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1 year ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top


This is a must have on any Teemo, combining this with your poison will be great.
You wont need teleport, you are very mobile on your own and it makes fights that you'd lose be even or even turn in to your advantage.


Flash is another must have, early on you will likely get camped by the jungler and mid laner, flash will help you escape those situations.
In 1v1 fights on top lane use your flash to run, chase or to change your position.
In late game your now tanky the main use for your flash is to chase.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Ill cover a few of these in a nutshell and how to use most of them to their full potential.

Grasp of the undying

This is a standard on all tanks, but Teemo along Darius can use this one better than the others, stack it up on minions, auto attack the enemy laner, get HP back and the poison will along dealing extra damage stack your grasp so your method of using grasp is shoot, get HP, let poison stack it up and repeat.
This will be harder to use versus a Pantheon but more of that will be in the matchups.
This will make your sustain in lane great, pairing this up with your corrupting potion will make you back at 3K gold.


You will need this for the tenacity bonus, chasing and running with your W and this paired up with the frozen mallet will make you hard to catch and even harder to run away from.


During fights you will throw your shrooms at your opponent, the slow from them will activate the mastery and make you deal extra damage.

Abilities Back to Top



Instead of maxing toxicshot.png > blindingdart.png > movequick.png you can go toxicshot.png > movequick.png > blindingdart.png  

Skill usage and tips

This is to deal your damage use it to the best of your abilities later stacking this with your wits end will do major damage.

Level this for the long as fuck blind duration its damage matches your auto attack damage but the blind can be busted later, just slap it on their ADC and see them helplessly in vein try to do anything, this is a major reason for why you don't need armor, more of that at the items.

Level it to go fast and be able to give chase or run away.
Use it to go back to lane faster.
When a skirmish happens save it so you can run or reposition.
It stacks well with 3117.png so your roaming power will be supreme.

Throw them at choke points, base gates of your enemies any bush next to jungle camps and near walls or in battle.

Choke points

-Use them to secure objectives and get knowledge of the map these are the exit from blue to river, exit from red to river, around baron and dragon, the side entrances to mid lane, tribush at top lane, etc...

Jungle camps and base gates

-Use them to get knowledge of their locations put them in front of jungle camps but not too close and at base gates to get info on their junglers location.

Near walls

-Fun fact the champions most likely move next to walls as they were programmed that way, use that to your advantage.

During battle

-Very simple, when fighting throw your shrooms at the enemy and if you know you are going to win you can throw them behind him (level 2/3 ultimate) to cover their escape path.


Your passive is a very important move to you, but not as much as it would be to a AP Teemo, i recommend hiding in bushes (ovbs.) and mid to late game at mid lane its best to hide near walls and destroyed towers, people generally wont expect you to be there so use that element to your advantage, if you go stealth on the middle of the lane you will get damaged by enemy skill shots, AOE spells, Hydra effects, etc...

When to exit stealth

You will be stealth mostly at the walls of mid and the bushes, so be patient and wait for things to get sticky, people wont expect a 3v3 to turn to a 3v4 with a tank so use that to your advantage, leave stealth when the enemy ADC is close to you or if you need to help out right away.
If the ADC is close blind him and proceed to rapidly attack him, ignite him and finish him off, he wont have time to react as he will be focused on your team and not you.
If the enemy team decides to focus you so they can save their ADC, you will die slowly, you're very tanky so they'll waste their important CC and spells on you so your damage dealers will get the chance to mess them up.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    You need every bit of sustain in lane this will provide it
    First back if you are ahead
    First back if you are very ahead
    First back

Core Items

    This is your final build swap items ONLY IF ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED. Frozen first, than wits end, than warmongs and spirit visage and finally liandrys
    Your tanky enough so get some mad ap

Situational Items

    Split pushing power get only 1 of these if you want to (my favourites)
    Extra damage and tank stats these are solid situational items
    only if necessary (never)
    All situational items can only be instead of this
    Defensive but ap
    Take after first back if your enemy has tons of regen
    Its passive damage is useless on you but my god does your roam power become stupid when you get it
    MORE MR!!!
    Run at them at the speed of light!

