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Summoner Spells Back to Top


Flash is a must have it provides us with an extra escape tool and engage tool.


 Is pretty standard on Talon we get the extra kill pressure in lane.


Ghost is the meta pick right now, Talon struggles to close the gap to squishy champions in the mid / lategame. This summoner spell will give us high mobility and the ability to reposition ourselves on a relatively low cooldown!

         3.png  I usually never take Barrier/Exhaust but it's can be great against huge burst champions such as 238_64.png 91_64.png  7_64.png 55_64.png

12.png TP is fine if you can not kill the enemy and you want to increase your roaming potential it also helps to even out a 4.png

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top


You should always go with 12/18


12/18 is great for Talon it provides all that he could ask for

Ferocity Tree

We take Sorcery over Fury for more damage, Talon doesn't benefit from Aspeed.

Fresh blood is really strong right now!

Vampirism and Natural talent both suck → doesn't matter

Double Edged Sword is our last choice for the ferocity tree!

Cunning Tree

Savagery if you suck at Csing otherwise Wanderer

Assassin gives more dmg, Secret Stash is better for sustain → personal preference

Merciless we are Talon and not a poke mage.

Precision outclasses the CDR of intelligence IMO!

Thunderlords is great as a damage addition, but Stormraiders can be good as well!


Lane poke: W - W - Q - AA(Passive)

This combo will trigger Thunderlords and your passive it is a huge powerspike for Talon at level 2 and can result in some cheesy kills.

Make sure to hit Q right before Rake returns to make sure it hit, you get the slow and passive stacks also your Q will reset the auto attack and trigger the passive!

Where did he come from? 3142.png - talonshadowassault.png - W - Q - AA(passive) 

This combo is great for lane ganks the enemy won't see you since you will activate R out of his sight and suddenly appear behind them. 

You lose 1 part of your Shadow Assault so be sure that the enemy dies it could end up awkward otherwise.

Standard Late Game: 3142.png - E - Q  - W -  R - Hydra - AA(passive)

This is the combo that you will use in the late game to kill the carries you will try to flank them with your wallhop. After your first part of the Shadow Assault you can decide if you want to stay either in stealth and reposition yourself and wait for your cooldowns to come back up or to use the 2nd part of the R immediately to kill someone for sure and get more AOE dmg.

Please no CC: 3142.png (What else) - Q - talonshadowassault.png - reposition - talonshadowassault.png talonrake.png - Hydra 

If the enemy team got a lot of CC and you get always CC'd before you can use your W make use of your stealth you basically don't sneak the AA' into the combo and Ult first so you won't get CC'd.

Abilities Back to Top


SKILL ORDER: R -> W -> Q -> E

 Blade's_End.png.png Passive - Blades's End

INNATE: Talon's abilities wound enemy champions and epic monsters every time they deal damage, lasting 6 seconds and stacking up to 3 times.

Talon's basic attacks against enemies with 3 wounds consumes them, causing them to bleed for 60 - 160 (based on level) (+ 200% bonus AD) physical damage over 2 seconds.

This is an amazing passive, try to always make use of it with a double W and Q combo or with your ult. It is necessary to hit it because the scaling is amazing and it deals a lot of damage. 

(Q)                            Noxian_Diplomacy.png.png   Noxian Diplomacy

Cost : 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 Mana

Range : Meele

"ACTIVE: Talon strikes his target, dealing them physical damage.
 PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 / 160 (+ 110% bonus AD) 

If Talon isn't within melee range of his target, he dashes to them during his strike. If he is within melee range, Noxian Diplomacy Critical strike icon critically strikes for 150% modified damage.

Noxian Diplomacy heals Talon for 17 - 51 (based on level) and refunds 50% of its cooldown if it kills its target."

This is the most important spell to hit in the late game since it can critical strike and got huge scalings.

It can still be used as an auto attack reset, so make sure to auto first then use Noxian Diplomacy and you'll be able to get another auto attack in right after.

