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1 year ago

Taric Statistics for Riot Koyuncu

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Supports are not very flexible in summoner spell choice and are usually limited to two options: 


This is the summoner spell combination that I normally run for every Taric support game I play. Despite the nerfs to exhaust in Patch 7.5, I think it's still the superior pick for the following reasons:

1) Taric's ult has a 2.5 second delay before it makes your teammates invulnerable. One of the worst thing that can happen is an ally dying during this channel time. Being able to reduce the enemy assassin's damage by 40% is often the deciding point on whether your fed carry lives or dies in the teamfight.

2) It makes it a hell of a lot easier to land your stun if they're slowed by 30%. Trading your exhaust for their flash is always a good deal.

3) All the heals, shields, and invulnerability makes your bonded target deceptively squishy. Exhaust can help bait opponents into taking fights that are seemingly in their favor.

4) High damage champions that can snowball and hard-carry teams are popular in the ranked ladder. This leads to bruiser tops and assassin junglers to be much more prevalent than their tank counterparts (unless we're in a tank meta like 7.15). Exhaust is fantastic at stopping snowballing champions right in their tracks.


I'm fairly confident that in all the Taric games I've played, I've only used ignite in maybe 1% of them. The only reasons I would consider taking ignite is if:

1) You're supporting an early game ADC like 119.png and they have a squishy sustain support like 267.png , 37.png , or  16.png . Ignite is a much better choice than exhaust here since it will reduce the healing during the all-in and bring more potential to kill the enemy bot lane. There's definitely nothing more tilting than having a 0/6 botlane before 10 minutes.

2) The enemy team is composed of a ton of champions that have some sort of healing like 50.png36.png , or 19.png. To be quite honest, your team should be picking up 3165.png and 3033.png  and shouldn't need to rely on your single ignite to counter their comp.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

As of patch 7.5, the three keystones for Taric are Windspeaker's Blessing, Courage of the Colossus, and Stoneborn Pact (maybe Thunderlords if you're really cheesy). In my opinion, the above 0-18-12 mastery page is the most versatile across all bottom lane match-ups. Feel free to experiment with the masteries to find which one suits your playstyle best.

Cunning Tree

Wanderer: This is so incredibly useful for Taric and infinitely better than Savagery. The extra out of speed movement speed in combination with the MS quints will help you ward safely and roam more effectively.

Secret Stash: As a melee support, you'll normally take a good chunk of poke in lane. Having your three starting potions become more efficient is a great way to stay in lane longer. The alternative masteries here (longer jungle buff durations, extra damage when alone) are not really relevant for a support.

Meditation: Taric can get pretty mana hungry in lane, so taking this mastery is way more useful as a support

Bandit: Supports generally receive the least amount of gold on their team, and Taric is no exception. 

Intelligence: The free 5% CDR is way better than getting lethality on a defensive support.

Windspeaker's Blessing: This keystone has excellent synergy with Taric's abilities and core items. Taric's strongest feature is in keeping the team alive during teamfights, and Windspeaker's further emphasizes that strength.

Resolve Tree

Recovery: While both mastery options have minor effects, I prefer to take the early game extra health regeneration to mitigate poke during the laning phase.

Explorer: As previously mentioned, any extra movement speed is really beneficial for Taric. This mastery in particular makes landing stuns easier and provides more zone control around dragon/baron. Use those bushes!

Runic Armor: Both options here are great, but providing extra sustain is more beneficial towards the team. Feel free to take Savagery if you want to tankier, but I feel that the extra mana regeneration is just too good to pass up.

Insight: Having exhaust and flash up sooner increases the play-making potential on any support. 

Abilities Back to Top




Bravado (Passive)

  • Spellcasts empower Taric's next two basic attacks to deal bonus magic damage, reduce his spell cooldowns, and attack in quick succession.
  • During fights, a good Taric will weave his passive between spell casts to make the most out of his kit. This should come naturally if you have experience playing Lucian, Riven, or the latest Ryze rework.
  • { E > AA > Q > AA > W > AA > Q > AA }  is a very mana intensive way to output the most damage in a skirmish. 
  • Feel like sneaking in a few CS while your ADC isn't looking? Use the passive to secure those last hits or quickly push the wave! 

Starlight's Touch (Q)

  • A heal on a charge system. Each stack (max 5) will heal a flat amount with HP and scales with AP and bonus HP. 
  • If you're up against heavy poke like 51.png , 43.png , or 143.png , putting more points into Q is a good idea to sustain through a tough lane. 
  • Keep in mind that this ability will cost about 100 mana at higher ranks. Spamming heals without full stacks can bring you quickly out of mana.
  • Try to catch as many teammates in the AOE as possible to maximize efficiency.
  • Don't feel bad for casting Q at one or two stacks during a skirmish. It's an excellent way of proccing your passive to fling spells faster.

