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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Reasons for each:

Ghost: I much prefer ghost over flash when playing solo, specifically in top lane when you are playing more for yourself. Can engage from your turret on an all in and almost guaranteed most can't get away, even with flash, as if they have to travel enough distance or if they don't have to flash a wall you will gap close very quickly. Helps get from front line to back line in team fights. Does eliminate any possibility of flashy plays but it really depends on your style. 

Teleport is a must just do to it's effectiveness, mostly use to gain exp and level advantages as Kench, apply pressure, and keep Outer top turret alive is priority, combined with Kench's Ult you can be rotating TP's and Ult's just at level 6 every couple minutes.

Flash can have it's effectiveness, especially if you are going more team fight orientated, flashing to save an ally, or onto a priority target, dodging a skill shot, but CD is very long opposed to ghost.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

The first mastery page listed above is the one I would definitely start out with when learning Kench. 

Standard top lane page-12-18. 


Points into Savagery for last hitting, don't really need the out of combat move speed, especially if you run move speed quints, ultimate helps you get around map wherever you need to. 

I prefer Assassin when running this page as I know I will be building an offensive item, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd depending on how the game is going, I feel the extra 2% helps with trading. 

*If you don't plan on building any offense I would run secret stash just for the extra survive-ability in 2033.png corrupting potion. *

Merciless over meditation, you should not have any many problems after first few levels and corrupting potion can help keep your mana pool healthy, the extra % damage is wonderful . 

Finally dangerous game for the health restore after kill/assist on an enemy, proves to be invaluable time and time again on turret dives or in team fight scenarios, 5% on a tanky champion can make a huge difference. 


Unyielding: Will be stacking a lot of armor and MR, the 5% bonus feels great, you have quite a bit of health regen from e passive throughout lane. 

Seigemaster, I prefer this as I feel when I am taking the most damage it's trying to farm under tower early on into the game, having to auto the minions makes you susceptible to a lot of poke, this mastery helps you deal with this. 

Runic Armor: Scales very nice into the late game, when your E tahmkenche.png is max rank, combined with a 3065.png, it works great for Kench. 

Fearless: Also scales really well into the late game, those first two seconds you are taking minimal damage, being a huge front line for your team or being able to quickly out trade an opponent, your R tahmkenchnewr.png can help you still stay more mobile then the enemy top laner, even with not having the 15% extra cooldown on teleport. 12.png

Swiftness: The 15% Tenacity and slow resist is invaluable, for being able to get your E tahmkenche.png off in tight situations or just the less crowd control the better, this combined with merc treads 3111.png feels really really well, or if you need to opt in for 3047.png ninja tabi's then the 15% feels sufficient . The opposing 15 armor/MR you would get in a 5v5 team fight just does not ever sound worth it to me. 

Finally your Keystone: 

Each one of these has taken some big hits throughout the patches, most recently with Courage of the Colossus, however I would still recommend running this, over any other. 

The extra shield proves invaluable combined with your tahmkenche.png E. Chaining the two together one after another can make you take negative damage for a long duration of time, whether that may be in the back line of a team fight, front lining, or in a 1 on 1 or 1 v 2 scenario, giving you insane durability as a laner. 

Changing it up: 

Below you'll find some other mastery pages I do run on Kench in certain circumstances. 

Survive Lane Poke: 

Combine this page with the survive lane poke rune page above and you can breeze through a poke matchup. 

Sustain Masteries.PNG

Note the differences between the two:


Secret stash over assassin, even more sustain from potions. 


Recovery, for the extra health regen.

Perseverance to also aid in the health regen. 

The Boss Kench Page: 

This last page can really help increase your dueling potential. Especially combined with extra attack speed up front, you'll proc grasp of the undying quite often and your abilities can help kill time until you can get that next proc off, giving you some extra burst and extra sustain, works really well in sustained matchups while sacrificing some team fighting power. 


Kench Alternative resized.png

Many differences in this one. 

Still run the 18 points in resolve as from the displayed page to help scale into late game with your items and tank ability. 

With the alternative of Grasp of the undying of course, I believe this still works really well opposed to Courage. 