(W)                                   Rake.png.png   Rake

Cost : 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 / 75  Mana
Range : 650 

ACTIVE: Talon sends out a volley of daggers, dealing physical damage to every enemy they pass through.
PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 50 / 65 / 80 / 95 / 110 (+ 40% bonus AD)

The daggers linger for a short duration before flying back to Talon, dealing physical damage to every enemy they pass through and slowing them for 1 second.

RETURN PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 60 / 85 / 110 / 135 / 160 (+ 60% bonus AD)
TOTAL PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 110 / 150 / 190 / 230 / 270 (+ 100% bonus AD)
SLOW: 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60%

This will be your bread and butter skill in the laning phase, you can farm waves
with it easily and poke your enemy with Rake until you feel comfortable to go all in.

It is pretty weak until you got at least 2.points in it.

(E)                              Assassin's_Path.png.png  Assassin's Path

Cost : No Mana cost
Range : Melee / Near a wall

ACTIVE: Talon dashes over the target structure or piece of terrain, with the dash's speed based on his own movement speed.

Talon cannot cast Assassin's Path on the same piece of terrain for a set duration.

So this spell is great gap closer and it provides a huge amount of roaming potential and the ability to invade the enemy jungle quickly and to get out without being caught.

(R)                        Shadow Shadow_Assault.png.png Assault

Cost : 100 / 100 / 100 Mana
Range : 650

ACTIVE: Talon throws out a ring of blades, dealing physical damage to all enemies they pass through, and gains Invisibility for up to 2.5 seconds, gaining bonus movement speed for the duration.
「 PHYSICAL DAMAGE PER HIT: 90 / 135 / 180 (+ 80% bonus AD) 」

When Talon emerges from Invisibility, the blades converge on his location, dealing the same physical damage to all enemies they pass through. Breaking Invisibility with a basic attack or Noxian Diplomacy.png Noxian Diplomacy causes the blades to converge to his target instead.


This is actually a great ultimate!
It serves you as an escape with the extra movement speed and of course as a great burst spell with huge AOE damage it got a nice range as well so you can use it as a finisher if the enemy is low and too far away to reach him while your other spells are on cooldown.
Remember that it turns you invisible and you can perform some good plays with it.

 To get the maximum out of it, you should auto attack the enemy carry while you are invisible so the ability will hit him 100%.

Another nice tip which many people don't know is that only 1 of the blades have to hit the enemy and he will receive the full damage of this spell!

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    aggressive / standart start.
    Potion start

Core Items

    Full build
    midgame core
    early core

Situational Items

    Read description
    defensive choices
    LDR and Mortal Reminder are good and cheap items especially if the enemy has a lot of tanks or sustain champions!
    If the enemy has major CC threats like Lissandra etc.
    Edge of Night will be your defensive item choice against Syndra / Fizz


You want to get some of these 1036.png on your first back and reach 3134.png as soon as possible. You can pick up a 3077.png for waveclear or you can skip 3077.png if you feel like you don't need it.

After that we should get the boots of our choice and then go for a 3142.png now our core is finished, we have 20 % CDR and some Lethality!

Now want against squishy teams a 3147.png or against rather tanky teams a 3071.png obviously Duskblade gives you more damage and a great passive but Black Cleaver makes you more bulky, caps your CDR at 40% really early and it is also decent even against squishys!

Don't upgrade your 3077.png early into a 3074.png there are way too many wasted stats on it that we don't need yet, we want to keep our Tiamat as long as possible, except if you want to splitpush a lot.

With these items, our core is finished and from now on we would like to get a  3036.png to shred even tanks.

3814.png Edge of Night is a great item, it is huge since you can block Syndra ult or Fizz ults and Zilean bombs also when you are roaming botlane and activate it right before you are there you can ignore the first CC spell of the enemy i.e. Ashe ult or Leona Q.

3155_32.png you can pick a Hextrinker up if you're getting melted in lane it can help you to survive situations where you would've been dead without it, especially good if the enemy jungler and top/midlaner are AP-

3156.png  against double or triple AP combs always get it, however, if the enemy builds a lot of armour a 3036.png or 3071.png can be more effective!

