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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Hey! I'm Drewmatth!


Who am I? A Master Taliyah Player on EUNE.


(*Lolking Highest Popularity Taliyah Players EUNE, also 1st on LolSkill @ Best Taliyah Players)

If you want "rock" everyone with Taliyah , check my Youtube Series for Taliyah Clips & Tricks & Full Games & A ridiculous amount of Wall Ganks ! Example Videos Below (check them out for further improving your playstyle and learning new tricks!)


(if the video does not appear, go to the channel and search for the latest videos)s



 Subjects: Summoner Spells, Runes, Items, Abilities, Combos, Win Condition, Over 30+ Matchups and more!


3 Useful Taliyah Tricks that YOU SHOULD KNOW!

(Minion Aggro Control, Circle Management, WE vs EW Combo)


50+ Taliyah Walls - A Tutorial on how to gank, teamfight, control objectives and other tricks with your ultimate!



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*If you want to see to playlist of all games, go to my channel page and click on "playlists".


   With that being said:

TALIYAH MID GUIDE - FROM a Master-Tier point of view !



1) Only escape tool.

2) Helps you in catching those nasty escaping opponents.

3) Mandatory summoner spell.

 7.png HEAL

1) Possibly best defensive tool (even against ignite if you time it right). Why? Because of the 2v2 skirmishes early on between you and your jungler and the enemy mid and jungler.

2) The movement speed gain is IMO superior to Barrier.


1) The rise of CC Junglers meta happened quick and this spell is more than enough to save you from that nasty Sejuani ultimate or that random Lux stun.

2) Cons? Possibly the hardest summoner spell to use right, as it just removes CC, you need to understand when that CC comes unto you and how to time it perfectly.

6.png GHOST

1)  I personally use Exhaust against most midlaners, but as they mostly play with Ghost you will be usually forced to play with it too if you think they can reach you out easily in most games. I repeat, I don't use it, but other mids will, and if you don't know how to play around an enemy with Ghost I suggest for you to pick it too, so you can counter it.

2) Helps on Roaming and Escapes.

14.png IGNITE

1) Tertiary Source of Damage.

2) Use this if the enemy does not have huge kill potential (EX: Use this against Xerath/Ziggs/Healers - NOT VERSUS ASSASSINS).


1) Use this versus someone who gets easily in close range.

2) Use mostly vs assassins.

3) REMEMBER: You do not have same damage output as ignite. Proceed with caution.

4) Helps on escapes.

5) Very versatile tool and extra slow when ganking with your wall - offers huge kill potential combined with 3030.png if you use it.

New Runes Back to Top

The main runes that you want to use right now are Summon%20Aerie.png?width=32 OR Arcane%20Comet.png?width=32.

I've presented 8 rune pages above that should be used accordingly to your needs. If you need stopwatch and extra push power you go for inspiration secondary. If you liked the Old Morello you go for precision secondary for the extra mana on kills and levels. The choice between Summon%20Aerie.png?width=32 and Arcane%20Comet.png?width=32 is yours because the damage is comparable just the fight style is different (such as poking from long range with Arcane%20Comet.png?width=32 vs coming in and out and fighting with Auto Attacks Summon%20Aerie.png?width=32). I've also added defensive Resolve trees for the hard matchups.

The main rune page I use right now is using Arcane Comet (Arcane%20Comet.png?width=32). It's great for

  1. Poking at a distance, ensuring maximum damage without ever getting too close.
  2. Extra damage early, so you can maximize the damage on the lane phase.

If you use it at maximum efficiency (taliyahq.png -> Arcane%20Comet.png?width=32-> taliyahwvc.png->taliyahe.png->taliyahq.png) you will proc it right and you will deal the most damage.

Never use first this combo  taliyahwvc.png->taliyahe.png as it will proc Arcane%20Comet.png?width=32 and you will not be able to hit it. Use it in reverse order: taliyahe.png->taliyahwvc.png or use taliyahq.png first.

Some pro players already started using it and you should try it too.

The other tree I sometimes use is Aery. This rune (Summon%20Aerie.png?width=32)  has a low cooldown so try to hit as much as possible with auto-attacks the enemy midlaner to ensure maximum damage.

In the page presented above we create a combination of Movement Speed buffs, Damage and some Mana regeneration. All runes used are chosen to ensure that

  1. We have enough damage to kill the opponent on lane if we get the opportunity;
  2. We have extra movement speed for ganking;
  3. We have some bonus free mana to ensure we can help on drakes and heralds OR on consistent poke later on (the mana falls pretty quick if we mismanage even the tiniest bit.

Taliyah doesn't do well at all in the Assassins matchups, but I suggest, as an alternative when facing tough lanes (which may or my not require 3157.png) to go for the Aery/Comet tree that I presented above + two runes from inspiration tree: Perfect%20Timing.png?width=32 and Celestial%20Body.png?width=32 if needed.

Keep in mind, Perfect%20Timing.png?width=32 has a one time use and has a STARTING cooldown of 600 sec (if I'm not mistaken). So it will come up at about level 7 or 8 or 9 depending on how far you are vs 238.png or 105.png or 55.png . This item also gives you a bonus in gold towards 3157.png.

If you are having mana problems, go for secondary and use Presence%20of%20Mind.png?width=32 and Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=32. If you are having problems with Heavy bursters AD or AP go for +5 MR or +5 ARMOR from the Resolve tree and Bone%20Plating.png?width=32.

Minion%20Dematerializer.png?width=32 Is also extrremely good for pushing your lanes faster and roaming -> use this rune in the next way: 4x uses on melee minions, 1x on casters and 1x on siege cannons.

Masteries Back to Top

 I choose 12/18/0 Masteries with Thunderlord. Every single point in the mastery tree focuses on Damage first, because she sometimes lacks that in the laning phase.

For SOLOQ Purposes I recommend TLD. SRS is vastly used in pro play but will harm you when you aren't synchronizing with 4 other players, so for SoloQ you can try SRS, but the other one is way more efficient if you focus on climbing.