The 12 points in ferocity is something worth trying on Kench, as I feel it goes really well with his Kit. 


Sorcery, as you will have enough attack speed from items/ runes the 2% ability damage will help increase kill potential. 

Fresh blood: I feel this helps slowly poke down enemy laner, especially when able to punish them while farming, an auto and a Q just to poke can do quite a bit of work. 

Natural Talent: This is for a bit of extra scaling offense but also helps last hitting since we will not have any points in Cunning tree, I feel you have plenty of sustain from E passive. tahmkenche.png

Battle Trance: Going through Kench's combos, you have a lot of Crowd Control as your disposal, this can help you ramp up those 5 seconds and take minimal damage in between, I don't expect you to kill every player in the game or need the extra damage up front in exchange for taking more damage, so I feel battle trance suites perfectly. 

Abilities Back to Top

Your passive and what you need to do with it, determines how you will go about using the rest of your abilities. 
On top of this, a lot of people underestimate the extra magic damage you will be doing when your passive is fully stacked. This combined with attack speed, grasp of the undying, or something like a titanic hydra 3748.png really makes you a force to be messed with. 
Tahm Kench Passive re scaled.png

Most people would max Q first, it can be beneficial to do so with the slow, being able to trade back poke a lot easier I would still argue to max this first if you are fighting someone you need the huge slow just to be able to get on top of them. *Ahem* 85.png133.png157.png  *Ahem* 
But personally I choose to use this ability just for the CC, and turn it into my stun, rather then my main source of damage.

Q is still the first abilitiy to take for the auto attack reset, and you'll need it to trade damage level 1 if need be, or last hitting minions with it from afar. 

Tahm Kench Q.PNG

Reason for maxing W: 
Lowers Cooldown with every rank, the extra time you can hold an enemy can be really beneficial, fighting enemies like 420.png24.png for just killing time, can setup ganks very easily, can drag into tower range, gives a much unexpected burst damage, combined with 6.png getting onto your opponent becomes very easy.  The Q slow does come in handy, but I feel is more beneficial in the mid-late game opposed to early, if you want to get ahead the extra damage and counter play is the best way to go. 

Tahm Kench W.PNG

Your shield is invaluable, whether it comes to surviving the lane, or using to win a duel, learn when and how to use your shield in conjunction with your other abilities and you will feel much better about playing The Kench. 223.png

Tahm Kench E.PNG

Your ultimate can be used for so many things: 
Is the enemy top laner over extending into your turret? they're dead. 
Is the enemy adc over extending on his own, they're dead. 
Most people do not play in expectation of a Kench ulting and cutting off their escape path anytime they may over extend, to get that farm or damage on a tower. 
Can also be used for cross map plays such as an easy 4 man tower dive on bot lane, as soon as you are 6 with your jungle. Coordinate to shove in or make enemy top lane back, instantly back and ult bot side together. 
Can even be used just to recover from a gank or to get an edge on your opponent to get back to your lane a lot quicker then most. 

Tahm Kench R.PNG

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Starter Items, would most of the time go for corrupting potion but, doran's shield can be effective in poke match-ups.
    Good starter items to back with, really sets the mood for the rest of your game. Tiamat into Titanic Hydra is a really strong start if you can get away with it. While Bami's into sunfire, is more defensive. Sometimes both can be a good option.
    I would start with at least one defensive item, going into your matchup, then deciding whether to go into that Titanic/Sunfire route.

Core Items

    Usually one or the other for me, depends on whether I want the extra damage or extra armor, but the damage I feel will scale better into the late game.
    Top of the line item for any AP matchups, or just having some MR in general. The CDR serves you really well along with the bonus regeneration.
    Really strong item on Kench, I usually grab this 3rd-4th Item. Chain vest--> Titanic --> Merc's or Tabi's --> Thornmail --> Spirit Visage, is one of the best routes and will end up with about 3k hp.
    Depending on situation, have usually been preferring the early ninja Tabi's unless constant CC on other team.

