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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Nothing special here:

14.png Ignite: for lane pressure
4.png Flash: must

Teemo doesn't benefit as much from teleport as other tops, but benefits more from ignite than other tops.

New Runes Back to Top

Abilities Back to Top


Skill leveling order

Leveling E first is important, cause it gives you a lot of free dps. It's also your main harass tool. Watch out for the tower aggro when enemy hugs tower.

Level R whenever you can obviously. Remember that cdr affects shroom restoring time.

Level Q sooner against heavy auto attacker enemy in lane, like Jax, Trinda, Kayle, Irelia..., otherwise the movement-speed from W would be more useful.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

    core 1
    core 2
    Boot options

Situational Items

    Damage Route 1 - vs tanks
    damage route 2 - vs squishies
    Defensive route 1
    defensive route 2
    shroom powah
    lot of ap damage on your team
Most games you only finish the core items:

Than you can decide that from the last 3 items you want 2 offensive 1 defensive, or 1 offensive 2 defensive
  3111_32.png3153_32.png3022_32.png3085_64.png3143_64.png3071_64.png            3111_32.png3153_32.png3022_32.png3085_64.png3143_64.png3102_64.png

For that you can use all the items mentioned in the situational section.

The point of these builds are skirmish and teamfight power. You will never be a lategame Olaf but these tankier paths give you relevance even in the latest stages of the game. 

Earlygame you can basically build anything and still be strong.

Matchups Back to Top

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dodge his knockup and you can blind his damage at any point in the game




He cant heal as much as you can harass, the only thing you have to be careful for is not to get knocked into his tower.




skill based: you gotta dodge the raptures (play some toplane cho yourself to understand better his rapture)

the key is early harass: if he is too low, he can't risk to lasthit properly, so less heal for him, more dominance for you, be argessive and keep thinking with his head, where his next q gona be

buy frozen mallet earlyer than you would  and go mercury's instead of bersherker




keep harassing on your edge of aa distance, and he wont be able to trade back if you dodge his pull;

his pull has a base cd of 24 sec


Dr. Mundo


u can crush him early with superior harass, dodge his q

don't let him bait you post 6 with his ult, save your ignite for his ult

but if you don't crush him, he scales you out lategame




keep harassing on your edge of aa distance, and he won't be able to trade back;
you can keep him poisoned often enough that he can't heal from his passive at all;
save up your w for his speed up ability




dodge his skills if you can do that your harass is stronger and you can kite his malee form




harass him early, he can't come back without jungle help




easy to harass at early lvls, and your blind hurts her damage a lot, max q over w, on lane you have the adventage, but never underestimate her heal from ulti;

but if you can't completely shut her down in laning, she will be much more powerfull in lategame than you so it's overall an even matchup;

lvl q over w;


Jarvan IV


your harass is way stronger, your blind hurts his damage output a lot, you should win laning hard, but his lategame is strong so make sure to shut him down




by laning at early lvls you can destroy him with harass and well timed blinds, but with lvls no matter how much you killed him, at a certain point he will just murder you and your entire team, so if you can't shot him down completely on lane u will be in trouble;

lvl q over w;




your harass is stronger if you can dodge his q, if you can't, he wins, it's that simple imo;

lvl q over w;




your harass is stronger if you can dodge his q; that's about it; buy mr;


Lee Sin


dependent on enemy skill lvl, dodge his q, harass any time you can, buy early armor, and you can beat him;

lvl q over w;




you can harass him early but his q hurts as well

he has kill potential on you after 6

he has way stronger lategame




In the early levels you can deny him, but 1 jungle gank can make it so that you can't even trade with him , as his q has much lover cd than your q, and his lifesteal can not be stopped. His lategame is much much stronger than yours, and you cant stop him reliably.




your harass is much stronger, his q is easy to dodge, you can blind her as steroid, if she is in cougar form you can damage her out of her range;

it's very important to doge her Q if she goes AP, stay behind minions;




keep harassing on your edge of aa distance, and he wont be able to trade if you dodge his axes;
dodge his axes!

also if he ults, don't waste blind on him;

max q over w;




he has got everything what is good against Teemo: hard cc, long range gap-closer, burst damage, not aa reliant (ad burst: harder to itemize against)

ask for jungler ganks, buy early armor, only harass when you have high hp




you can just harass the hell out of her, your q hurts her damage output;

stay away from walls, not to get stunned;
lvl q over w;




You both have killing potential on each other.
Keep harassing, but be really careful, try to bait out his gapcloser, it only has 450 range, and if he didn't hit you (or a minion), he can't use it a second time, and you can aa him free.
Buy early armor.