Major Choices:

1) Sorcery VS Fury

You don't need attack speed on Taliyah

2) Fresh Blood VS Feast VS Expose Weakness

It's my personal preference to deal extra damage than to have some sustain that after the lane phase becomes pretty much useless. Point is with the GLP build & 2 starting pots you should have no problems, and if you do get poked too much there's no point to compete in a sustain battle rather than an 1-on-1 fight or roaming.

3) Natural Talent VS Vampirism

Taliyah needs all the AP she can get. Some sustain won't make the difference compared to the damage you need.

4) Bounty Hunter VS Double-Edged Sword

Pick Bounty Hunter if you roam successful every game and you get lots of kills, however, in my ELO that's a bit harder to achieve and I would love to have 3% more damage in the lane phase compared to 0%-5% later.

5) Savagery VS Wanderer

Personal choice on Savagery as it helps me farm and it's a pretty noob-proof mastery, I'd probably lose a lot more farm without it. Sure, pick the other if you mastered farming.

6) Assassin vs Secret Stash vs Runic Affinity

If you like Biscuits go for it, but you usually need more damage.

7) Merciless vs Meditation

Again, all extra damage is well-welcomed. IMO, in every build you make you should consider some flat mana OR mana regen, so it's pretty much pointless to use Meditation.

8) Dangerous Game vs Bandit vs Greenfather's Gift

The other two choices are pretty much irrelevant and useless compared to the HP you get on a kill and assists.

9) Precision VS Intelligence

Damage again. The Intelligence mastery is good but it's no match for the utility of Precision.

10) Thunderlord vs Stormraider vs Windspeaker

Some people play with Stormraider, I simply agree too much on the burst Thunderlord + full taliyahq.png to go for the other one. I simply chose Thunderlord since the beginning and it never dissapointed me.

And also : Don't you ever think to go for Deathfire Touch, it's completely useless on Taliyah.

Abilities Back to Top



MAIN COMBO: taliyahwvc.png->taliyahe.png->taliyahq.png

SECONDARY: 3.png -> taliyahwvc.png -> taliyahe.png -> taliyahq.png

THIRD COMBO: 3030.png -> taliyahwvc.png -> taliyahe.png -> taliyahq.png

(* You will notice from this that I highly prefer things that Slow the enemy, because that easily enables your W , so you can hit it easier. Against really good players without these pre-requisite slows you will have a very hard time to hit your W, so I simply went for the easiest choices and most play-able)

Always check before fighting if you are on Worked Ground, so you can move around it. Check the Items section for advanced 3030.png+3.png combos.

Wiki description of abilities:





Basicly you throw 5 rocks dealing less damage each. When you first press Q you create a circle that lasts between 120-66 sec -> when you press Q on circle you will throw just one rock with reduced CD.



Kind of like ziggs W , but you can't push yourself, only enemies!



Creates a small terrain of rocks that will deal extra damage to dashes (NO teleports tho).

Your main combo is W into E into Q.



Creates a Wall that you are allowed to ride by pressing twice R in quick succession. If you don't press twice you will send just the wall.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items


Core Items

    Luden's Buid
    GLP Build

Situational Items

    Last item usually used versus AP or Skarner
    If you are REALLY ahead ( at least 3-0 and you feel extra confident in surviving ganks.
    Somehow Equal to Sorc boots. Try both. See what fits you best.
    Can also be used as a last item instead of Rylai, depending on prefference

Items Discussion and Build Order

(1 March 2018 Update, check the build section from the video above)

*as of 8.6 I'm currently using build number #6 posted below. Archangel Staff is best in slot for now.

The main first item options for us are 3030.png and 3285.png or even 3003.png but when to use which?

Theoretically 3030.png should be used in matchups in which the enemy dances around and you need the extra slow to do something meaningful, but until 8.5 where it should get a bit buffed again I don't think this is necessarily the best in slot item, while the other one offers so much push power and even a smaller cooldown and no active.


BUILD ORDER CDR FINAL BUILD VARIATION #1 :  1056.png2003.png2003.png3285.png3020.png3151.png3089.png3135.png3116.png or 3157.png

BUILD ORDER CDR FINAL BUILD VARIATION #2 :  1056.png2003.png2003.png3030.png3020.png3151.png 3089.png3135.png3116.png or3157.png

BUILD ORDER CDR FINAL BUILD VARIATION #3:   1056.png2003.png2003.png3157.png3020.png3285.png 3151.png3089.png3135.png
BUILD ORDER CDR FINAL BUILD VARIATION #4:    1056.png2003.png2003.png3285.png3020.png 3151.png3089.png3135.png3102.png

BUILD ORDER CDR FINAL BUILD VARIATION #5:  1056.png2003.png2003.png3285.png3020.png 3151.png3089.png3135.png3165.png

BUILD ORDER CDR FINAL BUILD VARIATION #6:  1056.png2003.png2003.png3003.png3020.png 3151.png3089.png3135.png3165.png


Why 3089.png 3rd ITEM ?

I've tried to play a lot with 3151.png third item, but you simply lose too much burst.

When AHEAD 3089.png gives you tons of extra burst and will help you one shot the enemy ADC/SUPPORT/MIDLANER/SQUISHY JUNGLER/BRUISER TOP.

When you are behind it's an OK choice to go for 3151.png if you like that as a 3rd item OR other items, but I still do go for 3089.png, usually this item enables my burst and every time I'm behind and I finish it I simply feel that I am worth in the teamcomp again.

I sometimes even skip completing tier 2 boots before 3089.png because of the value it provides, combined with a well placed taliyahr.png on the mis-positioned enemy ADC it will help you immensely in securing your team advantage.


Use build 1,2,4 versus non-assassins:

4.png10.png13.png30.png157.png115.png101.png69.png61.png63.png etc.

Use build 1, 4 versus ap-assassins or strong ap damage dealers:

7.png84.png131.png134.png105.png90.png etc.

