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2 years ago

Syndra Statistics for orbtl

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png - Necessary re-positioning tool.  Syndra is all about positioning, and you have no escapes.  Flash is 100% mandatory to counteract this.
14.png- True damage to prevent healing/supplement burst damage to secure kills.
21.png- Good choice if your opponents have decent burst and you're concerned you will die without it.  Generally if you play well you can get kills without ignite anyways, it just limits your offensive options a bit.  Good example matchups for possible barrier usage are Lux, Fizz, and Viktor.
12.png- Not a bad choice with a coordinated team as your utility and burst can easily lead to kills at your teleport target (especially with homeguard), but I don't like to take this in solo queue as random allies don't always ward properly to setup teleport plays.
1.png - Useful vs very heavy CC teams, especially after the nerf to 3111.png

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

12-18-0: Fairly standard Thunderlord's Decree page

  • I like Expose Weakness, as you are doing a lot of AoE damage in teamfights and can help buff your whole team's damage by 3%.
  • When you look at Natural Talent, it looks like an obvious choice because it's AP, and who doesn't want AP?  But actually it's such a miniscule amount of AP that I find it really isn't ever going to make a difference.  Vampirism, on the other hand, at least gives you its full benefit from level 1.  It's not a terribly strong mastery either, but I feel like I get more of an impact out of it than from Natural Talent.
  • Assassin is obviously a great pick for a champion like Syndra, because you're very often trying to 1v1 outplay an opponent.  If you are queued with the jungler and know you will get blue buffs, then Runic Affinity can be worth it, but I don't like to take it in solo queue due to the uncertainty of whether I'll get the buff.
  • I could see an argument for Merciless, as more damage on a burst mage is always a good thing.  However, Syndra is such a mana whore that I personally prefer to take Meditation.
  • Precision vs Intelligence depends on your playstyle.  If you want to play the high-CDR battlemage Syndra, then you might want to invest in reaching 45% CDR.  Keep in mind that 7 spheres are still the maximum you can achieve for your ultimate regardless of this choice.
  • Thunderlord's Decree is currently the strongest mastery to take.  The extra burst when you harass is huge.

Abilities Back to Top


syndrapassive.pngPassive: Transcendent

Unfortunately Syndra's passive does nothing for you before level 9 (when you max the rank on your abilities).
  • Once your Q is maxed your spheres will last 8 seconds (2 seconds longer). 
  • Once your W is maxed you can pick up 3 spheres at a time
  • Once your E is maxed the width of the knockback cone doubles and allows for wider angle stuns (very useful in teamfights and sieging)
  • Once your R is maxed you will get a small bonus on its cast range

syndraQ.pngQ: Dark Sphere

This is your most important spell.  At a low cooldown of 4 seconds (before CDR) and not a bad mana cost (40-80), this spell is your main harassment tool in lane.  
  • Note that you can cast this spell while moving, so take advantage of this fact (coupled with your movement speed quints) to harass your opponent without taking return damage.  
  • This spell's absurd range (800) and its 75% AP ratio make you into a brutal lane bully even without using any of your other spells.
  • Try to focus your mana-burning harassment at odd-numbered levels to fully take advantage of the 40 damage increase per-rank to catch your lane opponent off-guard with your power spikes.
  • Practice utilizing Syndra's fast, responsive auto-attack to get CS so you can save Q for harassment at least until you have a tear and/or blue buff.
  • Try to watch your own minions' health bars, and when you see your opponent going in to get a last hit, hit them with a Q when they are in their most predictable location to secure the CS.  Using this strategy you can always assure your Qs are mana-efficient in the early game.  Either your opponent will take massive damage from your harass while last hitting, or he will miss a creep each time he dodges your damage.  This will make sure you don't waste your mana and not achieve anything with it, and it will vastly increase your hit-rate in lane.
  • Note that this ability does not reveal enemies in bushes unless they get aggro'd to return an auto-attack onto you.
  • When sieging a turret or otherwise preparing for a fight, try to keep spamming Q in strategic zoning locations if your mana can afford it.  Keep them grouped up so you can pick up 3 at a moment's notice with your W's transcendent bonus.  This will help you be prepared to immediately stun opponents that get too close, and will also make sure you are ready to blast someone with your ultimate with as many spheres as possible for maximum damage.
  • Spheres last 6 seconds until your Q is rank 5, in which they will last 8 seconds.  You will notice the outlined edge of the sphere start pulsating and glowing white when the sphere is about to expire.  This is important for timing your ultimate to make sure you have as many spheres active as possible. (Note if you are using the Justicar skin, the animation is different.  Instead of the edge pulsing white, the entire sphere darkens and kind of 'bubbles')

syndraW.pngW: Force of Will

This spell is your secondary form of utility as it slows all units hit.
  • You can either pick up spheres or any enemy unit that isn't a champion (including fun things like zac blobs, tibbers, scuttlebugs, etc)
  • You can use this to secure minions that you are about to miss (such as under a turret) if your other abilities are on cooldown or you can't auto-attack it to death in time.
  • You can use this to easily secure blue buff (or any important jungle camp) using the following combo:
  1. Damage the blue buff enough to the point where ~2 more Qs would kill it.
  2. Pick up the blue buff using W and wait for your Q cooldown to refresh so the blue buff can't be targeted to be stolen.
  3. As your Q comes off cooldown, throw the W down, and time a quick Q+E to land right as the buff hits the ground.
  4. Note that the farther you throw the buff from yourself the longer it will fly through the air before it becomes targetable, and thus the longer you must wait before initiating the cast for your Q+E combo.  If you execute the combo correctly, the burst damage will be massive and will account for an instantaneous application of W+Q+E.  This combo has an insane success rate at ensuring buffs do not get stolen (even by things such as lux ult)
  • Once you have a tear/blue buff, use this ability to farm minion waves using the following simple combo:
  1. Auto attack a melee minion
  2. Pick up the non-full-health melee minion with W and throw it onto the 3 ranged minions
  3. Time a Q to detonate right after the melee minion lands to kill all 4 minions
  4. Auto attack whatever health is left out of the remaining two melee minions until they are <50% hp each and then Q them to finish off the wave
  • Crucial: This ability refreshes the duration of Dark Spheres, so you can use it to grab a sphere that has a pulsating/flickering white edge (aka about to expire) and it will refresh its lifespan to a fresh 6 seconds (or 8 seconds with Q maxed) so you can setup a higher-sphere-count ultimate.  Note that the refresh occurs when you first pick up the sphere.  This means if you pick up a sphere and just sit around holding it until the last possible moment before throwing it, it will not live very long after it has been thrown.
  • When you have this ability maxed and pick up multiple spheres, it refreshes the duration of all of them.
  • This ability reveals the fog of war (including brushes) in the area the sphere/unit is going to land starting right after you initiate the cast to throw the unit (rather than having to wait for the unit to land).  This feature makes this ability excellent at checking brushes as you can do it from a fairly safe range, get vision immediately after spell cast, and not put your hard CC on cooldown to do so.
  • Use this ability to setup multi-sphere stuns (Picture guide in the Mechanics/Tricks section).  This is the most important skill to master as 134_64.png. When you get good at this you will be able to consistently carry teamfights by crowd controlling entire enemy teams on a 12 second cooldown (6.6 second CD on stun if you decide to get 45% CDR), and this will also immediately have you ready to 6 or 7 sphere ult an opponent right as you stun them.  Use this combo liberally when sieging turrets or camping objectives.  You can stop an opposing team in their tracks when they try to dive your team, setup a potential tower dive on them if your team follows up on your massive stun, or just give your team 1.5 seconds of a stunned enemy team so your adc can get some free hits on the enemy tower.  It is this combo that makes 134_64.png the most OP AP carry in the game in my opinion.
  • There are hidden passives with this ability:
  1. If you pick up blue buff the W's current cooldown is lowered by 1 second and you are refunded 10 mana (archaic?  This may have been ninja removed by riot without patch notes mentioning it)
  2. If you pick up red buff you apply the red buff damage to any enemy you hit with the buff when you throw it.

syndraE.pngE: Scatter The Weak

This ability has two purposes: a knock-back/interrupt and a projectile stun for any spheres caught in the knock-back.
  • It takes practice to get to know the range the spheres can reach as there is no range indicator other than for the area of effect of the knock-back.  Play around a lot and get used to your potential.
  • Don't place spheres right on top of yourself unless you plan on putting a little distance between them and yourself before casting E as spheres right on top of you will usually not get knocked back and thus won't proc a stun.
  • You can cast your E right after casting Q and the sphere will get knocked outward once it exists.
  • While your spheres are static, their trajectory when shot with E is based on their position in relation to you, so you can dynamically alter your own position to affect your aim and keep in line with your opponents' movements.
  • Combine this ability with your syndraW.png(W) to setup multi-sphere stuns and crowd control entire enemy teams for 1.5 seconds. (Picture guide shown below in the Mechanics/Tricks section)
  • While 99+% of the time you will be using this ability to setup stuns, there are rare moments when it is worth casting this spell on its own for the knockback rather than taking the time to cast a Q beforehand:
  1. When an enemy is using a gapcloser on you that could be hugely detrimental if it lands and has a fairly high cooldown (good examples are Leona, Diana, Gragas, Zac, Jarvan IV, etc)
  2. When a melee opponent is on you and you don't have the mana for both a Q and an E and it's best to just E him away to gain some distance
  3. When you need to interrupt a channeled ability as quickly as possible (such as Master Yi's Meditate)
  • If you are not confident in your ability to predict an opponent's movements and hit them with an E, it may be wiser to save the ability momentarily to wait for an ally's crowd control to be in effect during a fight so you can land a guaranteed stun that cannot be dodged/juked
  • The knockback pushes spheres farther the closer they are to you, which means that it doesn't really matter how far away you put the spheres from yourself as long as they are in range to get hit by the knockback area of effect, as they will end up at the same max range.
  • In some situations you will be able to get your ultimate off on an enemy without having to stun them first.  In a fight this can be a great way to setup a large cluster of spheres (left over from the ult) which you can E towards the enemy team to hit everyone with a stun.

