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4 months ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

As for Summoner Spells, Flash 4.png is your must-have for every game as Teemo 17.png. It's a reliable escape, good for repositioning in fights or even just to trick your oponent with some Flash 4.png jukes. You can eventually combine Flash 4.png with your Move Quick movequick.png to catch off low health enemies, kite or simply just Flash 4.png into a brush in order to get your Guerilla Warfare teemopassive.png Passive (just care for where you Flash4.png , since the brush might have a Ward 3340.png).


Your second Summoner Spell choice will mostly depend on matchups, but also on personal preference, so I'll start with some explanations:


Teleport 12.png is a more safe Summoner Spell. You can farm enough for a First Back, go back to base and Teleport 12.png back to lane. It adds global map presence and pressure too, if you want to TP 12.png gank Botlane, rotate between sidelanes, splitpush or join teamfights. If you're learning how to Teemo 17.png, I'd personally suggest you to get Teleport 12.png, in order to feel more comfortable in laning phase.


Ignite 14.png adds more lane pressure rather than map pressure like Teleport 12.png. It adds serious kill potential in the early stages of the game, and stimulates an aggressive playstyle for Teemo 17.png. Your Toxic Shot toxicshot.png DoT combine with Ignite 14.png is strong enough to kill a low HP target. You can poke enemies in lane to the point they are low enough on HP, then you all-in them. Apart from that, Ignite 14.png is a very solid choice against champions with specific periods of increased healing, such as Swain's 50.png R swainmetamorphism.png, Dr. Mundo's 36.png R sadism.png, Volibear's 106.png Passive volibearpassive.png, Darius' 122.png Q dariuscleave.png, Vladimir's 8.png Q vladimirq.png and R vladimirhemoplague.png, and so on. As a downside, Ignite 14.png falls off as the game goes on, and the only purpose of this Spell will be for dueling or skirmishing. Overall, Ignite 14.png is a solid option if you can get early kills as Teemo 17.png or if facing specific matchups, mostly healing-based.

Ghost 6.png is a more situational choice, as you lose in both GLOBAL map presence and lane pressure. However, due to its low cooldown and synergy with Teemo's 17.png Move Quick movequick.png, it's a solid choice for specifice matchups, where you'll win off kiting the enemy laner and by splitpushing. In these scenarios, Teemo 17.png becomes very slippery with all the MS he gets. Despite being the most situational Spell here, I'd suggest you getting Ghost 6.png mostly vs low mobility laners, making it perfect for you to kite them.

New Runes Back to Top


Precision Tree: For the On-hit Teemo build, this is the most suitable setup possible, as it provides the means for sustained damage, greater DPS and enchanced AAs.

Lethal%20Tempo.png?width=32vs Press%20the%20Attack.png?width=32:
Still under test. PtA is good for short trades in laning phase, and its exposure factor brings some utility for Teemo in teamfights. Lethal Tempo is easier to proc due to Teemo's poison, and it's more consistent on the laning phase, for both long trades or poke.


Sorcery Tree:

Domination Tree:

Abilities Back to Top



Teemo's Passive - Guerilla Warfare teemopassive.png

  • After taking no damage for 1.5 seconds, Teemo becomes stealthed.
  • Same thing happens inside a brush.
  • Teemo remains in stealth is no action is taken, but you can still move on a brush without leaving stealth.
  • Upon breaking stealth, Teemo gains a 20/40/60/80% Attack Speed buff for 2 seconds.
  • When stealthed, Teemo can only be revealed by enemy Turrets.


Teemo's Q - Blinding Dart blindingdart.png

  • Teemo fires a dart.
  • The dart blinds the target for 1.5/1.75/2/2.25/2.5 seconds.
  • Deals 80/125/170/215/260 (+80% AP) Magic Damage.


