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2 years ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Now you will ask why 6.png and 12.png.

Well 6.png goes well whit your insanitypotion.png and will make you a running hazard for enemy team.
And now 12.png - you can farm then go back and get your 3070.png or 3010.png and get back to your lane without losing any farm or xp. Because you are a lvl dependent champ, if you can get a 2lvl-s ahead of enemy laner you will wreck them.
And those ganks on bot lane will be so easy.

I recently tried taking flash instead of ghost and it worked well in g3 so it should work well in lower leagues. W flash tower dives are easier and it is harder to catch you overall. (Do not take if you don't have exp with playing singed!)

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

After some more games i will say that 12/0/18 is better becouse of extra dmg on q and even more on w (you deal extra 2.5% of any source).

If you are in easy low early dmg matchup like 157.png or 102.png maybe the best is to go 18/0/12 for extra dmg and sustain(You didnt heard that from me).

Abilities Back to Top


Passive : singedpassive.png Empowered bulwark : Singed converts 25% of his maximum mana into bonus health. 

Your I AM THE TANK ability, on lvl 1 you will get 91.5 hp. When you stack your 3070.png just from it you will have +250 hp just from it.

Q : poisontrail.png Poison trail:

TOGGLE: Singed leaves a trail of poison behind him that lasts for 3.25 seconds. Enemies caught in the path are Poison icon poisoned for 2 seconds and dealt magic damage each second for the duration. Continual exposure renews the poison.
MAGIC DAMAGE PER SECOND: 22 / 34 / 46 / 58 / 70 (+ 30% AP)
TOTAL MAGIC DAMAGE: 44 / 68 / 92 / 116 / 140 (+ 60% AP)
Your main DMG ability. Max it first because it scales well and mana cost is always 13mana/sec.

W: megaadhesive.png Mega adhesive:

ACTIVE: Singed covers the target area in a potent adhesive for 5 seconds,slowing all enemies within for the duration.
SLOW: 35 / 45 / 55 / 65 / 75%
RANGE: 1000 / 175 COST: 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 MANA COOLDOWN: 14
Max this last. It is good for escaping ganks, or surviving. Because of that you will get it on lvl 4, or if you expect gank really soon you can take it at lvl 3.

E: fling.png Fling :

ACTIVE: Singed flings the target enemy over his shoulder, dealing them magic damage that is capped against minions and monsters.
If the target lands onto his Mega Adhesive, they are rooted for 1 second.
MAGIC DAMAGE: 50 / 65 / 80 / 95 / 110 (+ 6 / 6.5 / 7 / 7.5 / 8% of target's maximum health)(+ 75% AP)
Max this second, it is good for 1v1's and for protecting your carry, also you can fling 157.png from his yasuoR.png.

R: insanitypotion.png Insanity potion :

ACTIVE: Singed drinks a potent brew of chemicals, granting himself ability power, bonus armor, magic resistance, movement speed, health regeneration and mana regeneration for 25 seconds.
BONUS STATS: 35 / 50 / 80
This is BEST STEROID IN THE GAME ! How to use it properly will be described later on.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Sustain lane, good vs almost everything.
    VS that riven or renekton , to survive before tear or catalyst.
    your early game gold, on first back buy 2 of these. Tear is a must!
    For that nasty aa top laner.

Core Items

    your core items, all go well whit singed and i recomend to rush for it.
    Get 2 of these items, for armor go for randuin's or for sunfire, for mr go whit spirit.
    your 2 dmg items, you will be unstoppable and chunk them like they are made out of butter. If ahead rush Crystal scepter!

Situational Items

    Good on singed, swap your Spirit whit some of these if you are playing vs full ad team.
    Usual end game build.
    Vs full ad
    if really ahead and want to do tons of dmg
    Full ap team and adc
    It is good for split pushing even after nerfs and it is good on singed. Giving you mr armor and hp regen+ active.

