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2 years ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

3.png : Exhaust is for passive lanes and match-ups. 

7.png : Getting heal on support will be a new trend in Season 6 due to the grievous wound change. It also benefits Soraka and her team if Soraka can stay alive during fights. It is better to have heal on you instead of relying on your ad carry to heal you. 

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

No matter which rune page (passive or aggressive) you use, this is the most optimal mastery page for Soraka. 

Winderspeaker's Blessing is 100% mandatory on Soraka. Also, I never take health runes or masteries on Soraka. You have to keep in mind that the most difficult part of playing Soraka is to stay alive. Having more health means your astralblessing.png costs more health (10% of your max health). There are a few ways of building Soraka. I will talk about this topic more in the items section.

Why are you taking "Insight" mastery(15% reduced cooldown on summoner spells) instead of "Perseverance" (+50% health regen, increased to +200% when below 20% health) ?

It is personal preference and depends on which rune page you use and your build path. If you are going for "aggressive" AP Soraka path, you should always get "Insight" for shorter cooldown on your 4.png and 3.png / 7.png. If you are going full tank/passive Soraka, getting "Perseverance" is not bad either. I would say get "Insight" for most case scenarios (you might not even close to be low health if you play Soraka right! )

Runic Armor or Veteran Scars?

I think both works but I prefer runic armor in general. You would want to survive and regen as long as possible as 16.png so this could help you out.

Abilities Back to Top


sorakapassive.png (PASSIVE): 16.png gains 70% BONUS movement speed when moving towards allied champions below 40% of their MAXIMUM health.

starcall.png (Q): It hits faster if you aim it right in front of you, the further you aim, the longer the delay will be (between 0.25-1 second). IN PATCH 6.5, Q will slow you enemies for 2 seconds when you hit it (doesn't have to be in the middle anymore).  It also grants Soraka rejuvenation - Soraka heals herself every half-second, gains 15% bonus movement speed when NOT moving towards enemy champion, and REPLICATES the effects for a limited duration on targets healed with W astralblessing.png (quoted from

WHICH MEANS the ally that you heal AFTER hitting your Q starcall.png will also benefit the rejuvenation effect. Keep that in mind! 

astralblessing.png (W): Cannot be cast when 16.png is below 5% MAXIMUM health, it scales with AP (0.6 ratio).

infuse.png(E): Can silence enemies within the zone and root them if they stay in the zone after 1.5 seconds from the initial cast time. Root duration: (1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2).

wish.png(R): Global heal that can remove Grievous wound. It can also heal UNTARGETABLE (in 3157.png form, 127.png's R lissandraR.png, etc) allies.

*I max E second in certain match-ups*!!

ALWAYS max W astralblessing.png if you are aiming to climb in ranked. If you want to have fun and max Q starcall.png or E infuse.png first,  it might work in some games but I can tell you 100% that maxing W is the most optimal. 

A lot of people ask me if they should max Q starcall.png or E infuse.png second. I would say Q starcall.png in most situations. I have been testing out both and I found out that E infuse.png max second is really good against team with full of assassins, or champions that rely on their abilities more (238.png,92.png64.png53.png412.pngetc). But this is totally optional, I like both paths. Maxing Q starcall.png second gives you health back more often (of course you have to hit it).


In normal match ups (non-hard match ups), I would put 3 points in Q starcall.png then max W astralblessing.png. It is for early lane pressure (if you start 3303.png). It also depends on how you were doing in lane. If your adc or you are getting out-traded, maxing heal would be the better idea. Also, if the enemy jungler seems to be around bot side quite often, maxing heal would be a better choice. Putting points into Q starcall.png early can also put you behind if you cannot poke/pressure the enemy bot lane properly. So I would suggest you to max W astralblessing.png in most match-ups!