3009_32.png3111_32.png 3158_32.png Take the boots that you feel most comfortable with!

  • get 3009.png those are great for keeping high mobility even in fights.
  • get 3158.png extra CDR and summoners CDR my personal favourite!
  • get 3111.png if the enemy team got heavy CC that you can't avoid like  127_64.png25_64.png32_64.png
  • get 3117.png they give you a lot of mobility and roaming pressure.



not even kidding right now Zhonias is a damn good item if you're so far ahead that you just can pick it up especially in normal games it's super fun to block the Orianna ult with Zhonias and outwait your cooldowns while you're untargetable, also a great item against 107.png

Matchups Back to Top

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Start 1036.png

I know this matchup is for the most Talon players considered to be an easy one.

Try to burst her as fast a possible otherwise she'll ahritumble.png away and kite/kill you.
If you put yourself in stealth her ahrifoxfire.png and ahritumble.png will target nearby minions instead of you!



Start 2033.png to outsustain her.
since the nerfs it shouldnt be that hard she's a meele you will harras her during the laning phase with talonrake.png buy PINK WARDS.
Try to burst her faster than she bursts you.
She does lack mobility ask for a gank.

3.png if you have problems vs an Akali



Start 2033.png if you are on you own / 1036.png if you have a premade jungle

Hard to kill because of the egg early and later on she will have ROA and Zhonias you can't kill her in one rotation if she finished these items. 

You should try to stand up to her push, and roam a lot! 
Try to stay out of her glacialstorm.png 
If she is using her  crystallize.png you can simply wallhop it !

She's vunerable to ganks since she doesn't have an escape so ask for one !!!



Start 2033.png

Annyoing because you have to keep your eyes open for her stun.
Annie isnt really a champion that requires a lot of skill so she wont make many crucial mistakes.
If you get ahead you will win if you fall behind you will lose it's that easy.
If she is a good Annie you won't be able to kill her she will most likely build Zhonias and maybe a ROA 3036.png if she goes bitchmode

Go roam or ask your jungler for ganks since she has like many other champions no escape!




Start 1036_32.png

Don't let him poke you with his soilders.
Keep distance to his soilders you outburst him pretty quick try to harras early on and go all in at your lvl 4 or 6 powerspikes. Dont let him knock you up with his E since it provides him a shield. You can Cutthroat over his R!




Start Long Sword.

So Brand is pretty easy to kill at lvl 6 you got to be careful about E->Q stun in a free W
Don't get hit by W in laning phase even if it costs you some cs.
Another midlaner without an escape tool ask for a gank and you can snowball him.

I am not 100% sure but I think if you get hit by his R and you know that it will bounce back to you leading into the death your R invisibility avoids that it bounces to you. Would try it in a custom game but I dont have friends.



Start 1036.png

Try to sidestep her cassiopeianoxiousblast.png and poke her with your talonrake.png
You can dodge her cassiopeiapetrifyinggaze.png with taloncutthroat.png if you time it right keep that in mind.

You should be stronger in a straight 1 vs 1 so don't hesitate to kill her with a super fast combo! 
Run away if you're poisoned or you will eat some cassiopeiatwinfang.png




Cho is very annyoing due to his high sustain and his..... silence stil missing it.

He is naturally tanky because of his Feast and it does a lot of true damage aswell.
Avoid is knockup at all costs it is most likely your death sentence later into the game. 



Start 1036.png

Well the shield and knockups are annoying she is sort of a tanky assassin and will have ROA, Zhonias and if she want to give you a really hard time maybe exhaust aswell.
If you dodge her dianaQ.png she cant cast her dianaR.png 2 times so JUST DO IT! 




You can't really kill ezreal if he plays super safe. Start 1036.png and kill him over and over again if doesn't play safe otherwise go roam!

Avoid ezrealmysticshot.png and early AA poke!







Fiora is really hatd because she can block the talonrake.png and even more like your full rotation with her fiorariposte.png that's why you have to be incedibile careful in this lane, she also gets item like 3053.png3071.png which make her really tanky she is just a good duelist so try to roam a lot other wise you need to out bait her fiorariposte.png or she will simply outplay you.




