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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Classic Singed  12.png6.pngAftershock.png?width=64


  • Use this when playing Aftershock Aftershock.png?width=32 and not vs a Jarvan 59.png
  • Ghost provides movement speed, engage, disengage, the ability to kite, dodge skillshots, and stick to targets.
  • Teleport gives the ability to pressure both sidelanes late-game and also the ability to quickly join your team.
  • Teleport gives the ability to flank in teamfights.
  • Teleport gives the ability to recall during laning phase, heal, buy items/potions/wards, and come back to lane.


  • Being forced to teleport back to lane at an awkward timing can prevent you from helping your bot lane with TP
  • A bit harder to secure kills in laning phase without ignite.

Duelist Singed  14.png6.pngSummoner%20Specialist.png?width=64


  • Use this will Unsealed Spellbook Summoner%20Specialist.png?width=32 when you want to try and snowball your lane vs a killable opponent.
  • Higher kill potential in laning phase than Classic Singed.
  • Good if you want to try and snowball.
  • Helps secure kills on enemy carries in the mid-late game.
  • Gives the ability to potentially get a kill on the enemy top laner or jungler when being ganked.
  • Experienced Singed players can dominate lane with ignite.
  • Can switch back to TP later with Unsealed Spellbook Summoner%20Specialist.png?width=32


  • Very unforgiving  when losing lane.
  • It is much harder to leave lane to go heal as you will lose CS and potentially become denied.
  • Harder to join your team for teamfights.
  • Harder to flank.
  • Harder to pressure sidelanes during late-game.
  • Requires practice to be able to know how to properly rotate so you don't miss teamfights.

Flash Singed  12.png4.png Aftershock.png?width=64OrSummoner%20Specialist.png?width=64


  • Flash + Fling can be used to catch an enemy carry.
  • Flash + Fling is really good for finishing those low-hp targets.
  • Flash allows the ability to dodge skillshots more easily.
  • Flash can be used to disjoint crowd control (if you flash as CC hits you, it will only affect you after your flash is over.)
  • This is the ONLY way that Singed can escape from Jarvan's 59.png ultimate.


  • It is much harder to stick to enemy carries without 6.png
  • It is much harder to dodge and weave in and out of teamfights without 6.png
  • However, I would recommend running flash is when there is a Jarvan 59.png on the enemy team, because his ultimate can completely shut you out of a teamfight for 3.5 seconds.

Fortress Singed  3.png6.pngSummoner%20Specialist.png?width=64


  • Can be used to survive the laning phase versus difficult melee matchups such as 114.png2.png
  • Used to shut down enemy auto-attackers.
  • Good versus champions such as 67.png133.png114.png23.png157.png during the laning phase.
  • Can be used to peel enemy champions off of your carries late-game.
  • 3.png is good when your team has plenty of damage and you need to provide utility and tankiness.


  • It is much harder to leave lane to go heal as you will lose CS and potentially become denied.
  • Harder to join your team for teamfights.
  • Harder to flank.
  • Harder to pressure sidelanes during late-game.
  • Requires practice to be able to know how to properly rotate so you don't miss teamfights.

My overall recommendation is to run either Classic Singed 12.png6.png or Duelist Singed 14.png6.png because these two summoner spell setups that are the most stable and reliable for Singed.

New Runes Back to Top

Standard Aftershock


  • Standard Aftershock is the most all-around reliable page for Singed.
  • This page allows Singed to build damage items early and utilize the defensive stats of his ultimate and Aftershock to survive mid-game teamfights.
  • Offers Tenacity, which is very useful for Singed.
  • Can switch Demolish Demolish.png?width=32 to Bone Plating Bone%20Plating.png?width=32 for much more survivability in lane vs tough opponents.
  • Can switch Second Wind Second%20Wind.png?width=32 to Iron%20Skin.png?width=32Mirror%20Shell.png?width=32Conditioning.png?width=32 depending on the needs of the lane.


  • Less snowball potential in lane than the Snowball Unsealed Spellbook Page
  • Longer Summoner Spell cooldowns than Snowball Unsealed Spellbook Page

Snowball Unsealed Spellbook


  • Greater kill potential in lane and early-skirmishes with Ignite 14.png
  • FAST overall waveclear and good level-3 cannon minion clear with Minion%20Dematerializer.png?width=32
  • Can use Time%20Warp%20Tonic.png?width=32 to minimize the need for early-game boots, allowing us to take Magical%20Footwear.png?width=32 for free +10 MS boots.
  • Flexibility of Unsealed Spellbook Summoner%20Specialist.png?width=32 allows switching to Teleport 12.png, Flash 4.png, Ghost 6.png, and in rare circumstances, Cleanse 1.png


  • No tenacity
  • Have to switch back to Teleport 12.png if you fall behind early and are unable to secure kills
  • Much more prone to being locked down and burst to death
  • Overall noticeably less tanky than the Aftershock Aftershock.png?width=32page.

