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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Tier 1

4.png  Allows You to outplay abilities, additional range for gap close, and escape ganks.

12.png More roaming ability, lane sustain in hard matchups, helpful for splitpushing late game, synergy with refillable/corrupting

14.png Mostly for early kill pressure with level 2 cheese

Tier 2

6.png  So you can run at people and chase them down pretty much. Increases your E speed too

3.png  Helpful for all in vs high burst and for dueling splitpushers damage champions like riven

11.png  Jungle 

1.png  Counters exhaust if you think your opponent will use it, but since you can roam instead its pretty meh

Tier 3 - Trash


New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

In jungle, take Runic Affinity (Jungle Buff), Intelligence (Cooldown one) and Stormraider. Since the other masteries are only useful early in lane.

Stormraider might even be worth it in lane for the disengage after trading. If you don't like it then take thunderlord.

Abilities Back to Top


Take E at 4 because it can be used to escape ganks and you will want it for level 6 roaming (or sometimes early roaming)

W still has best damage scaling so max it first.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard start, max early damage/sustain for kill pressure
    Usually only buy if you have TP, refills when you TP back

Core Items

    Early Core, Ghostblade and Mobis so you can catch people, dusblade for the ward detect mostly but the damage is nice also if you keep ult open for 1 sec
    You want these eventually for CDR and damage to tanks

Situational Items

    Situational Boots - Explained Below
    Situational Defense Options
    If you decide to finish tiamat item
    Explained Below

Item Explanations

Core Item

3077.pngvs safe waveclear opponents or if you are losing lane, take this to clear wave so you don't take poke, and push enemy in so they cant roam. Then use this to farm raptors on either side

3142.pngLets you run at people faster so they cant escape you, can help for engage in lane even. Other than active it is very cost efficient damage item

3147.pngPotential double true dmg with ult if you need it, mostly for the ward detect which helps for making picks safely and vision control obviously.

3814.pngSpellshield is almost always useful and very low cooldown. It's like a damage version of banshee

3071.pngOne of most cost efficient items in game and all the stats are excellent on talon except for HP which is kind of good still

Since talon has to land slow as fuck abilities and get in 550 range to jump on squishy and probably not do enough damage to kill, you will often find yourself poking and proc passive on frontliners until you see opportunity to kill squishy. Also you might have to duel tanks when you splitpush or are hard carrying. This makes your damage more effective vs them.


This item is actually busted right now if you pop the passive. You can choose to pick this up if you find mid matchup difficult and need all in ability.

If you need qss obviously

Not trolling. This item is legit later on when you are ahead, its like GA in that it lets you dive then stall for your team to catch up.

3748.pngExtra AA reset for more burst. Allows you to efficiently proc passive on one more person.

3117.pngstandard boots, allow for faster map movement for roaming and splitpushing and makes E faster, lets you catch people who are running from you more easily.
3047.pngvs fed adc or strong early game lane opponent (ie yasuo)
3111.pngvs constant cc

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She outdamages you if you both land everything, her charm stops your Q so it doesn't matter if shes braindead and gets hit by both W. You don't have anywhere near stickyness needed to kill her post 6.

Try to stand away from minions so she can't push and poke at same time, look for opportunities to jump through minions to Q her so she can't charm you mid air. 
Push and farm jungle with tiamat or roam



Real Melee vs Real Melee = skill matchup. 

Trade if you can proc passive. Watch out for her flash double mark proc pre 6 and post 6 you won't win all in if she built armor so just look to roam.



Pretty easy now that her R isn't instant. Just don't get hit by her Q (you can Q to a minion to dodge) and you can E over her wall. She also has low mobility has harder time dodging your W



Laning vs Annie: avoid taking too much autoattack and spell damage early. she has high base damage, high auto range (higher than ashe) and has power spike at level 2 and 6. 
do not go in when she has stun or shield off cooldown.
she pretty squish and you should be able to kill her if you land your abilities. Just respect her flash stun ability. Main problem is late game where her E gives 40% resistance for free that has no counterplay. 