Start 1036_32.png

An early Hextrinker will make this matchup way easier for you! 3155.png
So Fizz is not really fun to play against you should consider putting a point more into your Q since Fizz can avoid your Rake damage with playful/trickster.

His E is big fuck you to your R and W be careful he can outplay you easily.
3140_32.png  The QSS drops thee shark once it hits you!










Start Long Sword.

Avoid his laywaste.png early he can spam them and if they hit only 1 target theit dmg is doubled.

You may want to play this matchup with AD only runes to snowball as fast and as early as possibile, Talon really likes low mobility mages deny him all that you can and try to close out the game early, since he is one of the most terryfing late game champions.



Start Long Sword.
Kill him at lvl 4 harass him until that point with talonrake.png!
Start and all in at 6 with E-(AA)-Q-W after that he will Riftwalk away now he doesnt have another one since it is on CD you can flash after him press RR Ignite he will die here a video from pawn killing faker like that!

How I escaped bronze in Season 3
Leave Kassa open -> pick Talon -> the great escape.






Start Flask!
You roaming potential is way better abuse it and snowball other lanes.
Kayle is pretty hard for Talon she can harass you with her kayleE.png and kayleQ.png and if you want to trade she can just kayleW.png herself after, you cant kill her because of her ult, time her ult yours got less cooldown try to kill her when her kayleR.png is on CD







Kog is an immobile squishy champion and this is excatly what Talon wants Kog has no mobility not enough dmg and no CC to even stand the slightest chance against you.

Just do not get harassed early on and all in him at lvl 4 / 6 if possibile.




Start Long Sword. if she uses W to cs the wave engage on her. most ppl are afraid of LB because she hurts like a fully charged ap Nunu ult.

However you have the same damage but people usally underristimate Talons burst

Once again you can avoid her leblancslide.png and leblancsoulshackle.png with taloncutthroat.png since the speed nerf on W you can flash it aswell and outplay her.


Lee Sin




Start flask.

Lissandra is annyoing as fuck because of her lissandraQ.png poke in lane and her strong CC.
Don't hide behind cs Lissandras lissandraQ.png can go trough and gain extra range pick up a 3140.png early on and you should be able to kill her.




If you're a Lulu main leave now.

If you see a Lulu leave the game go afk and search Pharrell Williams - Unhappy
Max flash so you can flash away everytime you see her.

She reveals you while you're invis.
She cannot be killed because of her ult.
She will most likely have exhaust so you still can't kill her when she doesn't have ult.






3140_32.png get it!




pretty hard lane he will bully you most likely however you could be able to kill him early if you avoid getting E'd by him and you are aware of his shield a full all in at lvl 4 / 6 can snowball you the entire game







Start whatever you feel more confident with.

Avoid her ball and her strong AA's try to kill her with your jungler or if you do well in lane alone at lvl 6




Yeah panth is pretty hard you can start Flask so you can sustain his pantheon_throw.png.

Try to poke him down with talonrake.png and maybe go 3.png in this matchup!

Ask your jungler for ganks and always AA-Q after E so your Q doesnt get blocked by his passive.

Good luck you will need it!




Wait until her shield is down be aware of her W.







If you are good at sidestep her syndraQ.png this lane shouldn't be that hard you can avoid syndraQ.pngsyndraE.png with your taloncutthroat.png and simply burst her down since she got no escape.

Be careful she still got scary high burst.
Start 1036.png and if you play it right you should be able to all in her at your lvl 4 powerspike!




May the better Talon win.

If he tries to W you dodge with E and you'll win the trade.

Don't hesitate to kill him before he can kill you.
Buy a pink ward.


Twisted Fate


Start Long Sword.

Wait until he uses his BlueCard to gain mana, all in him after.

real talk for one second keep an eye open for the enemy jungler I found myself way to aggro in this matchup so get 2044_32.png and call your team when TF get lvl 6 and call out MIA/SS you dont want your Gosu Vayne to go 0/7 because TF reaches bottom faster than you and you didnt pinged mmimiimi




urgot is annyoing.

avoid his corrosivee charge with your cutthroat try to aa / Q him then before he got his shield up remember that if he hits you you deal less dmg to him due to his passive
try to focus on roaming bot/top lane a lot!