Teemo's W - Move Quick movequick.png

  • Passively, Teemo gains 10/14/18/22/26% bonus Movement Speed until being struck by champion or turret damage.
  • Champion or Turret damage disable the MS buff for 5 seconds.
  • Upon activation, Teemo doubles the Bonus Movement Speed and prevents damage from disabling.


Teemo's E - Toxic Shot toxicshot.png

  • Passively, Teemo's basic attacks deal 10/20/30/40/50 (+30% AP) bonus Magic Damage.
  • Leaves behind a poison that deals 6/12/18/24/30 (+10% AP) Magic Damage per second.
  • The poison lasts for 4 seconds and can be refreshed by Teemo's basic attacks.


Teemo's R - Noxious Trap teemorcast.png

  • Passively, Teemo stores a charge of Noxious Trap every 30/25/20 seconds (influenced by Cooldown Reduction), up to a maximum of 3 at once.
  • Upon activation, tosses a stored mushroom unto the ground that lasts for 5 minutes.
  • The traps arm and stealth in 1 second and grant sight around them while armed.
  • Throwing traps on traps bounce them over at a distance of 300/400/500 units.
  • Enemies who step on a trap detonate them, granting sight of them.
  • The traps deal 200/325/450 (+50% AP) AoE Magic Damage over 4 seconds, slowing targets by 30/40/50%.
  • Noxious Traps have 6 HP total, and 3 HP is removed by every melee champion basic attack, 2 HP for ranged.


This is your most common skill maxing: teemorcast.png>toxicshot.png>blindingdart.png>movequick.png.
There are some things I'll have to talk about here. First, what you always do:

  1. You always max your Toxic Shot toxicshot.png first as Toplane Teemo 17.png.
  2. You always get a point in your Noxious Trap teemorcast.png whenver possible (at levels 6, 11 and 16).
  3. You always get a point in Toxic Shot toxicshot.png at lvl 1 as Toplane Teemo 17.png.

However, there are situations where your skill maxing will be different from the one I've shown you. These are the following ones:

  1. You can max Move Quick movequick.png over Blinding Dart blindingdart.png second.
  2. You can leave Move Quick movequick.png without any points until level 4.

Let's start with explanations, first with the "basics" of Teemo 17.png:

  1. With the exception of Support Teemo 17.png, you always max your Toxic Shot toxicshot.png first. The 50 bonus magic damage on-hit (at max rank) is extremely good. It's almost like having 50 AD, with the exception you don't have it, and it's magic damage. This is why it becomes hard to itemizate against Teemo 17.png, because of his mixed damage.
  2. Every champion with 3 aqquirable points on their Ultimates will do this (with the exception of Tryndamere). Teemo's 17.png Noxious Trap teemorcast.png gains stronger effects when ranked up: more damage, harder slow, increased range.
  3. Your AAs with Toxic Shot's toxicshot.png on-hit damage hurt A LOT in the early game, and the DoT that follows it is pretty much a reverse regen effect. Also, the on-hit damage makes it easier to last hit.

Now, explaning the more situational "rules":

  1. Maxing your Blinding Dart blindingdart.png second gives you more damage and an increased duration on your blind effect. This means maxing Blinding Dart blindingdart.png second is better vs AA-heavy champions, as it will shut down their primary damage source. If the laner doesn't rely too much on AAs and his primary damage source are abilities, maxing your Move Quick movequick.png makes it easier to dodge skillshots.
  2. Whether you'll end up maxing Q blindingdart.png or W movequick.png second, your 2 first points are put on E toxicshot.png and Q blindingdart.png, respectively. At level 3 though, it depends on how you're doing in laning. If you managed to get a kill or force the enemy to back, get your second point in E toxicshot.png. Your damage is higher and you can shove the wave into their tower, while making the enemy lose farm in the process. If you're pushing the wave too hard and forcing the enemy laner to farm at his tower, get your third point in W movequick.png as normal. At this stage, the probability of getting ganked is high, since you're overextended. A single point in Move Quick movequick.png ensures you have the mobility to escape a gank much easier.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    First Back Items. Cull is situational. Get according to Rush Items.
    Struggling in lane? Build defensively according to matchups.
    A selection of starting items. Check author's notes below for more information.

