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Summoner Spells Back to Top

I used 6.png in the past just because that's what every good singed was using. After testing 4.png and giving it some thought, I came to the conclusion that 4.png is better. 
"Ghost makes Singed super for a while, but flash makes him a god for a moment. Imagine Singed with a gapcloser. Your enemy now has to play around a +400 range fling. It makes Singed less predictable. It's also good for all the reasons other champs use flash over ghost. Namely, flash let's you outplay with instant skillshot dodging, traveling over walls, and making plays that people can't react to due to its instant effect."


As far as secondary spells go, most people will agree that 12.png is very necessary in the "long" solo lane. What I mean by "long" is that the lane takes longer to get to than mid lane. It's also the hardest lane for someone to hold the wave in while you are returning to lane; mid lane is in the centre of the map and bot lane has two people in it. In some cases 14.png or 3.png can be good, but if you get ganked you will get punished a lot harder than if you had teleport. 

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

This keystone makes the most sense for Singed. It gives sustain and auto attack trading power early and it scales the best out of any keystone for him as he is a health stacker. 
Double Edged Sword vs Feast vs Expose Weakness

Double edged sword is a little tricky to evaluate and I don't like it on Singed since he lacks sustain and probably doesn't want to take more damage early game.  Expose weakness doesn't do anything for you 1v1 in lane but is quite good in teamfights and skirmishes. Feast has gotten nerfed now (patch 6.8) so I will be using Expose Weakness. Expose weakness is quite good for teamfighting and feast is only giving at most 3.333 health per 5 seconds... realistically, it's <3hp5. 

Veteran's Scars vs Runic Armor

You need to shield/heal/regen/lifesteal 562.5 (= 45/0.08) health in order to match 45 health of Veteran's Scars. You are more likely to need that 45hp in an all out fight than you will need an extra couple HP in the long run after healing and regenerating HP in lane for several minutes. For completeness sake, I'll discuss briefly the early lane phase. You will not regen 562.5 health in a teamfight without 16.png7.png. Corrupting potion gives 450 health. Singed natural health regen per 5 in the early game is about 8. 

562.5 - 450 = 112.5 (amount Singed has to regen to get more from Runic Armor)
112.5 / 8 * 5 = ~70 (amount of seconds to regen that amount with health regen)

So if you use all your corrupting potion and lane for 70 seconds, you will start to gain health from runic armor. However, at this stage you will probably want to recall and you'll only be gaining <1hp per minute. As I said, you are more likely to need the 45hp when getting ganked or in an all-out fight than you will need this extra HP from minutes of laning.

Insight vs Perserverance

Insight reduces flash and teleport cooldowns by 45 seconds. It sounds great but you will not be using your summoners the instant that they come up. Health regen on the other hand is being used at all times during laning and teamfighting. Keep an eye on your health bar and notice that you are almost never really at full HP when laning. This health regen is doing work for you the entire time. At level 5 it gives 1 health per second and 4 health per second when below 25% HP.

Abilities Back to Top

Max Poison Trail poisontrail.png first as it is Singed's primary damage ability, is mana efficient, and scales well with levels.

Mega adhesivemegaadhesive.png costs too much in the early game and does too little. 70 mana for a 35% slow is pretty crappy and you will run out of mana fast if you cast it. Don't get this until level 8 when you have a better mana pool.

Ever since Fling fling.png gained % max health damage and less base damage, it became a "1-point wonder". Mega adhesive megaadhesive.png scales better with levels while fling.png scales with enemy HP and gains less flat damage per level than before. This is why you max megaadhesive.png second.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Corrupting -> 2x Dark Seal EVERY GAME

Core Items

    These are the best choices for a first item
    Essential item on Singed, boosts your damage by so much. Try a game with this item and then without and you'll see what I mean
    This is another essential item on Singed. It makes you very hard to ignore and helps to kite/chase enemies.

Situational Items

Starting Items


This is the best starting item hands down. You only need to look at the stats it gives you to start with. Damage passive with a good balance of sustain: 375 health and 225 mana. This refillable potion (just like the old crystalline flask) is very good on Singed because he has no sustain and would find himself buying many potions if these refillables did not exist. 

