't take you seriously and may think you are trolling. They still exist on every elo.
  6. You need your team to follow you. If you die alone you'll accomplish nothing.
  7. Tryhards with 14.png will %100 kill you at level 2 if you are careless.
  8. If a champion with innate sustain rushes a MR item 27_64.png automatically loses lane.
  9. Running makes you good. Not running makes you bad. Therefore constant slows ruin your day.
  10. 3194.png does not have a cooldown so it pretty much permanently reduces your poisontrail.png damage by 15%. But if you do make a champ like Jax rush it, then it is good because he won't deal damage!
  11. 11_64.png is immune to any kind of slow, including Attack Speed Slows. He will easily destroy you.

Important Stuff About Singed Back to Top

Big thanks to g07h4xf00 for featuring this on his guide! Check his guide too [ ]. If there are any differences you spot keep in mind that my guide always has the latest and final version.
  1. Singed's main offense is outrunning opponents.
  2. Singed has 345 base Movespeed which means you are naturally faster than every single ranged champion.
  3. Singed's offensive skills have the lowest cast range of any champion. poisontrail.png range is 20 and fling.png is 125.
  4. Singed lacks ranged damage. Don't get kited or you'll die in a stupid way.
  5. Singed can sneak an Auto Attack while channeling fling.png. This will win you a lot of trades.
  6. Singed and Aatrox have roughly the same Base HP and HP growth per level.
  7. Proxying is not useless, stupid or lacks counterplays.
  8. poisontrail.png used to be coded as a minion so 121.png could not deal bonus isolation damage. Singed was secretly a Kha hard counter.
  9. poisontrail.png used to be hidden visually if the enemy couldn't see him. But 80_64.png20_64.png and 14_64.png can still channel their spells in bush while the enemy can't see the animation.
  10. Never run in a single direction. Try to spread your poisontrail.png as much as you can to slow down enemies for a long time.
  11. yasuoW.png doesn't do anything on you.
  12. megaadhesive.png makes enemies Grounded but don't forget that this still does not prevent Jarvan from using his E Q to get out.
  13. 3102_32.png only blocks your fling.png.
  14. fling.png is a knock up. Help 157_64.png.
  15. A single poisontrail.png lasts for 3.25 seconds. The DoT damages four times every second. This means poison DoT ticks eight times after the initial damage in Summoner's Rift, but only four in other maps. (Singed really sucks in ARAM.)
  16. You can deal up to 350+ %150 AP magic damage (Without DFT keystone) with just 1 poison cloud. While other tank toplaners spend a lot of their resources for such damage, it only costs 13 mana for you.
  17. Your W stops slowing enemies the moment they step out of it.
  18. 3151_32.png has insane synergy with Poison for it shreds 1% of enemies' max health every second they get damaged from it. This damage doubles if the enemy is movement impaired, for example from 3116.png passive, including AttackSpeed Reductions such as 3110_32.png aura. That's why 3151_32.png is a core damage item. Plus you don't have to be the source of the CC for the increased damage.
  19. fling.png can throw people over walls. Save people (and yourself!) from jarvanivcataclysm.pngs. 
  20. You can fling.png people through Base Walls, from either side.
  21. insanitypotion.png's mana regeneration gives you enough mana to keep poisontrail.png on and still regenerate mana on top of that for 25 seconds.
  22. Surfer Singed skin will make you take 1 less damage from Leona Passive. Every single skin with sunglasses do this.
  23. The buffs after you increase the ult rank are not dynamic. If you are going to level to 11 or 16 right before an important teamfight activate your ult after you reach that level.
  24. The damage increase after you rank your Poison Cloud IS dynamic. You don't have to toggle it on and off again anymore. Same rule applies to Heimerdinger turrets etc.
  25. In URF Mode you can always have insanitypotion.png up. But don't forget the trivias above ^
  26. You can fling.png people while they are taking a bardE.png. You'll literally pull people away while they are inside a wall.
  27. No matter how fast you try/script, you can't cast megaadhesive.png to snare the Flung enemy while they are midair.
  28. 3010.png always shows how much you heal after every mana you spend. If you were wondering why you have +3 constantly on you, it's because of that. (increases further if you have 3065.png)
  29. If 432.png ults you your poison will still be applied in the area you are standing in.
  30. If a Tahm Devours you, you still get to poison people if it was on.
  31. Activating insanitypotion.png before hitting turrets will give you extra 7/14/21 magic damage per hit.