syndraR.pngR: Unleashed Power

This is your ultimate and it does the word justice.  On just an 80 second cooldown at max rank (44 second with 45% CDR), all of the spheres you have down on the battlefield + the 3 spheres that always orbit your character will shoot at the champion you target dealing massive damage.
  • At level 6 you can do a 6 sphere ult even with 0% CDR, so utilize this potential.  If you find yourself barely missing out on kills and you are doing ults with fewer than 6 spheres, that's something good to work on.
  • At level 9 when you max the rank on your syndraQ.png(Q) you can do a 7 sphere ult even with 0% CDR
  • Get used to how much damage 6 and 7 sphere ultimates can do at different stages of the game, as there are many allin potentials in lane that average players do not take advantage of due to not being aware of how insane the burst damage is.
  • Note that this spell's damage gets completely negated by any ability or item that makes a champion untargetable.  This includes 3157_32.png8_64.pngvladimirsanguinepool.png (W), 238_64.png zedR.png(R), 35_64.png hallucinatefull.png(R), 60_64.png eliseE.png(Spiderform E), 127_64.png lissandraR.png(self-R), 105.pngfizzjump.png(E), 157.pngyasuoW.png(W), 223.pngtahmkenchW.png(W), and 429.pngkalistaR.png(R)
  • Spell shields such as 3102_32.png only block one of the incoming spheres
  • Don't be afraid to use this spell early in a fight to burst someone out of a fight even if it won't completely kill them, but if the enemy team is really relying on certain high-priority targets (like a fed vayne), it might be worth saving it for the moment when you can catch said target
  • Every sphere of your ult procs the toggle damage on 3042_32.png.  This used to really be worth it when this was magic damage, but it was patched to be physical damage.  Still, this almost DOUBLES the damage dealt from your ultimate (as well as the nice bonus of making your auto attacks beastmode), and might be worth it in the rare circumstance where everyone on the opposing team is weak and manageable except for 1 extremely fed hyper-carry that you need to assassinate to win fights.  6 or 7 sphere ult with 3042_32.png = dead target guaranteed.  If you end up getting 3042_32.png I recommend getting 3027_32.png early both for the extra mana for more damage on 3042_32.png as well as the extra tankiness so you can afford to be a little closer and landing auto-attacks during fights

Level order details:

  • Max Q First as it is your main harassment tool in lane with the lowest cooldown.  Once you have it maxed you will be able to do 7 sphere ults even with 0% CDR.
  • Level 2: Why get E over W?  While W may give you slightly easier harass potential and do slightly more damage (10 more damage rank 1 and 30% more of your AP), your E gives you far more utility.  This means if your jungler comes to gank your lane you can setup a guaranteed kill if you hit your stun (depending on the jungler and whether you took 14.png) rather than just some damage and maybe a forced enemy 4.png.  It also means that if you get ganked by the enemy jungler, rather than having to blow your flash and be extremely exposed to future ganks, you can simply stun the jungler upon entry to your lane and walk away unscathed.
  • Level 3: Second point in Q or skill W?  This is actually something I changed my opinion on after I took the time to do the math.  I think this decision is situational.  Without a doubt, skilling W is superior in terms of CC if your jungler is ganking or the enemy jungler ganks you.  However, let's look at the math for harassment assuming ~30 AP level 3:
                -Scenario 1: You put a second rank in Q.
                          -Your Q does 117.5 damage for 50 mana on a 4 second cooldown.
                          -In a 4 second trade you do 235 damage from 2 Qs.  Cost: 100 mana
                          -In an 8 second trade you do 402 damage from 3 Qs.  Cost: 150 mana
                -Scenario 2: You put a rank in W so you have all three spells.
                          -Your Q does 72.5 damage for 40 mana on a 4 second cooldown.
                          -Your W does 101 damage for 60 mana on a 12 second cooldown.
                          -In a 4 second trade you do 246 damage from 2 Qs and 1 W.  Cost: 140 mana
                          -In an 8 second trade you do 318.5 damage from 3 Qs and 1 W.  Cost: 180 mana
The trade-offs here are interesting.  I think if you are vs a melee opponent: skill W.  You will be able to get extra auto-attacks in during the trades due to the slow on your W.  Vs ranged opponents, however, these auto-attacks can be returned and are thus risky.  Scenario 1 will give you more damage for less mana cost, making it a tempting choice if ganks are not going to be coming soon (i.e. you see the junglers engaged in a 2v2 top lane).
  • Note that you should not be using your stun level 2+ unless 1 of the following 3 conditions is met:
  1. Your jungler is there to gank
  2. You have vision on the enemy jungler and he isn't near you to punish your lack of CC/escape
  3. You can get a guaranteed kill on your lane opponent in the duration of the stun (generally with another Q, auto attack, and an 14.png, or if you are post-6 your R)
If you don't follow these rules you will eventually be punished by an enemy jungle gank that you are powerless to stop.  Don't be forced to waste your 4.png unnecessarily because you got greedy and used your E to harass!
  • Max W or E second? Let's look at all the factors:
          -Mana cost
               -syndraE.png(E)'s mana cost remains a flat 50, while syndraW.png(W)'s mana cost increases by 10 each rank
               -The AP ratio remains the same regardless of ranks, but syndraE.png(E)'s base damage goes up by 45 per rank, while syndraW.png(W)'s base damage only goes up 40 per rank.
               -Both abilities' cooldowns are reduced by 1 second per rank
          -syndrapassive.png(Transcendent passive)
               -syndraE.png(E)'s Rank 5 bonus is great for teamfighting, controlling objectives, etc.  The extra width allows you to hit a lot of spheres at once and do massive sweeping stuns across the enemy team.
               -syndraW.png(W)'s Rank 5 bonus is great for easily setting up high-sphere ultimates and stuns.  
Before Syndra's Passive rework I always would max E second, as the raw stats are slightly better.  However, the new transcendent rank 5 bonus on W is so nice that at this point I find myself maxing W second most games.  Another good reason for this is that once you get W maxed, with any CDR over 0% your cooldown will be below 8 seconds.  Since the duration of spheres once Q is maxed is 8 seconds, this means you can actually setup a group of 3 spheres near each other and pick them up over and over with W, keeping a high sphere ult and/or stun available at all times.  Keep in mind, however, that doing this will drain your mana and thus is not recommended unless you have a big mana pool or a lot of mana regeneration.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    If supporting (Now that spellthief was buffed it's too good... and frost queen's has great synergy with syndra's CC and ability to catch people )

Core Items

    Broke first buy
    First buy if going tear
    First buy vs Heavy AD
    First buy if rushing morello
    First buy if going ROA
    Defensive Path vs high burst
    CDR Build path
    Build for lategame battlemage
    Support Type A
    Support Type B
    Amazing item to lend more mobility

Situational Items

    No Tear Full Build
    No Tear No Roa Full Build
    Battlemage Full Build
    Support Type A Full Build
    Support Type B Full Build
My Current Favorite Build Path:
I've been liking this build lately because it makes me really tanky while still getting a crazy amount of damage and utility.  Being this tanky means you can actually get focused and live long enough to get a few spell rotations off in fights.  I find this really lends itself to a fun tanky battle-mage style.  You can replace 3089.png with 3165.png if you would like, but it's a stylistic choice at this point.  You no longer need a lot of CDR to achieve 7 sphere ults on Syndra, so if you play smart you can get away with just the 10% this build gives you.