Update in Patch 6.22

After several 16.png nerfs, I would say maxing W astralblessing.png is just better in most cases. Her W astralblessing.png cooldown is super long compare to when she just got reworked. If you want to keep up with the early pressure, Wastralblessing.png max first would be the safest way to do so.  You can still follow the AP Aggressive way if you prefer. However, with the new item 3107.png coming out and the changes to 3028.png, it is better to be the passive 16.png this patch.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Optional start 1
    Optional start 2
    In safe match-ups (e.g. NOT AGAINST BLITZ / LEONA)

Core Items

    Passive Soraka build
    I like getting Chalice sometimes just for the passive. If I finish mikaels I will have more than 45% cdr, which might not be optimal. Other items are better at the moment.

Situational Items

    If you are going full tank Soraka
    When you are against high CC team
    Cost a lot but still worth when you are ahead, but I suggest to get it later into the game.

3301.png is the safest starting item for Soraka, no matter who you are against or how aggressive you want to play out your lane. If you are not 100% certain how the lane will go, 3301.png is always the pick.

Most Common Questions

Q: Should I get 3117.png or 3158.png or 3009.png?

A: It depends on your build path, your playstyle, and your enemy's team comp. I believe that 3158.png is the best boots for most support at the moment. Having early CDR is very key to increase your overall pressure.

On the other hand, 3158.png is not bad on Soraka either. If you want to build AP items or tank items  that do not gives any cdr, 3158.png would be useful. You also get more global pressure with shorter cooldown on your ultimate.

Q: Should I get 2302.png or 3069.png ?

A:  2302.png saves you an item slot and gives 10% cdr. I would get it in most cases unless you really feel to need to "run fast".

Q: In what situations would I get 3190.png ? What about 3060.png ?

A: 3060.png is for seiging and pressure associating with baron'd minions. Soraka can no longer heal minions with her w astralblessing.png. The dirty trick that I used to tell people (heal the banner'd minion for pressure) does not work anymore.

3190.png is for a safer measure. If you are not ahead by a lot, or you are losing at that moment, getting locket would be more optimal. In addition, when you are against comp that consists of more AD damage or waveclear, 3060.png active would not be as powerful as it could be. So getting more protection for the team is definitely better choice in certain situations. I personally go for 3190.png more often in Season 5. However, in Season 6, since game length is shorten, 3060.png will be way more effective by providing more pushing power and pressure.

*NOTE THAT in patch 6.5, 3190.png is a better item choice than 3060.png because of the healing nerf (you cannot heal minions anymore). I would suggest 3190.png unless you are ahead.

Q: Should I upgrade my gold item 3301.png to 3096.png first buy or get my 2049.png as soon as possible?

A: With the support items being buffed, upgrading your gold item early is worth. It also depends on how much gold you have at your first back. If you have anything below 800, upgrade your gold item to 3096.png and get some pots if you did not buy 2031.png. Always keep your 3340.png until you get your 2049.png. *2043.png is only 75 g now, always have one on you!*

It is also okay to buy 2049.png first and upgrade your gold item later. If you do not plan on building 2301.png / 2302.png / 2303.png, you can choose to not upgrade your gold item AT ALL. You can sell it later for more gold or until you need a slot. 

Q: Should I buy 2031.png or stick with 2003.png?

A: Health is really important to Soraka. No matter what, you always want to have a lot for pots on you. In Season 6, you cannot have both 2031.png and 2003.png. So my suggestion is if you are using my passive Soraka runes, you should get 2031.png since you have health regen from runes and masteries. If you are using my aggressive Soraka runes and build, you should focus on gaining advantages with your AP runes and sustain with 2003.png. *Your Q starcall.png scales with AP, you heal more from hitting your starcall.png on enemy champions when you have more AP.* Later into the game you will not need to buy as many 2003.png  anymore (note that you should be maxing Q starcall.png second if you plan to rely on your own sustain instead of 2003.png). 

Q: Can I build both AP and tank items on Soraka? Or it has to be one way or the other?

