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Hi guys! I play since season2, and i have like 4k games with Talon and i was: (unranked-season2 | G3-season4 | D5-season4 | D1-season5 | D2-season6) and top6 talon world in s5 and 21 in s6 as lolskill says . Let' s beggin:

First of all, i'm a little different than other talon mains, not only because I use different summoner spell, but the build i play too :D . 99,9% of talon players use 14.png, but i preffer to use  21.png instead of 14.png because i feel more safe at early ganks, and also when fight 1v1 at low lvl, and when they should kill you, you use barrier,then kill them and usually survive, and they be like : "LOL OMG BARIER TALON WTF" , that's the funniest part, and also, it's much stronger in teamfights, because if you are fed, they all will hunt you down first, and you already got tons of dmg and AoE, so, you don't need ignite, you need only to stay 1 more sec alive to do all combo, then you can die, you will delete apc and adc instantly and then your team should win this. ( sometimes, in early, they escape with low hp and you get mad, but at least, you didnt die haha xD ). Also, with patch 6.11, barrier got buffed.

You can look when they use flash or ignite/barrier/exhaust, and know the time when they will have them again.
(flash-5 min | ignite- 3min and 30 sec) - also verify the summoners on lolskill, and watch your opponent masteries (if he have Insight, he will have 15% cd of summoner spells reduced)


You can take 14.png if ur elo is under g5, or if they have champions like mundo, soraka, swain, etc.

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Masteries Back to Top

Picked Fury instead of Sorcery because of the build i play. ( you will see )

Vampirism instead of Neutral talent because you dont need ap, srsly.

Savagery instead of Wanderer because it's much better for last hiting minions on lane (PS: better farming)

You can pick Oppressor insead of Bounty Hunter if you want a stronger early game.

Other picks are because of the op builds I play :)

Abilities Back to Top

This is how you basically max your Abilities:

 W      Q       E                  R

talonrake.png-> talonnoxiandiplomacy.png-> taloncutthroat.png and this talonshadowassault.png lv 6, 11, 16 ofc

If the opponent is melee, like zed, cho, yasuo, etc, you can go this order first:talonrake.pngtalonnoxiandiplomacy.pngtalonrake.pngtaloncutthroat.png

If they are under their own turret, get this first:talonrake.pngtaloncutthroat.pngtalonrake.pngtalonnoxiandiplomacy.png (jungler may gank you from behind and you just use E on him at lv 2)

TIP: upgrade your abilities with ctrl q , or ctrl w,etc. it's faster and better XD

 You max W in lane because it gives you range for poke and and take farm, if you can take the farm with basic without getting to much damage, then take it with basic, W costs a lot of mana, and here are no more mana potions and the old good damn flask. ;(

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    this is the start build, never go doran, you will have only 1 potion and early they will poke you, and you will recall lv 2 or 3, not worth
    early build, with these 2 items in early, if enemy isn't tanky, when you come from base, just e minion, then use fast w + tiamant, and he is already 3/4 hp or less, next time your e cd is ready, you can 1 shot him (+ early tiamant help you clear wave with w and active, but you must be near the minions when active tiamant to take full dmg and to clear the wave)
    middle build, good for roam and good mobility

Core Items

    general build - this is by far the best build ever on talon with the 6.10 patch when BC got nerfed 5 ad but -400 cost. With this build, you are able to 1 shot adc in lower than 1 second and kill every tank 1v1 in late game without doing any problems to you. (go last whisper last item if they don't rush armour in early-middle game, BC will help your middle game anyway) - if they dont go armour, buy qss or infinity instead
    if they are full ap team, with this build, they won't do any dmg to you, and if they try to cc you, use scimitar , and then just kill everybody :D ( you can buy statik or trinity instead of LW if they are squishy ap )
    if they are full ad (you can go randuin instead of thornmail if you want)

Situational Items

    personally, i don' think this item can replace any of that items ( statik, lw, hydra, youmuu, ie ) it cost a lot, and it's not worth

This 3074.png and this 3142.png are the esentialy first two items.
The boots, may variate:
-go 3047.png if they have ad mid and top(or jungle).
-go 3111.png if they have HARD CC, or full ap team,
-go 3009.png if they have hard slow like nasus, mundo, or if they buy rylai,etc

The Last Whisper you make is based on the enemy you play with:
-go 3033.png for champions like mundo, voli, swain, etc.
-go 3036.png if they have simply tanks without regeneration.