depends on enemy skill lvl, your harass is stronger than what she can shield, your blind hurts her damage,

but you must react immediately if she start using abilities to close on you, immediately walk back or w back, you must not let her stun you, it can mean a dead Teemo even from 100% hp;
if she used up all her mobility abilities, aa her aggressively;
with careful harassing you can force her out of lane, and get so much cs advantage, that she can never come back




dodge his poke, and when both is dodged, you can go agressive;

hard matchup cause whenever you damage him, he also damages you with q, and can shield;
harass early (lvl 1-5), than just try to farm and survive;
buy early mr!




keep harassing on your edge of aa distance, and he wont be able to trade back;
don't get taunted undertower;

you will be pushing for sure, and Shen can assist in ganks very well, so ward!




Pre 6: harass, don't let her damage you, blind her q

Post 6: place defensive shrooms in lane against her all-in, keep harassin' when she is farmin, don't fight her without clear adventage




keep harassing on your edge of aa distance, and he won't be able to touch you;

don't stay in his poison without reason, always punish if he lasthit; 

never get flinged, always keep distance, w in time or even flash if needed;




his abilites have annoyingly short cd and low mana cost, he can bring you low only with ability harass, so blind wont do much against him.

if you can dodge his stuff, you win, if you cant, he win




keep harassing on your edge of aa distance;
if he jumps on you just blind him and back a bit, keep attacking on your edge of aa distance;

max q over w;




keep harassing on your edge of aa distance, and he won't be able to touch you;
save up your w for his bear stance, if its on cd just blind him right before stun comes, and trade back;

max q over w;




you can't shot him down early, you can't deny him midgame, you can't stop him from destroying your team lategame;

harass early, than farm and stay alive;
buy early mr;




early your harass destroys him and you can blind his q, but after 6 he gets kill potential on you and his lategame is much stronger than yours


Xin Zhao


max q over w and blind him whenever he jumps on you, and your lane is winned, your harass is way stronger than his sustain;

max q over w;




his sustain is too much, you can't defeat him without jungle ganks, but with jungle ganks, you might, so call jungler to gank him, he is easy to gank;

his red ghoul heals him on cast, not so much is used on minions, and its autoattacks also heal, so if you kill his red ghoul sooner, or blind it, yorrick heals less;

his ghouls are slow so you can run away from them, or can drop aggro by walking into bush;

yorricks two ranged ghouls deas magic damage so early mr is effectiv against yorrick;

Hi! Back to Top



I'm Tough Potato. Welcome at my AD'ish Bruiser Toplane Teemo in depth guide for Summoner's Rift. 
I don't say that "my way" is better than AP Teemo in every case.
What i say is that AD'ish Bruiser build is the best for a splitpushing playstyle, and midgame splitpushing is what Teemo is designed for.

The guide is meant for:

  • for new players
  • for experienced players with not enough experience with Teemo
  • for AP Teemo players to show a different view

It covers topics like:

  • why ad bruiser is the most viable role for Teemo?
  • why is Teemo so hated?
  • early- / mid- / lategame tips
  • matchups in nutshell (i will add more details with time)

About Teemo in general Back to Top


Teemo's strengths:

  • strong lane harass
  • counters Auto-Attack reliant champs (any AD Carry) hard with the 2,5 sec Blind (at max rank)
  • high mobility
  • high kiting potential against melee champions
  • cheap and strong map control with proper shroom placement
  • scales well with damage items (4. highest base attack speed at lvl18 + free 50 magic damage on-hit)
  • hard to gank after lvl6 (shrooms)
  • strong splitpushing potential
  • global taunt

Teemo's weaknesses:

  • low base health and resistances and got no shield ---> squishy as hell
  • low range (500 on AA, 580 on Q)
  • got no hard cc
  • got no lategame damage without damage items
  • the 4 points above leads us to much weaker lategame potential compared to common solotop champions
  • vulnerable to ganks pre lvl6
  • rage is common against a Teemo pick (so many bad Teemos out there, people have hard time to trust Teemo players)


When to pick Teemo

You should play toplane Teemo whenever u feel like you wana win the lane hard and push towers like crazy, and have fun running around the map with the high passive movement speed bonus.

You should use Teemo as a COUNTERPICK against a melee toplane bruisers.
The reason behind this statement is that Teemo's greatest strength lies in winning the lane hard and take advantage of that by pressuring the whole enemy team with pushing towers (in own lane first).
The other reason, is that if you pick Teemo before enemy toplaner is choosen, you will end up getting counterpicked hard.
Also, i don't recommend to pick Teemo if there is no Tank / not enough cc / no initiation on your team. You might take a tanky build path, but your kit is not designed for that, Teemo has no built in resistance, and his base stats are low, and he needs items to do noticeable damage lategame (so he is not a Mundo at all).