Gotta go fast!
Since you don't have teleport this will early be your way for coming back to lane, later it will help you roam.
If you have poor map awareness you can use these to tell when someone stepped on your bantamtrap.png because they deactivate.


You need this for the stats, and passive use it to kite or keep yourself at your enemies tail when chasing them plus when your fighting your boots will deactivate so the slow will bring you to equal speeds.


This is here for 2 reasons:
1) The stats of attack speed and MR compliment Tankmo perfectly.
2) The extra damage passive and the MR shredding makes your autos hurt a lot.


This skyrockets your tank stats through the roof this will brake the 3K HP milestone and the passive will be usable also it looks like camo armor.


The MR, HP and CDR are useful but the extra regen is the thing that is best for you, this with your 3083.png gives mad regen and it improves your grasp of the undying and if you have a healing supp 16.png37.png267.png44.png12.png on your team it's even better!


Finally something Teemo is known for, by this point you are tanky enough so round this off with some nuclear damage, your bantamtrap.png will hurt a lot and your damage will be massive and you'll still be tanky as hell.


Armor is useless on Teemo here's why:
The AD players in their team can be Bruisers, Assassins and ADCs
-Bruisers wont outdamage you and don't pose much of a threat to you
-Assassins wont focus the tank so you are safe from that and even if they do you will survive their burst and your squishy champs will get to deal their damage.
-ADCs you will solve that problem by blinding them.

  Situationals (most of em)


Despite you dealing mostly magic damage, your physical damage will be solid too, take BC if you want to shred their armor too.

3156.png   3053.png

For the near death shield and damage the stats are very good too.

Steraks gage:

Take 3053.png if you need the health, think this one is more useful but it makes you way bigger, so that can work against you.

Maw of malmortius:

This gives a spell shield and it isn't as reliable as 3053.png but it is still solid for the damage it deals to them, it doesn't make you as massive as 3053.png does and its effect can last longer.

3512.png   3060.png

These are your items if you intend to split push, i personally prefer zz'rot but here reasons for when to get which one:

Zz'rot portal:

This one is my favourite item in the game, its mixed armor and magic resist stats are great, despite you not needing armor and the 2053.png makes you very fast during tower dives and the active portal is amazing!

Banner of command:

This one works more if you are fighting a AP based top laner 8.png13.png17.png27.png31.png50.png54.png57.png127.png etc...
It's active makes the minion immune to magic damage so they will have a hard time killing it it help push and farm when you are in other lanes.
The HP, MR and AP stats are good and work well the HP is good to be more tanky, the MR is good because you only need MR and finally AP makes you stronger.

3116.png   3152.png  3001.png

Honestly i don't think these would be a good choice as their more focused around AP than tankienes, but sometimes they can come to good use:

Rylai's crystal scepter:

This item is more famous on regular AP 17.png, but it can see some use for Tankmo, its slow is reliable but not as much as 3022.png, so it's better for the AP but worse for the HP and slow, take it at your own risk.

Hextech Protobelt-01:

I recommend this one far more than 3116.png and it can come to good use form time to time, your 4.png won't always be up so you can't reposition, in that case grab a 3152.png it also can be useful for chasing enemies that are just a little bit farther than your auto attack range.

Abyssal Scepter:

The aura makes your MR shred even more stupid combined with a 3091.pngand 3151.png you might as well say MR? WHAT MR?
The MR stat is useful and the AP is just there for the damage...


Grab in case if your matchup has lots of regen like 36.png 154.png 8.png don't upgrade it to a 3033.png it will only waste money, you took this item to stop regen and not to deal damage, but your 14.png can do that too, but it isn't always up and this one is way more reliable.
Sell it later in the game.


Take it after full build, you will have >4000HP so health or tank stats aren't required so just get some AP, now you'll deal damage of a Mid game AP 17.png and be tanky like a 36.png.

Matchups Back to Top

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This guy won't be that hard the only issue is that he can negate your lane harass by just auto attacking the minions a few times and earn that broken heal from his aatroxW.png.