Similar, inferior starts:
  1.  1082.png2031.png (gives less stats than 2033.png)
  2. 1082.png2003.pngx3 (tons of sustain but 150g sunk cost and only 100 mana to go with the 562.5 hp)
  3. 1056.png2003.pngx2 (Doran's is inferior to dark seal, and this start gives too little HP compared to mana. Also it wastes 100g on single-use potions)
  4. 1027.png2003.pngx2 (Mana items aren't good, wastes 100g on single-use potions, this is even weaker than doran's 2 pots)
  5. 1028.png2003.pngx2 (no mana sustain, doesn't abuse ridiculous 1082.png+2033.png)

This item is insane for Singed. Let's compare it to 1056.png:

1056.png = 60hp, +50% mana regen, 15ap, 4 mana per kill
costs 400g, sells for 160g
1082.png = 25hp, 100 mana, 15ap, +25% healing from potions(93.75hp over 36sec from corrupting), glory passive
costs 350g, SELLS FOR 245G!

Unless you go to lane and die before getting 13.44s of healing from corrupting with this OP dark seal item, it actually gives you more health than Doran's ring. It also gives 100 mana (admittedly significantly less than Doran's), and it gives the same AP (plus more from glory!). The real big deal here though is that it sells for 70% of its cost despite having Doran's level efficiency! Doran's sells for only 40% of it's cost. You can buy 2 of these without worrying about selling them as you get 245g back!

Again, this item is INSANE... even at 0 glory! Get two every game!


With the new catalyst and price-stat adjustment, this item is now a quite good first item. I'm still unsure of whether I like this or 3030.png more.

A good first item with similar stats to 3027.png but it comes with an active which is a minor slow and some pretty good damage. It damages and slows everything in its path. It has a cast time similar to stopping to autoattack so it may not be great for catching people yourself but maybe assisting teammates in catching or for running away.


A ton of health, regen, and the out-of-combat regeneration is surprisingly useful. Similar to 54.png passive, you step out of combat for some time and then start gaining health very rapidly. 


A must buy on Singed. A great early item which gives health, damage, and the highly valuable passive slow. 3068.png and 3102.png might give you superior 1v1 dueling power against AD and AP respectively, but 3116.png gives you the ability to stick to champs or kite in 1v2s and make some big plays. That's why I buy this first most games. If you are struggling in a matchup against AD or AP, get those items that I mentioned.


This item makes up most of your damage in the late game. If you need to deal damage, buy this item.


In 6.9, this item's cost was increased to 2900 from 2700g. The passive on this is still better than the passive on 3742.png. This is the best early armor item but rushing it won't be so great unless you are against full AD or something. Deals 26-43 damage... you need 100 AP to get 30 extra damage on your poison. This damage doesn't linger like poison does but it's still very strong if you stick to your target and let it do work. Very effective against 122.png5.png and AD champs in general.


Expensive, but gives cost effective stats, a decent slow, and -10% crit damage. ADCs will usually deal around 50% of their damage with critical strikes late game. So the passive will give 5% dmg reduction against them. I would consider this item against multiple champs building crit. 


Excellent second armor item against AD heavy compositions in the late game. Especially if you bought 3001.png. However, I find that the average magic resist in games has gone up to due to the strength of 3139.png3190.png and even 3156.png is popular. I tend to buy 3026.png as a late game armor item.


In 6.9, this item was made 450g cheaper and had 200hp removed. Being cheaper is better and losing 200hp to gain 450g is overall good for the item. I consider this the best magic resist item now and a good item to rush against heavy magic damage.


Recently changed to be more beneficial for champions who have healing in their kit. I think this and 3102.png are very close in strength for Singed. Value 3102.png more if you are playing against champs with long range catch spells 
(eg. 22.png60.png) or 1 crucial spell in their kit (eg. 10.png4.png).


As of 6.9, this item 400g more. So what do you get in exchange for your 400g? 10% cdr, -10ap, +10mr, and instead of 20 mr reduction, you get 10-25 (based on level). It doesn't reach 20 mr reduction until level 13. Then gets better from then on. The aura also no longer applies to minions. This item got a bit worse for Singed but it's still a decent late game damage item with magic resist.


