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3 months ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Summoner spells.png

7.png and4.png are always taken on15.png

7.png is very good in botlane because it can heal you and your support. It can also be used offensively as heal gives a movement speed buff of 30% for 1 second, so you can chase and get that last auto in. Heal can be swapped out for21.png if your support takes 7.png.

4.png is the best summoner spell in the game and almost no champion goes without it in. It provides gap close or to escape from bad situations.

New Runes Back to Top

New runes.png

This is the best 15.png Rune build you can go. Precision with sorcery gives 9% attack speed and 6 AD which is pretty nice for her.


13003d6fa9393a112.png?width=32 with the nerfs to Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=32I have started to take this keystone on 15.png. If you can make it pass laning phase then 13003d6fa9393a112.png?width=32will be more useful in the mid/late game which is what you're playing for with Sivir for anyway.


Triumph.png?width=32 is a really good rune. It works like the old 6343.png mastery but way better. It heals 12% missing health and also grants 25 gold. It works on assist so when you use your sivirr.png you’re pretty likely to proc it for every kill in a team fight.


Legend%20Bloodline.png?width=32 with the new changes to marksman items you won't be able to build lifesteal until really late so this rune will make up for that.


Take this almost always. Unless they have like 3-4 tanks take Cut%20Down.png?width=32Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=32 helps finish off champions, while giving 9attack damage every takedown for 9 seconds.



One thing Sivir is know for is moving fast. Her sivirpassive.png and hersivirr.png gives movement speed which becomes bonus AD. So she has really good synergy with this rune.


Have you ever heard the phrase “Guess we wait for 6 items Sivir”? 15.png is really good at stalling out a game because of her insane wave clear. On 15.png you are aiming for 3 items which you get around 30mins that’s 29 bonus AD.



This is a good rune on 15.png but I personally don’t use it because once you put enough game in 15.png you learn how to manage your mana plus, you're going 3508.png first item.


I don't take this keystone often on 15.png because I feel is a lackluster rune for her. Sivir will be doing a large amount of aoe damage which 13003d6fa9393a112.png?width=32 helps out with. The times I do take it is when I'am looking for early game 2v2 in bot lane usually against things like Lucian where 13003d6fa9393a112.png?width=32will take too long to get ready.


Lethal tempo is best on Adcs that has some kind of on hit. 15.png doesn't have any kind of on hit in her abilities so this rune is not useful on her.


Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=32 can still be taken if you feel that you really need it for that particular game.


You can take this rune if there won't be many kills early in the game and you have a healer support like 16.png. It will help out with trades with the shield it gives.

Abilities Back to Top



Always start sivirw.png on 15.png to get a early push. Take sivirq.png level 2. Use it to poke only when there is no minion between the Q and the enemy champion. Each hit reduce the damage it deals. Take sivire.png third use it to block dangerous spells like 412.png's threshq.png. Careful how you use it to block poke spells, it has a 22 second cooldown which makes you vulnerable. Always put points in your sivirr.pngwhen you can.


                                                                            Passive - Fleet of Foot


Use your passive to kite and chase, do not underestimate the movement speed you get. Also use it to move between autos(attacking and moving out of a enemy range to avoid taking a extra basic attack etc.)

                                                                          Q - Boomerang Blade


Your Q is your main trading tool. It does a lot of if it doesn’t hit anything before it hits your main target. It’s also really good at pushing waves. Watch out for it’s high mana cost.

                                                                                  W - Ricochet


This ability is what makes Sivir who she is. Ricochet makes her able to turn into a hyper carry late game. It gives Sivir her insane wave clear potential. Activating it resets your autoattack so you can auto into w to get off 2 quick autos.

                                                                               E - Spell Shield


Pretty standard ability. This can be used to block a lot spells and provides mana is successfully blocked. Here is a list of all spell shield interactions (Spell shield interactions.)

                                                                                R - On the Hunt


Use your sivirr.png to start off a team fight or disengage. The movement speed is huge so it helps your frontline get onto their backline and disrupt their team. Can be used later on in a teamfight if there is no need to run at the enemy at the start of the fight. It also passively gives attack speed when your sivirw.png is activated.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    With new runes you don’t get lifesteal anymore so this gives the lifesteal that you need in lane.
    Take this if they have a lot of poke. Pair it up with Legend:Bloodline for insane sustain.