Bastion (W)

  • Bond to an ally to passively increase their armor and use them as a secondary casting point for your spells. Activating the ability to provide a shield based on the target's max HP
  • Because the mana cost doesn't increase with rank, try your best to use this instead of Q to mitigate poke in lane.
  • Don't feel obligated to always bind to squishy allies. Bonding to front-line champions is a great way to provide a enormous shield and extend the range of your stun.

Dazzle (E)

  • Channel for narrow zone for one second. Enemies caught in the zone are stunned and damaged.
  • This is Taric's bread and butter play-making ability and one of the hardest to land due to its telegraphed nature.
  • I personally prefer maxing this ability first after putting some points in heal. Points into dazzle will significantly increase its damage, so landing a stun and autoing twice on a squishy target will chunk their HP.
  • While it's definitely easier and more effective to use defensively, Taric's E is also a great engage tool. Use your allies to extend your stun range or make plays by using flash aggressively to stun both the enemy ADC and support.

Cosmic Radiance (R)

  • After a 2.5 second delay, make anyone in the zone invulnerable for 2.5 second
  • Probably one of the best, if not the best, teamfighting ultimate that a support can provide. Because it's so telegraphed, timing the ult correctly is the hardest facet of Taric's kit.
  • Has a much longer cooldown compared to other ultimate abilities. Make sure to inform your team that they should avoid teamfighting while your ult is down.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Provides tankiness and sustain for laning
    Squishier in lane, but extra gold later on

Core Items

    Great Sustain Items
    Great Tank Items
    Personal Favorite

Situational Items

    Income Equality For Supports!
    Paladin Taric
    Against heavy AD

General Shopping Tips As Support

1) If you can buy a sightstone, BUY THE SIGHTSTONE
2) See tip #1
3) Finally got that sightstone? Replace your warding totem with a sweeping lens.
4) Don't forget to upgrade your sweeping trinket at level 9.
5) During the early game, try to have at least two potions in your inventory before you return to lane.
6) Turn around if you're leaving base without a control ward on the map and you can afford one.

Starting Items

90% of the time: 3302.png2010.png2010.png2010.png3340.png

It's totally up to you whether you start refillable potion or 3 biscuits. I personally prefer the three biscuit start as it prolongs how long you can stay in lane before your first back.

Starting 3301.png allows you to gain gold without making yourself susceptible to harass. The cooldown reduction and mana regeneration is also helpful in sustaining through poke-heavy lanes. By choosing this over 3302.png, you trade tank stats and lane presence for better gold generation (which can be the right choice against easy lanes!) 

Early Game Items

You'll want to have 3097.png2049.png3009.png 3341.png before building core items. 

If you have under 500 gold on your first back, pick up a  1006.png or two. You can use these later to upgrade 3302.png or use it to build 3801.png for a 3107.png

I normally like to build 3009.png and eventually replace it with a 3047.png or 3111.png  during the late game.

What Now?

One of my favorite things about Taric how flexible his build path is. Based on the items you buy, you can become a strong backline healer, a frontline tank, or a combination of both. There's no "right" build that works for everyone; experiment with the items below to figure out what best suits your playstyle. 

The Big Three

Because Taric's kit allows him to heal and shield frequently in fights, you'll want to pick up at least one of these items. These items provide a % increase to your heals and sheilds effectiveness, and can stack in effectiveness! Investing in these items will trade tankiness for better utility, creating a caster support playstyle that you typically see in 40.png16.png267.png.
  •  3114.png provides everything Taric needs for lane phase sustain. It also builds into some of the most common healer items (3504.png,3107.png,3222.png). I personally love to get this item after I have sightstone and shoes since it's so cheap.
  • 3504.png has recently become one of my favorite items to buy in this meta for several reasons. As of patch 7.15, auto-attack focused ADCs 18.png,15.png,29.png,119.png  are really popular thanks to the new synergy between 6161.png,3087.png, and 3094.png. Taric's kit makes it easy to apply the buff to your entire team thanks to taricq.png and taricw.png, and will enable your team to heal during taricr.png. It's cheap, it gives stats that Taric wants, provides a huge power-spike for your ADC. It's also not an active, so you can't forget to use it during a teamfight!
  • 3107.png has recently been hit hard enough by 7.12 nerfs so that it's no longer a first buy. It is, however, still a fantastic item to pick up towards the mid-late game due to the heal scaling with level. The huge active range allows you to influence fights from across the map. Make sure you have the 6231.png and 6363.png masteries so you can take fully take advantage of the 3x healing amplifier.
  • 3222.png has always been a niche purchase for me. Personally, I find it tough to maximize the efficiency of cleanse; I just end up removing a slow most of the time. On the flip side, it offers better 
  • I wouldn't normally rush to buy this item, but consider picking it up later on if the enemy team has hard, distinguishable CC like 57.png,22.png,3.png, or 103.png. It's a great item if most of your team's damage is from a hyper-carry (e.g. 3 tanks and a 96.png) where you can focus on peeling a single teammate. 

