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All Guides Thresh Guides [S7] Thresh - The Chain Warden (Up to date!) [Patch 7.5 Updated!] New itemsets, masteries and more!
1 year ago

Thresh Statistics for Vickysock

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png + 14.png 
I would like to use Ignite and Flash in the most occasions because it ensures you a nice escape and will make your kill potential significantly boosted. Note that ignite doesn't only to DoT (damage over time) damage but also reduces healing and health regeneration by 50% for the same time. Ignite will also grant you vision over the target, even stealthed ones!

4.png + 3.png
Exhaust and Flash are really good too, the flash ensures you a nice escape and you can slow your opponents attack speed and movement speed and their overall damage output + dps.. Thus this is good against some champions that have high mobility and does alot of damage. For example ADC's and AS Bruisers!

4.png + 7.png 
You could also go Flash and Heal, the flash ensures you a nice escape and the heal does too. It functions as barrier but for 2 players and gives you 30% movement speed for 30 seconds. I wouldn't use this if your ADC is using heal aswell, since the debuff to heal. ("Healed champions are debuffed for 35 seconds, causing subsequent Heal casts on them to be 50% less effective for that period.") 
This of course, decreases your kill potential but makes it much safer for you and your teammates throughout the game.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

The new masteries are a must! These are extremely good in the current meta and I don't think you should be running any other. You get a lot of roaming potential, mana sustain, CDR and most importantly the shields for Courage of the Colossus. You have two CC abilities to proc this keystone. It's ridiculously strong and you should always use it.

Abilities Back to Top

Note: I don't always start with E. It's a strong start, especially if you're running Targon's. However, starting Q is perfectly fine too, if you can manage to land a hook and get a good trade made at level 1.  


damn.png Damnation

This passive places down souls on the ground when a unit dies. (100% chance on siege minion, large monsters, champions and super minions, 33% chance on Melee & Caster minions and small monsters)
Each soul grants you 0.75 Armor and Ability Power. 
Thresh doesn't gain armor per level so be sure to grab all the souls you can!

(On Crystal Scar, souls are twice as much!)

HOOKER.pnghook.png First, I max Q (Death Sentence / Hook) 

Because I enjoy being a hooker, I mainly max my Q  first so I can use it more often. You should learn to time your hook perfectly, and be patient with going in, because if you wait to being superman and flying for victory take note that the longer you wait to jump in, the longer your opponent remains stunned. Even if you wait until the very last millisecond to jump in they remain stunned in the flight. Use this to your great advantage to kill people more safely!

If your opponent has any kind of tenacity (CC reduction time by 25% (can stack))  your stun will end before the chain disappears. However, you'll still be able to fly to your target for the original time.

Max your Q first because you want to be able to hook more frequently. This doesn't necessarily mean you should. In case of a gank (either side) having hook up a few seconds earlier is definitely an advantage over having E on a lower cooldown. This is because you might not have the time to get the second hook off in a fight with only one point in Q, but if you max it you'll get two off. 


flay.png Secondly I max my E (Flay) 

For the AA (Auto Attack) damage increase but also the CDR to be able to use the ability more often. Make sure you charge up your passive before you auto attack. Flay also slows enemies, which is really effective!

Pick E first (max second) for:
• More AA damage
• More slows! (slow duration/slow%) 
• Effective to last hit with if you're running Targon's.
• Even if you're invading it's extremely good. If you can manage to hit a five-man flay. (You move them all as well as slowing them) you may have just gotten a lot of flashes and perhaps even kills.

Take note that you can throw people that are charging onto you with flay, push them backwards midair. 

There are scenarios when I face a super aggressive Leona that uses her E (Zenith Blade) on either me or my ADC 
whenever it's up, then I can put a second point into E (Flay) so be on the safer side. Just to hit her back when she's flying in!

I'll give you a tiny list of those champions, and if they're hard or easy to E (Flay) backwards!
Examples: HARD
103_64.png Ahri's R (Spirit Rush) gives no indicator so you need to predict it and/or time it.
84_64.png Akali's R (Shadow Dance) gives no indicator so you need to predict it and/or time it.
39_64.png Irelia's Q (Blade Surge) gives no indicator so you need to predict it and/or time it.
236_64.png Lucian's E (Relentless Pursuit) gives no indicator so you need to predict it and/or time it.
78_64.png Poppy's E (Heroic Charge) gives no indicator so you need to predict it and/or time it.
113_64.png Sejuani's Q (Arctic Assault) gives no indicator so you need to predict it and/or time it.
98_64.png Shen's E (Shadow Dash) gives no indicator so you need to predict it and/or time it.
67_64.png Vayne's Q (Tumble) gives no indicator so you need to predict it and/or time it.
62_64.png Wukong's E  (Nimbus Strike) gives no indicator so you need to predict it and/or time it.
58_64.png Renekton's E (Slice & Dice) gives no indicator so you need to predict it and/or time it.

