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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Terminator Teemo 14.png4.png

  • Having flash and ignite you will be able to bait kills and first blood easily as it also applies a healing debuff 
  • Ignite + poison + shroom = lots of shredding to your target so it will be very effective.
  • Helps you win trades
  • Effectively squashes squishies
  • Less effective against sheilds
  • Most recommended 

Terminator Teemo II 3.png4.png

  • Effective against Auto-Attack damage reliant Champions
  • Weakens ganks from jungler
  • Good for chasing and escaping
  • Great for baiting

Split-push / Ganking Teemo 12.png4.png

  • Constant pushing your lane and gank other lane when you have the opportunity 
  • Teleport gives you more lane control
  • Forces you to play more passive in lane
  • Good lane control
  • GG

Main Spells

14.png Ignite

One of the more commonly used by summoners for its focused and aggressive nature. Basically it's a heal reduction and will increase your damage output. It DoT True damage is beast for securing kills with your poison.

4.png Flash

The best summoner and should be used every game. Why? You can easily escape or catch up with an enemy and can be used to dodge or land abilities. Lets you escape or chase over walls. Can instantaneously reposition yourself to avoiding a combo or skill shot.



12.png Teleport

Can be used for counter-ganking lanes or help team mates against global ultimates. Grabbing teleport will make you play more passive in-lane. This spell requires skill in solo queue to make consistently good use of it.

3.png Exhaust

 A situational summoner spell, powerful for disabling auto attack champions or for any high damage dealing champion. Also good for chasing, escaping and helpful against ganks. 

6.png Ghost

A good reliable summoner spell to take ( After being buffed 6.10, CDR reduced to 180 seconds from 210 and Movement speed increased to 28% -45% based on level from 27% at all levels. ). Don't replace with flash though.

"Eh" Alternatives

1.png  Cleanse 

Not recommended usually. It is only somewhat useful when your enemy team is heavily packed with CC. It will provide you with 3 seconds of 65% crowd control reduction but has no effect on suppression.

21.png Barrier

Will block any source of damage and can bait people very easily.It will not be affected by the effects of the grievous wounds de-buff. Same thing as heal except it doesn't heal your allies. Provides nothing to boost your offensive potential. 

7.png Heal

Will heal you and all your allies near you and is also great for baiting people. Your heal will be reduced by 50 % if your opponent has ignite. It doesn't provide you with anything to boost offensive potential.


Lol? no...

2.png Clairvoyance

 Just let your support take this summoner spell. Sure you can check brushes or river for ganks by it will provide you with zero offense power.

13.png Clarity

Learn to manage your mana better, or stop spamming your spells. 

10.png Revive

Why are you dying bro? Teemo is very difficult to gank after level 6. He has a built in Ghost and has built in map control with his Noxious Traps.

11.png Smite

...Only use if your jungling Teemo, which you shouldn't be doing because this is a AD Tankeemo Top lane guide?

New Runes Back to Top

Abilities Back to Top


  • Get this level 3
  • Max this last, you won't be able to harass with this spell because its too costly.

  • Get this level 2
  • Max it out after your ( E ) poison
  • This is key to chasing down enemy(s) or escaping

  • Get this level 1
  • Max this spell out first, it is your bread and butter
  • You can't harass without this

  • This spell has multiple purposes ex. warding, deal damage, protect against ganks , etc...
  • Traps have the ability to save lives or kill off low hp enemy champions

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Good generic start. Always buy Pots and Wards on your way back to lane. You never know when you will need them!
    Vs. AD bruisers
    For kiting
    Most preferred start atm

Core Items

    Standard Core Rush for Hextech-Nashor build. Check author's notes for more details on build.
    On-hit build.
    Preferred Core Build Season 8

Situational Items

    Nashor-Hextech build. Check author's notes for more details on build. Generic good overall build for any ELO.
    Season 8 Shroom Build. Build is recommended for lower ELO.
    Preferred Season 8 build for Teemo. This build is better for higher ELO

Current Build 

  1. 1054.png1056.png
  2. 3146.png
  3. 3115.png3151.png
  4. 3102.png3135.png
  5. 3157.png3089.png3116.png3100.png 3165.png( Pick one for your last item if you don't need a defensive item )
  6. 3065.png3102.png3001.png3512.png3194.png ( If you don't need anymore damage then pick any defensive item that suits your game) 

Fervor Frozen Mallet Build in Depth

  1. 2033.png1056.png 
  2. 3047.png3111.png3009.png (Best to last in order)
  3. 3022.png
  4. 1419.png (only if you have smite) otherwise get 3153.png
  5. 3085.png or 3091.png (Usually Runaans)
  6. Last Item depends3124.png3135.png3153.png3146.png

2033.pngCorruption Potion
Just to put it simply, HP potions aren't as good as refillable potions. Corruption potions is a better choice over other starting items (1055.png1054.png1056.png), because the leftover gold is spent on health potions because you started Dorans. Also gives very good sustain.

3022.png  Frozen Mallet
3052.png Gives you a total of 300 health. Overall,  3022.png gives gives you lots of health, very good against burst damage, and icy passive good for chasing down and kiting.

3091.pngWits End
A good buy on 17.png Damage, resistance, attack speed. Good versus squishies, deals on-hit and steals magic resist and is efficient.

Hextech Core Items in Depth

  1. 1056.png2003.png
  2. 3146.png 3020.png3363.png
  3. 3115.png  
  4. 3151.png
  5. 3135.png
  6. 3102.png 3026.png < or if you don't need a defensive item > 3089.png3157.png

3146.png Hextech Gunblade
Even with buffs too 3153.png3146.png is still the go to item for this build. 3153.png is not worth the rush for AP teemo because it's mainly valued for it's attack speed and percent damage, which works fantastic on on-hit teemo. 3146.png gives 17.png the burst and sustain he needs.
Just to compare the two items:

3153.png                        vs                        3146.png 
+15% Lifesteal                                   +15% off of all damage dealt & procs off all abilities    
+40 AD                                             +40 AD & +80 AP
550range                                          +700 range
deals % damage                                 Deals flat magic damage
steals 25% movement speed                Slows champion by 40%          

3115.png Nashor's tooth
Nashor's tooth provides lots of variety to champions who find what it offers to be beneficial. Gives you a decent amount of ability power (+80) and a ton of attack speed making it a powerful item on teemo. Its unique passive (+15 ( +15% AP) on-hit magic damage)  adds more AP damage to teemo's auto attacks, making it all the better along with the +20 CD.

3135.png Void Staff

 A generally good item on teemo because every single one of your abilities deals magic damage. Ignores 35% of the enemy's MR but also, Void staff works on base resistance as well.

3151_64.png LIANDRY'S TORMENT  

Liandry's Torment will not proc from your Toxic Shot ( E ), but if you plan to play more AP then this item will give your Shrooms a BIG kick as you watch your enemies health bar drain much faster than usual because of the additional DoT. The spell damage is not specific about damage type, both physical and magic damage spells work. If you didn't know Liandry's ticks will tick6 times at half second intervals. Each tick does 1 % of enemy current health as magic damage. Damage from each tick is calculated individually. This effect checks on every tick if the enemy movement is impaired and will deal double the magic damage ( 2 % ) if true

Situational items ( in depth )


3065_64.pngSPIRIT VISAGE
Ever since the change/buff on spirit visage its been very viable on Teemo. It is very good for a heavy AP team or a balanced enemy team. This Items adds to beefing up the Swageemo and gives you gives you a higher chance of surviving in team fights as well. The 20 % Cool down reduction is great which means your spells can be used more but mainly your Shroom CD will be lowered which is great since you wont be getting blue buff much. Its Unique passive increases your healing, regeneration and drain effects on yourself by 20 % which works great with BOTRK and if you don't know when it says "Drain" it is referring to life steal, spell vamp, health stealing ability, and drain life type effects. Spirit Visage's passive will only work on the healing effects sourced from yourself, targeting yourself.

3102_64.png- BANSHEE'S VEIL

 They're better defensive items then Banshee's Veil but it is not a bad. This item is great for when you happen to face a team which most of their damage comes from Magic Power which is where 3102_32.png comes into play. This item is usually a defensive item bought by carries. With its nice boost of defensive stats, Mr, Health, Passive shield and Health Regeneration. This item is known mostly for its passive shield it provides, which blocks one enemy ability directed against you every 25 seconds you don't take damage. You can break countless combo's with this item and can even get away with low health from champion such as 30_64.png and his ultimate.=. 