Core Items

    This is your core build. Always rush Essence reaver. It gives AD CDR and mana which is really good for Sivir. Stormrazer gives more ad for your abilities and attack speed which helps with essence passive active. Round out with Rapidfire and Infinity Edge.
    Berserker greaves is your boots of choice. Swap out for ninja tabi if they have high ad damage. Only get mercury's treads if they have something like a fiddlesticks.
    Bloodthirster grants a lot of ad and lifesteal which is very nice for Sivir. Mercruial Scimitar instead of bloodthirster if they have CC you need to remove.
    Lord Dominik's Regards usually. If they have a lot of healing take Mortal Reminder instead.
    Guardian Angel is pretty good to have if you are dying a lot. It is really cheap so if you have enough gold get this instead of saving up gold.
    Swap out Waring Totem for this level 9
    Full Build Example

Situational Items

    Blade of the Runied king instead of bloodthirster if they have tanks you need to take down.
    This gives less healing than bloodthirster but gives CDR. Helps against bursty comps while healing off ricochet in a teamfight.
    Go this if they have high AP burst.
    Go phantom if they have a bruiser always on you. Shiv helps with burst and wave clear if you need more than what you already have

The new Marksman changes overall was to reduce the early impact Marksman have in the game overall. Through these changes, I have developed this build for 15.png so she can make the best of these changes. 3508.png passive active when you ult is pretty crazy. It gives attack speed and makes your auto attacks reduce your none ultimate abilities. So it allows you to spam Q and W and get about 2 spell shields in 1 fight. Now 15.png can be more useful at 1 item only when her ultimate is up which isn't hard to play around. 3095.png comes in second because the AD and AS synergizes with 3508.png. You will be using your spells a lot and Q benefits from AD. It allows you to crit without crit chance which synergizes with your W. 3094.png is next and it gives attack speed and crit chance. With the small nerfs to 3087.png I have just started to take 3094.png more. The extra range it gives is really nice. 3031.png comes in late to round out your build. 15 % of your crit damage is converted to true damage. This makes it good against tanky targets.

Remember to adjust your items based off what is needed currently. Rushing 3006.png first item is really good into certain matchups. The movement speed will allow you to dodge incoming spells easily like 63.pngs abilities
Another item that can be rushed early is 3123.png against extensive healing teams like 16.png.

Matchups Back to Top

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22.pnghas higher range than you and a spamable poke. Try to focus on pushing the wave to negate this and at lvl 6 save your sivire.png for herenchantedcrystalarrow.png. Block her volley.png in lane for free mana.




51.png has higher range than you. Get to lane early and start hard pushing the wave early. Save sivire.png her caitlynpiltoverpeacemaker.png when she pushes the wave or use it on a sivire.png for free mana.This matchup can range from hard to easy based off supports and if you get the hard push on her. Go sustain build for this matchup.




42.png does a lot of damage.sivire.png can be used to block his phosphorusbomb.png but he still has high damage. Focus on wave clearing trade early with sivire.png early avoid long trades or trades after lvl 6.




One of the hardest matchup for15.png. He out trades you always. Your sivire.png is almost useless vs him, it only works on his dravendoubleshot.png and one part of his dravenrcast.png. Focus on clearing waves give up cs if he is coming at you. Ask for help from your team to deal with him.




81.png does great damage if he lands his ezrealmysticshot.png and can out trade you. 81.png is really strong right now so watch out for him. Push wave in early because he lacks wave clear. Poke with sivirq.pngand get off sivirw.png poke when you can. If he dodges you rsivirq.png with his ezrealarcaneshift.png that is fine cause that cost a lot of mana and has a long cooldown early. sivire.png his ezrealmysticshot.png early for free mana or when you are going in for trades. Go for short trades with him unless you dodge his first ezrealmysticshot.png.




202.png can be hard or easy based off supports. sivire.png his jhinq.png when he comes in to jhinq.png+jhinpassive.png shot you and trade by auto resetting with sivirw.png and throw a sivirq.pngafterwards. sivire.png his jhinw.png when he tries to root you. sivire.png his jhine.png damage for free mana. Block the  4th shot from his jhinr.png or block one early to avoid slow to dodge more or run out of his ult. Hard push and poke him with sivirq.png.




222.png is fairly a easy matchup. Hard push her in and poke with sivirq.png. Her rockets has high range on you but they cost mana and she loses attack speed. Trade her with sivirw.png auto reset into sivirq.pngsivire.png herjinxw.png for free mana if she uses it.sivire.png her jinxe.png if she uses them defensively or sivire.png them to escape. sivire.png her jinxr.png when she reaches 6.