Don't forget 3140.png for players like malzahar or lissandra (it doesn't remove anymore zed and vlad ult), etc

As you can see, i play almost every builds with , 3087.png or  3071.png, because of the high mobility, and you can't be keept away from the teamfight, if they push you away or something, you will come back fast because of mobility. (atack speed works good with q, because if you have low atack speed, when you use e q w r and run away, usually, your q doesn't hit, and not only)

With the 6.11 patch, 3078.png is NOT WORTH TO BUY ANYMORE!- buy 3071.png (black cleaver passive speed it's different from trinity, because you get speed if you do physhical dmg, that mean if you hit w, you get speed, while trinity gives you movement ONLY if you use basic atacks)

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MID PHASE: Laning phase it's pretty booring, all you have to do is:
1. you just have do dodge her E and Q, and just farm, and use w to take minions and poke
2. at lv 6, you should be able to kill her easily, but don't go full combo if she is full hp and also have ult.

TEAMFIGHT:  it's easy to 1 shot her if no zhonya, and even with zhonya, with my builds you will be able to kill her 1 sec max cuz of the burst(or you should) and he won't even have time to react for Zhonya. 

TIP: If you can't do the fast combo ( all skills in less than 1 second ) , don't focus the players with zhonya or tanks, better focus the adc




MID PHASE: laning an akali, it's pretty easy, you got free farm till lv 6, but after he get ult, he will have big chances to kill you 1v1, cuz of the stealth, and spellvamp, that's why u have to not go full in with ult if u wont 1 shot her

TEAMFIGHT:  in teamfights, if it's late and you are full build, you can try an insta on her *don't risk to go full in if she has zhonya*  or you can just ignore her and jump on the adc 

TIP: you can buy one pink ward after the first recall, so you can dive her in early or surprise her when she stays chill in her stealth xD




GANKING: it's easy to avoid amumu ganks,specialy if you have a high dodge potential (your personal dodge skill) ,just dodge his q and he goes back into the jungle (if he don't flash ult you hahaha)

GENERAL: amumu it's good in tf, he got a good AoE and cc with that ult, but that won't stop you, just try to be somewhere hidden in the jungle, and don't stay grouped with you team, cuz he may ult you and ure death, so u have to wait him go first, and you come from behind and assassinate enemy adc, cuz he won't be protected in 90% of cases like this, and it's a free target for you.




MID PHASE: All you have to do in laning an anivia, it's farming and dodging its STUN with your E, if she try to stun, try do avoid it using ur e on her, then w q strike, and go back, this trade is won already. Be care and don't dive her if she got passive.

TEAMFIGHT: in late, you can easy 1 shot her if she hasn't zhonya, and also, u are better in TF than her, more aoe and burst.

TIP: buy these 3009.png,  and you won't feel her slow xD




MID PHASE: pretty anoying in early, she just spamm that Q , all you have to do its:
1. wait her to use q w for farm then jump on her for a trade dmg.
2. call jungler to gank you cuz she is a free target if she push, no escape skills.
3. always play around her stun stacks by left clicking on her and checking at the top left of the screen.
4. wait till 6, poke 2 times with w, then go full combo , but only after she uses stun.

TEAMFIGHT: Annie, like talon, has a lot of burst and aoe dmg also, u have to make the combo first, cuz if she does flash r(stun)  w q on your team, it's already over for them (if she isn't too behind with farm/kills)




MID PHASE: like many others ap rangers, Azir has a big potential of poke in early, you can:
1. wait him to use W Q  (if he is idiot) then jump on him for a little trade.
2. You can try to dodge Azir's Q with your E to win trades
3. or, play only for farm, and go aggresive at 6

TEAMFIGHT: teamfights are easy , you can 1 shot him and he won't even have time for react, cuz he is squishy champ.

TIP: don't dive him if he is 50% + and lv 6, he will push you with ult to turret and ur fked

And anyway, azir is the hardest champion in game, they won't be able to play him very well, even if they have like 50 games or more XD




MID PHASE: he will harass you in early, follow this:
1. you mostly have to dodge his W and Q
2. go for trade dmg if he use W and E for farm
3. try as much as you can to dodge his Q when you are under his passive.




