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Summoner Spells Back to Top

You don't have a lot of summoner spell options as singed.

Following combinations are most popular:
The basic setup: 6.png12.png

It can be used versus every matchup. TP gives you room for error, if you fuck up you can just tp back to lane, you can make global plays by impacting other lanes with teleports

The aggressive setup: 6.png14.png

This setup should only be used versus matchups you can reliably win or you are very comfortable in beating your opponent. However i dislike this setup. It forces you to play more aggressive because you have no teleport to match the enemy toplaner IF he uses his tp. Therefore you have to make up for the lack of global pressure by having more pressure in your lane. More pressure in your lane leads to the enemy laner having to tp back to lane but also attracks a lot of jungle attentiion. You have to be really careful and not do "blind aggression. Blind aggression means going aggressive, e.g. a turret dive without knowing where the enemy jungler/midlaner.
Most of these reasons make me use tp over ignite. Being forced into aggression is not a good thing and the reward is not that big. But you can try it out, maybe it works for you.

The cheeser: 6.png3.png

This setup is really niche and cheesy. Consider running this setup versus champions like 126.png92.png80.png133.png
Basicly champions that have to commit their full kit into an all-in and have no way out afterwards. A lot of people dont respect the power of exhaust, therefore you can use it to bait them in and then win the trades with exhaust.
However it is really gimmicky and too consistent. I don't advice to use it and rather stick to the standart setup.

There is another topic to discuss. The situational summoner spell4.png

Flash is really good situationally especially after the ghost acceleration nerf.
You can consider running flash if the enemy has terrain creating champions likejarvanivcataclysm.pngazirr.pngcrystallize.png
Flash allows you to bypass the terrain which otherwise would deny you completely.
Outside of these situation i would not advice you to run flash because it has pretty mediocre synergy with singed's kit compared to ghost

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

There are currently 3 mastery setups you can go.

Deathfire touch 18-0-12


Courage of Collosus 12-0-18


Stoneborn Pact 12-0-18

As you might have noticed, all the pages share the same 12 points in ferocity, there is pretty much no discussion wether other points are viable.
The only mastery you could debate over is Feast vs Expose Weakness.
The sustain from Feast (20health for killing a minion with 30seconds cooldown) helps laning early game.
Expose weakness however causes your teams abillities to deal 3% more damage to enemies if you damaged them. It is really easy to proc with your poison and helps a lot in teamfights.
But as i said earlier, you want to play lane centric, you want to make your laning as strong as possible since Singed has bad scaling, so it is favourable to take feast for extra lane sustain.

Deciding your mastery setup!

Since you have 3 possiblites to choose from, I am going to explain what page should be used in what specific situation.

DFT Page

This will be your default page vs most matchups, it allows for good lane pressure with the early damage added by the DFT and Piercing Thoughts (7% magic penetration).

Courage of Collosus Page

This page gives you extra survivabillity by procing the CoC shield during trades, it is fairly weak during lane due to recent nerfs,  but it shines in teamfights if you have 3+ enemies around you while proccing it. The added survivabillity is the only reason why you are running this page.

You want to use this page versus hard matchups that are barely winnable and your only goal is to survive the laning phase. I run this page vs 126.png133.png and 58.png if he is paired with a strong early game jungler to prevent dives due to his powerfull earlygame. It is used in combination with the anti lethality rune page to maximize your survibaillity in lane.

Don't use this keystone versus matchups that you will be having trouble to proc your shield (trouble getting in range to fling your opponent) for example 17.png2.png114.png85.png8.png

Stoneborn Pact

Stoneborn Pact is an interesting concept.

It has a lot drawbacks, but if it is good, it is still pretty mediocre.

- 5% health from the keystone is neglegible early game
-You can't heal yourself with it, therefore it is a dead mastery in lane besides the 5% health which is nothing early game
-You will not be able to run DFT, therefore deal less damage
-You are forced into building ryalis, which is in a really bad state right now (will go into detail in item section, scroll down).
-No instant heal and halfed for ranged champions
-Ardent censer gives no defensive stats

-If you have a lot of autoattackers in your team, the healing in extended fights is really good
-The keystone procs ardent censer, which gives a great buff to your whole team ideally
-Scales better than DFT, because DFT becomes neglegible later on due to singed building no penetration

If you are still interested in running Sant to use this page with 2 autoattack relient champions, for example
as jungler:  131.png104.png266.png164.png10.png133.png24.png2.png421.png64.png203.png19.png254.png106.png5.png, you get the idea.