Popular Tank Items

  • 3190.png was also hit hard by the 7.12 nerfs, making it more worthwhile if you invest in the bonus health scaling on the shield. It's no longer the best first buy, but definitely a great third or fourth item after some investment into HP. Locket is a must-buy against AOE heavy champions like (55.png68.png41.png). Make sure to not use the active while your taricr.png is up, but rather before or after!
  • 3401.png is another item provides a shield based on maximum health, so it's not a bad early buy if you're short on gold. The shield and health provided synergize well with 3190.png in stalling burst before your taricr.png pops.
  • 3109.png is an item that I love to grab on melee supports. Being able to soak up damage by just being near your binded ally is insanely good, and can extend their life long enough for taricr.png to activate. I always look to buy this if I have a fed backline that I can easy stay nearby to peel. 
  • 3050.png is something that sounds cool on paper, but hasn't lived up to my expectations from experience. Activating the effect is easy enough since Taric's ult requires you to be close to your binded ally, and the tank stats are quite nice. Personally, I find that the extra damage outputted isn't as good as the shield provided from 3190.png. Definitely test out this item and see if you like it or not, because I'm still on the fence about it!
  • 2045.png  and  2303.png are items you'll eventually build as the game moves on. When you upgrade from 3 wards to 4 wards will really depend on how often the enemy team is clearing your wards. Look to get 2303.png early if you're not planning on purchasing a 3401.png, since it gives you access to early CDR for a cheap price.
  • 3110.png , 3143.png, or  3075.png are items I tend not to purchase too often unless I'm up against a full AD comp.

    Experimental Items

  • Want to try out a dumb build? Build 3512.png and 3060.png to sneakily steal your team's farm and splitpush! Become Paladin Taric by equipping 3025.png and 3748.png. Just remember that I take no responsibility if you receive any flame from your teammates. 

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Ashe
  • Bard
  • Blitzcrank
  • Brand
  • Braum
  • Caitlyn
  • Draven
  • Ezreal
  • Janna
  • Jhin
  • Jinx
  • Kalista
  • Karma
  • Kog'Maw
  • Leona
  • Lucian
  • Lulu
  • Miss Fortune
  • Morgana





  • His abilities are high CC with low damage and long cooldown. Taric will do more damage than he does in an extended skirmish because of his taricpassive.png, so look to keep fighting after he combos.
  • If  headbutt.pngpulverize.png combos you or your ADC, retaliate by stunning the enemy ADC and fighting back. Don't bother stunning Alistar because of his ferocioushowl.png
  • Be careful when he has his flash, especially if you've pushed him to his tower or if their jungler is near. A flash combo can put you or your ADC in a really bad spot.
  • Once you have taricr.png, Alistar's can't really use his abilities aggressively against bot lane. Just press R to counter anything Alistar tries to set up in lane.
  • The best way that Alistar can counter you is buy an early mobis and roam mid. Make sure to ping that he's missing and ward for mid if you see this happening.




Smash that Ashe like Glass!

  • During laning, try to predict when she will use her volley.png to farm. If you see multiple low hp ally creeps that she cannot farm safely, be prepared to duck behind a minion to avoid any poke.
  • As an immobile ADC, Ashe is very susceptible to a 4.pngtarice.png initiation. She won't have a clear shot for her enchantedcrystalarrow.png if you're standing in front of her, and it also has a reduced stun duration since it traveled a very short distance.
  • Ashe's  enchantedcrystalarrow.png  acts as a very obvious green light for her team to go in. It's a great way for her to initiate jungle ganks or teamfights, so be prepared to taricr.png as soon as you see the arrow land on an important carry. This will take some game sense and reaction time, but countering her ult with your ult is a great way to bait the enemy team into a bad fight.
  • Baiting her volley.png to hit multiple ally minions is a great way to have the minion wave push towards your tower. Use taricw.png to sustain through its damage. 
  • Herasheq.png  and passive significantly boost her damage output in extended skirmishes. She can punish Taric pretty hard for missing a stun with her slowing autoattacks. Land that tarice.png, weave in two taricpassive.png, and back off for early game trades. 
  • Be mindful that enchantedcrystalarrow.png has a significantly shorter cooldown (~50s depending on CDR) than your ult in the early levels.
  • Try to make plays against the Ashe rather than have Ashe make plays on you. Herenchantedcrystalarrow.png is a much better at initiating than disengaging, so you'll want to force her into situation where she uses her ult defensively.