3026_64.png - Guardian's Angel

I don't recommend this item every game, just being clear. If you are attracting a lot of attention in the team fights, and you can't afford to die, then a GA isn't a bad choice. When you buy a GA, right away the enemy team really wont focus you first in team fights or at most will make them hesitant. If you lose your positioning or just in general get unlucky playing with a uncoordinated team then guardian angel will give you that second chance to get back in the game. This item may look a bit expensive but it's a good situational buy.

3143_64.png RANDUIN'S OMEN and FROZEN HEART  3110_64.png

Sometimes I will replace Spirit Visage with Randuins Omens or might even buy both if your Team needs some beef. I would usually go for the Randuin's Omens mainly for the health and beef though both items are good. Here is a tip, when we talk about attack speed, it is very close or almost equal the the Champion's base attack speed. All The Bonus attack speed you get from runes and Items are multiplied by the champions Attack Speed. Attack Speed reductions works a bit different. Just like a 10 % movement speed increase will not cancel out a 10 % slow, a 30 % attack speed reduction will reduce more attack speed than a  30 % attack speed boost. So in the end Attack speed reductions will over power Attack Speed boots. 

3083_64.png - WARMOG'S ARMOR

This item isn't as good as it once was because of its nerf. That's why I wouldn't recommend this item unless you are losing your lane hard to Champion that deal True Damage Ex. 31_64.png122_64.png because health is the only way to counter their ultimates. If you don't plan on building Frozen Mallet then Warmog's wouldn't be a bad substitute for the health. Or if you don't want to build a 3065_32.png or a 3143_32.png then 3083_32.png is the way to go!


Executioners Calling is a situational item on Teemo and it synergizes okay with this item build and Teemo's poison. What I mean by synergizing is combining Teemo's poison plus Executioners Calling passive " Your basic attacks inflict Grevious Wounds on enemy champion for 1.5 seconds". The passive can hard counter to champions with healing abilities. By buying  Executioner's Calling, teemo can beat heroes like Shen, Garen, and even Vladimir in lane who are immovable or champions with good sustain. This item is not recommended every game.

3091_64.png - WIT'S END

You should buy this item when you are playing against an AP top. Buying Wits End while having 3065_32.png will make you much harder to deal against. This item is good because you deal magical damage and steal magic resistance with every hit. This item will work wonders especially if you are winning your lane hard, or just snowballing your lane.

3156_64.png - MAW OF MALMORTIUS 

If you plan to get an 3155_32.png  during your early game when against an enemy AP at top lane, you should plan on upgrading it to 3156_32.png when you feel like Hexdrinker isn't enough anymore. This item works well against magic dealing teams or teams with CC. This is a great item because it can block the initial burst of damage from a enemy champion and give a chance either run away or attack. Keep in mind at 30 % of total health, when this item's passive shield is activated, it will provide you with a maximum of 35 bonus AD. 

This item is pretty insane after the changes. You can tell how broken this item is on any champion that can synergize well with it (like Jax, Xin, and Kogmaw). It gives you both attack damage and ability power, which your percent health scales with. It gives you 64 % attack speed at 8 stacks (max stacks). Also gives you an AoE like Hydra on basic attacks EXCEPT it cost hella lost (2500g). 

3044_64.png - PHAGE

Phage has been changed, and I can only think about how beast of an item this is. For a 1250 gold you get an average item with 200 health and 20 attack damage. The beauty of this item is it's passive, every time you fire an auto attack your champ gets a 20 bonus movement speed boost for two second. Get a kill and you get a 60 movement speed boost for two seconds. If you think about it gaining 20 or 60 movement speed is actually pretty strong. Teemo has a built in movement speed boost, making his MS above average, but while farming your movement speed can easily be in the 430-500 range. Phage doesn't really fall into any of the standard items you would buy for Teemo, only thing it builds for Teemo is Triforce which is a strong item at the moment.


3050_64.png - ZEKE'S HERALD

This is one hell of a team fighting item. If you plan to play the support bruiser role for your team then this item is fantastic. 3050_32.png gives attack damage and life steal to your team and health and cooldown reduction to you. I see this item being bought more and I'm glad because it is a good item. If you don't plan on playing the role of a support bruiser in team fights and more of a carry role then this item will be a complete waste. 

This is a very generic support item. This will increase survivability by granting you all a shield. It also proves you with health, amour and cool down reduction. Again, only buy this item if you're going to play the support bruiser role for your team. 

3069_64.png - SHURELYA'S REVERIE 

If you're playing support Teemo then building Shurelya's is good. You will have your basic utility stats and gold per second. If you're not playing in the support area then this item will be complete shit for you because it will be useless for every situation. You have to take advantage of your god given harass and poke as Teemo and this item will do you no good. Only decent stat will be the speed boost for your team and yourself.

( Assuming your building AP )

3089_64.png - RABADON'S DEATHCAP

This is more of a sugar coating item. After you have built a decent amount of Ability Power, you buy this item to give a really big boost. This item scales with the amount of Ability Power you have so this item isn't usually taken first or rushed. Usually around Mid game most players will take this. This item is a must buy for any Teemo who plans on focusing his build around Ability Power.

3135_64.png - VOID STAFF

When your enemy team realizes how big of a threat you are they will start stacking up some magic resistance. If they do then that's where this item comes into play, rendering 35 % of their magic resist useless. 

3165_64.png - MORELLONOMICON

Buying this item, your cool down reduction will be at its maximum while offering a decent amount ability power. But the real reason why this item is good because of the healing reduction from Grievous Wounds which will synergize well with your toxic shot. This is works wonders against immovable mid lane champions like swain. Usually if you decide to buy this item, you wont have as much survivability as you want.

3100_64.png - LICH BANE

This is item provides you with some good stats but it's quite pricy. If you didn't know your 3057_32.png Sheen is proc's off of Blinding Dart, Move Quick and your Noxious Trap. Make sure you pay attention to the cool down of the passive, which is 2 seconds. If you weren't running any movement speed runes this item is a nice boost to your movement speed.

3285.png - Luden's Echo

The Active passive of this item will guarantee you a MASSIVE amount of damage when trading blows. This item grants you even more Ability power which honestly can never have enough of. Not to mention the cool down reduction which means you will be able to lay more Shrooms on the battle field. 

3027_64.png - ROD OF AGES

This item is usually recommended when you need to be more beefy. You will be able to take gank's better as you with have more health and the passive from 3010_32.png. You shouldn't have mana issues in the first place so the extra mana provided will be useless.

3001_64.png - ABYSSAL SCEPTER

This item grants you ability power and magic resist, not bad. The magic resist it provides is nice for dealing against other Ability Power champions. The aura of decreasing magic resist makes sure to increase your damage output. If you don't have magic resist in any of your other items then item is usually a good buy. Don't worry about the range, just take note that the range is 700  while Teemo's range is 500.

3157_64.png - ZHONYA'S HOURGLASS

This item provides you with a decent amount of armor which is just enough for you to stay in team fights a bit longer. The passive active from this item is famous, it's known for saving lives from ultimates like 30_64.png. The 100 Ability Power it provides is great as well. Your toxic shot will still deal damage to enemy champions even while you use it's active.

No, no items

3068_64.png - Useless Cap

Only way this item will be useful on 17_64.png is if you can stick onto your enemies which will not work because 17_64.png works best harassing from his 500 range not to mention it's a cost efficient item.

3009_64.png- Anti Perma-Slow Boots

Only, ONLY, buy this item if the enemy team has perma-slow abilities ( ex. 22_64.png27_64.png )

3041_64.png3141_64.png- The Proxy counter item

you get the chance to play against a troll, feeder, or a proxy 27_64.png then have fun with this item otherwise it will be a complete waste of gold.

3174_64.png -Athene's Useless stats

The stats it provides for 17_64.png are useless, you don't even benefit from the mana regeneration it provides either. It's active is completely useless on 17_64.png and gives very little AP.

3003_64.png- Forever Charging Staff

Only reason you need to NOT buy this is because It will take to much damn time to charge it up, given 17_64.pngcool down timings. By the time you charge it up fully you could've farmed up for a 3089_32.png which would give far better AP stats.

3116_64.png- Rylai's Slowing Cepter

I get it, people want to buy this item item to be more tanky and to slow with Blinding Dart (Q) but to be straight forward you don't need this because your mushroom already provides a slow. If you farm just a bit more you will be able to buy far better items that synergize well with 17_64.png and his abilities.

Tier 3 boots

Furor_item.png - FUROR 

Really is only two viable boot upgrades for Teemo, first one is Furor. Furor make's chasing an easier job as you have the Botrk and the Phage proc. which means you will constantly be on your enemies ass. Furor is good for escaping as-well if you apply the hit and run technique with Teemo.

