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The Anti-AD Surprise Bruiser

Welcome! I'm assuming that by clicking on this guide you are either confused, lost, or maybe just maybe you are legitimately curious as to how this works. IF you are looking into this seriously I highly suggest you at least take a quick look through each of the sections as needed, because I guarantee you that if you're new to Taric top you'll learn quite a lot in this guide.

This next paragraph explains more about how it started if you would like to read more about myself:

I've always enjoyed playing tanks in top that weren't necessarily common, and Taric definitely fits that criteria.  At the time I had been messing around with everything you could identify a dumb idea.  Everything from Miss Fortune jungle to WarWick ADC, and all of these were in the end just jokes, and I could recognize that pretty easily.  The initial pick was admittedly for exactly like you would expect it to be... A troll pick for laughs.  Like the start of any other game where I'm bored I just read into the champs abilities before game as much as possible and then go ham without any expectations of it really amounting to anything. That first game, however, opened my eyes to some potential I had never even considered.  The enemy team consisted of the following:  Renekton top, Lee Sin jungle, Talon mid, Lucian adc, Thresh support...  The enemy team was all AD... by the end of the game I could tank all five of them and 2 shot the Lucian without even a full build.

Now that's enough history on how I came across him

"Why Taric Top?"

That is the question I get the most. Taric top is a specialized pick against ad top laners, with quite a bit of early damage while maintaining decent defensive capabilities.  The reason being is his passive- His passive is called bravado, and each time he uses any ability he gains a huge attackspeed on the next 2 AA's that deal bonus magic damage based on his bonus armor.  His E is an AOE stun that also scales off of armor, and what this means is that Taric can build specifically anti AD and still be able to deal damage. 

In team fights things change quite a bit, and it changes from game to game.  You will act either as a Warden for a hyper carry on your team that needs it... Invincible Dravens are invincible... Or in the front line looking to be a nuisance to the enemy adc.  They dont know how much damage you deal and neither does most of their team, so you can often catch them off guard and chunk 2/3 of their health before anyone can intervene.

Flash and Teleport


So this is what I take most of the time now a days.  Standard for most top laners but ignite can work if you're really trying to cheese your enemy laner.  Teleport allows you to split push however which is vital for basically any team comp.  I used to take ignite over this because I thought of it as more of a "defensive" spell in case your enemy laner all ins you early on but teleport gives you the chance to stay in lane easier after quickly backing, and coming back to save your tower from potential free damage


All possible matchups with descriptions, additional information on 
both Runes and Masteries, tips tricks and stratergies and more!

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

I used to take CoC, but then it was nerfed and gutted, and then I was using Thunderlord's Decree because I had one very good game on Taric with it and stuck with it for awhile, but now I use Grasp because after a little bit of digging, and experimenting I figured out that it does more damage at almost any point in the game with this build, and it heals you.

In lane it's a good idea to charge up/keep grasp of the undying activated before you trade with your opponent.  The little bit of burst that you get/heal will win you trades with your E+aa+aa for a surprising amount of early burst damage.

Abilities Back to Top


Taric top is a pick you will just about never see, but for me that only works in my favor. The meta has almost always made Taric a support only, but the meta doesn't change the tools he already has to be successful as a bruiser in the top lane.  With his stun E and 2 auto combo he can take up to a third of his opponents health pool at early levels and nobody really realizes this. The free harass you get in the early levels from your opponents inexperience can swing you the entire lane if they don't adapt quickly enough and play more cautiously. Assuming you have the mana for it his sustained trades almost always work in his favor, and his short quick ones are as good as most other top laners. He's mainly never been considered a top laner for a number of myths and misunderstandings

       1.  He doesn't have any damage

            This is one I find funny, because I can't tell you how many times I've killed someone level 2 and they say
            "That's broken"... Now here's why this myth is wrong:

taricpassive.png Bravado: After casting an ability, Taric's next two basic attacks within 4 seconds each gain 100% total attack 
speed, deal 22 - 90 (based on level) (+ 15% bonus armor) bonus magic damage and reduce the cooldowns of his basic 
abilities by 1 - 0.55 (based on cooldown reduction) seconds

  Your PASSIVE is what makes this whole thing work.  After using an ability Taric attacks twice as fast, and both auto attacks reduce his cooldowns and deal bonus magic damage.  If you get both autos without pause it is slightly stronger than a critical strike.