A: This is personal preference and situational. I have played a lot of full tank Soraka games (building 3083.png3190.png3102.png, etc) and I do find it effective against certain comps. But I do suggest sticking with one type of build instead of spreading the focus. 3050.png is a good item for any type of builds. I highly recommend you to get it in most situations (unless no one on your team have crit item). Yes, always remember that you do not have to bind it to your ad carry every game, binding it to 41.png or 157.png for example would be beneficial too.

Q: When do I start 3303.png ? When do I start 3301.png? (Added for patch 6.13)

A: 3303.png is a high risk high reward item. If you get behind in lane, it is harder for you to use the charges. I would buy 3303.png whenever I am against 40.png25.png,201.png becuase they do not have sustain in lane. Assume I put 3 points into Q starcall.png for early lane pressure (and assume I hit my skillshots) , It can be easy early gold for you. However, I do suggest you to finish sightstone before getting too greedy because 16.png still has low escape ability. Keep up the vision control so you can put even more pressure on the enemy bot lane!

Update on Patch 6.22

As you all probably know, 3107.png is coming in HOT this patch. I get it on pretty much all supports that take windspeaker. If you are not too far behind, get 3028.pngearly for the sustain then 3107.png!

Matchups Back to Top

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Stay away from his W headbutt.png Q pulverize.pngcombo range! Save your E infuse.png when they engage on you instead of using it for pokes. It should be a fair match up unless their team plans on camping your lane. 12.png coordinates with ganks very well so be careful and do NOT get baited when he takes a lot of free damages. He can possibly be baiting you to get in range poking him then flash engage on you. Ward your jungle entrance more often, once 12.png hits level 6, he can easily dive you with Rferocioushowl.png.




Good 1.png can be really problematic to  16.png. She can flash engage on you and burst you or your ad carry down really fast. She can also roams around the map to create more pressure.  On the other hand, if 1.png only uses her spells to poke your ad carry while you stay away from her abilities range, you can just heal your ad carry up and let him turn on 1.png1.png is fairly squishy and could be killed easily early game if you play it right.



432.png should be an easy match up for you during laning phase if you stay back. Do not stand right behind your ad carry for his Q bardQ.png stun and you should be fine. Also, be aware of his R bardR.png, he can possibly engage on you with his ultimate or gank with his jungler by using E bardE.png




I would consider this match-up as the one of the hardest. Assuming 53.png has a high hitrate with his hook and zoning abilities, 16.png may not be able to stay in lane safe no matter how far back she is. The counterplay is that 1) request jungler's assistance when you know where they do and do not have wards down , 2) as soon as 53.png misses his Q  rocketgrab.png, try to get your ad carry to go on them if he can, remember you have the sustain they don't. You can force them out of lane by poking slowly through out the laning phase (do NOT go too aggressive! He can still do massive damage with his E powerfist.png and R staticfield.png).



201.png can be problematic or easy match up to 16.png. This depends on you and your ad carry's dodging skills. If your ad carry does not get hit by his Q braumQ.png too often, you should be safe in lane pre level 6. Until he hits level 6, their jungler can gank bot with 201.png flash R braumR.png ing you. Always keep your wards up and try not to get hit by too many QbraumQ.pngs. 



40.png is considered as the easiest match up for 16.png. It does not mean that 16.png will win lane 100%, it just means that the chance of free farming lane is really high. It depends on how well your ad carry plays around your healing and trading effectively, and how often their jungler is ganking bot. 40.png can still cc you with sowthewind.png and howlinggale.png or flash reapthewhirlwind.png so you still have to be aware. ALWAYS remember to ward !



16.png is good against pokey champions in general. In Season 6 with the grievous wound change, 43.png becomes weaker against 16.png since 14.png and 3165.png are not as effective as before. Stay away from her poke range and you should have an easy lane.



89.png is one of the hardest match up for 16.png89.png 's cooldowns are lower than 53.png's so try to stay away from leona at ANY TIME, even when she used everything. Her  Qleonashieldofdaybreak.png Eleonazenithblade.png combo have an average of 10s cooldown so play around with it. When 89.png hits level 6, you should ask for your team's assistance since you know she will go on you and your ad carry for sure. Try to ward for your mid laner as well, she will possibly roam a lot at any level.