Starting Items:
  • Always start 1056_32.png.  Here's my comparison of Doran's Ring to the other 4 viable options:
  1. 1004_32.png+2044_32.png+2003_32.png+2004_32.png: Faerie charm gives +3 Mana/5 seconds.  This is identical to the mana regen offered by 1056_32.png  minus the 4 mana return per unit kill.  As such this stat can be ignored, and we are really comparing having more health potions+mana potions as well as a ward to the 60 health, 15 ability bower, and 4 mana per unit kill that 1056_32.png provides.  To me, a ward for the first 3 minutes of the game isn't really worth it, as you have your stun + your flash to escape the worst of early ganks (not to mention your trinket ward), and 60 health + 15 ability power greatly increases your aggressive potential in the early laning phase.  The only real advantage besides the ward that a 1004_32.png start provides is a faster 3070_32.png, and IMO you should usually be able to get to 700 gold before recalling.
  2. 2041_32.png+2003_32.png+2044_32.png: While this opener will save you gold over the course of the game in that you won't have to pay for potions, it starves you of too many valuable stats that 1056_32.png provides.  Without the 15 AP and mana regen it's harder to bully your lane.  I usually only ever pick this route if I am against an 28_64.png jungle and I want to forgo the potion and start with a pink ward.  (note that this is outdated as pink wards aren't as effective vs evelynn as they used to be when you could just put them in the middle of your lane)
  3. 1001_32.png+2003_32.png+2004_32.png: Again you have the problem of not having the powerful health+AP+mana regen stats you would have gotten from 1056_32.png.  I'd only run this if the movement speed seems absolutely necessary to dodge your lane opponent's skill shots (usually movement speed quints are enough).  This can be a good choice vs a 101_64.png or 34_64.png, for example.
  4. 1029_32.png+2003_32.png+2004_32.png: This would seem like a logical opener for many against an AD bruiser mid, but I personally prefer to take armor in my rune page and then run with 1056_32.png.  With the armor in your rune page, the extra 60 health on 1056_32.png will still help you stay alive vs the bruiser, but the mana regen and 15 AP will help you actually be able to trade with them so you can zone them from CS and be your usual lane bully.
  5. Bonus option that isn't actually viable (yet I see people do it): 1004_32.png+1004_32.png+2003_32.png: Think about the stats you're getting here.  Unlike the single faerie charm option, you don't even get wards with this option.  This means the only reason you'd do this is if you want "more mana regen" and to build to a fast chalice.  However, if you do the math, this is actually less mana regen than just a single doran's ring!  Here's the math on why:  A faerie charm is 3 mana/5 seconds, or 0.6 mana/second.  Dorans also has 0.6 mana/second built into its stats, so we can negate this for 1 faerie charm.  Thus we are just comparing one faerie charm to the mana return passive on doran's ring.  If you get every cs (not even counting the cannon minions, just 6 a wave, and a wave every 30 seconds), you're getting 24 mana every 30 seconds, or 0.8 mana/second.  This means that for Doran's Ring to give you more mana regen than a double faerie charm start, you only have to get 4 minions per wave!  This is actually absurd.  Anyone can get 4 out of every 6 or 7 minions per wave, and this will give you the same level of mana regen as a double faerie charm start PLUS the 15 ability power and 60 health!  This basically means anyone starting double faerie instead of doran's is simply playing the game at a disadvantage and is handicapping themselves.
Core Item Explanations:
  • 3070_32.png is a decent choice on Syndra.  I used to get it every game, but season 6 things are a bit different.  With the new meditation mastery, it feels like massive mana regeneration is not as important.  If you want a large mana pool, 3027.png feels like a better choice after the buffs as you'll get an earlier power spike.  After Syndra's base damage nerfs, rushing a 3070.png feels weak to me because she doesn't have the base damage to hurt without some AP.  Thus I generally nowadays prefer to rush an early 1026.png3108.png, or second 1056.png.  If you still want to build tear, though, here is my past reasoning: getting a tear early can help you build up a huge mana pool so that you can spam abilities in lane and not run out of mana as quickly after each recall.  If you get blue buff and a tear you should be spamming at least 1 spell every 4 seconds to keep tear stacking (and keep spheres up anyways so you can orchestrate a high-sphere-count ultimate on a moment's notice).  
  • Why 3070_32.png and not 3028_32.png?  At full mana, they provide an equal amount of mana regen (7 mana / 5 seconds).  As you get to 0% mana, 3028_32.png will linearly increase your mana regeneration to double whatever it was when you were at full mana.  While this technically means in realistic situations 3028_32.png gives more mana regeneration than 3070_32.png, the item doesn't actually increase your mana pool.  This means when you come to lane and start spamming spells, you will run out of mana much more quickly than you will with the huge mana pool you build up with 3070_32.png, and then you will regenerate it a little bit faster than you would with 3070_32.png.  In my eyes it's much more valuable to have more spell casts before running oom and then a recall, rather than running oom more quickly and then getting the mana back slightly faster.  On top of all this, 3040_32.png is a much better mid/late-game item than 3174_32.png.  Thus in my opinion you should only be building 3028_32.png when you need the 25 magic resistance it provides.  UPDATE: In patch 3.14, blue buff only gives 10% CDR and not 20%.  This means that with a 6-item build + blue buff + blue elixir you will only have 33.75% CDR.  If you want to have the full 40% CDR rather than the additional AP from seraph's, build athene's.  Keep in mind however that with Athene's + DFG + Blue buff + blue elixir + masteries you will be at 58.75% CDR and thus will have 18.75% CDR of wasted itemization over the CDR cap.  Still, if you really want to have 40% CDR this can be a worthwhile alternative, especially given the fact that you will not always have blue buff and blue elixir and thus will not be over the cap until end-game.
  • (sadly removed from the game) 3128_32.png is the best item in the game for 134_64.png.  Not only does it give you a whopping 120 AP and 10% CDR (stats you really want), but when you use the active before your ultimate (especially if you are using a 6 or 7 sphere ultimate), it changes your ultimate damage from being sick burst to being OP AS FUCK.  In general, even if I start 3028_32.png instead of 3070_32.png, I'll actually stay with the chalice and finish my DFG before finishing 3174_32.png, because DFG is just THAT GOOD.  All of a sudden you can walk up to anyone on the map and DFG+6 Sphere ult them to get a free kill.
  • If you find that your team is too squishy overall and you'll have trouble staying alive in fights, 3027_32.png can be a great item to rush after your 3070_32.png to give you some extra tankiness while still providing offensive stats as well as extra mana to contribute to your 3003_32.png passive.  I especially like 3027.png after the buffs.  It's a very powerful item.
  • While I love 3020_32.png as much as the next mid laner, don't be afraid to purchase 3111_32.png if your opponents have stacked too much CC.  Syndra has no escapes, so if you get caught by too much crowd control you'll just end up dying without tenacity.  As a good example, I'll almost always buy 3111_32.png if there is a 9_64.png on the enemy team.  3158.png is also an excellent choice.  While it only gives 10% CDR now instead of the old 15%, it also gives a reduction to summoner spell cooldowns, which is very helpful.  If you are prioritizing CDR in your build and want to be able to put on the AoE hurt as consistently as possible in teamfights instead of dumping all your burst at once, then this is the choice for you.
Situational/Late Game Items
  • In most situations, 3135_32.png will actually provide you with a greater increase in your burst damage than 3089_32.png at a fraction of the cost.  You should almost always be building 3135_32.png before 3089_32.png unless your opponents have literally purchased 0 MR items.
  • 3157_32.png can be a great defensive item to outplay your opponents if they focus a lot of burst or CC on you.  Note that it also is one of the few 1058_32.png-based items in the game, and as such has a ton of AP and should be built most games (as well as the out-play potential).  Riot recently added 10% CDR to this item, making it an even better choice for Syndra.
  • Don't forget to use 3040_32.png when you're about to take a lot of burst damage even if it's early in the fight, as the shield scales off of your CURRENT mana, not your total mana.
  • I don't generally like 3001_32.png as most of your abilities end up dealing damage out of range of the passive (especially your ult as people move away while it is casting), but if you are getting dunked by a heavy AP team with champions like 7_64.png/38_64.png it might be worth it.  The 10% CDR recently added makes it not so painful to buy.
  • 3042_32.png is no longer as good as it used to be (since it got changed so that the toggle damage does physical damage instead of magic damage), but it still procs not only on your auto-attacks but once for each sphere of your ultimate.  This means that this item just about doubles the damage of your ult.  However, compared to something like 3040_32.png, it obviously isn't as good for the rest of your abilities since they are AoE and don't proc 3042_32.png's toggle damage.  I'd really only recommend building this item when the enemy team is for the most part underfed and manageable with the exception of one hypercarry, such that if you can just kill that one champion you will win any teamfight for sure.  In this specific case it can be worth it so that you can 3128_32.png active + 6/7 sphere ult with 3042_32.png toggled on and 1-shot the carry guaranteed.  I'd also recommend purchasing 3027_32.png if you are planning on building 3042_32.png because it not only gives mana to help 3042_32.png do more damage, but it also provides tankiness which is necessary if you want to be close enough to be constantly auto-attacking in fights.
  • 3116_32.png is now a great choice due to the change in how the slow is calculated.  AoE damage (almost all of what you're doing) will still apply the full slow, but just for a shorter duration.  This means that if you're up against a team that you really need to kite (and the slows will make a difference vs those champions), then it can be a good choice.  This item is also a great pickup if you are planning on building 3151_32.png, because this will ensure that liandry's is ALWAYS doing double damage as the opponent will be CC'd by the rylai's slow.
  • 3151_32.png is an item I don't really like on 134_64.png because she is so burst-oriented.  However, if the entire enemy team is going to be stacking health for one reason or another (maybe they have 31_64.png who knows), it can be a good pickup because you still have great sustained damage over the course of teamfights with your Q, and all of a sudden your 3-sphere stuns while sieging turrets burn the entire enemy team for ~3% (2% for the first 1.5 seconds while they're stunned for double liandry's damage and 1% over the next 1.5 seconds while they aren't movement-impaired) of their health for 3 seconds, rather than just doing the normal measly stun damage.
  • 3165_32.png is a great item.  20% CDR and mana regen/restoration is good, and the passive can be useful vs certain healing-based team compositions.  However, I usually don't like rushing it because the current 3027.png and 3116.png are so good that I'd generally rather rush them.
  • 3026_32.png is an item you shouldn't be afraid to buy even as an APC if you are just having way too many issues getting focused and dying in teamfights.  If the enemy team has a couple assassins that you just can't keep off yourself and you die early in teamfights, it might be worth investing in this survivability once you have your core offensive items.

Full build explanations

  • No-Tear Standard Full Build: The nerfs to Syndra's base damage combined with the buffs to 3027.png make RoA the superior choice in my opinion.  Starting with a 3070.png just doesn't feel strong to me anymore, and the mana regen doesn't feel as necessary with the changes to mana regen in season 6.  If you play intelligently with your mana (auto-attack last hit for cs and only use mana on your opponent) you will have enough to get by.  The early 1026.png to build towards your 3027.png gives a nice early power-spike to get lane kills with.  The mana pool on 3027.png helps later on with mana issues in teamfights in a similar fashion to what 3070.png provides.  From the RoA you can build in whatever order makes sense based on the game-specific circumstances.  If you are going to get bursted, rush a 3157.png right afterwards.  If you just need more damage, consider rushing a 3089.png second item.  If you feel limited my lack of CDR, rush a 3165.png 2nd item.  If your opponent rushes some heavy magic resistance, then rush out your 3135.png.  If you are up against a team that is very kite-able, consider purchasing 3116.png.  The full slow % is very strong, and the health of RoA + Rylai will make you very hard to kill.
  • No Tear No RoA build: This build is all about early/mid-game power.  Maybe you're up against a team you know will outscale you and instead of trying to match them later which might be futile, it might be wiser to try to close out the game early on.  In this case it's generally best to rush out a 3165.png or 3089.png first item and roam for kills.  Keep in mind that your mana pool will not be buffered by a Tear or RoA, so it is generally wise to purchase an early second 1056.png and hold onto it as long as possible.  You will also need to be very careful with your mana usage.  Unlike the other builds you will not be able to walk around spamming Qs to keep your sphere count high, and you will generally not be able to farm with abilities or you will run OoM too quickly.  
  • Tear No RoA build (not recommended): While I used to build this style all the time, it just doesn't feel very strong after Syndra's nerfs.  This build involves rushing a Tear first item but not getting a RoA (as getting both really does limit your early/mid-game power by quite a bit).  The most common path would be 3070.png -> 3165.png > 3040.png > 3135.png.  The morello is very useful as you can use the CDR to its fullest with a full Tear-based mana pool.  The advantages of this build are that you can use abilities to farm the minion waves very consistently as mana won't be an issue, and you can consistently keep your sphere count high to be ready for 6-sphere ults at a moment's notice.  The problem is that your early/mid-game power is inferior to a RoA/No-Tear build, and your late-game is inferior to a Battlemage build (below).  It's a kind of awkward in-the-middle build that used to be really strong but just doesn't seem to pack the punch anymore.
  • Battlemage Syndra: Sustained damage lategame power: With this build you sacrifice early-game power to build up to a massive lategame.  If you think for some reason early/mid-game kills won't be easily attained, this can be a good choice to ensure you have the strongest late-game possible.  Instead of going for 1-shotting a carry, you build more like a sustained damage mage such as Anivia by trying to maximize AoE damage and CDR.  There are two major build paths for this type of syndra playstyle.  With both, I generally use Ionian boots to rush a maxed CDR with morello (and runes/masteries):
  1. Tear -> RoA -> Morello/Void -> Deathcap/Zhonyas (plus boots)
  2. Morello -> Deathcap -> Void -> Zhonyas -> Liandry's/Defense item/Soulstealer (plus boots)

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Really tough matchup.  Pre-6 her Q has pretty identical range to your Q making it a skill matchup, and post-6 her insane mobility makes it easy for her to dodge your skillshots and put in an insane amount of burst damage that is extremely difficult for you to avoid.

I'd recommend a defensive rune page for this matchup with health/level yellows, magic resist blues, movement speed quints, and then barrier instead of ignite to live thru her combo post-6.  Alternatively you can run a full offense setup with AP and ignite and try to burst her before she can burst you, but be aware with that setup if you get caught by even one charm post-6 you will probably die.  Still, sometimes it can be worth it to have heavy early pressure against her.

Pre-6 avoid standing near your minion wave.  With every spell cast she does, she wants maximum mana efficiency which means hitting as many targets as possible to get as many stacks of her passive up as possible.  Thus if you stand away from your minions she either hits ONLY you with Q (and just gets the one stack) and misses the minions, or she hits the minions and you take no harass while harassing her, or you dodge it altogether and she wastes the mana entirely.

Post-6 be very conservative while her ult is up, and try to time your stun on her right after she has spirit-rushed so she can't immediately spirit rush again to dodge it.  If possible request a jungle gank pre-6 so you hit 6 before her even if you don't get the kill.