Similar to banshees. If nobody on your team is buying it (eg. your jungler is  203.png and your support is 63.png) then get this item and go teamfight. Otherwise go for another magic resist item that will boost your stats more so you can fight anyone.


(6.9) GA gets buffed YET AGAIN... riot what are you doing? 300 cost reduction for a 15 MR loss. This item continues to be really, really good.


This choice is fairly intuitive. Get boots of speed when you have a spare 300g. From there, choose the boots which will yield the most benefit. 3047.png will be most effective against physical, autoattack heavy teams and especially if their top and jungle are AD. 3111.png will be most effective against teams with CC affected by tenacity (not knockups). 3009.png is good against permaslows or just as a cheap versatile boot if the other upgrades aren't super effective.

Inferior Items


I used to like this item because it helped to take towers down when people were ignoring your split pushing. Taking towers slowly is a big weakness of Singed so it made it hard to split. However, the stats it gives now are not great and 3026.png got buffed at the same time. I don't buy this item anymore.


Gives a lot of mana for laning but it is unneeded mana later on. I'm not a big fan of 3003.png on singed as without the mana, it's just AP and a shield. I buy 3151.png if I need damage not 3003.png1082.png is a really strong item so I just buy two of them for mana and forget this item.


This was a good first armor item when it came out but then RIOT GAMESTM decided to nerf it over and over and buff 3068.png. I wouldn't even get this later in the game, it is outclassed as a second armor item by 3075.png,3026.png, and  3143.png.


Bad item to rush (makes you weak to non-physical damage) and is outclassed later in game by 3075.png3026.png3143.png. 400mana is really unneeded later in the game and cooldown reduction is not very useful on Singed. So it's just 90 armor, 100hp, and the passive for 2800g. This item rarely makes the cut... even when facing mostly physical teams.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Darius
  • Ekko
  • Gnar
  • Graves
  • Irelia
  • Kayle
  • Kennen
  • Malphite
  • Maokai
  • Nasus
  • Poppy
  • Ryze
  • Tahm Kench
  • Trundle
  • Yasuo



Try to bait him into using his (Q) dariuscleave.png by walking towards him or towards a minion you are going to last hit. If it's absolutely unavoidable, either fling him or hug him so you don't get hit by the blade. It can be dangerous to fling before he uses his hook (E) dariusaxegrabcone.png so try not to unless you are confident you can win an all-in or avoid the hook after the fling.

If he gets 5 stacks of his passive (the little blood droplets on your character) on you in the early game, you're gonna be hurt very badly and you cannot continue fighting him. His autos and the bleed damage deal way too much if he has 5 stacks.

If you are roughly even on EXP and items at level 6 you can fight him as long as you didn't build anything silly. Just kite him around and avoid him healing too much with his (Q) or getting 5 stacks on you and you'll win. 


3068.png is very effective here. He is so immobile and if you are even/ahead and buy this item, you can simply stand ontop of him with poison, autoattacks, and your (R) insanitypotion.png activated and you will win the all-in. You can also just go 3116.png but if you fall behind, you may find it hard to fight him while building it. Afterwards, you can kite him around fairly easily.

Reacting to his itemization

Most 122.png will rush 3071.png. In this scenario, look to just fight him at level 6 with your items. You will be able to win. However, if he buys 3155.png or 3211.png/3065.png, you're gonna have to be a bit more careful and kite for longer. It may not be worth fighting him if he does this. However, he'll deal considerably less damage and be no match for your physical damage threats in teamfights. 




A rather annoying champion. Even when you get a lead, he is able to waveclear and evade you with his passive and Q ekkoQ.png. Fighting him all out feels useless because he can simply R ekkoR.png to survive or base and then ult/TP back to lane. 

To win the early lane and gain an advantage, you obviously want to avoid getting hit by Q ekkoQ.png. It is a fairly telegraphed ability. You shouldn't really get hit by it twice. You also can't let him hit you with autos/abilties 3 times. This will proc his passive which deals bonus damage, slows you, and speeds him up. He should not get this off on you unless he used a lot of mana stunning you with ekkoW.png or you are taking a really long trade because he mispositioned.