Situational Items

    Good against Crit based comps, would only buy if two or more enemies build crit.
    One of my preferred items on Kench, the passive is incredible and the extra CDR is very nice.
    Possibly last item, if you have enough HP and need the armor/CDR. Good against Comps with more then one AA based champion.
    Definitely great in AP based enemy comps.
    A preferred item personally, I love the move speed passive effect from the rot, and gives you a lot of turret pressure.
    Very effective 4th-6th item, perfect for a good boost in both armor/MR and giving you a big team fight presence.
    Great item for mobility and latching onto people.

Overall main choice between Sunfire/Titanic Hydra. 

Personally, Titanic makes your clear even faster and gives you a lot more options then a Sunfire Cape does. You can actually auto away at an opponents turret without taking aggro with the titanic route, and the damage ramping up mixed in with Kench's passive becomes very strong into the mid-late game. 
The early thornmail will throw a lot of people off (ADC in 2017), but if you have the hp to go along with it... Why not? You hit a big power spike after completing this item with around 2500-3k hp, depending on the comp a tiamat, visage, boots, thornmail, finish titanic buy can work out great. 
ZZ rot, is good to buy when your team as a whole is behind, can help stall the game out and give you guys a chance to rotate easier and hold onto turrets longer, while creating some pressure yourself. 

Examples of Full Builds:

Standard 1 good mix of armor/MR with lots of damage.  

Standard 2 Utility: 

MR Heavy. 

Matchups Back to Top

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Not really any kill potential at any time, you can trade pretty effectively and sustain through his poke but almost impossible to kill. 
The life steal he gets while low on health, means you'll need to save your eat tahmkenchw.png to get off the final burst, but during that time he hits you pretty hard and fast, causing you to use your tahmkenche.png, just to get his passive down, if he didn't blow his cool downs you'll probably die or burn a summoner spell, but if his passive is down, you'd likely win the fight if you save your eat for the last bit. 



Pretty easy match-up for you, you can sustain pretty much through her whole combo, and survive lane poke. 
Stack your passive first to 3 stacks, and eat as soon as you see her throwing down her akalismokebomb.png W, this will prevent her from going anywhere, and then Q immediately after to slow her, you'll need to burn her ultimate to prevent her from getting away, but in a 1 on 1 scenario you should win every time. 




Camille is very difficult just due to her raw damage that she can dish out. 

She will poke you down or heal up after a small trade with her camillew.png W, best to let lane shove to you and farm at turret. 
If she stuns you with an camillee.png hookshot, you're going to eat a nasty trade, however hopefully you are close to your tower and you can tahmkenchw.png eat and bring her under tower for a good trade back. 
If you can effective dodge the stun, stack your passive with auto Q tahmkenchq.png auto, and eat her before she can get off the 2nd part of her camilleq.png Q, you will take a lot less damage that way. 




Darius is a strong opponent, a lot due to his passive and can take a lot of extra damage from long trades. 

Let him shove and just farm at your turret, you can attempt to fight him mid-late game after you have scaled up a bit. 
Important to dodge his dariuscleave.pngQ and not let him heal up at all, you can poke him down with your Q and W throughout the laning face, if he does his combo on you don't tried to trade with him after, just get out. 
He is fairly easy to gank, but can get messy fast, try to make him focus you and use your tahmkenche.png at a decent amount of actual health remaining to try to counter his Ult dariusexecute.png


Dr. Mundo


One of the easiest matchups for Kench. 

Was a huge period of time where Mundo was really popular and I loved playing against him. 
Kench beats him 9/10, would just play safe for the first early levels and get a Bami's Cinder and maybe some early MR, and you should be good to out duel him, even through his ult. 
Use your long combos to stack passive and stun him as much as you can in a duel, poke him throughout laning phase, much like he will do to you, save your eat for when he tries to run away and pull him back in and spit him behind you, followed with your slow you should be able to kill him no problem! 




Ekko is just an annoying matchup. 