Homeguard_item.png - HOMEGUARD

Homeguard is the second viable option, works well with teleport or if your team is playing some hard defense it allows you bust your butt out of base quick and rush Baron if needed as it is also one of the cheaper upgrades to

Alacrity_item.png- Alacrity

To begin with the price Alacrity Enchant is not worth 475g. But I would only consider buying Alacrity on a champion who doesn’t benefit from any of the other boot enchants and if you didn't know alacrity gives roughly the same amount of move speed as Movement Speed Quintessences do.

Distortion_item.png- Distortion

This enchantment ISN'T really strong. it just gives a shorter cooldown on Flash and Teleport. It works best with champions with skills that synergize well with Flash , ex Morgana Flash ultimate, also, if you find yourself split-pushing with Teleport & Flash then it would be good buy.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Aatrox
  • Akali
  • Cho'Gath
  • Darius
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Elise
  • Fiora
  • Garen
  • Irelia
  • Jarvan IV
  • Jax
  • Jayce
  • Kayle
  • Kennen
  • Nasus
  • Nidalee
  • Olaf
  • Pantheon
  • Renekton
  • Riven
  • Rumble
  • Shen
  • Singed
  • Tryndamere
  • Vi
  • Wukong
  • Yorick



Strategy : Dodge what he throws at you, and if you see him fly towards with with his Q you have to be swift and use your Blind and Kite him like a baws with your W while using your E Poison to harass him. If you blind AFTER he jumps then he will destroy you while you wait for your CD on blind. When he uses his passive try to mess with him and put a shroom down on him or near him and run away if needed.

Quick Analysis if in game
  • You are more vulnerable before level 6 so if he camps brush then buy a ward.
  • Try to Blind before he Dark Flights you
  • Always blind him at the perfect moment when he is chasing you
  • Don't PUSH your lane, zone him and harass him little by little until you are able trade with him. Be aware of Jungle ganks!
  • Don't engage him but rather bait Aatrox's engage with his Dark Flight ( Q ) and dodge it. When you dodge it, punish him heavily for it.
  • Always put your shrooms down near turret in case for turret dives.

Key items & Spells

14.png - Applies Heal Reduction

1031_32.png1029_32.png - Build Armor
  • 3047_32.png - Grants you good amount of armor. Will block 10 % of the damage from his AA. Aatrox is an AA based champion
  • 3143_32.png- Will reduce his attack speed by 15 % and movement speed by 10 % for 1 second for each time he attacks you. Good boost to your defensive stats.



Strategy : Make her level 1-5 hell for her. Harass her as much as possible because once she is level 6 she will try to burst you down. Follow my tank Ad build because if you build AP you will be very squishy and vulnerable. Use your shrooms placement when she is in her shroud and use pink wards in your lanes if needed.

Quick Analysis before game:
  • Always, always, always have Pink wards and Red health potions, they can save your life or help you stay in lane when needed.
  • Always make sure to have a Mushroom or two at all times because she will stay on your ass and is your only way of peeling. Lay down your Shroom right after she uses Shadow Dance on you, then run away and repeat as said.
  • Basic strategy with Teemo is to AA the enemy champion when they are tying to cs, especially when they're a melee champion.
  • If Akali is snowballing her lane, try to build some defense. Stacking a couple of Dorans Blades early game to help zone her. 


2042_32.png2043_32.png - will reveal her stealth

1057_32.png - Magical Resist is vital against Akali because you want to negate as much of her magic damage as possible.
  • 3156_32.png - Grants you good stats including MR. Gives a Shield when at 30 % health which can block an initial burst which enables you to either escaping or keep fighting. 
  • 3065_32.png - Increases your survivability. Gives you really good defensive stats which include Health, MR, CDR, Health Regen. 
  • 3111_32.png - Great buy , really good boost of magical resist.



Strategy : Cho'gath is one of the heroes that I classify as immovable because they can just sit in lane and farm all day. If you don't dodge his knockup and stay out of his Silence range then you're going to have a tough time in lane. But if you can kite him then you should be able to break him down pretty easily.

Quick Analysis before game :
  • Dodge his rupture(Q). You are guaranteed to die if his Rupture hits you while being ganked by enemy jungler.
  • Always harass him after he misses his rupture, take advantage of your movequick ability.
  • Build some early health, stack some Dorans Blade's if he is snowballing the lane.
  • He is more likely to hit more shrooms as he grows with feast to take advantage.


14.png - Reduces Health Regeneration

3091_32.png - Will help break down/disable Cho when you are trying to harass him. On-hit passive and gain the ability to steal and gain magic resist.

3065_32.png3022_32.png - Build Health to survive his ultimate (true damage).

1057_32.png - Build Magic Resist because he deal Magic Damage. 
  • 3111_32.png - Really nice MR boost. Gives tenacity for Cho's CC.

3153_32.png - Will shred his health bar like no tomorrow.



Strategy : You can find this lane easy IF you play SMART and you can easily harass the hell out of him, binding and and such. Just remember to stay out of his Apprehend reach as its range is 540 and Teemo basic attack range is 500. If he uses that ability and fails try to punish him and auto attack him. Try trading with him when he is low.

Quick Analysis Before Game :
  • Don' try anything stupid around Darius
  • Harass him with your auto attacks after he uses his spin move, if he manages to fail his Apprehend, punish the shit out of him.
  • If you can't manage to harass him with your AA's then harass with your Blind and call for some ganks to snowball the lane.
  • Build some early defense, or stack some Doran's Blades if losing the lane.


3047_32.png - Armor needed in this lane. Blocks 10 % of his AA.

3143_32.png - Grants you good amount of health and armor. Good active passive for when he apprehends you. Need to buy Health for his Ultimate because it deals true damage.

3022_32.png - Provides you with lots of health for his true damage ultimate. Icy passive great for chasing him down or trying to run away from him.

3153_32.png - Will shred his health. Botrk active + Icy passive + Move quick ( W ) to chase down Darius or help escape when he apprehends you. Kite + Poke = easy win on him.


Dr. Mundo

Strategy: Dr.Mundo can stay in his lane very long since he is manaless and his Adrenaline Rush allows him to constantly regenerate health. After he reaches level 6, you will probably rarely find him leaving his lane. Although his abilities use health, his sadism has a fairly short cooldown so he can regain lost health about once every minute. Try to deny him farm, your goal is to make him really behind because once Mundo gets his full build he can go trollface and never die.

Quick Analysis Before Game :
  • Kite & Poke AND Deny farm is your main tactic this game
  • Always dodge his Q's, makes the lane a lot easier
  • Keep in mind, during teamfights if Mundo can't be bursted by your team when he turns on his ultimate ignore him until his ultimate ends.



Strategy : Try to build some early MR, buy Mercury Treads for this lane and you must out out harass her if you want to beat her. Play around with her and use your shrooms to slow her or when she tries to Rappel to you. Just remember to flash after she uses her rappel on you.

Quick Analysis before game : 
  • You can easily out farm Elise because she doesn't have the sustain like you do and also because of her mana problems. 
  • She is easier to harass when in spider form if you manage to deal with her rappel.
  • Have shrooms laid down for when she rappels you.
  • She will out damage you , and will try to shove lane if you play poorly. 


1057_32.png - Building Magic to negate as much of her magic damage as you can will make the lane easier.
  • 3091_32.png- On-hit damage passive, gives you extra MR and decreases enemy MR.
  • 3156_32.png - Will give you shield at shield at 30 % to block an initial burst to escape or keep fighting.
  • 3065_32.png - Will increase your survivability chances when trading blows against her.
  • 3111_32.png - Building Tenacity is a good counter to Elise, plus Merc. Treads provide really good amount of Magic Resist
3153_32.png - Out-sustaining Elise , and denying her CS is one of the best ways to countering Elise.



Strategy : Before she turns level 6 try to get ahead, harass as much as possible and bait her E with your Blind (Q). Once she is lv 6 and she uses her ultimate on you, place a shroom or down where you are and punish her.

Quick Analysis before game :
  • Nonstop harass her
  • Don't get cocky around her, trade when her ultimate is down or when she is below half HP
  • Bait her parry (whether is be with Blind or Canceling your AA)
  • Put Shrooms down near turret in case of turret dives
  • Make sure to Blind her when she is on your ass
  • Play safe before level 6 if she camps brush


14.png - will apply heal reduction ( good counter)

1031_32.png - 114_64.png's damage comes a lot from basic Auto Attacks so building Armor will be vital in order to beat her.
  • 3143_32.png - Will reduce her attack speed by 15 % and Movement speed by 10 % for every Basic Auto Attack she deals.
  • 3047_32.png - Gives decent armor, Will block 10 % of her Auto Attack damage.
  • 3075_32.png - The ultimate 1v1 item! Will return 30 % of her Basic AA Damage. Buy this only when needed!
3153_32.png - Out-sustaining her in lane is a big counter. Kite + Poke = easy win against Fiora. 