Start Longsword.

300gold on ̶l̶̶e̶̶g̶̶s̶ tentacles
kill him everytime you see him dodge his knockup.




One of the easier matchups IMO if you aree familiar with Viktor you know when he tries to all in you and you will expect his E you should be able to avoid it with your E he got A LOT of burst keep that in mind so make your plays carefully but you shouldnt get your ass kicked here.

Ask your jungle maybe for a gank Viktor got 0 escape tools.







Start flask.

You wont be able to reach him if he plays safe so go roam if you are actually able to reach him well just kill him then.
Avoid his stun with your E if you can.




Start 1036.png2003.png

Yasuo is weird to lane against this matchup can turn from easy into hell depending on the Yasuo player if he has 3.png and starts with a 1029.png then perpare to get beaten.

Take 3.png it will help a lot but ofc you can get ignite if you feel confident.

Don't let him block all your dmg with his yasuoW.png or you will lose.... patience




This is one of my favourite matchups!

Zed got WAY more outplay potential than you but you have more aoe dmg and single target burst.
You can try to avoid his zedR.png by using your own.
If he gets a Pink Ward be really careful try to dodge his zedQ.png and you should be fine maybe even take 3.png if you want.
have fun this matchup is made for it!







Alright the key here is to outbait his ult with an ''All in'' and if he ults himself either be patient and wait it out or disengage and engage 20 seconds later when your CD's are up again if you can't kill him get 3142_32.png3117_32.png early on and roam a lot he wont havee the power to push you that hard!

Armour efficiency against Talon Back to Top

I'll update the armour efficiency asap to lethality !

Let's assume we have 3 items: 3077.png 3142.png 3071.png  have 14 lethality in our runes and we are level 11 which gives us 11 flat lethality by Precision.

Keep in mind that you will get more lethality by precesion with higher levels and that I didn't include 3147.png3814.png which gives flat lethality aswell

Let's imagine that the enemy has those armour values!

50 armour

30% armour gets shredded by 3071.png  which reduces 50 armour to 38.

We have 43 flat penetration which will reduce the 38 armour to

-5 armour

100 armour

30% armour reduction by the Black Cleaver will reduce 100 armour to 70

We have 43 flat penetration which will reduce the 70 armour to

28 armour

150 armour

30% armour reduction by The Black Cleaver will reduce 150 armour to 115 armour

We have 43 flat penetration which will reduce the 115 armour to

72 armour

200 armour

This is the point where we should consider a 3036.png

We have 30% armour reduction by The Black Cleaver which will reduce 200 armour to 153 armour

We subtract the 43 flat penetration which will result in

110 armour


( With 3036.png )

We take the % reduction by 3071.png first and calculate afterwards with

the % penetration by 3036.png

We have 200 armour reduced by 3071.png to 153 armour

We assume that the enemy has at least 2 armour items in this case


These two items and 9 armour seals are giving excatly 104 bonus armour

45% of the 104 will now get shredded by LDR

This will make 104 bonus armour to 61 bonus armour.


Now we subtract the 153 armour that the enemy has left by the 104 bonus armour and add the 61 afterwards

In fact he has now 110 armour

110 will be reduces by 43 flat penetration to

67 armour !


Tl ; dr

Without 3036.png = 110 armour

With 3036.png = 67 armour
(Keep in mind that LDR also gives damage if the enemy builds HP ! )

300 armour

This is the point where we really need a 3036.png

We have 30% armour reduction by The Black Cleaver which will reduce 300 armour to 230 armour

We subtract the 43 flat penetration which will result in

187 armour


( With 3036.png)

We take the % reduction by 3071.png first and calculate afterwards with

the % penetration by 3036.png

We have 300 armour reduced by 3071.png to 230 armour

We assume that the enemy has at least 3 armour items in this case


These three items and 9 armour seals are giving excatly 204 bonus armour

45% of the 204 will now get shredded by LDR

This will make 204 bonus armour to 112 bonus armour.