Will poke with his Q, use his E on you, and then run away, hard to get the trades you need from him, would just focus on farming, you can easily outsustain in a duel though, even through his ult, providing you land all slows and stuns you need, there is kill potential there. Be careful of being caught in his Stun ekkow.png as you'll eat a nasty trade, but if you can bait him near your tower with his ekkoe.png E, slow him immediately after, gap close and then Eattahmkenchw.png you can get some nice trades if not go for the kill. 




It's all about mind games with Fiora... 

If she riposte your stun or eat, you'll pretty much lose the fight, so it's about trying to get those abilities off while also baiting out her fioraw.png riposte. 
Early levels she'll poke you down, but go for a sunfire and have some early hp and armor and you can trade with her pretty nicely at level 5 or so. Level 6 things get tricky but the best time to try to get your stun/ eat off is while she is focused on getting those procs off of her ult, if you can stun --> eat, you can waste the majority of her ult duration. 
Duels come close, if one of you gets ahead it becomes really one sided, also if she builds something like a hexdrinker or early MR just to duel you, that's good because she sacrificed something and lowers her team fight ability, but be careful about how much that can make a difference. 




Gangplank is a rather annoying matchup, there is kill potential on both sides so you need to be very careful. 

You have to get in a long duration fight with GP to make him burn his gangplankw.png W, on your stun. Do not eat until he has this spell on cooldown. 
He can get a lot of bonus movespeed and will likely poke you and keep his distance, try to avoid eating barrel combos, easily kill able with a gank. 
Don't fight in his ultimate either, if you can burn his Ult every time you initiate on him, and get away and keep him in your lane, consider that a big success, GP's ult around the maybe can really do some damage, so if he is burning it to stay alive in lane... It's good. Alternatively if he goes use his ult somewhere, try to fight him within that duration. 




Debated on marking this as an easy matchup. 

Your shield is a huge counter to garen's ult garenr.png, and can make long duration duels work more in your favor. 
When you are ready to fight him go for the kill, as he will sustain more then you can, either that, or constantly trade or poke whenever you can. 
He doesn't have too much kill potential on you, but if you make a mistake it's definitely viable for him to be able to chase you down and ult you to pieces. 




Not too much kill potential, unless he hard commits, which it could go either way at that point. 

Try to fight when he is mega gnar and a lot less mobile, avoid getting wall slammed with his ult gnarr.png and stunned up, but try to manipulate wave and if he is turning big soon, after it close to your tower and either deny him CS or start fighting him. 
Would recommend to poke with your W, he will poke with his gnarq.png, if you ever try to get onto him, he will just hop away, gnare.png if you can bait that out then back in, you might have a chance to get a kill on him. Would just focus on sustaining through the lane and gaining control over time. 




Heimer is a hard matchup for any melee champion, do not fight until you have 150 MR at least and a good amount of health. You can chip his turrets out but will use a lot of mana to do so, would not recommend having a jungle come and gank either, unless it is early early levels and your jungle is also tanky. 

Would just focus on sustaining and out scaling him, eventually you will get tanky enough to be able to lock him down amongst his turrets and get your full combo off and survive. 




Kench is one of the few champions that can actually 1 on 1 an illoai near any point in the game. 

CDR is pretty important in this matchup, along with armor, attack speed and health. 
She will shove you at your turret early on, would not recommend fighting until you have at least one complete item, like a sunfire cape. 
Dodge illaoie.png her E as much as you can to avoid getting poked out, if you are low enough she will dive and kill you under turret. 
If she misses an illaoie.png and uses a  illaoiq.png Q soon after, (within 2-3 seconds) that is your time to fight and go all in, stack your passive and just trade autos, (avoid any tentacle damage from her illaoiw.png) and bait out her ult. When she ults, stay mobile but with your passive fully stacked, stun her, and then eat immediately after for full duration, stay mobile and bait out tentacles, then go back in and stack passive to stun again, (you can also choose to sustain through with your tahmkenche.png e, but fights do become really close) 




Irelia is a tough one, a lot of the times long duels end up being very close. 

