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You cannot play League of Legends without Flash unless you're a silly outdated champion that wants to run fast

You cannot play Support without Exhaust and let's be honest Exhaust is OP as fuck. It requires however SLIGHTLY more thought to be used than Ignite, so if you really feel like you don't know when to Exhaust your enemies, bring Ignite, but really you need to learn how to use Exhaust if you want to go far as a support.

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Okay, here comes the part where most people will raise their brows and put their hands in the air to contest my choices.

You're most likely going to want to discuss the keystone, but we'll do that later. First, all the basic points in masteries that aren't the keystone.


1- Unyielding is slightly better than Recovery IMO, in spite of how supports need to wait until min 15+ to actually buy armor and mres. Either options are fairly unnoticeable.

2- Siegemaster is too situational, you can get it on a second mastery page if you want against matchups like Zyra who are going to deal 100 damage every 6 seconds to you even if you're literally behind your turret.

Tough Skin is massively overrated, it's a jungle mastery mostly, and even some junglers can skip it.

Explorer fits exactly what your fucking job is: Run through rivers and bushes to place wards, remove wards, destroy plants.

3- Veterans Scar can make a slightly difference at lvl 1-2-3 but let's be real, Taric heals and shields himself so fucking much that Runic Armor is going to be better anytime you trade for extended times.

4- The 2 other masteries that aren't Insight are so bad that you don't even need to think about your choice. And Insight is so OP that you don't even need to think about your choice (again).


1- If I need to explain why do you take Wanderer on a Support then we're going to have problems understanding each other in the rest of the guide

2- See above, except it's Secret Stash and not Wanderer

3- You litterally cannot lane properly without Meditation, I once forgot to change my mastery pages and I literally couldn't lane with the mana regen (litterally)

4- Dangerous Game could be nice on a champion that racks up Assists easily but the truth is that Taric rarely takes damage in teamfights unless they're lost, so no point.

Greenfather's gift has no use on a melee champion that lanes against ranged champions.

Bandit is a straightforward Support mastery but I need to explain the choices anyway.

5- Intelligence is straightforward, you're not a damage dealer so you don't need Precision, CDR is OP on 99% of champions, CDR is OP on Taric. Get Intelligence.

Keystone: Okay, here we go.

I'll start explaining the Keystone by explaining why you don't get another one instead:

Why not Colossus? -> First of all, Colossus got nerfed, and is still kinda underrated, people just have PTSD from playing against Hecarim Poppy and Vi. Not every champion that builds tank stats and has a hard CC needs to run Colossus. Second, during teamfights, Taric will usually not take damage, because he'll be close to his backline, and his opponents will not focus him. Also because he's usually invulnerable during fights. What about during laning? Indeed, he'll take damage, but at this point Colossus won't be that impactful. Third, when Taric is trading in lane (Read: When he's able to proc Colossus), he's going to stun his enemies (Said enemies won't be able to deal damage for 1 - 1.5 seconds, Colossus shield only lasts 3 seconds), then he's going to shield himself right after the stun anyway, meaning the Colossus shield will usually be wasted. Fourth, sometimes you're going to miss your stun, which means you will pretty much have no keystone for 10-15 seconds. Windspeakers doesn't have that problem.


Why not Bond of Stone? -> It's the second best option (Windspeaker is the best), but it's sadly very uninteractive and boring. Also, usually, a 6% damage transfer from your nearest ally isn't going to make or break the game. Your nearest ally will usually be a squishy champion, and squishy champions tend to die from massive overkill damage (e.g Syndra R).


Why not Stoneborn Patch? -> The mastery isn't bad, but my issue with it is that even though Taric has a good hard CC, he only has ONE, and its cooldown is fairly high in the early game (where Stoneborn is the most noticeable), which means you cannot apply the mark constantly (it lasts 4 seconds), unlike a champion like Braum or Alistar.

I haven't experimented TOO MUCH with Stoneborn though. It's not bad, but I feel better with Windspeaker. If you decide to go with Stoneborn, consider buying an Ardent Censer if your team has a lot of autoattackers (The heal from Stoneborn procs Censer)

Why not Grasp of the Undying? -> It got nerfed like hell. Taric doesn't autoattack long enough for multiple Grasp procs to happen. (You'll usually E -> Autoattack X2 -> W -> Autoattack X2, then your target will run away, meaning you'll get ONE grasp proc at most and that's only if you've been in combat before your E). Taric is a slow-moving champion with only one small CC to hold his enemies in place. He cannot reliably autoattack champions often enough to proc Grasp multiple times. Also, during teamfights, you'll usually be autoattacking enemy frontliners (Who really won't give a shit about you leeching 40 health from them every 4 seconds). Also, you don't need to leech health during teamfights since you won't be taking damage until all your other teammates have fallen.