MID PHASE: it's a easy laning phase, all you have to do it's:
1. dodge her q and w as much as possible, becausecuz if you are poisoned, she will spamm E on you and win every trade.
2. don't engage if you're not lvl 6 yet, because you will take massive damage and lose trade.
3. after 6, it's simply, folow firs step once, and next time she is dead.

TEAMFIGHT: easy target in a tf, you also easy can dodge her ult with ur e, just don't rush, u are much better in tf than her in every way: dmg, AoE, burst.

TIP: buy these 3009.png :)




MID PHASE: If they pick an cho vs talon, you can go afk, srsly, it's most bullshit champion that they could pick to counter you, only things you can do:
1. dodge his q as much as you can.
2. trade dmg with him only if he used q and w for farm.
3. if he don't use q and w for farm, youre fked.
4. his passive make him full hp, so, no sense to poke him ....
5. call jungler, if he don't come, do this:
A. hug turret and farm
B. roam as much as you can (better)




MID PHASE: laning a diana, it's not that hard, she can't poke you and harass, you have to:
1. don't trade dmg if she has W , that shield will make you doing no dmg and she will win trade, just wait her to waste w, then you can trade dmg with her.
2. after 6, DONT let her hit you with Q, cuz if u have the mark, her R has no cooldown when used to dash on you. You also can try avoid her Q with your E 

TEAMFIGHT: almost every diana will rush zhonya vs a talon, so, you just ignore her and jump on the adc. or focus her if she is alone.




MID PHASE: easy lane for you, follow this: 
1. dodge his Q.
2. don't let him make the 3 rd strike in early trades
3. care when he use W and don't fight.
4. poke him with your W.

CARE: his R may be very anoying sometimes.




MID PHASE: equilibrate lane phase, listen:

-Fizz can be a tough matchup since your ultimate can't dodge his abilities if he lands his ultimate on you. His E also allows him to dodge your W if timed appropriately.
-Don't rush your W if he have his E
-Try to dodge his R with your E

TIP: don't focus him in TEAMFIGHTS, he will use E , then zhonya, then E again, and he will completely fu** you. You can focus him if he already used E and zhonya.




LANE PHASE: very hard lane phase, you can't 1v1 him. follow this:
1. his Q and E are skillshots, so, you can try to dodge 'em
2. you can't fight him because of his W, so anoying heal and armour
3. buy 3140.png for his ultimate.

4. better roam as much as you can after lv 6




MID PHASE: in early, he will only push with his turrets, follow this:
1. farm at turret untill lv 3
2. at lv 3, put 2 points in W and 1 in E. and you can try to destroy his turrets, and poke him with W
3. you can't fight him early
4. you also can't get ganked cuz of his turrets
5. after lv 6, when you engage on him, your AoE from W and R will destroy his turrets, but be carefully do dodge his stun.




MID PHASE: easy lane phase, listen: 

Karthus is super easy. He is squishy af and has no defensive spell (except his wall but that wont help him against Talon) neither does he have the burst to kill you before you kill him. Just make sure you run away from his passive after  you killed him because people often underetsimate this




MID PHASE: it's an easy lane, listen that:

-You completely dominate him early game and snowball him (your combo does more than his)
His ultimate makes it difficult for you to kill him once he's level 6+, but you can win trades unless he's fed




MID PHASE: Katarina it's pretty easy, she was easier when Talon had silance... , but anyway, listen that:

-She's melee which means it's very easy to harass her and engage on her.
-You also can snowball the lane, at every lvl, 1,2,3, etc (because your combo does more than her)

Still remember the damn good old days when you could stop her ultimate with E :(




MID PHASE: should be pretty easy, follow this:
1. dodge his passive basic atack from W, because if you are marked, he will also poke you with W active
2. stay behind minions and he won't hit you with Q
3. wait him to go E + W for minions, then jump in for trade (if he ever does that)
4. after lv 6, you should win this

CARE: be carefully if he rush zhonya 




MID PHASE: pretty hard lane in early, listen:
- A skill based matchup
LeBlanc's biggest weakness is her farming. Try to push the lane and gank side lanes

1. only thing you have to do it's to dodge her E , and don't go near after she uses Q on you, wait its mark to dissapear
2. rush this 




MID PHASE: annoying early game, but follow this:
1. she will just spamm that annoying Q , cuz of her low CD
2. if you try to engage her, she just use W and will stop you easy 
3. she also can escape with her E 

She usually rush RoA and Zhonya, and makes her very hard to kill 1v1 and in Teamfight too.