Use build 1, 3 versus ad-assassins or strong CC:

238.png92.png91.png80.png even 25.png105.png  or junglers like 9.png111.png

Use build 5 versus Healers such as:


Use build 6 for an all rounded build and a good scaling into the lategame.

In heavy AP matchups in which you feel you would die early get an extra MR item that you shouldn't necessary complete it such as 1057.png or 1033.png.


These tips are only GUIDELINES!

Let's discuss Build #1:

1) 1056.png2003.png2003.png Standard start.

2) Buy   3802.png   then 1001.png

3) Finish 3285.png

4) Upgrade boots -> 3020.png
5) Go for the next item and buy parts of it: 
6) Continue normally the rest of the build until last item ->
7) Pick last item accordingly - if you need kite go for
3116.png, if you feel you die too much to a random engage ability such as Skarner's ultimate or Ashe, go for 3102.png , last but not least go for 3157.png if you feel that you get burst down or targeted too much by the enemy team.

For Build #2 the only major difference is that we go for 3030.png instead of

Build #3:

This build will be used mostly against nasty assassins with annoying ultimates such as 238.png and sometimes 105.png and some others (you will have to consider yourself when is the right moment to have it, because we do have stopwatch now and we are generally safe with it). The only difference in this build is that we get 3157.png somewhere in the first two items...I still rarely go for it as a first item but for beginners should be recommended to have it to die less in the lane phase.

Build #4:

This build has 3102.png as a last item, but in general you should use it only against heavy AP Matchups. Get an early magic resist item such as 1033.png if you struggle in the lane phase or die randomly to burst. You can complete 3102.png as fast as you want, you should generally just get a source of mana regen quickly after or before.

Build #5:

This build is put there for the Grevious Wounds from 3165.png . This item in 8.4 has been changed to no longer offer mana and it is mostly used either for the flat pen or the Grevious Wounds. Use this item in the hard heal matchups that I've presented above.

Don't Forget THESE :  2043.png2139.png and 3341.png (upgraded, post level 9).

After playing some Taliyah games I realised that 3157.png gives you HUGE OUTPLAY POTENTIAL, if you want this item, you can try put it higher in your item list if you are aggresive with your R or you feel you die too fast.

 Why? Well let's see :

                1) Increases your survivability in teamfights by a LOT...

                2) Give your wall a purpose : You go in with your wall, you deny enemy team, then you use Zhonya AND Flash if you feel threatened.

                3) You have no natural escapes , just your W push and Flash.

            This item could save your lives 10x more , especially if you are new to this champion! 

** --do not forget to ACTUALLY USE IT  --

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ahri
  • Akali
  • Anivia
  • Annie
  • Aurelion Sol
  • Azir
  • Brand
  • Cassiopeia
  • Diana
  • Ekko
  • Fizz
  • Gangplank
  • Heimerdinger
  • Jayce
  • Karthus
  • Kassadin
  • Katarina
  • Kayle
  • LeBlanc
  • Lissandra
  • Lulu
  • Lux
  • Malzahar
  • Morgana
  • Orianna
  • Pantheon
  • Ryze
  • Syndra
  • Talon
  • Twisted Fate
  • Veigar
  • Vel'Koz
  • Viktor
  • Xerath
  • Yasuo
  • Zed
  • Ziggs
  • Zilean




Equivalent matchup pre-6, Difficult matchup post-6.

I recommend to go and gank lanes after 6. Or duel her , but be careful to her ahriseduce.png AND dodge her RETURNING ahriorbofdeception.png because it deals TRUE DAMAGE. If you have at least 50% hp more than her, feel free to engage. Use  your 3.png , it's a total shut down for her.

If not, just out-roam her.




As the other AP assassins, I recommend to go for 3001.png3116.png  3111.png + 3.png .

Fight her pre-6 , all-in her if necessary ! Call your jungler !

Post-6 be careful if you don't have items to her full combo, she can kill you all-in. Use 3.png , 4.png , push her in your tower with your taliyahW.png .

Stay back, farm . She gets stronger and stronger, but in team fights you can focus her down easily. Buy 2043.png to counter her stealth ( her only escape) . Use this method especially in teamfights !




Level 2 , she has highest damage in game with her flashfrost.png+frostbite.png combo. A good Anivia will always flashfrost.png -> crystallize.png so go for MR / HP as soon as possible. Also buy 1001.png3158.png !!
Pre-6 dodge flashfrost.png at all costs. Post-6 you can intrerupt her glacialstorm.png with your taliyahW.png .
If somehow you see an oppening TRY to kill her, BUT REMEMBER : She has a passive, and

you might NOT kill her in that, and if she revives you will be pretty much gone.

If behind Farm & Outroam if necessary.

Some Clips against Anivia from my series :




Pre-6 poke poke poke, try even to get a kill. Post-6 GET MR and HP so you will not get one-shot'd.

ALWAYS WATCH FOR HER PASSIVE!! If she has her stun up for some time the enemy jungler MIGHT BE Lurking around. If she aggressively comes to you, it's also a sign that you WILL get ganked.

If you are low hp DO NOT approach her as her 4.pnginfernalguardian.pngdisintegrate.pngincinerate.png renders you dead instantly. Out-roam her, but be careful when she follows. She can kill your team-mates as easy as she can kill you.


Aurelion Sol


Possibly one of the rarest encounters. Watch his mana, watch his aurelionsolW.png and watch his aurelionsolQ.png you CAN dodge most of these.

Careful when roaming, he has SAME ROAMING POTENTIAL as YOU!

Aurelion Sol lacks however defenses, so you are stronger than him in that scenario, with your E->W->Q . Watch for his R, it's flashable, then you have a free kill.

Watch for ganks, he can stun you easily.




Annoying early. Disastrous late.

Poke him early, poke him hard. Careful Post-6 for his azirQ.pngazirE.pngazirR.png INSEC cappabilities.

He will not deal a lot of damage until he reaches his 3115.png. He starts dealing moderate damage with that . After 3116.png he becomes a beast in terms of overall damage. Try to understand when he is killable and when not.