Abilities Back to Top


Passive: Noxious Slipstream singedpassive.png

  • Singed drafts off nearby champions, gaining a burst of movement speed when passing them.
  • Can be used on Allies as well as enemies.
  • Mostly useful as a teamfight passive, not very good for laning.
  • The movement speed increase falls off after 2 seconds, and can be stacked/refreshed by passing another champion.
  • Each champion can only be drafted from once per 10 seconds.
  • A small indicator will appear around the feet of champions showing when they are able to be drafted off of.
  • This passive means that Singed no longer gains HP from mana, and Riot also nerfed Singed's base HP, meaning that he is MUCH SQUISHIER EARLY AND MID-GAME than he used to be. Be careful.
  • Very useful to enter and exit fights when you learn to play around it's cooldown.

Poison Trail poisontrail.png

  • Almost always get this at level 1, and max it first.
  • Make sure to quickly turn it on and off during laning phase to properly harass and farm without burning through your mana pool.
  • MAKE SURE to turn this on before teamfighting.
  • Level this first when proxying.
  • This will apply 8 mini-ticks of poison. The only context in which this is genuinely useful is versus Illaoi 420.png, who's Spirit's duration is reduced for every proc of damage she takes (each tick counts as one rapid proc)

Mega Adhesive megaadhesive.png

  • Always max this last. Leveling this ability up only decreases the cooldown while increasing the mana cost heavily.
  • The mana cost is huge, so make sure you don't spam it when you don't need to use it.
  • You can also use this to peel enemies off of your carries.  Simply use it on top of where your carries are to easily peel for them.
  • Can be used in combination with Fling fling.png to root enemies for up to 2 seconds at max rank of Fling.
  • The grounding effect is useful to use when Enemies are running towards walls and are obviously planning on flashing.
  • Grounding is also useful to catch pesky mobile champions, and to teamfight effectively versus champions like Katarina 55.png

Fling fling.png

  • Max this after Poison Trail poisontrail.png
  • The mana cost is huge, BUT it is often justifiable to use this to harass the enemy top-laner because it is Singed's primary method of starting a fight.
  • Can be used in combination with Mega Adhesive megaadhesive.png to root enemies for up to 2 seconds at max rank of Fling.

What is Sky-Auto-attacking?

  • Sky-Auto-attacking is when you auto-attack your fling target while they are in the air.  Usually you accomplish this by simply attack-moving after your fling, or by right-clicking the enemy while they are in the air.

Why is Sky-Auto-attacking beneficial?

  • It allows you to significantly increase the DPS of your early-game trade combo of fling > poison > kite by weaving in an auto-attack while the enemy cannot fight back.
  • You should sky-auto as much as you can, unless you want to avoid the opponent's minion aggro.
  • Avoid sky auto-attacking when trading into an enemy creep-wave that will do significant damage to you.

Insanity Potion insanitypotion.png

  • Gives you increased Ability Power, Armor, MR, Movement Speed, Mana Regen and HP regen for 25 seconds.
  • The cooldown is technically 75 seconds if you count the whole duration of this spell.
  • Use this when starting a teamfight or skirmish.
  • Use this when you are being engaged upon.
  • Use this when you are engaging the enemy.
  • Use this to speed yourself up to catch enemies.
  • Use this to speed yourself up to run away.
  • Don't be afraid to use this to push your opponent into their tower and then farm one wave behind it, before recalling for free.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Get this if you're prioritizing sustain.
    Good all-around starting option. Get this start if you want to push and recall, because you have less hp over time due to less sustain.
    Note: These builds are purely speculative. All of my in-depth thoughts on items are listed in a case-by-case basis directly below. Change up your build every game according to what you need. Don't ever stay static.

Core Items

    Buy tier-1 boots first.
    Buy tier-1 boots first.
    This should be your first completed item EVERY TIME (can finish boots before this if needed)
    Finish these before or directly after Rylai's.
    Get this item second after Rylai's if you're winning and need more damage.
    Get this item second after Rylai's if you need armor and HP.
    Get this only AFTER Rylai's and Liandrys are complete.
    Last-item vs AD-heavy teams
    Full-Build vs mostly-AD
    Full-build vs mostly AP
    NOTE: ZZ'Rot portal is very effective if you can learn how to utilize it, and I recommend that you learn how to do so to play a map-pressure oriented style.
    Buy this item versus a champion who relies on healing (Fiora, Tryndamere, Akali, Vladimir, Mundo, Etc.) The healing debuff from this item allows us to sometimes build Randuin's Omen instead of Thornmail.
    Example of full build vs mixed damage.
    Vs Mostly AD with a healer
    Vs Mostly AP with a healer

Situational Items

    Get this when you need to pressure a side lane but also group with your team. DO NOT RELY ON THIS ITEM as a crutch. Learn to play without it until you need it.
    Switch to this during late-game when it's too dangerous to face check bushes.
    Similar to ZZ'rot, but more useful versus magic-damage heavy teams.