His aatroxpassive.png can be a problem as it can stop a walkaway toxicshot.png14.png, if you are winning the fight and he is reviving near you place a bantamtrap.png on him, when he heals up he will immediately get blasted by it.
Once he uses his aatroxR.png it is the right time to use your blindingdart.png and stop his damage output.




***NOTE*** that Camille is still new and i only played a few games versus her as normal AP Teemo, so far she is quite easy to beat but the info here isn't 100% tested YET!
Camille is quite easy to beat, her close range will make her quite kitable and her close combat isn't very good against your blindingdart.png use every chance to lay down poke on her.
camilleq.png is worthless against you because of your blindingdart.png
camillew.png the range is very mediocre, making it hard for her to trade with you or even hit you, if she does her shield is very easy to pop.
camillee.png a spell that i do not worry about, honestly in most cases she will use it to escape from you.

camiller.png to put it in a simple way, you're not trapped with her, she is trapped with you.




Stay safe and be wary of his rupture.png get 1001.png or 3117.png early so you can dodge his combo, keep kiting him and punish any missplacement he makes.




He wont be able to do much to you, he can't stack his passive because of your blindingdart.png and you can constantly kite him, still be ready for his dariusaxegrabcone.png and stay safe despite the easy matchup he can mess you up if you play it wrong.

His dariusaxegrabcone.png passive armor pen won't do much as you can blindingdart.png his damage and since you don't stack armor he wont be able to use it to its best potential.
When 122.png uses his dariuscleave.png try either to outrun the circle since you are faster than him it won't probably hit you or to run in to him and have a brawl, the few hits you get when he is preparing dariuscleave.png will give you some free damage, if he manages to hit dariuscleave.png in a fight that you can escape try 14.png him before as it will stop his dariuscleave.png healing and give you the advantage. 
When he tries to dariusnoxiantacticsonh.png you it's best to use your blindingdart.png  if you have a hard time noticing it (somehow) try to listen when 122.png starts laughing when his dariusnoxiantacticsonh.png is activated, that is your signal to use your blindingdart.png.
Constantly make sure to obstruct his pant by placing bantamtrap.png all around and if he gets close shove one in his face it will give you a major advantage. 


Dr. Mundo


Not too bad you have 14.png to shut his sadism.png down, i recommend getting a executioners calling 3123.png to stop his regen completely stay safe of his infectedcleavermissilecast.png and make sure to kite him.

During a fight you want to keep on running and shooting, kite him as much as you can and try rapidly going zig-zag to confuse him so he will probably miss his infectedcleavermissilecast.png and there for giving you more time to keep kiting.
His burningagony.png will weaken your slows 3022.pngbantamtrap.png so kiting and chasing might be harder and if he gets 3111.png his tenacity will be too big, but kiting will be easy but chasing will be a lot harder to do.
Make sure to blindingdart.png him when he uses masochism.png make sure to stop his first and strongest attack.




My god, i hate 245.png with my whole heart, but worry not readers cause this boy won't stand a chance versus you and i'm going to tell you why!(Note this is targeting the Tank 245.png build and not his mage build)

He is easy to harass, your range will help you poke him and slowly lowering his health until the right moment strikes to lead in for the kill.

His ekkoQ.png is fairly easy to dodge and predictable, his damage form ekkoE.png or ekkopassive.png can be negated with a blindingdart.png.
His ekkoW.png is also very predictable and easy to run from, its delay can give you time to change positions and destroy him, his shield won't be able to tank much of your damage so don't worry.
His ekkoR.png is his bread and butter, when winning fights and when your about to close in for the kill start throwing bantamtrap.png in the path that he took, when he ekkoR.png you can just take him down again and now he will have no escape route.
He can neutralize some of your bantamtrap.png damage but, that will waste his stun during fights, it is a win win for you either way.




Hes auto attack reliant use that to your advantage his raisemorale.png  can be taken down from afar and his parley.png can be blindingdart.png only his removescurvy.png will be a problem as it can save him from a walkaway ignite or poison.

His cannonbarrage.png won't be that big of a deal because you can just movequick.png away from it with ease.
When recalling make sure to back at weird places (ESPECIALLY WHEN LOW!) so he won't cannonbarrage.png you at those locations, this will save your life at least once.