Core Items

    Core Item build. Core order depending on matchups - check author's notes below for more details.
    Vision and Consumables. Carry a Control Ward whenever you can, and upgrade your Trinket once you can. More info below.

Situational Items

    Choose Boots depending on matchups. More information below.
    DPS/Dueling Items. Check author's notes.
    Need some tank stats? Build accordingly to your needs.


Starting Items:

Safe start for Teemo, and great for newer players. The 6 HP regen/5 is very important for Teemo 17.png, especially due to his low HP regen. You don't lose too much HP when trading due to its regenerating passive (similar to Spectre's Cowl 3211.png). The bonus on-hit damage is great for lasthitting better, especially under tower, making it a must-have for hard matchups, but acceptable for any matchup.

The built-in sustain from Doran's Ring is can support a semi-agressive start, since you'll be able to heal the damage taken from creep aggro trading or poking down the enemy in lane. It does give the same HP pool as Doran's Shield 1054.png, with the additional damage on top of it, as well as matching its sustain in its own way. You can eventually get this start and go straight for an early Cull 1083.png in addition to your First Back, in order to achieve a gold lead, or go for the previous start and get an early Doran's Blade 1055.png in your First Back.

This is a great start for Teemo 17.png. While you lack a bigger HP pool, and the mana sustain won't serve any purpose at level 1 (since you'll be getting your first point into Toxic Shot toxicshot.png), the bonus AP it gives empowers your ability set, making your AAs and poison toxicshot.png hurt a lot more. As a side note, it forces the enemy toplaner into a mind-game: due to your high early magic damage, enemy toplaners - especially tanks - will consider getting early MR in their First Backs. At the time they do this, you have also done your First Back with an AD and onhit focus on items, making their First Backs useless. In addition, you have an extra Health Potion, which means your laning phase will be much easier with extra sustain. (Tip: Add a Dark Seal 1082.png into Corrupting Potion 2033.png on your First Back for increased sustain and damage.)

This is the most agressive start you can have on Teemo. Not only you get the same base AP as a Doran's Ring 1056.png, but you also have the snowball potential off earning kills and assists. In addition, being a cheap item means you are able to purchase a Refillable Potion 2031.png on spawn or stick to 3 Potions 2003.png, providing you the best early sustain out of all of these starts. (Tip: the Corrupting Potion 2033.png on your First Back is amazing due to the enchanced healing from potions provided.)

The Corrupting Potion 2033.png start is a solid balancing of the previous starts 17.png players. While you lack the bigger HP pool, you have a bigger HP and Mana sustain, as well as the Touch of Corruption Passive which promotes an agressive playstyle for Teemo 17.png. The biggest problem is that you'll eventually run out of charges whenever you need the most, especially if you can't manage your Mana pool well. However, it does pay off, as you won't need to buy any more Health Potions 2003.png due to its refillable mechanic. You can eventually get this start and get a Doran's Blade 1055.png in your First Back too, if you want a bigger HP pool and increased sustain for the laning phase. It's a great addition in your First Back if you didn't buy it at the start as well.


First Back:


Your First Back will be generally focused on building DPS items, alongside sustain items in order stay in lane much longer. Pickaxe 1037.png and Blasting Wand 1026.png provide you the raw damage you need, while Recurve Bow 1043.png adds some AS to back it up, as you make your way into Guinsoo 3124.png or BoRK 3153.png. Jaurim's Fist 3052.png is a solid option for some extra tankyness in lane. Finally, Cutlass 3144.png and Cull 1083.png provide decent sustain for the laning phase, with Cull 1083.png providing you a softer transition into the midgame.


