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2 years ago

Syndra Statistics for Ebzz

Author's performance with Syndra compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

I basically take 14.png +  4.png in almost every situation. If you're not feeling confident, you can replace 14.png with 3.png(strong versus assassins such as Zed), 21.png, or even 7.png, but I usually wouldn't recommend it.

14.png Makes your all-in's stronger, putting insane pressure on anyone trying to take you on.

3.png Allows you to deal with champs who want to 1v1 you. There aren't many that do though, and even then I prefer higher burst over negating theirs.

21.png Allows you to survive heavy bust. Can be useful against champs like Leblanc, Zed, etc. Still, I don't feel that you need it. you can just stun them and kill them before they kill you, anyway.

7.png Gives you less mid-fight(assuming they ignite you on time.), but gives you the ability to save an ally, and gives you more survivability in the late game, due to the movespeed. Still, I prefer a strong early game over a strong late game on Syndra, since she struggles when behind.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

You can fiddle around with your masteries a bit if you'd like, but here's my usual build, explained starting at the top of the Ferocity down, then from the top of the Cunning tree down.

Ferocity talents

Sorcery: pretty obvious, ability damage > AS

Feast: Grants you some extra sustain in lane. 2% increased damage taken and done is nice, but it doesn't actually provide you with a better all-in, unless you were already able to win it to begin with. As for the new mastery, Expose Weakness, I'm not sure if it's worth to take right now. It adds more damage to your jungler's ganks, but since it doesn't stack, if a whole team takes it, 3 people are basically wasting a mastery.

Natural Talent: IMO 0.83 AP per level outclasses 2% spell vamp, but neither talent is very significant.

Oppressor: Somewhat debatable, but since you have a built-in stun and slow to trigger the damage bonus, this talent isn't outclassed until you have 3 unique champion kills, at which point, honestly, you should already be in good shape. I would suggest going for Oppressor's early power instead.

Cunning talents

Savagery: Another debatable talent, but if you still miss last-hits in the early game, it's 100% the way to go. Early last hits are incredibly important for your succes rate, and the 3% move speed out of combat is honestly not that useful compared to the few hundred gold this talent could rack you up if you miss last-hits often. I personally go for this talent, simply because I'm not good enough to last-hit minions with a near-perfect succes rate.

Assassin: Also debatable, it gives you a 2% damage increase in lane (not accounting for when your jungler ganks), which can help an all-in champion such as Syndra immensely. Still, there are plenty of pro's going for biscuits as well, which does help you sustain a bit in lane. Up to personal preference, mostly.

Merciless: Not really up for debate: 5% increased damage to champions below 40% health is sick, and considerably more important than mana regen.

Dangerous Game: Again, not debatable, the alternative is a support mastery.

Intelligence: Highly debatable. I see a lot of pro's go for the magic penetration instead, and both masteries are great choices. Thing is, I see the truly outstanding midlaners (faker etc.) take the intelligence buff, and I am personally a big fan of it as well. I won't go in too much detail on this, but I would say go with whichever one feels right to you.

Thunderlord's Decree: Pretty much always better than Stormraider's. Huge damage spike for syndra. Try to utilize it whenever you can.

Abilities Back to Top



Remember never to pick a spell at level 1 until you need it. Learn to use Ctrl+Q/W/E/R to level it instead of clicking it. This will help you immensely. 

You may need E if they jump you at level 1. You may need W if you know you can reset their first jungle camp halfway through. If you don't meet anyone pre-1:55, I suggest you take W at level 1. With Q's base damage having been nerfed by 20 at rank 1, you'd be better off harassing with W at level 1.

Syndra%20Transendence.jpg Transcendent

Each of Syndra's abilities gain an extra effect at maximum rank.

Dark Sphere: Deals 15% bonus damage to champions.
Force of Will: Increases slow duration by 33%
Scatter the Weak: Spell Width increased by 50%
Unleashed Power: Spell Range increased by 75

I love this passive. The power spike it gives you at level 9 is insane. 15% extra damage on your Q will be enough to all-in pretty much anyone at this point in the game.

Aside from this, the spell width of your E increasing will be very helpful in teamfights, especially if you combo your ult with your E. The extra range on Unleashed Power helps you stay safe as well.

The extra slow duration doesn't do much for you. Scatter the weak only slows for 1.5 seconds anyway, adding 0.5 seconds to that isn't that big. Still, a nice addition nonetheless.

syndra-dark-sphere.png Dark Sphere

Conjures a Dark Sphere at a target location, dealing magic damage. Lasts 6 seconds.

Ready to play with your balls?

Always max Q. There is literally no situation where I don't do this.

This is Syndra's bread and butter ability. High damage, low cooldown, low mana cost, what more could you ask for? not to mention that it doesn't interrupt movement!

Let's lay down the facts:

  • Dark Sphere costs a mere 40 mana at rank 1. It increases by 10 mana per rank, up to 80 mana.
  • Dark Sphere deals 50 base damage, and increases by 45 per rank.
  • Dark Sphere has a mere 4 second cooldown.
  • Dark Sphere has a 0.6 AP ratio (0.69 with Transcendent).
  • Dark Sphere has 800 range.
  • Dark Sphere lasts for 6 seconds.
  • Dark Sphere's damage increases by 15% once it reaches rank 5.
  • Dark Sphere doesn't interrupt movement

In lane, you want to try and punish your lane opponent with this. Usually, if that entitled bastard of a lane opponent thinks he can murder one of my minions, I tend to blast him with a Q+auto combo for a free bit of damage. It only cost a small amount of mana to do. The damage earlygame has been nerfed, but it still does a good amount of harass.

In teamfights, you want to spam this if you have blue buff, so you can set up stun initiations and 6/7 orb ultimates easily. The damage on it will remain very high, which accounts for most of Syndra's scaling.

It's range is quite good, but Syndra's lack of escape makes it risky to use before the fight starts, even if it's on their tanks. For the most part, don't try to harass pre-teamfight as much as try to set up your stun.

When chased or chasing, throw this freely, it won't slow you down since there's no animation to hinder you.

Syndra Force of Will.png Force of Will

Grabs a Dark Sphere, enemy minion or neutral monster for 5 seconds. Re-cast to throw it to a target area, dealing magic damage and slowing enemies by 1.5 seconds.

Bow to me, mortals.

Some people max W second. It's not that bad. I prefer E, since a reduced stun cooldown is huge, and W's mana cost increases as you put points in it.

Alright so here's what Force of Will is all about:

  • Force of Will costs 60 mana at rank 1, and increases by 10 mana per rank.
  • Force of Will deals 80 base damage, and increases by 40 per rank.
  • Force of Will slows by 25% + 5% per rank for 1.5 seconds.
  • Force of Will has a 12 second cooldown, decreasing by 1 sec per rank.
  • Force of Will goes on cooldown upon throwing it. So holding on to it will effectively make the CD longer.
  • Force of Will has a 0.7 AP ratio. 
  • Force of Will has 925 range when picking up things, and a 950 range when throwing them.
  • Force of Will refreshes your dark sphere's duration.
  • Force of Will's slow duration increases to 2 seconds once it reaches rank 5.

Essentially, Force of Will is used for 3 things:
In the laning phase, it will often be your engage tool. Either Q the enemy laner, or Q randomly and wait for it to come off cooldown, then W onto him. Don't use it for harass too often, it drains mana like a mofo.