Note: These builds are just examples, and might not be the most optimal builds to run in your game. Change what you need accordingly.

ZZ'Rot Splitpush Build

  • I would not recommend running this build unless you are very comfortable with split pushing and pressuring.
  • We make up for the lack of HP in ZZ'Rot by building Warmog's.
  • Swiftness, Point Runner from ZZ'Rot, and Dead Man's Plate make it very, VERY easy to get around the map.
  • Place your ZZ'Rot portal somewhere that you can defend it.

Merc Treads 3111.png

  • Some tenacity was added back to this item, so we build it again versus CC and Magic Damage heavy teams.
  • This item gives us MR, which is hard to buy in S6, movement speed, and tenacity.
  • These are absolutely necessary versus enemy teams which have lots of hard CC such as stuns.

Ninja Tabi 3047.png

  • This item gives us Armor, movement speed, and a passive which reduces the damage from all champion and minion basic attacks by 10%.
  • These are very, very, very good versus enemy teams that are AD-heavy.
  • Versus ADCs, this is essentially just 10% damage reduction straight up.  This is HUGE.
  • Scale very well into late-game.
  • Buy these when the enemy team has multiple AD threats and you need armor early.

Boots of Swiftness 3009.png

  • They are dirt cheap, at 900 gold.
  • Not the go-to boots anymore. Merc Treads and Ninja Tabi are now viable again, and are actually better than Swiftness the majority of the time.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter 3116.png

  • We rush this item first because it gives us damage, HP, and a slow that synergizes with Poison Trail poisontrail.png
  • This is easily the single best all-around item to buy on Singed.
  • Better than RoA because it provides utility, and for reasons further explained below.

Liandry's Torment 3151.png

  • We buy this to help Singed's damage scale VERY well into the late-game.
  • The % HP damage is doubled due to the slow we get from Rylai's affecting every one of Singed's abilities.
  • Also gives HP and Magic penetration, two stats that are very good on Singed.

Dead Man's Plate 3742.png

  • Gives Singed lots of movement speed to engage, disengage, kite, and move around the map quickly with.
  • Gives an empowered auto-attack which further slows enemies, and can be used with Sky auto-attacks to burst enemies.
  • Synergizes EXTREMELY well with Noxious Slipstream singedpassive.png and Celerity Celerity.png?width=32 to give Singed LOTS of teamfight movement speed.

Morellonomicon 3165.png

  • Now gives 300 Health, 80 AP, and a healing debuff, making it an item that is suitable for Singed to buy vs healing-based champions.
  • Useful versus: Fiora 114.png, Tryndamere 23.png, Aatrox 266.png, Akali 84.png, Vladimir 8.png, Soraka 16.png, Dr. Mundo 36.png, and ADCs who abuse 3072.png and Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=32

Abyssal Mask 3001.png

  • Gives Singed survivability, and damage amplification in one slot.
  • Is superior to other MR items early in the game because we get HP from our core of Rylai's 3116.png and Liandry's 3151.png

Randuin's Omen 3143.png

  • Buy this versus Crit-based auto-attackers such as 157.png22.png23.png and most of the ADCs in the game.
  • Best-scaling defensive armor item in the game.
  • Also useful versus attack-speed based champions such as 39.png266.png
  • Can buy this instead of Thornmail, if you need healing reduction but already have Morellonomicon 3165.png

Thornmail 3075.png

  • Very very good versus ADCs in the late-game.
  • Essential versus teams with more than one AD threat.
  • Useful mostly for the healing debuff, which makes it less valuable overall now that Morellonomicon 3165.png gives Health, AP, and a healing debuff.

Banshee's Veil 3102.png

  • Buy this instead of 3001.png when you want to focus on pure damage output.
  • Buy this instead of Abyssal Mask 3001.png when you value the spell-shield over CDR.

Righteous Glory 3800.png

  • Similar to Rod of Ages, Righteous Glory is a ball of stats.
  • The massive burst of movement speed that you get is extremely helpful for catching enemy champions that are out of position, and for diving the back-line.
  • Try to use this separately from your Ghost 6.png. You don't want to pop RG and Ghost at the same time, instead use one after the other to get the longest possible movement speed burst.
  • This item is very boring to me to use, so I tend to avoid it unless I abolutely need it to engage vs champions who are long-range and pokey, such as Gangplank 41.png and Xerath 101.png

Spirit Visage 3065.png

  • Buy this over Abyssal Mask 3001.png when you are prioritizing pure survivability. This item does not offer increased damage.