Strategy : You can easily beat garen, piece of cake. For this lane you need boots and make sure you W when Q's after you because you will be faster then him. Poke him, zone him and try to freeze the farm and remember to play safe and not dumb.

Quick Analysis before game :
  • Nonstop harass, go for the kill when possible because of health regenerating passive (annoying I know)
  • Don't trade with him if you are below 50% health, unless you're confident and super fed
  • Play safe before level 6, dying by a gank will screw you over a lot


14.png - Will reduce health regeneration.

3091_32.png - Will help break down/disable Garen when you are trying to harass him. On-hit passive and gain the ability to steal and gain magic resist.

1031_32.png - Wouldn't hurt to build some armor but your Kite + Poke Should be more than enough to beat him in lane.

3153_32.png - Botrk will shred his health fast. It's active passive is great for chasing and escaping from him.

3022_32.png - Provides good health. Icy Passive + Botrk active + Teemo's Move quick ( W ) and their is no way Garen can out-run you.

3047_32.png - Good item to buy if you are having trouble.



Strategy: Irelia just gets stronger as the game progresses. :( Try to harass her early levels but and try not to let her bully you around. Don't push your lane because she farms well under turret ( as well in general).

Quick Analysis before game :
  • Kite this bitch as best as you can
  • Simple AA harass when she tries to go for last hits
  • Don't dive Irelia and her stun unless it's a guaranteed kill
  • Take advantage of the brush so she cant go full retard on you (ex. Irelia hits you with Equilibrium Strike (E) and you run to brush)


14.png - will reduce her health regeneration 

1028_32.png1011_32.png - Build health because Irelia's tend to play with their true damage.

3143_32.png- Building Tenacity against Irelia will help you in laning phase. Another way to counter her or not to hit as hard is by building Randuins Omen because it will give you armor and will slow her attack speed.

3047_32.png - Will help you out a bit. Gives you decent armor and will block  some of her AA damage.


Jarvan IV

Strategy: Dodge his knock-ups and when he fucks up you punish his ass for it. If you don't dodge his knock-ups then you are fucked, easy as that but if you are outplaying you should be stronger than him by the time he is level 6 but try to trade with him when he is under 75 % hp.

Quick Analysis Before Game:
  • If you play smart and cautiously, you will be able to out cs him while harassing with than auto attack or two.
  • DODGE HIS LANCE COMBO! If he manages to knock you up while being ganked by the enemy jungler, it's almost a guaranteed death for you.
  • If you manage to dodge everything he throws at you then you should be able to win lane easy. Just be aware, Jarvan will use it ultimate to trap you when being ganked so always shroom and ward.


3143_32.png- Good buy if you constantly get hit by his combos. 

3047_32.png - Will block 10 % of his AA. Decent Armor Boost.

3153_32.png + 3022_32.png - Botrk active + Icy Passive is one of the best ways to punish Jarvan when he misses his Combo. You will deal so much damage to him and he wont be able to out run you. Kite + Poke this lane = easiest win. 



Strategy: Try to harass him as much as possible before he gets level 6 because that is when Jax starts to get scary, he will start eating your health bar. When you see him use his E(stun) you need to gtfo and use your W to run away. Try not 1v1 but rather farm and take his turrets and try to get your Jungler to gank for you.

Quick Analysis Before Game:
  • Zone, zone, and zone early game and gain the advantage while you can.
  • DON'T let him hop on you unless you have a shroom planted and Blind is up and ready.
  • Don't engage Jax when he pops his E or his Ultimate, kite to the best of your ability
  • Take advantage of his early game and harass him, just remember his defense is naturally high.


3143_32.png- Jax does a lot of Auto Attack damage and is countered effectively by Attack speed slows. Building Randuin's will help as it will reduce his Attack Speed and Movement speed when your trading blows with him.

3047_32.png - will block 10 % of his basic auto attack damage.

3153_32.png - It is important to out-sustain Jax because it's one of his big counters. 

3065_32.png - If Jax is building hybrid or is dealing lots of magic damage then buying Spirit Visage is must to boost your defensive stats.



Strategy: You have to be skilled to dodge what he throws at you. Make his Q impossible to hit you and when possible harass him and stay out of his jump and you should be able to win. Play this lane smart and with caution.

Quick Analysis Before Game:
  • DOGE. HIS. Q.
  • His early levels are stronger and can chunk your health bar, so don't trade yet
  • Harass his sorry ass when he misses his Q or when it's down cooldown
  • When you are able out-sustain him, start to trade with him (usually around after level 6-7)


1031_32.png - Building Armor is natural counter to Jayce.
  • 3047_32.png - Will block 10 % of his Auto attacks. Helpful especially in his ranged form.
  • 3143_32.png - Good Boost to Health and Armor. Will reduce his attack speed and movement speed every time he AA's you. 
3153_32.png - Out-sustaining Jayce is a big counter. Denying him with CS and zoning him with 3022_32.png's Icy passive makes it an easy win in lane.



Strategy: Reason I put this in medium instead of hard is because this lane isn't impossible, as long as you play it right. If possible try to kill her early game (pre 6) and go all out on her when her E is on cool down. If you manage to kill her early game you can snowball the lane hard and win your lane. The lane will become very difficult really quickly if you lose your advantages and start to die.

Quick Analysis Before Game: 
  • First off, watch what Kayle is building - whether it be AD/AP hybrid and build accordingly.
  • Your best times to harass her is when Kayle's Righteous Fury (E) is on cooldown.
  • Keep in mind that Kayle naturally pushes the lane when uses her Righteous Fury, so ask your jungler to set up a small tent and camp top, easiest way to shut down Kayle.
  • Once you get your Mushrooms, set them up at key points and the slow itself will screw over Kayle.
  • Don't tower dive Kayle because of her invincible ultimate and slow from her Q, UNLESS it's an easy guaranteed kill.
Key Items & Spells (assuming she builds AP like most other Top lane Kayles)

14.png4.png - Applying a heal reduction on Kayle is one of her biggest counters and is great to secure kills. Flash is just a necessary spell to have on teemo.

1057_32.png1033_32.png - Building magic resist is crucial because you want to negate as much damage from Kayle as possible, a full AP Kayle build can eat health bars...Literally
  • 3111_32.png - the tenacity is a must and gives a great magic resistance boost.
  • 3091_32.png- On-hit damage passive, gives you extra MR and decreases enemy MR.
  • 3065_32.png - Will increase your survivability chances when trading blows against her.
  • 3156_32.png - Will give you shield at shield at 30 % to block an initial burst to escape or keep fighting.
3153_32.png3022_32.png - Your core items. Botrk will help out big time in sustaining in lane as well as being able trade blows and not having to recall. Frozen Mallet will give the icy passive which works perfect chasing and escaping, the sexiest part is the amount of health is provided because health is a big counter to magical damage.



Strategy: For this lane you want to dodge his Harass and make use your W. Harass while kiting him then you can really mess him up. Try trading with him when his Ultimate is down and you will kill him for sure.

Quick Analysis Before Game:
  • Consider playing a bit more cautiously around Kennen when you have a Mark of the Storm debuff. If he hits you with 3 Marks of the Storm, you will get stunned.
  • Kennen is flimsy by nature - turn and attack him if he gets careless with Lightning Rush.


3111_32.png - Tenacity will help you lots against Kennen. Good Magic Resist boost.

3155_32.png - Buy Hexdrinker only when you're having a tough time in lane against him.

3153_32.png3022_32.png - With these items you can easily bully him out of lane. Get his health bar low before he can even ult. Out sustain him and dodge his abilities. Botrk + Icy Passive + Move quick (w) to chase Kennen down when he uses his Lightning Rush ( E ).

3091_32.png - Always good item to buy on Teemo when you face an AP champion top lane.



Strategy: You want nasus to last hit? If not use your blind. try to get your items quickly for this lane and have you will have an advantage over him making it harder for him to farm his Q.

Quick Analysis Before Game:
  • You may be able to out damage and out harass him but keep in mind of his 15 % life steal passive.
  • His slow (W) goes great with an enemy jungle gank so be CAREFUL!
  • If possible try to freeze lane and zone him, don't push to his tower unless needed because Nasus is a great farmer under turret.
  • If he becomes impossible to kill then push to his tower, destroy the tower, and split push.


14.png - Reducing Health Regeneration will counter him hard

3091_32.png - Will help break down/disable Nasus when you are trying to harass him. On-hit passive and gain the ability to steal and gain magic resist.

3143_32.png- A great item to counter him for when he tries to AA you to death.

