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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png 100% nessesary as she has no escapes

14.png I take this in almost every game as you dont need TP and have more early pressure with ignite

3.png Although I am not a fan of it I recommend using it against AD Assasins.

21.png I just recently testet this because I usually don't like it. Now that I had a few games with it I prefer it against            AP Assasins like Katarina and Fizz.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

These are the Masteries i use on her but it's personal preference on some points.
12/18/0 is standart because of Thunderlord's which you can proc easily so you should take it. Your damage is not consistant enought for Deathfire Touch to be better.

From this point i'll explain why i think masteries outweight the other picks.
Fury < Sorcery: obvious; you are a mage and don't need the attack speed.
Double Edged Sword < Feast > Expose Weakness: To be honest you can take everyone of those but i prefer more                                                                                 sustain over the other effects Double Edged Sword is risky though                                                                                and because you are pretty close ranged but still ranged it isn't as                                                                                 rewarding.
Vamprisim < Natural Talent: Both aren't really good and noticable but your damage isn't constistent enought for                                               Vampirism.
Bounty Hunter < Oppressor: You can take both but Bounty Hunter isn't guranteed to take effect so i prefer Oppressor.
Wanderer < Savagery: You can take both ( again ) but i have problemes last hitting with her for some reason and you                                    already have more then enoght out of combat speed with your passive.
Runic Affinity < Secret Stash > Assasin: Runic Affinity not really usefull as your jungler could take all blues. Assasin will                                                                stop having an effect early as you will not fight alone after minute 10 (except                                                                you're soooo fed.)
Merciless > Meditation: You don't really have Mana Problemes.
Bandit < Dangerous Game: Bandit not usefull on Taliyah.
Precision < Intelligence: This is a really tough choice. But i prefer spamming over Penetration because it synergises                                         with the items.
Thunderlord's vs. all others: Only alternatives could be Deathfire Touch and Stormraider's Surge. You don't spam                                                enought for DT to be more powerfull then Tunderlord's. You lose too much dmg with                                                  Stormraider's Surge.

Abilities Back to Top


R > Q > E >W

Standard. W on Lvl 2 for earlyganks as your e does no dmg without w anyways. You can go e Lvl 2 aswell but I prefer not to.
I have heared about lvling E b4 Q but I highly recommend against it. You can push waves out easyly with it but that is basicly everything and your waveclear isn't bad with Q either. The main reason for lvling Q first is that you can 1 v 1 people with it. This is beacause you have it on a 4 second cooldown later instead of the initial 10. Also when you roam (or fight in generaly)  - if you miss your W for your E and they are not stupid enought to dash in it you have 0 dmg.

The combo:
I have already this combo in the "How to play Taliyah" but I think it is usefull to know and understand it so I'll briefly explain it here again:
To start the combo you lay down your E into the direction of your enemy. It is usefull if it already hits him then but not mandatory. Then you lay your W under your opponent and recast it into the direction where your E is. Even if it only hits the first 2 stones (which will almost always be hit) it procs Thunderlord's and does a good amount of damage.
Then you can and should also cast your Q as you will most likley hit at least one stone. For that it is usefull to lay your E next to the minion wave(except all melee minions are down).
In the later stages of the game this will do massive ammounts of damage and grant you a kill if the target is squishy or you have backup.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items


Situational Items

    Gragas fanboy

3027.png -> 3116.png  -> 3020.png -> 3285.png -> 3135.png  -> 3151.png3089.png3001.png

3157.png -> 3027.png -> 3020.png  -> 3116.png  -> 3135.png  ->3285.png3151.png3001.png (don't like it but need against Zed etc.)

Rush 3157.png against Zed. 3191.png against any AD.

3027.png Start with this go 3010.png first if the enemy is bursty like Annie.If you dominate go 1026.png first. This is where this build changes from a lot of people's. You can also go for 3030.png but you don't really need the slow of it and the damage isn't the best either.

After that you can decide if you prefer boots or Rylai's. I prefer MPen Boots but you can go CDR aswell although i don't think you need them so much after 6.9 because Zhonyas and others give you CDR now. If I didn't rush 3157.png I always go 3285.png next. After I got 4 items (depens on which you chose) I buy 3135.png  next because at this point they might stack MR and if they didn't you do true dmg which is nice.

As for the last Item: I can offer you3089.png , 3001.png , 3151.png .
Abyssal Scepter for a Leblanc etc.
Liandry's Torment for huge Tank team.
Rabadon's for all other cases.

Matchups Back to Top

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Skill based matchup.
You won't have any difficulties with ganks etc. pre 6 because you will see her going aggressive if unwarded. Ward anyways!!! Dodge her e and everything is fine.
After 6 it gets harder. Anyways, if you dodge her e you will win the fight because you got the HP from your RoA.




She is immobile so you can abuse that. Repeat you combo on her rapidly and you dont get a problem pre 6. If she wants to stun you pre 6 she has to come close and you can use your q which will also shoot if stunned! After 6 you got tankyness thanks to RoA. You survive her burst and fight back while she does it. Wait for Tibbers to fuck off (kill it if poss) and repeat lvl 3-6.




He can't cancel his autos so you have an easy time doing your E + W combo. His only mobility tool is a dash which he will most likely use aggresively so you have an easy time even without hitting your W. He doesn't do a lot of burst either.
Take 14.png




This is somewhere between easy and medium as it is dependend on your dodging skills.
If you dodge either is Q or best if you doge his W (which is hard) you can just unleash your combo because he doesn't deal enought dmg at any stage to kill you (as long as you doge one ability and don't stand in your minion wave after 6).
Take 14.png or (I would recomend against it) 21.png if you don't know how to lane against Brand in general.