Items to Consider Buying

  • Void Staff 3135.png
  • Buy this when the enemy team has a LOT of magic resistance (180+ per enemy champion) and your flat penetration from runes, masteries, 3151.png and 3001.png simply aren't cutting it.

Frozen Heart 3110.png

  • Buy this for when you absolutely need more Armor, and the CDR will be helpful.
  • Really good versus teams that auto-attack a lot, such as 23.png254.png51.png67.png

Zz'Rot Portal 3512.png

  • Buying this item first versus matchups like 150.png114.png2.png, AD matchups that out-trade, harass, kite and kill you, can be very, VERY good.
  • Essentially, this item gives you defensive stats, movement speed, and an active ability that places the portal down.
  • The voidlings are deceptively strong early-game, they will pressure your lane, last hit for you, and take the enemy tower if the enemy is not VERY vigilant.
  • Simply place it underneath your own tower in laning phase and watch as it wreaks havoc on the enemy 150.png114.png2.png

A few things to note when rushing Zz'Rot portal: 

  • Yes, it makes you weaker damage-wise.
  • However, buying damage first versus these three matchups generally puts you in danger of dying repeatedly.
  • With Zz'Rot Portal, you can still win the early/mid game for your team by roaming.   

Do Not Buy These Items EVER

Seraph's Embrace 3040.png (The Noobtrap)

  • It is very similar to Rod of Ages in that it is just a big ball of stats (AP and Mana) that provides very little utility.  The shield is useless unless you also have a Rod of Ages 3027.png AND a Frozen Heart 3110.png
  • Tear of the Goddess 3070.png is a 750 gold investment for mana which takes a VERY LONG time to fully stack.
  • You can be completely okay without building mana items as long as you have just a Doran's Ring 1056.png and play carefully with your poison trail.
  • Takes up a slot late-game which you need to build a defensive item.



Sorcerer's Boots 3020.png

  • Although Magic Penetration is very very good on Singed, defensive stats are much harder to buy in S6 and you NEED the utility and defense that 3047.png3111.png can offer to 27.png
  • You get damage amplification from 3151.png and 3001.png anyways.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Aatrox
  • Cassiopeia
  • Cho'Gath
  • Darius
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Ekko
  • Fiora
  • Fizz
  • Gangplank
  • Garen
  • Gnar
  • Graves
  • Hecarim
  • Illaoi
  • Irelia
  • Jarvan IV
  • Jax
  • Jayce
  • Kayle
  • Kennen
  • Lissandra
  • Lulu
  • Malphite
  • Maokai
  • Master Yi
  • Nasus
  • Olaf
  • Pantheon
  • Poppy
  • Quinn
  • Renekton
  • Riven
  • Rumble
  • Ryze
  • Shen
  • Sion
  • Swain
  • Tahm Kench
  • Teemo
  • Trundle
  • Tryndamere
  • Vladimir
  • Wukong
  • Yorick



  • Rush Ninja Tabi 3047.png and possibly Morellonomicon 3165.png
  • Recent buffs to this champion have made him much stronger than he used to be, and his pre-6 trading versus Singed is very hard to win. Play safe until 6, then ult and fling him under your tower.




Rush Merc Treads 3111.png and Spectre's Cowl 3211.png to get past the laning phase, and then beat her midgame during teamfights.




Farm versus him and outscale.  Run Teleport 12.png to help your team snowball other lanes because he is very hard to kill 1v1.



  • Make sure you bait out his Q dariuscleave.png
  • Once you hit 6, pop your ult insanitypotion.png and Fling him fling.png while you kite away.  If he gets more than three stacks of his passive on you, RUN away.
  • If played properly, you can kite him out and kill him with your Poison Trail and repeated flings.
  • VERY DIFFICULT to stop his snowball once it gets rolling.


Dr. Mundo

  • Consider running flat armor and MR runes to counteract his damage in laning phase.
  • Be careful when he's low HP as he gets heavy amounts of AD from masochism.png when he has low HP.
  • Rylai's and Liandry's together will shred him.
  • Early swiftness boots can make his cleaver infectedcleavermissilecast.png slow almost neglibile



  • Not much to say here, he's very annoying.  Rush Merc Treads3111.png and you can potentially get kills on him, because it becomes hard for him to do damage to you.



  • Until she is nerfed, she will destroy everyone in top-lane, including Singed.
  • Run Ignite 14.png if you can to give yourself an extra combat summoner to fight her with.
  • If her vitals spawn on you in a direction that's easy for her to hit, walk away from her until they despawn and walk back to her to get a new one.
  • Consider buying Zz'Rot Portal 3512.png as your first item versus Fiora 114.png because it will give you a LOT of survivability, pushing, movement speed, and the ability to out-pressure her.
  • Also consider dodging because she is that strong versus Singed.