In general, you'll play it out like a farm lane. Look to farm behind tower after level 6 and take jungle camps, ward their jungle, and roam.




This champ was a lot harder when he was first released. He received several nerfs after that and now I find the lane quite easy.

Try not to get hit by his (Q) gnarQ.png without it going through something else first. If it goes through something else first, it deals 50% damage.

Try not to get hit by (W) gnarW.png. This is the three autos/spells in a row which deals bonus %hp magic damage. It isn't too hard to avoid getting hit by this. Use the brushes to avoid getting hit by multiple autos. His range is rather short too so you may be able to get a fling off if he is autoing you.

You will beat him in melee range while he is in either form. His Mega Form abilities are easy to dodge but even if you get hit by them, you'll win an extended trade.


If he rushes 3155.png or 3065.png, it will be a farm lane. Otherwise, you can kill him.

Against him, you'll want to rush either 3068.png or 3116.png
3047.png and 3009.png are both good against him, so look at the rest of his team and decide which boot choice is appropriate.




You outtrade him in melee range. Just don't get kited while trying to bring the fight to him. Keep an eye on the minions of yours that are getting low and use his CSing as an opportunity to close the gap. He either misses a CS or gets flung. This is how most ranged matchups are played out. You can also use the brushes to abuse this. His range is only 425 and you can cancel his dash with Fling fling.png.

Don't hug the wall because he can get a fast double Q gravesclustershot.png on you using the wall. You should never get hit by both parts of his Q unless you are going to kill him.

Another thing you can do to avoid taking damage is to simply stand behind minions. Even if he targets you with an auto, the minions will tank the pellets for you. This is just a result of how his autoattacks work.

Video Coming Soon for this matchup!




This is a fairly straight forward matchup. Avoid low health minions which will allow her to dash to you with (Q) ireliagatotsu.png, slow/stun you with ireliaequilibriumstrike.png and get a good trade off. If she wants to trade heavily, make it so she has to (Q) you and cannot retreat as easily. If she has (W) ireliahitenstyle.png turned on, then either fling her away and kite for its duration or trade autoattacks if you are slowed. Running into a bush when she starts trading heavily with (W) can be a very effective way of kiting.


2033.png starting item as usual and then buy 2x 1082.png. Whether you decide to go 3068.png or 3116.png, you should focus on the health components of those items first. That is, your first buy should be 3751.png or 1011.png, respectively. Health and healing are the appropriate purchases against true damage.




This matchup is perhaps a little bit tricky to play correctly. Don't forget that you can always push the lane constantly and base as a last resort if you get behind.

As with any ranged matchup, use the brushes. Specifically, use the bushes to avoid autoattacks while hit by her slowing (Q) kayleQ.png or while waiting for her ranged form (E) kayleE.png to wear off. As it starts to wear off, you can walk up and zone her off of some minions while she waits for the cooldown. You win trades in melee range easily so this is very effective. You also will win an all-in at level 6 if you are fairly even on EXP and items.

Don't give her any extra time to farm minions than she is allowed! If her E is wearing off soon or worn off, know that you have SIX seconds to go in and zone her out or go for a heavy trade or all-in. Count to six or at least know that number. This assumes 0% cooldown reduction of course and most Kayle players will rush 3115.png so that number will go down. By the time she has this item though you will have good control of the lane if you play it right.


3009.png can help you close the gap quickly against her with the extra movement speed and slow resistance. Otherwise just get 3116.png or get 3065.png if they have other AP threats and/or you are struggling.  




His early game poke is admittedly quite strong. However, he lacks strong waveclear without committing to using his escape ability to run through the wave. You can abuse this quite easily because he won't E through the wave while you are there. Use this to close the gap and get a good trade when possible.

Another thing you must do is avoid his (Q) kennenshurikenhurlmissile1.png and count his autoattacks to avoid getting hit by the empowered (W) kennenbringthelight.png autoattack.