In teamfights, you will usually use it for flat damage. You don't really worry much about the slow (unless you're kiting away). Try to grab the orb you used the earliest, since it resets the timer. 

The third use of Force of Will is that it allows you to refresh your Dark Sphere. Keep in mind that your ult hits harder the more orbs you have to the maps, so you can use this to set up for an extra bit of damage on your ult. The timer is reset upon grabbing it, so it doesn't matter if you hold on to it or not.

As an added bonus, if you throw blue buff at an enemy, it will refund 10 mana and the CD will be reduced by 1 seconds. If you throw red buff at an enemy, it applies red buff.

Like Dark Sphere, you can freely use this while chasing or being chased. It doesn't stop movement.

Syndra Scatter the Weak.png Scatter the Weak

Knocks enemies and Dark Spheres back, dealing magic damage and stunning anything that collides with the Spheres.

Everything that's not Syndra is weak, so you're basically going to scatter everything.

I max this second in nearly all of my games. The reduced cooldown on your stun is immense, and the wider cone at rank 5 is very helpful as well.

Let's look at Scatter the Weak's facts:

  • Scatter the Weak costs a flat 50 mana.
  • Scatter the Weak deals 70 base damage, plus 45 per level.
  • Scatter the Weak knocks enemies back without orbs and stuns for 1.5 seconds with an orb.
  • Scatter the Weak has a 18 second cooldown, decreasing by 1.5 seconds per rank.
  • Scatter the Weak has a 0.4 AP ratio.
  • Scatter the Weak has 700 range. More details on the range below.
  • Scatter the Weak's spell width increases by 50% at rank 5.
  • Scatter the Weak's knockback on enemies decreases the further they are away.
  • Scatter the Weak's knockback on spheres is constant. It always pushes them a set distance.

Alright so let's look at some important things to note about Scatter the Weak.
First off, it's mana cost is a flat 50. This, combined with the stun, makes it perfect for harassing lane opponents. 

The interactions between your spheres is very important.
Here's the deal: your sphere has a diameter of roughly 200 units. This means that you can use a max range Q, then E it without trouble.
You can't, however, use a max range W into E. W range is simply too long, so you'll have to either walk up a bit, or throw it slightly closer.

You can initiate super hard and super easily with your QE combo. The range will reach roughly 1300 units, which is an immense amount of range to cover with a stun. This makes Syndra so deadly in solo queue. So many games are carried due to a Syndra player hitting a max range stun on a squishy, and then blowing him up before he can react.

So basically, Jarvan jumping you? Lee sin jumping you? Vi jumping you?(doesn't work on ult) Rengar jumping you? Shyvana jumping you? THROW YOUR STUN AND INTERRUPT THEIR SORRY ASSES

Another very important thing to note is that E doesn't stun if you QE at close range. It DOES, however, stun if the Q is already on the ground.
So how to deal with this? Well, basically, you can either Q and wait 0.5 seconds before you E, or you can Q further away from you, and E him into that. The stun DOES connect if you throw an enemy into the orb. The knocked back enemy travels to the orb before the orb travels too far away, so it will connect anyway.

However, there is a limit to this. An enemy standing right next to you won't be stunned if you throw the Q at max range and then E. You'll have to use Q at mid-range for the stun to connect.
I'll go over more complicated stun combo's in the "combo's" sections below.

Syndra Unleashed Power.png Unleashed Power

Smashes all of Syndra's orbs into a single target, dealing damage depending on the amount of sphere's on the ground.

You don't know the definition of destroyed until you've seen Unleashed Power hit some poor soul.

Alright so this is what makes Syndra so unbelievably strong throughout the entire game. I broke someone's monitor screen once by hitting them with this, and that was only a 5 orb ult. I'd probably have destroyed his house if it was a 7 orb ult.

Let's lay down the facts again:

Unleashed Power costs 100 mana to use.
Unleashed Power deals 90 base damage per orb, increasing by 45 per orb per rank.
Unleashed Power will hit with at least 3 orbs (the one's circling around you at all times), and at most 7 orbs.
Unleashed Power has a 100 second cooldown, decreasing by 10 per rank.
Unleashed Power has a 0.2 AP ratio per orb, effectively giving you an AP ratio of 0.6 to 1.4.
Unleashed Power has 675 range. Changing to 750 at max rank.
Unleashed Power is the reason Chuck Norris isn't a thing anymore.

I'll go over the ult combo's in the 'Combo's' section. For the most part, just keep in mind that with 5 or more orbs, the damage is massive. Syndra can easily all in most champions with this as soon as she gets it. This spell alone has forced many tower hugs, and even allows you to sometimes 1v2 if a jungler ganks you (though if you can get away clean, you should usually do that instead).

Try to all-in if your lane opponent steps too far. Wait until you have at least 5 orbs before using it, unless you can get him without the massive damage.

Spell shields only block a single orb, meaning you can still deal nearly full damage with it. Wind Wall and Zhonya's negate this ult.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

    Regular core.
    Versus heavy AD. (Detailed build path below)
    Usual item build
    Important stuff! try to buy 2 wards and a pink on each back (pink is more optional than greens.)
    Boots. (discussion below)
    Athene's build, has more magic resist and more mana regen, at the cost of some offensive power and a delay on other core items.

Situational Items

    For very specific situations. (see below for explanation)
    Tear build (I wouldn't recommend this)

Build paths

There are a couple of build paths that you can switch up, but in most games, here's my build:
Versus AP: 3165.png->3020_32.png->3089_32.png->3135_32.pngor3285.png->3157_32.png
Versus heavy AD: 3165_32.png->3020_32.png->3157_32.png->3089_32.png->3135_32.png->3285_32.png

Versus AP (Grail):  3174.png->3020_32.png->3089_32.png->3135_32.pngor3285.png->3157_32.png
Versus AD 2: 3070_32.png->3165_32.png->3020_32.png->3157_32.png->3003_32.png->3135_32.png->3089_32.png (very lategame oriented)

First buy

In Doran's, we trust. May he smite our foes and non-believers.

I take this in pretty much every match-up. With very few exceptions.

First back
I try to get at least 3108.png2003.png2003.png2043.png on my first back. If you can buy more, get any of the following:
1058.png > 3114.png > 1052.png > 1001.png

If I'm rushing grail, I'll try to get 3028.png2003.png2003.png2043.png on my first back, then rush grail asap.

Second back
Depending on when you back, you should aim to finish 3174.png or  3165.png asap. You could, however, also swing for a 1058.png(and1001.png if possible) instead. If your jungler gives you blue, or if you're prepared to be conservative with your mana, you can try to all-in, or roam, for a kill or two.
With any extra gold, aim to buy 1001.png or even 3020.png3158.png.

Mid-game core
Aim to rush at least the following:

1x cdr item:

Morello's is my favourite of the three at the moment. Grail still has it's uses, but it's fallen off in the past year or so. I would recommend grail if you really need the magic resist, otherwise it's usually not worth it imo. Frost Queen's Claim has been overpowered recently, but with the past few nerfs, I feel it's not as strong as Morello's anymore.

1x Boots
Currently the debate over choice of boots in mid lane is 50/50. CDR boots are 200g cheaper, and grant 10% cdr, capping your CDR if you have scaling CDR runes and Morello's/Athene's. This means that they become less useful when you have blue (the CDR being irrelevant at level 18). If you got Frost Queen's Claim, go for CDR boots.