He outscales you late game ( he outscales most mages )...

Honestly in this match-up I'd try to explain my jungler that Azir's late-game is huge , so I'll ask for ganks if I can't win. Or I will roam, as he can't follow that easy.

If Azir falls behind , his damage will be low of course, but that is rare. He still can come back in the game tho, so be careful with this Emperor.

Also, go for MR/HP against his burst.

Best chance to win : Fight him pre-6. Roam and farm post-6.




Huge burst pre-6. Even more burst post-6, BUT his spells are easy to dodge!

Get 1001.png3158.png as fast as you can, get MR+HP. You can kill him pre-6/post-6, if you have your 3.png up , just predict his spells. Dodge his brandblaze.png stun at all costs!

Don't stay near minions or teammates when he uses  brandwildfire.png.
Out-roam him if necessary. He can't follow that easy .




Dodge dodge dodge. Get 1001.png3158.png . PREDICT HER cassiopeiapetrifyinggaze.png and turn around, it has an animation. Learn it, get used to it, flash it for outplays.

Out-roam her , dodge her cassiopeianoxiousblast.pngcassiopeiamiasma.png and out-dps her.




AP assassin, we deal with her damage with 3001.png3111.png and 3116.png .
Farm from a safe distance. Dodge her dianaQ.png . If she dives you taliyahW.png her away, but use it carefully , miss = dead most of the time .

You can out-roam her and get some kills.

You can harass her from a safe distance, just don't get near dianaQ.png range. If she misses you are good to go, she can't use dianaR.png as she will get high cd on it!

Farm safe till you get your items, then feel free to fight her near your towers. Kite her !




Easy-Medium-Hard match-up. Truly depends on the enemy Ekko. Some are good, some

are bad, some are inbetween . That being said:

Get HP+MR; Try to roam. If you are fighting him consider some things: His ekkoQ.png on return deals MORE damage so dodge it at all costs. His ekkoW.png is pretty easy to see, but still, some Ekko's are good and insta ekkoW.png+4.png you , STILL predictable. If you are dueling with him and you are both ~20% hp and he still has ekkoR.png you can predict that to 4.png that and outplay him.





Possibly most difficult match-up due to his All in capabilities

But we can counter that, can we?

Well let's see : Countering methods : 3.png3001.png3111.png3116.png 
First : You can dodge his fizzjump.png if you are careful enough, and he will lose a ton of damage.
If you are even more experienced you can flash his fizzmarinerdoom.png and end the deal!
However, until you have the required items I strongly suggest to ignore him , just poke from very far and stay in your tower, you should be in danger only if their jungler comes to gank you.

Second: You can call your jungler as Fizz will always try to focus you down, you just have to think it and plan it carefully ! You can make him use his fizzpiercingstrike.pngfizzjump.png (if you are 100% hp this will take you to 45-60% hp at levels 4-5 ) just pop 3.pngtaliyahW.png and either push him in tower and solo kill , or use your junglers help.

You can fight him level 1-2 , don't fight him after 3. You can fight him after you finish those items IF he is not super fed.
You can out-roam him!

There are a lot of outplay opportunities, just be careful and as always, survive!




Most of the times he will spam parley.png on you. His raisemorale.png are easy to destroy/dodge. Some good GP's use a three raisemorale.png combo with the last barrel being placed in a split second. Decide if he is a good GP and dodge accordingly. Post 6 he can follow your roam with his cannonbarrage.png , but that won't do much.

He has kill potential after 6 with cannonbarrage.png so be extra careful on that. Get HP and ARMOR if needed.




Should be an easy match-up due to your taliyahQ.png easily killing his h28gevolutionturret.png . Spam it. Get those turrets down. When he uses ult , respond accordingly.
 His h28gevolutionturret.png ULT : Stay out of range.
 His hextechmicrorockets.png ULT : Move to the side or flash.
 His ch1concussiongrenade.png ULT : I expect this only at ganks. Flash ASAP or DODGE.

Get 1001.png3158.png . Roam if needed. He can't follow that at all.




Difficult match-up due to his all in potential with a small Insec in between jayceQ.png4.pngjayceE.png can be a little disturbing, but you can always push him in your tower with taliyahW.png .
You can trade with him, you can out-roam him , just dodge his poke , and you are good to go. Think about going for 3157.png as a first item. Extra armor always helps!




Be careful level 1-2 for his laywaste.png spam.

Poke & Go for kill. Roam but be careful to his fallenone.png .

There is not much to be added , I rarely see Karthus nowadays so the chance for this to happen is ridiculously small.

Should be easy to beat him , tho.




Easy - Medium Match-up.

He will spam nulllance.png + forcepulse.png early. You can out-damage that.

Post-6 he might become strong. Just might, because his riftwalk.png mostly helps him escape, his overall damage is STILL LOW if you use RoA+Abyssal+Rylai.

I rarely see good Kassadins nowadays, so I doubt you'll have trouble.

Roam if necessary but DO NOT FAIL! .

Kassadin players usually play with 12.png so acknowledge that and use it to your advantage. If he uses it to get to lane, go roaming. Else, just fight him. You should have 3.png against him honestly.




Easy-Medium match-up.

Warn your team when she roams.

Put taliyahW.png under you when she shadowstep.png + deathlotus.png . If you have MR + HP you will have time to escape. Then just come back to lane and kill her ---> 3.png is your friend.

Out-roam her if necessary.




Easy-Medium match-up.

You can kill him easily before he finishes his 3115.png .

After that it becomes a little tricky, as he deals a lot of damage, but you can kite

him...can you?  You definetly should. Get3027.png then 3116.png .

Watch his kayleR.png . Don't do stupid things like engaging all-in on him only to forget his kayleR.png . He can dive you with it. He can save his team with it. He can ANNOY THE sh*t

out of you! Be careful , and play around that. Also note that it has a particular low

cooldown (100/90/80), so work around that.