There's a couple things I could have done more for this however and that was A. have corrupting potion active B. added in an extra auto at the end to bring gnar down to roughly half health (since I was able to get an empowered auto off as I was stunning him) and C.  If this was a scenario where I was level 2 I wouldn't need to back away, adding my shatter.png into the combo would allow me for 2 more successive autos as well as an even bigger shield. 

THIS is Taric's strength in trades.  By building defensively and using his abilities defensively his passive allows him to deal damage on par with people building offensively

Offense is the best Defense? Not on Taric it's not

This leads me to my next point on why you take your other 2 abilities first before maxing out your e.  As top Taric your taricq.png isn't the greatest heal by itself, and it costs 10 more mana than your other abilities.. but getting it allows you to constantly be able to trade with your passive.  Your heal resets after both taricpassive.png attacks, and thus is one of the reasons you do so well in sustained trades... but at the same time it has the highest cost, increasing with level, for the least amount of returned value... so max it last


You will be the one cheesing back :)

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    works with your passive, there is no better item for so little gold on Taric Top than this

Core Items

    dead man's first most of the time, but get titanic if you need to splitpush/waveclear
    Ideal dualist build
    Average Build that I usually end up getting, this is also the order I get them in
    possible boot substitute, for roaming in the early to mid game

Situational Items

    common possible/good items to build
    in the case that you are stupidly far ahead/need a ton of burst.
    Magic resist options, if there's only 1 ap champ just get spirit visage or maw, depending on whether you need damage or survivability

Item explanations

3078.pngThis is the first item you want to complete in most situations. 
 It gives you MS which will allow you to more easily catch people with your  dazzle.png.  The Phage passive also helps you stay on top of them for longer.  Movespeed is very useful for Taric since one of his main weaknesses is his lack of mobility.  The passive from Spellblade works perfectly with Taric's passive, and the raw stats of CDR, AD, and AS buff your damage better than any other singular item in the game.  This is not an "optional" item.  If you win without it you were going to win it no matter what you build.

3025.pngA bit overrated, this is the "core" item I see a lot of others say you should rush on Taric, but I disagree. This item may be cheaper, and on paper it sounds perfect.  It gives a bunch of armor, mana, a bit of cc, and a passive that works with Taric's passive.  In reality, however, it ends up giving you less total dps than triforce, the sheen passive is worse because generally you don't need extra stickiness you need the more damage you get from triforce (triforce 200% bonus base damage vs 125% for iceborne) and you're missing the movespeed needed to actually reach your targets.

3075.pngGreat item for making it impossible for people to duel you. 
If you're going against some sort of melee carry or if they have 3-5 AD's that rely on auto attacks this is a good second item.  If you are losing lane or are concerned about being out scaled by a laning opponent like  23.png or 114.png or 266.png then get this after sheen.  The new grevious wounds passive makes it harder for them to counter this with lifesteal and a lot easier for you to make meaningful trades.

3117.pngI'd get this if you find yourself just needing to be everywhere at once but you just can't get to your team in time to help.

2033.pngnow there might be better options for your exact situation in a game but for me this is all around the best early game item for Taric Top.  The much needed health and mana sustain makes up for the lack of sustain in the first few levels, and helps make trades more punishing for your opponents as they lose more health than you, are burned afterwards, and now you're healing back to full health again.  Generally I don't sell this until my 3rd or 4th item because the longer you keep it the more value it gives.

3068.pngThis helps you push lanes, but do not use this as a substitute to any of your core items like titanic/deadman's

3143.pngThis is one of the best pure defensive items for Taric.  It gives you health and armor just like 3068.png and 3742.png but Randuin's is much better defense wise vs adc's and melee carries like Trynd

3748.pngI used to put Titanic Hydra as a situational item because I thought sometimes you don't need the additional damage.  Since back then I've learned a lot and for my build this item is core, because of the waveclear it gives you and the fact that despite being a tank you can be a legitimate damage threat with this item.  Titanic makes you a great split pusher and I generally get it as my 3rd or 2nd item, after tri force and dead man's.  When I get this as my second item I'm usually really far ahead and wanna use my lead to start shoving my lane and taking towers.

3053.pngIf you'll just get blown up before you can do anything by a heavy AP team or if late game is here and dying means losing because of death timers this is a good choice.  I sometimes even get it just if I'm fed as balls and don't wanna die because the enemy team is starting to focus me.

3742.pngGives armor/health/movespeed/a first hit bonus that makes that first auto with passive+spellblade+titanic hydra active do stupid amounts of damage.  This is my second item most of the time because you need that extra mobility, and additional slow makes it hard for people to get away from you.