Stay safe blindingdart.png him when he wants to garenslash3.png you and keep your distance if you are the villain avoid making contact with him because his garenjustice.png will kill you at half HP call the jungler to help out.

When he tries to garenbladestorm.png you use movequick.png and run away as fast as possible if you are way in front of him during the chase turn and kite him.
His garencommand.png can save him from the stupidest shit so keep it in mind and as unimportant as it may seem this may win him a fight so try to bait it out by harassing him with toxicshot.png.
Also his garenslash3.png can nearly neutralize your bantamtrap.png3022.png slows so don't always rely on them when running




Gnar hurts his gnarW.png does %HP damage so he will be a pain in the ass but your blindingdart.png might help at denying his gnarW.png stacks best call for the jungler and have good positioning.

Don't stay near walls as he can gnarR.png you and burst you down, dodging his gnarQ.png won't be hard and his gnarE.png may save him in a fight where you had the advantage.




You will be able to dodge his gravesclustershot.pnggravessmokegrenade.png and maybe even graveschargeshot.png your blindingdart.png will help versus his autos and use movequick.png to keep distance and bantamtrap.png to block escapes or to help kite do this and he wont pose that big of a threat.

Note that in team fight your blindingdart.png won't stop his auto attacks as he fires his gun so he misses you he can still hit your team by dumb luck. 




Stay away from her tentacles she can't do much when they aren't around dodge her illaoiQ.png also blindingdart.png when she is going to illaoiW.png you and be careful of her illaoiE.png stay behind minions and finally when the jungler comes to gank split away from him so that she cant illaoiR.png both of you.



39.png can be easy to fight, sure her ireliagatotsu.png and ireliaequilibriumstrike.png can hurt, but most of the time you will out trade her of straight up kill her.
Her ireliahitenstyle.png true damage can be easily blindingdart.png and negated and when she uses her hap closer ireliagatotsu.png you can just shove a bantamtrap.png in front of her and keep toxicshot.png her, grasp of the undying is going to keep you alive during the fight and you will generally do good versus her.


Jarvan IV


You are a very small target it wont be hard to dodge his jarvanivdemacianstandard.pngjarvanivdragonstrike.png combo but still if he traps you in his jarvanivcataclysm.png you aren't likely to survive also his jarvanivgoldenaegis.png can negate your toxicshot.png damage or your bantamtrap.png damage or blindingdart.png damage all of them will be completely negated i recommend baiting his jarvanivgoldenaegis.png and than fighting him.

NEVER get a 2138.png against him, he will only use your size versus you, it's best to stay small and easily dodge his jarvanivdemacianstandard.pngjarvanivdragonstrike.png combo.
Always have 4.png for when he jarvanivcataclysm.png you , if you don't have it throw bantamtrap.png in the jarvanivcataclysm.png as he won't be able to dodge them and they'll be just free damage, often this can result in a won fight.
His jarvanivpassive.png can hurt so engage with blindingdart.png so you can block it.




Fairly easy watch out for his jaxcounterstrike.png tho if you play smart and make him step on your bantamtrap.pngwith good positioning you will win lane 100% of the time.

Use your blindingdart.png to stop him from using his jaxempowertwo.png or the 3rd auto form his jaxrelentlessassault.png passive.
Use your blindingdart.png to stop him form stacking these: jaxrelentlessassault.pngjaxpassive.png3124.png




Quite hard his damage is bigger than yours and your blindingdart.png wont be able to do much versus him i recommend that you stay back ad play it safe until your first two items3091.png3022.png.

Ask for your jungler to gank a few times.
Dodge his long range poke and don't let him jayceE.png you towards his side of the lane and blindingdart.png  his attack speed steroid.


Lee Sin


Just dodge his blindmonkqone.png, be careful of him dropping 3340.png he will probably blindmonkwone.png to it and blindmonkrkick.png you to his allies when you see the ward run in the opposite direction with movequick.png or 4.png away both can save your life




She's AP she's a caster your blindingdart.png wont be able to stop her spells and the amount of CC she has is devestating be safe and make sure to not get caught out on amount of movequick.png and 4.png will save you from her.