TIP: you can buy this3140.png for her ultimate




MID PHASE: pretty easy lane, if she don't play barrier or exhaust, follow this:
1. if she hit you with E, don't let her strike you, cuz you will get extra dmg from pasive
2. her Q is a skillshot, that can be easy dodged using your E, also, you can dodge her E and R with your E, which is awesome
3. when you go in, instantly move other way cuz she will rush Q to snare you and she will miss, then you will win easy the trade dmg




LANE PHASE: he may go full tank, or he may go full ap, listen:

-He is a very anoying champion, and he is hard to kill on lane because of his passive
-He also has a strong early and late game

Follow this:
1. try to poke him with W and don't let him remake the passive
2. if you hit him with Q, the bleed will keep his passive away for some additional seconds
3. try to push lane, he can't farm well in early, and then go roam




MID PHASE: medium laning phase, listen:

-He always push the lane with his E, so you will farm under turret in early
-He usually builds RoA

Follow this:
1. farm under turret untill lv3
2. engage him instantly after he use E for minions
3. he will rush his Q to silance you when you are on him, but you can easy dodge it
4. don't dive him if he has R

TIP: you can rush this in early 3155.png  and this 3140.png for his ultimate




MID PHASE: in early, it's pretty easy for you, but follow this:
1. you must only stay behind minions and don't let her hit Q
2. you can go for trade dmg if she missed Q
3. her 6 it's better than yours on 1v1, cuz she can see you in ulti, and if she also got exthaus, youre dead
4. she will rush RoA and Zhonya and that makes her impossible to get 1 shot.

CARE: in a TEAMFIGHT, you must wait her first to use R, because if she caught you in her R, they will see you in your ultimate and burst you down




MID PHASE: listen that:

-She have annoying poke in early, and her Q has almost 0 CD

Follow this:
1. you must wait untill lv 3 and put 2 points in W and only try to poke her with W
2. try to dodge her Q + E
3. you can avoid her Q + E with your E
4. your lv 6 it's much stronger, because you can easy dodge her R with your E , you have time to react because her R isn't instant.




MID PHASE: there are some people who pick Pantheon mid only to counter Talon (including me), so, listen:

It's a skill based matchup.
- Both are capable of snowballing.

BEST TIP: best and only tip i can give to you it's this: 
- at lvl 1, try to make it look like you're the boss, and go to take farm, don't be afraid, make him be afraid of you, and there will be 2 possibilities:
1. if he is afraid to harass you after you are doing this, and he play passive in early, you already won lane.
2. if he doesn't give a fuck and he still play aggresive, you will have to play passive and farm only untill lv 6, because your  ultimate is better than his at 1v1




MID PHASE: not many people play ryze mid, but if they do, follow this: 
1. untill lv 6, you can win trades, but as the game goes on longer he will completely out scale you. (if you don't snowball him)
2. the worst thing you can do is to give him early kill and let him snowball the lane.
3. if you both are lv 6, don't go full combo if you don't instakill him, and if you are like 70% hp and he 10%, and he use ult, he will be able to kill you.

Ryze has weak wave clearing. Try to force him to last under tower while you go gank side lanes




MID PHASE: His harass makes him a pain to lane against early game, listen that:

-He will naturally build tanky. Combine this with the sustain from his ultimate and it's very difficult to burst him down.

You want to gank side lanes rather than trying to outplay him mid.

TIP: If you still want to fight him, buy this early on 
3123.png (after lv6 ofc, to reduce his ult healing)




MID PHASE: pretty equilibrate lane, listen that:

-She has very annoying harass and high range

-She can 100-0 you if you misplay your engage
-This lane will snowball hard into one person's favor
-Dodge her harass early and look to time your engage when her Q and E are on cooldown
-It's very important to avoid getting caught in her stun


Twisted Fate


MID PHASE: pretty easy lane, but you can also follow this
1. you can trade dmg with him after lv 3, immediately after he use blue(or red) card for farming.
2. h
e's just simply too squishy. You're able to burst him down once you're level 6.

Always be aware of how strong TF's counter ganks are. If his ultimate is up be very cautious when ganking.




MID PHASE: easy lane for you, just follow this:
1. dodge his Q 
2. dodge his E with your E

You are ad, and veigar is strong vs ap, it will be pretty easy because he is also squishy.