3087.pngsomeone suggested this to me one match when I was extremely far ahead and it worked beautifully... It turned my decent burst and pretty good finish off to complete 1 shots after running in at the speed of light with righteous glory and dead man's... it was beautiful.  Am I saying it's a great item on him? no, but it's hillarious how efective it is if you're already super far ahead

3800.pngGREAT engage item, and personally I build this in a lot of situations where extra mobility is great.  It also gives you a larger mana pool which is always helpful,

3065.png4th item if you're against a composition with a couple ap users in other lanes.  The healing passive is good on you but it's so much better later in the game, because your heal may be useful to you but it's barely noticeable in the middle of a teamfight other than for the passive proc/triforce of course.

3156.png2nd item if you are struggling against an ap top laner, or just a general anti-ap item for later in the game.  and remember not to get this in combination with 3053.png, because they share the same passive.  Choose one or the other or you're wasting your gold.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Darius
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Fiora
  • Garen
  • Gnar
  • Illaoi
  • Malphite
  • Nasus
  • Riven
  • Sion
  • Taric
  • Teemo
  • Yasuo




1. Build 3068.png early with 3057.png and prioritize health items

2.  Avoid getting near him and only fight while dariusaxegrabcone.png is on CD post level 3
3. If you feel like he's all inning you to dariusexecute.png you, you can use your ult in response (given  your not already low) to disengage the fight long enough that he doesnt get the passive  proc

 Mathmatically you have an advantage in DPS between levels 3 - 6;
 You are tankier than him;
 Your W can be good against his ult if you're good at timing it (like garen)
 If you do get pulled you can line up your stun so he can't get in the free Q while you're  stunned
 Darius is a bit more snowbally than you; 
 Ignoring him in teamfights can be fatal for your team... Peel for your carries; 
 With black cleaver he ignores 49% of your armor; 
 He's anti armor

Notes: He IS beatable but if he's allowed to get ahead through kills or cs he can stay ahead pretty easily.  But the biggest thing is that you can't sustain long trades with him unless you know for sure he can be killed.  You do not out dps him once his passive is at max stacks.

You are basically the anti darius, not as in a counter but your skill set is all about  mitigating damage to outtrade your opponent, and shielding your allies from any kind  of damage.darius is all about  negating damage mitigation through his DoT passive,  armor pen passive on E, true  damage on ult, and his passive making longer trades  swing in his favor.


Dr. Mundo


1. Build into 3078.png early and get at least 1 MR item

2. Stand behind minions and try to focus farm because without infectedcleavermissilecast.png he cant do much

 You can be a good body shield against him in fights;
 With Tri Force you can out DPS his ULT until he gets 2-3 tank items;
 The lane is relatively passive (depending on the player)
 as long as you're good at dodging cleavers you can outrade him.

 His cleavers do everything you don't like, they're ranged magic damage poke that slow  you and do percent health damage.
 if he gets ahead you can't just fight him anymore, you have to wait for triforce and get 3065.png

Notes:  Dr. Mundo isn't really in the meta atm so if you can't beat him, just peel for your carry and they should be enough to take him down.




1. Standard anti-melee carry.  3057.png then 3075.png

2. Don't ever use your tarice.png unless her fioraw.png is on CD

 She's usually pretty squishy if she's behind;
 she's a hard champion;

 Percent maximum health true damage that scales off of her damage;
 Her Riposte is a hard counter to your E with your stun being so readable;
 She's highly mobile;
 Her ult can be procced even through your ult;
 Lifesteal and healing is oppressive;
 If she's ahead you're fucked, and if she isn't bad there is no way to beat her because  without your stun she holds all the outplay potential;

Notes: This is one of the few matchups I've ever felt like there was truly nothing to be done except for hide under tower and pray for ganks.  I've gone against bad fiora's and there's only one (who probably just started playing fiora that day) who I actually beat and crushed in lane by myself.




1. Build into 3057.png then 3068.png and prioritize health like Darius

2. Use your taricw.png or tarice.png right before he lands his Q, and if you're going to fight him do it while his garene.png was just used to farm 

 Your W can be a great counter to his ultimate if you time it right (which isn't that  hard if you know what you're doing);

 His E shreds armor along with black cleaver, and that leaves you with 55% less armor  than you started with;
 His silence can fuck up your combo if you don't use something right before it lands

Notes: Getting ahead in this matchup isn't as beneficial as others because it doesn't matter how many times you kill him... he's still garen and is tanky af




1. Go for boots early and 3044.png to keep up with his kiting, 3075.png is also beneficial

2. Avoid getting hit by his gnarq.png because he uses that to chain  his gnarw.png passive proc repeatedly.  It's relatively ideal to fight him in his Mega form as that's when he's most vulnerable to you (ironically).  He's slow, has long cooldowns and 100% of his damage is physical.. his gnarr.png can also be predicted and countered in team fights with your taricr.png

 In some form or another all of his damage to you will be physical except for his W;
 In minignar form one E passive combo takes half of his health early game;
 In mega gnar form using his stun holds him place long enough for you to position  yours;

 Mini gnar can kite you and chunk you down with his W passive

Notes: Unless the gnar is really really good this matchup will end up with you being 5/0 by the end of the laning phase




I've changed my stance on this one after I've had it many many times.