Now we subtract the 230 armour that the enemy has left by the 204 bonus armour and add the 112 afterwards

In fact he has now 138 armour

138 will be reduced by 43 flat penetration to

95 armour !


Tl ; dr

Without 3036.png = 187 armour

With 3036.png = 95 armour

(Keep in mind that LDR also gives damage if the enemy builds HP ! )

Pros - Cons Back to Top



-Great AOE dmg good teamfight potential!
-Highest AD burst damage in the game!
-Godlike Ult which provides a lot of Utility and DMG!
-Passive got damage over time with Ignite most targets die when they ''escape'' with low hp!
-Huge snowball potential!
-Best roamer with his wallhops!



-He got utility but not a reliable escape in the laning phase!
-Easy to learn hard to master due to correct positioning and timing!
-People tend to overextend with him.
-Can't do a lot once he falls behind!
-Depends heavily on items!

Early-Game Back to Top


Talon is pretty decent in the early game, when he gets his first powerspike at level 2 he can go for an all in, this requires you to hit talonrake.png go in with your talonnoxiandiplomacy.png and trigger your talonpassive.png

Try to poke your enemy with talonrake.png during the laning phase but be careful you might end up pushing the lane with it, also it eats a lot of Mana try to handle your mana correctly.

If you push the wave too far with talonrake.png, it could end up in a freeze by the enemy laner or an early gank by the enemy jungler so keep that in mind and play it safe.

Ward side lanes with your trinket and try to reach lvl 6 faster than the enemy!
If the enemy has no reliable escape ask your jungler for an early gank since you snowball really hard.

Purchase 2043.png once in a while and place them in the river bushes or your lane bushes.
If you're able to kill the enemy jungler at his buffs you will set him further and further behind and well that's a good thing because he won't gank your team anymore and they will have a lot of air to breath.

Try to cover your weak laning phase with a 2033.png or pick up a 1036.png if you want to go all in at early!

Mid-Game Back to Top

The midgame is probably the point where Talon is at his strongest.

The keyword to the midgame is constant pressure try to clear the minion wave with 3077.png / talonrake.png and then go for an adventure to the bot or top lane with your wallhop you'll be there in no time!

You can always get your allies in a better spot just by keeping constant pressure on their lanes.

Blow up the enemy who is either the most important for the enemy team (the ADC or the midlaner) or just kill the ones who are completely out of position. 
talonshadowassault.png cooldown is pretty low so don't hesitate to use it for picking up kills or escaping dangerous situations.

Try to at least always trade your death for a kill and even if you can't get a kill use your full kit anyway to get the most dmg out of it, this could help your team to win the teamfight.

You can always go in stealth first and blow up people by suddenly appearing behind them this work especially good if you have 3117.png / 3142.png but be careful since you can get easily kited if the combo doesn't kill the enemy or if enemies are around to assist your target.

After getting a kill like this always make calls for objectives. Remember that you can be an AOE bomb as well if needed.

Late Game Back to Top

Late Game

Well, people tend to call Talons lategame pretty weak and I can't quite get why.

You will almost always at least trade a kill and blow up someone and if you can position yourself well you are still a huge factor in the game.

Be careful with your full rotation, in the lategame it's good while using talonshadowassault.png to stay as long in stealth as possible, when the duration ends your other Spells should be off cooldown which is pretty good!

Always try to hit your Noxian Diplomacy!

People tend to cancel the animation quite often and your talonnoxiandiplomacy.png is very important to hit.

You are a great splitpusher since you have a lot of mobility and Rake to push waves easily you are good at backdooring with Assassins Path aswell.

You can always lanegank an ADC / Mage with 3142_32.png into talonshadowassault.png, but be aware about their summoner spells and if enemies are nearby they will kill you most likely together do this only if you're 100% sure that it will kill the enemy!

Always keep in mind that you are not only a single target assassin you have great AOE damage as well and if the enemy team is rather squishy you can wait until they use their main CC and go in after to murder them all with Shadow Assault / Rake and Hydra.