Why You Should Play Singed Back to Top

  1. Easy to play, easy to master. Just run around and use a point and click CC, don't let the whole "highest skill curve" thing scare you.
  2. It's a tank so you'll be quite obnoxious to deal with.
  3. He is the first champion Riot ever designed, the Adam of LoL
  4. 27.png will never ever get reworked, only get random buffs for no reason. If you quit this game for 6 years and then decide to come back, Singed will still be there with [almost] nothing changed. 
  5. As champions get reworked some change completely and new guys are added, only Singed's playstyle remains as is. The only thing Singed had but doesn't have now is when insanitypotion.png gave tenacity and AD.
  6. You only have to know what the opponent champion is capable of to win lane. You have as much outplays as a 40.png.  (did he just click E? POGGERS )
  7. It's always fun to receive praise from your teammates and curses from your enemies after an "outplay". They see it as an outplay, but you know you did absolutely nothing important.
  8. 27.png level 1/2 cheeses are the deadliest in the game. Ends with wasted 4.pngs and death.
  9. Rare champion. Isn't meta often, if you don't count the beginning of Season 7. If you lose with a metadog on your team, remind them that their FOTM also contributed in that loss and that only 5 out of 10 people win.
  10. I think signed is very cool. eh kills aliens and doesn't afraid of anything

About Me Back to Top

Hello. I am just another Singed player.

It all started in a free week in August 2013 when I won a 1v1 against my friend's 8_64.png as 27_64.png. We were both first timers and I was surprised that 27_64.png had such weird spell ranges.
In that free week, I played 7 games in a row with a friend of mine. I picked 27_64.png and he picked 35_64.png. We won 7 games in a row.

Then I decided to actually main him since his playstyle was very unique. I am playing since Preseason 3, after Vi was released. And before playing Singed, I was a Viktor one trick and would go support every now and then.

27_64.png was Freelo to me. I quit playing almost every other champion, in both normals and ranked, and somehow I managed to get top everytime I called for it. In Season 4, I played roughly 150 ranked games just on Singed and won 100 of them. Also reached Platinum 5.

In season 5 I did not have much time to play, so I played 27_64.png for only 50 matches, won 37 of them. He still is my highest winrate champ to this day. 

Nowadays I'm just levelling my 2nd account that has been rotting since 2013. Feel free to add Ninjask if you play in TR server.

On September 29th and October 29th 2015 I got ranked as the #1 27_64.png in TR by Lolskill. Two whole days! FeelsGoodMan