She'll poke you down as much as possible, especially since she is a lot more mobile, and if you are higher health then her, she'll get those stuns off and now trades become really one sided. 
Try to fight when she just uses her ireliaequilibriumstrike.png for poke, and then re engage. If she chooses to trade you have a good chance of winning, stack your passive as much as you can, save for stun, and when her ults up you'll want to stun her. Eat immediately after and regen some hp, you will get stunned after this point, so if you don't kill her with a Q after your eat, you will either die, or have her get away most likely. 
So if you can poke her through laning phase and know your all in damage after a full rotation then you can win and snowball. 


Jarvan IV


Don't underestimate a AD Jarvan burst, avoid his Q poke, jarvanivdragonstrike.png and definitely avoid the E jarvanivdemacianstandard.png- Q combo from him. 

If he wastes that at any point, it's time to fight. 
You should be able to out sustain him anyways, but if he doesn't use E-Q before hand, he will just get away, use your tahmkenche.png when you expect his ult to come out, if you are already in his ult, you may need to use your shield just to survive, stack your passive, and just try to survive and then it's either kill or be killed at that point. 




You'll want to hold onto your tahmkenche.png as long as you can but don't get baited too long as he could save his jaxempowertwo.png W for a last hit that you are not expecting. 

Best time to fight Jax is after he leaps on you to trade, stack your passive as much as you can, if you can get it fully stacked before his jaxcounterstrike.png you're in a good spot. Chances are he won't let you do that, so at the very least Q and slow him and try to gain a bit of distance away from him to hopefully dodge stun. 
After he pops his Ult jaxrelentlessassault.png You'll want to CC as much as you can on him, trying to stun and eat and waste his duration of it, save shield as long as you can like I mentioned and either cause him to leap strike jaxleapstrike.png out and run away or out sustain and get the final blow. 




Run Sustain against Jayce as he will poke you down a lot, surrender wave early, especially until you get your E. When he fully commits jaycethunderingblow.png and uses his E in hammer form as the last blow, slow him immediately as it comes out to be able to gap close and re trade, getting your autos and eat off, dragging him back towards your side. Keep him near your tower as much as you can and make his susceptible to ganks. 

Just B if you get too low, he can easily dive with all the abilities at his disposal. 




Kled is a very difficult matchup, I have yet to figure out a way to be able to outplay with Kench's Kit. 

Kled's kledw.png W, works in his advantage, not being able to easily get away from him, and you being required to stand and trade mostly in auto range. 
Here's the issue, you'll want to tahmkenchw.png his damage coming off of his kledw.png interrupt his spell and make it go on cool down. While doing damage to him. After your W, he should be near off his mount and can get some actual damage onto him. 
But without your eat again is much difficult to try to finish him off, best bet would be to try to reset fight after he is dismounted and then re engage, try to hold onto your tahmkenche.png so you can recover your HP after the trade. 




Malphite is a fairly easy matchup for you. 

A little hard to get on to, you'll want to Q tahmkenchq.png just after he Q's seismicshard.png to be able to counteract him getting away. 
Your W will do a lot of damage but will be hard to stack passive as chances are Malph is maxing Elandslide.png and can lower your attack speed quite heavily. Will be important for a 3748.png in this matchup for the Auto attack reset. 
You can't really prevent him from ufslash.png Ulting away, but I would consider that a win, stopping any insane TP plays coming out of him. 
You should be able to shove him up to his tower and harass from there, can setup a dive after you get some health/armor. ZZ rot is effective to keep the tower pressure on, and force enemy jungle to come to your lane or for him to defend better. 




Probably one of the easiest matchups for Kench. 

Once Maokai uses his W maokaiunstablegrowth.png, there is no escaping for him after that. You are free to unleash full combo, with stun and eat. And will win trades every time. Try to avoid getting poked by his maokaitrunkline.pngmaokaisapling2.png while farming. 
Thing to be most fearful of is his ability to lock you down, it is hard to get away from a jungle ganking a maokai lane if you are overstepping. 




This matchup can go either way, but like with most matchups, Nasus can outscale you depending on how much you are able to shut him down. 