3153_32.png + 3022_32.png - Botrk will shred his health along with its active passive +Icy passive and chasing Nasus will be very easy. 

3047_32.png - A general buy against Nasus, block 10 % of his AA damage.



Strategy: AD Nidalee is all about poke and trying to get you low with her cougar form. Don't let her have control over the brushes, once you are level 6 shroom them and just try to out-harass her in lane. A tip is to Blind her before she jumps on you.

Quick Analysis Before Game:
  • First step, dodge the spears...and pay careful attention to where Nidalee lays her traps
  • Be aggressive early game, you will eventually beat her because Teemo is better in lane
  • Kite her cougar form 
  • Your shrooms will help a lot in this match-up, it will help keep enemies out from ganking and slow down Nidalee if placed properly
  • Unless you think you can catch Nidalee (with Frozen Mallet + Botrk = piece of cake) don't chase a her.


14.png - Applies heal regeneration reduction

3153_32.png - You don't have hard CC so you are going to have to outlast her , I know thats not going to be as easy but Nidalee is designed like that. 

3022_32.png - Building health against Nidalee is always recommended. Icy passive comes in handy for when you are trying to chase her.

3047_32.png3111_32.png - Ninja Tabi if she is going AD, helps block some AA damage. Merc. Treads if she is going AP, nice boost to your magic resist.

3091_32.png - Will help you shred her health bar. A good buy if she is building AP.

3065_32.png3143_32.png - Buy either of these for your first defensive item. Spirit Visage if she is AP. Randuin's Omen if she is AD.



Strategy: Let me say this, if Olaf lands his axes and E's you all the time then he will murder you in lane. This can be a very easy lane just by kiting/dodging and simple harass. The only way Olaf can stop you if he were to get some jungle pressure and ganks.

Quick Analysis Before Game:
  • You win this lane at level 1 if this Olaf cant properly combo you/misses all his Q's.
  • Do NOT fight Olaf when you have very low hp, UNLESS it's an easy guaranteed kill.
  • If you efficiently farm while harassing him without missing any CS you gain the advantage.
  • Watch out for ganks, if you die and Olaf gets will be in some deep shit because you won't be able to do anything. But To be honest only REAL chance olaf has is if he gets good jungle pressure.


14.png - Reduces health regeneration

1028_32.png1011_32.png - Build some health for he does true damage

3143_32.png - Will slow his movement speed and attack speed when he attacks  you without his ultimate.

3153_32.png - You out sustain Olaf, don't let him heal back up. easy win.

3022_32.png - Harassing Olaf becomes even more easier  when you have Icy passive + Botrk active. Sometimes you will even force his Ultimate + Ghost or Flash.



Strategy: This lane is usually hard, as Pantheon blocks your auto attacks ( your poison will effect him). If the Pantheon is smart he will probably build resistance and tanky and try to harass as much as possible in lane. Try to get as much jungle pressure at top lane and snowball off that and you can win.

1031_32.png - He does physical damage so armor is a must for this lane. He will also poke you anytime he gets.
  • 3047_32.png - Grants you armor that you'll need. 
  • 3143_32.png - Will give you some defensive stats you could use if you are struggling in lane.
3022_32.png - Building HP is needed. Icy passive will help you harass. 

3153_32.png - Make sure he doesn't poke you to death. Try to out-sustain him or at least stay with him in HP.



Strategy: How do you win this lane? Two words, kite and poke. If you manage to keep him away from you it's an easy match-up. Some things to keep in mind is that he is generally built tanky and has natural sustain. NEVER hard engage on the gator, just simple harass with your poison and blind.

Quick Analysis Before Game:
  • Don't rush this lane, you need patience to win this lane.
  • Play safe early game
  • Always pay attention to Renekton's fury bar, he will 99% most of the time play aggressive when it turns red.
  • Keep in mind Renekton players like to juke back and fourth by using their dash twice when being chased, you can easily deny this by stepping back.
  • Don't be baited by his low health if his ultimate is up or if he has a couple of red potions. He is just waiting for you to make a bad mistake ending with you dying, the last thing you want is your lane being snowballed by Renekton. 
  • Just keep in mind you wont start beating him in lane right away, this lane takes time because the alligator will eventually lose.
Key Items & Spells

14.png4.png - Will help you have better control during early game, if both junglers come to gank you should be able to come on top. You can also win trades overall and force them to flash or back off if you do it properly.

Build armor/health, some early armor will be necessary so he doesn't eat you.
  • 3047_32.png - general buy against Renekton, decent armor boost and will block 10% of his AA damage.
  • 3143_32.png - a really good buy for your defensive item, especially if Renekton is constantly on your ass and playing aggressive. It will reduce his attack speed by 15% and Movement speed by 10% for every basic AA he deals to you.
3153_32.png - Renekton has natural sustain/pushing power so it's important you are able to out-sustain him or keep up with him in lane.

3044_32.png3022_32.png - Reason I have both phage and frozen mallet in here is because they both do the job, I prefer Frozen Mallet because it builds into your core item. Having the icy passive helps smooth out your kite and poke along with your move quick ability is amazing for chasing and escaping.

3091_32.png3085_32.png - I suggest Wits End if you want the on-hit damage ( mostly for one focused target) while it also gives you extra Mr and decrease the gator's MR. Runaan's will make you push the lanes really hard (amazing for split-push) and you will also be a threat in teamfights if you manage to position yourself correctly.




Riven's a snowball champion. If you don't let her snowball she wont be as useful later on. This means that you should just focus on not feeding her. Cloth armor and 5 pots is your start for this lane. If the riven is landing her stuns and combo's on you then you should play passive and try to keep CS with her. If your can easily kit around her and she is bad then play aggressive with her and gain the advantage. Early armor is key to this lane and your Shrooms are very helpful in this lane.

1031_32.png - BUILD ARMOR. Riven is one of few champions in the game who ONLY deals physical damage. Armor will multiply your health against her.
  • 1029_32.png + 2003_32.png5 - Cloth and five pots and an early chain vest will increase your survivability. By the time she has her heavy AD items and you have no armor, your screwed. 
  • 3047_32.png - Boost in armor that you can use. Riven is also a mobile champion which means if you want to keep up you need to be mobile as well. Don't push aside tier 2 boots for later. Ninja Tabi will give you that extra edge you need.
  • 3143_32.png- Boosts your defensive stats that you can use, especially when you are having trouble in lane.
3022_32.png - Icy passive will help you when you are trying to kite + poke.

3153_32.png - Riven has zero sustain which is why she likes to trade blows with the enemy a lot, she has to take advantage of her amazing damage. If you have some armor you will decrease some of her damage output. Also with some sustain even if she is dealing more damage than you, over time while you are trading you can come out victorious because you were gaining more HP when trading blows.




The only way to beat Rumble top is if you kite like a baws, manage to stay behind minions and auto attack, blind, auto attack and use your W to get the hell out before he can combo you! If he continues to flamespitter at you then he will end up pushing the lane allowing more cs for you and easy ganks for your jungler. Take advantage of his weak early game, after dodging his spears you AA him which will put his health dangerously low.


14.png - Can secure a kill when trading with rumble.

1057_32.png - Rumble likes to poke and harass a lot with his magical damage, so  if you want to survive in lane then you magic resist is needed.
  • 3091_32.png- Bonus magical damage. Increases your MR. Decreases enemy MR. This item is perfect for harassing Rumble.
  • 3156_32.png - A good buy, when at 30 % health will give you a shield that will block an initial burst of damage which could save your life or you could continue attacking.
  • 3065_32.png - Recommended defensive item, grants you all the defensive stats you need.
3022_32.png - Building health items like spirit visage & frozen mallet will make more beefy which will help you when trading blows with Rumble.

3153_32.png - Building some life steal, some magic resist and some health is the perfect solution for dealing with Rumble. Being able to outlast Rumble will give you the upper hand. 




Shen is a champion I classify as immovable, because of their annoying sustain. When you don't have to last hit any creeps HIT SHEN. You MUST attack him, he should be scared of last hitting. Your only problem is his ganking with his Ultimate. Dodge his taunt to make the harass on him easier and Max your E and you can win this lane.


14.png - Applies heal reduction

3091_32.png - Good item for dealing with champions with really good sustain. Will help shred Shen when harassing.

3153_32.png - Will help shred Shen's health, help deny him farm as well. He should be afraid to last hit.

3022_32.png - Shen shouldn't come close to you when you have this item, You can easily kite the hell out of him and poke him to death with phage proc. 

3065_32.png3022_32.png - Finish your items, build some health, become more BEEFY. Will help when he taunts you and you both are trading blows.

3091_32.png - If you are winning your lane hard you want to shred Shen even more .