Change Log Back to Top

November 2014
  • Launched this guide.
  • Added Inferior Items section.
  • Removed Trivia part.
  • Added 90_64.png268_64.png and 429_64.png matchups.
  • Rewrote 31_64.png133_64.png69_64.png106_64.png5_64.png27_64.png13_64.png  82_64.png75_64.png48_64.png74_64.png17_64.png14_64.png76_64.png122_64.png and 19_64.png matchups.
  • Preseason 5 changes.
  • Added 3800_32.png3060_32.png and 2139_32.png to Inferior Items.
  • Added 1054_32.png2137_32.png and 2138_32.png to Items.
  • Rewrote 3056_32.png and 3089_32.png's description.
December 2014
  • Removed 78_64.png from Matchups and won't add her till she gets reworked/relaunched. 
  • Added an introduction about myself.
  • Added 3001_32.png to Items.
  • Added 421_64.png matchup.
  • Added 31.png and 30.png to Spells :^)
  • Rewrote 62_64.png matchup.
  • Added info about 12.png.
January 2015
  • Added 106_64.png and 25_64.png matchups.
  • Added Synergies section.
  • Rewrote 114_64.png and 58_64.png matchups.
  • I end Season 4 with 150 27_icon_64.png games in ranked.
  • Rewrote 3190_32.png's description.
  • Added 3156_32.png and 3022_32.png to Inferior Items.
  • ty 3128_32.png  
  • let's not forget 3188_32.png either
  • Happy birthday to me! (3001)
February 2015
  • Added Pros and Cons section.
  • Little edits here and there. Nothing much this month.
  • ty 10.png
March 2015
  • Worked on Items a little.
  • Rewrote 105_64.png matchup.
  • 27_64.png's Fling now scales with the target's max HP.
  • Rewrote 120_64.png matchup.
  • Added 3285_32.png to Inferior Items.
April 2015
  • Rewrote 48_64.png matchup.
  • Added an URF Mode build.
  • A lot of edits in Matchups.
  • Added 77_64.png matchup.
  • Added "The Mana Item" section. Finally.
  • Added 3512_32.png to Inferior Items.
May 2015
  • Rewrote 11_64.png matchup.
  • Removed the malware ads.
  • Rewrote 3083_32.png's description.
June 2015
  • Added 245_64.png13_64.png and 111_64.png matchups.
  • Edited "The Mana Item" section for the millionth time.
  • Little edits to Matchup difficulties.
  • Removed 429_64.png77_64.png and 12_64.png matchups.
  • Rewrote 106_64.png matchup.
  • Added 1054_32.png and 1056_32.png to Situational Items.
  • I hit Diamond (2406)
  • Remade Masteries.
July 2015
  • Significant buffs to AP items which increase 27_64.png's average AP from 300 to 400.
  • 27_64.png now gains MR per level, has longer Snare durations, and more importantly he laughs when he Flings a target!
  • Inhibitor turrets no longer slow you or reduce your damage. Go base proxying to your heart's content.
  • Rewrote 8_64.png 150_64.png 41.pngand 79_64.png matchups.
  • Adjusted the stats and costs of the items from "The Mana Item".
  • Added 223_64.png matchup. 
  • Removed a lot of unnecessary commas.
  • Re added 23.png matchup.
  • ty 3050_32.png
August 2015
  • Rest in peace Hybrid Pen Reds, you won't be missed.
  • Tuning down difficulties of some matchups.
  • Removal of 43.png 236.png 82_64.png matchups.
  • Rewrote 114.png 11_64.png and 266_64.png matchups.
  • 3285.png and 3742.png added to Items.
  • Added 131.png matchup, something I have been planning on doing for 10 months.
September 2015
  • Little more writing on Spells.
  • Why did my dislikes over 9 months double in the last 2 months???
  • I will add 82_64.png back if he gets buffed by Riot more so that he can do more on a solo lane.
  • Rewrote 54_64.png 3_64.png 2.png 86_64.png 19_64.pngmatchups.
  • Matchups now look like they are told by an actual Diamond player. 
October 2015
  • More updates on "About Me".
  • Discovered that 27.png has a little nerf on non-SR maps. 
  • 3742.png description changed.
  • A B I L I T Y  I C O N S
November 2015
  • I end Season 5 by playing 50 ranked 27.png games out of 181.
  • Preseason 6 changes.
  • Rest in peace 2041_32.png2137_32.png and Disco 20.png.
  • Added 104.png matchup.
  • Removed Synergies and Mana Item sections for being outdated.
December 2015
  • I am not removing the guide. I'm back on business baby!
  • Removed 104.png matchup.
  • Added 420.png matchup.
  • Quite a big change to Core Items.
  • PJSalt on 120.png matchup thing.
January 2016
  • Removed 3341.png upgrades from matchups because they don't exist anymore.
  • Still waiting for a 78.png on top to write stuff. It's impossible to theorycraft for her.
  • 82.png is still shit, including bot lane.
  • Added 35.png matchup.
  • New descriptions for Items.
  • New Masteries.
  • Another birthday.
February 2016
  • Removed 84.png and 420.png matchups because people are experimenting AD Tank Akali for some reason and I have no idea what Illaoi does.
  • Welcome back, 236.png.
  • Nobody plays 78.png on Turkey even though it's the only known counter of 114.png. People still ban 122.png here.
  • Editing on general stuff.
March 2016
  • Added 104.png matchup.
  • Added Early, Mid and Late Game sections.
  • Explanations of rune and mastery choices.
  • Featured!
  • Changed the Keystone mastery, I feel so dumb for not noticing Deathfire Touch's strength.
April 2016
  • Why Should You Play Singed section added.
May 2016
  • Added 105.png and Taliyah matchups.
  • Rewrote 90.png111.png and 27.png matchups.
  • Added 3030.png3152.png and 3146.png to Inferior Items.
  • The fight is over. 3027.png > 3048.png.
  • Added why 1082.png2031.png start is bad and you shouldn't do it.
  • Added some little tips here and there.
  • Small stuff about support 27.png.
  • 27.png is now 450 IP/260 RP.
  • I got level 6 on 27.png the day it became available. FeelsGoodMan
June 2016
  • Added a totally rad 30.png trivia.
  • Rewrote 50.png and 133.png matchups.
  • Completely changed Items section.
July 2016
  • Added 82.png and 78.png matchups.
  • Rewrote 8.png and 13.png matchups.
  • Little edits everywhere.
August 2016
  • Little edits on Items.
  • Added Full AD 14.png matchup.
  • Changed Masteries.
November 2016
  • Complete overhaul to Masteries and Items.
  • Added 420.png and 240.png matchups.
  • Removed 83.png matchup. He'll be back.
  • Rewrote 114.png matchup.
December 2016
  • Added 164.png and 83.png matchups.
January 2017
  • Added a Full tank Build. 27.png is now meta!!
February 2017
  • Rewrote Masteries.
March 2017
  • Rewrote Runes.
  • Rewrote Items.
  • Rewrote 80.png420.png157.png164.png150.png matchups. They are now easier because of 3047.png.
May 2017
  • Changed Masteries.
  • Changed Items.
  • Rewrote 85.png and 3.png matchups.
June 2017
  • Rewrote Items and Inferior Items.
  • Rewrote 122.png 85.png 98.png 154.png matchups.
  • Removed 91.png matchup.
July 2017
  • Riot delivers. Singed is now great again!
  • Complete overhaul to Items. Changed Bad Items section.
  • Wrote Grounded interaction under some Matchups.
August 2017
  • Cho Xin Nasus matchups rewritten.
September 2017
  • Urgot matchup rewritten.
February 2018
  • HeyGuys
March 2018
  • Three Rune choices are added.
  • Wrote an actual Darius matchup.
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