Pre-6 you should completely dominate her as you outrange her Q so hard you can harass whenever she wants CS.  Post-6 is a little harder, but if she ever jumps on you just stun her and burst her for pretty easy kills.  If you find yourself having trouble you might want a chalice/negatron cloak or take barrier.

Make sure post-6 to stun her and not just knock her back, or she'll just use another stack of her ult to jump back onto you after you knock her back.  Also, when you stun her after she jumps on you (don't waste it until she jumps on you), you have to either kill her right then and there or back off out of her ult range until your stun is back up.  Otherwise if you just do some damage she will jump on you with another stack of her ult as soon as your stun wears off, and you'll have no CC to get her back off of you for ~10 seconds




Easy to outplay early levels, just avoid her stun while harassing her and you win.  Post-6 it gets a little harder because her ult has massive range, but you can outplay her with big burst off of a multi-sphere stun that's hard for her to dodge.

Keep in mind her passive.  Don't get baited by egg.  If you blow every cooldown you have getting her egged, you likely won't have the damage to finish off the egg without help!




Straight counter-pick lane.  You outrange annie so hard with your Q that she can't get any CS at all without getting dunked by you.  There are only 3 possible ways to lose this lane as syndra:

1: Mess up your positioning, get too close, and let her get a stun off on you with burst to kill you
2: Get camped by enemy jungle so that with jungle's CC annie gets to land follow-up stuns
3: Get flash-ulted by annie post-6.

Just avoid the death from her flash-tibbers-Q-W-ignite combo level 6 and you'll be golden in this lane.  Take full offense if you're confident in your positioning, as there won't be a need for magic resist.




Skill matchup for sure.  I recommend starting with 1001_32.png, as dodging his W (the big AoE damage spell) is crucial to avoid getting harassed too low.

Abuse his cooldowns to win the matchup but beware of jungle ganks as his stun and burst coupled with a jungler is just about as powerful as yours is.




Skill matchup.  You both have similar range, so it's about who is hitting skillshots.  She is pretty squishy, so post-6 if you land a stun and have your spheres ready you should be able to get a kill. Beware her speed boost after she hits you with a Q, as it makes her very hard to hit with a stun.




Easy early game as you can harass him every time he goes in to CS, but he has pretty free infinite sustain and post-6 gets a lot of free tankiness.  He becomes near-impossible to burst in single combos, and his damage gets to the point where if you get hit by even a single rupture, the silence follow up + feast + ignite will spell your death every time.

In the early game you're only ever going to be able to zone him if you harass him so hard that he's too low to safely go sustain off minions.  If you let off the pressure for even 1 creep wave he will heal back too much and all your work was a waste while he's full hp/mana and you're oom.  This is why you either need to get your jungler to gank your lane, or you're going to have to submit to just focusing on your own farming and not trying to deny him.  If you try to deny him on your own, eventually in your aggression you will get jungle ganked, and you will lose (silence+rupture off a jungler's CC op).  

As soon as cho gets the slightest advantage in this lane you will not have much of a chance on your own of fighting him unless you are a god at dodging ruptures.  Thus either be sure you will win if you're trading, or just play safe and wait until you have some big items and a lot of mana regen to start harassing him.




If you're good at dodging her Q this is an easy matchup.  You get to harass her constantly in lane when she goes to CS, and her harass is harder to hit on you.  Post-6 you need to be careful, but there is a ton of outplay potential.  If you see her start to ult towards you, you can E her back and she won't get the reset on her ult.  It is thus worth it if you have the reaction times to do this instead of setting up a stun on her, because not only do you prevent taking the damage from her ult as she doesn't hit you, but since she doesn't end up hitting a target proc'd with her passive (as she ends up not hitting any target but being interrupted mid-air), she gets no reset and can't ult anymore, which completely cripples her and allows you to immediately harass her nonstop until her ult is back up.

If you're bad at dodging her Q consider getting health/level yellows and magic resist blues for some tankiness against her harass and allin




A mediocre elise will be a breeze, as you can easily harass her whenever she tries to CS.  A good elise, however, will be very difficult to deal with as she will allin you often with rappel, and her damage is insane and hard to avoid.  Similar to other matchups where champions have an ability to become untargetable, make sure you save your ult for when either her rappel is on cooldown or she has just changed into human form so she can't negate all your ult damage by jumping into the sky




A bad evelynn will be pathetic as she is pseudo-melee and you can harass her easily when she goes for cs (make sure not to stand too close behind your own minions that she's CSing or her Q will go thru them and hit you though), but a good evelynn will use her passive movespeed bonus from W to avoid getting hit by your skillshots, and will use the active W to get rid of your W slow.  Her allin potential is fearsome, so play safe and at a distance.

Consider taking a defensive rune page if you think you will have trouble (hp/level or armor yellows, MR blues)




Just like any adc mid, he's squishy as hell and doesn't have that long of a range.  Harass him and dunk him easily.  Run full offense runes (with movespeed quints of course)




Laning phase isn't so bad, you can harass him from range and interrupt his drain, but if he catches you in fear and chains a silence off the end of it you are going to take a TON of damage with his passive shredding your MR.  Later on his ultimate will completely ruin your day, and coupled with the fact that every single fiddlesticks on earth builds 3157_32.png first item, you're going to have a tough time getting him off you or ulting him.

Take a tanky rune page (health/level yellows, MR blues)




Classically considered one of the hardest counters to Syndra in the game, but he's so commonly picked that I have enough experience against him to beat him.  First step to beating fizz as syndra is understanding Fizz.  Go play some fizz games if you haven't already so you understand exactly how his abilities work.  I recommend running the 22-5-3 mastery page I outline in the masteries section specifically for this matchup, take flash barrier for survivability against his burst, and run with Hybrid Reds (for auto harass), Armor yellows (he autos you a lot and his Q applies on-hit), MR blues, and AP quints (I don't feel movespeed is necessary in this matchup as he doesn't have skillshots.  It's more valuable to be able to harass him more heavily).

Fizz is 100% burst-based, whereas you have burst and sustained damage with your Q.  Thus all you need to do is be tanky enough to live through his burst combos and you can punish his cooldowns by harassing him heavily.  Focus on being brutally aggressive with your Qs level 1 before he has his combos, and basically just only use Q in lane until he wastes his E.  Don't forget to auto attack him constantly while trying to avoid minion aggro, as even with his passive Fizz will still take a decent amount of damage-over-time from this.  If he never wastes his E you will harass him down when he goes for cs with your Q.  If he does waste his e, you can easily hit him with a W and then an E after he is targetable again, and with my build you will always return more damage than you took.  Couple this with a well-timed ultimate when he is vulnerable and you will make Fizzes rage and never pick the matchup again.




This used to be a hard matchup, but after the Gragas rework he's not so strong midlane.  Basically you want movespeed quints, and just harass him whenever he melees creeps.  Stand behind minions so you can't get hit by a body slam, but also avoid standing near low HP minions so you don't get hit by a farming barrel roll.

I haven't played against a good Gragas post-rework so I'll leave it at medium, but it's possible this matchup will end up as "easy."




I know this is a jungler but seriously ban this guy always.  He is a complete nightmare for any mid laner without an escape.  He'll push you away from your own turret and you'll be crying for mercy


Jarvan IV


As a jungler he's difficult to deal with.  Try to time your E to knock him back when he tries to E+Q combo onto you.  Make sure you save your flash in lane at all times because if he shows up and ults you, you are dead if you don't have flash.

After the patch it's a bit easier to dodge J4's E+Q now, but still watch out for that ult.




Jayce mid is a breeze for Syndra.  He has only 500 auto-attack range in cannon form, so you can easily harass him whenever he goes to last hit.  Just make sure to play safe whenever his acceleration gate is up, as the movespeed can allow him to get in range to dunk you in hammer form.  Try to stun him if this happens while he's mid-dunk so he doesn't do the damage and doesn't have an opportunity to E you in hammer form either.  Punish him hard with full zoning or heavy harass whenever his acceleration gate is on cooldown.




A good Karma mid will actually be difficult, because she has a shield to shield your harass and it gives her a massive speed boost making it hard to hit skillshots on her.  On top of that, her slow has comparable range to Syndra's Q and does more damage, so you can get outpoked if she is as good or better than you.  Play safe and try to dodge her skills and then abuse her when she's suffering from cooldowns, or ask for jungler ganks.  This is a matchup it might be worth getting 3165_32.png in so you can reduce the healing on her snare (it heals 20% of her missing hp when she initiates the snare and another 20% of her missing HP when the snare procs on you)




Dunk him hard.  Your Q is better than his in almost every way, and you outdamage him at every stage of the game.  Harass him hard and don't let him get farm or he'll become a late-game menace for your team.

I'm changing this matchup to a medium because even though you can always beat a Karthus in lane, he will still be a beast if the game gets to late.  I've had games where I have double Karth's cs and way more kills, but the Karthus ends up doing more damage to champions due to his insane AoE, his passive, and his ult.




After the nerfs Kass isn't so hard in lane -- the lack of a silence completely changes the matchup and allows you to fight back when he tries to combo you.  Just make absolutely sure you have good ward coverage and track his roaming.  He can still be very strong if he gets some kills in side lanes.

That being said after laning phase he's going to become a menace because his damage is crazy high with a ton of mobility.  I've had games where I have double Kass's cs and kills and he just R+Q+E+W kills me before I can do much reacting.




Easy-medium.  You can harass her in lane quite effectively, but she can harass you with her Q as well, and it costs no mana (any smart katarina will go against the meta and max Q in this matchup instead of W).  Just try to harass her down and make sure you don't ever waste your E post-6 until she ults (unless you can guaranteed kill her during the 1.5 second stun), or she will punish your lack of CC with a full duration ult on your face.  Consider taking MR in your runes.




Nightmare matchup.  Her slow can easily punish you if you ever waste any of your CC, she has insanely high burst, and her ult completely negates your ult if she waits to use it until you ult.  Best way to play this matchup is try to stay out of her range.  If you ever see her heal herself, immediately stun her, or she'll catch up to you with her movespeed buff and hit you with a Q for tons of damage.  If you stun her immediately she'll end up wasting the movespeed buff stuck in a stun.  Try to either force out her ult without you using your ult, or get her low enough that you can 1shot her with your ult during the duration of a stun before she gets out and can ult herself.




Harass him for days in lane, stand behind minions so he can't Q you.  If he tries to allin with lightning rush just knock him back (or even better, stun him out of range of you) and laugh as you out-trade him hard.  Beware of his inevitable zhonyas.




Harass him whenever he goes in for CS while ALWAYS saving your E for his jump.  When he inevitably gets tired of getting harassed and tries the all-in method and jumps on you, just stun him and punish him with infinite free harass while he can't even touch you.