117.png pokes a lot in lane with spells and auto attacks. Even though she can E lulue.png your ad carry and Q luluq.png  you at the back, her mana pool does not let her to do so for too many times. There is no more mana pot in Season 6 so keep that in mind. Wait until she runs out of mana then you will have an easy lane. However, if she is smart enough to not spam her spells as much, you may want to be aware of her W luluw.png. She can W luluw.png you and try to burst your ad carry down.



25.png may not be considered as the poking or full engaging type of support. But she does have the ability to do so. Try not to get hit by her Q darkbindingmissile.png too much (stay behind minions) and once she hits level 6, she can flash R soulshackles.png while having Eblackshield.png on her so your E infuse.png will not do anything. Play around her cooldowns and this should be a winnable lane.




Unlike other poke-heavy support, 267.png does have a good amount of cc to get you. Do not get into her poke range and look at her mana pool carefully. 267.png is a mana hungry champion and her W namiW.png costs up to 130 mana at rank 5. As long as your ad carry and you do not get hit by her Q namiQ.png much, it should be an easy lane as well.



111.png's heavy cc can get 16.png easily. Unlike 12.png, he cannot tank as long as 12.png can. So you can try to turn with your ad carry when he screws up or over dive. 4.png immediately when you see that you are getting ganked and 111.png is trying to focus you with his Q nautilusanchordrag.png or R nautilusgrandline.png. His heavy cc can get you really easily so do not try to save your flash when you sense something happening. If you do not have any summoner's spells, ward around and try to back off as soon as you see a chance of you getting dove.



37.png should not be a hard match up for 16.png unless you are too close to their bot lane. Even though 37.png's Q sonahymnofvalor.png range is fairly long, she is still very squishy and vulnerable to ganks. Play back a litle at the beginning of the laning phase then ask for jungler's help. It should be an easy kill for your team. Be careful when she hits level 6. She can flash R sonacrescendo.png you and your ad carry if you position too poorly. She still has good burst that can possibly take you down in 1.5 seconds with her team's assistance.


Tahm Kench


I consider 16.png v.s 223.png as a farm lane, unless you get hit by every single 223.png's QtahmkenchQ.png. He can flash on you for 3 stacks of his passive and W tahmkenchW.png you. This lane is totally winnable if you and your ad carry plays it right. 



44.png has ONE cc , as known as his E dazzle.png. So unless your ad carry messes up real badly, this should NOT be a hard match up at all. But of course if you are getting camped then it would be a different story. Ward around and you should be fine.



412.png has really good zoning and ganking tools. This can be a hard lane for 16.png. Try to stay behind minions and not stand too close to your ad carry.  412.png can flash and double E threshE.png you and your ad carry. Once you get 2049.png , ward your jungle entrance to reduce the chance of 412.png ganking your mid lane and jungler.



26.png is an easy match up pre level 6. Until he hits level 6, he and his team can dive you with his Rchronoshift.png and double Q timebomb.png stun. Zilean is squishy so if your ad carry can poke him out of lane or force him to use R chronoshift.png on himself instead, it should be an easy lane. 



143.png has really high burst, cc and range of her abilities. Be careful at any time of the game. Remember to get 3222.png or 3190.png as soon as possible then you should be fine.

When should I pick Soraka? Back to Top

If you plan on first picking 16.png :

I do not suggest you picking 16.png when you do NOT have a marksman main. Having a good/experienced ad carry would utilize your tools better than non-adc main. You can also be easily countered. If you do not have an ad main and you have no clue what your enemy team is going to pick, you either ban it or try to wait for it. However, after the grievous wound change, it is safer to blind pick 16.png in Season 6 unless they change it again. 

If you are against poke heavy team:  

GO FOR IT! DON'T LET YOUR DREAMS BE MEMES! This is the dream lane for 16.png. I like picking 16.png into 40.png and 37.png. But if they have more than just pokes (double assassins on their team), it might not be a good idea.

