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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png Flash

Standard on most mid laners. It helps you escape, gap close, jump walls, re-position - it's simply too good to pass up. There's simply no other spell that's as versatile as Flash. The fact that you can use it to escape, dodge spells, or go aggressive is what makes it such a strong spell.

14.png Ignite

Ignite is taken to increase your overall damage and acts as an additional spell. This extra damage will give you a lot more kill potential on the enemy throughout the laning phase. Talon is an assassin that looks to snowball and to do that he needs kills - Ignite helps us in this playstyle.

One tip is to remember that Ignite applies Grievous Wounds - reducing all healing by 40%. For this reason you always want to try to Ignite at the start of your all-in engages. This is due to the fact that it's common for players to consume a health pot at the start of a fight to increase their health regeneration throughout the engagement. 

Additionally, Ignite will give you sight on enemy champions it's applied to - this does not reveal stealth champions. However, this can be important when fighting around brushes as enemies can use brushes to hide, juke you, and overall increase their chances of getting away.

New Runes Back to Top

Electrocute.png?width=32 - Electrocute is the best option as it gives us the most burst of any choice and we're a burst assassin.

Sudden%20Impact.png?width=32 - Sudden Impact is really strong on Talon as it activates off of his Q ability. Also, it gives Lethality which synergizes with our Lethality item build.

Eyeball%20Collection.png?width=32 - Eyeball Collection synergizes with assassins as it increases your damage as you get Takedowns.

Relentless%20Hunter.png?width=32 - Relentless Hunter is great on Talon as you're often roaming around the map with your E ability. This helps you move around the map even faster.

Minion%20Dematerializer.png?width=32 - You take this to help with your pushing power/wave manipulation. You use it on every Siege Minion in the early game. By instantly killing the Siege Minion it will give you a massive push lead. This can help you fight back against opposing push strategies while also allowing you to shift into a hard push to create back timings or break potential freezes. It's too valuable as a wave manipulation tool.

Time%20Warp%20Tonic.png?width=32 - Since you start 2033.png this synergizes great with it. It gives you more sustain in lane on top of giving you a small movement speed boost which can help you dodge skills, escape, or engage in rare circumstances.

Abilities Back to Top


Skill Order

talonshadowassault.png > talonrake.png > talonnoxiandiplomacy.png > taloncutthroat.png

  • You can put your first skill point in Q instead of W if you're against a melee champion as it will let you harass them without pushing the wave. Just make sure use your Q to reset your auto-attack when harassing. Meaning, the combo at level 1 would be Auto-Attack then Q as soon as the damage of your auto-attack is applied. Also try to be within melee range to activate the bonus damage effect.
  • At level 3 you can put a second point into W if you're going to all-in the opponent and feel you'll need the extra damage. Otherwise a point in E will be safer as it can help you escape ganks.
  • The rest of the skill point allocation is somewhat self-explanatory. Maxing W gives you great poke, damage, and wave clear. Maxing Q next is for the increased damage and E last as it only reduces the cooldown on the walls you've used.

talonpassive.png Blade's End

  • A huge part of your damage, especially early game. Your combos revolve around activating this passive.

talonnoxiandiplomacy.png Noxian Diplomacy

  • You can reset your auto attack animation by using this ability. To do this you simply auto attack first then once the damage registers you immediately hit Q to optimize your damage
  • Can be a good tool to help you last hit under tower since 50% of its cooldown is refunded when it kills a unit
  • The melee damage bonus is quite large and should be used when possible

talonrake.png Rake

  • Your bread and butter skill that allows you to wave clear and sets up your all-in
  • You want to look to land both portions of your W as that will activate your passive with a follow up Q and auto-attack
  • The return portion of it does more damage and applies a slow

taloncutthroat.png Assassin's Path

  • Gives you great roaming potential since you can get to places faster
  • Also lets you come from unexpected locations since you can dodge wards by jumping over walls
  • Can also help you escape ganks in lane by jumping over walls

talonshadowassault.png Shadow Assault

  • A great ultimate that helps not only your overall burst, but also for you to engage, disengage and escape
  • A lot of the time you will be using this to engage on the enemy since it will give you a movement speed bonus and make you invisible.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items


Core Items

    Early Game
    Next Purchase
    Core Mid Game Build
    End Game Build Example

Situational Items

    Choose One

Start With



Your standard start that gives you a ton of sustain so you can get through the early laning phase. You'll often be laning against ranged mages that are harassing you with abilities so you'll need the sustain. You also will be spamming W a lot so the mana regen from it helps a lot too.