This is a matchup that you don't even need armor runes for if you are positioning correctly.  That said I generally still run them for the potential of jungle ganks.

Basically a hard counter matchup.



A good leblanc will be hard for you, but you can outplay her.  I recommend at the very least taking flat MR blues.  Health/lvl yellows are ideal as well.

There are two main things to keep in mind when playing vs leblanc:

The Range Difference

The range on LeBlanc's Q is 700, compared to Syndra's Q which is 800 + the radius of the AoE.  Thus if you are positioning correctly, you can harass her, and the only way she can harass you is if she Ws in to range to Q you.  Now this will happen, which is why no matter how good of a syndra player you are you need MR in this matchup (don't be afraid to buy negatron cloak first item if you're having trouble).

However, the difference in combos is astounding.   If you let her get in Q range and she Q+W+Es you, you're going to take a ton of guaranteed damage even if you dodge her E.  Post-6 it's even worse.  

But if you stay out of range of Q, she has to W in range, and then Q you, and then the only thing she can use (pre-6) to detonate the second half of her Q damage is her E, which is a skillshot.  AKA if you are playing well you can avoid this skillshot and avoid the secondary Q damage altogether, making her full combo really not that much damage at all.   This range difference is why I feel it's so important to run movement speed quints in this matchup.  I find it really helps me skirt that danger zone where I can hit LB and she can't hit me.

Post-6 it's a little more tricky because she will W -> Q -> R -> E, but while the second half of the Q damage is unavoidable (as the R procs it), the second half of the R damage is still avoidable if you dodge the E.

Thus winning this matchup is entirely reliant on two things:
-Stay out of her Q range so she HAS to burn her W to get in range of you in the first place
-Dodge her E (the snare)

If you can do these two things you can win this matchup

The second thing to keep in mind:

The Stun Interrupt

You can interrupt leblanc's W mid-air with your stun (or just your E if you time it right).  This completely negates the damage and prevents it from proccing LB's Q on you.  Thus it's really valuable in this matchup to save your E until LB tries to W towards you.  If you try to waste your E before LB uses her W, really top-tier leblanc players will use their W to the side to dodge your stun, and then will use their R'd W to hit you while your stun is down.  At lower levels especially where leblanc players are consistently predictable, this interaction can largely decide who wins this matchup.


Lee Sin


Melee champ with high burst but very limiting combos.  If you understand lee sin and avoid his Qs and don't let him get in E range of you, you'll win this matchup easily by harassing him constantly.

If you do end up getting hit by his Q, place a sphere in front of yourself (in a line towards the lee), and as soon as you see him start flying towards you drop your stun to hit him mid-air.  If he gets stunned mid-air while using resonating strike towards you it won't do the damage.




Good matchup for syndra.  Just avoid standing directly behind minions so she can't Q you, and spam your Q on her.  Your Q far out-ranges her Q when you aren't standing behind minions for her to extend her Q with.

Then all you have to do is harass/burst her enough that she is forced to waste her ult before you ult, and you can get a free ult on her.

Obviously don't blow your ult on her post-6 if her ult is available or she will just ult herself and take no damage.  The only time this is worth it is if you are losing lane and think it would be more valuable to have lissandra's ult on CD so she can't use it on YOU and thus can't 1shot you




Skill matchup.  Dodge her snare while harassing -> win lane

Get hit by snare and full combo -> lose lane

I recommend taking barrier in this matchup so if you do eventually get hit by a snare you won't die to her E+Q+R combo.  Magic resist runes can be worth it as well to help mitigate her nearly unavoidable E harass




Annoying as hell to deal with.  He'll shove your lane hard into your turret so that you can't just last hit with auto-attacks.  You'll have to waste precious mana spamming the wave with abilities while he just E's the wave once and it bounces from minion to minion.  Post-6 his allin generally beats yours due to the suppression and lack of ability for syndra to fight back, so I'd recommend taking as much MR as you can muster as well as a barrier.  You can't use barrier when suppressed, but usually you can either tell the ult is coming (he drops his W+Q+E all together on you before ulting since he can't cast while ulting) and barrier ahead of time, or often times you will barely live thru his suppression and die afterwards to his E dot+ignite which barrier can sometimes save you from


Master Yi


This matchup used to be annoying when AP Yi existed, but after the rework he's not so bad.  Take armor runes so his alpha strike harass doesn't hit as hard, and just harass him with Q every time he goes to CS.  Make sure never to use your stun while alpha strike is up as he can dodge the stun by becoming untargetable.  Unless he's in kill range it can often be worth it to save your stun for his meditate to interrupt his healing




You can easily harass a morde from range, which makes this a decent matchup overall.  However, he can get to be out of control to the point where it isn't even mana efficient to try to harass him as his shield will eat most of it up.  You need to harass him heavily enough while NOT standing behind minions (so his E is either hitting minions and not harassing you, or is only hitting you and not minions so he gets a very small shield) so that he can't really build up a shield and is scared to come into the minion wave, or else end up focusing on your own farm as you just won't be able to harass him at all if he's too tanky.

Request jungle ganks, he has no escapes and it's easy for you to burst through his shield if you have a little help.




You can very effectively harass a morgana from range, but she will harass you back with W and black shield will make you rage.  Focus on not standing in the minion wave but dodging her Q.  If you aren't in the minion wave and you don't get hit with her Q, she won't be putting her pool on you.  Instead she'll W the minions for max spell vamp with her passive (and to farm the wave), and you won't take harassment.  Make sure to try to burst through her shield with your Qs and W before Eing to get a stun off when the shield is gone and on cooldown.  Beware of the flash ult from her post-6.  If you see this happen try to flash away as soon as you possibly can, because the slow on her ult will make it impossible to escape if you wait too long to flash and she closes the distance on you.  You won't be able to get her off you when she ults because she will have black shield, so I recommend if she just does a big play like flash ulting you level 6 you just IMMEDIATELY ult her back, even if you don't have many spheres up and it won't even come close to killing her.  This will immediately burn through her shield easily as well as put spheres all around her, giving you a GUARANTEED stun on her, allowing you to escape her ult.  You probably won't kill her with a sloppy ult like that, but at least you won't die to her ult+Q+W+ignite combo.




You can pathetically easily harass her, but it's an annoying matchup because all it takes is one spear to hit you (once the nid has some decent ap, otherwise two spears) for you to get low enough that she can catform flash+pounce+swipe+ignite+takedown allin you easily.  Be VERY careful not to get hit by spears and ward liberally to see them coming from the fog of war.  If you don't get hit by spears this is a pathetically easy matchup, but if you get hit expect trouble.  Buy plenty of potions to counteract this.

3165_32.png is not a bad choice in this matchup if you are having trouble with her massive heals (if she's running the new 7.png as most do, morello will help keep that healing reduction active afterwards).

If you're confident in your ability to dodge spears I recommend a rune page with a lot of flat AP so you can successfully burst and kill her early on.




This is technically a skill matchup becase you both have a similar Q, and technically Ori's has 25 more range than yours, but I believe the advantage goes to Syndra because Ori's Q is more predictable: it always has to travel from its current location.  If it's on her you can easily dodge it on its way to you, and if it's out on the field you can predict where it will be coming from/going to based on your own positioning and how Ori is moving/playing the lane.  Your Q, however, is a bit more unpredictable and thus harder for Ori to dodge.

Don't get caught in her ult.  Always run movespeed quints in this matchup, as your entire advantage is based on your ability to out-maneuver her.

Update: After the Syndra nerfs this matchup is quite a bit more difficult.  You need to play very cleanly with your positioning in the early laning phase if you don't want to be set back for the entire game.




Harass him from range, your Q has 200 more range than his spear (+ the aoe radius on your Q added to that).  You should be able to completely dunk him without him ever doing any damage to you.

If you fuck up and he gets in range to stun you, just knock him back as he's jumping to you and you won't even get stunned.  Straight counter matchup.

I will add to this, however, that you need to expect to miss some farm early on.  A diamond level pantheon will stand in front of the creep wave waiting to spear you and jump on you, rather than him just sitting back farming.  If you try to walk forward to auto attack a minion he will q->w->e you, and even if you started with a 19 armor rune page half your hp will be gone.  Thus you have to bite the bullet of having bad cs in this matchup while you whittle him down with Qs from range.  Either force him out of lane so you can farm safely, or if you get him low enough and he stays (most pantheons are greedy as they have to snowball early to win) you can burst him for a kill.




Straight counter matchup.  Ryze's ranges on his Q,W, and E are all 600 (since the recent nerf).  With your 800 range Q you should easily be able to harass him whenever he tries to get CS, and if he tries to be aggressive on you all you have to do is kite and punish him with damage and he will be useless.  His only possible win potential is a flash W with his whole burst combo+ignite, and usually this isn't enough to kill you without a jungler helping him out in a gank unless you were already low when he does this full combo.




Definitely a skill matchup.  This is one of those matchups I like to take the mastery Dangerous Game in, as it can help against his damage-over-time abilities if you burst him but are about to die.

Just like in other matchups where you outrange your opponent, take movespeed quints and focus on harassing him with Q while staying out of range of return harass.  If you ever make the mistake of getting in range for his slow (the beam that comes out of his bird), immediately stun him, as most swains will follow-up the slow with a snare, which you want to avoid desperately.  This way, even if he gets the snare off before you hit the stun, at least he will be stunned far enough away that he can't get in range to hit you with his ult.

If he flashes next to you while you are bursting him make sure to use ignite to mitigate his healing.








One of the hardest counterpicks to syndra in the game.  Stack armor, build RoA as well, overall be as tanky as possible.  Might even want to run a page similar to the 9-12-9 page I use vs Fizz, as unyielding can reduce the damage on his dot.  Merc treads are a great pick up even though he isn't doing magic damage because you can reduce the duration of that pesky silence that is the entire reason the lane is so hard for you.  

If for some reason you think he is about to ult you can ult him and the spheres will follow him while he's invisible so you can tell which direction he is running before the blades even converge on him.




Want to win top lane vs Teemo?  I don't like going Syndra top because you have no escape and you have less access to blue buff, but you sure as hell shit on this poor little yordle.  If he has the audacity to try laning mid you'll give him nightmares that will make him cower back to his homeland of top lane for months to come.


Twisted Fate


Any mediocre or worse TF will have you laughing maniacally as you kill him over and over again, but really good TF players elude me.  They just stand way back in lane playing absurdly safe knowing they won't ever get kills in lane, and they just pick up kills in the side lanes which there is basically nothing I can do about.  I recommend either taking teleport if you are with a coordinated team so you can countergank his ultimates at least some of the time, or if you are in solo queue take ignite and full offense page and do your best to completely dominate the lane so he gets shut down and can't carry the side lanes with powerful ganks.

