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2 years ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

These are the standard spells for top-laners. 4.png allows you to escape, or guarantee an ult on a high-value target. 12.png allows you to get back to lane early, join your team in fights, or create pressure around the map. Also, it allows you a chance to escape from closing-in enemies.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

With Sion, I typically run a 12-0-18 mastery set with Grasp of the Undying. Grasp is good because it gives your more brawling potential in lane, as well as the sustain to keep you in lane. Strength of the Ages is an acceptable choice, but remember that you'll be gaining health already with your  deathscaressfull.png  passive, so you don't exactly need the 300 extra health.

Runic Armor is advised over Veteran's Scars for much the same reason as Grasp of the Undying over Strength of the Ages. You'll already passively be gaining health, and the extra bonus shield and heals from  2033.png is nice.

In the Ferocity tree, you take Sorcery and Natural talent over their AD counterparts because Sion's enrage.png does magic damage, and you'll definitely notice a difference in your early damage with points in these traits.  

Abilities Back to Top


Deciding which skill to max first is up for debate, and different Sion players will give you different answers. I prefer maxing enrage.png first, as it has great damage stats (210 + 40% AP at max level, plus 30% additional damage to enemies hit by the flying minion), it allows you to poke your opponent safely, punishing them for cs and making them burn potions early. Also, you can use it on a wave followed by a fully-charged crypticgaze.png to fully clear the wave as early as level 6. If you find yourself in a situation in which the enemy laner has the pressure, you can still safely farm as well. Careful though, as this will shove the wave to their tower, so be careful not to use it too often, just to pick off the cs you can't reach. Also, this ability eats mana, and if you use it constantly, you'll find yourself oom quickly.

enrage.png also allows you to chase kills/run away. The 40-60% slow is no joke, and while getting ganked, quickly throwing one at the JG will allow you to safely walk away. My favorite part about Sion is that people tend to straight up disrespect you. They forget about the damage your E carries, and will let their guard down when low since you are a melee tank. Getting a kill by enrage.pnging a minion into them as they back under their turret is one of the greatest feelings in this game, and I guarantee you will get many of them.

Next, you max your crypticgaze.png to help your wave clear and kill potential. Sion is a great split pusher, and your E+Q combo allows you to constantly keep the wave shoved, quickly decimate a big wave, as well as clear a wave that comes to a tower you are destroying. If you charge Q for at least 1 second, it will knock up what you hit, else it slows them by 50% for .25 seconds. For this reason always try for the knock up, but if the enemy champ is about to step out of the range, just release it and do the damage. You take this level one because typically your opponent will be trying to fast push for level two, which plays directly into your hands. When they step up to farm, start charging and they will be forced to either lose the CS, or take a high amount of base damage level one. Not only that, but it allows you to start your own fast push, as it does 33.7% extra damage to minions/monsters (66.7% to champions). This ability has great synergy with cannibalism.png, as your ult stuns struck enemies for .75-1.75 seconds. This allows you to ult and then immediately begin charging your Q, and unless they have instant cc (excluding snares) you'll be able to knock them up, allowing for your team to follow up for an easy team fight.

deathscaressfull.png is perhaps Sion's most important skill, simply because of it's passive. Sion is an easy champ, and a good starter champ, because you are rewarded for farming well. Sion passively gains 2 bonus health for every CS , and 10 health for every large monster and champion kill he gets.  This passive allows you to pull ahead of your laner as the game goes on, because you are literally getting tankier with every CS that you get. Combine that with the fact that you build mostly full tank, and that creates an unkillable monster late game, that can face tank entire teams and walk away from the fight with half health. You max it last because additional points only buff the shield, which is nice, but not as necessary early. 

If you manage to keep the shield for 3 seconds, you can reactivate this ability to detonate the shield, doing respectable damage that can swing a trade in your favor. Also, it aids your ability to clear the wave, if proceeded by a  enrage.png +crypticgaze.png combo. While getting ganked, you'll find your W to save your life many times, and if they are foolish enough to dive a Sion, it can turn an 0-1 into a 2-1 or even 2-0 trade in your favor. That being said, it is important to keep this in mind while playing with or against a Sion. DO NOT DIVE A SION. I cannot count the number of times I've been ganked and retreated under tower with 200 health, only to be dove and spin it into a double kill when I deathscaressfull.png and use my full chain of abilities to keep them under tower and CC'd until they die and I walk away flashing mastery. If you ever think you're about to be dove as Sion, remember that you always have a chance to outplay them.