Would definitely recommend going 3748.png for AA reset along with the extra damage, stay out of his E nasuse.png if you are going in for an all in. You won't be able to get away due to his nasusw.png so you'll have to beat him in a duel. 
Go for as much CC as you can land on him. I would not fight him within his Ult nasusr.png use your Qtahmkenchq.png as much as it is up to proc stun and gain some distance, once his ult is down, you should be able to out sustain him pretty easily. 




Lane pretty much goes exactly how the Maokai lane does. See Maokai notes :D 

Avoid getting poked out by Naut's nautilussplashzone.png
Care for lock downs. 




Pretty hard matchup for Kench. 

Needing your autos to stack your passive, it becomes very hard in sustained duels, pantheon being able to block them periodically throughout the duel. 
Pantheon can easily poke you using his pantheonq.png even using his pantheonw.pngpantheone.png for poke and then running away it can be hard to keep on top of him. 
I would run sustain page, and wait for ganks in order to kill him. Make sure you are healthy and have all of your abilities ready to go. 




Not really much kill potential here on either side. 

However you need to be careful of two things. 
Your turret, and any walls surrounding you. 
Eating a poppy combo, E stun, Q, autos poppye.pngpoppyq.png can drain your health bar quite effectively after a couple times happening. If she does not connect a stun with her poppye.png the trade is all yours and use everything you got. Chances are you will not kill her but good to keep her as low as possible. 
Likewise if you are low, her combo, followed up with her ult poppyr.png can definitely bring you to dangerous level, if not kill you, if you are not careful! 




Quinn is a difficult match-up for most melee champions. 

She will poke you down whenever possible using autos her quinnq.png and an quinne.png for an escape/ extra poke. 
Best time to fight her is with you at full hp, take a bit of poke and try to gap close and she will quinne.png away. Launch your slow out and you have to connect tahmkenchq.png, then you can get onto her. After you do, get your eat off and drag her back as much as you can and ready another tahmkenchq.png. You can drain her health bar really fast after you are on top of her, but that is always the tricky part. 
Quinn will roam A LOT, can shove in, and either get back to lane easily or roam fast thanks to her Ult quinnr.png be sure to ward river for your team, and call MIA's. Go for hard tower pressure and you will not be able to farm and follow along with quinn at the same time unfortunately. 




Renekton has a lot of damage within his kit, and a lot of utility as well. 

He will poke you down going in with his renektonsliceanddice.png,  stun with his renektonpreexecute.png  use a Q renektoncleave.png and maybe an auto or two, before dashing away with his renektonsliceanddice.png once more. 
If you want to fight him, that is the time to zone him off minions, after he has no escape. renektonsliceanddice.png
You can win in a all in at full hp, but make sure not to use your tahmkenche.png too late as he can save cooldowns and rip through your health bar unexpectedly, especially with his renektonreignofthetyrant.png ult up. 




Rumble is a hard match up for you until mid- late game. 

His damage can stack up pretty hard especially using it whenever you need to farm. 
He will poke you down with everything he has, rumblegrenade.png harpoons and rumbleflamethrower.png fire galore. 
I would not recommend fighting until you have a full MR item complete and a bit of damage. Use your stun as much as you can, and do not fight within his rumblecarpetbomb.png ult, no matter what you do. 
Even if that means letting him get away. 
The burn will cause you to pop your tahmkenche.png very quickly and you won't be able to hold on for much longer after that. 




Shen is a fairly easy matchup for you. 

He does not do a whole lot of damage if you build a bit of early MR, and if his cooldowns are not up, you can win some massive trades. 
But because of your tahmkenche.png you should come out on top of most.  
Do not stand in between him and his sword, shenq.png, if he pulls that through you he will get a big burst of damage. 
Avoid his tauntsshene.png, try to bait them out and he will be a sitting duck if he misses. 
His W shenw.png will just shield him from AA, so be careful of that when needing to stack your combos. 
He will mostly use his ult to play around you shenr.png and help in team fights, if you cannot see him to try to stop him from teleporting, use your tahmkenchnewr.png to follow, or build a lot for tower pressure. 




Oh... Singed. 