The main point here is to keep track of enemy cooldowns, the CDS of crowd control and summoners are important to time correctly always try to keep them in mind.

Why Talon? Back to Top

  • For the Anime fans: He gets voiced by Travis Willingham the same person who voiced Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Dead ADC's
  • He doesn't have a dark.....secret past his lore isn't fucked up.
  • He is no superhero who died 3 times and got rebuild and this whole emperor stuff he is actually a human.
  • Assassins creed.
  • He won't get banned away every single game.
  • Katarina's cute brother.

Jungle Talunko Back to Top

If you are really interested in something new you can play Talon in the Jungle it isn't that bad if you're not getting fucked over at lvl 2 by the enemy Lee - Sin.

Rush 3077.png for easier clears and an easier time in the Jungle!
Masteries should be standard Talon page with Savagery/Secret Stash, you can keep Sorcery no need to go Fury.

For runes I recommend 3 Attack Speed Marks, 6 AD Marks,  Scaling CDR or standard CDR Glyphs, Amor Seals and AD quints those runes will allow you to clear the jungle without having too much trouble.

Blue side start : Smite Red, Raptors  -> Wolves -> smite Blue ->  Recall
Red side start : Smite Blue -> Wolves ->  Raptors -> smite Red -> Recall

After 3077.png pick up a 1400.png for easier clears after that proceed with the usual build order.

Talon is pretty good at ganking, take always the longer way and come from behind, start with W for the slow.
Now AA - Q and if the enemy should flash away or has a dash you can follow up with undefined.png and chase them down!

Pick Talon Jungle if:
  • Your team is pretty tanky and another tank wouldn't fit for example. 6_64.png57_64.png89_64.png50_64.png
  • Your team lacks a lot of damage and you need a high dmg jungler.

  • You want to have some fun in normals.

Talon support. Back to Top

I don't really recommend Talon support but if it is your wish to play him in this role I won't stop you.

You should start with an 3302.png it provides you some tankyness and your ADC a bit of sustain in lane.
Masteries are pretty standard go 12 / 18 but you won't need Feast / Butcher here get 1 point in Expose Weakness and the other one in Wanderer as replacement.

For runes I would recommend full amour penetration marks and quints ( because ADC's won't rush seekers) with armour seals and CDR or MR/Lvl glyphs.

The early game is pretty rough for a Talon support you will get poked pretty hard and your Vayne will flame the hell out of you the goal of this lane is to reach level 6 without giving up to much exp/kills.

As soon as you hit 6 you want to jump on the enemy ADC everytime when your ult is up and force 2 vs 2s as often as possibile the enemy AD or even support won't have the tankyness to survive your burst and the damage of your ADC.

For the build path upgrade your 3302.png once into 3097.png and get your usal item build you won't need 3077.png as a Support anymore except if your team lacks waveclear otherwise get straight 3134.png into a 3142.png you don't have to purchase a 2049.png before 3142.png (this is the point where you probably want to mute your Vayne), but get it after Youmuu's, otherwise you'll lack a shit ton of vision! And make sure to get one of these 2043.png once in a while.

Talon support excels best if :

  • The enemy team is squishy
  • Your team has already enough CC
  • You're tired of your Vayne that says she is smurfing out of Challenjour and is currently on a 6 games losing spree with Vayne

about me. Back to Top

If you are still here thanks for reading!

What's up ladies and gentleman my name is Royal Lights a Talon main who hates Anivia and wants to share my experience on this champion with you.

I started playing league late season 2 and ended up at silver mmr.
I play Talon since 3 seasons started 2013 in and placed in bronze after my 10 promotion games.

He is the reason why I was able to reach Platin, Talon immediately became my main champion after I picked him up in rankeds and I still enjoy every second of playing him straight up murder the ADCs never gets boring. I hope you'll give this guide a chance and have a lot of fun playing Talon! ♥

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Thaaaaaaaaank you!

  • The big thank you goes to the Talon-mains subreddit go check it out you won't regret it!
  • Talonmains!

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