Finally, cannibalism.png is Sion's signature spell. People don't understand just how much utility this spell has, and how many different ways that it can be used. The first is obvious, use it to engage a fight or join a fight that has already started. If you land it on the enemy carries, you can follow up with a crypticgaze.png  and if you have any sort of team behind you at all, they are dead. Next, it can be used to peel. When their front line dives, nothing stops them more quickly than a Sion. It allows your team a chance to counter-engage or simply kite back, and you're right where you need to be in the front line. Sion's ult can be tricky to land, and nothing is more embarrassing than charging by the enemy while your team simultaneously lost it's front line. For this reason I like to sit on it until I know that they cant dodge it. Jungle choke points, dragon/baron pits or walls allow a safety net, because it makes things exponentially harder to dodge (looking at you, 54.png).
Those are the obvious uses of cannibalism.png, but always remember, there is no shame in using it to run away. Sion's ult allows him to be a great split pusher, because if you ever find the enemy team closing in on you (assuming you warded), you can simply turn around and ult to safety. Just make sure that there's no one in front of you, or that they aren't close enough to just flash in your way. I tend to hold flash for this reason. I let them group on me, then flash and ult away, all while Sion himself screams, "COOWWWWWARDS!" As you scale into such a monster, the enemy team will have to divert more and more resources into stopping you. 1 person won't do, because you can just constantly keep them shoved under tower (assuming you don't just kill them under tower), and if they leave, you take it quickly. As they start sending 2, 3, 4, or even 5 people to try and catch you out, your team can have free reign of the rest of the map. Even if you get caught, you can stall for a long time. ensuring your team gets something out of it. This is how I have found the most success on Sion, by split pushing endlessly, and then grouping with my team around an objective for a final team fight.

Another use I have found to be effective (and very comical) is in proxing a wave. One time I found my team wiped while I was on my way and the enemy team pushing for an early inhib. I teleported behind them and immediately ulted away, down the lane towards their base. In the process, I killed every incoming minion, and the enemy was unable to take any objectives off of their almost clean ace, because they had no minions to push with. While situations like that are uncommon, it is good to keep in mind the multiple ways that Sion's ult can be used.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    These are your starting items against 99% of champions. It gives you mana regen and sustain.
    Against champs like Riven and Panth, consider starting Cloth + 4 Pots instead

Core Items

    VS. Team with Good Mix of AD/AP. Start Sunfire or Visage to counter your laner.
    Against Heavy AD.
    Against heavy AP

Situational Items

    Sometimes this is good against a champ that struggles farming under tower. Also, if your laner likes roaming, this will keep them honest, or will give you and your team free gold from the turret.
    See description

I tend to always build my first item to counter my laner. If they do predominantly physical damage, I build a sunfire. If they're AP based, I rush a spirit visage. This allows me to negate their kill pressure as early as possible. Coming back into lane with an early 3211.png or 1031.png does wonders in allowing you to start bullying as Sion. For boots, I always build 3111.png, no matter the team comp because of the tenacity. If their team is 100% AD and lacks cc, then sure, go 3047.png, but you will probably never see a comp like that. My second Item is either Spirit Visage/Sunfire (whichever I didn't build first). This is because Sunfire Cape gives you wave push, and because you want to be all around tanky so that you can join your team skirmishing early. Spirit Visage early is good too, as it synergizes well with your feast mastery, Grasp of the Undying, and your  deathscaressfull.png. If I am really ahead early, I'll build 3748.png 2nd, but I typically hold off until third Item to get this. Some times I'll buy 3077.png early and sit on it. This all depends on the state of the game, and will vary. Typically though, if you're behind, don't build Titanic until the end, you just need to get as tanky as possibly as quickly as possible so that you can help your team. If you are behind, don't try to split push, because you won't be able to apply pressure, and you are better off staying with your team. Remember, there is nothing wrong with being carried.

After Titanic, build your 4th item to counter whoever is doing the best on their team. Is their ADC fed? build 3075.png . It doesn't give health, but you've already got free health from farming. Is their AP mage melting faces? 3102.png will better serve you here. Finally, end with a Banshee's or Thornmail, whichever you didn't get 5th.

That is the standard build you run against a well-mixed enemy team. If they have a lot of AD, consider adding a Randuin's in place of your Banshee's, and getting a sterak's if they have no AP or their AP is so far behind they are irrelevant.  Sterak's will give you more health, a nice shield, and synergizes well with 3748.png, which synergizes very well with deathscaressfull.png. If they have a lot of AP, forgo the Thornmail for a Sterak's, as the health and burst mitigation will benefit you more here.