Early Game


I think that Tiamat rush is the best for Middle Lane Talon as it gives you the wave clear needed to start roaming around. You don't have the greatest engage or laning against ranged mages in such a short lane like mid.

Once you have Tiamat you can spam your W along with it to start pushing extremely hard and looking to roam rather than trying to kill the lane opponent.

Next Purchase


Your next item will be Duskblade which will give you the biggest damage spike of any item at this phase. This will often give you enough damage to 100-0 squishy champions especially if you're snowballing.

Middle Game Core


Your next item is Ghostblade, which we get for to stack more Lethalithy, as well as cooldown reduction, but also for its active which will make us extremely difficult to kill with the movement speed active combined with the stealth of your ultimate and your E ability.

End Game Build Example


This is a very standard end game build. You want to sell your Tiamat in the end game for a more useful item in team fights. You get a tremendous amount of armor penetration with this build and 40% cooldown reduction.

Edge of night and Guardian Angel give you some defensive options so you don't just die instantly in team fights.


3155.png - You can get a very early hexdrinker if you're struggling against an AP mid laner or there are a lot of AP champs in the game.

3033.png - If the enemy has Soraka, Vladimir, or Swain then you likely want to pick up this item to cut through their healing.

3036.png - This can be a good pick up if you're against a lot of tanks or enemies stacking armor.

3139.png - A good purchase when facing champion's with crowd control to lock you down. It's mainly purchased for the active ability. An example would be 90.png ultimate.

Pick one of these boots

3117.png -  Get these if you're having no trouble in lane and are planning to roam around the map. Sell them late game since they won't be as effective in late game team fights.

3111.png - Get these if the enemy team has a lot of crowd control/AP champions or you're struggling in lane against an AP champion.

3047.png - Get these if the enemy has a lot of AD or you're struggling against an AD mid laner.

Matchups Back to Top

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  • Ahri
  • Akali
  • Anivia
  • Annie
  • Aurelion Sol
  • Azir
  • Cassiopeia
  • Cho'Gath
  • Diana
  • Ekko
  • Evelynn
  • Fizz
  • Gragas
  • Karthus
  • Kassadin
  • Katarina
  • LeBlanc
  • Malzahar
  • Mordekaiser
  • Morgana
  • Orianna
  • Pantheon
  • Ryze
  • Swain
  • Syndra
  • Taliyah
  • Twisted Fate
  • Viktor
  • Vladimir
  • Yasuo
  • Zed
  • Ziggs
  • Zoe



  • She has long range which allows her to harass you and makes it difficult to harass back or go aggressive
  • She can charm you after you silence her and then kite you to win the trade
  • Her ultimate makes it difficult for you to kill her as she will often use it to escape the killing blow
  • The mobility on her ultimate makes her great at counter ganking you
  • That being said, you can snowball the lane hard if you get an advantage.



  • Your 1 second silence isn't enough for you to win trades
  • Her dash means you can't escape once you've engaged
  • She has insane damage
  • Can snowball really hard into Akali's favor



  • Her long auto attack range allows her to harass you early on
  • She can Q+E you after E her unless you dodge it
  • Her ultimate makes it difficult to gap close and allows her to kite you
  • It can snowball hard into your favor, but can be difficult to do so against a good Anivia




Annie can give you trouble early on before you have enough damage to insta kill her as she will end up just instantly killing you instead.

Always play around her stun stacks by left clicking on her and checking at the top left of the screen.

As long as you play around her stun stacks you can engage on her, combo, and go invisible without her being able to kill you in return.


Aurelion Sol


Aurelion Sol will just shove you into tower for the first three waves and then recall and purchase a Dark Seal. There's nothing you can do about this so just focus on getting what farm you can and then match his recall and purchase a long sword as you should have the money for it.

He will start to push you in again once you get back. Ward at the center of the lane and look where he roams to after he pushes and ping aggressively to warn teammates.

Once you have Tiamat you can fight back in the push battle and look to beat him on roams or match his roams.




Azir will look to harass you down. Early on he will be quite annoying, but try to dodge harass and focus on farming.

You can try to dodge Azir's Q with your E to win trades.

