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Skarner Statistics for Vitklim

Author's performance with Skarner compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top



Requires no explanation. Gap closer, gap opener and a great addition to the engage tools you already have as Skarner.


Also requires no explanation because you're the jungler. Next!



You can run this, but Ghost is less versatile, i.e. less useful overall. Good for chasing or engaging, bad for escaping or pinning down fools.

New Runes Back to Top


This keystone is my preffered choice from all options. It provides additional tankiness that you like as Skarner, and it will bolster your defenses when the enemy is most likely to retaliate, after you stun someone with you E or ult them.

Demolish.png?width=32 Bone%20Plating.png?width=32

Pick first one if you hate towers (Although as Skarner, it is one of your least concerns), pick the second one if you hate taking damage.


You take this rune 9 times out of 10, because it gives you more defenses, which is the priority when playing this guy. Experimenting with other runes of this set is not recommended because they are simply outshined by this one.


One of these two. I prefer Unflinching, since tenacity and slow resistance is precisely what you need to be even more dangerous and you are likely to have you summs down a lot of the time, benefitting from this rune. You can pick Overgrowth, since it's a strict upgrade, but the extra health it provides doesn't stack up well enough for it to be mandatory.


The secondary tree is mostly up to preference, but the three main combos are listed above. Take Precision if you want more attack speed and Triumph, take Sorcery if you want even more movement speed and extra damage as the game progresses from Gathering Storm later in the game, take Domination if you want Cheap Shot for extra pops on enemies you stun and the ultimate cd (very good) from Ultimate Hunter.

P.S. The Ultimate Hat and Relentless Hunter stand as placeholders for Ultimate Hunter


The rune that every amateur Skarner player grabs at first sight. It works if you function as your team's main engage tool, or if you want to gank a lot, but you really don't need it. You benefit more from the sheer tankiness that the Aftershock provides you, since your movespeed already reaches ludocrious levels.

Abilities Back to Top




CRYSTAL SPIRES: Skarner's presence causes a number of Crystal Spires to appear at set points on the battlefield, which can be captured by champions who stand near them for 2 seconds. Once captured, Crystal Spires are owned until contested and the defending team can stand on the spire to prevent the opposing team from capturing it.

Crystal Spires grant Gold 30 split among its captors upon being captured, or Gold 15 if only a single champion participated in its capture, and provide Sight icon sight around them for 1.5 seconds upon being captured, becoming impossible to recapture for 15 seconds.

CRYSTAL CHARGE: While within range of a Crystal Spire controlled by his team, or while an enemy is Stun icon stunned with Fracture Fracture or Suppression icon suppressed with Impale ImpaleSkarner gains 70 - 120 (based on level) bonus movement speed43 - 160 (based on level)bonus attack speed and restores 2% maximum mana every second.

If you like Capture and Hold mode, this is specifically for you. Knock em out any time you are around them, because movement speed, attack speed and mana are always useful, and your clear early on depends on those things. Also gold. No one is going to argue against that.
Always remember that while standing in those, you are strong as shit, so don't be scared to pick a fight if you have your abilities up and your health around the same level as your opponent.

Second part of the passive is the same bonus applied whenever you bop someone with you E or ult them. Simple enough, but since this means you can get the stats even outside of the Spires, be sure to proc it whenever you can.

Crystal Slash
COST: 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 MANA
COOLDOWN: 3.5 / 3.25 / 3 / 2.75 / 2.5
Crystal Slash

ACTIVE: Skarner deals physical damage to all enemies in range.

33 / 36 / 39 / 42 / 45% AD

If an enemy is hit, subsequent uses of Crystal Slash within 4 seconds deal bonusmagic damage.

33 / 36 / 39 / 42 / 45% AD (+ 30% AP)

Basic attacks against non-structures reduce Crystal Slash's Cooldown reduction icon cooldown by 0.25 seconds, quadrupled to 1 against enemy champions.

AKA - We Liked Old Evelynn
Spam this ability anytime you have anything around you to hit. It is your main source of ability damage, and there is no reason not to use it. Every Q after the first will deal double damage, half physical, half magic, and the cooldown is reduced whenever you auto, so this skill is effectively on a 1.5 second cooldown most of the time.

This is also what makes your clear so good early game. Multi-mob camps are your farming grounds at any health.
Level that shit first

Crystalline Exoskeleton
COOLDOWN: 13 / 12.5 / 12 / 11.5 / 11
Crystalline Exoskeleton

ACTIVE: Skarner shields himself for up to 6 seconds, gaining initial bonusmovement speed that accelerates by 100% over 3 seconds while the shield holds.