Don't expect to win this lane, but it is still possible.  I usually just play aggressive the first few levels, once you get a point in your q you can wait for her to engage on you, watching to dodge the initial tentacle slam, then you counter engage and start auto attacking + using your taricq.png on repeat, once she gets below a certain health and starts running away you can then use your tarice.png to catch her and either finish her off or get the last bit of damage on her before returning to farming.

The last thing is that you should avoid getting hit by this thing illaoie.png  It won't kill you but it will heal her and make it harder to fight her next time... if you get your soul ripped out by it try and contest it and you'll have more of a chance of not being pushed out of lane.  

if she ULTS - WALK AWAY FROM THE TENTACLES.  if she's stupid enough to follow you out of their range, you'll kill her, and if not you at least get to trade with her after without worrying about becoming the star victim of the latest and greatest league Hentai episode




This is one of the few AP top laners I would consider easy even if they know what they're doing.  Malphite like you is an anti AD champ, and his landslide.png can hurt your damage considerably, but it's not enough for him to over power you.  As long as you don't let him beat on you for free and don't shy away from fights your taricpassive.png should make any sustained trade seem hopeless for him.  once he uses his landslide.png wait out on your stun until the effect wears off...  unless you are in dire need to get away

I recommend getting 3102.png mid to late game because his ultimate catching you isn't going to get you killed but it will get your team killed pretty quickly, unless you use tarichammersmash.png... which with a quick stun it shuts down his engage and makes it easy to snowball teamfights from then on




Nasus players are interesting in that if they decide they want a minion.... it's like they're chasing after a kill, because they ignore everything you do to them on the way to it just for that 3 extra damage.  Watch when he goes to farm and contest it, you cannot just ignore him in lane, at some point he'll be too fat for you to kill one on one, but that won't happen if you make this laning phase a living hell for him.

If he really does just tunnel vision on farm, use your taricw.png instead of tarice.png as he walks to it, for the passive empowered auto attacks.  Then when he's trying to walk away you use your stun, and early on this more often than not results in Nasus just flat out dying.

All of this is considering the traditional nasus build, not the AP nasuse.png spamming version



Riven is a lane bully with no resource to depend upon, and at first glance it seems like she would just steamroll Taric with surperior mobility and damage but it's not quite as black and white as that

In the early game you both do about the same amount of damage and can easily over power you if you let her snowball.  However, assuming you followed my advice in the beginning you took ignite and more than likely so did she It's basically a race for level 2 for the first early advantage

 and as soon as you reach it (as long as you reach it first) use your  shatter.png and auto twice and back off.  If and when she chases after you withriventricleave.png you want to keep walking back and use your dazzle.png AS she uses her second charge on Q towards you, that way you reduce her reaction time significantly.  Turn around to auto her twice and HOPEFULLY that will put you in the immediate lead of lane as long as you do it right.  

Of course playing passively is not my play style but you want to use your E re-actively to her coming towards you, otherwise she will sidestep it every time

Also try and get  3075.png early




He's slow and predictable, poke him down until he exhausts his corrupting potion and then all in him level 3-4.  He is all ad except for his deathscaressfull.png and enrage.png

his shield can be poked down and his e doesn't do enough damage to push you out of lane unless you just never try to shield or dodge or even attack back




How the **** did this happen...

I would hope that by the time you're done with this guide you'll be able to make him and only him look like a troll pick



He's just going to be annoying more than anything, but he's actually pretty easy to outplay and beat if you bait out his Q... but that can be risky.  For the most part his blind is a pretty hard counter against you but that's about it. His poison isn't as reliable against you with your shields and your shields and heals make if hard for him to get those after teamfight shroom kills.