I list these hard because they do not show an indicator of using their moves. 

But you can figure it out on some of the champions other abilities and behaviours. (These are also hard!)

Here's explaining how you can predict following champions jumps;

131_64.pngDiana uses her Q (Crescent Strike) before ulting 
24_64.pngJax uses E (Counterstrike) before using his Q (Leap Strike)
7_64.pngLeblanc usually uses her Q (Sigil of Malice) before the jump
76_64.pngNidalee if she's chasing she will continuously use her cougar form W (Pounce) whenever it's up so you can time it
107_64.pngRengar goes invisible or runs into a bush, you can see the exclamation mark !, above your head too
23_64.pngTryndamere his W (Mocking Shout)


12.png Alistar doesn't give away anything when he flies towards you, however he will have to run close to you, that way it's easier to predict.

32_64.pngAmumu's Q (Bandage Toss) Is impossible to throw back if you're the one being hit since it stuns you, but if he hits someone in your team you are able to E (Flay) him backwards.

150.png Gnar's E (Hop / Crunch) is hard do predict but it's still doable. If Gnar double jumps on a creature then it's easy to predict and time the flay. If you see the rage-bar being full then you can time Mega Gnar's Crunch jump as well.

79_64.png Gragas' E (Body Slam) doesn't show an indicator but its animation is slow so you can easily flay this one!
(Care for Gragas' Flash E/E Flash though, it hurts!)

126.pngJayce has a mid-air jump. You can E (Flay) it but it might be hard to pull of. He will switch stance just before he jumps, then you can knock him back.

64_64.png Lee Sin's Q (Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike) Does give you and indicator but he flies fast so it can still be hard to pull it of. 

80.png Pantheon's W (Aegis of Zeonia) doesn't show an indicator but its animation is slow so you can predict it fairly well.

92_64.png Riven has a mid-air jump. You can E (Flay) it but it might be hard to pull of.
Riven will HAVE to use her Q (Broken Wings) twice before she can jump on you. 

102_64.png Shyvana's ultimate lets out a roar when she flies off, with that you should be able to time it.

EASY: These all share one thing, indicators. You will be able to see all of them preparing for their jump which makes it easy to hit your E (Flay).

266.png Aatrox's Q (Dark Flight) is pretty fast but he flies straight up before targeted location.
51_64.png Caitlyn is bending when she uses her E (90 Caliber Net). The animation isn't very fast which makes interrupting her jump easier.
42.png Corki has a slow jump with a pre-animation to it then it's up to your reaction time.
59_64.png Jarvan IV will always throw down his flag before he's able to pursue his jump.
89_64.png Leona will show her golden Zenith Blade before you flies onto you.
121.png Kha'Zix has a slow jump with a pre-animation to it then it's up to your reaction time.
18_64.png Tristana has a slow jump with a pre-animation to it then it's up to your reaction time.
254_64.png Vi will charge up before they jump.

lantern.png Lastly I max W (Dark Passage / Lantern) because I have no other choice! 

Alternatively I sometimes early put a second point in W (Lantern) if it's necessary to bring my ADC or teammates out safely in the early stages of the game.

W (Lantern) is a great ability to use to get your teammates to safety, it also gives a shield that can help in many scenarios. 
Did you know that your W (Lantern) can pick up souls if you throw it at them? This is great to use if you're under pressure in lane and you don't want to go to the souls to pick them up if you risk taking alot of damage!


the box.png The Box (R)

You want to max your R (The Box) whenever you're able to, of course!
Take note that when you press R (or if you have another key bound with ultimates) the box doesn't appear instantly, it'll appear after 0.75 seconds so don't use it if you're chasing behind an enemy without them being right next to you!

The Box is a really strong ultimate in crowded or small areas. It deals a lot of magic damage but also slows everyone by 99%. Good use if you're being tower dived, they won't get away!