10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14% maximum health(+ 80% AP)
8 / 10 / 12 / 14 / 16%

This skill basically turns you into Sanic and gives you a nice shield too. Use it when you clear camps, use it when you engage and need to run fast, use it to escape, use it to absorb damage. Basically, just use it. This skill serves as your main engage tool, giving you a ton of movement speed, which is why you can focus your runes on anything but Predator. You don't need it to drive over fools.

SPEED: 1500
COOLDOWN: 14 / 13.5 / 13 / 12.5 / 12

ACTIVE: Skarner launches a blast of energy in the target direction, dealing Ability power magic damage to all enemies struck and Slow icon slowing them for 2.5 seconds, as well as marking them with Crystallizing Sting Crystal Venom for 5 seconds. Fracture's projectile slows down every time it hits an enemy.

40 / 65 / 90 / 115 / 140 (+ 20% AP)
30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50%
Crystallizing Sting

Skarner's next basic attack against a target marked with Crystallizing Sting Crystal Venomconsumes the mark to deal them bonus Attack damage physical damage and Stun icon stun them for 1.25 seconds.

30 / 50 / 70 / 90 / 110

Every time he Stun icon stuns a target with Fracture or Suppression icon suppresses an enemy with Impale ImpaleFracture's cooldown is reduced by the corresponding duration of the disable.

The most uderrated abillity that this guy has, but it is vital to your kit. This is your only cc besides the ultimate, and you use it far more often. Proc the stun any time you enter a fight to give yourself the passive bonus and lock them in place for a bit.
The projectile slows every time it hits something, which is something you have to remember, since you can throw it to engage from afar and slow the enemy, but if it hits any minions on the way there, chances are they will dodge it. However, on clustered champions it works wonders, allowing you to chain stun them and get the passive buff.
Another important thing to remember is that every time you proc the stun, it reduces the cooldown of the ability. This is key to using it correctly, since it comes off cooldown faster, the more times you stun anything. It allows you to use it multiple times during the fight which can very well save your ass.
Don't hesitate to use it for clears either.

COOLDOWN: 120 / 100 / 80

ACTIVE: Skarner rears his stinger and brings it down, Root icon rooting the target enemy for 0.25 seconds, dealing 60% AD physical damage, magic damage, and Suppression icon suppressing them for 1.75 seconds. At the end of the duration, the target takes the same damage again.

For the duration, Skarner can move freely and drag his victim around with him but cannot attack them.

This is why you came here, didn't you?
Anyway, this is your main tool to help out the team and lockdown kills. Hitting 6 is a massive powerspike, since this ultimate can be used to pull an enemy towards yourself, supress someone trying to dive you, serve as a safe window for a few seconds while your other abilities are coming up, and so on.
Keep in mind that you can't auto the champ you ulted for the duration.
You want to use this thing anytime it's off cooldown, and it makes the majority of ganks a guaranteed success.

Combos and Shit

You are Skarner. Combo variety is overrated. You only need one.

See Target > W > E > AA > Q > AA > Q > See them trying to run > R > Q > E or W > Q > AA

Basically, get on top of someone using your W, E engage combo and proceed to deal as much damage as possible before they try to run or retaliate. If they do either, ult them, wait for abilities to come up and Q in the meantime. Then, once they break out, keep attacking them and pop W or E if they are up again. Simple.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Hunter's Talisman for synergy with Q

Core Items

    The must-have. Warrior for early damage, Triforce for wrecking shit, and mercs for cc resist and mr
    Get this for running faster
    Get this for more damage and survivability
    Get this for Armor
    Get this for Magic Resist

Situational Items

    Possible if you need even more engage, but less useful stats
    Take this if you want more damage and Magic Resist
    Grab this if you are overconfident/powerful as shit

Now listen up here. This build is what separates scrubs from the enlighted.

Starting Items


This is your regular start. Take Hunter's Talisman for synergy with the AoE damage of your Q and Refillable Potion because you don't need much sustain early, and you get more value for money.

Core Items


These three are the key to success here. You will most likely get Stalker's Blade on first back along with a Long Sword or Boots. Choose either, doesn't really matter.


You pick Stalker's Blade for even more movement speed and the cheesy kill steals. You get Warrior enchant because you are no bitch, and Skarner's damage scales surprisingly well. After getting this item you can crush someone in a 1v1 provided you are on even ground and prefferably in zone of one of your shrines.


Grab the first one if their team has literally any AP, grab the second one if they are all AD.


