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1 year ago

Talon Statistics for Oelyk

Author's performance with Talon compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

This is the basic Talon set of spells, You take this 98% of the time for all match ups for kill potential and safety.
ignite stacks so well with his passive, watching enemy melt at level 2 is the best thing and flash is just so you have mobility past the wall hops, or to flash Q for more damage.

This I only recommend for hard match ups, It stops a lot of burst especially against monster mages like Syndra who it's nigh impossible to not get evaporated trying to get close. It especially helps against jungle ganks to just remove someone from the fight for a short duration, but beware, CC is still deadly as ever. (Also good against Zed, if you don't have confidence you can beat him 1v1.)

This is a cheeky combo, but I really don't recommend for new players because it reduces kill potential, but increases roam potential. Roaming being a quintessential part of Talon's new Identity makes him all the more fun to play, but often just using it to stay ahead of the enemy is not as worth as safe early snowballing with ignite.

Personally I don't recommend this because you already have a lot of roam power, and will only hinder you by taking up a spell slot for more kill potential. Plus with the new nerfs where it has to "Build up" It's no long really useful for combat as it was before. I know our god, Faker, did this in some videos, but he utilized it back pre-nerf and is confident in his roam. 

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

This is fairly standard masteries, controversies below

Thunderlords vs Stormraiders, both of which are really good and its really just personal preference based on play style. For new players I recommend Thunderlords because more damage means more room to fuck up and still get kills. Stormraiders is for more confident Talons, who can quickly leap into the back, delete a carry and then dip the f*ck out, this will help them a lot.

Feast and vampirism vs fresh blood and natural talent
This is a damage vs sustain dilemma, If you don't feel safe by all means go for sustain, expecially versus very poke heavy laners that are just not ever gonna make lane easy for you. Im talking about Leblanc and Jayce who have absurd poke and all-in. Other wise damage is always the answer.

Wanderer is A MUST, as a roam/snowballing champ its important Talon can get around, plus you are a AD assassin, if you really need that extra 5 damage to last hit with all your bonus AD, you need to practice more.

Abilities Back to Top


Take W level three for more early game power as taking E really hinders early game and you only really need it pre-6 and probably before first back just to get back to lane faster than enemy to continue snowballing.


Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    98% of the time you start with this. Buying Doran's is the worst possible thing, don't ever let me catch you doing that. The gold efficiency is CRAP + all talons items take long swords. Long swords are the KEY.
    2% start when you know your gonna get shit on by a superior Midlaner with a counter pick champ.(Leblanc and Jayce)

Core Items

    Dirks are your friend, This is really his spike here at level 6, roam really fast, kill everything.

Situational Items

    Example final build, fairly standard vs balanced teams.
    For hard AD comps. This is really REALLY situational, the omen can be replaced with Edge, but building Edge doesn't make a whole ton of sense as more full AD comps don't have a whole bunch of deadly spells and focus more on burst or DPS
    Vs heavy AP, This is a really careful build as you don't have GA and have a bunch of AP protection. You also don't have all that much CDR, so be careful.
    Jackass glass cannon build, instant deletes

I highly recommend the example build in 90% of all games, boots are optional and late game it might be more healthy to switch mobi's for a defensive boots. Lucidity boots are also okay if your vs someone who has low CD ultimate, but ultimately just out roaming them will help more.


Really don't give any value.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ahri
  • Akali




Ahri is a pretty okay match up, she's strong but not un-killable, and the same being for you, so both of you are equally cautious going into the match up.

Ahri really wants to land a charm and then combo you, or just poke you with Q, and ones who spam Q to poke will quickly deplete there mana so baiting skills with minion and then just not going for them is an effective laning strategy here. An OOM mage is as good as dead. This trigger happy Ahri will also push very fast, so you gotta be careful when you roam cause you will probably have used half your mana all-inning her or shoving the wave with W.

Other Ahri's may be patient and just farm, in which case is okay for you, keep up in farm and look for all-ins, but be careful not to push the lane to much when trying to land a double proc rake on her. Also if she suddenly get aggressive is that her jungler is coming or she's gonna hit six.

Post Six shes gonna be a B*TCH to kill, because of her ult. and I recommend you don't try at this point as you have easier targets and better roams. Just make sure you keep track of her or you may get flamed for "No MIA mid."

Its not totally unviable to go 3140.png here, but if you are really struggling, 3155.png is the better answer.




Akali is a very easy lane for you, You out damage, out roam, and out snowball her 90% of the time just due to your lane. Make sure to abuse her with W and look for all-ins.

Pre-Game Prep Back to Top

Here's a little exercise I go though each game during loading.