Rush Merc Treads 3111.png



  • This champion can farm for free versus singed, Harass you non-stop, scale VERY hard VERY fast, all while being able to win teamfights in bot lane without ever leaving lane via his ultimate.
  • Consider banning or dodging.






  • This is an awful lane. EVERY SINGLE one of his skills are good against Singed.
  • Rush Ninja Tabi 3047.png and try to trade blows with him once he is in Mega Gnar form.
  • Be careful once he is 6 to stay away from his tower.
  • You are actually stronger than him when you are both level 6 and he is in Mega Gnar.  Dodge his W and you will be able to kill him.
  • Rushing Thornmail 3075.png as your very first item before anything else can make it very, very hard for him to kill you.
  • Consider buying Zz'Rot Portal 3512.png as your first item versus Gnar 150.png because it will give you a LOT of survivability, pushing, movement speed, and the ability to out-pressure him.
  • Consider banning or dodging.





  • Graves is almost a perfect counter to Singed.
  • IF he isn't banned, and you're playing versus him in top-lane, rush a Zz'Rot Portal 3512.png as FAST as you can, place it under your tower, and farm however you can.
  • Look for opportunities to gank bottom with Teleport 12.png
  • It's very hard to kill Graves in a 1v1 due to Warlord's Bloodlust and Hexdrinker 3155.png






  • Riot seems very intent on making Illaoi into a FOTM pick, repeated buffs to her over the course of a few patches have made her more difficult to deal with.
  • Prioritize proxying and armor, her lane presence is too great.



  • Generally an easy matchup, but you have to be careful of her power spikes.
  • She is very good at trading early with Hiten Style ireliahitenstyle.png
  • Fling her as soon as you get in melee range to negate Equilibrium Strike ireliaequilibriumstrike.png
  • Be careful once she finishes Sheen 3057.png as she will have a lot of burst.
  • All-In her at level 6 when you are stronger.


Jarvan IV

  • He has a lot of burst damage, so you may need to get an early chain vest 1031.png or tabi 3047.png



  • One of Singed's best matchups. You can easily trade with him and outdamage him at almost every stage of the game.
  • Be careful at level 1 to stay away from Counter Strike jaxcounterstrike.png as it will do a lot of damage when absorbing minion auto-attacks.
  • Fling him after he Leap Strikes to you and you can avoid all of his damage while hurting him with poison.
  • Is very easily kited once you have Rylai's.



  • Similar to Gnar
  • Rush Tabi 3047.png and all-in him once you hit level 6



  • Is easily gankable, so you can let her push in if your jungler will gank.
  • IF you don't think your jungler will gank, pop all of your potions and push her into her tower, then recall to heal and repeat while trying to not die.



  • Has lots of harass, similar to Gnar and Jayce.
  • Use corrupting potion 2033.png to stay in lane and survive until 6.
  • You can all-in him at level 6 with insanitypotion.png and 6.png



  • Consider running flat MR glyphs.
  • Rushing Merc Treads is very helpful versus her CC.
  • Get an early Spectre's Cowl 3211.png or Negatron Cloak 1057.png if you're having trouble dealing with her damage.



  • This lane is worse than Gnar AND Jayce.  Build Merc Treads, Get potions, and proxy as best as you can because she has amazing poke, burst, and chase potential against you.



  • Another very easy matchup
  • Just push him in so he misses CS and then proxy farm behind the tower
  • He needs to use a LOT of mana to waveclear, so you have a big advantage by pushing.



  • Used to be an easy matchup, but with the addition of Maokai gaining Hp/LvL, combined with his very low mana costs, high utility/tankiness/sustain, and extremely powerful build path makes him a harder matchup now.


Master Yi

  • Buy Tabi and laugh.



  • Run ignite 14.png and try to kill him in lane
  • Ask your jungler to spam ganks to delay his scaling
  • Attempt to peel him from your team late-game with Fling and Rylais
  • He is similar to gangplank, you are generally unable to kill him as he tanks your harass and farms infinitely and quickly.
  • Consider banning or dodging.



  • Get HP and a little bit of armor as fast as you can.
  • It is possible to run exhaust 3.png versus him to stop him from chasing you down with his Undertow olafaxethrowcast.png
  • Consider buying Zz'Rot Portal 3512.png as your first item versus Olaf 2.png because it will give you a LOT of survivability, pushing, movement speed, and the ability to out-pressure him.



  • Buy cloth armor, win.
  • If the Pantheon is running Ignite, rush Raptor Cloak into Zzrot and begin to push his tower every time he ults away from lane.
  • Fast-push the creeps from the start of the game to minimize the amount of spear shot harass he can put on you.



  • Same as Pantheon
  • She is kind of immobile and you can kite her very easily in teamfights.
  • It is easy to avoid her damage becasue she has to be directly on top of you to use her Q.
  • Stay away from the side-walls near her tower because she can easily stun you into them.