Why not section: well because you don't need it. Comment what you think and i will reply why i don't feel like that item is good on singed.

1027.png2003.pngx3 Start - Good vs anything - 12.png back with 3070.png when you have enough. This will give you that extra sustain.

3027.png - Your to rush item, it will give you Hp, Ap AND Mana - All that singed needs. It gives you on buy 300 Hp 400 mana and 80 Ap. And when stacked it will give you 200 hp + 400 Mana + 40Ap - so that is total of 500 Hp + 800 Mana( with singedpassive.png that is 200 Hp) and 120 Ap.

3070.png - It explains itself, Mana regen 250 Mana at start scaling up to 1000 - so that is 250 hp for you.
3040.png- You can stack it fast and on its own it is 150% gold efficient with out active. IF REALLY AHEAD you can buy this AFTER 3027.png.

3116.png - Good buy, it will give you clean escape and good cc in teamfights for its passive, if you need extra dmg you can buy it after 3027.png.

3151.png - Good item for dmg Against tanks - it will chunk them down even in S6 after nerf. I recommend buying this after 3116.png for extra Dmg. You can buy 3136.png for Magic penetration if you see them Stacking Mr and then finish your 3116.png.

3065.png - Excellent item on Singed It will give you Mr + Bonus Hp regen when your insanitypotion.png Is active. I recommend buying this early if agains Magic Dmg top laner.

3009.png - +65 FLAT Ms, so that is go to boots and 25% Slow resist is excellent on Singed. You are a runner.

3068.png - It will give you nice passive Dmg around you, combined with poisontrail.png it will be excellent. It gives you nice armor and Hp.

3143.png - Nice Passive, Nice Active - Good item over all, It will make you a nightmare against any Ad caster and a pain to kill vs Ad comps. Active is great for getting close to that 22.png in teamfights and a absolute nightmare for enemy team.

3075.png - Same as Randiun's Omen - Good armor and Excellent Passive it will make you nightmare for any Adc or AA top laner.

3001.png - Mr and Ap, Good vs Magic dmg dealers or if Ahead just for the passive and Ap.

3190.png - If you need to protect your adc and be in backline against 7.png or 245.png this item is gold. Your team gets bonus Mr and you can shield your carry before you fling their assassin over to their team.

3060.png - I used this in some games i played recently and it is rather good. It will give you same Mr and same Aura but it will give you 60 more Ap and Active that is solid for pushing lanes while teamfight is still on. Yes it will give you less hp and you will loose shield. So i will say personal preferences. 


3089.png - More Ap More Dmg Simple and not that efficient. Only if ahead 6 lvl-s and they are all super squishy.

3025.png - If they have 4 mele champs and Short range adc that can kite you.(22.png).

3135.png - Really ahead, almost unkillable and they start to stack Mr.

3742.png - I don't like this item, Its passive is not excellent for singed because you will get enough Ms form insanitypotion.png and you will get stick potential from 3143.png. You can go if you want it is not that bad just i don't like it.

3110.png -Cheaper option to 3143.png not that good but if you have real trouble in lane and cant farm it is optional. It will give you mana(so some extra hp) and enough armor.
3026.png - You were unkillable now it is just retarded how you can survive almost anything.

3047.png3111.png or 3020.png If they have full combos and you need that extra resist - it will give you less ms then 3009.png.

3083.png - Meh item form nerf it is kinda ok to buy it in late game, it will give you extra regen and more hp.

Matchups Back to Top

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Start sustain lane, go rush tear and spirit, be careful at 6, if ahead rush for Roa.




It is sustain lane and he is better at early sustain then you. Be careful and ask jungler for early gank, dodge his q and if he dives you get w under yourself. Rush tear and RoA then go for spirit visage. In late game you will outscale him.




New darius is pain in the butt, let him push lane until you farm under tower and just ask for a jungler for a gank. W under yourself and e him into your tower, whit jungler you will probably get a kill, do this 2 times and you will be able to knock his tower, then gank other lanes.




