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Summoner Spells Back to Top

3.png with 4.png is by far your best options here. If you think you can stomp your enemies or feel confident, Taking 14.png with 3.png or 7.png can provide for a really strong all in at early levels. I recommend trying out the 14.png style with a duo in a normal game. This should help you learn to be more aggressive in lane. Not having flash will also force you to think more about your positioning. It's also just a ton of fun. If I was playing in lower ranks and trying to climb, I think I might even opt to take these summoners.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

You can take veteran's scars if you are scared of the enemy bot lanes burst

Abilities Back to Top

astralblessing.png is always the best at level 1, and you will always want starcall.png at level 2. At level 3, you can either put a point in astralblessing.png  or take your first point in infuse.png. Only put a point in infuse.png if you feel that you will need the safety of the silence. In an early fight, the extra healing will almost always be stronger than the silence. The extra point in astralblessing.png will also boost your sustain significantly.

Maxing W is the best way to go. You can choose to max infuse.png before starcall.png if you aren't good at landing starcall.pngs on the center for the slow or need the silence to always be available (they might have multiple champs that your silence is really strong against such as 55.png or 157.png)

Don't max starcall.png, again I see many other players do this. It is a noobtrap. You will run out of mana quickly and not be able to use astralblessing.png as much or as strongly. You will also be much weaker all in from lack of healing.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Starting Items
    This is bad on soraka, don't buy this

Core Items

    Buy these first, get sightstone first unless you can't afford it or are playing so far back in lane you don't need it yet
    Next get these, they are the best boots on Soraka. If you feel that you need to switch to Mercs, you can swap later in the game (around 4+ items)
    First core item that you want to finish. You can finish this before Mobis if you are ahead and can afford it. Don't skip this item
    Get this on your first back and place it to help your midlaner if you can. Continue to buy throughout the game
    Switch to this on your first or second back. Upgrade on your first back after level 9 when you have the gold for it

Situational Items

    After Talisman you will need to change your build according to the game
    This item is really strong on Soraka, most games buy this after Talisman. Don't buy it if nobody on your team uses basic attacks
    Very strong item. You will typically wait to buy this after Ardent. If you get it too early your ADC won't be strong enough to get good use out of it. You can rush this after Talisman if your ADC is god. Don't buy if your ADC is a champ that doesn't benefit from it very much (Ezreal or Kalista)
    99% of the time this is better than Locket. Get this after Talisman if your team doesn't benefit from Ardent and your jungler didn't build Locket. Overall good item
    Overall good item if there are no other "support" items that your team benefits from. Stronger heals will help your team a ton
    Deathcap is almost always the better buy. This item is way too risky and not worth the cheaper price compared to deathcap. Dying once or twice and losing all your stacks can quickly snowball to losing the game
    Good item if you are being focused and need the active (especially if you keep getting Zed or Fiora ulted). The AP and Armor are also really nice. Great item against heavy AD teams
    This is only good on AP Mid Soraka, don't buy this as support unless last item and can't think of anything else to get
    Extremely situational, for the most part just a noobtrap. Don't buy these
    Situational, but sometimes nessecary. Unless you know what you're doing, you're better off not getting this
    These are good, get them for big fights or a big push with baron
    This item is pretty strong and really cheap. You can get it if you won't need the slot it takes

Matchups Back to Top

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Tell your ADC that they need to block hooks for you. If your ADC gets hooked you can just heal them and place your silence, if you get hooked you will probably die.




Worst ADC to have AS YOUR ALLY in bot. If they pick this and say "trust me" just dodge

Laning Back to Top

Most importantly avoid dying in lane as Soraka. Neraly all of my losses come from me dying in lane.

Picking Soraka doesn't mean you play passive in lane. Playing aggressive as Soraka also does not mean spamming your Q and E. You want to be as far forward in lane that you can to apply pressure but make sure that you don't put yourself in a position as to take free damage. You want to use your heal on your ADC everytime their health is below full. Only use your Q if you can land it on the enemy ADC and Support together or you need the heal (Below 2/3 hp). These are the basics for laning, do this and you should be on the right track.