Magic pen boots are more expensive, giving you a slightly later powerspike. That being said, the powerspike is considerably more noticable. 15 magic penetration is a lot against a champion without much MR, allowing a fairly significant damage spike once you get them, at a noticable price.

1x damage item
Which you choose is discussed more in-depth below, but for now, just make sure you go at least one of these four items.

Full build
I'll discuss pots and enchantments below.

General build


Pretty much in that order. Just remember to always swap around your last 4 items depending on what you need. 
  • 3285_32.png Is no longer your standard 3rd item. It was very strong up until they nerfed it to 100 AP and buffed deathcap. I would recommend taking it 3rd against teams that throw a lot of high impact skillshots at you. In most games, I go Deathcap->Void->Zhonya's->Luden's.
  • 3157_32.png Damn I love this item. If they focus you too hard in fights and they have some AD champs, you can just as well pick this over Deathcap. Deathcap provides extra damage, but it doesn't do anything if you get killed before you can deal it.
  • 3135_32.png If they have MR, you're going to notice your power spike when you get this. I suggest you get this if you feel safe, if you have Zhonya's already, or if your targets have too much MR for you to hurt them. Remember to press tab before deciding whether you want this or not.
  • 3089_32.png Pretty self explanatory: it spikes your AP. A ton. Your job is to deal damage, so you're going to want this item. remember to prioritize: if you die every fight, Buy Zhonya's first, if their frontline has too much MR, buy Void first, if you heavily lack mobility, get Luden's first.
  • 3102_32.pngCan deny some really hard engages. This makes you so safe against champs like 99_64.png53_64.png143_64.png76_64.png9_64.png1_64.png, because they rely on a single spell to hit in order to turn a teamfight.
  • 3026_32.png Helps if you're finding yourself in the far lategame. If they focus you super hard, you'll find that being able to die and resurrect a few seconds later is huge, especially against comps who need 1 kill to get them started. (55_64.png11_64.png4_64.png, etc.) Replace Luden's with this item if you plan on buying it.

Versus AD

Usually in this order. Last 4 items can be swapped depending on what you need.

  • 3157_32.png Is my usual third item, so I don't swap it much. Still, if I went Deathcap 3rd item, this will often be my fourth.
  • 3285_32.png Simply put: It brings the damages. The fact that you spam abilities makes it really strong for AoE damage, and it's even got some nifty movement speed to help you kite.
  • 3135_32.png Once again, if they have too much MR. You may need to pick this up before Zhonya's, but not often. Usually you'll find the need to buy this before deathcap, but this is not always the case, so press tab!
  • 3089_32.png Will usually either be my 3rd buy, or my 5th (after Void staff and Zhonya's). 

Pots and enchantments

2139_32.png Gives a huge chunk of AP. The mana regen is pretty good. The true damage is a nice extra, nothing more. It's an incredibly cost efficient item, but obviously with a limited duration. As a result, you should buy this if you're expecting an important fight soon, and it doesn't delay an important item too much.

2138_32.png The pot we've all been waiting for: Tenacity and slow resistance without having to buy Mercury's. If you struggle with CC, even with slows, get this. The Path of Iron can be helpful if someone tanky keeps chasing you and you need peels. Your team can catch up while you're running away, making it easier for them to peel that pesky Olaf off of you.

3259_32.png your go-to upgrade when you have nothing left to buy. Increased movespeed helps you run around the map and kite, which can be quite helpful, but not enough to come higher on your priority list than other items.

3258_32.png They're not terrible, but not quite as good as alacrity in my opinion. The movespeed after flash is minimal, and the reduced CD on flash probably won't save you. If you rely heavily on flash being up, it can be quite useful.

3256_32.png Not that useful. You usually aren't on the frontline. Only if you're being chased and your team needs to catch up to you to peel is this useful, but even then I'd prefer having alacrity.

3257_32.png BM BM BM BM BM BM BM, you don't have single target spells, except ult. You're not gonna upgrade this simply so you walk a bit faster after ult.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ahri
  • Akali
  • Anivia
  • Annie
  • Azir
  • Brand
  • Cassiopeia
  • Cho'Gath
  • Diana
  • Fizz
  • Galio
  • Heimerdinger
  • Jayce
  • Karthus
  • Kassadin
  • Katarina
  • Kayle
  • LeBlanc
  • Lissandra
  • Lulu
  • Lux
  • Malzahar
  • Mordekaiser
  • Morgana
  • Orianna
  • Ryze
  • Swain
  • Syndra
  • Talon
  • Twisted Fate
  • Veigar
  • Viktor
  • Xerath
  • Yasuo
  • Zed
  • Ziggs
  • Zilean




TL;DR, Dodge charm, care post-6. She can all-in.

Buy wards against roam and jungle ganks.

This bitch.
Ahri matchup is very tricky. Pre-6, she won't get harassed too much, but she won't do much to you either, assuming you can dodge.
Post 6, you have to be focused constantly. If she so much as hits a charm on you, she can all-in you.

She can assist jungle ganks very easily as well. If you extend too far, not even flash will save you. she'll catch up with her 3 dashes and charm you.

On top of all of this, her roaming is excellent. If you meet her where she roams, you'll have more impact, since you can deny her and kill her.

So basically, buy wards. Wards avoid her from roaming without your knowledge, and they prevent dying to their jungler.

In most comps, your lategame is better. It's not by a whole lot, though.




TL;DR, harass her pre-6, fight her near your turret post-6.

Buy wards to avoid roam. Don't let her snowball.

Akali's pre-6 is obviously awful. As a melee, she gets bullied around. She'll probably start boots+4 pots. Your job is to either blow through those before she hits 6, or deny her a lot of farm.

When she hits 6, she still needs roughly a minute to get 3 stacks of her dash, so don't be afraid to bully her then.

Afterwards, you're playing a dangerous game. She is stronger then you in a straight-up fight, but if you charge orbs before the fight, or if you have a turret near you, you're alright.

She out-roams you quite hard. Ward a lot and tell bot to be careful. Don't let her snowball. Ever.

Since her nerf, she's not that big of a threat anymore, just make sure not to get too close.




TL;DR, dodge Q, don't get baited into jungle ganks. Ward for ganks.

Firstly, bird is the word.

Pre-6, she's one the most vulnerable champions in game. With one of the lowest HP and movespeed stats, she's waiting to get bullied around.

Unfortunately, she gradually becomes more tanky. Especially if she bought 3027_32.png.
You can kill her if she makes a mistake, but similarly, she can kill you if you mess up.
Don't waste your stun.

If you extend too far, she can throw a wall behind you, ult on top of you, and you'll be incredibly vulnerable. She bursts hard, and assists junglers very well.

Her lategame scaling versus yours depends strongly on teamcomps. For the most part, though, you're stronger.

Don't let your guard down. Ever.




TL;DR, stack orbs before all-inning. Ward against ganks and roams.

Care for Tibbers engage.

Pre-6, you can harass her. She doesn't do much yet.

Post-6, you have to be careful. Tibbers does AoE damage (kinda like sunfire), and auto's you. This means that if she engages on you, you can't kill her before she kills you.

If, however, you engage on her, you should be able to kill. You'll survive with 50-150 health, but this is normal, just don't be afraid when she suddenly chunks 60% of your hp.

Just make sure to ward up properly. Annie assists ganks well, and tends to roam, especially if she buys Mobi's.

Note that if you W tibbers, he still does AoE damage, so throw it away quickly. Preferably on Annie's little whore face.