  • Probably the strongest level 1 support in the game. Will be difficult to rush level 2 without taking serious harass.
  • bardr.png and taricr.png counter each other. If allies are Bard ulted, Taric can preemptively cast his ult to extended the invulnerability to only his team. If enemies are Taric ulted, Bard can cast his ult to not let them freely attack or move during the duration of taricr.png. It's an interesting teamfight dynamic that needs to be taken into account when timing Taric's ult.
  • Make sure you don't let him use minions to stun you with his  bardq.png
  • Make really sure you don't let him stun both you and your ADC with a single bardq.png.
  • Taric has a higher movement speed than Bard! Don't be afraid to throw out a tarice.png if his Q is on cooldown.
  • Bard has strong roaming potential with his barde.png , bardr.png, and the movement speed buff from his bardpassive.png. Ping when he's not on the map and keep common routes warded.
  • Be careful when you push a lane against Bard. Creative players will use their barde.png to allow their jungler to flank from the tribush so keep these areas warded!





  • Blitzcrank is strongest early game where he can snowball his lanes with roams and good hooks. Try your best to maintain wards in the lane bushes and make sure to inform your team when he's not bot lane! Taric has massively more impact in teamfights when compared to Blitzcrank, so focus on playing safe in the early game.
  • Try to stand between Blitzcrank and your ADC to prevent him from getting a easy rocketgrab.png . Be mindful of gaps in the minion line and low health allied creeps since this is when a skilled Blitzcrank can find the angles for a surprise hook.
  •  rocketgrab.png is on a very long cooldown and has a huge mana cost. Blitzcrank loses nearly all his lane pressure when his hook is down, so take advantage of this by positioning aggressively during this cooldown. 
  • If someone eats a hook, use your taricw.png  in combination with your abilities to survive. If it's really bad, use taricr.png to disengage from the bad fight. Extra points if you use rocketgrab.png as a gap-closer to tarice.png the enemy ADC. 
  • Make sure to ward your jungle in the first minute for any invade attempt. If your team has a stronger level 1, it might be a good idea to stack in a bush.



  • One of the highest damage AP supports. Focus on not dying and sustaining through laning phase.
  • It is extremely important that you dodge the brandq.png that follows up from Brand landing his brande.png or brandw.png. Otherwise, prepare to lose a huge chunk of HP.
  • Big power-spikes at level 3 (Unlocks his brandpassive.png) and level 6 (Unlocks his brandr.png).
  • His brande.pngbrandq.pngbrandw.pngbrandr.png combo will pretty much kill any champion in the early game when combined with his passive and ignite. 
  • Managing to get a pick on Brand is still dangerous since he can drop his combo in a split second. More often then not, Brand ends up taking someone down with him when he dies.
  • His passive activates after 2 seconds and your taricr.png activates after 2.5 seconds. It will be difficult to mitigate his damage with your ult unless you can predict the combo coming. Consider activating it early when you initiate a fight so he can't retaliate immediately. 
  • Brand support is feast or famine as his damage output scales strongly with how well he does in the early game. Focus on surviving the early game and not feeding him a double kill in the first 10 minutes. He'll lack gold to buy strong AP items and will fall off as a result.



  •  While he does have some offensive capabilities, Braum excels as a defensive support (even better than Taric!). A fully stacked braumpassive.png will lead into some heavy damage, and he can tank your ADC's damage with his braume.png. You will most likely lose trades that you initiate with tarice.png, so ward up and farm up.
  • Use the fact that Braum doesn't have any sustain to your advantage! His braume.png can't prevent every poke due to its long cooldown. Slowly but surely, their bot lane can be whittled down and forced to back before you do.
  • A creative Braum will use his braumw.png on a minion to bring himself into auto-attack range for a surprise initiate. Be careful when standing next enemy minions.





  • The bane of all melee supports, especially paired when supports synergize with her poke like 40.png43.png143.png
  • Extremely hard to land stun with her caitlynyordletrap.png and caitlynentrapment.png. Even worse, her followup damage from caitlynpassive.png and caitlynpiltoverpeacemaker.png will seriously chunk your HP bar.
  • A good Caitlyn will force you to bend over and cower under your tower. Put an extra point into taricq.png and taricw.png to sustain the best you can and communicate with your jungler to gank your lane.
  • The ADC is doing a great job if he is even in farm against a Caitlyn. Keep this mentality in mind.