Pick Teemo as a counter against the following champions in the toplane:


If you want to play a safer firstpick champion with similar play-style to Teemo's, i recommend Nidalee, Elise, Shen or Singed.


Why is Teemo so hated?

Shrooms. And some other facors:

  • Teemo is designed for strong laning and midgame on the price of his lategame. If a Teemo player can't abuse early- /midgame advantage, he will be even weaker later on, and will be called useless with full right. Kinda like Shaco, AD Nidalee, LeBlanc, ... . If a player hates these kind of champions, he/she hates Teemo too.
  • Teemo is a slippery little bastard, or more politely: one of those escape artists. Like Nidalee, Singed, Akali, Kassadin... . If a player hates these kind of champions, he/she hates Teemo too.
  • The trap mechanics in shrooms. Only a few champion has them, but Teemo's is far the most annoying amongst all. It forces you to change your regular playstyle: you can't find safety in bushes, you find only pain in bushes, and you also have to delay your build with vision wards and trinket upgrades. That's annoying indeed, i accept this reason.
  • Character design. Someone do not like the cute happy hamster style. Awww.
  • Lack of knowledge (of Teemo haters). They don't know how to counter Teemo, so they blame the champion instead of admitting their gap in knowledge, and improving their gameplay. Happens in low elo.
  • Lack of knowledge (of Teemo players). Most Teemo players only abuse the laning power (and the troll shrooms), they win lane, yay, than do nothing. They don't apply any pressure, don't shroom properly, they're just trying to engage fights in other lanes, than build extra squishy and die first in any teamfight without doing any damage. Or they splitpush all the time even when their team is easy to engage on, baiting out teamfights 4v5. I often see Teemos putting 4 shrooms on the same spot, thinking it will do more damage. I could keep going on with examples for a while. That lack of knowledge on their part is often pared with lack of selfcontrol and proper judgment, so they tend to flame. Happens in low elo.
  • AP Teemo in higher elo is not really viable, yet people use it. In the next section i explain it.

AP or AD? (or what?) Back to Top

Your AA range is 500.
Your Q range is 580.
You have no gap closer.
Your base defensive stats are low.



The problem with AD Carry Teemo

The point of AD carries is that they got the highest possible damage output with a full build, if they can keep auto-attacking. Semi-viable AD carry can be any ranged champion with the standard AD items. The best ad carries have some ability scaling with AD, or built in steroid, or high range, and(!) some kind of safety-move (most commonly a dash).

The safety-move is very important because having over 9000 damage is worthless if you can't stay alive in AA distance from your enemy long enough to dish out that damage. The top tier AD carries always have some sort of dash or blink (Ezreal, Graves, Corky, Caitlyn, Tristana, Lucian) or have high range and built in kiting power (Ashe, Kog, Caitlyn, Tristana, Jinx). (Sivir is a special case lol)

Teemo has got a sweet on-hit damage, and nice base Attack Speed, but the range is 500, and he has got no dash or any worthy safety-move (that movementspeed steroid for 3 sec in W is really not enough). So if you want to keep autoattacking (doing damage) in a teamfight, you have to be in 500 range all the time. Any potent team will focus you extremely easily.

TLDR: Since Teemo has no built in safety, you have to buy some for gold if you want enough time alive to deal your damage in teamfights.


The problem with MIDLANE AP Carry Teemo

In bronze/silver, AP Teemo is OP. The shrooms are OP even in diamond and even without AP (no Oracles).

But AP Teemo is not OP, only annoying when you get into higer tiers.

The main problem is the same as with AD Teemo: a squishy Teemo is basically a free kill, you die before you could damage in teamfights. Good 1v1 power but any 5v5 you are fcked.


So what?

As you can see, the main question is not really the damage type, but rather that how can you dish out that damage if you can be killed or zoned so easily. The answer is:



Give that Teemo some defensive runes and masteries, and:

  • boots of choice (probably merc)
  • 2 defensive item
  • 3 offensive item (AP or AD, but i highly recommend lifesteal)
3111_32.png3153_32.png3022_32.png3085_32.png3026_32.png3071_32.png (example)
  • boots of choice (probably merc)
  • 3 defensive item
  • 2 offensive item (AP or AD, lifesteal optional)

3111_32.png3153_32.png3022_32.png3085_32.png3026_32.png3083_32.png (example)

The first build example makes you a second carry that has a good chance surviving focus and win 1v1s (even 1v2s).
The second example basically makes you a bruiser that can't be ignored because of the high damage output and permaslow.