TL;DR, Don't get harassed out of lane, roam a lot, end before lategame.

At level 1 and 2, you'll get zoned by soldiers. Sucks to be you.
After that, you can fight back a fair bit. Remember you can stun him during his E to deny the shield from arriving.

You can't really kill him post-6, but he can't kill you either. One of you would have to mess up to die.

You can out-roam him, but if you stay while he roams, he will be quite successful in his roams.

His lategame is scarier than that Badmin Halloween song, so try to end before he reaches that point.

What Badmin song you ask?
I'm talking about this one, you uncultured shit:
Scary right? GL sleeping tonight. He's coming for you.




TL;DR, Dodge Q, kill him whenever you feel like it.

Ward against ganks before you all-in.

Brand is the epitome of getting outclassed. With defense other than an unreliable stun, and no reliable burst, he's just waiting to get dumpstered by most mages.

Pre-6, you can out-trade him, but don't let him hit all of his spells. Dodge at least one of the two.
Post-6, you can kill him whenever you please. If you dodge the stun, he has no way to defend himself.

His roams are lackluster, and his waveclear is decent but not great.

His lategame isn't terrible, but not amazing either. You can be just as useful as him lategame.

Keep in mind that most Brand players are one-trick ponies. So be careful of a highly-experienced Brand player.

Take Atlantean Syndra skin to get a type advantage.




TL;DR, Dodge Q, Turn around when she ults. She has awful scaling.

Pre-6, she's scary. If she lands a Q, she can chase you spamming E over and over again. Be careful for that. If she starts chasing, slow her first, THEN stun. If you throw stun right away, she can dodge it and chase after.

Post-6, she's not that scary anymore. Her ult doesn't do much, since you can just look away from it, avoiding the stun.
She can still kill you, but assuming you play it right, you'll be stronger.

Dodging the Q is essential. If you can't do this, at least stun her right after she hit it. Her main damage output isn't her Q, it's the 5 million Twin Fangs that follow from it.

Despite being covered in scales, her lategame scaling isn't that amazing. She's been buffed, making her still relevant late, but as a short range midlaner, she tends to struggle against heavy CC and/or heavy burst. In most comps, she doesn't scale as hard.

Buying boots will help a lot in this matchup. Something something snake in my boot joke.




TL;DR, Dodge Q, try to out-range W. Care for ult damage.

He sucks when behind.

Okay so lately Cho has been incredibly strong, so I changed this matchup to hard.

Still, it's risky, but if you can successfully dodge his spells, you should be able to outplay him constantly. Movement speed quints are recommended.

Pre-6, you should try to bully him if he goes for last hits. Be careful not to get hit by ruptures and you'll be okay.
Post-6, you can fight him ONLY if you manage to dodge out his Q. if he hits the Q, he'll just walk up to you, silence you so you can't flash or E, and just eat you straight up.

I suggest you get movespeed quints and tier 2 boots early. Luden's Echo should be a high priority item to avoid him messing you up with ruptures in team fights. Basically this whole game is going to feel risky, because if he lands a clutch Q on you, you could throw the game. If he doesn't, however, you can outplay him and smash his team.

He's weak when behind as well, so try to communicate with your jungler about smashing him in lane. Every kill on him means he loses stacks and thus creates a reverse snowball effect for him.




TL;DR, too tanky to burst. Has bad scaling. 1v1 is in her favor.

Try to E her ult.

Pre-6, she has W and flask to survive your poke. She can't return damage much, but she can make it to her post-6 stage. Try to harass when her shield is down.

Post-6, she can fight you. It's difficult to stun her, since you can't QE on top of her if she's in melee range. A skilled Syndra player can still stun her (see combo section), but it gets tricky. You can try to stun her mid-jump. It no longer causes ult to go on cooldown if she has the mark on you (as of the latest patch), but at least it gets her out of melee range.

She roams pretty well, and I wouldn't suggest following her. Simply ward up, and push waves when she does.

Keep in mind you outscale her by a mile. Just need to survive her early.




TL;DR, always be wary of his jumps. bully pre-6, outplay post-6.

Buy wards, don't let him get ahead.

Pre-6, you can bully him. A lot. He doesn't really have the tools to do anything about it. He'll start flask, but you can blow through it nonetheless.

Post-6, You have to be careful. If he lands the shark, he can kill you. This matchup is strongly dependent on who is the better player.

Here's a few things to note:
  • His E negates your ult, but makes it go on CD regardless.
  • His Q can be interrupted with your E.
  • He can all-in you if he plays it right
  • You can all-in him if you play it right.

If fizz lands the ult on you, Don't throw your QE right away. If he E's onto you, you'll have nothing left to defend yourself.
You can interrupt his Q with your E, but it's risky business. Unless you're certain he'll do it, I wouldn't use it.

In order to land your ult, you can either:
  1. Stun him, then ult right away.
  2. Wait until he used his E, then ult him.

Keep in mind that Fizz will kill you fairly quickly, so waiting for him to pop E is risky. Stunning him can be done, just make sure that he doesn't E out of it. It's all about timing in this matchup.

I can't really give you any "do this to win" advice. You'll have to outplay him.

In most comps, his lategame is weak. His midgame is roughly equal to yours, but he roams much, much harder. Always ward your lane.




TL;DR, Roam a lot, don't bother trying to kill him. Outscale him.

2009 called, it wants it's champion back.

Pre-6, he can be bullied a little bit.
Post-6, he can't really be bullied anymore.
Just focus on pushing the wave and roaming. Your goal in this game is not to shut down Galio, but to shut down other enemy lanes, and snowball those of friendly's.

Deep wards will help you take control over your opposing jungler.




TL;DR, You can W his turrets. You outscale hard.

He's weak without turrets.

Oh, sorry. A friend told me a joke. It's called Heimer.

At level 1, he will probably throw some turrets in lane to push it. Try to kill them with your team if you can. You'll take W level 1 so you can just toss them away if all else fails.
Pre-6, he'll probably just push waves. not much you can do.. YET! *dun dun dun*
Post-6, You can all-in him so easily. Just make sure not to step into his turrets. He can't fight back much, but he can place turrets who will fight back for him.
Long story short, Kill his turrets or throw them away with W, then all-in him.

His roaming is about as scary as the Teletubbies, and his lategame is awful.




TL;DR, dodge Q, all in when it's down. He's weak when behind.

Ward against roam and ganks.

Pre-6, you can both poke. The difference is that your poke is easier to land.
If, however, he lands EQ, he can jump on you, and probably kill you or at least bring you to 100 hp. So be careful for that.

Post-6, you're stronger, but he can still all-in you. Try to interrupt his jump with E, and you'll be just fine.

Jungle ganks will be detrimental in this matchup, so try to synergize well with your jungler.

Jayce can roam quite well. If you want to stop his roaming, don't arrive when he does. Meet him halfway and kill him.




TL;DR, Fuck him up. Don't let it get to lategame.

Dodge Q's and try to be ready to interrupt ult.

Pre-6, he's got a fair bit of poke. But since that's easy to dodge, you can just fight him straight up, and leave after you've thrown your combo.

Post-6, you can fight him straight up, and leave after you've thrown your combo. Except this time, with 300 gold and sunglasses on.

His lategame is super strong, and he can farm quite well, even under turret.
He doesn't really roam, but he does have global presence with ult.
The way to deal with him is to freeze wave and zone him.