This is one of your biggest powerspikes. Trinity Force provides everything you could want as Skarner. Phage passive, extra attack speed to complement your shrines, Sheen procs every time it's up, etc. Once you have this item, you can 1v3 if you play it right.

The Rest of the Build


You want Dead Man's most of the time. It gives you the first boost in armor and health that you need, and the passive is a godsend for Skarner, further augmenting your ability to chase and pick fights.


Sterak's is another item that has been made for this champion to use and abuse. You like the damage, you like the health, you especially like the passive which essentially allows you to live through their entire team collapsing on you and gives you a nice boost in stats while you keep fighting.


Pick one of those if you need to deal with the pesky AD carries, or anyone else who builds AD. Thornmail is better against champions who mostly rely on autoattacks, Randuin's is useful if you need more cc, and the active provides just that.


Pick one of those if magic damage becomes a problem that you can't simply trample. Abyssal is better if your team has a strong AP carry, or multiple of them, Visage is better for any other situation, or if you got healers to back you up.

Possible Items


You can buy this if you need more help with engaging on the enemies, but keep in mind that it won't help you against hard cc and the stats that is provides are awful in comparison to other tank items.


You can buy this if you want to deal more damage and the enemies have magical damage you need help with. However, keep in mind that if you go for Sterak's, their passives will cannibalize each other.


You can go for this if you are strong enough to warrant getting more damage and need it more than sheer tank stats.

Matchups Back to Top

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  • Zac




His ass just got reworked, so I got nothing to say




More dangerous because of utility because he provides for his team more than anything. You can 1v1 him without a problem and he only becomes dangerous in teamfights, where the priority targets are different. Focus on getting to lvl 6 and pressuring lanes




In my experience Camille is weak competition when played jungle. You will outduel her every time until lategame, she can only snowball from frequent ganks which are punishable. In a straight fight you win.




He can outlive you but not outdamage you. In a straight fight you should beat him, but if needed, focus him to peel him off allies. Dodge his q's whenever possible and keep doing damage. If you can, unload your full combo, then drag him into your team for the finish. Lategame if you see him attempting to dive into your team, ult him and pull him away from the carries.




Diana jungle is a rare encounter nowadays, and she lacks the duealing potential to effectively deal with you. Fight her head on and peel her off your carries.


Dr. Mundo


One of the few champions you won't be ever able to kill aside from very early on. If he is picked jungle, do your best to outscale him in farm and don't stop pressuring lanes to give your team an edge over him. In teamfights, you can ult him if he goes hard for your backline, and if you're lucky they will be able to kill him, so just keep him CC'd for as long as possible.




Rarely picked jungle and for good reason. Outshined by other picks including you.

In a straight 1v1, you should win. The idea remains the same, try to dodge his stun on W, and manouver around his Q as much as possible. If you manage to ult him before he ults out, he should be dead, but you will have to rely on your team to finish him off, since he will be able to ult as soon as your ult ends.




Not difficult to fight, but annoying nonetheless. Her biggest threat to you is her E, allowing her to save allies by stunning you when you attempt to engage. Otherwise, don't be afraid. Once she turns spider mode, unload your full combo on her and try to kill her before she uses E to get out. If she manages to, keep chasing.




Hyper annoying scumbag. Her charm is the only reason she is ranked so high up in difficulty. All she needs to do to disable you for 2 seconds is to wait a little before engaging on you. Doesn't matter if you dodge her Q, because then she'll E on you. Cancer.

However, once the charm wears off or if you manage to outrun it, she is vulnerable. Unload your combo and ult her before she escapes, but beware of fighting her on low health because she can execute.




Not a popular pick in jungle, and against you he stands little chance. Once his fear is down, he is defenseless against you, his Drain can be interrupted with both your E and Ult.

The real danger comes in teamfights. Try to plan in advance and expect his ultimate. Once he uses it, stun him with E and try to burst him down, but don't even think about ulting him. Doing so won't break the channel, and the last thing you want is chat exploding from your teammates for dragging him into the thick of your team.




Another infrequent pick with not enough dueling potential to live up to yours. You will win early encounters against him unless his team will come to back him up. He is likely to gank earlier and more frequently than you, but once you hit 6, your ganks even out in terms of chance of success and you should outscale him by the midgame.




Very skill based matchup. Graves is one of the few champions who has enough kiting power and damage to pose a threat to you even at early levels. DO NOT fight him early, unless your team can help collapse on him. Stay your course and keep farming. By the time you hit level 7-8 and get your items, you will be able to 1v1 him if you get a drop on him (i.e. fighting in your shrines or ambushing him).