He outranges you pretty hard after talon rework but does no damage. Freeze and zone with W but watch out for jungler




If you go in on him you die. Try to jump inside minions when you are going all in so he can't land Q as easily. Otherwise push and look roam




Pretty ok lane as long as you don't get hit by her poisons too hard early. Go stormraiders for disengage after you proc passive. Only thing that fucks you up is her stupid 5 second snare shit so watch out for that



Only go in on him if you can kill him because his counterengage will kill you




Laning: never trade and try to farm. walk forward if she Q to dodge it. if you get ahead you win but if you stay even you lose

Ganking: she has sheild but its not that strong early. shut her down if u can

Jungling: she cant catch you pre 6 unless she has red buff. dont 1v1 her because she will win




don't get hit by his Q in lane

go in on him level 2 with E then W him and walk while auto attacking. if he started Q he probably wont have his E level 2.

You can also go in if you hit level 2 when hes still level 1

Level 6 you one shot him just make sure to auto+Q before W/R because your W/R are ranged.




Ganking: you usually cant kill him unless he used his e so wait for him to use it

Laning: do not trade if he went W. try to get level advantage and aa+q+w+aa at level 2 on him. go in when his E down. 

dont get sharked and you should win easy. E can be used to dodge his E

roam if u lose and push if you win
do not dive this fucker when he has E and make sure you can chase him after he uses Q



try to last hit his barrels first if he has only one set up. your auto gets there first cuz ur melee.

if he doesn't get tanky and ur not behind you should be able to one shot at 6 with ignite




His early game is op because he has twice as many abilities.

He can burst about 50% of your hp with ignite and all abilities when hes level 3 FYI
Basically this lane is to see if you can farm enough to one shot him before you get poked and killed.

Ult first when you go in on him so his knockback doesnt fuck you up




not hard to kill since her dash range is less than your W/R range




this champ is cancer. Stay behind minions and farm and roam. 

You can't poke her because of her healing/shield

her bind reveals you in your ult. 
Her Q might seem to be OP DAMAGE WTF , but its also her ONLY DAMAGE so early game you might be able to go in if you have level advantage and she wasted Q




general: he cant focus you cuz invis but has aoe dot so dont stay near him for too long

easy to kill but killing him usually wont stop him from wreckng your team

gank: easy no escapes

lane: dont get poked and you can kill him with a gank or at level 6. if you all in early make sure you are doding his Qs while attacking him or else he outdamages you if you get kited




Her early game is "weak" but is still stronger than yours. Heres why

in a straight up fight, you outdamage her because your basic attacks do more. However, her Q is OP and does more damage than your W even though its free. Also, she can proc the mark without getting hit by you because her W outranges you. If she didnt waste cooldowns, play safe early.

After items you should be able to out trade her. Items scale way better on talon than katarina. Your AD ratio without ult is 450%, her AP ratio without ult is ~100% lol.

Late game, if she is fed consider getting 3156.png. I usually don't get this item because talon can avoid damage with his instant burst and invisbility, however, a fed katarina is no counter play since she can jump you and kill you instantly when fed




Lane: Stay away when she has her Ranged attack. Avoid losing hp, and go in after level 4 or if she wasted her slow to cs. 

After 6, its not even that bad. You can go in. If she ults instantly, you ult and wait out her ult while invisible before finishing her off. 
If she is under tower, back off then go in with your ult when she doesnt have hers and its easy kill.

The real problem is in teamfights. She can ult your target, making your assassination a failure = your team loses fight. 




general: stay away from his ult so you dont get stunned. try to burst him when hes unprepared

lane: dont get poked down and you should be able to all in win if he misses/wastes an ability

ganking: wait until either his e down or when his w on hit is down so you can gank without getting stunned




Jungle: Early game he is way stronger. play safe

At level 6 you can probably burst him down and he wont expect it usually
I find this pretty easy although a good khazix who has team help will probably win. 

Lane: you can even outtrade him early if not isolated and u have level advantage. trade on your side of minions, careful for his jump and burst, and kill him at 6 u outscale him hard

ganking khazix: dont forget his E resets and walk into lane. save E for when he uses E(his jump)

General: almost same champion except your burst is faster than his and you do more immediate damage and you have more aoe. his jump does not need a target and he has jump resets though




no escape no burst lol you can win this with 1 hp with rengar attack



This lane is hard now because you cant have more than 3 pots anymore. Try to get jungle help and if you can get decent items after first buy the lane will even out a bit.

In lane, don't go near her if you have a Q mark on you. Just stay back early game because she is much stronger. 