Super-Difficult. You have to play extra-safe. Poke her level 1. Stay away from her level 2. Try to dodge her leblancslide.png , it is possible! Just try to predict. Go for 3001.png + 3111.png + 3116.png and you'll have some nice round defensive stats. You can actually outplay her with your taliyahW.png , you can out-roam her with your taliyahR.png , just be careful when she comes to the lane you are ganking, she will deal massive burst if you don't do your assassination in time!

Always dodge her leblancsoulshackle.png , flash it if needed!
She will fall off later, and you'll be more useful, so stay back, poke and farm. Roam if needed but do not die!




Bursty match-up. Be truly careful of ganks. Might be even a hard match-up if the enemy knows what they are doing.

Let's see : 1) Go for HP/MR ASAP.
                2) Roam, but if she has 12.png work around that. Play smart. Use your 3.png or 14.png to kill her on lane.
                3) Watch out for her lissandraE.png , if somehow you have time to see their jungler before lissandraW.png lissandraR.png combo, flash it. Flash it even before her lissandraE.png finishes.

Truly a tricky match-up , so play smart, dodge poke.

Careful reminder   : Her lissandraQ.png range increases if she hits a minion or champion.
Careful reminder 2: Her roaming potential is huge due to her lissandraE.png going over any wall.





If the Lulu is good you won't kill her. Just Roam.

Dodge her luluq.png poke. She can lulue.png luluq.png you (with minions help). Dodge that too.

Don't go all-in when she has her lulur.png ready. She can outplay you // her jungler might be here.

You can also be heavily CC-ed with luluq.pngluluw.pnglulur.png . Up to 5-7 seconds of CC. So be super careful about that. Fight her if you see their jungler on other lanes. Surprise her with your taliyahW.pngtaliyahE.png combo. 




Get 1001.png3158.png . Dodge her luxlightbinding.pngluxmalicecannon.png . I can understand if you get hit by luxlightstrikekugel.png but her luxlightbinding.pngluxmalicecannon.png are a deal-breaker as you will mostly get dumped by those spells.

Hard match-up to get a kill from. More easy to win this if you roam. Her luxmalicecannon.png might be on the lane you are ganking, but that should not stop you. Warn your team if she comes too.

Call your jungler for ganks, she is not that hard to kill , especially if you hit your taliyahW.pngtaliyahE.png combo.




His alzaharnethergrasp.png makes the matchup truly difficult as you have no natural escapes and he can just kill you on ganks easily.. So , go for 3001.png + 3116.png , take another extra MR item if needed.
Try to predict when he will use his alzaharnethergrasp.png and put a taliyahW.png under him. Might work once or twice and can actually win you the game.

If his alzaharnethergrasp.png is on cooldown just fight him as you will win most of the trades.




Most boring match-up. The blackshield.png is especially annoying since she can block all your taliyahW.pngtaliyahE.png combos if she is smart.  Get out of the range of her soulshackles.png at all costs. Dodge her darkbindingmissile.png .  Buy 1001.png3158.png asap.

Your best chance to win this match-up is to roam . You will definetly NOT kill her on lane.
Be 150% careful to ganks. One darkbindingmissile.png from her and you are gone.
Your taliyahR.png can move her in teamfights, if you use it right you can disrupt her ult from your teammates ( if they move aside from her).

Just farm as much as you can and roam.




Even matchup. Go for the standard build of 3027.png + 3116.png . Poke her pre-6 , be a little careful to ganks post-6  (( orianadetonatecommand.png )) . If you feel you can't win the lane and you get out-poked, go roaming.

Seriously, her follow-up is not stellar, and her damage is the same. Orianna truly shines in the teamfights, and if she fails ult , there she goes.

Jungler ganks could truly help you. Be careful to her damage overall, you should not die.

Best way to win this match-up is roaming.




Second most annoying match-up prolly due to the fact that he can just pantheon_throw.png spam..
He also has great roaming potential so don't forget to ping your team when he is post 6 and missing . He will dive with pantheon_grandskyfall_jump.png , so think , plan , and go with your taliyahR.png , as the game progresses he will fall off and you will go up in damage .

Think about 3157.png as a first item if you need extra armor !




I toggled this match-up as easy due to Ryze not being able to kill you if you disrupt his desperatepower.pngruneprison.png with your taliyahW.png . Poke him as hard as you can, go for a kill if needed. Call your jungler but be careful to not get 2v1'd .

Go for 3027.png + 3116.png . Kite him as hard as you can.

Of course : Roam; however, most Ryze players will play with 12.png. If he uses it to go to lane, feel free to roam, if not, careful to that. Fight him on lane if you see this spell, your 3.png could do wonders.




Bursty mage. Get 1001.png3027.png3116.png or 3001.png.

Try to predict her stun. If she uses syndraR.png , 3.png her.

Call your jungler. Use your taliyahW.pngtaliyahE.png combo, but be generally careful to her full combo:syndraQ.pngsyndraE.pngsyndraW.pngsyndraR.png14.png ( that can kill any squishy jungler with less than 60% hp , don't tell him to come if he is low hp , warn him if he is low and tries to gank)

Roam. She can't keep up, but be careful when she comes to the lane you are ganking. Her combos are disguisting.




Pre 6 might be do-able, or annoying, depending on the player. If he jumps on you, taliyahW.png him to your tower. If he plays defensive, poke him as hard as you can pre 6 taliyahQ.pngtaliyahE.pngtaliyahE.png

Go for 3157.png, try to anticipate his talonshadowassault.png , you should be good after he fails it.
Go for 3116.png , then you are pretty safe if he's not fed..

Try to out-roam him BUT warn your lane that HE IS ALSO COMING !!
So plan accordingly and ping him


Twisted Fate


Your Roaming Counterpart.

His destiny.png has better usage than your taliyahR.png . If he roams first, follow. If you roam first, he WILL follow. His CD is higher, you might get something out of that.

Fight with him, your full combo deals way more than his spells combined.

You can go for a kill, but be careful when you do. He has pickacard.png which will either stop you, or make his jungler kill you easier. Think around that. See when he picks it , try to predict enemy jungler movement.