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    This is now the most viable start in most situations. A lot of sustain for you and your ADC and also you get some extra health to work with.
    The mobility boots are a strong early game pickup. These will allow you to roam between different lanes early on and assist them as well as being able to put deep wards or further up the river without losing too much time.
    Ancient coin is a good item now. I like having it when I know I'll be in a passive lane and not necessarily need Targon's. Per say if you play with an ADC playing with longsword 3 pots then you don't really need Targon's, they got enough sustain.

Core Items

    At the moment I believe the blue trinket is a great valuable asset. You can buy it early and place wards around your jungle that never ceases to grant vision, except if destroyed of course!
    In the later stages of the game you will may want to replace Sightstone for Mikael's crucible, if you're heading into the deciding fight of the game. This item will allow you to remove a hard CC from any of your team members and probably make you prevail.
    This is a new type of build I tend to go for. The redemption is ridiculously incredible and thus you want it, locket just as much. In a team fight, combining these two will allow you to assist every single teammates if they're close enough. Ruby sightstone reduces cooldown of items, meaning that Trinket, Redemption, Locket and Zz'rot will have a lower cooldown.

Situational Items

    This item offers a strong boost to your teammate(s) (preferably ADC). It's however not that great if you're not close to each other. If your style leans to hook and go in and make distance from your ADC, don't buy this. If you stick around your ADC to peel and make sure they're never hit then this is a good item.
    Ninja Tabi have risen in strength recently and I don't think it'd be a bad choice versus enemy champions that rely a lot on auto attacks, actually, I encourage you to buy this.
    This item is merely for extra armor but it's good if you stick around your foes.
    If you decide that you rather upgrade this item instead of replacing it with another it's just as good. The shield is very useful in fights. I usually don't upgrade this item past the first level as Thresh is ranged and will roam a lot from the lane so Targon's Embrace is a bad item in the long run but really strong in lane. Thresh however doesn't get execute on the minion thus I don't consider it worth to upgrade.

General item information

As a support you don't have the same carry potential as other laners have. That doesn't hinder you to actually carry though! Using the items above you will be able to support every lane early as well as late in the game while simultaneously being a strong asset in the team fights. Being able to speed up your own team while slowing the entire enemy team, to give your team a damage negating shield effect and remove hard CC.

An important note is the vision. It's important that you have a lot of your focus into warding as you'll be the person most actively doing so. Don't forget to remind your teammates about vision - but don't be a nuisance! Warding is important as it can save you from a gank that'd put your bot lane, mid lane or even top lane behind and start a snowball. Warding is just as - if not more important than kills in many scenarios.  

Adding the new build using Redemption, Locket and Zz'rot as items to assist your team where they need it. Whether it is to push a lane, recover health or mitigate damage taken. These items are really good, however if you think you need something else I'd say change Zz'rot. (Of course, in the very late game if you get to that point, you can sell and item, buy a Zz'rot and place it down, go back to fountain and sell the Zz'rot and buy the previous item.)

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Annie
  • Ashe
  • Blitzcrank
  • Braum
  • Caitlyn
  • Ezreal
  • Illaoi
  • Janna
  • Jinx
  • Leona
  • Lulu
  • Morgana
  • Nami
  • Nautilus
  • Sivir
  • Sona
  • Soraka
  • Tahm Kench
  • Taric
  • Vel'Koz
  • Zyra




Alistar can counter you when you do your CC or when you jump in.

Can make you fail your dives pretty big!

However, unlike Alistar you are ranged. You can harass him everytime he tries to make a play. Be careful though, without wards in the bushes he can do his combo on you and succed.




Annie may seem like an easy target without any escape or whatsoever. 

This is not what you should think. Her E can damage your ADC nonetheless and she has her stun AoE to hit you both.

You should try to catch her out/ take her down in the early levels 1-4 when she has yet to be strong. Then she will be an easy target for your ADC to feed on. 

Only pick on annie if you know your engage will take either her or their ADC out!




Ashe is the squishiest ADC to fight against. This should be an easy target since she doesn't have an escape either! The only thing that can make her escape is her stun and slow. So be sure to block Ashe's attacks so they wont hit your adc. Wait to go in with your q until last second then go in on her.




This should be an easy matchup for you since you are ranged and can bully him much easier than he can bully you. If you dodge his grabs this lane should be VERY easy.

Note: His grabs are shorter range BUT it shoots faster. It also takes you all the way in. This can be to your advantage if you want to bait him to grab you, put your lantern down and then take them out.

Be careful that he wont grab you to their turret though. As he can knock you up.