Always be ready to interrupt him if he ults from lane

I hear this excuse too often: "I wasn't able to stop him, he was out of range", whilst he was only slightly under turret.
Try to look around the map. If one of your teammates is low, make sure to walk further up the lane to look for Karthus. If he's standing under turret and suddenly channels ult, you'll be able to stop him.

Basically, don't come into action when you suddenly see a red line above your head, it's too late then. Be preventive, not reactive.




TL;DR, Bully him pre-6, kill him if he messes up, push to turret post-6. Buy wards.

Pre-6, he can soak up a little bit of harass with Q and flask. Still, he won't be able to farm minions without paying for it.
Post-6, it's hard to kill him, since he can just ult away. It's not impossible though. Sooner or later, he will make a mistake, and being the well-prepared genius that you are, you'll be ready to make him regret that mistake.

Kassadin will try to roam. The thing is though, while his ganks are immensely strong, he doesn't clear waves very well. So all you have to do, is ward up, and keep pushing him in. You can even place a pink in river bush and wait for him there.

Has been buffed a little bit again. His R now takes 15 seconds to reset, meaning his lategame should be fairly strong again. I'll update the matchup if I meet any Kassadin's.




TL;DR, She can't fight you due to your stun. Don't let her snowball. Ward for her roams.

Don't let your guard down. ever.

Pre-6, she will lasthit with Q and deal with your poke (she starts boots+4 pots)
Post-6, she can't really do much in lane. You can always all-in her, so long as you're above 60% health and have E up. Just interrupt her ult and she's done for.

The problem with Katarina is that if she gets going, the game is over. You can never let her snowball.

Her main trick is to get a few kill from ganking bot, then coming to lane and suddenly 1-shotting you. So ward up and don't let bot die.




TL;DR, ult during stun. Don't get baited. Her sister's hotter.

Pre-6, she can bully you. For the most part though, you can just trade with her and walk off while she's stunned/slowed.
Post-6, she can't realistically stop your ult. In theory, yes, but in practice, you will skillfully ult just as you stun her. (I suggest waiting 0.5 seconds if you expect her to ult right as you stun)

She doesn't roam amazingly well, but she's not terrible either.

She can waveclear fairly effectively, but she doesn't really do much else. Her teamfights are lackluster, too.




TL;DR, outplay her in timing. Be confident. Weak when behind, strong if ahead.

Pre-6, she can harass you well with QW. However, you can interrupt her W with E. Meaning that there is potential for outplaying her. You can both harass super hard, but hers is a bit more reliable.

Post-6, she becomes quite scary. The key is to not be intimidated.
You CAN fight her. All you have to do is land your spells. This is easier said than done, due to her W displacement. Still if she all-in's you, you should survive with about 300 hp, which is enough for you to return fire and kill her before she kills you.

As with Fizz, it's all about timing your spells correctly. If you let her harass you without fighting back, you're fucked. If you get chunked to 300 hp and then think 'oh shit I've gotta get out of here', you're going to lose that lane. (This is also why people think Leblanc is OP)

So once again, be confident. You've got this.

Her lategame is fairly weak. Keep that in mind when you make decisions.




TL;DR, Ult her during stun, Trading ult for ult is fine. Your midgame is stronger.

Her lategame is stronger. Ward against roams and ganks.

Pre-6, she can throw her Q's for harass. That's all. You harass harder, especially if you dodge her Q's.
Post-6, you can all-in her, but it's not easy. She can ult when you do and negate it. That's not a bad trade though. Her ult has a long CD early on.

Her strength comes from her synergy with the team. She can assist jungle ganks very well, as well as roam super hard.
She has good waveclear, both in lane and under turret. 
Basically, Ward your lane. If she roams, push hard or follow immediately. (don't hesitate)

You have to take it home in the mid game. If you don't, she'll be stronger late.




TL;DR, you won't kill her. You can push waves nonstop and roam. 

Lategame depends on comp.

Pre-6, you can both harass pretty hard. It'll be purely depend on who dodges more shit.
Post-6, it's tricky to kill her. You can push the wave in and roam though. That's the best way to deal with lulu mid, as her Q leaves minions at 50 hp, meaning she has to spend time to clear waves.

Her roaming is decent. She'll usually arrive later due to you pushing the wave in though.

Lategame, everything will depend on what your comp is like and what their comp is like. Lulu is a support/utility mage, Syndra is a burst/dps mage. Some comps compliment Syndra more, some compliment Lulu more. You'll have to judge for yourself whether you need to snowball or not.

Use default skin for synergy with lulu's "that tasted purple" joke.




TL;DR, Dodge Q. Push waves and roam if she plays safe. End before lategame.

Pre-6, you can out-harass her. She's quite weak if you dodge the Q.
Post-6, She'll probably just try to clear waves. Her E leaves ranged minions at ~50 hp, so you can deny her a fair bit.

If Lux plays too safe for your liking, just push wave to turret and roam. She doesn't roam well, and her waveclear is mediocre if she's been denied some cs.

Her lategame is super strong. You should try to end before it comes to that. Otherwise, be prepared to get a laser fired at you from 6 miles away, and get chunked to 50% before the fight even starts.

If your team often ditches you while you're grouped (more common at lower ELO's), get a banshee's. That will avoid her from landing a single Q and picking you off with it.




TL;DR, Don't get in range unless you're gonna stun him. Going even = you win.

Pre-6, you can poke him a fair bit. He may QE you, but that's all he can do to you. If you get in a fight with him, throwing his Voidling at him can change the flow of the fight, because they hurt.

Post-6, he can bring you from 100 to 0 with a full combo and 1 or 2 Voidlings. If you get near him, make sure to stun him. If you don't, he'll silence you with Q, then ult you while you can't react. 2.5 Seconds later, you're biting dust.

You can kill him, but you'd need to ready your ult, stun him, then W, ult and ignite. He has to die within roughly 3.5 seconds after your stun ends. Otherwise, he'll have finished his entire combo and dropped you, instead.

He doesn't roam amazingly well, and doesn't engage on you easily. He'd need to walk up to you. He can waveclear well, though. And if he gets in range of someone, he'll drop them quickly.

Still, his lategame is shit, and with no escape, he's destined to fail. So there's no reason to be afraid of him. Don't get in range and he'll lose the game. Even a fed Malzahar struggles to end.




TL;DR, shit on him. Don't let him hit minions for a shield.

"Oooh, a Mordekaiser, I'm so scared yawn" -Scooby Doo
"LOL they call this a champion?" -Courage the Cowardly Dog

Pre-6, Morde burns a fair bit of health using abilities. This means that's he forced to choose: Either he uses abilities to farm and burns health that way, or he uses basics to farm, and gets harassed. A third option is for him to give up CS, but Mordekaiser players don't usually do anything other than farm.

Post-6, he still doesn't really do anything. He's destined to get kited and probably killed by you. His shield negates a fair bit of harass, though.

He waveclears pretty well, but he can't roam for shit, and has absolutely no synergy with jungle ganks. He's basically a worthless champion all throughout the game.




TL;DR, Avoid Q at all costs. Keep shield in mind when calculating. Push up and roam.

As a support, Morgana is very strong, especially against you. Her shield often denies you kills, and her catch-out potential with Q is massive. If they have a Morg, you'll have to be confident in your ability to dodge Q's lategame. If you're not, buy a Banshee's.