This lane is easy as well, take advantage of your E and your W and poke him while being smart and safe. Once you have BOTRK and Icy passive you will be able to dominate him with your kiting and slows.


This lane is generally very easy. Your Kite + Poke with the core build should win you the lane.

3153_32.png + 3022_32.png + 3111_32.png

If you are having lots of trouble against him then you should build some defense
  • 3065_32.png - Will boost your defensive stats, general buy after your core.
  • 3155_32.png - always being fling'ed , taking lots of damage from singed.
  • 3091_32.png - if you are lacking damage, aren't shredding enough then buy this.




Be Smart when your setting up shrooms for he will chase you. Slow him, blind him and hes got nothing on you. 

Tryndamere ults! Tryndamere dives turret! Tryndamere hits shroom! Tryndamere Slowed! Teemo Runs! Tryndamere spins! Teemo Blinds! Tryndamere Dies!"


14.png - To apply heal reduction. ( more preferred )
3.png - Good for chasing and escaping

3022_32.png - Gives you good amount of health. Icy passive great for harassing and chasing him down.

3153_32.png - You are going to NEED some sort of sustain in lane when against Tryndamere.

1031_32.png - Build Armor
  • 3047_32.png - Grants you armor. Blocks 10 % of his AA.
  • 3075_32.png - Ultimate 1v1 item. Returns 30 % of his damage. Only buy this when you are having a difficult time or need it.
  • 3143_32.png - Should buy this item after your core items. Will slow his Attack Speed and Movement Speed every time he attacks you.




Try to be smart in this lane and don't get get combo'd. Vi can't stick to her enemies without items. Try to deny as much farm as you can before she turns 6. Use your blind if she is on you. Harass will help you win this lane and make sure you have a safe distance when she gets ready to dash. You should be aware of her burst and you should easily win this lane. 


14.png - Applies heal reduction
3.png - Good for 1v1'ing Vi and chasing

1011_32.png - Build HP, she has very high burst, high ratios and two gap closers.
  • 3143_32.png- Boost to your defensive stats you could use if you are struggling in lane.
  • 3047_32.png - Boost to your Armor
  • 3022_32.png - Massive boost to your health, Icy passive works wonders.
3153_32.png - If you are able to out-sustain Vi in lane then you will be able to break her down easily. Poking with Botrk and Frozen mallet from distance will help you win because Vi needs to be in Melee Range to do damage.



Strategy: Wukong is a skill match-up, he will bait you with his clone and you will try to bait him with your shrooms. Always buy some early armor to prevent his big early game damage. If Wukong doesn't rush Hydra, he will have no sustain so try to poke him down little by little. Try to poke him down where you lay your shrooms down in case he uses his E (Nimbus Strike). Consider buying pink wards for this lane match-up.

Quick Analysis Before Game: 
  • Do not clump up as a team, or Wukong's ultimate will be able to use it's fullest potential and wreck you guys.
  • Wukong uses Decoy after using his E (Nimbus Strike). Try to immediately put down a shroom when he uses Nimbus Stike, then wait out on your abilities for a second then continue to AA or escape.
  • 2043_32.png3364_32.png' are useful for his decoy.
  • Wukong's Q (Crushing blow) reduces your armor by a percentage, so try to properly duel him after the debuff expires. Try to time your Blind before he E+Q combo's you.
  • Clicking Wukong before he uses his clone will show the status window of the top left. This status window will disappear when using his clone.
  • Avoid dueling with wukong at early levels (1-3). It's very strong with his Armor debuff and attack speed buff.
Key Items & Spell
14.png4.png - Applying a heal reduction on Wukong' is one of the dumb monkey's biggest counters and is great to secure kills. Flash is just a necessary spell to have on teemo.

1031_32.png - Wukong is dependent on AD, building armor will prove effective.
3047_32.png - Will block 10 % of his Auto attacks. Helpful especially when he tries to E+Q cheese combo you.
3143_32.png - Good Boost to Health and Armor. Will reduce his attack speed and movement speed every time he AA's you. 
3153_32.png3022_32.png - Your core items. Botrk will help out big time in sustaining in lane as well as being able trade blows and not having to recall. Frozen Mallet will give the icy passive which works perfect chasing and escaping, the sexiest part is the amount of health is provided because health is a big counter to magical damage.




This lane is hard lane especially if the Yorick is good because he will triple penetrate you with his ghouls before he even auto attacks you. The ghouls can also go over Teemo's shroom's! Best you can do is get good ganks to snowball off of and if possible get ahead of Yorick. Also if Yorick isn't building a tear/ Manamune he will be mana starved. I've done Runaan's Hurricane against him as it will hit his ghouls and him, feel free to try.


14.png - Applies heal reduction

3153_32.png3022_32.png3047_32.png - Build your core. Make sure you sustain in lane to trade blows with him. Harass him when you get the chance, Yorick has no escaping abilities so call for ganks whenever possible.

1028_32.png1011_32.png - Build HP, loves to triple penetrate you with his Ghouls

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Pros vs. Cons Back to Top

- Lots of Damage!
- Easily one of the best farmers in the game
- Good throughout the whole game
- Destroys squishies 
- Has lots of utility
- Lots of Map control with Shrooms
- Strong Harass
- Hard to Gank after level 6
- Global taunt

- Mushrooms can be destroyed during late game with Oracles 
- Not much cc 
- Need right items for Late game
- Easier to Gank before 6

Picking Teemo Back to Top

Did you know that over 12 million players play League of Legends per day, killing an average of 75 17_64.png per second? I guess I'm one of them because I play 17_64.png a lot, but I wouldn't normally pick 17_64.png into Champions that I would lose to, duh. I pick 17_64.png to counter pick or know when I can beat a certain champion in lane. 17_64.png isn't much of a roaming champion so winning your lane hard is necessary so you give lots of pressure on the top lane, pressuring the whole enemy team. Usually if you first pick 17_64.png or before the enemy picks their enemy top lane you might get counter picked.

17_64.png  is usually about countering those AD carries and close ranged champions, 17_64.png plays well and even counters champions that rely on skill shots and Mid range initiations such as Alistar and Amumu, with ultimates that literally change the game around in a team fight. 17_64.png is probably the best champion in the game to bait with forcing people to run after you or having a 1v1 to give your team the upper hand.

17_64.pngwill eat up champions that are melee range and need are CS reliant in the game due to the constant damage from Toxic Shot, which is why he is considered such a big lane bully at top lane and gives him the upper and because the enemy top laner wont be able to handle the non-stop harass unless the champion is immovable, has lots of sustain like Shen and Vladimir.

Teemo's skills explanation Back to Top

[skills/teemo/q.png] Q : BLINDING DART

Decent damage, Enemy Champion AA becomes useless for 2.5 seconds at level 18.

On AD teemo you generally want to max this after you have maxed  your toxicshot.png first then your [skills/teemo/w.png] then you start maxing out your  [skills/teemo/q.png].

Usually in the laning phase when you are in combat the standard combo you want to do is AA > Q > AA. Usually when you are lv 6 you can put down shrooms while you are fighting to make your damage output even more. 

Always use your blind shot on enemy ADC when possible.

So pretty much your blind shot is good in helping disabling/breaking down AD champions as it is also key to help winning a 1v1 fight.

[skills/teemo/w.png] W : MOVE QUICK


What is Move Quick good for?
- Helps you escape from fights or enemy champions chasing you
- Helps you chase down your prey 
- In general can get around the map quicker 

This skill is the reason why Teemo is such a big lane bully. This can be countered usually by snares like Morgana, or Ryze which is why this skill will always be useful and will probably be saving yoru butt 24/7. Watching The Rain Man when I started out playing Teemo is that he would always level up (W) Move Quick second. Why? Because you can survive the early gank's or early jungle pressure. They are times when you NEED to level Blinding Dart 2nd.

- Enemy jungler was just bot lane
- Enemy top laner is melee 
- Enemy is Ranged AD

[skills/teemo/e.png] E : TOXIC SHOT

What is this shit? This shit is one annoying mother fu****, one of the most annoying passive's in the game. This skill along with Teemo's Move Quick  is the reason why Teemo is a lane bully.

As a Teemo player what you need to know is .MAX THIS FIRST NO MATTER WHAT. It is what Teemo is known for. It your source of harass. It is what you pressure the lane with. Their is not a single lane worth maxing your 

[skills/teemo/w.png] and [skills/teemo/q.png] over [skills/teemo/e.png]. Nuff said.

In laning phase, as you gain levels your Toxic Shot is going to deal some more damage.

Late game, when you are fully stacked with items you have now turned into Swageemo. Along with your Poison you should have items like 3146.png and 3115.png and which means you are going to be shredding health like a mofo.