If you are against CC heavy team:

Unless you are really confident with your positioning and dodging skills, AND you know that you have a decent ad carry, I would not pick 16.png into them. But of course it totally depends on how experienced your team is with their roles. If you have a lot of people playing off role, you might not want to risk picking lower influence support when they have a high influence support such as 412.png and 53.png.

If you do NOT main support at all:

16.png is an easy champion, according to EVERYONE. I do agree that you don't need too much practice of this champion. But just keep in mind that the champion is easy, not the role. Every role has its own difficult parts and you should not rely on the power of the bananas too much. It is still a team game and they can easily collapse on you with some cheesy 3-4 man bot lane ganks. Read my guide and learn some tactics! You can be the banana god/goodness in no time.

Vision control (in depth) Back to Top

A few things that you want to keep in mind when you are getting vision control as 16.png :

- When you want to deep ward their jungle, ask for your team's assistance. 16.png has really little escape ability other than her 4.png
- Check bushes with your Q starcall.png. Do NOT throw your Qstarcall.png and walk in at the same time. You cast it first, make sure there isn't anyone in the bush, THEN go ward the bush. If you see someone, use your E infuse.png immediately if they can possibly engage on you from a distance. 

- If you expect to be under your own turret for most of the laning phase, buy a pink and ward the closest bush to the turret. 

-> If you are blue side, pink this bush:

It gives your jungler better counter ganks opportunities. And with a jungler that can gank from a long range (107.png9.png120.png223.png254.png, etc), denying vision from enemy team of this bush can catch them by surprise. You can also see if the enemy team jungler is planning on diving or not.

-> if you are on red side, pink this bush:


Same reason as above. This bush should be pinked all the time when you have 421.png254.png9.png35.png59.png56.png , 113.png, as your jungler.

- Try to ward over the wall (on red side):


- If their tri bush is pinked, ward right at the red circles:


Even though it does not give the best vision, you can still see enemies by half a second late.

- If you are doing okay in lane and the lane is neither pushed into you or them, pink the RED circles.
- Pink the BLACK circles If you want an aggressive control in lane.
*Red side pinks the bush that's closer to red turret, blue side pinks the bush that's closer to blue turret*


- During teamfights, always prepare a pink when they have stealth champions. Also, 3341.png now shows enemies and pinks (you can see the "red shadow" of jungle camps, minions, champions, and pinks) but it does NOT reveal them. Remember to switch to Oracle Alteration! It is free :)! 

Synergy Back to Top

15.png: Really safe lane. If you do not have an ad carry main (especially with 2 support mains going bot lane), 15.png would be the safest pick. If you have an ad carry main playing 15.png and she knows how to trade smartly, then it can be a strong lane with her E spellshield.png as her life-saving ability. She can also use it to block skillshots for 16.png.
Synergy rating: 6/10

18.png: Has fairly strong early game. However, If 18.png jumps in and tries to fight, she might get out of position and too far for you to catch up. It can also makes you be out of position when you try to follow up.

Synergy rating: 5/10

21.png: It is always risky to have 2 low mobility/escape champions at bot lane. However, with the missfortunescattershot.png and missfortunebullettime.png buff, she can turn a gank around with 16.png support if positioned correctly. 21.png does way more burst and poke than before, which suits the "let your ad carry do all the damage and you do all the healing" tactics. 

Synergy rating: 7/10

22.png: Similar reason with 21.png, R asheR.png is really key in this lane. She can either engage, or save it as a tool to save herself or 16.png.
Synergy rating 7/10

29.png: This is one of the ad carries that I would not pick 16.png with (She works well with all ad carry but just weaker with some). 29.png does not have the best early game. If enemy team has a 2043.png or hard cc, this bot lane can easily be dove and ganked. 

Synergy rating 3/10

42.png: Corki is the type of ad carry that I never know who to pick to support him. He can be strong and weak early game depends on his skillshots and enemy bot lane. With the new Corki feature (you can pick up a package at base starting from 8 minutes, and every 5 minutes after), it might be a little difficult for 16.png to follow up when he W carpetbomb.png in. In general, this lane is neither good or bad, depends on how good your ad carry is and how much jungle pressure you get.