Autoattack relient junglers synergize well.

same for midlaners like245.png131.png157.png
Never use this keystone unless you have 2 or 3 autoattack reliant champions in your team!!!!!

Personal recommendation: Never use it, i mentioned it for completion sake however.

Abilities Back to Top


Skill order

Pretty straight forward.

Your Poison is your bread and butter. You will be always maxing Q first.

It really comes down to wether you want to max E or W second.

E max vs W max

Genereally speaking you will be maxing your E second. It increases your damage output significantly and your root duration if you pull of your goo fling.

However, maxing W second is viable in specific situations.
If the enemy team is relativly squishy and mobile, for example a kennen top + kha jungle and mage support, you can consider maxing W to catch up to the squishy.
 Maxing W increases your slow by 10% each level going up to a 75% slow at max rank. The increased slow allows your whole team to catchup onto the otherwise hard to catch squishies, and the missing damage is not that big of a deal if the target gets bursted anyway.

Another situation where you can consider maxing W second is with heavy poke/siege teams.
Skillshot reliant poke champions really profit from the strong slow on your W because it makes it way easier to hit poke.

Animation cancel

Believe it or not, Singed has an animation cancel.

You can cancel your W animation with Fling.

It works like this: You use your W, then you immeaditly fling the enemy (he has to be in range) and the fling animation will cancel the long W animation. This allows you to pull off easier goo flings versus meeles. You can practice it in sandbox mode.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Always start this

Core Items

    The mandatory core: 3 seals into tier 2 boots + glory
    Tank Singed+1
    The utillity build+1

Situational Items

    The situational +1

You have 3 build variations as singed


THe basic core is: 3800.png + 3512.png+3190.png+3107.png + 1 situational

This build offers a good amount of hybrid defenses, you can go this build every game and it will be at least good.

If you face full ad teamsyou can swap out your zzrot for other items like:

3075.png versus autoattackers

3143.pngversus crit based champions

3742.pngversus ad champions that are spell based and non crit (lethalitybuilders)

3110.png versus heavy attackspeed based teams

3109.pngif you have a fed carry that you want to protect, or your only source of damage. This item is really really good as it heals you for 12% of the damage he deals and you take 12% of his damage as true damage. You also gain 15% movementspeed and 20armor while moving towards your bound partner. You can pull some insane healing/tanking if you have "protect the carry" comps with champions like kogmaw or caitlyn that can output insane dps.

This build really shines with carries on your team that you can protect and make stronger. The concept of this build is, to focus on utillity instead of getting as much tankyness.

However it is the most difficult of the 3 to use. You will be using at least 4 actives in your build. The true strength of the build comes from utilizing your actives properly. You are almost as tanky as the "true" tank build if you juggle your actives in teamfights well, but your team will be way tankier.


The basic core is 3800.png+3512.png+3742.png/3143.png+3065.png+ 1 Situational

It allows you to be as tanky as possible.  Following items can be viable as 5th item

-3026.png If you want to fight over a big objective and the active is not on cooldown.

3075.png versus autoattackers

3143.pngversus crit based champions

3742.pngversus ad champions that are spell based and non crit (lethalitybuilders)

3110.png versus heavy attackspeed based teams
3151.pngThe only offensive option Singed can build.

Honestly I dislike this build. It lacks the utillity, singed can't be really effective by being a ball of stats. He lives and dies with his utillity he can provice for his team.

Stoneborn Pact

This Build is unique.

The mandatory core is the same.

However you will be building 3116.png as second item. Ryali allows you to constantly proc stoneborn pact in teamfights just with your poison. That means however that you will be way more squishy compared to having zzrot.

Your third item will be 3190.png to increase your utillity in fights and add the much needed resistances that you are lacking with your first two items.