MID PHASE: i think you are best counter for him, follow this:
1. you E can basically dodge all his abilities.
2. your E can also dodge his R very easy.




MID PHASE: Viktor has big harass potential in early, so, follow those steps:
1. Viktor will harass you pretty much, but try only to farm untill lvl6 and dodge his E.
2. once you are lvl 6 , you can engage after he use Q or E on minions.
3. you also can let him engage, if he is idiot enough to put W on you, you can easy jump on him with your E and make a full combo him.
4. Even if you don't kill him, quickly getting your combo off and then ulting can help you ease pressure and push him out of lane.




MID PHASE: laning vs Vladimir, it's pretty hard, if he rush zhonya and hp, follow this:
1. try to go agressive in early and see if you are able to kill him.
2. if he know how to play, just farm, and wait for late game.
3. don't rush W and R , he may use W and you miss everything.

TEAMFIGHT: you can buy 3156.png  , and don't make him main target in teamfights, he can dodge your skills with w, and he will probably also rush zhonya, so, you have to focus other targets.

TIP: rush this 3123.png in early, so you will reduce his healing.




MID PHASE: depends a lot on your own dodge potential, but follow this:
1. bait him to use his e and then you go behind him with your e
2. you can play aggresive, just wait him to use skills for farm
3. after 6, easy kill, just DODGE his E.
4. if he wait you to go in first then he use STUN, when you jump in, just insta press to go in other direction cuz he will rush E to stun you, and you will dodge it.

TEAMFIGHT: in teamfights, you will be able to 1 shot him easy with your combo, cuz he is a squishy champ, if he don't rush zhonya.




MID PHASE: You have to be smart in early, follow this:
1. don't trade too much with him in early.
2. if you are smart, you will be able to dodge his Q.
3. you make it look so that you approach him to use W, because he will use wall 100%, but in fact, you won't use W.
4. care when you use W, he may use wall or he may dash through you and you will miss, don't rush.
5. after lv 6, it's an easy kill.

TEAMFIGHT: he is a free target, but CARE, when you jump in teamfight, his wall may completely block your skills, and you will become useless in that fight.




MID PHASE: laning a zed, it's simple, just follow this:
1. dodge his q as much as you can.
2. go for trade dmg fast after he use w q e for farm. (or if he use to poke you and you dodge)
3. look his energy when you go in.
4. don't dive him if he has ult, if he is low, try to bait him for some more farm, and then you use E on minion then fast w r r (and maybe Q-strike if you are near him)

TEAMFIGHT: easy kill in teamfight, you will be able to 1 shot him before he even use his ult.




MID PHASE: it's an easy lane phase for talon, you have to:
1. dodge his q as much as you can
2. if he used w and e for farm, you can go in for a trade
3. lv 6, free kill for you

TEAMFIGHT: He will probably rush zhonya, so you will have to jump on ADC, as always, if he don't have zhonya in first 3 items, then you can go 1 shot him, he is a free target if he used his W




MID PHASE: Zyra can only poke you in early, you have to:
1. look carefully when she use skills for farm and then go in (when there are not too many minions around)
2. try to dodge her E with your E, she may rush it and you can dodge easily.
3. lv 6, you can easy kill her

TEAMFIGHT: Zyra has also a lot of AoE dmg and burst, but as Talon, it's just an another easy target like many squishy ap champions, you will 1 shot her without even using any skill, but you have to do fast the combo. (care if she has zhonya)

Early Game Back to Top

Talon has a weak early game, untill 6, almost every ranged midlaner can poke and harass you easy, and not only. All you have to do in early it's farming, go agresive only if they are squishy, or if they don't have armour runes, or if jungler gank you (of if they used their main abilities for farm). I personally play for farm in early, and after 6, i can kill most of them easy,  just poke with w and tiamant 1,2 times, and then go all in and bam bam, easy kill.

Another important thing in early, when you fight your opponent, it's that you need to look how many minions he has before you go in, minions damage is huge untill level 6, so, don't try engage on him if he has a big minion wave, because you will probably lose trade, and if you are low hp and die, you will also lose tons of exp and farm.

Don't forget to push the lane if you killed your middlane opponent (you can recall if you are low hp, or go roam if you have at least 50% hp) , because if you push the lane, he will lose exp + farm, and you will be far ahead.