Sometimes, you may be better off getting 3512.png. If so, rush it early, against a champ that has trouble farming under tower. Also, this item is good if you find your laner roaming. They will either be forced to stay in lane, or you  will easily take the tower. You can also follow him in the roams, but remember Sion scales much better with farm than with kills. That being said, always be aware of the state of the game and when your laner roams, so that you can warn your team and be ready to help them.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Fizz
  • LeBlanc
  • Lee Sin
  • Nautilus
  • Pantheon
  • Riven




Sion can easily make FOTM Fizz players regret trying to do "muh tanky mage" top. He has 0 waveclear, and is weak early. Just keep hitting him with enrage.png . He'll start using fizzjump.png to dodge and will quickly go oom. While his e is on Cooldown, use your crypticgaze.png, which he'll have trouble escaping. Don't forget deathscaressfull.png whenever he tries to engage. By the time you hit 6, you should have enough for 3211.png, which will make it near impossible for him to kill you. If he tries to all-in you, you can easily win the 1v1 by waiting for him  to fizzjump.png. Once he uses that, he is a sitting duck for your CC. If he tries roaming, build 3512.png. You don't have the mobility he has so simply ping MIA and push.




I play Sion mid occasionally, if I get stuck there and my toplaner picks someone more damage oriented. Leblanc is rough for the first few levels due to her high damage and range. Try to deathscaressfull.png some of her burst, hit her with enrage.png, and play safe for a while. It's hard to land crypticgaze.png, because she can just leblancslide.png to safety. Against LeBlanc, rush 3512.png and then you will be able to keep her in lane, which means she can't roam, which is her biggest strength.


Lee Sin


In toplane, lee sin isn't so bad, as you can usually just out sustain him and shove him out of lane with your waveclear and/or 3512.png. However he can do damage if he jumps on you. If he lands blindmonkqone.png, start channeling crypticgaze.png and deathscaressfull.pngwhen he goes in on it (which he will) to knock him up, block some of his damage, and then follow up with enrage.png and some auto's to proc Grasp of the Undying and win the trade.

This matchup is more for when he isthe enemy JG. I list him as medium because he is very mobile, and can be there in an instant if you aren't warding well. He can cancel your crypticgaze.png with a blindmonkrkick.png, and if you try to ult away, he can hit you with a blindmonkqone.png and stop your ult by going in on it. He's not hard to beat, just be aware when going against him.




This is literally the definition of a farm lane. You will never be able to kill him, so just focus on farming. Be wary though, because his kit is loaded with CC, and it makes ganks very hard to escape. On top of this, his CC and shear tankiness makes it hard to gank him. he has good waveclear, so you probably will not be able to shove him in (you'll go oom very quickly, plus you leave yourself open to ganks, so it is not advised.




I don't have much experience playing against Pantheon, but I have found him to be a challenge. He is much similar to Riven in that he can cancel your crypticgaze.png with a pantheon_leapbash.png, but if you are quick you can knock him up while he jumps to you. However, his pantheon_throw.png is tough to deal with, and you'll find yourself going out of mana quickly trying to shield it with deathscaressfull.pngpantheon_grandskyfall_jump.png makes it harder for you to split push also, as he can simply use it to jump to you.  Build armor, and let him push you in so that you can farm safely under tower. Again, with proper farming and building, late game he won't be able to kill you.




Riven is a very difficult champ, but If you're against a Riven that knows how to play her, you will probably lose lane. She has multiple ways to cancel your crypticgaze.png, and can easily dodge/shield your enrage.png. She will win a straight up fight early as well. Riven is probably your hardest matchup. That's not to say that you can't win, but you need to play more passively. Rush armor. Be smart with your enrage.png so that you don't run out of mana. Let her push you to tower and just farm safely. Late game, if you farmed and built properly, she shouldn't be able to kill you. 

Final Thoughts Back to Top

The sheer disrespect Sion gets is absurd. When people see Sion locked in, they brush him off, thinking that he will be nothing more than a lumbering tank in laning phase until he can be a lumbering tank with his team late game. They don't expect poke, to be shoved in, to get solo killed, and they certainly don't expect him to be a split push threat. However, he can do and be all of these things, and I guarantee that if you give him a chance and follow my guide you will see that.

You can see that I am only Silver III, and decide to take what I have to say with a grain of salt, but since picking him up in ranked, I have had a 82%  win rate with him across 22 games ( -  I truly believe that Sion is sleeper OP, and I know that if you give him a chance, you will too. There is a secret to climbing, and that secret, is Sion.

Thank you for taking the time to read my guide! I hope that you found it helpful, and if you rate/comment on my guide, it allows me to update it and make it even better in the future!
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