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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Teleport is not that great of a choice, but it is clearly the safest. It allows you to get back into lane quickly if you wanna roam a bit. Soraka isn't the typical teleport user, you'll use teleport to protect a lane instead of doing flashy teleport ganks.

3.png / 21.png are 2 great alternatives if you plan on having a bad match up.

6.png is an excellent alternative to give you more mobility in teamfights and to help you get these sweet sweet 1 vs 1 kills.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Ferocity tree : Soraka doesn't benefit enough from Deathfire Touch to justify placing 18 points in here. 

Expose weakness : You won't be the main damage output of your team.

Resolve tree : the sweet regeneration masteries are all in there. Plus, 18 points can be justified with Strength of the Ages.

Perseverance and Runic Armor : These two masteries complements so much each other and Soraka benefits so much from Runic armor that it would be a bit crazy not to take it. Plus, the 15% cooldown reduction would only be really useful on flash cooldown.

Swiftness and Legendary Guardian : I honnestly dpn't know which one is better. You are supposed to be a teamfight machine, so allies should always be near you, but you can't allow yourself to get CCd too much. Depends on what's your game plan.

Strength of the Ages : this mastery helps Soraka and her lack of HP early and mid game.

Cunning tree : this tree can be easily justifiable but never to the 18 points extent, sadly. Windspeaker's blessing doesn't apply to the Q's regen. So, taking windspeaker's blessing would basically block you out from having a keystone in lane, reducing a lot of your power early on.

Abilities Back to Top



Q- Is your bread and butter

W- Teamfight monster
E- Counters all in champion (High mana cost, careful)
R- Your global presence.

More explanations :

Q - The new Q is the reason why Soraka top is now viable (and strong). Q now slows, heals and poke, basically everything you need in the top lane. You shouldn't be afraid to spam it since it cost 40 mana all game long (Since 6.7 in costs up to 60 mana. It shouldn't be enough to stop the spam). Don't hesitate either to take farm with it, the cooldown is so low that if you get engaged on you'll have it in time to poke and slow them with it.

W - This is the reason why Soraka is Soraka. Her super low cooldown heal is what makes her such a pain in teamfights. You can't reach her and she keeps healing her front line making it near impossible to win a proper teamfight if you don't have an assassin on your team. (And even there... It might be a pain)

E - Another reason why Soraka top lane is a pain. This spell is now relatively easy to land since Q always slows. Place the circle near the feet of your target in the direction he's trying to run. The slow will make it so the target can't get through the whole circle and will get rooted allowing you another Q. 
This spell is also excellent to prevent most of the all in potential of most champions. You land it under your feet when you get grabbed or jumped on, land a Q and run away.

R - This is all your global presence in the game. You won't be teleporting to gank, so if you wanna "gank" you just have to pay attention to what's happening in a lane and ult to counter-gank. You shouldn't be afraid to ult just to keep your team healthy before a drake or a baron attempt.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Usual start

Core Items

    Kinda core
    Team helper
    Damage items

Situational Items

    Full scumbag
    Traditionnal build
    Too behind
The idea behind building Soraka is to strike a good match between winning your lane and helping your teamates.

If you are ahead, you should rush a Luden's Echo since it gives you even more poke to push this advantage.
If you can't pull ahead or is just flat behind, Frost Queen's Claim low components cost will help you scale out and give you a bit more gold.
When teamfights errupt, you should have completed (or be near completion) a Zhonnya's Hourglass. This item will prevent you getting all in and giving your team the time to reposition around you.

If you have any questions about a specific item and why or when to build it, just look for it in the section below.

===== More info on all the items suggested =====

1056.png - Is a must start with Soraka. If you ever lack mana, just kill of few creeps to get some mana, and go back to spamming these Qs.

2003.png - Health pots are there to help if you start being afraid to get close enough to land a Q. Soraka becomes completly useless if she can't do that one thing. Health pots are there for that very purpose. (Don't use them to keep you topped off)

3092.png - This item is just plain ridiculous right now. It gives you everything a mage ever needs. PLUS, it gives you a way to "facecheck" brushes. Just make sure to build Fiendish Codex first and not the Frostfang line.

3158.png - Sorcerer boots are not useful enough on Soraka. Your goal shouldn't be to kill people, but to keep your allies healthy.

3285.png - This item is just the definition of a poke mage. Movement speed, splash and more damage. This is risky on Soraka though. Hourglass should come first most of the time.

3157.png - Soraka's biggest weakness is her getting focussed down. This will allow your team to come help you right away. (And since your are getting farm, this item is a lot easier to get than on support Soraka)

3060.png - Banner of Command is super easy to get on top Soraka. It basically gives you most of what you need. CDR, Health and a good aura. (Without forgetting the pain that is the huge creep) Use it on a lane far from where your team is going. This way no one in the enemy team will pay attention to that lane and they might end up losing a tower without really noticing it (or give you a man advantage).

3151.png - Your target will always be slowed by your Q. More damage garantied.

3027.png - This is an excellent item on Soraka. Only problem, is that there's no time when the item is actually a good buy right now for Soraka. If you are ahead, you want to push your advantage by getting a quick Luden's Echo. If you are behind, you want to complete Frost Queen's Claim. After buying one of these items and your boots it'll be close to 20 minutes and RoA might not have the time to stack. (Without saying that Hourglass should be a better buy as a second item anyway)

3050.png - This item can be REALLY good but you have to stand by the person you'll be linked on. I have really mixed feelings on buying this one.

3190.png - Replacement for Banner of Command if your team really can't survive teamfights. Just don't forget to use the active because this is literally the only reason why you should purchase it over Banner of Command.