There's another advantage, you can decide whether or whether not to go in if you hit your Q, he cannot.




Braum is a difficult opponent. Be careful to fight him level 1 in jungle because that is kind of a suicide.

Braum can cancel your hookes in lane but that doesn't disprove the fact that you still can beat him and his AD carry. You still have your ranged advantage!

In this case, I take back what I said about wait for your stun to wear off when your hook. If you hit their ADC just try to beat them and/or poke them ASAP so Braum can't react easily. I'd say this lane can go both ways but Thresh can win against Braum for sure.




Caitlyn can be an easy target yet she can be hard.

She can dodge your hook with her E to fly away from it. She can also put a trap infront of her went you are to go in . So let your hook pull her infront of her trap so you wont hit it.

Other than that, you should beat caitlyn because she survives on her range. Your hook has a decent range so you should have it easy to it her even though she might farm a bit back. If she doesn't have range you can beat her.




Ezreal has a huge advantage over you. He can easily Arcane Shift away from your hook since it isn't really super fast and he sees your animation pretty easily. 

Once you've missed he can harass you alot without any fear.

Note: Even if you may hit your q before he jumps away he might actually still jump away.

How should you win against ezreal then? Well, you have to read where he will arcane shfit and use that to your advantage. 

Usually in lower ELO's they jump straight back to avoid the hook. So if you're pretty close aim behind him and predict his jump. If it's in Higher ELO's it can be harder to read because they can read you aswell. So take note of that they actually can jump UP and closer to you because you won't expect that right? So be ready to flay aswell if he gets too close.




From my tiny experience regarding facing Illaoi I've noticed that she's a strong champion if she's facing worse kind of teamwork. 

When Test of Spirit lands on either you or your ADC and you become a Vessel, the one who's NOT hit have to continuously assist the other to kill tentacles. If you always move these tentacles will almost never hit.

Illaoi has the potential to deal a lot of damage so keep that in mind fighting her, but she is also very pleasant to farm auto attacks on in the early stages of the game. 




Janna can protect her ADC alot from you and your ADC. She has her shield which also increases her ADCs damage output. She can also use her tornado to stop your attempt to jump in.

However, if you use her mana enough since she costs alot and you trade well, you should be able to take advantage and get a kill or two when you hit your hook.

Try to push the lane back towards them and don't hesitate to take down Janna if she's out of position.




Same as caitlyn she does have traps and a slow. So try to pull her over the traps before you jump in!

Take advantage that she doesn't have any escape. 

Don't make a play if you're low. If she uses her ult she can easliy punish you since her high scaling.




Leona is aggressive just as you are. If she does hit her combo onto your ADC she can beat you since you don't have much heals only lantern with a shield.

You should try to stay near your ADC or in a good position at the side. Usually when the enemies Leona hits her E she will pop her Q aswell. Take advantage of that since you can CANCEL her engage with your E. Flay her away and then go in because her stun is down. (You'll see if her shield is shining after she hits her E. If she does but you cancel her engage, you have the upper hand.)




She does alot of damage especially if you have Magic Resist per level runes. She will poke you if you try and reach for souls and she can polymorph you when you go in, also your ADC. This will be a hard lane and she does very well against Thresh. You should wait for a good moment to go in on a Lulu.

Your Lantern / W will pick up souls if your throw your lantern on souls lying down. Use this to your advantage if you want to be safe when picking up the souls!




Morgana support is getting more usuall to see. Her E is very strong against your engages, it literally takes all your offensive spells if she can play Morgana. She can also root you or your adc when you engage. If she hits your adc you wont get followup and will most likely die.



Nami's kit is good at catching out stationary targets in lane. However you can always counter by going all-in. I suggest you run an ignite against her and try bursting her down around lvl 3. She's pretty squishy, especially if she runs gp10 runes. Quick auto-attack/flay combo's to chunck her once, followed up by  a flash E / hook combo could seal the deal.

(Krepos words!)




Nautilus is a big tank who offers a lot of CC and offers damage. There's no point in trying to harass him because of his shield and overall tankiness. 

Pros: He's melee so he can't always attack. Dodge-able CC Q.

Cons: Hard to kill, has an auto attack CC + target click ultimate.




Sivir is pretty good against you because she can block your hook pretty often. Try to bait her E with a spell from your ADC or your flay. If you can, try to bait it with your lantern. Probably won't work in all occasions. 

Other than that sivir is kind of easy to kill if not fed. She can run from your Q with her ulti though.




