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Summoner Spells Back to Top



Necessity. It's just really good. All the time. You know the drill by now.

Flash allows you to escape ganks, get a surprise (tarice.png) stun on nerds, clutch heals & shields, and generally lets you do all sorts of shenanigans. This is, of course, academic.

So, my intrepid reader, you may be asking yourself: "what best complements this requisite Flash?" Well, you have two options really:

3.png VS 14.png

Exhaust VS Ignite

3.png Exhaust is one of the best Summoner Spells for supports, and possibly the game overall, due to its versatility. Reducing movement speed and damage dealt makes for a potent debuff. Exhaust is amazing in that it can be used both aggressively and defensively. Slow your target and make them easier to kill, or Exhaust a diving enemy to peel them off your carries. However, you need to be proactive. Exhausting someone just before they finish killing your carries does nothing but waste a Summoner Spell.

14.png Ignite is not as niche as it may seem on the big gem boy. As it turns out, Taric works best when played aggressively, resetting his cooldowns and hammering foes. To complement this playstyle, we should then take the aggressive Spell. Ignite has one function: kill nerds, kill them super hard. The extra damage and healing reduction make this a potent Spell to bring on Taric.

In short - Although Exhaust is multipurpose and works for most supports, you'll typically want to bring Ignite in your games. Bring Exhaust only if you're unsure about the matchup.

New Runes Back to Top

If you're in a hurry and just want a quick rune page setup, use the Example rune page. It is equipped to handle almost every situation well enough with either Summoner Spell setup.

If you want to learn to build the ideal rune page for your matchup, keep on reading. There are numerous 'template' rune pages above, not just 'Example'. 44.png Taric is a flexible tank-support who can set up allies with stuns and invulnerability just as well as he can babysit (i.e. he protec, he attac).

I'll separate the runes by their roles as primary and secondary runes, so view whichever section is pertinent to your interests or simply read on. Here are some spicy primary runes to consider for Taric:
  • Resolve - improves your defense and provides you further ways to protect your team (via Guardian.png?width=32 Guardian)
  • Inspiration - provides you with free items and improved flexibility (via Summoner%20Specialist.png?width=32 Unsealed Spellbook)


Primary Runes

I'll outline two of the most common trees to take as Taric's primary runes. Resolve and Inspiration are great options for different reasons, so pick whichever primary tree best suits your personal playstyle. That being said, the keystones I've outlined are probably the ideal ones in either tree.

Primary - Resolve (More Shields)

Guardian.png?width=64 Guardian is our keystone of choice here. It gives us an extra layer of protection for our allies and is useful throughout all stages of the game AND for either playstyle (aggressive or otherwise). To trigger the shield, we need to be near an ally which we'll generally be doing if we're using heal (taricq.png) or ult (taricr.png).

Aftershock.png?width=32 Aftershock looks appealing on paper for our tanky gemstone-loving boy because of the generous bonus resists granted. The caveat is that Taric only has one way of triggering the keystone and it (tarice.png) is not a reliable stun. We cannot make use of this keystone as much as other more aggressively-specced tanks (e.g. 89.png Leona, 12.png Alistar) can.

Grasp%20of%20the%20Undying.png?width=32 Grasp of the Undying is better for a bruiser-style Taric, but not for us support types. Ignore this keystone.

Resolve minor runes:
  • Bone%20Plating.png?width=32 Bone Plating is the pick in the first tier; its high damage reduction is valuable on a tank-support, even though there is the ability for enemies to play around it. Font%20of%20Life.png?width=32 Font of Life isn't bad necessarily, but because we only have the one form of CC, its heal is triggered less often. Demolish.png?width=32 Demolish is situational - generally, don't take it unless you're in a push comp.
  • Your choice of either Conditioning.png?width=32 Conditioning or 5abd57da0f30230001f3edd9?width=32 Chrysalis.
    • 5abd57da0f30230001f3edd9?width=32 Chrysalis gives you some extra health to survive a particularly hard lane and rewards you a smidge more AP later.
    • You can opt for Conditioning.png?width=32 Conditioning instead if you feel like you don't need the early resists as much (i.e. you're in an easy lane).
  • Revitalize.png?width=32 Revitalize is the strongest option here. The other runes can give us more health or tenacity, but Taric has heals and shields aplenty so it's worthwhile to buff those.

Primary - Inspiration (More Spells)

Inspiration as a primary rune sacrifices the strong shield found in the Guardian keystone. What it gives us in return is the ability to swap out Spells when needed, as well as let us use them more frequently.

Summoner%20Specialist.png?width=64 Unsealed Spellbook is substantially different now. It lets us switch out Summoner Spells temporarily to fit the situation. There's a lot of power in having access to 12.png Teleport or 3.png Exhaust when you take the (14.png) Kill Spell as one of your initial slots. This option doesn't grant any Spell CDR, unfortunately, making it less valuable than it once was.

Glacial%20Augment.png?width=32 I honestly think it's entirely reasonable to assume Glacial Augment may see some use on Taric. Its slow values are approaching absurd numbers and gives our glimmerous support some soft CC to make landing his only stun (tarice.png) easier. That being said, a slow is only soft CC and doesn't help you to peel nearly as much as a shield would (as granted by Guardian.png?width=32 Guardian). Best paired with a Resolve splash (more on that later) as you don't want to die running up to get your slow proc.