He should not be able to kill you.




Increasingly annoying Tiny-Piece-of-EVIL.

Watch his veigarbalefulstrike.png . Get HP+MR or even 3157.png ..(for his veigarprimordialburst.png of course).

Dodge his veigardarkmatter.pngveigarbalefulstrike.png , get1001.png3158.png. Get out of his veigareventhorizon.png range. That indicates gank half of the time, so be extra careful to that spell.

The only true chance of getting ahead is roaming. You might kill him pre-6 , but at some point he will be truly annoying to be dealt with. Stick to roaming.




Bursty mage. Poke him early. Get 1001.png3158.png asap. Learn his velkozQ.png , it's not that hard to dodge. Intrerupt his velkozR.png with your taliyahW.png . Post 6 if you all in him do not use your taliyahW.png in any purposes. Use taliyahW.pngtaliyahE.png combo only if he dies from it.





Bursty-Mage. Go for HP and MR. Dodge viktordeathray.png at all costs. Pre-6 you can fight/poke. Post 6 be truly careful to his full combo viktorpowertransfer.pngviktordeathray.pngviktorchaosstorm.png .

Careful on ganks. Don't use your taliyahW.png when you are in his viktorgravitonfield.png .

Your only true chance of winning this is roaming.




Artillery mage. Get 1001.png3158.png as soon as possible. Dodge everything you can.
 If your jungler comes do not miss at all costs your taliyahW.png taliyahE.png combo, that is your only chance to kill. If his 4.png is down, call your jungler again.

Dodge xerathmagechains.png at all costs, huge slow-moving orb.

CAREFUL . THE MAJOR MAGE UPDATE MODIFIED HIS xeratharcanebarragewrapper.png . He can cast now 3/4/5  Arcane Barrages (at level 6/11/16) , so don't get surprised by this. It's not hard to dodge his xeratharcanebarragewrapper.png , just move randomly, in opposite directions.

ROAM. Till he gets there you might already get a kill.




Most-often match-up.

Get 3027.png + 3116.png as soon as possible.

Pay attention to his yasuoE.png . Understand your opponent. Whenever you see him dashing a lot towards you, quickly use taliyahE.png . If he is near your tower predict his movement and throw him in your tower with your taliyahW.png . His yasuoW.png is annoying, but won't do much against your taliyahW.png and taliyahE.png .

Get his Passive Shield off with your  taliyahQ.png . Predict his yasuoQ.png tornado, the animation is clear , use that to your advantage.

Try to understand his behaviour when the enemy jungler is nearby. He will dash aggresively towards you , he will try to yasuoR.png you.

Roam. Roam. Roam. 

Call your jungler.  As the game progresses he will be increasingly annoying to be dealt with.




Dodge his combo pre 6. Fight him pre 6. After 6 try to outplay him in the next case : If you are somewhat 40%-90% hp and he dives you, wait for his zedR.png , when he lands out of it , instantly 4.pngto the side, and use 3.png , this will keep him under your tower. Place your taliyahW.png towards your tower, where his zedR.png shadow is ! I did this a couple of time and it worked.

Also : go for 3027.png  first, then 3157.png . Always duel him with your 3157.png up!

If you some how think he is better than you overall (which no one ever does) go roaming..well, go roaming even if you don't think he's better than you. Taliyah shines in roaming.




Get 1001.png , then 3158.png .  Dodge everything you see.

Roam. Be careful for his ziggsr.png . Don't get dumped by his ziggsw.png , stay outside it's range and poke. The only way to win against him is to use your poke & dodging skills better than him.

Call your jungler if needed. You should not die..Theoretically you won't get a kill either so your best bet it's roaming on other lanes.




Dodge his timebomb.pngrewind.pngtimebomb.png combo.

The champion is pretty straight-forward. Roam. You should not have problems on that.

Pay attention to his chronoshift.png CD . He can bait you when the enemy jungler ganks.

Get HP+MR.

Very rare match-up.

Ganking Paths (Blue Side) Back to Top

Most efficient ganking paths for Taliyah Mid on Blue Side :



summoner rift blue side 2.jpg

Let's see :

Ganking paths 1-6 are for walking + R;

Ganking path 7 is only for walking and ganking with the help of your Passive.

The most risky paths in this image is 4,5,6 due to wards. Use these paths if you are sure there are no wards/ vision wards you went over. If you however see their jungler top , and you know their midlaner can't catch-up with you feel free to use them. Their bot might not have time/ might not realise what is happening.

Gank path 1 is the least effective;

Gank paths 2 and 3 and 4 give you optimal results.

I do not advice on ganking toplane. Their jungler might just go for drake at that point and you could lose some objective / the impact is not even that big..However if you see a free kill there or their jungler ganks and you feel you have the upper hand if you gank.. feel free to go where you please ;

( 36.png is jealous ).

Always Ask Yourself the Next Questions :

1) Where is their jungler? Is he ganking Top?

2) Can their midlaner follow me up on time?

3) Their midlaner has TP? Is it on Cooldown?

4) Their toplaner has TP? Is it on Cooldown?

And Answer Yourself :

1) Good. I can take a risky path.

2) If he can, I'll tell my team-mates to be careful and after I use my R I ping them to go back

3/4) If there are on CD you are safe. If not, be 150% more careful and tell your team their top/mid has TP and LOOK WHERE HE COMES. You can even outplay them. They might do a mistake-TP by coming too late (after you killed the enemy bot) , and of course, they might fail if you are not low enough.


Ganking Paths (Red Side) Back to Top

Most efficient ganking paths for Taliyah Mid on Red Side :



summoner rift red side 2.jpg

Let's see :

Ganking Path 1-5 Are for Walking + Ult.

Gank Path 6 is only for Walking with your Passive.

Highest Risk & Rewards paths : 4,5;

Lowest Risk path : 2,3;

Optimal path ( Best Results ) : 1,4;

[ Next : Same advice as ganking path ( blue side ) ]

I do not advice on ganking toplane. Two kills always top one...However if their jungler ganks and you are certain you get the upper hand feel free to go there.