Your fourth item will be ardent censor. You can constantly proc ardent onto your team with the heals from your Keystone, the big draw back is that this is another item with no defensive stats. You will be relativly squishy compared ot the other builds. As i said above, you i really really dislike it and think its terrible so you should not build it. I mentioned it for the sake of completion

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Aatrox
  • Akali
  • Camille
  • Darius
  • Rumble




This matchup is very similar to Tryndamere.

His Passive

Both tryndamere and aatrox are heavily reliant on building up their rage/bloodwell. At full bar of rage/bloodwell they become the strongest. They build it up by autoing minions/champions.

Therefore you will be looking to trade/deny cs before they can ramp their bar to exploit their weakness.

Building and masteries

You will be going 3 or 4 dark seals into ninjt tabi. They greatly reduce Aatrox overall damage output immensly as he is not only dealing pure physical damage post rework, but also is autoattack reliant.
Run DFT + Singed vs AD Matchup page


Best way to lane is, looking which minion is about to get low and put a poison cloud onto it (tap Q 2 times) in a way that Aatrox has walk into the poison harass in order to kill the creep. He has to decide wether it is worth to take the damage for the cs.
This also prevents him from ramping up his bloodwell. Another thing this does is, preventing him from getting free sustain with his  aatroxw.png.
He might start spamming his aatroxe.png in order to get last hits, however it has a fairly high cooldown earlygame, which means he is going to miss a lot of cs.

The way aatrox wins his lane vs tanks is that he outsustains them by draining their mana or health pool over long and sustained trades. Your goal as mana gated champion is to deny his sustain while investing as less mana as possible.

This works best early game when his sustain is pretty weak.


The way aatrox wants to trade! 

Pre 6:

He will be looking to poke you through minions, most like while you go for cs, with his aatroxe.png 
It is fairly easy to dodge with some practice, the only thing you have to be careful of that the range is a little bit longer than it looks like.

Post 6

Aatrox might be looking for all ins with his ult now, this matchup is very depenend on how well Singed plays it. If he jumps on you  fling him into your minion wave and increase the gap between you (kiting basicly). You then will be looking to kite him by hovering outside of his auotattack range waiting for your next fling to come off cooldown. This prevents aatrox from getting free sustain from his ult and W.

The way you Singed wants to trade!

Singed wants to do small trades with fling and moving away from Aatrox afterwards preferably into your own minion wave to prevent him from jumping onto you. This works best after having 3 dark seals + your potion for the increased mana sustain. Post 6 ideally you want to goo fling aatrox into your minion wave, however that is really difficult to pull off. Play around his bloodwell, and immeaditly stop trading after you see he is going to get his resurrection passive.
It is also important to note which item he is getting.
if he is going for a 1053.png you want to look for all ins because sustain is very weak in these situations.
If he goes for 3155.pngyou most likely won't be able to kill him anymore because the shield combined with the combat stats are insanely strong. You can try to proc the shield and back off and go for an all in afterwards however.

If he builds tanky you should just looking to farm out the lane, a tanky aatrox is not a real threat and can be ignored


Your powerspike is after having your dark seals and  ninja tabi. This is when you will straight up win  every trade that you don't screw up completely.

Aatrox powerspike is upon completing core items like 3153.png3156.png. It is really important to watch out for aatrox itemization so you dont get baited by shields or actives!!

Dealing with Aatrox in Teamfights

Aatrox is pretty straight forward. He sucks at peeling so he most likely will be diving your backline. Prevent him from sticking onto your carries by goo-flinging him away. It is very important to not let him get autoes off. That way you can prevent him from getting his resurrection passive from full bloodwell and you deny his sustain. Once his jump is on cooldown he is not a big threat to your backline anymore and should be an easy target to kill.

Aatrox specific tricks

Singed can cancel his jump by flinging him midair, you are basicly "fishing" him out of the air and  neither the knockup nor the damage will be applied. You can also try to predict when Aatrox is going to jump and time for fling briefly before he is going to jump to cancel it. This can be used in a gank scenario or a peeling scenario.




Enemy Passive


A lot of people don't really understand what Akali's new passive is doing. It gives 2 empowered basic attacks with a fairly low cooldown. She now has sustain on her autoattacks and additional attacks.