Kleptomancy.png?width=32 Kleptomancy has some nice item pulls, but we'd want those mostly in the early-game to push an advantage. Not worth taking, in my opinion.

Inspiration minor runes:
  • Magical%20Footwear.png?width=32 Magical Footwear is my personal favourite and it's the most generally useful of the three runes in this tier. It saves you a ton of gold at the cost of not being able to rush boots. Perfect%20Timing.png?width=32 Stopwatch takes too long for it to be useful in the laning phase, though the free stasis is still invaluable. The extra channeled Hextech%20Flashtraption.png?width=32 Flash doesn't do much for Taric specifically due to the delay on his E (tarice.png); I would avoid this rune.
  • It's a toss-up between (Biscuit%20Delivery.png?width=32) free potions and (Futures%20Market.png?width=32) earlier core items.
    • Biscuit%20Delivery.png?width=32 Biscuit Delivery gives us extra sustain throughout the early-game. This is great for players who like to roam or if you feel like you'll be harassed frequently throughout the laning phase.
    • Futures%20Market.png?width=32 Future's Market is more situational. Take it when you think you'll need to rush a particular item in the matchup (e.g. a faster Redemption/Locket against an AoE heavy team).
  • In most cases, I take Cosmic%20Insight.png?width=32 Cosmic Insight as my third rune. The other two runes are very weak by comparison.


Secondary / Splash Runes

So, you've chosen your primary rune, you selected your keystone, and completed the left side of your rune page. Sweet. Now all you've left to do is pick a secondary rune to either complement your primary rune or shore up its weaknesses.

I'd only recommend three total splashes for Taric, though others may be more useful in time:
  • Resolve - improved defenses
  • Domination - utility (extra vision, item CDR, movement speed) and sustained damage
  • Inspiration - utility (free items and CDR)
As you can see in the Example page, it's a well-rounded page providing us with generally useful runes in all matchups. Mix and match runes to select what best works for you in that upcoming game. Don't be afraid to move secondary runes around.

Below, I'll detail the secondary runes I'd recommend for each of the trees I've listed above.


Secondary - Resolve (Defenses)

Resolve as a splash got quite better with the addition of Bone Plating, since now you can stack defensive runes to bulk yourself up if necessary. Missing out on Guardian isn't a huge deal if you can make the most out of the other keystones.
  • Bone%20Plating.png?width=32 Bone Plating offers us a great deal of damage mitigation at all stages of the game. There's not much reason to splash Resolve just for a boost in heal/shield power.
  • Your choice: 5abd57da0f30230001f3edd9?width=32 Chrysalis or Revitalize.png?width=32 Revitalize. They're common picks here for similar reasons as described earlier. Revitalize is generally useful and is good for most matchups while Chrysalis is for those harder ones.


Secondary - Domination (Utility - Item CDR and Vision)

Domination as a splash provides our fabulous defender with a great deal of item cooldown reduction and vision control. It is unique in that you can squeeze extra vision out of situations where other supports may run dry. This is best taken in the circumstances where you feel confident in your lane or team matchup.
  • Zombie%20Ward.png?width=32 Zombie Ward or Ghost%20Poro.png?width=32 Ghost Poro are both valuable resources for supports taking Domination, though I prefer the former. Zombie%20Ward.png?width=32 Zombie Ward comes out on top as it lets supports pace out their ward usage more efficiently; it can also lead to fun 'overwarding' situations where you have more wards down than should be legally allowed. Ghost%20Poro.png?width=32 Poro's better if your enemies aren't warding as much, but that happens less as you climb the ladder.
  • Ingenious%20Hunter.png?width=32 Ingenious Hunter gives us a ton of item cooldown reduction throughout the game, and even without takedowns provides double that of Cosmic%20Insight.png?width=32 Cosmic Insight (though that rune gives us a few other benefits). You can run Relentless%20Hunter.png?width=32 Relentless Hunter instead if you're more interested in roaming or want a bonus that's more useful early-/mid-game.


Secondary - Inspiration (Utility - CDR and Gold)

Inspiration offers us cooldown reduction in more areas than just items and gives us a few money-saving options to let us buy other items quicker. The value in buying your items faster than the enemy support can be (not so) surprisingly decisive, giving you and your team an edge in laning and teamfighting. This splash is generally useful in all games.
  • Either Magical%20Footwear.png?width=32 Magical Footwear or Perfect%20Timing.png?width=32 Perfect Timing. Both options are powerful, although you know me and free boots. We save 300 gold on purchasing tier-two boots, so we can put it towards other items. Perfect%20Timing.png?width=32 Stopwatch sadly doesn't build into anything useful for 44.png Taric, but the active can save lives; I find it a little redundant, especially considering your ult (taricr.png). Personally, I'd take boots in most games.
  • Although you could take (Biscuit%20Delivery.png?width=32) Biscuits here instead for two gold-saving options, the more valuable option is Cosmic%20Insight.png?width=32 Cosmic Insight. The extra CDR in four domains is invaluable, allowing us to cap out at 45% CDR in some games for ridiculous uptime on stuns and our ultimate.

179.pngOkay, that was a lot to take in. So what does it all mean? Well, it's mostly to stress that you've a lot of options. Try to pair things with what you find works best.