Fizz is an AP Assasin that shits on squishy targets like you.
With that said you should realize you have to be very carefull. I never see Taliyah win this lane but you dont really need to do that you just need to survive. You can do significant damage to him though if you "analize" his way of playing you can predict his mooves and lay your e where you need to. If he then dashes he gets very low especially if you manage to w him back into the field where no spikes of your e activatet yet. Then you just need to q him and he is pushed out of lane. 6 is where things get tricky as you can defeat him 1v1 with his ult. Don't waste your spells for poke (except you know he hasn't got ult) because he will dodge it and then go in with 6.
Take 21.png




Pre 6 it is so easy he is melee witout a dash you can bully him sooo hard. Care for ganks though.
After 6 it gets a bit trickier because he is a blinker so he shits on your e basicly. Good for you is that most Kassadins dont blink behind but in front of you so if he blinks put e in front of you and W underneth you with a litte to the front and kick him into your E then Q him. If he always blinks behind you just wait 0.5 sec to see if he does it and then do the same thing. It is easy to pull off but he has got dmg too.
Take 14.png
Eventhough he is an assasin I recommend against 21.png because he will repeat his combo a few times without dealing real burst dmg.




It is basicly the same matchup as Fizz although it is easier because you can interupt her combo.Take 21.png and stay safe poke only with your Q (after 6; pre 6 you can just safely poke although you should save your w and try poking her down with autos, Q, and e.




When i went into the game I thought it would get hard but your E counters her W because it is a jump. If you manage to lay down your E before she jumps onto you she will barely have a chance in the early game.
From 6 on it gets a bit harder stay safer and roam while trying to poke her in a way where you don't need to soak up her entire combo.
Take 14.png or 21.png




He doesn't to too well in Mid but because I already needed to fight one I prefer putting him into the list.
Pre 6 you can abuse and imobility and his rather low amount of damage.
After 6 you can stay safe easily and push while doing that because you almost can't get snaired by his W because of your Q's earth.
Roam a lot here he can't really follow or push you hard.
Take 14.png and you will be able to kill him after and pre 6.
If you didn't take 14.png for whatever reason consider 3165.png .




Take 21.png and you are basicly fine.
She is immobile and you should abuse that just be careful for her 6 and try to go back once to buy a 3010.png or at least a 1028.png .




Lots of dashes to abuse your e on but lots of dashes to juke your other spells too.
Try to stay rather safe and go aggresive when he dashes through your e a lot.
Take 14.png.




One of the hardest.
Stay safe and get 3157.png asap. Don't get killed pre 6 while trying to poke and not get poked back. To do this you should await his w b4 you try 2. It got a long CD now. From 6 on aslong as you don't have Zhonyas stay close to the tower and if he ult use exhaust e into tower as he appears behind you and w into the tower. If you are fast he can't dodge that. He will go back to one of his shadows immidiantly and only take one tower shot so whatch to wich one and q there.                                                                                                        It is hard but possible if you follow this guideline.

Foreword Back to Top

Hey I'm SweetPeakGG and im a Gold IV player (stuck there like forever now).
I created this guide because none of the others have worked for me and i have spend a recently long time with Taliyah now (third most played ranked Champ this season). I like to share how i make her work for me and boost people because i cryed when i saw the 38% winrate on her. I know she is a new Champ but even for that it is low.
Anyways be patient with me like I said im only Gold so open for new information of higher ranked players and also this is my first guide.
I hope that I will find enought time to keep this updated and eventually climb into plat.

GL and I hope that you will rock (heh.) with her!Screenshot (1).png

How to play Taliyah Back to Top

Taliyah is a controll mage and not bursty in the later stages of the game so you have got to either end it quickly or find a way to use your ult to cut people of.
But first things first.

Laning: Lvl 1-2: If the enemy doesnt push but lasthit you can just do the same. if he trys to push hard you can use your q in an angle that hits all caster minions so they are low enought to die with 2 autos.
            Lvl 3-6: Poke the enemy with e -> w -> q combos. e to the side he is going for (left or right) w into the e (not nessesarily right forward but slidly edged to the side so he gets off the minion wave and q him. If you do that succesfully he will be at least half life. From that point on he wil play safer and stand directly behind his minions but a e -> w combo will bring him low enought for a well aimed q + a precise hit of ignite will kill him. If he potted up just try to poke some more.
            Lvl 6-11: Roam roam roam. Use your R to cut off the opponents from their tower. It will most likly to have at least on flash burned (on bot because the least Supps have a dash) or eventually a 3 v 2 will grant you an easy kill.

Teamfights: After the laning has now ended Teamfights will break out. Try to get a good pick with either your ult or your W. If you get into a 5 v 5 try to protect the ADC and shred their frontline. Same combos which are now easier to apply. If you can get into the position to kill an enemy carrie you can try to kill them. Be aware that while you are a tanky mage you are still a mage. If you are not behind in a lot don't try to get the enemie carrie if you die yourself UNLESS you can save a higher priority target of your team with it. If you need to run then either wait for your teammates to have an edge of distance between your opponents and cut them off or you can sacrafice one of your teammates (if you KNOW he is gonna die anyways) or just ult yourself away while going from your wall fairly quick to try to slow the opponents. Cancel your wall in the last case so that you dont cut of yourself.

Also usefull to know but not easy to apply:
You can W people over walls like your ult's wall.

Note Back to Top

Updates especially on the matchup section will be coming. Although i can think of how some matchups will go I want to play them myself an give some information on them rather just saying medium or so.

Excuse mi bad englando.

Changelog Back to Top

Guide creation startet.
Completet the guide's basics and made it public.
Added Barrier to Summoners and added matchups.
Added matchups, deleted useless section, corrected the "How to play Taliyah" section and added ability information.

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