  • Rush Ninja Tabi and potions to survive this lane, and then beat her in teamfights.



  • He does a LOT of damage early, so watch his fury bar!
  • Let him push the first wave into you and then fling him into your tower.
  • Be careful of his level 6, if you are not full-hp when you pop your ult, he will out-damage you.
  • Early cloth armor helps a lot in this lane.



  • Same as Renekton.
  • Let her push into you early, and fling her into your tower.
  • Early cloth armor and even Tabi can help win this lane.



  • Stay away from him when his resource bar is yellow or near yellow.
  • Fling him into your minion wave and kite away to farm with Poison Trail.
  • Buy an early Spectre's Cowl 3211.png because he gets a LOT of magic penetration, and you need the defense.



  • Get Merc Treads as fast as you can, pop your ult, fling him, and run away for dear life.
  • Proxy if you can.



  • Shen's rework made him more of a threat in the laning phase.



  • He has moderate burst and CC
  • Try to dodge his Q crypticgaze.png to avoid most of his damage.
  • He uses a lot of mana to waveclear so pushing him in can be beneficial.



  • Start Corrupting Potion 2033.png and rush Merc Treads 3111.png to survive his harass.
  • Proxy if at all possible, as his early-game harass is hard to deal with.
  • Once you hit 6 and have some magic resistance, ult and fight him until he runs out of mana, at which point he will be helpless.
  • Is permaban material as of patch 6.10


Tahm Kench

  • Rarely played, also nerfed heavily over time.



  • The harass from his poison and auto-attacks is very hard to deal with.
  • Run every defensive/sustain rune that you can (Bone Plating, Mirror Shell, etc)
  • This is truly a nightmare lane. Consider banning or dodging.



  • Be careful of when he ults trundleR.png because he can sap the stats from your Insanity Potion insanitypotion.png.




Buy Tabi, win.



  • Proxy versus him at level 1.
  • Build damage and all-in him at level 6 when you are much stronger than him.



  • He has a lot of burst damage throughout the laning phase. 
  • Try to fling him as he is  Nimbus Striking monkeykingnimbus.png towards you, so he cannot stealth immediately after.
  • Armor helps a lot.



  • Very weak champ overall.

About Me (Minishcap1) Back to Top

Hey guys! I'm Minishcap1.  I've been playing League of Legends since Beta, and I've participated in every single ranked season!  I hit Gold in Season 1, Platinum in Season 2, Diamond I in season 3, Diamond II in season 4, and finally hit Challenger in Season 5!  I've been maining Singed since Season 3 because I fell in love with his playstyle, which is very different from the average League of Legends champion.

I hit Challenger in NA during Season 5 and maintained it throughout the rest of the season! I peaked at ladder rank 79 and 613 LP!  I also hit rank 1 Singed in the entire wold on and am the first player in over three seasons to hit Challenger with only Singed! 

I also stream regularly on so be sure to check it out if you want to see me in action!



Early Game Laning Phase (And how to farm!) Back to Top

  • Make sure you know which enemy champion you are laning versus, and adjust your starting items accordingly.
  • NEVER AFK at the beginning of matches.  One of the keys to climbing the ladder is to be an ACTIVE participant in your games and learning anything and everything you can, no matter how small it may seem.
  • Ward this island bush (circled in the picture) at the beginning of every game as fast as you can to prevent early invades.
  • Recall immediately if you are out of mana. Singed is useless without mana.
  • Make sure you ward the river at around 2:45 which is when most junglers clear their second buff.
  • Make sure you buy Pink Wards 2043.png after every recall and place it in the river bush if you are blue side, and in the tri-bush if you are red side.

How to Farm effectively as Singed

Once the game starts, you have one of two options to start farming your lane.  
  1. You can push the first wave immediately by running with it and using your Poison Trail poisontrail.png
  2. You can let the creep wave meet in the middle of the lane like normal and play the lane standard.
  • Every matchup is different, and you need to play differently versus each of them.  I explained the specifics about most of these matchups in the matchups section.
Versus melee matchups that you can trade with early, like 92.png41.png39.png24.png114.png, you want to use option number two.  Versus matchups that are ranged, or that can harass you easily, such as 68.png150.png17.png117.png, you want to take option number 1.
  • Make sure you are not missing last-hits early on.
  • Once you have enough money for either Corrupting Potion 2033.png or Boots 1001.png and The Dark Seal 1082.png, recall.
  • Make sure you buy 2043.png.

Mid Game Back to Top

  • Make sure you keep up pressure against your enemy laner.
  • Keep an eye on your map to use your Teleport 12.png to help your team.
  • Try to draw the enemy jungler's attention and run away when they come to gank you.
  • Be sure to roam to mid and even occasionally bottom lane when your lane is pushed in and try to gank the enemy champions.