However, a good Graves will attempt to disturb your clear or get very early ganks in, so pray to god that your team is responsive enough to defend against either of those possibilities.




Hecarim, in nature is a bruiser similar to you, but with more focus on mobility and burst than tankiness. As a result, you will win in most fights against him once you hit 6. You outscale him in most regards, however he is likely to gank a lot, so try to countergank if you are nearby.




He should never be able to kill you, but you are unlikely to kill him either. Ivern's biggest threat is the amount of utility he provides to his team, so focus him only if he is the only target within reach. He is also likely to invade you jungle to steal buffs, so keep on top of the timers and don't stop farming.


Jarvan IV


Tough matchup. J4 has more early damage and mobility than you, plus he is also likely to build damage and gank more often. You do not want to fight him without your team until midgame, when you will be able to not only survive his damage, but possibly kill him too.

Your best chance is to outscale him, so don't get distracted. In teamfights, try to keep him away from your backline if possible, and ult any threat that tries to capitalise on J4's ult.




Tough matchup. Jax isn't as much of a threat early game, but he will be even with you once midgame hits, and will undoubtably outscale you by late game.

When fighting him, throw your E on him as soon as possible, but wait for him to pop Counterstrike (he will likely do it right away) and for it to wear off before you proc the stun. Then you should be able to win the fight.
In teamfights, focus the bastard down as soon as he engages. Pin him down andd let your team do the job.




Even ground. Kayn is very similar early on to you, with more opportunities for ganks but slower clear speed. However, before he selects a form, you are likely to be able to kill him even before 6, and with 6 for sure.

If he goes Assassin, shut his ass down at any opportunity. You will be able to live through most of his burst, so focus on peeling him off your allies and killing him at any opportunity.
If he goes Darkin, beware of fighting him 1v1. He has about the same amount of tankiness and damage as you, but his sustain is better, so it is unlikely you will be able to kill him without your team.




Average chances. Kha deals a massive amount of damage fighting you 1v1, so you will need to at least hit 6 before you can reasonably deal with him. He is nowhere near as good at farming as you are, however, so once you complete your enchant, you should be able to kill him 1v1.

In fights, focus him as soon as he goes in. You have 2 stuns, should be enough to cc him until death.




Annoying. Kindred is one of the few champions who is able to effectively kite you at most points in the game. Don't fight her early, wait until 6 or first item before trying to bring her down.

DON'T LET HER GET MARKS. This is absolutely vital. Keep your jungle cleared for the majority of the time, and take any scuttle crabs too. If one of your camps is marked and you suspect that she will come to pick it up, ping your team and set up an ambush.
However, she has little chance against you once you get on top of her. If she ults, you can ult her and drag her out of her ultimate to kill her regardless.


Lee Sin


King of cockblock. Lee Sin has little chances of killing you, unless he builds full damage and you get hit by his entire combo. However, he is very hard to catch and will often ult you away any time you get near his teammates.

Outfarm his and outscale him, then tear him apart in a fight. If he tries to dive in on your team, cc him immediately and ult if needed.


Master Yi


Kill at any cost. Yi is a champion that can 1v5 if he's fed enough, so your goal is to stop him from getting there in the first place. Outfarm him by midgame and only then fight. You should be able to outdamage him once you're 6, so keep shutting him down whenever possible. In teamfights, he is your number 1 target, blow all your cc and damage on him.

His early game is weaker then other fighters, so you should be able to fight him earlier than most.




Annoying, but manageable. Her clear is rather good, especially once she gets her jungle item enchant. However, since she functions largely like an assassin, in a straight fight you should be able to obliterate her. Dodge her spears whenever you can, and peel her off your allies.




Skill Matchup. Nocturne can block your E or ultimate, so watch out for him using his spell shield and back off when he uses it, to re-engage once it wears off. Otherwise, do not be scard of fighting him.

In teamfights, stay close to your allies, so when he ults, you can peel him off your team.




He is annoying, but weak. Nunu may try to invade your jungle to steal camps, but since your clear is very fast and he can't win a fight against you, you should be able to clear your camps every time they come up, and render him useless. Not even worth focusing, unless there is no other target in reach.




His ult counters yours. You have about the same clear early on, but yours is better as the game progresses. In terms of power, early game you are about equal, midgame you should outscale him. His ult allows him to power through your E stuns and break out of your ult, so don't blow it early.

He is likely to dive into your backline, so try to cc him before he gets there, or once his ult runs out.