  • Want a tried-and-true rune page that will fit most situations? Resolve + Inspiration
  • Looking to maximize the sweet gains from an easy matchup? Consider Resolve / Inspiration + Domination!

Remember: be flexible with your runes! Select them according to the match you'll be playing!

Abilities Back to Top

Quick Guide: R>E>Q>W
Take R whenever possible, max E first for increased damage and lowered cooldown, max Q second for the increased heal (but beware of the mana cost), and max W last as it's a one-point-wonder. If the game demands it, instead consider maxing Q first and E second.

Don't skill immediately at Level 1.

Taric can skill anything at Level 1, honestly, but it's best to see what happens.

If you notice either team wants to scrap, consider taking your stun (tarice.png) first. If enemy harass will be a problem and/or you're not sure about your partner, consider taking Q (taricq.png). If you're not scared of anything, consider W (taricw.png).


taricpassive.png Passive: Bravado

The most important parts of this passive is the cooldown reduction on Taric's basic skills and the extra charge for your Q (taricq.png). The bonus damage is nice and can add up in trades, however, so be sure to make use of your autos after you stun a foe. It's this wonderful feedback loop of stunning someone, hitting them for more damage, and getting your stun to come off cooldown faster to do it all over again. Just watch your mana consumption.

taricq.png Q: Starlight's Touch

Mana-heavy charge-based heal. It heals in a small AoE centered around yourself and your (taricw.png) Bastion partner.

Don't spam the heal when it's off cooldown; cast it when you have around 3 or more stacks to make the most of your mana. While you can make charges while waiting around passively, you can get more of them through playing aggressively and making use of (taricpassive.png) Bravado-empowered basic attacks.

For example: Stun (tarice.png), then land your empowered basic attacks, cast Q (taricq.png), attack, Q again, attack, stun, ... (However, you'll note that this is very mana-intensive. This is why we go for a 3070.png Tear - more on that later.)

We max Q second because it's fairly mana-intensive early-game. The heal values can get pretty outrageous, though. As mentioned above, you can max Q first if your lane is particularly rough.

taricw.png W: Bastion

It shields, it passsively gives armour, but most importantly, you can cast your spells from your Bastion partner (like 117.png Lulu and luluq.png Glitterlance).

This thing is great and the tether range is actually quite large as well. Furthermore, you don't lose your partner if you exit the tether range. You just lose out on the ability to cast from their position until you rendezvous again.

We max W last because it's good enough at one point; we get a lot of value from just the first point we put into this skill.

tarice.png E: Dazzle

A delayed, short-range, AoE stun. This spell originates from you and your (taricw.png) Bastion partner. There's nothing much to write here about. They kept the fabulous name from the original Taric kit, at least.

We max E first due to its lowered cooldown and higher damage. It's important to note that the stun duration does not increase. Finally, as repeated throughout this section, you can max E second instead if you want stronger heals first.

taricr.png R: Cosmic Radiance

A delayed AoE invulnerability centered around you and your (taricw.png) Bastion partner.

The delay means you need to pop it early in a fight, just before or as the enemy initiates, or when you want to dive an enemy under a turret. If you do this, tank the turret shots yourself so your allies don't get thrown under the bus when the invulnerability wears off.

Don't confuse this with a stasis effect - it's like an AoE Intervention (judicatorintervention.png). You and your affected allies can still move, attack, and use items while under the effects of your radiant invulnerability.

Always skill R whenever possible.
So, taking this all into account, Taric is fully equipped to deal with all sorts of games. He's got heals, he's got shields, he's got stuns you ain't even tried, 'cause he's got support skills on every side.

Stand on the front lines and posture to setup allies with your stuns. Your kit works best when playing aggressively, so work with your team to ensure your ult's effectiveness is maximized.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Typical starting items. Potions are noncommital and give us enough early sustain.

Core Items

    Early core example. You can work towards Ardent or Redemption here, or rush Boots of Mobility.
    Transitioning to mid-core example. If you finish quest early, grab Sweeping Lens.
    Mid core example. You'll generally have finished your quest by now. Grab red trinket.
    Late core example. Swap out your boots for defensive ones if needed. You may also want to keep a 6th slot open for Control Wards.

Situational Items

    A strong early purchase. Get this earlier to snowball your ADC. Triggers off Q and W.
    A strong purchase in most games, but rush it against teams jam packed with AoE.
    Niche buy. Helps you with peeling. Get this if you need extra protection for your carry.
    A strong second or third purchase. Get this if your team needs the extra help against AoE.
    Niche buy. Get this if the enemy team is reliant on basic attacks for the bulk of their damage.
    Niche buy. Great for games where you need more options to engage or disengage.

Don't buy the same things every game. Supports have to be flexible with their item builds.

Your items need to fit the situations presented to you now and in the future. Support itemization is largely about knowing when to get something. Although this has been greatly simplified with patch 8.2, support itemization should still try to match the game you're in.