1. Identify the enemy laner, imagine how the lane will work and ask these questions:

Can I cheese them early?
Do they have mobility?
Will they follow roam?
How fast can they push?

Each of these observations effects how you play. Here's some examples:

268.png You are facing an Azir mid, okay, you know from my match ups list that Azir is in the easy match up section. 
Can I cheese them early? Absolutely, He usually takes E at level three so he is really weak early. Also you can zone him, because his damage is dog crap in the early game. Jungler will generally not gank for him(but still can, so still ward!) because he has low CC.

Does he have mobility? Yes, but unless they know how to shuffle well, you can ult and just run up to them easily.

Will they follow roam? Probably not, general rule of thumb for most mages is to not follow assassins into the dark, it's like screaming kill me. They still might so be aware and try to kill them. Still ping MIA here because that's common courtesy.

How fast can they push? Very fast, however when I am in lane I can force him to back off by zoning him with W, however, If I roam I must be aware he will shove up super fast and maybe take a tower.

Another completely opposite champion here:

238.png You are facing Zed mid. Damn. From the match ups list, you are prepared for a harder lane. 

Can I cheese him early? Questionably, he may have taken his shadow level 2 and can escape, that or he will try to fight you. His auto's hurt a lot more and he has the passive for bonus damage. We need to be more careful here. try to out poke him, your zone is more threatening cause you procing passive is a free win.

Does he have mobility? Yes, meaning he can avoid W proc relatively well, also his ultimate gives him a chance to dodge your all important skills to proc passive. I have to be careful.

Will they follow a roam? He can, he can all initiate a roam, cause he can push fast. I can't let him do that, so I gotta push just as hard but sill watch out for jungler ganks.

How fast can they push? Decently fast, but he has to use skills to clear. Not a huge threat if you get a good roam after a shove.

That's the basics of Pre-game Prep, If you can also look at the jungler and their comp in general and know the goals and strengths(AKA get into their heads) you will know how to react to the situations. Having a plan and knowing theirs is the first step to victory.

Laning, Do's and Dont's Back to Top

All right! You got into a game, minions have spawned and you are ready to engage in a glorious battle TO THE DEATH! You know how to last hit, you know you gotta kill the enemy laner and you know you cannot feed.

First off, allow me state some general rules of game play to inproove your general expierience in-game:
1) Don't blame the team, people make mistakes and so will you, recognizing and politely giving suggestions such as "It's better to miss a few minions than to die and miss 2 waves," and "Caitlyn, stay behind Braum, he will protect you."
2) Common courtesy, don't forget it. Say hi to your team, GL HF, GG, and compliment people when you can. It's the right thing to do.
3) If you make a mistake, and someone flames you, apologize. If they continue to blame and rage, MUTE THEM. If you died by the enemies efforts and your carelessness, congratulate the enemy team for playing that well.

If these are to hard to imagine and act upon, just don't be a jerk. being overly kind is great, but just simple Hello, GL HF, NJ, WP and GG is good enough.

Anyhow, How to Lane as Talon 101
If you can, try to get a double proc of W-Rake whenever possible, this is a powerful zoning tool due to the pressure you passive poses. However be careful of your mana, try to save mana to at least for Q-Noxian Diplomacy, and be wary about how hard you are pushing the wave. You have no escape till level 4, and only with walls. Early gankers champions like 59.png64.png60.png are a threat so you must respect them and play back.
Q, if you kill a target with it will heal for a small amount. This is minuscule and should only be used if you are going to miss the minion(and its safe to hit it) because it's a HUGE mana drain early if you spam it.

Otherwise, just pay attention to the jungle and look for potential roams if you are shoved up.

The Art of Roaming and Minion Control. Back to Top

Watch this, It teaches the basics. If you don't want too, basics are if you shove up, the lane will push towards you because enemy minion reinforcements will come first. 

Okay, Roaming. Talon is a roaming god, not only does he have a powerful slow, but a cheat like skill to avoid wards and surprise people when appearing behind them without warning. You can do Rek'sai and Lee sin like plays on bot side but going to tri-bush and hoping into lane. 

How to properly utilize your parkour skill(as the cool down is ridiculous.) and not get spotted by a ward. Take weird routes, avoid common routes used by people who fail to have god like utility as Talon. Be aware the enemy laner is probably pinging MIA, so doubling back to gank top if you baited them into thinking you went bot is great too.

Is your lane pushed? Will you lose a tower if you roam? Does the Lane you're going to gank have good engage? Does the enemy have poor disengage? is the lane you plan to gank not under tower? are your allies of decent health to fight?
If the answer is yes, it's probably a really good idea to roam. Here's a good video, outdated, but still good.

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