In lane, she's not that strong.
Pre-4, you can harass her a fair bit. Post-4, she'll black shield if you try to stun her, so there's no point.

post-5, her W clears the caster wave in one go, and the melee wave with just 1 auto on each minion. Pushing the wave up moves minions out of her pool, which makes last hitting a nuisance for her.

Post-6, you have roughly equal kill potential. You both cannot oneshot the other, but after some fighting, you'll get there. The difference, however, is that your cooldowns are shorter. Much shorter. Keep that in mind when you're fighting her. Once Morg has used her entire combo, that's it. No more damage for the next 5 seconds or so.

She waveclears fast only if the minions stand still. This means that if you wait for her to W, then push the wave out quickly, she'll have to wait ~11 seconds to be able to push the wave out. Enough time for you to roam.

Morgana's lategame isn't amazing. It's not bad by any means, but due to her long cooldowns, she struggles to keep up with most mages. Just don't get caught by her binds, and you'll be okay.




TL;DR, dodge her Q's. You can all-in her. Her scaling is better in most comps.

Ah, one of the most classic match-ups. Like Ahri vs Morg in season 2.

Pre-6, you can harass her a fair bit. Whoever manages to harass successfully first will generally have the upper hand for a long time afterwards.
Keep in mind her Q does less damage as it travels through more enemies. If you harass from minions, she has a hard time matching it.

Post-6, you can still fight. Thing is, you're going to need to land your shit. A good Ori player will dodge around while fighting you. Similarly, you should dodge around when fighting her. 
Syndra is stronger than Ori in a straight 1v1. Orianna usually has a stronger lategame though, so you're going to actually need to do something with that.

For the most part, you'll be able to kill her a few times over the course of the game. Just make sure to ward your shit and land your spells.

She pushes nearly as hard as you, and her roams are nearly as strong as yours.
Her lategame, in most comps, is better than yours.

I'd suggest mobility quints to help you dodge and roam.

Basically, you have a slight advantage early, and a slight disadvantage late. The game will be decided by who the better player is.

It's also an incredibly fun matchup to play. So have fun while playing it.




TL;DR, you can shit on him with your higher range. Try to outrange him.

Pre-6, he can't do shit. You can Q him basically for free, and once you get level 3, you can even try to all-in him.
Post-6, he's just waiting to get slaughtered. Your moveset is just so much stronger; he has low range, you have high range. You can all-in him nearly all of the time. Just make sure to ward.

Ryze is pretty strong lategame, but he struggles to get there as a midlaner. Just end it quickly, this should be an easy fix for you.




TL;DR, stun him if he runs up to you. Careful for his sustain.

You can all-in him if you have ignite.

Buy wards, don't let him snowball.

Pre-6, he's weaker than you, but not weak.
I'd suggest throwing Q's without basics at level 1. He won't be able to hit you with E since it has a low range.
At level 2, you can QE+auto him, but if his bird laser is on you, move away. You can walk out of it's range. (kind of like Fiddle fear.)
It deals 25 damage per tick, so keep that in mind when deciding whether you want to tank it or not.
After that, try to harass swain whenever you can. If he lands a W on you, stun him before he gets close enough for QE.

Post-6, it gets a bit tricky. He can't really engage on you, luckily. You can just stun him if he lands his root, and walk away afterwards. Keep in mind that you won't kill him if he has ult on, he'll sustain too much back.
Best thing to do is to engage on him when you already have 1 orb on the ground. You can then QE him, use a 5-orb ult and W, and press ignite so he doesn't sustain much while you finish him off.

Swain can't push waves for shit; just ward properly and push waves into him if you don't have ignite up.

His lategame isn't terrible, but still considerably worse than yours.




TL;DR, Dodge Q's and stun if you can.

Always get your jungler to help you out in mirror matchups.

Shit, it's the best champ in game. What to do?
Well, you're in luck: you're also playing the best champ in game.
Just show her your ball-handling skills and fuck her up.




TL;DR, Buy early 3191_32.png. Buy wards. If he jumps you a lot, tell your jungler.

If he doesn't, push him into turret. Don't let him snowball.

Pre-6, you can harass him. He DOES deal damage, so be careful not to lower your guard. He'll take flask, but you can harass him anyway. Shutting him down early will make your game a whole lot easier.

Post-6, he'll have kill potential on you. You want to survive for as long as possible. If you can harass him, that'll help you A LOT. He can't kill you if he's at 60%, since you can just oneshot him. Be careful not to get outplayed by having him E onto you while you try to QE him.

Jungler ganks will help you a lot, but you need to have your lane deep warded so you don't get counterganked by their jungler.

The scariest thing about talon is his roam. He'll probably clear wave and roam to bot. It is vital that you ward. A lot.

His lategame is bad, but his midgame is good. Just try to shut him down in teamfights. Buy a pink and tell your support to buy a pink.


Twisted Fate


TL;DR, you can all-in him at pretty much any moment. Ward up so he can't roam.

Push wave if he leaves for even a second.

Pre-6, you can harass him, but if you're not careful, he'll harass back for roughly equal damage.
Post-6, you can all-in him so easily. Just don't waste your stun. Instead of the usual QE engage, use QW. He'll grab a gold card. As soon as he throws it, hit him with your stun. You'll be able to catch up to him after both of your stuns and, and QR Ignite him for the kill.

He can waveclear quite well once he gets some AP. He'll usually red card + Q, then run bot or top and ult it. Your job is to deny that. Don't let him red card that caster minions, zone him. If he leaves lane, you'll see him through your ward and either stop him, or push the wave in, ping bot/top to run, and take turret.

His lategame is usually stronger than yours, but if your team played it well in champ select, he'll struggle. Either way, you should be able to snowball the game early on.




TL;DR, buy 3028_32.png->3020_32.png->3174_32.png. Care for his oneshot starting at roughly level 9.

Buy 3102_32.png lategame if needed. Deny CS hard.

Pre-6, you've got him. He has to blow a lot of mana for even some minor harass. Just harass him whenever he wants to Q a minion.
Post-6, you'll have to remain at 100%. Luckily, he doesn't harass much. His all-in combo is super strong though.

Remember his ult has a 1.25 scaling on his AP, and a 0.8 scaling on YOUR AP. That's why you should buy 3028_32.png, then 3020_32.png. None of these give AP, allowing you to still all-in him whenever you please.

Overall, he's pretty weak. While he's stacking his pesky Q's to try and make him useful late (which he still isn't), you can snowball your team or even just farm him.

Do not fear the ebil. 




TL;DR, bully him early. Pick him off late. Care for his oneshot combo lategame.

Viktor isn't very scary for Syndra. Syndra is actually my biggest answer for dealing with Viktor mains.
Pre-6, you can Q him for free. Try to dodge his E. If he gets close to you, he can harass you with Q and shield himself in the process, so try to use combo's that he can't react to.

Post-6, he's strong, but you're stronger. If you use Q once, then blow your combo with 5 or 6 orbs, you should be able to take him. Just try to avoid standing in his W for too long, or it will stun you.

His waveclear is pretty good and he does a decent job roaming, but if you ward up and simply 1v1 him in river if he leaves, he can't do much.

His damage lategame is unbelievably high, but he's somewhat easy to pick-off by a single one of your stuns. Set up orbs with blue buff, stun his team, oneshot him, we're done here boys. GG




TL;DR, movespeed quints, end before lategame. You can out-push.

Pre-6, he'll harass you a fair bit. If you can dodge and harass back, you'll have a very smooth post-6. If you got harassed down yourself, you'll have it rough.