145.png is a pretty annoying champion overall but she does have short range so she isn't the worst thing ever. Focus on pushing waves. She is a strong duelist so avoid fighting her without some advantage. You can sivire.png her kaisaw.png and it's the only thing worth blocking especially if it's going to proc her passive. It will block both.



429.png is a very hard matchup. It is almost impossible to beat her if she is a good 429.png. She can dodge Your sivirq.png with her passive and out trade you. Her rend can be blocked but it is more of luck if you do. You only out trade her at 3 items where you have 3031.png. For this matchup push wave withsivirw.pngwhen you can avoid trading with her ask for help from your team to deal with her. You can also sivire.png the knockup from herkalistarx.png.




96.pngout trades you because of his kogmawbioarcanebarrage.png. Supports can make this matchup easy by having an all in support like 12.pngsivire.png hiskogmawvoidooze.png for free mana if he uses. sivire.png his kogmawq.png if you are in a favorable position to trade. sivire.png his kogmawlivingartillery.png if you still have your sivire.png when you are low on HP. You can also sivire.png his kogmawpassive.png when he dies.




236.png has the same attack range as you but has higher burst and more mobility.He often is the one that chooses when he wants to trade because he can luciane.png into you. sivire.png his lucianq.pngwhen he is about to use this. You can’t react and sivire.pngit so you have to predict it because of it's short cast time. Keep your distance from him but if he dashes in on you trade him with sivirw.png auto reset into sivirq.png. Avoid straight up fighting him when he is level 6 cause his ultimate does a lot and you cannot interrupt it yourself. Your sivire.png blocks his lucianw.pngand one lucianr.png of his ult.


Miss Fortune


With the new comet 21.png is now strong again. Her missfortunescattershot.png spam cannot be sivire.png however it can block Arcane%20Comet.png?width=64 keystone that she will likely be taking. The defensive build is recommended for this matchup. Push wave when you can to turn some pressure back on her. Use your sivirr.png to disengage her missfortunebullettime.pngsivire.png her missfortunericochetshot.png when she uses it.




18.png is a matchup that can become difficult based off supports. Her tristanae.png can be sivire.png when she is trying to put it on you or when the bomb is about the explode. sivire.png early is best when she is jumping on you with hertristanaw.png cause she can no longer reset her tristanaw.png by reaching 4 stacks of her tristanae.png. Her tristanaw.png can be sivire.png if you need to avoid to slow to run away from a gank. Her tristanar.png can be sivire.png. If she uses her tristanae.png on you and uses her tristanar.pngto make it become the 4th stack to explode you can sivire.png both her those spells with one sivire.png.




This matchup is easy early and then becomes the hardest late game. Push 29.png in hard early, harass him sivirq.png and W. sivire.png his twitchexpunge.png when you can. He will try to use it when he cannot auto attack you anymore so use it around that time. Late game he becomes a monster because his twitchexpunge.png isn't what is doing damage to you anymore it is his twitchfullautomatic.png. Stay behind tanks and use your sivirr.png as soon as you see him emerge from twitchhideinshadows.png to run or collapse on him.




This matchup is weird because you can sivire.png his poke but he has shorter cooldowns so you still take a lot of poke. 110.pngalso can out trade you because of his higher range. Push him in with sivirw.png while poking with Q. You can sivire.png his varusr.png also at level 6. sivire.png his varusq.png when he uses it to poke you. sivire.png hisvaruse.png early when he uses it to poke over waves.




67.png can be hard because she can out duel you almost always. It becomes hard when you try to straight up 1v1 her. Hard push her in all day long and poke with sivirq.png and sivirw.png. This will deny her a lot of cs and build you a huge lead. Call for a gank when she gets low and dive and finish her off. Avoid 1v1 as she does a lot of damage in a 1v1. Her vaynetumble.png cannot be ssivire.png. You can block her vaynecondemn.png when she uses it to stun you in a wall or when she uses it to disengage from you. Kite her with sivirr.png when she uses her vayneinquisition.png.




498.png does a lot of damage. Her xayahw.png makes her out trades you while giving movement speed for her to dodge your sivirq.png. Her xayahe.png can be sivire.png so make sure you use it to block those. You have to predict the timing because it is too fast to react to. She will use it when she has at least 3 xayahpassive.png behind you so use it when she xayahq.png into auto. sivire.png blocks all the damage from the xayahpassive.png she pull back not the first one that hits you. Her xayahr.png damage can be sivire.png. Push the wave and poke with sivirq.png. Go for short trades with her because her xayahw.png will out trade.