  • The biggest problem for you here is his blindingdart.png, but more than likely he hasn't seen a Taric Top before and won't figure out that it's crucial to beating you until by the time he gets his R
  • If he uses his Q for farming or poke hit him with E and passive then walk away unless you think there's potential for a kill.
  • In the end Teemo is more annoying than actually strong and as long as you keep up with him in farm you should be stronger in any fight after you hit 6
  • If you step on his bantamtrap.png just use shatter.png  on yourself and/or anyone else hit
  • Unfortunately Teemo is pretty much everything Taric struggles with.  He's a ranged ap constant damage champion who negates auto attack damage.
  • 3047.png3075.png both work against him... meaning you can still get armor
  • If you're REALLY struggling to find a way around his blind get3102.png




1.  Level 1 is the time to be aggressive, he doesn't have his yasuodashwrapper.png to dodge your stun, so if you can land 2 combos on him you can get him below half health before he hits level 2

2.  Get 3047.png after sheen, and if he gets any lifesteal get 3076.png.  The new thornmail doesn't look like it's all it was promised to be, but the bramble vest is a really good item for the gold it costs

 If you're even with him in gold, most of the time just using taricw.png and taricq.png and autoing  is enough to beat him in a 1v1;
 Teamfights, him ulting you or your one of your carries can be good for you, as that puts  him in the perfect position to use your tarice.png on him;
 Yasuo players are often cocky and often underestimate you, you're more than likely  going to catch them off guard early on with your burst and damage mitigation;
 A good yasuo (if you should somehow find the 1 in a 1000) you will have a very tough  time landing a stun on him.

Match ups are being updated/simplified Back to Top

I'm updating all the matchups to be more easily readable with the following format:

1. Build

2. Play style

 Your advantages

 Their advantages

Notes: Additional information

Tips and Tricks (Will be added to!) Back to Top

Basic laning burst-

engaged on-

Catching a kill-
E a bit out of range then 4.png last moment+aa+aa+ignite

Sustained fight-
Q+aa+aa+E+aa+aa+Q+aa+aa+W+aa+aa -repeat with 30% cdr or-  Q+aa+aa ->wait->repeat OR Q+aa+aa+R+aa+aa->repeat

1. Unless you are put in a situation where your lane opponent is making a lot of obvious mistakes (say... diving into your caster minions level 1 to attack you) Try not to actually fight until level 3, because at that point you can deal a lot more damage a lot quicker and you'll have your Q and W to sustain.

2. Until you get to level 3 it might be a good idea to use your E to farm, because any damage you take from your lane opponent will be sustained through your 2033.png and this way the mana regen doesn't go to waste.  You also force your lane opponent to either try and avoid it and miss CS or take free damage.

3. Your taricq.png can provide you with a good amount of sustain in lane if you have the mana for it believe it or not.  I normally don't spam this ability in the late game as the 140 mana cost is too much for just farming and it's better to wait for all 3 charges but in the early game you can abuse it by using it before a trade so you can get the tarice.png auto attack reset and walk out with about 2.5 charges on it for additional sustain if you use your W as well

Extra Notes Back to Top

If you're looking for super easy elo... this shouldn't be a one trick for you. Taric can be an absolutely god like in some situations but against certain team comps it takes a lot of practice and knowledge to know how to still be strong or even useful.

Another good reason to play Taric Top is that with the game thinking you're a support it judges your kda/total gold/kill participation/damage contribution as if you were a support.  This meaning that as a Top laner and with a Top Laner's farm and extra kills you will undoubtedly get an S every other game or so 

The lowest grade I've gotten was a B with 1/11/4... Terrible game for me it snowballed so hard out of my favor because I made so many stupid mistakes.  Taric is strong as hell for a champ that's supposed to be a support but that does not mean tower dive the Nasus level 3

This is important -  The hardest thing about Taric Top, or really any other off meta pick, is the sheer amount of uninformed hate you get about it.  I've had everything from my teammates complaining why I was trolling and chose a weak pick entirely because I just wasn't doing well that game... To enemies I've beaten complain about how I just got lucky.  If you fail in their eyes you are a troll, and that you always fail.  Even if you succeed the enemy team will just assume  their top laner was so bad that they lost to something that they think they wouldn't lose to.

I've had one case where a 0/7/4 Nami support said "And now we're gonna lose all because our top laner picked Taric" and our 2/9/0 Riven (jungle) who has been raging at bot lane all game stops and says "Yeah this is definitely Taric's fault"... I was 4/2/2... This was probably the single most rage inducing moments of my entire league career, and I RARELY get mad in game.

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Questions? Concerns? Comment below and I'll try and answer them as I continue to update this guide

If you disagree with anything I've said please state why... other than "this is stupid" or something of that nature

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