After level 6 you can easily fight him inside his Ult kennenshurikenstorm.png as long as yours is activated as well! This is a guarantee as long as you aren't already poked down, behind in levels, or significantly behind in items.

Whatever you do, do not let him push you to tower. If this happens, you will not be able to avoid his harrass and you will lose the lane. Keep the lane pushing at all costs to avoid getting harrassed and to allow you to recall whenever you need. 




You gotta mess up pretty badly to die to this guy...

You can outtrade/kill him early on but after a while he'll be hard to kill unless you're very ahead. At this point just keep the pressure on and make him pay for teleporting away. You make him pay by taking his tower and making him lose EXP and last hits. 

In the meantime, farm behind the tower and go counterjungle or look for teleport plays of your own. Just be sure to let your team know if you think he's gonna teleport somewhere. Time his teleport! 5:00 or 4:15 depending on if he has the mastery that lowers the cooldown. You can check if he has it by pressing tab and hovering your mouse over his teleport.




This is easy! Bully him early by poisoning minions and getting Grasp of the Undying autos off. 

If he isn't careful, you'll be able to kill him. After killing him once, you can do it again once you get 3116.png because he is slow and immobile without a good way to escape you.

He may get to the point where you can't kill him 1v1 and you get outsustained. At that point, you can start to just ignore him and clear waves, farm behind turret if necessary, and look for counterjungling, roaming, or teleporting opportunities.

When he starts getting tanky like this, you'll want to start hitting his tower as much as possible so that you don't end up never taking it down. That gold is important and so is the map control.




Everytime he tries to last hit a minion, put a puff of poison poisontrail.png on him and hit him with a autoattacks. Try to do this while freezing the wave as much as you can. It's obviously going to push if you are hitting him but don't purposely push the wave and try to poison ONLY him when he walks up. Once a wave hits the tower, autoattack the tower and try to bring it down. Once he starts to sustain too much for you to kill him or poke him down anymore, take the tower down and look for plays on the map or counterjungling opportunities.

If you get very far ahead, you can continually kill him with 3116.png because he has no way to escape you aside from trying to tank you with lifesteal. 

3047.png can help him lifesteal less and make you tankier. Take these boots if you are facing a physical dmg jungler or a heavy physical team. Otherwise 3009.png can be very good to deal with his permaslow.




She is tanky and will punish your carries for hugging walls in teamfights later in the game. In the laning phase she can do nothing to stop you from farming. You can zone her with poison and grasp autoattacks early game but she will rush tankiness and then be very hard to kill between her passive shield and tankiness from (W) poppyparagonofdemacia.png.

Main points in laning phase:

1) don't hug walls. This will set you up to get stunned with (E) poppyheroiccharge.png and then hit by both parts of (Q) poppydevastatingblow.png

2) don't chase her. You will get kited and hit by both parts of (Q) poppydevastatingblow.png




You'll have to just push the wave nonstop and look for plays with 12.png. Your advantage in this matchup is pushing. Once upon a time, Singed could win an all-out fight with Ryze fairly easily but currently (6.10) Ryze is too tanky and deals too much damage... even for Singed.

Push the wave! Avoid him when his passive is stacked! Look for plays in other lanes! Farm behind tower past level 6 if you can do so safely!

You can also set up ganks fairly easily for your jungler. I prefer to not get ganks as Singed though unless the jungler can't get anything done in other lanes. Bot lane is way too important for the jungler to waste much time top. Perhaps if it's a carry jungler like 104.png203.png107.png.


Tahm Kench


Holy crap. This champion sucks but he is annoying

Don't get hit by (Q) tahmkenchQ.png. This isn't hard. Keep a minion between the two of you.
Don't let him get 3 stacks of you. If you are at risk if getting 3 stacks, fling him out of the way and farm the wave. If he eats you, you probably won't win the trade. 

There isn't really any killing this guy. Just farm it out and use all your TPs to help bot lane. Farm behind the tower past level 6 if you feel safe doing so. Then you can avoid his annoying trades where he eats you tahmkenchW.png and his waveclear sucks.

Even if you just sit in lane farming, you'll outscale this garbage champion. But don't let him teleport away and kill your bot lane or anything like that.