If you're struggling in lane against hard matchups, build some defensive items to survive the laning phase easier, as you build towards your Core Items. Against AD matchups, Warden's Mail 3082.png helps 1v1ing due to its AS debuff Passive. If you fear getting towerdived, Raptor Cloak 2053.png gives you the Armor and MS to kite the enemy and survive. Spectre's Cowl 3211.png is your go-to item vs AP matchups, especially if you're getting poked too hard. Finally, if you need a bigger HP pool to combine with your Armor/MR, Giant's Belt 1011.png will fit your needs.


Core Items:

3153.png - Blade of the Ruined King

The Toplane meta has become a selection of tanks, juggernauts and duelists with some niche picks. BoRK 3153.png will fit your needs when it comes to shred these HP-stacking champions. You have the sustain to go for long trades and 1v1s, you have the DPS and the Active to chase or kite them. The Active synergizes extremely well with Teemo's 17.png Move Quick Active, making him very slippery and a kiting machine.

3022.png - Frozen Mallet

Frozen Mallet 3022.png became a must-have for Teemo 17.png: the faster you are means the enemy is slower than you, so let's make them even slower! Just like Gnar 150.png, Teemo 17.png can constantly apply and refresh the Mallet 3022.png slow, making him impossible to catch due to the permaslow. On top of that, it gives an additional 700 HP that makes a squishy Teemo 17.png to a surprisingly tanky Teemo 17.png without the need of early resists.

3124.png - Guinsoo's Rageblade

The "new" AS/on-hit replacing Runaan's 3085.png in your Core, Rageblade 3124.png became a great item. Since most tanks rely heavily on stacking Armor and MR combined with HP, the Hybrid damage you achieve after finishing Rageblade 3124.png becomes insane. Every 4th AA (with max stacks) will apply all on-hit effects an additional time, thus making your %HP physical damage from BoRK 3153.png and the magic damage from Rageblade 3124.png to be empowered.

Core Order:

In addition, here's your Core order for general matchups:

VS Tanks 3124.png > 3153.png> 3022.png

Strategy: Focus on getting Guinsoo 3124.png stacks before going full agressive into the trade: get 6 stacks, then go for a short trade while Lethal Tempo Lethal%20Tempo.png?width=32 is active. You want to deny as much CS and XP as you can, force them to constantly recall and farm under your tower. Pressure them into stay in lane with you and force them to focus on you instead of teamfighting. Just be aware of ganks. Once you get your Core items you can constantly fight them or just chunk them with short trades. At this point, your only concern will be fighting in a 1v2, so keep an eye on the map and get vision in your lane and in the enemy's jungle.

VS Juggernauts 3022.png > 3124.png > 3153.png

Strategy: Rush your Frozen Mallet 3022.png and Tier 2 Boots ASAP with some sustain items. Once you have it start poking harder and go for small trades. Play off kiting your enemy rather than fighting them toe-to-toe. After Rageblade 3124.png, you can now do longer trades once you get your Guinsoo 3124.png stacks. Finish BoRK 3153.png and you'll be able to constantly be fighting them over and over due to the sustain you get.

VS Duelists 3153.png > 3022.png > 3124.png

Strategy: Rush your Cutlass 3144.png and a Jaurim's Fist 3052.png on your First Backs. Constantly poke them at a distance.  Once you have BoRK 3153.png + some HP and Tier 2 Boots, you can 1v1 them as long as you keep track of their cooldowns and kite them with your shrooms. Kiting is the key to win, as they'll only be able to gapclose onto you with mobility spells, so make sure you fight them when their mobility spells are on cooldown. You win these 1v1s once you have you Core items + Boots. Force then into fighting in a shroom field teemorcast.png, and you'll have an edge the longer the fight goes.



3047.png - Ninja Tabi

The perfect choice vs AA-heavy champions, especially if they're AD. Its damage reduction stacks mutiplicatively with other damage reduction items, like Death's Dance 3812.png and Phantom Dancer 3046.png.

3111.png - Mercury's Treads

A must-have against AP champions, while granting CC reduction.