Be careful of engaging on Azir when he's close to his tower as he can ult you into it to win the fight.



  • Somewhat of a skill based matchup that's tilted into Talon's favor.
  • Don't go aggressive on her before level 6 as she will out damage you
  • Once you engage on Cass you have no way of retreating without taking MASSIVE amounts of damage. You need to kill her when you engage, not harass.
  • Use your W to harass rather than your E+W+AA+Q combo.
  • Cass is squishy, but this lane can snowball into either person's favor.



  • His sustain makes it impossible to harass him out of lane
  • He can 100-0 you if he lands a rupture once he's level 6
  • Cho'Gath has weak roaming/ganking. Take advantage of this by ganking side lanes once you get your boots of mobility.



  • Her shield negates a lot of your damage
  • You need to get in close to burst her, which is exactly what Diana wants
  • She has amazing burst
  • This lane will snowball into one person's favor
  • Remember that Diana has no escapes and can be baited into a gank by the jungler




Ekko is at his weakest before he's level 6 and gains access to his ultimate. Try to time your aggression around when he uses his Q on minions. Also, always play around his W as the shield and stun will win him the trade.

Once he's level 6 try to poke and wave clear with W and then either roam or try to kill him if you get him low enough. Never straight up fight both at full hp or he will win.



  • You can win trades early on
  • Once she gets level 6+ her burst can be lethal
  • You want to counter gank her and pay attention to the map when she goes MIA
  • Can snowball into one person's favor, but you should win trades when her ultimate is down




Fizz can be a tough matchup since your ultimate can't dodge his abilities if he lands his ultimate on you. His E also allows him to dodge your W if timed appropriately.

Harass with your W and use your E to dodge his E. Also try to dodge his ultimate with your E as well. 



  • It's an even lane that comes down to skill
  • Gragas has great sustain because of his passive, it will be difficult to harass him out of lane
  • Gragas is tanky because of his W, it will be difficult to burst him down from 100 hp
  • Both of you have kill potential on each other and it comes down to jungle ganks and outplaying



  • Karthus has long range which can make it difficult to harass and gap close
  • Karthus has no form of crowd control other than his Wall of Pain or escapes. This means it's easy to stick to him once you close the gap.
  • Still, you have to be aware that you can lose to an engage on Karthus. He should have exhaust, which will reduce your damage output when you go to kill him. If he gains an early advantage then it can be difficult to kill him without dying yourself.



  • You completely dominate him early game
  • He can have annoying harass with his Q, but you should be able to win trades once you're level 3+
  • His ultimate makes it difficult for you to kill him once he's level 6+, but you can win trades unless he's fed



  • She's melee which means it's very easy to harass her and engage on her
  • Your silence counters her ultimate
  • You want to use your W to slow her so you can close the distance
  • Save your E for when she ults rather than using it to engage on her



  • You by no means counter he
  • A skill based matchup
  • Can snowball heavily into LeBlanc's favor if played poorly
  • LeBlanc's biggest weakness is her farming. Try to push the lane and gank side lanes



  • Annoying harass early on
  • Can 100-0 you once he's level 6
  • You can snowball the lane into your advantage, but it's difficult
  • Malz has weak team fighting. You want to roam side lanes and win other people's lanes rather than outplay your own.



  • You have to get in close to fight him, which is exactly what he wants
  • You need to avoid fighting near minions at all costs
  • Once he's level 6 it's very difficult to win a straight up trade with him
  • You want to set up jungle ganks since Mord has no escapes or crowd control



  • The mobility from your E counters her Q
  • If she spell shields your silence she'll land an easy Q
  • You need to make sure to dodge her Q or she can 100-0 you once she's level 6
  • She has very safe farming with her W. This can make it difficult to go aggressive. Often it's better to try and gank side lanes rather than waste time mid trying to kill her.



  • She has really annoying harass
  • Her shield negates some of your damage
  • The mobility from your E counters her skill shot heavy skill set
  • It's a skill based matchup



  • It's a skill based matchup
  • Both are capable of snowballing
  • Pantheon has the slight advantage since a stun is stronger than a silence in this matchup



  • He has annoying harass
  • Early on you can win trades, but as the game goes on longer he will completely out scale you
  • The worst thing you can do is feed him an early kill and let him snowball the lane
  • Remember that Ryze has weak wave clearing. Try to force him to last under tower while you go gank side lanes



  • His harass makes him a pain to lane against early game
  • He will naturally build tanky. Combine this with the sustain from his ultimate and it's very difficult to burst him down.
  • You want to gank side lanes rather than trying to outplay him mid.