[skills/teemo/r.png] R: NOXIOUS TRAP

Teemo shrooms is probably why he gets all the hate he does in League of Legends. It makes him that much more of a annoying champion to fight against. The Shrooms can synergize well with combos and items such as Liandry's if you plan to build AP.

So why are Teemo Shrooms so good?
- Good utility skill
- Map control
- Control during laning phase / brushes
- Low health Champions trying to escape run into shrooms and DIE
- Pissing off whole enemy team, even allies
- Helps initiating a fight when key opponent ( ADC or APC) steps on Shroom

You have to be smart with Teemo shrooms if you really want them to become effective. The effect is high due to the fact that you are able to kill low health enemies with your shrooms . Your Shrooms need to be in its correct spot at a good time. Shrooms can be good team fight initiator or help give you vision at times when needed and most importantly SAVE LIVES. After talking about how OP this skill is their is a counter, Pinks wards and Oracles. However if you place your shrooms over choke points ,a term usually used in high elo, which are spots on the map unseen by even oracles and enemies are forced to hit them regardless.

Why Swageemo at top? Back to Top

Ability Power Teemo

AP 17_64.png has been used in this game ever since I could remember! Your Toxic shot and Blinding tend to hurt A LOT more and your Noxious Traps become a lethal force. Coming into season 3 and it's changes and new items,it's actually made AP 17_64.png even more viable and stronger.

What do you mean by AP is viable and strong? 17_64.png in general provides LOTS of map awareness and utility when played correctly because of the lethal Noxious Traps and the damage they can cost. Yes, killing off low hp enemy champions becomes a piece of cake, especially when playing AP.  On the flip side you shouldn't really rely on Noxious Traps to be your bread and butter because if your enemy(s) is smart, they will be purchasing 2043_32.png's and 2042_32.png's. The more the experienced foes you play against, the less you rely on your Noxious Traps and more on your toxic shot and smart strategies. 

Your blinding dart will become a nuke, it will literally eat the health bars of squishy champions but the idea of you being able to use it as your main harass in a team fight is bad. 17_64.png isn't a burst type of champion, more of a on-hit champion. For that to occur you need to have items such as 3091_32.png3115_32.png to strengthen your damage output. Yes, you will be very strong but it will put you at  disadvantage considering you have a measly 500 range which puts you in the danger zone. For you to deal a great amount of damage in a team fight you will be putting yourself at risk considering you aren't tanky at all.

This doesn't mean DON'T PLAY AP TEEMO, it IS viable and works excellent in certain team compositions. 17_64.png will hurt his foes with his noxious traps and his toxic shot but may be difficult late game when enemy AP burst champions have their full build.

Attack Damage Teemo

AD Teemo is a bad choice to begin with considering he has NO AD scaling, none of his skills are powered by attack damage. When you compare Teemo to other ADC's such as 51_64.png, she has very high AD scalings on her ability not to mention her long range.18_64.png may not have ad scaling skills but she has a 90 % attack speed buff from rapid fire, while 17_64.png's camouflage grants him a 40 % attack speed boost.21_64.png can be one of the most damaging AD champions in the game. She benefits a great deal from from attack speed considering  impure shots provides her with an attack speed buff. To begin with 17_64.png has a measly 500 range, one of the shortest ranges, which puts him at a disadvantage at an ADC. It will make life hell for you when you try to farm cs. What about 104_64.png ( 525 range) and 15_64.png ( 500 range ) ? Both these AD carries have huge AD scalings on their skills. 104_64.png has good AD scalings to add with his burst and  15_64.pngcan apply a 50 movement speed boost with her passive when being hit . Playing AD 17_64.png at bot lane might be difficult but if you want to try it in normal's with some friends and have fun then don't let me stop you, :D. A good synergy would be 17_64.png & 53_64.png, Blitz will be able to pull the carries into Shrooms or closer to 17_64.png for some kick-ass plays!

On-Hit Teemo / Swageemo

Why is On-Hit 17_64.png highly recommended? I'm not exaggerating but he FREAKIN' shreds HP bars off of squishies and even tanks and carries with 3146.png3115.png and have a huge kiting advantage over enemy champions with your W, Hextech's slowing passive and your mushrooms. The on-hit build is more reliable and safe  because of its sustain and survivability provided by items. Your Noxious Traps won't be used a mine bombs but rather used more strategically in slowing down enemy(s) to escape or chase down for the kill.

Playing on-hit 17_64.png allows you to stay alive in the danger zone, continuously shred opponent's health bar and use all your skills effectively. With you being such a big threat to an enemy team is will FORCE them to build items against you.

Play 17_64.png smart and you will be very aggravating for enemies because you are playing one of the best harassers in the game.


What are Mushrooms? Back to Top

Lets be for real, it is quite a scene watching those lethal bombs exploding from your base. But if you know Teemo than you would know that his shrooms have more uses than just for damage. If you want to play Teemo like a pro, then you need to know how to place his shrooms at key places within the map like placing wards. 

To be more clear, Shrooms offer  a small radius where you gain visability, just like wards. except they deal damage and are up for a longer period of time. If you didn't know, every time an enemy champion steps on a shroom, for the time they are slowed and damaged you also gain visability on them. A successful teemo will take advantage of his utility and provide the team with map awareness by placing the shrooms over the WHOLE map. 

Your main objectives for shrooming will be Baron and Dragon. Now your little mine bombs don't have to be exploded all the time, you can place your shrooms in places where it provides vision and where the enemy wont step on. For example when playing Top lane Teemo you can place shrooms down river for Vision for the enemy jungler where as you can place shrooms close by for damage. I will further talk about Shroom placing below. 

Shroom Placing Back to Top

You have to be smart when it comes to setting up your shrooms. When it comes to laning phase you want your shrooms to act like a ward but also protect you and slow your enemies. After laning phase you want to set up shrooms where it will benefit your team such as across rivers, near baron, dragon ,  and buffs. Late game when enemy champions have oracles you want to put shrooms where they wont be see it until they run over it called choke points. Being smart with shroom placement will make you a more sharp teemo player and help benefit your team. 


Your goal is to place shrooms so no enemy can come into your lane without stepping on at least on of these mind bombs, giving you time to escape or kill the enemy.

Once Laning phase is over and you have your core item build, it's time to start shrooming the most vital parts on the map. 


Early Game Back to Top

You want to win your Lane as hard as possible and your enemy tower should fall first. 

What do I mean by winning your lane?

- Get more Gold
- Do not die
- Have more CS then enemy Team
- Kill your enemy when possible 

Since Teemo relies on winning the lane, you want to think about when your picking Teemo or against or who you are trying to counter. Teemo is also very easy to gank before he turns level 6 so be cautious.

  • Never take Tower Agro 
  • Be careful for your active E ( poison) while under tower
  • Don't get ganked
  •  Teemo can easily be ganked before level 6
  • Don't get cocky and over extend yourself,the jungler will gank you

Mid Game Back to Top

After I take their first turret I will set up some more Shrooms around the top area. I steal enemy jungle's creeps and buffs and make a lot of pressure at top lane. Then I will usually get the 2nd Top lane turret and work my way to the inhibitor. None of this will work if you DON'T PAY ATTENTION TO THE MINI MAP. You need Vision to help make this work so you don't die.

 Always buy wards even though you have Shrooms.
  • Shroom vision radius isn't that big
  •  When enemy steps on Shroom, they know that YOU know they're their.
  •  Shrooms disappear when enemy goes over it
  •  Helps with stealing buffs


Split pushing with teemo is probably one of his most used techniques. They're times when this strategy okay to use and other times when you should stick with your team. Watching TheRainMan play Teemo, you would notice he would hardly leave lane and apply as much pressure as he could at top to win games. To be able to accomplish that your team mustn't get caught out of position. Though split pushing will not work against certain team compositions. Usually Champions with global ultimates, stealth ability, or just very mobile champs are to deal with when split pushing. It is also very hard for your team to defend against a team full of poke ( Jayce, Twisted Fate, Nidalee, Ezreal etc.). You should communicate with your team 24/7 . Sometimes sticking with your team and catching people off guard can be better than sitting at top lane. Just remember when you want to split push, good communication should be happening with you and your team mates. 


Late Game Back to Top

Teemo's split push is amazing, try to help end game using this technique before Late game. When it comes to Late game, I will buy a Runaan's Hurricane on for this build because Teemo has a lot of on hit damage and it will really fuck everyone up. 