  • One of the most volatile ADCs to go up against. Losing a fight to Draven can spell disaster as he snowballs out of control. Be careful to not make any positioning mistakes against him.
  • Landing or zoning with tarice.png is a great way to force him to drop his dravenspinning.png, but it will be tricky. Against a good Draven, dravenfury.png and dravendoubleshot.png will make easy to dodge Taric's tarice.png. The only opportunity you'll have will be when he attempts to catch his axes. Use the landing indicator to your advantage to predict his movement and trick him into walking into the stun.
  • Will normally play aggressive in lane, especially in the early levels. Prioritize preventing Draven from cashing in his passive stacks by playing safe, conceding farm, and calling for jungle ganks in the early game.
  • Probably one of the weakest late-game marksmen since a lot of his damage relies on him catching his axes in hectic teamfights. Focus on not feeding during laning phase and you and your ADC should eventually outscale him.
  • Like many Riven or Yasuo players, Draven players tend to tilt easy and have trouble playing safe. Try egging the Draven on by emote spamming or throwing out a question mark in all-chat to tilt him into running down mid. 





  • You're going to have a difficult time landing a tarice.png because of his ezrealarcaneshift.png. A clever way to get around this is to force him to use it with a stun, then use taricpassive.png' to reduce the cooldown of tarice.png. Once it comes back up, you'll have a 4-6 second window to try to stun him while his ezrealarcaneshift.png is on cooldown.
  • Ezreal tends to buy 3070.png on their first back, making them pretty weak when it comes to trades. Don't let him stack his tear for free! Ward up, push to his tower, and look for trades.
  • Ezreal's damage is highly dependent on him landing his ezrealmysticshot.png. Look to fight in your allied minion wave to make it difficult for him to land his skillshots. In 2v2 skirmishes, stand between Ezreal and your ADC.
  • Narrowly survive a fight and want to recall? Be mindful of ezrealtrueshotbarrage.png and back somewhere that isn't obvious.
  • You can annoy a LOT of Ezreal players by standing in front of the minion that they want to last hit with ezrealmysticshot.png. Nothing is more tilting than forcing them to miss that juicy cannon minion.





  • Janna's eyeofthestorm.png will be exceptionally annoying in lane. Avoid trading while it's on the ADC. Once the shield is down, you will have a 4 - 5 second window to look for a small skirmish. Make sure to disengage before eyeofthestorm.png comes back online.
  • Janna paired with ADCs like 51.png15.png will be nearly impossible to beat in lane if they play properly. Hunker down, sustain the best you can, and try not to cry too much.
  • Her howlinggale.png and the movement speed bonuses from her sowthewind.png and jannapassive.png will make it difficult to consistently land tarice.png.
  • If Janna ever casts howlinggale.png offensively or uses eyeofthestorm.png on herself, always look to initiate on the ADC.





  • Make sure to 3.png the 4th shot since many Jhin players will wait until they have to reload to use jhinq.pngjhinw.png. This should reduce the most amount of damage in all-in skirmishes.
  • Jhin is an immobile marksman with little self peel. Look to punish with  tarice.png  if he ever steps in your range. Don't be afraid to 4.pngtarice.png to go all-in or help your jungler gank.
  • Due to his ammo system, Jhin tends to use jhinq.png and jhinw.png to help him CS. This will push the wave towards your tower and put him in a dangerous spot due to his lack of escape tools. 
  • By keeping track of allied minion HP and his ammo, you can predict when he will use his jhinq.png. Getting hit by it can hurt (especially on a 4th bounce that killed 3 creeps) and is one of the easiest ways that Jhin can activate the root from jhinw.png
  • taricr.png is a great way to circumvent the jhinr.png finisher if you won't be able to dodge it.  Simply activate your invulnerability and walk out of Jhin's ult range.
  • If Jhin's 4th shot will zone your ADC out of too much farm, bite the bullet and tank the damage. You can use taricw.png to soak some of it up.
  • Target selection is really important for Jhin's contribution in teamfights since his damage is on an ammo system. Being in his face during skirmishes is a good way to tank damage that should have went towards your ADC.





  • Jinx lacks a decent escape outside of her activating her passive from a kill. Use your tarice.png to zone and apply pressure during laning phase. Don't be afraid to tarice.png4.png if you see a good opportunity for an all-in.
  • Don't let Jinx freely farm with the minigun form of jinxq.png.  Use the zone potential from your tarice.png to force her to farm with her rockets. This will push the lane towards your tower and burn through her mana.
  • If Jinx is looking to poke you with her rockets, try standing near your minions to make the creep wave push to you.
  • Her jinxe.png have a short arming time before becoming active, so make sure you react to its placement. They also have a fairly long cooldown, so look for a fight if it's on cooldown.
  • Jinx power spikes in teamfights l once she manages to proc the movement speed bonus from jinxpassive.png. Using taricr.png to prevent your teammates from dying is a great way to stop her from using 100% of her potential in a fight.
  • Don't recall somewhere obvious if you're low health. Otherwise, you might tilt off the face of the earth because a cross map jinxr.png killed you.