Late Game Back to Top

  • Make sure you are warding with Farsight 3363.png and NEVER, EVER get caught without your ultimate.
  • Singed is very, very weak without the threat of Insanity Potion insanitypotion.png
  • Make sure you are grouped with your team as soon as you can be after you push your lane, because late-game Singed is a teamfighting monster.

Teamfighting, and Singed's Role in the Game! (What is Singed?) Back to Top


  • Singed is definitely not a carry, but he allows his team to carry.
  • You deny the enemy backline from entering fights
  • You fling the enemy carries into your team
  • Teamfighting is where Singed excels.
  • You have three main functions in a teamfight.
  1. Dive the enemy carries and fling them into your team.
  2. Peel the enemy off of your carries.
  3. Spread your Poison Trail throughout as much of the enemy team as you can.
  • Generally, I accomplish all of this by doing the following:
  1. First, Pop your ultimate insanitypotion.png and Ghost 6.png and turn on your poison trail poisontrail.png
  2. Use Mega Adhesive megaadhesive.png either near your carries to peel them, or on the enemy carry you intend to Fling fling.png
  3. Fling the enemy carry into your team and help to kill them.
  4. Double back while your poison trail and ghost are still active to slow the enemy team and peel them off of your carries with Rylais 3116.png and Poison Trail poisontrail.png
  5. Bob and weave in and out of the teamfight using your enhanced movement speed and spread your poison across as many of the enemy champions as you can.
  • Note: Don't be afraid to fling the enemy tank into your team as long as they are isolated.  Getting picks like this is part of what makes Singed a good roamer.
  • Ideally, you want to fling the enemy carries into your team.  However, you will not always be able to do this, and sometimes it is okay to focus on mainly peeling the enemy off of your carries and spreading your poison.  You have tankiness from Insanity Potion insanitypotion.png and should be able to absorb damage before you build your defensive items.

Singed's Role: What is Singed?

Singed is an AP Bruiser, and a facilitator for his carries.  He is not a tank, and he is not a support, but he functions similar to them.
  1. Singed often tops the damage charts of the game because of the crazy amounts of damage he can do in a teamfight.
  2. However, this does not mean he is a "carry," even though he can carry games by himself.
  3. He is good at allowing his teammates to succeed by setting up teamfights for them, and pressuring the map by drawing attention to himself.
  4. He is NOT a primary engager, but he should generally be in the fight before his carries are.

Proxying and ZZ'Rot Portal! Back to Top

Over my years of playing Singed, I've learned a few tricks which can help you win your lane, and help you win games.  The first of these is Proxy farming!  What exactly is proxy farming? Let me explain.

Proxy Farming

  • I DO NOT RECOMMEND PROXY FARMING AS A PRIMARY STRATEGY. Good players WILL gank you and kill you, deny your proxy, and completely snowball the game from the gold they get from killing you. Proxy only as a last resort vs nightmare matchups such as Teemo 17.png Fiora 114.png and Gangplank 41.png
  • Proxy farming is something unique to Singed in which he goes behind the enemy towers at level 1 and kills the creep wave while kiting it with Poison Trail poisontrail.png
  • This is useful because you can use it to avoid the harassment of certain champions that are difficult to play against in lane, such as 8.png117.png17.png150.png126.png
"But how do I Proxy farm without feeding free kills over and over?"  This is to proxy.png
  • If you are starting on the red side, follow the red path at the beginning of the game.
  • If you are starting on the blue side, follow the blue path at the beginning of the game.
  • Once you are in the enemy jungle, wait for the minions to spawn at 1:15.
  • Once they spawn, run into the lane behind the tower and behind to farm them with your Poison Trail poisontrail.png while you kite them to take less damage.
  • Pop your health potions or your Corrupting potion to survive the damage, and be careful to NOT TAKE TOWER SHOTS.
  • As of Preseason 6 you can no longer drag the minions into the jungle to kite them at a long-distance as they will de-aggro you.
  • After farming two waves, drop a ward 3340.png on the enemy Red or Blue buff, depending on which side your on, and recall or execute yourself on the tower.
  • Make sure that you recall or execute yourself on the tower after the first two waves, because the enemy jungler will have finished their second buff by this time and you need to LEAVE so you don't get killed.
  • Teleport 12.png back into your lane and use the potions and ward you bought to keep the lane pushed and avoid taking damage from your hard lane matchup!

ZZ'Rot Portal 3512.png

Sometimes, you just have those difficult games where you need to take the enemies towers, but you also need to group with your team in order to teamfight.  In situations like this, you buy the ZZ'Rot Portal!
  • This item provides massive lane-pressure in whichever lane you choose to put it in.
  • Make sure that you place the portal in a location where you can defend it if the enemy tries to come kill it.
  • ZZ'Rot portal is very helpful because Singed has trouble pushing the Tier 2 and Tier 3 towers by himself.
  • In the picture below, I have circled locations for both blue side and red side that are the most optimal for pushing town turrets.
  • The extra movement speed from the Point Runner passive allows you to move across the map faster, escape ganks, and chase enemies easier as well.
  • I think that ZZ'Rot portal is a very underrated and underappreciated item that can work very well in niche situations that require split pushing pressure.