Kench is one of the better people to play into him though, build a first item ZZ rot with maybe a Tiamat and you should be good to go. 
Singed will always try to proxy past you, luckily with your tankiness you hold a minion wave just at the right spot to where he can't get past you, and if he does just try to run past, do your quickest combo: AA,Q,AA,W, to get some really nice damage off and hopefully drag him back a bit of distance. 
Singed will run at you with his Qpoisontrail.png on and fling you as much as he can, singed players can get a lot of damage off this way, I would run sustain page and runes. 
If you can hopefully get to a rot and tiamat without losing your tower, you are in a great spot to hold against his push and even have lots of tower pressure back on him. 




This matchup turns into super tank, vs, supertank. 

There is not too much kill potential on either side, as Sion can sionr.png ult away, if in trouble, and has a lot of CC in his kit. 
He will poke you with sionq.png Q and Esione.png as much as he can, avoid those, especially the stun as much as possible, and poke back. 
He turns into a massive tank thanks to the passive  effect on his sionw.png and you can seriously run out of mana before being able to poke/duel this guy down. 
Would just do your best to get ganks off, as he is very immobile if you block his sionr.png, go for tower pressure and shoving him in. 




Swain is an easy matchup for you. 

He can get quite a bit of damage off in lane with his swaindecrepify.pngQ and Eswaintorment.png and will use these to harass you while farming, avoid the swainshadowgrasp.png W at all costs, it's easy to dodge as long as you are not standing still. 
You can survive all ins from him fairly easily, build early MR, and you should be able to out-damage and sustain him, if he blows his cooldowns (especially his swainmetamorphism.png ult) it's time to commit hard. If you can dodge his W swainshadowgrasp.png you can slow to be able to keep onto him. 


Tahm Kench


Easy, because if you follow this guide you should beat any other tahm Kench :D 




Teemo is an annoying lane for pretty much any melee matchup without some type of gap closer. 

Luckily you have your tahmkenche.png to regen health, and survive poke, would run the lane poke rune set and masteries to get you through this lane. 
Maxing your tahmkenchw.png allows you to constantly poke teemo down though, hit him as much as you can, as if you get him low you can go for an all in.
Just be weary of where he is kiting you through his teemorcast.png ult, but once you are on top of him, if you can slow him you should be able to maintain your distance. He will poke you under tower and any chance he gets, try to bait his blindingdart.png when you don't actually need to hit minions to be able to farm. 




Kench is probably one of the best counters to Tryndamere, thanks to the duration of your tahmkenchw.png

In sustained duels you'll want to save your Wtahmkenchw.png until after he pops his ult undyingrage.png, until he gets a good amount of life steal you should be able to get him low just through your auto attacks and Q tahmkenchq.png stun, then eating and slowing for the last little bit of damage. 
You'll want him to aggro onto you, try to bait him into an all in using his tryndameree.png E to start off the fight and get onto you, fight him then as he has no chance to get away. 
You provide perfect peel for trynd in team fights and can counter his split push fairly easily! 




Vlad is a fairly easy matchup, but can become impossible to kill. 

You will need your spells on a low cooldown, to be able to use your tahmkenchw.png as much as you can, these fights will really be the definition of sustained. 
Vlad will poke you down with his vladimirq.png Q, when it is fully stacked be sure to maintain your distance not to eat the extra damage, while definitely avoiding poke by his vladimire.png, build some early MR. 
His W vladimirsanguinepool.png is his only escape, you'll want to burn that cooldown before hard committing, after that is down you are free to stay on him, use full combos and stun when you are able too, you will be able to tank through his vladimirhemoplague.png ult, and win all in trades thanks to your tahmkenche.png




Pretty easy lane, he will be a bit annoying with his monkeykingnimbus.pngmonkeykingdoubleattack.pngmonkeykingdecoy.png making it hard to trade back, but you should be able to sustain nicely. 

Hard commit soon after he uses his cooldowns, or make him use them defensively and you'll win this lane no problem. 
Be careful of his ult timing monkeykingspintowin.png as he can block your tahmkenche.png usage and burst you towards the end. 
If wukong does not get ahead this should be an easy lane. 




Yasuo is fairly difficult due to his mobility. 