Your role earlygame:
   lane bully

Your role midgame:
Your role in lategame teamfights:
   frontline peeler
Your actual damage type:
   hybrid (even if you go ad items, the passiv magic on-hit is high, and even if you go ap, you damage with auto-attacks)


But Teemo has AP scalings? Why not AP Bruiser?

Why am i pushing the AD based bruiser build so hard when Teemo has the AP scalings, and mid game damage-wise AP Teemo is definitely stronger?
  1. AP based  builds does not have the 1v1 power vs. bruisers and sustain which is needed for maximum lane pressure and splitpushing at top.
  2. Teemo has way too strong sinergy with the Blade of the Ruined King.
  3. Tanky items go better with AD based builds. (which is required to stay a threat lategame).
  4. In lategame it's not safe to run around the map and shroom if your team is not already very ahead, also trinkets can disable and detect the shrooms now at key locations if needed (baron).
  5. Shrooms remain extremely usefull even with 0 AP.
So building AP is not bad, it can be even very OP in bronze/silver, but Tanky AD/Tanky On-hit brings out toplane Teemo's strengths more (splitpushing).

The shrooms and Abiliy power Back to Top

I got that a lot on forums or sometimes in in-game chat that you must build AP for shrooms, or that AD Teemo's shrooms are useless. For some reason players tend to think that shrooms are mainly damage tools. But that's not the case really. I'm about to show you why.

Shrooms give:
  1. vision
  2. slow
  3. damage
Full AD Teemo's shrooms give the same vision and slow as a full AP Teemo's shrooms. It saves lives and setup kills the same way. Oracle's death change nothing about that, tho' it makes cdr generally a better stat on Teemo, and makes ap builds less risky for lategame.

Opportunities with the shroms (and what aspect of the shrooms they use):

  • mapcontrol tool and warding tool for the whole team (vision/slow)
  • prepared escape roots for the whole team (slow)
  • disengage tool in lane and in teamfights (slow)
  • pushing/farming tool (damage)
  • tower protection (slow/damage)
  • poke tool (damage) - rather inconsistent in most cases

As you can see, damage is not needed for the first 3 usage. The Shrooms are incredibly useful even with 0 damage, a full AD Teemo (or in our case AD Bruiser Teemo) should shroom the same way as a full AP Teemo.
The damage on the shrooms is not useless of course, but there is an opportunity cost, which i do not prefer to pay.

TLDR: It is justified to build Teemo AP, but it's not the only way to build Teemo. You don't have to build AP for the shrooms in order to be effective.

Early Game Back to Top

Early game duration: until the first tower falls, or until lvl 11 imo.

In early game, your goal is to win lane as hard as possible. But what does winning lane really means?
In a nutshell: get much more gold (and xp) than your lane opponent, with different tools.

The early game goals in order:

  1. do not die
  2. get more creep score (cs) than lane opponent, which leads directly to more gold
  3. get early tower
  4. kill your lane opponent

Since Teemo performs rather well in all of these tasks, Teemo is a very strong laner in general.

Remember tho', that Teemo relies on winning lane hard, so you must pick Teemo to directly counter the enemy melee toplaner. Pick Teemo against:

If you don't know yet, who the enemy toplaner will be, don't pick Teemo. Even if you don't get a straight counter, but an even matchup, it's only the laning what would be even. In lategame, the enemy toplaner will be stronger without doubt. So if you see an even matchup, like Irela, Jax, Jayce, Lee, ..., think twice if it worth locking your Teemo, because if you can't outplay them hard on lane, you gona have a bad time.

Let's take a look at those goals, and at the tools you can use to achieve them:

1.) do not die

  • harass: If you keep enemy toplaners health low enough by constant harass with your poisoned auto-attacks, even if you let an opening, he/she won't be able to engage. This will be the most important reason, why they can't kill you early. You won't even really trade, cause in most cases enemy can't do any damage to you. If enemy melee turns on you after two landed AA, you just walk back with the high passive movement speed, or activate W if needed. You probably will only take damage from minion aggro. Even if he/she manages to get close, you just blind him/her and keep AAing. You have to decide depending on matchup and situation if it's worth using your Q to reset AA by harassing, or you should keep it up for the blind in case enemy would manage to AA you.
  • ward: You are vulnerable to ganks, you are not lvl6 yet, buy wards! Enemy toplaner can't be much of a threat, because Teemo is designed to dominate lane. But jungler is a different story, Teemo is a rather easy target for them to gank. Especially when you push. So i find buying wards much more important than boots early.
  • watch the minimap: Watch the minimap! Really. Don't be that guy who flames like "Noob Morgana, no ss!!!". Mia/ss is no more than a kind gesture, a luxury. You have your eyes, you can, you should and you have to keep one of them on the minimap all the time. Also, no wards nor shrooms would help you against ganks, if you don't check them often enough. It's not that hard to get used to. Sorry for my tone here, no offense really, i'm just forced to read way too much flaming about this ridiculous mia/ss thing.
  • do not push too early: You don't wana push till you got your shrooms set up. Even if you have wards, if you are that far out, a ward probably wont save you. Besides, early on you wana zone the enemy from farm and xp, which can't be done when you push to tower, and early on you can't even do that much damage to towers to make it worth the risk. But after you got your shrooms set up, and you got much stronger than enemy laner, you can force that tower down.
  • do not take risk: Teemo is not one of those champions who can recover easily after a death or two. Trading a kill is a bad thing on Teemo. Don't take risks for getting kills, only go for sure things. You can win lane without a single kill, you only have to make sure that enemy could not farm.
  • watch out for tower aggro: If a poisoned enemy stands under his tower, you will get the tower aggro as soon as you get in range. That makes harassing enemy under its tower much harder and less effective. Watch out for that! Thats another reason why you should not push too early.

2.) get more cs than enemy

  • lasthit like a bauss: Learn to lasthit well. Creep Score per min is the most basic indicator of player skill level. Its quite easy with Teemo, because of the high on-hit damage from E, and because you can count on your Q if two minion is low at the same time. You can't afford to miss more than 1 minion per wave, not even for harassing. If you miss more, you should work on your lasthitting skills in general, i recommend practicing in custom games, or reading on forums about it. The only reasons you can allow yourself to loose a cs is going for a kill, buying items, or flee from gank. :)
  • zone/deny: The most efficient way of lane control. The point is, that you don't let your lane opponent even close to your minions, so that he can't lasthit, and he looses serious xp. You can do this with constant harass while not pushing, only lasthit, and position yourself between him and his minions. Enemy won't dare to come close from the fear of you killing him, and your advantage grows each wave. If you harass him low enough, he even have to recall, loosing gold and xp for sure. Don't forget to keep an eye on the minimap in the zoning process.

3.) get early tower

After you shroomed yourself against ganks, you can start your heavy push, and aggression towards enemy tower. Getting early tower is important because:
  • it gives gold for the whole team
  • takes away major map-controlling tool from enemy
  • makes zoning or killing lane opponent easier
  • takes enemy junglers and roamers attention from your teammates to your hard to gank lane, so your teammates can also start being aggressive
  • you can start pressuring enemy tier2 tower, and stealing enemy jungle

4.) kill your lane opponent

Teemo has high killing potential, because the AAs deal extremely high damage without any items in the earlygame. Killing gets you money, and keeps dead enemy from lasthitting and gaining xp.
Not so long ago i had a little text here about how to kill, but now i think it's too champion specific.
Some general tipps:

  1. baiting out flash and send enemy home is just as god as a kill, don't take risk for not certain kills
  2. only go for a kill when you know that enemy jungler or mid is not around. Ward and shroom!
  3. harassing down enemy should not be a problem in the easy matchups. Keep AA'ing at the edge of your AA distance, so if they try to reach you just back a bit than aa, back a bit, aa... if enemy is too close, w, back, aa, if enemy reaches you, q, aa, back, aa. AA reliant chempions can not damage you, but they take serious minion and poison damage in the process. That's how you win trades, and that's why Teemo is an exceptionally stong laner.
  4. ignite and poison gives you good finishing chance so you can probably go for a kill when enemy have half hp or less.
  5. always look for the best moment to blind (to negate the most damage), not just drop it when its off cd

Early Shrooming maps

You can check one map for the blue side and one for the purple side below. 3 shrooms and 1 ward is needed to start pushing (filled circles), the empty circles are the second priority shroom places. 

The three small top bushes are important too when laning, the pictures are old, imagine  the 3 bush shroomed up there :D



Mid Game Back to Top

Midgame duration: from the falling of the first tower till the first baron/inhibitor attempt (or from lvl11 till lvl 16)

You have already destroyed the first turret, now your job is to take the second one as well, and take enemy jungle creeps (buffs), like they are yours. For that, you will need to cover the enemy jungle with shrooms and wards on the top side, and always keep an eye on the minimap. Hard push does not work without the vision! Never try it without vision!!!! Also, without strong sustain (lifesteal) you can't keep up the pressure, so i highly recommend it, even if you buy AP damage.

Your goal is to keep the enemy team under pressure, while your team can focus objectives,  since enemy toplaner alone can't stop you from taking towers at this point.