You should win this lane very easily. Be very aggressive but have ward river of course.

Use ignite so her heals won't do as much. If you feel like getting your ADC fed easily you could go for Sona, she will die pretty fast if you play it right since she's really squishy.




Squishy, immobile support champions are punished easily by Thresh. Thresh and his AD carry apply an gigantic amount of burst which is the weakness to most sustain lanes.

However, one can still get outsustained. Run ignite against Soraka.

(Words by Krepo!)


Tahm Kench


Tahm Kench is a pain in the butt to play against. I don't like him.

When you're facing him you need to be patient. Focus on harassing the ADC unless you see a really good opportunity to chunk Tahm as he will just regenerate otherwise. 

He offers a great escape to his ADC if you've attempted to catch said ADC. This is hard to counter, but you can attempt to just use either Death Sentence or Flay, but only one of them. When Tahm comes to save his ADC you use the other ability to keep him from running away.

Other than that, he isn't really very dangerous in lane. Make sure to dodge his Tongue and avoid taking stacks and you should be plenty fine.



Thresh can always react to whatever taric does. If he stuns, use flay to prevent him from getting close. The advantage lies in thresh being really good in auto-attack trading with his ranged autoattacks. Abuse your lane control and multiple forms of CC and you should win any taric lane matchup.

(Words by Krepo!)




Vel'Koz has high poke potential but is very weak. Your autos will win any trading if you manage to avoid his Q. This can be a target to try to feed on.

Pros: Squishy target with only dodge-able damage output.

Cons: Has poke that deals some damage and can offer CC. 




I wouldn't necessarily think this is the worst matchup, however she does bring a hard time to the lane. It can be extremely obnoxious to lane against thus you will want to have a jungler come and gank frequently. Thresh is amazing at supporting ganks, so this should be no problem.

Play Style Back to Top

The first style: Early Aggression.

This first piece will mainly be about the early aggression and what you do with Mobility boots!

By upgrading your Boots of Speed into Mobility Boots will allow you to obtain a source of movement speed that allows you to very vastly travel between every lane. This is to be used to your advantage. If you know you'll afford Mobility Boots on your first back talk to your team and inform them that you want to gank either mid or top. Talk with the jungler to be able to perform a double gank with both you and your jungler. This way the gank will almost always be successful. 

While you've got your early Mobility Boots you may or may not have either a pink ward of Sightstone or either, you can easily walk into the enemy jungle and place some quick wards then bail out. In another section down below I've drawn points where you should be warding!

The second style: Team Fighting.

The second piece is going through how you team fight with your items ETC.

Thresh in team fights is a utility monster. In a team fight you must know your items. If you have Randuin's Omen, Mikael's Crucible, Righteous Glory or Locket of the Iron Solari. Each item has their own active effect which most definitely have the possibility to dictate the fight. Whether you use Randuin's to slow all enemies in a team fight to later stack them up with flay into your ultimate, or chase them down properly using Righteous Glory or peeling your team using Locket of the Iron Solari to absorb a burst or Mikaels to help your teammates continue fighting after gettings stunned/rooted or CC'd in general. Learn what the items do and think about which situations they are the best to use in!

Some tips and tricks if you didn't catch all Back to Top

Before the tips, I'll let you know if you ever want to try to play with me or something you can add Vickysock on EUW and I'll play with you! I'm not too active in league but I check out the guide often, if you comment and say that you've added me and would like to play with me I'll notice it and we'll play! 


Start with Warding Totem so you always have the extra ward. Get a Sight stone pretty early for the extra wards. This will allow you to get a sweeping lens instead of your warding totem. Upgrade it to Ruby Crystal later in the game if you want some extra health!

You can use your Lantern / W to pick up souls. This is good in a lane vs poke or heavy harass champions. Also in late game if you siege a tower, it might not be the best to run in to pick up souls and get bursted down, use your lantern. Not if your cool-down is too high, though. Make sure it's available if someone might be in danger.  

Your flay can interrupt engage champions like Jarvan IV or Leona (examples). If you use your E when they're Mid Air / mid flight you will cancel them.

Your Q stuns the target for 1.5 before releasing it. Try to wait as long as possible before going in unless the situation requires to to go in instantly of course! Also, your Q pulls the target a little bit two times. First it pulls a little bit, waits, pulls again. So it works as blitz grab just not pulls the target all the way in.

Your flay can pull and push enemies towards the location your mouse is.