The trick to this lane is knowing about her W cooldown which is about 17 secs level 1.
If you arent low after she Q>W pokes you, and she doesnt have chain or her chain wont hit you, you can go in and slow and autoattack her.

If you die the lane is pretty much over and you will get one shot when she is 6 and you are 5. 

After 6, ping on her before you go in. The ping stays on the real one so you can finish her off correctly if she is still alive.

Outside of lane: She has more mobility, but if you jump on her  you can burst her before she can dash away (if she has no zhonya) 
If she gets the drop on you, youre also fucked. Gotta be careful.

Late game, if she is fed consider getting 3156.png. I usually don't get this item because talon can avoid damage with his instant burst and invisbility, however, a fed leblanc is no counter play since she can jump you and kill you instantly when fed




general: built in zhonya you cant assassinate and has aoe cc to stop you in your ult

laning: she will poke you down and higher early damage. flask to survive and try to roam. she alot like ryze with her early poke and non skillshot cc while doing combo

ganking: her E is pretty slow and you will be able to get your combo off and do a lot of damage or kill her before she gets away. better if team can cc her though
watch out for her W ; use aa+q first




general: ultimate can save carries and has reveal and CC

lane: will poke you down and u cant outtrade her and she has CC so yeah youre fucked



laning: her early poke is high, go in when she wastes Q or E. she has really safe range so focus more on roam




General: you cant do anything to him directly but he has a knockup ult that you cant stop and will probably get you killed. you might need 3102_32.pngbanshee veil vs him

dont go near him because his ground slam will make your aa+q combo take like 2 secs (which is way too long and more than enough time for enemy team to kill you)




general: has silence and ultimate, get scimitar so his ult not a threat but his kit is just annoying

ganking: no escapes but a lane bully, gank him alot

laning: avoid poisoned minions cuz they spread disease. ask for jungle help/ you can expect to get wrecked if hes good




ganking: not that tanky unless its in lane and 1v1

no escape 

laning: hard. his sheild always up and he will poke you out of lane and manaless. try to stand behind him so he cant push lane and poke you at same time. go in on him when he isnt in lane or doesnt have sheild/e up




general: she squishy but her ult reveals/stuns you and usually gets zhonya

laning: build damage early, not penetration so you can clear minions cuz she will just push. you can kill her if you get fed from roam so dont go straight into hydra




general: she is squishy and not a good champion anymore

careful for her reveal

Laning: dont get hit by Q or snare and go in right after she transformed or used her q for farming

Ganking: dont go into bushes cuz probably has traps in it. she falls off late game but strong early so it might be too late to help your laner 




Laning is absolute cancer. Try to cheese him level 2-3 and possibly force him out of lane. After level 4 his sustain and poke is too high and u will get fucked up.

However, he does not scale into late game and does not provide reliable damage or assassination for his team, so you will outscale him hard in higher elo matchups.




laning: avoid her balls and go in right when she moves the ball off of her

ganking: go in from behind cuz she only has speed boost and slow




general: strong early game and probably will be tanky late game. make sure you ward cuz he has strong early burst

jungle: you can counter him if you see him use his E and W in jungle

laning: you cant win lane vs him. start flask or cloth cuz cloth and then just build hydra and boots to farm. you can kill him at 6 and he fallls off late game




Had a renekton mid once. Like riven, renekton mid players usually don't know what theyre doing, so you can just go in when he wastes abilities and kill him at 6 with ignite.

However, if he does know what hes doing, the lane will be absolute cancer. just get tiamat to waveclear and outscale and try to roam.



Riven mid players are usually bad and waste abilities to farm, so go in when she does.

If she does know what shes doing however..

lane: she has extremely strong early 1-4 so just avoid her and miss some cs. if she tries to engage on you past 4, walk back so she wastes as many abilities as possible to get to you then rake>aa>Q>aa and E to her if she tries to run away because she wont have abilities left. she is weak without cooldowns up. 

After 6 and items, if she wasted W for cs and doesnt have 3rd Q immediately, go in and one shot her while she cant CC you

her level 6 can kill you 100-0 too if youre unprepared




Lane: his level 1-3 does no damage so fight starting level 2. level 4-5 you will get poked down, level 6+ you have all in potential if you didnt die. if you dont snowball lane then hes slightly too tanky for you to burst down

Ganking: go in behind him and use abilities. save ult if you know u can kill him otherwise just rake and aa+q then attack move with autos




Lane: his poke/early game is weaker and you can actually win an all in at level 4 if you go in and walk between autos.

ganking: he can only snare one of you so just gank normally



She has long range and strong early game damage. Play safe and avoid damage, just try to get 700g so you can buy swords.