Post-6, you should be able to all-in him if he steps too far. Problem is, he probably won't step too far. A good Xerath will poke you down, clear waves, and trade stuns with you.

Be creative in finding openings to kill him. Always ward properly. You don't want him hitting 3 ults towards bot.

If it hits the lategame, he'll be much, much stronger than you. The only way to beat Xerath late, is to catch people's mistakes. Landing a max range stun on Xerath(or some other squishy) can win you the game, but that will only happen if they make a mistake. And even then you need your team to follow up on it.

He's not actually scary in lane, but if you go even, you fucked up. Basically.




TL;DR, Stun, then ult if he didn't wall the stun. Care for dodge with E.

His lategame depends on comp. Going even is fine. Ward up.

Pre-6, you can both bully. He can dash around and get a few cheesy Q's and Auto's in. You can try to predict his movement and hit him where he will dash. Careful for getting all-in'd early. Wind wall stops W, E and R, not Q.
Post-6, the matchup at this point depends mostly on the Yasuo's skill. A good Yasuo will dodge your stun and wall your ult. The trick here is patience; don't throw your stun out too hastily, or you'll regret it.

Keep in mind that he can all-in you if he lands a tornado on you. I'd suggest staying at 100%, warding properly, and waiting for jungle ganks.

If, however, you notice Yasuo isn't playing on-point, you CAN outplay him and kill him. Just don't throw random ults, or he'll just throw the easiest wind wall of his life.

He pushes well. His roams are decent. He's good at small skirmishes, but bad in teamfights. (unless he hits some 5-man ult and his entire team can follow up)

Don't sweat going even in most comps; you should be able to kill his team lategame, since Yasuo isn't that strong nowadays. Your lane won't be fun, though.




TL;DR, Don't let him ult during your ult. Always think about his W and R.

Weak when behind. Ward up. Don't let him get going.


Pre-6, You can punish him. A lot. 

Just don't get hit by his Q's. (they hurt if they don't hit minions before hitting you) He can't really all-in you without getting harassed by minions, so if he jumps on you with WQE+AA, just slow him with W and as soon as he's out of melee range, start hitting back with everything you've got. Always keep minion aggro in mind.


Post-6, you both have kill potential in lane. It's riskier for zed, since he needs to outplay you to win.

Basically, he can W out of your E, and he can R out of your R. This is something to keep in mind at all times. If you're patient enough, you should be able to stun him and land your ult right after.

Don't be afraid of buying a 3191_32.png or even 3157_32.png early if you need it. Surviving is more important than killing.


He can push well and roam pretty well, so ward up. Remember he scales badly into the lategame if he's not ahead, so don't get him rolling and you'll be fine.




TL;DR, dodge Q, try to all-in. Match his push, buy wards, and end before lategame.


Pre-6, you'll both be focused on harassing. If you can land a combo unpunished, that'll help you immensely. You may even be able to all-in if he makes the mistake of walking too far. Just be careful not to grab too much minion aggro.

Post-6, you can all-in him. The problem is, he'll probably farm from a distance and W away if you try to engage on him. Try to be creative with your openings. Remember that your QE interrupts jumps, so you can knock him out of the air if he's in the middle of his W jump.

If he doesn't really let you get near, you can just push waves and roam. Your midgame is stronger than his, but his lategame is stronger than yours. Try to snowball your team before the lategame arrives. Whatever you do, don't get cocky. Just end asap.


Remember to always ward. You don't want to waste an all-in opportunity due to having poor vision.




TL;DR, In most comps, you have a stronger lategame. His midgame is stronger.

Jungler help will be vital. Ward up.

Pre-6, You shouldn't try to engage trades; instead, stun him if he tries to bomb you, and GTFO before he uses a second one. Just be careful of jungle ganks, if Zilean gets ahead of you, you're in trouble.

Post-6, You'll be roughly equal in a 1v1 scenario. He will have a total of 4 bombs in most situations, which is enough to kill you. If you can manage to blow his ult without blowing your own, you'll be able to kill him as soon as he revives. (assuming you set up your orbs and land your spells)

Trading ult won't do much. His ult CD is roughly equal to yours. The best thing to do is get your jungler to help you out. If you can pop his ult before he reaches his turret, he'll just die right after his revive.

He has good waveclear, decent ganks but great 3v3's. If he ganks, you're better off pushing the wave and telling your bot/top to leave asap. You can still contest dragon, but it gets difficult. If you feel that you should leave it, don't worry about it. He falls off lategame. In most comps, at least.

Introduction to Syndra Back to Top

So you're thinking about picking up Syndra, huh?

Well I'm here to let you know what Syndra is all about.

First off, Syndra is a champion semi-exclusive to mid lane. This means that even though you can play her as a support or top laner, it's definitely "against the meta".

She classifies as a mage. Here are some pros and cons.


Strong pre-6

Her harass game, due to her low mana cost Q and E, is amazing. She can even all-in if the opponent steps too far. 

Insanely strong post-6

When she hits 6, she becomes an absolutely powerhouse. syndraR.png Is one of the scariest spells in game, and the all-in potential it gives you is incredible.
Her low cooldowns also make her exceptionally strong in extended skirmishes.

Great solo queue champion

This should be your number 1 reason for picking up Syndra. Her ability to kill people is in itself enough to make her a strong solo queue champion, but with the added benefit of having low-cooldown waveclear, and a huge range on your stun to catch people out, Syndra becomes an absolute goddess in solo queue.

No one-sided matchups against her

Pretty straightforward: every matchup is out-playable. This further fortifies the "great solo queue champion" argument.
The best thing about this is that you can first-pick Syndra without having to worry about losing in champ select.
Even the matchups I listed as hard (238_64.png157_64.png105_64.png) are skill-dependent. You can win any matchup in  a straight 1v1 if you play it right.

Some one-sided matchups for her

Most matchups require a lot of effort from both sides, but some are just plain "hit stun, go in, fuck shit up."
There are a decent amount of these matchups, but very few when it comes to champions that are actually "in the meta". Champions like 63_64.png13_64.png30_64.png74_64.png simply struggle to be useful against Syndra. Note how none of these are considered strong mid-laners anyway though.

Limitless potential

Quoting Syndra herself on this, "My potential is limitless!"

Her versatility and damage causes her to be able to be one of the strongest mages in game. Masters of Syndra tend to have huge win-rates and KDA's on her. Some are so good on her, they even get banned out in tournament matches.

Nice flow

Once you get accustomed to Syndra, you're really going to notice this. Her basic attacks are smooth, and her Q and W don't interrupt movement. Having a nice flow won't affect the game much, but it certainly makes your champ more enjoyable.

Awesome character design

This is just personal preference I guess, but I really love this champion. Her background story is very interesting, her design is awesome, her potential is limitless, she doesn't lack balance, and her laugh spam creates an awesome light-show if you time it right.
On top of all of this, she even has a skin that implies what she would have looked like if she embraced her teacher's ways.
She even has a floating fort!
There are theories that state that the big bang was really just a Syndra ult.


Huge skill-cap

This is probably the biggest reason for you to consider a different champion to main instead. Syndra takes time to master, a lot of it. Her combo's can be immensely difficult to pull off correctly, not to mention you need experience to recognize what you can do in every situation.
The upside is that you'll learn more from playing this champion. The downside is that if you're silver and you just want to get to gold, you won't gain ELO as quickly as you would with champions like 84_64.png11_64.png80_64.png5_64.png.