  • Good luck ever landing a tarice.png on her. Her ability to sidestep with kalistapassive.png will make it near impossible to land unless you 4.png.
  • Slowing effects make Kalista's sidesteps slower! If you really are looking to initiate and your flash is down, try using 3.png first and following up with tarice.png .
  • Predict when she will kalistaexpungewrapper.png and 3.png to mitigate most of her damage.
  • Don't stand behind a minion that she's autoing. A clever Kalista player can last hit it with kalistamysticshot.png and pass all the Rend stacks onto you. 
  • If you have free time in lane, try to aggro the kalistaw.png that she will send into your jungle and through river. It's free gold and can help your jungler not get spotted by the enemy team.
  • Be mindful of where the enemy jungler might be once Kalista has kalistarx.png. She has the potential to initiate fights with it, and not having taricr.png can mean certain death if their jungler also joins the fight.





  • Try your best to avoid her karmaq.png so you can stay in lane as long as possible. It's actually a very skinny projectile, so you can dodge it easily by sidestepping instead of moving away. 
  • karmaq.png actually has a small splash damage radius, so you can still damage if you're hiding directly behind a creep. This can be used to your advantage since it will push the wave towards you (and maybe steal some cs from her ADC).
  • It should be incredibly difficult to land tarice.png in lane. karmasolkimshield.png provides the movement speed needed to escape it, and karmaspiritbind.png provides a way for her to punish you for missing the stun. You'll either need to surprise her with a 4.pngtarice.png or wait for her shield to go on cooldown.





  • Kogmaw is the definition of glass cannon ADC. Take his advantage of his immobility and lack of self-peel by looking to 2v2 during the laning phase.
  • Reread the first bullet. Kogmaw is insanely strong once he has 4 items and can easily win teamfights with proper support. Prepare to get into a scrappy laning phase with the mindset of destroying him.
  • A good way to win trades against Kogmaw is to zone him in such a way that he needs to use kogmawbioarcanebarrage.png to farm. Once this goes on cooldown, you'll have about an 8 second window where you're almost guaranteed to win a fight if you start one.
  • As always with most of the other immobile supports, don't be afraid to tarice.png4.png to go all-in or initiate for your jungler.
  • taricr.png  is probably one of the most valuable abilities to go up against a late-game Kogmaw. Providing invulnerability for 2.5s will hopefully be a big enough window for  your team to run Kogmaw down.





  • Be reactive instead of proactive during the early laning phase. Taric provides good counter-engage to Leona's initiation attempts since his taricw.png on your marksman will make tarice.png easy to land. Bonus points if you can use the tarice.png that channels from Taric to stun the enemy ADC at the same time.
  • If the enemy Leona jumps on your ADC, focus on stunning and fighting the enemy ADC. This will relieve some pressure and prevent some extra damage from Leona's leonapassive.png.
  • Since Leona's all-in attempts are fairly telegraphed, use taricr.png to deny it or bait a bad fight for the enemy team.
  • Leona is a great roaming support, so you'll want to ping if she's ever missing in lane (especially at lvl 6+ with 3117.png)
  • Be careful of a level 2 or level 3 all-in attempt, especially if the Leona is running 14.png and Thunderlords. The damage output will be enormous if her ADC manages to proc leonapassive.png between her spell rotations.
  • Paired with marksmen like 202.png222.png51.png22.png , the chain CC potential can lead to some nasty one-sided fights. 
  • If Leona is in a bush, be wary about dropping a ward in it. The auto-attack reset from herleonashieldofdaybreak.png can destroy the ward before it goes invisible.





  • Lucian is extremely mobile, so it's going to be tough to ever initiate unless he makes a big mistake. Focus on sustaining and protecting your ADC this game.
  • Save your tarice.png until after Lucian uses his luciane.png. Keep in mind that the cooldown of his dash is reduced significantly if he weaves lucianpassive.png between his spells.
  • 3047.png is a great way to mitigate a chunk of Lucian's damage since his passive allows for two auto-attacks between spell casts.
  • Although it's really tough, lucianq.png can be sidestepped to avoid its damage.