After 6 go in if she used her E or W or is low on balls




general: dont go in on him when he blinds or else your infinity edges dont do damages; he cant outrun you with a normal build just watch for shrooms when ganking


Twisted Fate


Give up some CS early to stay healthy. If he goes too far on your side to hit you then go in on him and your minions should help you.

After level 3 just zone him whenever he wastes his pickacard.png W(Pick a Card) 
At 6 if he wastes a card and starts backing up, taloncutthroat.png to ranged minion near him, talonrake.png to slow, then AA + talonnoxiandiplomacy.png(aa). if he didnt flash out, then talonshadowassault.png + 14.png and kill him




He doesnt do enough damage early, just go in whenever and follow up with basic attacks

After 6 if he uses his stun ring on you, E somewhere, ANYWHERE. DO NOT GET HIT BY HIS STUN




Super squishy. you can go in if he wasted any cooldown after level 3, and one shot him at level 6




He will poke you early so you should give up some CS to stay alive until level 4/5. After that, talonrake.png poke him and go in on him when he misses an ability.

At level 6 if you didnt die and he didnt build armor you should be able to all in and get a kill



2041_32.png start

Dont bother poking him early because he will just heal. 

The trick to this is using basic attacks a lot after you go in. Use Q to reset them and W slow so you can keep up with him. If you begin trading, you have to continue the trade because he will heal back up if you play passive. 

If you go in and he escapes with pool, chase him down or be super agressive, like using  your W slow to engage when you dont have your E

-You should ult early so he pools early and wastes more HP.

-Try to save W for after his pool so you can catch up to him and hit him with basic attacks. 

-He outscales you hard if he wins lane.

-You Q DOT and Ignite damage him through his pool




Jungle: he has strong early game but no sustain. his level 6 is stronger if both your and your laner get hit by it. counter gank if he doesnt have ultimate up and stay away from him in general

Lane: his early game is strong but counterable. do not attack his clone and go in if he wastes an ability on something stupid. late game if he build tank dont bother going near him




His poke is obnoxious, this will depend on your ability to dodge his Q early. after level 4 if you didnt take too much damage, you can go in on him by using E to dodge his stun and outtrade him.



Lane went from extremely easy to medium. He can heal with warlord mastery early and you have shit sustain with only 3 hp pots. Farm under tower and conserve HP for EXP. Try to have Dirk after first buy to all in.

try to poke his passive sheild down. You win trades after level 2 as long has he doesnt have his shield up.
If you can get 2-3 swords on first back you will be able to one shot him at 6. (after you poke his passive down)

Late game he has no way to avoid your aa+q so he is fucked.

2041_32.png start is best
1036_32.png start ok but you have to avoid all damage until level 4 and lose cs

general: late game if he build 2 armor items with his core, he can kill u in about same time u kill him so dont 1v1. usually he wont because your team will have AP but just know his late game strong




laning: dodge his Qs and stand behind minions to block damage. 

He does more damage early, dont chase too far. just trade back with auto+Q+w if he gets close. 

Go in at level 4 if he wasted ANY ability.

At level 6 unless VERY far behind you have to use your ultimate offensively to win lane. Go in with ult up, and use ult to escape when he uses his. You get your free damage off on him while he wasted his ult

If he firstbloods you, youre behind but can catch up by playing well.
If he fucks up and dies first, he is completely screwed and you wil be able to one shot him every time he comes to lane.

2041_32.pngstart normally
1036_32.pngstart if you plan to win early and are confident

ganking: go in if hes out of energy or wasted w or else waste of time




He is pretty obnoxious in lane. Avoid bombs and hope he is bad. If he wastes his E/W then go in on him. 

if u cant dodge his Q then get tiamat early to waveclear

After 6 you can E to a minion close to him and W for slow, then aa + q to poke him down. If he fails to escape after that combo you can r + ignite + aa to kill




Careful for his early level 2 off first wave. Other than that try to avoid bombs and roam since you cant kill him when he gets ult




She has strong early-mid game but falls off late. Just know that her plants do a lot of damage so try to kill them before they spawn.

avoid plants, farm up 700 gold and you should be able to one shot her after items.
if behind, don't fight if she has both plants and ult off cooldown cuz she can one shot you


How to play new Talon? FAQ / Things to Know Back to Top

What's new Talon compared to before?