Buy wards constantly to both see jungle ganks incoming and his roaming to side lanes.  You want to keep the lane pushed into his turret as constantly as possible so that he can't ult to a sidelane without losing his turret or AT LEAST a ton of cs/xp in missed minions, so you need wards to be so pushed up without dying to ganks.




Very difficult.  his stun is much quicker than yours with a similar range, and he can 1-shot you level 6 before you can return any damage.  Play safe and build as much MR/health as possible to not die to his burst.  Once his ult is on CD he's not so scary, so if you live thru that you'll be golden to destroy him.  Mercury's treads should be one of your first items not just for the MR but specifically to get out of his stun before his W hits you.

An alternate/trolly method to play this lane would be to run cleanse for his stun and rush a zhonyas.  Then you can cleanse his stun and zhonyas his ultimate for it to do no damage, and return superior burst to him.  The problem with this is that cleanse has a long cooldown, so if you want to be able to do this, a 3140_32.png is a better choice.

Sometimes I'll just say "fk it" and build damage+sorc shoes in this matchup so I can at least kill veigar quickly, but in that case I usually just die if he ults me (often we kill each other).




Take flat MR blues, you'll need it.  Vel'Koz is one of the few mids that can rival Syndra in bully potential early on in the lane, so I always have the flat magic resist and movespeed to try to avoid as much of his damage as possible while returning harass.  Careful about controlling the lane, as his W doesn't cost much mana and can push very fast.  Once you are both 6, you need to choose engagements wisely.  Only stun him if you have already harassed him enough so that your ult and ignite follow up will kill him, or you might get return killed by his ult's comparable burst.  Thus while harassing if he ever decides to use his ult on you, you can immediately interrupt it with your long range stun.

Careful about where you position yourself in the lane.  If you stand in minions you will get hit by his W when he shoves, but if you stand away from minions you are easier to be hit with Q.  Be constantly moving and dodging while csing and harassing or you'll eat a lot of burst and have a bad time.




Skill matchup.  Try to abuse his cooldowns.  Go super ham when his stun is on CD and as well when his shield is on CD so he can't mitigate your harass.  Don't let yourself get too low when he has ult up.  If he blows a full combo on you it'll be a ton of burst.




Easy, harass him from range and he can't do anything back to you.  His Q is only 600 range compared to your 800+ range Q.

The only things that make vlad good against syndra are that he naturally ends up stacking a lot of health because it scales off his AP, so he's hard to burst, and his pool can nullify the damage from your ult.

It's pretty simple to just heavily harass him hard enough that he either has to get full zoned/recall or has to drop his pool not to die, and then you can just get a free ult off on him once he has wasted his pool.




Skill matchup.  If you dodge his skills you will dunk him with returned damage (also keep in mind he isn't moving when he's casting while you are!).  If you get hit by all his harass you will lose, however, since his harass outranges yours.  I recommend barrier for this matchup and some MR so when he inevitably finally hits you with a stun you don't just die to his 3 ults.

When his stun is on CD and you can get to him, he's very squishy.  Punish his cooldowns.




Skill matchup.  Yasuo can be hard to hit will skillshots due to the dodge potential of his E, but you can also keep your range from him and dodge his 3rd Q, so he has a tough time as well.  Just like any other matchup, focus on farming while harassing him when he goes to CS (but try to predict when he will E through a minion).  Make absolutely certain his Wind Wall is on cooldown before ulting (alternatively use right after a stun so he can't activate it in time).




You can harass zed, but he can just as easily harass you back.  Stack some armor and take barrier and try to deny his CSing.  Make him choose between using his abilities to CS in which you don't get harassed and get harass off on him, or him using his abilities to harass you in which he misses a lot of cs as you can harass him while his abilities are on CD and he can't get near the minion wave.

Don't ult him until he ults you or he will negate the damage by becoming untargetable.  Make sure to stun him ASAP as soon as he ults you so the second tick of damage does as little as possible, and pop barrier to help deal with the burst.




You both have long range harass based on skillshots.  Skill matchup.




Dodge the snare and avoid plant damage while harassing and you win.

Get hit by 1 snare and you lose

Playstyle Tips Back to Top

Note: Some of the most important information in this guide (regarding skill order reasoning, how to perform 6-sphere ults, etc) is located in the "Read Author Notes" section right under "Abilities."  There are also picture guides on how to do these combos in the "Mechanics/Tricks" section.

Laning Phase in Mid:
  • Be hyper-aggressive while trying not to push the lane as best as possible.  This means every single time your opponent comes in to take a cs, try to land a Q on them while (if possible) avoiding their minions with your Q so you don't push and become exposed to jungle ganks.  Don't just sit idly by farming!  You need to take advantage of Syndra's powerful early game to get an advantage over your opponent.
  • Do not use your W or E for harassment unless you know for sure where the enemy jungler is, or if you know you can kill your lane opponent during the duration of the CC.  If you waste your CC for some extra harass damage and the enemy jungler rolls into your lane, you will have no tools to stop him, and since you have no escapes built into your kit you will be forced to 4.png and/or die.
  • While you usually want to setup as many spheres as possible and do the full combo to get a 6 sphere ult, there are occasions against good opponents when it is preferable to not setup as many spheres before stunning them, as if you sit in lane spamming spheres and pick up an old sphere to refresh it in preparation for an ult, any good player is going to know you want to ult them and they'll just back off.  Gauge the skill of your opponent and how well they understand Syndra by first trying the full setup of a 6-sphere ult.  If they don't properly back off and you land the stun, you can easily 6-sphere ult them and pick up a free kill.  If they do back off, prepare to be a little more sneaky for your next attempt by not having as many spheres at the ready.
  • If you aren't good at setting up combos to 6-sphere ult, take this general rule of thumb to ensure you are at least achieving 5 sphere ults: before ulting make sure you are using Q on cooldown, and always as a rule of thumb time your ult right after you place a Q.  If you have been using Q regularly this will always ensure at least a 5-sphere ult, so you don't get those weak 4-sphere ults that really aren't utilizing your potential damage.
  • PLACE WARDS!  I try to maintain a pink ward constantly on the map near my lane and abuse the warding trinket constantly.  Syndra has no escapes, so you really can't afford to be caught off guard unless the enemy jungler has no gap closer, like 77_64.png or 106_64.png, whom you can easily stun when they enter your lane.
  • BUY POTIONS!  You have no built-in sustain, and you need to be healthy to regularly trade with your opponent.  Everyone makes mistakes, so buy some potions to make sure if you make a mistake and take some return damage in lane you can heal it up and continue trading.
  • Stay in the back and position carefully.  It usually isn't worth getting auto attacks off as they aren't much damage and put you closer to danger than you'd generally like to be.  You're very squishy and have no mobility, so if you get caught you're probably dead.  In general you should be moving forward to cast abilities, and standing back while they are on cooldown.
  • In general, try to use your W and E together for a multi-sphere stun as shown in the Mechanics/Tricks section.  Using these regularly can carry your team by stunning many enemies with a wide AoE.
  • If an important target such as the enemy ADC pokes his head out too far, try to setup a stun with multiple spheres ready to immediately burst them down using your DFG+ultimate and take them out of the fight.  Ideally have a 3157_32.png at this point because when you get close enough to ult the carry you will usually get jumped on.  If you are good enough at landing multi-sphere stuns you can actually stun the entire enemy team, walk up and ult the carry, and then walk out unscathed while the supports/tanks are still stunned.
  • If your ADC is relatively fed and he is getting jumped on, it can often be better to stay with him and provide stuns/slows to peel for him rather than go in to stun/ult the enemy backline.  While you shouldn't be afraid to ult someone diving your carry if it will save their life, be aware that if the enemy team has a very fed hyper-carry, it might be more valuable to save it for them.

Mechanics/Tricks Back to Top

How to steal blue buff:
  • First it's important to understand how vision works with Syndra's abilities.  Your Q does not grant vision.  Your E grants vision of any targets it hits (but not the general area it shoots to), including with the stun targets (not just the knockback targets).  Your W provides vision of the place it will land as soon as you launch it.
  • Thus your first instinct may be to check the opponent's blue buff with your W, but the far superior method is to use your E to check/get vision of the blue, then use your W to pull it over the wall and safely do it (ideally with a ward in the bush above) on the other side as shown below:
1: Place your Q where blue buff would be:
2: Immediately follow this up with an E over the wall as you place your Q to stun the blue buff in place:
3: This will grant vision of blue (if it still exists there) as shown:
4: Use your W on the blue you now have vision of to pick it up:
5: Place it next to you against the blue buff wall to ensure it is close enough to the wall not to de-aggro and run back around to its spawn zone, and then freely kill it:

Visual Guide on 6 Sphere Ultimate (even at 0% cdr):
1: Place a Q
2: Place a 2nd Q (in this particular screenshot you'll notice I also E the Q to stun the annie off me, which is why the sphere is differently located in future screenshots):Syndra6Sphere02.png
3: Target your W on the original sphere (the one with the pulsing white outline):
4: Pick up the original sphere and throw it back down (holding it longer doesn't increase its lifespan):
5: Drop a 3rd Q:
6: Immediately use your ultimate to avoid the now-decaying spheres from dying pre-cast:
7: Enjoy the different formations of spheres your ultimates make depending on the number of spheres and positioning :)

Visual guide on 7 Sphere Ultimate (Either 30+% CDR, Rank 5 Q, or Rank 5 W required - otherwise 6 Sphere is max):
With W Maxed:
-With the new syndrapassive.pngTranscendent passive on syndraW.png(W), you can pick up 3 spheres with one W once you have it leveled to rank 5.  This allows you to very easily keep alive enough spheres to perform a 7-sphere ult.  You are limited by the need for the spheres to be close together to all be picked up, however, so you need to plan ahead for when you are setting up spheres to be used in this way during a fight.

With Q Maxed:
-The new syndrapassive.pngTranscendent passive on syndraQ.png(Q) makes your spheres last for 8 seconds instead of 6 (including when you refresh their duration with syndraW.png(W)), making it much easier to setup high-sphere ultimates.  With any CDR above 0% you can perform a 7-sphere ult as long as you have your Q at rank 5.