Surviving hard matchups by Rushing Zz'Rot Portal

  • Buying this item first versus matchups like 150.png114.png2.png, AD matchups that out-trade, harass, kite and kill you, can be very, VERY good.
  • Essentially, this item gives you defensive stats, movement speed, and an active ability that places the portal down.
  • The voidlings are deceptively strong early-game, they will pressure your lane, last hit for you, and take the enemy tower if the enemy is not VERY vigilant.
  • Simply place it underneath your own tower in laning phase and watch as it wreaks havoc on the enemy 150.png114.png2.png

A few things to note when rushing Zz'Rot portal: 

  • Yes, it makes you weaker damage-wise.
  • However, buying damage first versus these three matchups generally puts you in danger of dying repeatedly.
  • With Zz'Rot Portal, you can still win the early/mid game for your team by roaming.  

Place it at these locations depending on whether you're blue or red side.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Back to Top

1. Q: Why don't you build mana?

    A: I covered very specific reasons and item paths in the items sections, but to go over it briefly: buying mana items on Singed takes up too many item slots that he needs for defensive items and tank items.  His core consists of Rylai's and Liandry's, and all of his mana costs can be sustained with a Doran's Ring or Dark Seal.  If you manage your poison trail carefully by only using it in short bursts, you won't go OOM easily.

2. Q: What champions are good versus Singed?
    A: Any champions that can repeatedly kite/cc/and poke him. Champions such as 117.png150.png126.png10.png. Champions such as 17.png41.png114.png can completely shut Singed out a game from level 1.

3. How long have you been playing League of Legends?
    A: I've been playing since the beta. I've played in every single ranked season, and mained Singed non-stop since the beginning of Season 3.  I hit Gold in S1, Plat in S2, Diamond I in S3, Diamond II in S4, and Challenger in S5!

4. Q: Why Singed?
    A: I enjoy his playstyle.  He feels very unique among all of the League of Legends champions.  I play Singed because his play-style is very unique.  Most Champions (Besides Singed, Heimer, and Shaco) fall into the same pattern of farm > skirmish > objective > repeat.  Singed, however, requires you to think outside of the box if you want to win with him.  Singed is a map-pressure champion.  You have to know how to create distractions, draw jungler attention, and how to escape ganks/have great map awareness while proxying.

5. Q: Do you do coaching?
    A: I sure do! You can apply via DMing me on Twitter: or by whispering me on Twitch:

6. Q: Do you stream?
    A: Yes! You can watch me at

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  • Updated Gnar 150.png matchup section with information about Thornmail 3075.png.
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Jan 18, 2016

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Jan 19, 2016

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Jan 30, 2016

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  • Added matchup information for Doctor Mundo 36.png and Lissandra 127.png.

Feb 1, 2016

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Feb 18,2016

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  • Removed Deadman's Plate 3742.png from recommended items.
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Feb 22, 2016

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March 9, 2016

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March 12, 2016

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April 7, 2016

  • Updated summoner spell section, this guide now recommends taking Flash over Ghost.
  • Updated Items section.
  • Updated Boots section specifically.
  • Added information about Spirit Visage 3065.png in terms of current superiority over Banshee's Veil 3102.png.

May 19, 2016

  • Updated Summoner Spell section to reflect the buffs to Ghost 6.png in patch 6.10.  Ghost is now the superior summoner in almost all games.
  • Updated Item section to reflect further nerfs to Boots of Swiftness and buffs to Merc's and Tabi's coming in 6.11.
  • Added information about Abyssal Scepter 3001.png
  • Moved Righteous Glory 3800.png from 'Never Buy' to 'Viable' in Items section. Huge buffs to the item in 6.9 made it a LOT better for Singed.
  • Removed Deathfire Touch from Alternative Masteries section, DFT is awful in terms of the stats you need to make it deal effective damage.  You lose too much tankiness as Singed to make it work.
  • Added Strength of the Ages to Alternative Masteries section.
  • Added information about Zz'Rot Portal to Items section.  Zz'Rot is, in my opinion, essential to making Singed function in Season 6 as it stands currently.

May 22, 2016

  • Updated Matchups section with information about Illaoi 420.png, Maokai 57.png, Shen 98.png, Tahm Kench 223.png, and Swain 50.png.

June 3, 2016

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June 10, 2016

  • Updated Items section with information about Rod of Ages 3027.png.

June 12, 2016

  • Updated Items section with more build examples.
June 18, 2016
  • Rod of Ages slightly nerfed in 6.12, still good. Updated items section.

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