  • Lulu is like a mosquito: annoying and in your face, but fragile. She puts herself at risk by moving in to harass, so look to punish her if she missteps.
  • Nerfs to her base health and shield strength in 7.10 have made her vulnerable if she gets caught by tarice.png. A bad trade that chunks her health will make her hesitant to harass again. If she's too scared to move up and poke, Lulu ends up being a discount Janna and Taric will have the lane advantage.
  • Lulu's bread and butter harass is lulue.png > Auto > luluq.png > 6362.png . While difficult, you can predict and dodge the luluq.png if you look at Pix's location.
  • Lulu can only mitigate damage during fights; damage that is done to her tends to stick during the laning phase. This is why supports with strong sustain tend to be common counter picks against Lulu. Look for short skirmishes over a long period a time to whittle down the enemy's HP. 
  • Lulu is great at enabling auto-attack focused hypercarries like 29.png,18.png, or 96.pngluluw.png and 3504.png will allow these marksmen to dish out insane damage in a very short period of time.


Miss Fortune

  • Most of Miss Fortune's damage in lane comes from the missfortunericochetshot.png ricochet. You're going to eat like 25% of your health if you stand behind low health allied minions, so play around the bushes instead.
  • Miss Fortune wants you to stand in your creep wave. Supports like 25.png53.png412.png want you to have no creeps to hide behind. Be extra careful with this synergy as you'll have very little places to hide in lane.
  • You'll barely block anything if you taricr.png after Miss Fortune activates her missfortunebullettime.png. This requires some intuition, but try to predict when a fight is about to start and activate your ult sooner rather than later.
  • As with most immobile supports, she's very susceptible to a 4.pngtarice.png all in. Her missfortunebullettime.png isn't very effective if you're in her face ready to 3.png.
  • Miss Fortune excels at fighting in choke points with a strong frontline that can lock you in place. She has no self-peel, so she's extremely susceptible to a flank from an assassin.



  • Since Morgana can consistently negate your stun, go for a more passive playstyle in laning. The onus is on Morgana to make a play with darkbindingmissile.png; otherwise, your ADC gets a free lane to farm. Focus on outscaling her in the mid - late game teamfights where Taric truly shines.
  • The 1 second delay on tarice.png is an obvious green light for Morgana to use blackshield.png. To counter this, use the fact that Morgana support tends to max out darkbindingmissile.png first while Taric support will max out tarice.png first. Her blackshield.png cooldown will be stuck ~20 seconds in the laning phase, while your tarice.png will have ~13 seconds assuming that you auto twice to proc taricpassive.png. Use this time window to land tarice.png on the unsuspecting ADC who thinks the Morgana has shield up.
  • The lane becomes significantly easier if your ADC has a source of CC that can bait out the blackshield.png. Think champions like 22.png or 202.png
  • Morgana's auto-attack range is pitiful, so the only real threat is the long stun duration of darkbindingmissile.png (2 - 3 seconds long!). It's a slow moving projectile, so treat it kind of like a Blitzcrank hook. Avoid it by keeping your distance, hiding behind minions, or sidestepping it. As long as she does not land her darkbindingmissile.png, you should win every 2v2 trade.
  • If Morgana is not building AP, tormentedsoil.png does very little damage. This is often the last skill leveled up for Morgana support, so let it zone you into a bad position. A clever Morgana can drop tormentedsoil.png first consistently land darkbindingmissile.png by predicting how you'll react to the pool. Don't fall for these tricks!
  • soulshackles.png stuns after three seconds of channeling! You know what's takes less than three seconds to activate? Her ult is a huge signal for you to activate taricr.png.
  • Since she can only blackshield.png one ally, landing a tarice.png on multiple targets is even more rewarding in lane. Look for these sorts of stun angles when setting up for a play.

Reasons Why You Should and Shouldn't Play Taric Back to Top


0. PATCH 7.12 TARIC BUFFS ARE AMAZING! His win-rate skyrocketed and he's even being played regularly in competitive. Now is the time to hop aboard the Taric freelo train!

1. Autofilled support? Familiar in playing spell-weaving champions like Riven, Lucian, Ryze, or Lee Sin? You'll be able carrying your boosted teammates with Taric in no time! 

2. Has one of the strongest teamfight ultimates that can single-handedly turn a losing fight into your team's favor.

3. Scales well into the late-game with suburb dragon and baron control.

4. Hard counters telegraphed burst damage or engage from champions like  238.png105.png240.png14.png141.png

5. Synergizes extremely well with hyper-carries that require peel 29.png222.png67.png or champions that want extended teamfights 240.png50.png8.png420.png

6. Flexible enough to be played both defensively and offensively during laning phase. Taric has the option to sustaining through losing match-ups with taricq.png and taricw.png, while providing great initiate with tarice.png and4.png

7. Probably the best support to prevent tower dives due to his ult.

8. Long hair, square jaw, and a body chiseled out of marble. He's the Fabio of League.

9. Pink Taric is the best skin in the game.


1. Melee supports like Taric normally struggle vs. a ranged support in the early levels, especially those with strong poke like 117.png267.png432.png43.png. Pair them with a poke ADC like 51.png222.png15.png and you're in for a really rough time.
You'll be forced to stay under tower and lose lane as slowly as possible until your jungler comes to gank.