Matchups Back to Top

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The same advice than most all in caster. Cast E when she jumps you and land a Q. Keep running backwards until she's bored.

Keep track of how many akalishadowdance.png she has at all times. This will alert you of when you can and can't poke her safely without your E up.

If she cast her shroud, land a Q and run backwards a bit. Keep your cursor under your character just in case she jumps on you so you can cast a quick E.




His low range is his undoing pre-6. Post 6, if he tries to get near you, silence him, land a Q and run away if you are somewhat low.

If you bully him enough early on, which shouldn't be a problem, the situation stated above will never happen.




Darius' worse nightmare is being silenced right after his grab. And guess what we have.

You can poke him easily, he won't be able to dunk you as long you as you stay in your silence.

So basically :

starcall.png - Spam it
infuse.png - Keep it for dariusaxegrabcone.png

And you should be golden.




Honnestly annoying because of the same effect that Nasus. But since he can't out sustain your poke, you just have to keep poking him and keep his passive down.




Okay, this one is actually a bit harder. You can't properly silence her since she always stay far from you. She has a greater poke range than you.

The idea behind this lane should be to farm the most that you can. Finish Frost Queen's Claim ASAP so you can get more gold and use the active before going for an all in. (The slow will help you land the first Q) Then do the usual Q-E-Q.




If he tries to land a Q on you, land yours. The poke that it does is completly healed by your Q. He'll run out of mana a lot quicker than you. Just keep bullying him until level 6. 

By level 6, he shouldn't be able to all in you unless you have less than 50%. Don't be afraid to roam since you won't be able to kill him, but you might be able to do enough damage to kill the midlaner on a gank.




Once he has built Spectre's Cowl. You're done. He will out heal your poke and can freely stack.

You'll have to get out of that lane soon and force teamfights with your team. Yes it'll end up in him being stacked up, but it would be the case even if you stayed in the lane. Better make your time more worthy.

Some Strategies Back to Top

First up, some Soraka's history

Soraka is one of the few supports that can manage herself pretty well. You don't need much damage to stay in the top lane, you just need something to keep rolling. That's exactly why she was such an annoying pick back in season 2 and 3. She could spam her Starcall (Q) (which used to hit everyone around her) to annoy her lane opponent and keep him under his turret while still healing herself with her Astral Blessing (W).

Nowadays, this strategy doesn't apply. But, with the recent rework of her Q (Patch 6.5), Soraka solo lane came back. You don't need any spells other than your Q to make something happen now. Starcall is now an AoE slow with pretty good damage and sustain (if it hits a champion) all bundled in a single low mana cost spell. If this isn't enough to convince you that Soraka is a good solo laner... The next section just might be.

Why even pick Soraka for my team

Soraka is an incredible lane bully. If you ever played against one support, you know for sure that she is annoying to deal with. Now imagine her Q actually have a decent amount of damage, that she will keep chainnings these bananas to harass you even more to the point where you are stuck under your tower and she'll keep harassing you down with bananas under your tower (in the range of the tower shots) and get out before the turret aggros her (yes bananas travel time is a pain).

Not only that, she will be a pain to deal with against top lane caster because of her AoE silence, will become a pain in teamfights because of her ridiculous healing and will be a pain for people roaming if she encounters them.

Still not convinced ? Well you are missing out on something.

Basic Combos

Soraka's isn't really a combo master. But there is some things that you can do to bother your lane opponent even more (as if only the Q alone wasn't enough).

Q : A good trick to landing your Q's is to check the HP of your own creep. THis way you'll know when the enemy laner will want to go for a CS. If he want's to go for a CS his pathing will be straight foward and he'll be immobile for a while.

Q - AA - AA - Etc : Never forget that following AA after your Q is key. The more damage you can do during that slow, the better your lanning will be. You shouldn't be affraid of how much creeps there are. You'll come out on top of that trade. Creeps don't do much damage compared to Starcall's integrated heal.

Q - E - AA - AA - AA - Q - AA - AA : Placing that E might be hard. You have to predict the next few steps of your ennemy and place it right there. This way they'll get rooted, enabling another AA followed by a Q and 2 more AA (the duration of the Q slow)

Global Pressure

Soraka doesn't have the best global pressure in the game and she is a champion that shouldn't look in her lane 24/7. Once you have your 6 (and the cooldown) you should pay "less attention to your lane" and start looking the plays that happens around the map. You should do this with every champion that has a teleport. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. THEM. You cannot, should not rely on pings alone to signal you for a TP or a Soraka ult.

The benefit of Soraka is that you don't even have to be affraid of being cancelled, you can just keep trading, paying attention to life bars in the bottom right with the mini map and ult when you think you can help. This way you can keep track of their top laner (if he's trying to TP for example) and go silence him to cancel him. You can afterwards create a trade and maybe even a kill if he was being a dummy and not checking his character.

Build Updates Back to Top

Patch 6.8 : Nothing changed. Just saw the gravity of the mage update on the PBE... There's a lot of changes coming up on this guide... (sadly)

Patch 6.7 : Updated some text concerning the "40 mana all game long". Reconsidered the definition of Luden's Echo. Not much has change from the core build.

Patch 6.7 (Speculation) : There is currently a nerf to Soraka on the PBE. Her Q mana cost is being changed to increase with levels. This might affect her viability in the top lane a bit, but I don't think it'll be enough to push her out of there.

Patch 6.6 : Nothing changed on either Soraka or her core items. Build unchanged.

Patch 6.5 : Original build.

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