  • She has very annoying harass and high range
  • She can 100-0 you if you misplay your engage
  • This lane will snowball hard into one person's favor
  • Dodge her harass early and look to time your engage when her Q is on cooldown
  • It's very important to avoid getting caught in her stun




Taliyah will shove you into tower for the first few levels. There's not much you can do about it. Stand away from your minions so you don't get hit by her abilities as she wave clears the minions. Focus on last hitting and then match her early recall.

Once you get back to lane start spamming W aggressively to fight back against the push. Ward the center of the lane to see where she's moving to go roam to once she wave clears.

If you can get push priority once you have Tiamat then you can start to control her and get roam priority first and set up picks and get vision control.


Twisted Fate

  • He has annoying harass
  • He's just simply too squishy. You're able to burst him down once you're level 6
  • Always be aware of how strong TF's counter ganks are. If his ultimate is up be very cautious when ganking.




Viktor will bully you early on. Look to try to survive levels 1-5 until you have your ultimate.

Once you have your ultimate try to engage when he uses a key spell such as his Q or E on minions.

Even if you don't kill him, quickly getting your combo off and then ulting can help you ease pressure and push him out of lane.



  • Annoying harass throughout the game
  • He can pool a lot of your damage and use it to disengage and create distance
  • You have WAY better ganks though. Use this to your advantage and gank side lanes.




Yasuo is stronger than you early on, but if you snowball you will be able to kill him over and over again.

Avoid fighting him early and instead let him push into you and safely farm. Make sure to proc his shield with your W before you fight. Also, be aware of how many Q stacks he has. Try to engage a fight when he has 0 Q stacks so he can't ult.

Be aware that his windwall can block a good portion of your damage. 




Zed is a very close matchup that can go either way, but snowballs really hard. You want to save your ultimate for when he ults to go invisible and try to dodge his spells.

Early on look to try to harass with W or engage if he uses key spells or is low on energy.

The key to this matchup is fighting when his energy is low or his spells are on cooldown and using your ultimate to go invisible and dodge his damage.




Stay away from your minions so Ziggs can't both push the wave and harass you at the same time. If Ziggs is playing extremely safe then just push the wave and roam.




Stand away from your minions so you don't get hit by Zoe's Q while she uses it to push minions.

Don't bother trying to aggressive poke or trade with Zoe - she's too safe of a laner. Instead, focus on W spamming the wave to compete with the push going on. Eventually you'll be able to waveclear faster than her and can transition into looking for roams, picks, vision control, etc.

Early Game Back to Top

Talon is typically weak level 1 against ranged matchups and is looking just to farm safely. Against melee enemies you can play more aggressively since you should put your first skill point into Q, which is very strong against melees due to the bonus damage. You want to avoid pushing the lane at all, especially against ranged champions, as you will be looking to play aggressive levels 2-5 and if the enemy is able to set up a freeze then you will have a hard time breaking it early on.

Once you're level 2 you hit a massive power spike due to now being able to activate your passive. You want to use your W on the opponent and if both portions of it land then the enemy will have 2 marks on them. At this point you want to use your Q to gap close and activate the third and last part of the mark. After this simply auto-attack once and ignite and you should kill most mid laners. If not, simply flashing to match their flash and land an additional auto-attack will likely be enough.

This is what you'll be doing in the early game, throwing out your W and looking to land both portions of it, when you do you then look for the engage with your Q and all-in the opponent.

Middle Game Back to Top

You either want to freeze the lane and zone the enemy mid laner in an attempt to shut them down. If they then overextend to last hit you can try to kill them. The alternative to this strategy is to shove the lane with your W and look to roam side lanes.

If you're choosing to roam then consider purchasing  3117_32.png . I would then ward both sides of my lane, start to shove to the enemy's tower with W, and roam top/bot lane for a kill. Don't become so focused on roaming that you begin to lag behind in farm. This is why we first kill the minions and push before we roam, that way we time our roams in between minion waves to minimize the amount of gold and experience lost.