Place the shrooms/wards in order to always see in time the enemies coming to gank you, so that they could never catch you. Ward deep, to see them in time, and shroom close in all the pathways, to apply the slow when its needed. If you are confident and fed enough, using the shrooms and Teemo's kiting power, you can even make a doublekill from a gank, and than go back to pushing. Knowledge is power, and this game is an excellent example for that.

But why buy wards, when Teemo has shrooms?
  1. Shrooms disappear when someone go close to them
  2. When enemy steps into a shroom, he/she will know that you know
  3. Shrooms have much smaller vision radius
Always have some wards on you just like any other champion has. Placing a ward to red/blue make buff steals really convinient.

Remember, you can always go invisible if you see approaching enemy from the jungle in time, and you know that you could not run anywhere. Doing this in bush is not always the best option, cause enemy will search you there first. Just go a little back, drop enemy tower/minion vision, and go invis in the middle of the lane, they can't find you that way.

3 shrooms and 1 ward should be enough again for starting your heavy aggressive push, and than you can expand your shroom field with time (again, filled circles are the first priority shrooms/wards, the empty ones are second priority):



Late Game Back to Top

Lategame duration: From the first baron/inhibitor attempt (or from lvl16). It's the time of 5v5 teamfights.

You should try and finish games with your pushing before lategame, because teamfights are not suited for Teemo so much. But in my opinion this build pattern gets the most out of Teemo's lategame potential.

All of your items make each other stronger: your health percentage on-hit from bork scales with AS, Hurricane scales with frozen mallet, on-hits and lifesteal, life steal scales with resistances, resistances scale with health...

You can solo enemy adc and most apc and most bruisers via lifesteal and kiting/blind/bork active. You can also survive or win (if fed) 1v2. What you still can't do is survive heavy focus and burst from multiple enemy.

General tipps:
  • stop going alone anywhere, do not splitpush anymore, only do it if you have teleport up (you can't let 4v5 fights happen)
  • never try to shroom bushes alone, where might be enemy
  • leave shrooms in the path where you go together with your team, it will be good to escape
  • before teamfighst when the pokefest goes, drop shrooms below your feet for possible disengage
  • try to catch out of position enemies with your permaslow, but be careful not to get caught yourself
  • don't get caught (don't go alone anywhere, don't go to close to enemy Darius, dodge the Morgana Q...)

Teamfight goals in order:
  1. keep safe your adc: peel for him/her with any slow u need (shroom/frozen mallet aa/bork active), and use your blind wisely; never abandon your own adc to chase fleeing enemy carry
  2. do as much damage as you can, always AA someone; in most cases you must hit whoever is safest to hit, you can't dive for the enemy carries alone and your Hurricane secondary minibolts will probably damage backline too anyways, but if an enemy carry gets to close, switch focus immediately to him/her, and when your carry is in trouble, switch focus back to peeling
  3. keep moving, try to kite in any situation, don't just stand there and take the hitting from a melee champion
  4. stay alive; you are still not a tank, your tankiness is only good for being able to deal with bruisers; if you get caught you will still die, you can't just walk away singed-style; don't be shy and use flash if you need re-position yourself in the middle of the fight

[Hun] Összefoglaló magyarul Back to Top

 Summary in Hungarian/ Összefoglaló magyarul

Rövid összefoglaló az angollal hadi lábon álló magyaroknak :)