-Talon's main damage now is his passive. You want to read that shit and practice getting it off efficiently. 
-His W stronger early but weaker late, also has less ad Ratio (Riot lied in patch notes saying it was 0.3/0.3  before. Actual old Talon was 0.6/0.6. The delay on new W is insane. Any mid laner in the game, and I mean  literally anyone, even anivia with lowest base speed, can walk out of your W even if you aim it perfectly. It  really sucks.
-Talon's gapclose (now Q) no longer allows for outplaying of skillshots, instead it gets outplayed easily by good  players.
-His R has slightly higher ad scaling (increased by 0.05 ad ratio) and far weaker base damages. Also his ult closing  has a delay now which is a bit annoying but not a big deal.
-Talon E no longer gives any damage at all but gives massive mobility.
-Lane sustain and waveclear better

In general, his instant combo damage is better pre 6, worse 6-11, and REALLY FUCKING BAD after 11.
His damage is also slower by a lot and he can get "outplayed" so easily that it doesn't deserve to be called outplay.

How does new Talon Scale?

New talon has stronger early game by a little bit and an insane mid game. Late game falls off hard though, as his damage pretty much stops scaling completely mid game. 
W stops scaling at 9
Q stops scaling at 13
Passive stops scaling at 11
R scaling damage sucks anyways but stops scaling at 16

Which Lane and or Jungle?

New Talon can go Mid, Top, or Jungle as far as I can tell. I won 1v1 lane vs darius in top, and found his jungle clear to be adequate.

General Combos?

Combo isn't too important, but the main thing is you want to proc your passive when you have 3 stacks and no more. If you stack more than 3 then those stacks are wasted when you could've used them to proc passive again for massively increased damage.

Lane Trade: W > Q > auto a few times until W returns and you proc passive.

All in Double Passive Proc: W > wait second W land > Q + auto (its really quick) > R > wait the 2 seconds > auto (and close R) > wait for Q > auto again for 2nd passive proc.

This does insane amounts of damage, but as you can expect, is pretty slow and takes a while to pull off. The amount of time it takes to pull off is equal to your Q cooldown.

Fast All In: W > R > Q > auto > ignite.

Does less damage because you don't get as many basic attacks in, you don't double Q and don't double passive. This combo does not one shot lane opponents from full at 6.

How 2 Lane Back to Top

TLDR: Play safe while farming level 1-2, Dodge skillshot with Q on minion; try to poke opponent with trade at level 3-5 if you can win; back before 6 if you want to kill your opponent - if you can't kill look for roam.

Introduction to Laning/Basic Tips:

1.   CS in lane

·         Basically this is trying to get as much farm as possible while taking as little damage possible.

·         In early levels as melee vs. ranged, you may try go in to last hit with basic attack when one of your minions is low. This forces your lane opponent to choose between poking you and last hitting.

·         You may want to practice this in customs if you find that you are straight up failing to land the killing blow under no pressure


2.   Zoning/Spacing

·         Zones of control are basically the area in which champions are capable of being a threat.

o   For example Annie’szone of control would normally be her ability ranges - a radius of 625units around her.

·         Zones of control change often due to dynamic effects such as:

o   Cooldowns: Annie is not a threat, even in 625 range if her abilities are on cooldown or if she is out of mana

o   Kill potential: Her zone of control increases to her flash range, totaling 1050 (425+625) if she can kill you with flash stun

o   Override: The lane opponent may have a stronger zone of control due to:

§  More abilities/more powerful abilities

§  Greater trading tools – shields are usually very potent early game for trading

§  More sustain – so you don’t want to trade because they will heal it back

o   So for example a Cassiopeia would override Annie’s zone of control so long as she does not miss Q, due to better trading with heals and sustained damage early game

·         Being able to accomplish your object, be it to farm, poke, or waveclear while properly spacing is fundamental to laning.