It is very important to take that into account while going for trades. Don't let her proc the extra damage autoattack onto you, instead wait for her to proc it onto a minion.

Building and Masteries

Go the usual 3 or 4 dark seals into glory. You can't really itemize against her because she does hybrid damage, your ult should be enough defense.

Your boots don't really matter in this matchup, make your choice based on the remaining enemies.


Akali will be spamming her akalimota.png onto you. It does not really deal a lot of damage so you can ignore it. What you should look out for is that you shouldn't give her the chance to proc the Q  for extra damage and thunderlords.

If you go into a head-to-head fight, you will most likely win because she has to stay in meele range. Just don't forget to auto her while trading. You can deny her a lot of cs by Poisoning the minions that are about to go low. That forces her to last hit with Q and miss some. Also prevents her from harassing you with Q.


The way Akali wants to trade

Akali wants short lived trades. She wants to walk up Q into autoattack or  akalishadowswipe.pngand then back off. This is really easy to avoid by backing off once she shoots her Q onto you. If she uses her akalismokebomb.png she has no way to disengage. This is where you can start fighting her. Ghost onto her and keep autoing with your poison on.

The way Singed wants to trade

Pre 6:

You can fling her into your minion wave if you don't have the Q orb on your head for a good trade. Just fling and instantly move away from her so she can't proc her Q. You should be winning trades pretty easily. If she uses her akalismokebomb.pngstay in it. She either is forced to leave the shroud to avoid your poison damage or she will pop out of it to trade with you and losing the trade because of your consistent Q damage.

Post 6:

She now will start to lose every trade straight up if you have an equal amount of gold. Your hybrid resistances from ult combined with your dark seals are too much for her to handle. You can look for harass with flings, if she gets low enough you can dive her fairly easy. It is just important to keep track of her akalismokebomb.pngcooldown as it is an escape abillity.


Akali will be looking for trade once she gets her 3146.png. However the 3144.png itself is fairly strong too. Not in terms of damage but in terms of sustain for her.

Don't get baited into her after she has her gunblade finished as she can heal for a decent amount with it during fights, aswell as using the active bolts to slow you.

How to deal with Akali in teamfights

Be aware of where Akali is during teamfights. It is important to keep her away from your backline as she can have massive burst onto squishies. Ideally you want to goo-fling her away from your team so that they can focus her down. She is usually very squishy and sustains her herself with the gunblade+passive.

Also consider buying a 3341.png if your team doesn't. Use it when she goes into her shroud to see where shes moving.

Matchup specific tricks

Lens helps.  Nothing else really, pretty straight forward matchup





Enemy Passive

Innate: Camille's next basic attack against enemy champions is periodically enhanced to shield her for 20% maximum health for 1.5 seconds from either exclusively physical damage or magic damage, based on which type would mitigate the most damage from her target.

Essentially if she hits you she gets massive shield that negates a lot of damage. After Camille procs her passive you want to back off and not trade into it. If you trade into the shield she is guaranteed to win the trade. It has a fairly long cooldown early levels so you have big windows to play around it.


Building and masteries

There are no real boot choices that help vs Camille. Tabi neglect a lot of her damage due to her nature of doing a lot of auto attacks but if the enemy team has a lot of CC mercs are not the worst vs her either because you can lower her stun duration from hookshot.

For masteries go DFT, she should not be able to bully you that hard after the nerf chain. MS+Armor Page is ideal against her.



Play around the passive as I described above, dodge her W and the second part of the E.

You can punish her if she goes for cs pretty well by poisoning them and force Q harass onto her.



The way Camille wins a trade

You must understand how Camille’s Q works. It has 2 activations. Both are auto resets. However the one does significantly less damage than the second proc. The Camille will be looking to proc the first Q onto you and then wait 1.5seconds for the second proc of the Q to get ready. She will be then looking for a hookshot opportunity or will be just zoning you. You have to respect it because the second proc does extra true damage based on her level and 80% increased damage.

Other than that, she will be looking to sustain by constantly trying to proc the W onto you. She can no longer heal off minions so her sustain is greatly decreased.