Trundle is a simple champion so playing against him is simple as well. 

  1. You want to try to bait him to run into your poison by approaching him and getting him to prime his (Q) trundleQ.png ability and then running backwards so that he can't actually use the ability on you.
  2. You want to kite him during the duration of his ultimate ability trundleR.png. You can tell he is using it because he makes a distinct grunt and grows in size. It also takes a chunk of your health at the beginning. He saps some of your resistances during this stage so you don't want to trade autos or really get hit at all.
Other than that, the same basic laning tactics can be used!




Juke the (Q) yasuoQ.png if you can; it's fairly obvious when is he going to use it.

Remember that (Q) yasuoQ.png counts as an autoattack! 3047.png are therefore very strong in this matchup, especially if the jungler is physical damage as well.

Try to avoid getting kited around and if he uses (E) yasuoE.png to pass through you, make sure you get an autoattack and poison off.

You will win any fight where you both use your ultimates as long as you are fairly even on EXP and items.


You can rush 3068.png or 3116.png after your 2x 1082.png and get 3047.png can be purchased as well at any time. I feel that 3047.png3116.png is a great balance of defense and offense and I wouldn't go 3047.png3068.png unless I was really struggling or getting camped or something.

General Laning Tactics Back to Top

Here I am going to discuss some general laning principles that can be applied to all matchups. No champ can stop you from farming. Remember to play confidently and know your limits. If some 2.png walks into your minion wave at level 1 and starts to fight you, stand your ground, trade autos, try to dodge the axes and kite a bit, and kill that idiot! Nobody can tank your minions, poison, and autoattacks at level 1. Play with confidence and your enemies will adjust their play accordingly unless they are also confident themselves. I cannot tell you how often people simply give up last hits to me at level 1 because of the aggressive stance I take in the lane. Make them work for the lane and know your limits so you can punish them when they make a bad move. 

Laning against ranged champions

When you fight a ranged champion in lane, you cannot simply run at them and expect to not get kited and take a bunch of damage. You have to use the fact that they are going to attempt to last hit the minions. If you know you can beat a ranged champion in a 1v1, you can wait in a brush where they cannot harrass you. When they try to last hit a minion, you can run out toward them. They now either lose that minion or get flung. It's not exactly this simple but this is the essence of it.

It isn't their only objective to damage you and poke you down, they also need to farm minions.

If you are having trouble making this work against some ranged champions that can kite you easily (eg. 127.png117.png),
then as a last resort you can simply push the waves very hard and then base when you run out of potions. Whatever you do, DO NOT let them push you to tower. This takes away your control of the lane and removes your freedom to base when needed without losing EXP and minion gold.

Laning against melee champions

Laning against melees varies a bit more depending on who you are playing against, but generally speaking you just poison the minions they try to last hit and avoid their heavy hitting melee spells. Some easy examples are to try to bait/avoid 122.png's (Q) ability, or to kite 39.png when her (W) is active. When you need to last hit minions and a bad trade is unavoidable, you can fling them into your minions, clear their wave, and then fight in your wave if they stick around. Be careful with this if you aren't even or ahead on EXP/items. 

Sometimes you will mess up and die to a melee in lane (it happens to me all the time!). 
As a last resort, you can either
(1) push to tower constantly and base when you run out of potions (this is if you aren't TOO behind and they aren't keeping you off the minions)
or (2) try to leech EXP and let them push up, then farm under tower.

Be careful with (2), you stand to lose a lot if a big wave hits the tower and you get dove. Try to thin the wave out if you are at risk of dying. It may be better to poison the minions on their way to the tower so you get all the EXP for sure and make a tower dive harder. You will lose some last hits to the tower this way, but it's better than dying and losing the experience as well.

You can still catch up from behind. Your enemy laner may make a bad teleport play or back at a bad time and this can give you the edge again. It just takes some patience. However, you may not even need to risk it. Sometimes your bot lane and mid just wreck the enemies solo. In this scenario, accept that you don't have to take any risks to try and get ahead in your lane. Back to Top

This is where you must go to find the most up-to-date information about how I play Singed and how I think he should be played. There you can observe how I play, what I build, and chat with me. 