Slightly more common pick in the jungler recently. Pantheon has good early gank potential, but his clear is atrocious, exploit that. Get a gold advantage on him and hope that your lanes live through his ganks. Once level 6 hits, he stands no chance against you in a straight fight. His passive can block your E stun, so time it accordingly. Also beware of his execute damage on his E.




One of the few champions you won't be able to kill under most circumstances. Rammus is tanky enough to live through any damage you can dish out and can disable most of your enagage attempts with his Q and E. If in this matchup, play defensively, try to outscale him and pressure lanes with ganks and try to teamfight, to let your team bring him down.

Ult him only if he tries to dive your backline and try to isolate him and bring him down ASAP.




Rare pick, and she's weak. Nice rhymes, me. Thanks me.

Anyway, she is very rarely seen played overall, mostly because she is outshined by most other fighters in the game. You are no exception. Don't stop farming and don't be afraid to fight her early. By the time lvl 6 hits, you will be able to fight her easily. As the game progresses you will outscale her through items.




Skill based. In a straight fight, you no doubt win against him. He functions mostly as an assassin, having virtually no tankiness, so he won't survive a fight against you. If you focus on outfarming him, you will outscale him into midgame.

If he attempts to dive into your allies, blow all your cc on him. If he ults and jumps onto your teammate, you can ult him out of the air if you react fast enough. CC him and kill him.




Annoying early. Sejuani is one of the few champions who have a good enough early game to fight you even in your shrines, avoid her until 6. If you powerfarm, you will outscale her rapidly, and once you get your damage items, you will be able to fight her. Try to keep up pressure on lanes after 6 and prevent her from getting onto your backline.




He's like the Joker without a sense of humor.

Anyway, Shaco is a really skill based matchup. A good Shaco will do his best to steal your buffs, camps, or just invade and kill you. Alternatively, he might gank early every lane, and get an advantage that way. His weakness is farming. Outfarm him and pray that your lanes live through his ganks, and you will be able to 100-0 him by 10 minutes.
Anytime he dives onto your backline, blow all your cc on him.
Tip for figuring out who is the real guy: The clone takes way more damage, the real Shaco takes the same amount as before.




Literally never see her played anymore. Shyvana is similarly matched with you, but your jungle clears are even faster. Exploit it, and outfarm her until 6, and then begin ganking. You should be able to 1v1 her in midgame, but watch out for her dragon form E, the fireball does a surprising amount of damage.




No. This is why you play Ranked games only.





I hope anyone even plays it still just for the meme. You win in a straight fight, your movespeed from shrines and W should be enough to avoid her W and weave around her Q. CC her and kill her.




Surprisingly common jungler pick in recent times. He has about the same dueling potential as you, but you are more powerful in 2v2 skirmishes. Try to outfarm him as much as possible and fight once you have your warrior enchant complete. He is exceptionally hard to take down through almost all stages of the game, unless he builds full damage. Fight him with your team and try to steal his jungle whenever you get an opportunity.




Similar style to Skarner. Has more mobility and split push potential, less jungle control and CC. He farms at a similar pace to you, so keep up in farm and you will be able to fight him by midgame. Best way to deal with him is to cc him as fast as possible and drag him into your team. Keep an eye out for him in teamfights, since he is likely to be your first or second priority target.




Even fighter matchup. Early game she will have an edge on you, but by the time you complete your jungle item, you should be able to fight her. In teamfights she is likely to go after your carries, so try to keep her at bay. If she ults your carry, hold your own ultimate until AFTER she lands back down but before she has time to hit your ally again. Ulting her earlier will have no effect.




About even fighter matchup. Warwick's farming capacities are slightly below yours so by the time you get complete your jungle item, he is likely to be behind in gold. By that time you can 1v1 him. He is harder to kill thanks to his E and ultimate than most other fighters, but you will win against him. In teamfights, if he ults your ally, CC him ASAP with your E or ultimate, then focus him down.


Xin Zhao


Losing matchup. Xin is one of the strongest fighters in the game right now, so avoid fighting him early at all costs. Farm out and get your Warrior enchant before fighting him. Easiest way to manage him is by fighting in skirmishes, unloading all your cc and damage on him, and using ultimate to secure the kill.




Rarely played. Zac is a pure teamfight champion, but is also too tanky to kill him on your own, so the lesser of the two evils is to bring your team along and peel them first. Zac is almost always the least prioroty target for your damage and cc, don't waste your combo on him.