High risk

I won't lie, Syndra is a ballsy champion.(get it?)
You have no defensive spells. Your only line of defense is your CC and damage. Playing Syndra can feel like playing with fire sometimes. You'll get more comfortable with this once you've played her enough though.

Struggles when behind

This is one of her biggest flaws; her strength comes from her ability to catch people out and kill them. Catching people out doesn't help you if you can't kill them afterwards. Her lategame is still very strong, but it's difficult to get there when you're behind as a champion with no defensive options who relies on bursting someone before being bursted back.

Combo's Back to Top

Follow from the "Abilities" tab, I'll go over some of Syndra's spell combo's here. There's quite a few, so I decided to label the Combo's from Basic to Master.

Basic combo's

These are your simplest combo's. If you don't know these, play bot games until you do.

55px-Esfera_Negra.jpg -> Syndra W.jpg
Simple Q+W. Using W on an orb refreshes it's duration. Throwing it, of course, Places it at a different location and deals damage. Useful for when you want to engage on an opponent. The slow allows you to hit other spells more easily.

Syndra Q.jpg -> Syndra E.jpg
Simple Q+E. Note that that Q is used on top of them. It's not worth it to harass with QE if you're only planning to land the E damage. Useful for some quick harass or a quick stun. Keep in mind that sometimes, using your QE makes you incredibly vulnerable while E is on cooldown. Try not to waste it. If you used this combo for harass, follow with an AA before walking away.
Also note that QE doesn't work if they're right on top of you.

Syndra Q.jpg -> Syndra%20Q.jpg -> Syndra R.jpg
Simple yet effective. Use Q, wait, use Q again, then ult. 5 spheres hits a fair bit harder than 4.

Syndra%20Q.jpg -> Syndra%20Q.jpg -> Syndra%20Q.jpg -> Syndra%20R.jpg
You need roughly 30%+ CDR for this. With 6 orbs, your ult will CHUNK. 10/10 would use to bomb North Korea.

Novice combo's.

Syndra%20Q.jpg -> Syndra%20W.jpg -> Syndra%20E.jpg
It seems simple, but there's one quick thing you need to know.
If you throw your orb at the maximum range of your W, and don't move towards it, your E won't land. Either move forward a bit, or throw it slightly closer. That is all.

Syndra W.jpg -> Syndra%20Q.jpg -> Syndra%20E.jpg
W a minion or previously thrown orb to slow your enemy, then use Q+E to land a stun while he's slowed. Helps against mobile champions who dodge around a lot.

Syndra%20Q.jpg -> Syndra%20E.jpg -> Syndra%20R.jpg
Your "don't negate my ult" combo. If the enemy has somethin g to avoid your ult (Zhonya, Fizz E, Zed R, Yasuo W), you're going to want to ult during your stun. This combo can also surprise a Zilean by suddenly bursting him during the stun, denying him use of his ult.

Syndra%20Q.jpg -> Syndra W.jpg ->Syndra%20Q.jpg next to your other orb -> Syndra%20E.jpg
Simple stun combo. Sometimes, you'll get chased by a group of people. If you want to survive this, you may have to Q, grab that Q, then Q again, throw your initial Q next to it, then E for a wider-range stun.

Syndra Q.jpg -> Syndra E.jpg -> AA -> AA -> Syndra W.jpg -> AA -> Syndra Q.jpg -> Syndra%20R.jpg -> AA -> ignite.png
Your standard all-in combo.  QE on top of them. While they're stunned, throw 2 basics. As soon as the stun fades, throw your W. Q once it's off cooldown again, then press R and if you reckon it will kill, Ignite.

Intermediate combo's

Syndra Q.jpg -> Syndra Q.jpg -> Syndra W.jpg -> Syndra E.jpg -> Syndra Q.jpg -> Syndra%20R.jpg
Your standard 6-orb ult. You're going to want to know how to do this. Throw an orb in advance (it doesn't have to on the target if you don't want to engage yet), then use Q on the enemy of your choice, pick up the first orb with W, throw it on your enemy, immediately followed by E. Wait a little while, throw a third Q, then ult.

Syndra%20R.jpg -> Syndra E.jpg
Don't underestimate this combo. It can stun entire teams if you use it right. Basically, what you do prior to your ult doesn't matter much. What's important is that after you ult, with roughly 4-6 orbs lying around, you want to use your E. This will send all of your orbs flying, usually stunning 3 to 5 people.

Syndra%20R.jpg -> Zhonya.jpg
A simple yet effective combo. The reason you would want this, is because your ult takes time to deal it's full damage. I've had games, particularly versus high-burst assassins like Leblanc, Akali, Zed, etc, where using Zhonya's right after ult saved me from being killed while I wait for it's damage.

Master combo's

Syndra Q.jpg -> Syndra Q.jpg -> Syndra Q.jpg -> Syndra W.jpg -> Syndra Q.jpg-> Syndra%20R.jpg
Your standard 7-orb ultimate. You won't be able to do this until you have around 30% cdr.
You can use W at the same time as your 3rd Q, or slightly earlier. Using it at the same time as your 2nd Q is too early.

Syndra Q.jpg -> Syndra Q.jpg -> Syndra W.jpg -> Syndra Q.jpg -> Syndra E.jpg
You need level 13 for this. You don't need W for this (assuming you have 30%+ cdr, which you should by level 13), but it allows you to use this combo on the move. Great for stunning a large group while being chased or during a face-off. (you know what I mean, both parties wanna fight, but neither wants to engage)

flash.png -> Syndra E.jpg
Pretty straightforward; there may be times where you need to land a stun, but don't have any orbs for it. You can flash behind an orb and stun him anyway.

Syndra Q.jpg past him -> Syndra E.jpg him into it
This is a tricky one. You'll need to get the placement of your Q just right. If you've mastered this, you can freely stun people in melee range without sacrificing damage.

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My primary mid laners are Syndra, Talon, Orianna, Lissandra, and Anivia. I play a lot of different mid lane champions as well, but in ranked, I'll usually go for one of these 5.
I basically fell in love with Syndra the day she came out, and even though she was considered under powered at the time, I played her a lot. I didn't play her in ranked until season 4, though.
I won't go into details about my personal life, but if you'd like to know more about me, I've started streaming recently. You can find me at:

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Future Components: Back to Top

These are just some of the extra sections I'll add in the future. For now, I want to release my guide as it is, as season 5 has started and people will most likely want to get into it.

How to ward

Warding isn't as simple as it appears. There are all sorts of different ward placements that will alter your game dramatically. This will be the first section I'm going to add in the future, along with "Deciding your strategy"

Deciding your strategy

Basically coincides with "How to ward". In every game, you're going to have to make decisions based on information you have. You can't do the same thing every game and always win. I'll go over what sort of strategies you can run and when you should run them. (based off my humble opinion out of experience, of course)

Knowing your ADC

I find this quite relevant to boosting your win chances: there are all sorts of ADC's, both on your team and the enemies, which will cause you to want to switch up your strategies. I'll release this section after "Deciding your strategy", as soon as I have time.

My playstyle

I don't find this quite as relevant, since it's difficult to explain how I would play, since every game is different and I would have to adjust accordingly. If you want to know about my playstyle, I suggest you watch my stream instead. Still, I'll bring this section out as soon as I finished the other ones and I have time.


Pretty straightforward, people may have questions or disagree with me on certain aspects, and I'll go over them in this section. I won't release this until enough people have commented, of course.

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