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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Generally you will have exhaust, but if you are going duo bot, you can switch spells with the ADC and your heal will be more powerful their's because you have shield and heal bonuses from items and masteries.

Flash is essential on Taric to be able to flash while charging E tarice.png.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

These are pretty standard masteries for a support with a shield and a heal.

The only things that you may want to change are Siegemaster to either of the other two choices or unyielding to recovery.  Recovery makes early game a little easier but unyielding makes you scale better with high amounts of armor.


You may think of Taric as being tank so one of the resolve keystones could be good, but they don't compare to the power that Windspeaker's Blessing gives you.  In a team fights, you can easily give your entire team the bonus armor and magic resist which while small on each individual champion, is quite large on your entire team.

Abilities Back to Top

taricpassive.png  Bravado makes 2 auto attacks after using an ability deal bonus damage based on your armor and reduce the cooldowns of Q,W, and E by 1 second.  This is what allows Taric to deal a decent amount of damage if he can get in someone's face as well as spam his abilities endlessly with nearly no cooldowns as long as he has the mana for it.  After you scale up enough to spam abilities, they can be endlessly spammed using the following combo.  Something to note about the combo is that CDR is not needed for it to work with the way Taric's passive works. A = auto attack.  (E and W are interchangeable) W,A,A,Q,A,A,E,A,A,Q,A,A,W.......  This is useful in the few instances you are alone in lane and able to farm, when you are taking baron or dragon, or even for taking towers.  If no enemy champions are around and you have mana to spare, use the combo above to essentially double your attack speed and quickly bring a tower down.  You should always be using a combo like this in all-in fights to maximize your damage and amount of shields and stuns.

taricq.png Starlight Touch is one of the most costly abilities in the game to use once it is leveled up so it doesn't make sense to put any more than 1 point in it until later in the game when you can afford the hefty mana cost.  To put the cost into perspective, there are only about 5 ultimates in the game that cost more mana than this ability.  The main we I use this ability is to permanently give my entire team the Windspeaker Blessing and Ardent Censer 3504.png buffs.  Early game, you should only be using Q when you have 3 charges and you or your ADC are low or when you are in an all-in fight.  Keep an eye on your mana though and make sure you don't use this when you will run out of mana for using W or E which are far more important.

taricw.png Bastion links Taric to an ally and allows him to cast abilities from that ally as well as gives them a portion of Taric's total armor.  This is maxed second for the increased shield amount as well as increased bonus armor per rank.  This is what you should be using to mitigate damage early game rather than take it and heal later.  Any time you or your ADC is about to be hit, activate the shield to mitigate the damage.  Once you get used to playing Taric, you can start using certain angles to hit an enemy from both you and your ADC with Dazzle tarice.png.

tarice.png Dazzle is a powerful stun with a drawback that the enemy can see it coming and easily dodge it if they have mobility in their kit.  This is maxed first for more damage and most importantly, more time that the enemy can't say no to you doing as you please with their body.  The channel time takes some getting used to it, but after so many games using Taric, I almost prefer it over an instant cast ability.  I find that it puts pressure on the enemy to dodge it and then they get out of position and screw up.  It also allows for easy stuns by using E when you are out of range and letting it channel for a little bit then flashing onto them just before it activates.  People feel safe from it when they know they are out of range.  That is until you aren't.

taricr.png Cosmic Radiance can potentially be the reason for your team's victory or defeat.  When in the right hands, it can turn a certain loss into an easy win.  Timing it is one of the most difficult parts of playing Taric though.  If you use it too early, the enemy just walks away.  If you use it too late,'s too late and your team is dead before it activates.  It is usually best to wait to use this until both sides are fully committed to the fight at hand unless they have someone who can easily one shot your carries like 11.png45.png126.png31.png.  Everything in this guide is meant so you can keep a single ally alive for 2.5 seconds until your ult can activate.  If you can do that, you should be able to win the majority of team fights. 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

    First Back A - see notes
    First back B - see notes

Situational Items

    No matter what game it is, this is almost always my build. The only thing that would change is if I chose not to build Censer in which case, manamune would be last item.
I shouldn't have to say this, but get a Control Ward 2055.png every single time you go back.  This includes first back.  Also remember to switch to Oracle's Alteration 3364.png when you are both level 9+ and have Sightstone 2049.png

The first question you need to ask when the game starts is "should I build Ardent Censer or not."  The list below is when you should build Ardent Censer.