How to play this champion Back to Top

Role in the team

Your role in the team is as a bruiser with high dueling potential, tankiness and cc. Early game, the top priority is farming until 6, then ganking lanes to get them ahead. Mid-game once you get your core items, fight pretty much everything in sight and rack up kills, focusing farming out the jungle and getting drakes as a secondary priority. Late-game it depends on the rest of your team. If they have more carry potential than you, peel for them with your e and ult, otherwise dive in on the enemy carries whenever possible, dragging them into you team, or simply focus on dealing damage on whoever you can reach.

Game Plan

Remember once and for always - you are not an early game ganker, and you are not just a late game tank.
You are a mid-game menace, but to reach that point you need all the gold and experience you can get. Unless you see an immediate ganking opportunity, never stop farming. NEVER. Don't waste your time and try to get your items as soon as possible. Once you acquire your jungle item enchant, you can fight most champions at that point in the game.

Level 6 is an important breakpoint, simply because you gain access to a massive cc ability that allows you to prevent most enemies from escapinhg your clutch, and delivers your team a free kill. Whenever your ultimate is up, seek for an opportunity to use it. Your ultimate can be used to pull the enemies away from the safety of their towers. Use that advantage.

You are a death sentence to any champion who is unable to escape you or prevent you from getting on top of them. This means that all non-tank toplaners and almost every midlaner is an easy target. DO NOT BE SCARED OF ASSASSINS. Due to how tanky Skarner naturally is, and the build that enhances that strength, no assassin, unless they are already ahead, will be able to burst you down before you run them over. This means that any Zed, Ekko, Diana, Katarina, Akali, or Kassadin will be unable to escape certain death if you play your cards right. Same applies for immobile AD carries and damage heavy top laners.

Skarner is a fantastic duelist, similar in nature to Jax and Xin Zhao. He is weaker early game, but makes up the difference once he completes his jungle item enchant and hits level 6. Once you reach that point, you should be stronger than them and they will not expect it. Do not be scared of fighting. The exceptions to that rule are the champions who can outrun you, or those which you are unable to kill on your own, like Udyr and Dr. Mundo.

You are amost always faster than your enemies. This is Skarner's third main strength, his speed. Your W gives you up to 32% bonus movespeed, you gain 70-120 from your shrines, and some more from Dead Man's. Do not be scared of engaging headfirst. By the beginning of lategame you get up to 530+ movespeed with all of your buffs combined, even more when you use the blue smite. You can engage from further away than the enemy expects, using W, blue smite, and E to chase them down, and if you are unable to kill them before they escape, ulting them and pulling them back.

Take note of where your damage comes from, and adjust accordingly. Surprisingly enough, the majority of your damage comes from autoattacks. After completing your core, you autoattack with the Triforce Sheen buff will deal around 400 damage, with 200 each auto otherwise. Your Q will hit for around 100 damage on the first cast and double that on subsequent casts, E will add a bit more on the first hit, and the ultimate will deal around 100 on the initial cast and the same once it ends. But almost always, your autoattacks will deal the most damage.
Building additional attack speed on top of what you gain from Triforce and the shrine boost is not recommended, but taking the runes in Precision tree is possible, if you want to gain even more AS.