Trading Back to Top


How to Trade

To trade early in lane use your sivirw.png to push wave while getting off ricochetsivirw.png bounces on the enemy. While wave is pushing towards them they will have to focus on their cs. This is the time to walk up for autos. Their adc will be forced to make a decision in their bad situation. Either they miss cs to trade back with you or they take free poke and get cs. Neither decision is the wrong one but they can only make best of their current situation. Next is when they are under turret. You can land good  sivirq.png now because there are no minions in your way to reduce it’s damage. While sivirq.png is on CD autoattack their turret and start chipping away at it. Once you have this much pressure the lane because free. You have many options to what you can do now. Call for Jungler to help take first turret or just have him near for a counter gank. Make sure to ward around 3:40 if their jungler started bot side. Ward way earlier like at lvl 3 if they started top side.

Lane phase, Mid game, Late game Back to Top

Lane phase, Mid game, Late game.png

Lane phase

Start off the laning phase by using your sivirw.png to push the wave and get lane control. Take sivirq.png level 2 to poke at enemy Adc. Do not send your sivirq.png through minions to poke, this reduce your sivirq.png damage by a lot. However you can throw your sivirq.png to last hit a minion you are out of range from. Hitting a enemy champion and csing this way is pretty good as you are getting two things out of your sivirq.png. Take sivire.png level 3 to start blocking poke to keep up your mana. Send most of your mana on your sivirw.png. Your sivirw.png is a reliable way to poke and push the wave while costing little mana. Your sivirw.png rank 1 does 50% of your auto attack damage. So if you land 3 of those on a enemy champion that’s 1 auto and a half. This may not see like much but when you add this up with occasional sivirq.png damage and trades from your regular auto.


Mid game

At Mid game you will want to start grouping with your team. Now it is time to utilize the power of your sivirr.png! Start off skirmishes with yoursivirr.png. Use your aoe damage to wear down enemies in a teamfight. Where to fight? Stay mid and hold the lane and wave clear until an objective is there to go for(Rift herald, Dragon,Baron). If your team is ready to engage use your sivirr.png to close the gap allowing your divers, frontline, etc to do their thing. Your sivirr.png gives you movement speed so kiting the opposing frontline should not be difficult. Around this part of the game you want to have 3508.png3006.png, and 3095.png (finished or partially). Farm up for 3031.png to get into the late game where 15.png truly shines.


Late game

In the late game 15.png becomes a hyper carry. With your 3-4 items you become a monster. Your richochets at max rank deal 70% of your auto attack damage. That is a total of 210% of your auto attacks( Basically 2 autos). Now for the best part, your sivirw.png can crit!. That means if all 3 ricochets are crit they deal 525% of your auto attack in total. Now lets get rid of all that math stuff. Basically your gonna deal a lot damage when you auto attack their frontline with sivirw.png bounces off them ontp their backline if they are close enough. Remember to auto into sivirw.png reset to maximize your damage onto their fronline. Use sivire.png on high threat abilities. At this point in the game you will have short cooldowns. You can actually use your sivire.png more than once now :D. Spam ricochets off cooldown to maximize your damage output.

Team fighting Back to Top

Team fighting.png

15.png is known for her high aoe damage in a teamfight. Her sivirw.png is the main cause of this. Your sivirq.png does a great chunk of damage once you have levels and some bonus AD. In teamfights you want to be ready to move in for autoattacks. Let me make this clear for all you people who do not know this. 15.png HAS A VERY SHORT ATTACK RANGE. Her range is only 500, most adcs are 550 while some are higher like 51.png who has 650. To play around your short range you need to use sivirw.pngs on their frontline. You also need to use the movement speed from your sivirpassive.png to close gap or kite once you deal damage to someone. You will also use your sivirr.png to further increase this by a great deal.

 Once you get used to Sivir’s sivirr.png you may realize that using your sivirr.png at the start of a fight is sometimes not the best way to use it. Sometimes you can save it for once the fight has already started. This can turn a fight way more than using it early because everyone will move so fast in the middle of the teamfight. They can now dodge skillshots or get in range for a ability. An example of this is you have a 57.png on your team. Lets say the fight has started and maokai is there trying to move in but is slowed and getting kited. After those peeling abilities are used you pop your sivirr.png then 57.png barely gets in range to use his maokaiw.png onto the enemy adc. This is basically shifting the momentum of a teamfight and can cause a landslide for the entire teamfight. Save sivire.png for high threat abilities like a 238.png111.png ultimate, etc. This will bait out the opposing team key abilities and give your team a huge advantage.