I play mostly Singed on stream but some other stuff as well. The stream comes on every day at 2pm EST.

To-do list (This guide is a work in progress!) Back to Top

  • Finish matchups section and add videos
  • Add some comments about proxying.
  • Clean up formatting and make everything look pretty
  • Add "tricks" section/video, eg. fling over walls, goo-flip, sky auto, etc.

How did 6.8 affect Singed? Back to Top

Patch 6.8 

Corrupting Potion:

150 health per charge -> 125 health per charge
50 mana per charge -> 75 mana per charge

Total: 450hp -> 375hp,  150mana -> 225mana

This is GOOD for Singed. In most matchups I could use more mana and not as much HP. This is especially true after picking up a few 1082.png.


Feast Mastery

Nerfed again. I am going to use expose weakness now. Expose weakness is quite good for teamfighting and feast is only giving at most 3.333 health per 5 seconds. Realistically, it's <3hp5. 


Grasp of the Undying Mastery

I'm still going to use this keystone. Nothing else really makes sense nor scales as well as this. Even strength of ages is (at most) 300 health. You will still recover 75hp per grasp auto with 3000 health in teamfights while also dealing that in damage to an enemy. No other keystone scales as well OR is better for laning than grasp on Singed.

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What is the best first item?

Hextech GLP-800 3030.png

80 AP
400 HP (300+100)
400 mana
upgraded catalyst passive (mana and health regen)
Ice bolts active (100-200 + 0.35*AP damage), can hit multiple targets.

What is the worth of this active? At level 7 it deals about 133 + 0.35*AP damage and provides a minor slow. This can help to catch a target and adds considerable damage to your all-in on a 40s cooldown.

Rod of Ages 3027.png

60 AP
375 HP (300+75)
300 mana
upgraded catalyst passive
22.5hp, 10mana, 4ap per minute for 10 minutes.

400g less than GLP and only misses 20ap, 25hp, 100mana. Those are pretty comparable on-purchase stats. At 400g less, you can assume you will have this item around 2 minutes sooner. By the time you have GLP, RoA can be expected to have 

420 HP
320 mana

and you could purchase a component of your next item as well, say a Ruby Crystal. That being said, I think RoA's growth is worth sacrificing for the active ability of GLP.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter 3116.png

100 AP
400 HP
passive slow

The passive slow is very nice for kiting to win 1v2s and catch people out. However, GLP has some catching/kiting power of it's own with the active and the stats and damage are too good to pass up. This item also lacks the upgraded catalyst passive that RoA and GLP have. 

Righteous Glory 3800.png

575 HP (500+75)
300 mana
+100% base health regen
catalyst passive
Speed/slow active

This is a fun catalyst item. However, it grants only tankiness and no damage. Rushing an item with only tankiness will leave you relatively weak in a 1v1 and ignorable in skirmishes. I also think that GLP will give comparable catch potential with it's slow while also giving a bunch of damage and a strong 1v1. You also can't really get this with another catalyst item or you lose a bunch of value. If you rush another item (say 3068.png or 3102.png), this could be a decent item after. Make sure your team has sufficient damage/CC in this case because you will be lacking 3116.png and 3151.png for a big part of the game.

Inferior items

Hextech Protobelt-01 3152.png

60 AP
300 HP
10% CDR
Fire bolts active (75-150 + 0.35*AP damage)

Bad version of Hextech GLP-800. The dash is not very good, the damage it deals is much less than GLP and it gives worse stats.

Magic Resist items

3065.png 3102.png

Maybe I was wrong about these items initially. 3065.png got a significant buff to it's regen and healing boost. This should still be decent even on non-healers. I think 3102.png is quite good because of it's cheap cost and good stats and effect.  

Armor Items

3068.png was nerfed. I think it's still the go-to early armor item but it's better to just stack health unless facing REALLY heavy AD teams. Consider going for your standard health+damage items and maybe get 3047.png if you are against physical top and jungle or even autoattack based top (eg. 23.png41.png86.png)

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