It's Late game so you should 
  1. Not split from your team that much, don't rely on them to win 4v5.
  2. Never ward or shroom alone
  4. Try to catch enemies out of position
  5. Leave shrooms in brushes or places where It wont be seen by Orcles


Teemo can be strong in team fights depending on your items and tactics. Usually he is considered not strong in team fights. Thats should be more of a reason of why you should have a big lead on your opponents in lane and that you get fed by minions or kills. Your main priority blinding the enemy who is dealing the most damage with attack damage auto attack's. Shroom's are a fantastic way of peeling for your carries as well. While Teemo isn't considered to be that strong in teamfights he can be very useful and never back down from team fights if your needed. Just try to think ahead before a team fight and lay some shrooms around in key places. So to summarize what you need to do look below.

  1.  Peel for Adc while dealing as much damage as possible
  2.  Use your Blind wisely 
  3.  Kite the hell out of them
  4.  Win the fight and stay alive

Baron Control Back to Top

As soon as you have Botrk ( Blade of the ruined king) with your core build, you should be able to kill baron with your team. At this time you should have shrooms already put down where your enemies will step on to slow them if they attempt to stop your baron. Always try to have baron cleared with Oracles and Pink wards. Usually if your team has been off the enemy mini-map for a bit they will suspect your team doing baron so you can bait some really good fights while having your shrooms laid out. Last thing, don't get cocky with baron and give up free objectives, its not worth it.


Categorizing The Enemies Back to Top

38_64.png238_64.png121_64.png - BURST ASSASSINS

These are types of champions where you won't be able to out run or be able to escape most of their Damage. They can easily move through spells. Only thing you can do is take advantage of their weak early game.

122_64.png2_64.png64_64.png- BRUISERS

These types of champions want to kill you whenever they get the chance, and they wont wait for it. Early game shouldn't be a problem as you can easily survive it. What you need to worry about is their late game and how much of your damage output will effect them. Just take advantage of your utility and kite to win.

96_64.png51_64.png18_64.png - ATTACK DAMAGE CARRIES

Even against the longest ranged ADC, your job is to blind them whenever possible in all team fights. This is also a good reason why Teemo should not go bot, because he will be out ranged by most ADC's and will be left behind in exp and levels, where as Teemo needs levels to be effective.

4_64.png80_64.png56_64.png -GLOBAL ULTIMATE / GLOBAL GANKS

These bastard champions have global ultimate's which means they don't have to worry about your shrooms. Knowing that, any time your off guard , chances are you will be ganked and be punished hard. So what is the solution? Shroom further down river and deep in enemy jungle so reveal the sneak attack they are planning.

1_64.png45_64.png105_64.png - BURST ABILITY POWER CARRIES

I can name a dozen of these champions and you just cant stop the damage they are about to deal to you. Most you can do is kite and dodge. Usually in team fights if their ult catches you guys off guard, you can easily lose the fight which means you are in a deep shit. You need to take advantage of these champions before they turn level 6. This is why I don't like playing AP Teemo mid because your base health and defensive stats aren't going to help you against them.

68_64.png39_64.png84_64.png - CHAMPIONS YOU CANT RUN AWAY FROM

These Champions can synergize with their jungler better very well. The smart thing to do is play safe, farm passively and harass only when the opportunity is good. Once these champions become level 6 in lane they become 10x harder to lane against and you may start to lose lane, which is a good time to call for a gank and sometimes even switch lanes.

22_64.png54_64.png267_64.png -LONG RANGE ULTIMATE

These long range spells will be able to focus you regardless of your positioning. These ultimate's are gay. Usually you are going to have to flash to survive or take advantage of your passive ( invisible )to bait their ultimate. Just use your Move Quick or a Sharp Flash to survive.

82_64.png35_64.png83_64.png - PETS

So what do pets do? First of all, they are annoying and they can run all over your shrooms at times when you need them the most, and their is no way to prevent them from attacking you or chasing you. Especially Yorick, these champions will make your lane phase harder which means you need to call upon your handy dandy jungler!

154_64.png107_64.png254_64.png- SURPRISE ATTACK

These champions can easily hop onto you or deal damage from coming at you from a distance, which means expanding your shroom perimeter. If you don't take caution then you will easily be caught and be eaten up alive. Though they are not that hard to fight in lane, especially vi. You can beat these champions in lane with the help of shroom in brushes, makes it that much easier. 

31_64.png41_64.png266_64.png - IMMOVABLE CHAMPS

These champions have a greater sustain than most champions. They can easily eat your harass during laning phase and are able to burst you back regardless of your blind, the slows will make sure they are able to kill you if you are pushing your lane without caution.

Swageemo Tips & Strategies Back to Top

Pop Goes The Teemo:
By making use of your Camouflage passive you gain up to 40 % attack speed as soon as you leave your stealth mode, granting you more than a 1043_32.png allowing you to get some cheap shots and eat some of your enemy's health bar while being unblemished ( assuming your enemy champion does not have any AoE moves or Skill shots). This technique can force your enemy into buying health pots and wards.

Swageemo Ballistic Missile:
By continuously sabotaging your enemy champions health bar with auto attacks while zoning them away from gaining any experience is my most preferred strategy with Teemo, especially to those enemy champions who are out-sustained by 17_64.png. How can you accomplish this strategy? Keep track of your mini-map with your noxious traps and wards making sure the enemy jungler isn't there to screw you over. This strategy is practically useless if you don't pay attention. This is why you always play safe before level 6 ( for shrooming ) and make sure to grab wards every time you recall to base. 

Boom Goes the Shroom!:
Once you have you Blade of the Ruined King and all your shrooms are laid down at your vital points, then you can start to push and lay down shrooms near creeps, life-stealing any damage you take while you give the enemy champion a bombardment of your darts. Though your enemy will usually avoid where you put your shroom while fighting, it will make sure that they cant counter attack you back immediately.

Hugging Enemy Tower ftw!:
When you're at this stage in lane, it's prime time! You have all your scouting shrooms set in their vital points to help avoid ganks, and then it's time to start spanking some ass. Each time the enemy champion tries to go for a last hit, give a simple auto attack or two each time. Once you keep repeating this process over and over again try to lay down some shrooms ( minions and turrets will not destroy your shrooms) allowing you to slowly cave in on your enemy and bombard them with your shrooms. Just make sure your enemy champion doesn't destroy the shrooms.

If you plan on playing Teemo, you need to do well in lane and make sure you have a shit load of cs (creep score), and having majority of solo top champions being melee makes it easier. By last hitting and simple harass you should be able to have a Blade of the Ruined King 3146.png and level 2 boots (3020.png3111_32.png3047_32.png) by the 20 minute mark.

As a Teemo player it's important know that you must play safe before level 6 because you aren't able to shroom yet. Make sure to shroom tri-brush and the river to help prevent ganks (which usually occur around 3-4 minutes). People will take advantage of your pre-6 and WILL snowball the lane if they get the upper-hand. On the other hand if you play safe before 6 you can become a ungankable monster which means taking down enemy turret in ease.

Once you are able to buy  3146.png, you have two choices. First choice, you can stay in lane and farm until you're pleased because of the lifesteal from Hextech Gunblade, as long as you have your top lane warded with shrooms. Second choice, you can leave you lane and gank/ help push other lanes that are winning or losing. Heck, you can even do dragon with your jungler. What I'm trying to get across to you is that 17_64.png can do various things to help his team out, just make sure you have 3146.png before leaving lane.

Final Builds Back to Top


Last item depends if you need defense >3102.png3026.png
If you dont need any defense and want more damage > 3089.png3157.png


3151_64.png3089_64.png3020_64.png3115_64.png3100.png  OR 3001_64.png3157.png

Lets be honest, using the same runes , masteries and item build on Teemo all the time can be a bore. Teemo scales well with ability power ( as if you didn't know lol ). With this build you're guaranteed a shitload damage and your shrooms will literally all be nuke bombs, you will be a huge threat to your enemies. Lastly for your 6th item you can build a 3100.png or 3001_32.png. If you want to have more burst and nuke damage then buy  3100.png. If you feel like you need more some defensive stats then buy 3001_32.png, you provides you a decent amount of magic resist and ability power.

My Guide Back to Top


My guide is about total domination in lane and to aggravate your enemies by a high damage output and tank role throughout the game, whether that be sticking with your team, split-pushing to the enemies nexus, owning your own territory, taking control over jungle. By using this Build you will be jacked Teemo on steroids that has insane on-hit damage and being able to take damage for a sufficient time to win team fights or 1v1's. 

I believe that Teemo is good throughout the whole game, getting even stronger and being able to utilize his utility to the max and beat the enemy team to a pulp. You want to play with caution early game because that is when Teemo is usually vulnerable and pay attention to the mini-map because the last you want is to be getting snowballed. Feel free to alter the build and play styles.

Who is you?

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