Always Ask Yourself the Next Questions :

1) Where is their jungler? Is he ganking Top?

2) Can their midlaner follow me up on time?

3) Their midlaner has TP? Is it on Cooldown?

4) Their toplaner has TP? Is it on Cooldown?

And Answer Yourself :

1) Good. I can take a risky path.

2) If he can, I'll tell my team-mates to be careful and after I use my R I ping them to go back

3/4) If there are on CD you are safe. If not, be 150% more careful and tell your team their top/mid has TP and LOOK WHERE HE COMES. You can even outplay them. They might do a mistake-TP by coming too late (after you killed the enemy bot) , and of course, they might fail if you are not low enough.


How to gank with Taliyah (2 Videos) Back to Top

Advice on how to use your ult featuring the Practice Tool

TALIYAH GUIDE - How to gank with Taliyah

In this video I discuss the ganking paths down below and more! Teaching basics and advanced stuff!

Hope it helps!

Setup 1 (Survival) Back to Top



1) I tried to maximize SURVIVING . So, I went for MS QUINTS +HP yellows +MR blues +MRPEN reds

2) I love CDR so I go for the usual thunderlord masteries but I take the 5% CDR instead of MRpen

3) I always play with 3.png. NOTHING ELSE maximizes my survival on lane.

4) I USE THE THIS DEFENSIVE BUILD : 1056.png2003.png2003.png3027.png or 3030.png3158.png3116.png3089.png3157.png + Any other ap item of choice, preferable 3001.pngfor maximizing CDR or 3165.png .If you need HP 3151.png is optional here too.

5) I focus on SURVIVING on LANE . NOT KILLING THE ENEMY. Just dodging ganks & farming till 6, when I can gank with my Wall. If however my jungler comes , I will fight the enemy and try to get a nice combo  taliyahQ.pngtaliyahW.pngtaliyahE.png  

6) Late game ACTUALLY GETS BETTER if YOU USE YOUR WALL PROPERLY There are a ton of possible outcomes if you position your wall nice, I advice you to go try in some bots game different wall ults scenarios to either engage or trap enemies !

Setup 2 (Aggressive) Back to Top

Here is a variation of Setup 1 - different build , different playstyle, that also works, that is also successful.


1) I use AP quints + AP/level glyphs + CDR/level glyphs + Mpen marks + hp/level seals.

2) MRPen goes well instead of CDR @ masteries.

3) I STILL play with 3.png. NOTHING ELSE maximizes my survival on lane. I tried 12.png , but it's way too much roaming, and quite lowers your survivability on lane. You can try it if you want.

4) I USE THE THIS BUILD : 1056.png2003.png2003.png3030.png3158.png3116.png3089.png+ 3135.png or 3151.png or 3157.png (if you go fully aggressive, the first 2 work together).

5) I try to poke the enemy a lot. I play overly aggresive with 3.png . I roam with my Wall and without it. Your passive gives you a huge advantage to lane ganks. Use it on the inner walls, not the walls on the corner of the map.

Early Game Back to Top


  • Poke;
  • Farm hard to get CS with your Worked Ground Q;
  • Try to Kill;
  • Be extra careful to ganks , especially from level 3 to 6 - If however you are ganked 3.png and throw them in your tower with taliyahW.png 
  • Predict enemy dashes from champions like  157.png7.png with your taliyahE.png


  • Overextend;
  • Push too much;
  • Gank lanes before 6 (* Only in extreme cases you are allowed to gank; it's up to your decisions tho).

Mid Game Back to Top


  • Gank,Gank,Gank! Spam on CD: taliyahR.png ; Remember, your passive can also help you on ganks if you stick to the walls (If you gank without ults and such) ;
  • Be careful when ganking, their jungler,toplaner or midlaner might follow/tp there;
  • Be careful when returning to lane, someone might expect you / wait you on the path you return;
  • Follow smart ganking ways, go through paths you are almost certain there are no wards;
  • (In Teamfights )Try to CC and KILL their most fed player/carry . Your combo in those levels can change the course of the game : taliyahQ.pngtaliyahE.pngtaliyahW.png3.png
  • (In teamfights) Use the wall to divide and conquer. Always find a perpendincular position to use it to split in half their team, next to your team;
  • Lock enemy teams inside baron/drake if they are low and take them one by one;
  • Lock enemy teams far away of baron/drake if you are doing it. You can zone them hard ( Think for the best possibilities/outcomes );
  • Lock enemy teams far away from objective for a safe objective control ( tower / inhib );
  • Save teammates with your wall;
  • Try to farm everything you see , in general;


  • Gank without at least 50% hp/mana. Don't risk a high cd ult for nothing;
  • Hesitate to ult when necessary;
  • Trap your team inside baron/drake when enemy team is nearby;
  • Waste your combo on huge hp tanks when enemy squishes are nearby.

Late Game Back to Top


  • Catch people if you are farmed/fed enough to kill them OR to delay until your team comes. Your wall at level 16 has a ridiculous range - it's like a global teleport; It's easy to catch;
  • Try to farm everything you see if you are behind;
  • Try to save teammates with your wall. In late game if someone dies, objectives are lost. Try to help them as best as you can;
  • Catch people in/out of objective zones. Zone them out and you might get either a kill or a safe objective;
  • Go back to base if you are low. Tell your team that. You can reach the teamfight fast with your wall. This can catch enemies off guard if baited correctly;
  • Poke before going all-in. Late-game your damage falls off. Think through this and engage only if you can go for a kill. Tell your team to help a little with poke. Your all-in is not that spectacular in late-late game when everyone starts to have Magic Resist;
  • Always position in teamfight so you don't stay on worked ground. Move Move Move!
  • Some squishes that try to catch you might have a dash. Abuse that dash with your full combo;
  • Kite Kite Kite! Practice it ! Master it!