2. See #1. It's really that significant. 

3. Taric's tarice.png is so telegraphed that it can be nearly useless as an engaging tool if versing marksmen with a dash like 236.png81.png429.png or supports that counteract the stun like 223.png or 25.png .

4. Not the best roamer from my personal experience, although I'm sure other players will say otherwise. I normally find it hard to punish the lone ADC without 4.png if the enemy support decides to roam.

5. One of the more challenging supports to play optimally. Comboing his abilities, using bonded targets, and correctly timing his ultimate will take some practice and game-sense. He's definitely not the easiest support to play, so don't expect to carry on your first game. If you want to play Baby's First Support, go look up a 40.png guide instead!


Laning Phase Back to Top

The laning phase can be pretty tricky for melee supports, so you'll want to grab any advantage you can get early on. Here are some tips on how to lane with Taric:

Level 1

1. Taric can trade really well level 1 if you can land a stun and follow up with two auto-attacks. What you'll want to do is tarice.png the enemy once he walks into your range to harass you. The damage from your passive and creep damage (and maybe your ADC's autos if he's in position) can seriously chunk the enemy's HP bar. You will give up a lot of pressure if you miss your stun, so make sure you're confident in landing it. 

2.You always want to try your best to get to level 2 before your opponent. This normally occurs after killing the three melee minions from the second creep wave. Use 3302.png to your advantage by saving a proc to execute the minion that gives you level 2. This can be a great way of surprising unaware opponents and start an advantageous fight.

Level 2 - 5

3. Have presence in lane, but be mindful of the consequences of missing your stun. Smart bot lanes will punish you hard for not having a way to reliably fight back. Use the threat of being stunned to zone and punish anyone who disrespects your stun range

4. After using an ability, use your passive's cooldown reduction to charge taricq.png quickly.

Level 6+

5.  taricr.png will allow you to win most extended fights and survive any all-in attempts or jungle ganks. It's basically a get out of jail free card, so feel free to play riskier if you have it up.

General Support Tips Back to Top

1. DON'T BE TOXIC. Seriously. Don't be "that guy" who complains about his team in all-chat and tilts in the first five minutes. Everyone hates that guy.

2. Time those summoner spell cooldowns! Do this by enabling chat timestamps in your options and alt-clicking the enemy summoner spell on scoreboard once they use it. Either use the table below or hover over the enemy summoners to find the cooldown time. Add it to the timestamp and type out to your team when their summoners are up. 

When you're basing or walking back to lane, do the mental math and type out exactly when the enemy summoner spells are offline. Use Ctrl-A, Ctrl C, Ctrl V to select all, copy, and paste text so you don't have to look back and retype.

 Credit for this image goes to /u/RapZzw3rR from his great Reddit post. SS_CD.png

About The Author Back to Top

Hello everyone! Thanks for checking out my Taric guide.


I'm a support main who has been floating between D2 and Masters 100LP for the past couple seasons. Since I have been in the top ten Taric lists for a couple of seasons now, I thought it would be a fun little project to write up a guide. I hope that my advice on how to play Taric is helpful.

Hope to see you on Summoner's Rift!
- Koyuncu

Feel free to add me on the NA server (IGN: Koyuncu) if you would like to chat or have any feedback for the guide!

Change Log Back to Top

3/12/17 - Posted the first draft of my ultimate Taric guide!

3/17/17 - Added a Pro/Con section. 

3/26/17 - Added a Laning Phase section. Changed Matchups section to only include completed champs. Updated General Support Tips section.

4/1/17 - Small update. Added a couple of Matchups.

4/3/17 - Added the Ezreal matchup. Weird bug has caused my item build to disappear. Nearly all the items in the item filter are also gone. I think this is on lolking's end, so I hope it gets resolved soon.

4/4/17 - Bug has been fixed! Added more Matchups.

4/5/17 - More Matchups. Man...there are a lot of these

4/13/17 - Added more Matchups! I think I'm halfway there!

8/4/17 - I'm back! After a four month hiatus, I'm free to finish up my Taric guide. Sorry for the delay! Made changes to reflect the new 7.14 Taric buffs! HYPE!

8/7/17 - Added a couple more matchups. I forgot how long these took!

Stuff To Do Back to Top

1. Finish...all...those...matchups...

2. Expand on the General Support Tips section. Maybe add a small warding guide?

3. Add a section for Teamfighting with Taric

4. Fix all the typos.

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