3009.png - Boots of Switfness

Gives all-rounded mobility as well as reducing slow effectiveness.

3006.png- Berserker's Greaves

If you're winning your lane. Increased DPS for a small price and decent cost effectiveness. Great for splitpushing.


Offensive Items:

3091.png - Wit's End

Wit's End 3091.png is the Offensive Item for Teemo 17.png that allows him to be tankier and deal damage at the same time. Against AP matchups, this is an item you should consider getting. You get, shred and steal MR from your opponent, making him more fragile to any damage source. This means your kit will have a significant damage output on that target, as well as your APCs having increased damage on that same target. As a side note, I'd like to emphasise on the synergy between Wit's End 3091.png and Runaan's Hurricane 3085.png - the Witnaan's 3091.png3085.png Build. Wit's End 3091.png and Runaan's 3085.png synergize deceptively well on Teemo 17.png, since you can apply the MR shred from Wit's 3091.png to multiple targets due to Runaan's 3085.png Passive.

Note: You can only get up to 25 MR with Wit's 3091.png Passive, regardless of how many targets were hit. However, you can still apply the MR shred to any target you want, up to -25 MR.

3026.png - Guardian Angel

Just like Wit's End 3091.png, Guardian Angel 3026.png allows you to keep building damage while simultaneously being tankier. Guardian Angel 3026.png gives you a second chance in the battlefield if you eventually die in the process. It allows you to stay longer in teamfights, and be the deciding factor that wins your team the game. Against AD matchups, it fits Teemo's 17.png role perfectly: duel the enemy laner to death, and come back to fight them again.

3087.png - Statikk Shiv

Being more of a situtaional buy, Statikk Shiv 3087.png gives you additional waveclear for when you need it the most. Against siege team compsitions, the waveclear provided from Shiv 3087.png is perfect for you to deny their pushing. It's more of a lategame purchase as Teemo 17.png.

3046.png - Phantom Dancer

Phantom Dancer is Teemo's 17.png ultimate 1v1 Item - the damage reduction and DPS it gives are perfect to fight most duelists/1v1 champions, like Fiora 114.png and Jax 24.png. Also, the MS Passive is nice for chasing down enemies and its damage reduction stacks mutiplicatively with other damage reduction items, like Death's Dance 3812.png and Ninja Tabi 3047.png.


Defensive Items:

3075.png - Thornmail

The perfect item against full AD teams. 80 Armor, while returning back damage every time you get AA'ed is great vs AA-heavy champions, such as Tryndamere 23.png, Yasuo 157.png, Jax 24.png and such. In addition, applying Grevious Wounds is a great counter to Marksmen and any champion who relies on Lifesteal on their builds.

3143.png - Randuin's Omen

Similar to Thornmail 3075.png, Randuin's Omen 3143.png is a great pick-up against AD-heavy comps. However, it shines better when the enemy team relies on AA and an AS/Crit build. It reduces both Critical Strike Damage - making it a good buy against ADCs - and the enemy's AS upon being hit. It's a great item overall to reduce the enemy's DPS, as well as their chances of escaping due to its Active.

3512.png - Zz'Rot Portal

Zz'Rot 3512.png is the perfect choice against balanced team comps, where physical and magical damage are equivalent in numbers. It gives Teemo 17.png the splitpushing potential, as well as the map pressure needed to take down towers. On top of it, the MS near Turrets and Voidspawns is perfect for better kiting.

3194.png - Adaptive Helm

With the midseason Tank updates, new Magic Resist items brought a new variety for tank itemization against AP carries. Adaptive Helm's 3194.png purpose comes to reduce the effectiveness of champions who rely on low CD spells/effects. With that being said, the constant spell spam becomes less of a threat for Teemo 17.png.