3.   Basics of Trading

·         It’s pretty obvious, but when trading you want to get as much damage off as possible while taking as little damage as possible. Take into account sustain and lane position as well though

·         You can try to do this by:

oMaximizing use of basic attacks in between abilities

oLanding more skillshots while also dodging your opponents’

oMaintain spacing advantage (kiting)

·         Tips for skillshots – Basic skillshot theory

o   The use of basic attacks as well as most abilities in the game by a champion cause it to perform an animation. This animation often cannot be interrupted, thus effectively “Stunning” the caster for the duration of the animation. During this time, they cannot move and therefore are vulnerable to skillshots so long as you prepare to react to them quickly

o   When attempting to land an ability that can be dodged even if aimed perfectly, be it due to an animation delay or slow travel speed, it is often effective to:

§  Bait the target’s dodge attempt by stopping or using a similar animation. This both slows them down and makes them unprepared for the actual attack

o   When trying to land ability, you want to minimize the area in which your target has to dodge. This can be done by:

§  Forcing them to walk into tight positions such as between the tower and the wall

§  Position yourself so the angle of your skillshot minimizes the area to dodge

·         Trading advantages:

o   Level advantage – higher level means more abilities for the first 3-4 levels and level 6, as well as higher base stats and ability stats in the other levels.

§  7 minions get level 2 in solo lanes

§  9 minions (3 melees of 2nd wave) get level 2 in duo lanes

o   Cooldown advantage – similar to level advantage, if you have more abilities, you will most likely do more in trades

§  I suggest googling your opponents’ cooldowns on

o   Minion advantage – minions, especially the ranged caster minions, do a decent amount of damage in the early game. They have an attack range of 550 and will target you if you basic attack an enemy champion. You should try to include them in your calculations.

o   Basic attacks actually do have a cooldown, though they are quite short. The cooldown of basic attacks is usually 1.5 seconds early game on mages (no attack speed runes), and 1.3 seconds on marksmen (due to attack speed runes). You may want to take advantage of this

·         Applying spacing to trading:

o   First, understand your lane opponent’s zone of control and trading capabilities with your Game Knowledge

o   In a perfect world, you always want to stay out of your opponents’ zone of control. However, this is not always feasible since you will need to CS or even be pressured to win early game in some matchups

o   Simply, you ask yourself this: Do you out trade your lane opponent in the current situation (levels, cooldowns, minion position, sustain)?    

§  If yes, exert your zone of control on the minion wave in order to deny your opponent or force a trade

§  If no, maintain your spacing outside of your opponent’s zone of control while being able to maximize the amount of things you can still do (farm, poke, waveclear).

·         Don’t go so far back that you can’t farm,

·         Don’t get too close so that you will be in your opponent’s zone of control and lose HP or die

4.    Lane Management:

·         How to freeze a lane:

oControl the minion count so the enemy side has 1-2 more minions than yours at all times, so that the wave does not get to your tower and also does not push towards your opponent’s tower

·         Recalling after my lane opponent: Freeze or Push?

oIn most cases, push. This will deny your opponent the minions that hit the tower and cause the minions to push towards you, giving you the option to freeze or push again when you return to lane

oYou may ask your jungler to help you push faster if necessary

oIn the case that you are unable to push fast enough, due to being out of mana, or the enemy jungler pressuring you, it may be more optimal to leave the lane frozen, with either equal minion count or your opponent having one more so that you are not denied and you are not at risk

oThe WORST thing you can do is push partially, where your minions will slowly get to the enemy tower, as this will deny you the creeps your minions killed as well as build up a juicy wave for your lane opponent when they get back

oTake into consideration of how the lane position will be if you decide to trade kills in lane. This is most often what decides if a 1 for 1 trade is worth

·         The position of the lane (pushed up or pushed in) dictates many things:

oPushed up means:

§  More room to maneuver

§  Easily poke lane opponent under tower if you are ranged vs. melee

§  Potentially deny lane opponent if they have difficulty last hitting under tower

§  Minion advantage for trading usually

§  More susceptible to enemy jungler ganks

o   Pushed in is just the inverse

·         Applying trading to lane management:

o   Some abilities will have the side effects of causing the lane to push. Some examples are

§  Basic attacks will agro enemy minions so they hit you instead of your minions for a while, as well as drag them

§  AoE spells like Darius’s Q – Decimate

§  Shields or buffs on your minions

o   Take this into consideration when you are using your abilities for trading but still want to maintain lane position, and take advantage of your opponent if they need to push in order to trade

Talon in Lane

Level 1: 
Depending on your opponent, you will do one of 3 things:
-If your opponent can zone you right away, give up farm and avoid taking damage. Try to get a little bit of farm with W and try to poke your lane opponent while farming with W. (hit minion and opponent).
-If your opponent is equal strength to you early, trade when they disrespect you and farm as much as possible. 
-If you are stronger (very rarely since Talon is melee) stand in minions and zone them from farm.