  1. Teemo erős a játék korai és középső szakaszában, később nem, tehát muszáj kihasználnod az erős kezdést, muszáj durván legyőznöd az ellenfeled a játék elején, ehhez magabiztosság kell, és gyakorlat.
  2. Éppen ezért ha rankedozol csak akkor válaszd Teemot ha tudok ki ellen mész, és ha tudod hogy Teemo jó ellene.
  3. Teemoval a játékot gyakorlatilag a lane-en nyered meg, szedd le a tornyokat a lane-eden, és jelentsél folyamatos fenyegetést az ellenfélnek, ezzel arra kényszeríted őket hogy mindig küldjenek ellened legalább 2 játékost, tehát amíg te lekötöd azt a 2 championt, a csapatod többi tagja 4v3-at játszik.
  4. Ehhez az is kell hogy jól tudjál kite-olni:
    Ez azt jelenti hogy úgy úgy sebezd az ellenfeledet, hogy ő ne tudjon sebezni téged, ez úgy néz ki a távolsági championoknál, hogy folyamatos távolságot tartasz attól a rövidtávú championtól akit támadsz, így sose ér el a saját támadásaival. Ennek vannak különböző módjai, legfontosabb hogy 2 auto-attack között folyamatosan mozogj, tarts távolságot, aa - hátra lépsz - aa - hátra lépsz, ez könnyebb ha gyorsabb vagy mint akit kite-olsz, ami Teemo-val reális, mert a gombáid lassítanak, és tudod magad gyorsítani, illetve ha veszel Frozen Malletet, minden auto-attackod lassítani fog. Fontos továbbá hogy akkor használd a Q képességedet, amikor az ellenfél használna auto-attackot rajtad, ne korában ne később. Ez pl Nasus ellen kritikus.
  5. Az is nagyon fontos hogy tudd hogy mikor jönnek ellened többen tehát helyezz el wardokat és gombákat mindíg, és nézd is a térképet rendszeresen. Gombákat úgy is helyezz el hogy neked menekülési útvonalat jelentsen.
  6. Teemo képességei viszonylag rövidtávúak, tehát folyamatos veszélynek vagy kitéve az 5v5 harcokban a játék kései szakaszában. Vegyél védekező tárgyakat is hogy ne tudjanak azelőtt kinyírni hogy sebzést tudnál csinálni.
konkrétabb tippek:
  • Teemo-t használni mechanikailag nem nehéz. Nincsenek bonyorlt kombói, vagy képességei amivel nehéz betalálni. Így hagyományos értelemben vett kombókat nem tudok írni. Viszont az egyes képességekről lehet beszélni.
  • AA (auto-attack): Minden auto attackhoz tartozik egy animáció. Az animáció hossza függ az attack speededtől, és a konkrét sebzés valahol az animáció felénél történik meg. Mozgással meg tudod szüntetni a folyó animációt. A cél az lenne, hogy pont azután szüntesd meg az animációt, miután a sebzés már megtörtént. Ezzel több időd marad két auto-attack között mozogni. Erre a technikára úgy szoktak hivatkozni hogy orb walking. Ha nem tiszta, rákereshetsz youtube-on.
  • Q: Amikor használod, utána azonnal tudsz dobni egy auto-attackot függetlenül az attack speededtől. Tehát ha így használod: aa - q - aa, azzal kevesebb idő telik el a két aa között, mintha nem használtál volna Q-t. Továbbá, a Q meggátolja az on-hit effectek sebzését is (pl: Nasus Q, Triforce passív, ...), de a cc (cselekvés-korlátozás) ugyanúgy beérkezik (pl.: TF stun, Renekton stun, ...).
  • W: a passzív movementspeed akkor is megmarad ha minionok sebeznek, csak akkor szűnik meg ha champion sebez
  • E: nagyon magas ingyen sebzés a játék elején. Fontos hogy ezt maxold először. Ha a saját tornya alatt támadod az ellenfeled, akkor amíg a méreg ketyeg (4 másodperc), az a torony azonnal rád lő amint tud, erre nagyon figyelj. Ezzel a képességgel nem működik sem a spellvamp, sem a Rylai's lassítása, sem a Liandry's passzívja.
  • R: Szerintem a gombák legjobb tulajdonsága, hogy kis ingyen wardok, ha helyezel minden helyre ahonnan az ellenfél junglere támadhat (elsősorban bokrok), akkor mindíg játszhatsz agresszíven ha figyeled a közben a térképet. Figyeld a térképet! A lane-re is tegyél gombákat, hogy legyen hova hátrálnod, és a lane 3 bokrába is tegyél gombákat, hogy mindíg lásd mi van benn. A sok gombázás nagy mana fogyasztó, nyugodtan vegyél néhány mana-potiont. Gyakori tévedés, hogy az egy helyre felhalmozott gombák többet sebeznek, de ez egyáltalán nem igaz, az első gomba sebez, a további gombák csak újrakezdik a sebzés időtartamát.

Terminology Back to Top

This is the terminology for the terms i use in this guide, for those who need it: 