Once she has sheen she might be looking to poke you with E and W into Q and a few autoes. Be ready to Flinglock (as explained in the last section).

If she ults you try to break the barrier by flinging her out of the cage to prevent her from getting the extra bonus damage while being inside of her ultimate.


The way Singed wants to trade

As explained above, you want to avoid the second Q proc. Therefore you will be looking to get small trades in. She barely has any sustain unlike you, so you can harass with fling and you should win overall. With 3 dark seals and boots you should be able to sustain through her damage and win trades fairly easily. As long as you are able to constantly flinglock her E you should have not a lot of problems.



Camille does not really have powerspikes on her own. She has a fairly constant powercurve throughout the game. However you should watch out for the usual trinity force completion as the item itself is a pretty big spike in power.


How to deal with Camille in teamfights

Sadly there is not too much you can do. If Camille wants to teamfight, she will hookshot to either stun him or get in range to ult. From then on you just have to support him with your shields/heals from utility build since you can’t enter the cage yourself. Besides that try your best to peel her off your carries as she will be fairly squishy and can be bursted down fairly easily.


Matchup specific tricks

Camilles W is based on her position. You can fling to dodge the W. If you fling during the W animation it will hit behind you, completely dodging it. However u need to be careful with it, since using your Fling opens you up to getting hookshot.

Also a good way to dodge the W without flinging is walking diagonally towards camille, that way you either dodge it completely due to the cone pattern or only get hit by the inner part which deals less damage

You can also Flinglock the hookshot. It is important to understand how the hookshot works. It is a 2-phase-hook like nautilus. The first phase is the attaching onto the wall. The second phase is the hook aiming for a target. You have to fling AFTER the hook attached onto wall to cancel it. You can also Flinglock the stun to deny her from getting the free Q and autoes off.




Enemy Passive


Innate: Darius's basic attacks and damaging abilities cause enemies to bleed for 10 - 27 (based on level) (+ 30% bonus AD) physical damage over 5 seconds, stacking up to 5 times for a maximum of 500% damage over the duration.

Upon applying full Hemorrhage stacks to an enemy champion or killing them with Noxian Guillotine, Darius gains Noxian Might for 5 seconds.      

Noxian Might: Darius gains 30 - 200 (based on level) bonus attack damage and instantly applies full Hemorrhage stacks through his usual means.

You don’t want Darius to ever get 5 stacks onto you. If he gets all of them onto you he will gain a massive boot in his AD and will apply 5 stacks to other teammates with every auto/spell. Playing around the stacks is the way to win this lane.


Building and masteries

Darius does purely physical damage besides his true damage ultimate. Therefore early armor will be really beneficial. Ninja tabi will help you a lot since Darius will be autoing a lot and as I said is purely physical damage. Also helps with dodging his Q and outrunning him

For masteries go DFT if you feel confident, CoC if you feel uncomfortable and struggling. CoC ensures a safer laning phase but less kill pressure.

For runes go regular AP+MS or if you are struggling you can go for the anti lethality page.



It varies at level1 how you should treat him.

Lvl1 W start

It is a cheesy start. Mostly used by ignite or Flash/ghost darius players.

He will try to ambush you and chunk you for 50% or more of your HP by  AA+W+AA+AA+AA for 5 stacks. Might even try to firstblood you with it if he has ignite. You have to be aware of this possibility and do not facecheck brushes.


Lvl1 Q start

You have to look at Darius Q windup to move out of the radius. If you dodge it you can go for cs, push the wave or deny Darius cs. It has a fairly high cooldown (9sec at lvl1). The art to beat Darius is by baiting out his Q by “dancing” in and outside of the Range of Q, being just near enough to get out in time and make him miss his skill.


You can abuse the fact that Darius meele is pretty well. For that you have to stand in front of the minions that he want to last hit and poison the path he is going to take towards the minion. He is forced to take harass.

Note: Just poisoning on top of the minions will not work because he can farm with his Q.



How Darius wants to trade

Darius wants to look for extended trades with 5 bleed stacks on you. He most likely will AA+W+AA+Q you for poke damage or straight up all in you with some variation of the poke combo followed up by a hook.