Support pair ups Back to Top

Support pair ups.png

15.png is generally good with champions that can provide a lockdown for your sivirq.png to hit champions freely. Champions such as 412.png12.png and89.png15.png has nice burst with her auto into sivirw.png to auto reset to get off 2 quick autos then a sivirq.png to follow up.

15.png also can work with enchanting supports like 117.png40.png and 267.png. Since 15.png has a short range these champions can protect her when she goes in for a trade and further increasing her trade potential. Some of these supports like 43.png does a lot of poke so pairing that up with your poke will create pressure in your lane.

Watch out for opposing 12.png supports as they can ruin your day with their  headbutt.png - pulverize.png combo. You cannot block this combo. Instead save your sivire.png for his alistare.png stun. For 89.png let her leonazenithblade.png onto you then sivire.png her leonashieldofdaybreak.png  or sivire.pngher leonasolarflare.png when she is level 6.

For hard poke matchups like 43.png take the 1054.png + Legend%20Bloodline.png?width=32 combo to survive lane.

Strengths and weakness Back to Top


Best wave clear of any marksman.

Fast burst with auto > sivirw.png> auto > sivirq.png to do good trades.

High Aoe damage in teamfights.

Can speed up your entire team with sivirr.png.

Has a built in sivire.png


Super low range.

No dashing abilities.

Vulnerable to ganks without 4.png.

Does little damage early without sivirq.png.

Overall high mana cost.

My Sivir play style Back to Top

My Sivir play style.png

When I am playing 15.png I become a waveclear machine. I almost always push my lane into the enemy’s turret, denying them cs and harassing. I take over my lane this way and call for a dive on botlane when the enemy is low on hp. If not I slowly take their turret and aim for first turret. This will provide a huge lead for me. This may lead to getting dragon as well.

 I then rotate top lane and take top turret then move to mid and do the same. I absorb as much farm as I can to reach my 3031.png power spike as early as possible. At this point i would be super strong. If however I lose lane and I fall behind, I try to catch every side wave minions pushing the wave out.   15.png’s insane waveclear makes this super easy and not as risky as it may seem. This then will force someone from the opposing team to catch the minion waves that are going to their turret therefore stalling out the game giving me time to scale up. 15.pngs win rate spike late game so the game is then up to how well you can position to dish out as much damage as you can without dying.

Tips and tricks Back to Top

Tips and tricks.png

15.png’s passive work with not just auto attacks but also ability damage. So your sivirq.png procs it but more importantly your sivirw.png proc it. Therefore use your sivirw.png on minion waves stack up ricochets then move in for trade with the movement speed you get from it.

You can throw your brush in a sivirq.png and listen for the sound effects of it hitting someone to tell if there are champions hiding in the brush. If you play with sound off(which I do not recommend) your sivirpassive.pngwill proc showing that it hit a champion.

sivire.png can block many abilities and have different interactions with some. Learn which abilities you can block and how you can block them. For example did you know you can block the damage from 59.png’s jarvanivcataclysm.pngwhen he jumps on you.

Remember to check out Jeedos Sivir spell shield interactions to know every interactions.(Spell shield interactions). 

About me Back to Top

About me.png

Hey, there I go by the name Raveydemon. I have been playing league of legends for about 5 years now. I am an Adc main with my main champion being Sivir. I also can play all roles in league mostly top/jg/support.
I have been diamond/masters for about 3 years now. Here is a link to my most recent ranked finish.
Season 7 Masters.

Recently I have been playing more top lane than ADC and I have peeked challenger on my account CLG Ravey.

Here is a link to my best Sivir rank.
Ranked 1 Sivir

I have a youtube channel where I made some highlights/montages.

Link to my twitter if you want to contact me

Please leave comments below asking questions about anything I would more than happy to reply to any feedback/questions

Changelog Back to Top


22 JUNE 2018

NEW RUNES - 13003d6fa9393a112.png?width=32 added, Legend%20Bloodline.png?width=32 primary rune over Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=32,  Overheal.png?width=32 text updated.
ITEMS - Build updated, added 3095.png , build reasons added.
Matchups - 145.png added.

Lane phase, Mid game, Late game - Updated

About me - Updated.

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