Advanced Laning:
You should always be pushing with your ADC to get level 2 before your enemy. This can often snowball the lane and give you a safe early game. Hit the minions with basic attacks to weaken them for your ADC to last hit. You can also heal your minions to slow the enemy in killing your minions.
If your ADC doesn't need heals as they are not getting harassed, you can use your heals to deny the enemy ADC from CSing. Heal the minion right as their basic attack is about to kill it. You will need to watch the other minions attacks and make sure that they will finish off the minion being CSed before the enemy ADC is able to land another basic attack. This is also extremely effective at stopping the enemy ADC from last hitting under their tower. Be extremely cautious when doing this as to not place yourself in a bad position.
If the enemy Support doesn't take Ignite, try to force lots of trades. After every trade, you can heal your ADC back to full HP. As long as you don't die and don't force trades too quickly, you will always come out ahead.
If the enemy Support does take Ignite, you can try to bait it out. Trading your flash for their Ignite is worth it. Once their Ignite is down, you should be able to take control of the lane. If you still have Exhaust, after you heal back up you can force an all in and will usually win.
Soraka has very strong all ins at lvl 1 and 2, especially with ADCs such as Vayne, Twitch or Graves.
Sometimes you can Q in order to zone the enemy back into your ADC's attack range, this can be strong for poke as your ADC's basic attack does more damage than your Q at 1 point in it. Only do this if you have the mana to spare and are safe to position so aggressively.

Teamfights Back to Top

Teamfights on Soraka are all about positioning. Make sure you always remain just out of reach. Make sure to get the bonus healing on your ult for using it when people are below 40% HP. Sometimes it can be good though just to use it in a fight you are already winning where everyone is only missing a small amount of health as a way to keep the momentum of the fight in your favor. For the most part though, just save your ult to prevent whichever one of your carries is getting jumped on. Spam heals and keep everyone alive as long as possible. If you can stop everyone on your team from dying, then you've won the fight.

Baiting Back to Top

This is the biggest thing which separates the good Sorakas from the bad. You need to know the limits of every champ in the game. Baiting yourself with your positioning can draw focus from enemies and allow your team to freely deal damage. Most people underestimate the heal from your ult and Q, some players will also not account for your silence. Being able to bait enemies in for your team to kill, or allow them to escape, while not dying yourself is the most dificult part of playing Soraka. This will often require you to place your Q and E perfectly. Baiting doesn't just stop with yourself though, you can also use your teammates as bait. Fairly often, your enemy won't be thinking about Soraka's ult when dueling your teammates on the opposite side of the map. You can turn fights massively into your favor stopping the enemy from snowballing or keeping your allies ahead.

Soraka's Q Back to Top

Being able to effectively use your Q is another thing that will separate the good from the bad. First you need to understand how it works. The closer you are to the target location of the Q, the faster it will fire. Once The Q lands, if it hits an enemy the healing from your W will return to you in the reverse fashion of how the Q was fired. This is very important to understand while combining your Q with Flash. If you have an enemy on top of you, are dying to a DoT and need the heal to live but need to flash out of their range you will have to judge whats best. If you flash away, then Q, it won't reach the enemy and come back to you in time to save you. If you Q Then immediately flash, the first part of the Q will land quick, but the heal portion may take too long to reach you. If you Q and wait for the heal to reach, then flash, you might die to the enemy hitting you. This will all come down to your judgement of the situation and knowing whats best. This can take a long time before you know which to do.

Landing your Q's on the center is very important. Getting the center will greatly increase the damage dealt and will provide a slow. In a fight, if you don't land your slow, your Q will often be useless. This is one of your only ways to provide peel. Getting the slow on someone that is chasing you will often be the difference between saving yourself, and getting killed. It isn't uncommon to have to land 2 or 3 consecutive Qs in the center in order to survive a situation, this leads back into baiting. The increase in damage is also not to be underestimated.

Soraka's E Back to Top

Don't waste this ability! Against certain champs, using the silence at the right time can be game changing.

Learning how to land the root on your E is possibly the hardest thing to do in League of Legends. This will only be learned through tons of practice and understanding the psychology of your opponents in which direction they will go. You can use sometime use your exhaust to set up an easier root, but even this can be extremely difficult to pull off at times. For the most part you should just use your E to chain with teammates abilities, stop an enemy from trying to flash away, or prevent someone from chasing you.

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