How Singed wants to trade

You will be looking for short trades. You want to fling and walk in the other direction to win trades. That way Darius won’t be able to trade back damage by hooking you. You can also utilize goo flings to do the same. This matchup is all about kiting and winning in short trades.

If you have ninja tabi this will be become significantly easier as the MS quints + tier 2 boots will give you a quite big advantage in terms of movement speed over Darius.


Power spikes

Darius will almost always go for Black Cleaver as first item. This is huge powerspike as he will easily shred your armor because all his spells/autos apply a shred stack as well as his passive bleed. Therefore, it is extremely efficient on him. Also the phage passive helps him stick onto targets.

If he has said item completed it is fairly risky to fight him straight up 1v1 because of the big damage output he will be having. Also your glory gives no real 1v1 stats unlike Black Cleaver. You should avoid fighting him.


How to deal with Darius in teamfights

There are 2 ways to deal with him

1. Throw him out of a fight.

You can goo fling him away from your carries. Once a darius is outside of a fight he has a very hard time to get back into it as he has no mobility whatsoever. This works in a lot of cases, especially when your team is good at kiting.

2. Separate him

Separate him from your team and focus him down before he can ramp up stacks and snowball with an ult execute. This one is tricky, Darius must not get his Q heal off and your team needs enough damage to kill him during the root duration or have followup lockdown to kill him. This one is tricky because if you fling him too close to your backline he will be in hook range and fuck up your backline badly.

Also you should not let him get free 5 stacks onto you as he will be then able to apply 5 stacks onto your whole team which leads into a horrible snowball. This kind of stuff makes for the well known Darius penta montages.

Essentially as long as you don’t let Darius get a reset during a fight and peel him off your carries you should be fine.


Matchup specific tricks

Lane management is very important versus Darius. Due to Darius immobility he is a really easy gank target. Also they often autopush the lane with their Q. If you can freeze it in front of your turret you can get easily turret flings off or force him to overextend and expose himself to ganks.

However good Darius players won’t be autopushing the lanes. Therefore you have to bait them into doing so. You can take a Q intentionally while standing in your enemies meele creeps. Therefore the Darius will also kill the meele minions and make the wave push to you. From then on you should manage the wave properly so you can freeze it on your side of the lane.




Rumble's Passive

HIs passive is is his Heatbar. He gets additional damage/utillity if he uses spells while being above 50% heat. Basicly if he gets a yellow heat bar, he will get the additional effects.

You need to remember how much heat 1 spell generates in order to play around his heat bar.

rumbleflamethrower.png20 Heat

rumbleshield.png20 heat

rumblegrenade.png10 heat per harpoon

Building and masteries

You want to go merc threads vs Rumble.

If you are struggling while getting used to this matchup it is ok go the CoC mastery page. Also use the Singed vs AP page.

If you are more comfortable you can use the DFT mastery page.


A good rumble player will start charging his heatbar up at lvl1 before the minions spawn in order to get the danger zone bonus for better harass.

You will be facing constant harass that is not mana gated and has low cooldowns.

Your goal in this lane is to survive. Get as much farm as you can without dying.

You can use early push technique i mentioned earlier on to prevent him from harassing you for free. If you keep the lane pushed into his turret you deny him the chance to freeze and harass you, you are basicly trading farm which is good for you.

Rumble suffers from getting proxied, he has no sustain besides his W and bad waveclear early on. He also can not chase you very well because he is not tanky enough.

It is a very good idea post 6 to just keep proxying in order to avoid the matchup.


Don't trade unless you got really ahead with ganks or he somehow died in a 1v1. You will lose every trade if you have equal gold. Keep pushing him in and roam.


Rumble spikes upon completing his 2 pen items 3136.png3020.png

Your spike is after 3 dark seals + mercs. Even though it is not really a spike but at that point it is the easiest for you to avoid Rumble.

How to deal with Rumble in teamfights

There is not too much specific advice for Rumble in teamfights. Very often they buy hourglass so you should be aware of that.

Also never fling him into your team unless you can burst him before he can ourglass/flash away as his flamespitter will hit your backline and most likely melt them.

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