Starting Items

Being a melee support, you're inclined to take 3302.png Relic Shield in your games (3301.png Coin and 3303.png Spellthief's are unsuitable for our purposes of being tanky). Besides the extra health, Relic (3302.png) lets you share last-hit gold (no, you do not steal the gold from your carry; yes, you both get full gold from the kill). Try to keep in mind a few things when you start with this item:
  • It may help to communicate with your partner about what minions you'll aim for.
  • To optimize the amount of gold you and your carry receive, prioritize minion kills in the following way:
    1. Siege Minion / Super Minion (60g)
    2. Melee Minion (~21g)
    3. Caster Minion (~14g)
  • If you and your carry want to push the lane, try to execute minions as soon as possible to give your minions a number advantage.
  • If you and your carry want to freeze the lane (keep it in the same place), try to last-hit the minions you wish to execute as if you didn't have 3302.png Relic Shield.
Don't forget your 3340.png yellow trinket, either. The only real choice you have as a melee support right now is whether you want to grab thr- two 2003.png Health Potions or... nothing. You could save up for a 2031.png Refillable Potion on your first back, but it's no longer a possible starting option. It's generally not worth it, though. Stick with potions.

179.pngEarly Core (Laning)

You have four priorities as you work towards your first items.
  1. 2055.png ABC - Always Buy Control (Wards). Try to budget enough gold such that you can always afford one.
  2. 3070.png Tear of the Goddess. This may surprise you, but mana is incredibly useful on Taric. We want a huge pool.
  3. 1001.png Greater movement speed to keep up with enemies. If you've taken the Magical%20Footwear.png?width=32 Magical Footwear rune, ignore this for now.
  4. 3097.png Upgrading into Targon's Brace.
After your first back (or even on it), try to budget 75g to ensure you'll always be able to come to lane with a 2055.png Control Ward. This is crucial for denying enemy vision, which makes them more vulnerable to ganks and gives you more control over dragon. Your dot-pattern.png jungler will love you for it.

First and foremost, mana. If you read the Abilities section, you'll know Taric is a mana-hungry support. Incredibly so due to his low Q cooldown to refresh his other basic abilities' cooldowns further (namely his E (tarice.png)). This is why grabbing a 3070.png Tear of the Goddess on your first back is crucial to being able to keyboard your way to victory in a fight.

On melee tanks, such as 44.png Taric, you''ll find the increased movement speed from 1001.png Boots of Speed to be invaluable. Getting early boots is quite valuable, especially on melee supports that need to play aggressively, as it will help you roam, reposition in fights, and improve your odds of landing your only CC (tarice.png). However, if you took Magical%20Footwear.png?width=32 Magical Footwear, this can't be helped - instead work towards your other core items or 3097.png Targon's.

Speaking of, 3097.png Targon's Brace should be the next priority for the laning phase. It's a great way for you to increase your (and your ally's) gold generation and provides you with a bit of extra beefiness. The quest will generally auto-complete in time, but it will complete faster when sharing stacks and getting kills/assists.

If you complete your starting item's quest early, consider swapping to a red trinket (3364.png) as soon as possible. There are some corner case situations where you may want a fourth ward charge

Consider your purchases carefully as you proceed through the early game.

179.pngMid Core (AKA Puberty)

So mid-game is the awkward transition phase where a lot of players aren't sure what to do with themselves, their team, or even their enemies. Your (enemy's) tower is down and what's a support to do? Put pressure on objectives across the map (e.g. dragon, other lane's turrets) and flex your vision-giving muscle.

So what does this mean for us and our items? Things start coming together. We'll complete one or two of our big items here. Your build order may look something like this:
  1. Vision suite (2055.png Control Wards & 3364.png Oracle)
  2. Upgraded boots (see below)
  3. 3114.png Forbidden Idol
  4. Finish either 3504.png Ardent Censer or 3107.png Redemption
  5. Other situational items
First of all, upgraded boots. Increased movement speed is incredibly valuable on 44.png Taric. If you find yourself wanting the early movement speed to roam, then consider grabbing 3117.png Boots of Mobility. However, if you're more interested in a general utility build or don't plan on roaming as much, then consider 3111.png Merc Treads or 3047.png Ninja Tabi (whichever suit the game better).

Generally, you'll want to buy a 3114.png Forbidden Idol in this phase of the game. 3504.png Ardent is pretty disgusting on Taric due to the AoE heals and on-demand shield, so you can expect to get a good amount of use out of the unique passive. The idol also builds into 3107.png Redemption, which is another great early buy - especially against enemy AoE compositions. In most games, you'll eventually want both, although Redemption may wait until later in the game if you're not rushing it.

Some other tips at this stage of the game:
  • After you get your 3401.png Remnant, finish up 3504.png Ardent and/or 3107.png Redemption. Then work towards other situational items depending on the state of the game.
  • Try to always remember to buy 2055.png Control Wards.These will remain crucial throughout the game as a way to deny enemy vision and provide your own, especially as your team takes more objectives around the map.
  • If you didn't already get it, the 3364.png Oracle trinket is an invaluable tool for supports to get at this stage of the game for similar reasons as the Control Wards above.

