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DISCLAIMER: If you haven't noticed, this is not an actual Teemo guide. Teemo players, please reconsider some life decisions and leave.

What Is This?

I play league and girls. Getting better with one doesn't help the other, but I have seen from coaching budding PUAs (Pick Up Artists :P) that making analogies to this game helps them understand fundamentals of PU. This guide offers a step-by-step, comprehensive rundown on PU using LoL as an extended analogy. If you actually read this guide and do everything I explain, you will become a MONSTER at PU, guaranteed. In this guide I have laid out a summary of everything I have learned from going from nerd to PUA, who now gets with beautiful women at least once a week. I should seriously be charging people for this guide, but here it is. Enjoy.


Three types of guys:

  • Naturals - Talented guys who are popular with the ladies by default
  • Bronze 5 - Guys lacking such talent who are unwilling to/incapable of improving themselves
  • PUAs - Guys who lack natural talent but are on the grind, improving every day

If you are here, you are probably not a natural. So it's up to you to get out of Bronze 5 and start scoring those sweet victories.

How to Use this Guide

As you read through this guide and begin to apply the principles I've laid out, keep a checklist of things you have to work on (maybe on your phone). Make a habit of looking back at it once at the start and once at the end of your day.

Transformations don't happen overnight, so don't get frustrated from the grind. Just like in LoL, there is no way you can consciously remember every little detail about how to play. Experience builds habits, which allow you to focus on specific things you are working on improving while doing everything else on autopilot. Imagine trying to learn last hitting, trading, avoiding ganks, ganking, roaming, kiting, positioning, etc. all at once. Impossible. Get better one step at a time. I've worked on the topics here for years now and still am learning new things every day.

At a certain point, you will likely reach a mentality where you feel as though just reading this guide will be enough. You don't want to approach girls because you don't have this or that quite down yet and don't want to embarrass yourself. DO NOT allow yourself to fall into that thinking. Just like in LoL, reading guides means nothing if you don't get your butt into tens, hundreds, thousands of real games, stacking up actual experience. There simply is no way of getting better than other than by real life interaction.

"In life, there are two paths to success. Work hard, and work smart. Most people do neither, and have no success. Some people do one, and have some success.  A few people – a very small minority – do both, and have CRAZY success."

This guide provides the work smart half of the equation. The Work hard part is in your hands. The power to improve is in your hands.

I don't want to give false pretense; there is a reason why men who are incredible with women are so rare. This is not a road for the faint of heart. By undertaking this long and arduous journey, you will constantly be challenging your social programming, your ego, and your habits. But, and I say this from personal experience, it's rewarding as hell when you look how far you've come. 

And with that said, Summoners, GLHF.


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