If she stuns you with a lissandraR.pnglissandraW.png you are 100% dead.
She is hard to gank because of her lissandraE.png.
She can poke you through the minion lines with  lissandraQ.png and she can survive your toxicshot.png14.png with a lissandraR.png.




Fairly easy, he scales of of armor and you mainly deal magic damage and if he builds magic resist you will shred it and he will be missing out on a lot of damage because of that either way he will have a hard time try to be as aggressive as possible, if you die from a gank it's ok that will boost malphs confidence and he might stupidly attack you thinking that he will win.

His seismicshard.png won't deal as much damage as your toxicshot.png will so that trade is won.
His obduracy.png grants armor which is useless versus you and the extra AD is negated by a blindingdart.png.
His landslide.png isn't a damage dealer but it does lower your attack speed and combined with a 3110.png it can be crippling.
His ufslash.png can be dodged with a well timed 4.png or 3152.png.
His malphitepassive.png can be easily popped and constant harass win ensure that it won't come back.




He is easy to kill but at the same time hard to kill, his maokaidrain3.png makes him very hard to kill and it deals massive damage stay away from it his maokaiunstablegrowth.png can also fuck you up, but if you play it smart and work around these things you will dominate him


Master Yi


He is very easy to beat use your blindingdart.png to negate all of his damage and you won the fight his meditate.png is annoying tho it can save him from a toxicshot.png orbantamtrap.pngor14.png it really can get frustrating but other than that you will have a easy time. 




At any point of the game you will be able to beat him you are a tank so don't worry if his siphoningstrikenew.png deals massive damage but you can negate it with blindingdart.png and kite him for days if he wither.png you just use movequick.png and blindingdart.png to stop his upcoming damage when he catches up to you he will miss siphoningstrikenew.png from your blindingdart.png and than his wither.png expires and now your free to kite him and win the fight




Han be hard to kill, avoid fighting him, that's the best solution his olafragnarok.png negates your slows bantamtrap.png3022.png  and his passive combined with his olaffrenziedstrikes.png can turn around a fight, his olafrecklessstrike.png is very powerful and his olafaxethrowcast.png allows him to catch up to you, just stay safe and you'll do fine




CODE RED this guy is you bane of existance and nobody can counter you more than 80.png his pantheon_throw.png hurts, can crit and can't be dodged his passive will block your harass, his pantheon_leapbash.png gives him another shield and he can than do his pantheon_heartseeker.pngpantheon_throw.png combo to chunk you down stay safe and wait for your 3022.png3091.png once you get these 80.png will no longer be a problem.

If by some miracle you are winning inform your team when he has pantheon_grandskyfall_jump.png he could just go to bot and pick up a double, come back top and destroy you




Shell be easy stay clear of walls and if you remember i said put bantamtrap.png near walls so if she does poppyheroiccharge.png you against a wall shell take damage and the fight will quickly turn to your favor, her poppyparagonofdemacia.png can't do much versus you and you can dodge her poppydiplomaticimmunity.png with ease.



While she might be easy to beat, because of your blindingdart.png she can still be hard to fight early on, if you want to come at her and throw a basic attack to trigger toxicshot.png and your grasp of the undying, will get you in range for her full combo and when she uses quinnE.png she is very hard to target with blindingdart.png so she will get her quinnpassive.png marks on you, she will be a pain in the ass before you get 3022.png, once you have it the lane turns to your favor and you start dominating.

If you want to have a easier time i recommend just building straight AP, so you won't have such a rough early game.




Just use your blindingdart.png to stop his renektonpreexecute.png and your good to go put bantamtrap.png next to you and stay in the back lines if he decides to renektonsliceanddice.png to you through the minions he will step on your bantamtrap.png you will then blindingdart.png his renektonpreexecute.png then he wont deal any damage with renektoncleave.png and from there just start rapidly attacking him if he renektonreignofthetyrant.png just keep your distance while constantly throwing bantamtrap.png and blindingdart.png at him




I said recently that 92.png is hard to beat, but after a few games of getting down her mechanics i assure you that you will totally wreck her.