He is actually good vs new fiora, rush hp and then crystal scepter, when she goes on you fling her and run, she will not be able to chase you because of scepter.Fight her only if you have ult, because then she wont be able to melt you instantly.




He can get out of anything, outfarm him and just push minions to his tower, then go for a gank on mid or bot, you cant 1v1 him if you dont have ult but you can force him to farm under tower and lose some gold.




When you see him ruing to you just activate q and e him then run. if he goes after you he will take free dmg and you can just lay back, if he has ult you need to be careful, force him to farm under his turret and push him in, he will loose some gold.




Very hard, he is almost absolute counter, farm under turret and look for ganks. You can kill him if he is low and big, if he goes after you just q and run away screaming like a little girl for your jungler to help. He CANT tower dive you because you are singed, but he is annoying as fuck.




Kite her, if she goes on you just e and continue to do so until she is dead. Start cloth +4.




You will destroy him, farm constantly and don't overpush lane, if he goes q+e on you just e him away and q around him whit aa. Later in game whenever he uses q to engage just e him out. 

You can pick 3.png over 6.png to kill him faster or even 14.png




Your e and his hammer e have aprox same range, so farm safe ask jungler for help and just run to him and e him over you. 




Start cloth +4 +1 and just go all in from lvl 1. Run up to him and aa him, then q and run away just about 300 units if he goes after you run if not turn off q and farm. Do this every 10-20 sec. When you get lvl 2 q and e over then fight aa+ move, aa+ move, so you prock your poison whenever you can.




Well don't push it, farm safe and kill him when you have a shot, rush standard build go aggressive when his wither.png is down. Don't stand in his spiritfire.png when fighting him, when low go home.




Farm lane, if she gets agressive just fling.png her and run.
For kill wait until she poppydiplomaticimmunity.png someone and then run up to her and just insanitypotion.png - be singed.




He can outsustain you but you can force him under turre.Da that only you know where their jungler is, othervise freeze lane and ask your jungler for help, if you get 1-2 kills ahead of him and rush your RoA before 10 mins(hard but not impossible) you can tower dive him later. IF he is ahead just gank other lanes, you have tp remember?





ward bushes, rush frozen heart, make tear, runaround whit q on, you cant kill him before 6, he cant kill you after 6, if you play it smart you win if not he wins. So rush frozen and tear, then sunfire, then when he goes all out insanitypotion.png and laugh at his face because he will do 0 dmg, then kill him.




Try to kill him early before he gets his 3151.png and 3157.png and you will be fine, if he is fed gank other lanes and play safe.




You or him. Play safe, you cant kill him 1v1 but he can kill you if he is not stupid, build mr and thy to outpush him. He cant farm under tower and his clear speed is really slow. You can cancel his shenstandunited.png with your fling.png and try not to get killed in the process.




Rush tear and then sunfire, you  will win it easy, just first prock his shield whit your q, then fight.




You cant kill him - he cant kill you, farm and stay safe if he zedR.png then you just insanitypotion.png and run out as fast as you can.

Who am i ? And why do i made this guide? Back to Top

I am summoner CrnoDete, gold since season 3. I main ap tank top champions like 27.png,68.png and 31.png.
I never saw good Singed guide and i think that i was obligated to share my experience to you people and anyone that want's to know what is the feel when you are 12/0 singed and run for their carry under their fountain just because no body can kill you as long as your ult is up.
And yes when you make a full build on singed before 20 mins you can play Man Mode (youtube link!) and just kill everyone. 

Early game, guide how to dominate. Back to Top

Actually it is really easy, farm, farm and farm, when you have enough for 3070.png +1001.png go b and tp back.