Basically hit your opponent with your W while farming and avoiding damage.

Level 2: 
Depends again:
-Take Q because it does something in lane.
-Q is decently spammable. Use it on a nearby minion to dodge skillshot poke.
-If you land both parts of your W and your opponent has a weak level 2, go in.

Level 3-5:
-Talon is fairly strong in trades at this point. If your opponent cannot outplay your Q or is too unskilled to, do W > Q proc passive retreat combo. 
-If your opponent can engage on you or has long range, wave clear with double W and look for roams.
-Watch out for ganks, talon has no escapes. One trick you can use once you get E is to stand next to raptors wall and jump over it when getting dived.
-This will depend on your game knowledge, but basically always try to W your opponent when waveclearing, and if it lands, go in if you believe you will win the trade.

Level 6+: 
-If you believe you can kill your lane opponent with ult, do that, since putting them behind while putting yourself ahead is better than just trading lane exp for a kill from roaming. If not, look to roam or make plays with jungler.

How 2 Mid Game Back to Top

Generally, mid game is macro play that happens outside of lane, ranging from 10 minutes to 25 minutes usually. (Or up to 35 or even 50 minutes in low elo...) Talon is really good in this part of the game. 

In this part of the game, the main concepts are:  pushing advantages, surviving while behind, roaming, objectives.

Pushing advantages in Lane:

If you won lane hard, you can do a few things:
1.Freeze the lane and deny your opponent from farm. This is usually difficult in mid lane since mages have long  range aoe to farm safely, and new talon is terrible at tower diving.
2.If you are somehow ahead enough to tower dive and win, do that to make your opponent useless for rest of mid game and get first tower for 500 gold.

Surviving while behind:

If you lost lane hard, you need to take extra steps to stay relevant to the game.
1. Waveclear to avoid taking damage. Use W on lane once or twice and Q extra minions for healing. 
2. Farm raptors and wolves in your spare time. (Do not waste your E cooldown on raptor wall since you might need it to escape ganks)
3. Look for roaming picks (will talk about more later)


This is when you leave lane sacrificing farm and tower hp to get kills or objectives.
Talon's roam is REALLY GOOD.
1. Go top if: your top laner has CC, enemy top pushed up, enemy top squishy and has no cc (dive his ass)
2. Go bot if: bot pushed up, your bot lane is ahead and you can make a tower dive play, counter gank enemy  jungler who is going bot.
3. Roaming into enemy jungle: ward enemy jungle so you can make a pick on them while they are farming. 


Minor Objectives:
1. Getting a freeze for your lanes (useful in high elo only): pressure top or bot by going there, and even if they  know you will be there, they will be forced to back off, allowing your laner to set up a freeze.
2. Red/Blue, small advantages that are not worth risking a death for, take these to either force a bad fight for  the enemy, or take them in secret to get the buff advantage (usually need jungler help)

Major Objectives (mid game): get these after killing or forcing back many enemy players
1. Prioritize first tower, the gold is massive.
2. Second priority dragon
3. 3rd priority is towers (not firstblood tower)

How to Get Objectives as Talon/Assassin:

1. Dragon/Baron: 
-When trying to fight for dragon as Talon, you can hit the dragon if you want since the passive kills it decently  quickly. However, if the enemy team is coming to contest, you should be the first one to go and try to zone  them.
-Do this by blocking the way  from their base to dragon. This will force the enemy team to all be there before  pushing past you (or else you can kill some of them) thus giving your team more time.

2.  Towers:
-Since Talon is melee, it is not optimal for him to be attacking the tower as he will get poked by the defender.  Instead, when your team starts to group for a tower, you should be in the jungle to kill the enemy team who is  moving from their lanes to reinforce the tower. If you are able to kill one, it will be a 4v5, giving your team an  advantage in the dive. 
-If you are not able to kill anyone like that, you should try to splitpush another tower since most midlaners will  have good waveclear.

How 2 Late Game Back to Top

Late game consists of teamfighting, splitpushing, major objective control. 