BUT A PRO PLAYER PICKED TARIC SOME DAYS AGO AND HE RAN GRASP -> Yeah, I've heard that, and he's wrong, and I'll prove him wrong. Grasp is an abhorrent mastery, I'd even rather get Thunderlords than Grasp (Don't get me wrong, Thunderlords is still shit on Taric), because Thunderlords actually deals damage and doesn't require you to constantly attack an enemy to be useful (Who the fuck would let a Taric autoattack them for 4 seconds in a Pro Play match?).

Okay, I got it. But why Windspeakers instead of the 3 choices above? -> Well, first of all, the least obvious thing about Windspeaker - By using it, you gain 5% CDR from Intelligence instead of the fairly underwhelming Tenacity or Armor/MRes that you would've gotten instead from the Resolve Tree, and man, CDR is good, very good.

Now... Windspeakers itself? First, you need to shake off that mindset that is making you think you need to be a cute feminine girl support to use Windspeaker. Taric heals and shields a fuckton. I've sometimes healed 60k HP in 45 minutes games (That doesn't count my shields). Also, Windspeakers doesn't just increase your Heals/Shields (And you do a lot of them, so +10% of a lot is a lot more), it also applies an Armor/MRes buff to whoever you heal and shield, and this is where it becomes good on Taric - Taric heals VERY REGULARLY. If Taric is autoattacking something (Even a minion), he can constantly keep the Windspeaker buff to his W Target (and to whoever is close to Taric, and to the W Target).

Windspeakers also procs on Redemption, on Locket, basically it's fucking good and you need to use it.

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Okay I've always thought Taric's skill order was straightforward but after discussing with people about it it turned out lots of people were making huge mistakes in his skill order.

Instead of asking you to take my word for granted, I'll explain case by case why do you max in this order:

Q Max: Each level increases the heal by charge by 10, so a 3-charge heal is increased by 30. It looks like not much, but it's actually not bad, since your Q cd gets reduced massively by your passive-empowered autoattacks, and because it heals at least you and another ally, sometimes more.
The reason that you max Q last and NEVER BEFORE is that the mana cost increases by 20 for every rank. Which is... simply terrible. Because in order to make Taric work, you'll have to use 1-charge Qs during any respectable fight, in order to proc your passive to increase your damage and to reduce the cooldown of your W and E.
If you level Q first, or even second, you're going to run oom in all fights, because of how much the mana cost increases, and it's absolutely stupid.
I cannot find another example in the game where a champion is almost punished for leveling up a spell.

W Max: Each level increases the shield value by 1% of the targets' max health, and increases the armor granted to your W target and yourself by 2.5% of your own armor. Same mana cost at all ranks.
Okay, as we said above, Q is maxxed last no matter what.
Why don't you max W second? Because all of its values you gain per level are scaled with: Your maximum health, your armor, and your allies' maximum health.
Which means that if you'd max it first... By the time you reach level 4, you most likely have not even 1000 health. Which means that if you'd put a point into W, you'd gain a shield value of 10. Pathetic...
In order to make your additionnal points in W worthwhile, you need to place them at the moment where you (and your teammates) have more maximum health. Which is midgame.
So you max it second!

E Max:
Each level increases the damage of your Es by 45 (Which is decent, you can compare it with other spells that are maxxed first), and increases the duration of the stun by 0.12 seconds.
That's it. Extra levels in E are good as soon as you hit lvl 4, they are not reliant on you and your teammates having high defensive stats (Like W does), and the mana cost doesn't increase (Like Q does).

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Starting Items

Core Items


Situational Items

Starting items:I barely see anybody but me running refill pot as a support, but I prefer it. In hard lanes, 3pots wouldn't have made the difference anyway, and in easy lanes I'm better off having more potions for midgame.
Especially useful to take dragons around the 9 min mark.
If you feel horribly weak in early laning because of refill pot, you can use 3pot starts if you want it.


First block:
You must NOT spend your gold on anything except: ruby crystal -> sightstone + pinks, until you have completed sightstone.
Don't get boots, don't get Targon's Brace - Nothing except buildings towards Sightstone, and pinks are allowed.

Second block: You get these after sightstone, depending on how much gold you recall with. Keep buying pinks in the meanwhile

Third block: The next step in your build. I can't see any way to change the order of the items in the block, but you get FOTM + Boots BEFORE the Ruby Sightstone. All of this depends on how much gold you got: 400 = ruby crystal ; 600 = Ionian, 800 = kindlegem ; 1350 = face.
Ruby sightstone reduces your active item CDs by 20%: for now, it's fotm and your trinket, but more's to come.

Fourth block: You get these 3 items in 90% of your matches. The order matters a LOT. I'll tell you in what order you build them... When I'll have enough time.

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