Even if you lose the lane, don't worry, this is not so bad, just go buy 3117.png and roam on botlane or toplane, never get mad if you lose lane or if they have luck ( even if i get mad 90% of the times if they escape 1 hp and i die ) xD , srsly now, if you get angry, you will tilt and tilt your team too, and this will be even worst. If your team flame you, just simply mute them, and unmute late if you want, after you will retake the advantage lost. 

I sometimes go agressive early and lose vs guys like zed or yasuo, but i never get mad or something, because i know after 6 they are mine. and not only this, i also have a higher roam potential, and better late + teamfight.

For example, i had 1/2 zed farm, and he was 2/0 and i was 0/2, and he also was 2 lv ahead (8 vs 6) and in the end of the game i had 34/9 and he 10/13 or something like this, so, you need to understant that the LANING PHASE it's not everything. (Stay positive)



After the first recall, don't forget to buy a pink and ward that bushes ( depends which side you are, as you can see, i painted on that map with specific colors).(big points are pinks, little points are wards-from trinket) Putting an early pink there, and a ward in the other side, make your lane way harder to get ganked by enemy jungler, and that pink may also survive from min 4 to min 15-20, or untill the game is done, if you take the map control, they wont walk through there and they won't broke it.

Farming is also very important, if you want to farm easier, farm with key S (it will stop near the minion, so you can last hit the minions way easier) - this is in early game, because in middle and late game you will insta take the wave with W+hydra

Middle Game Back to Top

Middle game, Talon get much stronger, here you can 1 shot your lane (if they are squishy) and has a great wave clearing + roam potential. ( w and tiamant active=>clearing wave instant) then go to roam for a kill (only if top/bot is/are pushed) , if not, you can camp enemy jungle (recomanded after 9, when u buy3364.png --> to verify if they have or not wards, because they may ambush you, and yea, camp him only if he isnt that tanky)

Also, don't forget the objectives, playing for objectives is always good, group with team (bot top or mid) and go for objectives if you got some lead in this early-middle game, because if they have late champs, and all buy tanky, you will be pretty useless. (if you can't well position yourself) => your only target will be ADC.

Conclusion: in middle game just roam and help you team, after fast clearing wave , and go for drakes, turrets, things like this, and you can camp enemy jungler in his own jungle after 9 with 3364.png .

Late Game Back to Top

Talon has a decent and pretty strong late game. Your main focus should be assassinating their AD carry. Your ultimate allows you to dive the AD carry and then sneak away so you don't get focused down. You can also focus down other members of the enemy team if they're doing more damage than the AD carry.(it's much easier if you go some crit(my builds) instead of full ad build(other mains talon builds) ). You should have a lot of burst, but you will be somewhat squishy. It's important to positioning correctly. You have to be cautious when initiating. If you go in too early you'll get focused down. If you go in too late the enemy carries will have done too much damage to your team. This decision making aspect is important to understand as Talon. You also have the option of split pushing since you are very strong 1v1, can take towers fast, and can use your ultimate to run away if they send too many people for you. However, split pushing is a very volatile strategy in solo queue since it requires coordination.

CARE: If you are fed, you will prolly go rambo at least 2-3 times, i know how it feels, when you are fed, you just want to go 1v5 because you think you are OP, but isn't like this at all.

Roaming As Purple Side Back to Top

                                     PURPLE SIDE   

Gank: In some situation when you gank top/botlane when they are pushed really far into your allied and you enter the lane from behind the enemy, throw out your W to slow the enemy, run to him and keep your E taloncutthroat.png. This is because if you would use your E first and the enemy flashes away, he's out. If you keep your E though, you can still jump after him without having to burn flash yourself.



x= the place where you should always put a pink

1= after clearing the wave
2= here you activate this 3364.png
3= verify if they have ward or pink ward
4= also verify for ward or pink ward
5= CARE FOR MINIONS, they may compromise your "party" on botlane.
6= look that place, if you have minions there, they will have too in place5
7= if they have ward or pink there, they will see you too late anyway.

DIVE: you can also dive them if they are LOW hp and if you have ult.

OR= if you are low elo and they don't use wards too much, you can normaly roam through river. (if they don't have the crab vision)

TIP: you also have to be carefully for enemy jungler, he may also compromise your "party" or you may kill him if he is low hp (or squishy).


1= after clearing the wave
2= activate this 3364.png
3= you don't need to go through that bush (but walk near the bush), your oracle will detect if they have or not a ward there
4= go through there and see if they have wards, then go top for "party".
X= if they have the crab vision, you can go back to your lane, or try to roam bot untill it dissapear and try again later.