Your blindingdart.png might not do much as she is ability reliant so use it as a auto attack reset to get some extra damage.
When she uses rivenfengshuiengine.png or wants to proc rivenpassive.png just blindingdart.png her to lower her damage output.
Her rivenfeint.png may block your lane poke, but it doesn't last that long so your toxicshot.png will be guaranteed to deal our damage and your grasp of the undying will still proc.
Her rivenmartyr.png requires her to come near you, that is a big mistake as you can keep on damaging her rapidly and heal from grasp of the undying so you will win the trade, if you see a opportunity for a kill 14.png her and toxicshot.png her throw a extra bantamtrap.png in her path and keep using autos you will most likely get a kill.
If she tries to get help form a jungler DON'T RUN instead kite her and the jungler focus the one that poses a bigger threat to you, you will be likely to pick up a double kill.



68.png can be a big problem but if you rush 3091.png instead of 3022.png lane will become easy stay clear of his rumbleflamethrower.png and rumblegrenade.png his rumbleshield.png isn't that strong so it wont negate your damage and just run to the side when he rumblecarpetbomb.png you, blindingdart.png him when he is overheated




He will win lane there is no escape from him just stay back and hope to god he doesn't attack you all of his spells can't be blindingdart.png and even if you are winning a fight versus him he will desperatepower.png and gain spell vamp and turn the fight around, late game you gain the advantage so it's best for you to just wait for mid and late game




His shenfeint.png can screw you over and shenshadowdash.png can be a set up for a gank just stay away from his sword and your good to go.

His shenvorpalstar.png autos shred tanks so blindingdart.png him when he gets the empowered autos.
Inform your team if he has his shenstandunited.png at all times.




You are mobile you can dodge all of his spells keep kiting him and your good to go.

His crypticgaze.png is easy to dodge it will either be completely dodged or it will deal a little damage.
His deathscaressfull.png can soak up some early harass but it can be popped easily, it can soak up damage form toxicshot.pngbantamtrap.png14.png but again it is easily popped.
His enrage.png is hard to dodge and it deals quite a lot of damage, be careful of this one.
His cannibalism.png is easy to dodge, when you hear his ult sound just run to the side of the lane out of vision and he will most likely miss it.
His sionpassive.png is easy to kite and deal with, obstruct your escape with bantamtrap.png or blindingdart.png him. 




The mirror lane AP vs Tank.

The winner of this lane depends on the player himself and not the build.
YOU need to:
1) Have better positioning
2) Better shroom placement
3) Better map awareness 
4) Better usage of your kit, your blindingdart.png  and teemopassive.png mostly.
5)And finally better knowledge and skills of the champion himself.




Stay out of his trundleW.png and blindingdart.png his trundleQ.png.

His trundleR.png can steal your magic resist only so don't worry about that, the trundleE.png can scew you over but movequick.png can get you back on track




He uses auto attacks so just blindingdart.png him and hes done for now that his undyingrage.png got nerfed he can die form your toxicshot.png14.png after his ult is over.

When he uses undyingrage.png let him attack you and don't blindingdart.png him, instead wait for the last 1-2 seconds of his undyingrage.png, than you blindingdart.png him and start auto attacking him, if you start fighting and blindingdart.png him right when he uses undyingrage.png he will most likely just run away, letting him hit you will give him a false sense of hope in killing you and now that his undyingrage.png doesn't resort 2% hp after its done, your poison will likely kill him so when it's nearly over start fighting him, he won't have time to run away and you will get out with a kill with your toxicshot.png.
His mockingshout.png may lower your attack speed but again, this will only make him think that he can beat you so use that to your advantage and kill him.
His bloodlust.png can sometimes save him from a walkaway toxicshot.png or 14.png but, he will likely use it during the fight that happened before the toxicshot.png14.png so the kill will likely be yours, it can be used to sustain your poke but it will sacrafice his damage, in both cases it's a win win.