  • Remain in the same spot in a teamfight. Rotate. Move;
  • Be late with your wall; Always , ALWAYS be there in time. Your wall positioning and timing might hurt your teammates MORE Than it helps. PRACTICE in NORMALS!
  • Trap your team / Separate YOUR carries from YOUR tanks!
  • Overestimate. A lot of people overestimate their damage so be careful with your calculations. It's not easy to predict general E damage as you don't know how many rocks you will pop.

Taliyah - Other Lanes Back to Top


Taliyah is most-useful on Mid, that's a fact no one can deny, but what happens when we want to try her on other lanes? Top? Support? Even..Jungle? (sorry ADC mains);

Taliyah Top:

(Taken from Summoner School - One of my comments there regarding Taliyah Top)

On mid , I run Exhaust, on top, I run TP. This is crucial on toplane for level 6 lane-ganks with your R on bot. You need a spell to teleport back to lane.

Disclaimer for those who want to play Taliyah and queue mid/top in ranked like me:


that being said:

My thinking flow goes like this when I queue mid-top:

1) I am mid? Good. Hover TF->pick Taliyah ( so I won't get flamed and people would still get an idea that I want to pick a champion with a global spell )

2) I am top? Let's see. I am in the first 2-3 picks? or I am last pick? If I'm first pick as top I don't pick Taliyah , because there is a risk I can ruin the teamcomp with my pick, and my team won't pick around me. You can ask someone in your team to pick Taliyah for you, but you have to explain to them that your team-comp requires at least one tank, and of course, you don't need 3-4 AP casters.

3) I will , however , pick Taliyah Top IF : I'm 3rd-4th-5th pick; I can see that we have a tank AND we don't have in our team comp ap jgl + ap mid AND if I can see their toplaner and their team-comp (ex: if they have 3 tanks and we have none).

So, pick her more mid, and less top in Rankeds.

Pick her only on specific comps, so you don't ruin your team-comp by picking an AP-top who is a disruptor and can fall really hard if the enemy knows how to lock you down early (as you have no natural escapes)!

For normals, you can freely pick her and have fun, no try-harding required here.

Taliyah Support:

It works! She's definetly not an S-tier support , but she can do the job. I suggest you to pick Taliyah support ONLY with ADC'S THAT HAVE DASHES/ARE MOBILE , that's because if you miss your W they are dead.
Taliyah support offers an immense ammount of CC and OBJECTIVE CONTROL if used correctly. ( Your ultimate shines in dragon/baron/tower fights, if used correctly - just lock enemy teams inside/outside for free kills and objectives ) 

That's my 0.02 cents on the subject.

Taliyah Jungle:

Just for normal games, pretty please, don't lose your sweet LP in ranked trying things that are just not meant to be!
If you however see yourself stuck, being obligated to play jungle, and you REALLY want to play Taliyah, you can freely pick her in normals. Go with the blue smite and follow the regular build ( with the AP jungler item first, then normal ) . If you hit your W on ganks @bot/mid you will have some free kills, and at level 6 your ganks are definetly powerful, so play it strong and aggressive! Be careful to enemy jungler trying to harass/kill you , you can kite with your Blue Smite & You can place a lot of worked grounds in your jungle so you will be pretty fast !

Play her where you want, but remember to have fun!

(*for normals only; in Ranked you tryhard :~), but pick her accordingly to what I said!)

Why Taliyah is Fun Back to Top


Well Let's see !

  • Incredible fun champion, her Wall is UNIQUE;
  • Provides a high-skill cap with her W spell;
  • You can ride a bloody wall;
  • You can even SURF; seriously what do you want more;
  • You can turn games around EVEN if you are BEHIND;
  • When ahead, she can one-shot people who dash a lot;
  • She has good win-rates , NERF INC sadly (Possibly on 6.13 and 6.14 she will be destroyed as DanielZKlein stated);
  • Her movement speed provides a dynamic gameplay, it helps a lot on ganks, you can literally WALK to lanes;
  • She snowballs VERY HARD due to her roaming capabilities;
  • Provides so many WTF and LOL moments..had so many of these lately!
  • Just pick her, if you do at least decent you know you had at least some fun;


  • Requires a lot of work, but rewards it.

How to play Overnerfed Taliyah - VIDEO Back to Top

Changelog (Starting from 3/6/16) Back to Top


  • Added "Taliyah - Other Lanes" Section;
  • Added "W - Vector Cast ( Patch 6.14 )" Section;
  • Added Changelog;
  • Added some discussion @ Item section for 3165.png


  • Added thoughts on the new Vector Cast
  • Minor twerks and fixes to the guide


  • Added a video on how to gank ( made new section ).
  • Modified the actual sections of ganking paths to point to the video ( as the video helps these overall and I use the maps in the video ).
  • Changed Title.
  • Minor Twerks overall.


  • As of 6.15 CDR Boots becomes Best in Slot due to R CD nerf.


  • Due to constant stream of nerfs I've decided to add a small section on how to play overnerfed Taliyah (6.18).
  • Title Changed to How to play Over Nerfed Taliyah.


  • Added "How to play Overnerfed Taliyah - VIDEO" section.


  • Added New Builds + Builds Video.


  • Added "Current State of Taliyah" Section + Video (6.24 Rylai Nerf).


  • Added Taliyah is GOLD montage; Title Changed; Minor Improvements.


  •  Added Ghost summoner spells , as I somehow forgot it in the first place.


  •  GLP Route Added.


  •  Some Sections removed & Entire Guide Revamped.


  • Revamps on multiple sections.


  • New Runes added
  • Summoner spells update includes now Heal and Cleanse.


  • Rune tree modified from Arcane Comet build to Electrocute build.
  • Added a secondary option tree for assassins matchups (that might or might not require Zhonya).


  • Aery / Arcane Comet Trees Added -> discussion on Arcane Comet Tree and how to use the combo added.
  • 3 Taliyah Tricks Video Added in Introduction.


  • Added the Complete Taliyah Guide video at the beginning.
  • Revamped the Items section with discussion on the new AP Items.
  • Revamped some discussion on the new runes

Future updates will be put here !

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