When your team starts to group will vary depending on your ELO and team comp. Low elo tend to group later, and some team comps will avoid grouping because it is disadvantageous. 


Talon is decent in teamfights mid game but falls off pretty hard late game.

For teamfighting as Talon, you want to let someone else on your team initiate unless you see a good pick. Although you are building a little bit tanky as Talon, you are not the main tank and are better off not getting focused. Because of this, and because of your short Q range, you want to use E to find a flank on the carries and kill them (wait until they wasted their cooldowns). Your low cooldown Q is really good for cleanups so try to stay alive after killing the carry.

There's two main ways to assassinate as talon late game. One is the suicide method, where you use both first part of W and R and Q to proc passive, but then you don't have R to escape and will die.
The other way is wait for opportunity. This is also risky since your team might lose the fight while you are waiting. You basically want to wait until adc is next to a wall so you can E over it and melee Q them and then combo.


Talon average at splitpushing, You should be able to 1v1 most people mid game, but his dps to towers is pretty weak.
You should splitpush when these conditions are met:
1. You can duel anyone who will try to stop you. Note this means sometimes the opposing team will not send their strongest player to stop you since they need him for the 4v4 where your team is. 
2. Your team will not get engaged on (either from being bad, having no disengage, or being far behind and tower  dived)

How to splitpush properly:
Push the same far on the map as your team, if you are at second tower in bot lane, your team should be at second tower top lane. If your team is too far up, tell them to wait for you to push up and pressure so they don't get engaged on and die for nothing. If you are too far up, wait for your team to push up and pressure as well.

Major Objective Control:

General Info:
These are: Baron, Elder Dragon, inhibitors

1. Elder gives the greatest teamfight combat value, so it should be secured if teamfights are close.
2. Baron gives the best seige, and gold, should secure it if enemy team is not prepared or if they are trying to  waveclear under tower
3. Inhibitor gives extra lane pressure, it pushes the lane as if you had another player splitpushing
Inhibitor Value is Bot>Top>Mid. Where bot is highest value because baron and Mid lowest because it is close to mid and top inhibitors.

In terms of value, Elder>Baron>Inhibitors

How to secure these objectives: 
1. The easiest way is to kill players on the enemy team. This is rediculously easy as talon, especially in low elo.  Just find one or two people who are alone trying to farm and kill them. This makes it 4v5 or 3v5, so your team  can start an objective, and the opposing team will either fight and lose 3 more people, or give up the objective  for free.
2. The second method is vision control. Clear enemy wards and play mind games with them. If they carelessly  walk in trying to contest, you can ambush them and kill them.
3. If your team is ahead, these objectives can also be used to force a fight on the opposing team. For example,  they wouldn't want you to get baron, so they try to fight you for it and all die. That will allow you to end the  game.

How 2 Jungle Back to Top

Talon jungle isn't really cookie cutter enough to explain. It's pretty much just farm, while looking for ganks, and get objectives such as counter jungling, towers, and dragons when you see opportunities. It highly depends on your decision making skills and prediction of enemy jungler.

General Tips are : 

-Don't spam E in jungle since you might need them
-Talon Counter Jungle is really safe with his E
-When ganking pre 6, make sure to use W only when both parts hit. Because if you miss one part, you will not proc  passive, thus losing a lot of damage.
-Last hit with Q when available for sustain and reset.
-You kill epic monsters decently quickly with passive.

General Clear is:


Start Red > Krugs >Raptors. Then B and blue clear.

You want to start red side because krugs and raptors give rediculous experience with jungle item, so you want them to respawn faster so you get 6 off them.

Talon Combo Back to Top

Pre 6 Trade

W > wait > Q > aa
You want to wait so that your 2nd W lands as your Q lands, so your auto after Q will proc the bleed. Preferably stormraiders for disengage after so you don't take too much while running away.

Fast All In Everything

Ignite as you are using Q and you can follow up with more aa after if they aren't dead.
Fastest Combo that proc passive with minimal counterplay

Max Damage Combo

This combo allows you to proc your passive twice using two Qs, as well as proc duskblade twice due to waiting 1 second invisibility during R. This is risky vs people who have CC or escapes, so you will usually need high CDR with Q maxed and QSS item to pull this off vs high mobility targets.

My Swag Talon Stats Back to Top



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