  • AA: Auto-Attack
  • AD: Attack Damage
  • ADC: AD Carry
  • AFK: Away From Keyboard
  • Aggro: the targeting priority
  • AoE: Area of Effect (damage or cc or buff or debuff)
  • AP: Ability Power
  • ArmPen: Armor Penetration
  • AS: Attack Speed
  • Auto-Attack: the basic attack move performed by a champion when right-clicking an enemy unit
  • Bait: to feign weakness in order to lure the enemy into a trap
  • BC: The Black Cleaver
  • Blind: a Crowd control effect that causes the recipient's autoattack to miss completely
  • Bruiser: Tanky DPS; a champion with high effective health and damage per second
  • Buff: a positive effect applied to a champion; or an official modification to the game mechanics which makes something more powerful, as opposed to a "nerf"
  • Burst: a large amount of damage dealt in a short time
  • Carry: the main damage source of a team; AP carry makes magic damage, AD Carry makes physical damage
  • Caster: a champion who relies on abilities as main damage source
  • CC: Crowd Controll
  • CD: Cooldown
  • CDR: Cooldown reduction
  • Chain CC: Use more CC on a single champion with a reasonable delay, in order to lock that champion down for more time, than crossed CCs would
  • Cooldown: the amount of time you must wait after using an ability, before you can use it again
  • Creep Score: most basic indicator of gold income and skill level (at least for toplane); the amount of jungle creeps or lane minions you have killed
  • Crowd Controll: any ability effect that keeps the enemy from acting freely; hard CCs are the ones that disrupt
  • channeling abilities (stun, suppress, taunt, fear, knockup, knockback, silence); soft CCs do not disrupt channeling abilities (slow, snare, blind)
  • Imo: in my opinion
  • CS: Creep Score
  • Debuff: a negative effect applied to a champion; the opposite of a buff
  • Deny: to kill allied minions or pets, preventing the opponent from earning the gold and experience from killing them in other MOBA games; this feature is intentionally absent from League of Legends and replaced with zoning tactics, yet people use this term in the meaning of zoning
  • Dive: to pursue a specific target into a high danger area
  • DPS: Damage per second
  • Effective Healh: Health multiplied by the various damage reduction affecting it (normally armor and magic resistance); the raw damage that the champion needs to receive in order to be killed
  • Face check: a champion going into a not warded brush to see if an enemy champion is hidden in there; this can be a very risky action
  • Farm: focusing on seeking out and killing monsters and minions to obtain gold and experience
  • Fed: a champion becoming very powerful after killing multiple enemy champions or by having a large creep score
  • Feed: to repeatedly die to the enemy team (through lack of skill or intentionally) giving them gold and experience
  • GA: Guardian Angel
  • Gank: to ambush one or more unsuspecting enemies with one or more champions
  • Gap closer: an ability or spell that shortens the distance between the champion and the enemy
  • GG: Good Game
  • GL HF: Good Luck, Have Fun
  • Harass: to put pressure on an enemy champion by causing damage with little risk of retaliation
  • Kite/Kiting: Continuously backing away and attacking a pursuing enemy champion in such a way that the enemy is damaged while unable to deal damage back
  • KS: Kill Steal: blaming an ally for landing the finishing hit on an enemy champion who they intended to score the kill on.
  • Last hit: getting the killing blow on a minion, creep, or enemy champion
  • Meta: Metagame: the game's current play style, consisting of aspects such as lane setup, jungling, and team composition
  • MIA: Missing In Action: an enemy champion who was laning does not show up in the original lane which may result in recalled to base, preparing to gank the other lane and/or hiding in the brush; "MIA" is more common on the NA server than on EUW and EUNE, SS is used as the equivalent on the EUW and EUNE servers
  • MPen: Magic Penetration
  • MR: Magic Resistance
  • MS: Movement Speed
  • Nerf: an official modification to the game mechanics which makes something less powerful, as opposed to a "buff"
  • OP: Overpowered
  • Poke: a form of harass which uses long ranged attacks to cause small to moderate damage in order to weaken an enemy, while keeping a safe position
  • Peel: protect your carry against enemy assassin or bruiser or dive with cc and damage focus
  • Push: to continue advancing forward in a lane, clearing it of minions and towers
  • Roam: moving around the map in order to support, jungle or gank
  • Shroom: Noxious Trap
  • Skill shot: an ability that requires aiming a projectile that could miss its target.
  • Split push: to continuously advance in one lane while the other members of the team are advancing in another lane
  • Squishy: a champion that can be killed easily due to low base health/defenses
  • SS: MIA
  • Sustain: a champion's capacity for staying in a lane or jungle without having to go back to the base
  • Tank: a champion designed to take high amounts of damage, usually with high CC abilities and low damage
  • Tenacity: a champion stat which determines the reduction of effect duration of most crowd control debuff
  • Zoning: tactics used to prevent enemy champion(s) from gaining gold/experience; aka: deny
Most of these are from the lol wiki

About Me Back to Top

Hi again, i'm Tough Potato from Hungary (24y), and i have been playing Teemo for over hundreds of games.

Teemo is my favorite champion, even tho' he gets so much hate.

I do not only play him as AD Bruiser, i play him also AP Buiser, Hibryd Bruiser, AP burst, AP DPS, AP shroomer; and never in ranked but i also play him sometimes as ADC, jungle or support (they're rather meh in terms of viability, but they are quite fun).

Despite the fact that my fav champ is Teemo, i main mid.
My favorite mid picks are Cho, Cass, Diana, Swain, Twisted Fate.

I plan to add more drawings in the future, i draw them on my more boring classes at the university :)

If you read it this far, i thank you very much, you are a Hero :D


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