Optimal Jungle Clear Back to Top


  • Load in, immediately buy items and rank up Q
  • Rush to the botside river shrine and bring your whole team with you
  • Ask or ping your team to help you and ask one person (most likely top) to get the topside river shrine as well
  • Wait for the enemy and fight them off if possible
  • Capture the shrine (Gold is shared between all who participate)
First Clear:
  • Clear whatever buff you are starting with, spamming Q and autos. (Have your team leash you to around 200 hp if possible, but 600 or 400 is more common)
  • Level up E and go for the closest smaller camp, raptors if starting red, gromp if starting blue. E through as many raptors as possible including the biggest one and proc stun on all but 2 or 3 of them for optimal results. If going gromp, you will need to smite as well. Pop the refillable potion at your discretion.
  • Rush to the scuttle crab, proc E stun and clear it ASAP. If enemy jungler comes to contest, ping for help and if you feel like you will be able to hold out until team arrives, stun and begin throwing Qs and autoattacks.
  • Next head over to wolves and gromp if starting red, wolves and raptors if starting blue. Once done you should be level 4 and you can gank a nearby lane if you get an opportunity, if not, stop wasting time and either take krugs or back. Or take krugs and back.
After First Clear:
  • Get back to whatever camp you cleared first and repeat the route.
  • By the time your first buff respawns you will be about to hit 6 or already 6.
  • Take the buff and look for a gank opportunity. Keep in mind, you now have 2 cc abilities, a movespeed steroid and chilling smite. If Flash is up, your ability to engage increases even more. Don't be afraid to use your ultimate when ganking, but try to time it as the enemy is getting away, after you used up most of your other damage.
  • If there are no good opportunities, or you successfully ganked, get back to farming everything in sight. Whenever possible also reclaim the shrines that the enemy team captures.
  • Once you've taken you respawned buff and farmed everything in the vicinity you should have enough for Warrior Enchant.
  • Back and get the Warrior Enchant and look for the opportunity to take Drake as soon as possible. You can solo it, but it will take you around 30-40 seconds, so ensure that the enemy team suspects nothing or get help from your botlane. If they attempt to fight, you ult should be back up.
From Thereon:
  • Keep farming as much as possible.
  • Try to keep track of the enemy jungle and buffs. Their buffs are likely to be on a similar timer to yours, if you get an opportunity, rush their buff or ping for your team to ambush the enemy jungler.
  • Keep up pressure by ganking whenever your ult is up.
  • Fight around the shrines, and don't let the enemies take your shrines too easily. Your shrines give you a significant buff, so you will be able to fight most champions around them.
  • Don't start grouping early unless your team absolutely requires it and you have to teamfight. Skarner is not a teamfight champion, his best role in mid-game is to farm to get powerful through items, keep the pressure up within the jungle as much as possible, 1v1 anyone who you can 1v1 and try to flank the enemy backline if you see them going in for a teamfight.
  • Don't stop getting Drakes. Regardless of what Drake it is, they contribute to the Elder Dragon buff and you are able to easily clear them. Cloud Drake, in fact provides even more mobility that you as Skarner love to have.
  • You excel in short skirmishes against and with few people. Double teaming toplane as they overxtend, ganking mid once their defensive manouver is down, baiting the enemy botlane to engage and turning the number advantage on them, all of these are scenarios Skarner is great for.

Additional Tips and Tricks Back to Top

A few more hints on how to be successful.

  • A fantastic early game engage combo is to pop your W, throw your E at the enemy and once it hits, flash onto the target and instantly stun them. This gives you a couple of seconds of opportunity that may be enough to kill the enemy. This combo works great against any target with a skillshot defense, since you can flash over it in the process.
  • Another interesting combo is to E the enemy and then ult them immediately. Once they break free from the ult, autoattacking them will pop the mark immediately, stunning them for even longer. This is a good variation if you fear that the enemy will escape or kill an ally before you can unload your normal damage combo on them.
  • KNOW YOUR POWER LEVEL. This mostly comes with experience, but you absolutely have to know who you can fight, who you should avoid, and when is the best time to fight instead of farming. For instance:playbutton.png
  • I expected Graves to come from midlane, had the bush warded, and knew he would try to capture my shrine. So, I sat in the Drake pit as close to the shrine as possible, popping my E at the most fortunate moment and blowing my entire combo on Graves, killing him in seconds. I knew I'd be able to pull this off, having my Warrior enchant by this point, and all my cooldowns up.
  • Practice makes perfect. The more you play, the more you'll learn, from jungle camp timings to enemy jungler clear speeds and routes. Play around your team when possible, but don't sacrifice precious time in the process.
  • Find exploits and best ways. Shaving off seconds from your clear time, knowing the fastest way around WILL give you an edge over the enemy. And, although this goes without much saying, hit your E on as many targets as possible.

Pros and Cons Back to Top


  • Skarner has amazing jungle clear and control.
  • You can solo Drakes as soon as you get Warrior enchant, about 8 minutes into the game.
  • Once midgame hits, you can 1v1 most champions and provide a ton of CC for your team.
  • You can control entire sections of the enemy jungle by capturing the nearby shrine and killing anyone who comes near.
  • Your chase potential is fantastic, few champions will be able to easily escape from you.
  • You outscale a lot of fighters into midgame.
  • Your kit is built for defending your allies. You can CC any threat that gets near them, and wipe them out without much problems.
  • You are a bane of assassins. Skarner is tanky enough to live through the burst of most assassins, has enough damage to kill them, and enough CC to keep them from running away.
  • You can easily recover from invades, provided you don't die in the process. Losing a buff or a couple of camps doesn't matter as much, since you can easily clear the rest of your jungle and steal some camps from your enemy too.
  • Your effectiveness depends on how much gold you earn. This means, even if your team didn't win lanes, but you farmed your way to your powerspikes, you can crush the enemy in most fights.
  • Once you hit your midgame powerspikes, you can 1v2, 2v2, 3v2 in a lot of situations. You should have enough damage to burst one or two people on the enemy team by that point.