You can easily win an all in and outsustain him even through his yasuodashwrapper.pngyasuoqw.pngyasuorknockupcombow.png but you need to be cautious of his escape routes, and him kiting you around, while your tahmkenche.png is up, and the poke he can do with his Qyasuoqw.png, if you are healthy, I would try to  poke and trade as much as you can and be aggro in this lane. 




Yorick is one of the most difficult matchups for Kench. 

Being immobile, Yorick can trap you yorickw.png in his W, causing not much wiggle room to dodge his yoricke.png and get away. 
Dodging his E yoricke.png is crucial to avoiding massive damage from the ghouls, if he has his Ult up yorickr.png and you get marked, you need to just run, and maybe eat tahmkenchw.png his maiden to negate some damage. 
Yorick is a tank/melee destroyer and it can be hard to get some good trades off. 
If you dodge his yoricke.png you can go in for a quick trade, try to constantly do some poke, and get him low and get a gank off, but he can heal up nicely with his yorickq.png so it has to be fairly constant 

Combos & When do I shield? Back to Top

Just go over a few basic combos to use...

Eat and Drag: To be used when you can bring your opponent in to take some heavy turret shots.  
AA, Q, AA, W, Q, AA. 

Sustained fights: To use when you need to have as much CC as possible, when you know your opponent will commit to fighting you, or if there is enough distance to chase. 
AA, AA, AA, Q, AA, (Another AA if your attack speed is high enough) W, Q, AA. (Repeat) 

Unexpected Poke: 
Q (on a minion), W( eat the minion from afar), W. (This poke can add up and has a huge range even hitting through minions) 

When do I use my shield? 
It really depends on who you are fighting and what their abilities can do. 
If you are fighting someone who can rip through your health bar consistently, save your E when you are almost out of health, they will have to rip through it all one more time and can provide you two extra seconds. 
Sustained Fights: 
Use it to block any big bursts the enemy may give, using it about 50-60% of your max hp, blocking a burst attack or being able to use your shield one more time before the fight ends. 

Playing The Kench: Back to Top

Early Game: 

Early on just try to farm it up, if your opponent missteps, you can capitalize heavily using your quick combo and giving them some turret fire, but I would surrender wave to a lot of people and just get comfortable farming at tower, if you are level 3 you can survive poke pretty easily :) 
Mid game:
Level 6 onward, is when you can really start experimenting strategies with Kench. The countless times I have just ulted behind my top lane opponent when they are just hitting my tower, and them not being able to get away is amazing. While also your ult can be used to coordinate with your jungle on a bot lane dive or to get a kill on mid, or your enemy top lane as well! 
You should really start feeling tanky around this level too, and a huge power spike once you max your W out completely. Can start going in for those all in chase downs and coordinating ganks even with a minion wave stacked for the opponent. 
Late Game: 
You have a really strong set all around, look for any enemy squishy who may overextend and use your massive range level 3 ult, to get a free game winning kill. 
Create lots of pressure as you have access to join your team with ult or TP if you need too. Along with creating cross map pressure, or ulting with your ADC to take a free inhib or kill an open nexus. 
If you did not go the sunfire route, and are fighting an enemy tank, it can take 2-3 members to kill you, allowing your team to create pressure elsewhere and you can still have a lot of tower pressure. You can survive for quite a long time if you run Courage, and can delay opponents for 10-12 seconds or so. 

Most of the time I play to get ahead during the mid game, working with my jungler and let him know most lanes are easy to gank for me. While really capitalizing anytime an opponent makes a mistake. 

Who is Rocknotes? Back to Top

I am Currently a D4 off meta, top/mid main player. 

I am shooting for challenger and would love to be apart of the pro scene some day. 
Starting up streaming and getting a routine down so check me out here: My Stream
Focusing on helping others improve their skills, by wanting to do guides and tutorials, of all levels while also improving myself. 
If you have any questions about my guide, feel free to reach out, or anything you may want clarification on. 
If you do enjoy the guide please help spread the word and I will be doing more to help you guys climb and master champions in a lot of different ways. 

Every Champion can be strong in the hands of a good player. 

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