3065.png - Spirit Visage

Despite the item changes and a new item selection for tanks, Spirit Visage 3065.png is still a major item for Teemo 17.png. Since the build still has Lifesteal from BoRK 3153.png, increasing the healing from all sources is always nice to help, while becoming tankier in the process.

3156.png - Maw of Malmortius

While the Cowl 3211.png upgrades work towards anti-DPS Mages and/or Poke, Maw 3156.png provides the survivability against AP assassins, or even against Sorcerers (such as Veigar 45.png, Zoe 142.png or Annie 1.png). The Magic Shield allows you to soak a full spell rotation and heal it back up with the added Lifegrip Passive.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

About me Back to Top


Now that you've reached this section...

Hello there reader! I'm SonenseS, an EUW Teemo 17.png main with over 210K Mastery Points. As a Toplane main, I've found Teemo 17.png to have the most diverse build paths, so I decided to make a guide on him.
As you saw in this guide, I've covered a specific build for Teemo 17.png - an AD Bruiser Teemo 17.png build, with an on-hit focus. Due to its hybrid damage (physical-magic mix of damage), and for catchy effects for the build, I've decided to call it Hybrid Fervor 6162.png Teemo 17.png.

The idea behind Hybrid Fervor 6162.png Teemo 17.png came to my mind a year ago. When I started testing this build, I'd go for Hextech Gunblade 3146.png, Nashor's Tooth 3115.png and Guinsoo's Rageblade 3124.png as my Core Items, taking 18-12-0 Masteries with Fervor of Battle 6162.png in the process. Later on, as I started developing more builds on Teemo 17.png, the Hybrid Teemo 17.png Build got split into 2 different builds: Hybrid Fervor 6162.png Teemo 17.png and Hybrid Thunder 6362.png Teemo 17.png. The reason why I did this was simply due to the synergy with Teemo 17.png and Thunderlord's Decree 6362.png. This led to 2 different playstyles with the Hybrid Teemo 17.png versions: Hybrid Fervor 6162.png Teemo 17.png being more of a duelist with bruiser-levels of tankyness, while Hybrid Thunder 6362.png Teemo 17.png was a more squishy, assassin playstyle, with the focus on deleting squishy carries.

With the Season 8 changes, Fervor of Battle 6162.png was replaced with the new Press the Attack Keystone Rune, in which the concept is still the same. However, the build will still be working for Season 8, with only major changes in the Rune Setup.

As a side note, I'd like to say I added a section on how to counter/lane against Teemo 17.png under the "Matchups" section. Whether you're trying to learn Teemo 17.png or just want to beat his Yordle ass, this is the guide you've been looking for!

I won't bother you anymore, dear reader. Keep exploring the guide, and see you in the Summary!

Gameplay [Earlygame and Laning] Back to Top

*Section under development. Will be updated soon.*

Gameplay [Midgame and Objectives] Back to Top

*Section under development. Will be updated soon.*

Gameplay [Lategame and Teamfighting] Back to Top

*Section under development. Will be updated soon.*

Summary Back to Top


Hello there again, dear reader! I told you we would meet again in the Summary ^_^

Teemo 17.png is an amazing champion. While the enemy toplaner will disagree with me - and eventually his team -, I have fun trying new stuff on Teemo 17.png every game. There's always a new strategy, a new synergy, a new matchup for us to experiment. Teemo 17.png was the first champion ever I decided to master. He's an easy champion, while actually requiring time to actually master him.

I'm not the best Teemo 17.png player out there, and I'm not a Youtuber/Streamer, so I can't give you daily/weekly content on Teemo 17.png. However, if you want to learn more about Teemo 17.png, you can always check a couple of Teemo 17.png Mains on Twitch and follow them :D

I hope you enjoyed reading my Teemo 17.png guide as much as I did making it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Also, if I misspelt something, whether it's grammar errors or bad explanations, tell me too: I'll make sure it's fixed ASAP.

Again, thank you so much for reading my guide, I'll try to come up with new guides if the chance is given. Until there, peace out!

- SonenseS

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