179.pngLate Core

Teamfights and picks make up the bulk of this phase of the game. Vision control is as important as ever in this phase, as you'll want to deny enemy vision and pressure them into making bad plays. It's in this phase where you probably will not reach six items, nor should you always aim for that. There are some things to keep in mind during this part of the game:
  • Don't neglect to buy 2055.png Control Wards as long as you have inventory space open. You may want to omit a sixth item just to keep your team in control of the vision game.
  • We can sell the 3070.png Tear of the Goddess here if you want to buy a fifth item and still have space open for wards. The mana it gives us becomes less valuable in the mid-/late-game, but is essential for ability spamming early on.
  • If you bought 3117.png Boots of Mobility before and have nothing else to buy, consider swapping them out for a pair of defensive boots (either 3111.png Merc Treads or 3047.png Ninja Tabi). However, I'd suggest avoiding this if your team relies on you flanking.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Bard
  • Blitzcrank
  • Brand
  • Braum
  • Janna
  • Karma
  • Leona
  • Lulu
  • Morgana
  • Nami
  • Rakan
  • Sona
  • Soraka
  • Tahm Kench
  • Vel'Koz
  • Zyra



12.png Big ol' cow may look scary, and rightfully so as he's a huge bully, but you're 44.png Taric.

This lane is easy if you don't try to force fights - let your carry farm up and grow big and strong. If you get initiated on, Taric's fairly bulky and has a lot of tools to survive. Keep calm and farm on.




He's not the worst opponent you'll ever meet, but certainly one of the more annoying.

Stay wary of 432.png Brad's annoying Q (bardq.png), especially around the minion waves. Stay mobile and try not to take too much harass from him. You will definitely find ganks valuable in shutting this nerd down. Thankfully, Bard needs his tunnel (barde.png) to be mobile and in-lane, that's not always available. As such, he's fairly vulnerable to ganks.

Amusingly, Bard's ult (bardr.png) works in tandem with yours (taricr.png). Pop your ult just as your team's about to get hit by his, and you'll emerge from the stasis invulnerable.




If you or your carry gets pulled (rocketgrab.png), keep the hook victim alive with a shield (taricw.png) before/after the hook. Maybe toss in a heal (taricq.png), and then go to town stunning (tarice.png) 53.png Blitzcrank or his ADC.

Blitzcrank isn't so scary to deal with as Taric. Consider warding the lane bushes so that you can monitor his movements better. If he plays aggressively, body block and counter-aggress. If the robot goes silent, let your carry grow big and strong via farming.

Worst case scenario, just stand in front of your ADC to body block any incoming hooks and to make pathing towards them for a knock-up (powerfist.png) harder.



63.png Brand takes a big dump in your cereal. This guy is rude.

Beware his long-range high damage poke (blame this garbage: brandw.png). Try to dance around his stun (brandq.png) especially and stay away from your ADC just enough so that you don't both eat the AoE damage going out. 63.png Brand, thankfully, is rather slow for a support and can be ganked with relative ease.

Just, uh, don't stack up when he hits 6 (brandr.png).



201.png Braum's a pushover. He's tanky, got lots of CC, but hardly any damage himself.

If he wants to engage, you can easily walk away and stay healthy doing it - or even counter-engage. His E (braume.png) can't block any of your skills.

Still, the best option is just to stay safe and protect your carry.



Good news: 40.png Janna can't really kill you or your ADC.

Bad news: you can't really kill Janna or her ADC.

So, take this opportunity to either farm up if your ADC scales better than hers or to call for some ganks on this lane. If you can, bait out the W (sowthewind.png) or shield (eyeofthestorm.png) by lightly aggressing, then commit more when your gank arrives and her defenses are down.

Roaming's another option, but as always be wary of the state of the game.




Another poke-heavy ranged champion, this time with an annoying amount of sustain! 43.png Karma's a beyotch.

Like with all poke-heavy champions, play it safe and try your best to duck and weave around the harass (karmaq.png). She'll also generally outrun your stun thanks to her shield (karmasolkimshield.png). Pay special attention to Karma - she'll want to basic attack more often than other poke-heavy champions. This reduces her cooldowns, making her poke come up more frequently.

Try to counter aggress if she gets too greedy and overextends, but don't overcommit yourself. Have your ADC stay healthy and farm up until you can call a gank on this nerd.



89.png Leona may look scary, but you're 44.png Taric. This is very similar to your matchup with 12.png the cow. You eat tank supports for breakfast.

Your best bet is to play it safe and farm up. 89.png Leona will likely either get impatient or try to roam. If she initiates (leonazenithblade.png/leonasolarflare.png), protect your team and yourself via heals (taricq.png) and shields (taricw.png), then you can counter-engage on her ADC while her skills are down - or just simply return to farming.



117.png Lulu's got some serious poke (luluq.png), though her kit's not as egregious as other poke champions.

That being said, avoid taking free harass and farm up. If she tries to play too aggressively and uses Whimsy (luluw.png) to apply pressure, consider counterattacking now that her haste is down. Due to that same skill, Lulu's lane may be harder to gank than other poke-heavy supports.

To reiterate, farm up and stay healthy. Be patient and don't let her ult (lulur.png) bait you into a bad trade.



blackshield.png Black Shield. blackshield.png Black Shield. blackshield.png Black Shield.

25.png Morgana probably isn't overpowered, but boy does she sure feel like it when you're playing against her. Be passive, be a baby, and stay healthy. Your only stun is hard countered by her E (blackshield.png). Also, she has some long-range poke which is fairly hard-hitting.

On the plus side, if Morgana pops ult (soulshackles.png), you can just do the same (taricr.png). If you pop yours around the same time, you'll always avoid the second instance of damage.

Strategy? Farm, farm, farm. Alternatively, have your ADC play more aggressively with you and try to threaten to double stun her.



