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Hi, I'm a Jungle main in League of Legends since Season 3 as well as leader of a team that plays Mario Kart Wii competitively to this day via the Wiimm-fi server

Welcome to this guide.



Welcome to my guide, read the in-depth sections at the bottom if you're interested in learning this playstyle of jungling

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skarnerfracture.png > skarnerexoskeleton.png > skarnervirulentslash.png

Upgrading Q barely does anything, plus with this build it's hard to stick to enemies with just Q. E's damage scales higher and it's nice to have the cooldown so low for clears and chasing/stuns. W max + 40% CDR allows your shield to be up almost constantly (6.6 CD / lasts up to 6s), it automatically makes you tanky just by having AP and CDR.

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Starting Items

    start with these, or 2-3 pots instead of refill

Core Items

    rush one of these (i prefer red most games), and i'd recommend either selling it when you run out of spaces or upgrading it to cinderhulk/runic based on the rest of your build
    core items every game (nash first)
    then get this and you'll be able to solotank/dive turrets with ease
    grab one of these if you're doing well and upgrade it if you're doing really well
    level 9
    get these after small jungle item or later

Situational Items

    tanky route item options
    ap route item options
    if you really hate towers
    either of these are definitely viable
    get sorcery for more damage + faster tower kills, iron for tenacity
    optional boots
72.png AP Scalings

skarnervirulentslash.png 20%
skarnerexoskeleton.png 80%
skarnerfracture.png 20%
skarnerimpale.png 50%

As you can see AP doesn't give him much damage outside of his ult, but primarily just boosts the size of his shield by a lot, this combined with 40% cdr given by the build I've chosen makes you quite tanky


The 3 core items - 3100.png3115.png3056.png is where I give credit to Trick2G

I wanted to use it on someone who I think does it better than Udyr

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The only matchup is the jungle. If you focus on powerfarming (full clears + enemy jungle when you're able + solo dragons etc.) and scaling you'll outscale everyone on the rift nearly every time. Then (hopefully) be able to translate that lead into split-pushing down towers with or without minions and creating unbelievable pressure.

The biggest worry is probably an early invade or someone like 64.png if he's able to 1v1 you in your jungle / has help. This should be counterplayed with your crystals giving you big buffs and significant dueling power.

Getting Fed + Jungle Paths Explained Back to Top


These are my typical initial paths for each side assuming I'm not given any info that would lead me to change my path or not go for skuttles. If you think you're going to get invaded by looking at the enemy team comp you may want to change it up a bit whether it be starting at the other side of your jungle or just postponing taking your buff camp.

If at any time you see a good opportunity for a gank (i.e. overextentions) use your own judgment and think about doing it based on if it's worth losing the gold you would get if you continued your farming path. Most games will provide opportunities for quick ganks that are in your path and don't make you waste much time at all.

It is not mandatory to clear every camp (this is probably more prevalent with Krugs and sometimes Gromp as they're originally outside of your crystal ranges), if something out of the ordinary happens and you left a camp or 2 - the only thing you should be looking for is the optimal path from the position you're in at the time. The image above is just my optimal path from the position of the very start.

After your first clear depending how long it took / how much gold you have you can decide if you want to gank or start a new path whether it be in your jungle or the enemy's (based on how healthy you are and what information you receive). You can also cut your path short to take some enemy camps if you gather information on the map to know that they're not near or whatever it may be. Usually you want to leave 1 Jungle monster up to deny them unless you think you will be there next time the camp spawns, always clear their buffs unless you really want to deny them. If you back after a standard clear you should easily be able to pick up 3715.png and 1001.png / 1052.png + maybe a 2043.png. (buying a 1042.png if it's the only thing you can afford before completing 3100.png isn't a bad idea to speed up your clears)

Once you've completed your first back you typically will have a similar path to take again unless of course you're interfering in the enemy jungle as well then you'll have to create the paths yourself based on what camps are up and when other camps will be up.

Lane Taxing, Holding and Pressuring

You always want to be on the look out for opportunities to hold or defend lanes. Here are several ways you can do so:

1a. Your laner backing - If the enemy wave is close enough to your laner's turret or you can see that it will be before your laner gets close to the lane and you're in the position to be able to hold it you should look to do that asap as it prevents your tower from taking damage and gives you a lot of gold + xp

1b. Both laners backing - If both laners (ally and enemy) are backing you can reset the wave and give yourself gold and xp while denying the enemy laner. This is situational depending on how the wave looks and how much time you have before your laner returns

1c. Enemy laner MIA - If the enemy laner is MIA and your laner isn't in lane or coming to it, you can push that wave into tower and possibly take more waves while denying. Obviously this is mainly for later stages of the laning phase as that's when laners will typically look to roam.

2a. Your laner dying - If your laner dies this will almost always allow free time for you to take over their lane, pushing/freezing/resetting are your options depending on the scenario

2b. Both laners dying - If both laners die and the timers aren't extremely short the answer is to push the wave supremely and don't stop until you need to or your laner is nearly back; unless you're taking tower, then your laner should help you or roam

3a. Your laner roaming - If your laner is roaming they should let you know asap and you or someone else should hold their lane and push/freeze/reset

3b. Enemy laner roaming - If the enemy laner is roaming you can either leave your laner to push/roam or help them push and/or take towers

3c. Both laners roaming/fighting/clown fiesta - If both of your laners are occupied away from their lane, it's the perfect time to push as fast as you can and get as many waves as you can and possibly some towers. Rarely is it actually worth going to join the clown fiesta

Pushing = Clearing waves and/or hitting towers
Freezing = Only last hitting minions
Resetting = Pushing the wave into enemy tower

If your lane has the minion advantage (is pushing) you usually want to reset it
If the enemy lane has the minion advantage and you don't want to push then you only last hit to continue the denial on the enemy laner

Mid-Late game you'll want to look for opportunities to splitpush lanes, proxy lanes, take towers, take objectives, get picks and possibly teamfight

If this playstyle is executed successfully you should be fed enough to splitpush very effectively to where (usually) no 1 person will be able to stop you, hopefully not even 2 or 3. Most cases you can run get away if people come for you and you're not able to fight all of them.

Ideally you want your team to be pressuring elsewhere if the other team is sending people to deal with you and avoiding fights at all costs if the other team is grouped, so no matter what happens your team will get something out of it. If the other team comes for you it leaves room for your team to take easy objectives while gets some kills or waste their time.

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Pros and Cons of This Build + Playstyle

- Max CDR and none wasted
- Speed can reach up to 700+ and is consistently high
- Tankiness through shield which scales with the AP and HP you'll be building
- Scaling runes and Strength of the Ages make you inevitably strong lategame
- Every ability scales with AP making your damage mid-lategame very high depending on how much you're able to farm
- Amazing clear with crystals
- You can solo Dragons very early
- Almost always able to carry games if played correctly
- Completely destroys turrets and structures, even without minions
- Good teamfights/skirmishing even with such a build due to his ult and huge constant shield
- Great pick potential
- Can force enemies into buying QSS and all you have to do is switch targets in fights
- If you for some reason aren't able to get super fed through full on powerfarming your ult and cc can almost always secure kills
- Hard to itemize against as he deals hybrid damage despite going only AP
- Unexpected champion, unexpected build, unexpected power

- Capable of being counter-jungled early especially if you don't know very well what you're doing
- If you get counter-jungled to the point where you can't farm well in the jungle and your ganks fail then you're useless
- Prone to kiting situationally
- Can't get over walls without flash
- Low escape tools (shouldn't need them much if played correctly)

Questions/comments always welcome

Thanks for reading, here are my other guides

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