Your team has any of the following champions:  22.png51.png222.png429.png10.png203.png96.png236.png11.png102.png18.png29.png110.png67.png498.png

Your team has 3 or more auto attack reliant champions.  266.png164.png42.png122.png119.png81.png114.png41.png86.png150.png104.png120.png420.png39.png59.png24.png126.png202.png85.png121.png240.png64.png21.png75.png56.png2.png80.png78.png133.png33.png421.png58.png107.png92.png35.png98.png14.png15.png72.png91.png17.png48.png23.png77.png254.png106.png62.png5.png157.png83.png238.png

First back:

Taric is balanced with his high mana costs.  I remedy this with my item choice on my first back.  Depending on who your team is, you will chose whether or not to build Ardent Censer3504.png.  If you are building it, you will want to get Forbidden Idol 3114.png first back and if you are not you will want a Tear 3070.png.

Item Priorities first back A:

1004.png > 1004.png > 3097.png > 3114.png > 1001.png > 3504.png > 2049.png > 3047.png3111.png > 3109.png > 3401.png > 2045.png > 3190.png

Item Priorities first back B:

1027.png > 1004.png > 3070.png > 3097.png > 1001.png > 2049.png > 3047.png3111.png > 3109.png > 3401.png > 2045.png > 3190.png > 3042.png

This build is if you do not have one of these ADC's but are building Ardent Censer. 22.png51.png222.png429.png96.png18.png29.png110.png236.png:

1004.png > 1004.png > 3097.png > 3114.png > 1001.png > 2049.png > 3047.png3111.png > 3109.png > 3504.png > 3401.png > 2045.png > 3190.png

Why no....?

3107.png - Redemption takes too long to activate for it to be worth anything to Taric.  As I stated earlier, the only point of this build is to keep someone alive long enough fro Taric's ultimate to activate.

3025.png - As support, the only time you should ever really do any damage is if you are stomping the enemy so hard that it doesn't matter what you build.  If this is the case then by all means, go ahead and get Iceborn Gauntlet.

3110.png - Frozen heart is a great item for Taric in every aspect but after many, many games of playing him, I have concluded that it isn't better than the ones I listed.  Rare cases that it would be better is if the enemy team looks like this 67.png11.png23.png157.png.

2303.png - Losing the shield from Face of the Mountain is just a small thing that could be detrimental to your team because your ult didn't activate before your carry was bursted down.  It is a great item, but Face of the Mountain is just better.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

Best/Worst ADC's to play with Back to Top

As a general rule, ADC's who build 3085.png are better with Taric because his tendency to be strong in all-in fights and the synergy between 100% up time on 3504.png.  I lack experience with 15.png110.png498.png42.png so they will not be listed.

Ranking from best to worst:

29.png Twitch can enter stealth and run up to an enemy while your stun charges up ready to stun the enemy by time they realize he is there.  This comboed with your ults synergizing insanely well together makes Twitch and Taric the best combo.  If Taric ult's Twitch while he is using Spray-n-pray, Twitch doesn't have to worry about kiting while he shoots.

222.png Jinx is able to us her chompers under the enemy while they are stunned to get an easy double stun.  This usually leads to either a kill or a massive CS lead.

51.png Same as Jinx.

18.png Tristana can jump in to get easy stuns while your E is channeling.  After this happens, she can put a bomb on the target's head and get some free auto attacks in before backing off and doing this again until they are dead.

236.png Lucian is an exception to the rule as far as Ardent Censer goes.  He is able to hit enemies twice with his passive making good use out of it.

429.png  There are not many Kalista players out there so I have not had this pairing much.  I think she could be on par with Jinx and Caitlyn but I have her here due to lack of data.  Her passive damage synergizes with Taric's doubled attack speed pretty well.

22.png  An Ashe ult hitting an enemy will almost always result in a kill due to being stunned for 4+ seconds with Taric's E.

119.png Draven's immensely powerful early game makes getting up in the enemies faces for constant stuns pretty good.  If the enemy doesn't have a large amount of poking power, Draven is a good partner.

81.png Ezreal can usually keep himself safe long enough for your ult to activate.  The problem with him though is that he usually moves out of range of any other allies and you don't hit your entire team with your ult.

67.png I don't like laning with Vayne because she often knocks enemies out of Taric's stun.  Other than that, she can be decent if you can keep her alive for the first 15 minutes of the game.  Early laning with Vayne is difficult, but as she scales she becomes a monster with you keeping her safe.

202.png His reloading mechanic makes him bad at all-in fights which makes him bad with Taric.

21.png Miss Fortune and Taric is just total trash.  If she is the ADC, don't even try playing Taric.

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