267.png Fish can be tricky.

She'll poke often (namiw.png), but her range is rather short for it. Punish her going for the bounce-heal-haste (namipassive.png) and land a sick nasty stun (tarice.png) if you wish to aggress against her. Nami's fairly strong at disengaging, though, so you may find it more worthwhile to just avoid the poke and farm up as much as possible.

If you have an extremely aggressive ADC, however, you can often fillet 267.png Nami while staying relatively healthy. She depends heavily on getting incremental advantage in-lane.




Pluck 497.png Rakan's feathers!

He'll either try to fish for Q (rakanq.png) procs to heal his ADC (so do your best to avoid those) or all-in with his knock-up (rakanw.png). If it's the latter, just shield up (taricw.png) and counter-aggress with a solid stun (tarice.png). Because his initiation is so telegraphed and puts himself in melee range, you should have no problem landing your stun if you cast it before the kncok-up triggers.

In the event that Rakan just stays back because he's terrified of you, congratulations! Farm up and get that gold.



37.png She'll pluck some strings at you ferociously, but it only puts her in danger. Seriously though, she's not a big threat. She'll try to poke you out with Q (sonaq.png) and can heal up any poke your ADC throws out. If you wish to retaliate when she gets close to poke, be aware of her haste (sonae.png) - she may be able to outrun your stun (tarice.png).

Do your best to stay healthy and farm up. Staying in the minion wave is a good way to force her to get close, due to her Q's targeting mechanics. Try to meet her aggression and stun her just as she hopes to poke you. 37.png Sona's can prove to be a nuisance, but is very squishy.



16.png Goat vs 44.png Gem: Farmville Battle!

Seriously though, she's not a big threat. She'll try to poke you out with Q (sorakaq.png), but dodge it and shrug it off. Be aware of her ability to bait after hitting level 6 (sorakar.png).

Have your ADC farm up. Your jungler or mid should gank her as she has no escape skills nor hard CC to stop you from walking up on her for a quick stun (tarice.png). Prioritize killing the goat to stop the influx of healing.


Tahm Kench

223.png Tahm is rough. I grossly misinterpreted this matchup.

The catfish is large and in charge due to his innate tankiness, tank shredding damage, and ability to protect his own carry with Devour (tahmkenchw.png). He'll lick you, spit on you, and remain healthy doing so.

You'll either want to stay far back and farm up, or have your ADC play forward with you to give your stuns more coverage (i.e. remove the option for Tahm to retreat with his carry if he were to eat them and run).




Poke-heavy champions are your bane. 161.png Vel is no exception to this rule.

Dodge his arsenal of poke as best you can and watch out for cheeky Qs (velkozq.png) fired into terrain to mask the projectile. Also, don't underestimate his ult (velkozr.png) - he will almost always try to combo it off of his knock-up (velkoze.png) upon hitting level 6.

Like other long-range poke champions, the beholder is vulnerable to ganks and gap-closers. Until you get some assistance from your allies, farm up and stay healthy.



143.png Zyra's going to give you some serious headaches, similar to a certain annoying candlestick (63.png).

Play it safe and try not to eat too much harass (usually her Q (zyraq.png)). Pop those seedlings (zyraw.png) when you can and remember to basic attack the ranged plants (as they die in one hit now).

Just like with other powerful poke champions, 143.png Zyra lacks escape skills and is very susceptible to ganks and death. In the meanwhile, have your ADC farm up and keep them relatively healthy.

Synergies Back to Top

This section will be brief, but you can take any ol' ADC as 44.png Taric. You should aim for a more aggressive partner to make the most of your aggressive kit. Other good options are carries who can poke and scale well (e.g. 22.png Ashe, 222.png Jinx).

Preferred Marksmen:


These carries excel at aggressing against their enemies or being able to chain CC together.
  • 51.png Caitlyn can harass the enemy constantly and follow up your stun (tarice.png) with a snare (caitlynyordletrap.png) of her own. Having a large beefcake support acting as a wall and guardian can also give her a lot of freedom when it comes to both sieging and doling out the harshness in teamfights late-game. 222.png Jinx works well with Taric for a lot of similar reasons.
  • 236.png Lucian is a mobile ADC who can easily capitalize on your aggressive plays. Giving him your Bastion (taricw.png) buff/shield also is reassuring to him, as Lucian's the kind of carry who needs to get up-close to the enemy. 18.png Tristana benefits from Taric in similar ways to the Purifier, although she has the added benefit of being able to sit much further back late-game.
  • Similar to the more mobile ADCs mentioned above, 29.png Twitch is a great partner for Taric as he can aid in the aggressive plays in-lane with stealth (twitchhideinshadows.png) and his poison stacks. This stinky rat also has the added benefit of having a very strong late-game due to his ability to dish out a lot of damage in an AoE, but lacks the repositioning in a fight that other carries may have. But with Taric there to protect him, Twitch is ensured to get his damage off makes the two a formidable couple. Also, you can do some silly stealth-ult (taricr.png) shenanigans.