An extra way to counter people to jump away with Thresh is to stand on it or if you're not close enough drop a ward on top of it. It will make the one trying to jump fail and you will most likely get a kill!

Don't pick up souls just like that if you risk getting harassed. You can easily pickup souls when your own minions health is low, then the enemies has to go for the minions instead of you, if they don't they will lose gold.

If you see an allied minion with low hit points and you know your adc will hit it next, you can aim your hook on someone behind the minion and make sure your hook goes through the minion just after it dies, making it so your hook is in the air when the minions dies and you catch them off guard.

You can use 'The Box' over certain walls. Example: Screenshot_22.png

Tips about warding Back to Top

I've told you it's important to ward a lot. So here's some some help as to where you should ward. These are a couple of pictures to show you where to ward during laning phase.

Make sure you have mobility boots before you do these wards. You do not want to lose too
much experience or presence/pressure in the lane.

This is an illustration of where you should ward when you're playing as PURLE/RED side.
Green dots resemble Green Wards and the pink dot resembles a pink ward. 

Now, you can see that the Green Ward closest to south can actually be risky to place,
so in order to do it more safely, you go to where the purple line is and you ward over
the wall, as the red arrow describes!


This is an illustration of how to ward as blue team! 

Make sure that the Green Ward closest to the Purple/Red sides base is in the very edge of the right side of the bush when you ward. So your ward can see past the wall! In order to know if your ward will be in the bush, simply normal cast your ward and your cursor will turn GREEN if it's in the bush, BLUE if it's outside a bush and RED if it's in a wall.

cursor 1.png Cursor 2.png

Patch changes and guide updates Back to Top

This is a new feature I'll add to my guide to keep you guys up to date on how I change my guide and update it every patch. This makes it easier for you to give me feedback as well.

Saturday August the 22nd (2015-08-22). PATCH 5.16 CHANGES AND GENERAL FIXES:

Changed core items: Face of the Mountain to Locket of the Iron Solari.
Changed situational items: Locket of the Iron Solari to Face of the Mountain.

Abilities: Flay

Alistar is now easier to flay back and moved from hard to medium knock-back flays.

Shyvana is moved from easy to medium knock-back flays.

ADDED CHAMPIONS: Gnar and Aatrox.

Alphabetical champion order in Flay list - removed groupings and improved clarity. Hard flay champions now have names written out.

Match-upsAdded Nautilus and Vel'Koz. (Tahm Kench will come soon.)


Thursday January the 14th (2016-01-14). PRE SEASON 6.1 UPDATE!!

Masteries: All of it!

The masteries are now changed to fit the new season! 0/18/12 masteries.
I'm glad to finally have made an update to this one.


Did some switcharoo between starting items and core on placement of a couple of items.

Changed description of several sets.
Removed sets with removed items.

Match-ups: Added Tahm Kench (Finally!) and Illaoi.

Title: Changed to Pre-S6 update!!

Junk: Cleared away some unnecessary junk text that did not need to be in the guide.


Thursday June the 2nd (2016-02-06). Season 6.11 update!

Items: Changed description in both core and situational items as well as updating the items to proper fit the current meta and patch.

Junk: Fixed some spelling errors and removed unnecessary text.


Tuesday, August the 16th (2016-16-07). Season 6.16 update!

Summoner spells: Summoner spells' information have been fixed to look a bit better and general text fix.

Items (MEGA UPDATE!!): Changed it according to a more proficient play-style. A lot of items swapped and core/situation items have been updated as well as description. I believe in the current meta this kind of build is more proper and will allow an easier way for you as a support to carry the game.

Play style?! (NEW ADDITION!): A completely new section added to provide more detailed information about how to play as Thresh. Especially early game where the aggression is as most focused from your side. Make sure you check it out!


Thursday, March the 23rd. (2017-23-03). Season 7.5 Update

As a side note I apologize for a long period of inactivity regarding my guide. I haven't been prone to keep up due to there being guide considerated to be better than mine and a lot of things going on. Due to having future guide works I'm compelled to at least vaguely update this guide somewhat to fit more accordingly to my play style the past few times I've played and managed with great success.

Items (Grand Update): 

Going tank is this season isn't as good as it previously was. I feel like the new items are a lot stronger and you have a lot of potential to carry the entire fight as a support with these items.


Did a little bit of tweaking and changes to matchups.


Completely changed masteries. They were outdated by a long time and now they're the best you can have. The current mastery tree in this guide is the best selection of masteries you can select. I encourage you to always use it.
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