 Unless you are ganking bot, and if you do you can just 6.png+insanitypotion.png + megaadhesive.png if they have some adc who has no escape like 222.png or 15.png or 110.png. And support is not 412.png! Tp on tower and just W + ghost+ ult go full madman on them and fling adc back so your supp can cc them.
- Sivir spellshield.png will NOT work on your megaadhesive.png so she will still be slowed | note 1.2 DON'T fling.png her until hers spellshield.png is down!

Mid game miracle Back to Top

For you mid game is when you have 3070.png,3009.png and a 3027.png. When you have all that then you go all out on them. 

Note 1 :

  • you are squishy whit out your insanitypotion.png so do not try to fight a teamfight when this is down you will be insta melted like ice-cream when put into oven, but if you have your insanitypotion.png go madman on them. You are ALMOST unkillable so don't overforce it, you are not god. Focus carrys or fling enemy assassins out of your carrys.
  • If you are fed and have 3070.png,3027.png,3009.png and 3116.png you can just outrun every single champ in game and your poison is one of best wave clear ability, so go splitpush, if you see a teamfight 6.png and insanitypotion.png and go straight for their carry form top, you will need about 7-9 sec to get to mid if there is teamfight if it is on drake go around their blue buff and try to isolate their carry from the fight so make it 4v4 or if supp comes to assist their carry it will be 4v3 for your team. 
  • NOTE 5 man gank on you is not a teamfight, run away don't fight.
  • It will be easy for them to kill you if they can kite you, be careful when you engage and try to flank then if you are not fed/even with them.

Late game unkillable tank! Back to Top

If you followed this build as it sits you will be a hell of a tank with decent dmg at the end of the game. 

Use your e to save carries or to make their carry useless in teamfight. if you are really ahead you can run trough whole enemy team and just continue running in their jungle until they are dead if they don't stick to one rule NEVER CHASE SINGED! 

Few tips and tricks. Back to Top


  1. You can fling.png Champs when they Dash(blindmonkqone.png(2nd activation) or lucianE.png ) if animation start before they react.
  2. If timed correctly you can even  fling.png them when they 4.png ( more luck then timing)
  3. If fighting close to a LARGE wall you can megaadhesive.png under you and fling.png them to wall it will stop the full fling and root them. 
  4. If you get close to a Small wall and want to escape or make a 4v5 4v4 you can fling someone over that wall(Dragon, Baron wall).

Insanity potion Back to Top

This is by far the best steroid in the whole game.

It will give you approximately 3k worth of gold in stats at lvl 16.
Now the question is when do i use this magnificent potion?
Well it is rather simple you use it at the start of a fight, yes not in the middle or when you are low. You use the full duration of that ultimate. It will give you extra armor and magic resist, if you looked this build it is rather soft - not much armor and magic resist items. That is because your ultimate will give you enough armor and mr, all you need is hp to support that and enough dmg to make it all work. Because of that Singed is one of best tanks in the game, you can go 2 or 3 items offensive and you will still have enough hp, armor and magic resist to survive 3 people focusing you.

So to sum it up all you need actually is good amount of hp, decent dmg and a weird sense of humor. 

Updates. Back to Top

5/11/2015 (DD/MM/YYYY) this guide was made in hope that other players will learn how to play Singed!
17/11/2015 (DD/MM/YYYY) updated for new season.
21/12/2015(DD/MM/YYYY) updated changes for Poppy and some masteries.
25/12/2015(DD/MM/YYYY) Updated matchup for Jax, Item updates, added some tips and tricks.
29/12/2015(DD/MM/YYYY) Added "Insanity potion" and updated some spelling mistakes, updated items and tips and tricks. Updated matchups.
13/01/2016(DD/MM/YYYY) Updated matchups.
21/01/2016(DD/MM/YYYY) Updated matchup vs old shen.
24/03/2016(DD/MM/YYYY) Updated for season 6 patch 6.6 new items added.
16/05/2016(DD/MM/YYYY) Updated for 6.9 mid season patch.

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