Preferred Non-Marksmen:


These partners may not look like your typical marksman, but can prove to be quite deadly given the right team makeup.
  • 13.png Ryze is one example of an AP carry who benefits from having the extra durability and CC you provide to a team. You can play passive and help him farm up, or go on the aggressive and lock down nerds with low-cooldown CC.
  • 39.png Irelia and 157.png Yasuo are both good carry-killers that can benefit from having a lane partner, though they can function just as well in a solo lane. Set up kills with stuns and let them farm up safely with well-timed heals and shields.

Playstyle Tips Back to Top

Taric's Playstyle:

44.png Taric is a tank-support who can both aggress and play more of a babysitter's role. Though he may lack the strong initiation that other tank supports have (e.g. 12.png Alistar, 89.png Leona), Taric's versatility and unique ultimate make him viable for almost all team compositions. Poke champions tend to get the best of Taric. Having no long-range initiation means he's at the mercy of poke-heavy enemies. On the other hand, Taric is amazing at being an anti-tank tank.

Ideally, you'll want to be cautiously aggressive. Look for your opening and bully enemies who wander into your range.

Now, keep in mind: aggressive DOES NOT mean balls-deep, all-the-time, run-at-them-24/7 aggressive. You need to be calculated with your initiations and learn to punish enemy misplays or greedy decisions. Also, be aware of your team's need for you to peel enemies off your carry/carries.

NOTE: you can take the gemmy boi mid-lane and run him as a durable wave-clearer with an early E (tarice.png) max. I don't recommend doing this unless your composition has two physical damage dealers, preferably at least one of whom is melee.


  • Stand in front of or next to your carry, never behind them. Help your ADC feel confident in you being there to support them. Being shoulder-to-shoulder has its risks, but generally gives you more coverage for your skills, especially E (tarice.png).
  • Protect your ADC with your life. Mostly. Unless they're being a clown and actively throwing themselves into the enemy team, try your best to intercept skillshots that your ADC may not dodge in time. However, don't mistake this as advice to feed; be a guardian, but also be smart.
  • Wait for Q (taricq.png) charges. The heal is pitiful without them. Additionally, you will spend the same amount of mana in one cast, no matter how many charges you consume. Well, it's usually best to wait.
  • Abuse your Q (taricq.png) and your passive (taricpassive.png) to reduce your other basic cooldowns! Make full use of your cooldown reduction basic attacks after casting a spell to get numerous stuns out in a fight!
  • Pop your ult (taricr.png) early. If you don't factor in the delay on the invulnerability, you and your team will eat a faceful of damage and then become immune when they're all fairly low, retreated from battle, or both.
  • Your /joke is amazing. Those amazing poses are great spam fodder to annoy your enemies or just to amuse yourself while waiting in the first few seconds of the game.

Roaming Back to Top


/roʊm/ (NA)     /rəʊm/ (UK)
  1. To move around the map with a purpose (e.g. pressuring a lane, taking an objective, warding, etc.)
  2. To waste time and piss off one's ADC

179.pngRoaming is an important aspect of playing League of Legends, and this is no less true if you're a support player. In fact, one could argue it's a vital aspect of playing the role. It's vital because it allows your team to effectively have two junglers. In less sensationalized words, roaming gives you the power as a support to impact other lanes and help carry your team to victory.

But before we start roaming, we need to know when to do so.

When is it appropriate to roam?

Ask yourself (in order of descending priority):
  1. Are there any opportunities? (Are any lanes overextended? Is Dragon/Rift Herald/Baron up? Did nearby wards expire or get cleared? Does your ally have CC? etc.)
  2. Will you roaming actually accomplish anything? (e.g. If you're trying to gank a 122.png 4/0 Darius with a 92.png 0/4 Riven, you're just walking into a double kill.)
  3. If you leave, are you putting your ADC at risk or preventing them from farming safely?
  4. Did you communicate that you wanted to roam to your team? (Seriously, use the 'On My Way' ping at least!)
Generally, if you answered 'no' to any question, you're likely not in a good position to roam right now. Otherwise, let's roam.


Oh, and remember:

You don't have to roam alone!

Roaming is a lot safer and has a higher success rate if you can pull another teammate along to help out (usually the jungler, but sometimes even the other solo laner may come).

Make sure to communicate with your team and try to see if they're comfortable with you roaming up to help them or if they can assist with a nearby objective. Even if you're just going out to ward the nearby area, just type a quick "warding" if you can. Some people may not want you to gank their lane, but you can simply drop a ward in the area.

Speaking of warding...

Warding Back to Top

The Art of Warding

tl;dr - look at the mini-map; ward early and efficiently

Anyone can just slap a ward down and call it "vision," but a support player will take warding to the slightly-higher next level. We will cross the boundary of what is and isn't truly "vision." We will make warding an art.

... okay, well, not really. But there ARE ward spots that will vary in usefulness depending on the state of the game. So many bushes and so many intersections, yet so few wards. Before we eagerly expel our ward charges, try to consider that to ward effectively, you must ward before things happen.

Think upon your experiences: have you ever had a game where you warded - only to realize you're now facing the enemy ambush? Any situations where you went "I wish I knew [person] was coming down earlier?"

Well, don't blame your teammates for not communicating - hone your map awareness and look for problems before they arise. This will become easier and easier as you practice it in-game, so try not to get flustered or frustrated as you play.

Lastly, warding will generally fall into either aggressive (proactive) or defensive (reactive) wards, though some outliers exist.
  • The overall idea is that aggressive wards are riskier to place, but reward your team with deeper vision (meaning your team can see where the enemy is moving in their own territory).
  • On the other hand, defensive wards are safer for you to place, but yield less fruitful information.