1: Place a Q
2: Place a 2nd Q
3: Wait for the first sphere's edge to pulse white and pick it up with W (and then throw it down again after):
4: Place a 3rd Q
5: Place a 4th Q (you'll notice I ult so fast after placing Q I can't even get a screenshot of the sphere in existence, as it gets pulled into the ultimate the moment it materializes):
6: Use your ultimate immediately to prevent the 2nd sphere (now oldest after you W'd the first) from dying:
7: Revel in your mastery of Syndra's ultimate and enjoy the SICK DEEPS and pretty formations your ultimate produces:
(Note that I was using a build that had no damage in it vs a bot with a lot of MR so it doesn't do much damage, but with a proper build in a real game if you pull off a 7-sphere ultimate both you and your opponent will FEEL the damage)

How to perform a simple on-the-go 2-sphere stun:
1: Place a sphere anywhere (the whole point is to do this on the fly, so you're not just waiting to setup 2 spheres next to each other which is predictable for your opponents):
2: Wait for your Q to be off CD and pick up the first sphere with W:
3: Throw down the first sphere in a location you want to line up a stun while simultaneously placing a Q right next to the throw location:
4: Immediately E the two spheres as you are placing the 2nd Q to stun as quickly as possible with very little time for your opponents to react and a large AoE of almost unavoidable stun:

How to perform the 3-sphere stun (great for sieging, controlling objectives, carrying a teamfight):
1: Q anywhere (again, this first one will be picked up and moved so the positioning is not important other than it be in range of you to W when you get to the place you want to setup the stun):
2: Q in the location you want to control with your stun:
3: Pick up the first sphere as it is pulsing white and about to die:
4: Throw this W'd sphere next to the 2nd sphere and simultaneously Q to place a 3rd sphere in a line with the other 2:
5: Immediately E as quickly as possible to both reduce possible reaction times from opponents and prevent the original two spheres from dying (this massive stun has a huge skill cap in placement and can single handedly carry teamfights on an 8-10 second cooldown lategame depending on your CDR):
(Note you can perform the 3-sphere stun in a much wider cone/spread once you max your E/Scatter The Weak due to its Transcendent passive)

With the new syndrapassive.pngTranscendent Passive bonus on syndraW.png(W), it's easy to setup 4-sphere stuns:

Practice these stuns!  In my opinion these multi-sphere stuns are the most OP thing about Syndra and are also what separate the good Syndras from the great Syndras!

Support Syndra Back to Top

There are two main ways to play support syndra that I will discuss:

Support Syndra Type A:

This Syndra support is all about the CC.  It focuses on maxing E for lower cooldown so you can make plays with your AD as often as possible, as well as have a shorter duration of weakness between stuns.  This Syndra is all about burst trades rather than slow harass over the course of the lane.  This is the type of Support Syndra I personally like to play the most.  It is especially effective with ADCs that have good burst/mobility to follow up on your stuns.


Marks/Reds - Hybrid Pen.  These are still the best given the amount of auto harass that goes on bot lane
Seals/Yellows - Armor/Health.  I've been liking a mix of the two lately, but alternately you can take full armor.
Glyphs/Blues - 6 CDR blues will give you 5% CDR (plus masteries starts you at 15% level 1 which is insane), and then I run mana regen (flat, not scaling) for the remaining 3.  If you are playing against another AP burst support you should probably instead run a full set of flat magic resist.
Quints - Movement speed.  Positioning is still key with Syndra.  You can swap these out for AP if your playstyle isn't as mobile as mine.


4-5-21 - Utility/CDR Support Page:
  • Getting Sorcery for 4 points in the offense tree helps in conjunction with Intelligence so that you start with 10% CDR (or 15% if you have the recommended CDR runes) and can spam stuns more often
  • Unyielding and Block really help deal with the auto-attack trading that happens in the bot lane
  • Fleet of Foot helps keep you out of harm's way and allows you to setup stuns more easily
  • I wouldn't take Inspiration as when you do the math the experience gained is almost useless.  It's really not worth the two points.
  • Wanderer helps you to ward, get back to lane, roam to help allies, etc.

Skill Order


  • With Type A, you should be maxing E, then W, then Q.  You won't have much AP or mana regen earlygame, so Q spamming to harass in lane isn't worth it.  It's better to max E first so you lower the cooldown, as when you stun is when you make plays in a syndra support bot lane.  Then max W for the lowered cooldown on that as well, as you really are a walking utility/burst bot for your adc.  Make sure to still get Q level 1 and E level 2 so starting level 2 you can hit AoE stuns on bot lane and go HAM.
  • If you are less confident in your ability to snowball early lane, you can cheese by starting W and then using trinket to get vision of enemy jungler buff.  You can then pull it over the wall when they are ~50% done with it and let it reset when your W runs out.  This will severely hinder the enemy jungler, as he will be way behind on jungle timing, and will also have to kill the buff from scratch with no leash (as the laners will have to leave to get to lane without missing XP).  This becomes even more devastating if the jungler uses their smite right as the buff spawns (as some people do in the current season to get the gromp/krug buff).  Note that if you do this build, you have almost no lane presence so you and your ADC need to play coward-mode until you hit level 3 and can stun.  You have to be aware of the fact that you are giving up potential early bullying in lane in favor of crippling the enemy jungler and thus relieving pressure on the rest of your team for the earlygame.  Also if you do this start make sure to communicate with your jungler, as they can really easily invade the enemy's other buff safely as the enemy jungler will be so slow to clear.


  • Just because you are an AP burster does not mean you don't have to buy 2049_32.png.  Wards are mandatory for all supports, and 2049_32.png gives you more theoretical Gold/10 than 3096_32.png or 3098_32.png in the cost of the wards you don't have to individually buy to keep your bot lane safe (and later in the game your whole team).
  • 3098_32.png is a great early item with some AP, mana regen, and most importantly the passive that not only gives you gold when you harass but also does extra bonus damage to help your harass hit that much harder.  It can be less gold income than ancient coin, and the Frost Queen's Claim that it builds into isn't as good as the Talisman of Ascension, but since the CDR on talisman was nerfed by 10% I don't think it's worth it.
  • You should be buying 3111_32.png, or if you aren't at risk of getting caught with CC, buy 3020_32.png for more damage.  3158_32.png is actually now a good choice given that DFG was removed from the game and you won't hit 40% CDR without Ionian boots.
  • You can consider 3041_32.png if your lane is snowballing to give yourself a great amount of AP and burst, but keep in mind you have no escapes and this will make you a high priority target for the enemy team.  With the new changes so that you lose half the stacks (instead of the old third) this is a lot riskier.  You better have stellar positioning and a fierce resistance to greed if you're going to try mejais on support syndra.
  • 3151_32.png can be a great item as in teamfights you'll often be with your ADC helping peel for them, and the %HP damage will help shred through the tanks diving them.
An example of my typical finished build: 3128_32.png3157_32.png3092_32.png2045_32.png3135_32.png3265_32.png3364_32.png


  • Level 1: Defend your adc and help push the wave with auto attacks onto healthy minions (do not auto minions below half hp as you risk messing up your adc's last hitting).  Do not use Q to help push the wave.  Instead watch for the enemy adc going to farm and time your Q on the spot he will walk to max range auto attack the minion.  This will likely either hit or force them to miss the cs to dodge your damage.  Do not lose sight of pushing to ensure you hit level 2 on par or ahead of the enemy bot lane.
  • Level 2: If you hit 2 first, look to setup a stun ASAP on either the adc, support, or ideally both.  Make sure your adc knows this is going to happen ahead of time so they have time to react and put damage in during the stun.  If you hit 2 at equal times just continue Q harassing and try to setup 2 spheres side-by-side to try to stun the adc and support at the same time to allow your adc a completely free trade.  You shouldn't hit 2 after the enemy bot lane if you and your adc are pushing properly, but if for some reason you do (maybe you're behind from an invade or something or you make a big mistake in a level 1 trade and are low), just sit back and play coward farm.  In this case don't try to setup a stun on your opponents but instead save it for when your opponents try to go in on you or your adc.  At that point use your stun reactively to gain the upper hand.
  • Level 3: This is when great support syndras will really shine.  Now that you have your W, you can do the multi-sphere on-the-go stun explained in the Mechanics/Tricks section.  This will allow you all but guaranteed stuns on a single target regardless of dodge direction, or possible double stuns even if the enemy adc and support aren't on top of each other.  You should be abusing this to either bully your opponents off cs/out of lane or get kills.
  • Level 6: If you setup a 6 sphere ult properly with a multisphere stun and your adc helps with some damage of his own you should be getting guaranteed kills at this point if the enemy bot lane gets near you unless you are reaaaaally far behind.
  • Midgame: Look to roam and use your cc/burst to help out other lanes.  Ward up key choke points on the map and try to provide your team vision and utility.  Don't shy away from taking kills; you can carry very hard from support role with syndra.  Kills just put you that much closer to your DFG, void, zhonya etc.
  • Lategame: Support the most fed person on your team, or the person most likely to succeed.  This means if your adc is 1-9 and your mid is 15-2, say sorry Ezzy but you gotta fend for yourself while I peel for this massive TF.  However, if your adc is 7-7 and your mid laner is 10-5 but you duo with your adc and know they can bring the pain in teamfights, it's probably better to stick with them.  If you are the most fed person on your team, you need to play very carefully to not get caught and just play as you would as mid syndra.

Support Syndra Type B:

This Syndra more closely resembles my Mid Syndra in playstyle.  You focus more on steady harass with Qs in lane and save stun for either defense against an all-in from your opponents (likely to try to prevent your poke from wearing them down), or for an all-in of your own if you see an opportunity to blow summoners or pick up a kill.


Really most of the runes are the same as Type A, but rather than wanting CDR blues to be able to stun more often, you're better off with AP so the steady Q harass is as effective as possible.  Take flat AP glyphs if you don't need magic resist.  You want flat AP instead of scaling because it's your damage in the early levels that's going to decide what state you're in by midgame.


9-0-21 support.png
9-0-21 - For the most part this is the same as Type A.  If relying more on Q harass than all-ins with your adc, you're going to want the extra AP from the 9th point in the offense tree rather than defense against auto attacks.

Skill Order

Skill as if playing Mid Syndra, shown near the top of this guide.  You are maxing Q because your focus while laning should be on your Q harass.  Keep in mind this will give you a nice power spike each time you level your Q, especially when it is maxed (due to the transcendent passive).  