Synergy rating 5/10

51.png: One of the best marksman I would want to support as 16.png51.png has good pokes, long range, and escape. She can also put traps in the bush to make it safer for 16.png to stay in. Also suits the "let your ad carry do all the damage and you do all the healing" tactics. It is hard to go to back line to focus you when 51.png is poking and doing all the damage at the front.

Synergy rating 9/10

67.png: A wild card. Good 67.png can give you easiest assists but bad 67.png can make lane 10 times worse than it should be. Her short range makes her more vulnerable to engage and burst. I would not prefer picking it with non-Vayne mains.  67.png is also known as "1v1" type of champion, if we talk about laning synergy, I would not recommend it.

Synergy rating 4/10

81.png: Similar to 42.png, if he lands his skillshots in lane, it can be a good lane. However, both 16.png and 81.png are really squishy and do not have too much of a counter gank potential, it is risky to pick 16.png with him.

Synergy rating 5/10

96.png: With the W kogmawbioarcanebarrage.png change, this lane is a little better than before. Since 96.png would have a good range and kiting kit, 16.png can peel pretty easily. With his ability to farm long range, even though this lane has low mobility, they can farm safe under tower without taking too much damage unless they are against hard dive champions (12.png54.png111.png89.png).

Synergy rating 7/10

104.png: After rework, 104.png still works really well with 16.png. High burst, can turn a gank with burst, and suits the "let your ad carry do all the damage and you do all the healing" tactics. He might take a lot of pokes since he is short range, but with 16.png 's healing , he is close to be unbeatable. The difference between 67.png and 104.png is that one can turn ganks around with high burst, and the other requires way more skills to outplay enemies. In solo queue, it is hard to count on the play-making abilities from random ad carries. This makes 104.png a good short range ad carry to support with.

Synergy rating 10/10

110.png: This lane can be good against another low mobility/escape bot lane (e.g. 222.png40.png67.png37.png). But I would not suggest picking it into aggressive bot lane.16.png can E infuse.png after 110.png uses his R varusr.png for longer root duration. This lane can be an OP lane against low mobility bot lane or hard lane against hard cc bot lane(89.png,412.png53.png223.png).

Synergy rating 7/10

119.png: Pretty much same comment as 104.png. High damage ad carry is who 16.png would like to support with. Also suits the "let your ad carry do all the damage and you do all the healing" tactics.

Synergy rating 8/10

133.png: I see her as a top laner more than a marksman. Her kit makes 16.png useless in lane. If 133.png looks for opportunities to gank other lanes with her R quinnR.png form, 16.png will not be able to follow up. And 16.png cannot solo bot lane so the synergy is questionable unless 133.png plans on staying in lane. In addition, even if she plans on staying in lane, if she chooses to jumps in, it can put 16.png at risk when she tries to follow up.

Synergy rating 2/10

222.png: This lane depends on how your ad carry wants to play the lane. It can be both farming lane or higher pressure lane. It also depends on match up. In teamfights, when 222.png gets a reset, if she gets too "hyphy" and get too far away from you, there is no way you can catch up to her and peel. It depends on her positioning and yours of course. This bot lane is also really vulnerable to ganks so think twice before picking it.

Synergy rating 5/10

236.png: The type of marksman that you can pick any support for him. He is short ranged marksman but has a dashing ability - E lucianE.png, which can help him dodging skillshots and get away from danger. He would not be too far out of range from 16.png's heal, and still can play aggressive or safe. 

Synergy rating 8/10

429.png: "You save me, I save you" type of marksman. She can make plays with her R kalistaR.png, or save her support with it. If she can keep 16.png alive, she can also be alive for longer (if played properly). In addition, a fed 429.png can 1v2 a lane. It definitely suits the "let your ad carry do all the damage and you do all the healing" tactics.

Synergy rating 10/10

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