77.png can be a very mixed bag, sometimes you can counter him into oblivion, and sometimes he can completely destroy you, here's why:

Why do you counter him:

77.png is 100% auto attack based so your blindingdart.png will be extremely effective and useful during fights with him, if he doesn't play it right he can fall behind so much to the point where he can't recover, if he is the jungler make sure to place bantamtrap.png as far away from lane so you can have a head start when you see him running top.
If he uses udyrtigerstance.png as his main source of damage he will be at your mercy as you can shut him down with a singe blindingdart.png.

Why does he counter you:

See it depends if he decides to take 1416.png or 1400.png or 1401.png you won't have that hard of a time, BUT if he takes 1402.png you are truly fucked, now his major damage comes from his udyrphoenixstance.png the one spell he has that doesn't require using auto attacks.
If he goes for the other jungle items he will still be hard to kite, which is your main way of dealing with junglers, but he can just keep using udyrbearstance.png and udyrturtlestance.png to run  up to you and negate your kiting damage, his udyrpassive.png can stack up hard so combining this with udyrbearstance.png and chilling 11.png will negate all slows bantamtrap.png3022.png, he will even surpass the slows and be faster than normally, so save your blindingdart.png until he's about to stun you use it than and RUN!
Sometimes it's better to not kite him as he will negate all damage with udyrturtlestance.png so it's better to keep running and not attacking him so your 3117.png will kick in and at that point you will probably run away.




She uses autos, just blindingdart.png her and you win lane, stay away from walls as she can vaynecondemn.png you and then proc her vaynesilveredbolts.png, if you work around these you will be unstoppable.




Hes a caster his sustain form his vladimirtransfusion.png can negate your trades and his vladimirsanguinepool.png can save him from the stickiest of situations.

Play it safe and don't fight him.
His vladimirhemoplague.png can finish you off form beyond the grave and his vladimirtidesofblood.png is very hard to dodge.




Negate his volibearq.png with blindingdart.png, throw your bantamtrap.png in his panth, but his passive can negate your toxicshot.pngbantamtrap.png14.png




Stay clear of his monkeykingspintowin.png and blindingdart.png him when he monkeykingdoubleattack.png 

His monkeykingdecoy.png wont save him as the clone wont be poisoned so you will always tell when his trying to juke you and when he used clone, it would be good to get 3364.png so you can see him during stealth also your bantamtrap.png can reveal him during stealth


Xin Zhao


He is auto attack reliant so just a blindingdart.png can shut him completely down



blindingdart.png his yasuoQ.png and autos reposition when he yasuoW.png and stay clear of his yasuoR.png
He will be a pain early game tho as his yasuoE.png and yasuoQ.png combo can really deal damage he will be very aggressive and you will have a hard time, until you get your 3022.png, then the fight turns to your favor and you begin to dominate.




It is generally easy to beat him in a fight, jungle or top he won't be able to do much against you.

He is kitable and slow as long as you dodge his zacE.png, his passive blobs can work against him as during a fight you can put bantamtrap.png on his dropped blobs so he has to step on them or not recover, either way you will win.
When his zacpassive.png activates place a bantamtrap.png at the meeting point of the blobs, if one slips by it will be blown up.
His zacQ.png doesn't deal impactful damage so it won't pose a big threat you can even dodge it if you are fast enough.
Just like his zacQ.png , his zacW.png doesn't deal much damage to you, another skill that won't be a very large threat.
His zacE.png is the main thing to look out for, his ganks will be quite hard to survive if he catches you out with this one, try to doge it by using movequick.png or 4.png or 3152.png.
His zacR.png can be a problem but now he is insanely kitable so use that to your advantage and win the fight.

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All of these champions have visible, destroyable or capturable things that can taken or destroyed by standing on them bardW.png caitlynyordletrap.pngbushwhack.pngskarnerpassive.png, put your bantamtrap.png on them so enemies that try to take them will have a little suprise.
There are other champs who can work this way with 17.png but i find these to work best


Invisible trap champions can have your bantamtrap.png or their traps jhinE.pngjackinthebox.png buffed by combining them.


None shall escape your combined might of your poisones toxicshot.pngpoisontrail.pngtwitchpassive.pngcassiopeiamiasma.png and bleeds talonnoxiandiplomacy.pngdariuspassive.pngfizzseastonepassive.png and SPACE AIDS alzaharmaleficvisions.png!

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