DIVE: you can dive him if he is LOW hp.


Roaming As Blue Side Back to Top

                                       BLUE SIDE

Gank: In some situation when you gank top/botlane when they are pushed really far into your allied and you enter the lane from behind the enemy, throw out your W to slow the enemy, run to him and keep your E taloncutthroat.png. This is because if you would use your E first and the enemy flashes away, he's out. If you keep your E though, you can still jump after him without having to burn flash yourself.



1= after clearing the wave
2= activate this 3364.png
3= you don't need to go through that bush (but walk near the bush), your oracle will detect if they have or not a ward there
4= go through there and see if they have wards, then go bot for "party"
X= if they have the crab vision, you can go back to your lane, or try to roam top untill it dissapear and try again later.

DIVE: you can also dive them if they are LOW hp and if you have ult.


x= the place where you should always put a pink ward

1= after clearing the wave
2= here you activate this 3364.png
3= verify if they have ward or pink ward
4= CARE FOR MINIONS, they may compromise your "party" on toplane.
5= look that place, if you have minions there, they will have too in place4
6= if he has ward or pink there, he will see you too late anyway.
Big X= if you are low elo and they don't use wards too much, you can normaly roam through river. (if they don't have the crab vision)

DIVE: you can dive him if he is LOW hp.

TIP: you also have to be carefully for enemy jungler, he may also compromise your "party" or you may kill him if he is low hp (or squishy).


Teamfights Back to Top

In team fights you're all about assassinating their carries (the one who does the most dmg). You want to look for opportunities to flank the opponent before a fight starts. You don't want to initiate the fight. Instead, wait patiently and keep track of the enemies' cooldowns. Once they use their main escape abilities or crowd control abilities then you jump one of their carries. As soon as the enemy turns to fight you and you see that you're being focused down you can use your ultimate to go invisible and force them to focus a different target. Your goal here is to at least trade your life for one of their carries and then use your ultimate to get the hell out of there xD . You can also try to go just for 1 in TF and then run, or, waiting them to be grouped, so you can go with all your combo ( cuz it has a lot of dmg and AoE), and this will cause a lot of dmg to them all. ( don't forget, this is the combo, and it has to be done fast- e q w hydra active and  R (JUST ONCE if the target isn't alone, because you will die after) )

CARE: You must be patient, and wait the PERFECT oportunity for going in, don't RUSH, just wait chill for the perfect moment, and the positioning matters a lot too.

As you can see, i have in the "general build" those 2 items  3087.png  3071.png, because of the high mobility, and u can't be keept away from the teamfight, if they push u away or something, u will come back fast because of mobility.
You can chase in TF 1v5, with youmuu, e q w r and one or more are dead already , but don't use r 2 times, just go in with all combo, but press r only once, if they die, you can escape after, if not, they are low anyway and must go base, but you're still alive, or if they push turrets, go all in and then run away fast in ulti, they will go back after that poke, or at least they should  ( this rambo move is for maximum gold5 elo, or depends if they know to play with pinks, but till gold, they don't know how to use pinks for talon, or don't even buy). 

TIP :This Rambo move can be also used in diamond elo+, if you can do all your combo ( e q w hydra r(1) ) in less than 1 second. if u can't, you will probably suicide and all team will flame and report you and get perma banned (i tell this from experience) xDD.

 2       E       Q     W      3      R
3142.png ->taloncutthroat.png->talonnoxiandiplomacy.png->talonrake.png->3074.png->talonshadowassault.png

2 - i take youmuu on key 2
3 - i take hydra on key 3

Wombo Combos Back to Top

As talon has a lot of dmg and AoE, it work pretty well with some champions:
32.png- his CC works very very well with talon in teamfights. (big AoE from both and dmg)
54.png- his ult is very good to engage and CC enemy, so it's the perfect moment for you to go in.
127.png- good AoE and engage, also work good with Talon,
 113.png , etc.

Conclusion: almost every ap champion that has big CC and AoE and can keep them grouped(1-2 seconds so you can go full in without taking any dmg) works well with Talon

Works bad with:
79.png- his ult throw them away, not good
40.png- her ult throw them away, not good 

Conclusion: champions who has DISENGAGE skills, don't work well with Talon

Also, you can ask your team to pick AP jungle or top, because you don't want a full AD team.

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