  • You can get kited by a lot of AD carries unless you flash directly onto them.
  • Consistent invades early game will ruin you clear path, and will delay your powerspikes.
  • You have little presence early in the game, so a couple of successful ganks by the enemy can give them the edge, since you won't be able to follow up.
  • You can't carry the game alone, your team has to live through lanes and be able to play around the enemy team, which not all teammates you get will be capable of.
  • By late game you will be outscaled by dedicated fighters, tanks and AD carries. The longer the game goes on, the harder it is to kill priority targets, and the more you will have to rely on teamfighting.
  • Enemies capturing your shrines weakens your dueling ability and your clear, so you will need to detour in order to recapture them.
  • You have very few escapes aside from movespeed from W and Flash.
  • Skarner is likely to struggle against teams fully dedicated to teamfights, since your specialty is skirmishes.

How to Climb Back to Top

What this is

This section is specifically for people who are looking for general tips to help them climb out of Bronze/Silver/Gold, and consists mostly of things I learned on my own through the past 3 seasons.

Get'cha head in the game

  • First and most important thing. Learn to avoid tilt. Don't let the enemy get the best of you and suck it down the best you can. Think about winning the game, and pave your way to doing so.
  • Don't lose focus. This goes in hand with the previous tip, but don't let the enemy disorient you and make you play worse. The enemy jungler stole your buff? Look for a chance to catch him on the way back with your team, or if you can invade and steal his jungle back. Or if not, simply clench your teeth and get back to doing what you know, be it farming or looking for gank opportunities.
  • Know the limits of you and your team. Very often, in lower elos your team does not pay attention to the map and pings and therefore will fail you. Your only chance here is to hope that they will listen to your command and not push yourself beyond what you can do alone and keep climbing.
  • If the chat becomes flooded with anything ranging from simple insults to death threats, mute the disruptor and keep playing. If they spam pings, mute their pings. And try to keep a level head yourself. As annoying it is to play with a teammate who is responsible for the enemy getting ahead, screaming at them in chat will only waste time and won't help the situation in any way.

Impoving yourself

  • The best way to climb is by playing what you are best at. Most players do exactly that, selecting a role they favor and a couple of champions that tailor to them best. If you are one of those people, more power to you, and I have little to suggest. But for me, and perhaps many other people, playing the same champions and even the same roles becomes boring. Switching things up in a while does make the game more fun, but best reserve it for normal games where possible.
  • If you are like me, never satisfied playing too much of anything, the best way to improve youeself is to improve everywhere. Play every lane, try out every champion you get your hands on and select the ones that work best. This means that for every lane you will have around 5 reliable picks, and knowing how to play every lane will only improve your chances to climb, should you ever get autofilled or decide to switch things up.
  • Practice makes perfect, but not just the mechanics. Game knowledge is more important than anything if you wish to climb. Knowing whether you should play safely or take chances, knowing when it is best to focus on objectives, group for a teamfight or afk farm to come back in the game, anything of this sort is key to winning games. Don't stop learning.
  • Being good is not good enough. There are always things you can improve upon. Find new tricks with the champions you alread know well. Learn the matchups and weaknesses of particular champions. Learn to lead your team when needed. And never, never blame anyone but yourself, unless you firmly know they deserve it.

Luck is fleeting. Unluckiness too.

  • There are and will be moments when you feel the game straight up failed you, when you are paired with complete garbage players for multiple games in a row, when you feel the odds are weighted against you. Patch 8.11 hit like a truck, and turned the game into a cesspool of unstable cancerous meta, where bruisers assassins and short ranged mages run the parade, while every other role is buried into the ground. But the storm will hopefully pass soon.
  • If you are going on a winstreak and lose a game, always take a moment to pause and think if you are still good to go for another. So often coming off a winstreak and failing can tilt you to the point of dropping way below where you began.
  • If you lose 2 or more games in a row, stop playing Ranked for the day. Chances are, you may still have bad luck in norms or blow steam off playing ARAM, but your LP will be safe.

About Meself Back to Top

The name's Vitklim, a Plat 3 scrub who managed to find a hidden OP pick.

This guide was built exclusively from personal experience and experimentation.

Personal Skarner Stats:
  • 42 games this season (Granted I don't main or one-trick any champion, that's a lot for me)
  • Total Win Rate: 74%
  • Successfully played in: Gold 3, Gold 2, Gold 1, Plat 5, Plat 4, Plat 3

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