Late Game and Team fighting Back to Top

Talon has a decent late game. Your main focus should be assassinating their AD carry. You can use your Ghostblade and Ultimate to give you movement speed to engage stealthed, look to instantly burst the enemy carry, and then flash or get out jumping over a wall. You can also engage just using Ghostblade+Q and then save your ultimate as your escape tool, but that typically requires someone from your teammate to first set up the engage. 

You can also focus down other members of the enemy team if they're doing more damage than the AD carry. You should have a lot of burst, but you will be somewhat squishy. It's important to position correctly. You have to be cautious when initiating. If you go in too early you'll get focused down. If you go in too late the enemy carries will have done too much damage to your team. This decision making aspect is important to understand as Talon. Try to pay attention to enemy cooldowns that can help them survive your burst or CC you and time your engage when they're on cooldown.

You also have the option of split pushing since you are very strong 1v1, can take towers fast, and can use your ultimate to run away if they send too many people for you. However, split pushing is a very volatile strategy in solo queue since it requires coordination, which there is a lack of in solo queue.

Pros and Cons Back to Top


  • Has decent poke in the laning phase
  • Has a lot of kill potential at levels 2-5
  • Has a decent escape with his E to help avoid ganks
  • Has amazing roaming/ganking
  • Can shut down the enemy carries by bursting them down 100-0 in team fights
  • Has great wave clearing with his W


  • His only form of ranged harass pushes the lane
  • Can be baited into ganks before he has his ultimate
  • Is vulnerable to harass since he's melee. Champions such as Swain will give him a hard time.

Warding Locations Back to Top

Warding Locations

Ward Locations.jpg
Note: This is from the perspective of Blue Side - meaning your Nexus is South. The exact same ward spots apply if you were Red Side - meaning your Nexus is North, except that the ward spots are simply rotated 180 degrees/mirrored. 

1 - This is where you want to place your 2055.png as gaining vision control of the lane brush is very important. This is because the lane brush offers the most quickest and convenient location to place 3340.png for the enemy. By placing a 2055.png it denies the enemy this convenience. At the same time, it clears the most common area we'll be moving through when we roam. Lastly, it keeps our 2055.png close to us, which makes it easier to defend and harder for the enemy to get rid of.

2 - This is the optimal location for a 3340.png as it covers all the choke points for that side of the river. Additionally, it is hidden from 2055.png that are placed in the lane brushes. Keep in mind, this is just the most optimal, that doesn't mean it's always practical. It's okay to place your 3340.png in location 1 or somewhere between location 1 and 2 if you're unable to move any further due to safety or potential missed minions.

3 - This is the aggressive version of the 2nd ward location and should only be used when you have lane control and the enemy laner is forced to playing passive. It allows you to see when the enemy mid laner rotates to take blue buffs, jungle camps, roam, or react to one of your roams. At the same time, it spots junglers that are coming from raptors/wolves.

4 - This is a very powerful ward that can easily be placed after you push the mid laner into his tower. This gives you vision on the enemy's raptor camp. This can give you a wide range of information. For example, if you place this ward early on it tells you whether the enemy jungler is invading/ganking the side he started on or if he's doing a standard clear. When you spot the enemy jungler doing his raptors it relieves pressure off of everyone else as you know exactly where the enemy jungler it is. At the same time, that opens your own jungler to adjust his play accordingly. On top of that, just knowing that the jungler ISN'T doing his raptors can give you information on where he might possibly be.

5 - This is simply a better version of the 4th warding location. However, it's more time consuming, riskier, and overall more difficult to get a ward here. The reason why it's better than the 4th warding location is that you can see if the enemy's jungler is skipping raptors and which direction he's moving towards. I like to ward here when I have a big lead and I do it after I push a wave to pin the enemy mid laner at his tower.

6 - This is known as the lane ward and you might have seen it before. This is best used against champions that are looking to roam and is typically used when you've lost lane and are behind. It's especially strong against Twisted Fate due to the manner in which he ganks. Essentially, this ward will let you see which direction the enemy mid laner moves to after he kills the minion wave. In a way this gives you the benefits of warding both sides of your lane with only one ward: you get to see if he's ganking either side lane. However, you also get to see if the enemy is recalling or just standing at his tower. Keep in mind the main downside of this ward is that it doesn't protect you against other enemies ganking your lane.

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My IGN is Hexadecimal and I play on the North American server. I've been challenger tier every season since its release. I can play all roles, but I main middle lane. 


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