Ward Here During The First Minutes

You should generally communicate with your jungler during this phase. If your team wants to invade early, then aggressive wards should help (like at enemy buffs). Likewise, if your jungler just wants to start at their own buff, ward defensively to get information about any enemy movements.

Here are some examples of early defensive wards:

Ward Here During Laning

Ward 1 - This is a good aggressive ward spot for red team. As blue, you'd probably want a ward near wraiths instead.
Ward 2 - Aggressive ward for both teams. Great for spotting incoming ganks and dragon attempts. You can put it closer to the lip of the dragon pit, but be careful not to put the ward too far inside.
Ward 3 - This location is good for either team if they're trying to cover as much area as possible with just a single ward. However, doing this will limit the amount of time you have to respond to ganks (as it is closer to lane).

Try to avoid warding the lane bushes as it's often unnecessary due to the minion wave ebbing and flowing (heh). Some exceptions to this rule would be if you're facing off against 53.png Blitzcrank or 412.png Thresh.

Ward Here During A Push

I'm not going to detail every single possible tower and its corresponding ward spots, so I'll just use one example to illustrate where might be worthwhile spots.
Ward 1 - High value ward spot. Spots enemies leaving their base via gates, trying to flank from another lane, etc.
Ward 2 - High value ward spot. Same reasons as Ward 1.
Ward 3 - Moderate value ward spot. Common intersection for flank/ambush attempts.
Ward 4 - Moderate value ward spot. Same reasons as Ward 3. You'll have to make a choice between this and #3.

You can also choose to put a ward further back in the same lane as where you're pushing.

Ward Here When Taking Objectives

I'll use Rift Herald / Baron as an example, but these ideas can be applied when pressuring/taking Dragon as well.

When playing as the Blue Team:

C Ward - Deny enemy vision and make it riskier for them to approach. Make sure the Control Ward's radius covers everything in the pit.
Ward 1 - The infamous 'trick ward'. Covers an important bush. To ward from within the pit, aim for the top of the tree (like so). For Dragon pit, aim for the peak of the rock (like so).
Ward 2 - Gives vision behind the pit. Allows you to monitor enemies who want to try sneaky plays.
Ward 3 - Try to get this ward in as early as possible to reduce risk of running into enemies. Gives vision of nearby intersection.

When playing as the Red Team:

C Ward - Deny enemy vision and make it riskier for them to approach. Make sure the Control Ward's radius covers everything in the pit.
Ward 1 - A useful intersection to cover. You can move this ward further south into the bush.
Ward 2 - Another useful intersection to cover. You'll want to keep this ward south enough to see who's hiding behind the wall to the right.
Ward 3 - Depending on the enemy's location, having this ward as insurance against flanks is a good idea.
Don't let these examples be the only wards you place down. Use your head and judge what's safe or useful for your team in that situation.

Update Log Back to Top

2018-08-01 (Minor tweaks)

  • RIP 2031.png Refillable Potion start.


2018-05-14 (Minor tweaks)

  • Updated runes section. Resolve splash has been updated.
  • Update synergies section. Now featuring non-marksmen partners!
  • Updated tips section. You can take the fabulous support mid, but it requires a bit of a different team composition than most have.


2018-05-14 (Minor tweaks; Resolve's slightly worse!)

  • Updated runes section: Resolve runes were hit a little bit, but they're still good. More notably, Summoner%20Specialist.png?width=32 Spellbook has no Spell CDR anymore.
  • Added 2065.png Shurelya's to the situational item section.


2018-04-17 (Minor tweaks)

  • Updated items section: Sweeper gone, Oracles earlier. That's all.


2018-04-05 (Minor tweaks)

  • Updated items section: minion gold values and 3190.png Locket is still great for us (the nerf hit its late-game, but the item's stats are still useful). 3047.png Tabi were nerfed but they're still useful if you don't need the tenacity from 3111.png Merc.


2018-03-25 (Minor tweaks; Conditioning and Ignite)

  • Updated runes section. Iron Skin and Mirror Shell are gone, long live Conditioning.png?width=32 Conditioning!
  • 14.png Ignite was buffed! 10 extra damage with which to slay your enemies.


2018-03-07 (Minor tweaks; Banner's a great situational item, y'all)

  • Updated items section to include 3060.png Banner. Even post-nerf, it's still useful for pushing and sieging, especially against pesky wave clearin' nerds.


2018-03-04 (Minor tweaks; bolding some text)

  • Bolded some text because it looks more important.
  • Added a small bit of text on why 29.png Twitch is a pretty decent partner.


2018-03-01 (Major changes)

  • A friend of a friend of mine who mains Taric was a huge help in the following adjustments for the guide. Thanks, Wrath!
  • Spells section updated. Exhaust is good, but 14.png Ignite's better! Be aggressive and play to your strengths in lane.
  • Overhauled item section to accurately reflect current Taric trends. Prepare to 3070.png cry.
  • Clarified some matchups. Boy, Tahm is annoying.
  • BTW, I am property of a Goddess Mari and her divine feet and shoes. I am nothing if I cannot huff the stank from her disgustingly worn in flats, or drink from her rancid socks



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