For Type B you are going to want a tear ASAP or you won't be able to support the continued Q harass and still be able to cc for your adc etc.  My build path would probably be: 3303_32.png2003_32.pngs -> 3070_32.png  -> 2049_32.png -> 3092_32.png -> 3020_32.png (unless you need merc treads).  From there your final build will always have 5 core items: 3092_32.png3020_32.png2045_32.png3135_32.png3040_32.png.  For the 6th (but not usually the last you would build), there are a few options:
3165_32.png - With 10% cdr in masteries, and 10% from 3092_32.png, this gives a perfect 40% cdr and allows you to be a sustained damage/cc battlemage in teamfights.
3128_32.png - Be able to destroy a single target consistently.  
3157_32.png - is Seraph's shield not enough to keep you alive?  Pick up a zhonyas if you're getting focused hard and dying.  Don't forget to use both (but not at the same time!)
3089_32.png - Do you want to just do as much damage as possible?  Feel the burn when you W someone with this
3151_32.png - This can be a good item vs a team with a lot of tanks jumping on your carry.  WIth your CC they'll take double liandry's damage and get shredded.
3041_32.png - Keep it classy


  • Early levels the playstyle is the same as Type A.
  • Be aware you will have a nice power spike every time you level your Q, especially when you max it due to the Transcendent passive bonus.  Abuse these power spikes.
  • During laning phase you want to focus on your Q harass consistently, and reserve your stun for one of the following three circumstances:
  1. The enemy jungler and/or mid laner shows up.  Luckily you were smart and saved your E while you were just Q harassing, so you stun the ganker(s) and hopefully escape as a result.
  2. The enemy bot lane tries to initiate an all-in against you (this will happen a lot as people will get fed up with your Q poke and will want to try to force a quick fight).  Try to use your W with another Q to setup a multi-sphere stun (shown in the Mechanics/Tricks section and explained in the Abilities section) and peel for your ADC and yourself.  If you hit the double stun you can probably turn the fight and win unless you were very far behind or your ADC does not put in damage.
  3. Your opponents expose themselves to a possible stun and are weak enough/without summoners such that you can kill them or force them out of lane with the stun and there is thus no chance of them chasing after you and punishing you for stun being on cooldown.
  • Since you have tear, your mana pool is big enough that leading up to and during fights you can be spamming a lot of spells, which allows you to consistently use 6/7 sphere ults.  Type A can't do this as well because you simply run out of mana too fast when spamming Qs if you don't have a tear.  When you buy tear, you're giving up potential AP you could have bought instead, but you can still make your ult do more damage by abusing your mana pool to make sure you are getting a lot of spheres setup for your ult.
  • Utilize your mana pool to more consistently setup multi-sphere stuns whether laning, ganking, teamfighting, or sieging.

General Support Syndra Tips

  • Nowadays the bot lane is different, so you don't have to start with 2044_32.png and 2043_32.png.  With trinkets now you can get away with forgoing wards.  I think 3303_32.png and potions is currently the best start, as you get a lot of extra damage for your lane harass, as well as some extra gold and mana regen.  If you really want to cheese you can start 1056_32.png, but keep in mind if you don't get early kills you will be behind from not having the extra income spellthief's edge gives.
  • Buy potions frequently.  You have no built-in sustain, so if you get poked by the enemy support/adc, you'll be too low to engage.  134_64.png does NOT work as a defensive support to sit around helping your adc farm.  All you have is a slow+stun... no heals or shields or anything like that.  Thus you need to make sure you are always healthy enough to go all-in, or the lane will be lost by being forced to play passive.
  • Make sure to communicate your playstyle with your ADC and ensure they are on the same page as you.  Key things to note to your ADC:
  1. Compared to many other supports your level 1 is weak for all-ins, so don't go ham like some ADCs like to do.
  2. You get stun level 2, so make sure the ADC is aware and ready to follow-up when you land a stun.  Nothing is worse as support syndra than landing a stun on the enemy ADC+support only to have your adc sit there continuing to farm.
  3. When stun is on cooldown you are extremely vulnerable and weak as a lane overall.  This means if you miss a stun, your adc needs to be aware that if your opponents are smart you will be zoned until stun is back off cooldown.  Don't try to go in and take tons of damage to get a few cs, as it will make you unable to all-in on your next stun and will cripple your lane.  Take the loss of a few cs if necessary knowing that you will more than make up the gold with the kills you'll get soon enough.
  4. If you hit a stun but don't get kills out of it and the trade goes relatively evenly (or even a little in your favor), your adc should still refer to #3 and be passive until the next stun is up
  5. Make sure your ADC is aware of the absolutely stupid burst capability you have level 6 so that you can immediately go all-in and get kills
  6. Ideally be on voice chat with your ADC if you are duoing and call out something like "Stunning Jinx!" before you go for a stun to give your ADC time to react and position for follow up damage.
  • Try to hit multi-target stuns as consistently as possible.  Stunning the ADC 67_64.png doesn't do you that much good if the support 117_64.png is free to polymorph your adc in return.  If the enemies are staying too far apart to double-stun with just one sphere, refer to the Force of Will-based double sphere stun combo explained in the abilities section.  This becomes MUCH easier at level 9 when your Scatter the Weak is maxed and the cone doubles in width.
  • It's good once you're level 3+ to get into the habit of always doing multi-sphere stuns, even if you are only trying to hit one target (refer to the Mechanics/Tricks section on 2-sphere stuns).  This will eliminate the possibility of your opponent juking you or you missing, and will make you win lane much more consistently against good players.
  • If you are out of wards and your wards have expired, do not use your stun aggressively (unless you know guaranteed you will get a kill out of it immediately).  If you waste your stun trying to be aggressive and the enemy jungler shows up, your lane will get double-killed.  Don't underestimate the effectiveness of a multi-sphere stun to completely shut down a jungle gank and the enemy bot lane.
  • If there is an enemy 89_64.png or an enemy 59_64.png jungle (or other similar champions), be ready at all times to use your Scatter the Weak to interrupt their gapcloser.  If you get practiced at this you can easily stop them in their tracks before they get onto your ADC and lock them down.
  • Once you have dominated your lane make it your priority to rally your team and group to siege turrets.  Your multi-sphere stuns and high damage when combined with the follow-up from your team (and their protection as well) will allow you to turn a won lane into a won game if your team cooperates and works together.

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Hi, I'm orb.  My stream is

My twitter is
My favorite champions are high skill-cap champs like 134_64.png64_64.png76_64.png34_64.png412_64.png79_64.png161_64.png69_64.png
I used to commentate professional Starcraft 2 matches.  I then switched over to being more serious about League of Legends, and I quickly climbed from Silver to Diamond using mostly Syndra (though I play every role).  She's my favorite champion, and I genuinely believe she's actually overpowered (it's just no one seems to know how to use her!).  I even watch pro OGN matches where korean players like SSONG and Faker misplay with Syndra and miss out on kills by doing 4-sphere ults instead of the available 6-sphere ult, etc.  Nowadays, though, I work full-time in a restaurant and don't have as much time for League.  I still stream when I'm off work sometimes, but I'm not as good as I used to be when I had the time to practice more.

I also see a lot of misplays with Syndra on pro streams, where players get her W level 2 and max W second even though it is inferior in pretty much every way, so I decided to make this guide to show you guys how to really utilize Syndra to her fullest potential.

Please leave any comments/questions you have below!

Please note my LolKing Syndra stats include the many ranked games I have played with Support Syndra, which skews the kills to be lower, generally the deaths to be higher, and the CS to be much lower (but I'm still over 200 average despite 20%+ support games in there)

Check out my stream and you're sure to see some Syndra action live!  If you don't see me playing Syndra, feel free to request me to play her in chat, as I'm usually quite receptive to the request (unless I'm playing a normal, in which case playing my main feels mean spirited)!

Thanks for reading and I hope you guys have a blast playing my favorite champion!

If there are just two main things you should get good at with syndra, it's mastering the multi-sphere stun (combos shown with picture guides in the Mechanics/Tricks section), and getting good at consistently landing 6-7 sphere ults instead of being lazy and hitting 3/4/5 sphere ults (also located in the Mechanics/Tricks section).

Best of luck :D


Changelog Back to Top

7-25-2013 - Released guide the day after I hit platinum after I went 3-0 in my promotional series with 3 Syndra games (1 Syndra support game 2 Syndra mid games)

7-27-2013 - Added Playstyle Tips section with overall advice on how to play your lane for both Mid and Support.

7-31-2013 - Added Mechanics/Tricks section with picture-guided tutorials on how to steal blue buff effectively, how to 6-sphere and 7-sphere ult, and how to do multi-sphere stuns (CHECK THIS OUT IT'S REALLY HELPFUL!)

7-31-2013 - Added information on why the 1004_32.png1004_32.png  start is terrible and should never be used.
8-1-3013 - Added Brand matchup after playing against a diamond brand in ranked yesterday

8-24-2013 - Updated a few of the matchups

9-9-2013 - Updated the runes section to use defensive runes by default and list the offensive yellows/blues as an alternate when playing against an easy lane opponent.

11-5-2013 - Just hit diamond :D Went 3-0 in my promo series (2 games with Syndra 1 with Nidalee)

11-11-2013 - Adjusted some formatting and changed a few matchups

11-20-2013 - Due to many newer Syndra players on the ladder following Bjergsen's Syndra build of rushing 3174_32.png into 3089_32.png instead of getting a 3128_32.png, I added a section on the math of which item choice will give you a better damage output in a 100-0 execution combo

11-25-2013 - Updated the Masteries section with the new 3.14 patch mastery setups.

12-12-2013 - Updated the Runes section to list Hybrid Pen marks as the best choice and updated the descriptions of alternate builds.

12-24-2013 - Updated support item information for Season 4 support items, and updated some matchups.

3-29-2014 - Added Yasuo matchup

4-11-2014 - Added Swain matchup (not sure how this one slipped by until now!)

4-13-2014 - Updated the runes section to reflect the recent patch changes

4-27-2014 - Updated a few matchups and masteries

5-1-2014 - Syndra Support seems especially powerful this season.  I've updated all of the sections that include info on Support Syndra to reflect the current best builds.  P.S. Thanks for 1 million views everyone :)  I'm glad you all like the guide!

5-2-2014 - Updated the Abilities part of the guide to reflect my change in build to now skill W level 3 instead of a second rank in Q, and added the reasoning why.

5-28-2014 - Added Vel'Koz matchup

6-8-2014 - Adjusted default masteries to reflect the fact that I take Dangerous Game over Spell Weaving

7-9-2014 - Updated runes

10-8-2014 - Thanks for 2 million views guys, seems Syndra is getting more popular!  Hope you enjoyed the guide and learned a lot :)

11-13-2014 - Added alternate build paths for no-tear DFG rush and sustained damage battle-mage Syndra.

1-9-2015 - Updated Support Syndra.  Added its own section, consolidated all pertaining information, added some more info as well as Type B Support Syndra.

1-31-2015 - Removed section on DFG math as DFG was removed from the game.  

2-1-2015 - Updated items section to reflect current builds now that DFG doesn't exist anymore.  Updated a few small things throughout the guide

6-8-2015 - Updated Masteries section to reflect the changes to Meditation and that I now run 21-9-0 as a result.

6-14-2015 - Updated Leblanc matchup.  After her nerfs she's not very hard to play against unless the leblanc player is a god.

7-19-2015 - Fixed an error in the items section

2-17-2016 - Updated the mastery section and some other minor parts for season 6

2-22-2016 - Added some more season 6 updates

2-24-2016 - Completely revamped the items section to reflect my views on season 6 item choices

5-15-2016 - Some minor updates, preparing to work on updating the guide for the Mid-Season Mage Update 

5-16-2016 - Starting some work on the MSMU changes

5-17-2016 - Finished updating Abilities section for the MSMU changes

5-18-2016 - Adding animated gifs to the Mechanics/Tricks section.  Some minor item section updates

6-22-2016 - Added more animated gifs and updated the Mechanics/Tricks section.
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